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JULY 13-19, 2018


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Springville Soccer Club ....see page 4

WNYMBA Encourages Community Among Mountain Bikers

AUGUST 1-5 GRAND OPENING The nation’s official museum of comedy


The Springville Soccer Club includes 60 players on four teams led by a handful of volunteer coaches. The club was started as a way to build interest and skill in this sport, and it’s pretty exciting that our hometown teams are faring so well in their debut season. Just in the last week alone, the teams have combined for four wins and a tie. We encourage you to check out one of their games, happening Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in Springville and Colden through the end of the month. Be sure to check out all the game results and schedule on page 4 this week and every week. Speaking of youth sports, SYI’s rec baseball is starting to wrap up with some championship games going on this week. Check out page 4 for the winners in the Rookie division and stay tuned next week for some of the other teams’ season successes. A huge shoutout to everyone who makes this possible, from sponsors and coaches to parents and kids. This week, we also caught up with SGI’s class of 2010 salutatorian, who is doing exciting things in a far off place. Check out his story on page 5. This time of year, there’s definitely no shortage of great events happening in and around Springville. Whether it’s outdoor theater, live music or mountain biking at Sprague Brook, there’s something for everyone and you can read all about it in this week’s issue! Have good news to share? Email us at info@ or stop by our office at 65 E. Main St. in Springville.


Photo by Ron Gru

Summer is the perfect time of year to get outdoors and challenge your body. Whether that means training for a marathon or navigating tough terrain, WNY is full of opportunities to push your body to the limits and to take in the natural beauty of your surroundings. One such activity that continues to grow in popularity is the high-adrenaline sport of mountain biking. The Western New York Mountain Biking Association, better known as WNYMBA, started in 1992 to give athletes more places to ride, and boasts a motto of “keeping mountain bikers off the street.” The group got together to stop trail closures, work toward improving access to existing trails and getting permission to construct new trails. “The WNYMBA) prides itself in working with riders of all genders, ages and abilities,” said WNYMBA president Jacob Bodway. For those just starting out in the sport, Bodway said, “My best advice is to be patient and to start on more beginner-friendly trails to work up cardiovascular endurance. Just going on one of the


‘Saturday Night Live’ Originators





Tickets: 716.484.2222 / Jamestown, NY OVER 50 EVENTS IN FIVE DAYS

See Mountain Biking page 5

Village Board Discusses SGI Re-elects Duwe as Public Art Projects Board President, with the SCA Votes on Elimination of Two

Positions and Staff Retirements

BY JENNIFER WEBER The Village of Springville Board met on Monday, July 9 and opened with an hour-long presentation and discussion with representatives from the Springville Center for the Arts (SCA) during the public comment period of the meeting. Tracy Maybray, Director of Operations, and Francesca Rosati, Visual Arts Intern, provided the board with a list of potential public art projects with the goal of integrating art into the community. Many of these projects will be coordinated with the Visual Arts Summer Kids Workshops which are open to students in grades 5 to 12. Possible locations

July 22 Food Trucks, Fire Trucks and Car Show at Fireman’s Park July 28 Springville Fiddle Fest Aug. 1 Shake on the Lake Presents Richard III at Heritage Park

See SGI Board page 6





East Concord’s Freewill Baptist Church

Looking back to the year 1853, in East Concord, the Free Baptist church had the gift of land from Jared Davis to build a church on. Before that, for 30 years, they had met in various school houses that were in the area. The new church rose, beam by beam, graced with eight stained glass windows and a high New England spire that could be seen for miles! It was a 25foot steeple donned with a golden dome topped by a brass ball. In the louvered tower stood a small bell, whose clapper occasionally disengaged, but by and large, this church was the finest thing around. As the years went by, the Church grew and prospered. A organ was added, new members were joining (although they dispensed with total immersion in the colder months due to the weather) and buggies and surreys could be seen lining the long horse shed, where inside, the horses stomped and whinnied waiting out the sermon. By the 1900s, the treasury balance was zero, and they owed money. The preacher had not been paid, there was a bill for the church steps, which was overdue, so what to do? The Ladies Aid president, Mrs. Ward Morse, started a venture for the group. They would serve a

Emerling 195 West Main Street, Springville, NY (716)592-2881

The Springville-Griffith Institute Board of Education met on Tuesday, July 10 for their annual Reorganizational Meeting. Kathy Tucker was voted in as the temporary District /Board Clerk and administered the oath of office to Board Members Daniel Miess and Tyler Sullivan. Allison Duwe was elected President and Jennifer Sullivan was elected Vice-President. The Regular Business Meeting of the Board followed with a Public

See Village Board page 6

July 14 SCENe Garden Club Annual Garden Walk July 20 SGI All Class Reunion






dinner at noon every Wednesday in different houses, and charge 15 cents to any who cared to come. This bi-monthly scheme was a howling success— oysters or venison in the winter months, chicken in the summer. Soon they were selling aprons and quilting became an occupation. And then on Aug. 5, 1910 they started the Ice Cream Social and See A Look Back page 8

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Springville Times

July 13-19, 2018

Letter from the Editor Over the years, I have met so many amazing people in Springville, and many of the friendships I have today I actually owe to my kids. I hope that my girls always remember all the family friends we’ve spent time with over the years—families where my husband and I are great friends with the parents and my kids are great friends with their kids. I think that because of this, it keeps my own family close and we encourage familyfriend get togethers. In the past month, I found out that my best friend, who lives in the northtowns, and her family (whose daughters are my own daughters’ best friends) are moving across the country to northern California. Another Springville family we spent many late nights with over the years recently moved out of state as well.

Obviously, it’s sad when this happens, but the bright side is that they are off on new adventures and also, we have some cool places to visit! One happy thing that happened this week is my dear friend, who moved away from Springville about six years ago, came back for a visit. I hadn’t seen her in four years. She had her four beautiful daughters in tow, one of whom wasn’t born yet the last time they were in town, and the others who of course my own girls are still friends with. The best kinds of friends are those who you can not see for a long time and you pick up right where you left off. Whether you live in Springville, are from here and have moved away, or are just stopping by for a visit, you are all part of what makes this community so special! Thank you! - Alicia Dziak, Managing Editor, Springville Times

Summer Bucket List: Outdoor Theater Performances BY ALICIA DZIAK Outdoor activities rule the summer in WNY, and it’s a great time to experience a variety of entertainment. Why not make plans to check out an outdoor theater performance in the next couple months? On Wednesday, Aug. 1, Shake on the Lake presents Richard III right here in Springville. Shake on the Lake (SOTL) is a non-profit, professional theatre company that specializes in staging outdoor, summer, Shakespeare productions. Richard III is about a person thought of as “a deformed, evil, toad” doing whatever he can to take power and prove to people he IS capable, then through his treacherous, violent, machinations betrays friends, loved ones, becomes King, only for it to all go horribly wrong in the end. Richard is a tragic Shakespearean clown, who uses humor, charm, and violence to achieve his goal of becoming the most powerful person in the world—the King of England. Shakespeare’s plays speak across time, with themes that relate to audiences in 1618, to now in 2018. This free event will be at Heritage Park, Franklin Street, Springville. Rain Location: Mongerson Theater, 37 N. Buffalo St., Springville, NY 14141 In case you’re busy that night, catch the same performance on Friday, Aug. 10 co-sponsored by the Cattaraugus County Arts Council in the gazebo

lawn at 9 West Washington Street in Ellicottville at 8 p.m. Shakespeare in Delaware Park, located at Shakespeare Hill, 199 Lincoln Parkway, Buffalo is one of the biggest free outdoor Shakespeare festivals in the country and has been a beloved addition to the Western New York summer theater landscape for the last 42 years. The first play, King Lear, runs through July 15. Lear, King of England, decides to give up the throne and divide his kingdom between his three daughters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. Before he divides the country, he asks each of his daughters to tell him how much she loves him. The two older daughters flatter Lear, but when Cordelia refuses to make a public declaration of love for her father, she is disinherited. She marries the King of France, who accepts her without a dowry. The other two daughters, Goneril and Regan, and their husbands, the Dukes of Albany and Cornwall, inherit the kingdom. The Earl of Gloucester, deceived by his illegitimate son Edmund, disinherits his legitimate son, Edgar. Edgar is forced to go into disguise as a mad beggar to save his life. Lear, now without power, quarrels with his daughters, Goneril and Regan, when they refuse to accept Lear with his retainers. He leaves in a rage to live in a wasteland as it storms. He is accompanied only by his Fool and by his former advisor, the banished Earl of Kent, who is now disguised as a servant. Lear, Kent, and the Fool

