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Located in the caldera of Santorini in Oia and founded in 2010, Oia Treasures Art Gallery has quickly become one of Greece’s premier contemporary art spaces. In its interwined spaces of significant architectural interest the visitors can acquaint themselves with new and promising artists as well as some of the most renowned Greek contemporary artists, who have exhibited in museums in New York, Beijing and Tokyo and have been awarded for their work worldwide. The collection features sculptures, paintings and jewellery. Take your pick!

Louka Nomikou & Kanari, Oia, Santorin, T: +30 22860 72148, +30 69 47 926 560, +30 69 37 336 959 I




22 | Get Seduced by Santorini

90 | Andronis Exclusive Restaurants

Astonishingly beautiful at any time of the year, this island is truly a sight to behold

Lycabettus, Lauda, Throubi, Catch and iFeel Athens serve culinary masterpieces

32 | Hidden Treasures

The hinterland and other hidden spots of the island


42 | Gastronomy Festival 2018

110 | Chasing the Sun

Andronis Exclusive is organising the 4th Gastronomy Festival featuring the crème de la crème of notable chefs from all over the world

Santorini is ideal for fashionistas 120 | Andronis Boutiques

Santorini style must-visits

48 | Art Stories


Excellent art galleries leave their mark on Santorini life with interesting exhibitions and events

124 | Meet Οur People

General Manager George Filippidis, executive chef Emmanuel Renaut, sommelier Sotiris Kandilis and yoga instructor Elena Tsikardoni welcome you to the Andronis Exclusive world

LIVE 50 | Andronis Exclusive Hotels

Andronis Boutique Hotel, Andronis Luxury Suites, Alta Mare by Andronis, Andronis Concept, Andronis Honeymoon and Andronis Athens combine elegant design with location perfection

130 | A temple of wellbeing

The ultimate Santorini spa experience

82 | 5 Things to Do in Athens to Feel Like a Local


Grab the chance to explore everything this eclectic city has to offer

138 | A la Carte Experiences

Experience unique leisure facilities and keep active

You know you are in Santorini when… you start to plan your day around the sunset.

As a guest of the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort in Imerovigli, you will be privileged to watch the sunset from a first-row seat on your private terrace.



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Santorini has a special place in my heart Dear guests, It was the energy of the island of Santorini that inspired me to set up my company in this uniquely beautiful place. I had always felt that there would be a time in my life when I would do something of my own, that I’d create something that would hopefully also inspire others to join me in realising my vision. Seeing how warmly Andronis Exclusive has been received gives me joy, strength and passion to continue along this path. Every day, I am glad to see us working as a team to go forward, to innovate and to go beyond not only our guests’ expectations but also our own expectations. At Andronis Exclusive, we consider each and every guest unique, because you simply are. Listening to guests’ comments and desires is something I consider very important and always have time for. Our aim as a team is to create a complete life experience for each and every guest from their accommodation to activities, shopping, dining and more. Santorini has a special place in my heart. It is where I live, where my businesses are, where I envision my future to be. Santorini is a special place with a strong personality – it will either

keep you here or send you on your way. It has kept me here and given me the drive to continue. Above all, it is my deep respect for this place that informs my decisions. It is with this respect that I approach the future. We have grown a lot over the past few years. The excellent feedback we continue to receive for our high level of services and the life experiences we provide motivates us to continue, fully committed to this journey of exploration. There are many things of which we are very proud, including our gastronomy events featuring internationally acclaimed chefs, our excellent team that


is always on standby to serve you, the recent renovations to all our properties, and our new wellness resort that opened its doors to the public exactly one year ago – Andronis Concept and its spa, Kallos. I want to thank you warmly for the trust you continue to place in us to make your holidays special. It encourages us to go forward and add even more surprises to your Andronis Exclusive experience, many of which are already in the works. • Enjoy your stay! Miltiadis Andronis — Andronis Exclusive Owner

S.M.A.G. Spira Marble Art Gallery, Mesaria Thiras Tel: 2286033269, Email:, Instagram grigoriskouskouris

editor’s note

Live the Santorini experience to the fullest Santorini is its gorgeous mornings. Those first few minutes after the sun has risen and people have started leaving their cave-like houses to enjoy yet another day in a setting unlike anywhere in the world. This island feels almost mystical. Its beauty is like no other. Santorini is an expressive island; it sends you a clear message to get to know it, to explore it and to never forget it. To me, there’s nothing like the experience of

returning here to rediscover myself and to rediscover the island. Although Santorini is part of the Cyclades, it feels like it’s out of this world. The sea glimmers all the way to the Caldera. The sun flirts with the white-washed houses, making them shine. The villages fit in like minimal pieces of a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. On the beaches, the colours transition from blue to red, sometimes even black. The hinterland of the island breathes at its


own pace, in its own terms. The vines are loaded with Santorini’s precious grapes. The air is dry and crisp. Ancient lava has left its complex mark everywhere. Everyone I meet on these steep slopes, in alleys and terraces – visitor or local – has a story to tell: How they reached Santorini, how they’ve found their own private oasis of relaxation and indulgence. Or how they warmly welcome visitors from all over the world, taking their stay higher and higher. These industrious people of hospitality keep raising the bar, having created a microcosm that combines authenticity and luxury. Their inspiration? This extraordinary island which they want to share with the whole world. From Fira to Imerovigli and further, to Oia, five such oases – the Andronis Exclusive properties – are essential stops on your dreamy way to a state of pure bliss. Andronis Boutique Hotel, Andronis Luxury Suites, Alta Mare by Andronis in Oia, Andronis Concept in Imerovigli and Andronis Honeymoon in Fira. All pieces of a puzzle that echoes the legend of a charming land and infuses every location with a zen ambiance. From Lucabettus restaurant, seemingly suspended on the cliffside to the cavernous havens of our spa booths and to stunning rooms and suites, everything is dreamlike here. Sophistication, beauty, genuine tranquillity. Make sure you live this experience to the fullest. There’s no word to call it but unique. • Elsa Soimiri — Editor in Chief


andronis - santorini

Sunsets make for a truly surreal experience in which the skies of the Aegean are turned into a riotous symphony of pinks and reds.

Be Seduced by Santorini Astonishingly beautiful at any time of the year, the island of Santorini, the southernmost in the popular Cyclades islands in the Aegean, is truly a sight to behold. Text: Sofia McConnell




andronis - santorini

Oia is famous for its peace and beauty, while the Red Beach is known for its tall bright-red cliffs.




Nea Kameni is surrounded by warm dark waters which are known for their therapeutic benefits.

known as Stongili, which means round in Greek. Strongili was the victim of an enormous volcano eruption between 1642 and 1540 BC, an eruption so huge that many consider it to be the main cause of the destruction of the great Minoan civilisation on the island of Crete, situated 70 nautical miles away, through the creation of gigantic tsunami waves that reached the shores of the surrounding islands and Crete. After the explosion, the centre of Santorini sank, with the many earthquakes that followed destroying a large part of the rest of the island. The island has been inhabited by the Minoan civilisation, as well as the Phoenicians, the Dorians and the Byzantines; all the way through to the Venetians and Turks who have all left their mark on the island. The present group of islands known as Santorini, named after the small chapel of Agia Irini (or Saint Irene) by the Venetians, comprises five distinct islands: Santorini (aka Thira), the main island, Thirasia and Aspronisi at the periphery and the two Kameni islands at the centre. ‣

Known for its iconic Caldera, unique and colourful sand or pebble beaches resulting from solidified lava such as the Red Beach, the Black Beach and the White Beach, whitewashed houses and deep indigo sea, nowhere on earth quite compares with the wild natural beauty of this infamous volcanic island; an island steeped in the legend of the lost Atlantis that has captivated so many imaginations through the decades. Drawing visitors from all four corners of the globe who flock to the island to view its monumental sunsets, awe inspiring views, cuisine and wines, it is no wonder that Santorini has been voted one of the most beautiful islands in the world time and time again. Inhabited since as early as the Neolithic Period (4th millennium BC approx), Santorini’s long history is extremely varied: Archaeological discoveries made near Akrotiri and the island’s famous Red Beach show the existence of an important ancient Minoan colony (who settled on the island between 2000 and 1600 BC) - very similar to those found on the island of Crete. In Ancient times, Santorini Island was


sales - property management - rentals

Santorini | Piraeus | Glyfada +30 210 8983900

Karterados +30 22860 25122


Romantic views from above and a visit at the St. John the Baptist Cathedral, the Roman Catholic church at Fira, are a must.

The Caldera itself – famed as one of the most beautiful sights in the entire world – is the result of thousands of years of violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, one of which, between 1642 and 1540 BC, caused huge tsunamis that are said to be responsible for wiping out the Minoan civilisation along the north of the island of Crete situated 70 nautical miles away. The island initially split into three parts in the volcanic eruption - Santorini (Thira), the main island, Therasia and Aspronisi at its periphery. Subsequent underwater eruptions (the most recent in 1570) threw up the two further islands – Palia Kameni and Nea Kameni (“Old Burnt Island” and “New Burnt Island”) – that complete the fascinating archipelago. Today, the aftereffects of these dramatic geological events represent the island’s two main sources of wealth, namely tourism and agriculture, with the latter owing its success to the island’s unique and very fertile volcanic soil and perfect climate allowing it to give birth to excellent produce such as its fava beans, cherry tomatoes, capers and famous goat’s ‣

The island’s incredible beauty is evident before you even arrive. An astonishing sight from the air – with its collection of five islands floating on the endless blue of the Aegean Sea almost like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, it’s hard not to feel drawn to the magical legend of Atlantis – everything below seems to have a story to tell while the flat glistening blue sea hints at hidden worlds lost deep down below. As the aeroplane prepares to land, a dazzling mosaic of colours gradually becomes visible, from the grey and red rock face of the crater – Caldera from the Greek for “cauldron”, studded with windmills, the island’s trademark blue-domed churches and terraces of sugar-cube whitewashed settlements that seem to run along the rim of the Caldera almost like a ribbon. Probably Santorini’s most famous image, these whitewashed settlements with Caldera views in Firostefani, Fira, Imerovigli and Oia are built into the rock face from ancient cave dwellings to now boast exclusive hillside hotels showcasing infinity pools and luxury spas, accompanied by boutique shops, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.


