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SENSING VICTORY Five blind cyclists will take on Dirty Kanza as part of tandem teams

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200 Women: Part 2

Dirty Kanza Promotions is focused on creating opportunities for women, in the race and in the industry. Page 24


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Cyclists ride in the Dirty Kanza 200. {Photo courtesy of Corky Heller]

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From the Director On behalf of the entire crew at Dirty Kanza Promotions, I want to welcome you to Emporia, Kansas, for the 2018 edition of Dirty Kanza. It is our hope that as you walk the streets of our city, as you eat in our restaurants, as you relax in our coffee shops, as you browse in our gift shops, you will feel at home here. Emporia is our community. We hope, if only for a weekend, you will feel like Emporia is YOUR community as well. You see, “Community” is what Dirty Kanza Promotions is about. When Joel and I created Dirty Kanza in 2006, it was from a deep-rooted desire to give back to the cycling community. When we seek event sponsors with whom to partner, we reach out only to those who share our desire and passion to build community. When we decided to expand our operations in 2016 by creating Gravel City Adventure & Supply Company, it was done so for one reason. That reason can be found in our store motto: “Building Community, One Adventure At A Time.” We hope you sense that commitment to community this weekend. As you leave Emporia for wherever you call home, we hope you will take that sense of community with you. The power of the bicycle is an amazing thing. When that power is used to build community, the world can become a better place. May it be so here in Emporia, and in your community as well.

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Sincerely yours, Jim Cummins Executive Director Dirty Kanza Promotions

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n 2017, Tim Hornik became the first blind athlete to complete the Dirty Kanza 200 as part of a tandem team. Not only did Hornik complete the race — he and his pilot, Dirty Kanza veteran

Dr. Michael Reynolds, won the division. This year, five blind cyclists will participate in Dirty Kanza as part of tandem teams.

The increase in teams represents an effort on the part of Dirty Kanza Promotions to expand on its mission statement to provide lifeenriching, outdoor-related experiences. Hornik spearheaded recruiting the teams, along with his longtime pilot and coach Greg Miller. By reaching out to Miller’s network of cyclists and sharing the opportunity through Hornik’s position with the Blinded Veterans Association, they are working to raise awareness that Dirty Kanza is a viable pursuit for blind athletes. “We’re trying to support a local program, Dirty Kanza, that’s doing a great job of building an awesome community of cycling around Emporia, along with my other passion, which is — how do we support individuals who are blind?” he said. “At this point — since the sport is new — whoever we can recruit to participate, let them be the ambassadors. Let them go out and share the joys of gravel grinding to others.”

[Photo courtesy of Jason Ebberts]

Recruiting Top Talent Diagnosed with macular dystrophy at age 9, Karissa Whitsell began tandem road racing at age 16 in her home state of Oregon. At 17, she and her partner earned a spot on the National Cycling team. They became the youngest tandem team to ever compete and earn a bronze medal at the European Championships. She is now one of the top visually-impaired cyclists in the world, with eight world championship titles and seven Paralympic medals to her name. However, Dirty Kanza will be Whitsell’s first competitive gravel grinding experience. After two decades of road racing, Whitsell

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A Rite Of Passage One team Hornik had no trouble recruiting is the father-son duo of Ben and Luke McGraw. A former Marine, Ben is now a minister in Greenville, Texas. Luke, 18, was born with congenital nystagmus and retinal dystrophy. He learned to ride a unicycle as a child, but otherwise had not been on a bike. That changed last year. Ben was part of a SAG team at the 2017 Dirty Kanza, where he witnessed Hornik and Reynolds win the tandem division of the 200-mile race. “Since Luke was a boy, we’d been talking about a ‘rite of passage’ trip we could make together before he left for college,” Ben said. “We considered ocean kayaking or a long hike someplace exotic, but after DK 2017 I presented Luke with the idea of DK 2018. I have enjoyed

cycling for years but didn’t want to foist my interests on him, so I was completely prepared for him to opt for a kayak trip instead. Luke’s response when presented with the idea was, ‘Dad, that would be really cool. And we could spend a lot of time training together.’ Hearing those words from my 18-year-old was not only a surprise, but have been and will be a treasure for years to come.” The pair has logged more than 2,200 miles since Aug. 2017, cracking two tandem frames after about 1,400 miles on each. They are having a titanium frame built for Dirty Kanza while continuing to train on a loaner. Excitement for the race is mounting in the McGraw home as the father and son enjoy a sport together neither thought was possible a year ago. “Our goal for DK is to have a good time,” Ben said. “Of course I’d like to see us place in the tandem category, but I’d much rather Luke have a great experience and we build a great memory before he heads off to college. Gravel has become a passion for us both, so I expect we’ll have many more races in the years to come, but this one is already pretty special.”

Luke and Ben McGraw

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Karissa Whitsell

answered a call for blind cyclists to participate in Dirty Kanza because it reminded her of a liberating experience during a recent trip abroad. “Several months ago, as I was pedaling from Monaco to a perfumery in Grasse, France, we wound up on a gravel trail and I was petrified, thinking I am going to go down and I am on a road tandem with a basket on the front with my purse and shopping items in the basket,” Whitsell said. “Then I felt a rush of adrenaline as I was laughing the whole way, getting rattled along with all the stuff in my basket. I realized how much fun I was having, it was different than being on the road.” Whitsell is training for Dirty Kanza in between working with her massage therapy clients and serving as an advocate for women, children and visually-impaired people. “I think it is always important to be independent and to believe that it’s possible to achieve whatever you put your mind to,” she said. “I believe that practicing a healthy lifestyle is key.” Other teams include Hornik and his longtime pilot Greg Miller; Chuck Miller, a 62-year-old blinded veteran cyclist from Florida who will ride with Dirty Kanza veteran and retired Army Lt. Col. Matt Battiston; and Ed Horning, an active duty, recently blinded Airman stationed in Wichita, Kansas. Horning has never ridden tandem before, so he will participate in Dirty Kanza 100. Raising Awareness, Removing Obstacles The five teams represent a pilot program aimed at encouraging more disabled athletes of all stripes to challenge themselves with Dirty Kanza. Gravel grinding often seems impossible to disabled athletes either because of a lack of resources or awareness. Hornik, Reynolds and Dirty Kanza Promotions want to change the perception that gravel grinding is out of reach, beginning with the visuallyimpaired community. “There’s a vacuum as far as when

Tim Hornik [Courtesy Photos]

you switch from road to gravel in tandem riding,” Hornik said. “Our general mission is to open the eyes of both the sighted community and the blind community that tandem cycling on gravel is very possible, very feasible, that it doesn’t require a lot extra. So we decided the best way to do that was to splash out on the most painful endurance race possible.” “We’d considered trying a tandem years ago, but the thought of riding a tandem on the road with my son wasn’t appealing,” said Ben McGraw of the father-son team. “Gravel tandems opened up a whole new opportunity and appeal for us.” Part of the initiative involves removing the logistical roadblocks many disabled athletes face. Although no major sponsors have stepped forward to support the pilot program, Hornik said many are watching to see how these five teams perform. “We’re pulling everything together without a major support system yet,” he said. “A lot of people are interested, but unsure how it works or what the interest is.” That’s not to say the program is without support. This year, Hornik and Reynolds are covering half of each team’s registration fee, and Dirty Kanza Promotions is disounting the remaining portion. The teams will lodge at the Kansas National Guard Armory through a partnership with the US Military Endurance Sports. Challenged Athletes Foundation is offering help with transportation through their Operation Rebound grant program, and Greg Miller is providing two tandem bicycles for the race. Hornik is confident the pilot program will be a success, leading to greater participation from disabled athletes. “Greg Miller and I told Jim [Cummins] and LeLan [Dains] that we want to see this expand to handcycles, to other types of adaptive cycling,” he said. “I want to turn Dirty Kanza into a bucket list item for the entire disabled community.” 

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[Photo courtesy of Linda Guerrette]





irty Kanza is going to a whole new level this year with the

introduction of DKXL, a 350-mile race. The extra-long race has been years in the making. The ride


is loosely based off of TransIowa, and was the original concept Joel Dyke and Jim Cummins brainstormed before launching the Dirty Kanza 200. The two explored the idea of having riders race from the Colorado border to the Missouri border and nixed the idea. Then they



considered Oklahoma to Nebraska and decided against it as well. Eventually, they let the 350-mile idea go and launched the Dirty Kanza 200 through the Flint Hills. Only 34 people participated the MADISON

COURSE MAPS Dirty Kanza XL Dirty Kanza 200 Dirty Kanza 100


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first year, but growth has been exponential each year since.

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“All of this time I’ve still had this 350-mile original intent in the back of my mind, thinking one day I’m going to do this,” Cummins said. “Now is that day.” In fitting tradition, 34 riders will ride in DKXL this year. Those 34 riders were hand-selected by Cummins to participate in the inaugural, invitation-only event. Cummins said selecting the 34 riders was challenging, but he had a method to his selection process. He wanted a variety of riders with different riding experiences. Some riders have won the DK200 in the past, others have only rode in DK a few times. There are male and female riders and a tandem team. He expects some riders will finish at gazelle speed and others will maintain a slower, steady pace. Yet, he selected 34 riders who have an incredibly high likelihood of finishing the race. “They are each capable of finishing it and, more importantly,

[Photos courtesy of Shawn Honea]

[Photo courtesy of Dustin Michelson]

year. I’m still new to gravel riding and don’t have as much experience as some of the others in the group, but I’m very honored.” He and the other riders will depart at 4 p.m. Friday during the Dirty Kanza Expo. DKXL is a completely self-supported event, sponsored by Salsa Cycles, meaning there are no support crews along the route. Riders must carry their supplies with them or purchase needed

items at convenience stores along the route. They will ride through the night to ensure they complete the 350-mile ride before the 3 a.m. cutoff Sunday morning. Bakenhol said the challenge and adventure is what drives him to participate in endurance races like DKXL. While he is preparing physically for the event, the mental and emotional aspect of a solo 350-mile race adds another level of difficulty.

Ryan Bakenhol poses in the Flint Hills. He is one of the 34 riders attempting the DK XL. The above photos and those on the next page are some of the gear and equipment that he will tote with him on the journey.

