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Three cyclists recall how they handled difficult weather in the Dirty Kanza 200

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It has been saiD...

“The finishing line of the Dirty Kanza is a place where personal discoveries are made and raw emotions reveal themselves.” We couldn’t agree more. You see, that’s exactly why we created Dirty Kanza in the first place. We’ve been grinding gravel since way before gravel grinding was cool. But then we became aware of some crazy folks way up north who were riding their bikes on gravel over some ridiculous distances. It was immediately obvious to us that they were pushing the limits of what most of us considered possible. (Or at least sane.) We were intrigued, and curious to know what fueled these folks. What drove them past their comfort zone? What motivated them to push their limits? As we began to push our own limits, we uncovered an amazing truth. We discovered that what we considered to be our personal “limits” were nothing more than false notions. Arbitrary images of what we thought we were capable of, and not capable of. What became apparent is that our true limits reside in a place far beyond where we first thought. We discovered we were capable of achieving far more than we gave ourselves credit for. And guess what? We truly suspect the exact same is true for you! This is why we created the “Find Your Limit” campaign for the 2016 Dirty Kanza. It is our sincere hope that you will decide to challenge any notions you might currently have regarding what you are capable of and not capable of. With less of a focus on “Limit” and more of a focus on “Find”, we hope you will embark on a personal adventure. An adventure that pushes you out of your comfort zone, and takes you on a personal journey of new horizons and self-discovery. With this change of focus, we are confident you will “Find Your Limit” resides in a place much farther down the road than you first imagined.

Here's to seeing you on the other side of that hill. 04

Most Sincerely Yours, Jim Cummins Executive Director, Dirty Kanza Promotions

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08 Photo courtesy of Matthew Fowler | Gravel Guru

By Jessie Wagoner




Rides powered by women


Photo courtesy of Carlton Heller | C. Heller Photography

Gravel grinding has long been a male dominated sport, but if it is up to the ladies who make up the group, Babes on Bikes, the men will soon be left in the dust.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Fowler | Gravel Guru

The group, comprised of women in the Emporia community, was designed to serve as a support and encouragement to female riders, with the ultimate goal to be increasing the number of female riders in the community. Babes on Bikes encourages women of all ages to get outdoors and on their bikes. The group, founded by local riders Gretchen Russell and Christina Dains, has been in existence for less than a year but has seen large growth. The women meet weekly to ride together outdoors, when the temperature is above freezing, or indoors on trainers when the frigid temperatures don’t allow for an outdoor ride. Russell says the group provides “accountability” while Dains says the shared interest of cycling is “empowering.” “It makes me feel responsible to the other women in the group,” Russell said. “It is motivation for me. It means every Sunday I’m going to exercise with this group of women.” During group rides women are encouraged and provided with feedback about riding in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. A “sisterhood” among the riders has formed and Russell says that riding together is a great way to promote leadership. “We have talked about putting the work back on the babes a bit,” Russell said. “Taking turns creating the routes, charging them with bringing a friend and basically taking ownership of this concept.”

Photo courtesy of Carlton Heller | C. Heller Photography

Photo courtesy of Matthew Fowler | Gravel Guru

Leadership is blossoming among the group, more and more women are joining and Russell is convinced that the group will only “get bigger and better from here.” With each new member that joins, or new goal accomplished the group celebrates those successes together. Babes on Bikes members say that one beauty of the group is that the women can work and train together while working on entirely different goals. Some group members are training for the Dirty Kanza 200 while others have never ridden a bike before and are working up to a 20 mile ride. Though the goals may be different the support and camaraderie is the same. “Just knowing that someone else is accomplishing her goals helps keep me going,” Dains said. “It is a good, warm feeling when you can watch other people accomplish their goals.” Babes on Bikes began with organized rides for women but it is expanding. The group would like to travel to ride with other women’s bike groups throughout the area and possibly do tourist bike rides in the future. They will have a women’s lounge at Dirty Kanza during the expo on Friday evening. “We will have refreshments and healthy snacks,” Russell said. “A relaxing space for women ranging from the ‘Everyday Joe’ to Rebecca (Rusch, a well-known rider who 12

has won the DK 200 on several occasions). They can come and sit and people can talk and just relax together.” Dirty Kanza Promotions is highly supportive of Babes on Bikes and all women interested in the sport. They are looking forward to continued growth and say all women are welcome in the world of gravel grinding. “Dirty Kanza Promotions is motivated to encourage women to get active in cycling because it is apparent that they are under represented in our sport,” Lelan Dains with DK Promotions said. “Women tend to have a harder time getting out there for a number of reasons. We aim to break down those barriers and encourage women to find the time to spend on themselves, doing something they enjoy. That is why Babes on Bikes is so crucial. In just a couple of short months they have provided an atmosphere where women feel comfortable getting a start in an otherwise intimidating activity. We are all excited about what this group will accomplish for our community as they continue to move forward.” Group members believe any woman on a bike is a competitor and a leader in the making. Babes on Bikes is there to support those women through every ride. “It’s getting really exciting,” Russell said. “We are definitely developing leaders in female cycling just by showing up.”

By Michael Hooper


Photo courtesy of Patrick Evenson

Three cyclists recall how they handled difficult weather in the Dirty Kanza 200

Photo courtesy of Jason Ebberts

Jeff Young of Emporia finishes his third Dirty Kanza 200.


Bobby Thompson of Emporia blogs as the Casual Cyclist and is host of the Gravel Guru podcast. Photo courtesy of Kim Morris

Riders of the Dirty Kanza need to prepare for all types of weather — hot, cold, wet, dry and wind. It’s all possible here and that’s Kansas for you. Jeff Young, 29, of Emporia, has completed the Dirty Kanza 200 three times; two times the weather was picture perfect, mild without much wind. But 2015 was much different: wet, cold and muddy, especially in the lowlands where cyclists sometimes had to carry their bicycles. “Last year was a wet, cold mess,” Young recalled. “It was out of the ordinary.” The Dirty Kanza race is June 4th, 2016. Starting in Emporia, about 2,000 cyclists are expected to ride on gravel through the Flint Hills of Kansas. Experienced cyclists say Dirty Kanza participants need the appropriate bicycle, clothing, water, equipment, nutrition and

mental toughness to handle all kinds of hardships. Successful riders use a training schedule to prepare their body for the long ride. Rain gear, a warm jacket, thermal vest, arm warmers and gloves may come in handy if it’s really cold. One might think, ‘hey it’s June, I won’t need a jacket,’ but realize the weather in Kansas can be 90 degrees at 1 p.m. and 50 at 6 p.m. Young said the most difficult part for him was the mental part. When he finally arrived at the first checkpoint at 75 miles last year, he was beat up mentally. The first leg was so difficult. Knowing he had another 100 miles to go into a headwind was crushing mentally. He was not sure he could finish the race. “Make sure you have the support crew ready,” Young said. “Let them know your expectations. I was ready to quit, and my support crew made me get back on the bike and keep moving.” Once he got over the mental block,

Young found a way to finish the epic ride. Last year, he rode a single-speed Salsa mountain bike that reduced risk of breakdown but limited spinning in uphill grinds. He knew that if mud got into a geared bicycle, the derailleur could break. He recently saw this happen to a cyclist in tough conditions. If mud is caught in the derailleur and you put too much pressure on the chain, you can shear off the derailleur. The best advice is don’t shift in the middle of a muddy patch, stay in one gear. Or carry the bike. It is possible to convert a multi-speed bike to a single speed if you have the right equipment. Most cyclists will need a multi-geared bicycle to generate enough torque to climb the Flint Hills. This year Young plans to ride a Salsa Chili Con Crosso, an aluminum frame with 20 gears and 32 centimeter tires. Young said each Dirty Kanza event has been unique and rewarding. He really appreciates the friendships with fellow riders. “It’s like a family reunion, except it’s all the people you want to see,” he said. “I’ve built so many friendships. So it is great to catch up.” The race is a challenge. “You have to push yourself,” Young said. “I know my limits, I love trying to push those limits.” Bobby Thompson, 42, an Emporia real estate agent, has attempted the Dirty Kanza 200 four times and completed it three. He said his most difficult ride was about three years ago, when he experienced high winds and suffered full body cramps, ran out of water at 100 miles, was dehydrated and had to stop. Those high winds were like climbing a hill that never ends.