SEASIDE BY NOTOS, Agios Georgios , Perivolos beach , 84703 Santorini , Greece, Tel.: + 30 22860-82801 , ,


andronis - santorini

Visitors can discover the island’s unique high quality wines (due to the unique volcanic elements of the land on which the vines are grown) and enjoy incredible wine tastings.

milk cheese known as chloro. What Santorini is best known for, however, is its wine production. Whilst wine was made on the island in Greek and Roman times, the region became particularly noteworthy in the Middle Ages when Crusaders captured control of the island from the Byzantine Empire after Constantinople was sacked in 1203. Today, its production includes indigenous white grape varieties such as Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani, other wines produced using international varieties as well as its unique reds made from its indigenous red grapes known as Mandalieria and Mavrotragano. With approximately 1,200 hectares of vines scattered around Santorini, the wines are stored in traditional kanaves (cellars), the most well known being at Megalochori, Mesa Gonia, Messaria, Pyrgos and Oia. Naturally, any mention of Santorini has to include its magical sunsets. As one of the best places to view majestic, awe inspiring sunsets, few destinations in the world can match the sheer beauty of Santorini’s sunset views. With many incredible vantage points along the edge of the Caldera, visitors agree that sunsets from Santorini make for a truly surreal experience which sees the skies of the Aegean turn into a riotous symphony of pinks and reds as the day slowly comes to a close, beckoning the arrival of the night ahead. Despite another catastrophic earthquake which occurred in 1956 causing widespread destruction, Santorini’s many villages continue to be spectacular. Oia, pronounced “Ia”, is the most famous of all of Santorini’s villages, known for its peace and tranquillity, fantastic sunsets and beauty. Firostefani is a small village within walking distance from Fira (the island’s capital replete with bars, shops, restaurants and nightclubs) and is almost like a suburb to the capital of Santorini, distinguished for its traditional architecture, wonderful Caldera views and its tourism development. Further along the edge of the Caldera, Imerovigli is like an extension of Fira albeit situated on a higher cliff. Also providing very romantic views, Imerovigli offers peace and quiet as well as proximity to the hustle and bustle of Fira. Akrotiri is a traditional village located next to the famous Red Beach which hosts the most important

archaeological site on Santorini. Still unspoilt by mass tourism, Akrotiri offers one of the most peaceful spots on the island. Other traditional villages include Emporio. Surrounded by vast vineyards and old windmills, the village is distinguished for its vivid Medieval character, its castle located on top of a hill and elegant neoclassical mansions. Others such as Messaria, Megalochori, Finikia, Mesa Gonia, Karterados, Ammoudi and Vothanos offer visitors glimpses into quiet traditional Greek village life. Holidays in Santorini are the dream of a lifetime for many people, with the island famous for its impressive Caldera, volcano and romantic sunsets frequently included among the best destinations in the world. Its popularity has gained such momentum that over the last few years, the tourist season has extended from early April to early November meaning that visitors can enjoy all of the island’s attractions for a longer period every year. Apart from its traditional villages and awe inspiring views, Santorini offers a multitude of attractions. The island’s many wineries offer incredible wine tasting opportunities. One such winery is the Artemis Karamolegos Winery that combines a great respect for Santorini’s winemaking traditions with a modern outlook and constant investment in the vineyards and in wine-making equipment. Meanwhile, the Minoan Site of Akrotiri, one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, provides an incredible insight into the Minoan civilisation, as the town was covered by volcanic ashes from the eruption of Thera, making for an incredibly interesting visit. The volcano which lies in the centre of the sunken Caldera is still active today and can be accessed via boat tours from the old port of Fira which go to the volcano and the hot springs while the famous Santorini sunset can also be viewed from a boat. Then of course there are the island’s beaches, including the famous Red, White and Black Beaches providing cool respite from the summer sun with their clear, cool waters, as well as the opportunity to enjoy a multitude of exhilarating water sports. There are also the island’s many tavernas serving the dishes that wonderful Santorini has come to be so well known for. •


The island’s unique and very fertile volcanic soil allows it to produce excellent wine and cherry tomatoes, among others.



andronis - santorini

Hidden Treasures

Santorini’s charm hides in unexpected moments. The hinterland and other hidden spots have extraordinary stories to tell, which they whisper to travellers eager to truly explore the island. Pyrgos was the island’s capital until 1800.


Text: Despoina Sampson



Motor vehicles and transportation were no given, and that was why donkeys were the main means of transport of goods and people.


The trip to Nea Kameni is enchanting. Following an experienced guide, the climb starts in an otherworldly volcanic landscape.


4 best-kept secret moments worth experiencing! At the steps of a Medieval castle

that resembles a classic Santorini postcard is behind you. Pyrgos, the island’s capital until 1800, is 10 km from Fira. Enthusiasts of the island visit it time and again to experience something out of the ordinary. The village of Pyrgos – which stands for “tower” – exudes a Medieval aura, standing proud within the island’s hinterland and looking nothing like the other villages or coastal locations of Santorini. At the tallest spot of Santorini, Profitis Ilias – an Orthodox monastery from the 10th century, and right in the heart of Pyrgos is a Medieval castle surrounded by houses built in a semicircle around it. It is a listed monument that spreads the essence of Venetian Rule, of old stately homes, of churches and of simple houses all the way through the alleys, mesmerising visitors. All of sudden, everything

High up in Akrotiri’s lighthouse

of the island, a lighthouse which was constructed in 1892 by the French Lighthouse Company does not just illuminate the sea. It sends a message of beauty from the past to the entire island, from a spot which – often unbeknownst to visitors – is the locals’ favourite. This is exactly where the people of Santorini go to watch the sunset, having crossed Akrotiri village by car. Whether arriving by car or motorcycle, visiting the lighthouse is a pilgrimage to the past. It stands ten metres tall and used to run on petrol. During WWII, it remained unlit until 1945. It converted to electricity in 1983, while in 1988 its function was automated. Today, it gives off white light flashes every 10 seconds which can be seen from 24 nautical miles away. At the westernmost edge

The secret life of farmers

Cyclades farmers. In Santorini, too, the soil lacked water, the vegetation was scarce and the island was at the mercy of strong Aegean winds. In short houses with the old wooden doors, people tallied their harvest unaware that tourism was fast approaching their doorstep. Their concerns and everyday discussions revolved around their vines, split pea fields, tomatoes and other vegetables in the patch as well as the water reserves they kept in underground tanks. Motor vehicles and transportation were no given, and that was why donkeys were the main means of transport of goods and people. Even today, donkeys graze under the hot sun next to dirt roads and dry stone walls… These short walls would outline farmlands and form small paths between the fields. Discover intriguing details of farm life away from coastal Santorini, far from the cosmopolitan clamour. Nothing was easy for

Climbing the volcano

a peculiar option. But this trip to Nea Kameni is enchanting. Following an experienced guide, the climb starts in an otherworldly volcanic landscape. Continue uphill towards the crater and you can only see few plants – a glimmer of hope against a dark background. After approximately half an hour, you reach the craters. Touch the ground and you’ll notice the temperature is much higher. The view of the volcano from Santorini may be dreamy, but the grey calmness of ground zero hides a tension that stirs powerful new emotions. Some visitors will find it


We travel your soul All kinds of cruises within Santorini and surrounding islands There is no better way to start your vacation in Santorini rather than sailing around the island and enjoying the views of the volcanic rocky cliffs, the famous Caldera, with the perched traditional white houses on top and the backdrop of the blue horizon of the Aegean Sea. Santorini Yachting Club is the only marine expert company that offers daily trips with an exquisite fleet of catamarans and yachts on the island. Our guests unwind in elegant settings, providing all the modern amenities afloat, in our vessels, with comfortable and luxury styled fleet while ensuring all the safety and security measurements are in place. Savor in the unparalleled beauties of the island, our experienced captains will sail with you in the most unique spots, we can customize your sea routes according to your wishes.


Paolo Casagrande is obsessed with working with the very best produce nature, the sea and the seasons have to offer.

Gastronomy Festival 2018

It is the 4th year that Andronis Exclusive organises the exquisite Gastronomy Festival in the kitchens of its restaurants, once again featuring the crème de la crème of notable chefs from all over the world. Text: Despoina Sampson



andronis - santorini

Characterised by passion, deep commitment, consistency and trust in hard work, these chefs offer innovative and balanced food.

Belgian three Michelin starred chef Gert de Mangeleer uses a simple but powerful approach: Cooking is all about passion.

Earlier in August, three Michelin starred Paolo Casagrande will showcase his own culinary masterpieces in Santorini. He is obsessed with working with the very best produce nature, the sea and the seasons have to offer. Lasarte restaurant in Barcelona, where Paolo Casagrande is Chef de Cuisine, approaches ingredients thoughtfully and respectfully to bring out optimal flavour which satisfies even the most demanding of palates. Another opportunity to meet a star of the European culinary scene, Belgian three Michelin starred chef Gert de Mangeleer, comes in July. At Hertog Jan restaurant in Bruges, Belgium, Gert de Mangeleer uses a simple but powerful approach: Cooking is all about passion, fun and bringing people together. Travelling, new ingredients and exchanging experiences drive his inspiration. Being a Captain of Gastronomy for Flanders, he works to increase the Belgian region’s reach on the global gastronomy map. From Austria comes an uncompromising perfectionist and skilled master of haute cuisine, chef Jacob Jan Boerma. To him, the key to a successful dish is produce of the highest quality. Having been chosen as one of the 50 Best Chefs of the World by Le Chef magazine and awarded with three Michelin stars, Jacob Jan Boerma still loves to explore new ingredients and cooking techniques, delighting his guests with perfectly balanced dishes. Emmanuel Renaut will not be the only Frenchman to cook exclusively for us in Santorini, though. Frederic Anton is an

For lovers of high gastronomy, the Andronis Exclusive Gastronomy Festival is already an institution. Behind this popular concept that not only impresses but also inspires chefs and audiences is the Andronis Exclusive philosophy of extraversion. Ten excellent chefs from all over the world – including two from Greece – are set to arrive on Santorini island to produce works of art on a plate in a summer celebration for dedicated foodies with the most magnificent views of the Aegean in the background. Their sophisticated dishes will once again be bursting with talent, precious ingredients, creativity, gusto and innovative ideas, while diners lucky enough to reserve a seat at these exclusive tables will once again leave with the best impressions. Not to be Missed These chefs’ acclaims and talent are nothing short of impressive. Starting with the new Consulting Chef of Lauda restaurant, Frenchman Emmanuel Renaut, the bar is already set very high. Emmanuel Renaut is the Chef and Founder of Flocons de Sel, the legendary three Michelin starred restaurant at Megève. This Alpine village in south-east France is where he invented his spirited, creative signature style, and where he started to work with wild plants, which he continues to this day. Flocons de Sel is a member of the Grands Chefs Relais & Châteaux and Grandes Tables du Monde. To say that the opportunity to try chef’s Renault’s cuisine for two evenings in August is not to be missed would be an understatement.


acclaimed French chef who describes his creations as simple, flavourful and sophisticated. Precision, perfection and harmony make up his culinary compass. Frederic Anton’s creations are true experiences in taste; brilliant, subtly complex, full of aromas and visually impeccable. Also awarded with three Michelin stars, he served as the Chef of Joel Robuchon before taking over the kitchen of Le Pre Catelan in Paris. Also joining us in July is Swedish-born Fredrik Berselius, who earned his two Michelin stars at Aska in Brooklyn, NY within just four months from its opening. Following the ethical principles of sustainability, ingredients in this restaurant are sourced locally or from organic farms or even foraged by the chef himself in the forest. Fredrik Berselius’ cooking style echoes his Nordic roots, childhood memories and Scandi flavours. An experience not to be missed. The impressive list does not end here. David Garcia, a Spanish Bilbao-born chef who trained with master chefs such as Martin Berasategui and in the leading El Bulli restaurant before earning his own Michelin star, will initiate us into his signature style. His food stands out for its delectable broths, soups and sauces, all prepared using top quality natural ingredients. The festival will come to an end with the appearance of two Michelin star chef Pere Planaguma, whose refined cuisine paints a picture of rural landscapes and seasonality. Simple yet essential, refined yet generous, his food preaches sustainable gastronomy in a globalised world. The Greek scene Let us introduce you to Thanos Freskos and Ntinos Fotinakis. After a short stint in Athens’ Hytra restaurant, Thanos Freskos could not resist the offer of Rasmus Kofoed to return to Geranium restaurant, where he still works as Assistant Head Chef. Located in Copenhagen, Geranium has been selected as one of the World’s Best Restaurants. Ntinos Fotinakis started his career in Elounda, Crete, working alongside Jean-Charles Metayer. He moved on to two Michelin starred Spondi in Athens, where he stayed for more than ten years. Numerous apprenticeships next to absolute legends of the culinary scene such as Eric Frechon, Arnaud Bignon and Gilles Marchal enabled Ntinos Fotinakis to develop his talents and study expert techniques. The result is high-end, exciting contemporary Greek dishes with French undertones. •

3 Michelin starred Emmanuel Renaut with Pavlos Kiriakis, the Greek chef of Lycabettus restaurant who won the 2018 Torque d’Or award in the contemporary cuisine category.

