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101 Reasons to Choose the Elmhurst Experience

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This is your time. Maybe you have a plan for your future, maybe just a hunch. But you know you can do more, be more, discover, create, give something back. Now you need to engage new ideas and acquire new skills in a place where you can test them with friends to support you and mentors to guide you. This book is a sustained, 101-point argument for why this is the place.


The Top 10

This is the place where minds are opened, characters are shaped and friendships are formed. This is the place that invites you each day to connect, imagine, question, marvel, share, confront, inquire and explore—in a word, to experience—to engage life and learning in a purposeful way, and thus to change and grow.



The Top 10


The Elmhurst Experience will enable you to change, grow, think, act and encounter the world in a whole new way. It will expand your horizons— intellectually, professionally, creatively, morally and spiritually. It will challenge you to develop your talents and make a diΩerence. It’s a special kind of college education, and we know it’s not for everybody. Is it for you? We’ll make our case. Then you decide. 7

The Top 10

101 Reasons to Choose


the Elmhurst Experience


The Top 10

The Top 10


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 1

We’re located at the intersection of the liberal arts and the real world. Elmhurst is known for the seamless way we blend liberal learning and professional preparation. The result? You get a broad view of culture, philosophy and history that prepares you for life in a global society. You learn to write, read and analyze data at a whole new level. At the same time, you’re helped to thoughtfully identify your talents, interests and goals— and challenged to achieve your full potential. It’s an unbeatable combination.­­


The Top 10

No. 2

We like our learning up close and personal. Our campus is a friendly, down-to-earth place where learning is personal, and no one is lost in the crowd. This is what makes the Elmhurst Experience so appealing: It’s not about passing through an enormous, impersonal institution. It’s about joining an engaged and encouraging community of learners.


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 3

Small is big here. Our average class has 18 students. Small classes promote discussion and inspire exploration. In seminars, studios and laboratories, you’ll start conversations that engage your mind and your heart. With talented fellow students, you’ll test theories, challenge beliefs and seek answers—face to face. You’ll be energized by approachable faculty who will engage you every day.

No. 4

You’ll know great teachers. Great teachers are challenging, passionate, inspiring, deeply knowledgeable and able to pass along a love of learning. Elmhurst has a lot of great teachers. Our faculty studied at some of the nation’s best colleges and universities. Most hold the highest degree in their academic fields, usually a Ph.D. Anyone who sees them interact with their students—in and out of the classroom—can sense their devotion to their roles as teachers, scholars and mentors.


The Top 10

No. 5

You’ll always be the faculty’s first priority. Our student-to-faculty ratio is 13 to 1. And every course at Elmhurst is taught by a faculty member. That may sound obvious, but at many schools, a lot of undergraduate courses are taught by teaching assistants—graduate students who teach a little on the side. You won’t find any here. All this means that you’ll enjoy the kind of intellectual and personal mentorships that are available to relatively few college students. You’ll acquire a first-rate education from top scholars whom you’ll grow to know personally and come to respect as guides, advisors and partners in learning.


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 6

You’ll get the complete college experience. Our robust academic environment is just the start of the Elmhurst Experience. Beyond the classroom, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to put your passions and talents into action. Whether traveling to Europe, performing a solo, researching a complex topic or going for the tiebreaker, you’ll learn a lot about yourself. And you’ll be part of a supportive community that respects you for yourself and expects you to excel.

No. 7

Some tolerate diΩerences. We celebrate them. Debate is part of the culture here. So is diversity. At Elmhurst, you’ll find bright, curious, committed students from many states and countries, and from every religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds. You’ll discover an even wider range of opinions, attitudes, philosophies and experiences. We embrace individual expression in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We see our diΩerences as sources of strength. It makes for a fascinating community.


The Top 10

No. 8

We know what we stand for. Elmhurst is a place of values and conviction. We were founded by 19thcentury reformers who believed in human potential, loved learning and had standards. More than 140 years later, we still do. We still attract students and teachers who think for themselves and act on their principles, who challenge and respect one another, who engage, serve and celebrate our diverse, dynamic, interdependent world. To be clear about things, we wrote down our ďŹ ve core values. Here they are:

Intellectual Excellence We value intellectual freedom, curiosity and engagement; critical and creative inquiry; rigorous debate; and intellectual integrity in all endeavors. We are committed to the meaningful integration of liberal learning and professional preparation and to learning as a lifelong pursuit.


Community We are committed to cultural diversity, mutual respect among all persons, compassion for others, honest and open communication, and fairness and integrity in all we do.

The Elmhurst Experience

Social Responsibility Mindful of humanity’s interdependence and the dignity of every individual, we are committed to social justice on local, national and global levels. We will act on our social responsibilities and call others to do the same.

Stewardship We are committed stewards of the human, fiscal and physical resources entrusted to us. We are accountable to one another for the quality of our community, the strength of our finances, and the utility and beauty of our campus as a place of intellectual engagement and personal growth. We pursue innovations that respect the environment and foster sustainability in the management of our resources.

Faith, Meaning and Values We value the development of the human spirit in its many forms and the exploration of life’s ultimate questions through dialogue and service. We value religious freedom and its expressions on campus. Grounded in our own commitments and traditions as well as those of the United Church of Christ, we cherish values that create lives of intellectual excellence, strong community, social responsibility and committed stewardship. 17

The Top 10

No. 9

You want results from your college. We do, too. We know that one of the reasons you’re going to college is to prepare for your first job—and for a whole lifetime of professional achievement. From your first day on campus, the Elmhurst Experience will prepare you to make informed choices that will lead you to a satisfying future. You’ll meet top professionals from a wide range of fields. You’ll study cutting-edge theory and examine how it actually works in practice. You’ll choose from among hundreds of internships with leading employers in the Chicago area and beyond. The result: a rigorously intellectual, intensely practical preparation for work a­ nd life.


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 10

We'll ask you, "What will you stand for?" The Elmhurst Experience starts with this question. We ask it for the first time at new student orientation. You’ll hear it expressed in diΩerent ways throughout your Elmhurst career. The question suggests a whole philosophy of education that informs the Elmhurst Experience. We take you seriously. And we take college seriously. Our goal is to educate the entire student for life in a global society. That means that we seek to graduate individuals who think and act for themselves, who understand and meet their obligations to others, and who continue their selfformation as intellectual and moral persons over the course of long and useful lives. So let’s get a head start: What will you stand for?


The Top 10

Ted Harris At Elmhurst, they don’t push you in any one direction. They let you make your own decisions. That’s helped me shape who I am and where I want to go.

