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2 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com ...we will convert your old conservatory into a beautiful garden room. The Guardian™ Warm Roof system is ideal for both new build conservatories or for replacing the polycarbonate/glass roof on your existing Thisconservatory.isnotamake-over. The Guardian™ Warm Roof solution is based on an insulated lightweight tiled or slate roof that will not only look beautiful, it will give you extra all-year-round living space. Installed by our own tradesmen and fully compliant with local authority building control. • Reduced fuel bills • Achieves a U-Value of 0.18 • Thermally efficient & fully insulated • Cool in summer & cosy in winter With a Guardian™ Warm Roof in-place, you’ll be able to sit back & enjoy your extra living space all-year-round. Nice & cool in summer - cosy & warm in winter. Comfortable, quiet, light & airy, it’s the extra room you always wanted 9 Sam Alper Court, Depot Road, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 0GS Email: info@projects4roofing.co.uk Telephone: 01638 507730 www.projects4roofing.co.uk PROJECTSROOFING In just a few days... To see how we do it, watch our video online www.projects4roofing.co.uk/guardianat: FREEPLASTERING&ELECTRICS OnAllOrdersPlaced before 31/10/22


It's been a busy old summer here at Elyi HQ. Not much of it has been involving the magazineif truth be told! Both my husband and I were teachers so the summer break was a time for catching up with relatives and friends, something that just wasn't possible in term time. Although now retired it's still the same and our summer is as busy as ever. I spent a fab week at the Edinburgh Fringe with the Viva Arts and Community Group who took 3 shows up. Boy was it hot! but we survived. If you or someone in your family were awaiting exam results this August, I do hope you got what you hoped for and that opportunities are opening up in front of you and if not I'm sending an extra special virtual hug to you!! The Autumn is a lovely time in Ely, with the Oliver Cromwell House team organising more events than ever. We have the Heritage Open days early September and Ely Apple Fair on 8th October. That particular weekend has quite alot going on with events at The Cathedral and professional entertainment performing at The Maltings. See the events on page 38. Do get in touch to advertise your winter events and activities. Don't forget..... soon be Christmas!!!


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The dogs can alert to a change in their autistic partner's emotional state, helping to prevent this from escalating into a meltdown or giving the person or their carer the chance to get to a safe place. They can help the autistic person to leave the house, perhaps allowing a family to go out together in a way they just couldn’t do before. The dogs can help to them to achieve independence and have better social interactions, as well as accompanying their partner to college or Volunteerwork.

As we grow our Cambridge hub, we are looking for more volunteer Puppy Parents to look after dogs like our “Cohort B“ pups for between a year and 18 months, with training supervised, costs covered and support given. This is an incredibly important role and you would be part of the exciting journey these trainee assistance dogs take. Please email contact@dogsforautism.org.uk or scan the barcode to find out more. Get in touch... Email: littleportandelytimebank@btinternet.comCall:Chairperson07771687602Ambassador07776201813Membershipsecretary07854503845https://tol2.timebanking.org/

Puppy Parents

These four pups are the latest trainees with the charity, Dogs for Autism. Many of you will be aware of Guide Dogs and other disability assistance dogs, but Dogs for Autism, with a training hub near Ely, trains dogs specifically for autistic people of any age, anywhere in the UK. The charity currently has around 35 dogs transforming the lives of their autistic recipient and family. The assistance dogs are trained to perform tasks to mitigate the negative effects of autism; for example, they can be trained to 'find the exit' so their autistic partner can be led out of a shop or public area if they become overwhelmed or anxious. This can give them the confidence to access public places they may otherwise not go “Today,to.

Meet Bumble!BonsaiBrecon,Boo,and PRICESDOORRELIABLETODOORLEAFLETDELIVERYSTARTAT£50/1000 Call01353722568oremaileditor@elyimagazine.com

Poppy our amazing dog, took my daughter out to play. This might not sound like a big thing until you understand that she didn’t go outside for nearly 4 years due to her anxieties. Having Poppy has made it possible to go outside, to play, to laugh, to feel safe and protected from the world around her.”


use Absolute Sense Get in touch to find out how we can help you

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning. Absolute Sense Independent Financial Advisers Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm Number: 828966

Why Absolute Sense Chartered Financial Planners? It

We are a Chartered firm of financial planners. This means we have satisfied rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications and ethics. It means you can be confident that you are dealing with one of the UK’s leading firms that is wholly committed to providing you with the best possible advice, service and support. What does Chartered Mean?

Our Services include: We are your local Chartered Financial Planning firm, providing all forms of financial advice from highly qualified independent financial advisers. We offer combined financial planning experience of over 100 years and provide advice to people from all walks of life. We take the time to really listen and understand the aims of our clients and help prioritise these. Most importantly we ensure our clients are placed in the centre of everything we do. makes to


www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 5   01353 generalenquiries880033@absolutesense.co.uk www.absolutesense.co.uk Woolsack Barn, Financial Planning Centre 24 Market Street, Ely CB7 4LS

*These services are usually delivered in conjunction with a Solicitor to provide a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach.

Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning* Trustee Investment Planning* Care Fees Planning* Investment Planning Retirement Planning Insurance and Protection Planning Benefit Advice Mortgage Advice

Ely Museum’s shop is free to visit and open to all, not just visitors to the museum. We stock a range of quality items for all ages. From wooden toys for toddlers and craft kits for older children, to greetings cards by local artists and a great range of history books; we are a great place to find those special gifts for others, or treats for yourself. We sell items with a link to the museum displays, either through their connection to our shared history, the local area, or the landscape, wildlife and farming stories we also tell. With plenty of pocket money priced gems, fossils and fun toys, we are also a great place to visit on your family days out in Ely this summer. Our shop, located in the museum on the corner of Market Street and Lynn Road, is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30am until 5pm, and on Sunday from 12pm until 5pm. All proceeds from shop sales go directly to supporting the museum for the future. Based at the Larkfield Day Centre site on High Barns EARTH has been an establishes charity within Ely for twenty years or so supporting adults with learning difficulties from Ely and the surrounding villages. The benefits of gardening and spending time with nature are being realised more than ever as an activity that is so beneficial to personal health and wellbeing, and Earth has over twenty years’ experience working to bring these skills to Theothers.siteconsists of a large, grassed area shaded by mature trees, with areas for vegetable beds, raised beds, two polytunnels and a hut for use particularly in the winter when outdoor activities are limited. We have two staff with appropriate training and we focus on delivering service to small groups, usually as a day/half day care Theactivity.most recent addition to the facilities is the development of a sensory garden, a work on Theprogress.lasttwo years have shown that as a Charity we must evolve to provide services to a wider range of individuals who could benefit from our resources. Our open day has been the first of events highlighting what we can offer and new promotional material is now available. We should love to hear from you if you are looking for a fulfilling activity either as a therapy or as a volunteer. We have a new website www.earthely.org.uk, our email address is info@earthely.org.uk and our phone number is 07900627796

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We were entertained by our latest volunteer newcomers, Fionn and Julian, who treated each table to a demonstration of their skills at card tricks. We also want to thank the team from the Ely Fire Service who in their own time helped us to erect and dismantle the gazebos. So much easier with these folks, thank you!

As a home visiting volunteer for Home-Start Cambridgeshire you will be carefully matched with a family for up to 6 months, offering practical and emotional support. The focus of the support is what the family feel they need to help alleviate the strain they are under. Our role is to empower them to see they either have the resources within themselves to do this, or to signpost and support them to access longer term support within their community. Our aim is to help parents be the best they can be, in order to give their children the best possible start in life.

Next is our Bridge Event where you can play Chicago Bridge and enjoy lunch for a day at Sutton Royal Legion Hall on Sat Oct 15th. We are also planning a “Christmas Wreath Making Workshop” on Saturday December 3rd. There will be a morning or afternoon workshop and lunch available in between. To book for any of these events or to join please contact Johanna Partridge on 07912617135 or Wendy Powell on 07470507790. We are always keen to hear from you.

Being a home visiting volunteer is hugely rewarding and builds a sense of achievement knowing that you have made a difference to the families you visit. We know it helps develop confidence as individuals and many of our volunteers move onto paid work after gaining skills and experience through Home-Start IfCambridgeshire.youwanttobe part of our amazing team, please give us a call on 01480 700242 or email: office@ homestartcambridgeshire.co.uk.

Do you have a bit of spare time and want to make a difference to a family’s life? Why not become a Home-Start Cambridgeshire volunteer.

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We are looking for volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences who know what it’s like to bring up small children. No qualifications are needed to become a HomeStart volunteer other than being committed, passionate and non-judgemental about supporting families to recognise and use the strengths they have to thrive.


Dates for our next Volunteer Preparation Course are: 4th, 11th and 18th October 2022.

Once more the Ely NSPCC Fundraising group celebrated Summer with their now famous Alfresco Supper in the garden of Wendy and Michael Powell. Over £1000 was raised with donations from many and Tesco and Harnwells, the butchers, in particular.

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Characters in costume for 500th anniversary of Ribe Town Hall 1996 Mayor Lis Every and Tove Kjellerup plant the twinning tree in GardensJubilee2015

A key moment came on the 50th anniversary in 2006, when a Danish artist and weaver combined to produce the wonderful Ely-Ribe Tapestry, which is on permanent display in The Maltings foyer at the Riverside, a lasting reminder of the benefits of twinning and the shared history of two Aftercommunities.twodifficult years during the pandemic, the Ely-Ribe Association is now looking to move forward, with a small group of tour guides from Ribe coming to share experiences with the Visit Ely guides in October, and a full group of Danish visitors expected in May 2023.


The Ely-Ribe Association will be holding a welcome event for prospective new members at The Maltings on Tuesday 27th September at 6.30pm. Why not come along and find out more about our activities? Contact Chairman Howard McMillan on Ely 667949, or at howardmcmillan@btinternet.com

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What followed was an initial meeting in Ribe, Denmark’s oldest town, between the Dean of Ely Cathedral, Canon Patrick Hankey, local councillor Colonel John Beckett and their Danish counterparts, which started a friendship between the two communities that is still flourishing, 66 years later. Whilst early contacts were largely civic in nature, 1975 saw the Ely Standard offer a “once in a lifetime” coach and rail trip to Ribe for £10, which was heavily oversubscribed. This really marked the start of grass roots community involvement in the twinning, which continues to be a feature to this day.

Unveiling Ribe Tapestry 2006 Ribe aerial view Mayors sign twinning charter 2001 Littleport Riot in Ribe 2010

Perhaps not many Ely residents know that our city is part of one of the longest standing twin town relationships of any place in the UK. Back in 1956, a chance meeting between the British Ambassador in Copenhagen and a group of civic and church leaders in Denmark included a discussion about the new idea of twinning between towns of different nations, in an attempt to foster better understanding following the traumas of WW2.

Group visits alternate between Ely and Ribe, with guests staying with host families to experience a little of their culture and lifestyle. Often these visits coincide with special events in the host community, and drama groups, choirs and dancers from Ely have all had the opportunity to perform for a Danish audience. Groups with similar interests can also be introduced to each other. Above all, the individual friendships that have been created and endured are the real measure of the success of the arrangement.

www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 11 A CONTEMPORARYDESIGNSRANGEFANTASTICOFFROMTOCLASSIC A WORLD OF CHOICE AT REEDS UNBEATABLE PRICES FROM A FAMILY BUSINESS YOU CAN TRUST! Check out our website reedshomestore.co.uk | Find us on facebook for the latest updates REEDS Furniture, Flooring, Bed Centre & Homestore, Bridge Street, Downham Market PE38 9DS T: 01366 382213 REEDS Furniture, Flooring & Bed Centre, Lancaster Way Business Park, Ely CB6 3NX T: 01353 669754 SOFAS | CHAIRS | FURNITURE | BEDS | MATTRESSES | FLOORING | CURTAINS | BLINDS AND MORE! Opening Times: Mon – Sat 9am to 5pm in Downham and Ely | Sunday 10am to 4pm in Ely only Visit the café in our Downham Market Store where delicious food and drink awaits you.

12 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com Ely’s NO. 1 Independent Skip Hire further than Ellgia! For more information call 01223 322799 or 01353 688354 or visit www.ellgia.co.uk

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The only person that can change someone's values is themselves. So often what happens is people try and appoint someone to role and say, “We'll help them align their values to us”; This doesn't work. You need to bring people into your team with aligned values and people who will fit your team culture, rather than trying to shoehorn them in.

What does this mean?


Values & Culture:


Natural Energy: Natural energy is critical to successful hiring and ignored by 95% of interviewers. Yes 95%!!!

Most employers hire on skill and fire on behaviour; they always assess the skill and never assess the behaviour until it’s too late. We have a platform that can do this for you.

Skills & Ability: Some roles require no or a low level of skill and others are highly skilled. This pillar also includes literacy and numeracy assessments, which is still classed as a skill. For roles that require a reasonable level of skill it is almost always assessed at interview.

Graham Brown is a former army musician and Gulf war veteran and has been at the helm of Forces Recruitment for the past 20 years, helping over 10,000 servicemen and women into work. His mission is to rid the world of bad hires and help the next 10,000 Veterans into work. He is also a behavioural coach, specialising in Contribution Compass, a platform which is also at the heart of his other businesses, Fitness Club Dynamics and Military Dynamics, a new veteran training programme for people looking for help in their new career. In his spare time, he still maintains his interest in music and can be found as a Musical Director and Vocal Coach in Cambridge working with Viva, Ely ADS and the Campaign for Amateur Theatre Group.