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encounter Edgar, , who is still in disguise as a mad beggar. Gloucester tries to help Lear, but is betrayed by his illegitimate son Edmund and captured by Lear’s daughter Regan and her husband. They put out Gloucester’s eyes and make Edmund the Earl in his father’s place. Lear is taken secretly to the port town of Dover, where Cordelia has landed with a French army to rescue her father. There, Lear and Cordelia are reconciled but in the ensuing battle are captured by the sisters’ combined forces. Goneril and Regan are both in love with Edmund, who commanded their forces in the battle. Discovering this, Goneril’s husband, Albany, forces Edmund to defend himself against the charge of treachery. Edgar arrives, disguised as an anonymous knight. He challenges Edmund to a trial by combat, and fatally wounds his brother. News comes that Goneril has poisoned her sister Regan and then committed suicide. Before dying, Edmund reveals that he has ordered the deaths of Lear and Cordelia. Soldiers are sent to rescue them, but arrive too late: Cordelia has been killed. Lear enters carrying her body, and then dies. Albany agrees to give the throne to Edgar. The second performance at Delaware Park this summer is Much Ado About Nothing, running July 26 through Aug. 19. Don Pedro, Prince of Arragon, pays a visit to Leonato, the governor of Messina. Accompanying Don Pedro are two of his officers, Benedick and Claudio, as well as his illegitimate brother, Don John. While in Messina, Claudio falls for Leonato’s daughter, Hero. The young

lovers are soon betrothed. Meanwhile, Benedick verbally spars with Beatrice, the governor’s clever niece. Each declaring, a little too emphatically, that they cannot stand the other. To pass the week before the wedding, Don Pedro, Leonato and Claudio conspire to sport with Benedick and Beatrice in an effort to make them admit their love for one another. Both Benedick and Beatrice will be tricked into believing that the other has professed a great love for them. The wedding of Claudio and Hero approaches, but Don John, with the aid of his companions, Borachio and Conrade, plot against it, bringing Hero’s virtue into question. Claudio falls for the ruse and denounces Hero at the altar. Friar Francis convinces the family to announce that Hero has died of grief from the proceeding. Hero is hidden away while the family tries to uncover the truth. Beatrice alone maintains Hero’s innocence, and after professing her love to Benedick, implores him to confront Claudio and defend Hero’s honor. Borachio drunkenly boasts of his part in the plot to defame Hero, and is arrested by the night watchmen. He and Conrade are turned over to Dogberry and Verges, the bumbling heads of the local constabulary. After a hearing before the Sexton, the villains are found out, and Hero is exonerated. But, Don John has managed to escape from Messina. Leonato tells Claudio, that he will allow Claudio to marry one of his nieces in Hero’s place—a niece that turns out to be none other than Hero herself. Claudio and Hero are reunited, Benedick and Beatrice wed alongside them, and they

receive the news that the bastard Don John has been apprehended. Free performances take place Tuesdays through Sundays at 7:30 p.m. You will definitely want to get there early, not just for a great spot on the hill (chairs are welcome, but near the top only; blankets allowed near the stage) but also to ensure a good parking spot nearby. If you like mysteries and perhaps a little cocktail to aid in your problem-solving skills, check out Murder Mystery Performances Aboard the Double Decker Bus Every Friday and Saturday evening this summer. Hop aboard the double decker of death this summer. Enjoy a killer time on our bus while you figure out “who done it” as you visit three local taverns. All murder mystery tours are 21+. Friday Night: Killing at Buffalo Creek. New for 2018: SaddleUp for a Western themed murder mystery. A stranger

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has shaken up the wild west town of Buffalo Creek. Why not wear your best cowboy duds and find out who shot the stranger. Was it the lady sheriff, the mayor, the town drunk or the cat house madame? You are deputized for an interactive evening of fun. Performances every Friday this season, $30 per person. Saturday Night: Death at Doug’s Dive. The year is 1866 and you are visiting the most lowdown gin joint in Buffalo’s waterfront red light district. It’s your job to find out who killed dive-bar owner Doug by interviewing characters based upon real life people who survived in the city’s most notorious slum. This production is back by popular demand from last year. Performances every Saturday evening this season, $30 per person. For more info and tickets, visit www. buffalodoubledeckerbus. com.

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Springville Times

July 13-19, 2018

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LOCAL News Colden Native Wochensky Sets Sights on Assemblyman Seat BY RICH PLACE Growing up on a dirt road in Colden, Luke Wochensky knows a thing or two about life in a small town. The Springville-Griffith Institute graduate has been around the world and back, now living in East Aurora and in early May announced his candidacy for assemblyman of the 147th district. “I grew up here and I’m very proud of this area,” Wochensky said during a recent interview with the Springville Times. “I’ve lived all over the world and when you come back and see some of the struggles the residents are facing … it makes you want to do something.” On the steps of the East Aurora Village Hall he announced his campaign and has spent the last few months touring the area, getting to know residents and having conversations about what it’ll take to improve this rural district. With a degree from Union College in Schenectady, a master’s from the Ohio State University and a law degree from Herzen University in Russia, Wochensky worked as a partner in an international law firm. “The first opportunity I got to move back, that’s when I moved back,” he said. During his campaign, including door-to-door stops all throughout the district, Wochensky said his personal background isn’t a part of the conversation as much as whether he’ll be available to listen and whether he’ll be available to have a conversation. “Most people are just saying ‘thank you for being here,’ ‘thank you for speaking to me’ and we’ll have honest conversations,” Wochensky said. “Some of them are difficult, some of them are easy and, unfortunately, we only have so much time to speak to people. But we have gotten into some deeper conversations.” He said it’s important for him to articulate his point of view and, even when those who answer the door don’t agree on specific issues, he said he hasn’t found anyone who hasn’t agreed with his campaign’s core message. “I have actually felt a lot better about the state of our politics since entering the campaign,” said Wochensky, a registered Democrat. “We hear a lot from the fringes — but most people are in the middle, willing to compromise, willing to talk rationally about any political issue. “While we may not agree on anything, we can have a

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dialogue about something that actually matters about improving our lives. … I can’t say I’ve had any situation where we’ve gotten into an argument or where someone hasn’t really agreed with the core message that we have. It’s uplifting. It’s motivating.” From his campaign’s logo — a minimalist design of farm land and small businesses — to what he has spoken about at length during interviews and to residents, Wochensky said the core of his campaign is focused on improving the quality of life in this rural district. During his recent interview, he stepped outside the Springville Times office on Main Street and illustrated his point. At the time, one person was walking down Main Street during a late morning weekday. “It’s exactly what we were talking about,” he said. “When I went to high school here, at this time of the day you come down the street and you’d pass by all sorts of people you knew. “This is the center of our community and I think we need to understand that we need to do something in order to make this vital again,” he added, noting one of the first issues addressed on his campaign material is focused on Main streets in rural communities like Springville. “We need to be concentrating on development right here.” A product of Colden Elementary School — where friendships blossomed in kindergarten that still continue to this day, he said — Wochensky was quick to note that the values he learned growing up continue to stick with him. “We all grew up with rural Western New York values,” he said. “What does that mean? We are hardworking, we care for

our neighbors, we love the land and natural resources and use them, and everyone here has a passion to fight for justice and for what’s right.” Wochensky said he believes current representatives “don’t match those values” and that led him to become a potentially new voice for this district. He jokingly called Springville “the big city” when it was time to come from Colden to the middle and high school but noted there were several opportunities available for students to get involved. “We had all those opportunities to express ourselves and do what we wanted … and that allowed us to develop as young men and women,” Wochensky said. “I’m concerned that even students now don’t have the same opportunities we did then. I think we are going in the wrong direction.” So how does Wochensky plan to do it and what makes him believe he’s right for the job? One of the reasons is because of his experience as an anti-corruption lawyer, which involves “being able to win an argument and fight for things you think are not right,” he said. “I think that with my experience in working in places like Russia have prepared me well to have that fight,” he said. Wochensky ended his interview by reiterating the core principles of his campaign as he continues to meet with residents across the district until Election Day in November. “We need to concentrate on our Main Streets, our communities, our land and natural resources and our families and quality of life,” he said. “That’s what’s most important and that’s where we can make the most impact with our representation in Albany.”

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The Flower Stand Advances To Final Round In Ignite Buffalo Grant Competition

The Flower Stand, owned and operated by Ellen Krzemien of Ellen K Design, was named one of the 27 finalists in the Ignite Buffalo, small business grant competition presented by 43North. The final competition will take place on Wednesday, July 11 at 6 p.m. as a part of the Facebook Community Boost event held at Erie Community College, at 121 Ellicott Street in Buffalo and livestreamed on the Facebook Business page marketing. Ignite Buffalo is a partnership between 43North, M & T Bank, and Facebook and serves

as a mentoring program that awards $1million in prize money to 27 local small businesses. 50 small businesses out of 477 applicants advanced to the first round of judging that took place Monday. Each finalist advancing to the next round is guaranteed at least $25,000. Seven of these businesses will have the opportunity to present their pitch to a live audience for the chance to win one of four $50,000 grants or three $100,000 grants. “I’m so humbled to be selected as a finalist alongside such worthwhile small businesses” said Ellen Krzemien. “The opportunity to compete for this award

has been such a wonderful learning experience and I’m so excited for the possibilities this award will bring for the future of the Flower Farm and bringing people all over Western New York to Springville.” The list of finalists competing on Wednesday night are: Abyssinia Ethiopian Cuisine, Always Something Farm, Barrel + Brine, Black Monarchy, BreadHive Bakery + Cafe, Buffalo All Star Extreme, Buffalo Distilling Company, Casa Azul, Crown BFLO, Dani-fit, Ellen K Design and The Flower Stand, Executive Sweeps, Get Fokus’d Productions, Grooperative, Groundwork

Market Garden, Jeca Energy Bar Company, La’Movement Fitness, Mobile Eco Steam, Om Nohm Gluten Free, Oxford Pennant, Papercraft Miracles, Revolution

Spinning, Rooted Locally, Spoke & Dagger, The Law Office of Stephanie Adams, TopSeedz, and Whole Nine Wellness.

