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A proud member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Panoptis Escape is an exclusive ensemble of 18 stunning and spacious villas.


The luxury of belonging Elsa Soimiri on why Mykonos feels irresistibly intimate and at the same time delightfully intriguing.



Amazing new additions to the Myconian Family Endlessly inspired by the raw beauty of Mykonos, the Myconian Collection is crafting new hospitality experiences in 2022 and beyond.


The Myconian diachrony

Not only a popular destination for famous people but a very important historical island.


Delos – The revival of the ancient glory

All the reasons Delos is a different, magical place; a place that’s unlike any other.



Local people

Occasionally by birth but always by choice, these 5 passionate individuals made Mykonos their home, investing their time, work and creativity.

72 DISCOVER Beaches

Lovers of the sea will be enraptured by the superb beaches of Mykonos, some of them busy,

and others no less attractive but much quieter. 74


Mykonians at heart 6 important professionals with close ties to the island of Mykonos.



Proud of our roots

How a Mykonos local managed to built a hospitality empire comprising eleven leading luxury hotels using all his passion, courage and ingenuity.



The Myconian Collection hospitality One Destination - Four LocationsUnlimited Choices 84


A living, breathing world of luxury Panos, Markos, Vangelis and Marios Daktylides invite us to try everything that’s new at their hotels.


Going beyond mere accommodation, the Myconian Collection is a leading Greek hospitality group that makes your hotel a major highlight of your visit to the island of the winds.


Unsurpassed luxury Combining luxury design and amenities with warm hospitality and


Titanium case set with diamonds. Self-winding movement.


comfort, the Myconian Collection’s suites and villas are a home away from home.


A world of excellence in flavour

Discover limitless dining in our 12 unique restaurants.


Experiences to indulge in

After exploring the plethora of activities, tours and local hotspots and carefully considering guests’ desires and preferences, the Myconian Collection has simply curated the very best of Mykonos.


Your perfect bespoke show

No wish is too small or too complicated for our events team, who can plan and execute flawless events of all types with stunning vistas of the Aegean Sea. From idyllic smallscale affairs to elaborate large weddings, all the way through to exclusive executive retreats, VIP events and extravagant product launches for up to 1,000 guests.



A soothing escape Veritable temples of the body, spirit and mind, the Myconian Collection’s state-of-the art spa centres transform, awake and pamper with indulgent treatments fit for royalty.


The elegant side of luxury

The Myconian Collection’s carefully curated boutiques offer luxury clothing, footwear, accessories, home fragrances and beauty products, sure to grab your attention.



Mykonos devotee Aristotle Onassis for the Aegean Sea.



in Human History.



Extraordinary ingredients –
building blocks
fantastic food. contents
THE FUTURE OF SWISS WATCHMAKING SINCE 1865 to live the experience online Scan Sail into the sunset the Myconian Collection way!



George Bolbasis

Sterling Galli

Dimitris Petratzas

Apostolos Sahas

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The Luxury of Belonging

THE HEART KNOWS instinctively what it needs and where it belongs, often before reason can affirm it. Maybe that’s why, at the very beginning of what later proves to be an extraordinary experience, it feels as if our hearts skip a beat. Maybe that’s the heart’s way of telling us that we’re on the cusp of something marvellous. Mykonos, naturally, seems to elicit this very effect. The moment you set foot on the island, your heart skips a beat and you experience a profound sense of being exactly where you are supposed to be; each return evokes that same flutter, that disarming sense of playful ease and connectedness that you have with good friends and great loves. And just like the best of them, Mykonos feels irresistibly intimate and at the same time delightfully intriguing. There is a timeless familiarity to it, a seductive effortlessness tempered with tinges of anticipation and

excitement—to be fascinated, revel in new experiences and make fabulous memories. Bathed in brilliant Cycladic light, Mykonos is beautiful, enchanting and wonderfully complex. It exudes a singular authenticity and distinctive character shaped over millennia. In the ancient world, it was the last stop on the pilgrimage to the sacred island of Delos, the birthplace of the moon goddess Artemis and the sun god Apollo, and in the centuries since, its sunswept hills and glittering bays have made Mykonos the object of desire of kings and empires, travellers, adventurers and free spirits. Through it all, Mykonians elevated hospitality into an art form, a way of being and seeing the world, and learned to proudly preserve their culture, taking the best of each new influence and—defiantly, unapologetically, fabulously even—making it their own. You see this in the way the island’s deeply rooted

sense of place exudes cosmopolitan flair, in the effortless coexistence of folk traditions and world-class luxury services, in the way that the old embraces the new, and in the way the island’s renowned hospitality is practised: with excellence, sophistication and, above all, with heart.

The Myconian Collection epitomises this perfectly. Since opening the doors to its first hotel, Kohili, in 1979, the family owned and run enterprise has been redefining luxury hospitality, going beyond exclusivity, aesthetics and exemplary service to offer an immersive experience grounded in authenticity, connectedness and that oh-so-important element of fun and excitement. This year, the Myconian Collection is debuting two gorgeous properties: the brand new O by Myconian in Ornos Beach, the Collection’s first beachfront hotel, and the stunning Panoptis Escape in Elia Beach, whose much anticipated official opening introduces a uniquely sublime hospitality experience. With each new hotel, the Myconian Collection continues the island’s age-old tradition of outstanding open-hearted hospitality, giving discerning travellers the opportunity to delve into the very soul of Mykonos and experience its magic. At the same time, it is also continuing another age-old Mykonos tradition, that of preserving the island’s essence—its culture, its community and its nature. It does this through its environmentally conscious hospitality strategy and commitment to sustainability, from responsible water management and recycling to working with local producers and championing farm-to-table gastronomy, and always exploring new ways to help protect Mykonos.

It’s this holistic, authentically local, deeply personal, sustainability conscious approach that defines the inimitable Myconian experience: the elegant design that pays homage to the landscape, the spa rituals and fine dining that bring distinctive local flair to the table, the luxurious effortlessness tinged with the thrill of new experiences. The way your heart skips a beat because it knows. This is exactly where you are supposed to be.

Welcome to Myconian Collection Hotels and Resorts. Here’s wishing you a stay that’s everything your heart desires!

032 MYCONIAN COLLECTION editor’s note
Editor in Chief 14 Mitropoleos St, Mykonos, 84600 Greece E-mail: • Tel.: +30 22890 77 949
Discover our spectacular Micromosaic, Coin & Cross collections inspired by the shapes and colours of Greek heritage.

Amazing New Additions to the Myconian Family

Endlessly inspired by the raw beauty of Mykonos, the Myconian Collection is crafting new hospitality experiences in 2022 and beyond.

In the past few years, the Myconian Collection has not been lying low at all. We thought we’d use the downtime as productively as we can, so we focused our drive and ambition into updating our offering group-wide. We’re also very excited to be adding three stellar new hotels to our roster.

To get the inside scoop on the exciting new entries, we spoke to Anastasios Naoum, the Commercial Director of the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts. Perched upon the top of the mesmerizing Elia Beach is Panoptis Escape. “The inspiration behind this property with its breathtaking view and effortless boho-chic ambience is God Zeus himself. Our goal is to offer you a genuinely welcoming and inspiring environment where the choice

FIT FOR A GREEK GOD The magnificent view from newcomer Panoptis Escape, the Myconian Collection property overlooking Elia Beach.


is all yours”, says Mr Naoum. “Will you enjoy observing the beauty of the land below like the Father of the Gods or will you choose to descend and partake in mortal life? The choice is yours to make every minute of every day.”

But that’s not all for 2022. “O by Myconian Collection is a fresh new proposal the Myconian Collection has crafted for you in a stunning new location: Ornos Beach. Laid-back luxury combines with pure Mykonos beach life, always with our signature warm, family hospitality. Beach lovers will fall in love with this gorgeous hotel”, promises Anastasios Naoum. Just 3.5km from Mykonos Town, against an idyllic backdrop of white sands and crystalline waters, the O experience is exhilarating “with fabulous dining, DJ sets, perfect cocktails and everything you would wish for in your perfect summer oasis”.

In addition to the two new entries, there is even more in the works. “2023 will see the launch of our most upscale, top-tier property yet at the striking Agios Vasilis, very near to Mykonos Town – yet far enough to deliver privacy and exclusive luxury made for discerning VVIPs.” Stay tuned!

Any parting words? “Welcome to the new additions to the Myconian Collection. We can’t wait to make your summer the best one yet!”

GREAT EXPECTATIONS Looking to the future to satisfy guests’ most exacting desires: top, part of the plans for the new Myconian Collection resort in Agios Vasilis. Below, our Commercial Director, Anastasios Naoum.
SURROUNDINGS Snapshots from the exquisite O by Myconian, opening at Ornos in 2022, confirm its status as a must-visit on Mykonos island. the edit

Antonis Kalogridis

An acclaimed professional sets trends and drives the way forward, sharing his insight into what design hospitality luxury truly means.

Despite his work in hospitality, he still sees himself as primarily a theatre director. He stages experiences and he explores the roles people take on in their lives. Working on the new, amazing hotels of the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts is his way of bringing about the spaces he has always wanted to have available to him; spaces as the ones he designed for Panoptis Escape at Elia beach and O by Myconian Collection that can take their surroundings and their guests further. How would you summarize the concept of the two hotels that you recently designed, their main characteristics, the spirit of their decoration?

For O by Myconian located on Ornos Bay, the concept is very much based on a stylish beachfront resort. Its design reflects the concept of slow luxury filled living where all the senses are reawakened. The “green” design ethos that we based our design philosophy upon showcases the beauty of natural materials in their raw state. Almost earthy in feel, we have used a design language that is deeply rooted in the timeless appeal of Hellenic antiquity and the primitive luxury of Greek island life. As for the Panoptis Escape, with its high location above Elia Beach, we wanted to create a more roughly hewn bohemian atmosphere where guests can truly enjoy Mykonos’s famous winds and intense sunshine. It’s utterly luxurious whilst being almost wild like the island itself. Every accommodation here is so different and individual, made up of surprising textures and colour palettes. How are they similar and different from the other properties in the Myconian Collection’s portfolio?

I would say that O by Myconian and Panoptis Escape are similar in how they are expertly run and their level of service but differ in terms of their holistic concept and naturebased philosophy. O by Myconian really is the type of property where you can comfortably wonder around barefoot from your suite to the beach and back again, while Panoptis Escape almost lifts you up into the sky due to its high location, it’s so quiet even though it’s only a few minutes away from Mykonos Town. Where do the materials that are used come

from? How do you justify the choice of these materials in particular?

We source a lot of our materials locally so they are in touch with the local vernacular – such as unprocessed woods, stone, rocks, raffia textures and plants. The design for O by Myconian relied very much on marble, while a greater emphasis was placed on using wood for Panoptis Escape - both materials were used in large quantities. All of the design details and furniture were crafted by Greek craftsmen exclusively for the hotels, making them totally

unique in that sense. However, the way that I look at spaces is to view them like a body. Of course choosing the right objects, placement, colour, patterns and textures all make up an aesthetic. But to aestheticize literally means “to feel”. So I ultimately create kingdoms based on the senses. That is what my spaces, my bodies, are for: To be felt, to be used, to rouse the senses as they that explore. The Cyclades are unique in that nature dominates through a certain subtlety which is very much reflected in the two new properties. What were the main challenges in these hotels in terms of optimizing spaces or views from the rooms?

At O by Myconian, the challenge was to triumph in creating a luxury beachfront resort where there was an evident dialogue between design and nature, where guests are free to feel what they want, to be serene and quiet or joyous and celebratory, so the challenge here was to create an ambience that allowed for that through the architectural language and design. For Panoptis Escape, we wanted the property to offer 360 views over the Aegean and to work through all of the constraints that arose. Generally though, the main challenge was how to translate the landscape into a hospitality project. For me, interior design is all about helping people be inspired by what is unique in a specific time and place, it has to make you feel good about where you are, but also remind you not to stay still. It has to be the perfect match between the real and the possible. Are there any details in the design that you are particularly proud of?

At Panoptis Escape, I’m particularly proud of how the design captures the light of a sanctuary, drawing on the theme of guests reconnecting to nature. For O by Myconian, the design was very much based on bringing the qualities of the sea into the accommodations. We wanted to place a large emphasis on sustainability and the open and airy interiors in the accommodations definitely reflect that. What are the key ingredients of true luxury in travelling?

an experience so strong that it moves you to any direction you choose. You might be travelling to celebrate an achievement, or because you are gathering up the strength to go after one. Ideally, the two should not feel different, because you will always be getting ready to reach a higher peak, and you will always deserve to be rewarded for it. How does interior design affect a traveller’s experience?

You’ve done a lot of high-end hospitality work. What do you consider most important in such projects?


The greatest privilege has to do with the destinations – not about choosing the place but about choosing what that place means. Any place you find yourself can be a finish line or a starting line – compensation or inspiration. The defining moment of luxury in travel is bringing the two together, about turning your travels into a revolving door,

It has to do with that revolving moment. Interior design must make it easier for people to see clearly in all directions, to choose their path among many. At the same time, it must help them to be inspired by what is unique in the specific time and place they find themselves. It is a fine line, like the horizon. Interior design must make you feel good about where you are, but also remind you not to stay still. It has to be the perfect match between the real and the possible, and it must allow guests to break on through to whichever side works best for them.

I think of space as a body. You know, nobility has always been symbolised by the body –think “blue blood”. That is luxury, and how I see hospitality. It is the blue blood running through the veins of a living organism. It can accommodate a noble mind and a restless soul. So I make up hospitable spaces that allow luxury to run wild in their veins. I make up bodies. When guests live in them, I want them to feel like they are being reborn into the royalty of leisure, that they can bring together their own kingdom. Sure, it is also about objects, placement, colour, patterns, textures – all the things that make up an aesthetic. But to aestheticise literally means “to feel”. So it is ultimately a kingdom of the senses. That is what my spaces, my bodies, are for: To be felt, to be used as the senses that explore and arouse the possibilities of space and the people in it.

Theatre director and interior designer extraordinaire Antonis Kalogridis is behind the fascinating interiors of the Panoptis Escape on Elia Beach and O by Myconian Collection at Ornos beach. Antonis Kalogridis and Vangelis Takos redefine the aesthetics of Mykonos through the complete remodelling of the Myconian Collection Hotels at their favourite Elia Beach and recently at Ornos Beach.
Photo: Christos Drazos, Giannis Dimotsis the edit 038 MYCONIAN COLLECTION MYCONIAN COLLECTION 039

An oasis of art, food and entertainment connects the past, present and future of culture on Mykonos.

The Hidden Gem of Cine Manto

Hidden amidst iconic whitewashed houses and narrow alleyways, a once overgrown, almost forgotten garden has been transformed into one of the island’s favourite destinations. “It’s something you don’t expect to see in Mykonos, a secret refuge, a little corner of heaven tucked away in the heart of Chora,” says acclaimed director and cultural curator Antonis Kioukas, who took over management of the site in 2011, reimagining it as a gorgeous multipurpose space that aims to revitalise the island’s cultural life for the 21st century. Gifted to the town in the mid-20th century by Ioannis Meletopoulos, one of the era’s most influential Greeks, Meletopoulos Municipal Garden now operates as Cine Manto, celebrating art and culture in a unique and truly enchanting setting. “For foreign visitors who have never seen a Greek summer cinema before, it looks like something out of a fairy-tale, a newfound delight that feels like being on a film set,” says Kioukas of the open-air cinema that’s been hailed internationally as one of the best in the world. A quintessential Greek summer experience, it’s a haven where patrons can relax—prosecco, ice cream or souvlaki in hand—and enjoy

film screenings under the starry night sky. The delightful garden also houses an all-day restaurant with al fresco seating in the cool shade of pines, palms and other native Mediterranean species, and is famously home to a towering centuries-old cactus and an old stone cistern full of koi and waterlilies. Cine Manto regularly hosts a range of exhibitions, performances and workshops, attracting an eclectic crowd of regulars and guests that, in true Mykonian style, includes the resident clowder of friendly cats, Jean Paul Gaultier, and the one and only Petros the Pelican. The world might be rapidly changing, but inside its walls, Cine Manto is a sanctuary of the island’s inimitable spirit and culture.


“Open-air cinemas are a unique, one-of-a-kind experience of Greek summer,” says Antonis Kioukas.

“People come back again and again because there’s nowhere in the world quite like Cine Manto.”


A SAFEGUARD OF the island’s art legacy, the Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos aims at preserving and at the same time promoting the notion of art as it has been implemented through centuries at the “Island of the Winds”. This summer, it hosts a wide spectrum of exhibitions covering culture and time through different pieces of art at its three separate spaces on Mykonos. An on-going dialogue through renowned talents and their expressions are taking shape: from the photographical exhibition of Panorea Galata “From Mykonos to all the cities of the world” to the “Queendom” of Evgenia Grypari and from the surprising cooperation of Thanassis Lalas and Della Rounick in the “Beyond, the sea. In us, the art” exhibition to the fascinating duo of Monika Derpapa and the iconic Richard North presenting their “Artists of Mykonos” tribute. In the context of educating the public, visitors

Art Attack

The Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos invites us to a time travel through art and tradition this summer celebrating the very heart of Mykonos culture.


Top from left: Penelope Gatsas “On the beach”, mixed media Angelos Mavraidis “Art is more”, painting.

