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October 2017



SAVE R 3 100!





36V • 40 cm • 3.8 kg

36V • Total length 2.5 m • 3.4 kg

Powerful battery brushcutter with steel blade and trimmer head for demanding work.

Robust battery-powered pole saw for efficient pruning.

R 9 999

R 9 999



TERMS & CONDITIONS: (1) Prices valid 1 October - 31 December 2017. (2) Valid while stocks last. (3) E&OE. (4) Giveaways for online registration refer to products purchased through the Summer Sizzler promotion only.


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April 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 3

April 2016


April 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 3 April2016 2016||Volume Volume2,2,Issue Issue43 May



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May 2016



October 2017 | Volume 2, Issue 15


April 2016
















April 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 3

April 2016



DE VILLI CONTE ERSARY MPOR Welcome to the April edition of Pro a community park by Habitat landscape INDIGENOUS MEETS CLASSIC Landscaper Africa. Architects rekindling recreation inofaL nature Jo burg FLORA Welcome to May the April edition of Pro a community by Habitat landscape Leon Klugepark and a wonderful display Welcome to the edition of Pro Welcome to the April edition of Pro a community park by Habitat landscape The autumn uslandscaping. and we areArchitects community. LATES Landscaper Africa. air rekindling recreation in areason) Jo burg T Bosjes landscaped (and good and greatest in is allupon things meets architecture byfor Veld Architects. Landscaper Africa. UCTS Landscaper Africa. Architects rekindling recreation inPROD a Jo burg slowly in the of new thisby month tribute architects, the The autumn airprocess isthe upon uswelcoming and we areaAwards community. gardens cndvpay landscape Please visit Corobrik-ILASA of Product pages The autumn air is upon us and we are community. We then offer a sneak peek into the ‘Pick of We have had a fantastic response to our season, and with it new design ideas. to the new and exciting products in both slowly inExcellence the process of welcoming a new Product pages this month pay tribute secondLET’S is an exquisite domestic garden titled where you will find the 14 projects at HEAR IT FROM slowly in so thethank process offor welcoming a new Product pages this month pay tribute Chelsea’ where we showcase the top 6 show CAROLINE previous issue you your welcomed DE RS to find season,this and with itour new design ideas. to Awards theSynthetic new and and exciting in VILLIE both As always business andhome opinions real products turf, Concept, so be sure Concrete by Merit Award Winning year’s event that took Merit season, andcontinuing with it newtodesign ideas. to the new and exciting products in both gardens on the avenue at to this year’s RHS feedback and for inspire us. insightSynthetic As always business and opinions and turf, so beproducts sure fi& nd pages areour a relevant place to special gain some of real our main favourite in South firm, Hortcouture the third is a wonderful of Excellence with 4 very award winners. Welcome toand the April edition of ProSynthetica and community park so by Habitat landscape As always our business opinions real turf, be sure to fi nd Chelsea Flower Show. There is a winter chill in the air as we prepare pages a relevant place to gain insight someitAfrica. of our favourite products South intoare industry tips. we welcome Landscaper Africa. Architects rekindling recreation a Jo burg example of aincommercial/public space on Whilst isInplace inApril full we thought pages a spring relevant toswing, gain insight somefitting of our favourite products in in South ourselves for are another exciting season into Lindsay industry tips.aIn April we welcome Africa. Thesegment, autumn airahead. is us and we are We community. Gray tocompany this toupon jointhe our also take a Lane look atinthe latest in best metro, Sandton. Alice Johannesburg’s to profile known as colour Our latest products this month cover the into industry tips. In April we process welcome Africa. slowly in the to of welcoming aWe newalso take pages We are continuing make waves within the Lindsay Graywriters totothis segment, join Marcel our a look at this themonth latestpay in tribute resident Lee Burger and outdoorProduct power tool products and introduce specialists, Ball Strathof. a look at their in Soil and our the Lindsay Gray to this segment, toHave We Product also take aand look atfavourite’s the latest in inboth season, and with it join new our design ideas. to the new exciting products in industry by bringing you Burger all things resident writers Lee andlandscaping! Marcel outdoor power tool products and introduce Oudejans. you to our preferred products. This month we feature offering to Lee the Burger green industry. It will disappoint! As always our Marcel business andnot opinions Synthetic and real turf, so be our sure to find Indoor Composite Decking world and trading with Plantscaping resident writers and outdoor power tool products and introduce Oudejans. you to our preferred products. pages are a relevant place to gain insight some of our favourite inwith South catch up with Sean This month we are products trading NPP, products and highlighting the benefits page with Makhro Home andservice’s Garden, the We have anWe incredible May edition inO’Connor store Oudejans. you toisour preferred products. industry tips. April more we welcome Africa.wewho We catch up Green withinto Sean O’Connor This month are trading with NPP, Living Walls to fiOudejans ndIn out a company produce and supply the of indoor plantscaping in your built environment. This month we are showcasing ESRI suppliers and distributors of the increasingly We catch up with Sean O’Connor This month we are trading with NPP, with the from likes of Lee Burger, Marcel Lindsay to this segment, toa join our We also take a look atsupply the latest in fromon Living Green Walls toand fiGray nd then out more company who produce andcomposite the vertical gardening we take aMarcel highest quality in Guano. both and Indoor