FOX Theatre: Pretty Woman, September 2022

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Adam Pascal and Olivia Valli in Pretty Woman The Musical.

H aving spent the past 25 years appearing on Broadway stages and in theatres around the country—half his life!—Adam Pascal has come to grips with what once would have been a sad reality—“My days of wanting to be the front man for a rock band are over!” he said.

That declaration was hard for the 50-year-old to admit, considering becoming a rock star was all he aspired to in his younger days. Pascal began playing in bands when he was as young as 12. He remembers playing at the now-defunct Rumrunner club in Oyster Bay, NY, at just 13.

“Being out there with a band is not something that I have any real interest in now,” he said. “Writing original music is not something that has been at the forefront of my career for a while and as my career has progressed, the desire to write songs has waned. I don’t see myself back with a band…however, if Stone Temple Pilots called me up and said they needed a singer, I would do that in a heartbeat.”


6 |



Photo by Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade.

Who Came to Theatre and Stayed | Without You

During the pandemic, he and his wife of 22 years decided to split, and the oldest of his two sons went off to college. So, Pascal found himself alone for the first time in decades. He also retreated from Los Angeles back to Long Island where he grew up and started making plans for the future.

“That added a whole other level of unpleasantness with dealing with the pandemic, but I just tried to get by day to day and figuring out what I could do to make any kind of money and the skills I could use to pivot during this time,” he explained. “I started doing a lot more teaching, I did a ton of Cameo shout-outs, and I tried to do as much as I could remotely.”

That realization was not the only life change Pascal has made recently.

Hot Stuff

Pascal currently stars in the national tour of the Broadway musical adaptation of Pretty Woman, playing rich businessman Edward Lewis, a role he briefly played on Broadway in 2019 during Andy Karl’s vacation. Based on the hit 1990 romantic comedy that starred Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman follows a star-crossed meeting between a sex worker and a disillusioned businessman. While the beloved film made a star out of Roberts, some in the theatre community didn’t feel its message really worked for a 21st century audience at the height of the Me-Too Movement and women empowerment.

The musical was co-written by the film’s director, the late Garry Marshall, and screenwriter J.F. Lawton, with music by Grammy winner Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance.

This is Pascal’s third national tour, following successful showings as William Shakespeare in Something Rotten! and of course, Roger, the role that made him famous, when Rent toured in 2009.

“The subject matter is tricky and certainly in the times we are living in now and where our culture is, it’s a very delicate tightrope to walk and tell this story in 2021 as it was then when things were not nearly as PC as they are today,” Pascal said. “People know what Pretty Woman is and know what to expect. No one is coming to see the show that doesn’t know the movie. I would hope no one would come to the show and be offended. If it was made today, it would be different, but this is the movie and it’s what people want and it’s what they are getting.”

What he didn’t do was obsess about trying to be creative or maintain a level of artistic expression. Pascal wasn’t interested in writing a “COVID album” and doesn’t really want to hear anyone else’s either, because he really just wants to erase this time period from his memory.

Although in his past experiences on tour, he’s found time to do some solo concerts here and there, he’s not sure that’s in the cards this time around. “Eight shows a week is very taxing on the voice, and this is the lead role, so

Teaching has been a blessing for him, and he first started his “acting through song” classes at UCLA and he’s been doing master classes and original coaching over the last couple of years. “I love teaching,” Pascal said. “It’s actually given me a bit of a directing bug and I would like to think that directing something on stage is sometimes in my future.”

Adam Pascal (center) as William Shakespeare in Something Rotten! (2015).

In 2021, Pascal performed a series of virtual shows and toured a bit with an acoustic retrospective about his life—appearing weekly at New York City’s famed 54 Below nightclub for a few months. “I play a lot of stuff from the shows I’ve been in and I like to tell stories of things that have happened to me that tie into the song I am about to play,” Pascal said. “It’s a great post-pandemic type of show because venues are looking to have content, and because the show is just me, it’s certainly safe. I just show up, plug in my guitar and go.”


it’s a lot on my voice, so I’m really going to need those nights off,” he said. “I can’t imagine wanting to do any singing on my days off.”

The show includes songs from most of the Broadway shows of which he’s been a part, with stories about how he became involved in each, and the audition songs he sang for most, including Billy Joel’s “Vienna” for Aida and U2’s “Red Mill Mining Town” for his original audition for Rent.

8 | encore

Acting Through Song


Most fans know the story about his being cast in the 1996 Tony Award-winning musical Rent, the show that would forever change the direction of his life. Pascal grew up down the street from Idina Menzel and she recommended her longtime friend when they were holding open auditions for Jonathan Larson’s masterpiece.AndPascal admitted, he almost blew his shot at becoming Roger, a role that would earn him a Tony Award nomination. Having never auditioned for any sort of musical theatre before, he went in, sang, and was asked to learn a song from the show and come back the next day. This happened to him three more days in a row, and finally, frustrated about the process, he told them that if they didn’t know enough about him by now, he wasn’t coming back for more.

10 | encore One Song

“Turns out, when I sang, my eyes were closed,” Pascal recalled. “So, they wanted to see me do it with my eyes open, and see if I could act.” He nailed it, obviously, and became part of one of Broadway’s biggest juggernauts of all-time. Fortune Favors the Brave

A phone call from Menzel, who was already cast as Maureen, straightened him out. Pascal describes the call as his being “chewed out” and “yelled at” by his friend, who told him the part was as good as his—but he needed to do one more thing.

After Rent, Pascal was torn between going back to fronting his band or continuing on a musical theatre track. The Broadway offers kept coming, so that’s the direction he took. First it was Aida, then Cabaret, followed by shows like Memphis, Chicago and Disaster!

“I look for things that I think I can do—I need to know the character is in me somewhere,” Pascal said. “How I determine that is not necessarily the same process. Sometimes, it’s through the music and I’ll just sing it to see if it sounds good; sometimes it’s more a character thing, like with Huey in Adam Pascal and Daphne Rubin-Vega in the original Broadway production of Rent (1996).

“I’m so grateful to be part of this thing that people are still inspired by and is still done all over the world, with people singing these songs,” Pascal said. “Am I sick of talking about it? Of course, in the sense that anyone would be sick of talking about the same subject for so long. But I am so fortunate that this subject I do talk about all the time is something so lovely. I’m so grateful to have this as part of my legacy.”

Second Act Pascal also is currently recording demos for a prominent Broadway composer on a new musical, and while he can’t reveal details yet, he does hint that the role will allow him to live out those early rock dreams, as the show has something of an Almost Famous vibe, looking at a rock band from theHe’d’ nothing more for this to come to Broadway one day. But Pascal’s got other roles he’s hoping to take a shot at some day as well. “I’d certainly love to play Jean Valjean and I’m sure it’s in my future at some point; I’ve certainly said it out loud enough,” he said. “I’m interested in exploring all sorts of roles—someone like Max from The Producers, Sweeney Todd or the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. I like roles where people might say, ‘really, he’s doing that?’ and then they come see me and they go, ‘he’s so good in that.’ That excites me.”

“There’ssuccessful.certainly something artistically exciting about creating a new character and being a template for something that could theoretically go on for a long time, like Rent did, but it’s a lot of pressure,” he said. “I don’t do well with worrying about whether I’m going to get a Tony nomination or if the show is going to succeed. Of course, I would love to win a Tony, but it gives me so much anxiety.”