Bottom: Panorea Galata, “From Mykonos to all the cities of the world”, photography.



with the sea”, recycled

will have the opportunity to admire the folklore “You have my blessing to learn the loom” exhibition on weaving in Mykonos and the tribute to painter, Petros Zoumboulakis. A dynamic program featuring a fruitful marriage of mixed media, paintings, sculptures and recycled materials embraces the Municipal Art Gallery’s philosophy of being a witness of all forms of creation. Boasting the name of the pioneering Mykonian painter, Maria Igglesi, the gallery continues her legacy by presenting artists from different fields and with alternative focus. Having a flair for new media and extraordinary themes, it balances “now and then” by always paying tribute to history, the roots of culture and tradition, while taking inspiration from the island’s great artists.

Kalogera and Panachrantou Hall: Matoyianni 45, Syrioti Hall: Meletopoulou Street, PO Box 114, 846 00 Mykonos


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044 MYCONIAN COLLECTION the edit 2022 PROGRAMME MATOGIANNI HALL: JUNE 1-10 “Student Exhibition of 4th Studio ofSchool of Fine Arts of AUTH” • JUNE 12-20 Panorea Galata, “From Mykonos to all the cities of the world”, photography • JUNE 21-30 Giorgos Stavrakakis, “Sea dragons”, recyclable ships • JULY 1-10 Thanassis Lalas and Della Rounick, “Beyond, the sea. In us, the art”, painting and sculpture • JULY 11-20 Aggeliki Angelidis, “Euphoria”, acrylics and mixed media • JULY 21-31 George Houndalas “ABS3NS3”, mixed media • AUGUST 1-10 Caroline De Souza “Up Close”, paintings, sculptures, mixed media • AUGUST 11-20 Kris Betta “Too much of infinity”, painting • AUGUST 21-31 “Re-imagine” group exhibition • SEPTEMBER 1-10 Angelos Mavraidis “Art is more”, painting • SEPTEMBER 11-20 Penelope Gatsas “On the beach”, mixed media • SEPTEMBER 22-06/10 “You have my blessing to learn the loom” • OCTOBER 07-16 Monika Derpapa and Richard North, “Mykonian writers and illustrators” • OCTOBER 18-31 Flamur Gjonaj “Mykonos through my eyes”, painting KALOGERA HALL JUNE 1-10 Vangelis Pliarides, VAY HY, “Recent works”, painting, mixed media • JUNE 12-20 Panorea Galata, “From Mykonos to all the cities of the world”, photography • JUNE 21-30 Thanasis Baxopoulos, Dimitris Prokopiou, Alexis Chrystostomides, Panagiotis Gkiokas, “Four angles” photography • JULY 1-10 Thanassis Lalas and Della Rounick, “Beyond, the sea. In us, the art”, painting and sculpture • JULY 12-03/08 Petros Zoumboulakis “The Aegean gave you the marvelous journey”, painting • AUGUST 05-10 Alexia Koudigkeli “The unruly palette of the sea”, painting • AUGUST 11-20 Stavros Ditsios, “The Big Blue”, painting • AUGUST 21-31 Lila Koufopoulou “Dreams + energy in motion”, painting • SEPTEMBER 1-10 Stathis Yapoutzidis Karras, “Greekend”, steel • SEPTEMBER 11-20 Alexandra Spyratos “Wild”, painting - SEPTEMBER 22-06/10 Penelope Gatsas “You have my blessing to learn the loom” • OCTOBER 07-16 “Mykonian writers and illustrators” SIRIOTIS HALL JUNE 1-10 Bogdan Kobeq “Fine art”, panting • JUNE 12-20 Ioanna Geronti, “When nature whispers”, painting • JUNE 21-30 Giota Karounou “Flower visual love”, mixed media • JULY 1-10 Panorea Galata, “From Mykonos to all the cities of the world”, photography • JULY 11-20 Theodor Anastasato “Dialogues with the sea”, recycled materials • JULY 21-31 Eugenie Livanos “Paintings by Eugenie Livanos” • AUGUST 1-10 Elpifos “Infinimal”, painting • AUGUST 1120 Monika Derpapa and Richard North, “Mykonian writers and illustrators” • AUGUST 21-31 Steryios-Stelios Hatjis, “1922-2022 Asia Minor Catastrophe”, collage • SEPTEMBER 1-10 Dimitra Natskouli, “Prosperity prophecies”, painting • SEPTEMBER 11-20 Un-processed Realities and Lydia Delikoura, “Fragment Matters”, sculpture and painting • SEPTEMBER 21-30 Evgenia Grypari, “Queendom”, painting • OCTOBER 01-10 Rolland Gilles, “Mykonos, extérieur-intérieur”, painting
Clockwise from top: Richard North, “Mykonian writers and illustrators” Evgenia Grypari, “Queendom”, painting - Theodor Anastasato
Maria Igglesi–Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos
CONTACT US: +30 210 010 4117 •


Traditional taste and authentic recipes. Discover exclusively Myconian products from small companies with high standards of freshness, seasonality and flavour.

Discover the famous «kalathakia» (small tarts with an almond-based filling), the local creamy cheeses and the excellent pork products, such as louza (lean, air-dried tenderloin flavoured with spices and oregano).

SWEET OR SAVOURY, are always high-quality. The Mykonos amygdalota (macaroons) are real petits bijoux dusted with caster sugar. You can find them at the Skaropoulos shop (now operating as ‘Matsoukas’) and the patisserie ‘Kyklamino’ – don’t forget to try the almond-based pastry called rozedes, the kalathakia (small tarts with an almond-based filling) and the skaltsounia (walnut-filled, crescent-shaped pastries). As for the island’s famous dairy products, the ‘Tyrokomeio

046 MYCONIAN COLLECTION the edit Aπολ αύστε υπεύθυνα C M Y CM MY CY CMY K
Mykonos Pop Up Store Royal Myconian Hotel
Beach, Mikonos,
Greece 846 00
+30 210 5776745 II Eleftherias & Parnithos, Ag. Ioannis Rentis, GR 18233, Athens, Greece.

The Myconian


ACCORDING TO HESYCHIOS, Mykonos derives from the word Mykon, meaning heap and themonia; heap of stones on account of the impressive granite boulders that seem to have been heaped by some supernatural hand. Ancient Greeks had created the myth that under the island’s rocks were buried the giants killed by Hercules, who came to the aid of his father Zeus during the Gigantomachy.

Archaeological finds on Mykonos indicate the existence of a signif icant civilisation on the island, dating back to to the Late Neolithic period (5th & 4th millennium BC). Later, Ionians settle on Mykonos, colonising it after expelling its previous inhabitants.

Later on, when Delos was highly populated, Mykonos became very important as a significant port for supplies and transit. It was also an important cultural and religious centre, and many travelled frequent ly between the two islands. During the time of the Roman occupation and the Middle Ages, Mykonos was part of the Roman Empire and then the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantines defended it against the Arabs in the 7th century and maintained control until the 13th centu ry, when it came under the control of the Ghizzi dynasty in 1207 and was eventually handed to the Venetians in 1390. In 1537, still under the Venetians, Mykonos was attacked by Hayreddin Barbarossa, a legendary admiral of Suleiman the Magnificent. The Ottomans took over, imposing a system of self-governance which consisted of a gov ernor and an appointed council of syndics.

After centuries of foreign rule, the Mykonians took over a leading role in the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Ottomans, spearheaded by acclaimed national heroine Mando Mavrogenous. Mykonos was part of the free Greek State since the first day of its independence in 1830. Sailors and merchants quickly revived the island’s economy, consolidating trade relations with South Russia, Moldavia and Wal lachia. However, after the opening of the Corinth Canal in 1904 and

with the beginning of the First World War, Mykonos’ well-devel oped economy started to decline and, consequently, many locals left to find work in mainland Greece or abroad – especially in the Unit ed States.Yet, it wasn’t long before tourism rose as the answer to the problems of the local economy, starting with significant archaeolog ical excavations taking place in Delos in 1873, which brought fasci nating Ancient Greek artefacts and structures to light. As a result, lovers of Greek history and mythology began taking an interest in the region and, along with the ancient ruins, started to explore the island of Mykonos and partake in the celebrated Greek hospitality. In the 1930s, Mykonos started to become a popular destination for famous artists, politicians and wealthy Europeans, who had already noticed the island. Those were the first days of Mykonos as a hotspot for the international jet-set. After the dark years of World War II, Mykonos came back to life to blossom into the stunning cosmopolitan destination of the rich and famous – and not only – that we know it as today.

“Mykonos was not an island in the shadow of Delos. It was a remarkable center since prehistory, with trade links with the other Aegean islands and mainland Greece.”


The revival of the ancient glory

Truly irreplaceable and one of the most important historical and mythological destinations in the Mediterranean, the island of Delos is history itself, an experience of a lifetime.

Photography: Christos Drazos

been utilised in its ideological and political capacity, as those
wanted the upper hand in the Aegean needed to control its ideological epicentre. This brought developments, events and outcomes that have parallels in modern Greek societies. Delos is a flashback in human history”. – Dr Themistoklis Vakoulis

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“IN THE FIRST CENTURY BC, there were approximately 30,000 inhabitants on this small island in the Cyclades. Most of them were Athenians, but there were also people from other parts of the Mediterranean. They lived peacefully, they wrote and spoke Greek and they worshipped their gods”, the Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades, Dr Dimitris Athanasoulis, begins.

Firmly grounded in today’s world, with a scientific background and a vision for contemporary archaeological sites and museums, the archaeologist uses simple words to impart his knowledge and share his love of narratives of the past. “This era is typical of Delos, as it is only here and nowhere else in Greece that visitors can grasp the meaning of the first instinct for globalisation which materialised in the Hellenistic kingdoms after the death of Alexander the Great. That part of the city, which is still in the process of being excavated, is in excellent condition. So, we could say that during that period, Delos was a huge multicultural centre, similar to the Mykonos of today. Visitors to Delos are mainly tourists who choose Mykonos for its attractions, and take the trip to Delos because of its proximity”, Athanasoulis makes clear from the beginning. “So, this is a very interesting, paradoxical pair of attractions for visitors. What is Mykonos today? A world-renowned cosmopolitan island, one big party! To use one of Foucault’s favourite terms, it is a heterotopia. Visitors to Mykonos escape their daily life and find themselves in an environment where ‘non-time’ prevails; a time for unlimited entertainment. During their stay, there is no sense of time, as they find themselves in a timeless place. Delos, however, is the exact opposite. As with every museum or archaeological site, it is a time warp – for example, when you climb up the Acropolis, you travel back to the 5th century BC. The advantage to Delos is that you experience the journey back in time even as you travel there, reaching the island by a small boat much like the inhabitants of old. The boat trip is a prelude. So, this is the first reason why it is worthwhile for revellers of ‘non-time’ Mykonos to visit Delos and experience these extreme contrasts. It is a voyage of a different kind, something worth getting your head around – and whatever your state of mind, you cannot avoid a sense of altered states whilst on Delos! Although Delos has its challenges (as an enormous site which needs to be restored, excavated and requires new infrastructure, among other things), it remains a unique archaeological site which spans the entirety of an island. The fact that the antiquities are in good condition and that so many of them remain allows visitors to visualise


“Delos is a unique case of an archaeological site. On other historical islands, like Crete’s Spinalonga, the staff goes home at night. On Delos, we stay”.
– Dr Themistoklis Vakoulis
In addition to the Archaeological Museum of Delos, founded in 1931 and expanded in 1972, the island itself is rightly called an open-air museum. Originating from different eras of the ancient world, the numerous antiquities and the island alike are protected, managed and preserved by the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades.
Gormley, SIGHT, at the archaeological site of Delos Island, 2019. Photograph © Oak Taylor Smith Courtesy NEON; Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades and the artist.

discover|sacred island

“Delos is a different, magical place; a place that’s unlike any other. Even today, Delos is unique”, antiquities curator Dr Themistoklis Vakoulis says. He has been living on Delos yearround since 2015 in his capacity at the Ephorate. “The Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades does for Delos what local authorities do everywhere else. We organise transport to and from Mykonos, staff accommodation on the island, infrastructure, equipment. Besides supporting the employees, the Ephorate also manages the archaeological site, welcoming visitors annually, preserving and restoring the monuments. The monuments are our top priority, and everything else follows. But how much work can a small island – a rocky islet – really take? How many cranes, how many ships can come? And how can this work be scheduled around keeping Delos open to the public? We can’t just bring 30 million euro and start spending – the island would crash. We need to prioritise and categorise its needs. Life here is hard. The employees spend so many hours together that we have to be pro-active about their wellbeing, promote good relationships, provide activities… Delos is testing – if you don’t take here, if you don’t integrate, the island will reject you”.

the ancient city in a comparable way to Pompeii. This is not possible in any other ancient city in Greece. There are many Roman cities in the Middle East, Syria or Africa which are in good condition, but on Delos you experience a scenery unchanged since antiquity, which we could say represents time itself! Even people who believe themselves to be indifferent to the past leave Delos having gained something from their visit”.


“It is worth stopping at the Sanctuary of Apollo first, as it is the reason the city was called into existence as one of the largest Hellenic sanctuaries in the Mediterranean. Imbued with the meaning of ‘sanctity’, this sacred place already existed in Homer’s era and reached its peak during the Archaic period (7th-6th century BC) and the Classical period (5th-4th century BC). Citizens from the outer reaches of the Greek world travelled to the island to worship the God of Light. From the mid-6th century BC up to the 4th century BC, Athens imposed itself politically and culturally on the sacred island. During that period, the Sanctuary was the centre of the Athenian Republic, a symbol for the birth of western civilisation, and headquarters of the Athenian Empire (also known as the Delian League). When the League ceased to exist, this great Hellenistic model city developed, encompassing all aspects of the Greek World. The Hellenistic city, remains of which visitors can see today, developed after 167 BC, when the Romans gave Delos back to the Athenians and declared it


“When the Ancient Greeks built Delos, it was from Mykonos that they took the materials. And conversely, when Delos collapsed, the Mykonians took these materials back again to build and fortify their own houses!”


a free port; a move which contributed to its rapid economic ascent. Merchants, bankers and shipowners from all of the known world settled there, attracting a large number of masons, craftsmen and sculptors. It was a large city with public buildings such as the Bouleuterion (Assembly House), the Prytaneion and the Ekklesiasterion, with religious and merchant guilds such as the Poseidonianists of Beirut housed in buildings, squares with votive offerings from Italian guilds such as the Agora of the Competaliasts and unique houses decorated with murals, mosaic floors and statues. It was a transport hub for the Eastern Mediterranean due to the privileges granted by the Romans and encouraged an unprecedented cosmopolitanism, where all the peoples of the known world met, accumulating enormous amounts of wealth which was invested in constructing an elaborate city with winding streets, unique buildings such as the only marble theatre in the Aegean as well as three-storey houses (The House of the Lake,

The House of Dolphins, The House of Masks, The House of the Trident, The House of Dionysus and The House of Cleopatra) with colonnades and unique mosaics. And if the squares and narrow streets of this 2nd century BC city have the same ambience as those of Mykonos Town, let us remind ourselves that in antiquity, Mykonos was a satellite of Delos. When the Ancient Greeks built Delos, it was from Mykonos that they took the materials. And conversely, when Delos collapsed, the Mykonians took these materials back again to build and fortify their own houses! What is of particular interest for the contemporary visitor is the phenomenon of universality. The fact that ‘foreigners’ from all over the world lived in Delos, that there was open trade with the East and the West and a vast syncretism – an amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought – with Greek temples but also places of worship from other Eastern religions such as the Temple of Isis and the Synagogue”.

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Nikos Zouganelis

“WHAT VISITORS SEE is our life, lived as close as possible to my memories of older generations”, says Nikos Zouganelis, who grew up in a traditional Mykonos farmstead. His father, Giannis, kept sheep and cultivated the land while his mother tended to the household and made cheese. Nikos felt an urge to honor this authentic way of life by creating a fully functional farmstead that taps into the “rizes” [roots] of the land and traditional folk life. Rizes Folklore Farmstead was the result. “We are no business. We are a home – expanded to welcome visitors, but still a home”. Visiting Rizes, you start to understand this way of life, with the wood oven, cheese dairy, cows, chicken coop, wine press, vegetable patches, donkeys… Nothing is “frozen in time” because nothing is for show and everything is tended to following traditional methods. You can also see folklore artists working the loom, painting icons, creating traditional “tsampouna” bagpipes… When you visit, you are a guest. “We want to show visitors they are loved and tended to; to treat them, make friends with them – then, if they want, they can participate in this life, and understand how things were before technology”, explains Nikos. And indeed, you can join him at the grape harvest, the traditional threshing, the olive harvest, or the traditional festivals... More than anything, though, this family want you to join them at the table, breaking bread and living a purer life for a few hours.

LIVING OFF THE LAND "We are no business. We are a home", says Nikos Zougalenis about Rizes Folklore Farmstead, and it's a Mykonos home open to all.