Hannah Thompson Back in high school, I was ignored because of my appearance. I had no social life. I thought joining a sorority would help me make friends in college, so I rushed two of them. I did my best to prove myself, but I didn’t make it. It was heartbreaking. But I live without regrets—so I risked my heart again and rushed Phi Mu. I attended the interview, went to the parties, and in February of my freshman year, I became a Phi Mu. After all the pain of high school, I had accomplished what had once seemed impossible for me: I was a member of a sorority. The women of Phi Mu accept, support and love me, and every single one of them has a place in my heart. 20

My Elmhurst Experience

Demetrios Vrettos Elmhurst is providing me with a great education, both in and out of the classroom. Every time I walk into the wrestling room or onto the football field, I learn something new about leadership and teamwork. I feel prepared for life after college, for a career in teaching and coaching.

Courtney Constantino Soofia Ahmed The Niebuhr Center is inspiring. I’ve been doing volunteer work in India every summer since I was 16 years old, but the Niebuhr Center enabled me to expand on that—and even create my own volunteer program. I took a group of students to India, where we worked in the slums with orphans and street children. I think when students work with impoverished people in other parts of the world, we become more aware of the opportunities that we’ve been given.

In my freshman year, the soccer team spent the preseason in Brazil. I’d been here two days, I didn’t know anybody, and suddenly I was heading for Brazil. It was the coolest thing ever. We didn’t just play soccer, we explored the culture and society, too. We stayed in tiny towns in the mountains. We visited an orphanage and a nursing home. I’d never seen anything like it. The experience opened my eyes to diΩerent ways of life. I’ll never forget entering the orphanage—those kids were so happy to see us. I’ve grown up a lot since I came to Elmhurst. 21



The Elmhurst Experience

No. 11

Academically, we’re among the ‘Best in the Midwest.’ That’s the verdict of the college guides. For example, check out “America’s Best Colleges,” the annual survey by U.S. News & World Report. Elmhurst ranks among the top schools in its category. Or pick up The Princeton Review, which bases its rankings in part on frank interviews with actual students. It also ranks Elmhurst among the best in the Midwest. In their interviews, our students had good things to say to the Review about our internship program (“excellent”), location (“optimal”), and campus (“gorgeous”). But they reserved their most lavish praise for our faculty. “Your teachers know you by name and everyone gets a chance to talk in class and ask questions,” said one student. It’s all part, the Review noted, of Elmhurst’s “intimate academic experience.”­­



No. 12

“Our students are not cogs in a wheel. They and citizens of a world in which they have responsibility. Our students explore the wo know and transform themselves, to grow beings. We aim to teach students to use means toward full and productive engage


The Elmhurst Experience

are unique agents of their own futures, a stake and to which they bear a rld not simply to understand it, but also to as self-directed intellectual and moral knowledge not as an end in itself, but as a ment with the life around them.� President S. Alan Ray



No. 13

With your faculty advisor, you’ll start collaborating the day you hit campus. You’ll work side by side with your advisor even before classes begin. You’ll develop a personal academic plan. Your plan will identify the courses and experiences that reflect your interests and meet your objectives. You’ll refine your plan regularly in an ongoing conversation with your advisor. It’s a great way to ensure that you get the most from your Elmhurst Experience.


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 14

You’ll learn by doing—side by side with the experts. Faculty members may invite you to work alongside them on research projects, actively involving you in every step of their inquiries. This means that you’ll learn to work as a scientist in close collaboration with an accomplished scientist.

No. 15

You’ll get a unique chance to show your stuΩ. In the real world, you’ll need to stand up and present what you know qw to others. It’s an invaluable skill, and you’ll get a chance to practice it here. Each year, Elmhurst puts on a special kind of spring festival: the Undergraduate Research and Performance Showcase. It celebrates our students’ intellectual and creative accomplishments. Hundreds participate from across the academic disciplines. It’s a chance to share your know-how and demonstrate your talents before a live and demanding audience.



No. 16

Want to see the world? You’re in the right place. The Elmhurst Experience can take you pretty far from home. We oΩer international education experiences on seven continents. A term or a year spent abroad will make a world of diΩerence to you. You’ll expand your language skills, challenge your cultural assumptions, and (inevitably) grow as a person.


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 17

January is hot around here. In the heart of the academic year, January Term (or J-Term) takes some students halfway around the world, and other students into intriguing new corners of the course catalog. It’s a time to experiment. OΩ campus, you might stroll the boulevards of Paris, catch the natural wonders of Jamaica or India, take in the museums of Washington, D.C., or the bright lights on Nashville’s Music Row. On campus, you might star in a workshop performance of a Broadway musical or take a theology course called The Movies and God. This is your cold-weather chance to do something unique.



No. 18

You still want more? Try the Honors Program. Each year we invite our most intellectually ambitious students to accept the challenge of the Honors Program. Honors students often work with faculty on research projects, meet in small groups with visiting scholars, and attend opera, theatre and concert productions, often for the first time. “I’m taking multiple Honors classes, and it’s a great experience,” says student Juliet Feifar. “It’s challenging, and it’s helping me to grow.”


The Elmhurst Experience



No. 19

We oΩer 58 majors. Here’s the list: • Accounting • American Studies • Applied Geospatial Technologies • Art • Art Business • Art Education • Biology • Business Administration • Chemistry • Communication Studies • Computer Game & Entertainment Technology • Computer Science • Criminal Justice • Early Childhood Education • Economics • Elementary Education • English • Exercise Science • Finance

• • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • •

F  rench G  eography G  erman Graphic Design H  istory I nformation Systems I ntercultural Studies I nterdepartmental I nterdisciplinary Communication Studies I nternational Business J azz Studies L  ogistics & Supply Chain Management M  anagement M  arketing M  athematics M  ulti-Language M  usic M  usic Business M  usic Education M  usical Theatre

• M  usic Theory and Composition • Nursing • Organizational Communication • Philosophy • Physical Education • Physics • Political Science • Psychology • Religion and Service • Religious Studies • Secondary Education • Sociology • Spanish • Special Education • Speech-Language Pathology • Theatre • Theatre Arts Education • Theological Studies & Christian Ministry • Urban Studies 32

The Elmhurst Experience

No. 20

Moving toward professional school? We have a program for you. A preprofessional program is not a major. It’s a special way to move purposefully toward a long-term career goal, and it’s ideal for students planning to attend professional school after graduation. Searching for professional schools is a wellknown undergraduate headache. Our preprofessional programs ease the pain. Your faculty advisor will help you to design an optimal strategy to enable you to reach your goals.  Preprofessional Programs • • • • • • • •

 ctuarial Science A Chiropractic Dentistry Engineering Law Library Science Medicine Occupational Therapy

• • • • • • •

Optometry Pharmacy Physical Therapy Physician Assistant Podiatry Seminary Veterinary Medicine No. 21

Don’t know what your major will be? That’s not a problem. You’re in good company. About 20 percent of students enter college undecided about a major. Another 25 percent “already know” what their major will be, but will change their minds—sometimes more than once—over the next two years. That’s one of the reasons we won’t even ask you to declare a major until late in your sophomore year. So relax—and remember that no matter what major you choose at Elmhurst, you really can’t go wrong.




