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WellStar and Mayo Clinic. AUGMENTED EXPERIENCES Working together. Working for you. 1


Achieving our vision of world-class healthcare is even closer now that we are a proud new member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, an innovative collaboration which brings the expertise of Mayo to our patients. As the first and only member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network in metro Atlanta, our depth of specialty care will be enhanced with new resources and tools while keeping patient care right here at home.


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photo: Jeff Roffman

Dear Friends, Welcome to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre and another exciting production with The Atlanta Opera! These past months have been very busy for us. After opening our season with a thrilling production of Tosca, we celebrated National Opera Week with our fourth annual innovative 24-Hour Opera Project, which has so grown in popularity that we moved the performances to the 14th Street Playhouse. We have been busy at other performance venues in Atlanta as well, with two beautiful concerts at the William Breman Museum as part of the Molly Blank Jewish Concert Series, and educational performances for thousands of children at schools and community centers all over the state. The most exciting milestone for me, personally, has been the announcement of the 2014-15 season. As my first programmed season as General & Artistic Director with The Atlanta Opera, this season encapsulates my vision for the company, moving from three to five productions and from 12 to 18 performances. We have a spectacular season 8

opening with a Choral Silver Celebration commemorating Chorus Master Walter Huff’s 25th anniversary with The Atlanta Opera with performances at Emory University’s Schwartz Center and Kennesaw State University. We return to the Cobb Energy Centre for three truly breathtaking operatic masterpieces – Madama Butterfly, Rigoletto and The Marriage of Figaro. The season closes with a look to the future of American opera and esteemed composer Jake Heggie’s Three Decembers. The 2014-15 season is packed full of great performance experiences at new and diverse venues, which expand the Atlanta Opera repertoire while presenting mainstage favorites of the highest caliber. Share our excitement! When you subscribe you not only share in these exhilarating experiences, you serve as integral support to The Atlanta Opera – opera that is locally produced and nationally renowned!

Tomer Zvulun General & Artistic Director The Atlanta Opera


SeASOn Unlike Any OTher T h e AT l A n TA O p e r A 2014-2015 SeASOn

ViSiT The lObby TO renew y O U r S U b S c r i p T i O n T O d Ay !

2013-2014 SEASON SPONSORS OPENING NIGHT SPONSOR The Coca-Cola Company PRODUCTION SPONSOR Martha Thompson Dinos Arthur fAgen THE CARL & SALLy GABLE mUSIC DIRECTOR Carl & Sally Gable PerForManCe sPonsors SATURDAy, mARCH 8, 2014 John L. Hammaker TUESDAy, mARCH 11, 2014 Jerry & Dulcy Rosenberg FRIDAy, mARCH 14, 2014 Candy & Greg Johnson SUNDAy, mARCH 16, 2014 Mr. & Mrs. Wayne James DeDiCaTion THE ATLANTA OPERA CHORUS mASTER Walter Huff

Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs

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Faust and Méphistophélès meet in The Houston Grand Opera’s 2007 production of Faust. photo: Brett Coomer for Houston Grand Opera


FausT mUSIC Charles Gounod LIBRETTO Michel Carre & Jules Barbier, after the poem by Goethe FIRST PERFORmANCE Théâtre Lyrique, Paris, March 19, 1859 CONDUCTOR Arthur Fagen STAGE DIRECTOR Louisa Muller CHORUS mASTER Walter Huff SCENIC DESIGNER Earl Staley COSTUmE COORDINATOR Joanna Schmink LIGHTING DESIGNER Marie Barrett WIG & mAKEUP DESIGNER Richard Jarvie SURTITLES By Scott Heumann CasT (in order of vocal appearance) FAUST Noah Stewart mÉPHISTOPHÉLÈS Alexander Vinogradov VALENTIN Edward Parks WAGNER Cory Neal Schantz SIÉBEL Emily Fons mARGUERITE Mary Dunleavy mARTHA SCHWERLEIN Robynne Redmon mUSICAL PREPARATION Michael Spassov ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Alison Moritz ASSISTANT CHORUSmASTER Rolando Salazar PRODUCTION STAGE mANAGER Lisa-Marie Shuster ASSISTANT STAGE mANAGERS Greg Boyle, Jamie Hahn This production of Faust is performed courtesy of Houston Grand Opera Association. The original production of Faust was underwritten in substantial part by a generous grant from The Gramma Fisher Foundation, Marshalltown, Iowa, and by grants from The Chase Manhattan Corporation, The Charles Engelhard Foundation, and Mr. & Mrs. Wallace S. Wilson. Costumes courtesy of Malabar, Inc. Performed in French with English Supertitles Approximate running time: 3 hours and 10 minutes with two intermissions The surtitle translation used in this production of Faust is owned by Houston Grand Opera: Patrick Summers, Artistic and Music Director; Perry Leech, Managing Director. 11


The Metropolitan Opera Company's 1966 touring production of Faust with Cesare Siepi as Méphistophélès and Nicolae Herlea as Valentin. photo: The Metropolitan Opera Company, Faust, 1966 touring season program book / The Atlanta Opera archives


aCT ii

Alone at his desk, Faust peers into the dark chasm of his being. Bitter and disillusioned, he contemplates the vial of poison before him. Voices of happy villagers carry through the open window; he curses them and their maker and invokes the name of Satan.

At the county fair, villagers, soldiers and country folk amuse themselves with a drinking song. Valentin has a final moment with his friends Wagner and Siébel before going off to war. He laments having to leave his sister alone with no family. Siébel offers his services as protector, and Valentin solemnizes the oath with a prayer to God.

Much to Faust’s surprise, Méphistophélès appears and offers him exactly what he wants – another chance at life – in exchange for his soul. The philosopher hesitates, but after seeing an image of the fair Marguerite, he heartily accepts the bargain. Drinking the vial, now an elixir of youth, Faust goes out into the village with Méphistophélès as his companion. 12

Méphistophélès joins in the villagers’ revelries. He offers a song of his own – a tribute celebrating the biblical Golden Calf and the bacchanals that go along with it. Wagner offers a glass of wine, but Méphistophélès instead grabs the student’s hand, noting a dark

synoPsis future present in its lines. For Siébel, Méphistophélès prophesizes that any flower the ardent young man shall touch will wither away; for Valentin, death, not in battle, but at the hand of someone known to him. Angered, Valentin provokes Méphistophélès into a fight, but Méphistophélès easily breaks the soldier’s sword at its first stroke. Now realizing his opponent’s true nature, Valentin uses the cruciform hilt of the sword to fend off evil as he and his colleagues fall in retreat.

mysterious nature of the gift, she advises Marguerite to keep the jewels, as they must be from an admirer. Méphistophélès returns with Faust and discloses that Marthe’s missing husband is, in fact, dead. The widow experiences a moment of remorse but is easily comforted by the alluring stranger. As Faust makes overtures to Marguerite, Marthe and Méphistophélès explore their new feelings together.

The community gathers for a dance. Faust is among them, hoping to encounter Marguerite. She arrives presently, just back from church. Siébel attempts to attract her attention but is prevented by Méphistophélès at every opportunity. Faust introduces himself and gallantly offers to escort Marguerite, but she modestly declines and returns home alone.

Marguerite unveils her sad lot to Faust. With both mother and sister gone, and Valentin off to battle, she is completely alone in the world. Faust offers his love and protection, but Marguerite is guarded. She puts her faith in a daisy and begins a childish game of plucking the petals. Only when the flower reveals the depth of Faust’s passion does her resolve begin to crumble, and the scene ends with a rapturous love duet.

aCT iii


Siébel waits in Marguerite’s garden. He hopes a gift of flowers will make her understand the depth of his affection. Although the posies wilt as soon as the young man touches it (as Méphistophélès predicted), Siébel finds a little holy water does the trick, and he leaves the revived bouquet on Marguerite’s doorstep. Faust and Méphistophélès lurk in the thicket, observing Siébel’s actions. They present an offering of their own – a casket packed with jewels – and place it strategically next to Siébel’s offering. Marguerite arrives, still distracted by the man who approached her in the square. She casually acknowledges the bouquet, but her attention is caught up in the treasure trove, and once clad in the jewels, she imagines herself transformed into a princess.

In her room, Marguerite is taunted by the village girls outside. Faust has deserted her just as she is expecting their child. She laments the consequences of her actions. Siébel, her only remaining friend, vows to kill Faust for his heartless behavior. She begs him to let it be – in spite of all that has happened, her love for Faust has not diminished.