Antonis Kioukas

“THE MYTH OF MYKONOS was shaped in the mid-20th century by that particular mix of affluent tourists, intellectuals, artists and aesthetes who in their search for the ‘beauty that will save the world’, found Mykonos and declared it a heaven on Earth,” explains director Antonis Kioukas, whose love of art and culture rivals his love of Mykonos. The unique synergy between the island’s poor, largely uneducated, rustic population and the free-spirited, creative and joyfully open-minded new arrivals created a unique culture and way of life shaped by extraordinary individuals, including Luis Orozco and Le Corbusier, Stavros Xarchakos and Yehudi Menuhin, Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier, Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis, and a host of other artists, aristocrats and maverick cosmopolitans. “Art was ubiquitous on Mykonos during those decades,” Antonis says, “but then things slowly started to change.” An artist himself, with multiple accolades for his film work both in Greece and abroad and with over three decades of experience in planning and managing major cultural events, Antonis has worked for years to preserve the island’s cultural and artistic spirit. He was instrumental in founding Mykonos Art Festival, has organized numerous concerts and events on Mykonos and the neighbouring sacred island of Delos, and, since 2011, has run Cine Manto, an open-air cinema and art space in the heart of Mykonos Town that is both a celebration of the island’s artistic and cultural legacy and a force carrying this spirit into the future. Not least, Antonis has been documenting the island’s unsung heroes, the everyman guardians of its traditions and authentic way of life. “I make films about the people of this island,” he explains, “people who won’t make the history books but who have, quietly and unintentionally, indelibly marked the course of this place with their generosity of spirit.” Endlessly inspired and enchanted by Mykonos, he doesn’t hesitate to share his discontent at the loss of that golden age of cosmopolitan bohemianism, of boundless creativity and freedom of spirit and of mind—but most importantly, he doesn’t hesitate to imagine a world of new possibilities. “My dream is Delos,” Antonis says of his ambitions to establish a new cultural institution. “Europe’s largest archaeological site with its unique humanist and cosmopolitan heritage. Delos, the birthplace of light!”

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OF ART AND LIGHT Mykonian by blood and by love for the island, internationally acclaimed director Antonis Kioukas is a driving force in the effort to preserve and revitalise art and culture on Mykonos.


Irene Syrianou

“TO FIND ME YOU WILL have to search for me”, is one of the first things this young woman says. She was born and bred on Mykonos with close ties to Rhenia and Delos. Working as a young woman on Delos, she had the good fortune of seeing the mosaics up close – and a magical relationship developed between her and them. Each and every mosaic in the space entered her soul and she started to learn their craft, mentored and taught in her efforts by mosaic creator and conservator Nikos Tolis. At present, Irene Syrianou together with just one partner – “with whom we have the same hand” – makes everything from replicas of antiquities to contemporary visual creations in her mosaic workshop and gift shop in Mykonos Town, behind the Gialos area. The tiles and anvil keep her company throughout the summer. In recent years she has started teaching the craft of the mosaic in workshops organised by the Municipality of Mykonos to dozens of students from the island, while she also participates in the “Agoni Grammi Gonimi” programme, teaching at schools on distant small islands of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. Through her craft she feels that she is travelling in the same dream as all those who came from her land in the past, especially from Delos. Irene Syrianou follows the ancient method of cutting tiles by hand and relies on the utilisation of recyclable materials. Her work can be found in public spaces and private collections. Her mosaics can also be purchased in archaeological museum gift shops throughout Greece.

066 MYCONIAN COLLECTION discover|local
THE DELOS INSPIRATION Irene Syrianou makes everything from replicas of antiquities to contemporary visual creations in her mosaic workshop and gift shop in Mykonos Town. Mykonos Pop Up Store Royal Myconian Hotel Elia Beach, Mikonos,
Greece 846 00

Aiming at expanding at one of the most beautiful and exclusive European tourist resorts, La Martina makes its debut on the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. It highlights the Summer Tour line which reflects a trip to various cities of Greece with a particular focus on Mykonos. It represents the perfect synthesis of intense colors, pure nature and the perfect "easy mood" in line with the capsule collection. The latter brings out two main products: the T-shirt and the Sweatshirt showcasing different moments of a typical day on Mykonos Island. Fervent followers of La Martina can expect to come across all their favorite items: polo shirts, shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, outerwear, jackets, swimwear, hats, bags, glasses, sneakers and formal shoes. The grand collaboration of La Martina with the Royal Myconian is the perfect gift for all shopping afficionados offering an unprecedent chance: to upgrade the summer island ambiance with the signature of La Martina.

Panayotis Kousathanas

BORN IN MYKONOS IN 1945, Panayotis Kousathanas studied English and Greek Literature at the University of Athens and worked for twenty years as a teacher in secondary education. He has published a total of thirty books including collections of poetry, translations of English poetry into Greek, short stories, a novel and texts on the culture and history of his birthplace. His most recent books, all by Indiktos Editions, Athens, are: 1. the novel (Uncollected are the difficult) (2016); 2. Spyridon Paganelis, On the island, Annotated and Edited by P.K. (2017), and 3. Mutterings VII, Texts on the Culture and History of Mykonos. Excerpts of his poetry and prose have been translated into English, French and Arabic, and published in various literary anthologies and collections. Awards and distinctions: Maria Per. Ralli Prize (1980), Greek State Prize for Chronicle-Testimony (2002), Greek State Prize for Short Story (2009). He was also awarded with the Mykonos Municipality Medal (2011) and the Athens Academy Medal (2014) “for his scientific researching, his books and generally for his offer to the cultural progress and promotion of the civilization of his birthplace”.

Mykonos Pop Up Store

Royal Myconian Hotel

Elia Beach, Mikonos,

Mykonos Pop Up Store

Royal Myconian Hotel

Elia Beach, Mikonos,

A LAND OF CULTURE Try to visit the emblematic Panayotis Kousathanas Library – Municipal Research Foundation on Culture and Tradition. An authentic place of Myconian tradition.
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Greece 846 00
Greece 846 00

Dimitra Nazou

ANYONE YOU ASK ON THE ISLAND about her will identify her as the soul of the Mykonos Folklore Museum. A woman who has served the tradition that has kept memories of the past alive despite frantic tourism development. Dimitra Nazou has what we call in Greece “the golden touch”. A lover of handmade creations and an artist, she was active in the Cultural Folklore Women’s Society of Mykonos, the Society of Friends of Delos & Rineia, the Asia Minor Society of Mykonos and the Society of Friends of the Mykonos Folklore Museum, in an attempt to spread a simple idea: That the past is as important as the present and determines the future. To this day, this woman continues on this same course. She supports folklore events, she researches and records Mykonos folk culture, and she is passionate about weaving and traditional textiles. She has conducted significant research on the renowned Mykonos textiles of the 20th century in cooperation with archaeologist Panagiotis Chatzidakis, as well as on lace and its manual techniques. When you speak with her, a different Mykonos enchants you. A Mykonos that still dances at fairs, that remembers island stories, myths and legends, that is full of colloquialisms, still uses a crochet hook, weaves on a loom, and, mainly, breathes and draws its strength from its roots. Dimitra Nazou believes in the continuation of customs and traditions, and in the power of women to use what was delivered to them by previous generations, turning it into cultural wealth. 

MYKONOS FOLKLORE TRADITION Dimitra Nazou shows us Lena’s House Museum. A branch of the Folklore Museum, located at Tria Pigadia in the town of Mykonos, it is an authentic middle-class Mykonian residence of the 19th century. discover|local people RENOVATION LANDSCAPE HOTEL DESIGN CUSTOM MADE ORDERS Τhessaloniki-Athens I - WE DESING THE NATURE



ARE YOU IN FOR SWIMMING and sunbathing, crazy parties and water sports, or do you just want to relax and spend quality time with your family? Your perfect beach is right here, and we will help you to find it. Mykonos can be whatever you want it to be! Here is our round-up of 10 amazing Mykonos beaches where you will be able to enjoy a perfect day at the seaside.

for nature lovers & bohemians

1. LIA is a beautiful beach with exotic blue waters, white sand and surrounding rocks protecting the bay, which makes it ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving. It is a remote but well organised beach, making it an excellent choice for families, couples and anyone looking for peace, far from the frenzy and noise of party life.

2. FOKOS If you want to escape the masses for a day, the serene Fokos Beach in the north of Mykonos is the right choice for you. The beach is remote and untouched with absolutely no tourist facilities. The unspoilt natural beauty of Fokos relaxes your senses, and the perfect culmination of your visit is a meal at the marvellous taverna right next to it, a hidden gem off the beaten touristy track.

for families & comfort lovers

3. ELIA is one of the longest beaches on Mykonos, with golden silky sand and crystal blue waters that have to be seen to be believed. It is fully organised and offers various water sports facilities as well as a range of restaurants serving excellent Mediterranean cuisine. The Myconian Collection is happy to offer its guests at the Utopia Resort Relais & Ch�teaux, the Avaton Resort a Member of Design Hotels, the Myconian Villa Collection Member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, LVX Collection, as well as at the Imperial Resort Leading Hotels of the World, the Royal Myconian Resort Leading Hotels of the World, and Panoptis Escape Small Luxury Hotels of the World a private section of this beautiful beach where they can enjoy the pleasure of this fantastic shore in an elegant and private atmosphere.

4. PLATIS GIALOS Very popular with the cosmopolitan crowd but also families, Platis Gialos is a long, fully organised beach with fine golden sand. Water sports facilities and a wide range of superb restaurants are available. Guests of the Myconian Ambassador Relais & Ch�teaux Hotel can stretch and sunbathe on this fantastic beach on comfortable sunbeds, under their private umbrellas.

5. ORNOS The shallow waters and fine sand of Ornos Beach make it a great choice for families, set right in front of a small fishing village. It has all the amenities you need to spend a pleasant day on the beach, including a selection of small tavernas serving authentic flavours.Don't forget that this is home for the ultra new O by Myconian Collection that opened this summer of 2022.

6. KALO LIVADI A beautifully long beach with fine sand and shallow waters in a lovely bay, Kalo Livadi is also popular with families. It is a rather quiet organised beach that also offers some interesting tavernas to explore.

for cosmopolitans

7. PANORMOS The beach of Panormos in the very northern part of the island is not as secluded and private as it once was. Nowadays, it’s rather a very hip place to be, where you can find a couple of pop-ups and contemporary eateries. What has not changed, though, is its natural beauty, crystal clear turquoise waters and the long stretch of sand, perfect for all kinds of sport in or outside the water.

8. PSAROU A magnet for the in-crowd on their superyachts and glamorous boats, Psarou is one of the trendiest, most famous beaches on Mykonos island. Sunbathing, chilling and water sports are the order of the day on the white sandy shores and in the crystal clear waters of this beach. Why don’t you give jet skiing, motor boating, fishing or surfing a try? There is also a range of fine restaurants serving epicurean delights and excellent wine if you feel like indulging.

9. SUPER PARADISE is often described as one of the most beautiful beaches on Mykonos. It is located in a small, deep bay and captivates with its crystalline emerald waters and golden shimmering sand. Entire generations of party lovers with a taste for heavy beats have danced and celebrated here – just be warned, it can be very crowded during peak season.

10. PARAGA owes its fame to the hippie generation of the seventies. Ever since, it has been popular with jet-setters who enjoy the bohemian lifestyle. The southern part of Paraga Beach is somewhat calmer, while the northern side is much more organised, with a bar-restaurant with loyal fans where the beats take over from late afternoon well into the evening. Diving from the rock straight into the sea is an absolute must-have experience!

It is one of the longest beaches on Mykonos with golden silky sand and crystal blue waters that have to be seen to be believed (opposite page).
Lovers of the sea will be enraptured by the superb beaches of Mykonos, some of them busy, and others no less attractive but much quieter.
Photography: Sterling Galli

Light & Soul

Distilling the best of each experience into images, ChristosDrazosuses his camera to look into the soul of some of the world’s best destinations.

Photography: Christos Drazos
A STRONG STORYTELLING STYLE Christos is one of Greece’s most accomplished hotel photographers, renowned for his unique eye and a strong storytelling style that transcends form and light to capture the essence of his subjects. mykonians at heart
Photographer Christos Drazos started his career in Hotel Photography in 2000.


"I didn’t get into photography to make a living. got into photography because it was what I always wanted...

As photographers, we are observers, and it’s good to take the time to turn that observation inwards, to your heart and your soul, and then bring that resulting ease and that energy to your commercial work."

WITH MORE THAN 25 YEARS behind the lens, internationally acclaimed hotel photographer Christos Drazos has built an elite clientele that includes over 250 of the finest boutique hotels and luxury hospitality heavyweights in Greece and abroad. The key to his success is his unique eye and his ability to capture not just the form and beauty of things but also their soul, that intangible quality that makes each subject and location special. “Storytelling is essential in professional photography. You have to convey the essence of the place and the experience of being there. Aegean and Ionian islands are all unique despite being so close to each other, so in order to allow people to connect with the mood of each destination, you have to shoot both inside and outside the hotel,” Christos says. “But there are also hotels that truly incorporate local elements, such as the Myconian Collection hotels, which really emanate a sense of place.”

Looking at each hotel individually, Christos identifies the unique characteristics and attributes that set each apart and sets out to share them in visual stories that entice viewers to partake in the experience. His work makes it seem effortless, capturing the interplay of architecture, design and lifestyle and grounding them in an unmistakable sense of place that evokes an emotional response bordering on d�j� vu, an exhilarating mix of familiarity and wonder. Christos sees each new hotel as a new opportunity to push the limits of his craft, to go beyond the surface of form and function—sometimes even of location, when working with hotels in the same destination—and explore new ways of capturing and revealing its unique character. “After 20 years of photographing hotels, there’s no stress, just the challenge. And the bigger the challenge the better,” he points out.

The process of discovering each hotel’s unique essence, according to Christos, is something you can prepare for but not plan. You might have a sense of where you want to go with the project, but the hero shot only reveals itself when you’re actually there. “The process involves arriving a day early and taking time to simply wander around, and then it’s usually four or five days of shooting,” Christos explains. “The key is to connect with the place, stay there, become part of it, experience it, and then find a way to share that experience, that moment, through an image. Only then is the job done.”

Across three decades and three continents, Christos has done his fair share of exploring luxury hotels and breathtaking destinations through his lens, and naturally, this includes Mykonos. “Faros is great to visit in the afternoon, to see the changing light,” he says when asked about his favourite spots. “Agios Sostis, with its little white churches and virgin sandy beach. The windmills too, when the wind is blowing hard from the west and you really realise why they were built there; the view across to Little Venice in those moments, with the waves crashing into the houses, is extraordinary. And of course, the Church of Paraportiani, with its fantastic traditional architecture that makes it look like it’s made of modelling clay. It looks different throughout the day as the light changes, and I notice something new about it every time I walk past.” Over the years, he has returned to the Cyclades again and again, for work and pleasure, to explore the archipelago’s diverse landscapes and revel in its clear, brilliant light. “I feel so fortunate, as a photographer, to have been born in Greece,” Christos says without hesitation. “The light here is magic.”

“The key is to connect with the place, stay there, become part of it, experience it, and then find a way to share that experience, that moment, through an image. Only then is the job done.”

mykonians at heart

mykonians at heart

THE VICE PRESIDENT of the renowned brand talks about the bond between the Royal Myconian Resort and La Martina Boutique that just landed on the cosmopolitan Island of the Winds. He describes a stylish trip to Mykonos with the “Summer Tour” line, where he could wear one of the famous brand’s Sweatshirts waiting for the magnificent sunset to make its appearance. As a grand Maestro, he synthesizes the perfect “easy mood” picture that represents La Martina style and the Royal Myconian Resort philosophy.

La Martina has chosen to launch a La Martina Boutique within the Royal Myconian Resort at Elia. What does this collaboration represent for La Martina and for you personally? This collaboration is part of an expansion process foreseen in the strategic plan that we developed after I joined the brand last fall. With the opening in Mykonos we aim to expand our retail presence in the most beautiful and exclusive European tourist

resorts, including Capri, Saint Tropez and Puerto Banus. Personally, I am very excited about this collaboration as it combines the exclusive history, strong positioning and heritage of La Martina with the style, elegance and exclusivity of the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts. A combination of elements in which I strongly believe. Being able to develop this partnership represents an element of great satisfaction for me and for the brand. What fascinates you about Elia’s Royal Myconian Resort?

In addition to the remarkable undisputed beauty and the privileged view of Mykonos, what really struck me is the rare uniqueness of the family path that underlies the success of the resort: sacrifices, hard work and infinite passion, values that deeply belong and inspire our brand too.

What was the source of your inspiration when you started creating the special Mykonos La Martina line?


Alessandro Santamaria embraces Mykonos in its vision for the future of La Martina which is reflected on the new "Summer Tour" line.

The La Martina line is called “Summer Tour”, as we imagined a trip to various cities of Greece and we focused in particular on the island of Mykonos. It represents the perfect synthesis of intense colors, pure nature and the perfect “easy mood” in line with our capsule collection. Furthermore, Mykonos has managed to preserve the natural and wild charm of the island, evolving into one of the most sought-after luxury destinations in recent years, just like La Martina. The company always respects tradition with a careful look to the future.

Apart from Italy, does the island of Mykonos stand out for its style?

Mykonos is a window to the world. The island with its colors and its beauties attracts people from all over the globe. A set of styles, costumes, lifestyles that make the island unique and exciting. The style at Mykonos makes Mykonos itself an unmistakable and identifiable brand. La Martina wanted to interpret one part of these emotions with the capsule that we present this summer. What style will the La Martina brand bring this summer?

Our capsule focuses on two main products: the T-shirt and the Sweatshirt. Creativity comes from the idea of being able to be present in many moments of a typical day in Mykonos: from lunch on the golden beach, to an evening aperitif with friends, a moment in which, inevitably, the famous Greek wind forces anyone to cover themselves slightly to enjoy the spectacular sunsets of the magical island.