Being in a transitional phase in his life, Pascal isn’t quite sure what the next few years will bring, but he is excited about what he considers his “second act” of life.

“I’ll certainly be performing Broadway always, that’s a mainstay of my life now until I can’t sing anymore,” he said. “I never know what direction things are going to go. My whole career has been such a wonderful surprise to me, and I’m open to any and all possibilities.”

Having originated both Roger in Rent and Radames in Aida, Pascal said that it’s not important at all for him to be in another new musical; he just wants the security of having a job and to be out on stage performing, and quite frankly, that comes more from taking over a role in a show that’s already | Memphis, I felt I had that guy in me and that was even before I sang any of theSometimes,music.” he admits, he’s wrong. Not with the jobs he’s gotten, but with the ones that he didn’t get where he tried and wasn’t cast. For example, he points to Hedwig and the Angry Inch. “I sing the [expletive] out of that music, and I thought that character was in me, and maybe it is, but at the time I auditioned, I just couldn’t find her well enough to nail it,” Pascal said. “Sometimes you want something a certain way, and it just isn’t. But then again isn’t that life?” | Paula Wagner Nice Productions LPO New Regency Productions Hunter Arnold Caiola Productions & Co. James L. Nederlander Kilimanjaro Theatricals/Joshua Andrews Roy Furman Ambassador Theatre Group Productions Gavin Kalin Productions deRoy Kierstead John Gore Organization EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Wendy Orshan AND Jeffrey M. Wilson BOOK BY Garry Marshall & J. F. Lawton MUSIC AND LYRICS BY Bryan Adams & Jim Vallance STARRING Olivia Valli Adam Pascal WITH Jessica Crouch Kyle Taylor Parker Matthew Stocke Natalie Bourgeois Anju Cloud Nella Cole Michael Dalke Carissa Gaughran Em Hadick Graham Keen Christian Kidd Keyonna Knight Chris Manuel Devon McCleskey Kaylee Olson Hillary Porter Alice Reys Jonathan Ritter Brett Stoelker Jonathan Young AND Christian Brailsford Amma Osei Trent Soyster Based on the Touchstone Pictures motion picture written by J. F. Lawton SCENIC DESIGN David Rockwell COSTUME DESIGN Gregg Barnes LIGHTING DESIGN Kenneth Posner & Phillip S. Rosenberg SOUND DESIGN John Shivers HAIR DESIGN Josh Marquette MAKEUP DESIGN Fiona Mifsud MUSIC DIRECTOR Daniel Lintworth MUSIC COORDINATOR Michael Keller & Michael Aarons ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR DB Bonds ASSOCIATE CHOREOGRAPHER Rusty Mowery FIGHT DIRECTOR J. Allen Suddeth CASTING The Telsey Office Craig Burns, C.S.A. TECHNICAL SUPERVISOR Full Stage Productions PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR Thomas Recktenwald PRODUCTION STAGE MANAGER RL Campbell COMPANY MANAGER Michael Anthony Gremo TOUR MARKETING AND PRESS Allied Global Marketing TOUR BOOKING AGENCY The Booking Group Meredith Blair, Kara Gebhart SOCIAL MEDIA Marathon Digital GENERAL MANAGER 101 Productions, Ltd. MUSIC SUPERVISION, ARRANGEMENTS AND ORCHESTRATIONS BY Will Van Dyke DIRECTED AND CHOREOGRAPHED BY Jerry Mitchell ORIGINAL CAST RECORDING AVAILABLE ON ATLANTIC RECORDS.

16 | encore CAST Vivian Ward ........................................................................................................................OLIVIA VALLI Edward Lewis ................................................................................................................ ADAM PASCAL Kit De Luca JESSICA CROUCH Happy Man KYLE TAYLOR PARKER Philip Stuckey ....................................................................................................... MATTHEW STOCKE Landlord ......................................................................................................................... CHRIS MANUEL Susan CARISSA GAUGHRAN Rachel NATALIE BOURGEOIS Giulio ..............................................................................................................................TRENT SOYSTER Hotel Staff .............................................................................. MICHAEL DALKE, CHRISTIAN KIDD, BRETT STOELKER, JONATHAN YOUNG Amanda ANJU CLOUD Erica .................................................................................................................... CARISSA GAUGHRAN David Morse ...............................................................................................CHRISTIAN BRAILSFORD Scarlett ANJU CLOUD Fred JONATHAN YOUNG Senator Adams .......................................................................................................... CHRISTIAN KIDD Alfredo JONATHAN YOUNG Violetta AMMA OSEI Ensemble


Understudies never substitute for the listed performers unless a specific announcement is made at the time of the appearance. For Vivian Ward—NATALIE BOURGEOIS, NELLA COLE, CARISSA GAUGHRAN for Edward Lewis—CHRIS MANUEL, BRETT STOELKER, JONATHAN YOUNG for Happy Man—CHRISTIAN BRAILSFORD, MICHAEL DALKE, JONATHAN RITTER for Kit De Luca—NELLA COLE, KEYONNA KNIGHT, AMMA OSEI for Philip Stuckey—CHRIS MANUEL, BRETT STOELKER, JONATHAN YOUNG


“You’re Beautiful”

Edward, Vivian, Happy Man, Kit, Company


Company “Anywhere But Here” Vivian “Something About Her” (preamble) ..................................................................................... Edward “Welcome to Hollywood” (reprise) ................................................................................ Happy Man “Something About Her” Edward “I Could Get Used to This” Vivian “Luckiest Girl in the World” ...................................................................................

I “Welcome to Hollywood”

“Don’t Forget to Dance” .............................................................

Kit, Company “You and I” .............................................................................

Edward, Alfredo, Violetta, Company Vivian,

“I Can’t Go Back” Vivian “Freedom” (reprise) Edward “Long Way Home” ........................................................................................................

“Entr’acte/Opening Act II” Happy Man “This Is My Life” Vivian “Never Give Up on a Dream” ..............................................................

ACT Happy Man, Kit, Vivian, Kit, Happy Man, Company

Happy Man,

SETTING: Hollywood—Once Upon a Time in the 1980s THERE WILL BE ONE 20-MINUTE INTERMISSION. ORCHESTRA Conductor/Keyboard 1 DANIEL KLINTWORTH Associate Conductor/Keyboard 2 SHANE PARUS Guitar 1—OSCAR BAUTISTA Guitar 2—CLAUDIO RAINÓ Bass—MAGDA KRESS Drums—KEVIN McNAUGHTON Music Coordinators—MICHAEL KELLER & MICHAEL AARONS Ableton Programmer/Electronic Drum Programmer—SAMMY MERENDINO Keyboard Programmer—RANDY COHEN Associate Keyboard Programmer—SAM STAROBIN Music Preparation—EMILY GRISHMAN MUSIC PREPARATION “OH, PRETTY WOMAN” Written by Roy Orbison and Bill Dees. Published by Roys Boys LLC (BMI) and Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music (BMI). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Happy Man, Scarlett, Company Edward Edward, Vivian, Company ACT II

Giulio “Rodeo Drive” .................................................................................................................... Kit, Company “Anywhere But Here” (reprise) Vivian “On a Night Like Tonight”


Edward “Together Forever” .................................................