The harsh mud of the course can break a derailleur or a cyclist’s spirit.


Photo courtesy of Linda Guerrette

Cyclists need the proper gear for a variety of conditions for the challenging Dirty Kanza.

Photo courtesy of Jason Ebberts

The key to getting through a difficult part is finding a comfortable gear and keep spinning, he said. Get through the difficult part, and enjoy the rest of the day. This year Thompson plans to ride a 2016 Salsa Warbird carbon edition, a dedicated gravel racing bike. When he first got on the bike, he said, he instantly felt more torque as he peddled it. The bike is set up at 21 pounds. “I have no limitation with the bike, “ Thompson said. “It’s how much I can put into it. The only limitation with that bike is me.” “Weather is always changing,” Thompson said. “You have no idea what it is going to be like for 200 miles.” Thompson enjoys the relationships with the other riders and the experience on the road. “It’s a complete life experience in a 200-mile package,” Thompson said. “I’d say that it’s a great soul searching experience.” Keith Walberg, of Topeka, has completed the Dirty Kanza three times. When asked how he handles the weather, Walberg said, “It’s a big mystery. I fear heat. You have to take it seriously. It can get hot and you can get dehydrated without enough water. You will be out

there a long time. Carry lots of water.” Prepare for wind, Walberg said. Native Kansans are used to wind, but there is a psychologically demeaning aspect of the wind when you hear it blowing all the time while you pedal mile after mile. Remember the wind is the same for everybody. A pack of cyclists can ride together to block the wind but most of the time you are choosing a unique speed to fit your own pace. You are fighting the elements alone. “You’re thinking about survival,” Walberg said. Walberg is riding a Trek Boone cyclocross gravel and road bike with big tires and geometry for a long ride. You don’t really need shocks, he said. There are only two to three miles of really bumpy gravel, although the surface does change throughout the course. Gravel is the most common surface, but sometimes there is grass and dirt. Walberg completed the DK 200 race in 2010, 2011 and 2012. He hopes to complete the race by sundown, he has done this once before. “It’s such a personal thing,” he said. “It’s a way to dive deep into your own mind. There are times when you find out what you are made of.”

The hardest challenge and the best time of your life in the same place. We are proud to be the home of the Dirty Kanza, the world’s premier gravel grinding endurance race. While the race is only one weekend, the adventures to be had in Emporia are available all year long. Come adventure here.

Call 620-342-1600 or visitemporia.com

By Melissa Lowery


Now entering its second decade, the Dirty Kanza continues to influence and inspire in a variety of areas. From unique products to expanding the interest in gravel grinding across the country and across the globe, the Dirty Kanza is inspiring makers and doers.


Photo courtesy of IM Design Group


Products In 2012, Salsa Cycles introduced the Warbird, a bike built specifically for events like the Dirty Kanza, Trans Iowa and Land Run 100. A team of Salsa Cycles designers rode Warbird prototypes in the 2012 Dirty Kanza, testing the bike against the rigors of the race. Two months later, the company announced that the Warbird would be available beginning in 2013. From the inclusion of disc brakes to the elimination of as many mud catching points as possible, the Salsa Warbird was designed to survive and thrive on the often-hazardous B-roads that make up much of the Midwest gravel scene. Updated editions of the Salsa Warbird continue to improve the bike’s performance and endurance, necessities when logging hundreds of miles on rough gravel roads. Flat tires are a constant when it comes to gravel grinding, and the terrain of the Flint Hills in particular is brutal on bike tires. Inspired by the desire to ride more and deal with flat tires less, Dirty Kanza Promotions and Teravail Tire teamed up to create a new bike tire — one specifically designed for those riding in the Dirty Kanza or through the Flint Hills. Kristi Mohn, with Dirty Kanza Promotions, says that the tires were designed in a way that will reduce the number of flats that riders experience in the Flint Hills. Not only is the design different from standard bike tires but these tires can be tubeless — saving riders time and supplies on the course. “This tire has been designed specifically for Dirty Kanza, for gravel grinding and inspired by Dirty Kanza,” Mohn said. “We partnered with this company to make this basically be the DK tire.” After more than a year of design and development, 10 riders were given prototypes to use during the 2015 Dirty Kanza, the ultimate test. Over the 200mile race, only one rider experienced a flat. Dubbed the Cannonball, the tire launched in October 2015, and is the official tire of the Dirty Kanza. The Teravail lineup consists of three models, one of which is the Cannonball. The Cannonball can be used tubeless or with tubes and is designed to withstand the razor sharp flint rock that plagues Dirty Kanza riders. One benefit of tubeless tires is that frequently in the Flint Hills the gravel will actually pinch the tube causing a flat. With tubeless tires, if the tire is punctured all the rider has to do is fill it with Orange Seal, saving precious time.

e m o c l e W oria to B

p m E

ck u L f o est


ide r e h t all


419 Merchant St. Emporia, KS



Three generations of the Spellman Family would like to wish all of the riders, sag, staff, visitors and volunteers a safe and fun



“These tires can handle the Flint Hills,” Mohn said. Those thirsting for a taste of Dirty Kanza are in luck with the introduction of Free State Brewing’s Dirty Kanza Kölsch, the first beer in their Front Porch Series. Released in May 2015, in honor of Dirty Kanza’s 10th anniversary, this German-style session beer is meant to be “a great finisher for people who get done with a long, grueling ride, and for the folks who have been waiting for them to get to the finish line,” said Free State head brewer Steve Bradt. For 2016, Dirty Kanza Promotions is introducing several limited edition collector’s items, such as an aviator’s mug, flasks and a set of four leather coasters that highlight last year’s men’s and women’s champions, Yuri Hauswald and Amanda Nauman. Some of the proceeds from sales of the coasters will be donated to organizations selected by Hauswald and Nauman. “It’s a fun, neat project and will be something that’s collectible,” said Tim Mohn, who is overseeing the new products. “All of these items will be limited runs and made in America.” Dirty Kanza fans and riders in the market for other unique souvenirs can look to Studio 11 Boutique at 606 Commercial Street in Emporia. Co-owners Michele Boyce and Kari Crump have made the Dirty Kanza awards since 2011, and expanded their line of exclusive, handmade items to include several inspired by the race. “Every year we try to come out with something new, just for the Dirty Kanza,” said Boyce. “This year we’re introducing the finisher plaques which can be customized and added to after each race.” The finisher plaque – a metal cutout in the shape of Kansas with the Dirty Kanza logo in the center – can be engraved with the rider’s name. Smaller plaques engraved with the date and finish time can be attached to the bottom of the larger plaque by links, commemorating each Dirty Kanza raced. Other items include limited edition shirts, gemwich necklaces, magnets and keychains – easily portable souvenirs with unique flair.