The Elmhurst Experience

No. 22

This is not just a library: This is your new headquarters for the Information Age. The A. C. Buehler Library is one of the best college libraries in the country. In 2010, the most prestigious professional association in the field gave Buehler its Excellence in Academic Libraries Award. The library’s centerpiece is a classroom, and that’s no accident. “We’re a teaching library,” says Director Susan Swords SteΩen. “We’re here to teach students not just how to find information, but also how to evaluate what they find.” You’ll learn, for example, how to test the reliability of data on the Internet, and how to organize and use information in everything from PowerPoint presentations to self-designed web sites. When class is not in session, the library is a cozy place to meet other students working on projects and papers. Even the library director is a little amazed by the way students take to the place. “We had just beautiful weather the other day and I couldn’t believe how many students were in the library,” she says. “I almost wanted to tell them to go outside and play!”



Mike Meaden The research opportunities are amazing. I’m working with Dr. Venkatesh Gopal in the Biological Information Transduction and Sensing Lab. It’s not so much about physics as it is about all the diΩerent sciences. I like that interdisciplinary approach, because when you break down the walls between fields, you open yourself up to all kinds of new insights.

Megan Kirby Bethany Holden My favorite courses so far have been Professor Gilbert’s psychology classes. She’s worked in all kinds of places, from corporations to prisons, and she shares her stories with us. When someone is so passionate about what they do—and they share it with you— it makes you want to know more.


I love working on The Leader. But the time I spent studying abroad has been the most fantastic experience. I’d never left the country. Then the College oΩered me a travel scholarship. During J-Term I spent three weeks exploring Europe, learning to navigate in foreign cities. We had to figure out how to get around and communicate. Now I understand better the challenges of communicating in a foreign language, and I see how important it is to stay open to new cultures.

My Elmhurst Experience

Glen Gomez An overwhelming majority of the faculty here have the top degree in their field. They also have years and years of field experience. I’m a nursing major. I’m here for the education first. And the fact that these professors can pay attention to me has helped me to grow as a person.

Alyse Dawid My teachers are my mentors. The classes here are small, so your teachers know you by name. I can get caught up in conversation with my teachers for a whole hour. They want to know what’s going on in your life. I’m an art major, and every single one of my teachers in the art department has been a mentor to me.


Professional Preparation


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 23

You’ll discover not just what you want to do but who you want to become. We have three centers that help you do just that. They’re a unique part of the Elmhurst Experience. Starting on your first day on campus, they’ll take a special role in helping you to combine your professional preparation and personal selfformation. They’ll ask tough questions and expect honest answers. “At all three centers, we’ll get to know you as an individual with unique gifts,” says Larry Carroll, executive director of the Center for Professional Excellence. “We’ll help you to identify and define your goals. And we’ll connect you with the people, resources and experiences you need to make your dreams a reality.”­­ No. 24

Programs of the Center for Professional Excellence • • • • •

Internships Mentorships Shadowing Career Exploration Personal Self-Assessment

• • • • •

 rofessional Self-Assessment P International Study Service-Learning Intercultural Education Ethical Decision Making



No. 25

“When the time comes for you Elmhurst Experience will give You’ll have not only knowled experiences and connections. a global, competitive, change40

The Elmhurst Experience

to land your first job, your e you a clear competitive edge. ge and skills but also .You’ll be ready to succeed in ngdriven marketplace.” Dr. Larry Carroll Executive Director, Center for Professional Excellence




The Elmhurst Experience

No. 26

So you want to be a doctor… …or a nurse, veterinarian, dentist, optometrist, pharmacist, physical therapist…or any one of the dozens of additional options in the healthcare field. The Patterson Center for the Health Professions is for you. It brings together students with complementary career interests for internships, research opportunities, international experiences and much more. You might meet an expert on medical ethics at the ­Sorbonne, or complete an internship at the Mayo Clinic, or collaborate on a smoking-prevention project here in Elmhurst. Our faculty and staΩ will guide you through the application process for graduate school or through your first big job hunt. You’ll start your career knowing from experience how to serve as an eΩective member of today’s health-care teams.



No. 27

You’ll get a chance to look at work—and life—from an entirely new angle. If you’re motivated by faith—whatever your religious background or spiritual beliefs—the Niebuhr Center is designed for you. It provides a wide range of academic and field experiences. Each experience enables you to explore the links between faith and work, between the values you’ve chosen to embrace and the career you’re preparing to pursue. Each experience invites you to ask the questions: What am I meant to do with my life? What is my calling? The Niebuhr Center is open to every student at Elmhurst. But we don’t pretend it’s for everybody. Is it for you? You decide.­ 44

The Elmhurst Experience

No. 28

You’ll help yourself by helping others. Understanding the value of service is a key principle of the Elmhurst Experience. Our service-learning programs combine rigor in the classroom with compassion in the community. They provide you with abundant opportunities to engage in eΩective service—locally, nationally and internationally. They help you realize, through practice and reflection, that successful living includes service to others. 45


No. 29

You’ll test your hunches against reality. Want to engage one-on-one with a seasoned professional in a field that looks interesting? Our professional mentors invite you to draw on the wisdom they’ve gained from experience in some of today’s most rewarding careers. You also can shadow a variety of professionals as they make decisions, engage colleagues and pursue their daily goals. Throughout your Elmhurst Experience, you’ll learn first-hand what a career that looks great from the outside is actually like on the inside. No. 30

Fact: Last year, 83 percent of our graduates had completed an internship or otherwise gained professional experience during the course of their Elmhurst Experience.


The Elmhurst Experience



No. 31

Here are 101 options for Elmhurst internships. (And there’s more where these came from.) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

 Abbott Laboratories ABC-TV Addison Trail High School Advocate Health Care Systems Alexian Brothers Hospital Allstate American Express Financial Advisors American Friends Service Committee Aquinas Literacy Center Argonne National Laboratory AT&T B96-FM Blistex Brookfield Zoo Catholic Charities Central DuPage Hospital Charter One Bank

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

 Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Board of Trade Chicago Bulls Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Chicago Mercantile Exchange Chicago Symphony Orchestra Chicago White Sox Christ United Methodist Church Christian Century Magazine City of Chicago Classic Cinemas CLTV Coldwell Banker Community Renewal Society Congregation Etz Chaim DuPage County Health Department­ 48

• Elmhurst  School District 205 • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America • Exodus World Service • Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago • Fermi National Laboratory • Fifth Third Bank • First Investors • First United Church of Oak Park • Greater Chicago Food Depository • Hinsdale Hospital • Hope Children’s Hospital • House of Blues • IBM • India Muslim Relief Committee • Interfaith House