Inspiration and craftmanship, high aesthetic and uniqueness characterize these exquisite collections.

Maria Makryianni is a pure Myconian lady who was born and raised in the legendary island of Mykonos and she is the designer behind the illustrious company GEORGIOS & CO Fine Jewellery. She knows nearly every stone in Mykonos island and this is what makes the difference in her jewellery creations. We caught up with Maria to discover more about the pieces she designs and creates and how they reflect the beauty of the island of Mykonos. What makes a piece of jewellery timeless? What is at the heart of the Georgios & Co’s Fine Jewellery collections? Designing and creating Georgios & Co jewellery is a complex process that requires a high sense of aesthetics and excellent craftsmanship. It’s this aesthetic that informs the design of the piece and helps make it unique and ultimately timeless. Craftsmanship is the second but also most vitally important ingredient that ensures precision and quality in every piece. It’s both my dream and passion to design and create jewellery that our customers will hold on to and cherish for life.

How do your pieces incorporate the islands of Mykonos and Delos? Georgios & Co has a long history on the island of Mykonos. In fact, two of the first collections that were ever designed were the Mykonos Collection and the Delos Collection.

Contemporary but timeless at the same time, the Mykonos Collection encompasses the light, the wind, the sea – all elements which abound on the island – and draws from the cosmopolitan character and vibe that Mykonos exudes. The Delos Collection comprises unique pieces of jewellery inspired by Delos Island’s truly matchless location. The exceptionally beautiful aspects of


Delos created centuries ago are the basis of the jewellery in the Delos Collection - aspects that leave a truly lasting impression. You could say that anyone lucky enough to have acquired a piece from the collection has also acquired a part of Delos’ history.

What are in your opinion those singular or particular elements that have helped you stand out from the competition in the Mykonos market? The quality of the items and their timelessness, the excellent service offered, and ultimately the fact that I truly believe in and love what I do.

How do you spend your time on Mykonos?

Is it difficult to balance work and pleasure?

Mykonos is indeed a truly inimitable place. I chose to live on this wonderful island, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The architecture, the sun, sea and wind, they are all elements that give me so much inspiration and drive to continue to design and create jewellery.

Are your sons planning to enter the family business? Both of my sons have expressed an interest in the world of jewellery from a very young age. They marvel at the process of making a piece by hand and they’re curious about it. Just seeing them in our workshop and our stores fills me with joy and gives me energy. I believe they will be worthy successors of our family tradition and take the company with its 40 year history even further in the future.

After your admittedly impressive career trajectory, what is your life philosophy? Do what you love and love what you do which I believe is echoed in the best way possible in the jewellery we make.

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clockwise: pendant from the Delos Collection, pendant from the Mykonos Collection, bracelets and pendant from the Golden Shore Collection, ring from the Cinema Collection.

mykonians at heart



Theodore Zacharis and Marios Sergidis are innovative design duo Cosset; they view Mykonos as their muse and their canvas for extraordinary compositions.

FOR THE TWO brilliant designers who collectively go by the name Cosset, everything in life is an inspiration. Passionate and articulate, they explain how they bring out their customers’ personality and individual style to a space, through inspired choices.

Design-wise, what befits Mykonos?

Architectural and decorative excess is unnecessary here because it doesn’t enhance the island’s beauty; it doesn’t blend with the surroundings, nor does it contribute anything special, tasteful or modern. With its minimal beauty, Mykonos is perfect for creating spaces of unique identity. And this shows in how the island’s creative scene is now amongst the best in the world, with signature pieces, unique art and excellently constructed objects and furniture. Could you describe your aesthetic for our readers?

Cosset is about everything that is luxurious but also simple, of high quality and warmth. We curate pieces that allow their owners to express themselves, using them to tell their personal story. We are inspired by travel, by people we meet, different points of view and unusual materials. All these interactions and experiences create a complex mood board that shows us the way forward.

Why Mykonos? What are Mykonos visitors like as customers and as people?

The distinctive Cycladic architecture is a minimalist canvas that can accommodate different styles and points of view. Those who choose to stay on Mykonos for their holidays are people with broadened horizons who are always ready to follow new paths and accept new design ideas. This might make our venture more demanding, but it’s part of why we chose to work here, because we enjoy a challenge, especially when it’s about innovation.

How is the design landscape on Mykonos at the moment? Are there certain clich�s in interior design that you would like to see abolished?

In the past two decades, we have seen radical changes in the way people here in Mykonos express themselves through the decoration of their personal space. We avoid overburdening a space for reasons of ostentation – a stereotype we are happy to see disappearing. When we design a cottage, for example, we avoid focusing solely on the building itself and ignoring its surroundings, which would result in a nonharmonious combination.

How do you approach a new project, say a holiday home on Mykonos?

Every space and every project is unique.

It is the owner’s aesthetic that we respond to in order to design it. But there are some values that permeate all our work. Our design philosophy does not allow for excess and meaningless displays of opulence. On the contrary, we aim to harmonise each building with its surroundings in order to enhance the beauty of the general area.

What is the best place to be on Mykonos?

It depends on who you are and what you are looking for. There is no perfect spot on this beautiful island; just places more compatible with your personality than others. For example, we choose to have our business meetings in our own premises because we have designed them to be serene and inspired by our aesthetic in a way that facilitates our decisionmaking. We will say, though, that we love Delos – it is the light, an island whose Doric beauty unlocks the paths to the creative journey.

The Call of the Open Seas

The Rolex Yacht-Master, the emblematic sailing timepiece, was launched in 1992 and was designed specifically for navigators and skippers. The Yacht-Master provides a perfect blend of functionality and nautical style, making it equally at home on and off the water.

For the first time, the Yacht -Master 42 is also available in 18ct yellow gold, after having being offered uniquely in 18ct white gold.

The new version includes a bidirectional rotatable bezel with a Cerachrom insert and raised 60-minute graduation,

as well as the innovative Oysterflex bracelet.

The hour markers and hands of the dial are filled with Chromalight, the luminescent material exclusive to Rolex, that guarantees, in daylight, a longer-lasting glow with a bright white hue.

The new version is equipped with calibre 3235, a self-winding movement at the forefront of watchmaking technology.

Like all Rolex watches, the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42 carries the Superlative Chronometer certification, which ensures excellent performance on the wrist.

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Precision and creativity are not easy to combine in furniture design, yet Furniture Gallery CEO Vasilis Karafotias seems to have found just the right balance.

AT THE HELM OF a tight-knit team of creative craftspeople, Vasilis Karafotias does not hide his passion for the world of furniture and interior design, taking on the challenges of designing and manufacturing custom-made pieces for commercial and private spaces. Furniture gallery was established in 2004 and, in these 18 years, Vasilis has led it to a welldeserved prominence powered by out-of-thebox thinking, teamwork and dedication. He spoke to us about his close ties to Mykonos in a short but insightful interview.

Design-wise, what befits Mykonos? For us, every new project is a story waiting to be told. In the case of Mykonos, of course, the island is already full of interesting stories, so when we are invited to take on a project based here, we will take into consideration not just the typical Cyclades architecture, but the functionality of the space we are designing for, as well as its personality and that of the owner.

One type of project more and more clients entrust to the Furniture Gallery in recent years involves upholstering, adapting and generally

updating well-loved older pieces of furniture, often antiques with a lot of sentimental value. That is what Mykonos would be to me if it were a piece of furniture: A traditional piece – maybe an armchair or table – that has been given a new, very trendy and luxurious twist, in the same way that the island combines the best of both worlds.

You’ve already completed projects on the island. What can you tell us about them? It was very exciting to work alongside the director, set designer and interior designer Antonis Kalogridis on several of the Myconian Collection hotels and resorts at Elia Beach. You wouldn’t believe the amount of thought, inspiration and planning that went into each of these spaces. In the case of the Myconian Avaton resort, we combined classic with contemporary high-end aesthetics, adding country and indie accents to the interiors for that extra effect. A challenge we faced was combining timber with fabric and LED in couches, armchairs, chairs, and other items, but everyone was elated with the result. At the Myconian Imperial, the goal was to exalt

the Greek summer, placing the focus on the light of the sun and the elements of the sky and the sea. The brief here asked for luxurious minimalism with references to nature. I’ll also mention the work we did for the Villa Collection because it was so fulfilling despite its challenges. This project revolved around the art of hospitality, and our made-to-measure constructions included long plush couches, comfortable beds and many more pieces. Of course, all of these designs had references to the Cyclades landscape that we made sure were free from clich�s. Instead, we chose to mirror and pay tribute to the silhouettes of church domes and buildings, and the textures found inside traditional homes. Our colours were both inspired by and complementary to the famous Mykonos landscape and architecture. What is Mykonos to you?

Mykonos is iconic, but creating for it is a challenge. There is such a high level of hospitality and services in general at properties such as those of the Myconian Collection, and since it’s such a popular destination, the expectations are very high. We always give it our best – all our energy, attention to detail and motivation. This is how we tackle challenges and bring new designs to life. This is how we shape stories. Fortunately, working on Mykonos projects also means getting to visit this breathtaking island, which is a blessing.

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The MYCONIAN Collection Hospitality One Destination  Four Locations  Unlimited Choices

Experience the Exceptional


OUR RETURNING GUESTS, of which we welcome more and more to our family every year, might have noticed that at the Myconian Collection, we don’t like to sit still. It is part of our philosophy always to improve, transform and evolve our hotels and resorts because it’s not a fixed place that we’re looking to provide for our thousands of guests (no matter how impressive) but a feeling – a holistic experience. With the addition of brand-new Panoptis Escape at Elia beach and O by Myconian Collection at Ornos beach, opening this season, the Myconian Collection properties are now eleven, and we view every one of them as a living, breathing realm of luxury, beauty and excitement – be it the Relais & Ch�teaux Utopia or the upgraded to Legend status by Preferred Villa Collection. To this end, we dedicate lots of thought. How can we improve our award-winning services and accommodation? What additions would our guests appreciate? Which passionate new people would be the right fit for our properties? However, the answers can’t come from just brainstorming. That’s why we ask, too. We ask our valued staff for their input. We encourage guests to come to us with questions, concerns, feedback – in fact, this approach has landed the former Villa Collection’s GM and now Commercial Director at the Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts, Anastasios Naoum, a Traveler’s Choice Award. Our choices are informed by the expectations, demands and needs of everyone involved, because we are a team and because we all shape the places we love together. Mykonos inspires us, and so do our guests and our people. This year, we invite you to try everything that’s new at the Myconian Collection, and open up to the endless possibilities of a fantastic holiday.

a great summer!
Markos, Vangelis and Marios

Proud of our roots

How a Mykonos local managed to built a hospitality empire comprising eleven leading luxury hotels using all his passion, courage and ingenuity – and tapping into the very essence of the island.
The four Daktylides brothers (left) and their father, George with his wife, Eleftheria Daktylides. By Diana Vives - Photography: Christos Drazos


THERE IS SOMETHING about a family business and its unique synthesis of heritage, loyalty and emotion which captures the essence of luxury and accounts for the strength of some of the world’s greatest portfolios. This quality is at the heart of the Myconian Collection’s success. “My brothers and I are as proud of our roots as we are of our growth”, says Vangelis about his parents George and Eleftheria Daktylides, founders of the Collection that today counts eleven of the leading luxury hotels on Mykonos, three of which are members of Relais & Ch�teaux.

Mykonos during George Daktylides’s youth was very different from that of today. The island ran a barter economy well into the Fifties.

“My mother, along with everyone else who lived off the land, will tell you that they traded their cheese, sausages, cured fish and produce with the townsfolk for imports such as sugar, flour, rice, coffee and spaghetti, not to mention the all-important cigarettes, sold individually from a big box”, Panos explains. Besides visitors to a few private villas, the island was a well-guarded secret before the yachts and cruise ships of the Sixties began to drop anchor on their way to view the magnificent ancient ruins of Delos. Onassis and Jackie O were followed by Princess Soraya, Grace Kelly, Brando and Liz Taylor, to

George Daktylides was one of the first people to realise this island’s tourism potential, serving the public with a fleet of 25 buses.
“My parents would sacrifice anything to create opportunities for us. My mother had one good pair of Sunday shoes which she would only wear before walking into church.’’


The personal touch and attention to detail that to this day defines the

Myconian Collection inspired a loyal clientele and a reputation that spread by word of mouth.

mention but a few, and Christian Dior famously crowned the town’s tailor, Josef Salachas “le roi du pantalon” [“the king of trousers”], inspiring Givenchy to collaborate on a couture collection. The secret was out, and close on its heels came the boho chic of the Seventies. George Daktylides was a handsome young man in a hurry when he married the beautiful young Eleftheria from Delos. On completing his military duty, he had returned home with big dreams. He drove a bus that carried men and materials from town to the barite mines, and soon convinced his brothers to invest with him in a vehicle of their own. Before long, they were operating the only public transport on the island, with a fleet of twenty-five buses on which the four boys cut their commercial milk teeth. “As kids, we sold tickets on our dad’s buses, which was a little boy’s dream”, says Markos. Concurrently, George started trading in cement, bricks and sand that he was hauling to the mines and construction sites, and for ten years mixed concrete and brought in coils of rebar used for structural reinforcement. “I can still remember the ringing sound of both of my grandfathers hammering to uncoil the steel just below our house. Everything was done by hand.”

Tourist accommodation on the island had grown modestly with the state-funded construction and informal room and board offers, but demand from visitors drawn to experience the warm hearts, rich culture and exceptional hospitality of the locals continued to grow. It was not uncommon for cash-strapped backpackers in the Eighties to be invited to open up their sleeping bags on private terraces under the stars. So, with his burgeoning contacts in trading and construction, George decided to undertake a development of his own, seeing an opportunity to build the first hotel on Mykonos outside of town.

Marios recounts: “He came home one day on a Caterpillar that he’d picked up second-hand, and it remained his favourite set of wheels long after he could have any car he wanted.” The well-worn but solid 920 four-cylinder diesel loader went on to dig the foundations of his first four hotels, starting with the 25-room Kohili in 1979. Set high above town and looking directly onto the seven famous 16th century windmills, the charming little hotel commanded sweeping views of the Aegean by day and the glittering spectacle of the town by night. Kohili was the first private hotel on Mykonos outside Chora, and an instant hit, followed by Korali a year later to double the room count. Their success was built on the back of hard work. Eleftheria made breakfast for all the guests and did the housekeeping and laundry, as well as providing meals for the 40 construction workers who were busy erecting the new hotel. She was also raising four sons, and somehow still found the time to take her boys for a daily swim. “I can still smell the cake she baked for the hotel in our kitchen”, Vangelis recalls. “She gets emotional when we talk about those times... My parents would sacrifice anything to create opportunities for us. Dad worked from morning to night and invested all the profits back into the business. My mother had one good pair of Sunday shoes which she would only wear before walking into church”.

The personal touch and attention to detail that to this day defines the Myconian Collection inspired a loyal clientele and a reputation that spread by word of mouth. Six years later, Kyma and Kalypso joined Kohili and Korali to form what became known as K-Hotels. In 1986, in anticipation of growing demand for luxury destinations, George purchased a plot on the south coast, above the bay of Platys Gialos and built the island’s first 5-star hotel, the Myconian Ambassador Relais & Ch�teaux.

“By then, my parents had realised that we needed an education in international management”, says Vangelis. All four sons attended in turn the premier establishment of its kind, the world-renowned hotel school in Lausanne. “There was never a question in our minds whether this was what we wanted to do”. Once all four brothers were back on the island, they were ready for a new challenge: the conquest of Elia bay. If the seaside beaches around the peninsula are the golden crown of Mykonos, few are said to gleam as brightly as the broad swathe of fine sand on the south side of the island. So, in securing the most scenic cliffs and gentle slope of fields that joined them with the ocean, the family acquired the perfect setting for the new stars in the Myconian Collection’s luxury constellation: the 5-Star Royal in 2000 and the Imperial in 2002, followed by the Villas, Utopia and Avaton. Throughout this time, the Collection never lost the sense of family and organic growth. Informed by the family’s managerial and operational philosophy, it pervades the relationships between the Daktylides family, the island and the staff – and flows into guests’ experience of warm and personalised service, as well as the privileged relationships that discreetly open doors to the island’s best suppliers and services. The family remains firmly rooted in Mykonos. Their children go to school on the island.

And their dedication to give back to the island finds expression in environmental conservation initiatives, local sourcing and consistent support to the Cycladic communities: Waste is recycled, worn linen is donated to old age homes, prisons and monasteries in the Cyclades, seawater is desalinated.

Even nowadays, five years after stepping down as CEO, George Daktylides remains a busy man. His way of relaxing is getting involved in the new projects, as well as making sure that his grandchildren have a steady supply of “real” food. He does his rounds to every home once a week in a Toyota Hilux, with trays of farm eggs on the passenger seat and home-bred lamb and goat meat in the back, as well as cheese and cake made by Eleftheria. “As you see, I’ve got my retirement sorted out”, says Vangelis. “And it’s a good thing that we are four brothers, because our parents’ shoes are very big to fill”.

“Someone once asked me what advice our parents gave us along the way. My answer was short: they led by example. In French, I believe there is a term for it, “l’�ducation silencieuse”. We are each other’s most honest critic, and we are loyal allies. When we balance the pragmatic demands of a competitive business with deeply rooted emotions, we’re not just planning for the financial year, but also for the next generation”.

besides a few visitors, the island was a well-guarded secret during the Sixties.
TIME George’s sons, remain as close to Mykonos today as they were as children: ˝There was never a question in our minds whether this was what we wanted to do˝.