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I have a close relationship with each of these 34 that I trust when they are done they will share honestly with me their experience,” he said. “They may come in and say this is the dumbest thing in the world and you need to never do it again, or they may say it is amazing and would be even better if you did these things.” The feedback will help Cummins decide if DKXL will be a yearly event or if it will be a onetime wonder. One of the 34, Ryan Bakenhol, is already anticipating the event will be a hit. Bakenhol has participated and finished both the 100- and 200-mile Dirty Kanza events and said he was surprised and honored to be asked to participate in DKXL. “I think it will be a great experience and is a way riders can take it to the next level,” Bakenhol said. “I bet next year there will be 200 riders. I was just shocked and humbled when I received the email from Jim asking me to ride this

[Photos courtesy of Shawn Honea]

16 | DK Magazine

Sleep deprivation and exhaustion can play tricks on your mind, and Bakenhol said there is no real way to prepare for those challenges. Rather than try to prepare for them, he is embracing the challenges and has taken the word “quit” off the table. “I don’t know that you can prepare for those things, the exhaustion and darkness,” Bakenhol said. “My goal is to keep it simple and break it down into chunks, focusing on going from one convenience store to the next instead of focusing on the 350 miles. It is important to me as a person to finish what I start and not quit. I will be asking myself what I need to do to keep moving forward.” The never-give-up attitude is shared among all 34 riders and one of the main reasons they were chosen for the inaugural ride. It will be a long ride, but a memorable one. “It’s inspiring to be in a group of riders who start and finish a ride, whether it is 50 miles or 350 miles,” Bakenhol said. “Being able to share the experience and the beauty of the Flint Hills with them is inspiring. Being out on the gravel and riding and soaking in the beauty is something I cherish.” 

The 34 Riders Matt Acker Grand Rapids, Michigan

Nick Legan Longmont, Colorado

Seth Wood Stillwater, Oklahoma

Ryan Balkenhol     Emporia, Kansas 

Collin Little Springfield, Missouri

Lyn Blubaugh    Madison, Kansas

Don Buttram Lebanon, Missouri

Sean Mailen Minneapolis, Minnesota

Andrea Cohen    Iowa, City Iowa

Steve Cannon Des Moines, Iowa

John Mathias Olathe, Kansas  

Sarah Cooper    Urbandale, Iowa

Jack Christian Elk City, Oklahoma

Bailey Newbrey Chicago, Illinois

Kristen Legan     Longmont, Colorado

Joe Fox Parkville, Missouri

Scott O’Mara Emporia, Kansas

Tracey Petervary     Victor, Idaho 

Steve Fuller Des Moines, Iowa

Shawn O’Mara Emporia, Kansas    

Rebecca Rusch    Ketchum, Idaho     

Jason Gaikowski     Kansas City, Missouri

Jay Petervary Victor, Idaho   

Gabbi Shelton     Stillwater, Oklahoma

Matt Gersib Lincoln, Nebraska

Jim Phillips Springfield, Missouri

Crystal Wintle     Stillwater, Oklahoma

Corey Godfrey Lincoln, Nebraska

Nickel Potter Fayetteville, Arkansas

Allison Zmuda     Chicago, Illinois

Yuri Hauswald   Petaluma, California

Warran Wiebe Lawrence, Kansas

Dan Hughes Lawrence, Kansas

Bobby Wintle Stillwater, Oklahoma


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[Photo courtesy of Dave Leiker]

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[Photo courtesy of Kim Morris]


wasn’t looking for a new cycling love, but that’s usually when IT finds you, right?! I’m not sure if it was the serenity of the remoteness, the

expanse of the tall prairie grass, the punchy little hills that rolled off into the horizon, or the chunks of menacing flint that littered the roads, but it was love at first ride when I set tires on it. I’m talking about gravel, endless miles of it, and I’ve fallen head over heels for it since that fateful day back in 2013 when I discovered the Flint HIlls of Emporia, Kansas, and the Dirty Kanza 200, considered by many to be the hardest gravel race in the country. “As a company known for leading the way in cycling navigation, battery life and performancemonitoring tools, we knew Dirty Kanza would be a great fit. Not only that, but as the title sponsor of the 2018 and 2019 Dirty Kanza races, we feel this provides us with a great opportunity to expand our reach and become more involved with events focusing on gravel and off-road enthusiasts.” There are few National Parks in Kansas, there’s no Bureau of Land Management land, and there certainly aren’t any mountains, so gravel gives people a chance to see the landscapes just a few miles outside of town and get away from it all. And the landscape that’s outside Emporia, well, it’s stunning. Yeah, I know, most folks don’t put “stunning” and “Kansas” in the same sentence, but they obviously haven’t experienced the geography that makes this part of the state unique and beautiful. The Flint Hills — also known as Bluestem Pastures or Blue Stem Hills — are a region of eastern Kansas and north central Oklahoma that contain the largest intact tallgrass prairie in North America. Less than 4 percent of the original tallgrass prairie remains — and most of it is

[Courtesy photos]

“...As the title sponsor of the 2018 and 2019 Dirty Kanza races, we feel this provides us with a great opportunity to expand our reach and become more involved with events focusing on gravel and off-road enthusiasts.” in the Flint Hills of Kansas. One of the other distinguishing features of this region, and the bane of those who dare to ride bikes through it, is the sharp flint rock that has survived eons of erosion and is what prevented the tall grass prairie from being plowed under for farmland. Compared to folks like Guitar Ted, the founder of Trans Iowa, four-time Dirty Kanza 200 winner Dan Hughes, or three-time Dirty Kanza winner Rebecca Rusch, I’m a newcomer, a relative baby when it comes to gravel experience. Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t chewed

my fair share of prairie dust chasing gravel legends all over the Flint Hills, or through the Idaho back country at Rebecca’s Private Idaho, for the past four years. My relative youth, though, doesn’t mean I haven’t developed a deep appreciation for the adventures that gravel roads provide. The way Dan Hughes — arguable the king of the Kanza — remembers it, he started riding gravel in the early 90s because those were the safest, and coolest roads to explore. “Gravel racing represents the opportunity to push your own limits, usually due to the length of the

DK Magazine | 21

You know who else has recently fallen for the lure of gravel? Garmin, one of the world’s most respected GPS navigation and wearable technology brands. Based in Olathe, Kansas, Garmin basically shares a prairie “backyard” with the epicenter of gravel riding, Emporia, home of the Dirty Kanza 200. Founded in 1989 as Pro NAV by Gary Burrell and Min Kao, the pair set out to make complicated technology — particularly GPS — into useful products that enhance people’s lives. And the name, in case you’re curious, well that came from something called a portmanteau, a blend of the two founders’ names: GAR + MIN = Garmin. You know what really enhances a person’s life when doing a long gravel event? Knowing where you are going. Many gravel races rely solely on GPS routes, not course markings, to get participants through the grid-like roads that stretch throughout the midwest, so riding with a Garmin unit is a necessity. When asked why they got involved in Dirty Kanza, Garmin’s Media Relations Specialist, Stephanie Schultz, said Dirty Kanza seemed like a perfect fit for the company. “Dirty Kanza is known as a leader in off-road racing,” Schultz said.

events, and do so in a relatively carfree experience,” Hughes said. “Plus gravel roads in the Midwest are the coolest roads. They’re the twistiest and turniest and have the best vistas.” Garmin’s two-year sponsorship of the Dirty Kanza 200 brings obvious benefits for both parties, and is a perfect pairing considering their geographical proximity to each other. As for what Garmin’s involvement with Dirty Kanza will bring participants, Schultz is quick to add that, “As leaders in cycling technology, we are focused on making purpose-built devices to align with the needs of Dirty Kanza participants, as well as other gravel race competitors. We’ll be integrating some of the same technology that our sponsored athletes train and compete with — like the Edge 820, Edge 1030 and Varia UT800 — into this year’s

[Courtesy photos]

Varia UT800

event, and some participants may even be lucky winners.” Since Dirty Kanza relies on GPS routes for participant navigation, having Garmin’s technology at a rider’s side will help ensure they don’t get lost. Speaking of not getting lost, as a recently signed Garmin athlete, I can attest that I will be using

products that are available to the general public, as well as some that aren’t, to help keep me on course. This year I will be tackling DKXL, an invite-only inaugural ride that will cover 350 miles of Flint Hills gravel, completely self-supported and without any course markings. I will have my Garmin Edge 1030 by my side the whole way to make sure

that I don’t miss any turns, that I don’t ride any extra miles, and that I move as quickly as possible through the prairie landscape. Garmin technology will be my guide as I navigate unfamiliar physical and mental terrain. What will Garmin’s involvement with Dirty Kanza look like? “We will be fully involved in the event,” Schultz said. “Whether we are motivating cyclists to train, assisting onsite during the race, cheering on participants as they round the next corner, or celebrating the accomplishments of this year’s riders, Garmin will have a strong presence at Dirty Kanza.” Be sure to come out to this year’s Dirty Kanza to see what Garmin’s products are all about. Help them cheer on participants, slap a few high fives and, who knows, maybe win some cool prizes. 

22 | DK Magazine

Bluestem is your Emporia Yeti dealer!


2611 West Hwy 50 • Emporia, KS 620-342-5502 • 800-300-7505 Store Hours: Mon-Fri 7 am - 8 pm | Sat 7am - 5:30 pm www.bluestemfarmandranch.com

Bluestem Farm & Ranch

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In 2017, Dirty Kanza Promotions launched #200Women200Miles, an initiative with the goal of increasing the number of women attempting the Dirty Kanza 200, a  grueling 200-mile gravel cycling competition. At the time, less than 10 percent of previous DK200 participants were women.

24 | DK Magazine

DK Promotions set what seemed like an ambitious goal — double that number to 20 percent within three years.

They reached their goal during the initiative’s first year with 200 women attempting the DK200 in 2017. After achieving their goal so quickly, the question quickly became, “What’s the next step?” Race Director Kristi Mohn said. Women off the bike “Not only did we meet our initial goal last year, this year the number of women participating in the DK200 rose to 25 percent,” Mohn said. “So, this year, we’re talking about women off the bike. Last year was about encouraging women to get to the start line, to give it a try. This year

we’re focused more on women in the industry and how we can help promote and make sure women are part of the industry from the inside.” Creating opportunities for women within the cycling industry means giving them a seat at the table, whether through gaining sponsorship so they can race full-time, including women in the supply chain or embarking on post-racing careers. “It’s not about not including men,” Mohn said. “It’s not a zero-sum game. We want to ride alongside the men, to work alongside them. It’s not about ‘us versus them;’ it’s about feeling comfortable and welcomed in the industry.”

The Friday of Dirty Kanza weekend is set aside for rider information sessions and panels. In 2017, a panel featuring female cyclists was the most watched livestream of the day online and generated visibility and excitement. This year, DK Promotions is organizing a panel of female executives, engineers, mechanics, racers and journalists in the cycling industry. “We are also encouraging our expo participants to bring women from their teams so — say a young girl comes to the expo — she sees a woman at the table,” Mohn said. “Visibility is key to encouraging more women to get involved in cycling.”