is not only a hot topic, Systems Research Institute) – Go Organic from (Environmental Living Walls to find Lee out more apopular company who produce and supply the resident writers Burger and outdoor power tool plantscaping products and introduce and Lindsay Gray Green becoming well-known names on vertical gardening and then we take a highest quality in both composite and trip to New Horizen Nursery, where Gert wooden decking. Be sure to read more on part and parcel Oudejans. you to our preferred products. on vertical gardening and then we take a highest quality in both composite and but is increasingly becoming ESRI’s GIS mapping software is the most within our Business and Opinions section. The trip to New Horizen Nursery, where Gert wooden Be our sure towill read more on a Duethis todecking. high demand, be starting We us catch upmessage with Sean O’Connor This month wewe are trading with NPP, deto Kock with the ofanalytics product Trading with section. trip Newshares Horizen Nursery, where wooden sure to read more on space. ofBecorporate, commercial powerful mapping and spatialGert data Cape Green Forum writes forLiving our association Green Walls more who and supply Architects, the de Kock shares withfrom us the message ofto find out this producta company insection our Trading section. Classifieds forproduce allwith Landscape water wise gardening and sustainability. If you have any inspiring projects de Kock shares with us thegardening message product in our Trading with section. technology available. ESRInew isand aofcompany newswater segment as well as welcomed onavertical then we this takewho a highest quality in both composite and wise gardening and sustainability. If you haveInstallers any inspiring Designers, and projects Service to providers Our Interview for this month is withwhere would the opportunity be onto so water wise gardening sustainability. Iforyou havelike any inspiring projects trip toand New Horizen Nursery, Gert wooden decking. Belooking sure to read more We are forward the next few they arefornot already) will become an integral member to (if the SAGIC family named SABI Our Interview this month is with or would like the opportunity to be look out this for more info de this Kockmonth shares with us from the message ofconsidered product in ourinside. Trading with section. award winning Caroline de Villiers to write for one of our pages,love to encourage Our Interview for is with or would like the opportunity to be months ahead and would part of site analysis for landscape architects. (South African Irrigation Association). award winning Caroline Villiers fromand sustainability. considered toIf write forany oneinspiring of ourprojects pages, waterde wise gardening you have Themba Trees. She talks to us about then please contact me chanel@ award winning Caroline de Villiers from considered to write for one ofon our pages, our professional’s involvement in a Weplease are always for inspiring projects, Ourto Interview for this month then is with orcontact wouldsearching like theindustry opportunity to be Themba Trees. She talks us as about me on chanel@ ‘Easy Ivy’ is featured in this issue, we discuss her mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and Enjoy our Themba Trees. She talks to us about then please contact me on chanel@ award winning Caroline de Villiers from considered to write for one of our pages, and informed We tree havefarm, a very specialideas international interview industry relevantgrowing news and exciting products We are sharpening our secateurs & pencils asher mature inspiring and Enjoy ourforum!to the relevance of this fantastic product totalks our Themba Trees. She to us about then please contact me on chanel@ her mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and Enjoy our aspirations for the future. Aprilour edition and we will see you all very this for month with ARUP London’s Associate better forum, doallnot hesitate to our industry welcomes the summer months aspirations the future. April edition and we so willplease see you very her mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and Enjoy our industry with Wayne Becker. aspirations for the future. April edition and we will see you all very We have Simon three exciting projects in this soon. Enjoy the Read, Director, Green. We discuss landscape contact us on chanel@paperplanepublications. ahead. I just love this time of year, with gardens We have three exciting projects in this soon. aspirations for the future. April edition and we will see you all very We have exciting projects in this soon. issue. The three first ison aWe piece by Environmental have three exciting projects in this We soon. will see you all very soon. architecture a by global scale and ARUP’s in full bloom and public spaces alive with We the sit down with in the landscaping issue. The firstaislegend a piece Environmental issue. The ficreating rst is aissue. piece byfirst Environmental Studios, a contemporary The is a piecegarden by Environmental of to shaping a his better world. promise of an exciting few months ahead.industry Ericethos Cherry career, his Studios, creating a discuss contemporary garden creating a contemporary garden Studios, creating aStudios, contemporary garden to mirror the modern architecture it to mirror modern architecture it architecture The October edition is nothing short of company andthe advice to to the landscaping industry. it mirror the modern tosurrounds. mirror the modern architecture it The Elgin Garden Classic, surrounds. The Elgin Classic, three The Elgin Garden Oursection portfolio section this month features marvellous, featuring industry iconic moments, Our surrounds. portfolio’s this monthClassic, is full ofGarden surrounds. The Elgin McGill Gardenlandscapers Classic, designed by Ross and and designed by Ross McGill landscapers @ProLandscaperCB @ProLandscaperCB designed by Ross McGill landscapers and fantastic projects, the first the well-publicised the most exquisite portfolio’s, and the latest surprises with another enchanting pieceis by @ProLandscaperCB designed by Ross McGill landscapers and @ProLandscaperCB FEATURE LIVING GREEN WALLS