The story of the Myconian Collection starts all the way back in the late ‘70s, when George Daktylides, a visionary born and raised on the island, put to use his knack for entrepreneurship by opening the Kohili hotel. Much has changed in these forty-three years for the island and the Myconian Collection alike. More than just a group of hotels, the Myconian Collection curates sights, emotions, flavours, moods, ideas and experiences. The very best that Mykonos has to offer has been distilled into the form of eleven exceptional properties at four unforgettable locations on one iconic island, managed with an ethos that combines warm, genuine service with a constant push for perfection.




Mykonos Town

A picture-perfect Cyclades destination, Mykonos Town boasts cascading whitewashed houses, romantic alleys, climbing flowers, stylish shopping and world-class dining and drinking.

FOR TRAVELLERS WHO enjoy socialising and discovering the authentic side of a destination as well as lovers of all things history and art, this Cyclades island capital is a wonderland waiting to reveal its charms. In addition to its picturesque alleys and characteristic blue-white Cyclades architecture, Mykonos town is home to the renowned Little Venice, the emblematic seaside windmills, an archaeological museum, folklore and maritime museums, and innovative galleries. Explore churches with blue domes; head to the old harbour; dive into the Greek night – this place is full of possibilities. The Myconian Korali Relais & Ch�teaux, Kyma – a member of Design Hotels, and Naia – part of the Preferred Hotels’ LUX Collection, are as vibrant, unique and classy as the town itself, each putting its own spin on the renowned Myconian Collection’s exceptional service and impeccable accommodation options.

Hotel photography: Christos Drazos



BRIGHT, SUN-KISSED accents of colour add vibrancy to sleek, elegant spaces. Nothing is left to chance here: quintessential Cyclades vistas of the windmills and Mykonos Town, trend-forward yet timeless interior design, and a certain je ne sais quoi adorn the interiors and decks.

But, more than anything, luxury at the Korali is about substance – the experience itself. From Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos’s extraordinary cooking, which can be served straight to your room, to high-class guest services that include shopping, helicopter rentals and butler service, everything works in unison to ensure that your satisfaction is sky-high.

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From its vantage point overlooking Mykonos Town, the Myconian Korali delivers Relais & Châteaux indulgence and elegance.



OWING ITS NAME to the Greek word for “wave”, the Kyma continues to make waves on the scene by striving for the best possible experience for its guests. Just a few steps from the buzz of Mykonos town yet offering the privacy and tranquillity you deserve, this resort is, simply put, unforgettable – as are its individual parts. Imagined in classic chic and embodied in relaxing white and signature Greek sky blue, the Kyma is a destination in itself – thanks to fantastic dining, entertainment and drinking options, as well as a sun-kissed outdoor lounge and a spa that’s simply to die for.

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Located on the very site where the first Myconian Collection hotel opened its doors forty-three years ago, the Kyma, a member of Design Hotels continues to offer guests first-row seats to the marvels of Mykonos Town.



THIS BOUTIQUE GEM is fresh, inspired and unpretentious, bringing the award-winning Myconian Collection experience to the guests who appreciate youthful style, convenience and attention to detail. A member of the L.V.X. Collection and Preferred Hotels and Resorts, the Myconian Naia has made sure a range of stunning experiences for all the senses are available to indulge in, including outstanding sushi menu at Naros Asian Fusion Sushi Bar, endless carefree hours at the unforgettable pool deck, fantastic exercise space and generous pampering at Satory Spa.

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A prime hotel that speaks your language, the Myconian Naia oozes character as it sits at its privileged location on the hillside above Mykonos Town.


Platis Gialos

One of the longest beaches on the island, covered in golden sand that beckons you to go barefooted.

TRAVELLERS OPTING for Platis Gialos accommodation have the best of both worlds, being able to walk down to the beach within minutes of stepping out of their rooms, enjoying comfort and privacy, but also being close enough to the cosmopolitan Mykonos Town to partake in its bustling social life when they feel like it. Not that it’s easy to leave this place; Platis Gialos has everything you could ever wish for, from turquoise waters to fully organised facilities including jet skis and even water taxis to take you to different beaches, for when you’re feeling adventurous. There are dining options aplenty as well as bars and nightlife –and Myconian Collection’s own exquisite Ambassador is simply stunning. Carrying the prestigious seal of Relais & Ch�teaux, the resort offers an uncompromisingly flawless Mykonos experience, built exclusively for the most exacting of guests and fully customised to your needs, just like you deserve.



ESCAPING ORDINARY life takes no effort at a signature Relais & Ch�teaux resort with international appeal, created to tend to the most discerning guests’ every desire. The perfect escape is possible thanks to customised service and amenities at superb accommodation. From private helicopter tours of the UNESCO Heritage Site of Delos to private masterclasses with Ilias Maslaris, the hotel’s celebrated Executive Chef, the experiences to be had at the Ambassador are bountiful. Horse riding, water sports, private pilates and yoga and even a professional photo tour of the island are available. Guests are spoilt for choice at the Thalasso spa, where rejuvenating traditions from across the world treat your body and mind. Enjoy a luxury environment like no other in glorious white and blue and dare to give in to every temptation – you deserve it.

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Overlooking the turquoise waters of Platis Gialos beach, the Ambassador is in a league of its own, an elegant hotel that delivers sophistication aplenty for travellers who won’t settle for anything but perfection.

Elia Beach

A marvelous spot is destined to win a place in your heart for life.

TRAVELLERS OF EVERY PERSUASION have been known to let out a sigh when they arrive at Elia: Their search for the beach of their dreams – one that combines natural beauty with lavish amenities and excitement – is finally over. Your search for the quintessential Mediterranean beach experience is also about to come to an end. This gorgeous bay ticks every box: crystal-clear waters, golden sand, convenient amenities and an endless seascape stretching out to meet the blue of the sky. Serenity and privacy are guaranteed as you sit back in your lounger, close your eyes and let the gentle breeze caress your skin. Staying at one of the Myconian Collection resorts at Elia Beach means securing a front-row seat to the beauty of Mykonos’s nature and enjoying your stay on your own terms. Choose from Avaton – a member of Design Hotels, Imperial – a member of Leading Hotels, Royal – a member of Leading Hotels, Utopia Relais & Ch�teaux, Villa Collection – a Preferred Platinum Partner, or the boho-chic Panoptis Escape. Each is unique, with a range of diverse experiences ready to make your day, your week, your summer.

Hotel photography: Christos Drazos



A luminous constellation of stars at the bottom of the infinity pool; the salty breeze of the Aegean; the sky painted orange as the sun sets over the sea – details like these may be small but their memories can last a lifetime. It’s moments like these that the Avaton aspires to offer its guests.

IN ANCIENT GREECE, “avaton” would be a special place that only the initiated could enjoy. In present-day Greece, the Myconian Avaton is still very special but it extends a warm welcome to everyone. Formed in equal parts by nature and man, the five-star gem is sculpted high on the rock of Elia Beach. Bright white walls soothe the eye while charming accents in natural materials and earthy colours set the mood for a stay that brings you closer to bliss by the second. Boost your beauty and feed your soul at the spa. Explore gourmet delights at the dramatic Panorama Fine Dining restaurant. Spend carefree hours on the pool deck and the marvelous beach. Express your wishes to the attentive staff, who will go above and beyond to grant them.

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ELEGANT, COMFORTABLE and feeling like the best version of home you can imagine, the Myconian Imperial at Elia Beach has a strong point of view. There’s much to be discovered at this member of Leading Hotels of the World. Three types of superb rooms and two executive suites set the mood – but you don’t just live in your room. You live in the pool, taking a seat in the swim-up bar ready to sip a gorgeous cocktail, without a care in the world. You live on one of the island’s best beaches, with the surf massaging your feet. You enjoy a choice of five bars and restaurants, including Celebrities Seafood Restaurant and Sishu Sushi Bar. You live at the Myconian Imperial.

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Alexandros Kalfakis (left), Hotel Operations Manager shares with each guest individually, dozens of brand new ways to discover the soul of authentic Mykonos, personalised to their desires, requests, interests.

To explore the limits of serenity; to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones; to experience the fondest feeling of home – the home of your dreams... Its name might deservedly convey glory and class, yet Imperial maintains an accessible charm, a warmth that luxury accommodation sometimes lacks.



Find your kingdom at the intersection of Cycladic charm and contemporary aesthetics and enjoy privileged views over one of the most sought-after beaches on Mykonos.

FROM THE INTRIGUING artwork on display to perfectly prepared food and drinks, and rooms and suites you’ll want to stay in forever, every last detail at the Royal Myconian – a member of Leading Hotels – has been planned to deliver excellence, comfort and, simply put, pleasure. Created by a set designer, the interiors are inventive and exciting. Taste is well taken care of at Camares Pool Restaurant, a culinary gem serving up creative Greek cuisine. The on-site spa is a beautifully designed space complete with a perfectly circular indoor pool, delivering massages, signature face and body treatments, tanning and more, ensuring every one of your needs is covered. You’ll find the Royal also boasts interesting shops, a fully equipped gym and much more – everything you could ever want for yourself to relax, enjoy and feel inspired.

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methodical professional, Panagiotis
(top), Head of Rooms Division Operations, is constantly on the move, never ceasing to pay attention to every detail of the guests’ experience.


STILL IN YOUR BED, you’ll catch yourself smiling at the sea that’s glistening in the sunlight. Natural materials and Cycladic white will make this room feel like home for the very first moment. This day is yours alone. Mouthwatering breakfast options, opulent pool and entertainment decks, iconic nearby destinations, a fully equipped gym, the welcoming Elia Beach, the Sanctuary spa with an array of pleasures that are as good for your body as they are for the soul… There’s so much to explore here with your loved ones that the Utopia truly feels like you’re in heaven.

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As Guest Relations Manager Kostas Kazopoulos reassures “no matter where they come from, Myconian Collection’s guests are not just looking for the highest standards in accommodation and service but are eager to explore everything that the peerless Aegean destination that is Mykonos island has to offer.”

This opulent property doesn’t take its name lightly. From the gardeners to the manager, every single member of the Utopia Relais & Châteaux team works to inspire you to dream.


Villa Collection

INSIDE THIS PROMISED LAND, you’ll be treated to uninterrupted, panoramic views of the Aegean from your exclusive villa, suite or room, which come with infinity pools and outdoor Jacuzzis. The saltwater infinity pool is one of the most magnificent on Mykonos, and there’s a private sunbed next to it with your name on it. Perhaps you’d prefer to dive in the sea or stay active on the waves? Parasailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, scuba-diving and more await to exhilarate, delivered by certified instructors. There are amenities aplenty with on-site boutiques, fully equipped gym and a spa to die for.

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Across the board, the feel of the Villa Collection, which has Legend status with Preferred Hotels, is one of a carefully designed and meticulously executed slice of summer bliss.


Panoptis Escape

A PROUD MEMBER of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Panoptis Escape is designed to elevate hospitality to divine heights. Idyllically located on a hilltop overlooking Elia Beach, the exclusive ensemble of 18 stunning and spacious villas sits perched above the turquoise Aegean Sea. All villas include a private infinity pool, luxurious amenities, unparalleled comfort and personalised service. Whether you wish to spend the day drifting off in a private infinity pool, securing a sun-soaked spot on the beautiful, golden sands of Elia Beach, exploring the countryside on horseback, or cruising on a private yacht around the coast – the attentive team at Panoptis Escape will take care of every, unforgettable detail.

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Panoptis translates to ‘where man meets his gods.’ Bound by original contemporary architecture, minimalist styling and artisan craftsmanship, everything here defines less is more.

Ornos Beach

An aquatic paradise which will host the Myconian Collection’s latest hospitality destination, O by Myconian Collection.

LOCATED A MERE 3.5 kms away from Mykonos Town, Ornos Beach is situated in front of an idyllic seaside village. The location of many of the island’s finest hotels, the beach’s fine white matched with crystalline clear waters render it a luxurious destination, complete with sun beds, a plethora of water sports and all day uber cool vibe. Attracting visitors who want to experience one of Mykonos’ finest beaches, along with fabulous dining, cocktails and live DJ sets, it provides a truly magical experience throughout the day.

Reflecting Ornos Beach’s carefree, barefoot-luxe atmosphere, Myconian Collection Hotels and Resorts add to their luxury portfolio on the iconic island of Mykonos, an ultra new 5-star property. Named O by Myconian Collection, their first beachfront property epitomizes boho-luxury at its finest, and is the perfect destination for beach lovers looking for a laid back exclusive hospitality experience.

Hotel photography: Christos Drazos


O IS A SUBLIME OASIS of pleasure and relaxation, crafted through impeccable design, exceptional personalized service and privacy, elevated amenities, and authentic, curated experiences. Here, guests are immersed into a relaxed pace of life — slow, intentional and rooted in a sense of place and self — and invited to take time, let their imagination roam, rediscover forgotten pleasures, indulge in new and meaningful experiences, and reconnect with all their senses to the wholeness of life.

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Myconian Collection’s first beachfront property, O by Myconian Collection offers guests direct access to one of the island’s most beautiful beaches.

by Myconian Collection O


Unsurpassed Luxury

Combining the privacy and exclusivity of a villa with attentive round-the-clock service, these sumptuous spaces of the Myconian Collection exceed all expectation, delivering a luxurious escape to cherish.


The jewel in Panoptis Escape’s crown is its 21-bedroom villa equipped with 11 outdoor private infinity pools.

Featuring magnificent sea views and a private helipad that can house three helicopters, the Panoptis Escape Villa is the epitome of luxury.


From the Reservations Department and the Myconian Collection family, Kalliope Daktylides gave us a little of her valuable time to discuss the group’s philosophy of high-end service. “Our suites and villas experience is all about unforgettable hospitality. No matter how amazing your spaces are, how beautiful the rooms, how iconic the setting… every guest has to receive immaculate, personalised service to make the most of their visit. That is what we think and what we built our signature Myconian family hospitality on: warm, attentive and high-end at the same time – at just the right balance. The 2022 season is going to be more dynamic than ever and we are delighted to be serving new and returning guests to the highest standards of service in our extensive range of breathtaking villas and suites.”

Kalliope Daktylides Reservations Department.

experience|dream villas


This summer, indulge in the good life in Mykonos, inside one of the 100+ spacious suites and immaculate, unique villas of the Myconian Collection.

A VERITABLE PARADISE with dedicated staff anticipating your every need, desire and whim, the Myconian Collection’s villas have earned a loyal following. For travellers who settle for nothing but the very best, the Myconian Collection’s hotels and resorts offer a wide choice of amazing villas and suites delivering the highest standards of design, amenities and service. The suites and villas at the Myconian Villa Collection, the Ambassador villa at the Myconian Ambassador, the villa options at the Myconian Avaton and the Myconian Utopia as well as the Panoptis Escape villa are all designed for ultimate privacy and total relaxation. Ideal for a romantic getaway or for an idyllic escape where families and friends can come together, the Myconian Collection prides itself on providing a bespoke level of service that anticipates its guests’ every need. With sweeping views over the Aegean, the villas showcase spacious and elegant interiors along with state-of-the-art amenities, magnificent pool decks and private infinity pools, providing the perfect backdrop should you wish to dine in-villa. It could be an intimate affair for two or a catered party for many more – it’s all up to you. You can also choose to hire one of talented exceptional chefs, who will spoil you with gourmet delicacies of your choice. Alternatively, we can make sure that you are provided with a daily delivery of fresh groceries, fine coffees and teas, breakfast prepared at your villa as well as pool lunches on request. We offer butler services, personalised spa treatments, and unique Pilates and yoga sessions in the natural beauty of the island. After all, all villa options are not just your home away from home, they are the home of your dreams.



“We are proud to offer the largest, most comfortable suites and villas on Mykonos island”, says Maroulio Eleftheriou from the Sales & Marketing team. “But what’s even more important to us is to offer variety. There are options to accommodate all group sizes and make sure every single guest gets the hospitality experience that they deserve. And that we are famous for. Expect exquisite interiors, spacious private gardens and decks, dreamy pools, exceptional service and a range of amazing extras – from experiences to amenities. The fact we can deliver outstanding privacy and real exclusivity on an island that is so popular sets us apart from the rest.”

Maroulio Eleftheriou, Sales & Marketing team, Myconian Collection.

A world of excellence in flavour















unique restaurants for limitless dining Photography: Christos Drazos, Stathis Bouzoukas BY THE MYCONIAN COLLECTION HOTELS & RESORTS
myconian imperial
myconian imperial
myconian avaton
royal myconian
myconian villa collection
myconian utopia
myconian ambassador
myconian korali
myconian naia
myconian kyma
panoptis escape
o by myconian collection experience | fine dining 12

Serving Mykonos the Best

Executive Food & Beverage Operations Manager

Apostolis Geladaris speaks with passion and confidence about the Myconian Collection’s culinary offering and outstanding service.

FOR EVERY MEMBER of the teams powering the Myconian Collection restaurants, culinary creation is a passion – and the proof is quite literally in the pudding.