Marthe, an older neighbor, observes her gaiety. Hardly concerned by the

aCT iV SCENE TWO Valentin and the other soldiers return victorious from battle. He happens upon Siébel and immediately asks of his sister’s welfare. Siébel hesitates and, as they approach Marguerite’s home, he tries to prevent Valentin from going inside. The ploy is unsuccessful – Valentin enters and is shocked to find Marguerite has given birth to Faust’s child. Meanwhile, Méphistophélès and Faust have returned to the village, for the latter regrets 13

synoPsis abandoning Marguerite. Méphistophélès sings a serenade to lure Marguerite out of the house but Valentin appears instead, and enraged by their presence, challenges Faust to a duel. With Méphistophélès’s unearthly assistance, Faust is the easy victor, and mortally wounded, Valentin places a curse upon his sister as she rushes to his side.

aCT iV SCENE THREE Marguerite prays for salvation at the local church, but Méphistophélès torments her with a hellish fate – God has turned his back in her hour of need. A mortal struggle between redemption and eternal damnation ensues as invisible voices from beyond offer Marguerite little comfort.

aCT V SCENE ONE As a distraction Méphistophélès invites Faust to celebrate the feast of Walpurgis Night, the evening before May 1. In the darkness of the Harz Mountains, a witches’ sabbath is in process. Fearful at first, Faust eventually joins in toasting everlasting oblivion with the attending witches, demons and courtesans of antiquity, who dance an infernal ballet. In the drunken chaos, Faust sees another vision of Marguerite, this time on death row with a blood-red circle around her neck. With sudden sobriety, Faust vows to set her free.

aCT V SCENE TWO Marguerite has been imprisoned for the crime of infanticide. Faust gains entry to the prison cell and begs her to escape with him. Demented with guilt, Marguerite refuses his proposal and somberly awaits her march to the scaffold. Méphistophélès is troubled by Faust’s insistence that she leave — with the execution, he believes another 14

soul will be placed in his care. He demands that Faust leave at once, or be cast aside. Marguerite sees the demon for who he really is and implores the celestial powers to save her. As she dies, Méphistophélès is vexed when Marguerite, judged and forgiven of her crimes, ascends to the heavens. – COURTESy OF THE mINNESOTA OPERA The Atlanta Opera’s 1995 production of Faust. photo: J.D. Scott


APRIL 26, 29, MAY 2, 4, 2014



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DireCTor's noTe

Louisa Muller (left) gives notes in rehearsal for Madama Butterfly at Grand Théâtre de Genève. photo: Vincent Lepresle for Grand Théâtre de Genève

WouLD you MaKe a DeaL WiTh The DeViL? The legend of Faust, the old man who signs away his soul to the devil in return for a second chance at youth and happiness, has held us in its thrall for centuries. And while we may be tempted to dismiss it as purely an old-fashioned tale of good vs. evil, who among us cannot identify with Faust’s yearning for a do-over, the chance to try again, to do things differently this time? When Méphistophélès arrives on his doorstep and offers just that, Faust jumps at the chance, willing to sign away his future for the fleeting pleasures of the present. Méphistophélès here is no puppet-master controlling Faust’s every 16

move; rather, he is the ultimate enabler, removing any obstacles preventing Faust from possessing what he desires so desperately. The news today is filled with stories of people who act against their best long-term interests in order to have what they want right away, right now. Are we so different from Faust? What would we do with a second chance? Would we use it well? As Oscar Wilde famously wrote, “In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.” – LOUISA mULLER, 2014

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Barbara Dunbar Stewart was a remarkable woman for many reasons, and to this day, The Atlanta Opera continues to benefit from her leadership and benevolence. Our gratitude and appreciation for her board service is ongoing, and her transformational bequest of $9.2 million provides a firm foundation on which the company continues to build.

p r o u d ly s u p p o r t s

t h e At l A n tA o p e r A

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You Do Have a Choice Get out of your rut and strike off to a place that appreciates the arts. And special events. And especially appreciates people looking for the extraordinary. We’re talking about taking the 90-minute ride to Columbus to a place that boasts over 46 attractions and a calendar full of wonderful and not to be missed performances and events. Think about it. With Fifty-one Reasons there just has to be something waiting for you. Les Miserables, Experience the magic. Buy tickets online now! Beauty and the Beast, Be our guest for this tale as old as time. Vietnam Memorial, Grand Opening and Dedication. RiverBlast, Living History at the National Civil War Naval Museum.

Springer Opera House OPENS

FEB 27

Les Miserables

RiverCenter for Performing Arts

National Infantry Museum

MAR 15-16 Beauty and the Beast

MAR Vietnam Memorial 21


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For a complete list of events, or call 1.800.999.1613

National Civil War Naval Museum

MAR 22


MeeT The CasT arThur Fagen CONDUCTOR

ATLANTA OPERA DEBUT: La TraviaTa, 2005 Arthur Fagen is in great demand as a conductor of symphony and opera both in Europe and the United States. He is a regular guest at the most prestigious opera houses, concert halls, and music festivals at home and abroad, and his career has been marked by a string of notable appearances including The Metropolitan Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Staatsoper Berlin, Munich State Opera, Deutsche Oper Berlin, and New York City Opera. From 1998 to 2001, Mr. Fagen was invited regularly as Guest Conductor at the Vienna State Opera. On the concert podium, Mr. Fagen has appeared with internationally known orchestras including the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the Czech Philharmonic, Munich Radio Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic, Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie, RAI Orchestras of Turin, Naples, Milan, and Rome. A former assistant of Christoph von Dohnányi (Frankfurt Opera) and James Levine (Metropolitan Opera), he has served as Principal Conductor in Kassel and Brunswick, Chief Conductor of the Flanders Opera of Antwerp and Ghent, Music Director of the Queens Symphony Orchestra and as a member of the conducting staff of the Lyric Opera of Chicago. From 2002 to 2007, he was the Music Director of the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra and Opera; in 2008, he was appointed as Professor at the Indiana University in Bloomington, and in 2010, The Atlanta Opera appointed Mr. Fagen as Music Director. Born in New York, he studied with Laszlo Halasz, Max Rudolf (Curtis Institute) and Hans Swarowsky. Mr. Fagen has an opera repertory of more than 75 works and has recorded for Naxos and BMG. The Naxos recording of Martinu˚’s works was awarded an Editor’s Choice in the March 2010 issue of Gramophone magazine.

Marguerite’s ascension into heaven from Act V of Faust. photo: Brett Croomer for Houston Grand Opera



In the 2012-13 season, Louisa Muller made directing debuts at The Metropolitan Opera (Don Giovanni), Lyric Opera of Chicago (La bohème), Grand Théâtre de Genève (Madama Butterfly), and Santa Fe Opera (Apprentice Scenes). Ms. Muller is in her sixth season on the directing staff of the Metropolitan Opera, where she has assisted directors such as David McVicar, Bartlett Sher, Michael Grandage, Stephen Wadsworth, and Giancarlo del Monaco. Previously she was a staff director at Houston Grand Opera, where she prepared alternate casts of La bohème and Beatrice and Benedict and directed The Refuge, Tosca, and Madama Butterfly at Miller Outdoor Theatre. She also has served on the directing staffs of Santa Fe Opera, Glimmerglass Opera, Wolf Trap Opera, and Opera Theatre of Saint Louis. She works frequently with young singers and has served as a guest coach at Houston Grand Opera’s Young Artists’ Vocal Academy, Wolf Trap Opera Studio, Lawrence University, and the University of Texas at Brownsville, as well as directing opera scenes for the Houston Grand Opera Studio, Santa Fe Opera, and Wolf Trap Opera Studio. This season, she returns to Lyric Opera of Chicago to direct Madama Butterfly, and to The Metropolitan Opera to assist Robert Carsen on his new production of Falstaff and Bartlett Sher on the revival of L’elisir d’amore.