April 2016

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October 2017


Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016


magazine is strictly forbidden. Printed by Tandym Print, Viking Way, Cape Town, 7475

3 Pro Landscaper Africa Africa / April /2016 3 Landscaper 3 ProPro Landscaper Africa Africa / April April 3 Pro Landscaper /2016 May2016 2016

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Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017



6 News Shed Industry news from around South Africa 8 Featured: Rain Bird Learn all you need to know on Rain Bird’s new LNK Wifi Module 11 Esri Pro Landscaper chats to this geographic information system company about their software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications.


14 Company Profile We celebrate spring in full swing with Ball Strathof, the colour specialists. 16

Featured: Turf Tech & Rhino-Turf Leaders in real and artificial turf supply, construction and maintenance of sports facilities.


18 The 2017 Corobrik-ILASA Awards of Excellence Showcasing the Merit Award Winners and Special Awards Winners of this prestigious event.


INTERVIEW 23 30 Minutes with Simon Green Pro Landscaper interviews Simon Green, Associate Director at ARUP International. We chat about Landscape Architecture on a global scale and talk about their company ethos.


PORTFOLIOS 28 Heaven on Earth 33 Concrete Concept 38 The Meeting Place EQUIPMENT 43 The best in outdoor equipment PRODUCTS 45-47 Indoor Planscaping & Greening The latest and greatest in Indoor Plantscaping 49 Little Interviews


23 Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017



FUTURESCAPE UK 2017 The FutureScape landscape exhibition will take place on Tuesday 14 November 2017 at Sandown Park Racecourse.


One of the world’s leading producers of forest, park and garden products – Husqvarna – has teamed up with South African charity PinkDrive to highlight awareness and raise funds during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. Husqvarna will #goPink for the campaign – and also give away a limited-edition PINK 450X Automower® worth a whopping R60 000. To be eligible to win, customers must spend R5 000 at a Husqvarna dealership between 1 – 31 October 2017. Apart from creating a ‘pink’ awareness at dealerships with this competition, Husqvarna is also donating R10 000 to PinkDrive to help support the charity even further. “Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the world,” said Jacqui Cochran, Marketing Manager: Husqvarna South Africa. “PinkDrive does amazing work – powering South Africa´s first mobile PinkDrive Mammography Unit and PinkDrive Educational Unit through our country, driving home the fact that `Early Detection Saves Lives´. They also run various ‘Pink’ mobile breast check units, and three


Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017

educational cars. These travel to semi-urban and urban areas countrywide, giving disadvantaged women access to education, physical examinations and the knowledge to do breast self-examination,” she said.

FutureScape 2017, is the UK’s leading landscaping event. Here you can find the entire landscaping industry under one roof, including landscape designers, contractors, garden designers and architects. FutureScape is also a chance to expand your technical knowledge, offering an unrivalled seminar programme, riveting debates and the chance to be inspired by the industry experts who are at the top of their game. The purpose of the day is to bring the horticulture and landscaping community together in one location to network & share knowledge. With hundreds of professionals exhibiting and attending, FutureScape 2017 is an unmissable opportunity to make contacts in the garden design and landscaping sector internationally. It is also a chance to view the latest products and technologies and to ensure your company stays completely up-to-date with all the key industry developments abroad. To register for free tickets or to find out more visit