June – September 2018 Andronis Exclusive Gastronomy Festival 25.06.2018 Thanos Feskos – Throubi 9 & 10.07.2018 Gert de Mangeleer – Lauda 19 & 20.07.2018 Fredrik Berselius – Lycabettus 04 & 05.08.2018 Frederic Anton – Lycabettus 12 & 13.08.2018 Paolo Casagrande – Lycabettus 18 & 19.08.2018 Jacob Jan Boerma – Lauda 22 & 23.08.2018 David Garcia – Lycabettus 27 & 28.08.2018 Emmanuel Renaut – Lauda 08.09.2018 Dinos Fotinakis – Throubi 15 & 16.09.2018 Pere Planaguma – Lauda



Art Stories

The entire island of Santorini has become a creative neighbourhood of distinctive character. Both old and new, excellent art galleries leave their mark on Santorini life with interesting exhibitions and events. 48

andronis - santorini

Yorgos Kypris’ extensive artwork inspired by sea life befits Santorini so much that the pieces have become local icons.

It is no accident that Santorini is known as the island of artists. Inspired by the island’s inimitable personality and its magic landscape, visual creators, acclaimed photographers, innovative painters and all sorts of artisans define a local art scene that is vibrant and continues to be enriched by new arrivals. Established in 1990 in Fira by internationally acclaimed artist Yorgos Kypris, leading art gallery MATI was perhaps the pioneer in the field. MATI promotes contemporary Greek art and currently has on display Yorgos Kypris extensive artwork inspired by sea life. His art befits Santorini so much that the pieces have become local icons. Leaving Fira and moving on to eclectic Oia, the Oia Treasures gallery takes our breath away with its wonderful interior. This is the domain of high art, featuring inspired collaborations and ground-breaking artists who have received international awards and distinctions. This season, it’s the Sonic Sculpture Irini exhibition that stands out, by Aggelika Korovessi. Although not a linguist, the artist has sensed the power of the vibrations of Greek words and transformed them into her own sculptural vocabulary. Despite her works being quite complex, they maintain a directness and simplicity in carrying their message across. Also in Oia is Mnemosyne Gallery, a unique space dedicated to fine art photography and minimalistic hand-made jewellery. Documenting Iraq under embargo mainly in Baghdad and Basra, Andrea Motta’s photographs are on display in Mnemosyne Gallery this summer. “Iraq After the Storm” received the Best of Photojournalism award at PND Photo Annual 2000, and the Director’s Award in the Project Competition at the Santa Fe School of Visual Arts, also in 2000. But artistic innovation doesn’t stop there. In Messaria’s SMAG – Spira Marble Art Gallery – Grigoris Kouskouris, who hails from Tinos island, has set up an interesting space. He’s a dynamic artist whose explosive take on Tinos’ marble sculpting tradition has resulted in artwork that has left its mark ever since he chose Santorini as the permanent home for his art and himself. All in all, this collection of interesting artwork and the driven people who showcase it is an attraction for art lovers to visit Santorini. •

Andrea Motta’s photograph at the Mnemosyne Gallery in Oia (top) and Sonic Sculpture Irini by Aggelika Korovessi at OiaTreasures (bottom). Left page: Grigoris Kouskouris (top) and artwork by Yorgos Kypris (bottom).


Each suite’s spacious private veranda with Jacuzzi offers unforgettable views of the volcano and the Aegean Sea.

Alta Mare by Andronis

A tranquil, elegant retreat where tradition and modernity harmonise in suites and private terraces created to unwind in. Located in Oia, one of Santorini’s most romantic places, this resort is simply the right place to be. Text: Uta Wancke


The superior suite features a simply chic sitting area and a bathroom with rain-shower, all inspired by local architecture.



andronis - santorini

This is the place where moments unfold everlasting memories.

everything. It is an elegant, stylish hideaway that conveys a sense of cheerfulness and tranquillity. Looking at the marvellous Aegean and soothing under the Mediterranean sun will do the rest. Discreet luxury, traditional architecture and awe-inspiring views of the crescent island of Santorini offer the perfect retreat to relax in, to read that book you haven’t had a chance to, to daydream and share time with your loved ones. Tradition and modernity blend seamlessly in suites stylishly furnished with chic, fresh and elegant interiors. Ample opportunity for relaxation, and an ambiance of well-being are found in each and every room. The suites offer private terraces, Jacuzzis or hot tubs and unrivalled views of the dramatic volcanic cliffside, making Alta Mare the ideal romantic hideaway for undisturbed moments with your special someone. In the Mare Sanus Spa, found at the nearby Andronis Luxury Suites, the Alta Mare offers you the ultimate spa experience in Santorini. Personalised to your needs, our treatments include a range of relaxing body and facial therapies, purifying detox rituals as well as revitalising private yoga classes offered in luxurious and soothing surroundings. Or why not book a tour on a catamaran sailing around the unique and breathtaking caldera? You will stop at stunning locations and end the tour with a fantastic on-board barbeque prepared by our team – the perfect way to live our motto: Where moments unfold everlasting memories… •

Santorini, the famed blue-and-white darling of the Cyclades, is so incredibly picturesque that puts you in a state of constant admiration once you arrive on the island: The stunning view over the caldera, the infinite deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the picturesque villages with their gleaming white houses and blue domed churches, the bright purple of the blooming bougainvillea... the wow-factors are countless! The scenic village of Oia on the north-west edge of the island is exactly as you expect a village on Santorini to look like with its iconic whitewashed houses and sapphire domes, narrow alleyways and those unique breathtaking sunsets Santorini is world-famous for – and which are extra spectacular there for a reason. But Santorini has much more to offer than magnificent sunsets and a grandiose landscape. You should not miss the opportunity to explore its active volcano up close, taste the fine traditional cuisine of Santorini with its superb specialties, learn about one of the first civilisations in ancient Europe and swim in crystal-clear waters. You can’t help but simply fall in love with Santorini in all its surprising, engaging and beautiful guises, knowing your stylish deluxe suite at the Alta Mare by Andronis is waiting for you at the end of the day. The Alta Mare is the place to be when you feel the need for that special feature in your life, that extra pampering, a little luxury… We all deserve to be spoiled from time to time, and the charming staff of the Alta Mare will simply take care of


The bedroom and walk-in closet and sitting area come with all the modern amenities.


Andronis Boutique Hotel

Individually designed luxury suites with stunning cliff-top views of Oia. An idyllic home from home that will tempt you to return time and again. Text: Uta Wancke


andronis - santorini

The hotel’s multi-level suites capture the hypnotic vistas out over the caldera and the picturesque houses of Oia.

the caldera and charming whitewashed houses of Oia. The private terraces with Jacuzzis offer seclusion for unforgettable moments of relaxation and intimacy, and tempt you to linger over the views with every five-star comfort provided in the suite for a memorable stay. The Executive Suites have the added bonus of a private pool where you can playfully splash away the heat of the day. The suites are perfect romantic hideaways for all those in search of rest, recreation and togetherness. By no means should you neglect the culinary highlights of your stay in the Andronis Boutique Hotel, which start straight away each morning with a scrumptious breakfast made of local organic products, countless freshly prepared egg dishes, waffles, pancakes and French toast. The island offers a wide range of unique products, such as sundried tomatoes, capers, white eggplants and fava beans, which are prepared in the tradition of old, handed-down recipes in Lauda restaurant. The pool’s snack bar won’t let you down either. It serves light meals and snacks as well as refreshments and drinks all day long. The unchallenged highlight of the day is watching the sun going down in an extensively wide range of colours, officially heralding the beginning of a culinary journey through the Mediterranean guided by Executive Chef Giorgos Dospras. The Andronis Boutique Hotel is where the highest of expectations are exceeded! •

Oia is the very symbol of Santorini and probably the most photographed spot on the island, as it sits on the slope of the caldera with its gleaming white cave-style houses and blue rooftops, whitewashed churches and the bright purple of the blooming bougainvillea against the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. But apart from the stunning setting and beautiful colours, there is more to Oia, and you will feel it when you explore the cobbled, narrow alleyways of the village, enjoying its true beauty: It is a special place with mystic charm enchanting its visitors, making them relax and recharge their batteries. In this amazing setting, the Andronis Boutique Hotel, carved into the dramatic crescent cliff of Santorini, welcomes you with the promise to make your stay unforgettable. The raw power of the volcanic eruption thousands of years ago created an island that is steeped in history and culture, a place of romance and serenity that tempts you to let go and allow yourself to be renewed in its warm embrace. An impressive flight of stone steps leads you directly to the holidays of your dreams. Look forward to the comfort and amenities of a 5-star luxury boutique hotel with impeccable personal service, an on-site spa, an infinity pool and the excellent fine dining restaurant Lauda. The 23 multi-level suites in the Andronis Boutique Hotel reflect the classical style of the Aegean and are decorated in a contemporary minimalistic design, capturing the spirit of Santorini and its traditional buildings, incredible vistas over


Taking inspiration from Santorini’s traditional cave houses, these suites combine stunning interiors with elegant details.


With private steps leading to the terrace, the Water Retreat Suite pays tribute to the traditional whitewashed 19th-century Santorini buildings.

The privacy of this Exclusive Suite with Infinity Pool and its stunning, peaceful surroundings are perfect for time together with your special someone.