ATLANTA OPERA DEBUT: La TraviaTa, 2013 During an international career that has brought her to many of the world’s most important opera houses, Mary Dunleavy has affirmed her position as one of America’s leading singing actresses. During the 2013-14 season, Ms. Dunleavy’s engagements include: The Dallas Opera as Micaëla in Carmen, Nashville Opera for her role debut as Desdemona in Verdi’s Otello, and a return to The Metropolitan Opera as Pamina in The Magic Flute and for L’elisir d’amore. The 2012-13 season included appearances with The Metropolitan Opera, to cover Donna Anna in Don Giovanni; her role debut as Donna Elvira in Christopher Alden’s production of Don Giovanni at Portland Opera; and Mimì in La bohème with Fort Worth Opera. In the 2011-12 season, she performed Marguerite in a new production of Faust with Opéra de Montréal, and returned to the roster of The Metropolitan Opera to cover Donna Anna in a new production of Don Giovanni. Additionally, Mary Dunleavy appears in the 2012 Steven Spielberg film, Lincoln, singing music from Gounod’s Faust. Her gallery of operatic heroines is led by her signature role, Violetta in La traviata, seen thus far in more than 60 performances at The Metropolitan Opera, San Francisco Opera, Barcelona’s Gran Teatre del Liceu, Glimmerglass Opera, New York City Opera, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, Lyric Opera of Kansas City, the Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest, and others. 24


The Best of Broadway SUNDAY, MARCH 9

For Tickets Call 678.222.3700 or online at The William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum 1440 Spring Street (18th Street) Atlanta, GA 30309

sCene paTron parTY BY carTier

photos: Modern Luxury Magazine


American mezzo-soprano Robynne Redmon has graced the world’s greatest stages including The Metropolitan Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago, San Francisco Opera, Teatro alla Scala, Staatsoper Berlin, Bayerische Staatsopera, Opéra de Marseilles, Teatro Regio di Torino, Teatro Municipal de Santiago, Opéra Montréal, Santa Fe Opera, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, New York City Opera, Boston Lyric Opera and Minnesota Opera. Ms. Redmon has not only made her indelible mark in the Italian dramatic and bel canto repertoire, but she also has been an ardent champion of new works as well, creating such roles as the eponymous role of Bright Sheng’s opera, Madame Mao. Recently, she has had success in such roles as La Principessa in Puccini’s Suor Angelica, and Verdi’s Amneris in Aida and Ulrica in Un Ballo in maschera. She also has assumed the mantle of several of Strauss’ greatest characters including Herodias in Salome and Klytemnestra in Elektra. Always seeking to broaden her artistic horizons, Ms. Redmon has made it a point to lend her considerable talents to the great recital and orchestral stages of the world. Her large and varied concert repertoire has included Verdi’s Requiem, Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis (available on Naxos), Dvorˇák’s Stabat Mater and Mahler’s Symphonies, Nos. 2, 3 and 8.


Mezzo-soprano Emily Fons is impressing audiences and critics alike through her remarkable versatility as an interpreter of Mozart and Baroque music as well as of Rossini and more modern composers. Current projects include Prince Orlofsky in Die Fledermaus at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the title role in Handel’s Faramondo at the Göttingen Festival and concerts of Opera Pops with The Dallas Opera. Future engagements include a return to The Dallas Opera and a debut with the Madison Opera. Last season Ms. Fons sang her first Sesto in Handel’s Giulio Cesare (a role she also covered at the Met later in the season), Christmas concerts with the Madison Symphony and returned to the Santa Fe Opera as Cherubino in Le nozze di Figaro. In the spring of 2012, Ms. Fons made her debut with Chicago Opera Theater as Masha in Moscow, Cheremushky by Dimitri Shostakovich followed by a personal triumph as Megacle in Vivaldi’s L’Olimpiade with the Garsington Opera. Ms. Fons was a 2010 semifinalist in the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and also has received awards from Polanki, the Milwaukee Polish Women’s Organization; the National Association of Teachers of Singing; the Milwaukee Civic Music Association; and the Santa Fe Opera. A native of Wisconsin, Ms. Fons completed her Master’s Degree in Opera and Music Theatre at Southern Illinois University. She received her undergraduate degree from Luther College, where she was awarded the Brudos Prize. 26


Tara Erraught MEZZO-SOPRANO Sunday, March 23, 2014 3PM | $46 Pre-concert Talk 2PM

Few emerging artists have captured the attention of the international opera public as Tara Erraught. Elevated from ensemble member to leading lady on five days’ notice, the young Irish mezzo-soprano triumphed in Bellini at the Bavarian State Opera. The Vienna State Opera took notice and cast her in major Rossini roles. Other prestigious international debuts (including the Met) fill her schedule for seasons to come. Why wait? Hear her first at Spivey Hall.

A sensation…opulent “ coloratura with subtlety ” –Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

Her bright, highly “ placed voice is evenly produced, full of color and void of artificiality. –Opera News


Spivey Hall Box Office: (678) 466-4200 |


Trained at The Juilliard School and at the Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia, Noah Stewart’s debut album for Decca topped the classical charts in the United Kingdom for five weeks. In spring 2012, he made his debut at Covent Garden as Hassan in Judith Weir’s Miss Fortune, a role he premiered at the Bregenzer Festspiele in the summer of 2011. As an Adler Fellow at the San Francisco Opera, Mr. Stewart’s roles included Macduff in Verdi’s Macbeth and T. Morris Chester in the world premiere of John Adams’ Appomattox. Other North American engagements include the Prince in A Flowering Tree at Chicago Opera Theater; Cavaradossi in Tosca, Ismaele in Nabucco, Nadir in The Pearl Fishers and Rodolfo in La bohème for Michigan Opera Theater; Luigi in Il trittico for the Castleton Festival; Rodolfo with Opera Carolina; Narraboth in Salome at the Arizona Opera; and Radames in Aida at the Glimmerglass Festival. Outside the United States, he has sung Don Jose in Carmen in South Africa and at the Royal Albert Hall, Pinkerton at Opera North, and was part of Peter Sellars’ acclaimed production of Purcell’s The Indian Queen at the Teatro Real Madrid and Opera Perm. Future engagements include a return to the Royal Opera Covent Garden, as Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly.


A graduate of the Metropolitan Opera’s Lindemann Young Artists Development Program, Mr. Parks made his Metropolitan Opera debut in the 2009-10 season as Fiorello in Il barbiere di Siviglia, and has since appeared as Schaunard in La bohème and as Larkens in La faniculla del West. He also appeared as Schaunard on the Met’s 2011 tour of Japan. Other recent engagements have included Marcello in La bohème and Sharpless in Madama Butterfly at PORT Opera, Zurga in The Pearl Fishers at the Michigan Opera Theater, Ford in Falstaff and Count Almaviva in Le nozze di Figaro with the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, and Count Almaviva at the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis. He has appeared with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and has been presented in recital in Weill Hall Recital in Carnegie Hall and by the Ravinia Festival’s prestigious Steans Institute for Young Artists. A native of Indiana, Pa., Mr. Parks received his bachelor’s degree from Oberlin Conservatory, and his master’s degree from Yale University. A National Winner of the 2008 Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, Mr. Parks was named a first place winner at the 2010 Gerda Lissner Foundation International Vocal Competition and has received awards from the George London Foundation, the Marilyn Horne Foundation, the Irma M. Cooper Opera Columbus International Vocal Competition, the Palm Beach Opera Competition and the Music Academy of the West. 28

Dive in.

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Cory Neal Schantz made his professional operatic debut as Wagner in Gounod’s Faust with Baltimore Opera and performed the role of Guglielmo in Cosí fan tutte as a Baltimore Opera apprentice. In 2007, Dr. Schantz made his Springfield Regional Opera debut as Sharpless in Madama Butterfly. Other recent appearances include Tulsa Opera’s stirring production of Jake Heggie’s Dead Man Walking. He appeared as Pooh-Bah in The Mikado with Wichita Grand Opera, Balthazar in Cimarron Opera’s production of Amahl and the Night Visitors, Frank in the Oklahoma Opera Theater production of Die Fledermaus, and Marcello in Enid Symphony Orchestra’s concert version of La bohème alongside Leona Mitchell’s Musetta. Dr. Schantz made his Union Avenue Opera debut in the summer of 2010 singing the role of The Corporal in La fille du régiment and made his debut with Winter Opera of St. Louis in 2011 singing Germont in La traviata. He has appeared as a Messiah soloist with the Enid (Okla.) Symphony Orchestra, the Billings (Mont.) Messiah Festival, the Cross Timbers Civic Chorale, and the Brazos Chamber Orchestra. Dr. Schantz is on the voice faculty at Reinhardt University in Waleska, Ga. The Atlanta Opera’s 1995 production of Faust. photo: J.D. Scott for The Atlanta Opera