To find out more about Forces Recruitment go to:www.forcesrecruitment.co.uk/

Why? Because employers hire on skill and recruit people they like rather than people who can do the job. Their skill is rarely the reason they get fired or leave because it’s assessed at interview, it’s almost always the behaviour and much of this comes down to natural energy. This is why we chose the Contribution Compass platform to build into our recruitment Thisprocess.amazing platform allows us to assess the role itself and measure candidates against it and we can tell with a fair amount of predictability how closely someone will align to the role. This gives an employer the very best chance of getting the contribution they’re looking for.

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Three key components make up the perfect recruitment process Skills & Ability C Natural Energy C Values & Culture

www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 15 Poets House, St Mary's Street, Ely CB7 4EYwww.poetshouse.co.uk BookCelebrationyour Poets House is the perfect venue for conferences, weddings and celebrations of up to 50 guests. Call to book: 01353 887777 15

16 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com THE WASP SPIDER

The female wasp spider Argiope bruennichi is one of the UK’s most spectacular spiders. Measuring 14-17 mm in length it is easily identified by the striking black, yellow and white stripes across its body and legs. Its resemblance to a wasp is an example of mimicry and helps to protect the wasp from predators. It does not sting and is harmless to Thehumans.maleis much smaller at 4-6 mm and is pale brown in colour. Mating for the male is dangerous as he is often eaten by the female. The orb-shaped web of the wasp spider is very noticeable. Similar to those of the garden spider, but with a characteristic zig-zag pattern of silk through the centre called a ‘stabilimentum,’ the function of which is a subject of debate. The web is attached in a sunny position to grasses and other vegetation usually less than a metre high. The female sits in the centre of the web, head down, awaiting the capture of its main prey: Thegrasshoppers.urn-shaped cocoon is placed higher in the vegetation. The eggs overwinter, hatching out the next spring. The spiders mature in late summer with the female living until October.


The wasp spider was first recorded in Britain in 1922 on the south coast, but since the 1970s has been spreading north. Although it has been recorded in the environs of Ely to our knowledge it has not been recorded in the Wildspace. Will you be the first to find it there? Get involved by visiting elywildspace.org.uk or email lpcre@elywildspace.org.uk. Find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Many of you will have been regular visitors to the Maltings, be it for the weekly cinema, comedy nights, conferences, weddings or Panto to name but a few of the many spectacular events we all enjoy. Staff and councillors have received lots of comments from you following your attendance at many of these events and from hirers of the venue about how very uncomfortable the seating is and that it is in such a poor condition. We are excited to say we have listened and with the help of 20% funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy and a necessary loan, plans are in place for new seating. This will be in time for the ever-popular Christmas panto - OH YES IT IS! Lola and the team look forward to welcoming you to the venue so you can experience the new seating in the Autumn. In the meantime, have a look at what’s on at the Maltings and get your tickets booked to ensure your seat in the audience! The Council has also made other improvements to the Maltings, these include new lighting in the main hall and upgrades to the disabled and gents’ toilets. The Maltings is the ideal venue to hold your conference or wedding in our beautiful Elysian Hall which offers a variety of seating layouts from cabaret to theatre style. Or for a smaller or more intimate occasion, how about our stunning Kempen room with views of the riverside. We are also able to accommodate either large or small family events, including birthday parties, christenings, and engagements, as well as corporate functions, seasonal parties, charity events and fayres. We can help plan your perfect event from organising the catering to providing the entertainment. We currently have special offers on mid-week weddings. Don’t delay, get in touch and see what we can do to help you plan your special day. Call us on 01353 662663 or email www.themaltingsely.org.ukmaltings@cityofelycouncil.org.uk

www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 17 R. J. Pepper & Son Independent Family Funeral Directors Ely’s only Family owned funeral service serving Ely and the surrounding villages 24 Hour Service with Dignity and Respect Private Chapel of Rest Personalised Pre-Paid Funeral Plans 14 Prickwillow Road, Ely Cambs CB74QT Tel: 01353 665300 2, Pont's Hill, Littleport, Ely, Cambs, CB6 1PZ Email: Website:flowersbychloeetc@gmail.comwww.flowersbychloeely.co.ukFlowers for all occasions Tel: 01353 863200

18 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com 260027 Ego Transcendence | Healing | Hypnotherapy Reiki | Energy Work | Coun selling www.realifetherapy.com Heart-centred Therapy from the mind Ego Transcendence | Healing | Reiki | Energy Work | EFT | Spiritual Awareness established in Ely since 2004 07739 260027 Integrating transpersonal psychology with holistic therapeutic practices. Reaching beyond the mind into the consciousness of the REAL you. realifetherapy@gmail.com Hypnotherapy | Client-centred counselling NLP | Transpersonal psychotherapy Transformational Therapy for Self-Development Treating the root, not the symptom with the REAL Approach abuse | anxiety | addictions grief | fears | depression Improve self-worth & confidence Marisa Jolley 07909 943 171 B.A (Hons) MCFHP, MAFHP Registered Foot Health Practitioner The Village Foot Clinic Carpond Lane, Wilburton CB6 3RJ Clinic and Mobile appts for: vNail filing and trimming vReduction of thickened nails vCorns, hard skin removal etc vDiabetics treated vAssessment & Treatment £32 Are you feeling a little deaf? Do you need your ears checked before an audiology appointment?Contact:AliCoghlanRegisteredGeneral Nurse Tel: 07984 831177 Cambridge Rd, Ely Highly experienced and fully insured. Purpose built treatment room. Irrigation appointment for one or both ears £40.00 Ear check up prior to irrigation or audiology £10.00 www. elyearcare.co.uk Are you feeling a little deaf? Do you need your ears checked before an audiology appointment? Highly experienced Fully insured DBS checked Purpose built treatment room CQC regulated Irrigation appointment for one or both ears £45.00 Ear check up prior to irrigation or audiology £10.00 n n n n n n RegisteredAliContact:CoghlanGeneral Nurse Tel: 07984 831177 96 Cambridge Rd Ely CB7 4HU



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Over the years we have had help with funding from Living Sport, Waitrose, and Lloyds Bank. In 2014 we were able to start Line Dance classes with a grant from East Cambs District Council. Line dancing is good for memory and fitness, also for people to meet socially, and to make new friends. We have a special event at our tea dance on Tuesday 4th October from 2-4pm, with live music by David Last. £5.00 including Werefreshments.arealways looking for new members, so why not come along and try us.


Many of us know someone with dementia. Some of us find ourselves caring for a parent, partner or family member who has dementia. Would you be prepared to volunteer to help other carers through a similar journey?

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East Cambs Dancing for Fun was set up in 2012 with a tea dance to help promote healthy living for the over 50s.


Starting from as little as an hour a week, you really can make a difference in many ways by joining our small and well supported team as a listener, providing a much-needed ear and guidance to support carers with their caring journey and Whetherresilience.you want to learn more or give something back to your local community, you can support us and make a real difference to dementia carers’ lives. If you feel that you could support someone caring for a loved one who has dementia, then please contact us, we would love to hear from you. Call Louise Woolacott-Crow and Carole Lomas, Volunteer Coordinators, on 01480 420331 or email cpftdcss@cpft.nhs.uk

Comments from volunteers "I can only say that giving my time to someone who may be in distress, lonely or disabled in some way, has benefittedhopefullytheirlives and has certainly enriched mine. I have learnt so much - I am a better person for it!' “I find volunteering very rewarding and love the fact I’m giving something back to other Carers who are just starting out on a Dementia journey with a loved one.”

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Ely and Littleport

Find us on Facebook

Ken https://www.elyopengardens.com/Ellis – Riot Border

Morris and Instagram - elyandlittleportriot 23

The dance out season starts on 1st May at 5:20am outside Ely Cathedral. In common with many other Morris sides around the country we will be dancing the sun up. Our regular events include St Neot’s Day of Dance, Eel Day, Denny Abbey May Open Day and Ely Folk Festival. This year we also danced at Chippenham Folk Festival. We also dance at local pubs, and provide entertainment at events over the Summer. In June we danced at two Jubilee celebrations over that weekend. We are available for displays at events in the local area and to organisations like the WI, Guides, Beavers, schools etc for whom we can do displays and teaching sessions. The practice season starts on Friday 2nd / 9th September. We meet at Centre E in Barton Road, Ely from 8 till 9:30. New dancers and musicians are always welcome so please come and join us. This year saw more visitors than ever, and raised more money than ever. If you came, you helped to raise a grand total of £5763 for the NGS, as well as £790 for Ely Food Bank and two other small local charities. From the gardeners’ side, it was gratifying that so many people were able to enjoy our gardens. I wonder if you would like to join us? We’re always open to enquiries from people who might like to, particularly from the new estates. If you don’t think that your garden’s big enough, why not join together with a couple of your neighbours and open as one entry? With the trend for gardens to be smaller, it would be interesting to see how you’re developing your plots, and you could share ideas with other people. Maybe that you have a communal garden or shared space that you garden as a group? Just as Getinteresting.intouchwith me via our website at elyopengardens.com and we can have a chat.

The Ely and Littleport Riot is a mixed Morris side based in Ely. We dance our own version of Border Morris, a style of dancing from the counties that border Wales. We do dance a few traditional dances but most of our dances are our own compositions named after local places, Aldreth Mill, Black Bank, Padnal…… The side is named after the bread riots that took place in Ely and Littleport in 1816. A number of men were hanged and more transported to Australia for their part in the riots. There is a memorial on the south side of St Mary’s Church tower in Ely. We practice from the beginning of September to the end of April and ‘Dance out’ almost every week in May, June and July, sometimes twice and from time in the Autumn and Winter. These are mainly regular events like March Winter Fair and Whittlesey Straw Bear.


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• Pedestrians are safer and carers/parents are more likely to allow their children to walk or cycle to school, which takes more vehicles off the road and develops healthy active travel habits.

The Climate and Environment Committee may seem like a strange place to find out about roads in Ely, but it enables us to advocate for road safety in the city with an eye on environmental harms caused by traffic volume and the state of the roads for all users. Whilst the County Council is the authority responsible for carrying out road works, the Council is one channel for residents to route concerns about road safety. The Committee makes recommendations to County to make safe these minor issues, such as speeding on a particular stretch. Speed and Road Maintenance

Road Safety and Active Travel in Ely

• Fewer emissions are produced by vehicles travelling at slower speeds, which improves the quality of the air on the street and ultimately contributes to a slowing in climate change. The Committee is working with County councillors to realise the ambition of 20s Plenty for Ely.

• Speed bumps are loved by no one and rendered unnecessary, again reducing expenditure.

30 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com City of Ely Council Sessions House, Lynn Road, Ely, Phone:CB7Cambs4EG01353661016Fax:01353667057

• People survive traffic incidents at 20mph, which saves authorities and the taxpayer money.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors! - Promoting Active Travel (cycling and walking routes)

‘You can’t park there!’ - Promoting Considerate Parking Illegal and inconsiderate parking are a problem in Ely. Walking around, I often see vehicles on double yellow lines, which is dangerous, and parked partially or wholly on pavements. City of Ely Council has published an inclusivity statement and that includes residents and visitors who use mobility scooters, wheelchairs or canes. Vehicles parked on pavements are very hazardous to nondisabled and disabled users alike. We’re working to encourage drivers to keep vehicles on the road leaving the pavements free.

As the Council closest to the residents of Ely, we know how enthusiastic people are about cycling and walking. We’re working with East Cambridgeshire District Council to make more safe space for walkers and cyclists in the City.

Twenty’s Plenty is a global campaign to reduce speed in urban areas sponsored by the United Nations. You may have heard in the news that Wales recently followed Spain in adopting it and we’re hoping to be one of the first cities in England to join them. The benefits are huge:


The Wheels on the Bus Don’t Go Round and Round – better public transport provision for Ely

Some distances are too far to walk or cycle, but how can we travel a distance whilst leaving the car at home? Buses are the answer. A bus service that is reliable, comfortable and takes us to and from where we want to go. We’re working with partners, such as the Combined Authority of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to bring this Ifabout.you’re interested in any of the committee’s work on road safety and active travel, do get in touch: TEL: 07950 604521 EMAIL: rebeccadenness@cityofelycouncil.org.uk @rebeccadenness

www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 31 Apple and Harvest Fayre is back! Now in its 21st year, this eclectic autumn fayre celebrates the great British Apple and the Harvest! Watergull Orchards will be in attendance, with their juices and apples, plenty of competitions, apple and spoon races, longest peel competition and more. Come and join in the fun, identify your apple, create crafts, browse the stalls and celebrate with us. Palace Green Opposite Ely Cathedral For more information visit the Tourist Information Centre at Oliver Cromwell’s House or drop an email to info@visitely.org.uk Saturday October 8th 10am – 4pm Ely’s Apple& Harvest Fayre 2022 ISENTRY•FREE•

32 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com

Community Outreach Volunteers: willing to give up a spare Saturday or Sunday and attend market stalls across Cambridgeshire on our behalf. You will need to have a car or van to take plants and handmade gifts to market. You will receive training, a t-shirt, and ongoing support from us.

LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS AT RED2GREEN BASED IN SWAFFHAM BULBECK & BOTTISHAM. We are a day opportunities charity supporting people with complex learning disabilities and/or on the autism spectrum.

www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 33 FROM MAYORTHE Since my last article in this magazine, I have been very busy going out and about meeting many of you and representing our city at various functions. These include: the Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra in Ely Cathedral; attending Armed Forces Day on Palace Green; the Change of Command of 48th Fighter Wing at Lakenheath RAF USAF; a Garden Party at the Bishop of Ely’s home; a concert of Carnival of the Animals; Aquafest; a Visit Ely tour of Oliver Cromwell’s House with Lucy Frazer MP; Ely Pride; Cambridge & District Classic Car Club; and attending a reception for Ukrainian Refugees at the Hayward Theatre with Lucy Frazer MP. I have also chaired two meetings of the Full Council and welcomed 3 new councillors: Cllr Rob Pitt (West Ward), Cllr Daniel Edge (North Ward), and Cllr Mary Wade (East Ward). Cllr Richard Morgan The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Ely

Gardening Volunteers: can water our community garden at the weekends in ContactBottisham.Robyn robyn.jarvis@red2green.org if interested in either position.