[Photo courtesy of Corky Hellet]

Rebecca Rusch

26 | DK Magazine

Improving Representation Veteran cyclist Rebecca Rusch has become an example of what women can accomplish in the industry, both on and off the bike. As a professional athlete for more

[Photo courtesy of Corky Heller]

than three decades, the seventime World Champion shattered the glass ceiling in cycling. She is the bestselling author of Rusch to Glory, event producer for Rebecca’s Private Idaho, motivational

speaker, firefighter and cycling advocate. In 2017, Rusch released a full-length feature film, Blood Road, which followed her personal journey along the 1,800-kilometer Ho Chi Minh trail. For Rusch, embracing diversity and inclusiveness is a necessity for success in business. “In any industry — whether it’s tech or bike — having equal representation of a user group, that’s the only way to make decisions that will serve your customers,” Rusch said. “Cycling is behind the 8-ball in that. If you look at the outdoor industry, cycling is far behind in representation. But it is changing.” Mohn also sees the industry improving in regard to the inclusion of women. “We’re seeing a communication inside the industry, a growing awareness about how to better include women,” she said. “They’re realizing that having a woman

ride a bike doesn’t mean you make the bike pink or put some glitter on that and women will buy it. It’s really about removing obstacles. We want women to feel comfortable walking into a bike shop and asking questions. Mohn sees this as an opportunity to build interest in cycling by reaching out to a demographic that might not pursue it without active encouragement. By increasing awareness and access to the community, she thinks more women will give cycling a try. “We know in the industry that women are the caregivers, so we won’t take the time to train or the weekends off to race,” she said, “so it’s exciting to see the numbers of women signing up for the DK increasing. Including women of color Gender inclusiveness is part of a larger desire to make

cycling accessible, Mohn said. Demographic data within the cycling community indicates that approximately 85 percent of cyclists are white, non-Hispanic and about two-thirds are men. “The next conversation is how to include more women of color,” she said. “We’ll need some help with that, but we’re eager to listen and learn.” One woman who has made it her mission to advocate for women of color in cycling is Brooklynnative, Ayesha McGowan. After winning her first state championship in only her third race, McGowan quickly noticed that she was one of few females of African-American descent on the scene. With an eye toward changing what cycling looks like, she set herself the goal to become the first African-American female pro road cyclist, ever. “Representation is the single

biggest focus that I have,” McGowan said. “Unfortunately, just by me showing up [at a race], it makes a statement. The sad fact is, if I’m not there, there’s a strong likelihood that there is no representation for black women at a race.” McGowan believes many minorities would be interested in cycling, but no one is reaching out to invite them to be part of the community. “I feel like people are dealing with the networks they already know; they aren’t trying to reach beyond the circle that they already have,” she said. “We need to pay attention to how recruiting is being done, to which communities are being reached.” McGowan has competed in road races around the world, but she will attempt her first gravel race this summer when she rides the DK200. Her inspiration? Seeing

Ayesha McGowan

another African-American woman complete the race last year. “I would never have considered doing this ride if I hadn’t had a friend who did it first,” McGowan said. “She’s a woman of color who

[Courtesy photo]

did the 200 last year. I’m still in awe of everything she does. I don’t think I’m going to do as well as she did, but just seeing her do it and how much fun she had last year made me want to give it a try.” 

HiddenVistaHomes.com | EmporiaRealEstate.com | 620-412-9850

DK Magazine | 27

We are the real estate company for Dirty Kanza. You love Emporia? So do we! When you are ready to move, call us!

28 | DK Magazine

[Photo courtesy of Dave Leiker]


30 | DK Magazine



he Dirty Kanza 200 has inspired gravel grinders to train harder, ride faster and dig deeper than they ever have before. Now it is also inspiring riders to go home and create similar events; Adventure Iceland is just that. Adventure Iceland, tentatively scheduled to take off in Aug. 2019, is heavily influenced by Dirty Kanza. While the terrain in Iceland may be quite different from the Flint Hills, one of the ride creators, Gudberg Bjornsson, said the event atmosphere will be similar.


[Photo courtesy of Gudberg Bjรถrnsson]

32 | DK Magazine

“The atmosphere is what we are going for,” Bjornsson said. “It is the camaraderie more than the course. It will be a lot of fun with a good sense of community.” Bjornsson traveled to Kansas last year and rode in Dirty Kanza. He was inspired by not only the ride, but the way the community rallied around riders and embraced the event. What he saw prompted him to take the idea home in hopes of growing gravel grinding in Iceland. “First and foremost, we want to grow the gravel scene in Iceland,” Bjornsson said. “We want to make a nice platform for it to grow and give them a race they can look at and see what it’s like and what we brought back home from the US. We love gravel ourselves, and we want to show the rest of the world our home.”

Jim Cummins, Dirty Kanza Promotions Director, has traveled to Iceland and experienced riding there firsthand. He said it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience he will remember forever. The beauty and uniqueness of the environment cannot be compared to anywhere else he has traveled. “You get outside of the city and it is like you aren’t even on the planet earth — it is so amazing and different,” Cummins said. “The landscape is so dominated by centuries-old volcanic activity.” Iceland is known to have a great deal of lava rock, but the terrain also contains steep hills and the chance to cycle past waterfalls. Cummins said a daylong bike ride can expose the rider to a multitude of different environments.

[Photos courtesy of Gudberg Björnsson]

by Dec. 2018 so international riders have plenty of time to plan for travel and make the appropriate arrangements. Dirty Kanza 200 is known for attracting international riders — this year alone there will be 16 different countries and 49 states represented at the ride. As more riders experience the event, they return home and create something similar. “Dirty Kanza is spawning these events,” Cummins said. “Just like Trans Iowa inspired us to do this. England has one, there is now one in Belgium and the Netherlands. Adventure Iceland is coming together for 2019 and we can’t wait to go out and ride with them.” Stay tuned to www.laufforks. com, where more details about Adventure Iceland will be released in the coming months. 

DK Magazine | 33

“You will be riding along and there is every shade of green you have ever seen in your life and there are no trees,” Cummins said. “Then you will go around the corner into another valley and it is like you are on the moon, there is no vegetation.” Iceland is, in fact, where Apollo astronauts did a great deal of their training before going into space. If astronauts can train on the terrain, it’s likely to be a successful training experience for gravel grinders as well. Due to the steepness of the area, Adventure Iceland will be a shorter course than the 200-mile Dirty Kanza. Bjornsson said they are currently planning a 150-mile route. Even though the event is more than a year away, he and other planners are working diligently to have dates and course plans finalized

34 | DK Magazine

[Photos courtesy of Gudberg Bjรถrnsson]

AN EARLY START [Photo courtesy of Jason Ebberts]



here is a special place at Dirty Kanza reserved just for high school students this year. Dirty Kanza Promotions recently announced

the addition of a competitive high school race to this year’s lineup of Dirty Kanza events. The 32-mile race is based on the National Interscholastic Cycling Association guidelines and will take off from Soden’s Grove at 10 a.m. June 2. The addition of the high school ride fits in nicely with Dirty Kanza Promotions’ efforts to encourage more kids on bikes. Dirty Kanza Promotions Executive Director Jim

36 | DK Magazine

Cummins, said he hears frequently from adult riders how they wish they would have had the opportunity to gravel grind earlier in life. The race is born out of a desire to encourage more kids to get on bikes at an earlier age.

Charles Hughes, 14, has been on a bike for longer than he can remember, riding with his dad, Dan Hughes, and friends. Though he has entered and completed multiple longdistance rides, he is registered and ready to ride in the DK high school ride. He is encouraging other high school students to participate as well. “I think being involved in cycling for youth is really important because it is a good atmosphere and sense of community that might be hard to find otherwise when you are that young,” Charles Hughes said. “It’s a good way to make friends and take your mind off things. It is a lot of fun.”

DK Magazine | 39

38 | DK Magazine

[Photo courtesy of Jason Ebberts]

Charles and his dad both said the sense of camaraderie and support among riders creates a wonderful environment for young people just entering the world of gravel grinding. “It is a good group for kids who may not be on the football team, or your standard issue jock,” Dan Hughes said. “Charlie has some great friends he rides with and they have fun together. At the events, the other riders are encouraging the younger guys.” Kansas doesn’t currently have an Interscholastic Cycling League, which is something Dirty Kanza Promotions and cycling families, like the Hugheses, hope will soon change. All proceeds made from the race will be used to create the Interscholastic Cycling Leagues in Kansas and throughout the Midwest. Each participant will also receive the following with registration:

Custom Dirty Kanza High School event apparel item. Every finisher will receive a finisher’s prize. Podium awards for top three young women and men in each category. Custom event number plate. Fully stocked aid stations. Complimentary event photos. Premier timing provided by Manhattan Running Co. Opportunity to ceremonially ride down the famous Dirty Kanza Finish Line on Commercial Street. “We want one day for there to be a Kansas NICA League,” Cummins said. “So this is part of our overall mission to establish this. Proceeds that are raised through this high school classification of Dirty Kanza will help to establish this, and we will also be conducting other fundraising initiatives to get private donations. So through our store,

Gravel City, we are working with the local high school to establish a cycling club there.” A fund has been started at the Emporia Community Foundation to help establish the league. Anyone who would like to make a donation to help establish the Kansas NICA League can do so by contacting Dirty Kanza Promotions or the Emporia Community Foundation. Charles Hughes said he is hopeful plenty of high schoolers will participate in the high school race this year. Some gravel grinders may be a little hesitant to take on the race, but he said competing is fun and youth should give it a try. “Talk to someone who is riding already and see what they like about it,” Charles Hughes said. “But just try it out. There is really nothing bad that can come from testing out the waters. It doesn’t have to be intimidating, and it’s more about making it fun and sharing the experience.” 

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Ride In Dine Out 1120 Commercial St. Mon-Thurs 11-8:30 Fri & Sat 11-9:00 Sun 11-3:00 Visit us at Salsast.com or



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2002 W. 6th Ave. • Emporia • 620-342-4888

From our riding family and the employees at Plumbing by Spellman WE WISH ALL PARTICIPANTS, SAG, STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS A FUN AND SAFE


DK Magazine | 39

P L U M B I N G BY S P E L L M A N • 8 2 1 CO M M E RC I A L ST 62 0 - 3 42 - 2 1 2 2 • W W W. P L U M B I N G BYS P E L L M A N K S .CO M

The Dirty Kanza Promotions staff poses with scholoarship recipients. From left, LeLan Dains, LaRon Walker, Franziska Willenbuecher, Jim Cummins, Cheyenne Dains, Bridget Wages and Kristi Mohn.