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Springville Times

July 13-19, 2018

SPORTS Successful Week of Games for Springville Teams u16 girls avalanche - U16 boys griffins U14 girls wiLDcats-u12 boys griffins

from the next town over. Shortly back into play, Boundy took the ball down On Thursday, July 5, the field, assisting Dru the U16 girls Avalanche Robinson with the game hosted Arcade in a battle winner, and Springville for the top spot in the walked away with a 2-1 win. division. While the two On Tuesday, the girls took teams had already met on Medina at home. Shelby once in tournament play, where Springville won 1-0, Stisser launched one into the net early in the game to they had yet to play in the give Springville an early regular season. lead. From there, the game Arcade came in with a 4-0-1 record, with one more got heated, with numerous penalties, one resulting game under their belts as the 3-0-1 Avalanche. As has in a penalty kick for the Avalanche, which was proven true with other offunfortunately kicked over season matchups, from the first whistle, it was anyone’s the net. With only a few minutes left on the clock, game. Cora Boundy scored a Springville scored first second goal for Springville, with a breakaway goal by Cora Boundy and took a 1-0 giving them the 2-0 victory. Logan Lukert earned the lead to the second half. A solid bench gave Springville shutout. The entire team somewhat of an advantage, came together against a but the hungry Arcade team tough team, with especially exceptional play by Rachel came back with a goal midway through the second Stressinger, Lily Dziak and half. A lightning strike with Emma Gang. The win gives Springville five in a row. five minutes left on the Next week, the girls head clock forced the teams to seek shelter for 30 minutes, to Kenmore on Tuesday and giving the outnumbered and host Akron on Thursday. Last Thursday, the U16 sub-less Arcade team some boys Griffins traveled to much-needed rest. Kenmore. A very good When the 30 minutes and evenly-matched game was up, and darkness was resulted in a 1-1 tie, with falling upon the JV field, Springville’s goal landing in Springville went back in ready to take on their rivals net by Chris Smith. Coach


U16 girls vs. Arcade. Photos by Shay Ellis and Alicia Dziak

Springville goalie Logan Lukert gets ready to punt the ball. Brian Jenis commended his defense on their tough play throughout the game. On Friday, July 6, the U14 girls Wildcats played East Aurora on their home field. With only 11 girls, Springville played once again with no subs, but managed to score one goal with some other good passes. Coach Jason Bond said the team showed improvement in their passing game. On Monday, the girls traveled to Niagara Wheatfield, looking for their first regular season win and they were successful, with a 4-1 score! Brooke Judkiewicz scored a hat trick, with Dru Robinson adding one.

Next up, the girls face Holland at home On July 16, where three of their players will face their former teammates from last summer. The U12 boys Griffins played at home on Monday, looking to keep their winning streak going after last week’s huge 10-0 victory. The boys were successful against West Seneca, coming up with a 1-0 win. Springville’s goal was scored by Dylan Emerling with a beautiful cross from Ben Jenis. Brendan Wohlhueter earned the shutout. On July 16, the boys will travel to Orchard Park.

Yankees Win Rookies Title the regular season with an impressive 11-1 record, scored first with a homerun The SYI little league baseball season is wrapping by Bryce Cook, after which the lead changed multiple up. On Monday, the times. In the top of the Yankees won the Rookie 6th, the Yankees retired division championships. the Pirates three in a row, The team, made up of 7 to sending the game into the 9-year-olds, was coached last ups for the Yankees by Larry Cook, and it was who were down 8-6. The his fourth consecutive Yankees had one runner on championship. with two outs and the next “He is very deserving,” four hitters came through to said Heather Holland of win the game 9-8 Yankees. Cook, whose son, Reid, Cook, who previously plays on the Yankees. “He coached football at Pioneer, is dedicated to all those as well as rec soccer in boys and one girl, holding weekly practices in addition Colden and Springville, said this year’s group to games. He teaches them was a fun one, and to stay humble, never give that this year’s up and believe anything championship is possible. He is often game was the best congratulating kids on one yet. “What the other team when they make a good play or have a we’re really proud good hit. I’ve noticed many of is that all 13 of our players can coaches in that league that hit,” he said, noting do the same. We are lucky that his team put to have coaches like that supporting all the boys and in 13 practices for their 14 games. girls.” Cook commended During the game, the the dedication Yankees, who finished


of the parents, who were always willing to get their kids there. He added that his wife, Stephanie, was a big help with the coaching, as were his three assistants, Mark Heichberger, Ryan Holland and Eric Carr. “We really tried to teach our team sportsmanship and to stay positive and not get down on themselves,” Cook said. “We focus on the whole team aspect.” Great job to both the Yankees and the Pirates on their great seasons!

Springville Girls Take Home Travel Softball Trophies Three Springville varsity softball players are extending their season by playing in the Metro Girls Softball League in the 14U A division with the Eden Raiders travel softball team. This is a summer league to expand the girls skillset and gain more experience for the upcoming season. Marin Lehr, Meghan Rehrauer and Kaitlyn Wolf participated in the Lou Gehrig Summer Classic Fastpitch Tournament July 6-8. Winning only one of three games in the preliminary round, the Eden Raiders were able to come back and be the champions of the silver bracket. Defensively, Wolf was the pitcher, Rehrauer played 3rd base and Lehr was in center field. The girls all brought their bats and supplied timely hits throughout the weekend to help win the championship game against the Wheatfield Nitro team.

SGI students (from left) Kaitlyn Wolf, Meghan Rehrauer and Marin Lehr, who all play for the Eden Raiders travel softball team, pose with their silver bracket trophies from last weekend’s Lou Gehrig Summer Classis Fastpitch Tournament. Photo by Trisha Lehr

Springville Times

July 13-19, 2018

Page 5

SPORTS & SGI Community 2010 SGI Salutatorian Doing PhD Research Abroad

Mountain Biking Continued from front page


experiments. “After completing After graduation, some coursework at OU, I was SGI students stay right given the opportunity to in Springville, and others continue my research by may head out of town for working on data analysis a while, only to return at the LHC in Geneva, later to raise their families. Switzerland,” Grieser Some may move to another explained. “I’ve currently WNY community or even been here for six months, out of state, and still others and plan to spend another might end up on an entirely year and a half working on different continent at some my thesis research.” point, as is the case with Grieser said that he would 2010 SGI graduate and like to continue in fullsalutatorian Nathan Grieser. time high energy physics Upon high school research, specifically in graduation, Grieser headed the search for existing to Ohio Northern University, fundamental particles. “To where he earned his do this, the general career undergraduate degree in path will be a tenured physics and mathematics, professorship at a research with a focus in secondary university following the level teaching. He finished completion of my thesis,” there in 2013, then taught he said. “I am also open as a substitute at both SGI to looking at using my and Holland for a year, software development and while working part time data analysis skills that I’ve with SASI. From there, learned in HEP research in he started his graduate industry, primarily finance.” studies at the University of While in Oklahoma, Oklahoma in physics, with Grieser and his wife and a focus in High Energy son were able to make it

back to Springville to visit family about once a year, but said he probably won’t be able to return until after his trip abroad. He said what he misses most about Springville is Julie’s, noting that, “Nothing compares to western New York pizza and wings!” Of his time spent at SGI, Grieser said athletics were a big component of his time there. “I miss wrestling

and playing soccer, and my coaches Mike Darling and Bill Cocca,” he said. “As for academics, my Calculus and Physics teachers, Greg Janish and Dorothy Cott, had a big impact on my career path, and I am extremely grateful for the challenges they placed before me to encourage me to succeed.”

Letter to the Editor

The Power of a Small Community

Dear Editor, I am not someone who normally writes to express my feelings; however, I feel I need to in this case. I was the chairperson for the Post Prom Committee this year, and I need to let our community know what an awesome community we live in. When I started back in January with this project many of my family members and friends asked: “Why are you doing this again?” and my response was: “I did it for my other 3 children, I have to do it for my last”, and I have to admit, I questioned my sanity. I am a very busy person and to add this type of commitment was crazy, but I did. It did not take me long to realize that it was going to be easier than I thought. I had a core group of other parents who wanted to make this event as special for their child as I wanted for my child. We quickly formed work groups and everyone pitched in to make the load lighter. One of the main goals was to come up with a prize for each of the seniors. So each parent took a list of businesses from our community and we started to hit the pavement. The response was tremendous. We had prizes, not only for each senior, but their dates as well. We also had prizes to give away during the event as “carnival” prizes. We had monetary prizes for the winners of the two Escape Rooms that three of our parents put together. We were able to fund raise for some of the money we needed to make this a success, but the rest came from our community and parents. The event proved to be worthwhile; we had a record 103 seniors there, and 23 extra guests. The night was filled with food, donated by local restaurants, activities, which included a carnival and Escape rooms, along with table top games for those that just wanted to “chill.” The night ended with the prize give-a-way, and most importantly with the Grand Prize Give-A-Way of $1,000 donated again this year by the Emerling Dealerships. We would like to thank Carl Emerling and his family for again donating this awesome prize which helps encourage our children to choose to go to Post Prom and remain safe on this important night. The winner this year of the $1,000 was Heidi Bofinger. Congrats Heidi. I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of the businesses who donated money, gifts, and gift cards. A special thanks also to Joe Emerling and Main St. Pizza for going above and beyond with their donations this year. Finally, I would like to thank my Committee who worked tirelessly to make this event a memorable experience for our children. Have a great summer and I will miss working with you. Sincerely, Tammy Stedman, Post Prom Committee Chairperson