in the


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Alexander Vinogradov made his debut at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow at the age of 21. Since then he has established a remarkable career, winning numerous prizes in international singing competitions. Mr. Vinogradov is a regular guest at the Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin and also has performed with the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, Washington Opera, Teatro alla Scala, Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, Dresden Semperoper, Teatro Opera Bastille Paris, Palau de les Arts, Valencia, Teatro Real Madrid, Opera National de Paris, Théâtre du Châtelet, San Diego Opera, Ravinia Festival, and New National Theatre in Tokyo. He has worked with such illustrious conductors as Daniel Barenboim, Myung-Whun Chung, Placido Domingo, Gustavo Dudamel, Lawrence Foster, Mariss Jansons, Vladimir Jurowski, Lorin Maazel, Kent Nagano, Helmuth Rilling, Yuri Temirkanov. Mr. Vinogradov’s recent engagements include Verdi’s Messa di Requiem at the Wiener Staatsoper; Il barbiere di Siviglia, Norma, and Die Zauberflöte at the Berlin Staatsoper; Der fliegende Holländer in Lisbon; Il barbiere di Siviglia at the San Diego Opera; Faust at the Opéra de Montreal; Escamillo in Carmen at Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, Opéra de Toulon, Arena di Verona and Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen; the Grand Inquisitor in Don Carlo and Gremin in Eugene Onegin at Teatro Regio in Turin; and Sparafucile in Rigoletto at Teatro Regio di Torino. Mr. Vinogradov also sang Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 with Pittsburgh Symphony, Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 14 with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 13 at Opéra National de Paris. The Houston Grand Opera’s 2007 production of Faust. photo: Brett Coomer for Houston Grand Opera


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This season Walter Huff celebrates 25 years as Chorus Master for The Atlanta Opera. Mr. Huff was recently appointed to the choral faculty at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, serving as Associate Professor and Faculty Director of Opera Choruses. Mr. Huff studied piano with Sarah Martin, Peter Takacs and Lillian Freundlich. He has performed with singers throughout Europe and the United States and served as coach with the Peabody Opera Theatre and Washington National Opera. Mr. Huff also has performed in master classes given by renowned singers and pianists such as Sir Peter Pears, Licia Albanese, Eileen Farrell, Dalton Baldwin, Leon Fleisher, and Elly Ameling. In 1984, he received Tanglewood’s C.D. Jackson Master Award for Excellence, presented by Seiji Ozawa and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He has been musical director for The Atlanta Opera Studio, Georgia State University Opera, and Actor’s Express. Mr. Huff was one of four Atlanta artists chosen for the first Loridans Arts Awards, given to artists who have made exceptional contributions to the cultural life of Atlanta. In 2008, The Atlanta Opera Chorus under Mr. Huff ’s direction sang critically acclaimed performances of Porgy and Bess at Opéra-Comique in Paris and on tour in Granada, Normandy, and Luxembourg. Mr. Huff also has served as chorus master for Faust and Der Rosenkavalier with San Diego Opera. The Atlanta Opera’s 1995 production of Faust. photo: J.D. Scott for The Atlanta Opera


Exceptional experiences at a price you can afford ... day or night.

Annie the Musical

Mass Transit Muse

APR 4 – 20

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Greater Gwinnett Championship APR 14 – 20

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ATLANTA OPERA DEBUT: La TraviaTa, 2013 Originally from Amarillo, Texas, Mr. Salazar is an orchestra and opera conducting assistant at Georgia State University. As a pianist, he has collaborated with Chamber Music Amarillo, Amarillo Youth Choirs, West Texas A&M University Opera, Bellingham Festival of Music, NATS Artist Series and the grand opening of the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts in Amarillo. Mr. Salazar has coached and prepared singers for Chamber Music Amarillo, Georgia State University Opera Theater, the Harrower Summer Opera Workshop and the Taos Opera Institute. He also has served as assistant conductor/pianist of the Bellingham Festival of Music in Washington. Mr. Salazar conducted The Old Maid and the Thief, The Medium, and Little Women with Georgia State University Opera Theater and served as assistant conductor for productions of Madama Butterfly, Le nozze di Figaro, and The Turn of the Screw. This past summer he served as music director for the Harrower Summer Opera Workshop’s Studio Program and as assistant conductor at La Musica Lirica in Novafeltria, Italy. His mentors and teachers have included Douglas Morrison, George Biffle, Mary Jane Johnson, Richard Clement, Michael Palmer and Carroll Freeman. This summer, he joins the new Festival of International Opera of the Americas in Brazil.


ATLANTA OPERA DEBUT: The Magic fluTe, 2010 Marie Barrett returns to The Atlanta Opera after lighting The Magic Flute in 2010. Ms. Barrett started her career as the resident lighting designer for Houston Grand Opera and the Los Angeles Opera. Highlights include Lucia di Lammermoor, Die Fledermaus, Tosca, Ariadne auf Naxos, The Barber of Seville, Salome, Macbeth, Turandot, The Flying Dutchman, The Magic Flute, El amor brujo and La vida breve (The Dallas Opera); Un Ballo in Maschera and Die Fledermaus (San Francisco Opera); Tannhauser, The Magic Flute, Katya Kabanova Vanessa (San Diego Opera); Roméo et Juliette, La Cenerentola, Peter Grimes (Houston Grand Opera). Overseas, Ms. Barrett has designed for the Netherlands Opera, Opera Bastille in Paris, and at the Maggio Musicale in Florence. She has worked with noteworthy directors including Jonathan Miller (Tosca, The Rise and Fall of Mahoganny, The Mikado), Andrei Serban (The Fiery Angel), Michael Hampe (Die Zauberflöte, Un ballo in maschera, Der Rosenkavalier) and the late Goetz Friedrich (Fidelio, Katya Kabanova Otello). Recent productions include Die Rosenkavalier for the Jacob School of Music, Tannhauser for the Tokyo Nikkai Opera, The Daughter of the Regiment for San Diego Opera and Turandot for The Dallas Opera. Upcoming productions include Don Quixote at San Diego Opera and a new production of Die Fledermaus at the Lyric Opera of Kansas City directed by Tomer Zvulun. 36

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Dinner reservation times: 12:00, 12:15 & 12:30 p.m.

For complete Dinner & a Concert details, please visit

The aTLanTa oPera Chorus Chorus MasTer Walter Huff

assisTanT Chorus MasTer Rolando Salazar

Chorus Lynnette Anderson

Jacob Augsten

Sally Rose Bates

Kyle Barnes

Lisa Brown

Joshua Bartolotti

Lara Longsworth Gaare

Charles Baugh

Melissa Godbee

Josh Borden

Miffanwy A. Grayson

Cleve Bosher

Jennye Guy

John Burnett

Abigail Halon

Ryan Ceciliani

Valerie Hamm

Christopher S. Connelly

Christina Howell

Bill Fair

Keli Jackson

Michael Gaare

Melissa Kelly

Will Green

Nadeen Paul

Chris Hawkins

Zorica Pavlovic

Grant Jones

Laura Porlier

Conrad Moore

Mary Brooke Quarles

Marc Porlier

Teri Sawyer

Jason Royal

Rebecca Shipley

Bryan Saxon

Elizabeth Stuk

Stuart Schleuse

Laurie Tossing

Jonathan L.B. Spuhler

Lenna Turner

Gregory Sterchi

Allegra Whitney

Billy Valentine

Carrie Anne Wilson

John Young

suPernuMeraries FIRST mAN Spiro Winsett SECOND mAN William Ford FIRST BOy Rex Rickson 38

The aTLanTa oPera orChesTra VioLin Peter Ciaschini Concertmaster Helen Kim Assistant Concertmaster Adelaide Federici Principal Second Violin (Acting) Michele Mariage-Volz Assistant Principal Second Violin (Acting) Barbara Careaga-Mitchell Amy Chang Fia Durrett Felix Farrar Robert Givens Patti Gouvas Alison James Lisa Morrison Lee Nicholson Shawn Pagliarini Patrick Ryan Angele Sherwood-Lawless Mimi Tam Elonia Varfi Rafael Veytsblum VioLa William Johnston Principal Elizabeth Derderian-Wood Assistant Principal Allyson Fleck Julie Rosseter Catherine Price Joli Wu