18 | encore

JESSICA CROUCH (Kit De Luca). Broadway: Pretty Woman (Swing, u/s Kit). National Tour: We Will Rock You (u/s Killer Queen, Oz). After this past year, getting to perform on a stage again, in front of you tonight, feels pretty darn special. Endless gratitude to Jerry, the Pretty Woman team, Todd and The Telsey Office. All my love to my family. @jessgoober.

CHRISTIAN BRAILSFORD (David Morse, Ensemble, u/s Alfredo, u/s Happy Man) making his national tour debut! Off-Broadway: Oratorio for Living Things, Cleopatra, Songs of a Serpent. International: Scar in Hong Kong Disney’s The Lion King. He thanks his family and friends for their unwavering love and support.

OLIVIA VALLI (Vivian Ward) is over joyed to be playing the iconic role of Vivian Ward. Her previous credits include Wicked 2nd Nat’l Tour (Ensemble, u/s Elphaba) and Jersey Boys (Mary Delgado). Thanks to The Telsey Office, Talent House, Jerry Mitchell, and the Pretty Woman team for this opportunity. She also thanks her loved ones for their endless support. Instagram: @oliviafvalli.


KYLE TAYLOR PARKER (Happy Man) made his debut on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning Kinky Boots, earning raves as “Lola” on tour and on Broadway. Additional credits: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Smokey Joe’s Café, Finian’s Rainbow and NBC’s “Jesus Christ Superstar LIVE.” Albums include Broadway Soul Vol. 1 & 2. @ktpway.

NATALIE BOURGEOIS (Ensemble, u/s Vivian Ward, u/s Violetta). National tour debut! Credits: A Chorus Line at New York City Center (Lois). Boston Conservatory grad. Thank you to Telsey, Jerry and my agents at HAA. Much love to Austin, my family and friends. @natalie_bourgeois.

ANJU CLOUD (Ensemble). National tour debut! Fav credits: Romy and Michele The Musical (workshop), Footloose, West Side Story and The Wild Party. B.F.A. Syracuse 2020. HUGE love and thanks to her parents, friends, teachers and DGRW fam! @anjucloud.

MICHAEL DALKE (Ensemble, u/s Happy Man) is ecstatic to make his Broadway tour debut! Favorite roles include The Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow), The Last Five Years (Jamie), Little Shop… (Dentist). Much love to About

NELLA COLE (Ensemble, u/s Vivian Ward, u/s Kit De Luca). Broadway: The Illusionists. Television: “The Last OG” (TBS). Theater: Becoming Nancy, This Ain’t No Disco, Cruel Intentions Nella is a pop recording artist with music available on all download and streaming platforms! IG/TikTok: @thatgurlnella. |

ADAM PASCAL (Edward Lewis) starred as the original Roger Davis in the Off-Broadway, Broadway and London Productions of Rent (Tony Award nomination). Originated the role of Radames in Broadway’s Aida Other Broadway credits include the final Emcee in the Roundabout’s Cabaret, Huey Calhoun in Memphis, Billy Flynn in Chicago, Chad in Disaster, William Shakespeare in Something Rotten! and, most recently, Edward Lewis in Broadway’s Pretty Woman

MATTHEW STOCKE (Philip Stuckey). Broadway: Pretty Woman, Sting’s The Last Ship, Rock of Ages, The Wedding Singer, The Boy from Oz w/Hugh Jackman, The Full Monty, Titanic. L.A.: Wicked. NY Public: Sondheim’s Road Show, LaChiusa’s Giant. TV: Cops/Lawyers/Perps, etc. Every day remembering the Nice Lady~.

PDF OArtists, the Porches, Weddles, Dalkes and friends! @dalkekong.

DEVON McCLESKEY (Swing, Asst. Dance Captain) is thrilled to be on this adventure! Thanks to Dave, Jerry, and Telsey for this opportunity. Endless gratitude to Linda, Ann, and the friends who make life worth living. University of Michigan, GO BLUE! @ devon.devoff.

KAYLEE OLSON (Ensemble) is atingle to be struttin,’ sangin’ and kick-ball-changin’ in Pretty Woman!

THANKS to fam, friends, Tigers, Wing Night and Innovative Dance. Fav credits: Crazy for You and touring with Anything Goes and Bullets Over Broadway.

AMMA OSEI (Violetta, Ensemble, u/s Kit De Luca). Broadway/OffBroadway/tour: Rock of Ages (Justice). Tours: Dreamgirls (Effie), Fame (Ms. Sherman). Select regional: Kennedy Center’s Little Shop… (Ronette), Gypsy (Mazeppa), Tommy (Gypsy), Rent (Mrs. J/Joanne), A Night…Joplin (Joplinairre). Thanks Whole Artist, Daniel Hoff, friends and family. @AmmaOseiNYC.

EM HADICK (Swing, u/s Violetta, Dance Captain, Fight Captain). National tour debut! Favorite regional: The Spitfire Grill (Percy), Into the Woods (Cinderella), and A Chorus Line (Maggie). Endless love and thanks to family, friends and The Price Group Talent Agency. @emhadick.

KEYONNA KNIGHT (Swing, u/s Kit De Luca, u/s Violetta). Favorite credits: Barbara Woodruff in No Strings (OffBroadway revival), Swing in Hairspray (Oregon Shakespeare Festival), Jovie in Elf (The Arvada Center). Love to my Mimi, Papa, Mom, Dad, and Brewer. @keyonnaknight.

GRAHAM KEEN (Swing). National tours: White Christmas, Young Frankenstein. Regional: TUTS, The MUNY, Sac Music Circus, Goodspeed, Ogunquit, Maltz Jupiter, Music Theatre West. TV: “Modern Love.” Love to Greg, Raina, family, Hybrid Agency! @grahamcrackerrrr.

CARISSA GAUGHRAN (Ensemble, u/s Vivian Ward). National tour debut! Regional: Fulton Theatre: Sophisticated Ladies, 42nd Street; Maine State: Jersey Boys, Beauty and the Beast. Many thanks to Jerry, Telsey Casting and The Mine Agency. Love to Connor and my

CHRIS MANUEL (Ensemble, u/s Edward Lewis, u/s Philip Stuckey). Tour debut! Select credits include RFK (Bobby Kennedy), Ragtime (Houdini) and Carousel (Billy Bigelow). Special thanks to Bret Adams agency, the entire company and creative team, and all who sup port in this journey! Instagram: @imchrismanuel.

HILLARY PORTER (Swing). Broadway/NYC: A Bronx Tale, Thoroughly Modern Millie Reunion Concert. National tours: Hello, Dolly!, Cats, Elf. Regional: Once (Girl, Pioneer Theatre), A Chorus Line (Diana Morales, Cape Playhouse), Jerome Robbins’ Broadway (Rosalia, The Muny). and @HillaryPorter_. ALICE REYS (Ensemble). National tour debut! Toured in homeland Brazil with Hairspray (Swing, Dynamite u/s). Regional favorites: In the Heights and Evita. Beyond Grateful to BlocNY and the support of her amazing family and friends.