40 | DK Magazine

[Photos courtesy of Dirty Kanza Promotions]



irty Kanza lasts one weekend, but the effects are felt throughout the year. While riders may descend on the city for a few days or even a week, those associated with Dirty Kanza Promotions are year-round citizens of Emporia who are devoted to seeing their community thrive. “This is our home,” Jim Cummins said. “If you look at the four owners of Dirty Kanza, some of us grew up here, but we all have chosen to live here. We want to see the community be successful.” Dirty Kanza Promotions strives to make Emporia and the Flint Hills region better. They do so through many community partnerships. One of their first partnerships was with the Never Let Go Fund,

Dirty Kanza Promotions presents a check to the Never Let Go Fund from money raised by providing support crews for hire.

a charity founded in 2014 to aid families whose children are battling cancer. The Never Let Go Fund was founded by Sandy Knight, mother of Adrian Lewis-Solano, who battled cancer for many years. Each year, the Never Let Go

Fund partners with Dirty Kanza Promotions to provide supportfor-hire services to riders without a support crew. Volunteers for the Never Let Go Fund provide support needed throughout the ride and their efforts have raised

Dirty Kanza Promotions was awarded the 2015 Governor’s Tourism Award in recognition for the impact Dirty Kanza has made to tourism in Kansas.

more than $40,000 in the last four years. The money raised stays local to help families with expenses related to childhood cancer. “They work so hard providing rider support, and they earn every penny,” Cummins said. As the Dirty Kanza’s popularity grew, it quickly became obvious there was not enough lodging in Emporia to house all the riders, their support crews and family. Dirty Kanza Promotions partnered with ESU to tackle the obstacle. Emporia State has opened up dorm rooms to accommodate riders and, as a result, money has been set aside by DK Promotions to award scholarships to ESU students. In 2017, three $700 scholarships were awarded. Much of the appeal of Dirty

Kanza is the opportunity for riders to embark on a journey through the beautiful Flint Hills. Dirty Kanza Promotions is committed to ensuring the Flint Hills remain beautiful and well cared for. As good stewards, they have implemented the Klean Kanza initiative, which is a year-long effort to keep the Flint Hills clean. Though the efforts are yearround, there is a Klean Kanza Day which occurs one week after Dirty Kanza. Dirty Kanza Promotions staff and community advocates spend the day traversing the entire Dirty Kanza route, picking up trash whether it be from cyclists or not. Riders are always encouraged to carry in what they carry out as well. Most recently, Dirty Kanza Promotions has started a kids

on bikes initiative to encourage youngsters to take up the sport. From teaching bike safety to helping form a youth cycling program in the state, the organization is focused on improving the health of young people in the community. Cummins said it just makes sense for Dirty Kanza Promotions to give back and be involved in the community. He and many

other staff members are involved with community boards and organizations aimed at improving the community. “It is the circle of life,” Cummins said. “When the community is strong, DK is strong, and when DK is strong, the community is strong. Part of our mission is to build community locally, regionally and beyond, so that is why we exist.” 

DK Magazine | 41

yn Re

olds & Anlik er


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• State of the Art No Stitch Cataract Surgery • Glaucoma • Laser Surgery • Retinal Diseases • Consultation & Surgery • Eyelid Surgery • Botox

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Satellite offices in: Chanute • Iola • Burlington • Council Grove • Eureka • Herington • Hillsboro • Marion • Osage City • Manhattan • Parsons 1602 W. 15th Ave., Ste B Emporia, KS 66801 620-342-6989 OR 800-794-1209

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Providing comprehensive inpatient and outpatient medical care for all ages. DK Magazine | 43

1 2 01 W. 1 2 t h A v e . • E m p o r i a • 6 2 0 - 3 4 3 - 6 8 0 0 • n e w m a n r h . o r g

44 | DK Magazine

2017 Finishers Rank Name 1 Mat Stephens 2 Jake Wells 3 Menso De Jong 4 Rick Moseley 5 Gordon Wadsworth 6 Ian Tubbs 7 Ted King 8 Jon Hornbeck 9 Zack Allison 10 Matt Acker 11 Jesse Stauffer 12 Brian West 13 Thomas Cooke 14 Michael Morgan 15 Nate Whitman 16 Shaun Martin 17 Alison Tetrick 18 Amanda Nauman 19 Bob Cummings 20 Grady Fowler 21 Drew Friestedt 22 Clemens Kyllmann 23 Matthew Kutilek 24 Kristopher Auer 25 Yuri Hauswald 26 Joe Fox 27 Jonathan Schottler 28 Nathan Wadsworth 29 Scott Witthoff 30 Adam Collins 31 Jay Petervary 32 Trey Harrison 33 Chris Memelink 34 Mike Marchand 35 Addison Zawada 36 Tim Page 37 Rob Evans 38 Michael Sencenbaugh 39 David Sheek 40 Cody Jones 41 Chris Lyman 42 Bryan Derstine 43 Janel Holcomb 44 Cody Anderson 45 Taylor Ross Rank Name 46 Jon Takao 47 Joshua Johnson 48 Justin Michels 49 Greg Springborn 50 Paul Erickson 51 Scott Barnes 52 David Priest 53 Neil Shirley 54 Joseph Meiser 55 Christoph Heinrich 56 Benjamin Hokamp 57 Aaron Sims 58 Tom Scott 59 Scott Rider 60 Roni Jones 61 Darren Lacy 62 Jens Dr. Freiberg 63 Emilio Cervantes 64 David Haase 65 Ryan Keesey 66 Stefano Tomasello 67 Thomas Adams 68 Judah Sencenbaugh 69 Mark Smelser 70 Curt Shelman 71 David Collins 72 Kevin Betters 73 Wayne Strohman 74 Tim Graczyk 75 Carl Fischer 76 Watts Dixon 77 Doug Keiser 78 Michael Radcliff 79 Corey Smith 80 Charlie Schad 81 Danny Roos 82 Dan Hughes 83 Roy Kranz 84 Brian Bruggeman 85 Ben Doom 86 Karen Pritchard 87 Adam Melichar 88 Junior Mendes 89 Bill Clinesmith

Time 10:49:08 10:51:51 10:51:56 11:09:31 11:12:50 11:12:57 11:21:02 11:29:29 11:34:35 11:38:35 11:38:36 11:38:38 11:38:50 11:39:25 11:41:04 11:41:17 11:41:40 11:41:45 11:49:00 11:49:00 11:49:13 11:49:13 11:52:25 11:52:34 11:54:05 11:57:39 11:57:39 12:00:53 12:00:53 12:00:54 12:02:29 12:03:18 12:03:19 12:03:19 12:03:20 12:03:21 12:05:21 12:05:42 12:05:51 12:06:46 12:07:46 12:08:59 12:13:26 12:13:45 12:18:39 Time 12:20:02 12:20:03 12:20:16 12:20:16 12:20:17 12:20:18 12:20:24 12:20:25 12:20:27 12:24:55 12:26:15 12:28:13 12:28:41 12:28:44 12:28:46 12:29:07 12:32:18 12:33:14 12:34:10 12:34:10 12:34:12 12:35:14 12:36:47 12:36:52 12:38:55 12:38:57 12:39:01 12:39:17 12:39:21 12:39:24 12:39:57 12:40:26 12:41:06 12:44:07 12:44:35 12:45:51 12:46:20 12:46:22 12:46:23 12:46:30 12:47:18 12:47:58 12:49:39 12:50:36

Division M35-39 M35-39 M29 & Under M45-49 M30-34 M45-49 M30-34 M29 & Under M29 & Under M30-34 M29 & Under M29 & Under M45-49 M45-49 M40-44 M35-39 F30-39 F29 & Under M45-49 M30-34 M40-44 M55-59 M35-39 M45-49 M45-49 M30-34 M30-34 M35-39 M50-54 M40-44 M45-49 M50-54 M40-44 M50-54 Single Speed M45-49 M35-39 M30-34 M40-44 M30-34 M45-49 M29 & Under F30-39 M29 & Under M30-34 Division M30-34 M40-44 M29 & Under M45-49 M30-34 M40-44 M30-34 M35-39 M35-39 M45-49 M29 & Under M29 & Under M45-49 M45-49 M30-34 M40-44 M40-44 M50-54 M50-54 M35-39 M35-39 Single Speed F29 & Under M30-34 M55-59 M40-44 M50-54 M45-49 M40-44 M55-59 Single Speed M55-59 M40-44 M29 & Under M45-49 M40-44 M45-49 Fat Bike M45-49 M40-44 F50+ M35-39 M29 & Under M50-54

90 Kenny Carlson Rank Name 91 Julia Gieschen 92 Storm Glover 93 Tim Ahern 94 Jim Koziol 95 Michael J. Smith 96 Stewart Thompson 97 John Cordoba 98 Tj Fort 99 Tim Dodge 100 Steven Yore 101 Steven Soltis 102 Steve Pascoe 103 Ian Ptolemy 104 Amber Auer 105 Albert Simon 106 Luke Gentry 107 Ian Hoogendam 108 Rob Hall 109 Sonja Johnson 110 Sheldon Laidman 111 Marty Killeen 112 Jacob Huizenga 113 Don Daly 114 Dexter Pham 115 Kyle Monroe 116 Andrew Strempke 117 David Wilson 118 Ray Dunham 119 Chris Farney 120 Dylan Morton 121 Jonathan Ruhlen 122 Mark Walker 123 Nico Deportago-Cabrera 124 Jared Gab 125 Kyle Sabatini 126 Dave Otto 127 Jouko Haapanen 128 Josh Patterson 129 Dylan Medlock 130 Jason Wood 131 Harry Johnson 132 Steve Briley 133 Ben Summers 134 Bert Summers 135 Walter Summers Rank Name 136 Jad Sutton 137 Mark Child 138 Mike Mccutcheon 139 Timothy Place 140 Amanda Barry 141 Andrew Escandon 142 Roger Haubold 143 Carey Lowery 144 Paul Dennis 145 Christophe Ullens 146 Justin Rumley 147 Ryan Balkenhol 148 Jeff Young 149 Seth Wood 150 Jim Bethea 151 Jamie Henningson 152 Daniel Rowe 153 Arthur Veenendaal 154 Garrett Davis 155 Robert Trombley 156 Brian Bickell 157 James Williams 158 Dennis Stuhlman 159 Robb Finegan 160 Mark Severy 161 Kirsten Mcdaniel 162 Elliott Rodda 163 Amy Thornquist 164 Shane Dunleavy 165 Matt Bowler 166 Tom Wilson 167 Steve Bell 168 Walter Moore 169 John Waller 170 Tiffany Ballew 171 Robin Norton 172 William Rossman 173 Darren Bickerton 174 Matt Freeman 175 Ryan Lipski 176 Jay Morrison 177 Lynn Malir 178 Vince Gatto