Events Paul Errington of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom, traveled across the Atlantic to ride the Dirty Kanza in 2013, and enjoyed the experience so much, he was inspired to create his own gravel grinder. The Dirty Reiver (www.dirtyreiver. co.uk), a 200K ride through The Borders region of Northern England, brought Midwest style gravel grinding to the UK for the first time. “This is the first real UK gravel grinder based on the Midwest format,” Errington said. “The bike industry itself has adopted the term ‘gravel bike’ and tried to apply it everywhere. In the US it’s obvious what a gravel bike is and where you’d use a gravel bike. In the UK and Europe, not so much. The education process has been challenging.” Launching from Kielder, Hexham in Northcumberland, the Dirty Reiver route takes advantage of forestry roads that weave across the borders of England and Scotland, one of the few areas in the United Kingdom where extensive gravel roads still exist. “What I wanted from the offset was a true to form gravel event,” Errington said. “I wanted the same kind of surface, the same kind of distance, but it was challenging to put that together. We’re a pretty small island, so it’s difficult to find an expanse of countryside to put that route in place.” The inaugural Dirty Reiver was held April 16, 2016, and it was a success from the start. Errington said that when entries

The Dirty Reiver, the first gravel grinder in the United Kingdom, is based on the Dirty Kanza.

bennett dental group

909 Commercial Street | Emporia, KS 66801 620-343-9220 | http:www.bennettdentalgroup.net/

Photo courtesy of George Harris - Raleigh UK

Traveling on two wheels or four, please be aware. Stay safe out there riders.

In LovIng MeMory of

Dr.Brenton Bennett Photo courtesy of Dirty Reiver RICHARD L. BENNETT, D.D.S.



ideas for the Dirty Reiver 2017. Stateside, four-time Dirty Kanza rider Steve Cannon organized 24 Hours of Cumming (www.oneraceevents.com/24hours-of-cumming/), a gravel bike race inspired by the Dirty Kanza that launches from Cumming, Iowa. Riders have 24 hours to cover 400k (248 miles) and nearly 15,000 feet of elevation gain. In Ketchum, Idaho, mountain bike endurance champion Rebecca Rusch hosts the third annual Rebecca’s Private Idaho (www.rebeccasprivateidaho.com) over Labor Day weekend, a 100-mile ride on grueling gravel roads, through canyons, over summits, and across high mountain basins. Rest stations are fully stocked with necessities for completing the ride, including Idaho potatoes, and a celebration awaits at the finish line. The event supports charities like the Wood River Bike Coalition, Bikes Belong, and World Bicycle Relief.

Executive Director Jim Cummins received the 2015 Governor’s Tourism Award in recognition of the impact of the Dirty Kanza to tourism in Kansas. Photo courtesy of Emporia CVB

Multi-time Dirty Kanza winner Rebecca Rusch hosts the 100-mile Rebecca’s Private Idaho.

26 Photo courtesy of Linda Guerrette

opened in December, they sold out the initial 400 spots in just 10 days. They later opened registration again before capping the event at 460 riders. “We’re really happy with the level of support people are giving us. I think it’s a testament to the popularity of gravel that’s coming to the UK,” Errington said. Riding the Dirty Kanza and observing how the event was put together, as well as the community involvement, directly inspired Errington’s vision for the Dirty Reiver. “We look to Jim [Cummins] and the work that the guys of Dirty Kanza have done to draw our inspiration about where we can take our organization and our event,” Errington said. “My experience at the Dirty Kanza was key in setting up the Dirty Reiver and figuring out the direction I wanted it to go in. We really want to get engaged with the place and the people we’re going to impact. The Dirty Kanza has a real, positive impact on Emporia, and the whole community gets involved -- it’s more than an event just for cyclists. We’re really trying to achieve the same thing with the Dirty Reiver. As we build, we want to get more local businesses and more of the community involved. I think that’s key to making it a success and making it grow.” With a successful first Dirty Reiver behind them, Errington and his team already have additional events planned for this year, including a shorter race in July that they hope will help define the “UK-style” gravel grinder, and are already preparing new

State Tourism Award The Dirty Kanza is drawing attention from beyond the cycling world as well. In October 2015, Executive Director Jim Cummins thought he was attending the Kansas State Tourism conference in Wichita to give a presentation on the gravel-grinder event to state tourism directors. Instead, he was surprised with the 2015 Governor’s Tourism Award in recognition for the impact Dirty Kanza 200 has made to tourism in Kansas. “The award is quite humbling,” Cummins said “I feel fortunate to be recognized but this award is for the entire organization and community. I wouldn’t be here without Tim and Kristi Mohn, LeLan Dains and the entire Emporia community. The community is the one who makes the riders feel special since they are treated like rock stars.” The award recognizes Kansans for outstanding contributions to the travel and tourism industry and is presented to an individual or group that demonstrates cooperation, sustainability, quality and accountability in their support of the growth of tourism in Kansas. Emporia Convention and Tourism director Susan Rathke said, “This is such a feather in our cap. The DK Promotions group is really just beginning to grow and we are here to support them.” Cummins didn’t dwell too long on the award, though. Early the following morning he was heading out to lead a group ride and then off to Lawrence to meet with a Dirty Kanza sponsor in preparation for the 2016 event.


620.342.9600 • sweetgranada.com Welcome to the sweetest place in Kansas! We’re the only gourmet chocolate shop in the Midwest with 200 handmade chocolates and the home of Pop-Choc. Stop in for perfect one-of-a-kind chocolate gifts to take home. Extended hours for DK Weekend!




Ride in comfort and style during your Dirty Kanza experience. Sole Mates offers a wide selection of comfortable shoes, cool socks, and flip flop galore. Located just a few steps south of the Granada Theater.




OPENING 4:30 THE MORNING OF THE RACE. Dirty Kanza is HERE! The Granada Coffee Company is nestled between the Granada Theatre and the Arts Center. We create delicious drinks and have been voted ‘Best Coffee in the Flint Hills’ for 12 years. The race starts and ends at our front door. Good luck riders!


620.343.6473 • emporiaksarts.org DK Gallery Exhibition: May 11 - June 11. Reception: Thursday, June 2 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Get Dirty with us! Take home a DK memory that lasts a lifetime — DK art, photography, and memorabilia for sale in our Trusler Gallery and Glaser Art and Gift Shop. The Emporia Arts Center has been making “ART memories” for the past 40 years in Emporia and the surrounding communities.


620.208.6200 • eclecticbikes.com A specialty bike shop with New, Classic, and Custom build bicycles, parts, and accessories. We offer SERVICE on all bikes.




Welcome to the Dirty Kanza! We are the only home décor store in the 800 block of Commercial Street — large selection of candles, jewelry and new line of Goat Milk Skincare. From bike décor to cowbells … we can fulfill all of your souvenir needs.


620.341.3196 • booker5m@yahoo.com Welcome DK riders & fans! Featuring a wide selection of outdoor gear & military items including goggles, knives, backpacks, canteens, binoculars, medical supplies, ammo cans, boots, clothing, collectibles, and more. Free P-38 with any purchase!


