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Centennial Honorees


100 YEARS. 100 STORIES. INFINITE IMPACT. We’d like to thank our honorees for sharing their stories with us.

Dear Goizueta Community, Business education has been an integral part of Emory University’s identity since 1919. That kind of longevity and significance does not come without a culture built around success and service. We are part of a small, elite group of business schools that have reached 100 years of age. This time of centennial

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celebration helps us recognize excellence and gives us a chance to thank the countless dynamic and talented people who have made Goizueta Business School what it is today. The ones who educate tomorrow’s leaders. The ones who elevate humanity for the benefit of more than themselves. So many go beyond, but we have selected 100 stories of grit, passion and inspiration that truly embody who we are. These women and men laid foundations and pushed us forward. I hope you enjoy these small previews of alumni, faculty and staff profiles. From there, I say to you: Go be empowered. Go be creative. Go be empathetic. So long as you Go Beyond. Sincerely,

Thank you to the profile writers and editors: Jennifer Corbett, Keith Farner, Ray Giler, Nicole Golston, Derek Hambrick, Michelle Hiskey, Page Leggett, Kerry Maffeo, J. Michael

Erika James

Moore, Kaylyssa Quinn, Emily Sewell, Donna

John H. Harland Dean

Talarico and Amy Wilson

Emory University’s Goizueta Business School



Robert Kazanjian

Asa Griggs Candler Chair and Professor in Organization & Management; Senior Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives “I’ve always wanted to have students leave my class looking at the world differently than when they came in.”


Roberto C. Goizueta

(1931–1997) Former Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company “As I travel around the world, I witness more and more people now increasingly turning to private enterprise for the jobs, services and products that will raise their standard of living, while looking to government to play just a supporting role.”

Laura Balser—94BBA | 01MBA Matt Smith—01MBA “When Laura and Matt care about something, they give it their whole hearts.”—Julie Barefoot




Koichi Sugiyama

Harriet Ruskin

David Bray




“From the time I came to Goizueta to when I embarked on my new career path, everything was a new and special experience for me.”

“One thing I love about Emory is its focus on the students and on meeting what their personal educational goals are.”

“At age 15, I wanted to see if I could use [my] computer to understand large groups and systems.”




Scott Budnick

Jim Carson

Jason Howard




“I take a lot of people into prison on visits, and that immediately humanizes them. I can’t take the whole world into prison, but I can tell those stories through film and television.”

“Real estate is a place for people to do business and a place for people to live. How they live, what they desire in their lives really drives what real estate’s all about.”

“That’s what drives me—when the two sides of the equation are equally balanced and therefore equally poised for success.”




Xia Liu

Lado Gurgenidze

Dean of Undergraduate Education



“Each of us may seem to be ordinary, but we can do extraordinary things.”


“The competitors were sound asleep in their complacency. When you shake things up and innovate under these circumstances, it is hard not to succeed.”

Andrea Hershatter—Senior Associate Julie Barefoot—Associate Dean of Engagement & Partnerships

“There are wings to fly here.”—Hershatter “That’s one thing I like about my job: I get to see the future.”—Barefoot

Ramón Muchacho 00MBA “I don’t know how long it will take for me to go back to my country, but I’m confident I will do well in whatever I decide to do because I have great education and network from Emory.”




Teresa Rivero

Phil Reese

85 Ox | 87BBA | 93MPH

66C | 76JD/MBA

Solon P. Patterson—57BBA | 58MBA Marianna Patterson—61C

“We are breaking barriers and building a common ground with partners to have a strategic, sustainable impact on public education.”

“There is a service ethic at Emory that touched me as an undergrad, was furthered as a grad student, and that drives me to this day.”

“It is our privilege to provide a legacy to Goizueta Business School based on what Emory has meant to us and our community and what it will mean in the future.”—Solon




H. James Dallas

Todd Foreman



David Roemer—02BBA Dan Costa—01BBA

“That’s the only way to really learn—being comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“We understood how to be opportunistic both in how we grew our businesses and how we bought our businesses.”

“In the beginning, we loved the idea that people could express themselves.”—Costa “We want to encourage people to take risks.”—Roemer




Jag Sheth

Jeff Denneen

Zander Lurie

Charles H. Kellstadt Chair in Marketing

92BBA | 97MBA


“What can I do to ensure that I make India and the U.S.—my origin and adopted countries, respectively—proud of me?”

“[Success is] being interested, engaged, motivated and inspired by what I’m doing. It’s about being happy.”

“As long as you have the best interest of colleagues, workers, friends and family at heart, you’ll make the best decision possible at that moment.”



Jason Glushon 07BBA “The key is running a busy agency the right way and staying true to our principles. I am very lucky to love what I do every day and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”


Erika James John H. Harland Dean; Professor in Organization & Management

Allison Burdette

“Without that fundamental empathy and willingness to understand people at a truly interpersonal level, we’ll never be successful in business.”

Professor in the Practice of Business Law “I want my students to leave the classroom with the confidence that in their future jobs, they know when to seek legal advice when needed.”