12:51:44 Time 12:51:45 12:51:55 12:57:59 12:58:03 12:58:48 12:59:04 12:59:04 12:59:05 12:59:05 12:59:07 13:00:02 13:00:04 13:00:08 13:00:10 13:01:53 13:03:50 13:03:51 13:03:52 13:04:04 13:04:06 13:07:48 13:08:34 13:09:00 13:09:04 13:09:34 13:11:03 13:11:43 13:11:59 13:12:10 13:12:10 13:12:17 13:12:21 13:12:46 13:13:57 13:13:57 13:13:58 13:15:10 13:15:11 13:15:11 13:15:14 13:15:16 13:15:18 13:16:00 13:16:00 13:16:01 Time 13:16:02 13:16:23 13:16:36 13:16:56 13:16:59 13:17:02 13:17:07 13:17:21 13:17:53 13:18:50 13:18:51 13:18:58 13:19:52 13:19:52 13:21:13 13:21:35 13:21:55 13:22:30 13:22:43 13:23:10 13:23:13 13:23:34 13:23:45 13:24:09 13:24:25 13:24:51 13:24:52 13:27:02 13:27:03 13:28:00 13:28:05 13:28:44 13:28:46 13:28:55 13:29:14 13:29:18 13:29:18 13:29:39 13:30:13 13:30:29 13:30:34 13:30:35 13:31:05

M30-34 Division F29 & Under M29 & Under M55-59 Single Speed M45-49 M29 & Under M35-39 M30-34 M55-59 M45-49 M45-49 M50-54 M55-59 F40-49 M50-54 M30-34 M30-34 M30-34 F40-49 M45-49 M35-39 Single Speed M50-54 M40-44 M30-34 Single Speed M35-39 M50-54 M30-34 M29 & Under M35-39 M40-44 Single Speed M30-34 M29 & Under M45-49 M50-54 M35-39 M30-34 M40-44 M60+ M50-54 M29 & Under M50-54 M29 & Under Division M45-49 Single Speed M55-59 Single Speed F29 & Under M29 & Under M45-49 F40-49 M45-49 M30-34 M40-44 M35-39 M30-34 M35-39 M40-44 F30-39 M30-34 M50-54 M35-39 M50-54 M30-34 M45-49 M40-44 M50-54 M29 & Under F40-49 M50-54 F40-49 M50-54 M40-44 M50-54 M50-54 M40-44 M30-34 F40-49 F40-49 M35-39 M40-44 M40-44 M35-39 M40-44 F50+ M35-39

179 Shawn Ward 180 Selene Yeager Rank Name 180 Garth Prosser 182 Nicholas Janzen-Pankratz 183 Matt Curry 184 Brad Raper 185 Derek Prior 186 Heidi Rentz 187 Collin Little 188 Don Buttram 189 Jayson (Jom) O’mahoney 190 Rod Bush 191 Corey Godfrey 192 Sarah Swallow 193 Keith D Lucas 194 Jared Gingerich 195 Tony Black 196 Kevin Summers 197 Chris Knight 198 Chris Beggs 199 Sarah Thomas 200 Tom Sherry 201 Thomas Walsh 202 Jason Fowler 203 Rory Jack 204 Jim Maddock 205 Steve Heal 206 Carl Martinez 207 Drew Greaves 208 Matthew Peters 209 Kurt Mckinsey 210 Hunter Williams 211 Joel Williams 212 Dylan Mcewin 213 Paul Errington 214 Bob Billings 215 Brett Platt 216 Michael Vail 217 Alexander Wall 218 David Chomowicz 219 Perry Ferrell 220 Jeff Oakey 221 Derek Van Westrum 222 Joseph Higby 223 Michael Tarabay 224 Marcos Ferreyra 225 Grant Fay 226 Darin Paoli 227 Joe Collins 228 Keith Walberg 229 Jennifer Youngwerth 230 Jacob Morris 231 Christapher Lang 232 Isaac Blankenau 233 Scott Bowden 234 Jordan Nienow 235 David Rossow 236 Chris Bayne 237 Joe Kleidosty 238 Ryan Simon 239 Gus Hemingway 240 Chris Schroeder 241 Kevin Ehrlich 242 Gary Owens 243 Joshua Eggar 244 Michael Talbert 245 Randall Riecker 246 Andrew Thompson 247 Tom Hanrahan 248 Greg Vaught 249 Paulina Batiz 250 Adrienne Taren 251 Katrina Dowidchuk 252 Bobby Thompson 253 David Markman 254 Jack White 255 Desiree White 256 Sean Tyree 257 Jeremiah Gantzer 258 Charles Denneler 259 Scott Harris 260 Troy Templin 261 Darian Nagle-Gamm 262 Scott Noel 263 Doug Milliken 264 Katie Strempke 265 Justin Moore 266 Jose Gomez 267 Todd Sublette 268 Joe Scully

13:31:13 13:32:14 Time 13:32:14 13:33:28 13:33:32 13:33:35 13:33:38 13:33:56 13:34:22 13:34:22 13:34:22 13:34:54 13:34:54 13:34:59 13:35:21 13:35:39 13:35:53 13:37:07 13:37:56 13:37:56 13:38:18 13:39:36 13:39:57 13:39:57 13:40:18 13:40:18 13:40:25 13:40:32 13:40:34 13:40:42 13:40:42 13:40:53 13:40:53 13:40:53 13:40:56 13:41:17 13:41:20 13:41:27 13:41:37 13:41:37 13:42:12 13:42:46 13:42:46 13:42:46 13:42:58 13:43:07 13:43:14 13:43:14 13:43:51 13:44:06 13:44:16 13:44:49 13:45:27 13:45:59 13:46:06 13:46:36 13:46:36 13:47:10 13:47:30 13:47:41 13:49:29 13:49:41 13:50:01 13:50:12 13:50:36 13:50:37 13:50:37 13:51:15 13:51:29 13:51:45 13:51:52 13:52:02 13:52:04 13:52:34 13:52:45 13:53:42 13:54:14 13:54:22 13:54:23 13:54:47 13:55:19 13:56:57 13:56:58 13:56:59 13:57:26 13:58:32 13:58:33 13:58:42 13:59:19 13:59:55

M45-49 F40-49 Division M45-49 M30-34 M55-59 M35-39 Single Speed F30-39 M35-39 M50-54 M45-49 M55-59 Single Speed F29 & Under M50-54 M35-39 M55-59 M35-39 M40-44 M45-49 F30-39 M55-59 M29 & Under M35-39 M29 & Under M29 & Under M35-39 M40-44 M29 & Under M35-39 Fat Bike M29 & Under M40-44 M29 & Under M35-39 Fat Bike M45-49 M29 & Under M30-34 M60+ M29 & Under M45-49 M45-49 M40-44 M40-44 M50-54 M45-49 M45-49 M50-54 M55-59 F30-39 M35-39 M40-44 M29 & Under M50-54 M30-34 M30-34 M40-44 M40-44 Single Speed M35-39 Single Speed M45-49 M50-54 M40-44 M55-59 Single Speed M45-49 M50-54 M55-59 F30-39 F30-39 F40-49 M40-44 M29 & Under M29 & Under F50+ M29 & Under M29 & Under M50-54 M45-49 M30-34 F40-49 M55-59 M50-54 F29 & Under M40-44 M40-44 M45-49 M55-59

269 Patrick Kerwin 270 Jason Siegle Rank Name 271 David Harriff 272 Scott Rockwell 273 Howard Douglas 274 Adrian Bennett 275 David Bell 276 Reese Ruland 277 Randy Smith 278 Mike Freude 279 Daniel Gohlke 280 Chris Howell 280 Jason Hade 282 Anthony Berberich 283 Kenneth Theis 284 Mike Brown 285 Benjamin Storch 286 Tyler Branine 287 Jay Smith 288 Benedict Wheeler 289 Jacob Larsen 290 Gary Irick 291 Brian Hayden 292 Gary Calton 293 Jason Laidlaw 294 Nicole Blakemore 295 Josh Magie 296 John Steflik 297 Doug Mclerran 298 Sarah Flauding 299 Tony Graham 300 Russell Ussery 301 Justin Mcbride 302 Brad Samis 303 Nathan Vanderkuip 304 Scott Erlandson 305 Scott Galloway 306 Loren Strahm 307 Steve Cannon 308 Venny Alub 309 Justin Hawkins 310 Nate Foglesong 311 Tray Vedock 312 Joe Kraxner 313 Benjamin Menk 314 Steve Maas 315 Chad Wade 316 Todd Murray 317 Jennifer Johnson 318 Carl Ring 319 Brian Broomall 320 Brandon Trigger 321 Stu Garwick 322 T. J. Oordt 323 Sean Trainor 324 Nickel Potter 325 Paul Heimbach 326 Allen Wheeler 327 Joseph Perry 328 Jeff Sapp 329 Emily Korsch 330 Jacob Roy 331 Alexander Jackson 332 Justin Chadwick 333 Curtis Byler 334 Darren Dutton 335 Connor Remboldt 336 Craig Pruitt 337 Peter Sandretto 338 Jeff Maassen 339 Cody Wilson 340 Tom Taylor 341 Keith Jordan 342 Dustin Meyer 343 Jesse Jacobson 344 Jeff Chastain 345 Ryan Ohara 346 Matt Gersib 347 Quincy Simon 348 Jeff Abitz 349 Ryan Jones 350 Derek Jones 351 Craig Curtis 352 Mike Tam 353 Brandon Neal 354 Luke Wendt 355 Jon Niemuth 356 Robert Ellis 357 Robert Mcwhorter 358 Jason Bruce