803-831 Commercial St. • Downtown Emporia


By Lou Ann Thomas

29 Photo courtesy of Carlton Heller | C. Heller Photography

30 Photo courtesy of Linda Guerrette

When riders leave Emporia for the beginning of the DK 200 the first few miles will be on paved roads. But then the real fun begins as the route heads off onto gravel roads. Much of the route is on public access roadways through the Flint Hills, but some traverses through private property, especially through Greenwood and Chase Counties. “I appreciate the landowners who as stewards of this amazing prairie take pride in what they are doing and feel an obligation to care for this valuable and unique resource,” said Jim Cummins, DK Executive Director. “I want to show them we honor that too and appreciate them allowing us to play in their front yard.” Bill Haw is one of those owners with land in Chase County and is happy to grant permission for the race to go through it. “I’m delighted to have them ride through my property and to offer them the opportunity to enjoy this land,” Haw said. Being able to create the race route through the Flint Hills makes the DK 200 a one-of-a-kind event, according to Cummins, and that wouldn’t be possible without the support of the landowners. “It’s the one thing we have that no other race has. Most other gravel road races are always within sight of a farmhouse. Last year we had 46 miles between ranch houses,” he said. And that can have a memorable impact on the riders, like what occurred for Tim Ek, from Duluth, Minn., on his second of six rides of the Dirty Kanza. The sun was pounding down with a searing, nearly 100 degree intensity that year. With his head and wheels spinning, and realizing he was all alone in the middle of God only knew where, he slowly worked himself up a rise in terrain. As he topped the hill his eye caught a herd of about 20 mustangs standing quietly near the narrow rock pathway through the green rolling hills. Ek slowed to a stop. “There I stood atop a lonesome hill in the middle of the Flint Hills among a herd of wild horses. It took my breath away. Just then they took notice of me and suddenly the ground shook as a chain reaction of hooves beating the ground erupted and they were gone. The only thing that remained was a cloud of dust slowly rolling away. As I started pedaling again, I quietly murmured a heartfelt, ‘Thank you’,” Ek said. These are the moments that riders embrace as a special gift from the Flint Hills and the landowners. There likely comes a time in every rider’s day as they pedal for 200 miles where they feel alone in a vast landscape. The DK 200 is known as a premier endurance race, but that endurance is often beyond just the physical stamina required. It can challenge the riders emotionally and mentally as well. Cummins characterizes the DK 200 as 20 miles of fun and 180 miles of character development. “You may think you know what it’s like to ride cross country, but when you’re in the middle of the Flint Hills and there’s not a house or man-made object for over 40 miles it adds to the challenge of this event,” Cummins added. “The biggest component can be the mental challenge of knowing you are all on your own to get to the next checkpoint.” For Heidi Dohse, of Boulder, Colo., just getting to the start of the race has presented challenges. Dohse has had seven pacemakers installed and in 2010 had open heart and lung surgery. It was after that she decided she was not going to be a victim of heart disease and became proactive in creating an

Welcome DK200 ParticiPants anD Fans! Supermarket Of Fine Wines Liquor • Cordials • Coolers • Beer

2716 W. 12th St. Emporia, KS 620-343-7414

Team Limitless without limits there is only success

A gravel road cycling team who has partnered with the Team Hope World Foundation to raise awareness and funds for people fighting Cancer.

Empowered by Team Hope World Foundation

(620) 343-7172

32 Photo courtesy of Linda Guerrette

Beer t f a r C ines Fine W its n Spir a s i t r A

lds & Anli


k er


no ey


Photo courtesy of Linda Guerrette

active and healthy lifestyle. She took up cycling and hasn’t had time to look back. “Nothing causes you to search your soul and feel pride in your accomplishment like riding in the DK200,” Dohse said. She, like most people, thought Kansas was flat, but learned differently after her first few miles of this race. “The route is never really flat,” she said. “It is always going up and down the rolling hills, but it goes through some of the most spectacular scenery of any race. I so appreciate the landowners for allowing us to pass through this beautiful landscape. By doing so they impact more people than just the racers. It also impacts everyone with whom we share our story.” For Dohse this challenge of heart, will, and desire takes place under the ever-changing light of the day unfolding in the Flint Hills. It begins before sunrise with the riders heading out of Emporia. “I hit the road and watch the sun come up with hundreds of riders ahead of me, seeing the dust kicked up by their wheels,” she said. “By midday the heat beats down on you and you begin to wonder if you’re really sane or not to do this. But by late afternoon and into the evening the light shifts and it becomes a magical landscape. That’s the stuff that gets you through the race – appreciating what is around you.” It is in this appreciation that riders, landowners and organizers meet. Landowners allowing the race to pass through their land make the DK 200 the special race it is. There is no other landscape like the Tallgrass Prairie and to allow hundreds of cyclists to travel across it touches each rider in some way.

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Photo courtesy of Carlton Heller | C. Heller Photography

“Not only do they allow it, but they are often out on lawn chairs cheering us on,” Ek said. “They are the salt of the earth, the best of America. This, to me, is why Kansas and the Flint Hills are such a special place.” Haw returns the compliment. “The cyclists are always respectful and appreciative of this land and landscape,” he said. “They are the kind of people who are a pleasure to have here.” This mutual appreciation stems from the respect each feels for the other. One

way that the DK 200 race organizers try to support and demonstrate that respect is with the Klean Kanza initiative. Klean Kanza is held the Saturday after the race, June 11 this year, and is when volunteers made up of cyclists and area community members gather for breakfast, then everyone is assigned a section of the course from which to pick up any trash. “We pick up everything, not just stuff like an errant energy bar wrapper or water bottle left behind by the cyclists, but everything from beer bottles to

old tires to TV’s. Last year the trash left behind by riders fit into one kitchen trash bag, but we filled two pick ups with other trash we found,” Cummins recalled. He says Klean Kanza was started as a way of giving back to the landowners, the communities and everyone who supports the race. “It’s our way of walking the walk,” he said. “We want to do our part to keep the Flint Hills a special place.”

ur Emporia Ye is yo ti d m e ea t s ler e u ! Bl

FARM & RANCH SUPPLY 2611 West Hwy 50 • Emporia, KS 620-342-5502 • 800-300-7505 Store Hours: Mon-Fri 7 am - 8 pm Sat 7am - 5:30 pm www.bluestemfarmandranch.com

Bluestem Farm & Ranch


Photo courtesy of Linda Guerrette

By Jessie Wagoner


The Dirty Kanza 200 has been described as “gnarly” and “epic.” Preparing for one of the most grueling endurance rides in the world isn’t for the faint-hearted. Proper preparation can make all the difference between crossing the finish line or being left in the dust. Dirty Kanza Promotions is committed to helping riders prepare for the gravel grinder and offer several different training options for riders. One option is the ever-popular DK Training Camp — a weekend filled with gravel grinding rides and packed with preparation information from some of the most successful DK 200 finishers. “The people coming to training camp are really taking this ride serious,” Lelan Dains with Dirty Kanza Promotions said. “They have heard how rough the Dirty Kanza is, how rugged the Flint Hills are, how bad they are on your body and equipment, so for people who don’t have easy access to this type of terrain it really gives them an opportunity to test out their equipment.” Dains says that the majority of riders that participate in DK training camp are from out of state or even international riders. Local riders have the opportunity to ride in the Flint Hills on a regular basis but for those traveling in for the race


training camp can serve as an opportunity for “reconnaissance” — a chance to test their equipment and experience both the pain and pleasure of the Flint Hills. “Some of these folks, when they are flying in from Alaska or Germany or New Zealand, it is a big investment to get here,” Dains said. “The last thing they want is to have their day end 30 miles in because they had the completely wrong tires for

the terrain.” DK Training Camp is capped at 25 riders, the majority of whom are from out of state. Those riders will get more “than just riding the roads” and will find themselves filled with instruction over the course of the weekend. Dains says training camp is all-inclusive, covering topics like course navigation, proper training techniques, hydration, nutrition and bike repairs.

Photo courtesy of Patrick Everson

r u o Fuel For t r o p p Your Grind We su ers d i

608 Commercial St. • 620-343-3919



3105 West 6th Avenue (Old Hwy 50) www.williamsautomotive.net

Photo courtesy of Carlton Heller | C. Heller Photography The DK Training Camp took place March 31 through April 3. Experienced Dirty Kanza finishers Yuri Hauswald, Jay Petervary and Andrea Cohen were at the training camp providing advice and feedback on what has led to their gravel grinding success.

The 12-week static training plan is available for download from dirtykanzapromotions.com. The plan includes three months worth of workouts for riders training for the Dirty Kanza.


“It’s all of those things together,” Dains said. “The food, the riding, the people, the education, that make training camp a valuable experience.” For those unable to participate in DK training camp but in need of training guidance there are other training options available through DK Promotions. “We just unveiled a coaching product,” Dains said. “I created a 12-week static training plan.” The training plan includes three months worth of workouts broken down week by week. The training plan tells the rider what they should be doing specifically each week to prepare for Dirty Kanza. Inside each training guide there are useful tips on nutrition, clothing, body care and more. The 12-week plan lays out the workouts needed to get DK-ready. This year marks the first year that personalized coaching services are also available for riders. The static plans are helpful but for those riders needing more specific training the personalized coaching services provide a customized plan for each rider. Dains says this is especially helpful for riders with schedule limitations that may not coincide with the static training plan. “If someone is looking to get a little more they can definitely hire me as their personal coach, I will whip them into shape,” Dains said.