U16 girls Avalanche vs. Medina. Photos by Hannah Carrow

many rails-to-trails in the region is a good way to get out on some dirt trails without any roots or rocks. The Eastside and Westside Overland Trails in Chautauqua County are also great for beginners who are looking for a bit more challenge (it’s where I started mountain biking). Finally, joining us on a group ride at Sprague Brook is another good way to follow more advanced riders and to gain advice on how to be a better rider.” The group rides he refers to happen every Wednesday at 6 p.m., when the club holds a ‘no rider left behind’ ride at Sprague Brook or at Hunter’s Creek County Parks. “These rides are geared toward beginner and expert riders alike,” Bodway said. “We typically have a handful of more experienced riders who show a group of beginners the trails and offer advice on how to best ride them.” Aside from the weekly group ride, the organization has some other special events planned this summer. On Saturday, July 21, the Singletrack Stampede mountain bike race will happen at Sprague Brook. “This race has Beginner, Sport, and Expert classes, so anyone can race, regardless of skill level,” noted Bodway. On Aug. 4-5, WNYMBA will host a weekend clinic/ party/race at Long Point State Park in Bemus Point, N.Y. “Aug. 4 will be a clinic to provide new and intermediate mountain bikers with the necessary skills to ride WNY singletrack trails. After the clinic, the club will hold a cookout at one of the park’s many pavilions,” explained Bodway. “Aug. 5 is the King/Queen of the Point race, which is a very beginner-friendly race.” Aug. 10-12 is the WNYMBA camping weekend at Holiday Valley. “This is a weekend for riders of all skill levels. We set up camp near Spruce Lake and have a weekend full of group rides, cookouts, and campfires,” said Bodway. He added that this a family and kidfriendly event, but that for insurance reasons, all who attend must be a club member. Aug. 19 is the 5th annual Harris Hill Hustle race at Harris Hill State Forest in Gerry, N.Y. “This race is rather challenging, but it is open to beginner riders,” Bodway stated. In addition, WNYMBA volunteers design, develop, and maintain trails across the State, working with every major recreation land manager. “We have trail work days all season, with the lion’s share occurring in the spring and fall (summer is for riding),” said Bodway. “Typically, we’ll post these dates on the WNYMBA calendar, the WNYMBA Meetup page, and our Facebook page. Our volunteer trail building days are excellent opportunities for all community members to learn how to build, maintain, and respect the trails and the outdoor environment.” According to Bodway, WNYMBA works tirelessly with local land managers and stakeholders at the county, state, and national levels, to ensure that mountain bikers have a seat at the table. “We want to ensure that we have continued access to the trails that we have already built and that we have opportunities to build new trails when the opportunity arises,” he said. A good example is at Allegany State Park, where the group is in the first stages of constructing a new 8 mile trail system, with another 12 miles planned down the road. “At its core, WNYMBA is all about having fun! Riding bikes is a super healthy way to relieve stress, get in shape, and meet new people,” Bodway noted. “WNYMBA does its best to encourage the growth of a cycling community in WNY (not just mountain biking).” For more info and to become a member, visit www.

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Springville Times

July 13-19, 2018

COMMUNITY Artistically arranged floral for all occassions

SGI Board

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The Springville Times charges $35 for an obituary up to 300 words in length, plus $5 for every 30 words thereafter. A photo is printed free of charge with a paid obituary. Obituaries can be sent directly to our newsroom at The deadline to submit obituaries is noon on Tuesday for the upcoming Thursday edition. For additional information, call the newsroom at 699-4062.

Expression period. Nils Wikman spoke about the decision of the school board in eliminating two positions and forcing the retirement of long-time employees. The Board opened a Public Hearing regarding and Nicole; five greatthe Smart Schools Initiative grandchilden and several Preliminary Plan. Joann nieces and nephews. DePue state that the She was preceded in information about this plan death by her husband - Will has been posted on the E. Potter who died Feb. website for the last 30 days 7, 2008 and her siblings and there have been no Mary, Lenore, Janice and comments received during Bill. this time period. The board Friends may call voted in favor of the plan. Thursday, July 19, 2018 Superintendent Kim from 3-7 p.m. at SmithMoritz discussed the Weismantel Funeral Home, plan for the district to 271 E. Main St., Springville. hire a full-time Student A Mass of Christian Burial Resource Officer through will be held Friday, July the Erie County Sheriff 20, 2018 at 11 am in St. Department and will bring Aloysius Church, 190 a recommendation to the Franklin St., Springville. board for a vote in August, Interment will be in Sibley In addition to this new Cemetery, East Concord. position, the shared service In lieu of flowers, agreement with North memorials may be made Collins for a part-time to Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home, 222 E. Main SRO will also be in place. It was also noted that the St., Springville, 14141 Springville Village Police or Hospice Buffalo, Inc., Department is very attentive 225 Como Park Blvd., about paroling the school Cheektowaga, 14227. Online condolences may be grounds and is an additional offered at smithweismantel- resource for the school.

Frances W. Potter

Frances W. Potter, of Springville, died Thursday June 7, 2018 in Jennie B. Richmond Nursing Home, Springville at the age of 93. She was born June 13, 1924 in Springville and was a graduate of Springville Griffith Institute. She was a homemaker, a member of St. Aloysius Church

in Springville and was a former member of the Springville Rough Riders and the Springville Country Club. She is survived by her children - Mary (Larry), Will (Donna) and Laurie (Michael); six grandchildren - Mark, Lara, Evan, Christopher, Jessica

Mortiz also gave an update regarding construction, stating that something new is being done everyday and they are moving forward with progress. Business Administrator Maureen Lee discussed the hiring of a School Director of Food Services which will be a shared position between Springville and the Holland school district through BOCES. For the current school year the contract with Sodexho will remain, but the new director will be evaluating the cost effectiveness of the program and determining a plan for the future possibility of bringing food services inhouse. School Board Member Daniel Miess spoke to the community in reference to the vote on the abolishment of two positions at the school and the retirements of Diane Brady and Kim Shelly stating that “correct discussions are not always popular and cuts to the team is the hardest part of the job for a school board.” He also thanked Superintendent Mortiz for handling this

matter with respect and professionalism. In other news the Board Approved the following: A Five-Year Extension of the Superintendent’s contract with no changes. Authorization to adjust the property loss between the District and Adjusters International/Basloe, Levin & Cuccaro with reference to the water damage at the High School during the recent flooding. Awarded the bid work contract for the 2018 Emergency Creek Stabilization Capital Project to D & H Excavating for the cost of $289, 441. Work on this project should begin as soon as possible during the month of July. Approval of the 2018-2019 Universal Prekindergarten agreement with Early Bird Child Care Centers 59 spaces are available for the 2018-2019 school year and there is currently a waiting list. The next meeting of the SGI Board of Education will be held on Aug. 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the High School LMC.

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PREVENT TYPE 2 DIABETES (PT2) PROGRAM Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death & disability in the United States.

Type 2 diabetes is an avoidable condition.

Call (716) 592-9643 to register.

We are currently taking registrations for Thursday classes.

include Heritage Park, the Public Safety Building Concrete Blocks, the Water Park, Fiddler’s Green Park and the head of the Rail Trail. The SCA will also be working with volunteers from the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County for the Day of Caring on Aug. 15 on two public art projects, an installation mural on an alley wall in Springville, along with stencils on sidewalks on Franklin and Factory Street. The Village Board will work together with the SCA in the weeks ahead to approve and review specific project designs. Superintendent Kenneth Kostowniak presented several items which the Village Board voted to approve including: a shared services agreement with the Springville-Griffith Institute regarding the configuration of the electrical service of the stadium lights, permission to re-advertise

the diesel exhaust removal agreement due to no bids being received, accepting the bid from Emerling Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to purchase the #52 Chevy Water and Sewer truck, contract to Sahlem’s Roofing & Siding in West Seneca to replace the asphalt roof at 51 Nason Blvd for the amount of $36,500, and the authorization to reapply for the NYDEC Reforestation Grant. Village Administrator Liz Melock presented the Police Report with the request from Officer in Charge Nick Budney’s request to add an additional part-time officer to be voted on by the board at the August meeting. Paul Weiss, the Village attorney, gave the board an update on the property at 37 South Central Avenue owned by Stephen Weber. There is currently a temporary restraining order in place against the Village which will be reviewed at a preliminary injunction

hearing set for later this week. The Village is contesting the injunction. In other news, the board amended and approved the schedule of pickup of garden debris (including weeds, brush and limbs) to include the 2nd and 4th week of the month. Mayor Bill Krebs and the Board issued a proclamation that July 28 will be Fiddler Green Day in Springville, in honor of the Fiddlers Green Country and Bluegrass Festival, from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Additional upcoming community events include: SCENE Garden Walk, Saturday, July 14 SGI All Class Reunion, Saturday, July 21 Springville Volunteer Fire Department Second Annual Car Show & Music Festival, Sunday, July 22 The next Village Board meeting will be held on the second Monday of the month, Aug. 13 at 7 p.m.

Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce Cattaraugus County Arts Council presents

July 22, 2018 • 11 AM - 5 PM War Veterans Park • 551 East State Street • Olean Chalk Drawing Contest • Olean YMCA Inflatables •Caricatures by Eric Jones Cattaraugus County Arts Council • Hospitality Wall of Fame •Face Painting Marketplace @ The Taste • Lawn BOCCE Ball Tournament • Olean Theatre Workshop and more!