• Interfaith Youth Core • International Visitors Center • John G. Shedd Aquarium • Kane County Juvenile Justice Center • Keebler Company • Kraft • Loyola University Medical Center • Make-a-Wish Foundation • Market Facts Inc. • Marriott • Mayo Clinic • McDonald’s Corporation • McMaster-Carr • Menlow Logistics • Merrill Lynch • Minolta • Morgan Stanley

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Motorola Nabisco Nalco Chemical Company National Safety Council NBC-TV Northwestern Mutual Financial Porsche Precision Financial Services Q 101-FM Ravinia Festival Ray Graham Association Ronald McDonald House Rush University Medical Center Salvation Army Seaside Music Theatre Sierra Club Smith Barney The Mix 101.9 FM Thornton Township High School

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

UBS Financial Services United Airlines Universal Records US 99 USG Corporation U.S. Congress U.S. Department of Commerce Wheaton Warrenville South High School Willowbrook High School World Relief DuPage World Trade Center Chicago WBBM-AM WGN/Channel 9 WLUP-FM WTTW/Channel 11 WXRT-FM York High School

The Elmhurst Experience

No. 32

An Elmhurst internship can lead directly to a great job. Here’s one example from among hundreds: Elmhurst alumnus Justin Roman has one of the highest-profile jobs in Chicago radio, as one-half of the evening duo of Stylz and Roman on B-96. “At first I was unsure about radio,” he recalls. “Then I worked as an intern at B-96. One day the program director called me up and said, ‘You know I always thought you’d be great on the radio. Let me get you in the studio and see how you sound.’ I made a demo with Dougie Stylz and the rest is history.”




The Elmhurst Experience

No. 33

The Elmhurst Experience will give you a powerful start on life. More than 95 percent of our graduates find jobs or enter a graduate or professional school within nine months of graduation. Our graduates achieve uncommon success in a vast variety of demanding careers—as doctors and teachers, artists and nurses, lawyers and leaders in corporations and organizations. They thrive because their Elmhurst Experience has prepared them to engage new ideas, respect diΩerent viewpoints, collaborate with others, and create original solutions to problems old and new. They work each day with creativity, competence and conviction. You can, too.



Romison Saint-Louis Last year I went to help rebuild New Orleans for Habitat for Humanity. It’s been years since Hurricane Katrina, and you still see destruction everywhere you go. I wasn’t much into community service before. Now I’m passionate about it.

Katie Rothlisberger I have an incredible internship with the Chicago Tribune, in advertising and marketing. I study demographics and do PowerPoint presentations for advertisers. They don’t baby me at all at the paper. They double check my work. But I get to take my work directly into the business world. 52

My Elmhurst Experience

Emily Hilliker You get a lot of experience in the real world. We have our own speech clinic on campus, so we work directly with clients before we graduate. I was a little nervous at first about working with my first client. Now I can see that she’s making gains and continuing to progress. I feel really fortunate to have had that type of experience here.

Alison Friedrich

Amina Quadri Elmhurst has helped me open up. I come from a religious background, and before coming to Elmhurst I didn’t have the chance to interact much with people from other religions. At Elmhurst I joined the Niebuhr Center and started going to interreligious programs, like dialogues and speakers and dinners. I’ve learned that there is more than one side to each story, and I’ve become more accepting of people with other views.

Before I came to Elmhurst, I thought nursing meant giving medication and not much else. Then I started doing clinicals. I shadowed a nurse on a unit and filled the doctors’ orders with the help of my instructor and the nurse. I even held a lady’s leg while she was giving birth. That was a very cool experience. It opened my mind to what nursing is really like.


Arts & Media


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 34

Gotta sing? Gotta dance? We hear you. You’ll find a lively creative scene at Elmhurst. It starts in the classroom, with excellent programs in music, art, theatre, English and communications. But even if you major in philosophy or French, you’ll enjoy plenty of opportunities to express your ideas and develop your talents in first-rate co-curricular activities in the arts and media.­­


Arts & Media

No. 35

Our jazz program is among the best in the country. The Jazz Band has taken its act to (among other places) England, France, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Canada, Indonesia, the Bahamas, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Its director, Doug Beach, is the winner of a Grammy Award. He’s also the brains behind our legendary Jazz Festival. For three nights in February, a remarkable roster of professional musicians assembles in our chapel to hear and oΩer advice to the nation’s top college jazz bands. The jazz greats cap each night with feature performances. It gives the whole campus a rare chance to hear stellar musicians up close. 56

The Elmhurst Experience

No. 36

Play the tuba? Sing the blues? We have an ensemble for you. Singers can join the Concert Choir, Choral Union, Women’s Chorus, Vocal Jazz Ensemble or Chamber Singers. Instrumentalists can join the Concert Band, Chamber Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble and a variety of smaller groups.


Arts & Media

No. 37

Your ďŹ rst painting could be a real eye-opener. At Elmhurst, art courses are not just for art majors. The Elmhurst Experience is about taking risks, and you’re encouraged to test your talents at drawing, painting, photography, design, printmaking, sculpture and the other visual arts in introductory studio courses.


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 38

You may never get another chance to stage a musical in a converted sawmill. Our Mill Theatre may be a long way from Broadway, but it’s a fun place to put on a show. “For some students, the experience of being in a play adds to a professional portfolio,” says Theatre Professor Alan Weiger. “For others, it’s an enjoyable extracurricular. Either way, you develop real friendships being part of a show. It’s like a family.”


Arts & Media

No. 39

Start spreading the news: our student paper is among the liveliest around. Each year, the staΩ of The Leader comes home from the convention of the Illinois College Press Association bearing multiple first-place awards. Alternately serious and sassy, the paper has a reputation for breaking news and facing controversy squarely. You might want to write for it; you won’t want to miss it.­


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 40 Our radio station, wrse-fm, has been on the air since 1947. Terri Hemmert of Chicago’s wxrt got her start on her outstanding broadcasting career at wrse. No. 41 MiddleWestern Voice is a student showcase of the literary and visual arts. Its fare is smart and varied: short stories, poems, theatrical vignettes, photography, paintings, drawings, woodcuts and so forth. The staΩ hosts an annual campus celebration of the arts. No. 42 The campus yearbook, The Elms, provides an impressive creative outlet for student writers, photographers and graphic designers. It’s been honored as the best yearbook in Illinois in a competition among colleges of our size.


Arts & Media

Miko Martinez I’ve gained confidence in my abilities. In my freshman year, I went to Jamaica with a group of students to teach music to schoolchildren. For the first week, we observed teachers in a local school. In the second week, we were the teachers. I worked with children who had a yearning for education that I’ve never seen anywhere else. And I learned that music really is a universal language.