Alex Yarosh

Bill Belk

Warrick Dunn


73MBA | 84L


“In Hollywood, you are monetizing creative things based on a set of rules that you create yourself, but you truly transact through relationships.”

“If you want to break new ground, you can’t do the same thing you’ve always done.”

“I want to surround myself with a team of people who are smarter than I am because these people challenge your perspective and raise you to a new level.”




Andrew Davis

Stephanie Espy

Kristy Towry



“The language of business opened up for me ... I needed to be able to understand it and have a point of view.”

“If more people connected STEM to even the most simple things in our everyday lives, they would see how STEM careers help people and make a big difference around the world.”

Vice Dean of Faculty and Research; John and Lucy Cook Chair; Professor of Accounting “It’s all about connecting to human beings. What motivates me is the connections I make.”




Josh Luber

Alvin Sugarman

Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim

99BBA | 06JD/MBA



“The resale sneaker market is just supply and demand. This is Econ 101, BBA, day one, 1996 for me.”


Rick Gilkey

Professor in the Practice of Organization & Management “You think of being strategic as being a very cognitive, logical, linear process; in fact, it isn’t.”

“If there was a common thread through all the courses and disciplines, it was an unspoken dedication to being an ethical force.”

“My business mind and social heart are divinely developed to transform communities.”



Shan Carr Cooper

George Benston

89C | 95EvMBA “When you go beyond to be the leader people need and the business needs, then everyone can succeed.”


John H. Harland Professor of Finance “What really set George apart from his peers was a genuine interest in his students and colleagues.”—Jim Rosenfeld


Abbey Kocan 09MBA “I want my legacy to be one of unlocking human potential and not backing away from the hard problems.”




Adina Sterling

Dr. Zwade Marshall

Dr. Isabel Lowell


05C | 11M | 11MBA | 12MR


“I do feel the call of service is real, and it’s why I do what I do. I want to open up doors for people who come behind me.”

“My story hasn’t been perfect all along the way, but it is a story of resilience.”

“Goizueta gave me the confidence and creativity to think about things differently—to ask, ‘Why not?’”




John Spiegel

Ashley Grice

Jeff Rosensweig



“It was the excitement of learning. It was the desire to learn and the desire to produce. It paid off in a big way.”

“The university can continue to add value to students, alumni, Atlanta and beyond by engaging in our communities in meaningful ways, by having a seat at the table.”

Associate Professor of Finance; Director, The Robson Program for Business, Public Policy, and Government “The talk about millennials being interested in creating or working for social enterprises and being concerned about sustainability is not just talk—it’s reality.”




Emily Bianchi

Alok Deshpande

Rick Rieder

Associate Professor of Organization & Management



“[Students] help me think about things differently. Even if I have taught a class a dozen times, students still make comments that cause me to think of an issue in a way I never had before.”

“I was passionate about making an impact—especially among people who are disenfranchised.”

“We have the opportunity to unlock and develop the talent of so many of our kids who otherwise may not have been given a fighting chance to succeed.”




Humberto García-Sjögrim

Nsombi Ricketts

Gardiner Garrard




“I want to build bridges where silos now are.”

“Some of it is being in the right place at the right time. Most of it is working really hard and being passionate about what you do.”

“School gave me this analytical skill, an ability to work things out and the confidence that, if I wanted to understand something, I could.”




Roy Black

Dan Gordon

Ellen Bailey

Professor in the Practice of Finance



“[Real estate] is always changing; it’s extremely dynamic, which presents a new set of challenges.”

“I was also open-minded, and along the way, I met people in different job opportunities that I would never have imagined.”

“Your failures are the tools from which you’ll build your success.”




Selwyn Joffe

Dr. Sidney Hankerson

Lyle Fogarty

80BBA | 83L



“You realize how important it is to empower people. To let the best people do what they know best.”

“My life’s calling is to transform how people perceive and access mental health treatment by cultivating partnerships with trusted community-and faith-based organizations.”

“[At Goizueta] I created a very strong network—across the country and in Atlanta and Tampa—and I rely on it on a daily basis.”




Les Ottolenghi

Jason Payton

Brandon Walker



“I would say [Emory] really gave me an edge to think forward and design a path for my career that’s been very successful.”

“Switching to a new job is one thing, but I wanted more—I wanted skills in a whole new industry function.”

16BBA “It is exciting that there is no guaranteed path to success.”




Casey Rhode

Jack Tillman

Jim Lanzone




“Values define an organization and its people—and that’s something I learned at Emory.”

“I always admired [my stepfather’s] witty, understated and common-sense approach, and when I came to Goizueta, I realized I could be successful by emulating him.”

“What’s paid off for me time and time again has simply been the willpower to go the extra mile to make things happen. I refuse to settle.”


Dr. Angela Fusaro 01C | 17WEMBA “I don’t have a formula for when I figured out the right time. But what I did know is that if I continued as I had, the entrepreneurship endeavor was always going to be just a hobby.”




