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Wednesday October 9, 2019

Volume 59 Issue 3

Students stand up for what they feel is right. ESTEVAN MACIAS Editor-In-Chief

On October 7th an anti-aboration group, the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, created an outcry at Rio Hondo College. As they set up in the Quad, students began to share their distaste with the graphic images and overall message the group was trying to send out. As they were sharing their stance

on pro-life, pamphlets were passed out with quotes from higher ups of the company advocating the same pro-life messages. The images displayed by the group inculded pictures of genocide, dead fetuses and dying children. These graphics were plastered onto large posters and put on display. This made lots of students begin to question the group, as Freshman Child

Development major Jocelyn Bonilla would go on to tweet “This is what is displayed at Rio Hondo College today. There are MEN going around trying to convince WOMEN they are wrong for their right to their own choice. THIS IS SICKENING and not ok.” Students began to gather around the display to discuss their views on the matter with the speakers.

Some clubs even weighed in on the discussion with the debate team showing up and being encouraged by the other students surrounding the area. Junior James Montez of the Debate team had this to say on the matter “Our debate team was arguing against the logical fallacies displayed in the banners seen on campus. Comparing aboration to genocides such as the holocaust and Rwandan,

they should be ahshamed. You can be pro life without shaming those who have undergone abortions, these are fear mongering tactics that are logically flawed.” The pro-life and pro-choice debate seems to still be an ongoing situation with just two days of a college campus event being the proof of it. TRIGGER WARNING for the next page will feature images explained in this article.



Center For Bio-Ethical Reform College Anti-Abortion Presentation

The presentation took place from Oct 7-8 in the upper quad free speech area. Speakers who would not disclose their names talked about cons of pro-choice.


Students were greeted to large posters of graphic images. Presented with the choice some groups stayed and discussed with these people while others chose to go on with their day.



Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Holds Rally in MacArthur Park ASHLEY SEVILLA Reporter

ASHLEY SEVILLA/EPM Droves of supporters attended Andrew Yang’s rally. Yang is a proponent ofthe Universal Basic Income with Freedom Dividend, which would pay U.S. citizens $1,000 a month.

Andrew Yang gave a rock star performance of a rally at the Levitt Pavilion in MacArthur Park Monday, September 30. Resembling a concert more than a rally at times, Yang has established himself as one of the more entertaining democratic nominees. With DJ’s, live entertainment, and an eccentric comedian that was impersonating him (as well as crowd surfing), Yang made sure to grab everyone’s attention . He touched on the issues of UBI, the effects of Automation, and proposed that peples’ digital data should be their own personal property. Yang is the only democratic nominee supporting the idea of Universal Basic Income with Freedom Dividend. He plans to give $1,000 a month to adult U.S. citizens, 18 years old and older, so that they could be able to do what they need to do to survive in a struggling economy. Supporters also see this as a starting point to solving the problems of jobs being lost through automation, digiti-

zation, and big corporations like Amazon. “The next wave of automation threatens the livelihoods of millions of truck drivers, retail clerks and call-center employees and will start affecting white-collar workers,” said Yang Yang proposed that data should be treated as a personal right. He added that data is more valuable than oil and that we need to know what our rights when it comes to the subject of it.

“This needs to stop,” Yang said. “Data generated by each individual needs to be owned by them, with certain rights conveyed that will allow them to know how it’s used and protect it.”

With his popular slogan, “Not left, not right, forward”, he is bound to make even bigger waves than he already has.

Knife Wielding Man Fatally Shot By Deputies

ILLUSTRATION BY ESTEVAN MACIAS/EPM Marco Antonio Vasquez was shot dead on October 6 in Whittier California. It was said he was seen holding a knife to a woman’s throat which led to him receiving a fatal wound from the police. SAMUEL GARCIA News Editor

Sunday, October 6, a Whittier man was fatally shot by deputies after they found him holding a knife to a woman’s throat. Prior to the fatal shooting, deputies responded to a call about a man, wielding a

machete, yelling and banging on neigbors’ windows. The caller claimed that the man wanted to be shot by police. A metal health team accompanied deputies to the scene. They encounterd the man, along with his family, in the 8200 block of Rexall Avenue. Authorities determined that no crime had been commit-

ted, so they left the man in the care of his family. A few hours after the initial incident, deputies responded to a second call from the same location. Deputies arrived and found the same man standing in the driveway of a home and holding a large knife to a woman’s throat. Deputies ordered the man to

drop the knife; he let go of the woman, believed to be a family member, and advanced toward them, knife still in hand. They opened fire, fatally injuring the man, who died at the scene. The man was identified as Marco Antonio Vasquez by his uncle, who was at the scene.