13:59:56 M55-59 13:59:57 M35-39 Time Division 14:00:17 M35-39 14:00:19 M35-39 14:00:24 M55-59 14:00:29 M29 & Under 14:00:30 M55-59 14:02:53 F30-39 14:02:59 M60+ 14:03:00 M50-54 14:03:50 M30-34 14:03:50 M35-39 14:03:50 M35-39 14:03:54 M45-49 14:05:18 M40-44 14:05:44 Single Speed 14:06:53 M40-44 14:06:54 Single Speed 14:06:55 M50-54 14:07:21 M35-39 14:07:34 M35-39 14:07:34 M60+ 14:07:35 M55-59 14:07:36 M55-59 14:07:49 M35-39 14:07:51 F30-39 14:07:54 M35-39 14:08:50 M40-44 14:08:59 M55-59 14:10:30 F30-39 14:10:52 M45-49 14:11:09 M45-49 14:11:15 Single Speed 14:11:23 M45-49 14:11:23 M40-44 14:11:38 M45-49 14:11:57 M45-49 14:12:00 M35-39 14:12:21 Fat Bike 14:12:23 F30-39 14:12:46 M40-44 14:14:06 M35-39 14:14:26 M45-49 14:14:51 M40-44 14:15:06 M35-39 14:15:09 M55-59 14:16:12 M45-49 14:16:30 M50-54 14:16:44 F40-49 14:16:44 M45-49 14:16:46 M30-34 14:17:23 M35-39 14:17:57 M40-44 14:18:21 M45-49 14:18:22 M50-54 14:18:41 M35-39 14:18:59 M45-49 14:19:10 M35-39 14:19:11 M45-49 14:19:13 Single Speed 14:19:52 F30-39 14:20:21 M35-39 14:21:37 M30-34 14:21:47 Single Speed 14:22:46 Single Speed 14:23:28 M50-54 14:23:30 M29 & Under 14:23:40 M55-59 14:23:56 M40-44 14:23:59 M40-44 14:24:20 M30-34 14:25:31 M35-39 14:26:18 M45-49 14:26:25 M35-39 14:26:45 M35-39 14:26:53 M35-39 14:26:55 M40-44 14:27:04 M45-49 14:27:11 M30-34 14:27:42 M45-49 14:27:42 M40-44 14:27:48 M40-44 14:27:49 M55-59 14:27:49 M30-34 14:27:50 M40-44 14:27:50 M45-49 14:28:55 M45-49 14:29:01 M50-54 14:29:25 M55-59 14:30:14 M40-44

14:31:32 14:31:34 Time 14:32:06 14:32:13 14:34:12 14:34:30 14:34:31 14:34:35 14:34:37 14:34:37 14:34:48 14:35:00 14:35:16 14:35:16 14:35:27 14:37:18 14:37:35 14:37:42 14:37:42 14:38:09 14:38:13 14:38:15 14:39:05 14:39:48 14:39:49 14:39:59 14:40:01 14:40:06 14:40:10 14:40:13 14:40:14 14:40:14 14:40:18 14:41:07 14:41:27 14:41:28 14:41:55 14:42:27 14:43:12 14:43:43 14:44:29 14:46:00 14:48:02 14:48:22 14:48:22 14:49:26 14:49:28 14:50:01 14:50:09 14:50:38 14:50:40 14:51:43 14:52:20 14:52:22 14:52:23 14:54:15 14:54:16 14:54:20 14:55:27 14:56:02 14:56:50 14:57:11 14:57:21 14:57:21 14:57:34 14:58:02 14:58:27 14:58:27 14:59:15 14:59:16 15:02:18 15:02:19 15:02:19 15:02:30 15:02:39 15:03:09 15:03:47 15:03:52 15:05:51 15:05:52 15:06:10 15:09:54 15:09:56 15:11:28 15:12:30 15:12:37 15:12:44 15:12:45 15:12:50 15:12:53

Single Speed M35-39 Division M50-54 M40-44 M29 & Under M45-49 M30-34 Fat Bike F50+ M35-39 M35-39 M30-34 M30-34 F29 & Under M55-59 M40-44 M30-34 M30-34 Single Speed Single Speed F40-49 M45-49 M45-49 Single Speed M40-44 M30-34 M40-44 M40-44 Tandem M35-39 M50-54 M30-34 M40-44 M40-44 M40-44 M45-49 F Single Speed M45-49 M29 & Under M50-54 M60+ F Single Speed M45-49 F Single Speed F Single Speed F30-39 M55-59 M45-49 M40-44 M55-59 M45-49 M45-49 M50-54 M60+ M45-49 M30-34 M50-54 M45-49 M35-39 F40-49 M40-44 M50-54 M40-44 M40-44 M60+ M55-59 M35-39 M35-39 M50-54 F30-39 M29 & Under M30-34 M40-44 M30-34 M55-59 F Single Speed M45-49 M60+ M35-39 M60+ M55-59 M50-54 M55-59 M45-49 M35-39 M45-49 M35-39 M35-39 F30-39 M55-59

449 Chris Juracka 450 Paul Dowding Rank Name 451 Lukas Eklund 452 Zachary Holmes 453 Daniel Goentzel 454 Jim Phillips 455 Derek Haag 456 Jackie Brandhorst & Jeff Brandhorst 457 Lyn Blubaugh 457 Scott Blubaugh 459 James Nixon 460 Coury Armstrong 461 Lenny Spellman 462 Michael Meenan 463 Thomas Moore 464 Randall Stateler 465 Bob Ades 466 Jens Sonnichsen 467 Laura Bailey 468 Rick Gorman 469 David Wood 470 Eddie Atkinson 471 Greg Mckean 472 Jeff Sona Carrie Sona 473 Daniel Hernandez 474 Will Shore 475 Robert Sack 476 Svetlana Vold 477 Adam Williams 478 Cameron Jacques 479 Todd Detwiler 480 Joseph Smessaert 481 Jordan Marshall 482 Jonathan Graif 483 Risa Hustad 484 George Dias 485 Everett Spellman 486 Jeremiah Schuur 487 Andrew Ullmann 488 Sean Schmidt 489 Chuck Coderko 490 Ron Wilhite 491 Rachel Weaver 492 Kayci Sterzer 493 Robert Weppner 494 Bobby Lee 495 Matt Kretchmar 496 Mike Peiffer 497 Jason Strohbehn 498 Danielle Goold 499 James Gunderman 500 Scott Bigelow Rank Name 501 David Dyer 502 Jack Christian 503 Kate Marshall 504 Victor Urvantsev 505 Kevin Meyer 506 Eddie Kababik 507 Leslie Ethridge 508 James George 509 Gary Justis 510 Nick Perrow 511 Mike Howard 512 James Plichta 513 Brad Spencer 514 Luke Strauss 515 Collin Shipman 516 Joel Blair 517 Salvatore Filannino 518 Pete Jaros 519 Renae Weaver 520 Kent Tuxhorn 521 Kimberly Ober 522 Suz Falvey 523 Jordan Brothers 524 Rob Mosimann 525 Scott Cary 526 Jill Riese 527 Brad Znamenacek 528 Elisabeth Heal 529 Matthew Sutter 530 Mary Randall 531 Kelsey Phillips 532 Mike Johnson 533 Carlos Morejon 534 Bob Clark 535 Matt Holmes 536 Hahn Rossman

15:13:37 M50-54 15:13:51 M45-49 Time Division 15:13:59 M40-44 15:14:00 M29 & Under 15:14:25 M29 & Under 15:15:17 M45-49 15:15:38 M35-39 15:16:47 Tandem 15:18:47 F50+ 15:18:47 M45-49 15:18:48 M29 & Under 15:18:50 M50-54 15:19:01 M50-54 15:20:05 M50-54 15:20:13 M55-59 15:20:49 M30-34 15:21:36 M50-54 15:22:43 M45-49 15:23:02 F30-39 15:23:03 M50-54 15:23:09 M50-54 15:23:09 M40-44 15:23:11 M50-54 15:23:51 Tandem 15:25:21 M35-39 15:25:44 M50-54 15:25:47 M60+ 15:26:28 F30-39 15:26:33 M35-39 15:26:51 M30-34 15:26:53 Fat Bike 15:27:11 M45-49 15:27:11 M29 And Under 15:29:01 Single Speed 15:30:18 F29 And Under 15:30:19 M55-59 15:30:40 M50-54 15:30:57 M40-44 15:30:58 M40-44 15:30:59 M45-49 15:31:01 M45-49 15:31:06 M55-59 15:31:17 F40-49 15:31:43 F Single Speed 15:32:41 M50-54 15:32:47 M55-59 15:33:18 M45-49 15:33:53 M30-34 15:35:35 M29 & Under 15:36:46 F30-39 15:36:47 M30-34 15:38:15 M55-59 Time Division 15:39:29 M60+ 15:39:36 M60+ 15:40:08 F50+ 15:40:09 M35-39 15:43:08 M40-44 15:43:59 M45-49 15:44:44 F29 & Under 15:44:44 M29 & Under 15:44:47 M50-54 15:45:14 M50-54 15:45:18 M55-59 15:48:14 M50-54 15:48:31 M30-34 15:48:32 M30-34 15:48:36 M35-39 15:48:37 M30-34 15:48:40 M55-59 15:48:59 M45-49 15:49:01 F50+ 15:49:34 M50-54 15:52:18 F50+ 15:52:20 F50+ 15:52:24 M29 & Under 15:52:46 M55-59 15:56:35 M40-44 15:59:53 F40-49 15:59:53 M40-44 15:59:53 F30-39 15:59:58 M45-49 16:00:02 F Single Speed 16:00:02 F Single Speed 16:01:25 M50-54 16:02:28 M50-54 16:03:18 M50-54 16:04:20 M30-34 16:04:56 M45-49

537 Michael Znidarsic 538 Karl Klein Rank Name 539 Todd Maxwell 540 Jed Spencer 541 Annie Fox 542 Mindi Hoffmaster 543 Kimberly Nuffer 544 Stephen Fitzgerald 545 Tom Mueller 546 James Gross 547 Geoff Doyle 548 John Allen 549 James Bleakley 550 Stephen Johnson 551 Daniel Ammann 552 Levi Teal 553 Stacey Hughes 554 Tom Theis 555 Andrea Cohen 556 Jill Martindale 557 Chelsea Strate 558 James Lamb 559 Jason Corby 560 Neil Tomba 561 Christian Toews 562 Matt Ward 563 Jenny Bourque 564 Rob Keener 565 James Clark 566 Scott Mcdonough 567 Dean Newton 568 Roy Doskal 569 Joe Cawein 570 Jason Mcknight 571 John Johnson 571 Doug Smith 573 Jon Bisnette 574 Adam Jones 575 Alejandro Torres 576 Jon Engers 577 Humberto Fallas 578 David Powers 579 Shawn Ledford 580 Joe Martinez 581 David Ferguson 582 Jb Barnhouse 583 Trevor Shelman 584 David Anderson 585 Daniel Robertson 586 Matt Graves 587 Davis Wade 588 Joseph Smith 589 Steven Harrast 590 Chris King 591 Jud Milham 592 James Morrison 593 Trey Prophater 594 Chris Bauer 595 Rhonda Mckinney 596 Andrea Fox 597 Russell Parde 598 Ryan Albertson 599 Ben Haines 600 Joseph Bolton Rank Name 601 Michael Favaloro 602 David Krumme 603 Nick Nygaard 604 Dave Nygaard 605 Duane Denney 606 Matt Morgan 607 Brendan Sheehan 608 Carol Stauffer 609 John Dungan 610 Bryce Dorrough 611 Steve Rode 612 Matt Mccreary 613 Wendy Davis 614 David Quam 615 Erik Swanson 616 Steve Bourque 617 Chris Bailey 618 Graeme Bell 619 Donald Wood & Jesse Ramsey 620 Rick Becker 621 Tara Brick 622 Sean Mccafferty 623 Andrea Meyer 624 Cristian Velasquez