PinkDrive also have a mobile Women´s Health Unit, Cochran added: a 14-ton truck. “This doctor´s room on wheels has a state-ofthe-art gynaecological area for pap smears, mammograms and examinations, and a reception area for administration as well as a radiology area. It’s incredibly innovative. “Supporting a charity as indispensable as PinkDrive is one of the ways that Husqvarna gets to show heart. Thousands of female operators use our equipment every day to take care of gardens, parks and forests. Through our #goPink campaign we get to honour these often-forgotten green space heroines and prove to the world that tough can also be pretty.” she said. For more information, visit


RBP12225-A TakeControl LNK WiFi_PrintAd-INT.indd 1

9/7/17 8:32 AM


RAIN BIRD ® LNK WIFI MODULE More than three decades ago, Rain Bird pioneered remote irrigation system access with the development of the Maxi III System for golf courses. Now, Rain Bird has made remote access and control available for residential and light-commercial irrigation systems with its new LNK WiFi Module. “Over the past few years, automation has become increasingly popular, allowing users to manage lighting, thermostats, appliances and more from their mobile devices,” said J.Elias Campos, Rain Bird senior product manager. “We wanted to develop a similar irrigation management solution that provides real value while also being easy to install and use. We feel we’ve achieved that with the LNK WiFi Module. Not only does it offer simple remote access, but it can also help irrigation sites use up to 30 percent less water with critical, real-time alerts and integrated water management features.” The LNK Wifi Module for Contractors The LNK WiFi Module is a small device that plugs into an accessory port on Rain Bird’s new ESP-Me and RZXe controllers. Contractors can also install the module with existing ESP-Me installations after swapping out the controller’s old front panel with the new WiFi-compatible version.This provides contractors with a straightforward, simple upgrade opportunity that doesn’t require replacing the controller.

run times on a daily basis. It also provides users with notifications on their mobile devices that assist with troubleshooting, system diagnostics and operation while providing meaningful weather event alerts. “The LNK WiFi Module is ideal for contractors who manage multiple controllers at multiple sites,” Campos said. “Contractors can quickly group controllers by geography, subdivision, street or any other way they prefer. This improves technician efficiency and simplifies service calls.” Thanks to the LNK WiFi Module, irrigation sites can meet even the most stringent water restrictions. “At Rain Bird, we’ve been manufacturing efficient, reliable irrigation systems for more than 80 years,” Campos said. “Now, with the LNK WiFi Module, contractors and property owners can access and control compatible systems from anywhere in the world.” For more information about the LNK Wifi Module, visit To learn more about Rain Bird’s many other water-efficient irrigation products for the residential, commercial, golf and agriculture markets, visit or contact Donald Matthews on

The LNK WiFi Module provides complete irrigation system management via a free downloadable mobile app. The module receives weather information from the Internet, automatically adjusting system

“NOT ONLY DOES IT OFFER SIMPLE REMOTE ACCESS, BUT IT CAN ALSO HELP IRRIGATION SITES USE UP TO 30 PERCENT LESS WATER WITH CRITICAL, REAL-TIME ALERTS AND INTEGRATED WATER MANAGEMENT FEATURES.” ABOUT RAIN BIRD CORPORATION Rain Bird Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services. Since its beginnings in 1933, Rain Bird has offered the industry's broadest range of irrigation products for farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments and homes in more than 130 countries around the globe. Rain Bird has been awarded more than 450 patents, including the first in 1935 for the impact sprinkler. Rain Bird and The Intelligent Use of Water™ are about using water wisely. Its commitment extends beyond products to education, training and services for the industry and the community.

Product available from the following Rain Bird distributors:

Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017



One Destination, Endless Possibilities. 021 903-0050 | 186 x 118.pdf



4:49 PM

Winner of the SALI Shield for Excellence in Landscaping 2017 In 2017 Life Landscapes received: 12 Gold SALI Awards, 5 Silver SALI Awards, 1 Bronze SALI Award









Live Wonderful. Life Landscapes is an award winning landscaping company specialising in landscape construction and corporate garden maintenance. We focus on xeriscaping and sustainable garden practices.


Johannesburg 011 959 1000

Cape Town 021 850 0764

Pretoria 012 644 2152

ESRI The Science of Where The Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) is an international supplier of geographic information system (GIS) software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications. Pro Landscaper catches up with the South African branch of this worldwide company, whose aim is to unlock the full potential of data to solve real problems in real time.