CHRISTIAN KIDD (Ensemble, u/s Giulio, u/s David Morse) is blessed to make their National Tour Debut with Pretty Woman. They are extremely grateful to their parents, the Kidds, the Monnigs, The Collective, Jerry, Telsey, and CCM. Follow @christian__kidd

22 | encore

JONATHAN RITTER (Ensemble, u/s Happy Man). Broadway: Finding Neverland (Albert), Wicked, Sweet Charity. Tours: Wicked, The Addams Family. Regional: Michael Boyd’s Here to Recruit You (Harvey Milk), West Side Story (A-rab). EP: Lovers in a Different Life, available on Spotify/ Apple Music.

JONATHAN YOUNG (Alfredo, Ensemble, u/s Edward Lewis, u/s Philip Stuckey). Tour debut! Favorite credits include An American in Paris (Henri), Austen’s Pride (Wickham), Grey Gardens (Joe Kennedy/Jerry), Assassins (Balladeer). Graduate of Baldwin Wallace Conservatory. Thanks to Jerry, Telsey, HAA, WVD, and amazing friends and family. @_jonathanyoung.

BRYAN ADAMS (Music & Lyrics) has been recording and touring the world as a musician for four decades. The Grammy Award-winning singer/song writer has recorded 14 studio albums and his latest album, Shine A Light, was released in 2019. Pretty Woman is the first musical he has written, alongside Jim Vallance. Over the years, his music has achieved number one status in over forty countries. He has three Academy Awards and five Golden Globe nominations, not to mention he is also a Companion of the Order of Canada. Adams per forms over one hundred concerts a year playing to audiences on six continents.

J. F. LAWTON (Book) has writ ten screenplays for every major Hollywood studio in genres from comedy and romance to action and drama. His feature credits include Pretty Woman, Under Siege, Blankman, The Hunted, Chain Reaction and DOA: Dead or Alive For Broadway, Lawton co-wrote the book for Pretty Woman: The Musical His published works include the sci-fi novel Cosmic Ray’s Celestial Revival

JIM VALLANCE (Music & Lyrics) has been active in the music indus try since 1970. He initially worked as a studio musician, producer and arranger before turning his attention to songwriting. He has collaborated with a wide variety of artists, includ ing Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, Heart, Rick Springfield, Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner and Michael Bublé, to name a few. He’s been awarded numerous ASCAP, BMI and SOCAN awards for international radio airplay and dozens of Gold and Platinum album awards. He’s a recipient of the Order of Canada, that country’s highest civilian honor. |

TRENT SOYSTER (Giulio, Ensemble) is thrilled to be dancing across the country on another national tour! Tours: Escape to Margaritaville (Dance Captain). Regional: Pittsburgh CLO, The Rev Theatre Co. B.F.A., Pace University. Endless love to my support system, and to the best agents ever at MSA Agency.

GARRY MARSHALL (Book) producer, director and writer of film, television and theater, made audiences laugh for five decades. Pretty Woman was the most successful of the 18 films he directed. It was his passion to make it a Broadway musical because he loved live theater. He was thrilled to work with J.F. Lawton again on this title. Before Garry passed away in 2016 he knew the wonderful creative team in place would make Pretty Woman: The Musical a joyous reality. He dedicates this show to Barbara Sue Wells, his wife of 53 years. Garry’s family keeps his legacy alive at the theater he built in Burbank, @garrymarshalltheatre.CA. garrymar

BRETT STOELKER (Ensemble, u/s Edward Lewis, u/s Philip Stuckey). National tour: Les Misérables (u/s Enjolras), Rock of Ages — Las Vegas (Stacee Jaxx), Joseph…Dreamcoat. Select regional: Jesus Christ Superstar (Jesus), Next to Normal (Gabe). Love to Jillian, The Family & DGRW Agency; @brettstoelker.

GREGG BARNES (Costume Design).

24 | encore and his latest work is The Last Writer J. F. would like to thank his amazing wife and business partner, Paola Gambino Lawton, for rescuing him.

DAVID ROCKWELL (Scenic Design). Broadway: Tootsie; Kiss Me, Kate; Lobby Hero; She Loves Me (Tony, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle awards); On the Twentieth Century (Tony nomination); You Can’t Take It with You (Tony nomination); Kinky Boots (Tony nomination); Lucky Guy (Tony nomination); Hairspray (Tony, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle nominations). Off-Broadway: The Seven Deadly Sins, Soundtrack of America, the Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park. Television: the 81st, 82nd, 93rd Oscars (2010 Emmy Award). Founder and president of Rockwell Group, an architecture and design firm.

Broadway: Pretty Woman, Mean Girls (Tony nom.), Tuck Everlasting (Tony nom.), Something Rotten! (Tony nom.), Aladdin, Kinky Boots (Tony nom., Olivier Award), Follies (Tony Award, Drama Desk Award), Elf, Legally Blonde (Tony nom.), The Drowsy Chaperone (Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, Outer Critics Award, Olivier nom.), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Flower Drum Song (Tony nom.), Side Show. Other: Dreamgirls West End (Olivier nom.), Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Pageant (Olivier nom.), The Kathy and Mo Show. TDF Young Master Award.

KENNETH POSNER & PHILIP S. ROSENBERG (Lighting Design) are delighted to be co-designing Pretty Woman. Great friends and colleagues for over 20 years, Mr. Posner and Mr. Rosenberg have collaborated on productions spanning regional, Broadway and international theater. They are both thrilled to be reuniting with Jerry Mitchell, with whom they worked on Hairspray and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and they are grateful for the opportunity to bring this story to the stage.

JOHN SHIVERS (Sound Design). Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Pretty Woman, Cirque du Soleil’s Paramour, Kinky Boots (2013 Tony Award recipient), Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway, Bonnie & Clyde, Sister Act, 9 to 5, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays. International: Spirit of Life, The Secret, Das Wunder Von Bern, The Lion King. Regional: Becoming Nancy, 42nd St., The Heart of Rock and Roll, Moonshine, Harmony, Emma, etc. Other credits: Savion Glover,

JERRY MITCHELL (Director/ Choreographer) received the Tony Award for Best Choreography twice— initially for the revival of La Cage aux Folles and thereafter for the Tony Award-winning Best Musical, Kinky Boots, for which he was also nom inated as Director. Jerry was most recently represented on Broadway as Director/Choreographer of Pretty Woman, currently playing in Hamburg and London. In the 40 or so preceding years, Jerry has been involved with more than 50 Broadway, West End and touring productions, including choreographing You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown; The Full Monty; The Rocky Horror Show; Hairspray; Gypsy; Never Gonna Dance; Dirty Rotten Scoundrels; La Cage aux Folles; Legally Blonde, which he also directed on Broadway and in London; Catch Me If You Can; and On Your Feet! WILL VAN DYKE (Music Supervision, Arrangements and Orchestrations) is a songwriter, music supervisor and 2020 Grammy Award nominee for his work on the revival of Little Shop of Horrors. Will has orchestrated and arranged shows on Broadway and off (including Pretty Woman), and is a fre quent collaborator with many of NYC’s finest talents. Will is an award-winning songwriter and has released multiple albums, available wherever digital music is sold. He writes musicals with Jeff Talbott and has a band. For more visit @wvdmusic.

Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach and Gregory Hines.

DANIEL KLINTWORTH (Music Director). Welcome to Hollywood! Previous tours: The Book of Mormon, Billy Elliot. Other: “One Million Musicals” podcast. “Thank you, Mom and Dad, for your constant love & support! Jess…thank you for your unwavering honesty and wisdom. I owe you everything.”