Well, not just the 21st night but all 30 of them! September is a wonderful month; for many it marks the start of the scholastic year (remember breaking in your new shoes or covering your books, sorting out your papers and pencils?); for others it is a month of maturity and harvest with the last of the summer days. For some the mere affirmation “Make it a September to Remember” is one which sparks a plethora of projects, new beginnings and part- year resolutions. In the words of Bernard Williams “September tries its best to have us forget summer”. Whilst we may be waving goodbye to summer, Ely City WI are ready to kick off our new 2022-23 WI season with plenty to look forward to making September a memorable month for sure. After all, the very first WI meeting in the UK took place on 16th September 1915 and we will be marking this with a ‘bring your own lunch’ meet up in Jubilee Don’tGardens.forget to also watch this space for quizzes, ghost talks, oil painting and our AGM. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, then perhaps supporting one of our many initiatives may be something you would like to get involved with? October we will be marking Anti-Slavery Day and preparing for our November Remembrance Craft Bomb, not to mention continuing with our ad-hoc litter picking and other small group events. If you are new to the area or would just like to get out and meet new people, then we would love to welcome you as a visitor to one or two of our meetings to see what we’re all about. Our next meet is on Monday 12th September 7.15pm at The Old Dispensary, St Mary’s Street, Ely, CB7 4ER. Entitled “My WI Experience” our guest speaker will be Val Ware. You can visit our website: https://wielycity.wixsite. com/home or find us on Facebook (just search Ely City WI). You can also email us at elycitywi@ yahoo.com

34 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com


The club welcomed their new President in July with a ceremony and buffet in the outgoing Presidents garden. After guiding our club through the pandemic our outgoing President received well deserved thanks in the form of flowers and a Lions brooch

The last few years have been challenging but President Ann Ransley kept the club together and we have recently we have been able to start fundraising and social events. The club has a new venue and meeting day. We now meet on the first Thursday of the month (except August) at The High Flyer Newnham St Ely at 7.30pm.



Michael White

A huge thank you to all who have already donated – if you haven’t done so please help now !

September 17-18, 2022 Haddenham Arts Centre, 20 High Street Haddenham, Ely, CB6 3XA Tickets available on the door and (Forwww.otherloves.co.uk/lockdown-folk-live-2at:moreinformationring+447809566541)35

www.elyimagazine.com - UPDATE Of the callouts attended by our crews, nearly half are by Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV), travelling to situations where helicopter access would be difficult, in some cases potentially unsafe, and where time is of the essence. With four split between Norwich and Cambridge, two have been in service for over five years, the average lifespan of an emergency vehicle. Carrying heavy loads of vital medical kit they are, as one might expect, often necessarily driven at high speeds. It is vital that our RRV’s are in top condition and are kitted out with the latest medical technology. The new vehicles will be able to carry additional weight –more equipment to deal with more cases and, potentially, save more lives. If you are able, please do what you can to support this important aspect of our work in the community by donating on line at www.eaaa.org.uk/rrvdonate

September 17-18, 2022 Intimate, perfectly formed and glorious, Lockdown Folk started four days after the last live music event was cancelled in March 2020. Far out in cyberspace wonderful singers and performers met and played together. They came from all over the UK, Europe, the USA, Japan…. everywhere! And last year many of them met face to face at the first ever Lockdown Folk Live event - in the circumstances, a gathering of high emotion!


Whilst on the ‘help’ aspect, ‘Gifts in Wills’ fund 1 in 4 of our missions! Have you written your will yet, or does it need rethinking? We recognise that you will first want to consider the needs of loved ones and then perhaps make a lasting gift, even just 1%, to East Anglian Air Ambulance. To donate in this very worthwhile way please go to www.eaaa.org. uk/freewills to register to leave a gift and to have your will written free. If you would like to know more about how you might support EAAA please get in touch – there are lots of ways by which you could help this wonderful charity continue its invaluable work. To those of you who already do please spread the word – remember, Together We Save Lives.

Sublime folk music in a beautiful Fen setting


Now, a whole year later it is time for LOCKDOWN FOLK LIVE 2, with performers from all over the UK and the USA - as far away as California, Massachusetts, and Alaska. The idyllic surroundings of the Haddenham Arts Centre (between Ely and Cambridge) provide the setting for this beautiful event with acts including the Boxwood Chessmen, Bof, Doghouse Collective, Pauline Vallance, Andy Wall, Dawn Berg and many others.

36 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com KEVIN GARDENCASEYSERVICES Maintenance & clearance Regular & one-off work undertaken End of rental tidy-ups 30 years experience Free estimates 07790 682 086 01638 602046 Tree Works, Garden Maintenance, Fencing & Landscaping A Professional, Ethical, Local Company. Fully Qualified & Insured - Free Quotations & Advice To make an Appointment call: 01638 597711 Email: www.thejoshuatree.ukEnquiries@thejoshuatree.uk Showroom opening times Mon - Fri 7am9:30amSaturday5:30pm-4:30pm Unit 24, North�ield Business Park Soham, Ely, Cambs, CB7 5UE From design to completion Supply and �it or supply only Top brand white goods Bespoke sizes to �it any kitchen and any budget Free design service www.langtryfurniture.co.uk Bespoke, handmade furniture and an extensive range of kitchens and bedrooms tel: 01353 725380 fax: 01353 725384 out of hours: 07738559569

www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 37 We install top space!perfectcreateLetFreeVisitGrassArtificialqualityourshowroomsitevisitsourteamyouroutdoor 01354 info@artificialgrasscambridge.co.ukartificialgrasscambridge.co.uk654422 Unit 1, Commercial Road, March Cambridgeshire PE15 8QPDISCOUNTLOCAL CALL NOW Conservatory hotter than the Sahara? Colder than the Arctic in winter? There is a Transformsolution...yourconservatoryintoan extension with a solid roof from Frames Conservatories Direct. Older style conservatories can be uncomfortably hot in the summer and arctic-like in the winter, but have you thought about replacing your existing glass or polycarbonate roof with a light weight solid roof? A solid roof conversion can not only turn your existing conservatory into a room you’ll be happy to use all year round, it can add value to your home too. Read our handy guide to conservatory roof replacements to find out more, you’ll find it at www.fcdhomeimprovements.co.uk/sahara For a AALLyouconservatorycanuseyearroundcall£500OFFSOLIDROOFCONVERSION*Offer applies to new enquirers in Nov & Dec 2020 Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer Simply bring this voucher with you to your nearest showroom, or quote SAHARA when you call, to receive your discount Your nearest showroom is at 12 Forehill, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 4AF 01353 www.fcdhomeimprovements.co.ukOr809719visit TOUP Open 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday 10am–4pm. Sunday by appointment only.


WED 7th SEPT MAKE A VINTAGE STYLE FASCINATOR - 7pm - Ely Museum. Join Susan Widlake of Mill House Millinery to design and create your very own fascinator. Tickets, priced at £55, include all materials and refreshments. https://www.elymuseum.org.uk/


FRI 16th SEPT ELY MUSEUM LITTLE EXPLORER mornings are a fun drop in session for our youngest visitors and their grown ups each month at the museum. It involves activities, crafts, stories, songs & more! Tickets are £3 for children & free for accompanying grown ups. Find out more & book your tickets here: www.elymuseum.org.uk/ news/little-explorers

SAT 24th SEPT ELY FARMERS' MARKET Market Place Ely - 8.30amhttps://www.elymarkets.co.uk/event-directory/3.30pm

SWEDE DREAMS Ely Maltings 7.30pm - Abba Tribute Band Tickets: wwwthemaltingsely.co.uk See page 44 7th - 9th OCT

9th-19th SEPT ELY HERITAGE OPEN DAYS oragnised by Visit Ely at Oliver Cromwell House more see page 32 SAT 10th SEPT ELY CATHEDRAL GREEN FAIR From 10am. A fun family Eco event for everyone to enjoy - Free Entry. On Cross Green (next to Ely Cathedral)

email: editor@elyimagazine.com before 17th OCT for inclusion in the NOV/DEC 2022 issue Quarter page posters now available to non profit groups & meets for a £25 contribution towards printing. ELY

ELY SINFONIA CONCERT Ely Cathedral 7.30pm Tickets £10 more info: www.elycathedral.org/events see page 39 FRI 30th SEPT

SAT 17th SEPT ELY CONSORT CONCERT St Andrew's Church, Sutton. 7.30pm Tickets £15/£13 www.ticketsource.co.uk/elyconsort see page 42 FUEL - Ely Churches Event Palace Green ( in front of Cathedral) see page 41

ELY FARMERS' MARKET Market Place Ely - 8.30amhttps://www.elymarkets.co.uk/event-directory/3.30pm

FOODIE FRIDAY - Market Place Elyhttps://www.elymarkets.co.uk/event-directory/5-8pm

LOCKDOWN FOLK LIVE-2 (Sat 17th & Sun 18th) see page 35

38 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com

The main Nave will be filled with spectacular floral displays by Ely Cathedral Flower Guild, and food and farming displays. There will be a harvest produce sale at the west end and, in association with the National Farmers’ Union, we are inviting members of the public to share messages of support with farmers at home and in the Ukraine.


TOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDEN Ely Cathedral. 2pm & 4pm - Outdoors in The Dean's Garden events/toms-midnight-gardenhttps://www.elycathedral.org/

AMBUSH WRESTLING Ely Beet Club Tickets: www.ambushprowrestling.com

WED 14th SEPT ELY FOLK CLUBArkenstall HaddenhamCentre,7for 7.30pm The John Ward Band with their special show “Buffalo Bill Comes To Ely” £11 (advance) £12 (door). For further info 01353elyfolkclub.co.ukwww.orphone740999

www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 39 ELY YOUTH CHOIR Rehearsals 6-7 p.m. Mondays in term time St Mary’s Church Hall, Ely Restarting 5 September • A wide range of music in great arrangements for young singers. • Training by a top choir director to perform at concerts and festivals. • Experience is not essential. There are no auditions and no fees. It’ s for ages 10 and up. Come and try! We are part of Ely Choral Society. Message us on Facebook: Ely Youth Choir

RECORD FAIR - Ely Maltings 10am-4pm Free Admission see page 44 BOOTLEG BLONDIE Ely Maltings 7.30PM TRIBUTE ACT see page 44 13-15th OCT SHIRLEY VALENTINE Starring Samantha Dodd, The Viva Theatre, Soham Tickets: £12.50 https://www.viva-group. org.uk/ See page 43 WED 19th OCT ELY FOLK CLUB - Arkenstall Centre, Haddenham 7 for 7.30pm Christina Alden and Alex Patterson, songwriters and multiinstrumentalists from Norwich. £11 (advance) £12 (door). For further info: www.elyfolkclub.co.uk or phone Tel: 01353 740999 21st - 23rd OCT WINDOW WANDERLAND 6-9pm locations around the city - organised by The Stained Glass Museum see page 42 SAT 22nd OCT ELY FARMERS' MARKET Market Place Ely - 8.30amhttps://www.elymarkets.co.uk/event-directory/3.30pm THE SPECIALS LTD. Ely Maltings 7.30PM TRIBUTE ACT see page 44 FURTHER AHEAD... 4th, 5th & 6th NOV ART UNEQUALLED Art and craft showcase at Ely Maltings More info: www.artunequalled.co.uk - see page 41 9th DEC - 22nd JAN CINDERELLA Ely Maltings and KD Theatre Panto see page 45 FRI 16th DEC AMBUSH WRESTLING Ely Beet Club Tickets: www.ambushprowrestling.com see page 42

“The Little Chapel in the Fen” Harvest Festival Service Sunday 2nd 3pmOctober Traditional harvest service and hymns Produce welcome For more information contact Trish: 07979 868676

40 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com


ELY'S APPLE & HARVEST FAYRE 10am - 4pm on Palace Green see page 31

CREATIVE COMMUNITY FOOD FAIR - Ely Cathedral Lady Chapel 10am - 3pm FREE For info or to get involved call 07721 https://elycommunitylunches.com/413853

SAT 8th OCT ELY FARMERS' MARKET Market Place Ely - 8.30amhttps://www.elymarkets.co.uk/event-directory/3.30pm

HARVEST FESTIVAL CEILIDH - ELY CATHEDRAL 7 - 11pm Celebrate the Harvest, with live music by Frog on a Bike.Tickets: Ceilidh only: £10. With Fish & Chips: £17.60 https://www. elycathedral.org/events harvest-weekend

www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 41

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www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 43 Get Involved... There are many ways to be involved. Viva is always open to new members and we would love to hear from YOU! Upcoming Auditions save the date | all welcome THE DARLING BUDS OF MAY Volunteer join our backstage, front of house or admin team MHAIRAKE UP SPCOSTUMESROPSCENERY FRONT OF HOUSE FMRSTEWARDINGEFRESHMENTSERCHANDISEUNDRAISING https://www.viva-group.org.uk/be-involved/ early to ensure the best seats! The Darling Buds of May JOIN VIVA All Welcome BOX OFFICE SOCIAL MEDIA AARESEARCHDVERTISINGDMINISTRATION Sunday 2nd October 10.00am 1.00pm or Tuesday 4th October 7.00pm 9.00pm 3 | The Viva Theatre | viva group org uk Shirley THEATRE Valentine presents by Willy Russell This amateur production of “Shirley Valentine” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD a Concord Theatricals Company. 19 NOVEMBER | 7.30PM Viva CompanyTheatre 13-15 OCTOBER | 7.30PM The heroine in this actor's tour-deforce is an ordinary middle class English housewife. As she prepares chips and egg for dinner, she ruminates on her life and tells the wall about her husband, her children, her past, and an invitation from a girlfriend to join her on holiday in Greece to search for romance and adventure. TICKETS £12.50 THE STEPTOE & SON RADIO SHOW

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ELY ARTS SOCIETY Ely Art Society is an active and friendly society meeting monthly on the 4th Friday ( Sep to June), 19:00-21:00 at the Ely Museum, Aedwen room, Market street, Ely CB74LS. Annual fee: £30. More info at: www.elyartsociety.com or via email: elyartsociety@gmail.com. Guest are welcome to attend for nominal fee and new members are always welcome.