CeLLo Charae Krueger Principal Erin Ellis Assistant Principal David Hancock Mary Kenney Cynthia Sulko Bass Lyn DeRamus Principal Christina Caterino Emory Clements Robert Henson FLuTe/PiCCoLo James Zellers Principal Kelly Bryant oBoe Dane Philipsen Principal Diana Dunn CLarineT David Odom Principal Jeanne Heinze Bassoon Katie Holland Principal (Acting) Debra Grove

horn David Bradley Principal Anna Dodd Jason Eklund Edward Ferguson TruMPeT Yvonne Toll Principal Hollie Lifshey TroMBone Mark McConnell Principal Richard Brady Ed Nicholson TiMPani John Lawless Principal PerCussion Michael Cebulski Principal Karen Hunt Jeff Kershner Courtney McDonald harP Susan Brady Principal organ Michael Spassov PersonneL Manager Mark McConnell

*String sections are listed in alphabetical order 39

BehinD The CurTain The Metropolitan Opera House opened in 1883 with Faust. The performance featured Christine Nilsson as Marguerite and Italo Campanini as Faust . photo: The Metropolitan Opera Company, Don Giovanni, 1959 touring season program book / The Atlanta Opera archives

The granDesT oF granD oPera On Oct. 22, 1883, the grand curtain went up for the first time at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. The group of industrialists and socially prominent families (including the Vanderbilt, Morgan, and Astor families) responsible for building the Met chose for their grand opening one of the most popular operas of the day: Faust by Charles Gounod. The French opera had premiered in Paris in 1855 to an initially slow public reception – but an 1862 Paris revival of Faust saw immediate success and an enduring popularity throughout 40

Europe. That popularity endures to this day – Faust is the eighth most frequently performed opera at the Metropolitan Opera, and has been featured in a number of films including The Age of Innocence and Spielberg’s Lincoln (in which you can see the Atlanta Opera’s Marguerite, Mary Dunleavy, performing a scene from Faust.) What has inspired such lasting popularity? Aside from the score, which includes some of the most beautiful French romantic melodies ever written, the story of Faust – a man who sells his soul to the devil for worldly gain – strongly captures

BehinD The CurTain the imagination. The legend has inspired settings by writers such as Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and composers such as Schubert, Wagner, Liszt, Boito, Berlioz and Beethoven - and continues to creep into popular culture today. The dramatic elements of the Faust legend—a struggle of life and death, of heaven against hell, sin vs. redemption – are a perfect fit for the scope of grand opera, by definition a large scale production with lavish and spectacular design and stage effects. The Atlanta Opera’s lavish production of Faust has been created by a stellar team of designers, including internationally renowned artist Earl Staley and brilliant lighting designer Marie Barrett. Staley initially designed the production’s sets and costumes for the Houston Grand Opera – they reflect his fascination

with mythology and vividly convey emotion and conflict with a palette of brilliant, saturated color. Staley’s gorgeous sets and rich costumes are brought to light and life by Marie Barrett, whose “skillfully poetic” work was seen by Atlanta Opera audiences in the 2010 production of The Magic Flute. At the center of our production is the exciting collaboration between our seasoned music director, Arthur Fagen and the creative young director from The Metropolitan Opera, Louisa Muller, who inform the drama from their different vantage points of experience and innovation. The legend of Faust continues to fascinate and inspire modern literature, film and musical composition, but Gounod’s operatic retelling continues to be one of the most popular and enduring.

"A new production of Faust" opened the The Metropolitan Opera’s 70th season on Nov. 16, 1953, and was included as part of the touring company’s repertoire. This set was part of the production, designed by Rolf Gerard, that performed in Atlanta many times. photo: The Metropolitan Opera Company, Faust, 1964 touring season program book / The Atlanta Opera archives


sCene concerT aT The BreMan MuSeuM

42 photos: Ivani Photography

u o Y k n Tha






CoMMuniTy engageMenT

Soprano Jayme Alilaw in the 2014 Atlanta Opera Studio Tour production of En Mis Palabras. your CoMMuniTy For 33 years The Atlanta Opera has been committed to producing operas of the highest caliber for audiences throughout the metro Atlanta area. In addition to our mainstage performances, we provide many opportunities for patrons and new audiences alike to explore and experience opera. Our interactive performances and creative programs are for everyone interested in learning more about this special art form. This season our new partnership with the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum has led to our participation in the inaugural season of the Molly Blank Jewish Concert Series. Two concerts this spring feature the music of Jewish composers in two genres. On Jan. 19 we focused on art song and opera in the 19th and 20th centuries, including works 44

by Mahler, Mendelssohn, Offenbach and Korngold. The final concert this season will be on March 9, and features the music of Broadway, from Gershwin, Bernstein and Berlin to Sondheim, Schwartz and Shaiman. Stay tuned for the announcement of next season’s concerts at the Breman! The company’s longest-running education initiative is the Atlanta Opera Studio Tour, which has introduced hundreds of thousands of students across Georgia to the magic of opera. This tradition continues this spring with two touring operas for different age groups. En Mis Palabras (In My Own Words), a bilingual opera in English and Spanish geared toward middle and high school students, centers on the issues of personal and cultural identity and the choices that

CoMMuniTy engageMenT we make as we figure out who we are and who we want to become. Knightly News is for elementary school audiences, and features fractured fairytale ideas against the backdrop of a modern newscast format. The show emphasizes the idea that everyone’s talents and strengths are valuable in unique ways. Both operas will also be performed in community venues throughout the Atlanta metro area, including Fulton County Playhouse, Southwest Arts Center, Roswell Cultural Arts Center, Elm Street Cultural Arts Village and Decatur High School. Please see the Atlanta Opera website for details and tickets. Knightly News will also be the featured performance in a special day for

Girl Scouts on March 15, which includes activities that provide scouts with a closer look behind the scenes. Older vocal music students are encouraged to apply for the High School Opera Institute to be held in early June. This intensive week will focus on preparing audition repertoire. Coaching sessions with experts on diction, acting, movement, written materials, and presentation will culminate in a mockaudition for a distinguished panel, which friends and family may attend. For more information on our community and education programs, please visit our website,, contact us at 404-881-9994, or email us at

sCene STUDIO TOUR: en MiS palaBraS

46 photos: Greg Boyle

Music by Jonathan Stinson • Libretto by Sarah Rogevich & Jonathan Stinson


Girl Scout Day at The Atlanta Opera 1575 Northside Drive, NW, Suite 350 Atlanta, GA 30318

MARCH 22, 2014

The Atlanta Opera Center 1575 Northside Drive, NW, Suite 350 Atlanta, GA 30318

MARCH 30, 2014

Decatur High School 310 N McDonough Street Decatur, GA 30030

APRIL 12, 2014

Southwest Arts Center 915 New Hope Road, SW Atlanta, GA 30331

General admission tickets are $7. For details and tickets, visit

VoLunTeers Volunteers are a vital component of the continued success and growth of The Atlanta Opera. We would like to acknowledge the many contributions offered in the past year by the individuals listed below. We appreciate everything they do for the Opera and the greater Atlanta community by nurturing this important cultural asset. Are you interested in working behind the scenes? Our volunteers work in our offices, in the community, backstage and even on the stage as supernumeraries! We can use you wherever you feel your particular skill set can best benefit the company, whether as an artist ambassador, or stuffing envelopes, or marketing, or assisting with community events – there is a place for you in The Atlanta Opera family. Call Allison DeNiro at 404-591-2928, e-mail or visit the “Support Us” section at to learn more about becoming a volunteer. Denise Andersen Kimberly Anderson Chantey Andrews Alishia Austin K. Ilena Banks Joan Baskin Sanford Baskin Zachary Berman Stacy Berry Rosa Bland Ernie Braunschweig Allison Brown Bennett Brzycki Charley Burney Paul Burnore Jessica Callaham Eydie Castro Richard Cherry Erin Cohee Noreen Conort Beth Cooper Jean Cornn Kimberly Daniels Lorie Davis Chris Deutschler Kevin Dew Stacey Dietz Richard Dodder Brad Dorfman Janay Douglas Chandrea Dungy Rabiah A. Elisa Lance Elliott Nell Ellis Katia Evans Anna Filardi


Olga Flores Brenda Flores Pete Fujimoto Peggy Fung Anne Marie Gary Maxi George Aaron Gilliam Elliott Goldstein Elizabeth Goldstein Phoenixx Greywolf Sylvia Halleck Jumaanah Harris Anne Hayes Lauren Hayes Suzanne Hayes Jennifer Hendricks Frances Holland David Huffman Cardine R. Johnson Jocelyn Johnson Kathy Johnson Nicolas Johnson Corey Johnson Jamey Jones W.C. Jones Amanda Kautzer George Kazarian Rita Kennedy Paula Kocher Anie Kogutkiewict Sarah Kouba Patty Kramer-Lake Alison Kratzert Helen & Steve Kraus Esther Kudron Virginia J. Lam