Sean Proctor Elmhurst fosters the open discussion of ideas. I usually write about global issues in my column for The Leader. I’ve traveled throughout the world and have seen firsthand the eΩects of poverty, for example. I think it’s important to inform the student body here about what’s happening in the rest of the world. 62

My Elmhurst Experience

Grace Blades College is the time to discover who you are and what you believe. During my first year in Elmhurst theatre, I was able to act, assist the stage manager and build sets. I came to Elmhurst from a small town, not knowing a soul. It’s taught me to be more involved, outgoing and willing to put myself out there.

Ashley Dingle When you sing together, everyone becomes your family. Last year I got to travel to L.A. with the vocal jazz ensemble and to New York and Boston with the choir. I’m a diΩerent person now than I was when I got here. I believe every person you meet in life aΩects you, and I’ve met a lot of great people here who have helped build me as a person.




The Elmhurst Experience

No. 43

Winning in the classroom, winning on the field. The Bluejays are impressive as both students and athletes. Each term, a huge majority of varsity teams earn cumulative grade-point averages of 3.0 or higher. More than 125 student-athletes annually earn academic all-conference recognition for their academic achievements. Athletes from 12 sports have earned Academic All-America honors. In the last decade, Elmhurst teams have won confer­­­ence championships in four sports. The volleyball and men’s basketball teams have advanced deep into ncaa post-season play. Individual student athletes have won ncaa All-America honors in baseball, basketball, cross country, football, soccer, track and field, volleyball and wrestling.­­



No. 44­

“If you’re a varsity athlete, competing in a Experience. The discipline, leadership skills field will serve you equally well in the classr Experience as a whole will take you to a hig athlete and a person. Our athletes don’t on tuition or show oΩ their game on espn. their talents and realize their potential— 66

The Elmhurst Experience

sport is an integral part of the Elmhurst and drive to excel that you learn on the r oom and throughout life. Your Elmhurst g her level of performance—as a scholar, an compete to trade their skills for a free ride They compete as one way to develop and for the love of the game.� Athletic Director Paul Krohn 67


No. 45

You’ll compete in excellent facilities. Our athletic history began more than a century ago, when some students turned a cabbage patch into a baseball diamond. Today, the old cabbage patch is covered with the high-end artificial turf of Langhorst Field, home of the football and soccer teams. The track team competes on Langhorst’s 400-meter track, made of recycled rubber tires. North of Langhorst is R.A. Faganel Hall, our physical education center. For a dozen years, Michael Jordan used Faganel for his summer basketball camps. It also has courts for volleyball, handball and racquetball; wrestling and training rooms; and a dance studio. Next door, the Tyrrell Fitness Center features free weights and equipment for aerobic workouts. A new baseball diamond and softball field are a few blocks from campus.


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 46

Your academic stats go up on the board, too. At the entrance to the football o≈ce, Coach Tim Lester posts “The Blue and White Wall.” It lists all of the football players who earned a gpa of 3.0 or better for the past term. “We had 34 students up there last fall and 27 last spring. Our goal is 50. The wall is the first thing you see when you walk in the o≈ce. It makes a statement.”

No. 47

Your team will go places— literally. Elmhurst teams travel around the conference and around the world. In recent years, our varsity athletes have competed in Europe, in Australia, and in states from Virginia to California.



No. 48

We have high standards on and oΩ the field. Elmhurst is a charter member of a special kind of athletic conference: the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin (cciw). It’s a model league that competes athletically without compromising academic standards, going above and beyond the already high requirements of ncaa Division iii. What’s more, the cciw maintains a sportsmanship code for both players and fans.

No. 49

As a student athlete, you’ll enjoy the complete Elmhurst Experience. “At some schools, it’s easy to fall into a routine of just going to class, lifting weights and hanging out with your friends on the football team,” says Football Coach Tim Lester. “We encourage our players to get out and experience everything the campus has to oΩer.”


The Elmhurst Experience

­­No. 50

First and foremost, our coaches are teachers. “Our coaches understand that the Elmhurst Experience is all about educating the whole person: mind, heart and body,” says President S. Alan Ray. “They teach from this philosophy. As a result, like our classroom professors, our coaches really get to know their students. They become their mentors and role models, even as they challenge them to perform at everhigher levels. Our coaches can—and do— bring out the very best in every Elmhurst athlete. The results on the scoreboards and record books speak for themselves.”



No. 51-68

Meet the Bluejays Men’s Teams


Track and Field. Our teams are in the habit of producing national qualifiers and AllAmericans. Elmhurst runner Elvis McCarter won the national championship in the 800-meter race.

Baseball. The program has a rich history of success, both on the field and in the classroom, including multiple cciw titles and academic honors. Several Bluejays have advanced to play professional baseball.

Football. The team has enjoyed some of its most successful seasons in recent years. Elmhurst also had players earn both All-America and Academic All-America distinctions.

Soccer. In just six years of varsity competition, the men’s soccer team has quickly established itself as one of the league’s best by winning a cciw Championship and qualifying for the ncaa Tournament.

Basketball. The Bluejays contend for the conference championship most seasons, and recently were selected to play in the ncaa Division iii Tournament.

Golf. Elmhurst athletes make some long road trips, but no team logs more miles than these guys, who recently competed in Australia.

Tennis. The Bluejays regularly earn all-conference honors, with 10 players earning allcciw recognition in the last six seasons.

Cross Country. Since 2000, Bluejay runners have totaled 21 all-conference and eight allregion honors. Mark Heintz in 2004 became the first Bluejay to earn All-America recognition.

Lacrosse. Men’s lacrosse is the College’s newest varsity sport, beginning competition in the spring of 2013. The Bluejays compete in the 11-team Midwest Lacrosse Conference.

Wrestling. Under Coach Steve Marianetti, the Bluejays have won three conference championships, placed three times in the national top 10, had wrestlers earn 12 individual All-America honors and crowned a national champion.

The Elmhurst Experience

Golf. The team regularly wins a coveted prize: its cumulative grade point average ranks first among all Elmhurst teams.

Women’s Teams Basketball. Tethnie Werner has established the team as an annual cciw title contender. Elmhurst recently crowned its first-ever firstteam All-American and cciw Player of the Year.

Soccer. The Bluejays consistently battle for one of the top four spots in the cciw standings and a trip to the conference tournament.

Bowling. In just five seasons as a varsity sport, the team has earned national rankings, had a player record the school’s first-ever perfect game, and had a bowler earn National Rookie of the Year honors.

Softball. The team plays a 40game schedule that includes a trip to Florida. It regularly places multiple players on the all-cciw squad.

Track and Field. Elmhurst frequently sends athletes to the outdoor national championships. Several Bluejays have earned All-America honors over the past decade.

Cross Country. A Bluejay runner has won the cciw individual title in eight of the past 11 seasons.

Tennis. Another example of the student-athelete ideal at work: last fall, the team was one of 13 Elmhurst squads to earn a cumulative gpa of 3.0 or higher.

Volleyball. The team has won five cciw titles since 2000, bringing its impressive total to two national championships, one national runner-up, 12 league championships and 15 trips to the ncaa Tournament.