Springville Times

July 13-19, 2018

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COMMUNITY Concord Senior Center Upcoming Events Concord Senior Center week July 16-20 Monday, July 16 10:30 a.m. -12 p.m.Farmers Coupons, 11 a.m. Route 66 Party 11 a.m.-Stay Fit Exercise, 12 p.m. Stay Fit Lunch 3 p.m. Caregivers Support Group Tuesday, July 17 10 a.m. Knitting & Crochet, 11 a.m. Stay Fit exercise 12 p.m. Stay Fit Lunch-EntrĂŠe Salad Wednesday, July 18 10 a.m. Wow Group, 10 a.m. Senior Club Trip 12 p.m. Blue Cross Rep here, 1 p.m. Red Cross Blood Mobile Thursday, July 19 9:30 a.m. Stitches Quilt Group, 11 a.m. Stay Fit Exercises-All welcome 12 p.m. Stay Fit lunch, 12:30 p.m. Euchre Card Group Friday, July 20 11 a.m. Stay Fit Exercises, 12 p.m. StayFit Lunch

Erie County Stay Fit Dining Program 592-2741 JULY 2018 Monday







Chef Side Salad Penne Pasta with Meatballs and Tomato Sauce with Mozzarella Cheese Peas Chef Salad with Dressing Tropical Fruit Cup




Boneless Chicken Breast with Gravy Cheesy Mashed Potatoes Seasoned Spinach Dinner Roll Butterscotch Pudding

Sahlen’s Hot Dog w/ Chili Sauce on a Bun Corn on the Cob Vegetable Blend Potato Salad Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream

Cabbage Roll with Savory Sauce Scalloped Potatoes Carrots Rye Bread Sugar Cookies


Breaded Fish with Tartar Sauce Cheesy Rice with Broccoli Carrots Apple Juice Frosted Brownie

Breaded Boneless Pork Chop with Gravy Mashed Lyonnaise Potatoes Broccoli Wheat Dinner Roll Seasonal Fresh Fruit




Chef Side Salad Stuffed Shells with Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese Seasoned Spinach Chef Salad with Dressing Italian Bread Pineapple Tidbits







Swedish Meatballs over Cavatappi Pasta Brussels Sprouts Corn Chocolate Pudding

Beef Pepper Steak over Rice Green Beans with Red Pepper Sliced Carrots Fruit Delight Cookie

Beef Macaroni Casserole with Cheddar Cheese Cauliflower Fiesta Corn Dinner Roll Diced Peaches


Breaded Chicken Breast with Gravy Mashed Potatoes Cauliflower Wheat Dinner Roll Chocolate Chip Cookies


Tuna Macaroni Salad on a Bed of Lettuce with Tomatoes Crackers Tropical Fruit Cup

Turkey with Stuffing & Gravy Sour Cream & Chive Mashed Potatoes Carrots Lemon Cake with Frosting

Sliced Roast Beef with Gravy & Horseradish Sauce Garlic Mashed Potatoes Mixed Vegetables Sandwich Roll Sugar Cookies

Sliced Roast Pork with Mushroom Gravy Rice Pilaf Harvard Beets Wheat Dinner Roll Fresh Orange Chocolate Milk

Collins Public Library Events

• Craft Club: Monday, July 16 at 6 p.m. Ages 4-12. Come and make crafts in the Library! Registration is required so call or stop in to sign up. • Computer Class: Introduction to Windows 10 Monday, August 13th at 5:30 pm. An introduction to Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft. Registration


3 Independence Day Meal

BBQ Pulled Pork on a Roll Seasoned Home Fries Romano Vegetables Seasonal Fresh Fruit Chocolate Milk

Homemade Stuffed Pepper with Savory Sauce Mashed Potatoes Wax Beans with Mushrooms Italian Bread Gelatin with Fruit Cocktail

Steakhouse Burger with Gravy on a Bun Au Gratin Potatoes California Blend Vegetables Seasonal Fresh Fruit Chocolate Milk Ham & Cheese Strata with White Cheese Sauce Scalloped Apples & Cranberries Broccoli Wheat Dinner Roll Ambrosia

Chicken Leg Quarter Seasoned Mashed Squash Brussels Sprouts Wheat Dinner Roll Diced Pears

For meal reservations, call the Erie County Stay Fit Program at (716) 592-2741

592-2764 •

now open and fills up fast. Call or stop by the Library. • Rainbow Fish Story Hour: Tuesday, July 17 at 6pm. Join us as we dive into the adventures of the rainbowfish! Relay races, carnival style games, colorful crafts and rainbowfish stories. Best for ages 3–10. Registration requested. Call or stop by. • Toddler Time: The next 4 week session of Toddler Time begins Friday, July 20 at 10:30 a.m. We read stories, play games, and sing songs. Please call or stop in to register! • Music in the Library Concert Series: Join us Friday, July 20 at 7 p.m. for a performance by P.C.



All-Star Big Band. • Computer Class: Internet Intermediate. Saturday, July 21 at 12 to 2 p.m. Get beyond Google’s main page and learn what this powerful search tool has to offer. Registration is now open and fills up fast. All our classes are free and open to the public. • Lap Sit with Miss Abbi: Mondays July 2330 at 10:30 a.m. Join us for this fun program for children ages 6 months to 2 years with a caregiver. A great introduction to early literacy skills with rhymes, finger plays, music, stories and more. Sign up required. Please call or stop by.

Book Donations Needed: The Library is now accepting book donations for our annual book sale. Please no text books, encyclopedias, Readers Digest Condensed Editions, things that are moldy, or in very poor condition. Library hours: Monday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Tuesday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday, closed. For more information or to register for any of these events, call 532-5129 or stop by the library desk.





GARBAGEy STICKERSÄšy   " ! ' 3  !  7 % % +      - / . 4 (

RESIDENTS   " ! ' 3  !  7 % % +      - / . 4 (


777-2#.9#/777 77

COMMUNITY CALENDAR Trading Post, 38 Franklin Street

SGI All-Class Reunion at Firemanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Park

July 22 FREE lunches every Second annual Food Wednesday at 12 for the Trucks, Fire Trucks and Community Car Show FREE to the community at Firemanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Park on Second Harvest food every Nason Boulevard. Car Tuesday & Saturday at 1:30 show 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Food Pantry 10-12 July 20 Food Express 2 pm July 20 food trucks all day. Craft Drop off School Supplies vendor show new this year. Country band Barnstorm month of July Rummage Sale 11th, 13th from 1 to 5 p.m. with beer pavilion. Free. & 14th July 26 Homemade Jam at Fiddlers Green Park. Part of summer concert series. 6:30-8:30 p.m. July 26 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Charles Huntington: Renaissance Man of Randolphâ&#x20AC;? presentation by James Huntington, Cattaraugus County Museum in Machias. Call July 14 353-8200. SCENe Garden Club third 7 p.m. annual Garden Walk Downtown Springville. July 27-29 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ellicottville Jazz & Blues Weekend July 14 Wander through the Country Gatherings village and enjoy a Grannyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Boot Antiques, variety of Jazz and Blues 10761 Miller Rd., performances in the local Springville restaurants bars, and street-side! More info at July 19 Queen City Swing Big Band July 28 at Fiddlers Green Park. The Club of Springvilleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Part of summer Softball Tournament at concert series. Concord Community 6:30-8:30 p.m. Park. July 20 July 31

Every Wednesday, year round, excluding holidays, BINGO is held at the St. Aloysius Hall, Franklin St. Springville at 7:30pm. Entrance boards are $3, share the wealth games are $2. Pizza, pop, snacks and dabbers are available for sale. All are welcome!

If you have an event to add to the community calendar, email

Kane Brown concert with opening guest Smithfield Cattaraugus County Fair in Little Valley. Tickets start at $40. Call (800) 514-3849 or visit Aug. 1 Charlie Daniels Band Cattaraugus County Fair in Little Valley. Tickets start at $35. Call (800) 514-3849 or visit Aug. 2 Gene Hilts & Rustic Ramblers at Fiddlers Green Park. Part of summer concert series. 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Mon - Thurs 9-9, Fri & Sat 9-10, Sun 12-6

Aug. 9 One Song at Fiddlers Green Park. Part of summer concert series. 6:30-8:30 p.m. Aug. 16 The Pyramid Band at Fiddlers Green Park. Part of summer concert series. 6:30-8:30 p.m. Aug. 23 Low Blue Flame at Fiddlers Green Park. Part of summer concert series. 6:30-8:30 p.m.



Aug. 11-12 A Taste of Ellicottville 12pm - 4pm Each day More info at www. Aug. 25 Tuscan moon ( Gourmet Dinner Party) 6pm at John Harvardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pool Complex at Holiday Valley Resort. More info at

Aug. 8 â&#x20AC;&#x153;The African American Center for Cultural Developmentâ&#x20AC;? presentation by Della Moore, Cattaraugus County Museum in Machias. Call 353-8200. 7 p.m.

CHEAP CHOLLIES 74 South Cascade Drive, Springville

Aug. 30 at Fiddlers Green Park. Part of summer concert series. 6:30-8:30 p.m.

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Announcements Amazing Mechanical Bull Rides, Magicians For Rent! 814-938-2346

DIRECTV SELECT PACKAGE! Over 150 Channels, ONLY $35/month (for 12 mos.) Order Now! Get a $100 AT&T Visa Rewards Gift Card (some restrictions apply) CALL 1-844-214-6189 DISH TV $59.99 For 190 Channels $14.95 High Speed Internet. Free Installation, Smart HD DVR Included, Free Voice Remote. Some restrictions apply. Call 1-855-235-4882 Unable to work due to injury or illness? Call Bill Gordon & Assoc., Social Security Disability Attorneys! FREE Evaluation. Local Attorneys Nationwide 1-800-3756709 [Mail: 2420 N St NW, Washington DC. Office: Broward Co. FL (TX/NM Bar.)]

Looking For A New Job? Check The CLASSIFIEDS

Employment / Help Wanted The CattaraugusAllegany Teacher Center is hiring a Part-Time Director of our Annual NYS Grant. 20 hour/ week flexible position coordinating educational opportunities for Teachers. Education Administration experience preferred but not required. For more information please go the CattAllegany Teacher Center webpage at: Dina’s Restaurant – Now hiring servers, line cooks, dishwashers and bussers. Salary/wages commensurate with experience. Please fill out an application in person. 15 Washington St., Ellicottville, NY 14731. Eden Heights of Olean Assisted Living and Memory Care is accepting applications for a full time Wellness Director. Qualification: Current NYS LPN or RN license, strong organizational, communication and supervision skills; experience with geriatric population. Apply at www.pslgroupllc. com or apply in person at 161 S. 25th St.