16:05:15 16:05:19 Time 16:05:50 16:06:34 16:07:32 16:07:32 16:07:32 16:07:33 16:07:43 16:11:00 16:11:30 16:11:45 16:12:59 16:15:57 16:16:13 16:16:13 16:17:51 16:17:54 16:19:03 16:19:03 16:19:04 16:23:03 16:23:09 16:23:19 16:23:20 16:23:21 16:23:22 16:24:08 16:24:10 16:24:12 16:24:14 16:24:47 16:24:49 16:24:55 16:24:56 16:24:56 16:24:57 16:24:57 16:24:57 16:25:00 16:26:56 16:26:57 16:26:58 16:26:59 16:27:05 16:27:36 16:28:29 16:29:57 16:29:59 16:30:06 16:30:29 16:32:38 16:32:55 16:33:15 16:33:19 16:33:20 16:33:38 16:34:30 16:36:33 16:36:33 16:36:38 16:36:38 16:36:39 16:36:46 Time 16:36:52 16:37:42 16:37:58 16:37:59 16:39:14 16:39:15 16:39:15 16:39:41 16:39:42 16:40:16 16:40:17 16:40:20 16:41:37 16:41:37 16:42:12 16:42:20 16:43:10 16:43:12

M35-39 M60+ Division M50-54 M40-44 F50+ F40-49 F40-49 M35-39 M50-54 M50-54 M50-54 M35-39 Single Speed M50-54 Single Speed M35-39 F40-49 M45-49 F29 & Under F30-39 F30-39 M40-44 M40-44 M55-59 M29 & Under M40-44 F30-39 Single Speed M29 & Under M50-54 M45-49 M40-44 M40-44 M40-44 M55-59 M40-44 M40-44 M35-39 M40-44 M60+ M40-44 M45-49 M45-49 M55-59 M29 & Under Fat Bike M35-39 M55-59 M55-59 M60+ M30-34 M50-54 M55-59 M45-49 M50-54 M30-34 M40-44 M60+ F30-39 F30-39 M30-34 M30-34 M45-49 M30-34 Division M40-44 M60+ M29 & Under M50-54 M50-54 M40-44 M50-54 F40-49 M55-59 M60+ M60+ M45-49 F40-49 Single Speed M45-49 M35-39 M45-49 M50-54

16:45:31 16:46:52 16:46:57 16:47:08 16:47:22 16:47:57

Tandem M45-49 F40-49 M40-44 F30-39 M45-49

625 David Kneale 16:48:19 M45-49 626 Den Scanlon 16:48:21 M60+ Rank Name Time Division 627 Shannon Pasch 16:48:22 F40-49 628 Jason Mccormick 16:48:23 M45-49 629 Rick Presser 16:49:57 M55-59 630 Chris Peters 16:50:28 M35-39 631 Ward Griffiths 16:50:41 F50+ 632 Che Hale 16:50:53 M40-44 633 Andrew Schoen 16:51:06 M40-44 634 Keith Buescher 16:51:11 M55-59 635 Brian Madison 16:52:05 M55-59 636 Gillian Forsyth 16:53:10 F40-49 637 Josh Sprague 16:53:48 M40-44 638 Jack London 16:53:50 M45-49 639 Jenny Acker 16:53:51 F30-39 640 Mitch Bernskoetter 16:53:53 M40-44 641 Jeremy Tanner 16:54:33 M30-34 642 Sean Murnane 16:54:44 M29 & Under 643 Macy Weber 16:54:53 F29 & Under 644 Kiersta Tucker 16:54:57 F40-49 645 Perry Morris 16:55:44 M40-44 646 Laura Knoblach 16:55:44 F29 & Under 647 Kristen Wade 16:55:47 F30-39 648 Al Wade 16:55:47 M45-49 649 Stephen Buchwalder 16:55:50 M55-59 650 Jim Kronjaeger 16:55:52 M55-59 651 Bryan Smith 16:56:27 M55-59 652 Chris Hill 16:57:52 M45-49 653 Karl Kaufman 16:57:56 M45-49 654 J.r. Glenn 16:58:33 M40-44 655 Brian Hansen 16:58:38 Fat Bike 656 Jackie Campbell 16:58:56 F30-39 657 Judd Rohwer 16:59:07 Fat Bike 658 Joe Billesbach 17:00:27 M50-54 659 Nicholas Frost 17:00:33 M35-39 660 Walter Edwards 17:00:34 M40-44 661 Kevin Tubbs 17:00:52 M45-49 662 Tim Mcgrath 17:01:34 M45-49 663 Randy Walton 17:02:13 M55-59 664 Nick Paschal 17:02:15 M35-39 665 Erica Harshaw 17:02:28 F40-49 666 Jay Horton 17:02:29 M45-49 667 John White 17:02:33 M50-54 668 Todd Frye 17:03:32 M35-39 669 Dick Rees 17:03:47 M50-54 670 Lee Buell 17:03:48 F50+ 671 Paul Brasby 17:04:13 M50-54 672 Benjamin Coleman 17:04:56 M29 & Under 673 Neil Taylor 17:04:58 M35-39 674 John Decker 17:05:12 M50-54 675 Jamin Williamson 17:05:21 M35-39 676 Brandon Pope 17:06:56 M30-34 677 Steve Tyrrell 17:06:56 M45-49 678 Matthew Battiston 17:09:18 M50-54 679 Tim Woolford 17:09:40 M30-34 680 Marty Johnson 17:14:10 M60+ 681 Otis Crockett 17:14:49 M40-44 682 Rhino Knifer 17:14:50 Single Speed 683 Scott Harding 17:16:47 M45-49 Rank Name Time Division 684 Rich Worth 17:18:00 M35-39 685 Kenny Sipes 17:18:30 M55-59 686 Tony Hersberger 17:19:22 M45-49 687 Brent Petersen 17:19:40 M35-39 688 Steve Reid 17:21:00 M60+ 689 Greg Niemeyer 17:21:01 M45-49 690 Ross Elford 17:21:02 M60+ 691 Aaron Houston 17:21:28 Single Speed 692 Heidi Snyder & Middy Matthews 17:24:31 Tandem 693 Joshua Benefield 17:25:30 M35-39 694 Kyle Lockhause 17:26:58 M29 & Under 695 Paul Pilliard 17:27:09 M60+ 696 Peg Miller 17:27:11 F50+ 697 Daniel Loughry 17:29:31 M30-34 698 Jennifer Conine 17:30:40 F40-49 699 Nathan Kearns 17:30:41 M45-49 700 Adam Hall 17:31:02 M40-44 701 Tim Heuer 17:31:02 M40-44 702 David Hutton 17:31:02 M45-49 703 Sara Mcdowell 17:31:03 F30-39 704 Daniel Kammerich 17:31:05 M55-59 705 Nicholas Sigman 17:31:51 M30-34 706 Trevor Spangle Jamie Lusk 17:33:43 Tandem 707 Steven Holt 17:34:15 M30-34 708 Michele Smith-Jones 17:34:20 F50+ 709 Gordon Merklein 17:34:22 M50-54 710 Ross Ostenberg 17:34:24 M55-59 711 Tim Sadowski 17:34:42 M60+ 712 Justin Eddings 17:37:25 M35-39 Coninuted on Page 46

DK Magazine | 45

359 Eric Chase 360 Brett Burris Rank Name 361 Ron Dempsey 362 Marc Bousquet 363 Ian Gonder 364 Andy Logan 365 Adam Galindo 366 Scott Sumpter 367 Dana Zimmel 368 David Beeson 369 Steve Kunst 370 Tyler Knackstedt 371 Richard Shurtz 372 Claire Shurtz 373 Jerry Jones 374 Shawn O’mara 375 Michael Barrett 376 Sam Voegeli 377 Jack Carpenter 378 Warran Wiebe 379 Marieke Dechesne 380 Steve Fields 381 Jeff Prince 382 Andy Phillips 383 Mike Hannig 384 James Rein 385 Scott Stevens 386 Peter Skarzenski 387 Tim Hornik Mike Reynolds 388 Zachary Hyland 389 Jon Elliott 390 Michael Lange 391 Preston Jackson 392 James Evangelista 393 Michael Atha 394 Adam Popplewell 395 Gabrielle Shelton 396 Berna Abele 397 Sheldon Thompson 398 David Dewitt 399 Dan Gadbery 400 Jennifer Rhoades 401 Clint Westhoff 402 Allison Zmuda 403 Crystal Wintle 404 Malinda Gillispie 405 Sam Lewis 406 Thad Whalen 407 Don Eldridge 408 Phillip Walker 409 Mark Wall 410 Mark Chapin 411 John Boyd 412 Gaylord Otte 413 Scott Hammer 414 Bruce Gaultney 415 Matt Vander Sys 416 Tucker Trotter 417 Wil Kratz 418 Janeen Mccrae 419 Matthew Murphy 420 Bill Blankenau 421 Jerry Bueno 422 Shalom Goffri 423 Mike West 424 John Mathias 425 Dustin Burgardt 426 Diego Martinez 427 Timothy Klausutis 428 Jennifer Talley 429 Patrick Collins 430 Daniel Christiansen 431 Scott O’mara 432 Pierre Foucart 433 Scott Barnhart 434 Samantha Scipio 435 Gary Hamer 436 Glenn Eyler 437 Matthew Bleckman 438 John Jarvis 439 Don Kelly 440 Tony Smith 441 Hal Hunt 442 Lindy Carroll 443 Nicholas Gaspard 444 Dennie Mcgarry 445 Tobie Depauw 446 Jonathan Traughber 447 Sarah Ramey 448 Nelson Carter

[Photo courtesy of Jason Ebberts]