Andronis Luxury Suites Welcome to a world of luxury, comfort and intimacy. Your own private paradise to experience the hypnotic beauty of Santorini. Text: Uta Wancke


Santorini is an island which has truly been blessed by the gods! The raw power of the volcanic eruption that formed Santorini thousands of years ago created an absolute dream destination, fascinating generations of visitors with its magic. The incredible view over the caldera, the mysterious deep blue of the Mediterranean, the picturesque villages with their gleaming whitewashed houses and blue domed churches, the bright purple of the blooming bougainvillea comprise the perfect setting for romance, luxury and beauty, but that’s not all! The amazing scenery and unique culture add a certain je-ne-sais-quoi which makes your holiday a memory of a lifetime. Located in Oia, the Andronis Luxury Suites blends in harmoniously with the picturesque jigsaw of houses in the amazingly beautiful village – probably the most photographed location in Santorini, featuring wonderful colours of all hues, with blue the star of the show: The deep mystic blue of the Aegean against the infinite blue of the sky and the famous Santorini blue of the domed churches and house doors and shutters. It is a special place with a mystic charm that enchants its visitors, enabling them to relax and recharge their batteries. In this amazing environment, Andronis Luxury Suites are renowned for their tranquillity and unique sense of elegance. The 29 top-notch suites and villas offer complete comfort, luxury and privacy, creating the perfect hideaway in which to unwind and experience the hypnotic beauty of Santorini. The light and elegantly furnished suites open onto private balconies or verandas featuring the most captivating, romantic sea views on Santorini. Surrender to the luxury and privacy of this magical retreat, offering the ultimate experience of those grandiose views. Plunge pools and heated Jacuzzis are the perfect places to relax and enjoy the deep blue Aegean and the volcanic caldera that frames the spectacular view. Welcoming a new day with a swim in your private infinity pool will set the course for yet another blissful day in a heavenly retreat. The comfortable and luxurious Cycladic-style villas of the Andronis Luxury Suites are all within walking distance to the main hotel and accessed by a secluded entrance to ensure total privacy. Each villa has a private terrace or patio as well as an infinity pool and/or an outdoor Jacuzzi where you can relax and spend some time together with your very special someone. Of course, you are most welcome to use the facilities of any of the Andronis Exclusive hotels. The Andronis Luxury Suites has much more to offer than a luxurious and unique stay in a perfect setting: For the real epicures among you, we recommend the exclusive therapies at the on-site Mare Sanus Spa before you enjoy an unforgettable dinner in one of the most beautiful restaurant locations in the world at Lycabettus restaurant. If you have a thirst for adventure, why not book a sailing tour with a catamaran around the magnificent caldera? Staying in the Andronis Luxury Suites gives you all these options and more, true to our motto, “Where eclecticism inspires the soul...” •


andronis - santorini

The Exceptional Suite's private terrace with jacuzzi frames an idyllic view of the caldera, creating the perfect refuge in which 65to unwind and experience the hypnotic beauty of Santorini.


In this amazing environment, Andronis Luxury Suites are renowned for their tranquillity and unique sense of elegance.

The infinity pool terrace is the place to enjoy Imerovigli’s bewitching sunset views.

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

This lovely place of tantalising beauty and relaxation is located in Imerovigli, a Santorinian gem on the island’s most romantic coast. Private terraces and infinity pools provide the perfect haven for eclectic guests. Text: Uta Wancke


andronis - santorini

The tranquillity of the setting and the attentive, personalised high-end service will turn your stay into something very special.

Each stylishly furnished space brings dreams to life.


All suites are tastefully decorated in a minimalistic design, fusing traditional Cycladic style with vivid, modern details, resulting in a stylish and welcoming ambiance. The tranquillity of the setting, the suites’ outstanding elegance and the attentive, personalised high-end service will turn your stay into something very special. The suites are completed by the luxury of private infinity pools and terraces for total recreation and well-being. Our Four Bedroom Villa is ideal for a larger group of family or friends, with each bedroom boasting a private bathroom. For your convenience, a private butler is available to assist you, and on your special request, a chef will spoil you with his culinary skills. The on-site Throubi restaurant follows the resort’s holistic philosophy of health and wellness, offering nutritionally balanced Mediterranean dishes rooted in the traditional cuisine of Santorini. Our young and dedicated team uses only the freshest ingredients from our garden, creating amazing food which we recommend you combine with one of the fine Santorini wines from our excellent wine list. Another highlight of the Andronis Concept is Kallos Spa, the heart of our wellness resort. Respect for the individual is the cornerstone of our spa experience. Personalised to your needs, our treatments include a range of relaxing body and facial therapies, purifying detox and hamam rituals and revitalising private yoga classes in luxurious and soothing surroundings. Enjoy! •

You know you are in Santorini when… you start to plan your day around the sunset, which is the undisputed highlight of a perfect day on Santorini. From the moment you see it for the first time, you cannot even imagine missing it anymore. You do not want to miss being part of the daily worshipping of the incomparable, divine sunset on Imerovigli, having joined its ranks of devotees who gather well in advance at the best spots. As a guest of the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort in Imerovigli you will be privileged to watch it from a first-row seat on your private terrace, sipping a chilled glass of Santorini wine! Imerovigli is said to be the most beautiful village on Santorini, offering its visitors amazing Cycladic architecture, bright colours and magnificent views. Most of the village was destroyed in the volcano eruption of 1956 and restored during the next few years, becoming home to some of the most amazing hotels and traditional cave houses on Santorini. So it is no coincidence that the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort opened its doors there, on the island’s most romantic coast, to cater for your mind, body and spirit in this wonderful little village. Our helpful and committed staff is happy to welcome you to this haven of serenity and ensure you have an extraordinary and rejuvenating vacation. The 25 suites of the Andronis Concept are all aligned west, so that the guests can admire the famous sunset of Imerovigli as well as the panoramic views of the mystic Aegean Sea and the caldera from the comfort of their accommodation.



andronis - santorini

The 25 suites of the Andronis Concept Wellness resort all face west, so that our guests can admire the famous sunset of Imerovigli.




andronis - santorini

Andronis Honeymoon Overhanging a steep yet spectacular cliff and offering magnificent vistas to Skaros, the old harbour and the volcanic isles, this honeymoon resort in Fira is destined to be your perfect getaway. Text: Uta Wancke

Moments away from the lively centre of the town yet serene and quiet, this property offers awe-inspiring, truly unimaginable views.




andronis - santorini

Feel the unique combination of the traditional architecture appointed with modern amenities.

pampering facilities offer the ideal background for your love. Honeymoon by Andronis will simply make your dreams come true, offering only five suites. Our discreet and attentive staff will fulfil every wish before you can even express it and pamper you thoroughly. They will be happy to offer suggestions on restaurants and sights or arrange excursions. They are here to help you create blissful memories of one of the most romantic destinations on earth. Andronis Honeymoon is set at a prime location on Fira’s Caldera. The awe-inspiring setting, moments away from the lively centre yet serene and quiet with an unimaginable view of the Caldera (the cliff that was formed after the volcanic eruption) is bound to be the perfect backdrop for your love. The Andronis Honeymoon offers Cycladic-style units with unobstructed views of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, the mystic volcano and the world-famous Santorini sunset. The suites are designed to amaze and are of unparalleled beauty, equipped with a private balcony or terrace and completed by a Jacuzzi from where you can watch the marvellous sunset. Experience the authentic Greek hospitality and luxury you can find exclusively at the Andronis Honeymoon, the one and only place to celebrate your finest moments with discreet luxury, to create memories of togetherness and take your first steps in life as a couple… Celebrate love, celebrate life! •

With its iconic whitewashed houses sitting high up on the slope of the caldera cliff and the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is a blissful spot for a getaway. The island is home to mesmerising sunsets which are indisputably the best you will ever see. The sight of the sun slowly going down, plunging the sky into a sensuous sea of colour is one of those moments that feel like pure magic. With its rocky landscapes of black and red beaches, spectacular views, cosmopolitan lifestyle, some of the best luxury hotels of the world – and to top it all off, a stunning volcano – it is no surprise that Santorini is one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations in the whole world. It is an island blessed by the gods, a place where dreams come true. It makes sense that Santorini, the gem of the Greek islands, has also become a popular wedding destination for couples from all over the world. It is no coincidence that Santorini is considered to be the most romantic place for couples in love. Stroll in its narrow alleyways while holding hands and admire the picturesque scenery, finding out together what makes this magnificent volcanic island so perfect for couples. Or explore the traditional tavernas and taste authentic Greek cuisine, the specialties of the island full of flavours and rich aromas under the hot Mediterranean sun. Whether you are on the island to celebrate your new life together, you are here to tie the knot or even to renew your vows, our luxurious and


In this setting of unparalleled beauty, enjoy relaxing in your outdoor heated Jacuzzi on your private deck.



andronis - santorini

All suites feature a spacious private balcony with views to the city of Athens.

Andronis Athens

A boutique hotel surrounded by the buzz and the beauty of Athens’ historical centre. A perfect city destination for the modern traveller and an ideal base for business or pleasure. Text: Uta Wancke




andronis - santorini

Ideally situated in Psyri, Andronis Athens belongs to the real heart of the city.

of the suites’ highlights. Our Acropolis Elegant Suites boast spacious private balconies with a spectacular panoramic view up to the Acropolis. Sitting on the balcony to watch the sun going down and the lights of the Acropolis starting to gleam, echoing the sparkling stars above, will become an experience you will remember for a lifetime. The luxurious split-level suites comprise a large bedroom, a nostalgic self-standing bathtub, a spacious built-in shower as well as a dressing room and ample living space. The décor features colourful, unconventional details which gives the suite a joyful and happy atmosphere. With the lively districts of Psiri and Monastiraki on their doorstep, the suites are the ideal base to explore the nearby bar and restaurant scene. But “Why seek far afield when the good is close by?”, as the saying goes – you have one of the hottest tables of the town downstairs: the iFeel Athens, which also belongs to the Andronis Group. Your breakfast can be served either in the comfort of your suite or on the terrace of the iFeel Athens. They have a wide range of coffee and tea specialties which you can combine with homemade breads, fluffy pastries or extravagant muffin and cupcake treats. Needless to say that there are many more breakfast and brunch options to choose from. The excellent lunch and dinner menu won’t disappoint either, nor will the innovative cocktails on the extensive cocktail menu. Everything is part of the Andronis experience! •

The hip neighbourhood of Psiri with its mesmerising mix of creative hubs, small shops, street art and independent restaurants and bars is home to the fabulous boutique hotel Andronis Athens. Its location in the vibrant city centre, within walking distance to all important sights, the old town of Athens (Plaka) and the shopping street of Ermou make it really easy for you to enjoy your stay in the exciting city of Athens to the fullest. Transportation is not an issue, as the Andronis Athens is close to the metro station of Monastiraki, whereas the sports enthusiasts among you might find it thrilling to discover the megacity of Athens by bicycle – which we provide free of charge. The Andronis Athens is indeed the perfect destination for the modern city traveller, be it for leisure or for work! It is not only its fancy location in the middle of Athens’ buzz and beauty but also its small size of only four elegant contemporary suites which embrace you with their sophisticated cosiness. Due to the warm personal welcome which every guest receives from our smiling, hospitable staff, you will feel like you’re staying with friends who also try to fulfil every one of your wishes before you can even express it. Tradition, quirkiness and luxury set the tone in the airy deluxe Athenian Suites, decorated in contemporary design with quirky and colourful details, reflecting the city’s playful character. Large, comfortable double-beds, nostalgic claw-foot bathtubs, roomy walk-in showers are only some


Ample double beds, claw-foot bathtubs and an interesting mix of design touches echo the city’s playful character.


andronis - santorini


If you like to spend plenty of time wandering around and getting a feel for a new place, Athens is ideal for you. Grab the chance to explore everything this eclectic city has to offer.