Urgently seeking to recruit new coordinators in your area Contact: Karen Springthorpe Email: Phone:https://sites.google.com/site/eastcambsnwakarenspringthorpe@gmail.com01353668390


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We hold regular meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.00pm at St Peter’s House, Broad St, Ely, and would welcome new members to campaign and plan events. For info on talks and activities go to: email:www.amnestyelycity.org.ukinfo@elyamnesty.org.uk

ARTS & CRAFTS THE ARTS SOCIETY - ELY 15th September - Lecture by Charlie Forman and is entitled ‘ One Westminster. Six Royal Palaces –1000 years of monarchs’ houses in Westminster’. 20th October - Lecture by Caroline Shenton and is entitled ‘ Heaven on earth: a road trip through medieval Burgundy’ At the Old Palace, Ely. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Visitors are welcome for £7 on the door. Refreshments are available after the lecture for £1. Further information about the Arts Society can be found on our website. Find us online: www.theartssocietyely.org.uk or Facebook

ELY HUMANISTS Ely Humanist Group Normally informally meet once a month on a Saturday morning for a coffee and a chat. Details and times of meetings will be posted on the website along with any other events that may be of interest. If you’d like to stay informed, please subscribe for update emails via the website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter email: elyhumanistssec@gmail.com or visit: http://ely.humanist.org.uk/

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH We support the local police force in their efforts to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour and thus ensure that we live in a safer and more secure community. Through our many members we endeavour to build friendly and helpful neighbourhoods where residents feel part of their community and can rely on each other for assistance. For further information see our web site: https://sites.google.com/site/eastcambsnhw/, or contact Kevin Evans: 01353 614892 email: kevin.g.evans@ntlworld.com

The Fen Line Users Association was formed 35 years ago and is an independent organisation which represents the interests of users of the railway line from King's Lynn to Cambridge (the Fen Line) and services from there to London. Membership is open to all who use or have an interest in the line and the benefits include 3 newsletters every year and the opportunity to question rail industry managers directly at our AGM. For further info email the Secretary: fluasecretary@flua.org.uk or visit our website at www.flua.org.uk We would especially welcome an Ely resident or station user on our Committee.


ENTRY TO THIS DIRECTORY IS FREE FOR ANY LOCAL NON PROFIT GROUP. PLEASE SEND YOUR DETAILS IN TO: editor@elyimagazine.com or fill in the online form here: https://bit .ly/3dszlbv




We meet on Tuesday evenings during term time at Ely College to paint 1830 to 2100. During the summer term we paint outside. Cost for half a year is £25.FB: @ElyWatercolourWorkshop Contact: Nancy Voak: nancyvoak@gmail.com

We meet fortnightly on a Wednesday in the council offices to make written comments on planning applications, for buildings that the public use, especially for wheelchair access and for those with a visual impairment. These access concerns are added to East Cambridgeshire District Council’s response to the planning application. Everyone is welcome to become a new member of the group. For further info Tel: 07875 222861 or ely.org.uk/ECAccessGroup/EastCambsAG.htmemail:getstevecarter@yahoo.co.uk

A Little Thetford Hall - First Wednesday of the month. Also 29th October 10am -3pm All Day Demonstration with Emma Cook the Tiny Turner Annual fees to join are £35.00 for adults and £18.00 for juniors. email: publicity@elyguildofwoodturners. org.uk / www.elyguildofwoodturners.org.uk and Twitter @ElyWoodturners



We offer a 9 week course on Dangerous Russian Writers with tutor Ros Connelly. So many literary Russian writers have been exiled, put under house arrest, imprisoned or executed, yet when we look at their work we see love stories, historical

epics, surreal satires on petty bureaucracy and psychological crime thrillers. What made them so dangerous to the authorities and so fascinating to us? The course explores this literature in its historical context to try to answer these questions.





We are group of dancers and musicians performing Border Morris style dances, mainly our own tradition but with some traditional dances. Practices are at 8pm on Fridays in Centre E on Barton Road. If you are interested in joining us see contact details below or come along to have a look. email:contact@elriot.co.uk /www.elriot.co.uk


We have short meetings twice a month and also organise social events and trips out. If you would like to meet us and hear more about what we do, see our Facebook page or contact Janet Porter at j.e.porter@btinternet.com

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HAPPY HIAMS LINE DANCE Wendyfacebook.com/hiamslinedanceclubCLUB&Bill-07729790698or01353


*NB No experience needed - General tidying up & gardening in Jubilee Gardens. We meet at Jubilee Gardens for Working Parties. We are a friendly, welcoming group who enjoy being outside, tidying and gardening Jubilee Gardens! For more details, contact: The Subscription Secretary Judith Lockyear plockyear@hotmail.co.uk Website https:// jubileegardensely.org.uk

INNER WHEEL CLUB OF ELY The Inner Wheel Club of Ely has been active in the local area for over 70 years. We are a social group meeting monthly and our objects are to promote true friendship, encourage the ideals of personal service and to foster international understanding. Please contact Mrs Sallis-Browne on 07737341648 for info THE LIONS CLUB OF LITTLEPORT Lions come together with others in their local communities to raise funds through friendship and

Learn to dance with Devil’s Dyke Morris Men Morris Dance is a great way to keep fit, meet others and helps to keep an ancient tradition alive. Its also free to join! We would also like to hear from any musicians who would like to play for us. Why not come along to one of our “Have-a-go” sessions every Thursday @ 8pm from 22nd September to 13th October? Venue: The Scout Hut, Bottisham, CB25 9BB. For more information or a lift contact: Gordon 01223 833983 or bagman@devilsdykemm. org.uk or visit www.devilsdykemm.org.uk

Contact Sylvia Farmer on Tel: 01353 777373 or email: sylvia.farmer2@btinternet.com


Next Production: Waiting For God at Needham’s Hall, Ely College from Thursday 27th October 2022 to Saturday 29th October 2022. www.facebook.com/ elyamateurdramatics.org / elyamateurdramatics / @DramaEly

Ely College Community Education offer a range of VTCT Beauty Courses including Reflexology & Swedish Massage. We also offer competitive room hire rates for your local group/society. Please email: community@elycollege.co.uk for further information.


www.elyimagazine.com &



Next production: Elf the Musical 17-19 November 2022. Visit our website at www.cattheatrecompany. co.uk or contact Chair: Gemma Crossland 07896 860252 email: gemma.crossland@yahoo.co.uk



EAST CAMBS DANCING FOR FUN Tea Dance Tuesdays from 2-4pm, £3.50 including refreshments. Line Dance Thursdays, Improvers 6.30-7.30pm, Advanced 7.30-7.30pm, £3.00. We meet at the Brooklands Centre Sutton. Further Details 01353 725774 or 07885 727368



Venue: Methodist Church Hall, Chapel Street, Ely Date: Wednesdays starting September 21st, 10:30am -12:30pm (half term week to be decided) Cost: £60 payment by cheque only. Prebooking and payment preferred. For info and to register contact Anne on 01353 662712 or at awarham575@ btinternet.com

'Live, Learn, Laugh'. We are part of a national movement for people no longer in full-time work, providing the opportunity to continue the pleasure of learning and sharing knowledge and activities. We meet at 2.30 on the first Tuesday of each month at the Countess of Huntingdon Church, Chapel Street. We have a very wide range of interest groups from craft to card games, badminton to book groups. New members and visitors are very welcome. Next meeting 6th September: Graham Seddon 'The Probation Service'. http://u3asites.org.uk/ely



Contact: Viv Seymour on 01353 610164 or Ros James on 01353 969948



Tel: 01353 www.facebook.com/museumatprickwillowwww.prickwillowmuseum.com688380/720737







The Rotary Club of Ely is part of a world-wide organisation, promoting fellowship, whilst helping charities all over the world, but especially at home. We meet weekly on Wednesdays, alternating between lunchtime and evening, often with a speaker. We are always pleased to welcome new members to the Club, and if you would like to know more, please contact: John Dennick at jdennick@ btinternet.com or tel: 01353 662636. www.elyrotary.co.uk

For further updates and information please check the museum’s social media and website updates at: https://stainedglassmuseum.com/visiting Contact email: curator@stainedglassmuseum.com Tel: 01353 660355 HOBBIES & INTERESTS GROUPS

Fundraising events throughout the year. If you would like to get involved or support us, please get in touch with either Johanna on 07912617135 or Wendy on 01353610787.

We will have meetings at 8.00 pm, on the following dates: 17 Oct 2022, 21 Nov 2022, 16 Jan 2023, 20 Feb 2023, 20 Mar 2023, 15 May 2023. Info can be obtained from our https://www.elyarchaeology.org.ukkevin.g.evans@ntlworld.comatAccessMeetings:https://www.elyarchaeology.org.uk/events.html.website.NewRoomofElyMethodistChurch.maybeobtainedthroughthebluegatestherearofStMary'sStreetCarPark.Email:Tel:01353614892

Classes with Paul Fox 10am - 12 noon every Friday at the Methodist Church Hall, Chapel Street, Ely. Suitable for all abilities. Classes can be done in a chair or on a yoga mat (provided). Donation only. contactyoga4health@gmail.com or call 07782 413146. Pre-booking required.


This is a web site for old and new photographs of Ely and the immediate area surrounding it. Contribute photos etc by filling in the on line form on the website: www.ccan.co.uk / email:ely@ccan. co.uk PRICKWILLOW ENGINE MUSEUM

48 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com teamwork. We volunteer with integrity, enthusiasm, innovation and creativity. If you would like to come along as a guest to one of our meetings please let us know so we expect you.You are under no obligation to join our club but hopefully you will like what we do and would be interested in becoming a member. If you do decide to join us your commitment is as much or little as you want it to be. We don’t expect you to commit more than you are willing to do. We usually meet on the first Thursday of the month (except August) at The High Flyer Newnham St Ely at 7.30pm. Tel: 01353 664906 or email: lionscluboflittleport@gmail.com W: www.eclubhouse.org/sites/littleport FB: Littleport Lions Club

LITTLEPORT ROTARY CLUB www.littleportrotary.org.uk Contact: David Ambrose Smith 01353 861010



Yogic Meditation, practice and theory. Chanting, dharma talks, good company. Beautiful designated yoga studio in a peaceful garden setting. We welcome yoga practitioners and anyone else interested in meditation and spiritual practice to these gatherings. Charitable donations accepted. www.yogastudioely.co.uk t: 01353 698090 e: mark@yogastudioely.co.uk Tower Farm, Little Downham CB6 2TD CAMBSHISTORYCOMMUNITY

A club in Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK for anyone interested in astronomy and space exploration.We have regular meetings, and observing evenings. The aim of the club is to be informal, friendly and exciting. Beginners and families are welcome. Mike Stephens / mike@sulis.demon.co.uk - Facebook:

The Order of St Etheldreda is an opportunity for Ely Cathedral's most generous supporters to work together with the Cathedral to achieve mutual goals of prosperity and success. Order Members are invited to a programme of exclusive events that include the coveted annual Order Dinner, receive free admission to the Cathedral and Stained Glass Museum, and priority booking to popular Cathedral events and services. Contact Hannah Wilcox to find out more: 01353 660321 email: h.wilcox@elycathedral.org

The Association is run by volunteers on behalf of the City of Ely Council. Our purpose is to encourage domestic horticulture and provide allotment gardens for rent to the residents of Ely in Cambridgeshire. If you would like to apply for a place on the waiting list for a plot, please go to our www.elyallotmentsandgardens.orgwebsite:

A group for animal lovers who would like to raise funds to support Wood Green and the pets and owners we support. All are very welcome. If interested please get in touch. Beth Twite 07966775455 e: Bethany.twite@woodgreen.org.uk



We are a group of individuals who enjoy the hobby of model railways. We are currently building a model of Wickham Market station on the East Suffolk line in 4mm scale OO gauge. However we have members who are interested in other scales both larger and smaller. We meet regularly and organise an annual exhibition in Ely in May each year, having resumed in 2022 after the pandemic restrictions. If you would like to know more please visit our website, www.elymrc.org.uk or view our Facebook page @Elymodelrailwayclub. Our Secretary David Abbott will be happy to provide any further information. He can be contacted on 01353 721280 and by email at davidjabbott70@gmail.com

ELY BRIDGE CLUB Find more info on our e:Barryhttps://www.bridgewebs.com/ely/website:Lowe:01353658356elybridgeclub@gmail.com



For info please contact: Phil 07739 848871 or our website at www.elyphotographicclub.co.uk has a ‘Contact Us’ form ELY-RIBE ASSOCIATION



We are an informal group, now over 100 strong, of local, like-minded walkers of all ages. We meet on alternate Sundays throughout the year, come rain or shine, to walk together and enjoy the fresh air and the company of others. The group was formed in, and has been walking, since 1985. Our proud boast is that it hasn't cost anyone a penny. There are no obligations to walk every fortnight, you simply turn up at the specified place, by the advised

We are a uniformed youth organisation for girls aged 5-18. Through fun, friendship, challenge and adventure we empower girls to find their voice, inspiring them to discover the best in themselves and to make a positive difference in their community. We also are seeking more volunteers to help provide these opportunities.Contacts are Alexa and Jenny email: https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/GGElyCity@gmail.com

Did the lockdowns re- ignite your previous love of stamp collecting? We're a small friendly club and would welcome new members. Our stamp collecting interests are wide-ranging and we cater for all levels from beginners upwards. Why not come along and see what we do, chat to us etc, free of charge. We have started meeting monthly again on Thursdays at Ely College, 7pm for 7.30 pm start. Full details of where our room is and each month's subject can be obtained from Chris North on 01354 659358 or 07749565418.