“I had never seen him act out like that. Peaceful guy. Family man,” said Frank Mozqueda, Vasquez’s uncle.

Neither the woman nor the deputies on scene were injured. An invetigation is ongoing.



King’s Prophet: Harmonious Complexity That’s Simply Meant to Be MEGAN DE LARA A&E Editor

Rock and roll can be simple in many cases – mix the drums, bass and guitar together, then throw in some vocals and you’re set. The formula is simple, effective, and doesn’t need much more added to the recipe. But even complex can be extraordinary, especially if the puzzle pieces fall effortlessly into place. So is the case for Orange County-based rock band, King’s Prophet. Formed in 2016, the band’s relatively new to the music scene, but their chemistry will fool you into thinking the opposite. The connection was formed before King’s Prophet was even an idea, but it no doubt plays a major role in their success. Members Collin Campbell (drums), Alejandro Torres (guitar/ synth), Anthony Shih (bass), and Josh Brazil (guitar/synth) were schoolmates before they were bandmates. And while their respective stories differ when it comes to music shaping their upbringing, music was the common factor that sparked the beginning of their careers as musicians. During their last year of high school, the group utilized tutorial periods as “jam sessions.” It was during this time the decision to turn the faux-rehearsals into a reality was made. Once they graduated, the four friends knew it was time to create something concrete. Investing their talents into a band was an obvious route, but there was one problem: “None of us could really sing,” says Campbell. For almost a year the quartet went without an official singer, honing their skills, yet still incomplete.

MEGAN DE LARA / EPM Members Calvin Anderson and Anthony Shih during a recent performance at the Continental Room in Fullerton, CA. The band played songs from their 2018 EP, “No Strings,” in addition to new tracks they’ve yet recorded. A Craiglist ad helped yield a handful of replies from would-be frontmen, but none fit seamlessly into the band’s mold. Not until a message from a vocalist named Calvin Harris was received. After a promising meet-up at Starbucks, and the final puzzle piece was found in Harris (vocals/guitar/synth) and the band was complete. “So we just started rehearsing a lot,” the band stated, “and [we] got our first gig at an ice cream shop.” The group’s hard work paid off and in 2018

Movies Coming to the Big Screen This October CYNTHIA OLVERA Reporter

October’s line-up is packed with sequels and remakes which is always exciting for moviegoers. This month there are movies for families, those who like action and mystery, and the hybrid of a horror-comedy in Zombieland. Adventure and Action are the main factors this October, perfect for those who are looking for a little excitement.

The Addams Family is ready to hit movie theaters everywhere on October 11, perfect for kids to watch and continue with a new generation. It is an animated comedy about how the Addams family moves to New Jersey and tries to adapt to the new life. The people in the town struggle to accept their bizarre and quirky way of life. Gemini Man, starring Will Smith, will also make its debut October 11. Smith plays a super-assassin that is being

they released their EP “No Strings.” The six track recording is a coherent blend of alternative rock and synth pop, injected with alluring melodies and affectionate lyrics. It’s a mix that takes listeners back to the early 2000s (think Angels & Airwaves and Reggie and the Full Effect) but is still a product of musical and technological advancements. It’s a complex treatment added to the basic equation of rock and roll, but it works. Each sound fits perfectly together, no instrument challenges the

other. “There [are] never enough sounds to use…” the band says, “We are always looking for new and exciting sounds to incorporate in our music. Some people might say having all the gear we have at once it overkill, but we always consciously layer everything with the purpose of serving the song.” It’s King’s Prophet’s ability to reinvent the past uniquely that makes this form of indie all their own. But even through reinventions, the band remains true

to themselves. “Something that we always strive for is making the kind of music we would want to hear,” the band said. “The most important this for us is being happy with the songs we create. If we are, that’s all that matters.” To keep track of future shows and events, follow King’s Prophet on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; and stream their music on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.

targeted by a man that can predict his every move. He later realizes that he has been cloned and the man is just a younger version of himself. This is a must see film, as it is much different than other films have been released this year. There have been many movies on assassins, but Gemini Man avoided the plot of trying to control an assassin with a mind of their own. Smith plays a hitman like no other, so they tried to make a clone that possess all his abilities, but without the pain and background of the original. Someone they are able to control.

each other, but new challenges arise. There is a Great War that forces them to choose different sides loyalties will be tested and it will determine whether or not they can be a family. This movie hits theaters on October 18.