What was the reason for the development of the software? Esri Inc. was founded in 1969 with the belief that geographic science can promote positive change in business, government, and the world at large. Their early mission was to organise and analyse geographic information, helping land planners and land resource managers make well-informed environmental decisions. These first land studies resulted in maps that revealed opportunities for development. What are the applications for your software and which industry utilizes it the most? ArcGIS can be used by any industry that has a location or geographic element as part of their business process. ArcGIS combines the science of geography with powerful GIS technology to help you make smarter decisions. With ArcGIS, you can use maps and spatial reasoning to explore data in new ways and gain a deeper understanding of any problem or situation. Our software is fundamental to helping organisations create positive change in industry and society. Businesses apply The Science of Where to determine new locations, spot hot zones, and see real-time growth trends. Governments at all levels trust in ArcGIS to make their communities smarter, safer, and more economically viable. ArcGIS empowers manufacturers to investigate sales by region, analyse performance of individual channels, and manage inventories. From safeguarding construction crews to keeping

the power on for customers, utilities use ArcGIS to mitigate risk through a clearer, real-time operational picture. How is this software beneficial to Architects, Developers and Urban Designers? Manage the entire infrastructure life cycle: Plan: Before putting shovel to dirt, plan intelligently with 2D and 3D visualisation and analysis. That’s what we call geodesign. Geodesign helps you model scenarios and share information, considering the natural and built environments from the very first stages of planning. Design: Esri combines the CAD workflow with geospatial visualization, giving you a holistic perspective of the surrounding environment and informing all the design decisions you make. Build: Lack of coordination during the build phase can be unsafe and fiscally costly. Geospatial intelligence connects your crews by using familiar maps populated with critical workflow, personnel, and asset data to orient and inform stakeholders. Operate: Your finished product is only half the job. You have to prove its safety and sustainability with a platform that gives you operational oversight of what you created. Esri real-time data processing, dashboards, and mobile tools facilitate the smooth and safe operation of your facilities, allowing you to demonstrate to stakeholders that your product has a resilient future. Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017



Is your software available all over Africa and how does a potential user access it? Esri has Distributors, Sub Distributors and resellers covering the globe. To see who to contact for a specific region visit our website. Do you host workshops/training for the use of your products and do you work in collaboration with an institute of higher education to train users, if so, which ones? Yes. Esri South Africa offers a range of training options for both new and experienced GIS users, in both instructor-led and selfpaced (e-Learning) formats. This allows you to select training solutions that match the preferences of your organisation and your individual users. Technical Workshops are presented on the application of the technology addressing real world problems. Most Universities are Esri technology users. What are the future developments/ applications for your software? Esri is strongly committed to GIS research and development. Each year they reinvest more than 27 percent of their revenue in R&D. This allows them to rapidly address the changing and emerging needs of the user community. For example, the ArcGIS location platform can now be deployed anywhere and on any


Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017

platform or device including desktops, web browsers, enterprise systems, smartphones and tablets. Esri’s R&D efforts play an important role in defining the direction of location technology. Carefully structured software engineering has allowed them to revisit and advance the data model, functionality, and user interface of the software. In many cases, Esri has played an important role in establishing widely-accepted standards where none previously existed. This has enabled them to maintain a reputation as the world’s leading developer of geospatial software. Current areas of research include 3D visualization, big data analysis, web and mobile development, real-time data support, and broader integration with enterprise business systems. In addition, Esri continually enhance capabilities in key functional areas such as mapping, spatial analysis, network modelling, and geodesign. Esri continue to design software packages that are open and evolutionary. Who can a user contact for more information or troubleshooting on the software? Esri South Africa has a dedicated support centre to assist customers with technical queries. Esri Inc. also has various online blogs and groups where customers can either submit queries or assist other users with answers.




Ball Straathof Trials Overview

When was Ball Strathof established & introduced to SA? Straathof’s Seeds was founded in 1952 by Cornelius Augustinus Straathof, better known as Kees. It is a family business in its second and third generation, headed by Kees’ daughter, Marlaen Straathof, and her son Sean Goldfain. In 2001 Ball Horticultural Company of the U.S.A and Straathof’s joined forces, to ensure even better genetics, quality, and service to the South African industry. This gives Ball Straathof the opportunity to draw knowledge and experience from a large pool of expertise from some of the best in the industry. 14

Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017

What is the spectrum of products you have available to our industry professionals? Ball Straathof supplies annual and perennial seed, plugs and cuttings to professional bedding and cutflower growers as well as landscapers both locally and internationally. Our vast range includes 3000 different varieties of flowers, vegetables and herbs: from an open pollinated pansy to an F1 Impatiens or a vegetative novelty Petunia, like Nightsky. We have items within our range bred specifically with the landscaper in mind – such as Verbena Endurascape, Impatiens Bounce, Begonia Big & MegaWatt, Osteospermum Akila and Serenity,

Petunia Easy Wave and Tidal Wave and many others. We do offer traditional “green” landscaping plants, however we are mainly the colour specialists! Landscapers can order seedlings direct from us, however they mainly buy our genetics from their growers, so as to receive bigger, ready-to-plant varieties. Do you have a local laboratory where you test various varieties? Our products have been trialled and tested under South African conditions for ease of growing and quality, and new varieties are updated regularly. Both seed and Vegetative


Where can our landscapers and contractors find these products and where are your head offices based?