Contact: Sheila on 07879863199 (text or call), email: mail@sheilawillson.plus.com

We are a small local group with an interest in re-enacting the 17th century English civil war period. We portray a variety of crafts, trades and military life during the 1640's. We are happy to talk to groups or even attend your events and set up tavern, butchers or military camp. Contact is Brian Faulkner - tempus.amicus@gmail.com Tel: 07871595245

The Guild is for anyone over 18 who was ever a Brownie, a Guide or an adult leader in the Guide Association. We have members who live in Ely and the surrounding villages. We meet on the first Wednesday each month at the Guide Hall in St Johns Road Ely. We have a varied and interesting programme and would welcome new members. Come along to any meeting and see if you like us. Contact Barbara Kippax via email: bjk17@btinternet.com



CITY OF ELY FLOWER CLUB Further info: Pat Simmonds 01353 661837 psimmonds696@btinternet.com

Usually meeting at the "Unwrapped' cafe at the Lighthouse centre. www.facebook.com/thek9cafe/ Tel:07552462040

The Ely / Ribe Twinning Association. For info email: elyribe.association@ntlworld.com Chairman: Howard McMillan Tel: 01353 667949 See article on page 10!


A great opportunity to meet up with others to learn more about the fens, hear speakers on fen topics, and discuss fen themes and upcoming events. Please book attendance in advance via our website. If you are a business and would like to sponsor these evenings, please get in touch an follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates go to:



www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 49 Ely Astronomy Club Website: http://sites.google. com/site/elyastroclub/

The Campaign for Real Ale and its main aims are to promote real ales and cider, Pubs in our area that serve these (encourage those that don't to change), support CAMRA, organise and run festivals and outings. Tel: 01934 853656 E: Twitter:@ElyBeerFestivalFacebook:contact@elyanddistrictcamra.com@ElyandDistrictCamra

Fenprobe is a free service for blind or visually impaired residents in East Cambridgeshire. We offer a smart black audio player (free of charge) with bright yellow buttons, which runs on rechargeable batteries – and the news is delivered on a USB stick. 40 volunteers help read the news, on a five-weekly rota. There’s also a monthly magazine. Users of the service need to register, and must be referred by a doctor, optician or professional carer. If you know someone who has difficulty reading the local news, and who would benefit from this service, you can contact the secretary on 01353 861153. email: jsmith9306@aol.com

Cambirdgeshire Libraries - Ely. Free weekly rhymetimes, Wednesday 2pm and Friday 10.30am for 0-4 years olds. Creative Tuesday crafting session. Bring your own craft and socialise with other crafters, 10am. Monthly Engage talks, 2nd Tuesday of of each month. Lego clubs for children, Scrabble club for adults. Email: listings/ely-libraryhttps://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/directory/rob.gwilliam@cambridgeshire.gov.ukContactdetailsforallevents and activities are: Ely.Referral@cambridgeshire.gov.uk, 0345 045 5225.

We are an amateur band comprising of Brass and Woodwind players. We get together on Tuesday evenings at Ely College throughout the year. If you are looking for a group to play with, you are welcome to get in touch via the Bandmaster Phil


LANGUAGE & LITERATURE ELY ENGLISH LANGUAGE CAFE Do you need help with your English? If so then why not come along to the Ely English Language Café. Meetings are friendly, fun and informal, and, what's more, free! We meet every Tuesday and Friday mornings at 11am, at the High Flyer Pub, 69 Newnham St, Ely. Wednesdays at 11am, at Lyons Languages, Basement Office, 41 Forehill, Ely. Please e-mail if you wish to attend as numbers are limited. Our team of volunteers are happy to help you with all aspects on the English language and culture. Bob Handley: T:www.elyenglishlanguagecafe.co.ukhandleybob46@gmail.com01353666367


Tue 27 Sept 7-9 pm: The Boat to Redemption by Su Tong (China) Tue 25 Oct 7-9 pm: Dark Echoes of the Past by Ramon Diaz Eterovic (Chile) Prince Albert Pub, 62 Silver Street, Ely To book your place email me smallworldbookgroup@gmail.comat or click "Going" on the Facebook event - @smallworldbookgroup

Learn to play the bagpipes, snare drum, tenor drum or bass drum. Tuition is provided free of charge and we can provide instruments for beginners too. Contact Iain Soutter: iain.soutter@hotmail.com T: 07745925544 http://www.ccpb.org.uk

Cambridgeshire Music is the county hub for music education and arts therapies. Tel:email:https://www.cambridgeshiremusic.org.uk/website:jason.howard@cambridgeshire.gov.uk01480373500


We are Ely's regular poetry and spoken word open mic night with a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Come along to share your work, or listen to the great variety of talent. Includes an extended headline slot from a guest performer. Usually at the Babylon Gallery, currently running online via Zoom. Third Wednesday of every other month (February, April, June, August, October, and December). Free entry, all welcome. Find out more at https://www.fenlandpoetry.co.uk/ or https://www. facebook.com/groups/fenspeak or contact: stewart. carswell@hotmail.co.uk



A sociable evening group for people who want to read and talk about books by literary(ish) contemporary and classic authors from around the world. Obviously we will read quite a lot in translation but if you want to read a book in its original language please do so - you will probably be able to give us insights we wouldn't otherwise have.Or email: smallworldbookgroup@gmail.com


50 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com start time, if you wish to walk that day. If you wish to know more or join us then visit our website for more details and how to contact https://elywalkinggroup.wixsite.com/walkselywalkinggroup@gmail.comus.


Friends of Ely Library coffee mornings are now on the 3rd Saturday of each month in the Meeting Room between 10am and noon. At the moment, all events in the Library's meeting room, are subject to CCC rules. Please check on the Friends notice board for any updates. There will also be some books to purchase and there will be some jigsaws about too as well as refreshments and cake. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing old and new members at the coffee morning.



Everyone sits around in a circle and takes turns singing/playing a song. All welcome regardless of ability / style / instrument. Held at The Kings Arms & West End House Email Bill - billbyrne.ie@gmail. com


The Ely Area Music Centre runs at King’s Ely Junior School, Barton Road, Ely, CB7 4DB, from 10am to 12.30pm every Saturday during term time. Contact Cambridgeshire Music: 01480 373500, Email: cm@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

As a large, mixed voice community choir, we are now rehearsing in our usual venue at St John’s School, Ely on Mondays at 7.30pm with our conductor, Andrew Parnell. If you are interested in joining us please check our website, facebook page or email our membership secretary. T: 07970 956401 www.elychoralsociety.org Email. membership@elychoralsociety.org


Come and join us! Everyone is welcome, with no auditions - just enjoy singing pop, rock and songs from the shows and you will be a welcome member of the groups! Contact Kathryn on kathryn@ singchoirs.com or through our website: www.singchoirs.com All sessions back in-person now so do contact us to find out more. Please also see a listing in "Support and Care" for information about a local singing group for people living with dementia and their carers.



Our vision is “To protect and enhance the Ely Wildspace environment for the benefit of wildlife and the local community.’ Our aims are to: Defend Ely Wildspace against harmful developments and strengthen its legal protection and status; Promote the enjoyment of the Ely Wildspace environment, in participation with stakeholders, local people, local government and other organisations; Enhance the Ely Wildspace environment through integrated and effective conservation management, in participation with stakeholders, local people, local government and other organisations; Promote Ely Wildspace as a place of education, in participation with local



ELY FOLK CLUB Folk concerts on the “teenth” Wednesday of the month at the Arkenstall Centre, Haddenham with nationally acclaimed folk musicians/bands and local support acts. Upcoming events: 14th Sep 2022 John Ward Band - "Buffalo Bill Comes to Ely", 19th Oct Christina Alden and Alex Patterson.Contact 01353 740999/01353 664706; website: www.elyfolkclub.co.uk


Contact: 01353 721007 www.elysinfonia.co.uk

ELY SINFONIA Ely Sinfonia was founded in November 1999 by a group led by ADeC (Arts Development in East Cambridgeshire), with the aim of becoming a beacon of excellence as East Cambridgeshire’s own community orchestra. Since then it has become one of the region’s best respected orchestras. Today, Ely Sinfonia is made up of players of all ages and from a wide range of backgrounds, including school and college students, business professionals, retired people and local music teachers. NEXT CONCERT 25th September 2022 An Arctic Journey, including Einojuhani Rautavaara’s Cantus Arcticus, Carl Nielsen’s Flute Concerto and Jean Sibelius’s Symphony no 1 (information and jpg attached)


Ely Wildlife Watch - a roving gang of nature sleuths in and around Ely. All kids and families who want to discover and help protect Ely's wildlife are welcome. Feel free to join our Facebook group in support of Ely Wildlife Watch and/or come along to the events! Contact helen@moorehse.co.uk or look for Ely Wildlife Watch on Facebook https://www.facebook. com/groups/49771974577

Discover more about nature both by exploring outdoors and by attending illustrated talks given by experts in their field. The group is run by enthusiastic local volunteers. It is not necessary to be a member of the Wildlife Trust to attend our events. See Wildlife Trust BCN website for more details. Will Burdett, 01353 661339, willburdett@ btinternet.com, see https://www.wildlifebcn.org/ ely-local-group

www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 51 Green 01353 721782, or via our website: www. elyband.co.uk

A friendly established 1st section band based in Soham. We currently have some some vacancies so if you are a brass player new to the area and looking for a home. We have some exciting plans to build the band within the local area including a partnershipwith Soham Village College to grow our junior section. For the latest info find us and message us on Facebook: havingcom/sohamcomradesband.https://www.facebook.Ourwebsiteiscurrentlyafacelift!

FENLAND JAM We are a community group set up to support local musicians. A monthly meet-up combines all ages, styles and abilities to create what we call, Fenland Jam! Find us: https://www.facebook.com/FJELY/

A community choir for young singers aged 11 and up. There are no auditions and no fees. The group sings a wide range of music styles, from Handel to Hairspray, trained by professional choir director and composer Andrew Parnell. Held in the Church Rooms at St. Mary’s Church, Ely. For more details, email youth@elychoralsociety.org Find us on Facebook @elyyouthchoir NATURE & OUTDOORS


Jubilee Church meets every Sunday morning at 10am at the Beet Club on Lynn Road for worship, teaching, children's work and fellowship. We also meet mid-week evenings in smaller groups. Part of the Relational Mission family of churches, Jubilee Church seeks to love God, love people and love Ely. email: office@jubileechurchely.co.uk Tel: 01353 664160. www.jubileechurchely.co.uk

We are a 4.5 acre community farm, based near Haddenham. We established ourselves as a membership organisation in 2015, with the aim of growing food sustainably, supporting wildlife; benefitting members and the wider community. If you would be interested in becoming a member, please email: info@willderland.com or website: www.willderland.com

Landline: 01353 https://www.mothersunion.org/diocese/ely661576

n Ely Cathedral - Edward Bear Group

52 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com schools and other educational bodies. Contact: lpcre@elywildspace.org.uk www.elywildspace.org.uk



ELY CITY CHURCH 15a Silver Street. Tel: 01353 662172 www.elycitychurch.co.uk

A whole lot more happens across the city - please see our website! JUBILEE CHURCH ELY

An informal Worship group for parents/carers and babies/ young children, with stories, songs and fellowship. We meet in Powchers hall, off the Cathedral South Door entrance, at 10.00 am on Fridays, in term-time. Contact: Jean Webb E: jmw35n@gmail.com Phone: 07443598322


A community — without walls or borders — of the Open Episcopal Church serving The Fens. We are open, accepting of all, affirming, non-judgmental, offering the sacraments to everyone with unconditional love. We meet everyone where they are, and love them as they are! Please get in touch for sacraments; all types of blessings, including houses, boats, etc; reconciliation and healing; life (and death!) celebrations, markers, and milestones, such as anniversaries, mixed and same-sex partnership blessings, renewal of vows, email:https://www.facebook.com/isleofelyandthefensetc.FatherDavidGoode@gmail.com


THE LIGHTHOUSE FELLOWSHIP n Junior Hangout Fridays 16.30 – 18.00 (Term time only) £1.50 per child. School years 3 – 6. Crafts, activities, games, snack bar. Lighthouse Centre, 13 Lynn Road, Ely, CB7 4EG More info: 01353 662228 or info@luvely. org n The Hangout Fridays 19.30 – 21.00 (Term time only) Youth club for secondary school age.


FB: Ely Baha’i Community com/Ely-Bahai-Community-734901983310678/https://www.facebook.

The Mothers' Union is a Worldwide Christian Women-led organisation with over 4 million members around the world. We offer Christian fellowship and friendship to one another, and work to highlight issues and support for the vulnerable in society, locally and overseas.