a role for their survival. Years have passed and Little Rock, now a teen, runs away with a boy from Berkley. Little Rock, is just a normal teen considering she grew up during the Zombie apocalypse. Therefore Wichita and the gang go out and look for her. During their travels they encounter other survivors that resemble Tallahassee and Columbus which just adds to the humor of the movie. This comedy just keeps the humor going as new events arise and just doesn’t get dull.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil hits theaters, it is the second part of Maleficent released in 2014. In this film, Aurora and Maleficent have grown to like

Zombieland: Double Tap also, in theaters on October 18, is the sequel to 2009’s Zombieland After a 10 year hiatus, the original cast is back in this action-packed horror-comedy. Jesse Eisenberg (Columbus), Emma Stone (Wichita), and Woody Harrelson (Tallahassee) bring back a sense of familiarity. The cast does a great job feeding off the energy of each other to create an unapologetic comedy. The funny yet essential “rules” to survive Zombieland seem to still play


ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT “Stranger Things” 4th Season A-Go KATHERINA O’BRIEN Reporter

Stranger Things fans finally got the news they’ve been waiting for: The hit Netflix show is returning for a fourth season. A teaser was released with the infamous logo slowly being covered by vines in what many believe to be alternate dimension “The Upside Down.” With just a little activity occurring and nothing being said, it was still enough so send shivers down spines, and did tell us one thing, “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.”

In a 2017 interview, the Duffer Brothers stated they would possibly end the show after four seasons, but seeing the success and the excitement of the fans, perhaps viewers might not have to say goodbye. What could happen in the new season and what do the writers mean by “We’re not in Hawkins anymore”? This has many speculating what could occur in this upcoming season and how they’ll be able to incorporate “The Upside Down” in the series. No information was given about the release date of season 4.

Wizards of the Coast Partner-Up for Charity EVAN COOKMAN Reporter

Wizards of the Coast, famous owners of both Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, have partnered with Extra Life, a non profit organization that focuses on fundraising for local sick children through people playing games.Though the partnership began in 2013, this year, Wizards of



Extra Life is a fundraising event that works to collect charity funds through gaming. All of their proceeds go directly to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

the Coast has released a new playable race, the Locathah, to help promote the charity. The company holds livestream events on Twitch using multiple people from around the globe who have registered to help gather donations. People watching the livestream can donate directly to help reach their goal. With the latest launch of the new Dungeons and Dragons

storyline, Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, five of the D&D Twitch networks (The Broken Pact RPG, D4, Rivals of Waterdeep, Roll20 Presents, and Tales from the Mists) have made the charity into a competition. The group that receives the most donations by October 1st will have their characters appear in a future D&D product. So far, the charity has gathered a total of $129,831.

Review: Todd Phillips’ “Joker” Addresses Current World Issues, Outcasts

ASHLEY SEVILLA / EPM Though the film opened to mixed reviews, there’s still Oscar buzz surrounding its lead actor, Joaquin Phoenix. Both Phoenix and director Todd Phillips received an eight-minute standing ovation after the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival in August. ASHLEY SEVILLA Reporter

It seemed like it took so long for the movie to come, but it finally came. The much anticipated “Joker” finally debuted, and it was very much worth the wait! Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix make the power duo that created a brilliantly epic and beautifully disturbing masterpiece that will not disappoint fans. Along with it being an amaz-

ing movie, it also ties in with a lot of modern events currently happening and sends out a political message that some will sympathize with. Feeling like he will never belong in society, Arthur Fleck tries to find any sort of connection he can as he resides in Gotham City. Arthur wears two masks; one he paints during the day as a clown for his job, and the other a mask of protection as he tries to fit into a society that disowns him. As his

feelings of isolation continue to grow, so does his madness as he transforms into the criminal mastermind that we all know very well. Phoenix lost a substantial amount of weight to prepare for his role, adding to his phenomenal brilliance. I would say that his late friend Heath Ledger would be very proud. This movie takes a more authentic, darker, and intimate approach as we get to know the origins of Joker. Haunting, beautiful, and

bold, the acting and cinematography put on a beautiful dance together to bring an enticing performance that’s worthy of an Oscar. The score also tied in gracefully at peak moments that intensified an already intense movie, with Phillip paying homage to Charlie Chaplin’s Smile (along with a few other classics that tied into whatever Joker was feeling at key points). Even though he’s supposed to be the villain, sympathy was felt for him. At times you find

yourself cheering him on as he transforms from being an awkward loner to fully embracing his insanity, and finally finding the confidence he’s been missing his whole life. From the highs and lows, from his laughs to his cries, Phoenix takes you on an emotional roller coaster in the most authentic performance of his career.



Rio Hondo forward Federico Hurtado has been one of the leaders for Rio Hondo with five goals and three assists in nine games for The Roadrunners.