Looking after an extraordinary range of twelve high dining restaurants, Myconian Collection Executive Food & Beverage Operations Manager Apostolis Geladaris speaks enthusiastically about the offering. Evident in his eyes and tone of voice is a quiet confidence as well as a warmth that mirrors the Myconian Collection ethos. He welcomed our questions. “Our guests are at the heart of our work”, he stresses. “We want our guests to have the best possible experience – to exceed their expectations with the food,

the atmosphere and, importantly, the service”. Asked about of serving visitors from across the world, he responds, “That’s a typical day in Mykonos. I always make an effort to talk to our diners. The Myconian Collection values feedback and a personal connection immensely. I’ve met guests from New Zealand to Korea, Brazil, Russia… And of course Europe and the USA. Despite their different backgrounds, there are certain elements every guest appreciates: personal service, a genuine interest in their experience and a warm smile”. Eager to welcome new and returning faces to the Myconian dining experiences, he talks about the vast range of choices. “Every Myconian Collection restaurant has its own stand-out character that you see in the food, the d�cor, the vibe...” The staff have a huge part in this. “We value our people immensely. They feel a part of our family from the very first day. They know they will be supported and we encourage their input. The happiness of the team shows in the food, too”. As for his message to Myconian Collection guests, it is characteristic of the hospitality offered across its properties: “We are genuinely happy to be serving you at our twelve restaurants. Never hesitate to come to us with your thoughts, needs and desires!”

Inspiration, finesseand creativity!

EXPLORING THE FULL range of superb restaurants at the Myconian Collection properties is akin to entering a gourmet realm where flavour and creativity reign supreme. Τwelve sophisticated restaurants serve sheer quality across eleven Mykonos hotels and resorts. Diverse and distinct in their gastronomy, ambience and philosophy, they nevertheless share the Myconian Collection ethos of personal service and attention to detail. Myconian Collection guests are free to pick and choose to dine at any of our finest restaurants. The classy options include three Relais & Chateaux venues, renowned the world over for their elevated standards, as well as additional eateries that aim ever-higher in terms of gastronomy, service and setting. In each kitchen, exceptionally talented chefs bring technique, precision and creativity in spades. Using only the finest seasonal ingredients available, they concoct dishes that excite the senses and open new horizons in flavour. Subscribing to the farmto-table approach, we grow our produce onsite, while beef is hand-reared by Myconian Collection patriarch George Daktylides. As a local family and thanks to our long tradition in hospitality, we have built time-honoured ties with local fishermen, who provide us with their catch of the day. Even the salt used is the finest fleur de sel harvested around the island of Delos. The result is extraordinary ingredients – the building blocks of fantastic food. Several cuisines and myriad influences are showcased at the Myconian Collection tables. From creative Greek cuisine and French high dining classics to bright, impossibly fresh sushi and fusion selections, the chefs have tried and tested their most inspired work to date, ready to impress.

The Myconian Collection’s restaurants capture the essence of Relais & Châteaux luxury, harmoniously combining understated elegance, contemporary design, fine cuisine and superb service.

experience | fine dining

Discover a wonderful range of bright, fresh and utterly creative dishes that leave a lasting impression.

Celebrities Seafood Restaurant

GRABBING A FRONT-ROW seat to endless Aegean seascapes and browsing the menu of Celebrities Seafood Restaurant at the Myconian Imperial is the opening chapter to a gastronomic experience you’ll savour and reminisce for months to come.

Seafood takes centre stage at this Elia Beach culinary powerhouse, although there are also meat options available for those who prefer them. Executive Chef Thomas Kontouris extends his invite to diners who are excited to dive into the freshest fish and seafood the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean have to offer, as his team cooks with organic, local and seasonal ingredients alone. Enjoy an endless parade of the best seasonal ingredients available, including sea bass, wild mushrooms, prawns and lobster caught by local fishermen who work exclusively with the Myconian Collection. The produce comes from our vegetable patch, while even the salt is fleur de sel gathered off the coast of legendary Delos island.

1 experience | fine dining MYCONIAN IMPERIAL
Thomas Kontouris (top left), Executive Chef to the Celebrities Seafood Restaurant, knows how to use every kind of food material and transform it into a magic top quality gourmet dish (top right). Come dine among the stars and experience the heavenly ambiance of Celebrities Seafood Restaurant.


Sushi Bar

GIVE IT A GO and you’ll be surprised by how well sushi befits the Greek summer. Taking an al fresco seat at the inviting poolside tables of Sishu Sushi Bar and getting ready to pick from favourites and new surprises from a menu of expertly prepared, impossibly fresh sushi from the expert hands of chef Meiwang Ke Steven and his team. The Japanese tradition brings precise knife skills, which assure a perfect texture and flavour balance, while the Greek sea generously contributes the freshest, most stunning seafood and fish, freshly caught in the waters around Mykonos by local fishermen who have been supplying Myconian Collection restaurants with their catch of the day for decades. In addition to classic maki, nori, sashimi and more, there are also GrecoJapanese fusion surprises to try, giving you a glimpse of the very best of both worlds. Stunning sushi with a twist is made fresh in the culinary heaven at the Myconian Imperial’s Sishu Sushi Bar, providing flavoursome, light and very summery meals.

Enjoy the calm waters of Elia Beach as you prepare to dig into gorgeous sushi.
Treat yourself to an evening of delicious sushi, fantastic cocktails and picture perfect views.
2 experience | fine dining

Panorama Fine Dining

A MASTERCLASS in delivering fine dining that’s free from exaggeration and pomp, Panorama Fine Dining is a Mykonos restaurant that guests and locals alike have come to adore. Located inside the Myconian Avaton on Elia Beach, this eatery is a magnificent, large-scale venue that aspires to match – and exceed – the level of excellence you expect from a five-star establishment. The comfortable, stylish chairs and tables – including luxurious, oversized red armchairs fit for royalty – are accentuated by impressive light fixtures and art set against a rustic backdrop of stone. The appetising aromas of expertly prepared, inspired dishes finding their way to the tables heighten your anticipation. You look at the menu, and the culinary genius of Executive Chef Peter Letsis starts to reveal itself. Once you’ve been served and the explosion of flavours hits your taste buds, everything is much clearer. Only the finest, freshest of ingredients are granted entry to Panorama’s kitchen, with the experienced team of chefs benefitting from the Myconian Collection’s time-honoured relationships with local producers and fishermen. Some are even grown by the Myconian team themselves in our back gardens. Then, it’s the turn of Peter Letsis’team to prepare, cook and arrange them on your plate using standards of culinary sophistication that are unmatched on Mykonos.

Panorama Executive Chef Peter Letsis. Serving an exquisite menu and stunning views across Elia Bay, the Panorama Fine Dining restaurant certainly lives up to its name (top).
Dining al fresco under the stars, you’ll want to raise a glass and toast the land that gave us these ingredients – and the kitchen team who cooked and combined them with such gusto.
3 experience | fine dining



Greek Tradition, Elevated

INSPIRED BY the island’s iconic windmills, sun-drenched hills and glistening Aegean waters, Cabbanes features elevated flavourbased cuisine that showcases the very best of Myconian gastronomy. Each day, Executive Chef Philipos Staboulis handpicks the finest, freshest ingredients from local producers on Mykonos and carefully selected suppliers around the world and, drawing from traditional cooking knowhow and modern culinary techniques, masterfully crafts them into mouth-watering creations. Harnessing the extraordinary flavours of premium seasonal ingredients and celebrating each unique texture, colour and aroma, he has created a contemporary flavour-driven menu that reimagines international favourites with a distinctively Mediterranean flair, delivering an unforgettable dining experience that delights the senses.

Order from the a la carte menu or choose one of the fabulous tasting menus — the three-course Voyage and the six-course Chef’s Signature — and complement your meal with a bespoke wine pairing experience, with wines from some of the country’s finest vineyards.

138 MYCONIAN COLLECTION 4 experience | fine dining
Sophistication is key at a stylish eatery that delivers impressive flavours, textures and aromas.




Indulge in ingeniously creative Greek cuisine at a poolside restaurant like no other.

AT THE ROYAL Myconian, there’s a seat reserved for you to feel like royalty at a fascinating addition to the vast array of gastronomy options at the Myconian Collection – Camares Pool Restaurant. Acclaimed Executive Chef George Oikonomou has developed an updated, trend-forward taverna concept, approaching this unique legacy with respect, intelligence and enthusiasm as he prepares a range of dishes fit for Olympian royalty by bringing together local culinary tradition and the sophistication you have come to expect from Myconian Collection ventures. An imposing wooden door is your gateway to a dining hall characterised by sleek lines, sophistication and magnificent views of the bluest blue of the Aegean. You’ll have a hard time splitting your attention between the privileged vistas and the masterfully prepared and beautifully presented dishes – but anyone who’s already sampled this restaurant’s delicacies will confirm that the latter will eventually win.

Taking your pick from a creatively Greek menu where the focus is on organic, pure, bright ingredients, you’ll embark on a journey of the senses that will explain just why these delights are fast making this restaurant a favourite with Mykonos foodie crowds. Greek cuisine may be evolving, but the standards of freshness, seasonality and precision still reign supreme – as does flavour, the uncontested star of the show at Camares Pool Restaurant.

With his delightfully creative take on traditional favourites, acclaimed Executive Chef George Oikonomou (opposite page) turns every meal into a fabulous culinary experience.

5 experience | fine dining

Pavilion Relais

THE EPICUREAN delights that await at this gorgeous restaurant are pure in flavour yet creative, rivalled only by the breathtaking seafront vistas it boasts. Elegant light fixtures, fresh flowers and natural materials set the mood for the lush breakfast, delicious lunch or flavourful dinner to come, delivered by the inspired hands of chef Nikos Moroglou. Nikos’ vision for the menu is inspired by a deep respect for nature and its bounty as well as his creative flair for combining ingredients of different textures and flavour notes to bring out the best in each. Lamb chops are cooked at just the right temperature, paired with smoked aubergine and placed next to a baby potato, spring onion, cherry tomato, cucumber and mint salad, with a fantastic demi-glace bringing everything together. If you manage to leave some room for dessert, you’ll be glad you did. Light fruity delights as well as more indulgent options are available – for instance, the homemade green apple sorbet, sesame crumble and plum salad, a melody of fruit and nuts to savour.

At Pavilion Relais & Châteaux restaurant, spectacular views pair wonderfully with the gourmet menu and exceptional wine list (top). One of the tempting desserts: Bitter chocolate mousse with hazelnut dacquoise, bourbon jelly and vanilla ice cream with salted caramel (bottom). Executive chef Nikos Moroglou creates dishes that are creative, pure and authentically Greek.
6 experience | fine dining
& Châteaux Restaurant MYCONIAN UTOPIA

Panoptis Escape

MYCONIAN COLLECTION 145 7 experience | fine dining
A mouthwatering menu served in the luxury setting of an exclusive sanctuary: a precious memory!

Baos Fine Dining

Unique, fascinating, seasonal, gourmet, award-winning…

Baos Fine Dining is simply a must-try culinary wonder.

FOR EXECUTIVE Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos, Baos Fine Dining is a playground to let loose and reach new heights in haute cuisine. Local ingredients are central to his vision, with dishes on offer changing based on the time of year and ingredient availability – simply put, nothing but the very best, seasonal fare will enter this kitchen. The Myconian Korali’s flagship restaurant recently received a Greek Cuisine Restaurant Award for its cuisine, with the selection panel speaking highly of the creativity of the menu, the contemporary outlook of the food and skilled sommelier and interesting wine list. Seamlessly bringing together traditional Greek cuisine and global fine dining trends, Baos’ seasonal menu is a celebration of exceptional ingredients, regional flavours and culinary innovation.

Panagiotis Tsoukatos and his team work closely with the best local farmers, producers and suppliers to source the finest local and organic ingredients — the best of the day’s catch, freerange meat, farm-fresh vegetables and local artisanal products — and transform these into dishes that look exquisite and taste even better. Drawing inspiration from a lifelong passion for good food and purity of flavour, they combine traditional culinary practices and outstanding contemporary techniques in the signature fusion style that sets the tone for exquisite Relais & Ch�eaux dining at the award-winning Baos Fine Dining. Three stunning tasting menus feature a wonderful way to experience the cutting edge of Myconian gastronomy and are beautifully complemented by an excellent wine list.

8 experience | fine dining



Greek Restaurant

The culinary playground of multi awarded Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos, Noa Greek Restaurant at the Myconian Kyma is a veritable smorgasbord of the flavours and ingredients that made Greek cuisine world-famous. “I want you to taste everything that went into the dish”, explains Panagiotis, highlighting how excellent food does not need to be overly complicate. Embark on a journey through the flavours of Greece, from local island delicacies to world-renowned favourites of Mediterranean cuisine.

Unapologetically exploring the boundaries between contemporary gastronomy and traditional Greek comfort food, Noa features a taverna-style menu that elevates traditional fare into a delightful and delicious dining experience.

Building on a culinary philosophy that puts great ingredients front and centre, Noa sources the finest farm-to-table ingredients — handpicked daily by our executive chef — and creates elegant dishes that conjure up the unforgettable flavours and aromas of our grandmother’s kitchen and sun kissed childhood summers at the beach.

Regional delicacies, Greek tradition, modern techniques and a passion for food – this is what Noa’s all about.

Chic, comfortable and inviting, Noa’s dining hall draws you in and tempts you to stay for hours (left).

Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos selects the most fresh produce for dishes like the orzo pasta with prawns and greek saffron (top).

Delivering quality and diversity of choice, F&B Manager Giannis Kotsamidis and our sommeliers are always available to recommend perfect pairings, crafting superb, flavourful experiences for diners (top right).

9 experience | fine dining

MASTERFULLY CRAFTED from the freshest ingredients, the outstanding sushi menu by Executive Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos is compact but doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to creativity and flavour. Deliciously romantic, with a refined yet relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for sun-kissed lunches and intimate dining under the stars, Naros Asian Fusion Sushi Bar is destined to become your new favourite sushi spot. But while the aesthetic might be

10 experience | fine dining Naros Asian Fusion Sushi Bar MYCONIAN NAIA PHOTO: ILIANA PSILOGALANI

IN THE SLEEK dining hall of the recently awarded at the Greek Cuisine Restaurant Awards 2022, Efisia Fine Dining, nature takes centre stage, from the decor to the mouth-watering dishes. World-class food exceeds expectations and dazzles diners thanks to exquisite, organic ingredients, the day’s catch from nearby waters and expert cooking techniques. It’s a simple combination that’s difficult to execute, but the kitchen team with Executive Chef Ilias Maslaris at the helm deliver every time. The menu is packed with tantalising selections of meat and fish, with appetisers, salads and soup providing perfect accompaniments. You’ll have a hard time picking from dishes such as the homemade ravioli with Tirovolia Myconian cheese, shrimp, Florina red pepper coulis and fresh truffle, the fish soup with the original recipe from the monasteries of Mount Athos or the Myconian lamb, slow-cooked with smoked eggplant and yoghurt. There is ample

A visit to Efisia Fine Dining is a journey into the possibilities of haute cuisine, with every dish looking stunning and delivering layers upon layers of fantastic flavour.

Executive Chef Ilias Maslaris and his team. Luxurious elegance at Efisia Fine Dining, a restaurant that’s making waves with its gourmet farm-to-table concept (bottom right).
11 experience | fine dining Efisia Fine Dining MYCONIAN AMBASSADOR RELAIS & CHÂTEAUX

OAS YOU ENTER THE DELECTABLE you will feel like explorers of a new land. Protected by the hustle and bustle of the famous beach and surrounded by lush landscaping and atmospheric feature lighting, you can enjoy the ritual of your discovery tasting a menu of Mediterranean classics with some creative fusion surprises by Executive Chef Marios Sakkos. Natural and seasonal ingredients take central stage in every dish, as local produce is the base for the head chef’s creations. The fresh catch of the day has ‘its head on the plate and its tail in the sea’, as the saying goes, while our sommelier will be glad to advise on a mature selection of international wines and rare local vintages.