Leader Gail Swanson:11yewtrees@gmail.com

Loving God, Loving People. Everyone welcome. All generations discovering faith together.16:00 Tea and Cakes – 16:30 The service begins e: office@ stmarysely.org - LandLine: 01353 659550 https://www.christchurchely.org

Seeking to Worship, Seeking to Serve - a vibrant community of people following Jesus welcomes you. We are on Chapel St. (opposite the Lighthouse) in Ely CB6 1AD Tel: 01353 662396 E: hello@countessely.co.uk For more info see: www.countessely.co.uk n Sunday Mornings We gather at 10.30 with groups for children & youth and all are very welcome n Two by Two Parent n Toddler Thursdays 9.30 - 11.00 (term time only) £2 per family. Babies and toddlers with their parents/carers enjoy time to play with different activities each week. n Rich Tea Club Offering fun, faith and friendship for adults with learning disabilities plus any carers and friends. We meet once a month, usually on the third Sunday each month 3.30-5pm at Countess Free Church in Ely, for tea and biscuits, and activities including singing, Bible stories, craft and drama. To find out more call Cate on 07938187907 or see www.countessely.co.uk


n Ely Cathedral - Mothers’ Union

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm we host a virtual zoom meeting entitled “Meaningful Conversations” where we share principles and ideas from the Baha’i perspective on personal and social transformation to which everyone is welcome to join. Zoom ID: 837 3293 7000. A very warm and relaxed group trying to make a difference in our daily life and through acts of service contribute to the betterment of the world. For more info Tel or Text: 07746761519, Email: elybahais@gmail.com

The College, Ely. Tel: 01353 667735 www.elycathedral.org

Contact: Elder Russell Grief: russellgrief@ntlworld. com. Tel 01353 612200 www.newconnexionschurch.org.ukWebsite:



Become a member of the Royal British Legion family today and take pride in supporting all generations of the Armed Forces community. Membership starts from only £18 a year and is

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Lighthouse Centre has various size rooms available to hire. Please contact the office for prices and availability. One-off bookings or long-term. More info: 01353 662228 or info@lighthouse-ely.org

Join us every Sunday morning at 9.30am for a sung celebration of the Holy Eucharist in the AngloCatholic style using traditional language, followed by refreshments in St Peter's House. All ages welcome. www.elystpeterschurch.co.uk

n LuvEly Support in the community




Located at Ely Museum, The Old Gaol, Market Street, Ely CB7 4LS. Free Parking available in the council offices. Every Thursday evening 19.1521.00. Healing 18.45 - 19.10. Come and join our inclusive like-minded group for connections, insights and an uplifting experience. Entry is free, funded by weekly raffle funds and a collection. Raffle prizes are always welcome.For further information contact Elizabeth Burton 07769963850.

Larkfield Community Centre, High Barns, Ely CB7 4SB Website: newconnexionschurch.org.uk

Membership is £2.50. Session cost: £1.00 for members or £1.50 for non-members. The Garage, Chapel Street More info: 01353 662228 or info@luvely.org


www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi

Contact:Sue Brock-Hollinshead Email: suebhisas@gmail.com

ALL MIDWEEK MEETINGS CURRENTLY IN THE CHURCH ROOMS. n MONDAY Under 1s Parents & Carers – 9:30am Mon Club for Seniors – 14:00 1st & 3rd Mondays Contact: Elizabeth Flood on 01353 662385 n TUESDAY Under 5s Parents & Carers – 9:30am n WEDNESDAY Mothers Union – 14:15pm 2nd Wed each month n THURSDAY Market Day Communion – 9:30am Market Day Coffee – 10:15am Church Office email: office@stmarysely.org Landline: 01353 Ahttps://www.facebook.com/StMarysElyhttps://www.stmarysely.org/659550churchforallgenerations.Everyone

n Parent & Toddler group

Email: https://www.facebook.com/LGBTCambridgeshirehttps://www.facebook.com/LGBTElylgbtqcambridgeshire@gmail.com

welcome. www.stmarysely.org 01353 659 550 ST PETER-IN-ELY, CHURCH OF ENGLAND Broad Street, Ely CB7 4BQ



n Sunday mornings 10am Church Service, we provide children & youth work throughout the morning for all ages.

Ely Quakers meet every Sunday at 10.30 for an hour of worship in silence and stillness. We offer a blended meeting format that allows participants to join either in person (in the Aedwen Room, Ely Museum) or online via Zoom. Visitors are warmly welcome: please contact us for information on COVID safety or for the Zoom link.

Little Ones (Under one’s group) – Mondays 10.00-noon (term time only) £2 per parent. Parent and baby group. A safe space for new parents to relax and meet other new parents/guardians.

Wednesdays 9.30-11.30 (term time only) £1.50 per adult & £1.50 per child. An opportunity for parents and carers and little ones to enjoy a friendly & relaxed environment to chat and play.


LuvEly receives surplus food from local supermarkets which we make available for all in the community to collect during the week. Helping you to fill your fridge for free and reduce food waste.


For people formerly in Round Table, a social gathering to grow old gracefully.When we resume meetings, they will be at Ely City Golf Club, Cambridge Road, Ely 7.00 for 7.30 on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Contact: Nigel Davies.01353 721037 e: njdavies1@aol.com


ST MARY’S, CHURCH OF ENGLAND EVERY SUNDAY ‘the eight30’ Traditional Service – 8:30 ‘the eleven’ Informal Worship – 11:00 Bishop Woodford House, Barton Rd ‘the nine45’ discovering together – 09:45 St. Mary’s Church Grounds and Rooms

ELY METHODIST CHURCH Chapel Street, Ely. Minister: Revd. Catherine Dixon on 01353 662426 elyandnewmarketmethodists.org.uk/ely.htmhttps://www.

n LuvEly Social Club (11.00 – 14.00) This club is for our anyone over age 60 to come and join us for a time of friendship and a hot meal with bingo or a quiz. £6 per person. All at The Lighthouse Centre, 13 Lynn Road, Ely, CB7 4EG More info: 01353 662228 or info@luvely.org





Full list of speakers available https://www.probusonline.org/ely-and-district/at:


Ely Family Gaming is a new group for light-hearted and sociable board gaming suitable for families in the area of Ely. Join either through Meetup (https:// www.meetup.com/ely-family-gaming/) or Facebook (search groups for Ely Family Gaming)

We meet at the Old Dispensary, St Mary’s Street, Ely, CB7 4ER on the second Monday of each month - 7.15pm for a 7.30pm - 9.45pm. 12th Sept: “My WI Experience” – Val Ware 10th Oct: Ghostly Ely 14th Nov: Cambridgeshire Badgers and AGM



We meet at Ely College Sports Hall on Wednesday evenings. Contact: Ron Grant: ron.grant@ntlworld. com. Tel: 01353 610743


Contact: Twitterwww.badmintonely.co.ukwww.facebook.com/elyvictoriaBadmintonelyvicbad@gmail.com/@ElyVicBad


A club that provides regular meetings for semiretired and retired people at The Methodist Chapel 13-15 Chapel Street Ely CB6 1AD. From Chapel Street it is the side entrance or from town the gate in St Mary's Car Park. July 5th Celia Stevens Racing in the Classic 24 Hours Race at Le Mans Partners Welcome / July 19th Ordnance Survey Maps of Ely / August 2nd History of Trinity House / August 16th Maggie's Cancer Support Charity New members are welcome to attend and if you have any questions please contact Peter Nancollis at:peterandjudy@nancollis.plus.com

54 | Elyi Magazine | www.elyimagazine.com open to everyone. Join us today and, in return, you can then choose to hear the latest news, events and stories from inside our RBL magazine and e-newsletters. Brian Crabtree Tel: 07741 communityelyhttp://counties.britishlegion.org.uk/branches/143605Contact:E-Mail:CityOfEly.secretary@rbl.

We welcome new members to join us at any time of the year. To get in touch you can visit our website: https://wielycity.wixsite.com/home or find us on Facebook (just search Ely City WI) or email elycitywi@yahoo.com

We are a group of ladies who meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in The Old Dispensary, St Mary's Street. 10am for 10.30 starts. Invited guest speakers. If you are new to the city and looking for a friendly group, why not come along. Contact Leslie on 07946 020001 for info

General enquiries to: info@elyarchers.co.uk. or membership@elyarchers.org.uk




Contact: www.eastcambsbasketball.co.ukcontact@eastcambsbasketball.co.uk

ELY ARCHERS A friendly and thriving archery club. We promote shooting socially, for fun and shooting seriously for tournaments. We are based in the Cathedral City of Ely, Cambridgeshire and we shoot both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting). Our qualified coaches are on hand regularly to help where needed and we run archery beginners' courses throughout the summer for newcomers to the sport of archery. http://www.elyarchers.org.uk


ELY BEET SPORT & SOCIAL CLUB Ely Beet Sports and Social Club is a Members Club, operating on a Not-for-Profit Basis, which hosts a variety of sports, offers a social facility as well as a private Members bar which is open 7 days a week. Both members and non-members can hire the Main Function Hall which boasts a seating capacity of 180 with tables and chairs provided and a large, curtained stage which is ideal for Discos, Pantos and Entertainers. The hall has its own well stocked, manned bar. As well as the function hall we have a newly refurbished Committee Room for hire with a seated capacity of 40 and which now incorporates an updated kitchen with full size fridge/ freezer, oven, hob and microwave. Externally there is a patio, smoking area, children's swings and an enclosed court for outdoor games. We have ample car parking facilities with dedicated disabled parking bays and we are also ideally located close to the City Centre. Tennis and Bowls are available. All courts / rinks must be booked in advance. Please see the notice board or contact the Manager for full details. Tel: 01353 666753 / 07376 404495. email: http://www.elybeetclub.co.uk/beetsecretary@gmail.com

We are a support group for women who want to share from the heart and be witnessed by other women in love, support, acceptance and nonjudgement. We normally have a meditation, an activity and a sharing circle. We meet on the last Tuesday of the month from 7 30 to 9 30 pm at St Peter’s rooms on Broad Street. Find us on Facebook ‘Ely Women’s Circle’ or contact Louise at ldecaux@btinternet.com

Contact Cliff Loveday on 07823 338615



LITTLEPORT LIONS KORFBALL Contact Andy on: andrewdunlop@hotmail.com, website: www.littleport-lions.co.uk

For more information or to find out about opportunities to volunteer, local coordinator: Sophie. 01353dalpra@eastcambs.gov.uk616348Facebook@HealthyYou EastCambs



HEALTHY YOU A free lifestyle and signposting service offering advice and support to those wishing to be more active and to lead a healthier lifestyle. Sophie Dalpra: 01353 616348 Sophie.dalpra@eastcambs.gov.uk

Contact: 01353 662751 www.elygolf.co.uk / email: info@elygolf.co.uk


Ely City

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Find a local Wellbeing Walk here: ramblers.org.uk/go-walking/wellbeing-walkshttps://beta.



We hold weekly practice sessions at Ely College (Needhams Hall) every Monday from 7pm to 9pm. FREE taster session for new members. Further sessions pay as you go. Adults £5.00, Under 18’s £3.00. Annual membership - Adults £10, Under 18’s £5. One to one coaching available for everyone wanting to improve. All ages and abilities welcome to join the practice sessions and one of the clubs 8 league teams. Bats available to loan. For more information contact Karen Byford, Club Secretary, elytabletennis@gmail.com or visit www. elytabletennis.co.uk

Contact: ESC Model Yacht Fleet Captain on email: training.elysc@gmail.com Tel: 01353 626838

Advocating for a new skatepark in Ely. Join RASE on Instagram and Facebook. FB/Riding and skating Ely


Tel:www.pitchero.com/clubs/elycityhockey07815905288,Facebook:ElyCity Hockey Club, Twitter: @ElyHockeyClub ELY VIKINGS KORFBALL Contact: http://www.elyvikings.com / elyvikings@ outlook.com

ELY TENNIS CLUB Ely Tennis Club was formed in 1989 and is proud to be a community based not-for-profit organisation, with its home at the EOSA complex at Ely Leisure Village. New members are always welcome, contact:elytennisclub@hotmail.com or visit the Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ elytennisclubuk if you are interested in having a chat, organising a tour of the facilities, or just coming along to play tennis!