Rio Hondo men’s soccer team got back to winning ways as they beat San Bernardino Valley 4-1 on Friday. October. 4. The Roadrunners showed fight and skill after they were 1-0 down to the visitors in the first half. The game started intense for both teams, Rio Hondo looked decent in the opening 15 minutes of the game by creating chances in front of goal. But it would be San Bernardino Valley who would take the lead in the 18th minute. San Bernardino strik-


er Kevin Sutton scored an incredible header that wound calm things for the Wolverines after a rough start. Rio Hondo tied the game after defender Ricardo Gutierrez scored from inside the box. The Wolverines pressured Rio Hondo, looking to get their second goal, but The Roadrunners’ defense was firm in the last twenty minutes of the first half. The second half was a total domination for the Roadrunners. Just one minute into the second period, Rio forward Gabriel Igbokwe dribbled past four San Bernardino Valley players and scored a spectacular goal. The Wolverines began to outplay The Roadrunners for a portion of the game but were unlucky towards the goal. San Bernardino hit the crossbar twice and got a goal ruled out for offside. It would be Rio Hondo who would find another goal, this time from the penalty spot. Rio Hondo forward Hurtado stepped up to the spot and

notched his fifth goal of the season giving The Roadrunners a 3-1 lead. Even with a two goal lead, Rio Hondo con tinued to attack looking for another goal that would sentence the game, and The Roadrunners would find it through a spectacular goal. In the 75th minute, Rio Hondo midfielder Abraham Figueroa notched a superb scissor kick from inside the box. Rio Hondo head coach Orlando Brenes spoke out after the game. “They [San Bernardino Valley] had a little bit more possession, but we got the goals,” said Brenes, “However, anyway you wanted misconstrued and today they deserve the victory.” It was one of the best games from Rio Hondo in preseason, after The Roadrunners will have their first conference game at LA Harbor on October. 11.

Continuing To Impress JESUS MARQUEZ Reporter


Rio Hondo women’s soccer grabbed a comfortable 3-0 victory against the visiting Taft on Friday. October. 4. Two great goals from midfielder Janessa Gallardo and one more from forward Vivian Viramontes gave The Roadrunners their sixth win of preseason. In the first half. Rio Hondo played some of their best soccer in preseason. Rio Hondo took the lead just nine minutes into the first half thanks to Gallardo. With possession of the ball and great defensive work, Rio made it hard for Taft to find a clear chance in the attack. The home team doubled their lead after Gallardo saw Taft goalkeeper Vanessa Casas far off her goal and scored a superb goal from a far. This

was Gallardo’s fifth goal in seven appearances with the Roadrunners. Right before halftime, Taft found their first opportunity on goal, but Rio Hondo goalkeeper Anaguisal Ramos kept her goal unbeaten with an outstanding save. In the second half, Taft began to show signs of a reaction. The Cougars began to press the home team and almost found the back of the net through defender Estefani Vaga. Unfortunately for Taft, Ramos was having a great game and denied Taft once again with a diving save. After a difficult period in the second half, Rio Hondo managed to take back control of the game and found the third goal that gave The Lady Roadrunners tranquility. Defender Brianna Valdez set up a perfect pass to Viramontes who would then chip the ball over goalkeeper

Vanessa Casas. Unfortunately, Viramontes and Casas had to receive medical attention after making contact with each other during the play. After a few minutes of attention, both players were fine and continued with the game. After full time, Rio Hondo head coach Jennifer Tanaka-Hoshijo spoke out was delighted with the ladies performance. “I felt like the team every time we step in the build we are trying to get better we are trying to work on things that are going to help us be successful,” said Tanaka-Hoshijo. Rio Hondo are on a three game streak and hold a record of 6-1-2 so far in pre season. The Lady Roadrunners will have two games on the road, against East Los Angeles College on October 8 and Pasadena City College October 15, before receiving

LA Harbor on October 18 for their first conference match.

Rio Hondo forward Vivian Miramontes has been crucial to her team this season. She has a total of four goals and three assists this season.

Jesus Marquez/EPM

Women’s Water Polo:Painful Loss vs Cerritos CYNTHIA OLVERA Reporter

Water Polo team lost against the Cerritos Falcons 19-2 on Wednesday, October 2. It was Rio Hondo’s fifth loss in a row since their last win against Chaffey back in September. Rio Hondo is now 3-9 overall and 1-2 in their conference. Meanwhile, Cerritos is 3-0 in their conference and 8-3 overall. It was a tough game for Rio

Hondo. The Lady Roadrunners were shutout for nearly the first three quarters. Until a shot by attacker Jacinda Cifuentes, shoveled a shot behind her back to get by Cerritos goalkeeper April Nuno in the last second of the third quarter. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for Rio Hondo as the score was 1-16 at the end of the third quarter. Rio went on to score only one more time in the fourth quarter thanks to attacker