Plugs, or young plants, from Ball Straathof varieties are trial grown in Ball Straathof’s extensive 2,5ha gardens in Honeydew. We also open our doors to the trade and public once a year when we host the “Ball Straathof Trials”. Here we showcase our new and future varieties, as well as some existing ones. What would you say is Ballstrathof’s unique selling point? We offer the widest variety of seed and cutting raised product. We are very early on in the food chain – landscapers might not be familiar with the name Ball Straathof – yet, there is a very high chance that their plants started off as a seed or cutting with us! Thanks to our strong relationships with the world’s leading breeders – Ball Straathof has its finger on the pulse of what is happening in the gardening industry. Not only do we keep up to date with the trends, but we also pride ourselves on being first to market with new varieties when it matters, while still being responsible and conducting relevant tests to ensure they are suitable for our conditions and do what they say on the box.

Our head office and growing operation is located in Honeydew, Johannesburg, but our Ball Straathof brand distributes seed, cuttings and young plants to the trade nationally. Our commercial brand Kirchhoffs Seeds and Home Garden products, and RAW seeds (our newest brand) are available in most garden centres and retailers nationwide. What would you say is Ballstrathof’s ideal as a company? And how is sustainability embedded into your business? We adhere to what we call the Ball Seeds of Success, which go as follows: • • • • • • • • •

Innovate in everything you do Communicate, communicate, communicate Never sacrifice the long-term for the short-term Know your customer, know your product and follow up fast Make the extra effort Respect the individuality of others Be a team player Give back to the industry and to your community Always do the right thing

We eliminate waste and incorporate sustainable practices into our everyday tasks wherever possible. This includes little things like using natural light and energy saving light bulbs, borehole water and FSC certified paper for seed packets. We do not use pesticides

and chemicals in our gardens at all, and use certified chemicals as sparingly as possible in our young plant production, with a preference to using biologicals. We also do a lot of charity work where we donate vegetable seeds to townships, pooorer communitites and schools in order for people to build food gardens to feed the community, as well as create a business out of it. Where do you see your products and business in 5 years’ time in SA? In the ground and thriving! We are constantly changing as the industry evolves. The weather has a strong impact on how our business and product offering changes, along with both indoor and outdoor décor trends. Despite this – we would like to stay consistent, or rather constantly improve – our reliability and service as the number one seed and young plant supplier in the country. We see expansion of our growing operation, bringing the best genetics to market, and expanding in to new classes. Which has been your most rewarding project to supply to to-date and why? As the quiet guys in the background –this is hard to say! However we love “drive-by colour”! When we see pavements or entrances filled with Petunia Easy Wave or Begonia Big (for example) – we beam with pride! Ball Straathof - 011 794 2316

Plug Tray Creative displays to show new varieties at Ball Straathof Trials

Overview of "The Trial House" at Ball Straathof

Kathy Varney - Marketing & Product Manager (and part of the family)

Mixed Seeds

Raw Seeds

Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017


FEATURED: TURFTECH & RHINO-TURF Tell us a little bit about Turftech, your services to our industry and expertise?

is getting a full turnkey company when they select our services.

We believe Turftech is the leader in natural & synthetic turf technology. Turftech offers a turnkey solution in the natural & artificial market offering turf Installation, construction, & maintenance of sporting facilities. Turftech has all the necessary specialized turf equipment and expertise for any task. Our fleet of equipment consists of aggravators, aerovators, seeders, laser guided box blades, rink spreaders, turf-tidy’s, reel mowers, a Rotadairon & tractors to name but a few of the instruments paramount to delivering quality product and service. Turftech are involved with the maintenance of various sites on natural turf whereby we look after all aspects grounds, gardens and sports fields. A client

Turftech also has specialized artificial turf maintenance machinery that is required for the deep cleaning maintenance of artificial hockey & soccer pitches.


Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017

Turftech also bought the biggest rink spreader to service their Natural & Artificial clients during turf installation & annual spring treatments. Turftech has just agreed an exclusive agreement to distribute the Rhino-Turf products in South Africa....tell us about this partnership? Rhino-Turf brings something different to the synthetic turf business in South Africa with a


system solution from turf supply, installation and also maintenance. A turnkey approach, where quality is at the forefront. Turftech works hand in hand with Rhino-Turf and does all base works that includes G5, correction layers, paving, kerbing, fencing and asphalt layer.

Turftech Specializes in the following facilities:

Where are Rhino-Turf products best suited application wise?

- Artificial Hockey Fields - Artificial Rugby Fields - Artificial Rugby Tech zones - Artificial Multi Courts - Artificial 5 a Side courts - Artificial Cricket Nets & Pitches - Natural Cricket Pitches - Natural Sports Field - Irrigation Systems - Grounds, Gardens & Sports field maintenance - Tennis, Netball & Basketball Courts

Rhino-Turf is a sport only turf supplier but their sister company Easigrass is a landscape turf supplier specializing in domestic and commercial applications. Both product brands can be sourced through Turftech. What are the warrantees & guarantees on these products? The Standard warrantee on all Rhino-Turf products is 8 years which is testament to our belief that this is a top-class product that can withstand great traffic as well as wearand-tear. What are some of the characteristics of this Turf product? Rhino-Turf is constantly staying ahead of the game and its VT range of products (used at the Chelsea Football Academy as well as a Premiership rugby club, London Irish) has a revolutionary root zone protection thatch yarn which leads to a safer turf system and gives strength in performance, so we are thrilled to be supplying this. What are some of your most memorable projects/ installations to date and why? Rhino-Turf has many memorable projects around the world. but I think Africa’s first full size synthetic rugby field in Namibia at Windhoek Gymnasium stands out. We are sure this will be the springboard for synthetic rugby fields around South Africa. Working with

Chelsea Football Club for the past 18 years is also a wonderful highlight. From Turftech’s point of view, we have successfully installed a FIH Global Hockey pitch and three FIH National Hockey Pitches. The reason these installations make us beam with pride is because these facilities are tested by an independent company called UJSportslabs. Through vigorous and thorough testing, all aspects of the project are tested to the highest standards. We are proud to have the most certified hockey fields in the country. How can our readers find your products throughout South Africa? TurfTech’s head offices are in Kempton Park, Gauteng but we certainly do travel far and wide to service the whole of Southern Africa. Rhino-Turf works exclusively through TurfTech in South Africa and together we offer we offer base work preparation, turf supply, installations and facility maintenance.

Len Ludick Managing Director Turftech

William Allan International Sales Director Rhino-Turf

Contact Info: 082 779 3491 |

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The 2017 Corobrik-ILASA Awards of Excellence The prestigious Corobrik-ILASA Awards of Excellence took place on the 15th September at the Johannesburg Country Club-Auckland Park. The aim of this event, held every second year, is to acknowledge and promote excellence in Landscape Architecture. Landscape Architecture is more than a profession; it is a basic component of human culture. The ILASA Merit Awards of Excellence aims to exemplify best practice examples that are clear in their intent and relevant to their specific context. We are faced with particular social challenges in a country with extraordinary biodiversity, rich in resources but in need of conserving what we have. Projects merited on this prestigious evening, clearly demonstrated how they add value to the landscape, specifically in aspects of social and ecological health and well-being, and in some cases, encompassed both aspects.

Kings Beach Park- Earthworks

Marula Game Ranch- GREENinc

Waterfall City Park & Town Square- Daniel Rebel Landscape Architects

Pictured here are the ILASA Merit Award Winners

House Erasmus- Hort Couture


Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017

Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Hospital- GREENinc


The Skycatcher at Northgate Island- Square 1

UCT Lecture Theatre- OvP Associates Westbury Pedestrian Bridge & Park – IYER Urban Design Studio


colour palette should be the pression of our brand. It should nications, being supported by the nd extended palettes.

corporate colours are terracotta ange. The primary corporate colour 3 C and Pantone 138 C.

1 on Mutual- Insite Landscape Architects

ucing using any other repro method, ot colour (litho), the method used g the colours should always refer to the Pantone swatch colours. stablish a standard in process ternational process selector guide d as a standard and these CMYK are indicated below the colour s page. It may be necessary to MYK breakdown depending on the printing material utilized – always the colours reproduced fall within a e Pantone swatches.

University of PTA – Maryke van der Merwe The Towers at Merriman Square Square 1


SASOL Head OfficeInsite Landscape Architects

n on this page and throughout these guidelines have not been one Inc. For accuracy and may not match the PANTONE® ndards. for accurate standards, refer to the current edition of olor formula guide. PANTONE® is a registered trademark of

Quay’s Development: Quays, Quays North, Quayside- Planning Partners

Vergelegen- OvP Associates




promotional items




Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017



Special Awards on this evening were also awarded for specific projects and industry influencers who deserved notable mentions.