By Lou Ann Thomas


Photo courtesy of Patrick Everson

The towns of Madison and Eureka are happy to serve as checkpoints for riders in the DK 200 and although this is a race with little time to explore all that they have to offer, they would like to invite you back for a longer visit.

For more information: • Madison Chamber of Commerce madisonchamber.org • Lazy D Ranch (620) 437-2027 • Eureka eurekakansas.com • Fall River Canoe Trips (316) 841-0462

Photo courtesy of the City of Eureka



Made to order Breakfast from Scratch



Madison, nestled in the Verdigris Valley, is referred to as the Hidden Valley of the Flint Hills, and the area is rich in agricultural, oil and railroad history. You can learn more about each of these important elements at the restored Santa Fe Railroad Depot, which serves as a museum for Madison and the surrounding area. Another historical site is the Number Eight School House, just east of Madison. This old school building has been renovated and is dedicated to the memory of the one-room schoolhouse, which was once such an important piece of rural life. Nearby Lazy D Ranch is a great spot to relax and soak in the natural beauty of the area. Stay in the bunkhouse, which sleeps 10, or pitch a tent around the 50acre lake complete with shelter house and boat ramp. Just south of town is the picturesque city lake with camper hook ups and fishing and boating opportunities. If you’d like to enjoy a round of golf, the Madison Golf Club features a nine-hole course with grass greens, a Club House and cart rental. Another great place to hit the links is the Eureka Country Club. For over 100

years it has provided golf and dinning opportunities for members and visitors. The course features grass greens and visitors outside of the Eureka School District may use the club’s facilities for a fee. The town of Eureka is surrounded by public-access forest and the Fall River to the west. For those wishing to explore the river, Fall River Canoe Trips offers canoeing on the river. The three-to-four hour paddling adventure includes drop off and pick up from April through October. Riverside Park offers lots of green space and picnic shelters, along with a swimming pool, two ballparks and walking trails. The park is also the site of Party in the Park, Eureka’s annual Fourth of July celebration. The day begins with a parade and includes a variety of activities for kids, including games, races and a free swim at the pool. In the evening the city feeds everyone with a picnic in the park, which is followed by a fireworks display. Exploring can work up a mighty appetite and the Copper Kettle is known for its homemade rolls and good hometown cooking. Another dining option is the Half Dollar Bar and Grill,

Welcome DK Participants, crew, and fans!

Tires, Auto Repair, Polaris ATV Sales and Service 806 E. 12th Ave., Emporia (620) 343-9994 Next to the Water Tower M-F 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. • Sat. 7:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. www.expresstirepros.com

Welcomes all the DK Riders!

Good Luck!

702 Commercial • 620-340-0620

which serves up tasty burgers and Polish sausages along with pizza and lunch and dinner specials. The first weekend in June, this year June 2-4, is the Flint Hills Rodeo in Strong City. This Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association sanctioned event is in its 77th year and is often referred to “The Greatest Show on Dirt.” It is the oldest consecutive rodeo in the state and in addition to a full slate of professional rodeo events, has activities for the entire family, including a parade, petting zoo, children’s events, including a Stick Horse Rodeo and a Cowboy/Cowgirl Dance both Friday and Saturday nights. A short drive down Cottonwood Street, the main street of Strong City, is Ad Astra Food and Drink. Open Friday through Sunday, this unique hometown restaurant features fresh, homemade food, much of it locally sourced. Specialties of Ad Astra include fried Brussels sprouts, their signature homemade potato chips, wasabi pickles, and house-smoked rainbow trout. So, when you finish the race or when you have time to return, be sure to check out the places and sites in and around Emporia. We’ll be here to welcome you back.

Photo courtesy of Jason Ebberts | TBL Photography

2015 Finishers Rank Name 1 Yuri Hauswald 2 Michael Sencenbaugh 3 Jesse Stauffer 4 Matt Acker 5 Ethan Froese 6 Dan Hughes 7 Rick Moseley 8 Brian Ecker 9 Sean Mailen 10 Jason Siegle 11 Nick Frey 12 Wesley Boyce 13 Lucas Seibel 14 Stephen Fitzgerald 15 Clemens Kyllmann 16 Matt Freeman 17 Will Shore 18 Jesse Off 19 Darren Fuller 20 Wayne Strohman 21 Amanda Nauman 22 Joseph Meiser 23 Hunter Henry 24 Matthew Looney 25 Curt Shelman 26 Richard Biechler 27 Jon Takao 28 Nathan Wadsworth 29 Matt Rossi 30 Joe Fox 31 Nathaniel Beams 32 Bob Cummings 33 Scott Witthoff 34 Willem Vanderwerff 35 Ian Hoogendam 36 Matthew Kutilek 37 Kristen Legan 38 Lawrence Gibson 39 Bill Clinesmith 40 Doug Foxworth 41 Peter Chrapkowski 42 Chris Beggs 43 Tom Scott 44 Steve Yore 45 Stephen Goetzelman 46 Jamie Wynne 47 John Bradley 48 Chris Harkey 49 Aaron Elwell 50 Rebecca Rusch 51 Amy Andrews 52 Kevin Barton 53 Taylor Kruse

Time 13:01:17 13:01:18 13:10:36 13:11:41 13:18:57 13:20:41 13:26:17 13:26:31 13:29:06 13:36:10 13:36:15 13:43:03 13:51:28 13:51:53 13:53:34 13:55:56 14:04:33 14:08:06 14:08:07 14:08:13 14:08:18 14:08:42 14:09:47 14:12:01 14:13:35 14:18:20 14:24:07 14:24:07 14:25:09 14:25:09 14:27:15 14:27:33 14:30:02 14:30:04 14:30:04 14:31:45 14:32:24 14:32:25 14:32:26 14:33:55 14:37:40 14:39:44 14:39:48 14:40:21 14:40:35 14:41:21 14:41:21 14:46:19 14:46:25 14:49:42 14:50:19 14:50:20 14:51:58

Division M40-44 M30-34 M<29 M<29 M50-54 M45-49 M45-49 M40-44 M30-34 M35-39 M<29 Single Speed Single Speed M35-39 M50-54 M40-44 M50-54 M35-39 M50-54 M40-44 F<39 M35-39 Single Speed M40-44 M55-59 M30-34 M30-34 M30-34 M<29 M30-34 M<29 M45-49 M45-49 M40-44 M30-34 M35-39 F<39 M40-44 M50-54 M50-54 Single Speed M40-44 M45-49 M45-49 Single Speed M40-44 M45-49 M40-44 M35-39 F40+ Tandem M50-54 M<29

Rank Name 54 Jim Koziol 55 Mark Walker 56 Mark Barrett 57 Chris Magnotta 58 Bryan Ford 59 Chris Alstrin 60 David Collins 61 Jason Kulma 62 Bobby Shockley 63 Jouko Haapanen 64 Paul Mckay 65 Kelcey Denayer 66 James Grooms 67 Tom Flynn 68 Phillip Holman-Hebert 69 Watts Dixon 70 Derek Prior 71 Tom Miller 72 Andy Scott 73 Jerry Jones 74 Elliot Cooper 75 Lincoln Steward 76 Paul Kramper 77 Jay Petervary 78 Eric Nelson 79 Mark Smelser 80 Aaron Sims 81 Trent Hovenga 82 John Ramsden 83 Gus Hemingway 84 Albert Simon 85 Kevin Hasley 86 Eddie Klein 87 Don Buttram 88 John Schwab 89 Scott Erlandson 90 Andrea Cohen 91 Keith Lucas 92 Carl Ring 93 Thomas Catalano 94 April Morgan 95 Duane Denney 96 Thomas Peddy 97 Paul Du Toit 98 Vince Gatto 99 Mike Tam 100 Gregory Marchand 101 Corey Godfrey 102 David Frei 103 Tim Ek 104 Kris Quandt 105 Gustavo Zermeno 106 Sol Frost