The Cheese Nurturers

Text: Despoina Sampson

It’s almost like you are pretending that you live there and you are just taking a day off to relax and enjoy yourself, getting a little dose of history and culture and maybe a couple of iced coffee drinks along the way. Live like an Athenian with our top 5 suggestions. Wander the Streets of Monastiraki and Plaka Head straight to the very heart of the city. Much of the action is right behind the Monastiraki metro station. Expect live music and dancing in the streets in the afternoons. Every day except Sunday, Monastiraki is a market area full of small shops selling antiques, art and records. Cross Ermou Street to find the picturesque Psiri, a neighbourhood full of cafeterias, bars and tavernas. For a dose of tranquillity, head to Plaka, on the other side. In its narrow cobblestone streets stand beautiful listed buildings, and there are endless alleyways to explore.

Photo: Yiorgis Yerolymbos

5 Things to Do in Athens to Feel Like a Local

Discover the Acropolis and Athens from Above A favourite Acropolis spot is right next to flag, on the northeast corner, with views of Athens stretching out below. One can see the ceramic tiled roofs of the houses in the Plaka area, Hadrian’s Arch and the giant Temple of Olympian Zeus – as well as Zappeion, the National Garden and the First Cemetery of Athens. Make sure you take in this bird’s eye view of the historic Greek capital and marvel at all the monuments you can see from this spot. Is it too hot to visit the Acropolis? In Athens, that can certainly happen… So just head to the best spots to see it from afar. No matter where you are in Plaka, you are no more than a short walk away, and you can play hide and seek with this wonder of the ancient world behind the buildings. Alternatively, head to Philopappos Hill to enjoy stunning sunset views of both Athens and Piraeus. Once you’re there, you’ll watch the sun dive into the sea in an explosion of warm orange, pink and red, and you’ll also get a chance to visit the 9th century Byzantine chapel of St Demetrios Loumbardiaris. Keep in mind that a number of great rooftop bars can be found all over the city – and they are great for watching the sunset too! ‣

Designed by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano, the SNFCC houses both the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera.



andronis - santorini


Head straight to the very heart of the city. Much of the action is right behind the Monastiraki metro station.

guided tour will let you in on this park’s secrets and wonders – keep in mind that it will take you up and down some steps, too. At the very end of the walk, you’ll be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the Bay of Phaliron and the city of Athens including the Parthenon and Lycabettus Hill. Book a ticket for the Athens Festival Greece’s foremost cultural festival and one of the oldest performing arts festivals in Europe (since 1955), the annual Athens Festival presents numerous theatre, dance and music artists acclaimed in Greece and worldwide, attracting large audiences from around the world. The Festival is held from June to August. The programme at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, also known as the Herodeon, stands out for its high quality and wide range. The Festival’s main performance venue stands right at the foot of the Acropolis. Throughout the years, it has welcomed some of the greatest stars in the world, including the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra, Nana Mouskouri, Liza Minnelli and Maria Callas, to name just a few. The vast majority of contemporary theatre and dance productions are held at Peiraios 260, a former industrial building complex just a stone’s throw from the centre of the city, at 260 Peiraios Street. In 2006, the former Tsaousoglou factory was renovated to accommodate Greek and international avant-garde artists, both emerging or established, from theatre, dance and beyond. •

Visit the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre If you are looking for proof that Greece is still very much a hub for arts, culture and innovation in Europe, give this place a visit. Designed by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano, the SNFCC houses both the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera. But there’s also the 210,000 m2 Stavros Niarchos Park, a modern landscape architecture project that has been designed with sustainability and nature in mind. It is a welcoming open space of typical Mediterranean character. The


Photo: Stephanos

Enjoy a Real Greek Meal Baked eggplant with feta; meaty, smoky souvlaki; Cretan dakos salad; meatballs in tangy tomato sauce; juicy black olives; creamy tzatziki; fresh chargrilled fish; grilled octopus and so much more… No matter which taverna you’ve chosen to sit at, you should definitely give in to the temptation to go for the meze option. These Greek-style shared tapas dishes mean everyone has a chance to try a little bit of everything. If you’re vegan, ask for “ladera” options. These vegetables and legumes are cooked in olive oil and herbs, and they’re the go-to option for fasting locals – which means they’re great for anyone who doesn’t eat animal products. If you’d like to visit the Acropolis Museum, consider enjoying your authentic Greek meal at the rooftop restaurant against a backdrop of the Acropolis.

Carmen, a Greek National Opera production at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.


Solidarity is creative chefs Dimos Samourakis & Vassili Sdrougia

Imerovigli Santorini, tel +30 22860 25649, email

Right at the edge of Oia’s old port, where the fishermen’s caiques arrive early every morning with the day’s catch is where you will indulge in the most famous lobster spaghetti of the Cyclades while gazing at the ever-reaching sea and the breath-taking sunset. For the past 30 years, Sunset by Paraskevas tavern in Ammoudi, one of the most idyllic spots of Santorini, has been serving fresh fish and seafood in dishes inspired by the island’s rich culinary heritage. In SunsetParaskevas restaurant you will enjoy traditional recipes with a creative touch by Margarita that make your meal here an experience and add to your gastronomic trip in Santorini a delicious stop! Ammoudi bay, Oia, Santorini, Greece 84700 / Reservations +30 2286071614

Lycabettus Andronis Luxury Suites

Share intimate moments literally dining on the edge of a cliff surrounded by Santorini’s world-famous incomparable blue.

This elegant yet relaxed restaurant brings together the finest, freshest cuisine, immaculate service and one of the world’s most beautiful outdoor dining rooms with stunning views. Text: Uta Wancke


andronis - santorini

Perfection is the norm here, with every dish prepared and plated like a work of art.

Lycabettus’ chef Pavlos Kiriakis is constantly experimenting with new techniques, utilising the freshest ingredients.

Being on the edge takes on a completely new meaning when you are at the Lycabettus Restaurant, the on-site fine dining eatery of the divine, award-winning Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia. High above the amazing caldera of Santorini, the result of a disastrous volcanic eruption about 3,600 years ago, the terrace of this elegant yet relaxed restaurant is located on a spectacular high rock spur right out over the water. It belongs without any doubt to the most romantic, wowing restaurant settings in the whole world, leaving an unforgettable impression that lasts a lifetime. So, if you are thinking of proposing to the love of your life, this might be the setting you have been looking for. Talk to our staff to reserve the front table with its two purple high-backed chairs that look right out of Alice in Wonderland to leave an everlasting impression. Dining under the stars in the Lycabettus Restaurant, which has taken its name from a

well-known hill in the centre of Athens, is a highlight of any vacation on Santorini. It is not only located on Oia’s most spectacular balcony but impresses with the combination of the finest, freshest cuisine, flawless service, as well as the fantasy and creativity of our award-winning Executive Chef Pavlos Kiriakis and his team. Pavlos experiments with new techniques and creates each plate with an eye for quality and detail. For authentic flavours, he uses only the freshest ingredients from all over the island, including sweet Santorini tomatoes, ripe pistachios and white fava beans. He blends traditional recipes with elements of nouvelle cuisine to create a superlative menu. Pavlos’ signature dish is the white grouper with Assyrtiko wine sauce, breaded oysters, finocchio puree and a coulis of herbs. You will remember this five-star culinary journey in the Lycabettus Restaurant forever! •



Lauda was originally built on this rock in 1971. The village’s first restaurant was the place where the locals gathered to chat, eat and drink


Andronis Boutique Hotel A gourmet destination at the heart of the caldera. This elegant restaurant’s terrace is perched high above the sea, offering diners spectacular views of the Aegean. Text: Uta Wancke


andronis - santorini

Emmanuel Renaut presents the freshest ingredients from the island with flair and creativity.

Back in the seventies, when tourism was just about to start on Santorini, Oia was a tiny village with one single tavern, the Lauda, where the inhabitants met to eat, drink, celebrate and use the only phone around. Today’s Lauda restaurant has become the first choice for gourmets on the island and developed into a truly magical place, perched on the edge of the caldera cliff, overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea and the small isles around. It is strongly attached to its history and traditions but has enriched the handed-down recipes with organic ingredients and contemporary techniques to create a superlative menu which makes your dining experience both unique and authentic. The restaurant has a romantic but yet stylish atmosphere. The small tables in red and white are elegantly assembled around the pool with lanterns romantically lighting the space. When you arrive around sunset time, you will be mesmerised by the most amazing colours the sky can

possibly have, accompanied by sweet melodies from the live music playing on the patio under the stars. But that was only the prelude for a very special evening of culinary delicacies the likes of which you have never experienced like that before: Local cheeses, virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables, Greek herbs and tender meats combine to create irresistible Mediterranean dishes with surprising textures and amazing bursts of flavours. This season Lauda proudly presents a delicious new menu created exclusively by three-Michelin-starred chef, Emmanuel Renaut. The French maesto of culinary experiences has built his formidable reputation on using fresh local ingredients found and farmed around his hotel and restaurant outside Megève. He calls himself a hunter, gatherer and gardener. His food philosophy is in perfect harmony with the Lauda ethos, where the freshest ingredients from the island are presented with flair and creativity. •


A three Michelin-starred chef, Emmanuel Renaut is the French maestro of this season’s top culinary experiences.


Throubi Restaurant Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

Following Andronis Concept Wellness Resort’s holistic philosophy of health and wellness, Throubi restaurant celebrates Santorinian gastronomy with a passion for creating exceptional culinary experiences. Text: Uta Wancke

Endlessly relaxed dinners on the most romantic side of Santorini. Discover the secrets of unforgettable dinning escapes, showcasing a poetic backdrop that stimulates the senses.


andronis - santorini

Sea Bass with spinach puree, hijiki salad, crispy spinach gyoza, lime syrup & coriander.

The scenic little village of Imerovigli is not only the unchallenged hub of romance in Santorini but also home to the amazing Throubi Restaurant of Andronis Concept, which is on its way to becoming the island’s hotspot for gourmet cuisine. Dinner is served either on the dining terrace or in the interior hall which are perfect stages for enjoying the breathtaking views to the caldera and the world-famous sunset of Santorini. The sleek and modern design of the restaurant provides the ultimate ambience for the sensational culinary delicacies bursting into life in your mouth in a symphony of delicious flavours. Following the resort’s holistic approach of health and wellness, the motivated team of the Throubi Restaurant offers nutritionally balanced Mediterranean specialties with a twist. Each dish is an unforgettable work of art, combining in ways never seen before

exciting flavours and textures with a presentation full of fantasy and creativity. An equal amount of care and attention has been put into a selection of ingredients handpicked directly in the restaurant’s purpose-built gardens.The accompanying wine can be chosen from an extensive wine list with the finest Greek and international wines. Although the culinary temptations are countless, we recommend leaving some room for one of the fabulous desserts. After this unbelievable feast has taken you directly to culinary nirvana, you might feel the urgent need for one of the selected digestifs or superb after-dinner cocktails. The excellence of the kitchen is matched by the impeccable service in the restaurant. The Throubi team continuously strives to fulfill your wishes, even the unspoken ones, to make sure that you enjoy an unforgettable evening. •


Our team guarantees high quality service. Equal amounts of care and attention are put into the selection of ingredients.