Kharena Garcia. Rio’s starting goalkeeper Emily Amezcua was pulled from the game due to an injury during the third quarter and was replaced by Sophomore Madison Garcia. The Lady Roadrunners’ best quarter by far was the fourth when Rio’s goalkeepers held the Falcons to only three points. The Falcons did a good job in keeping The Roadrunners on their toes when Rio couldn’t keep up

with their players. Cerritos capitalized on every given opportunity and mistake by Rio Hondo. The Falcons had a lot of open shots, leaving Rio Hondo’s goalies Amezuca and Garcia defenseless. Rio Hondo will receive Mt. Sac on October 9 for another conference matchup.

Upcoming Matches Wednesday 9 -vs Mt. San Antonio Wednesday 16 -@ Pasadena City College Friday 18 -@ Santa Monica Wednesday 23 -@ El Camino Wednesday 30 -@ East Los Angeles




s d r o c e R f o b u l C JESUS MANRIQUEZ Sports Editor

Carlos Vela became the player with the most goals in a single MLS regular season with 34 goals. The Mexican forward scored a hattrick in LAFC’s 3-1 win over Colorado on Sunday, October 6. The setting was perfect, sunny Sunday afternoon, at home in front of thousands of fans, one game away from making history. While it was Decision Day for many MLS teams fighting for a spot in the playoffs, all eyes were on Vela and the Los Angeles Football Club. Vela one goal away from breaking Josef Matinez’s goal scoring record, and LAFC one win away from breaking the MLS record for

most points in a single season. Maybe it was the setting, or maybe it was something in the air that day, but Vela was just inspired, and made history in the most fashionable way. 28 minutes into the first half, Vela would put LAFC ahead with a spectacular curler from outside the box. Just three minutes later, Vela doubled the lead and extended his record with a scissor kick inside the box. Colorado forward Kei Kamara scored right before halftime, putting pressure on Los Angeles. The second half was all about LAFC, the possession, the chances, the control of the game. Vela would grab his hat trick in the 51 minute sentencing the game and putting the end to a wonderful season. It was a historical season for LAFC and its players. The club broke almost every record in its second

season in the MLS: most points in a season (72), fewest games to clinch playoff spot (25), most goals in a season (85), highest goal difference (+48) and fastest MLS team to 100 points (53 games). LAFC will have a bye week and will receive the winner between Minnesota United and LA Galaxy at The Banc of California Stadium.

“He’s a terrific player... we are happy for him to achieve this record.”

- LAFC coach Bob Bradley on Carlos Vela breaking the MLS goal record.

Volleyball:Room For Improvement


The Lady Roadrunners fell to the visiting Warriors of El Camino College 3-0 on Friday, October 4. Coming off a nail-biting 3-2 victory over East Los Angeles College last Wednesday, Rio was walking taller than ever. Meanwhile, El Camino came in riding a four-game winning streak and sporting a perfect 3-0 record within the South Coast Conference. Rio kicked off the first set with a 6-2 lead, but a service error, plus a reception error, gave El Camino

the momentum they needed to tie the set at six. Another error by Rio Hondo gave the Warriors a 7-6 lead, which they would hold onto to win the set 25-16. Much like the first set, the second set started with the Lady Roadrunners taking a comfortable 6-2 lead; however, Rio lost the lead due to errors and clutch plays by the Warriors. Rio fought back from a 17-12 deficit and pried the lead away El Camino, going up 19-18. At 24-20, Rio needed just one more point to seal the deal, but the Warriors hung in there, and before we knew it, The Warriors had a 26-25 lead. A spike out of bounds by Rio Hondo sealed the set, El Camino winning 27-25. As if they were stuck in a loop, fated to experience the same chain of events over

and over again. The Lady Roadrunners once again took a comfortable lead only to see it slip away. After starting the third set with a 6-2 lead which they did in their previous sets Rio was able to stave off the Warriors for most of the set. Theirn6-2 lead became a 13-9 lead. Next thing you know, El Camino went up 18-17 and never looked back, winning the set 25-20 and sweeping the Lady Roadrunners 3-0 overall. The loss drops the Lady Roadrunners to 7-6 overall and 1-3 against SCC rivals. They will host another SCC matchup when they take on the Seahawks of Los Angeles Harbor College. The match will take place on Wednesday, October 9 and begin at 6 p.m.

Katherina O’Brien averages 0.14 assists per set, 0.14 service aces per set, 1.57 digs per set, and 1.71 kills perset, so far this season.