Time 14:52:53 15:07:13 15:07:13 15:07:14 15:07:29 15:07:34 15:10:43 15:10:44 15:10:44 15:10:45 15:10:47 15:10:50 15:10:51 15:10:52 15:14:57 15:16:55 15:16:55 15:16:56 15:24:28 15:24:30 15:24:30 15:24:40 15:24:45 15:25:03 15:28:12 15:30:57 15:30:58 15:36:47 15:40:27 15:43:20 15:43:23 15:43:24 15:44:50 15:44:51 15:44:52 15:45:01 15:45:50 15:45:52 15:48:15 15:49:21 15:52:34 15:54:11 15:55:28 15:57:46 15:58:40 15:58:53 15:58:59 15:59:18 16:02:40 16:02:42 16:02:42 16:02:42 16:02:46

Division Single Speed M40-44 M45-49 M35-39 M50-54 Tandem M40-44 M35-39 M40-44 M50-54 M40-44 M35-39 M50-54 M45-49 M40-44 Single Speed Single Speed M45-49 M<29 M55-59 M30-34 M40-44 M40-44 Tandem M45-49 M30-34 M<29 M55-59 M55-59 M30-34 M45-49 M40-44 Single Speed M45-49 M50-54 M45-49 F<39 M45-49 M40-44 M55-59 F<39 M50-54 M45-49 M35-39 M30-34 M30-34 M29<29 M35-39 M50-54 M45-49 M40-44 M35-39 M35-39

Rank Name 107 Chad Coates 108 Collin Bantle 109 Shawn O’mara 110 Sean Owen 111 Fred Herron 112 Dale Pinkelman 113 Don Eldridge 114 Lazaro Sanchez 115 Chris Carmichael 116 Brian Hayden 117 John Mathias 118 Jeff Smith 119 Karen Pritchard 120 Chris Knight 121 Matt Kretchmar 122 Danielle Musto 123 Alexander Jackson 124 David Wilson 125 Adam Rasmussen 126 Lee Merrill 127 Roger Williams 128 Nickel Potter 129 Dexter Pham 130 Randy Sommerfeldt 131 James Williams 132 Miles Hamilton 133 Shannon Tenwalde 134 Ron Dempsey 135 Joe Constantino 136 Kyle Sobota 137 Roger Terry 138 Bryant Mcallister 139 Scott Bigelow 140 Patti Schmidt-Iverson 141 Joseph Reyes 142 Paul Hart 143 Jason Shearer 144 Kurt Wieck 145 Tom Liebl 146 Joe Stiller 147 Tom Warren 148 Jason Henry 149 Thea Kent 150 Patrick Charles 151 David Kelnberger 152 Andrew Brimeyer 153 Carlie Mock 154 Jeff Young 155 Michael Reynolds 156 Timothy Stechert 157 Michael Talbert 158 Bobby Etheridge 159 Jon Cotton

Time 16:02:59 16:03:05 16:05:09 16:06:00 16:10:43 16:10:43 16:10:44 16:10:45 16:11:02 16:12:22 16:14:15 16:14:16 16:16:33 16:16:34 16:17:26 16:18:36 16:18:37 16:19:05 16:19:42 16:19:48 16:19:50 16:19:59 16:22:22 16:22:24 16:22:37 16:22:39 16:29:00 16:29:03 16:29:04 16:31:51 16:31:53 16:34:24 16:35:19 16:35:20 16:35:20 16:35:23 16:37:24 16:37:27 16:38:24 16:38:27 16:39:02 16:39:10 16:39:12 16:40:29 16:41:12 16:41:13 16:44:10 16:44:13 16:44:45 16:44:53 16:45:00 16:46:53 16:46:53

Division M40-44 M<29 M35-39 M30-34 M50-54 M35-39 M40-44 M50-54 M50-54 M50-54 M55-59 M40-44 F40+ M40-44 M45-49 F<39 M<29 Single Speed M40-44 Single Speed M45-49 M30-34 M40-44 M50-54 M45-49 Single Speed F<39 M50-54 M45-49 M30-34 M45-49 M45-49 M50-54 F40+ M30-34 M55-59 M35-39 M50-54 M55-59 M50-54 M45-49 M35-39 F<39 M40-44 M55-59 M30-34 F<39 M<29 Tandem M60+ M55-59 M40-44 M40-44

Rank Name 160 Dennis Rathke 161 Collin Little 162 Jim Phillips 163 Nicole Schmidt 164 Tony Hersberger 165 Cooper Mittelhauser 166 Jason Smith 167 Glenn Eyler 168 Preston Jackson 169 Sarah Rice 170 Nick Perrow 171 Al Iverson 172 Dave Hudson 173 Gary Owens 174 Tim Ahern 175 Chuck Remboldt 176 Michael Moran 177 Stephen Lebovitz 178 Jim Moore 179 Ward Lyles 180 Ben Davis 181 Sam Lewis 182 Joe Praeger 183 Bob Billings 184 Nevin Lambert 185 Theodore Stoddard 186 Scott O’mara 187 Randy Balheim 188 Laurel Brady 189 Roger Caldwell 190 Allyson Tufano 191 Hannah Tell 192 Paul Heimbach 193 Kyle Hutsler 194 Jose Gomez 195 Robert Sack 196 Grant Fay 197 Darin Paoli 198 David Romisch 199 Derek Murrow 200 Jacob Lapenna 201 David Mizelle 202 Tom Hayden 203 Micki Harris 204 Ben Stark-Sachs 205 Tim Bliss 206 Jason Shelman 207 Steve Heal 208 Jason Irwin 209 Aubrey Christian 210 Jack Christian 211 Annie Fox 212 Charlie Mckeiver

Time 16:46:56 16:46:56 16:46:57 16:46:57 16:47:07 16:47:58 16:50:52 16:51:08 16:54:15 16:56:26 16:56:28 16:58:14 16:58:15 16:58:16 16:58:28 16:59:42 17:00:26 17:00:27 17:00:29 17:00:39 17:01:02 17:02:13 17:02:13 17:02:30 17:03:00 17:03:00 17:03:15 17:04:29 17:05:19 17:06:13 17:07:08 17:07:15 17:07:15 17:07:16 17:07:20 17:07:23 17:07:30 17:07:30 17:09:08 17:09:53 17:23:08 17:23:14 17:24:39 17:24:47 17:27:09 17:27:10 17:27:11 17:30:45 17:31:28 17:31:29 17:31:30 17:31:31 17:33:11

Division M45-49 M35-39 Single Speed F<39 M40-44 Single Speed M40-44 M60+ M40-44 F40+ M50-54 M60+ M45-49 M45-49 M50-54 M45-49 M55-59 M50-54 M50-54 M35-39 M50-54 M50-54 M60+ Single Speed M50-54 M45-49 Single Speed M55-59 F<39 M60+ F<39 F<39 M40-44 M30-34 M35-39 M60+ M45-49 M45-49 M45-49 M30-34 M35-39 M40-44 F40+ M<29 M40-44 M35-39 M30-34 Single Speed Single Speed M60+ F40+ M30-34

Rider Cards

Every year, The Emporia Gazette and Dirty Kanza Productions team up to produce trading cards featuring riders of the Dirty Kanza 200. You can pick up your set by visiting these sponsor locations.