July 13-19, 2018

Positions Available Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) Full or part time positions available in schools and/or the community to work as a member of a treatment team servicing children and Daily Hours: Mon – Fri 9 am – 4 pm • Deadline: Mondays at 3 pm families. Full and Part-time To respond to a Box Number, send to: hours available in (Box Number) the Port Allegany, c/o Olean Times Herald Shinglehouse, Coudersport Areas. 639 Norton Drive Degree and Olean, NY 14760 $ $ Reader Ads: First 5 lines – 9.64 (3 words per line) • 1.17 for each additional Experienceline Requirements: •Bachelors Degree Employment / Employment / Employment / Employment / / in Employment Education, PsyLegals Legals c h Help o l o g yWanted , Social Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Work or Bachelors Degree in any othNOTICE OF Entry level AcSODEXO AT NOTICE OF Spanish Teacher er field with 1 year FILING counting/marketHOUGHTON FILING Bolivar-Richburg paid full-time experCOMPLETED ing assistant with COLLEGE IN COMPLETED CSD is accepting ience working with ASSESSMENT good computer HOUGHTON, NY ASSESSMENT applications for a children or ROLL WITH skills. Must know IS SEEKING a ROLL WITH Spanish teaching • Associates DeCLERK Microsoft PublishCustodian. CLERK position for the gree or LPN with 3 AFTER er and Excel and Applicants must Cattaraugus County 2018 – 2019 Job Openings in years paid full-time GRIEVANCE DAY have experience have a valid driverʼs school year. Department of Cuba, NY! experience work(Pursuant to and education in license and posReal Property Candidates must Hillside Childrenʼs ing with children. Section 516 of the accounting/marsess a high school AFTER be NYS certified. Center has Social Please send reReal Property keting. Send rediploma or GED. GRIEVANCE DAY For details & to Worker openings! sume to: Tax Law) sume to Sprague's Hours may include (Pursuant to apply online visit: Full time, excellent Sagewood, Inc. Notice is hereby Maple Farms, PO evenings and/or Section 516 of the benefits, competitPO Box 370 given that the AsBox 488, Portville, weekends. NYS Real Property EOE ive pay and more! Bradford, PA sessment Roll for The successful Tax Law) NY 14770. Deadline: 7/20/18 Bachelorʼs degree 16701 the Town of Ellicot- Notice is hereby candidate will be in human services, or email to tville in the County compensated given that the 2018 Help Wanted: psychology, socimarciamorrison@ of Cattaraugus for based upon experiFinal Assessment Currently accepting ology, social work the year 2018 has ence and knowRoll for the Town/ Application for or special educabeen finally comledge. Vacation, City of Otto, County Drivers All Classes. tion and 2+ years The YMCA of the pleted by the unsick leave, long of Cattaraugus, has Whitesville CSD Local Routes Only. of experience reTwin Tiers is hiring dersigned Asterm disability, been completed by is accepting Must have good quired. Apply on a part-time sessor and a certihealth, vision and the undersigned applications for work ethic and our website at (20 hrs/week) fied copy thereof dental insurance, Assessor. A certithe following strong desire to Accounts Payable was filed in the ofholidays off, tuition fied copy thereof positions: work. Only Serious work (search posiClerk. The hourly fice of the Town assistance and a was filed in the of-Middle/High Applicant need tion #180A2). Email great Christian pay rate is $13-15. Clerk on the first fice of the Town School Special apply. Apply in jrockcas@hillside. Qualified appliday of July, 2018, work environment. Clerk on July 5th Ed. Teacher person at Crown-Y com with questions. If interested, Please cants should subwhere the same where the same (NYS Certification Recycling 2 Water mit a resume to will remain open to access the followwill remain open to required) SUMMER JOB: St. Cuba, NY jobs@your public inspection. public inspection. ing link to apply: -Part-time PreAllegany Arc is 14727. No Phone Dated this first day Dated: 7/3/18 http://sodexo. School Teacher looking for can sort- Calls Please!!! of July, 2018 Christopher Aide (High School ers to work at our Harry Weissman Employment applicHolewinski Positions Available Diploma or EquiRedemption CenAsssessor of the ation information Assessor Rehabilitation Therapeutic Staff valent & Experiter located in Wells- may also be Town of Ellicottville Today in Olean Support (TSS) ence required) ville, NY from 3pm- obtained by and Cuba has Full or part time po-Full-time Social 7pm. Starting pay contacting: an opening for a sitions available in Worker/ After $10.40/hour. High 9736 State Rt 19 physical therapist. schools and/or the School CoordinSchool students 16 Houghton NY Please send 373-2500 for details community to work ator (Certification and older are en14744 resume to Heath as a member of a required) couraged to apply. 585-567-9480 Brown at rehab treatment team serFor details & how Apply in person Linda.perry@ today_bradford@ vicing children and to apply visit: at 50 Farnum St., families. Wellsville, NY or Sodexo values Full and Part-time “BOCES & on our website. workforce diversity. hours available in District Vacancies” Allegany Arc is an EOE, M/F/D/V the Port Allegany, EOE Equal Opportunity IF YOU S h i n g l e h o u s e , Deadline: 7/18/18 For inCAN’T FIND Employer. Coudersport Areas. formation contact Degree and Human Resources WHAT YOU Experience 585-593-5700 ext. ANYTHING & WANT Requirements: 517. EVERYTHING! •Bachelors Degree try our Wanted in Education, Psyin the Classified To Buy column. chology, Social Section. Work or Bachelors Degree in any other field with 1 year paid full-time experSUBJECT TO PERMISSIVE REFERENDUM, ience working with children or AUTHORIZING A SEWER SYSTEM CAPITAL • Associates Degree or PROJECT LPN with 3 IMPROVEMENTS years paid full-time experience working with children. Please send resume to: BIRTH The Village of Springville Public Works Department Sagewood, Inc. will be flushing water mains during the weeks of ANNOUNCEMENT? PO Box 370 Bradford, PA July 15, 2018 and July 22, 2018. You may experience We’ll print it free! 16701 some discoloration of water at that time. As always, we are or email to Email your submission to sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. marciamorrison@ Village of Springville or drop it off at our office at Elizabeth C. Melock 65 East Main St. Village Administrator

Call: 716-372-3121





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cleared $15! In 1910, Silas Smith, who lived nearby, loved viewing the splendid steeple and thought to get a bell casted, and did so. It weighed 400 pounds, was four feet across the lip and required the energies of the whole community just to get it up the hill when it arrived by the train! How it got hoisted into the belfry is a mystery. It was inscribed: “Presented to the Freewill Baptist Church, East Concord NY by Silas Smith, 1910.” Silas waited impatiently for the Sunday when the bell would ring. The Ladies Aid Society invented a Bell Social and took in $19.25. Why was it needed, you ask? Well, they had to strengthen the steeple for the large bell. The big bell indeed did ring… sadly for the 6 or 7 deaths that happened that year, as well as for the services. World War I came and the Ladies Aids society went to work rolling bandages, knitting socks, saving peach stones (for the gas mask, a great story I will tell one day) and canvassing for the Red Cross. Then came the

day, when the bell rang for over an hour,,, ringing the news of the Armistice! The preacher was paid $5 a sermon, the chimney needed fixing, there were the Baptist mission, song books, seems like there was always something that there was a need to raise money for, and the Ladies Aid would hop in and do something to raise the money. By 1935, the old bell began to sag, and Milt Miller, with block and tackle, lowered it to the ground. Over the next two years, the steeple was lowered to ground as well, but the church stood strong. The old horse sheds were torn down, and the bell laid behind the church. When the war came once again, the Civil Defense dug out the old church and stood it up at the County Plant and there it remained on guard until the end of the war. In 1956, Harold Edington saw the old bell, where it was to be sold for scrap; he bought it for $5, and stored it in his barn. By the 1970s, the hamlet slept, the trustees sold some of the frontage of the

church so the road could be widened to handle the traffic that was now coming through. The train no longer stopped. The Harvesters leased the old church, drilled a well, installed plumbing, covered the walls, carpeted the floors and painted the pews. Rev. Andrew O’Conner conducts bi-monthly services during the summer months, ice cream socials become an annual event, weddings are happening again and the church is alive once more. It still stands today… and if it could talk, what tales it would tell us, of families and friends, laughter and tears, over the 165 years it has stood there. Want to learn more about the town, come down and see us at the Lucy Bensley Center, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Come hear some good ‘ole music on Tuesday and Thursday evening 7 to 9 p.m. at the Mercantile. Contact us at (716) 592-0094, or email us at lucybensleycenter@

Springville Times

July 13-19, 2018

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OUTDOORS & Entertainment Summer at Allegany State Park