Tyler Lomnicki Elmhurst is a great place to play football. It’s tough trying to balance homework and practice, but our coaches stress academics to the point that you have to succeed. When you get a chance to play something you love along with getting that education—it’s priceless. You will not want to leave this place come senior year.

Maureen Roderick In Division iii, it’s academics first, softball second. Our coach really stresses the academics. You really have to learn to balance your time. I wasn’t the most organized person in high school, but playing softball here has taught me some organizational skills. 74

My Elmhurst Experience

Katlyn Bednarski We just went to Tennessee for a spring break trip. We had two first-place finishes. It was kind of impressive. What I’ve learned is: Don’t be afraid to go out there and try to do things.

Tony Chan I’m the type of person who likes to meet new people and get involved. I’m a hurdler on the track team, and I’m involved in seven diΩerent organizations. First I joined Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. That opened the door to the Union Board, Habitat for Humanity and the American Marketing Association. Each of these experiences has helped me to become more confident in myself. 75

Student Life


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 69­

This is a campus with a conscience. Last year, the campus’s social action activities were varied and impressive enough to catch the attention of The New York Times. “Nursing students work with the poor during clinical rotations,” the paper reported. “Education majors teach in schools with a high number of poor students. Students help needy youths in Jamaica learn how to play musical instruments. A Global Poverty Club tries to fight poverty elsewhere.” As you pursue the Elmhurst Experience, you’ll be at home on a beautiful campus—but you’ll be one with the world around you.­­


Student Life

No. 70

We’ve been green for 140 years. Elmhurst students have been environmentally conscious since the College got its start in 1871. On our original campus, students worked a farm to produce vegetables for the dinner table. The farm gave way to a more permanent natural setting, the Elmhurst Arboretum: home to more than 700 species and cultivars, including rare and exotic specimens. A prairie and woodlands restoration anchors the western edge of campus. An environmentally friendly parking lot sounds like a contradiction in terms, but we have one. The tiniest details of West Hall, our newest residence hall, were designed to protect the environment. The College will even give you a free bicycle if you agree to leave your car at home.


The Elmhurst Experience

79 79

Student Life

No. 71

Four walls, two beds, a carton of ramen noodles and a roommate. Ah, the comforts of home! Actually, it’s just the start. Our six residence halls come equipped with full kitchens, cozy gathering spots, Internet access, voice mail and free cable tv. Each hall sponsors regular events like movies and workshops, and annual events like Rockthe-U, Turkey Toss and the Spring Fling barbeque. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of an expert residence life staΩ—and of a community of individuals from varying backgrounds who will engage, support and challenge you every day.


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 72

On the other hand, commuting to Elmhurst has its advantages. First of all, you’ll have company: about one in four first-year students lives at home. It’s still easy to make friends. Most oΩ-campus students eat at least one meal a day in the cafeteria or the Bluejays’ Roost—and since everybody eats in one of those places, you’ll meet people. Campus organizations are open to every student, and the College oΩers a range of services and activities just for commuting students, from e-mail updates to bowling nights. 81

Student Life

No. 73

“Don’t worry about fit shy or uncertain about ‘The people are fun, ni says an Elmhurst stud 82

The Elmhurst Experience

t ting in, even if you’re where you belong. ce and friendly,’” ent.‘You’ll open up.’” The Princeton Review 83

Student Life

No. 74-92

Our campus is a college student’s natural habitat.


Irion Hall, home of the music department, features fine rehearsal and performance spaces and Buik Recital Hall, a cozy spot for concerts and recitals.

The Grounds are a lesson in themselves. The 48-acre campus is an o≈cial arboretum—an outdoor museum of trees—with more than 700 diΩerent plant species.

Daniels Hall is open to students 24 hours a day. It’s home to pc, Mac, mainframe, graphics, robotics, and cartography laboratories. It even has a weather station.

Hammerschmidt Chapel anchors the west end of the College Mall. It hosts frequent concerts, our annual Jazz Festival, and a terrific program of speakers and performers.

Circle Hall is a state-of-theart academic building. Among other things, it’s home to the Center for Professional Excellence.

Old Main, built in 1878, is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The inscriptions outside are in German. Inside you’ll find studios of the art department.

The Gretsch Music Recording Studio, a digital facility with 24 tracks, is one of the most sophisticated college studios in the Midwest.

The Speech-LanguageHearing Clinic is an excellent facility where student clinicians practice their skills and treat actual patients from the surrounding community.

The Schaible Science Center has specialized laboratories and equipment, and is the home of Illinois Hall, a technologically sophisticated lecture facility.

The Elmhurst Experience

Memorial Hall houses the highly respected Deicke Center for Nursing Education. Built in 1921, the classic building began life as the College library.

R.A. Faganel Hall, the physical education center, is home to the kinesiology department and includes a biomechanics testing laboratory.

The Mill Theatre presents a full season of productions each year, including a festival of plays directed by students.

The Tyrrell Fitness Center has more than 6,000 square feet of weight training and physical fitness equipment.

Goebel Hall houses the admission o≈ce, the bookstore and the academic advising o≈ce. It’s a one-stop shop with everything you need to make enrollment easy.

The Bates Observatory makes the heavens infinitely accessible to students. You can see not just the rings of Saturn but also the splits between the rings.

The Accelerator ArtSpace is unique: a student-run art gallery equipped with an enormous proton accelerator. It’s a cool-looking remnant of the 1950s, when the same space served as a physics lab.

Kranz Forum, on the eastern edge of campus, is a popular site for classes on sunny days. A bronze monument to the renowned theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, Class of 1910, presides.

The Frick Center is the college union. It includes the Founders Lounge; the Bluejays’ Roost, a snack bar and entertainment center; and the Brune Patio, an outdoor dining terrace.

Alumni Circle features a pretty landscape of flowers, benches and brick pavers around a fountain. It is a popular meeting spot for students and faculty.


Student Life

No. 93

We’ll help you stay tech-savvy. The campus has hundreds of state-of-theart computers; mainframe, graphics, robotic and cartography labs; a 24-track recording studio; and a weather station. For many nursing students, the first “patient” they encounter is SimMan, a high-tech approximation of a living, breathing human being. Students can check SimMan’s heart rate, monitor his breathing, determine his oxygen levels and check his pulse.