Ryan Lee Vicky Legasei Jesse Leonard Peg & James Lowman Diana Lulushi Meigan Manis Rachael McDonald Mary Ruth McDonald Jenny McElligott Denisha Miller Lorrain & Joseph Mills Marcus Mitchell Ciara Montalbo Kristin Moye Fatimah Mustafaa JC Name Natalie Lynch Robert Nemo Gwendolyn Nestlehutt Vernon Norris Ms. Marianela Noya Kim Ong Sonia Oxman Priya Patel Polly Pater Glenda Pearson Matthew Pinnow Tandi Reddick Nancy Reed Marie Reid Alex Rivera Blake Roberson Catherine Roberson Diana Robinson Tanish Ross Suzanna Saiah

Cherylene & John Sands Martha Schallern Catherine Schatz Joyce Schechter Carol Schmied Gail Shattah Amanda Shearrow Tatiana Shiferson Dan Shumate Verna Slade Alisha Smith Courtney Smith Sheena Spencer Margaret A. Stephen Eleanor & Jim Strain Beth Suryan Sandy Taffel Linda Taylor Carol Thurman Donald Thurman Laura Tompkins Suzanne Touchstone Ruth Vaught Mark & Tricia Vogelgesang Alice Wade Darrell Gene Waits Alana C. Walker Dorman Wallace Hilary Wayne Harold Whitney Branalyn Williams Laura Chris Wright Yilan Xiang Barbara Zellner


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annuaL FunD The following names represent gifts from individuals, family foundations, The Atlanta Opera Board of Directors, staff, chorus and orchestra. We express our most sincere thanks and appreciation to every donor. The ongoing support you provide allows The Atlanta Opera to continue building on a tradition of excellence, and makes possible quality productions just like you are experiencing now! For a full list of donors visit us online at Listed on the following pages are friends who contributed $350 or more to The Atlanta Opera between July 1, 2012, and Jan. 24, 2014. DiamOnD $100,000+ Nancy & Jim Bland Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Knobloch, Jr. Jane S. Willson

Platinum (continued) R. Dwain Blackston John & Rosemary Brown Mr. Mario Concha* Heike & Dieter Elsner* Mrs. Bernadette Faber & Mr. John Nadobny $25,000+ Dr. Mary M. Finn Mr. & Mrs. John L. Connolly Ms. Rebecca Y. Frazer & Mr. Jon Buttrey Martha Thompson Dinos Carl & Sally Gable Candy & Greg Johnson* Mr. William Hajjar* Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Keough* Mr. & Mrs. John Michael Hancock* Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. Keough Mr. Bert Huffman Mr. & Mrs. Harmon B. Miller III* James M. Kane & Andrea Braslavsky Kane Jerry & Dulcy Rosenberg* Mr. John O. King* Mary Ruth McDonald Platinum Mr. C. David Moody Jr.* $10,000+ Ms. Franca G. Oreffice Shepard & Boyce Ansley* Clara M. & John S. O'Shea* Julie & Jim Balloun* Polly N. Pater Mr. David Boatwright Mr. & Mrs. Michael Paulhus* Dr. Frank A. Critz Mr. William E. Pennington* Dr. & Mrs. Alexander Gross* Edward W. Phares* John L. Hammaker Mrs. Dale Levert & Mr. George W. Levert* Mr. James D. Powell* Mr. Charles Sharbaugh James B. Miller, Jr. Baker & Debby Smith* Mr. William F. Snyder Triska Drake & G. Kimbrough Taylor Mr. & Mrs. William E. Tucker Thomas R. Williams Family* Rhys & Carolyn Wilson* Bob & Cappa Woodward* The Mary & Charlie Yates Family Fund Charlie & Dorothy Yates Family Fund $5,000+ Cathy & Mark Adams Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barker Bryan & Johanna Barnes* Mrs. Elizabeth Tufts Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Andy Berg*


$2,500+ Mr. & Mrs. Phillip E. Alvelda Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Antinori Dr. Florence C. Barnett Dr. Asad Bashey The Laura & Montague Boyd Foundation Jean & Jerry Cooper Sally & Larry Davis Col. & Mrs. Edgar W. Duskin

Platinum (continued) Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Edge Mr. Robin Forman & Ms. Ann Owens Caroline & Harry Gilham Dr. Thomas N. Guffin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Hantula Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Hardin Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Howard Katie Hutchison Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Johnson Mrs. Joseph W. Jones Mr. Alfred D. Kennedy & Dr. Bill Kenny Dr. & Mrs. James Lowman Sally & Allen McDaniel Robert & Suzanne Minarcine Mr. & Mrs. William A. Parker, Jr. Drs. Aileen O'Neill & Richard Robinson John & Barbara Ross Milton J. Sams Mr. & Mrs. J. Barry Schrenk Sachin Shailendra Morton & Angela Sherzer Mrs. J. Lucian Smith Johannah Smith Mr. Peter James Stelling Yee-Wan & John Stevens Judith & Mark Taylor Mr. & Mrs. George B. Taylor, Jr. Tom & Sandy Teepen* Ms. Bunny Winter & Mr. Michael Doyle GOlD $1,000+ Ms. Joanna M. Adams Mr. Keith E. Adams Mr. & Mrs. C. Duncan Beard Michael L. & Valerie W. Benoit 288

Make sure to "like" Encore's Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @encoreatlanta to keep in the know about what's going on in Atlanta's arts community. There are always great contests and special offers. You know you "like" us, you really, really "like us". Scan this QR code to access Encore's facebook page.

annuaL FunD GOlD (continued) Allison Krebs Bensch & Torsten Bensch Mr. & Mrs. Paul Blackney Mrs. Enrique E. Bledel Miss Mary D. Bray Mr. Ron Breakstone Dr. J. Bricker Burns Dr. & Mrs. W. Brantley Burns Mr. Hugh Cheek Mrs. Jan W. Collins Ms. Carol Uhl Dr. John W. Cooledge Dr. & Mrs. F. Thomas Daly Jr. Mr. Robert S. Devins Miss Elaine Dyer Ms. Dorothy E. Edwards Peg Simms Gary R. Derril Gay, Ph.D. Mrs. Helen C. Griffith Mr. & Mrs. George Gundersen Ms. Sue Hall Harald Hansen Mr. L. D. Holland Mr. & Mrs. James Horgan Ann P. Howington Mr. & Mrs. David C. Huffman Dr. & Mrs. Duke Jackson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wayne James Lou & Tom Jewell Mr. & Mrs. Gert Kampfer Ronnie & Peter Kessenich Marsha & David King Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Klump Mrs. Treville Lawrence Ms. Salli LeVan Mr. & Mrs. J. David Lifsey Linda L. Lively & James E. Hugh III Jeanie & Albert Marx Dan D. Maslia Margaret P. McCamish Mr. William McDaniel Peggy & Jack McDowell Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. McKeeman Mimi S. Monett Ms. Priscilla M. Moran Mortimer Family Terri & Stephen Nagler


GOlD (continued) Mr. & Mrs. John L. O'Neal Dr. & Mrs. Donald A. Paul Lucy S. Perry Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence S. Phillips Mrs. Betsy Pittman The Reverend Neal P. Ponder, Jr. Dr. Michael F. Pratt & Nancy Peterman The Honorable Judge Dorothy A. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. George P. Rodrigue Ms. Lorraine Russell Mr. Dustin B. Schneider Mr. Nicholas Shreiber Dr. & Mrs. Patton P. Smith Marty Stephens & Linda August Ms. Melinda R. Stuk Dr. Jane T. St. Clair & Mr. James E. Sustman Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Tarbutton Mr. & Mrs. Ben J. Tarbutton, Jr. Dr. Nicholas Valerio III Alan & Marcia Watt Rae & George Weimer Larry & Beverly Willson Mrs. Wadleigh C. Winship Mr. Allen Yee Drs. Martin & Holly York