Michael Cohn

Mercedes Soria

Bill Brosius




“I felt that I needed to learn the language of business.”

“Entrepreneurship is the best thing I’ve ever done, and it’s also the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

“I knew I wanted to be in this field [of accounting], and being in the business school affirmed that with the great professors and teachers.”




Art Dietz

Tom Beaty

Benn Konsynski



“Dietz was an incredibly well-respected professor, and students really benefitted from his teaching prowess.”—Julie Barefoot

“There’s never been a two-year period in my life that’s been as transformative as my time at Goizueta.”

George S. Craft Professor in Information Systems & Operations Management “My definition of magic is shaping nature to your will. That’s what technology is.”




Jamie Harrell

Clifton Green

Narasimhan Jegadeesh


Professor of Finance

Dean’s Distinguished Chair of Finance

“Jamie is always taking steps. If others are walking, she is running.”—Stephanie Parisi, Associate Director of Online Education at Emory’s Center for Faculty Development and Excellence

“My job has never been a job—my career has been my calling and is a big part of my identity.”

“It was difficult to travel so far away from family, but the U.S. is the place to be for conducting cutting-edge research in finance.”




Peter Roberts

Jared Greenbaum

Andy Serwer



Professor of Organization & Management; Founding Academic Director of Social Enterprise @ Goizueta “By actively working across the spectrum of for-profit, nonprofit and hybrid organizations, our faculty and students become participants in important conversations and debates that are taking place around the world.”

“It was an eye-opening experience to see how student government really worked on this campus, and the differences between graduate students and undergraduates.”

“Today I learn so much about technology, new start-ups and new trends. That’s incredibly exciting to me and exhilarating.”




Andrea Casson Galiano

Jeremy Stoler

88BBA | 93MBA


Percy Muente—08MBA Arturo Muente Kunigami—06MBA

“You have to roar a little bit to become the queen of your destiny and conquer the business jungle.”

“People get so focused on business that they miss what’s important.”

“It’s hard to think of better embodiments of the Goizueta Business School core values than Percy and Arturo.”—Professor Patrick Noonan




James Ferman Jr.—65BBA Cecelia Ferman—65C

Omar Johnson

Bill Carr



“Don’t be afraid to ask a question because you’re afraid the answer might be no.” —James Ferman

“Take all the judgment out of the room … People start to come up with good ideas.”

“I gravitate towards smaller organizations that aspire to greatness—I sort of like the underdog—versus being the overdog.”




Sarah O’Brien

Steve Greenfield

Allison Dukes




“I think education is a big gap, and I’ve been able to see the power education can make in women’s futures.”


Sarah Arison 07BBA “Everything you do, you ask yourself, ‘Is there a way I can be a contributing part of the community? A way to give back? Is there a way to lead by example?’”

“There’s a lot of emotion attached in America to the car ownership process ... People really see that as a reflection of their identity.”

“One of the things I love the most about banking is the opportunity to learn about so many other businesses.”


Faraaz Hossain

(1996–2016) 15 Ox, Goizueta student “Even when everything was on the line, he couldn’t stray from his values.” —Zanir Malani 16Ox 18BBA



Georgia Kossoff

Pete McTier 61BBA

18BBA “My parents raised us to be grateful for the opportunities we have, and then find a way to pay it forward.”

“Being involved in philanthropy is a great experience. It’s a high calling, and it’s something few are privileged to be able to serve.”




Woo Taek Kim

Steve Carlin

Rebecca Ginzburg




“Emory’s emphasis on not just academic excellence but instilling leadership values in its students is what brought me to Emory.”

“[Goizueta] gave me the business framework and acumen to go out and be a productive member of a for-profit company.”

“I want to make sure that I can be impactful in a way that’s both useful to the organization and also meaningful to me, personally.”




Lee Brodsky

Patrick Noonan

Sarah Beth Brown

05BBA “It’s really important to me to build an environment where yes, it’s hard work and it’s competitive, but it’s also a place where my team feels appreciated.”

Professor in the Practice of Decision & Information Analysis “[In class,] he brought everything back to ‘How does this help somebody make a better decision?’”—Stacey Rudnick 99MBA

89MBA “Success is really not of an individual. It’s those that surround you.”




Stuart Rose

Grace Pownall

Marvin Ellison

76BBA “Every great university should have a great rare books library.”


Professor of Accounting; Area Coordinator of Accounting “She approaches her work—both teaching and conducting research—with such passion and conviction, and with such concern for others.”—Allison Gilmore, Director, Doctoral Program in Business

05EMBA “I was always willing to talk truth to power and I still am.”


William Hockey 12BBA “One percent of [developers using Plaid’s software] are going to be successful, but that 1% are going to totally change how the world operates.”


Jeff Miller 10MBA “My focus throughout my career has remained consistent: to feel increasingly challenged and influential over time.”

Earl Dolive (1917–2013) 40BBA

“Earl Dolive was one of the brightest and most creative executives I have ever worked with.”—Wilton Looney


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