46 | DK Magazine

2017 Finishers Continued 713 Martin Bunge 714 Cathy Spencer 715 Cole Johnson 716 Jim Brull 717 Jason Cyboron 718 Kris Kasprzyk 719 Jesper Nordengaard 720 Lawrence Dreyfus 721 Timothy Shafer 722 Braden Damman 723 Felix Foret 724 Bert Lamour 725 Charles Mayden 726 Luke Roth-Mullet 727 David Mathews 728 Libby Skinner 729 Charlotta Matson 730 Mike Holm 731 Doug Thomas 732 Ben Schreiber 733 Ben Fincham 734 Brian Edeker 735 David Guth 736 Noah Schabacker 737 Lauren Conroy 738 Crystal Jacobson 739 Aron Wheeler Rank Name 740 Sarah Marcikonis 741 Jeff Hiss 742 Walter Dixon 743 Eleanor Crumbaugh 744 Christopher Connell 745 Jana Strait 746 Raymond Jansen 747 Shane Heiman 748 Jennifer Meier 749 Allen Brunner 750 Timothy Makarewicz 751 Dustan Shepherd 752 Scott Russell 753 Bradley Arning 754 William Christison 755 Mike Teske 756 Zach Shaeter 757 David Mizelle 758 Jeff Kinsel 759 Bob Struwe 760 Chryssi Keller 761 Ben Postlethwait 762 Michael Hall 763 Alan Mcclain 764 Matthew Jennings 765 Curtis Stafford 766 Tim Rozell 767 Shane Pasley 768 Tavis Westbrook 769 Kelly Clarke 770 Shane Lee 771 David Starkey

17:37:41 17:39:04 17:39:04 17:39:40 17:39:44 17:45:12 17:45:37 17:45:38 17:45:39 17:45:59 17:46:43 17:47:03 17:47:38 17:49:27 17:49:27 17:55:32 17:57:25 17:59:18 18:00:14 18:00:21 18:02:16 18:02:18 18:02:56 18:03:36 18:05:02 18:05:40 18:06:12 Time 18:06:15 18:07:34 18:07:39 18:09:22 18:11:05 18:15:24 18:15:59 18:16:44 18:17:04 18:17:05 18:18:00 18:18:52 18:18:54 18:18:59 18:19:13 18:19:15 18:20:23 18:25:50 18:27:37 18:30:54 18:31:02 18:31:14 18:31:16 18:33:44 18:33:45 18:35:06 18:36:50 18:36:59 18:38:47 18:39:14 18:41:49 18:46:12

M60+ F50+ M45-49 M45-49 M40-44 M40-44 M40-44 M60+ M60+ M29 & Under M50-54 M45-49 M60+ M35-39 M55-59 F50+ F50+ M55-59 M55-59 M30-34 Fat Bike Fat Bike M45-49 M35-39 F Single Speed F30-39 M40-44 Division F50+ M45-49 M55-59 F30-39 M35-39 F40-49 M45-49 M30-34 F50+ M50-54 M29 & Under M55-59 M45-49 M45-49 M55-59 M45-49 M29 & Under Single Speed M30-34 M50-54 F30-39 M40-44 M40-44 M45-49 M45-49 M35-39 M50-54 M30-34 M40-44 F Single Speed Single Speed M55-59

772 Sean Balke 773 Tom Smith 774 Samantha Jones 775 Adam Jones 776 Don Roppolo 777 Cindy Schwab 778 Sheri Swenning 779 Carol Bell 780 Mk Thompson 781 Deb Vomhof 782 Rodney Haun 783 Christopher Eaton 784 David Hamilton 785 Erik Larson 786 Alicia Larson 787 Chris Pay 788 Melissa Bailey 789 Elizabeth Mckinley 790 Marcy Maurath 791 Christine Springer 792 William Mclaughlin 793 Gregg Eichorn 794 Nathan Wall 795 Kari Logwood 796 Tyler Granger 797 Andy Goodner 798 Tara Bakker 799 Sam J. Gabuzzi, Jr. 800 Craig Bakker Rank Name 801 Bruce Currin 802 Scott Kiddoo 803 Francien Dechesne 804 Shelli Shipps 805 Casey Bailey 806 Laura Drake 807 Paula Caro 808 Maureen Boyle 809 Brett Stevens 810 James Penosky 811 Steve Mcguire 812 Jeremy Hutsell 813 Shawn Mckinney 814 Rick Duffield 815 Gretchen Wisby 816 Doug Christie 817 Derrick Boos 818 Judy Decker 819 Daniel Schaumann 820 Robert Neuman 821 Rob Van Pelt 822 William Mennen 823 Chuck Stone 824 Brian Hanson 825 Ashley Hanson 826 Miguel Felix 827 Sharon Morejon 828 Robert Franklin

18:46:26 M40-44 18:46:28 M40-44 18:48:18 F30-39 18:48:19 M35-39 18:50:10 M40-44 18:50:10 F40-49 18:54:04 F40-49 18:54:04 F50+ 18:55:32 F50+ 18:55:32 F50+ 19:04:36 M55-59 19:07:12 M30-34 19:08:53 M45-49 19:10:14 M45-49 19:10:15 F40-49 19:13:57 M30-34 19:30:25 F30-39 19:30:25 F Single Speed 19:30:30 F40-49 19:30:33 F40-49 19:31:23 M50-54 19:31:27 M45-49 19:36:29 M30-34 19:36:31 F50+ 19:36:37 M50-54 19:36:52 M40-44 19:50:15 F30-39 19:50:15 M55-59 19:50:15 M35-39 Time Division 19:50:22 M60+ 19:50:23 M55-59 19:50:54 F40-49 19:52:46 F50+ 19:54:40 F30-39 19:54:40 F29 & Under 19:54:42 F40-49 19:54:42 F30-39 19:54:50 M40-44 20:03:24 M50-54 20:06:06 Fat Bike 20:08:42 M45-49 20:08:56 M50-54 20:08:56 M55-59 20:10:19 F40-49 20:10:19 M55-59 20:15:36 Single Speed 20:17:14 F50+ 20:23:18 M30-34 20:39:11 M60+ 20:45:40 M55-59 20:47:26 M45-49 20:47:33 Single Speed 20:51:45 M35-39 20:51:46 F30-39 20:55:51 M29 & Under 20:58:49 F50+ 20:59:03 M40-44

620.342.9600 • sweetgranada.com 803 Commercial

620.343.6473 • emporiaksarts.org 815 Commercial

Exposing the Dirt: Photos from the Ride. May 8 - June 3, 2018. Artists’ Gallery Reception, Thurs., May 31, Welcome to the sweetest place in Kansas! We’re the only gourmet chocolate shop in the Midwest with 200 handmade 4 - 6 p.m. Take home a Dirty Kanza memory that lasts a lifetime – DK art, photography and memorabilia, created by local artists, chocolates and the home of Pop-Choc. Stop in for perfect one-of-a-kind chocolate gifts to take home. Extended hours for sale in our Trusler Gallery and Glaser Art and Gift Shop. The Emporia Arts Center has been making “Art Memories” for the for DK Weekend! past 42 years in Emporia and the surrounding communities.

620.208.6105 littleredrooster 829 1/2 Commercial Welcome to the Dirty Kanza! We are the only home décor store in the 800 block of Commercial Street — large selection of candles, jewelry and new line of Goat Milk Skincare. From bike décor to cowbells … we can fulfill all of your souvenir needs.


620.342.4001 • granadacoffeecompany.com 809 Commercial OPENING 4:30 THE MORNING OF THE RACE. Dirty Kanza is HERE! The Granada Coffee Company is nestled between the Granada Theatre and the Arts Center. We create delicious drinks and have been voted ‘Best Coffee in the Flint Hills’ for 14 years. The race starts and ends at our front door. Good luck riders!

620.208.7660 jackslawnandpool 829 Commercial Welcome DK riders, fans and families! Whether you’re camping, grilling, sitting by the pool or at the lake, we have you covered. Smokin’ Brothers grills, BBQ spices & sauces, coolers and more. Stop in to see us! We are your outdoor fun store!

620.341.3196 • booker5m@yahoo.com 831 Commercial Welcome DK riders & fans! Featuring a wide selection of outdoor gear & military items including goggles, knives, backpacks, canteens, binoculars, medical supplies, ammo cans, boots, clothing, collectibles, and more. Free P-38 with any purchase!

803-831 Commercial St. • Downtown Emporia


Gravel City Adventure Open 716 Commercial St.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 30TH 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Gravel City Adventure Open 716 Commercial St.


10 a.m. – 10 p.m. Gravel City Adventure Open

716 Commercial St.

FRIDAY, JUNE 1ST 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Gravel City Adventure Open

9 – 10 a.m.

GU Stroopwafel & Coffee Ride w/ Granada Coffee and Gravel City Roasters

716 Commercial St.

SATURDAY, JUNE 2ND 5-7 a.m. 6 a.m.

Gravel City Adventure Open DK200 Race Start

6:20 a.m.

DK100 Ride Start

6:40 a.m.

DK50 Lite Ride Start

7 a.m.

DK25 Community Fun Ride Start

10 a.m.

DK High School Start

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

“All Things Gravel” Outdoor Expo

Block Party begins; First expected DK100 Finishers

10 – 11 a.m.

“Singletrack High” – Film Showing

11 a.m. – 12 p.m. #morekidsonbikes Youth Panel

(will be live streamed via DK Facebook page) 807 Commercial St.

1 – 2 p.m.

A Seat at the Table: Women in Cycling

2 – 3 p.m.

(will be live streamed via DK Facebook page) 807 Commercial St.

Adventure Iceland – Presented By Lauf Forks (will be live streamed via DK Facebook page) 807 Commercial St.

4 p.m.

DKXL Grand Depart

4:30 – 5:15 p.m.

First Rider’s Meeting

5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Adventure by Bike: Salsa short film hour

(will be live streamed via DK Facebook page) Salsa Cycles Booth – 7th and Commercial (will be live streamed via DK Facebook page) 807 Commercial St. 807 Commercial St.

7th and Commercial


All Rider Sign-In

807 Commercial St.

All Veterans Memorial

Kids Bike Parade

10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

807 Commercial St.

716 Commercial St.

711 Commercial St.

807 Commercial St.

11 a.m.

“All Things Gravel” Outdoor Expo

807 Commercial St.

815 Commercial St.

7th and Commercial

807 Commercial St.

10 a.m. – 10 p.m. Gravel City Adventure Open

10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

48 | DK Magazine

[Photo courtesy of Dave Leiker]

8th and Commercial

807 Commercial St.

4 p.m.

First expected DK200 Finishers


Block Party Closes

807 Commercial St. 807 Commercial St.


DK200 Finish line cut-off

8 – 9 a.m.

Rock Star Awards Ceremony

8 a.m. – Noon

Gravel City Adventure Open

807 Commercial St. 807 Commercial St. 716 Commercial St.

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Profile for The Emporia Gazette

2018 Dirty Kanza Magazine  

The official Magazine of the Dirty Kanza.

2018 Dirty Kanza Magazine  

The official Magazine of the Dirty Kanza.