DB BONDS (Associate Director) was the associate director of Pretty Woman on Broadway, London and Hamburg. He served as the world wide associate director of Kinky Boots, and directed the U.S. regional premiere at the MUNY in St. Louis. DB toured North America as an actor in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Legally Blonde.

RUSTY MOWERY (Associate Choreographer). Thrilled to be work ing for Jerry Mitchell again! Associate Choreographer: Kinky Boots (Broadway, U.S. tour, London, Toronto, Seoul, Tokyo, Australia, Germany), Pretty Woman (London). Production Dance Supervisor: Hairspray (Broadway/national tour, Toronto), Legally Blonde (London). Dancer on Broadway: Hairspray, Legally Blonde, Seussical, Ragtime, and Cats. SDC member.

RANDY COHEN (Keyboard Programmer). Over 80 Broadway shows, including Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Book of Mormon, Ain’t Too Proud and Jagged Little Pill. TV cred its include keyboardist for HBO/PBS’s “Sesame Street.”

THE TELSEY OFFICE (Casting). With offices in both New York and Los Angeles, The Telsey Office casts for theater, film, television and commer cials. The Telsey Office is dedicated to creating safe, equitable and anti-racist spaces through collaboration, artistry, heart, accountability and advocacy. |

MICHAEL KELLER & MICHAEL AARONS (Music Coordinators). Broadway: Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Moulin Rouge!, Jagged Little Pill, Lion King, Wicked, The Book of Mormon. Upcoming: Diana, Flying Over Sunset. Tours: Frozen, Hamilton (all U.S. productions), Dear Evan Hansen, Lion King, Wicked.

JOSH MARQUETTE (Hair Design). NY/London: The Prom, Pretty Woman, Mean Girls, Present Laughter, Dreamgirls, Paramour, Tuck Everlasting, School of Rock, Something Rotten!, Aladdin, Kinky Boots, The Book of Mormon, Trip of Love, First Date, Elf, Dogfight, The Best Man, Vanities, Look Back in Anger, The Drowsy Chaperone, Pig Farm, The…Trailer Park Musical, Altar Boyz, Show Boat @ Carnegie Hall, Mamma Mia!. Encores!: Call Me Madam, The Most Happy Fella and Follies. Television: “The Slap”, “30 Rock”, “SNL.” Instagram: @josh_mar quette.

FIONA MIFSUD (Makeup Design). Guild Award nominee, NYC based. Theater works include the Metropolitan Opera, associate designer for Broadway’s Paramour and The King and I. TV/film: “The Plot Against America,” “Prodigal Son,” Clerks III

FULL STAGE PRODUCTIONS LLC (Technical Supervisor). Patrick Shea and Chris Smith (Smitty): West Side Story, Pretty Woman (Broadway, national tour, Germany, London), Roman Holiday (pre-Broadway), Indecent, On Your Feet! (Broadway), Kinky Boots (Broadway, international tour, Korea, Toronto, Japan, Australia, London, Germany), Holler If Ya Hear Me, Chaplin, Elf (Broadway), August: Osage County (Broadway, national tour), Brooklyn (Broadway, national tour).

THOMAS RECKTENWALD (Production Supervisor) is proud to continue his journey with Pretty Woman. “Thank you to Jerry for his

ALLIED GLOBAL MARKETING (Tour Marketing & Press) is an integrated marketing agency working with the world’s largest entertainment, sports, consumer and lifestyle brands, including 75+ Broadway shows over two decades. Current tours: Ain’t Too Proud, Hadestown, Mean Girls, Pretty Woman, Tootsie. Upcoming tours: Beetlejuice, The Book of Mormon, Elf The Musical, The Hip Hop Nutcracker THE BOOKING GROUP (Tour Booking Agency) has represented 27 Tony Award-winning Best Musicals and Plays. Current tours include Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Come From Away, The Book of Mormon, 1776, Hadestown, Mean Girls, MJ The Musical, Pretty Woman, Six, Tina, To Kill a Mockingbird, Anastasia, Chicago, Fiddler on the Roof, Hairspray, My Fair Lady, R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and Tootsie. Future tours include Almost Famous, Funny Girl, Mamma Mia!, Mrs. Doubtfire, A Strange Loop, The Devil Wears Prada and The Wiz

LESLIE S. ALLEN (Stage Manager). Regional: Philadelphia Theatre Company, Dallas Theater Center, Casa Manana, Dallas Children’s Theater, The Walnut Street Theatre. Tours: Barney: Let’s Go Live!; Kelly Clarkson’s Addicted; George Strait, 2007. Thank you to my family and friends for all their love and support.

To Kyle, thank you for your ending love and support. Rex and Charlotte, Pops loves you very much.”

PAULA WAGNER (Producer) has worked in the top ranks of the entertainment industry. Broadway producing credits include Pretty Woman: The Musical, The Heiress starring Jessica Chastain, Grace starring Paul Rudd and Michael Shannon, and Terrence McNally’s Tony-nominated play Mothers and Sons. She is a co-founder of Cruise/ Wagner Productions, where she produced notable films such as Mission: Impossible I, II, III; The Last Samurai; Vanilla Sky; The Others; and Shattered Glass, amongst oth ers, and executive produced Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. She served as CEO of United Artists from 2006 to 2008, and earlier in her career was a prominent talent agent at Creative Artists Agency. Recently, she produced the acclaimed movie Marshall, starring Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad and Kate Hudson, through her company, Chestnut Ridge Productions. Wagner is a member of the Broadway League, AMPAS and

KATHY FABIAN/PROPSTAR LLC (Production Props). Broadway credits include A Christmas Carol, American Son, Indecent, Sunday in the Park with George, Falsettos, Fiddler on the Roof, On Your Feet!, The King and I, An American in Paris and Kinky Boots. Recent TV creations for “Fosse Verdon” and “Samantha Bee.”

RL CAMPBELL (Production Stage Manager). Broadway and tours: Bring It On, Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. Regional: Ahmanson Theatre, Alliance Theatre, The Wallis, Horizon Theatre, Theatre in the Square, Utah Festival Opera, Freddie Hendricks. Thank you Ancestors.

26 | generosityencoreandfriendship.

MARATHON DIGITAL (Social Media) is a team of community cultivators and content creators decreasing the dis tance between brands and their fans. Clients include Hamilton, Hadestown, Ain’t Too Proud, Diana The Musical, Freestyle Love Supreme and more. Run with us:

ALYSSA MARIE SWANN (Assistant Stage Manager). Regional: Miss You Like Hell, Disney’s Freaky Friday, Bhangin It (La Jolla Playhouse) Darling Grenadine (Goodspeed Mu sicals); As You Like It, Twelfth Night (The Old Globe); Live Events: A Taste In The Heights, The Real Housewives UTG (WB; Peacock, Little Cinema), Welcome to Earth (Disney+, NatGeo, Little Cinema), SDCC The Expanse (Amazon Prime). @alyssaswann.

HUNTER ARNOLD (Producer). Select credits: Hadestown (Tony), The Inheritance (Olivier), Once on This Island (Tony), Dear Evan Hansen (Tony), Kinky Boots (Tony and Olivier), Anastasia. Upcoming: Chicken & Biscuits; Mrs. Doubtfire; Back to the Future; Plaza Suite; Caroline, or Change; Diana; Company @huntercarnold.