Catch Bar Restaurant

A place where dining becomes a feast for all your senses. Distinguished for its welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable service, Catch exudes a sense of magical charm. Text: Uta Wancke


Catch the ultimate foodie experience at this interesting concept restaurant where flavours are balanced and hide multiple suprises and twists.


Nothing tops off a great meal better than a spectacular view. There’s just something about the backdrop of the Aegean Sea and the world famous sunset of Santorini that sets the perfect tone for an unforgettable evening at the Catch Bar Restaurant in Oia. Once you enter the restaurant, you are immediately impressed by the friendly and charming atmosphere which is enhanced by the warm welcome of our attentive staff. The interior of the Catch is a symphony of white, creating a fresh and modern ambiance with stylish details of wood and stone. It is indeed a place where dining becomes a feast for all of your senses. It is recommended to make a reservation, so that you can secure a table on the fantastic rooftop and enjoy the stunning sunset view as a starter for a memorable evening. Once the sun has gone down and the moon and the gleaming stars have taken over, an extraordinary culinary experience will be waiting for you, presented by our executive chef Dimitris Katsanos and his talented team! Dimitris focuses on Mediterranean, mainly contemporary Greek cuisine, seafood but also a large selection of sushi. He turns traditional comfort-food classics into exceptional dishes. You need to taste his slow-cooked meats and inspired salads as well as the seafood, always prepared with a twist. All tastes and preferences are catered for. Just between us, the loin of lamb and the grouper fricassee have become absolute all-time favourites of our guests! An exceptionally curated wine list complements the culinary masterpieces of our chef. You can either let the evening end admiring the stunning views or you can dance the night away, as after 11pm we turn the music up and get the party started! •


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Traditional comfort-food classics that our gifted chefs have been roasting, baking, curing, and transforming into their own culinary delights.


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iFeel athens Andronis Athens

The best place in Athens to kick off with coffee and breakfast, to meet for a lunch break or after-work gathering, to enjoy a late dinner or even an ingenious cocktail! Text: Uta Wancke


andronis magazine

IFEEL ATHENS is a unique feel-good location in the upbeat neighbourhood of Psirri. The concept of this eatery is to simply make you feel like home and cater to every culinary mood with a warm welcome. The cuisine follows the philosophy of simple but delicious food creations with a twist, always taking the guests by surprise. Is a fantastic breakfast what you crave? Then you’ll have a hard time making up your mind when choosing from our extensive range of coffees, teas and chocolate beverages. You’ll surely want to accompany them with homemade breads, muffins or cupcakes – or even a flaky croissant with cream, nuts and caramelised pumpkin seeds. Oh, you are more the brunch type? You have chosen the right place! The large iFeel Athens brunch menu leaves nothing to be desired and will show you the direct way to cloud nine: Egg specialties of all kinds, various French toasts, pancakes, hearty sandwiches or mini burger variations, make-your-own fresh juices at the on-site juice bar, just to give you a sample. There are so many other delicacies to be discovered that you will make a note to yourself to come back soon to have a close look at the lunch menu, too. The meat eaters amongst you will enjoy the Black Angus burger with tomato, lettuce, gruyere, bacon and banana BBQ sauce but, no worries, there are some mouth-watering vegetarian and even vegan options as well. When you come in after work or meet with your friends later in the evening, you can try one of the innovative cocktails or order some of our Mediterranean tapas. Whatever you decide to do, the iFeel gives you the true taste of contemporary Athens! •

Delicious dishes, fresh salads perfect for a late dinner and fine desserts are what we have in store to please even the most demanding of palates.


CABANA NERA, OIA SANTORINI, TEL. 22860 72055 Cabana Nera

Dress: Stelios Koudounaris, Andronis Major.


the sun

Photographer: Tryfon N. Georgopoulos Creative Concept: Miltos Andronis Assistant Photographer: Erica Peterson Models: Ioanna Bella — Stratos Chatzidakis



Bikini and kaftan: Stefania Frangista, all from Andronis Concept Store, Imerovigli.

Dress: Andronis Collection, belt: Nidodileda, all from Andronis Lit 5.



Top: Handmade Panama hat by ZinaG, Andronis Major. Bottom: Skirt: Ioanna Kourbela, jewellery: Katerina Psoma, Andronis Major.

Ioanna: One piece swimsuit MICHAEL, Michael Kors, Cabana Nera. Stratos: SHIWI swimsuit, The Sunshine Brand, Cabana Nera. Sunglasses: Espectro opticians.



Kaftan and handbag: D’ Angelo, all from Andronis Sun’ n’ Sea.

Stratos: Total outfit: Dante, sunglasses: Uglybell, all by Speira. Ioanna: Total outfit: Karavan, visor: Blanc hats, shoulder bag: Ops Handcrafted, all by Speira.




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Exciting pieces by high-end labels and inspired fashion designers capture the summer spirit in the four Andronis Exclusive boutiques that await full of treasures.

Part of the Andronis Exclusive brand, a 5-star luxury collection of boutique hotels, the four Andronis boutiques in Santorini are absolute must-visits to get your shopping fix, discover new trends and find that new item that will make your summer. Adding its signature style to Santorini’s boutique scene, Andronis Exclusive created these shopping havens for men and women featuring high-end labels and renowned designers. We have curated these pieces to highlight your personality, help you capture the spirit of the summer and showcase stunning, smart and unique designs from all over the world to fit your style. Speaking to over one thousand shoppers per month in four different locations, the Andronis boutiques are never more than a few steps away from your luxurious suite or villa in Oia or Imerovigli. Each one of these fantastic stores represents a unique style. We’ll give you a preview below to whet your appetite.

Andronis Boutiques Santorini Style Must-Visits


ANDRONIS MAJOR has become the go-to destination for exquisite stylish collections from celebrated international and Greek designers of clothes, shoes and accessories. Visiting Andronis Major is like travelling to the world’s fashion capitals, where quality meets luxury and design. Having been specially selected one by one, these unique pieces perfectly match the taste and needs of our fashion-loving customers – both men and women. A fashion fairy-tale begins in the village of Oia, where the protagonist is you and the supporting characters include designers Athena Procopiou, Dodo Bar Or, Paul Smith, Europann, Chiara Boni, Ioanna Kourbela exclusive, Stelios Koudounaris, Callista Crafts, Linda Farrow, Pomellato, Alaia, Oliver People, Zina G Panama hats and Sartorial scarves.

ANDRONIS SUN N SEA, located right next to our boutique hotel on the main pedestrian street of Oia, is your go-to hub for handpicked, gorgeous beachwear and accessories for both genders. Colourful creations by established brands as Raffaela D’Angelo, Jerome Dreyfuss, Manebi, Peter Non, Yiorgos Eleftheriades and Valery lingerie promise to exhilarate, inspire and simply make you feel wonderful as you relax under the Aegean sun.

Our latest addition is THE CONCEPT STORE, located in our 5-star hotel Andronis Concept Wellness Resort and Spa in the village of Imerovigli. This boutique sells an exceptional selection of products inspired by Greek culture and lifestyle. Fashion, beauty and homeware selections abound, with items by local and international brands and designers as Stefania Frangista, Nidodileda, Cyclades, A to Z, Glimmed, Voluspa candles, Blanc hats, Miu Miu and Tiffany’s eyewear. Visit the Concept Store to find a wide range of options for gifts for your loved ones – or for yourself – and experience the joy of the discovery of your next favourite item. •

ANDRONIS LIT5 takes on a conceptual approach to fashion design. These fashion-forward, bold garments will appeal to fashionistas with an eye for form and structure. Strong names in fashion such as Hannes Roether, Barbara Gongini, Lost n Found by RIA Dunn, Campomaggi bags, Alain Mikli, Ahlem and L.G.R eyewear mean that this store is full of choices to help you put together witty, casual but sophisticated street-style looks. Find Andronis Lit5 on the main shopping pedestrian street of Oia.


Sphinx Wine Restaurant Oia, Santorini

George Psychas created Sphinx in 1983, a jazz bar in Oia. Two years later his passion for cooking guided him to spread the name into restaurants in Santorini and Athens. Good food needs a good wine, and during years, George’s collection of wines both local and international, kept growing, eventually leading him to the idea of combining both his passions and thus Sphinx Wine Restaurant was born. A unique traditional building in Oia, part of the heritage buildings list by the Greek Municipality of Culture, caught his eye as the Sphinx is located at the old “Captains’ Houses” area of Oia, and its terrace offers magnificent view to the spectacular Sunset of Oia. The Sphinx team is

serving daily dishes based on Mediterranean flavours, paying extra attention on the quality of ingredients, with vegetables, herbs are fava beans cultivated at George’s own bio farm. The olive oil used in the dishes is produced by the olives of his olive grove. The building’s old underground water tank, is transformed into a cellar, where more than 300 wine bottles are stored under adequate ageing conditions. To preserve the quality of the bottles opened, Coravin method is being used for wines served by glass. The sommelier will guide you on the perfect Wine Pairing. And what’s better than starting or finishing your dinner with cocktails created exclusively by Sphinx’s head bartender!

Oia, Santorini , T: 2286 071450,

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Meet our People

G en er al Manag er

Personal interaction is part of our boutique hospitality philosophy – in fact, it’s the best way to learn what visitors need and how we can improve.


c h ef

George Filippidis

Emmanuel Renaut

The Andronis Exclusive Orchestrator.

Three-starred Michelin chef of Lauda restaurant.

—When discussing the experience of staying at Andronis Exclusive, you seem to want to encourage visitors to get to know the island and as much of what it offers as possible. What makes you do so? Discovering your destination is an integral part of our hospitality philosophy and the best way for our visitors to acquire experiences to take back home with them. We see ourselves as an active part of Santorini’s social life and we want to share the island’s story. —How difficult is it to combine business with the summer in this charming setting? Not difficult at all. It’s the perfect place to work and dream at the same time. —Andronis Luxury Suites has been voted by guests as one of the best hotels in the world at the Reader’s Choice Awards of Condé Nast Traveller. Do you often take the opportunity to interact on a personal basis with guests? We are greatly honoured to be the recipients of such awards. They motivate us to continue to offer high quality service and keep finding ways to take guests’ experience further and add new ideas. Personal interaction is part of our boutique hospitality philosophy. In fact, it’s the best way to learn what visitors need and how we can improve. —Has there been an organic addition to the Group that has made you proud in recent years? Dining. Over the last few years, we have created culinary experiences of the highest level, we have hosted internationally acclaimed chefs in our restaurants, and every year we organise the Andronis Gastronomy Festival, whose reach is global. •

—Tell us about the 2018 Andronis Exclusive Culinary Experience. What should we look forward to? Diners at Lauda restaurant should expect flavours from all over the island paired with mesmerising views of the Caldera. Let’s say it’s “local ingredients with an Emmanuel touch”. I have used many local products that I have gotten to know and love on this blessed island in my dishes. There would be no point in putting together a menu for Santorini’s Lauda and using French products. For the menu of Lauda, I gathered herbs from the island and went down to the Monolithos market to meet the suppliers and see the fish. I was really impressed by the variety and quality of the fish – and by the fava beans and capers. I should certainly also mention the Assyrtiko wine, which I consider one of the best wine varieties anywhere. —Have you had the chance to meet any of the local suppliers in person? On my visit to Monolithos, while waiting for the boat to bring out the catch of the day, I talked to one of the oldest fishermen on this island. He explained how they fish at different spots depending what they want to catch and he also told me about the Mediterranean slipper lobster (Scyllarides latus), which I cooked for the first time – it was very tasty! —You first visited Santorini in 2017. What’s your favourite place to relax on this magic island? I like to get up very early and walk the hiking path while there are not that many people outside. I also forage ingredients during my hike, which also relaxes me and makes me happy. •

Diners at Lauda restaurant should expect flavours from all over the island paired with mesmerising views of the Caldera.