ELY RUGBY CLUB Contact email - playrugby4ely@gmail.com Website - https://elytigers.rfu.club/ ELY RUNNERS Richard Hill:secretary@elyrunners.co.uk


KEEP ACTIVE ELY Every Thursday morning between 9am and 12pm at The Paradise Centre and is low cost exercise for over 50's and people returning to a healthy lifestyle. Badminton, T'ai Chi and Keep Fit to Music, 50 weeks a year for £4. A not for profit event. We would like to be included in the listings. For more info: faradena@yahoo.co.uk

ELY SAILING CLUB e:www.elysailingclub.orgtraining.elysc@gmail.com


Contact: chairman@elyrowingclub.org.uk Web: http://www.elyrowingclub.org.uk/


CITY OF ELY NETBALL CLUB web: email:www.cityofelynetball.co.ukelycity@hotmail.co.uk

LET'S RUN GIRLS ELY We are a supportive running group for ladies. Our aim is to support each other to lead healthier, happier more connected lives. Look for our group on Facebook and join us to come on a run each week of about 5k around Ely. https://www.facebook. com/groups/letsrungirlsely


www.elyimagazine.com | Elyi Magazine | 55

The Paradise Centre consists of two main areas, the indoor sports centre and the outdoor recreational grass area. Includes fitness centre, gym, classes, courts and rooms for hire T: 01353 667580 E: http://www.paradisecentre.co.uk/admin@paradisecentre.co.uk


ELY SQUASH CLUB Tel:01353 www.elysquash.mycourts.co.uk662156

Facebook @HealthyYouEastCambs

Contact: Mr Russell (instructor) on 07732746179 or email robertrussell_4@hotmail.co.uk

Offering netball to ladies (age 16+) on Wednesday evenings, at Witchford Village College 730-9pm and also Walking Netball sessions (adults) Tuesday evenings at Ely College. Get in contact for more information. email: https://elynetballclub.wixsite.com/elynetballelynetball@hotmail.co.uk

We are an Ely based charity, based at Larkfield in the High Barns area, providing horticultural experience and recreational activities for adults with learning difficulties. There is a small charge for the day. We operate on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. To find out more please call:07900 627796 on one of the above days.e: info@earthely.co.uk w: www.earthely.co.uk


At a Death Cafe people come together in a relaxed setting to openly talk about death. You set the agenda. All very welcome. Open to public & professionals. If you attend as a professional please leave your work hat at the door - we simply attend as people who will all die one day. Warning: feelings of relief, positivity and unexpected humour may occur. Free, booking

Out of hours by appointment only

Supporting Volunteers, Encouraging Independence, Developing Good neighbour projects. Tel: 01954 211919 email: volunteering@care-network.org.uk Website: www.care-network.org.uk twitter Facebook:@CareNetworkCambCareNetworkCambridgeshire

ELY FOODBANK www.ely.foodbank.org.ukEmail:info@ely.foodbank.org.ukT:01353 468626




Working with and for older people, providing a wide range of services and support helping older people remain independent in their own homes. Tel: 0300 666 9860, FB: www.ageukcap.org.uke:informationservices@ageukcap.org.uk,/AgeUKCAP

We are a support group for families of alcoholics. We have been meeting in Ely for 30 years. We meet every Monday at Centre 33 at 7.30pm. During these times we are meeting by zoom meetings. For details of the zoom meeting or for help and local contact numbers please call the helpline 0800 0086811. There are no fees for membership. email: al-anonuk.org.uk

SING! TOGETHER A weekly singing and music-making group for people living with dementia and their carers, run by registered charity All In Sound. No experience needed, just come along to enjoy the singing and the music. Contact Kathryn Rowland on kathryn@ allinsound.co.uk or call 01353 662022. You can also see more on our website: www.allinsound.co.uk CARE NETWORK CAMBS

The Chicken Shed, 78 Mildenhall Road, Fordham CB7 5NR. Tel:07715 908024 Email: Openingthesofachurch@gmail.comtimes:Tues10-2/Thursdays

We are a not-for-profit community martial arts club. We cater for adults and children aged 4+, including family classes where children and parents can train together. Tuji Tigers is a special class for our youngest members aged 4-6. We teach Olympicstyle taekwondo with sessions bringing together fitness, kick and strike techniques, sparring and self-defence. New members including complete beginners welcome.. Contact Lois Kim - info@ tujitaekwondo.org.uk / www.tujitaekwondo.org.uk

Cruse Bereavement Care is a charity that has been providing bereavement support to people across the UK for over 60 years, predominately through face-to-face and group sessions. As well as telephone support, there is also helpful information on the Cruse website at: www.cruse.org.uk If you would like telephone bereavement support, please contact the Helpline on 01223 633536 (open 9.30am-1.30pm weekdays) or the National Helpline on 0808 8081677 (open 9.30-5pm weekdays with extended hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings until 8pm and Weekends 10am2pm). The service is free of charge and donations welcome.

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Our volunteers can deliver if you can't travel to our base. We can collect items but would love it if you could try and get them to us please. Donation drop offs- Monday- Saturday: 78 Mildenhall Road, Fordham, Ely, CB7 5NR 1 Gault Cottages, Chettisham CB6 1RU 22 Little London Road, Isleham Ely Baby Bank is starting to grow and we would love your help with donations. These will be used for storage costs and also to top up on items we are low on, especially formula and nappies. We are very grateful for your support. Donate online: https://uk.gofundme.com/f/ely-babybank/donate EARTH






Duathlon 2022 The Ely Tri Club Duathlon (formerly the Monster Racing Duathlon) is a great way for hibernating triathletes to rub their eyes, shake out the winter legs and kick off the race season in style! For all the latest updates please go https://www.elytriclub.co.uk/duathlonto:


Please keep your entry up-to-date! Email Bridget touchGroupseditor@elyimagazine.comonorusthewebsiteform.www.elyimagazine.comwhohaven'tbeeninforawhileandappearto be dormant will be removed.

We are a friendly group of volunteers who exchange time and skills with members for free. Everyone’s time is equal and everyone has something to offer, whether visiting someone for a cup of tea or designing a website. Join us and get to know people in the community and share your passion or skill. Non members are welcome to join us at coffee morning to find out more. We are also conducting safe time exchanges and social activities within our own bubbles. For further info please littleportandelytimebank@btinternet.comemail or visit Facebook: @LittleportandElyTimebank

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Contact Emma Greaves 01353 614794 / Elycfrs@virginmedia.com / ElyCommunityFirstResponders/Facebook.com/




POSABILITY PosAbility is a Cambridgeshire based charity offering chair-based and specialist exercises to people living with long-term neurological conditions including, but not limited to, Stroke, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy and disabling conditions such as arthritis. We are always Positive About Your Abilityhttps://www. posability.org/ Email: admin@posability.org


A voluntary group dedicated to helping keep Ely litter free and looking its best. Ely Litter Pickers loan litter picking equipment, offer advice and safety tips, organise group litter picks, supply bin bags and labels, as well as liaise with the council. Some group members have chosen to ‘adopt’ local roads areas but there is no obligation to do so. Pick as little or as often as you want – it all helps! A rewarding and fun activity for all ages, to find out more search ‘Ely Litter Pickers’ on Facebook or contact elylitter@gmail.com / Brian Calvert 07974 082868.

RICH TEA CLUB Offering fun, faith and friendship for adults with learning disabilities plus any carers and friends. We meet once a month, usually on the third Sunday each month 3.30-5pm at Countess Free Church in Ely, for tea and biscuits, and activities including singing, Bible stories, craft and drama. To find out more call Cate on 07938187907 or see: www.countessely.co.uk

We are a uniformed youth organisation for girls aged 5-18. Through fun, friendship, challenge and adventure we empower girls to find their voice, inspiring them to discover the best in themselves and to make a positive difference in their community. We also are seeking more volunteers to help provide these opportunities. Contact: Alexa and Jennyhttps://www.girlguiding.org.uk/GGElyCity@gmail.com

Phone: 07565598193

TMW ELY A social group of performing arts for individuals with disabilites. Contact Suzie on 07739638817 email info@touchmyworld.co.uk. www.touchmyworld.co.uk and find us on Facebook at: touchmyworldhttps://www.facebook.com/

A new community spirited platform, which aims to signpost and connect people, to offer free practical help and provide well-being sessions and a positive place for anyone experiencing cancer in Ely and its surroundings. Oasis offers a calm environment in which those affected by cancer can rebuild confidence, improve their quality of life and find new skills and pastimes to build their resilience. We offer online and face to face sessions (currently at the Ely St Mary’s Church Rooms and the Hive Leisure Centre Ely). Do request a timetable by email or check our Facebook page for more information. E: Hub-107167038300494https://www.facebook.com/Oasis-Ely-Cancer-oasiselycancerhub@gmail.com

VERSUS ARTHRITIS A charity promoting self-management and online support groups and free physical activity sessions


YOUNG PEOPLE’S SUPPORT - CENTRE 33 ELY DROP IN Natalie Gildersleeve. natalieg@centre33.org.uk / www.centre33.org.uk Tel: 0333 4141 809 ELYVOLUNTEERSCOMMUNITY

Email: Phone:c.preston@versusarthritis.org+447834418472

Every Thursday morning between 9am and 12pm at The Paradise Centre and is low cost exercise for over 50's and people returning to a healthy lifestyle. Badminton, T'ai Chi and Keep Fit to Music, 50 weeks a year for £4. A not for profit event. We would like to be included in the listings. For more info: faradena@yahoo.co.uk

St Mary's Antiques & Jewellery 10 St. Marys Street, Ely Tel: 01353 663 221 / 07562 321 406

Cloud 9 Beauty Therapy Ely Beauty & wellbeing salon, specialising in facials, massage & www.cloud9beautytherapy.co.uk/reflexology

Paragon Construction Ely Ltd

MAM Tiling & Plant Hire


Clare's Kitchen

BUILDERS D Silcock Construction Your local Builder Tel: 01353 862400 Email: office@dsilcockconstruction.co.uk

Sharman's Gdn Centre, Camel Rd Littleport B2B SERVICES Truth HR Solutions, Helping solve people problems in your business Tel: 07941 342 574 Email: info@truthhrsolutions.co.uk

All Bicycle servicing & repairs Tel:01353 667627 Email: jerrytcycles@hotmail.com

H & P Aerials Limited Ely TV Aerial & Satellite Dish Installations - Extra TV Points - TV wall

Liberty Bookkeeping Services Accountancy and bookkeeping services

Email: libertybookkeeping726@gmail.com


Cloisters Antiques Antiques. Picture Framing, Gallery, Book Shop, Record Shop, 1 Lynn Rd, Ely CB7 4EG


Ely SPMU & Aesthetic Clinic

J T Cycles

All aspects of commercial and domestic construction Mob: 07865435656 Email: paragonconstruction14@gmail.com

Paul Barrow Builders


Belle Boutique Beauty Salon based in Haddenham. Manicures, Pedicures, Gel Polish, Waxing

Stunning wall and floor tiles for every room. Self drive mini diggers, dumpers, trailers. Tel: 01353 863916 www.mamtiling.co.uk

The littleport community bites & coffee Cafe & community Email:https://m.facebook.com/bevsplacelittleporthubc.davenport6@icloud.com

Quirky coffee shop with gift shop. Generous portions friendly staff Email: clareskitchen18@gmail.com Mob: 07923227404

CAFES Bev’s Place

The Elyi Magazine Reflecting the richness of Ely Life Tel: 01353 www.elyimagazine.comeditor@elyimagazine.com722568

New Builds, Extensions & General building work

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Email: caroline@cloud9beautytherapy.co.uk Mob: 07701060319

Tel: 01353774902 / https://libertybookkeeping.co.uk/07526483235

CB25 Accountancy Accountancy Service covering everything your business needs Tel: 07803 782423

Email: lonsdalecb7@gmail.com

Email: bmaerials@gmail.com


AERIALS BM Aerial, All aerial, Satellite & TV work undertaken Tel: 01353 863922



BOAT HIRE Fish and Duck Marina Moorings and Boat Hire 01353 648081 https://www.fishandduck.co.uk

Microblading, Semi permanent make up, Scalp pigmentation, Botox & fillers, Tel: 01353 Email:https://www.elyspmuandaestheticclinicltd.co.uk/655914elyspmuandaestheticclinic@outlook.com

Email: info@cb25accounting.co.uk



Clinic 43 Feel younger, look fresher and boost your confidence! Tel: www.facebook.com/clinicfortythree07712189977


Skins and Needles Cambridgeshire Body piercings and laser medical


Red Shoes Accounting Your friendly local

Tel:01353 668558 / 077678 816 677



FITNESS Atrium Fitness All your fitness needs in 1 place. Gym, classes, pool, sauna, steam, Mobile:Tel:Email:https://www.atriumfitness.co.uk/jacuzzi.matt@atriumfitness.co.uk0135366888807739393137

Tumbletots Your Child's Springboard to Confidence Tel: 07523 962 484 Email: sharon.bubb@tumbletots.com

Absolute sense Your local chartered financial planning firm. 01353 880033. 21 Market St CB74LS email: general enquiries@absolutesense.co.uk

SPA Mortgage Broker Mortgage and Insurance Specialist Tel: 01353 650445 Email: aireysp@aol.com

ELECTRICIANS Ely Electrical Services Electrical Installations and lighting design Tel: 01353 668994, Email: graham@elyelectricalservices.co.uk

The Little Mobile Bar Company Mobile Bar in a lovely email:https://www.thelittlemobilebarcompany.co.uk/Horseboxcheers@thelittlemobilebarcompany.co.uk

The feel good Tel:www.better.org.uk/leisure-centre/ely/the-hiveplace01353655030




The Paradise Centre Sports centre, fitness and free weights gym, classes, sports hall, squash


Jacqueline Ogden Celebrant, Weddings, Baby Namings, Funerals, Bespoke email:ceremonies,jacquelineogden@hotmail.com


Person-centred residential and dementia care Tel: 01353 372036, email: orchards@greensleeves.org

FenStar IT Ltd Trusted & local expert provider of IT services to homes and Landline:Email:info@fenstar.co.ukhttps://www.fenstar.co.uk/businesses.01354638701

The Orchard Care Home

The Hive Leisure Centre

Vera James House Nursing home in central Ely Tel: 01353 661113

Just 4U Cakes by Clare, Award Winning Professional Cake Artist Pymoor, Ely, just4ucakesbycmm@gmail.com

Elite Tuition Tuition for English and Maths / Primary and Secondary Tel: 07712 467 322 info@elitetuition.uk KD Academy, Be Bold, Be Creative, Be you! Performing Arts Classes for Children.Tel: 01353 725 026, Email: info@kdacademy.co.uk

TW Electrical Ely, Electrical Installations & repairs Tel: 01353 862900 Email: nfo@twelectrical-services.co.uk

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Littleport Leisure, The place to be for Gym, Classes and Sports. No membership, no Tel:Email:https://www.littleportleisure.uk/contracts.reception@littleportleisure.uk01353373800

The Tackle Shop Fishing Tackle for every discipline & budget, Tel: 01353 645197, Email: fishing@thetackleshopely.com

Archway Mortgage and Protection Services, Your local mortgage adviser for residential, BTL and commercial loans. Tel: 07880 998 E:https://archwaymortgageandprotectionservices.co.uk/315lball@archwaymortgageandprotectionservices.co.uk


The Pole Shed Providing pole, aerial, circus & other fun fitness classes for adults & Mob:07961583473Tel:Email:https://www.facebook.com/thepoleshedchildrenthepoleshed@gmail.com07961583473