JAMES L. NEDERLANDER (Producer). President of Nederlander Organization. Credits: Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, To Kill a Mockingbird, Jagged Little Pill, The Band’s Visit, On Your Feet!, Mean Girls, The Humans, My Fair Lady, The Elephant Man, Next to Normal, Movin’ Out and many oth ers.

ROY FURMAN (Producer). Current Broadway: Moulin Rouge!, MJ, Dear Evan Hansen (Tony Award), The Book of Mormon (Tony Award) and Tina: The Tina Turner Musical. OffBroadway: Trevor, Little Shop of Horrors. Shows he has co-produced have won 15 Best Musical or Best Play Tony Awards.

101 PRODUCTIONS, LTD (Executive Producer/General Manager). Since 1994, Wendy Orshan and Jeffrey M. Wilson have managed more than 101 stage productions. General Managers: Chris Morey, Jeff Klein, Ron Gubin. Associate General Managers: Ed Nelson, Bobby Driggers. Current Broadway: Tony Award-winning Best Musical Dear Evan Hansen (Broadway, tour, London), Plaza Suite. Recent Broadway: Betrayal, Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, Burn This, Pretty Woman: The Musical |

KILIMANJARO THEATRICALS/ JOSHUA ANDREWS (Producer). Production company of Josh and Stuart Galbraith. U.S.: Hadestown, Mrs. Doubtfire. U.K.: Pretty Woman, Cluedo, What’s New Pussycat?, 9 to 5. Kili produces Ed Sheeran and Thriller Live. Josh’s other credits include An American in Paris, Fat Friends The Musical, Streetcar…, The Girl on the Train

CAIOLA PRODUCTIONS & CO. (Producer) is the Tony Awardwinning partnership of brother and sister Luigi and Rose Caiola: Jagged Little Pill, The Inheritance, Tina, Dear Evan Hansen, All the Way, The Color Purple, …Virginia Woolf. “& Co.” includes Douglas Denoff, Salman Al-Rashid, Catherine Schreiber and John Slotkin.

Producers Guild, and is a Carnegie Mellon alumna and trustee. Thank you to Rick Nicita.

NEW REGENCY PRODUCTIONS (Producer). Founded by Arnon Milchan, producer of the beloved original Pretty Woman movie, New Regency has produced numerous cel ebrated projects that have received multiple Oscars, including 12 Years a Slave, The Revenant, Birdman and Bohemian Rhapsody. Upcoming films include Deep Water and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, based on the hit musical.

NICE PRODUCTIONS (Producer) was established by Garry Marshall in 1988. Since his passing in 2016, Nice is helmed by Barbara Marshall, Kathleen Marshall, Heather Hall and Cathy Berry. Credits include Happy Days: A New Musical (Samuel French) book by Garry Marshall, music/lyrics by Paul Williams, produced with Ronny Hallin, Robert Boyett Theatricals and McCoy Rigby Entertainment. Billy & Ray by Mike Bencivenga (Falcon Theatre 2013, Vineyard Theatre 2014). In 2017, Barbara Marshall, Garry’s wife of 53 years, renamed Garry’s Falcon Theatre in Burbank, CA to the Garry Marshall Theatre and helped launched it as a new nonprofit dedi cated to cultivating the live arts. gar

JOHN GORE ORGANIZATION (Producer) family of companies BroadwayAcross-America.comincludes and, under the supervi sion of 14-time Tony-winning pro ducer John Gore (Chairman & CEO). Productions include Ain’t Too Proud, Dear Evan Hansen, Jagged Little Pill, Moulin Rouge!, Tina and To Kill a Mockingbird

DEROY KIERSTEAD (Producer). Jamie deRoy: Seven Tony Awards. Currently: The Lehman Trilogy, Tina, Ain’t Too Proud, Company, To Kill a Mockingbird, Thoughts of a Colored Man. Jim Kierstead: Emmy, Olivier and three-time Tony winning producer. Credits include Hadestown, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Lehman Trilogy, Company, The Inheritance

28 | encore


GROUP PRODUCTIONS (Producer). Broadway productions include Plaza Suite; Lehman Trilogy; Caroline, or Change; David Byrne’s American Utopia; Harold Pinter’s Betrayal; Sea Wall/A Life; Burn This; Pretty Woman The Musical; A Doll’s House, Part 2; Dear Evan Hansen; and Sunday in the Park with George GAVIN KALIN PRODUCTIONS (Producer). Select Broadway credits: Betrayal, The Ferryman, Sea Wall/A Life, Hadestown. Select West End credits: Pretty Woman, Cyrano, Betrayal, King Lear, The Ferryman, Come From Away, The Lehman Trilogy. For more: gavinkalinproduc | PRETTY WOMAN TOUR STAFF Broadway Opening Night: August 16, 2018 Nederlander Theatre Tour Opening Night: October 12, 2021 Providence Performing Arts Center, Providence, RI CHESTNUT RIDGE PRODUCTIONS Paula Wagner Assistant to the Producer Suzy Yaako NICE PRODUCTIONS Barbara Marshall Kathleen Marshall LaGambina Heather Hall Cathy Berry LPO Paola Gambino Lawton GENERAL MANAGEMENT 101 PRODUCTIONS, LTD. Wendy Orshan Jeffrey M. Wilson Ron Gubin Chris Morey Jeff Klein Ed Nelson Bobby Driggers Christopher Taggart Beth Blitzer Kathy Kim Hilary Hamilton Katie Andrew DeAnn Boise Lizz Cone Coleman Ray Clark Frank Deming II Adam First Michael Gremo Rob Gallo Michael Leibring Robert Nolan Jenny Peek Laura Quintela Rachel Roberson Christine Stump Steve Supeck Nicole Suazo Ryan Sweeney Michael Leon Thomas COMPANY MANAGER Michael Anthony Gremo Assistant Company Manager Frank Deming II TOUR MARKETING & PRESS ALLIED GLOBAL MARKETING Andrew Damer Jennifer Gallagher Scott Praefke Hayden Anderson Adina Hsu Amenkha Sembenu TOUR BOOKING AGENCY THE BOOKING GROUP Meredith Blair Kara Gebhart Stephanie Ditman Laura thebookinggroup.comKolarik CASTING THE TELSEY OFFICE Craig Burns, CSA Rashad Naylor Associate General Manager Bobby Driggers Assistant General Manager Kathy Kim Production Supervisor .......... Thomas Recktenwald Production Stage Manager ................. RL Campbell Stage Manager Leslie S. Allen Assistant Stage Manager Alyssa Marie Swann Engagement Management ....................... Ron Gubin Ticketing & Analytics ........... Tanna, Inc/Gregg Arst Tour Management Support Hilary Hamilton Associate Scenic Designers Dick Jaris, T.J. Greenway Associate Costume Designer ................ Mark Koss Associate Lighting Designer............... Kirk Fitzgerald Assistant Lighting Designer Paige Seber Costume Assistant ...................... Heather Freedman Costume Intern ...................................... MJ Stone Copyist Emily Grishman Assistant to the Technical Supervisor Adam First Production Assistants ...... Brandon Allmon-Jackson,AdamDooley Music Assistant .......................... Terence Odonkor Director/ChoreographerApprentice................................Deborah Wilson NY COVID Safety Manager ......... Flora Stamatiades Touring COVID Safety Manager ....... R.Quinn Burnell EDI Facilitator ReadySet TOURING CREW Head Carpenter Alden Corey Assistant Carpenter ..................... Casandra Maher Flyman .......................................... Scott Halstead Production Electricians James Fedigan/ Patrick Johnston Moving Light Programmer Alex Fogel Head Electrician ................................. Adam Grant Deck Electrician ............................ Dirk Van Pernis Follow Spot Mike Barnes Ableton Programmer ................ Sammy Merendino Associate Keyboard Programmer ...... Sam Starobin Assistant Sound Designer ............... David Patridge Advance Sound Engineer Steven Zeller Production Sound ........................... Kevin Kennedy Head Sound Engineer ........................... Matt Davis Assistant Sound Engineer ................Maddy Herwig Props Supervisor Kathy Fabian/Propstar Associate Props Supervisor ................. John Estep Head Props................................ David A. Summey Assistant Props ................................ Sean Jenkins Crew Swing Tiffany White Wardrobe Supervisor ............................ Tyler Guse Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor ... Soon Vander Velde Star Dresser ............................. Charlynn Knighton Hair Supervisor Debra Parr Assistant Hair Supervisor ............ Haley Richardson Company Management Apprentice ....Frank Wright II Accountant ................... Withum Smith + Brown,PC Robert Fried, CPA; Karen Kowgios, CPA; Anthony W. Moore, CPA Controller ................... Galbraith & Co./Jill Johnson Tour Marketing & Press...... Allied Global Marketing/ Andrew Damer, Jennifer Gallagher, Amenkha Sembenu