The Elmhurst Experience


Student Life

• Rugby • Softball • Ultimate Frisbee • Volleyball

No. 94

You can get involved in more than 100 ways. Academic & Professional • Accounting Club • American Chemical Society • American Marketing Association • Animal and Veterinary Interest Student Association • Art Club • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development • Geographical Society •H  onors Organization •H  uman Resource Association • Math Club • Model United Nations •M  usic Business Student Union •N  ational Student Speech, Language and Hearing Association •P  hi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (Music) •P  sychology Club •S  igma Alpha Iota (Music) 88

• Society of Physics Students • Student Nursing Association •World Languages Club Cultural Identity • Black Student Union • EQUAL (Elmhurst Queers and Allies) • GEAR (Gender and Equality Rights) • H.A.B.L.A.M.O.S. • International Club • Muslim Student Association Fraternities • Alpha Sigma Phi • Alpha Tau Omega • Lambda Chi Alpha

Intramurals & Club Sports • Badminton • Basketball • Dodgeball • Inline Hockey Team • Quidditch Society

Leadership & Service • Greek Leadership Council • Interfraternity Council • National Panhellenic Council • Orientation Student Leaders • Residence Hall Association • Resident Advisers • Student Ambassadors • Student Government Association • Union Board Media Organizations • Literary Magazine: MiddleWestern Voice • Newspaper: The Leader • Radio: wrse-fm • Yearbook: The Elms Music Groups • Concert Choir • Gospel Choir • Jazz Band • Late Night Blues • Percussion Ensemble • Philharmonic Orchestra • Praise Band • Symphonic Band • Varsity Band

The Elmhurst Experience

• Vocal Jazz Ensemble • Wind Ensemble • Women’s Chorus Performing Groups • Cheerleaders • EC Dance Company • Jay Lightz Dance Team • Poms Squad • Theatre Recognition Societies •L  eadership: Order of Omega Religious Organizations •C  ampus Crusade for Christ •S  ecular Students Association • Spiritual Life Council Residence Hall Governance •R  esidence Hall Association •C  ureton Hall High Council •D  inkmeyer Hall Congress •N  iebuhr Hall Council •S  chick Hall Council •S  tanger Hall Council • West Hall Council Social Action • Autism Speaks U • Alpha Phi Omega Service

• Amnesty International • Best Buddies • Community Outreach Program • ELSA Peer Mentor Committee • Global Poverty Club • Greenjays • Habitat for Humanity • Students Council for Exceptional Children Sororities • Alpha Phi • Phi Mu • Sigma Kappa • Sigma Lambda Gamma

• Golf • Lacrosse • Soccer • Tennis • Track and Field • Wrestling Varsity Athletics: Women • Basketball • Bowling • Cross Country • Golf • Soccer • Softball • Tennis • Track and Field • Volleyball

Special Interest • Cigar Aficionados • Classic Film Society • Commuter Advisory Board • Game Developers Club • Gamers Elite at Elmhurst College • Meditation Club • Philosophy Think Tank • Student Alumni Association • Student Athletic Advisory Committee • Tournament Games Varsity Athletics: Men • Baseball • Basketball • Cross Country • Football 89

Student Life

­No. 95

On this campus, your voice is heard and your opinion counts. The Student Government Association is not just for people who think Robert's Rules of Order should govern all of life. The sga oversees student organizations and makes policy recommendations to all levels of the administration. It’s an elected organization that provides students with a strong voice in shaping the whole Elmhurst Experience.


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 96

Art! Music! Culture! It’s all around you. The campus regularly hosts concerts, art exhibits and an array of outstanding guest speakers. The roster of campus speakers has included three Nobel Prize winners, multiple Pulitzer Prize winners, three current or former heads of state, world-renowned scholars, and the explorer who discovered the wreckage of the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.


Student Life

No. 97

Alphas and Gammas and Lambdas and Deltas are all here, making themselves useful. Elmhurst has six sororities and five fraternities. Service to the campus and community plays a large role in Greek life. Throughout the year, fraternity and sorority members volunteer for service projects and raise plenty of funds for good causes.


The Elmhurst Experience


Student Life

Jamba Juice. The place to go for healthy blended beverages, juices and goodfor-you snacks. No. 98

“Downtown Elmhurst has almost everything a student could need,” says the Princeton Review. Here’s a sampling.

Fitz’s Spare Keys. This stylish bowling alley has 16 lanes plus billiards, video games, and a bar and grill.

The York Theater. Opened in 1924, the York is a cool, Art Deco Elmhurst landmark. It has nine screens and bargain rates for students.


Fitz’s. The place oΩers something few college students can pass up: vast quantities of cheap food. Start with the all-you-caneat fish fry on Friday, and come back for dollar burgers all weekend long.

The Elmhurst Experience

Starbucks. Okay, it’s one of 16,680 Starbucks, and the prices just went up again. But college and coΩee seem to go hand in hand, and what’s a downtown without a Starbucks? Alternatives: Elijah's, Panera Bread. BuΩalo Wild Wings. With mega tvs nearly wall-towall, this bar and grill is the place to go when seven games are on and you don’t want to miss any of them.

Cold Stone Creamery. They say they oΩer the “ultimate cold indulgence”: smoothies, cakes, shakes and “custom creations” prepared on a frozen granite stone.

Two Brothers from Italy. The pizza is good, they’re open late, and they deliver to the residence halls. What more do you need to know? Alternatives: Pizza Palace, Armand’s.

Silverado Grill. The motif is Western, complete with steer heads; but when our Jazz Band makes one of its regular appearances, it transforms the place into something more swing than twang.

Just outside town: Oakbrook Center, about ten-minutes south of campus, has more than 160 shops and restaurants. Yorktown Center, about ten minutes west, is another hub for retail, dining and entertainment.


Student Life

No. 99

Chicago! A Metra train stops 55 times a day at the Elmhurst station, two blocks from campus. The ride takes about 30 minutes, and we encourage you to make the trip, early and often. Vibrant and cosmopolitan, Chicago oâ„Śers everything to amp your social life, from sports to dining to music to theatre to visual arts. You can shop or see the sights on Michigan Avenue, or take in a great play or blues performance, or catch a Cubs or Sox game. Or you can just hang out for a while in a city buzzing with life.


The Elmhurst Experience


Student Life


The Elmhurst Experience

No. 100

You’ll prepare for a life that counts. Elmhurst is a≈liated with the United Church of Christ. Like the Church, the College stands for social justice and religious liberty. We value free inquiry into life’s ultimate questions, and honor the integrity of the individual conscience. No one will preach to you here. You will get no easy answers. Rather, alongside people of many faiths, you will honestly engage the pressing issues that face the human spirit in a global society.


Student Life

Amy Du I’m from South Africa, and my heritage is Chinese. My ultimate goal is to go into the health-care field with a focus on international relations— maybe Doctors without Borders. In the meantime, I’m meeting people from all over the world through the College’s Model United Nations program. I’m also hoping to study abroad and do an internship in China.

Luis Lara In my first year I was elected recruitment chair for Lambda Chi Alpha, which put me in a leadership role where I had to develop a system for motivating people. In my junior year I was elected vice president. The leadership experience definitely helped me during job interviews. It also helped me to grow up. It turned me from a dude into a man.