Meet our People

somm eli er

Sotiris Kandilis His wine list enhances our dining experience. that you can hold the world in your hands. Sometimes I wonder, is it the wine that makes everything feel special or is it the setting that elevates the wine? —Have you visited the famous Santorini vineyards? This land is infertile – burnt by the sun and quenched by evening moisture. These vines are almost two centuries old. They only have one chance a year to give us the fruit of our efforts. Yes, I’ve visited them, and everyone should. It’s the only way to understand that when you absentmindedly sip a wine in a restaurant and dismiss it, you’re also dismissing someone’s meticulous efforts. —What’s your favourite spot on Santorini to relax, get inspired and recharge? Some of the most beautiful and quiet spots on the island are Pyrgos’ castle, Vlychada Beach, Megalochori’s picturesque alleys and Faros’ wild beauty. •

—What’s the philosophy behind the impressive Andronis Exclusive wine lists? Our wine lists should be up to the standards of the leading restaurants in the world. They should also encourage discussion between customers and sommelier, which further enhances the dining experience. —What’s the first Greek wine you’d recommend to a customer? Visitors to Santorini want to try local products, taste the culture, get a feel for the place and become one with nature. A glass of Assyrtiko is the best way to taste this island’s aura and Greeks’ warmth and hospitality. —How does the landscape complement the enjoyment of a glass of wine at Andronis Exclusive restaurants? Our hotels are strategically placed, blending into the Cycladic surroundings and offering panoramic views of the Caldera. This setting makes you feel closer to nature – sometimes even improving you, gives you the feeling

Santorini wine owes its uniqueness to the soil, the subsoil, the climate and the people who are called to harness these elements to form the character and identity of the wine.


Meet our People

yog a i n struc to r

Elena Tsikardoni The gateway to the harmony of our singular self. —Does the setting of the Andronis Exclusive properties help initiate new people into yoga and reconnect them with themselves and with nature? The hotels have been created with this in mind. Consider, for instance, the location of Andronis Concept, in a remote part of the island, away from the noise. It allows you to concentrate and offers magnificent, inspiring views. —Yoga is holistic in its approach of body, mind and spirit. Are Andronis Exclusive guests interested in offering themselves such an experience? The food menu at the Concept promotes detox. Together with the owner, we have built the spa menu to ensure it includes a wide range of choices and covers everyone’s needs. Our aim is to enable all guests to reach a state of calmness and well-being. The spa also offers consultancy services, not only allowing you to reconnect but showing you how to continue this practice when you’ve left the island. Following feng shui principles, our cabins are curved while there is an organic vegetable patch, flowers and plants all around. —What’s the best place for yoga at Andronis Exclusive? There are two. One is a natural cave whose interior offers ideal conditions. It’s no accident that yoga was born in the caves of the Himalayas, and continues to be practiced in caves all over the world. The second spot is the deck, which looks almost suspended over the sea as you watch the sun set over the golden water, turning the horizon into a painting. Up there, the wind, the sky and the sea are our guides and our breaths, our hearts and the horizon can become one in the silence of the mind. •

Koukoumavlos Fine Dining Restaurant

The island’s energy is powerful and unique. There are no distractions on Santorini, so you can embrace yoga practices.


Koukoumavlos Fine Dining Restaurant was established in 1989 in Santorini, by Chef Nikos Pouliasis. He has won numerous accolades and awards, including Toque d’Or for many consecutive years. Nikos Pouliasis invites fine dining lovers on extraordinary gastronomic journeys and is famous for his artistry with food and his ability to reinvent himself every year! He is a fun of creativity, change, spontaneity, but also perfectionism and precision. His food is evolutionary and he always finds numerous ways to explore flavors and ingredients so as to create exciting, highly original, dishes. You may combine them with excellent wines from around the world, astonishing views to the Santorini volcano from the terraces, the Art Deco atmosphere of the dinning halls and the music mix composed each night by the chef. +30 22860 23807 Fira, Santorini


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Andronis Exclusive offers you the ultimate spa experience on Santorini.

A temple of wellbeing The unique location of all the Andronis Exclusive Hotels on Santorini along with the striking architecture of the Cyclades which ingeniously integrates the resorts into their amazing surrounding creates natural hubs of beauty and serenity. Text: Uta Wancke




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The interiors of the Andronis spas have been inspired by understated luxury and comfort.




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The spa team is dedicated to helping you achieve harmony in mind, body and spirit.

Personalised to your needs, our treatments include a range of relaxing body and facial therapies.

striking design concept that makes it reflect traditional Santorini cave houses. Modern, unpretentious and elegant, they carry the message that the focus of our attention is our guests and their needs. Whether it is for a few hours or the entire day, you can enjoy our wide-ranging spa facilities which include two spacious pools along with a traditional hamam area to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience. A visit to Kallos Spa is all about treating yourself and pampering your body and soul by following ancient paths of holistic therapy inspired by both Eastern and Western traditions. Visit us to be at the Santorini hotspot for luxurious massages, Swiss facial treatments by Valmont, as well as various, diverse body rituals. Our treatment list is extensive, featuring endless tempting types of massage including Couples Romance Massage and Bamboo Massage. All treatments are customised to your needs and include a range of relaxing body and facial sessions, purifying detox and hamam rituals, as well as revitalising private yoga classes offered in luxurious, soothing surroundings. The spa team is dedicated to helping you achieve harmony in

We all deserve to be pampered, to spend moments of relaxation and to experience well-being. “Sanitas per aquam”, where the word “spa” comes from, is Latin for “health through water”, and this is exactly how we define our mission at the Andronis Exclusive spas. Our purpose is not just to keep your body beautiful and your mind free from stress and worry, but also to create an appealing haven where you can escape from the daily grind. This is why we have created two dreamlike oases of rejuvenation: The Mare Sanus Spa and the Kallos Spa, both dedicated exclusively to your well-being. Their luxury treatments don’t just promise unforgettable memories but truly stunning results from the inside out. Our spas combine the three worlds of relaxation, health and beauty, embodying, the essence the modern spa, a space dedicated to youth, serenity and vitality. In the beautiful village of Imerovigli on Santorini, said to be one of the most renowned traditional wellness destinations in the world, the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort is home to Kallos Spa. This state-ofthe-art spa is the largest on the island and features a


materials. The design reflects the holistic philosophy of the spa and its proposal of a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Mare Sanus Spa is a haven of holistic therapies combining meditation and relaxation as well as resultsdriven beauty treatments exclusively using plant-based products, many of which are certified organic. In this calm, peaceful setting, you find your inner balance almost instantly. The infinite Mediterranean sky, the deep blue of the Aegean and the dramatic scenery of the Caldera cliff take your experience higher. The extraordinary setting is matched by the exceptional service by our experienced spa therapists who are on hand to tailor therapies and rituals to your individual wishes and needs, combining ancient therapeutic traditions and contemporary practices for your benefit. You will be spoilt for choice in taking your pick from our extensive spa menu. Its treasures include the Couples Romance Massage which you can share with your partner, and the exclusive Μerveille Arctique Body Ritual. The Mare Sanus Spa also offers private yoga lessons to bring body and soul in perfect equilibrium. •

mind, body and spirit. Happiness and mental wellness are promoted through indulgent, reviving treatments and even detox meals which are especially prepared in our restaurant following your requirements and preferences. To complement the beauty and detox treatments, on offer is a traditional Himalayan hatha yoga class for all ages and levels, designed to melt the stress away and bring your focus to the here and the now. Last but not least, our services are rounded off by a fully equipped fitness centre where you can work out in modern surroundings using the latest in equipment. Our second spa on Santorini, the Mare Sanus Spa, can be found at the Andronis Luxury Suites in the amazing Oia. As a temple of well-being, it also serves the guests of Andronis Boutique Hotel and Alta Mare by Andronis. You will already have noticed the special, zen-like energy that makes the island of Santorini so unique – the perfect destination for unwinding and reviving body and soul. We’ve let that very spirit guide us in creating this space and its programmes. The spa’s interior boasts sleek design in natural colours with stone and wood as the main


Ammoudi Fish Tavern The magic of the Greek islands is best experienced by the sea. Ammoudi Fish Tavern lets you relax and gaze at the crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean, the passing cruise ships, the fishing boats and the evening parade of old ships taking visitors to dreamy sunsets. It’s the best waterfront dining experience on Santorini. A feast for all your senses! Ammoudi Tavern offers three levels of unique architecture, stylish maritime dÊcor and views that will mesmerize you day or night. Our menu is a harmony of flavours, local produce and passionate cooking. We support sustainable fishing. Our fish is mostly from small boats and local fishermen who love and protect the southern Aegean. Caught at night, the fish arrive at the restaurant the next morning. You can find us at Ammoudi Bay, the first big restaurant after you park and walk down. If you decide to walk down the steps from Oia please turn RIGHT at the bottom and walk to Ammoudi Tavern, Email:, Tel: 2286 072298


As Santorini’s leading hospitality resort destination, Andronis Exclusive is here to keep us in action. From daily sailing cruises to wine tours, the sparkle Andronis Exclusive adds to holiday activities won’t lose its sheen. Experience unique leisure facilities designed to fit your personal interests.