Nasa’s Juno Prepares To Jump EVELYN VARGAS Reporter

NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter victoriously executed a 10.5 hour propulsive maneuver long by mission standards. The objective of the burn, as it is commonly known, will keep the solar-powered spacecraft out of what could have been a mission ending shadow cast by Jupiter on the spacecraft during its next close flyby of the planet on November 3, 2019. The maneuver on Juno began on Sept. 30 at 7:46 p.m. EDT (4:46 p.m. PDT) and was finalized early on Oct. 1. With the use of space craft’s reaction-control thrusters, the propulsive maneuver was able to last five times longer than any past use of that system. This however changed Juno’s orbital velocity by 126 mph (203 kph) and it also consumed about 160 pounds (73 kilograms) of fuel. Juno would have spent 12 hours in transit across Jupiter’s shadow, if it weren't for this maneuver- this was

plenty of time to drain the spacecraft’s batteries. Juno would most likely give in to the cold and be unable to awaken upon exit, if it were to not have received the power and temperatures from the spacecraft. Juno’s principal investigator at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Scott Bolton said, “With the success of this burn, we are on track to jump the shadow on Nov. 3.” Navigating deep in Juno has been going on since 2011. It then entered an initial 53-day orbit around Jupiter on July 4, 2016. At first the mission was to reduce the size of its orbit a couple months later to decrease the time between science flybys of the gas giant to every 14 days. It was recommended to NASA to forgo the main engine burn because of concerns regarding the spacecraft’s fuel delivery system. With the 53-day orbit all the science is being provided, but it only takes longer to do so. The gas giants shadow were avoided by the longer stay of the spacecraft.


“With the use of space craft’s reaction-control thrusters, the propulsive maneuver was able to last five times longer than any past use of that system.”

New Nintendo Switch Lite A Hit Or Miss?

ILLUSTRATION BY ASHLEY SEVILLA/EPM “The Switch Lite feels more like an upgrade to the Nintendo 3DS rather than a different version of the Switch.” MEGAN DE LARA Reporter

It has been two years since Nintendo released their revolutionary console the Nintendo Switch. The portable gaming system was a huge success in the gaming world with more than 17 million units sold so far. Now, Nintendo has released a new version of the Console millions loved, the Nintendo Switch Lite. The Switch Lite is a slimmer, cheaper version of the original Switch.. The newmodel

is priced at $199.99 -$100 cheaper than its predecessor . The Switch Lite measures 3.6 inches high x 8.3 inches long and weighs approximately .61 lbs, compared to the 4 in high x 9.4 in long dimensions and .66 lbs weight of the original Switch. This makes it more portable and easier to carry around for those who want a system on-the-go. The gaming system also has a capacitive 5.5 inch LCD touch screen, .9 inches smaller than the original Nintendo Switch. The screen may be smaller, but there is not really a difference when it comes to the resolution. Both screens

have a 1280x 720 resolution, so the picture quality and performance stays the same. This new gaming system also has a slightly longer battery life, about 30-40 minutes more than the original version. However, there are some sacrifices that come with this cheaper model. Docked mode is the biggest feature the Switch Lite will not support. Docked mode allowed players to connect their Switch to their TV and play from there. Since the Switch Lite is specifically a handheld device, the console does not come with an HDMI

cable, a kickstand or a dock. Even if you tried plugging in the Switch Lite to the TV using your own HDMI cable, the console does not support this feature. In addition, the Switch Lite does not come with an IR motion camera or an HD Rumble, meaning the console will only support games that are handheld compatible. The only way to play games that do not support handheld mode, is to buy the wireless Joy Cons and their charging grip. These Joy Cons go for around $60-$70 a pair. Nintendo also did not add anything new to the console, like Bluetooth support

for wireless headphones. and it only comes with 32 GB of internal storage (though you can expand storage using a microSDHC or microSDXC card up to 2 TB). The Switch Lite feels more like an upgrade to the Nintendo 3DS rather than a different version of the Switch. If you just want a cheap, portable console you can play on-the-go, then the Switch Lite is just for you. But for $100 more, you get to experience all of the additional features the original Switch has to offer.