My Elmhurst Experience

Alyssa Hewes Coming to Elmhurst opened my eyes to a lot of things that I didn’t know were out there. I come from a little farm town, and I had been out for only about six months—so I never imagined there would be an organization on campus focused on lgbt issues. Getting involved with Straights and Gays for Equality and meeting people who were like me—but who had grown more than I had—helped me become more aware of my values and who I want to be.

Andrew Cenci When I joined Campus Crusade for Christ, I found a real community that cares about me and about my walk with the Lord. It’s a community that’s helping me grow in my relationship with God and figure out where I’m going. It’s been awesome to meet new people and experience community in a new way. 101


But enough about us. Let’s talk about you. We’d like to end with an invitation: drop us an email. Give us a call. Better yet, come and see us. Talk to students, faculty, admission staΩ. Take a campus tour. Sit in on a class, have lunch in the cafeteria, and stay overnight in a residence hall. It’s the best possible way to know if the Elmhurst Experience is for you. To apply for freshman admission: First, complete the application for admission. It’s available online or by mail from the O≈ce of Admission. Next, submit your high school transcript and your test scores (act or sat). We recommend an essay, a campus interview and a recommendation from a high school teacher or counselor, but these are not required. To apply for transfer admission: First, do all of the above. Second, submit an o≈cial transcript from all colleges or universities you’ve attended. (You do not need to submit test scores if you’ve completed 12 or more semester hours of college-level work.) To apply for financial aid: Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (fafsa). It’s available online at You can receive an early estimate of financial aid by completing the Net Price Calculator online at


The Elmhurst Experience

Financial Aid and Scholarships We provide need-based financial aid and merit-based scholarships to most students. Here’s a sample of what’s available. Scholarships Freshman Scholarships • Presidential • Dean’s • Founders Transfer Scholarships • Excellence • Achievement • Recognition Fine Arts Scholarships • Art • Music • Theatre

Need-Based Grants • Elmhurst College Grants • Federal Pell Grants • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants • Illinois State Assistance Commission Monetary Award Program (map) Educational Loans • Federal Perkins Loans • Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (plus) • Federal StaΩord Loan

Additional Scholarships • Enrichment • Legacy • Phi Theta Kappa • United Church of Christ



How to find our campus. Elmhurst is located in suburban DuPage County, near the geographic center of metropolitan Chicago. It’s easy to reach, whether you’re coming from near or far. Several interstate highways converge at or near Elmhurst. A Metra commuter train originates in downtown Chicago and stops two blocks from the College. O’Hare Airport is 20 minutes north of campus; Midway Airport is 30 minutes south. To arrange a campus visit, please write, e-mail or call the O≈ce of Admission. We look forward to hearing from you!

From the North • Take Interstate 294 (Tri-State Tollway) south • Exit at 1-290 West, Ill. 64-North Avenue • Exit again immediately at Ill. 64-North Avenue • Go west 1.5 miles to Maple Avenue, turn left • Follow Maple Avenue one-half mile across railroad tracks to Alexander Boulevard • Turn right at Alexander, then right into the campus parking lot

From the South • Take Interstate 294 (Tri-State Tollway) north • Travel past the Cermak Road plaza • Exit at 1-290 West, Ill. 64-North Avenue • Go north on 1-290 to St. Charles Road • Travel west on St. Charles past York Road to Prospect • Turn right onto Prospect for two long blocks to Alexander Boulevard • Turn left, then right into the parking lot

From the East • Take Interstate 290 (Eisenhower Expressway) west • Follow signs for 1-290 West-Rockford • Exit at westbound St. Charles Road, just west of 1-294 • Travel west on St. Charles past York Road to Prospect • Turn right onto Prospect for two long blocks to Alexander Boulevard • Turn left, then right into the parking lot

From the West • Take Interstate 88 (East-West Tollway) east • Travel past the Oak Brook exit to Interstate 294 • Exit at York Road • Travel north on York to St. Charles Road, turn left • Travel west on St. Charles to Prospect Avenue • Turn right onto Prospect for two long blocks to Alexander Boulevard • Turn left, then right into the parking lot

58 53


O’Hare Int’l





North Ave.


Elmhurst 88 83

Kingery Hwy.



Eisenhower Expwy.

Downtown Chicago

Roosevelt Rd.

Tri-State Tollway



Lake Michigan





294 12

20 57


The Elmhurst Experience


m 










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 







 

  

Campus Map

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Alumni Circle Brune Patio Brune Tennis Courts Buehler Library Circle Hall Chaplain College Mall Communications & Public AΩairs Cureton Hall Daniels Hall Dinkmeyer Hall Elm Park Apartments

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Facilities Management Faganel Hall Football O≈ce Founders Gate Frick Center Goebel Hall Hammerschmidt Memorial Chapel Heat Plant Information Services Irion Hall Kieft Accelerator ArtSpace

24 Kranz Forum 25 Langhorst Stadium & Track 26 Lehmann Hall 27 Memorial Hall 28 Mill Theatre 29 Niebuhr Hall 30 Old Main 31 Prospect Apartments 32 Scene Shop 33 Schaible Science Center 34 Schick Hall

35 Special Projects & Conferences 36 Stanger Hall 37 Tyrrell Fitness Center 38 West Hall Parking Legend x Handicapped m Motorcycle p General v Visitor av Admission Visitor sc Speech Clinic 105


No. 101

Well, just look around...


Where you’ll find: Academics The Liberal Arts Faculty Elmhurst’s Core Values Academic Advising Faculty-Student Research Study Abroad Honors Program Majors Preprofessional Programs Buehler Library

Athletics 11 13, 14 16 26 27 28 30 32 33 35

Professional Preparation Center for Professional Excellence 39 Center for the Health Professions 43 Niebuhr Center 44 Service-Learning 45 Professional Mentors 46 Internships 48 Life After College 19, 51

Arts & Media Music Art Theatre Student Newspaper Campus Radio Station Arts & Literary Magazine

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Athletes & Scholars Athletic Facilities Coaches as Teachers Varsity Teams

65, 69 68 71 72

Student Life­­ Commitment to Diversity 15 Student Self-Formation 18 A Campus with a Conscience 77 Commitment to Sustainability 78 Living on Campus 80 Living oΩ Campus 81 Campus Facilities 84 Campus Technology 86 Student Activities 88 Student Government 90 Cultural Events 91 Fraternities & Sororities 93 Local Hangouts 94 Chicago 96 Spiritual Life 99

Admission How to Apply Scholarships & Financial Aid Directions to Campus Campus Map

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O≈ce of Admission 190 Prospect Avenue Elmhurst, Illinois 60126 (630) 617-3400 (800) 697-1871

101 Reasons to Choose the Elmhurst Experience

The Elmhurst Experience  
The Elmhurst Experience  

101 reasons to choose the Elmhurst Experience. This comprehensive publication gives you the big picture of life at Elmhurst College.