A la Carte Experiences

Text: Sofia McConnell


One of the best ways to experience Santorini is from a catamaran, sailing around the unique and magnificent caldera.

andronis - santorini


Daily Sailing Catamaran and Yacht Services Daily Cruise – Providing an excellent opportunity to see Santorini’s stunning coastline up close, this restful half-day sailing tour is perfect for guests who want to snap photos of the incredible Caldera from sea level along with the island’s majestic landscape complete with its whitewashed villages that seem to be suspended high up in the sky above. The cruise also sails past the wind-hewn rocks of the island’s infamous White and Red Beaches. Guests have the opportunity to swim at Red Beach, Mesa Pigadia beach as well as relax in the hot springs. Towards the end of the cruise, a perfect BBQ lunch is prepared on board, complete with beer, excellent local wine and soft drinks – the perfect ending to a perfect half day cruise. Itinerary: ‣ Pick up from Oia and transfer to port ‣ Snorkelling equipment, towels and BBQ lunch (seafood, pork/chicken, pasta, assortment of salads, beer, wine and soft drinks) included ‣ Return to port at approximately 14:30, hotel transfer in mini-van Sunset Cruise – Santorini is famous the world round for its magnificent sunsets, and a cruise around Santorini’s Caldera on a catamaran is an experience to savour. This sunset cruise makes stops at Red Beach and the gorgeous bay of Mesa Pigadia for snorkelling and swimming before arriving at the island’s White Beach to visit the volcano and bathe in the hot springs. Next, a BBQ lunch complete with beer and excellent free-flowing local wines is in order, before the most special moment of the day: the celebrated Santorini Sunset that turns the skies into a riot of reds and pinks as the sun sets behind the sea. Itinerary: ‣ Pick up from Oia and transfer to port ‣ Snorkelling equipment, towels and BBQ lunch (seafood, pork/chicken, pasta, assortment of salads as well as beer, wine and soft drinks) included ‣ Return to port at 19:30, hotel transfer in mini-van

– Private charters are also available for those who want the ultimate luxury experience on a choice of catamaran, yacht or motor vessels. Explore the wonders of the island at your own pace with tailor-made cruises taking in famous destinations such as the Red Beach, White Beach, the hot springs, Thirassia Island, Indian Rock and Armeni Bay. Discover Santorini’s many secrets, from secluded magical bays to stunning locations all arranged at your leisure, including a BBQ lunch complete with beer and authentic local wines. Private Charter Cruise

The well-equipped catamaran stops at all the major sights including the rejuvenating hot springs.




Scuba Diving With its mystical mythology and cultural significance, Greece’s underwater world is as exhilarating as the country itself, especially in and around the Cyclades. Boasting crystal clear waters and abundant marine life, Cyclades diving spots provide year-round opportunities for excellent adventures. Santorini, with its unique geology and considerable volcanic activity, is not only one of the most exciting diving destinations in Greece but also offers experienced and amateur divers the opportunity to dive into the crystalline waters of the deep Caldera, a truly unique experience.



andronis - santorini

Wine Tours It was the Santorini Wine Tour Company that first introduced the concept of wine tourism to the ancient wine region of Santorini, sharing with visitors the age-old secrets of grape cultivation and winemaking on the island. A series of private and semi-private tours invites you to embark on a journey to the historic vineyards of Santorini, visit the most significant sites, and taste the essence of this volcanic island’s wines and traditional products. Your guides, highly experienced sommeliers, will share their knowledge of the soil, microclimate, cultivating techniques, grape varieties and traditional and modern vinification techniques.

Semi-private Signature Tours Santorini Wine Roads ‣ Pick up and return luxury transfer ‣ Visits to three family-run estate wineries for wine tastings ‣ Wine presentation by an experienced sommelier ‣ Tasting 15 award-winning wines ‣ Wine pairing with Cycladic cheeses ‣ Learning about the island’s unique viticulture and indigenous grape varieties ‣ Scenic Santorini tour ‣ Information booklet and wine certificate ‣ Liability insurance and designated driver Greek Food and Wine Tasting ‣ Pick up and return luxury transfer ‣ Visits to two family-run estate wineries for wine tastings ‣ Experienced local guide ‣ Learning about the island’s unique viticulture and indigenous grape varieties ‣ Tasting 10 award winning wines ‣ Three-course meal ‣ Liability insurance and designated driver Cooking and Tasting Experience ‣ Pick up and return luxury transfer ‣ Visits to family-run estate wineries for wine tastings ‣ Experienced local guide ‣ Learning about the island’s unique viticulture and indigenous grape varieties ‣ Enjoying lunch after a cooking lesson paired with excellent wines ‣ Information booklet and wine certificate ‣ Liability insurance and designated driver Santorini Hidden Treats ‣ Pick up and transfer with an expert guide ‣ Ouzo and Mastiha tasting at a family owned distillery ‣ Visit to the oldest lighthouse on the island for a panoramic view of the Caldera ‣ Visit the island’s renowned black beaches ‣ Local cheeses and olives tasting ‣ Visit to Profitis Ilias Monastery, perched on the highest peak of the Santorini ‣ Stroll around a deserted village for a trip back in time ‣ Visit to a family-owned farm to explore Santorini’s rural heritage and unique local products ‣ Liability insurance and designated driver

Private tours All of the tours outlined above can also be offered as private tours. We can also arrange full or half day private tours with the necessary transportation depending on the size of the group. Discover Santorini ‣ Pick up and return luxury transfer ‣ Experienced local guide ‣ Scenic tour around the island’s countryside ‣ Visit Akrotiri to discover the advanced ancient civilisation that built it ‣ Stroll through a traditional village to get acquainted with the local culture ‣ Walk through the marble streets of Oia ‣ Visit the island’s renowned black beaches ‣ Visit a family-owned wine estate for a wine tasting and a light meal ‣ Liability insurance and designated driver Honeymoon Delight ‣ Pick up and return luxury transfer ‣ Visit to two family-run estate wineries for wine tastings ‣ Wine presentation by an experienced sommelier ‣ Vertical tasting of vintage wines ‣ Scenic tour around the island, including the countryside ‣ Tasting of three Greek appellation wines at a wine-focused restaurant; wine pairing with a prix-fixe menu degustation, with sunset views ‣ Liability insurance and designated driver

Santorini Winetopia Tours Winetopia Tour This extensive semi-private tour gives guests the opportunity to taste the entire range of Santorini wines. At some wineries, wines will be tasted directly out of the barrels while in others guests will taste wines paired with local delicacies while learning about the art of Santorini viticulture. Wine and Mythology In this semi-private tour, guests visit a traditional winery for wine tasting before making a stop at Symposion, a venue of art, music and mythology, for lunch with old vintage Santorini wine pairings.




andronis - santorini

Experiencing Santorini with your Greek friend will allow you to visit its most renowned sites as well as those places that only locals know about.

Special Experiences Your Greek Friend

in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish as well as Greek, Your Greek Friend ensures that you discover the island’s best places and hot spots in flexible and carefully thought-out tours. This freedom from routines and schedules means you can do things at your own pace, experiencing the places you visit and their true essence while enjoying the spirit and warmth of the people and their culture. Currently available on Santorini

A la carte experiences

the safety and comforts of an organised tour with the freedom to listen to your heart. If you’d like to discover and experience the true character and spirit of off-track Santorini, those places that guidebook tourists usually miss, Your Greek Friend is for you.

This service combines

Tailored Experiences

The tour includes a visit to a traditional Santorini village followed by a stop at one of the island’s leading local wineries for a private wine tasting. After that, the archaeological site of Akrotiri follows with a private guide culminating in lunch at one of the island’s best restaurants. Santorini Muse Join us for an afternoon stroll in one of Santorini’s picturesque villages and see how the locals live followed by a visit to a traditional winery to sample Santorini’s famous wines. Tastes and Flavours with Locals Become acquainted with the rich offerings of Santorini’s land with a visit to three wineries as well as a meal sampling delicious flavours that combine traditional and contemporary culinary arts. Sunset to the Sound of Music This experience allows guests to experience Santorini’s magical, world-famous sunset away from the crowds with a private musical concert as they savour a picnic of local wine and delicacies. Santorini Pure


Greek cuisine and prepare a unique meal along with your loved ones under the guidance of Throubi’s executive chef. The cooking class is taking place in an exclusively designed area of Andronis Concept hotel.

Experience the secrets of




andronis - santorini

Santorini Photo Safari

Sunset Yoga

the eyes of an experienced photographer and create memories that are sure to last for a lifetime. This semi-private photo tour gives visitors the unique opportunity to capture the island’s most photogenic sights and moments. The Santorini Photo Safari also provides the ideal opportunity to get to know the island in a special way via driving or walking tours that provide an in-depth look into the unique beauty of this very special destination.

Are you a true yoga fan? Andronis Concept welcomes you on a journey of selfimprovement and relaxation. Join inspirational yoga instructor Elena for a life-changing yoga experience, in an indulging terrace overlooking the famous sunset and the volcanic cliff of Santorini. Unravel the beauty within yourself and get closer to your dreams. Later on, you can experience the very special sunset massage under the blue sky or starlight, overlooking the infinite Aegean Sea. Let your body be treated by the careful hands of the professional therapist while gazing at the endless sky and the silver moon… For an absolute inner state of well-being, in balance with Mother Nature.

Discover Santorini through

Helicopter Flights Take a memorable helicopter ride to some of Greece’s most famous and scenic islands or even go for a tour of the country’s historical capital, Athens. Helicopter tours are available throughout the year. Destinations include: Mykonos – The darling of the international jet set, Mykonos is famed for its windmills, “Little Venice” and astounding beaches. Crete – Visit Heraklion, Knossos and Elounda for a taste of what Greece’s largest island has to offer. Athens – See this sprawling metropolis from above. Take in the sight of the iconic Acropolis and Parthenon as well as the mythical temple of Zeus in Sounion, overlooking the stunning Aegean Sea. Folegandros –Visit this beautiful and dramatic island and its beautiful Chora. Its close proximity to Santorini makes it a perfect option. Rhodes – Discover the oldest inhabited fortified city in Europe, wonderful Lindos, as well as the incredible Valley of Butterflies.




Concierge Services Whether you are a solo traveller or visiting as a couple or family, our services make sure your stay is as effortless as it is exciting. The only thing you need to do is ask. ‣ Transportation from the port or airport ‣ Please specify if the journey is a special occasion ‣ Child seats during transportation ‣ Reservation of spa treatments ‣ Request dinner reservations in our restaurants (specific dietary requests are more than welcome) Room Amenities Fine quality linens, Hypo-allergenic mattress, Hot tub or private pool, Satellite TV, Minibar including organic products, Wireless internet connection, Safety deposit box, Hair dryer, Bathrobes, Slippers, Nespresso® machine, Kettle, Telephone & IDD access, Bose Wireless speakers, 24/7 Room Service ‣ Choice of bathrobes and slippers ‣ Suite fragrance selection ‣ Pillow selection ‣ 3 premium brands of toiletries to choose from ‣ Various suite decoration amenities ‣ Baby cot or extra bed ‣ Child toiletries ‣ Baby amenities such as steriliser, intercom system and even diapers available Special Room Amenities A dozen long-stem roses in a floral arrangement, chocolate covered strawberries, Laurent Perrier Rosé Champagne Romance Assorted fresh flowers, fresh fruits and Piper-Heidsieck Champagne, romantic turndown service with rose petals, candles and chocolate truffles Eternity Roses Celebrate your very special moments in Santorini with a gift of love that will last for several years. Presented in luxurious and handmade boxes, these long-lasting roses have a lifespan of at least three years. They are perfect for any occasion. Meetings - Events - Weddings The indoor restaurant area can be used for up to 25 people depending on the seating plan.



THE “kouloura” If Santorini were a shape, it would be a circle. And if there were a symbol that could represent the identity of this complex island, it would be none other than the famed “kouloura”. For thousands of years, Santorini wine growers have been using an ingenious, unique way to cultivate grapes on the vine, one that withstands the powerful Aegean winds. They prune their vines in a way that creates a nest for their grapes. This is the Santorini “kouloura”, a small embrace of vines that hides hope, innovation, inventiveness and uniqueness. All the values that this island carries.


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Andronis Magazine  

Premium in-room magazine for Andronis Exclusive.

Andronis Magazine  

Premium in-room magazine for Andronis Exclusive.