12 experience | fine dining
Feel the gastronomic bliss of its magnificent cuisine in a mystical setting. That is the O Restaurant culinary experience.
O Restaurant with amazing views to Ornos beach (top) and Executive Chef Marios Sakkos and his team (bottom).
w w w . r e v i t h i s . c o m S A L E S R E N T A L S V A L U A T I O N S + 3 0 2 2 8 9 0 2 6 0 6 6 i n f o @ m y k o n o s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m w w w . m y k o n o s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m + 3 0 2 1 0 8 1 3 5 1 8 1 i n f o @ r e v i t h i s . c o m w w w . r e v i t h i s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m l e x a n d e r G I a n n i s A k s R e v i t h s w w w . r e v i t h i s . c o m S A L E S R E N T A L S V A L U A T I O N S + 3 0 2 2 8 9 0 2 6 0 6 6 i n f o @ m y k o n o s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m w w w . m y k o n o s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m + 3 0 2 1 0 8 1 3 5 1 8 1 i n f o @ r e v i t h i s . c o m w w w . r e v i t h i s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m l e x a n d e r , G I a n n i s A k s R e v i t h i s w w w . r e v i t h i s . c o m S A L S R E N T A L S V A L U A T I O N S + 3 0 2 2 0 i n f o @ m y k o n o s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m w w w . m y k o o s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m + 3 0 2 1 0 8 1 3 1 8 1 i n f o @ r e v i t h i s . c o m w w w . r e v i t h i s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m l e x a n d e r G I a s A k i s R e v i t h s w w w . r e v i t h i s . c o m S A L E S R E N T A L S V A L U A T I O N S + 3 0 2 2 8 9 0 2 6 0 6 6 i n f o @ m y k o n o s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m w w w . m y k o n o s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m + 3 0 2 1 0 8 1 3 5 1 8 1 i f o @ r e v i t h i s . c o m w w w . r e v i t h i s r e a l e s t a t e . c o m l x a n d e r G I a n n s A k i s R e v i t h s


your textile stories HEADQUARTERS 143, IRAKLEIOU AVE, ATHENS • t: +30 210 2586200 • f: +30 210 2527314 SHOWROOM 364, KIFISIAS AVE., CHALANDRI 15233, ATHENS • t: +30 210 3233300 • f: +30 210 3233306 / S RL Scontracts Textile Design Stories est. 1977

Experiences to indulge in

experience | activities
Providing an authentic taste of Mykonos, the Myconian Collection has simply curated the very best of this land. Live the Ultim e Luxury Experience. +30 2289 028660 +30 6992 424242 www.mykonosyachting.grMykonos Yachting Platis Gialos Port 84600 Mykonos Greece

step back in time DISCOVER DELOS / RHENIA

Known as “the garden of the gods”, Delos was a beacon of religion, trade, culture and multiculturalism in Ancient Greece. Today, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its “outstanding universal value”. Eager to share this bright chapter of history with everyone, the Myconian Collection has curated a luxurious experience to introduce you to the glory of Delos. Take a private tour of the magical aura and magnificent archaeological remains, followed by a swim in the pristine waters of its sister island, the nature reserve of Rhenia, a designated archaeological site under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture. As you approach the virgin beaches and turquoise waters, you will start to feel a unique energy – Rhenia is pure magic lost in time.

experience inspiring views SAIL INTO THE SUNSET

You’ll be setting sail from Mykonos on your private boat to marvel at fantastic beaches and secret coves. What’s more, you can extend your nautical getaway to remote islands as well as more famous, including Santorini, Naxos and Tinos. As the sunset draws near, toast the legendary waters of the Aegean Sea with a bottle of exquisite wine or champagne on board.

experience | activities


There are many ways to fly, and here at the Myconian Collection we’ve found the most luxurious, most exciting option and paired it with our local expertise to bring you a superb experience. By booking a helicopter tour of Mykonos and the nearby islands, we’ll give you ample opportunity to get the exhilarating feeling of flying while exploring the archipelago. Watch the sun glisten on the water, witness the endless hues of blue, and take in wondrous


Plan the perfect cruise for you and your loved ones and discover the majestic sea caves of Tragonisi island, or the mesmerizing Scorpios and many more. Choose between a range variety of speed boats & Catamaran and escape in the endless blue.

focus on exclusivity
experience | activities

bond with nature HORSE RIDING

Discover the unique and breathtaking Myconian sceneries along a professional-riding instructor who will ensure that the experience is relaxed, comfortable and safe. Combine the original Myconian tradition to the wild beauty of the horses into an unforgettable all day adventure.

escape into the water DIVING & SNORKELING

The crystal waters of Mykonos offer many opportunities for diving & snorkeling. Dive into the water, let the bottom of the sea reveal its magnificence or obtain pictures of yourself while peeking at the wondrous aquatic world. The Myconian Collection gives you a chance to take part in a curated experience of underwater photography. Alongside our expert team, you’ll take a boat to the perfect spot for your photo session – somewhere where you feel at ease, diving into the water and making memories for everyone to see – under the sea!

166 MYCONIAN COLLECTION experience | activities


Get ready to catch some waves this summer and enjoy the blue skies of Mykonos. The Myconian Collection now offers you the chance to take part in a curated experience of an impressive complement of watersports supervised by qualified instructors - including kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing, parasailing, wakeboarding, as well as scuba diving.

off the beaten path


If you are eager to find-out everything that Mykonos has to offer, the people of the Myconian Collection have curated and perfected a wide range of fascinating experiences for you. Thanks to our insider knowledge of this land and time honoured collaborations with the local community, you’ll be given dozens of brand new ways to discover the soul of authentic Mykonos. All you have to do to partake in one or more of these tempting options is to get in touch with your concierge, who will take care of everything. As your guide to the wilder natural beauty of Mykonos, we are fully equipped and looking forward to showing you what exactly it is that makes this destination so special. And if you wish, you can capture these moments through the lens of a professional photographer.

168 MYCONIAN COLLECTION experience | activities

local wine tasting RITUALS MADE TO MEASURE

If you enjoy fine wine and authentic flavours, you will be remiss not to take part in a wine tasting that’s expertly curated courtesy of the Myconian Collection. Personalised to your preferences, wine tastings here are veritable journeys in the craftsmanship and art of the vine and the wine. Expert sommeliers are at your disposal as your knowledgeable guides, while wines can be paired with extraordinary cheeses and fruit from Mykonos and beyond. Depending on your interests, we can set up a tour of local vineyards and winemaking facilities.

Step back in time to a purer, less fast-paced era at a farmstead where everything is done the original timehonoured Mykonos way. Traditional houses, farmland and utility spaces frame the experience. Inspired by his father, Giannis, Nikos Zouganelis and his family chose to share the experience with the world. They bake bread, make fresh cheese, tend to chickens and donkeys… They also welcome visitors as dear friends, inviting them to live like a Mykonian, breaking bread with their family and friends. The Myconian Collection is ready to offer you this authentic Greek experience. Let your taste buds do the traveling during this 6-hour cooking class in Mykonos.

rizes folklore farmstead AUTHENTIC GREEK COOKING
experience | activities


Your Perfect Bespoke Show


Boasting a wide variety of venues and options, weddings and events at the Myconian Collection are simply unforgettable.


At the Myconian Collection, we have a reputation for perfectly planning and executing all types of extraordinary events. From idyllic small-scale affairs to elaborate large weddings, christenings and family reunions, all the way through to exclusive executive retreats, VIP events and extravagant product launches for up to 1,000 guests, we host bespoke events with every detail just right – from the flowers and decor to the impeccable service the Myconian Collection Group is known for, delivered against a stunning Aegean background and under the sunny Greek skies. As for business events, from exclusive executive retreats for a dozen VIPs to product launches and company extravaganzas for up to one thousand guests, we have done it all. Equipped to meet the requirements of any event regardless of size or complexity, the Royal Myconian boasts the largest conferencing and banqueting facilities on the island of Mykonos as well as spacious gardens, beaches, luxurious accommodation and more. Eight multifunctional conference halls can be equipped with the latest conference support technologies, while gourmet restaurants serve authentic, critic-acclaimed cuisine. Overseeing MICE events at the eleven Myconian Collection properties are Christiana Alevetsoviti and Elena Pantzou, settling for nothing but perfection.

event experts


STANDING FOR MEETINGS, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions, the MICE team deliver perfection, planning your event with meticulous attention and providing complete peace of mind so you can sit back and enjoy, without a care in the world. A passionate, highly experienced team at your disposal at every step of the preparations, looking forward to making every one of your wishes come true. At the helm are MICE Coordinators Elena Pantzou and Christiana Alevetsoviti. “We’ve assembled an incredibly talented team and a stellar roster of professionals we partner with. We strive to deliver attention to detail in everything, from planning to keeping your guests safe and satisfied. The goal is to make your event appear effortless, flow smoothly and become a fond memory for everyone who attends”, says Elena, with quiet confidence and obvious passion. Asked about this range, she shares a long list that includes weddings, conferences, company retreats, christenings, anniversary parties, executive getaways, vow renewal ceremonies, family reunions, and even bar and bat mitzvahs of all sizes. “Each event is designed from the ground up to fit your requirements and preferences, no matter if it’s one of our famous destination weddings for couples the world over, from South Africa to Korea, a sophisticated, deluxe company retreat, a wonderful bat mitzvah, or even a sleek business conference. And yes, that includes specialized halal and kosher catering, romantic fresh flower arrangements, brilliant DJs, elegant decorations, and so much more – as well as technical equipment to cover all needs”, explains Christiana, happy to give readers a look into their world. Personalised service is at the heart of MICE events, and that’s even down to transportation. “Be it to transport your guests in style or to make your arrival impossible to forget, we have a fleet of helicopters, private yachts, private jets, S-Class limousines, Range Rovers and Mercedes mini buses and coaches at your disposal. Meeting and exceeding your guests’ expectations are the only thing that’s important.” they explain, and that seems to be the key to their success.

MICE Coordinators Christiana Alevetsoviti (left) and Elena Pantzou (right).

weddings & ceremonies


AGAINST A NATURAL backdrop of the Aegean, we have masterminded some of the most spectacular and memorable luxury weddings in Greece, if not the entire Mediterranean. All you need to turn your dream day into a truly special occasion you will treasure forever are our specialist wedding services. No matter how big or small your event is, from the moment you contact us, we will work continuously to bring your ideas to life, taking care of everything from preparation to last-minute details – which means you can relax and focus on the things that really matter. Choose to stay in a private villa and organise your ceremony and parties here – even your bachelor party or your day-after spa ritual to recover from the party in style! As with any great event, food is vitally important, and our executive chefs love the challenge of tailoring a gastronomic experience to your tastes. As for the rest, we can either work with your own wedding planners and assist where required or provide a total event solution that includes every little thing, from food, to travel, drinks, arrangements, music, fireworks, decoration as well as honeymoon planning – and delivering!

Perfectly romantic, breathtakingly lavish, completely bespoke and suited to your individual desires, needs and passions, weddings at the Myconian Collection are the stuff of dreams.


WE WILL CREATE your perfect moment on any scale, whether hosted in any one of our striking open-air venues or our state-of-the-art banqueting facilities. The Myconian Collection boasts twelve gourmet restaurants – three of which are Relais & Ch�teaux – as well as many more relaxed options including a sushi bar. A constellation of talented, internationally trained chefs prepare worldclass cuisine. For large scale gatherings, our Horizons ballroom opens out onto a balcony to provide the perfect setting for gala dinners. The space can be split into four, has excellent acoustics and is equipped with optical fibre. It can accommodate 270 people at round tables of 8-10, 380-400 people at rectangular tables set out in banqueting style, or even host a cocktail event for up to 550 guests. Of course, there is ample variety of choice for smaller events, too, including our range of stunning restaurants.


Turn your dream day into a truly special occasion you will treasure forever with our specialist wedding services.

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catering options aplenty




expertise has been built on years’ worth of experience in organising traditional Hindu weddings as well as modern luxury affairs in close collaboration with skilled Indian wedding planners and couples. Our weddings have stunned many a planner, as our expertise also extends to perfectly executed arrangements, astounding wedding mise-en-scenes along with mandaps and even highly skilled artists who can create mehndi ranging from traditional to modern designs. In fact, some of the most famous and discerning Indian celebrity couples have chosen the Myconian Collection for their traditional Hindu wedding. On offer is authentic Indian cuisine prepared by South Asian chefs, and a wonderful backdrop for your ceremony complete with decor so beautiful, it evokes scenes from your favourite film. Our complete wedding package includes everything from invitations to travel logistics, VIP transportation, menus, special cakes, beverages and fine wines, flowers, wedding favours, lighting, sound systems and music as well as your honeymoon getaway.

jewish weddings


RENOWNED FOR our hospitality and catering to diverse cultures and traditions, the Myconian Collection can assist in the officiating of ceremonies for all denominations, including Jewish weddings, parties and events made as traditional or as modern as you’d like. Whether you’re going for an intimate event or a lavish, grandscale affair, our experienced MICE events team can make it happen. Do you want a bedeken ceremony or even a ketubah? Not a problem. We can even arrange for kippahs to be available for any guests who haven’t brought their own. As for the reception, dare to dream big! Stunning scenery, guaranteed good weather, sublime sunsets, crystal-clear azure waters and an unmistakable energy make the Myconian Collection your perfect choice. Our kitchen is certified kosher, and we cater to different dietary requirements so that all guests can enjoy the gourmet wonders we’ve prepared. As well as a vast range of event spaces, we also offer a wide selection of rooms, suites and sumptuous villas ensuring that your guests not only have a great night but the chance to sleep in luxury, wake up to a rejuvenating breakfast and enjoy a plethora of amenities and the exemplary warm, professional service that the Myconian Collection is famous for.

Our extensive experience organising memorable weddings and celebrations make us your best option.


This word literally means cure coming from the sea. Thalasso spa treatments use saltwater in different temperatures to help soothe, relax and boost body and mind.

A Soothing Escape

Tapping into the power of nature, tradition and technology to balance body, spirit and mind, the Myconian Collection’s eight state-of-the-art spa centres transform, awake and pamper with indulgent treatments fit for royalty.

REFLECTING the mystical rhythms of health and rejuvenation rooted in Greek antiquity that have inspired so many elements of today’s wellness culture, our Thalasso Spa Centres’ thalassotherapy pools reference the Greek word “thalassa” [sea] – viewed by the Greeks as an eternal life force. Its unique curative properties were praised as far back as Greek antiquity by the great Hippocrates. With its dazzling sunlight and deep blue mesmerising seas, Mykonos provides the perfect destination for rejuvenation thanks to its ionised sea air, saltwater and the bright Aegean sun which, once combined with classic techniques from all over the world delivered by our expert therapists, result in treatments that are sure to take effect. So whether you’re looking to sculpt your body in one of our state-of-the-art gym rooms, whether you seek to relax your

mind, or simply want to give your skin a new glow from within, the Myconian Collection’s eight spas are where you want to go to find transformation and optimal wellbeing. Discover the Ambassador Thalasso spa at Platis Gialos’s Myconian Ambassador Relais & Ch�teaux and the DTox Spa at the O by Myconian Collection at Ornos bay. Or, indulge in the Avaton Spa at the Myconian Avaton, the Imperial Spa at the Myconian Imperial, the Royal Spa at the Royal Myconian, the Imperial Spa at the Myconian Imperial, the Utopia Spa at the Myconian Utopia Relais & Ch�teaux and the Rejuvenation Spa at the Villa Collection (all at Elia Beach). Finally, the Satory Thalasso Spa serves our three Mykonos Town properties: The Myconian Naia, Myconian Korali Relais & Ch�teaux and the Myconian Kyma.

YOGA SESSIONS Defined as a spiritual and ascetic discipline characterised by controlling the breath, maintaining specific body postures and meditating with the aim of relaxing and promoting good health, yoga is gaining more and more popularity around the world. Yoga sessions at the Myconian Collection are designed for all levels and offer easy steps for beginners along with greater challenges for more advanced students (to encourage beginners, we offer introductory classes for groups or private clients) in a selection of on-site indoor and outdoor locations as well as in other unique settings around the island.

PILATES INSTRUCTION is also available for beginners (we offer introductory classes for groups or private sessions) through to advanced level by our experienced instructors who can create tailor-made programs for all.

YIANNIS STINIS IS part of the talented team of personal trainers at Myconian Collection Hotels & Resorts. He makes use of a cutting-edge approach that combines personalisation and analysis with new, fun ways to improve your physical condition.

“As a water sports champion, I’ve always alternated in-water and land training. This was a staple of my competitive career that I brought into my professional training work. By combining water sports exercises with land training, SURFSET® innovates, bringing new experiences and incentives to every workout session. Its stability exercises improve your balance, boost the cardiovascular system and increase your strength while you burn a lot of fat. It is ideal for anyone, regardless of age and physical condition because it has several levels of difficulty. Exercising while on holiday brings wellness, increased energy and a mental boost, clearing up your mind and body so you can enjoy an unforgettable getaway, combining the island’s vibrant lifestyle with quality pursuits such as exercise. In my experience, many choose to take advantage of their holiday time off to exercise more frequently since their daily routine doesn’t allow it.” What Yiannis asks of his clients is consistency in their efforts, which allows for optimal results of his training regime. Yiannis Stinis is a strength, conditioning and swimming coach as well as a SURFSET® Master Trainer and exclusive distributor.

«When I had finished my yoga practice, I sat there, so grateful for life, watching the sky turn from orange to pink and purple before the darkness took over.»
Wellness Entrepreneur Camilla Akerberg at the Myconian Avaton.



Without a doubt one of the most luxurious massages you have ever experienced, this unbelievably hydrating body massage is almost like talking a walk in an English rose garden. Rose, camelina and poppy seed oils are used in order to maintain and restore elasticity as well as encourage skin renewal. Combined with the treatment’s nurturing rose body balm and bespoke massage, they ensure that the skin is exquisitely hydrated, intensely supple and deliciously scented.



The ultimate in facial treatments uses three bio-electric technologies and superfood skin actives. This ELEMIS Signature Treatment has been designed exclusively for the Myconian Collection’s spas. Making use of an ultrasonic spatula, microcurrent lifting tech and a 95% pure oxygen infusion, it delivers super-healthy and youthful skin.




This results-driven resurfacing skin treatment targets the signs of ageing whilst alleviating skin that is dull, tired and uneven in tone. Specifically designed to work in conjunction with the skin’s unique structure, the treatment entails a pioneering precision layering protocol that uses three layers of enzymes to nibble away at dead skin, revealing extraordinary results. This impressive option delivers powerful exfoliation and renewal to result in smoother and younger looking skin.



Traditional Lomi Lomi massage movements sweep the length of the body in what can be described as a synchronised dance where two therapists work in tandem. Combined with ELEMIS’ incredible Frangipani Monoi Oil, which is sourced from the Polynesian Islands, the result can only be classed as a mystical experience.

Our experienced staff is always available to advise our guests, helping their selection of the right treatment or ritual for them.