DMAK Oven Cleaning Ovens, Hobs, Extractors, Microwaves, BBQs Tel: 01353 864685 Email: dmakcleaning@outlook.com


ECO SHOPPING NAKEED Refill shop with a difference Tel: 07709 972 966 Unit 1, 52 market Street, Ely https://www.nakeed.uk/

Clean Driveway Cleaning, re-sanding, repairs and sealing your driveway Tel: 01353 contact@clean-driveway.com886531,


FURNISHINGS Langtry Fitted Furniture We design and manufacture kitchens, bedrooms & home offices Tel: 01353 725 https://langtryfurniture.co.uk/380

Colour Fence Maintenance free metal Tel:www.colourfencecambs.co.ukfencing01353930024

Tel: 07838 935 489

Wild Clover Flower Company Ely Florist-Flowers For all

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GARDEN SERVICES Artificial Grass Cambridge We install top quality artificial Tel:Email:www.artificialgrasscambridge.co.ukgrassinfo@articialgrasscambridge.co.uk,01354654422

Paul Hopkin Paving Block and Slab Paving Specialist, fencing and garden work. Tel: 07930 528 519

GARDEN MACHINERY Fenland Spirit Services Lawnmower sales, Servicing & Repairs Tel: 07753 836 499 Email: fenlandspiritservices@gmail.com



Cabin Viva Bespoke Garden Studios, www.cabinviva.co.uk

Ely Lawn Care Garden Maintenance, Lawn Care, Hedge Cutting, Tree Pruning Mob: 07393 386


Kevin Casey Garden Services Maintenance and Clearance. Regular and one-off work undertaken. Tel 01638 602046 Mob: 07790 682 086

Thatch & Roses Flower Studio Flowers for any Tel:orders@thatchandroses.comwww.thatchandroses.comoccasion.07500877972

GIFTS Ely Treasures 12 Chequer Lane Ely- Stockist for Charlie Bears, Jewellery Antique and New unusual Gifts etc, Email: juliasfarm@outlook.com Tel: 01353 659005 / 07968 719 747 Hampers for every Occasion Bespoke hampers made to order Tel: 07394 463226 Email: hampersforeveryoccasion@gmail.com

All Tree Works undertaken, hedge cutting, fencing, garden maintenance and Tel:Email:https://www.thejoshuatree.uk/more!jane@thejoshuatree.uk01638597711/07909291094

Smith & Carter LTD Specialising in the servicing and repairs of garden machinery. https://smithandcarterltd.com/ Mobile: 07828473666 Email: smithandcarterltd@gmail.com

FLORISTS Blossoms of Ely Beautiful bouquets, Wedding & Funeral flowers made and delivered to the Ely

GARAGE DOORS Garolla Garage Doors Made to measure roller garage doors Tel: 01353 930 124 www.garolla.co.uk

The Joshua Tree

G & J Pecks Ltd Quality farming and garden machinery Tel: 01353 664515 Email: esales@peck.co.uk

FUNERAL SERVICES R. J. Pepper & Son Independent Family Funeral Directors 14 Prickwillow Rd, Ely, Cambs CB74QT Tel: 01353 665300

Westcott Aromas Little Gift Shop 2-4 Main Street Littleport, CB61PXJ Wax melts, gifts, Handmade Mob:Email:https://www.facebook.com/Westcottaromasgiftsmutleysdelights@gmail.com07983338428

M Evans Landscapes Landscaping, Fence Repairs, turfing, hedge cutting and more Tel: 01353 969 388 Email: m.evanslandscapes@gmail.com

Flowers by Chloe Flowers for all occasions 2 Pont's Hill Littleport CB6 1PZ Tel: 01353 www.flowersbychloe.co.uk863200

Emma The Gardener Mowing, hedging, weeding, pruning, design and general advice. www.emmathegardener.co.uk

SP Clearances and Garden Waste LTD, For all your house clearances and garden waste clearances get in touch today. Tel: Email:https://www.spclearancesandgardenwaste.co.uk/07712137889spclearances@yahoo.com

Reeds Furniture Store A world of choice at Reeds Tel: 01353 669754 Email: www.reedshomestore.co.ukinfo@reedshomestore.co.uk

Rejuvenate Vehicle Detailing Service Tel: 07974 http://www.rejuvenate-detailing.co.uk638601

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Home aromas and more, with scents for all noses and prices for all pockets

Enjoy your conservatory all year round, Tel:Email:www.projects4roofing.co.ukinfo@projects4roofing.co.uk01638507730

LEAFLET DELIVERY The Elyi Magazine Delivery Team 500-8000 Leaflet runs to Ely homes- starts at £50/1000 Tel: 353 www.elyimagazine.com722568

Spanacademy Online Language Lessons Tel: 07522 504 729 Email: info@spanacademy.co.uk

LOCKSMITH Bargate Master Locksmith 24hr emergency call out service Tel: 07872 169 428 Email: paulbarham@btinternet.com


Christopher Budd Bass guitar lessons, Mob: 07729 114 173 Email: christopher.budd@gmail.com

HOME IMPROVEMENTS Complete Kitchens Specialists in quality German

Gem Tyres Tyres, puncture repairs, exhausts, brakes, batteries, servicing Tel: 01353 Email:www.facebook.com/GemTyresEly665094sales@gemtyres.co.uk

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Frames Conservatories Direct Transform your conservatory into and extension Tel: 01353 www.fcdhomeimprovements.co.uk809719, Magical Interior Renovations

Valley Roofing Roofing Tel:www.valleyroofing.ukSpecialists01638713825Email: sean@valleyroofing.uk

Poets House City centre hotel and restaurant. Bar bites available in the Sonnet Bar noon-9pm Tel: 01353 887777 www.poetshouse.co.uk

Hometyre Tyres supplied and fitted at your home or work. www.hometyre.co.uk Tel: 01353 930954

R.H Autocare Mobile Valeting & Detailing Services operating in and around the Ely area. Email: info@rh-autocare.co.uk Tel: 07702 226 673 www.rh-autocare.co.uk/ Winthorpe Ltd MOTs, Servicing, Welding, Recovery & more Tel: 01353 968042 www.winthorpe Ltd.co.uk

The Village Foot Clinic Foot Care – Clinic and mobile appointments Tel: 07909 943 171 HOME HELP The Happy Helpers Company Helping people experience happiness in their everyday lives Tel: 01353 http://www.thehappyhelperscompany.co.uk967170


Lyons Languages English, Italian and Spanish language tuition in central Ely Tel: 01353 610738 Email: https://www.lyonslanguages.com/info@lyonslanguages.com

HOTELS The Old Hall A superb country retreat within a mile of the heart of historic Ely Tel: 01353 https://theoldhallely.co.uk/663275


Email: magicalinteriorrenovations@gmail.co.uk

Glovers Autocentre For all your car and van repairs. Also van hire and sales. Tel: 01353 664234 www.ggvs.co.uk / www.practical.co.uk

HEALTH SERVICES Ely Ear Care Highly experienced Registered General Nurse with a specialist interest in Ear Care, Tel: 07984 831 177 www.elyearcare.co.uk

Email: mr.alto@live.co.uk Turn to Ted For all house maintenance and garden


HANDYMAN Ely Home Maintenance Bringing quality work to the local community for 20 years Tel:07824 878 690

Web: Tel:Email:https://www.meltsymumma.co.uk/hello@meltsymumma.co.uk07388355372

MOTOR SERVICES B and T Motors MOTs, Servicing, Repairs, All Motor Services. Tel: 01353 www.bandtmotorrepairs.co.uk667788


Bathrooms and Kitchens, plumbing repairs, wall movement and loft conversions, Tel: 01353 664044


Tel: 01353 969686 Mob: 07749 507018 www.masonplumberely.co.uk/ Port Plumbing Heating, bathroom and electrical supplies

SPORT COACHES 10is Academy We love tennis, We live tennis, We are 10is A friendly tennis club based in Ely providing lessons for adults and children. Email: seb@10is.co.uk / Tel: 07980 551 015 https://www.facebook.com/10isAcademyCoachinghttps://10is.co.uk/

STORAGE Stretham Storage Secure and affordable storage near Ely Email:Tel:07506www.strethamstorage.co.uk022347rachel@harv.co.uk

THERAPIES Ann Waterman Life Coach Live life, be happy! Look at the paths open to you. Tel: 07579770146

PRINTING ClanPress Ltd Large and small print jobs and great customer service. Tel: 01553 772737, email: info@clanpress.co.uk

Karen Setchfield Classical Guitar Lessons email: karensetchfield07@gmail.com

Multifuel and woodburning stoves supply installation and repairs Tel: www.woodburningstoves.co.uk07760290332

Tel: 01353 886252, www.xpertresourcing.co.uk/

We are a preschool and under group in Littleport. We are a music group but offer so much Mob:Email:https://m.facebook.com/bumblybeesmusicgroupmore!tiacolcomb@hotmail.com07885735908

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PROBATE SERVICES Church Street Probate Specialist in probate, estate administration & grant of probate. Tel:07594 602 444 Email: www.churchstreetprobate.co.ukinfo@churchstreetprobate.co.uk,


Mindful Piano Local piano lessons with a focus on enjoymentfree consultation


Mark Bennett Plumbing and Heating Services Family Business with 30 year’s experience. Tel: 01353 862054 Mob: 07775 832 894

Cade Woodburning Stoves

The Posh Pooch Parlour Dog groomer for small to medium breeds. email: Tel:www.theposhpoochparlour.composhpoochparlour@gmail.com07720298969

Aquarium Fish and Reptiles, foods inc reptile live and frozen food, Family Tel:Email:jo@elyaquatics.co.ukwww.elyaquatics.co.ukhttps://www.facebook.com/ElyAquaticsrun01353668880



Mongoose Pet Services Cat Sitting, Dog Sitting, Small animal holiday care. email:www.mongoosepetservices.commongoosepets@gmail.com

PETS Animate Pet Services

Mason Heating & Plumbing Plumbing & heating experts covering Ely & surrounding area-You're in good hands! Email: info@masonplumberely.co.uk

Monkey Music Award winning music classes for babies and young children Tel: 01353 669804 email: ely.cambridge@monkeymusic.co.uk

For the best deals in skip hire, look no further Tel: 01353 www.ellgia.co.uk688354

Bumbly Bees Music Group

RECRUITMENT Xpert Resourcing Xpert Resourcing is an Ely based professional recruitment specialist email: naomi.sherwood@xpertresourcing.co.uk

LNW Plumbing For all your plumbing & heating needs Tel: 07960 222 388, Email: lnwplumbing@gmail.com

Jurassic Bark The Littleport Pet Shop Tel: 01353 863883 Email: www.jurassicbark-online.co.ukinfo@jurassicbark-online.co.uk,


A helping hand to balance busy lives with the needs of your pet Tel: 07821 436 790 Email: www.animatepetservices.co.uk/animatepetservices@gmail.com, Ely Aquatics and Reptiles


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Real Life Therapy Heart-Centred Therapy from the Mind Tel: 01353 664920, Email: realifetherapy@gmail.com Tel: 07739 260027 Maria's Therapies Complementary and Massage Therapies Tel: 07395 132 www.mariasmassage-ely.co.uk012

WINE MERCHANTS Ely Wine The wine cup is the little silver well, where truth, if truth there be, doth well Website: https://www.elywine.co.uk/ Email: wine@elywine.co.uk Mob: 07443040353

WRITING Chatty Puffin Writing Services Writing services for small businesses, startups and individuals. Email: comesayhello@ Mob:chattypuffin.co.uk07584134886

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Yoga Path with Vimala Classes suitable for all levels and ages Web: Phone:Email:www.yogapathuk.co.ukyogapathuk@gmail.com07984582214

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TRAVEL AGENTS Travel Counsellors Experienced travel agent - With us, it’s m.kindred-langdon@travelcounsellors.comTel:www.travelcounsellors.co.uk/m.kindred-langdonpersonal!01353760012



Holisteelik Hypnotherapy and restorative coaching. Helping you fall back in love with life

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YOGA Buteyko Breathing and Yoga Small group classes using Buteyko Breathing and Yoga Email: yoga4health@gmail.com Tel: 07782413146

Yoga Soul Yoga Teacher and Holistic Massage Therapist Email:https://www.https/yoga-soul.co.ukyogasouluk@gmail.com

Homeopathy A wide range of acute & chronic conditions treated Tel: 07962179976 Karin Marianne Lang Kinesiology Emotion Code Practitioner Tel: 01353 www.karinmariannelang.com658505, Maria's Therapies Complementary and Massage Therapies Tel: 07395 132 www.mariasmassage-ely.co.uk012


WELDING Tig-a-Tak Welding Services, specialising in aluminium, steel & repairs, Tel:01353 667627 Email: jerrytcycles@hotmail.com WINDOW CLEANER Traditional, quality window cleaning. Free quotation Tel: Email:07392883342daniel.DDWindows@gmail.com GO HERE GET LISTED: https://bit.ly/31PGoZb More info at: www.elyimagazine.com or email editor@elyimagazine.com / / / / page £75 / £68 / page £137 / £125 / £232 / £210 / Listing £100/year

D D Windows

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We stock everything from traditional board games, puzzles and dolls houses all the way through to the latest crazes like LOL Dolls, Pokemon, Harry Potter Lego and Hatchimals. Browse huge ranges of Sylvanian Families, Playmobil, Lego and Vtech. You could find anything from a skateboarding penguin to a life-sized giraffe! Give us a call, email us or message on Facebook, but better than that, come in and see for yourself. You’ll be amazed! Tel: 01353 663131 or message us on Facebook or Instagram /elytoyshop #elytoyshop 7 Market Street, Ely, Cambs. CB74PB - Email: toys@citycyclecentre.com

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