Amanda’s Bakery & Cafe 702 Commercial Beard Team Kansas 720 Commercial Bluestem Farm & Ranch Supply 2611 W. Highway 50 Bobby D’s Merchant St. BBQ 607 Merchant St. Brickyard 20 Ale House 402 Merchant St. Brown’s Shoe Fit 603 Commercial Commercial Street Diner 614 Commercial Dynamic Discs 912 Commercial ESB Financial 801 Merchant St. ESU 1331 Market St. at the Welcome Center Express Tire 806 E. 12th Ave Flint Hills Mall 1632 Industrial Rd. in Center Court Freddy’s Steakburgers 1400 W 6th Ave French Lily 1121 Commercial Granada Coffee Co. 809 Commercial Granada Theatre 807 Commercial Gravel City Roasters 608 Commercial Junque Drawer Emporium 624 Commercial Kiss 103.1 541 Sherman St.

Rank Name 213 Andrew Christman 214 Alex Reisinger 215 Gerald Hart 216 Jeff Eckert 217 Jeff Howatt 218 Richard Lengyel 219 Lee Neal 220 Craig Steeds 221 Andy Sizemore 222 Mitch Bernskoetter 223 David Peterson 224 Paul Dennis 225 Justin Tan 226 Andrew Escandon 227 Jonathan Ruhlen 228 Jeremy Kershaw 229 Chad Ament 230 Matt Sutter 231 Russell Cox 232 Jeff Maassen 233 Shaun Schnettgoecke 234 Joseph Perry 235 Anatoly Zlotnik 236 Tim Hejny 237 Teddy Gutshall 238 Mark Wall 239 Brett Simpson 240 Rick Gorman 241 Scott Harding 242 Matt Ernst 243 Kevin Sherman 244 Smitty Smith 245 Chris Shaw 246 Mitch Faddis 247 Jaime Skylar Watts 248 Robert Lock 249 Sheldon Thompson 250 Andrew Schoen 251 Scott Klein 252 Michael Bland 253 Bobby Smith 254 John Geissinger 255 Jay Tiegs 256 Adam Galindo 257 Mike Johnson 258 Kent Tuxhorn 259 Alvaro Gamarra 260 Kurt Mckinsey 261 Mindi Hoffmaster 262 Thomas Prehn 263 Terry Jennings 264 Tony Brooks 265 Blaire Gateman

Time 17:33:45 17:34:39 17:35:23 17:40:27 17:40:28 17:41:02 17:41:35 17:42:04 17:43:20 17:43:47 17:45:21 17:46:22 17:46:23 17:49:55 17:49:56 17:53:22 17:53:24 17:53:27 17:56:13 17:56:33 17:56:33 17:56:33 17:56:46 17:58:25 17:58:26 17:58:39 17:58:44 18:02:45 18:02:50 18:04:43 18:04:49 18:07:12 18:10:38 18:11:15 18:11:39 18:11:40 18:13:49 18:13:49 18:14:24 18:14:52 18:15:18 18:15:26 18:15:43 18:15:56 18:16:51 18:17:19 18:18:11 18:18:12 18:18:13 18:18:14 18:19:16 18:19:36 18:22:04

Division M35-39 M35-39 M30-34 M40-44 M60+ M50-54 M40-44 M40-44 M30-34 Single Speed M40-44 M40-44 M<29 M<29 M35-39 M40-44 Single Speed M45-49 M55-59 M35-39 M35-39 M45-49 Single Speed M35-39 M45-49 M40-44 M35-39 M45-49 M40-44 M50-54 M50-54 M45-49 M40-44 M50-54 F40+ M45-49 M<29 M40-44 M40-44 M40-44 M45-49 M50-54 M35-39 M<29 M50-54 M50-54 M30-34 M35-39 F40+ M55-59 M45-49 M45-49 M55-59

Rank Name 266 Mike Seifried 267 Crystal Wintle 268 Seth Wood 269 Brian Edeker 270 Derek Henry 271 Joseph Fortin 272 Kyle Frick 273 Jud Milham 274 Rick Kelly 275 Gillian Forsyth 276 Ed Garrison 277 Jimmy Bruer 278 Louis Niewald 279 Jennifer Barr 280 Sean Gibson 281 Brendan Sheehan 282 Kevin Doggett 283 Stephen Buchwalder 284 Jacob Spath 285 Jason Phillips 286 Brendan Gecik 287 Jim Nabakowski 288 David Guth 289 Daniel Kaman 290 Bruce Anderson 291 Jarred Young 292 Jay Middleton 293 Allen Sanborn 294 Jesse Jacobson 295 Kenneth Theis 296 Bregan Koenigseker 297 Bill Hill 298 Corey Smith 299 Jack Carpenter 300 Michael Lowden 301 Anne Moore 302 Christopher Moore 303 Mike Howard 304 Jennifer Clark 305 Eric Torgerson 306 Wade Wiebe 307 Warran Wiebe 308 James Dirksen 309 David Olson 310 Mcclain Murphy 311 Matt Falwell 312 Rick Presser 313 Tom Raines 314 Ryan Jones 315 Randy Smith 316 Jeff Scott 317 Grant Castle 318 Chase Gillespie

Time 18:22:04 18:23:34 18:23:35 18:23:52 18:24:40 18:24:57 18:28:39 18:28:42 18:29:25 18:29:34 18:30:01 18:34:21 18:34:32 18:34:44 18:35:41 18:35:47 18:35:49 18:39:24 18:39:58 18:40:06 18:40:34 18:41:46 18:41:52 18:42:28 18:42:38 18:43:27 18:44:28 18:47:56 18:48:40 18:48:40 18:48:42 18:54:10 18:54:12 18:54:14 18:54:16 18:54:20 18:54:23 18:54:43 18:55:32 18:55:58 18:55:58 18:55:59 18:56:00 18:56:03 19:00:14 19:01:13 19:03:04 19:06:58 19:07:14 19:07:14 19:07:18 19:07:19 19:10:39

Division M50-54 F<39 M<29 M50-54 M40-44 M50-54 M50-54 M45-49 M45-49 F40+ M55-59 M30-34 M40-44 F40+ M40-44 M50-54 M45-49 M55-59 M30-34 M35-39 M35-39 M55-59 M40-44 M50-54 M55-59 M35-39 M45-49 M35-39 M35-39 M35-39 M40-44 M35-39 M<29 M50-54 M45-49 F40+ M40-44 M50-54 F40+ M50-54 Single Speed Single Speed M60+ M40-44 M<29 Single Speed M55-59 M55-59 Tandem M55-59 M50-54 M40-44 M<29

L&L Pets 621 Commercial Little Red Rooster 829 1/2 Commercial Longbine Auto Plaza 3012 US-50 Lyon County State Bank 902 Merchant St. Maud’s Tattoo Company 720 Commercial Mulready’s Pub 717 Commercial Newman Regional Health 2720 W. 15th Ave. at Medical Equipment

Plumbing by Spellman 821 Commercial Reynolds & Anliker 1602 W. 15th Ave Sole Mates Shoe Store 805 Commercial Studio 11 606 Commercial Studio 50-4 504 Commercial Subway 1400 W 6th Ave & 935 Industrial Rd Sweet Granada 803 Commercial The Emporia Gazette 517 Merchant St. Thompson Family Dental 2518 W. 15th Ave. Twin Rivers Winery & Gourmet Shoppe 627 Commercial

Rank Name 319 Tom Gutmann 320 Peter Skarzenski 321 Elliott Rodda 322 Malinda Gillispie 323 David Chomowicz 324 Andrew Yount 325 Keith Hilsenbeck 326 Christine Springer 327 Curtis Byler 328 Bobby Thompson 329 Wendy Davis 330 James Gross 331 Walter Edwards 332 Steve Reid 333 Greg Niemeyer 334 Douglas Barnes 335 Timothy John Klausutis 336 Jennifer Talley 337 David Hollows 338 Scott Molnar 339 Michael Craddock 340 Ian Buchanan 341 Trey Hair 342 Tim Haskew 343 Dori Coetzee 344 Jeff Ward 345 Ben Steadman 346 Paul Dowswell 347 Mark Graves 348 Richard Edwards 349 Mark Seaburg 350 Shane Heiman 351 William Edgar 352 Allen Dennison 353 Michael Barrett 354 Andrew Strempke 355 Sam Ervin 356 Paul Metzger 357 Jb Barnhouse 358 Jon Schratz 359 Lyn Blubaugh 360 Rodney Grady 361 Victor Cillis 362 John Welsh 363 Loren Strahm 364 Ed Mccalley 365 David Smith 366 Jim Brull 367 Scott Smith 368 Andy Phillips 369 Mike Mccloskey 370 Jeff Kimmons 371 George Dias