W V R O  W L  H V X D F H %  V W F D W Q R F  V W L DOO


Summer is in full swing at Allegany State Park (ASP), New Yorkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest state park. Grab a bite to eat at the Park Restaurant, located at the Red House Admin building, where the patio is open for the season, and plan your time at the park! Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no better way to cool off during a heat wave than by a dip in the lake, and ASP offers two sandy beaches. Red House Lake, which just reopened after being closed for nearly a year due to construction of the Red House Dam, is ready once again to welcome visitors to its scenic waters. Beachgoers will not only enjoy a guarded beach with plenty of room to sprawl out on the sand and the grass, but can also have fun at the all-new playground overlooking the beach. (A second new playground was also constructed on the Quaker side of the park in the picnic area across from the Amphitheater.) The snack bar is open, as well as the boathouse, where you can rent kayaks, SUPs, canoes and even bikes and pedal cars to cruise the bike path on. Over at Quaker Lake, the beach is open daily as well, offering plenty of parking, picnic tables and a wide beach for sunning and building sandcastles. A new dock area has been added this year, adjacent to the beach, where you can also rent a variety of watercrafts to enjoy the lake. ASP packs in a full lineup of live music all summer long with special events and their Artists in Resident Program, which unofficially began in the early 1980s. In the early years, concerts were mainly on the Red House side of the park, but as it continued to grow in

popularity, eventually the Quaker side of the park was included. Today, concerts are held all week long at various locations throughout the park, including the Quaker Amphitheater, Red House Beach and Red House Administration Building lawn. The schedule can be picked up at either registration building or viewed on the parkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Facebook page. Rock the Park July 20 The seventh annual Rock the Park at Allegany State Park is scheduled to take place on Friday, July 20 in the Quaker Beach area. The event â&#x20AC;&#x201D; which features music, food, vendors and the opportunity to chat with park naturalists â&#x20AC;&#x201D; begins with a local vendor showcase at 3 p.m. Various merchants and organizations will be on hand to familiarize park patrons and local residents with opportunities available to them in the surrounding area. At 5 p.m., park naturalists will host an â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ask the Naturalistâ&#x20AC;? program that will feature several interactive nature displays. At 6 p.m. itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rock the Parkâ&#x20AC;? with opening act and ASPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s artist-in-residence, The Rightly So. Born in the heart of the Buffalo rust belt, The Rightly So brings a vibrant energy to Americana music. The young acoustic duo

comprises esteemed guitarist and performer Gregory Zeis and award-winning singer/ songwriter Jess Chizuk. They will be followed by headliner Sean Patrick McGraw. The event is free to attend. For more information, contact the Environmental Education/Recreation Department at 354-9101 ext. 236. Dog Days of Summer July 21 On Saturday, July 21, from 2-5 p.m., come out and bring your fourlegged furry friends to the Red House Picnic Area at Allegany State Park for the first annual Dog Days of Summer event! From obstacle courses to pawpainting, this event is perfect for you and your pup. Any pet on a maximum of a six-foot leash, with proof of vaccination, and is friendly to both people and other animals are more than welcome. This event will feature free doggie goodies and the special guest will be EARS, a local pet rescue who will bring along animals looking for their forever home. Registration is not required. For more information, visit the Allegany State Park Facebook page or contact the Environmental Education/Recreation Department at (716) 354-9101 ext. 236 or

SCA Presents Two Nature + Arts Walks

Nature + Art Walks, designed for children ages 5-12, are returning this summer, organized by Springville Center for the Arts. These adventurous walks inspire big ideas in little people. Parents stroll with their children during the walk and siblings are encouraged to participate as well. Each walk pairs a simple art activity with the surrounding natural beauty. Participants will meet at the Art Center, 37 N. Buffalo Street, Springville at 9:30 a.m. The group will then travel to the locations to meet a site custodian, get a tour and participate in an art activity hosted by SCAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Visual Arts Intern, Francesca Rosati. The activity will conclude by noon. Participants may want to bring a bag lunch.

Ellicottvilleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nannen Aboretum will be the location of the first Nature + Art walk on July 28. An eight-acre arboretum and botanical garden that contains over two hundred and fifty species of trees, shrubs, flowers, and herbs, Nannen includes several Japanese gardens, a pond with fish, and a large herb garden. The last walk, on Aug. 11 will take place at the Nature Sanctuary Societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Clifford Furman Preserve. This preserve is a wetland known as a â&#x20AC;&#x153;fen.â&#x20AC;? A peatforming area receiving nutrients from groundwater and precipitation, a fen is richer in nutrients and less acidic than a bog. These conditions make for an unusual array of wetland plants not often found




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The Cattaraugus County Pines Machias nursing home is looking for caring professionals to join our team. PART TIME and PER DIEM positions are available.

â&#x20AC;˘ RN Night Supervisor â&#x20AC;˘ LPNs All Shifts â&#x20AC;˘ CNAs All Shifts â&#x20AC;˘ Shift differential for evening/ night shifts

Photo David Revett

Apply in person at the switchboard at 9822 Rt. 16, Machias, NY or call Director of Nursing Bev Fehringer 716-353-8516 x 4605; you must fill out an application to apply. EOE


3 Months: $20 6 Months: $30 1 Year: $49 Call Nichole at (716) 372-3121 ext. 266.

MapleBBQ BBQSauce Sauce Maple

53 E. Main St | Springville 716-601-8099  Artist Judson Brown demonstrates watercolor â&#x20AC;&#x153;Plein Airâ&#x20AC;? painting at a former Nature+Art walk.

Hot sauces, Cuba Cheese Curds, Condiments, BBQ Rubs, Sauces, Marinades and much more!

elsewhere in Western New York. The cost is $5 per student. Register by calling (716) 592-9038 or online at

Get Ready for County Fairs!


August 3rd-5th, 2018 Chautauqua County Fairgrounds 1089 Central Ave. Dunkirk, NY 14048

AVAILABLE NOW - A Winning Combination! 9384 Genesee Road East Concord NY 14055


Open Mon-Sat 8-5, Sun 9-2

We will close at NOON on Saturday July 14

Enjoy tastings from Dozens of wineries, breweries & distilleries. Live Music all Day!

@agcwinefestival For More Information or to Purchase Tickets Please Call:

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Springville Times



July 13-19, 2018



Was $24,845 Emerling Discount - $892 Rebate $3,000

YOU SAVE $3,892 YOU PAY $20,953 OR YOU PAY $23,953



NOW $18,763

NOW $15,912

28K, V6, Auto, Coupe, Loaded


17K, FWD,V6, Auto, Loaded



72 months, Plus 0% APR, Plus $1,000 Rebate

* Add for Sales Tax and DMV fees. OAC through FMCC


Was $30,215 Emerling Discount -$1,300 Rebate $3,500


YOU SAVE $4,800 YOU PAY $25,415 OR YOU PAY $28,915


NOW $11,735

NOW $34,667 55K, S/C, 4X4, Loaded, MUST SEE

34K, 4 Cyl, Auto, Loaded

2012 FORD F-150



72 months, Plus 0% APR, Plus $1,000 Rebate

* Add for Sales Tax and DMV fees. OAC through FMCC


Was $37,890 Emerling Discount -$1,894 Rebate $3,000



NOW $19,876

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89K, Crew Cab, XLT, V-8, Loaded, SUPER CLEAN

2014 FORD E-250

YOU SAVE $4,864 YOU PAY $32,966 OR YOU PAY $35,966 #18T380

39K, FWD, SE, Loaded


72 months, Plus 0% APR, Plus $1,000 Rebate

* Add for Sales Tax and DMV fees. OAC through FMCC


Was $22,585 Emerling Discount -$586 Rebate $2,000



NOW $17,843 32K, Cargo Van, Loaded

YOU SAVE $2,586 YOU PAY $19,999 OR YOU PAY $21,999

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33K,4X4, 1.6 Liter ECO Boost, Loaded

60 months, Plus 0% APR, Plus $1,000 Rebate

*Add for Sales Tax and DMV fees. OAC through FMCC

2018 F-15O 4X4 XL STX Was $43,355

Package Discount -$2,000 Emerling Discount -$2,000 Rebate $3,800

YOU SAVE $7,802 YOU PAY $35,553 OR YOU PAY $39,353 Valid through July 13 - 23, 2018

* Add Sales Tax and DMV fees Photos of vehicles are representational only

Short Drive. Long-Term S Satisfaction.


60 months, Plus 0% APR, Plus $2,000 Rebate

* Add for Sales Tax and DMV fees. OAC through FMCC


150 South Cascade Drive Springville, NY

Springville Times

July 13-19, 2018

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Don’t lose power during a storm...

Sales, Installation and Service

Are you ready for stormy weather?

BE PREPARED! Enjoy the comfort and security benefits of GENERAC GENERATORS HOME BACKUP POWER - Your family’s comfort and safety is Generac’s number one priority. That’s why our home standby generators sense outages and turn themselves on within seconds when there’s a utility power outage. Holland Propane is your local licensed Generac dealer. Call us today for a quote! 10035 Route 219, Springville, NY 14141

592-7242 or 1-800-640-0370

Pools and Lawns Can Get Along



10819 Pratham Road, Glenwood NY 14069 Hannon Landscaping & Excavating

Commercial & Residential • Trucking • Grading • Planting & Mulching • Clearing of Lots • Snow Removal Homeowners interested in installing pools in their backyards need not worry about the potential impact of such decisions on surrounding landscapes. According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, there are 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming pools in the United States. Although the average monthly temperatures in Canada are lower than those throughout much of the United States, many Canadian homeowners still have pools in their backyards. Quebec is home to the most pools per capita for Canada — with some estimates suggesting the province has more than 300,000 backyard pools, according to Pool and Spa Marketing magazine. Many homeowners wonder if the chlorine and other chemicals in pool water have any affect on the lawn, particularly if pool water robs lawns of vital nutrients they need to thrive. But the resource All About Lawns says most people needn’t worry about errant drops or even

higher levels of overflow. It all comes down to the selectivity of grass. Blades of grass are particular about which nutrients from the water they absorb and in what quantities. Lawns are largely unaffected by chlorine. Furthermore, soil can withstand chlorine when kept at applicable sanitary levels (which generally range between two to three parts per million), at high acid levels. That’s much more than is usually contained in pool water. Pool water is also maintained in the neutral range at a pH of 6.5 to 7.8, which is safe for plants. Should the pool water test at a higher acidity or alkalinity, it can adversely affect landscapes, particularly delicate plants. Pool owners should be diligent about smart application and storage of pool chemicals. Powdered or liquid chlorine and other water chemistry products that spill onto grass or plants may cause damage. In safe amounts, chlorine should not adversely affect lawns and other plants that surround pools.