GOlD (continued) Dr. & Mrs. David J. Frolich John Gam Ph D. Mr. & Mrs. Jim Geiger Ms. Lois M. Grant Sylvia Halleck, MD Mr. Michael Hand Mr. Michael D. Hastings Mr. George Hickman, III Donna & Richard Hiller James E. Honkisz & Catherine A. Binns Richard & Linda Hubert Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Hughes Dr. Sidney T. Kellon Ms. Eleanor Kinsey Joan & Arnold Kurth Chris & Jill Le Dr. Jason Liebzeit Richard Lodise & Valerie Jagiella Donna & Trevor Lumb Dr. Jill Mabley Douglas W. & Sarah Mabry Stanley & Elaine Mager Dr. Robert & Judge Stephanie Manis Shelley McGehee in memory of Sylvia Debenport Mr. & Mrs. John McMullan Mr. M. Sean Molley $500+ Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Morelli II Mr. & Mrs. C. S. Akers, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Muckler Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Astriab John & Agnes Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Walter Bailey Ms. Beverley Paquette Mrs. Wallace F. Beard George & Libba Pickett Mr. & Mrs. Kenny L. Blank Dan Pompilio & Lark Ingram Ms. Tiffany Bloomer Mr. David Pylate Dr. Harold Brody Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ratonyi Barbara S. Bruner, M.D. Ms. Tandi Reddick Ms. Lynnore Buersmeyer Lynn & Kent Regenstein Mr. Robert Bunker Dr. Bruce Cassidy & Dr. Eda Hochgelerent Mr. James L. Rhoden R.J. & D.G. Riffey, Jr. Mrs. Carol J. Clark Mary K. Roarabaugh Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Curry Mr. Robert P. Dean & Mr. Robert Epstein Ms. Heidi M. Rockwood Sidney & Phyllis Rodbell Mr. Kevin Dew & Mr. Hal Platt Dr. & Mrs. Mark Rowles Mrs. William Elmore Mr. Dustin B. Schneider Mr. & Mrs. William D. Duckworth Mr. Fred B. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Mark Eden Dr. Marilyn Stockton Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ethridge, Jr.

annuaL FunD GOlD (continued) Judge & Mrs. Mike Stoddard Jim & Eleanor Strain Steve & Christine Strong Mr. Paul Stuk Mr. Eric Taylor Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Taylor Ms. Virginia S. Taylor Mr. Richard Thio Mr. James Todd Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Tuller Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Ventulett III Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Walden Henry Waszkowski & Patty Thomas Dr. & Mrs. James O. Wells, Jr. Ms. Linda D. Wickham William Wilkinson & Robert K. Bellinger Mr. Russell Williamson & Ms. Shawn Pagliarini Mrs. Frank Wilson, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. David Wingert Ms. Jerrie Woodward $350+ Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. David S. Baker Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Banker Dr. & Mrs. John Barnes Dr. & Mrs. William Battles Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Betor Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Blumenthal Mrs. Stella M. Carlson Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Chapman

GOlD (continued) Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Chenault Mr. Michael Clutter Mr. Lawrence M. Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Newt Collinson Mrs. June Crawford Maureen & Michael Dailey Dr. & Mrs. Albert De Chicchis Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Dugger Janice & Charles M. Edwards III Dr. G. Eichholz Rita Evans Judge Adele P. Grubbs Owen Halpern Mr. Ronald L. Harris & Mrs. Jacqueline Pownall Dean & Vivian Haulton Cristina & Carlos Herrera Pearlann & Jerry Horowitz Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Hyatt Mr. Scott Ingram Ms. Annette Janowitz Cliff Jolliff & Elaine Gerke Mr. & Mrs. Edward Katze Mr. & Mrs. Fred R. Keith Dr. Gail M. Kendall Lucy R. & Gary Lee, Jr. Livvy Kazer Lipson Mr. Thomas L. McCook Mr. & Mrs. Norman Miller Ms. Sharon Mills Dr. Patricia S. Moulton

GOlD (continued) Jane & Jim Murray Anne Lanier Mursch Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Nicholas III The Honorable & Mrs. George A. Novak Ms. Marianela E. Noya Mr. Edward R. Nudd Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Parrish III Mr. & Mrs. Guy Paschal Mr. Darryl C. Payne & Ms. Lisa C. Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Rezin E. Pidgeon, Jr. Mr. Shawn Rieschl Johnson & Mr. Christian Kirby Ms. Barbara Rivenbark Mr. Hervey S. Ross Weslyn A. Samson Mr. Robert Sidewater Helga Hazelrig Siegel Dr. Susan Y. Stevens Mr. N. Jerold Cohen & Ms. Andrea Strickland Carolyn & Robert Swain Ms. Michelle M. Thomas & Mr. Kevin Myers Mrs. James B. Vaught Ms. Reba P. Welch Dr. & Mrs. Sam Williams Ms. Venette Williams Ms. Judith D. Wilson Sherrilyn & Donn Wright Mrs. Johnnie Zahler & Jeanette Zahler

*Donors who currently have three-year gift commitments as members of the Society for Artistic Excellence. The Society of Artistic Excellence represents a minimum pledge of $20,000 over a three-year period.


CorPoraTe ParTners $100,000 The Coca-Cola Company $10,000+ Affordable Equity Partners, Inc. Bloomingdale’s Cartier Lanier Parking Solutions UBS

$5,000+ BNY Mellon Private Wealth Management JP Morgan Chase KPMG, LLC Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

$2,500+ Anonymous $1,000+ Atlanta Opera Guild

FounDaTion & goVernMenT suPPorT fOunDatiOns $150,000+ The Goizueta Foundation

$5,000+ Atlanta Foundation George M. Brown Fund of Atlanta Camp-Younts Foundation $50,000+ John & Mary Franklin Foundation Atlanta Music Festival Association Fraser-Parker Foundation Sara Giles Moore Foundation Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation JBS Foundation $25,000+ Nordson Corporation Foundation J. Marshall & Lucile G. Powell Foundation Norfolk Southern Foundation The Zeist Foundation $20,000+ Jim Cox, Jr. Charitable Trust

$2,500+ Mary Brown Fund of Atlanta Hills Family Foundation Charles Loridans Foundation Publix Super Markets Charities Frances Wood Wilson Foundation

$15,000+ Kendeda Fund Ida A. Ryan Charitable Trust SunTrust Trusteed Foundations $1,000+ Wells Fargo Philanthropic Giving Program Bright Wings Foundation Herbert & Marian Haley Foundation $10,000+ Kiwanis Foundation of Atlanta Abraham J. & Phyllis Katz Foundation Lois & Lucy Lampkin Foundation Ray M. & Mary Elizabeth Lee Foundation

giFTs in KinD Gifts in KinD Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters Joel Crowe – Wallace Graphics Double Cross Vodka Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta National Distributing Company


GOvernment funDinG $30,000+ City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs $10,000+ National Endowment for the Arts

TriBuTes & MeMoriaLs in HOnOr Of laura & COsmO BOyD Jim & Eleanor Strain in memOry Of JOHn COx Mr. Kevin Dew & Mr. Hal Platt Rae & George Weimer in memOry Of sylvia DeBenPOrt Shelley McGehee in HOnOr Of susanna eilanD Drs. Morgan & Susan Eiland in memOry Of arnOlDO fieDOtin Mrs. Enrique E. Bledel in memOry Of Betsy Hansen Harald Hansen in HOnOr Of DOuG HOlly Boris Bauer in HOnOr Of JOsePH lattanzi The Reverend Neal P. Ponder, Jr.

in memOry Of mia HeCHt Owens Mrs. Enrique E. Bledel Mrs. Catherine T. Porter Brooks, Leslie, & L.J. Yankosky in HOnOr Of POlly Pater Mr. Brian D. Beem Mr. & Mrs. Charles Slick Mr. Tom Slick in HOnOr Of marietta POmPiliO Dan Pompilio & Lark Ingram in HOnOr Of ms. faye P. POPPer Catherine Popper & Noah Eckhouse in memOry Of marya GaBrielle williams Jone Williams in HOnOr Of tOmer zvulun Dr. Richard S. Sarason & Anne S. Arenstein Cameron & Scott Vowell

in memOry Of raCHel leHmann Jim & Eleanor Strain


suPPorT The aTLanTa oPera

suPPorT ToMorroW, ToDay! BuiLD a LegaCy WiTh The aTLanTa oPera The Atlanta Opera sincerely appreciates your generous support and belief in our mission of enriching lives through the power of opera. By building a legacy through the creation of a planned gift with The Atlanta Opera, you can help ensure that Atlantans are exposed to the highest quality opera for generations to come. Developing an estate plan requires advice from a professional, so we suggest you consult your personal advisor to make sure your gift will accomplish the intended goals for both The Atlanta Opera and you. A member of our development team will be happy to meet with and assist you in exploring the options that are most beneficial for everyone involved. Your planned gift can make a tremendous difference and help preserve the future of The Atlanta Opera!