The musicians employed in this production are mem bers of the American Federation of Musicians. The Director and Choreographer are members of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, Inc., an independent national labor union. Digital/ Mike Karns, Melanie Pateiro, Ava Koploff K+K Reset LLC, Kiah and Anne McSweeney, Erik Piecuch DeWitt Stern Group, Inc. & Loeb LLP/ Stefan Rachel Kiwi, Brittany Berckes Road Morris Inc LLC Butler, Harper CREDITS and scenic effects built, painted and electrified Show Motion, Inc, Milford CT. Lighting equipment from PRG. Sound equipment from Masque Sound. Props Artisans: John Ruegsegger, Jon Knust, Emily Baldassara, Kate Lundell, and Mary Wilson. Custom upholstery by J. Jammal Upholstery & Décor. Flame treatment by Turning Star Inc. Specialty props by Tom Carroll Scenery Inc. Special thanks to Bren Bri Properties. Costumes constructed by Arel Studios, Lynne Baccus, By Barak and Cygnet Studios. Custom tailoring by Giliberto Designs. Custom millinery by Ann Claire Millinery NYC, Lynne Mackey Studio. Custom beading by Polly Kinney. Custom painting by Jeff Fender Studios. Custom printing by SKY NYC. Undergarments provided by Bra Tenders. Custom shoes by LaDuca, T.O. DEY. Custom Jewelry by Chris Crouch. Props by Kathy Fabian.


The team at Atlantic Records, Pete Ganbarg, Mikey Parker, Kellie Gentry. The Pretty Woman Chicago Team, the Pretty Woman London team, the Pretty Woman Stage Hamburg team, and Jamal Davis at Magic Bootcamp. With love and appreciation to Seth Gelblum. Andrew Basile. Makeup Provided By M·A·C With grateful acknowledgement to the State of Rhode Island and Steven Feinberg, the Rhode Island Film & Television Office. To learn more about the production, please visit

30 | encore Atlanta’s Historic Fox Theatre |


This production was rehearsed at the 52nd Street Project.

Trucking ......................................... Clark Transfer Mascots .............................Ralphie,

The Press Agents and Company Managers employed in this production are represented by the Association of Theatrical Press Agents & Managers.


Human Resources Consultant

Legal ........................................Loeb

The actors and stage managers employed in this pro duction are members of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States.

Social Media .............................. Marathon

Travel Tzell Travel Production Photographer ............. Matthew Murphy Payroll Services ...................... Checks + Balances Physical Therapy Neurosport Physical Therapy,


The use of cell phones during the performance is prohibited by law.

Karen Robinson Banking .................................. City National Bank/

United Scenic Artists represents the designers and sce nic painters for the American Theatre.


Merchandise Creative Goods Merchandise



Backstage and Front of the House Employees are represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (or I.A.T.S.E.).

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @PrettyWoman


2 Take care of personal needs (water, restroom use) before the performance begins.

10 If you need assistance during the show, please go to your nearest volunteer usher. If additional assistance is needed, the usher will get the appropriate person to further help you

Aly Grubb Director of Marketing

4 Most shows do not allow photography of any kind. Flash photography inside the theater is never allowed. It distracts those around you and endangers the performers.

Jamie Vosmeier VP of Sales and Marketing



Official Beer of the FoxOfficial Hotel and Restaurant of the Fox Official Beverage of the Fox Official Energy Partner of the Fox

Edward L. White Chair Robyn Barkin Chair Elect

Saxton Scott Director of F&B

Rodney Amos Head Audio


Tony Aeck, John Busby Jr., Beauchamp Carr, Rodney Cook, Ada Lee Correll, Richard Courts, Jere Drummond, Richard Flinn, Julia Grumbles, Sheffield Hale, John Holder, Walt Huntley, Edward Hutchison, Craig Jones, Steve Koonin, Charles Lawson, Starr Moore, Joseph Myers, Edgar Neiss, Carl Patton, Glen Romm, Sylvia Russell, Nancy Simms, Preston Stevens Jr., Clyde Tuggle, Carolyn Wills

Faustina Brooks Director of Finance

Gary Hardaway Head Carpenter Scott Hardin Head Props/Projectionist

Amy Smith Director of Production

1 Please arrive early. Latecomers may not be seated until intermission.

9 Go easy with the perfume and cologne, many people are highly allergic.

David Simpson Director of Ticket Sales & Service

Allan C. Vella President & C.E.O.

Lucy Lawler-Freas Director of Programming Shelly Kleppsattel Booking & Contract Manager

Rachel Bomeli Sr. Director of Operations

5 The overture is part of the performance. Please cease talking at this point. | THE FOX THEATRE 660 Peachtree Street, N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30308 404.881.2100 •

6 Dear lovebirds, when you lean your heads together, you block the view of those behind you. Please consider those seated behind you when choosing whether to wear a hat or what hairstyle you choose.

7 Please refrain from talking, humming or singing along with the show, except when encouraged to do so by the artists or show.

Official Bank of the FoxOfficial Energy Partner of the Fox

Lisa Marie Malovoz Production Manager

11 Yes, the parking lot gets busy and public transportation is tricky, but leaving while the show is in progress or before the actors have taken their final bows is discourteous. Please wait until the bows are over and exit with the rest of the audience.

3 Please silence or turn off all electronic devices, including cellphones, beepers and watch alarms. We encourage you to share your experience via social media but please refrain from doing so or texting during performances. The glow from your device is distracting.

CarmillaTindal Marquee Club Manager

William Renshaw Vice President & C.F.O.