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With your skin and wellbeing at the heart of every therapy, we have joined forces with Elemis, the leading professional British spa and therapeutic skincare science company, Ligne St Barth, the highly sought-after line from the Caribbean and Kerstin Florian, a state-of-the-art range based on thermal mineral water, herbal extracts, mud, algae and essential oils.

Signature treatments were created by Myconian Collection’s partners at Elemis and Ligne St Barth exclusively for the needs of their demanding guests – for example, the Elemis PoulticePowered Quartz Bolus Muscle Massage or the Ultimate Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial.



This intensive relaxing and refreshing treatment for the face, neck, décolleté and hands combines Ligne St Barth’s curative cucumber or pineapple face masks to give you a visibly clearer, smooth and fresh complexion. A choice of a hands or scalp massage will take your relaxation to new heights.



Using self-heating clam shells along with precious avocado and coconut oils, this Ligne St Barth full body massage gently releases deep tension, relieves stress, stimulates the metabolism and, thanks to the calcium in the clam shells, ensures a firm and healthy skin complexion.



Following a gentle, relaxing body exfoliation using fresh papaya mouse, pure coconut Caribbean oil and sea sand, sun tanning products are massaged into the skin to boost the skin’s tanning ability followed by a cocktail of vegetable sun oils that help leave the skin looking radiant, with a deep golden colour.




ELEMIS ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen formulas, this ultimate high performance facial sculpts, smoothes, firms and illuminates the skin.

The shopping DREAMLAND

The elegant side of luxury

Step into the ultimate shopping destination where 17 boutiques including 9 Monobrand Stores and 8 Concept Stores shape an exclusive experience.

We give you 17 more stylish reasons to visit all Myconian Hotels & Resorts. Starting from the Elia beach and the sophisticated Agora, a premium complex of 3 Monobrand Stores and 3 Concept Stores at Royal Myconian, where the exquisite La Martina and the graceful Mikelina boutiques make their debut this summer to continue with the brand new O by Myconian Collection at Ornos beach which emerges as the perfect luxurious getaway with Hydora Boutique. The beloved Zerar Jewellery Boutique makes its entrance at the reception level of Villa Collection, while at the pool level, shopping aficionados will find the Villa

Concept Store and the Apr�s Ski Boutique. A second Hydora Boutique comes to enhance summer style finding its place at the Myconian Avaton, while the impressive Utopia Concept Store and the stunning Imperial Concept Store are the best companion for a treasure hunting in Elia beach. More treasures await you at Mykonos Town, so pay a visit at the Euphoria Boutique at the Myconian Kyma. The Myconian Ambassador Concept Store at Platis Gialos is where you will add even more stylish touches at your wardrobe, while the brand new Panoptis Concept Store at Elia beach will take over your luxury beachlife finesse.

PHOTO: MARA DESYPRIS 25 P. Drakopoulou Str., Mykonos, Tel. +30 22890 78 723 29 Florou Zouganeli Srt., Ano Matogianni, Mykonos, Tel. +30 22890 77 893


The Agora shopping complex (top) of the Royal Myconian consists of:

Mikelina Boutique

Royal Concept Store

Royal Greek Concept Store

Royal Gift Concept Store

La Martina Boutique

Kontizas Konstantinos Coiffure


Boasting a futuristic design, the concept of Agora is to embrace the notion of a premium meeting point for selected high-end boutiques and concept stores. Addressing to a clientele of refined taste, Agora is consisted of 3 Monobrand Stores and 3 Concept Stores. The complex welcomes the renowned La Martina and the summery Mikelina boutiques this season. The latter is located at the Reception Level, while La Martina Boutique is at the Pool Level along with the brilliant Royal Concept Store, the Royal Greek Concept Store and the surprising Royal Gift Concept Store. Beauty at its best lands on a scenery that is competed with the new Kontizas Konstantinos Coiffure.


It’s always satisfying to update your look, while you are on vacation. When it comes to summer ambience, selected choices of precious items that reflect the beauty of the inner self come as a gift to yourself. The most sought-after products, including summer dresses, colourful tops, airy kaftans, swimwear, stylish accessories and shoes will complete your impressive appearances on the cosmopolitan island. Dedicate some time to go through the whole collection and choose what suits you best the Myconian way...

Dress, shorts, pants, skirts, kaftans, hats, swimwear, bags, shoes, decorative items

RECEPTION LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 76000


10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00


Aiming at expanding at one of the most beautiful and exclusive European tourist resorts, La Martina Boutique makes its debut on the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. It highlights the Summer Tour line which reflects a trip to various cities of Greece with a particular focus on Mykonos. It represents the perfect synthesis of intense colours, pure nature and the perfect “easy mood” in line with the capsule collection. The latter brings out two main products: the T-shirt and the Sweatshirt showcasing different moments of a typical day on Mykonos Island.

Polo shirts, shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, outerwear, jackets, swimwear, hats, bags, glasses, sneakers, formal shoes

POOL LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 76000

OPENING HOURS 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00



It’s convenient to have a series of exciting choices just a breath away from your room and there are several treasures to be discovered for your loved ones. You’ll be thrilled by Amelie hats, Angelo Barreta accessories, Mikelina clothes, Verde bags, Cobbi swimwear, while Lifelikes, Koukouras, Crool and RCM will take care of all your needs. For your special ones, treasure them with unique perfumes, candles and handmade decorations.

Amelie, Angelo Barreta, Mikelina, Verde, Cobbi, Lifelikes, Koukouras, Crool, RCM

POOL LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 72000


10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00


Time to celebrate beauty at the Agora. Kontizas Konstantinos Coiffure highlights the beauty hidden within you providing multiple services to cover your every need! Considering that hairdressing and beauty services are basic necessities and not a luxury, the new addition offers a complete care for every occasion.

Haircuts, hairstyle, make up, eyebrows/ eyelashes, hair dye, manicure/pedicure, depilation, treatments

POOL LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 76000


10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00


For those who are enchanted by the Greek designers and the new contemporary style inspired by tradition, the Royal Greek Concept Store will satisfy them offering some of the most distinguished brands. Refresh your style with items that reflect the evolution of Greek design on new patterns and exciting collections.

Kori, It’s All Greek on me, Gianna Kazakou, Greek Salad, Kyma, Ada Kamara, Levinia, Pearl & Caviar

POOL LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 72000

OPENING HOURS 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00


A dreamland for every shopping connoisseur who wants to always be informed of fashion trends.

The Royal Concept Store pays a tribute to exclusive brands and fulfills your every need. A series of renowned luxury names emerges


As beautifully designed as the Villa Collection itself, the Villa Collection Concept Store oozes style, sophistication and surprises. The main feature here at the pool level is bathed in natural light offering a selection of items by up-and-comers and established brands alike. Just some of what you will find come courtesy of Mc2 Saint Barth, Melissa Odabash, Pin Up Stars, Orlebar Brown, August, Blanc, Pearl & Caviar.

Mc2 Saint Barth, Melissa Odabash, Pin Up Stars, Orlebar Brown, August, Blanc, Pearl & Caviar

RECEPTION LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 76000


10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00


Bringing together traditional symbols and fashion trends sealing them in materials such as gold, silver, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, the Zerar boutique at the reception level echoes Greek heritage with a creative spin. The sole representative of S.T. Dupont and always faithful to Greek legacy, reimagines the traditional evil-eye charm in a pendant or earrings.

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, evil eyes, watches, fine decorative objects


If you’ve misplaced your sunglasses or feel your beach look in need of an update, we have you covered with the latest and greatest in eyewear and swimwear. Pay a visit to the boutique to pick exclusive brands and show them off right away lounging at the pool. Balenciaga, Cutler and Gross, Cartier, Dita, Eyevan 7285, Garrett Leight, Gucci, Jean Philippe Joly, Matsuda, Mykita, Oliver Peoples, Saint Laurent, Vava, Yohji Yamamoto, Lito Jewelry, Wekstatt Jewelry, Sun of a Beach, Valia Gabriel

POOL LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 76000


10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00

• 12, Speusippou St., Kolonaki, Athens, T: +30 210 7297010

RECEPTION LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 76000


10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00

192 MYCONIAN COLLECTION experience|shopping


Find new cherished items and pick out exquisite gifts for your loved ones. You’ll find here a souvenir and gift shop carrying swimwear, bags, leather goods, handmade decorations and beautiful treasures to cherish and be discovered.

Dress, shorts, pants, skirts, kaftans, hats, swimwear, bags, shoes, decorative items

Imagine that you’re tempted to buy a new kaftan, a trendy pair of sandals or a new swimsuit to mark your Greek summer. Your shopping instinct leads you to the resort’s Concept Store, a space filled with the latest from exciting designers as well as chic classics.

Verde, Amelie, Cobbi, Angelo Berreta, Crool, Pearl& Caviar, Despi, Kori, Milla

RECEPTION LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 79500

OPENING HOURS 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00


If you’re looking for clothes to match your brand-new eyewear, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better source than the brand new Hydora Boutique. A unique shop carrying the best of items that reflect the meaning of Greek summer! From the sky to the sand and the sea, each fashion item reveals the broadened Mediterranean Riviera lifestyle.

Dress, shorts, pants, skirts, kaftans, hats, swimwear, bags, shoes, decorative items

RECEPTION LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 79500

OPENING HOURS 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00


It’s simply the location of some of your new favourite possessions, offering exclusive jewelry pieces, perfectly stylish sunglasses by brands such as Pawaka and Vibe, beachwear ready to be flaunted on Mykonos’s dreamy beaches, Wayuu hats and menswear from Army of Me. Go exploring – be sure that you will find new treasures for your closet that will always remind you of your spectacular visit to Mykonos.

Pawaka, Vibe, Wayuu Hats, Army of me

RECEPTION LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 79500

OPENING HOURS 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00

195 experience|shopping



At the marvellous location of the brand new Panoptis Escape, this concept store finds its perfect place to present a series of charming items and luxurious accessories. Discover a wide variety of local crafts, jewelry, clothing, and other authentic items that reflect the culture and creativity of the Mediterranean joie de vivre. Verde, Amelie, Cobbi, Angelo Berreta, Crool, Pearl& Caviar, Despi, Kori, Milla

RECEPTION LEVEL, Elia Beach, T. +30 22890 79500


10.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00


Carrying a promise of pure bliss, the Myconian Kyma’s Euphoria Boutique delivers in spades when it comes to fashionable clothing and stylish accessories, jewellery and gifts. Prepared to be amazed at the selection of items on offer, with timeless style and fashion forward sophistication featured alike, to suit all preferences. Find island-ready pieces and your new go-to favourites that will bring out your character on a night out in Mykonos.

Lalique, Madeleine, True Grace, Blanc, y-3, Maison Bereto, Guanabana, Fornasetti, It bags, Amelie, Angelo Barreta, Mikelina, Verde, Cobbi, Lifelikes, Koukouras, Crool, RCM

ENTRANCE LEVEL, Mykonos Town, T. +30 22890 23415


10.00-2.00 and 5.00-9.00


You’d be hard-pressed to find a better source than the Hydora Boutique for something you didn’t know you needed, curating a selection of hand-picked items, including resort wear, beachwear, on trend Mykonos nightlife picks and light, airy kaftans that are perfect for the hot Greek summers.

Dress, shorts, pants, skirts, kaftans, hats, swimwear, bags, shoes, decorative items

POOL LEVEL, Ornos, T. +30 22894 44000


10.00-2.00 and 5.00-9.00


Indulge your fashion instincts by exploring a selection of hand-picked items from the talented hands of Greek and international designers who are renowned for their artistry and precision. That pair of sandals you forgot to pack doesn’t need to be a cause for frustration – instead, you can turn it into a wonderful opportunity to procure a new piece you absolutely adore, which will remind you of your perfect summer on Mykonos.

Pearl & Caviar, American Vintage, Antica Santoria, Levinia, Mitos swimwear, Despi, Tunica Stola, It’s All Greek on Me, Greek Salad, Lalique, ne en aout

POOL LEVEL, Platis Gialos, T. +30 22890 24166


10.00-2.00 and 5.00-9.00



EXPERIENCE, GLAMOUR and gorgeous design bring a magnificent experience at GOFAS Jewelry boutique, a unique journey of high aesthetics and luxury! It’s been half a century since the day the first jewellery boutique made its debut in Athens, representing elegance and passion for unique luxury pieces. A success story that every timepiece would count with minutes of excellence and hours of great expectations. Having grown into one of the largest boutique chains of its kind, it nowadays operates eight points of

sale across Greece. The GOFAS Jewelry boutique on the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos is the one that represents in its core the beauty of haute horlogerie and the allure of extraordinary jewels making it a destination in itself. The boutique hosts top Swiss-made watch brands, including Rolex, Hublot, Omega, Panerai, Piaget, Tag Heuer, Zenith, IWC, Baume & Mercier, Breitling, Tudor, Longines, Hamilton, Tissot. Gofas family’s time-honoured relationships with high watchmakers have brought unique

collaborations, including the world-exclusives

HUBLOT Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Mykonos Limited Edition and ZENITH Defy Classic Mykonos Edition. Furthermore, top jewellery designers such as Messika Paris, Fred, Pomellato, Chantecler, Minas, Brumani, Marco Bicego, Salvini abound in the boutique showcase.



WHERE HAUTE horlogerie meets the Island of the Winds! You may lose track of time while you are strolling around the cobbled alleys of Chora and yet, the leading house of Hublot found its place on the cosmopolitan island channeling the world of exclusive and premium watches. Dedicated to Mykonos and inextricably linked to the absolutely successful and timeless collaboration of GOFAS with the renowned HUBLOT, the boutique reflects the very essence of Greek summer on the Cycladic Island. There you can find the special edition Classic Fusion Chronograph Boutique Mykonos based on the design of the iconic Classic Fusion Chronograph where dark blue is harmoniously combined with the warmth of “Rose Gold”, recalling the fascinating sunset depicted on Little Venice. So precious as the exquisite Hublot Mykonos Boutique that you will find in the heart of Chora.


198 MYCONIAN COLLECTION editor’s best choice
43, Matogianni street - 84600 T +30 2289 024521
Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Purple Sapphire
25, Kalogera street, 846 00 T +30 2289 027339


Last summer, STORMY SA has opened KITON ISLAND in Mykonos Town on the lovely and picturesque Agia Kyriaki Square.

The small store which is housed in a traditional Mykonian building pays homage to the island’s vernacular while inside, an oasis of calm awaits that combines a sense of warmth and elegance through the discreet design details that KITON stores around the world have become renowned for. Items from the KITON sports collection for ladies and gentlemen are available - including the new men’s series KNT (Kiton New Textures).

3, Agias Kyriakis St. 84600, Mykonos Greece

+30 22890 78420 e-mail:


Gialos, Mykonos 84600

Box 64, Greece


2289024233 (fax)

MYCONIAN AVATON RESORT Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece T +30 2289076100 +30 2289071700 (fax)

MYCONIAN IMPERIAL RESORT Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece

+30 2289079500

2289079595 (fax)


ROYAL MYCONIAN RESORT Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece T +30 2289072000 +30 2289072027 (fax)

MYCONIAN VILLA COLLECTION Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece T +30 2289076000 +30 2289076040 (fax)

MYCONIAN UTOPIA RESORT Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece T +30 2289076060 +30 2289076069 (fax)

MYCONIAN PANOPTIS ESCAPE Elia Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece T +30 2289445400


MYCONIAN NAIA LUXURY SUITES Mykonos Town 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece T +30 2289022108 +30 2289023455 (fax)

MYCONIAN KORALI HOTEL Mykonos Town 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece T +30 2289022107 +30 2289026189 (fax)

MYCONIAN KYMA HOTEL Mykonos Town 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece T +30 2289023415 +30 2289023455 (fax)

O BY MYCONIAN COLLECTION Ornos Beach, Mykonos 84600 P.O. Box 64, Greece T +30 2289444000 +30 2289079595 (fax)



200 MYCONIAN COLLECTION editor’s best choice
T +30
Elia Beach GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 2289076000 ROYAL MYCONIAN BOUTIQUES Elia Beach, GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 2289072000 MYCONIAN IMPERIAL BOUTIQUES Elia Beach, GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 2289079500 MYCONIAN AVATONHYDORA BOUTIQUE Elia Beach, GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 2289076100 MYCONIAN UTOPIAMYCONIAN UTOPIA CONCEPT STORE Elia beach, GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 2289076060 PANOPTIS ESCAPEPANOPTIS CONCEPT STORE Elia Beach, GR 84600 Mykonos T +30 2289445400 MYCONIAN AMBASSADORMYCONIAN AMBASSADOR CONCEPT STORE Platis Gialos, GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 2289024166 MYCONIAN KYMAEUPHORIA BOUTIQUE Mykonos Town GR 84600, Mykonos T +30 2289023415 O BY MYCONIAN COLLECTION -HYDORA BOUTIQUE Ornos beach, GR 84600 Mykonos T +30 2289444000
202 MYCONIAN COLLECTION last page We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds. ARISTOTLE ONASSIS Mykonos devotee affordable luxury 70, vouliagmenis av. ellinikon, athens, greece +30 6983 286 132 @zelajet mykonos / santorini / athens / nice / dubai / cyprus / and more C M Y CM MY CY CMY K
EXCLUSIVE MARCO BICEGO BOUTIQUES: ATHENS | 20, Voukourestiou str. | Tel +30 210 3636900 MYKONOS | 35, Akti Kambani | Tel +30 22890 26777 RETHYMNO | 148, Arcadiou str, | Tel +30 28310 20404
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