2019 Arctic Sea Ice Tied for Second Lowest On Record EVELYN VARGAS Reporter

The Arctic sea ice at the end of this year's summer was close in range with 2007 and 2016 for the second lowest ever since modern record keeping began in the late 1970’s. NASA’s satellite analysis and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado Boulder proves that the 2019 minimum extent, which was expected to reach on Sept. 18, measured 1.60 million square miles (4.15 million square kilometers). What is the Arctic sea ice cap you may ask? The Arctic sea ice cap is an expanse of frozen seawater floating on top of the Arctic Ocean and neighboring seas. Each year, it thickens and expands during the fall and winter, and it grows smaller and thinner in the spring & summer time. In past de-

cades, increasing temperatures have lead to decreases in the Arctic sea ice extent in all seasons, also with fast reductions in the minimum end-of-summer ice extent. Many things are affected by the sea ice, such as, local ecosystems, regional and global weather patterns, and the circulation of the oceans. By the looks of this years sea ice extent it shows that clearly there is no sign or hope that the sea ice cover is rebounding. Chaos hit when melt season began with a very low sea ice extent, along with a very rapid ice loss in July that slowed down drastically after mid-August. These changes were monitored and looked at closely with microwave instruments onboard United States Department of Defense’s meteorological satellites from space. In 2012, the lowes ice extent on record was experienced. An August cyclone smashed

the ice cover and accelerated its decline, and the 2019 melt season did not see any extreme weather events. It was a warm summer in the Arctic, and average temperatures were between 7 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit (4 to 5 degrees Celsius) above what is usually normal for the central Arctic. Such events like this year’s severe Arctic wildfire season or European heat wave conclude with not having much impact on the sea ice melt. “By the time Siberian Fires kicked into high gear in late July, the Sun was already getting low in the Arctic, so the effect of soot from the fires darkening the sea ice surface wasn’t that large,” Meier said. “As for the European heat wave, it definitely affected land ice loss in Greenland and also caused a spike in melt along Greenland’s east coast, but that’s an area where sea ice is being transported down the coast and melting fairly quickly anyway.”

ILLUSTRATION BY ASHLEY SEVILLA/EPM The future looks uncertain for penguins and other wildlife as the arctic sea caps continue to melt.

Robot Bartenders Take Over The Strip!

ILLUSTRATION BY ASHLEY SEVILLA/EPM As robert bartenders take over the strip, human bartenders wonder what the future is in store for them. EVELYN VARGAS Reporter

Machines making an appearance is something that is inevitable. Las Vegas is a city that knows this, MGM Resorts International plans to install some within this year. Las Vegas resorts will have an unknown number of

automated beverage systems programmed to successfully mix hundreds of different drinks, all with the touch of a button. This idea/job has depended for various years in the hands of living, breathing service workers. Incoming Technology has gotten closer to Southern Nevada casinos, the workers can not say whether

machines will force them to leave their jobs they’ve held for many years, in which often times it has been decades, to develop new skills far from the threat of automation. It has alarmed many offices of MGM and leaders have been hesitating on revealing how many of these systems are arriving- or in a more real

possibility how many workers might be displaced. MGM’s director of media relations, Brian Ahern said in a statement “We are focused on supporting employees and ensuring this transition is as smooth as possible.” Thus this is not the first time MGM has introduced automated technology. In August

2018, the gaming giant quietly installed automated beverage systems called “Back of House Automated Service Bars” at the MGM Springfield resort in Massachusetts. A hypothetical scenario would be having an advanced version of the soda fountains at a Burger King or Five Guysa metal box equipped with a touch screen and dispensing apparatus. Therefore, you select the drink on the screen and with a simple tap on the screen, this will command the machine to precisely measure and mix liquids dispensing into a cup or glass sitting below. Each automated service bar is programmed with hundreds of drink combinations. Surprisingly this technology, according to MGM, eliminates redundant human labor, permitting front of house employees to self-serve guests and reduce wait times. Rebecca Klausky has spent the last 15 years working as a Las Vegas cocktail server. However, Klausky hasn’t worried much about the machines taking over her job. She relies on the union to protect her paycheck from the coming of the machines. “It was bound to happen,” Klausky said of automated technology. Culinary Union spokeswoman Bethany Khan said that union workers will always have jobs. “Jobs are never going to be eliminated.” Khan said. “There are endless opportunities for retraining. We see technology as assistive and supportive.”



Let’s take it to the Polls, Not Social Media CYNTHIA OLVERA Reporter

The primary elections are coming up in 2020. With President Donald Trump running for re-election and Sen. Bernie Sanders running again after losing to Hilary Clinton for the Democratic Party in 2016. Former Vice-President Joe Biden is also running for the Democratic party along with newcomer Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The 2020 elections are the most important elections in recent memory as the elections aren’t only about who will run the country better. It’s about who will be able to unite the country again after being divided more than 4 years. Hate crimes have increased 13% in the largest cities in the United States, that is the highest it’s been in 10 years. The amount of refugees that have been granted asylum has decreased 77% and there was an increase of 433% of immigrant kids being held in detention centers between 2017 and 2018. President Donald Trump has disregarded the Constitution and simply used them as guidelines, but I use guidelines very loosely. After being sworn in to protect the Constitution. He has violated the constitution many times, he has violated the “separation of powers” three times in one week alone. The point

ILLUSTRATION BY KIANA ARVIZU/EPM With the rise of social media over the years candidates going for political positions have taken to places like twitter, instagram and other social medias to run their campaign. of the separation of power is that not one branch of government has all power. To say that he has violated essentially the part of the government that deviates us from being an authoritarian government just says a lot. The list goes on with his executive orders that is a story on all its own. As I scroll through Twitter everyone is a social warrior. Users mean well when they post about the current President and try to expose him, but let’s not forget how he was elected in the first place.