enCore CirCLe The Atlanta Opera established the Encore Circle to recognize donors who have designated the Opera as a beneficiary in their estate plan. Gifts from these individuals ensure our progress for generations to come. Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Shepard B. Ansley Mr.* & Mrs. Wallace F. Beard Mr. Montague L. Boyd Ms. Mary D. Bray Mr. Robert Colgin Martha Thompson Dinos Arnold & Sylvia Eaves Ms. Dorothy E. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Dieter Elsner Carl & Sally Gable Rebecca & Sidney Guberman Ms. Judy Hanenkrat Mr. Hilson Hudson


Mrs. Joseph B. Hutchison Mr. Alfred D. Kennedy Ms. Corina M. LaFrossia Mr. Louis L. Lawson Mr. & Mrs. John G. Malcolm Mr. Robert Lee Mays Mr. & Mrs. Allen P. McDaniel Mr. & Mrs. Jack C. McDowell Mr. & Mrs. Craig N. Miller Miss Helen D. Moffitt Mr. J. Robert Morring Mr. & Mrs. Bertil D. Nordin Clara M. & John S. O'Shea Mrs. Polly Pater

Mr. William E. Pennington Bruce A. Roth Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sanger Kevin J. Saunders Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Teepen Mr. Richard F. Tigner Dr. & Mrs. Harold Whitney Rhys T. Wilson Ms. Bunny Winter & Mr. Michael Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Yates, Sr. Mr. Charles R. Yates, Jr. & Mrs. Mary Mitchell Yates * deceased

The 2013-14 season has been one of transformation for The Atlanta Opera, and we are thrilled to welcome our General & Artistic Director, Tomer Zvulun. One of the most highly respected stage directors in the industry, Tomer brings his vision for an exciting new era. In honor of his appointment, The Atlanta Opera Board of Directors initiated a one-time campaign titled Overtures. The list below indicates all gifts to Overtures as of Jan. 22, 2014. For more information about this campaign or any other development efforts of The Atlanta Opera, please contact Rae Weimer, Interim Director of Development at 404-343-7125 or PrODuCtiOn sPOnsOrs Dr. & Mrs. James W. Bland, Jr. The John & Rosemary Brown Family Foundation Martha Thompson Dinos PerfOrmanCe sPOnsOrs The Laura & Montague Boyd Foundation John L. Hammaker Mr. & Mrs. Wayne James Candy & Greg Johnson Mr. & Mrs. George W. Levert Mr. & Mrs. William E. Tucker Rhys & Carolyn Wilson Bob & Cappa Woodward The Mary & Charlie Yates Family Fund

PrinCiPal artist sPOnsOrs Homrich Berg Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Keough CHOrus sPOnsOrs Cathy & Mark Adams Mr. James B. Miller, Jr. Mr. William E. Pennington Triska Drake & G. Kimbrough Taylor OtHer sPOnsOrs Mr. John Calhoun Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Edge Mr. & Mrs. John Michael Hancock Mr. Charles Sharbaugh Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Sheehan

leaDinG laDy & leaDinG man sPOnsOr Mr. & Mrs. Donald Keough


BoarD oF DireCTors oFFiCers CHAIR EmERITUS Mrs. Shepard B. Ansley CHAIR William E. Tucker, Tucker, Midis & Owen, LLC ImmEDIATE PAST CHAIR Mr. Gregory F. Johnson, Republic National Distributing Co., Inc. VICE CHAIR Mr. John L. Hammaker TREASURER Mr. Rhys T. Wilson, Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough, LLP SECRETARy Mr. Michael Keough, DMK International

MeMBers Ms. Cathy Callaway Adams, Federal Home Loan Bank Mr. Bryan H. Barnes, Deloitte & Touche, LLP Mr. Andy Berg, Homrich Berg Mrs. James W. Bland, Jr. Mr. Montague L. Boyd, III, UBS Financial Mrs. Rosemary Kopel Brown Mrs. John W. Calhoun, III The Very Reverend Samuel G. Candler, Cathedral of St. Philip Mr. Mario Concha, Concha Consulting, LLC Ms. Martha Thompson Dinos Mr. Robert G. Edge, Alston & Bird Mr. Dieter Elsner, Roedl Langford de Kock, LLP Ms. Bernadette Faber, UBS Mr. Eli Flint, Flight Options Mrs. Joanne Chesler Gross Mr. William Hajjar, JWT Mr. John Michael Hancock Ms. Mary B. James Mr. John King, Breitland, LLC Mr. George Levert, Kinetic Ventures, LLC Mr. James B. Miller, Fidelity Bank Mr. David Moody, C. D. Moody Construction Mr. Mike Paulhus, King & Spalding Mr. William E. Pennington Mr. James D. Powell, KPMG, LLP Mr. Herbert J. Rosenberg III, National Distributing Company, Inc. Mr. Bruce A. Roth, Roth & Associates, Inc. Mr. Sachin Shailendra, S G Contracting Mr. Charles Sharbaugh, Carlton Fields Mr. G. Kimbrough Taylor, Jr., Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton Mr. Thomas R. Williams Mrs. Jane S. Willson, Sunnyland Farms, Inc. Mr. Robert G. Woodward, King & Spalding Mr. Charles R. "Charlie" Yates, Jr. 58

BoarD oF DireCTors honorary MeMBers Ms. Dorothy E. Edwards Mr. Carl I. Gable Mr. John S. Gillfillan Mrs. Holcombe T. Green, Jr., WestPoint Stevens Mr. Carter Joseph, Empire Distributors Mrs. Jack C. McDowell Mr. Sam Olens, State of Georgia Mr. Mark K. Taylor, HT Group, LLC Mrs. John C. Wilson Ms. Bunny Winter

sCene The aTlanTa opera Ball

photos: Craig Sutters; Paras Griffin for Modern Luxury Magazine





FinanCe & aDMinisTraTion Ashley Gilleland ACCOUNTING mANAGER Stephanie Cantillo ADmINISTRATIVE mANAGER Lene Sabin EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT 60


CoBB energy PerForMing arTs CenTre Johannes Pikel TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Michael Wolmer HEAD ELECTRICIAN Nicholas Morganstern HEAD CARPENTER/RIGGER Brett Larson AUDIO ENGINEER Jessica Coale PRODUCTION mANAGER

1575 Northside Drive, N.W., Suite 350 Atlanta, GA 30080 404-881-8801


house PoLiCies ConCessions Concession stands are located in the center of the lobbies on all three levels, food and beverage items are prohibited inside the theatre. Thank you for your cooperation. resTrooMs Restrooms are located on house right and house left of all three lobbies. Family restrooms are also located on house right of all three lobbies. Mobility-impaired patrons may use any of our restrooms. ParKing There are 1,000 parking spaces available at $6 per car. Valet service is available for $10. Please be sure to allow enough time for travel to the theatre and parking as there is no late seating. aTM There is one Bank of North Georgia ATM located in the grand lobby. CoaT CheCK Coat check is available at the concierge desk. eMergenCy inForMaTion In the event of an emergency, please locate the nearest usher who will direct you to the appropriate exit. eLeVaTors Elevators are located on each side of the lobbies on all levels. LosT & FounD Lost and Found items are turned into the concierge desk on the day of a performance. To inquire about a lost item, please call the House Manager at 770-916-2828. sMoKing Smoking is prohibited inside the building. 62

sPeCiaL assisTanCe Persons requiring access assistance are asked to contact the box office at 770-916-2850 for advance arrangements. Audio clarification devices are available to our hearing impaired guests at no charge. This is on a first-come, first-served basis, or you may call the House Manager ahead of time to reserve one 770-916-2828. A limited number of booster seats are also available. All items require a form of identification to be held until the item is returned. CoBB energy CenTre ruLes & requesTs • All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket in order to be admitted to the performance. Please be aware that not all performances are suitable for children. • Infants will not be admitted to adult programs. Parents will be asked to remove children who create a disturbance. • There is no late seating allowed. Closedcircuit monitors are provided in the lobby as a courtesy to latecomers. • Please turn off all cell phones prior to the beginning of each performance. • Please limit conversation during the performance. • Cameras (including use of cell phone camera) and audio & video recording devices are strictly prohibited at all times. • Leaving while the show is in progress is discourteous and we ask that you refrain from doing so. • Please unwrap all candies and cough drops before the performance.

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