Time 19:10:55 19:10:57 19:12:21 19:13:39 19:13:41 19:14:27 19:14:35 19:14:42 19:14:44 19:14:48 19:15:48 19:15:51 19:15:51 19:16:30 19:16:31 19:19:57 19:20:09 19:20:09 19:20:10 19:20:10 19:23:50 19:24:46 19:24:47 19:24:49 19:25:50 19:29:55 19:29:55 19:29:56 19:29:56 19:29:57 19:30:54 19:30:59 19:30:59 19:34:18 19:35:33 19:35:58 19:35:58 19:36:01 19:38:53 19:38:57 19:40:44 19:40:45 19:41:24 19:41:42 19:41:44 19:41:48 19:41:50 19:42:11 19:44:09 19:45:18 19:48:16 19:48:18 19:48:28

Division Single Speed M40-44 M50-54 F<39 M55-59 Single Speed M50-54 F40+ M45-49 M40-44 F40+ M45-49 M40-44 M55-59 M40-44 M50-54 M45-49 F<39 M60+ M30-34 M<29 M<29 M<29 M40-44 Tandem M40-44 M<29 M50-54 M50-54 M60+ M55-59 M30-34 M35-39 M45-49 M30-34 M<29 M<29 M50-54 M35-39 M30-34 F40+ M50-54 M55-59 Single Speed M30-34 M60+ M45-49 M45-49 M50-54 Single Speed M55-59 M35-39 M55-59

Rank Name 372 Drew Read 373 Mike Sibbald 374 Daniel Coogan 375 Dave Markman 376 David Powers 377 Steve Nelson 378 Chuck Coderko 379 Julie Toole 380 Burt Metzger 381 William Lamb 382 Scott Misplay 383 Craig Pruitt 384 Jay Horton 385 John White 386 Sean Trainor 387 Mike Shenk 388 Ken York 389 Steve Jensen 390 Kate Geisen 391 Matt Gunter 392 Chris Peters 393 Brett Stevens 394 Joshua Reynolds 395 Kelly Smith 396 Patrick Gronau 397 Kurt Breitenbucher 398 Stephen Hackett 399 Steven Myers 400 Ruthie Myers 401 Stanley Wills 402 Glen Rumbaugh 403 Alan Swanson 404 Chuck Mcclain 405 Kris Sonderup 406 Scott Kiddoo 407 Tom Cordle 408 Steve Cannon 409 Pete Matschiner 410 Eli Molloy 411 Teresa Sedlacek 412 Christine Roettger 413 James Lamb 414 Scott Coates 415 Lance Burnett 416 Derrick Boos 417 Birdell Robinson 418 Lindy Carroll 419 Bill Blankenau 420 Philip Jamandre 421 David Nauman

Time 19:48:30 19:52:08 19:52:10 19:53:38 19:55:18 19:55:20 19:56:03 19:58:05 19:58:07 19:58:17 19:58:29 19:58:30 19:58:30 19:58:30 19:58:31 19:58:31 19:58:52 19:58:53 20:02:07 20:02:08 20:03:36 20:10:06 20:11:05 20:11:05 20:11:07 20:11:09 20:15:33 20:15:34 20:15:36 20:15:39 20:15:40 20:15:53 20:16:27 20:19:37 20:19:38 20:19:40 20:22:10 20:29:50 20:31:53 20:33:10 20:33:13 20:35:05 20:38:21 20:38:24 20:45:43 20:50:44 20:50:58 20:51:01 20:53:46 20:53:47

Division M45-49 M45-49 M50-54 M<29 M45-49 M55-59 M45-49 F<39 Single Speed M55-59 M40-44 M55-59 M40-44 M45-49 M45-49 M45-49 M45-49 M55-59 F40+ M40-44 M35-39 M40-44 M30-34 M45-49 M45-49 M<29 M45-49 M35-39 F<39 M60+ M55-59 M55-59 M45-49 M50-54 M50-54 M40-44 M45-49 M45-49 M30-34 F40+ F40+ M40-44 M45-49 M35-39 Single Speed M50-54 M45-49 M50-54 M30-34 M55-59


Photo courtesy of Jason Ebberts | TBL Photography

EVENTS SCHEDULE TUESDAY, MAY 31ST 6:00 - 9:00 pm 4:00 - 7:00 pm

DK Night @ Flint Hills Lanes DK Store Open

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1ST 4:00 - 7:00 pm

DK Store Open

THURSDAY, JUNE 2ND 4:00 - 6:00 pm Noon - 8:00 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 - 8:00 pm 7:00 pm

Artist Reception DK Store Open Live in the Lot Sponsor Appreciation Dinner Human Power Company Group Ride

FRIDAY, JUNE 3RD 9:00 am 10:00 am - 9:00 10:00 am - 9:00 10:00 am - 9:00 10:00 am - 9:00 1:00 - 2:00 pm 4:00 pm 5:00 - 6:00 pm

pm pm pm pm

Human Power Company Group Ride “All Things Gravel” Expo DK200 & DK100 Rider Sign-In DK Lite & Community Fun Ride Sign-In DK Store Open Rider Meeting - Session 1 Pre-Race Palooza Dinner Rider Meeting - Session 2

SATURDAY, JUNE 4TH 6:00 am 6:20 am 6:40 am 7:00 am 10:00 am - 10:00 pm Noon 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm 4:00 pm

Dirty Kanza 200 Start Dirty Kanza 100 Start Dirty Kanza Lite Start Dirty Kanza Community Fun Ride Start DK Store Open First DK100 Half Pint Finishers Expected Kids Bike Race & Run First DK200 Finishers Expected



7:00 - 8:00 am 8:00 - 9:00 am 8:00 am - Noon

Rock Star Awards Breakfast Awards Ceremony DK Store Open

Flint Hills Lanes 727 Commercial

727 Commercial

Emporia Art Council 727 Commercial 11 W. 8th Ave LCSB Granada Theater

Granada Theater 11 W. 8th Granada Theater 716 Commercial 727 Commercial Granada Theater 828 Commercial Granada Theater

Granada Theater Granada Theater Granada Theater Granada Theater 727 Commercial Granada Theater Circle Drive Granada Theater

Civic Auditorium Civic Auditorium 727 Commercial

David Traylor Zoo of Emporia Come Visit the Zoo! The zoo is open from 10am to 4:30pm. Bio facts and outreach animals can be viewed in the Zoo Education Center from 1-4pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call (620) 341-4365 if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon!

Emporia Municipal Golf Course 1133 S Highway 99 Emporia, KS 66801 (620) 343-5610



Jones Aquatic Center 4202 W. 18th Ave. 620-340-6400 Monday-Thursday, 12-6pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12-8pm


Do You Disc Golf?

Try out our disc golf courses located at one of these locations: Peter Pan Park Jones Youth Recreation Park

City Parks

The city of Emporia has 18 different parks. The four largest parks are Peter Pan Park, Jones Youth Recreation Park, Hammond Park, and Sodenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Park. Enjoy our playgrounds, nature trails, fishing ponds, tennis courts, picnic areas and so much more. For a complete list of parks, visit:


We Hope You Enjoy Our City As Much As We Do!

Profile for The Emporia Gazette

DK Magazine 2016  

The official Magazine of the Dirty Kanza 200.

DK Magazine 2016  

The official Magazine of the Dirty Kanza 200.