President Trump was all over the web when he was running in 2016 and many things have come to light, such as, Cambridge Analytica. They were a data collecting company that was employed by the Trump Campaign and knew how to target users online. This helped pump content to users to sway votes. What we need to do as users is keep Trump off the internet and give him as little publicity as possible. He has said it himself that he doesn’t even need to pay for all the

publicity he gets. In 2016, we have learned that all publicity is good publicity, which has been proven true with this curent administration. Our energy for the next upcoming election should not be wasted online, it is crucial that we put our energy towards doing our own real research and heading to the polls and excerise our right to vote. Unfortunately, I think President Trump has made a mockery out of politics. I

think the worst part is that it is adding to the division our country faces. On top of that, it is adding to the dangerous trend of people basing thier political opinions based off social media. We should be doing our own research regardless, especially knowing that this administration has not been the most accurate with their claims. I hope after this administration, that there are limits to the social media presence political officals could have.

Travis Scott Fans, Are You Good? KIANA ARVIZU Opinion Editor

Recently, documentaries on Netflix have become extremely popular. This year alone we have seen documentaries for the FYRE Festival, Beyonce’s Homecoming performance at Coachella, Survivng R. Kelly, and more. Most recently, rapper Travis Scott released his own documentary “Look Mom I Can Fly” in August of 2019. The documentary itself was interesting, to say the least. I myself, felt like I didnt learn anything about the rapper himself. The film was surrounded around his recent rise to fame which was the result after the release of his album Astroworld in 2018. A majority of the footage were snipets from concerts, Travis flexing his recent wealth, smoking weed, and few snipets of him with


Travis Scott’s newest documentary Look Mom I Can Fly gives a look into the famous rappers life ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner and their daughter, Stormi Webster. However, If I am being honest there was not much documentary-quality content or anything that made me feel like I truly learned anything about the artist or his struggle prior to stardom. The documentary lacked dialogue, I would have personally liked to see people close to him talk about the kind of person

he is, or talk about how hard he worked, something. However, the documentary caught my interest because I was concerned about his fandom. I personally have never seen Travis Scott live, and the documentary had footage from many of his concerts of him ‘raging’. Travis Scott is a high energy performer, in other words, he’s screaming, jumping,

yelling, and crowd surfing. As result, his concerts and fanbase are high energy too, young adults call themselves ‘ragers’ particpating in mosh pits, jumping of tall structures into the crowd, and more. Now I am by no mean trying to belittle the act of raging, I understand the preference. I understand that it’s not a whole fan base issue. However, what was con-

cerning was how young some of these fans looked. One fan in particular credited Travis Scott for saving his life. That really stuck with me by the time the documentary ended, and has me questioning “HOW?”. Like do we listen to the same Travis Scott? Did he release a healing album? It is scary to think how easy it is for teenagers to be easily influenced, especially by artist who do not necissarily promote anything postive. By all means have your preferance, but be careful who you idolize kids. This documentary felt like more another ploy for money, or another movie deal for more fame. However, I will give credit where it is due and I think that putting his daughter, Stormi Webster, credit as a producer was the best decision that resulted out of this documentary.

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RIO HONDO FORENSIC DEBATE TEAM The Rio Hondo debate team heads to San Diego to compete in its first of many competitions this year. ESTEVAN MACIAS Editor-In-Chief

The Speech and Debate Aztec Invitational was held at San Diego State University during October 5-6. The Rio Hondo debate

team went head on against 26 Universities and Colleges at the competition. Our team was able to advance 100% of our parli teams during the tournament. Congratulating 2 Quarter Finalists teams Erika Sigala & Diana Laure-

ano, Carolina Campilo & Ed Minasyan. With top tournament speaker being Erika Sigala. Also a special thanks to Patricia Hughes, Alex Cadena and Matt Grisat. Cheer our team on during the next event the

CSUN Invitational taking place October 11-13! If you feel like joining the Rio Hondo Debate team you can join SPCH 101 or check out the program on the school website.

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