CS CS Series Series



Fever Fever Summer Savings Savings Savings


0% 84 + UP UP TO TO

Financing* Financing*



Months Months






Cash CashBack* Back*(T-L-B (T-L-B))

Meet the the compact compact and and powerful powerful KIOTI KIOTI®® CS CS Series. Series. With With an an ergonomic ergonomic workstation, workstation, Meet tight turning turning radius, radius, and and hydrostatic hydrostatic transmission, transmission, hard hard work work has has never never been been so so easy, easy, tight or fun. fun. For For aa limited limited time, time, get get 0% 0% Financing Financing up up to to 84 84 months months plus plus no no payments payments for for 90 90 or * * ® days* or or choose choose up up to to $2700 $2700 cash cash back back* on on the the KIOTI KIOTI® CS CS Series. Series. Top Top this this deal deal off off with with days * KIOTI’s 66 year year unlimited unlimited hour hour* industry industry leading leading warranty warranty and and you you can’t can’t beat beat it. it. Learn Learn KIOTI’s more about about the the CS CS Series Series and and this this offer offer at at your your authorized authorized KIOTI KIOTI Tractor Tractor Dealer. Dealer. more


*Offer available April 1,2018 –Sep. June30, 30,2018 2018. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer based on the purchase of eligible equipment defined in promotional program. Additional fees may apply. *Offer available April 1,2018 – June 30, 2018. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer based on the purchase of eligible equipment defined in promotional program. Additional fees may apply. Pricing, payments and models may vary by dealer. Customers must take delivery prior to the end of the program period. Some customers will not qualify. Some restrictions apply. Financing subject Pricing, payments and models may vary by dealer. Customers must take delivery prior to the end of the program period. Some customers will not qualify. Some restrictions apply. Financing subject to credit approval. Offer available *Offer on new available equipment only. Prior purchases are not eligible. 6combined Year Warranty forany Non-Commercial, residentialand/or use only. 6 Year Warranty applies CS, CK10,of DK10 and 31, 2017. with other offer. residential Rebates basedapplies on thetoto purchase eligible to credit approval. Offer available on new equipment through only. PriorDec. purchases are notCannot eligible.be6 Year Warranty for Non-Commercial, use only.financing 6 Year Warranty CS, CK10, DK10 and equipment NX model KIOTI tractors and mustdefined be purchased and registered between Pricing September 1, rebates 2016 - June 30, 2018. Offer valid only atfees participating Dealers. Offer subject to change withoutapproval. notice. See your in promotional program. and in30, US dollars. may apply. Financing is subject to without credit must NX model KIOTI tractors and must be purchased and registered between September 1, 2016 - June 2018. OfferAdditional valid only at participating Dealers. Offer subject to change notice. See Customers your dealer for details. Pricing in USD. Program not available for the consumer use transactions involving Kentucky consumers. take delivery prior for to end of programinvolving period. Kentucky Some customers dealer for details. Pricing in USD. Program not available consumer usethe transactions consumers. will not qualify. Some restrictions apply. Offer available on new equipment only.

Prior purchases not eligible. © 2018 KIOTI Tractor Company a Division of are Daedong-USA, Inc.Offer vaild only at participating dealers. Offer subject to change without notice. See your dealer for more information. © 2018 KIOTI Tractor Company a Division of Daedong-USA, Inc.


Lori Davie


*Offer available through Dec. 31, 2017. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Rebates and/or financing based on the purchase of eligible equipment defined in promotional program. Pricing and rebates in US dollars. Additional fees may apply. Financing is subject to credit approval. Customers must take delivery prior to the end of the program period. Some customers will not qualify. Some restrictions apply. Offer available on new equipment only. Prior purchases are not eligible. Offer vaild only at participating dealers. Offer subject to change without notice. See your dealer for more information.

T R I - C O U N T Y S U P P LY, I N C .

12069 RT. 16, SOUTH OF GENESEE RD., CHAFFEE, NY June Marie Russo

(716) 496-8859


(716) 496-8859











(716) 296-5278 North Road Rt. 83 Cherry Creek, NY 14723

Now Open!

40 acres of pick-your-own blueberries & flowers. Open 7 days a week, 8am-8pm.

Cindy Bramer


Located 10 miles from Ellicottville at 8267 Thompson Road, East Otto, NY

(716) 257-9760

Yvonne Gabel

40 E Main Street Springville, NY 14141 (716) 592-0341

View every home available on

Experience berry picking at its best!

Burdick Blueberries.

Follow us on facebook for details and updates: burdickblueberries

Springville Times

One Bedroom Apartments Available

July 13-19, 2018

visit our website at visit our website at visit our website at

Springbrook Apartments

Servicing clients in the visit our website at Servicing clients in the Servicing clients in the visit our website at Your local Retirement Planning 33 years .. Springville area for 33 years Springville area for Servicing clients inthe the 33 years . Springville areaclients for Servicing in Are Investment you seeking a betterProfessionals yield or return on and Springville area for 33years years . on Are you seeking a better yield or return on savings or investments? Are youyour seeking a better yield or return Springville area for 33 . your savings or investments?

109 N. Buffalo St. • Springville, NY 14141

716-592-3134 (P/F) 1-800-788-5552 TDD

L. Mahoney, CFP your Kevin savings or investments? Give us a call Are you seeking a better yield return on Give us a yield call Jessica Sullivan, RFCoror Are you seeking aM.better return on Give us a call your savings or investments? Do you have ayour 401k you are looking to roll into an IRA ? savings investments? Jeff rey are E. or Hahn, CFP to roll into an IRA ? Do you have a 401k you looking Do you have a 401k Give you are looking to roll into an IRA ? Give call usus a acall

Wall-to-wall carpeting, stove, refrigerator included. Low income housing, must meet eligibility requirements. Call for application.

Robert F. Eichhorn, CFP Give us a call

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

call Do you you havewant a 401k youus arealooking to roll into an IRA ? aGive FREE second opinion your Do youDo have a 401k you are looking to rollon into an IRA ? Do you want a FREE second opinion on your Do youcurrent want asavings FREE second opinion on your or investments? Giveus us acall call current savings or investments? Give a current savings or investments? Do you want a FREE second opinion on your Do you want a FREE second opinion on your current savings or investments? current savings or investments?

Tri-County Supply, Inc.

Free Consultation & Give Second Opinion Give us us a a call call

12069 Olean Rd, Chaffee, NY 14030


Give us a call 716-592-9225 Give us call Giveus usaaacall call 716-592-9225 Give 12111 Rt. 240 716-592-9225 12111 Rt. Rt. 240 240 716-592-9225 12111 716-592-9225 East Concord

716-496-8862 fax

Mon-Fri: 8-5 (Evenings by Appt) • Sat: 8-noon (Fall & Winter) 8-3 (Spring & Summer) •

East Concord

Eastof Concord Concord (North the Fireside Inn) East 12111 Rt.240 240 12111 (North of theRt. Fireside Inn)& Co. Securities offered through Cadaret, Grant Securities(North offered through Cadaret, Grant Co. Inc. Inc. of theRt. Fireside Inn)& 12111 240

Member FINRA/SIPC SecuritiesFINRA/SIPC offered through Cadaret, Grant & Co. Inc. Member East Concord Securities offered through Cadaret, Mahoney & Sullivan Financial Group and Member MahoneyFINRA/SIPC & Sullivan Financial GroupGrant and & Co. Inc. ofFinancial the Fireside Inn) Member FINRA/SIPC Cadaret, Grant & Co., Co., Inc.the are separate entities. Mahoney(North & (North Sullivan Group and of Fireside Inn) Cadaret, Grant & Inc. are separate entities. Mahoney & Sullivan Financial Group and (North of the Fireside Inn) Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. are separate entities. Securities offered through Cadaret, Grant Co.Inc. Inc. Securities offered through Cadaret, Grant &&Co. Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. are separate entities. Securities offered through Cadaret, Grant & Co. Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC Member FINRA/SIPC Member FINRA/SIPC Mahoney & Sullivan FinancialGroup Groupand and Mahoney & Sullivan Financial Mahoney & Grant Sullivan Group and entities. Cadaret, & Financial Co., Inc.are are separate entities. Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. separate Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. are separate entities.

EastConcord Concord East

We would like to welcome Marie Schuler to our salon. Marie has recently relocated to the area and brings years of experience with her. She enjoys spending time with her husband,family and friends.


Book with Marie and receive 20% OFF your service.


Check out our facebook page to see some of her AMAZING WORK.

/(70(b+(/3 67$57<2856725<

(716) 592-2603

14214 ROUTE 219, SPRINGVILLE NY Mon 9-4, Tues 9-6, Wed 9-7, Thur 9-4 , Fri 9-6, Sat 9-3


(716) 592-9123 35 E Main Street Springville, NY 14141


Rock City (716)938-6936

SMALL TOWN FEEL ROCK SOLID DEALS 520 Rock City Street, Little Valley, NY 14755

SALES HOURS: Mon., Thurs. 8am-7pm, Tues., Wed., Fri. 8am-6pm, Sat. 8am-1pm SERVICE HOURS: Monday - Friday 8am-5pm.



$6,995 $9,995 $6,995 $9,995 $9,995 2005 FORD EXPLORER XLT



$4,995 $9,995 $9,997





PS-1412697 PS-1412697 PS-1412697 PS-1412697 PS-1412697

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7-13-18 Springville Times  
7-13-18 Springville Times