8. Please wait for an appropriate moment to dig something out of your pocket or bag.

Mark C. Adams, Latanza Adjei, Clara Axam, Keith O. Cowan, Renee Dye, Ryan Halpern, Larry Hanson, Doug Hooker, Dr. Richard Kannwischer, Barbara King, Lauren Koontz, Sonjui Kumar, Jay Myers, Ivan Shammas, Howard Smith, Scott Taylor

Steve Moore Director of Special Events

Leigh Burns Director of Fox Theatre Institute


ELEVATORS Elevators are at the north end of each lobby and are avail able during all performances. They make it possible to access each lobby without using the stairs. Patrons should be aware that access to upper seating areas do involve stairs. PARKING Parking is available within a four-block radius in all direc tions of the Fox Theatre. Advanced reserved parking is available for sale at the Fox Ticket Office or by calling 855 285 8499. The Fox Theatre assumes no responsibility for vehicles parked in any of the privately owned lots operating in the Fox Theatre district.

EMERGENCY INFORMATION In the event of an emergency, and for your safety, please follow the directions provided by the Fox Theatre staff.

• Camera and recording devices are strictly prohibited. Backstage employees are represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.)


The Fox Theatre has three private rental spaces, accommodating 25 to 1,200 guests. Our Egyptian Ballroom and Grand Salon are beautifully decorated and can be set up to your specifications. The Landmarks Lounge is adjacent to the lobby and is perfect for a small pre-show and intermission event. To book your “Fabulous Fox” evening, please call 404-881-2057 or send an email to

32 | encore Atlanta’s Historic Fox Theatre | foryourinformation

The Fox Theatre Group Sales Department offers discounts to groups for most Broadway shows. It is open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Call 404 881-2000 or email



SMOKING In accordance with the Fulton County Clean Air Ordinance, the Fox Theatre is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

Note: Steep steps lead to all seats on the upper levels. For assistance or more information, please call the Event Staff’s office at: 404 881 2100

The Fox Theatre strives to make events accessible to all guests. If you need assistance during your visit please ask for one of our Event Staff members. The Fox Theatre offers the use of wheelchairs, listening devices and booster seats at no additional charge. Our ambassadors will assist you to special restroom accommodations.


• Please turn off all pagers and cellphones before each performance.

A stunning 10,000 square feet of exclusive space located on the northeast side of the theatre, the Marquee Club has access to the fabulous rooftop terrace overlooking the iconic Fox marquee and Peachtree Street. The Marquee Club is the perfect way to elevate your experience at the Fox. The club can be accessed through one of the annual membership options or on a per-event basis, as space allows. Entry to the club must accompany a ticket to the proceeding performance. For more information on club access, visit or call 404-881-2024

• Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of manage ment in conjunction with the wishes of the producers.

CONCESSIONS Concession stands are located in the Spanish Room, main lobby and on the mezzanine lobby level. RESTROOMS Restrooms are located off the main lobby (downstairs), mezzanine lobby levels and the Gallery level. Accessible restroom facilities are in the Spanish Room; accessible/ Family restrooms are located through the office door in the main lobby.

TOURS Tour schedules vary – please visit the Fox Theatre website for updated information regarding tour dates at

To purchase accessible seating at the Fox Theatre please call 404 881 2016 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. MondayFriday or 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday. A Ticket Office asso ciate will be happy to help you. Ticket buyers may also visit the ticketing site at


Lost and found items are turned in to the event staff’s office. To check on lost items, please call 404 881 2119. Lost and found items will be retained for 30 days.

THE THEATER A fully restored 1929 “movie palace,” the Fox Theatre, with 4,665 seats, is a multipurpose facility, housing Broadway shows, ballets, comedies, concerts, movies and private corporate events.


TICKET OFFICE HOURS Ticket Office hours are Friday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM and Saturday 10:00 AM-3:00 PM. The ticket office will open approximately 3 hours before doors on show days. Doors to the Fox Theatre open one hour before showtime. Tickets for all performances may be purchased online at, or by calling 855-285-8499, or visiting the Fox Theatre Ticket Office during the times listed above.

All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket to be admitted to the theater. Not all events are suitable for children. Infants will not be admitted to adult programs/ performances. Parents will be asked to remove children who create a disturbance.


Harold Brody & Donald Smith

Margaret Ann Ross

Members of the Fox Theatre’s Friends of the Fox program help support the Fox Theatre Institute, the theater’s community engagement arm.


Dr. Laura Braswell DDS

Lowery & Associates Land Surveying, LLC

The Fox Theatre’s legend lives on through their generosity, supporting the theater, the city of Atlanta and communities across Georgia. To learn more about the Friends of the Fox membership program, please visit, email, or call 404.881.2023.

Janet & Jarel F. Rush

ENTOURAGE Latanza & Solomon Adjei

Adam Malone

Renee Dye & Shyam Reddy

Jamie Medalie Longhurst Ripple IT

Melinda & Christopher Barber

The Fox Theatre would like to thank the following Friends of the Fox who have given at the Legend ($10,000), Marquee ($5,000), Encore ($2,500) and Entourage ($1,000) levels:

Susan Atkinson Gregory Holder Properties

Michelle Love & Matt Chambless Michael Crew

MARQUEE Diana Blank

Mary Ann & John Busby George E. Butler II

Michael & Brad Colasso

Ira & Talmer Curry, Jr. Joanne & Walter Huntley

The Allard Family Drew Eckl & Farnham

Carole Cole Musarra

Carrie & Bryan Williams

Nicole & Allan Vella ZIBEX, Inc.

Patricia Phelan Catie & Ewald Ramp


Ashley Cunningham Joy & Ritchie Dickey Cindy & Steve Ensor David M. Green



Carrie & Scott Taylor

Gary Martin Hays & Sheri Hays



• The Stones next appeared Oct. 26, 1981, playing for a standingroom-only crowd. As history has it, the bandmates traveled to Savannah for a day-trip and, due to dense fog in Atlanta, their return flight was rerouted to Macon. The show began 90 minutes late.

• On New Year’s Day 2005, Broadway on Ice ice-skating pros Nancy Kerrigan and Rudy Galindo took to the stage, along with Broadway’s Leslie Uggams (a Tony Award winner for Hallelujah, Baby! ). Creating an impromptu ice rink was an overnight process that called for spraying the stage with water and quickly freezing it. Again and again and again.


Atlanta’s Historic Fox Theatre |

• The Rolling Stones have performed at the Fox twice, to date. In June 1978, the show was first billed as “the Cockroaches,” so as not to reveal too early the true identity of the performers.

• Bette Midler was scheduled for a three-night gig in February 1983. According to longtime Atlanta concert promoter Alex Cooley (who died in 2016), when she reached her dressing room she claimed that someone had died there, that it was haunted and she would not perform. The Divine Miss M was moved to another dressing room and, apparently content enough, agreed to go onstage.


Atlanta’s Fox Theatre has played host to many world-renowned artists, from the Rolling Stones and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to Bette Midler and Widespread Panic. In July 1976, in fact, Lynyrd Skynyrd performed for three consecutive nights, recording the album One More From the Road and donating $5,000 toward the Save the Fox campaign. In February 1993, the band played another three nights, one of which was broadcast on pay-per-view television. Here are a few other rockin’ fun facts:

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