The Life Time Award of Outstanding Practise in Landscape Design, awarded to Patrick Watson

The Life Time Award of Outstanding Practise in Landscape Design, awarded to Patrick Watson Patrick Watson is a self-made man who at the age of 26, is awarded and runs the design and implementation of the extended gardens of the Sun City Casino Project. Growing from strength to strength, in 1991 Patrick, with no formal training, was awarded honorary membership of ILASA in appreciation of his contribution to many of South Africa’s finest gardens. This award has never been repeated. Patrick’s work is not limited to gardens and gardening. Over more than 50 years he has been involved with a variety of organizations in the creation of and for the protection of Parks, River Trails, Natural Ridges, Rock Formations, Trees and Iron Age Sites. He is a founding member of the South African National Trust for gardens and landscapes. His work covers immense range of projects; from tiny private gardens to vast industrial estates, hotel complexes, golf courses, farms and even entire islands. He has designed projects in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland and the D.R.C. He has also worked in Malaysia, India, Mauritius, Seychelles, Saudi Arabia, Malta and Australia. Patrick largely works by himself and with selected clients and contractors. He has no equal in landscape design, his extensive plant knowledge combined with immense design creativity and sensitivity outshines our best efforts. He has served as an ILASA judge on various occasions and is always available to share his passion and work with students and peers when approached. His work has appeared in many books and trade magazines throughout the years, but lamentably the industry is in dire need of a worthy compilation of the examples that he is still feverishly producing these days. In admiration of his work and his inspirational design achievements, we would like to honour him with the highest award in our industry, the life time award of outstanding practice in landscape design.

20 Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017

The Tshala Plant Brokers Environmental Sensitivity Award- Square 1 Landscape Architects for The Towers at Merriman Square. The Just Trees Award for Best Use of Trees was awarded to Insite Landscape Architectsfor SASOL Head Office.


The Just Trees Award for Best Use of Trees was awarded to Insite Landscape Architects for SASOL Head Office The landscape design encompasses a number of different spaces; ground level, the interior and exterior spaces of the podium level on top of the super-basement, the 5th floor, and the 10th floor. Fluid paths lead the visitor out onto the Podium Level landscape, serene and encompassing, allowing for the thoughtful absorption of current and future art pieces and sculptural elements. Winding pathways guide visitors through the full and rich biome vegetation displays, that celebrate and showcase carefully selected indigenous trees and shrubs that are specifically known for their bird and butterfly attracting characteristics, allowing for the display of information from the Sasol Birding Collection. Judges’ comments: The project demonstrates excellent integration with the architecture and provides a variety of desirable outdoor spaces for use by office occupants. A wonderful variety of large trees and plant species were introduced. The initiative, particularly to attract birds, in line with the Sasol series of Field Guides, is commendable. The project achieved a general high average in all the award criteria categories. The Tshala Plant Brokers Environmental Sensitivity Award- Square 1 Landscape Architects for The Towers at Merriman Square

Judges’ comments: The project is innovative and has been very well implemented, and is a new benchmark for the development of urban spaces in the City of Cape Town, including stormwater management, water harvesting and providing both passive recreation and education for pedestrians. It makes a valuable contribution to the Foreshore of Cape Town, touching numerous people on a daily basis and is a world-class project, which will enrich South African Landscape Architecture. The President’s Award – GREENinc for Marula Game Ranch Poised against the dramatic geology and hilled environment of the Namibian plateau, the gardens of the Marula Game Ranch residence overlook and find their root in the meandering bends of the Schaap river that skirts its edge. Rather than cover an already beautiful hill with endless lush and ‘exotic’ gardens, a more restrained approach was applied when considering the design. The principal strategy behind the landscape is a linear navigation route informed by the idea of a charm bracelet. The metaphor of the bracelet consists as a primary axis/route or chain that gives order between the residence and the river with secondary elements/jewels that adorn and link up to the central route/chain.

Design energy and focus was placed on the charms of the bracelet, moments scattered along the main navigation routes, providing respite from the harsh environment. These include arched walkway structures, curiosity courtyards, deep rock pools and terraced spaces that replicate the rocky ridges and open river bed that characterize the site. Courtyard structures are designed to provide cool retreat and depth of shade from the desert heat while providing protection to plants from cold winter winds. Pathways and structures alike are respectfully designed and sculpted to fit around and into existing rocks and trees, treading lightly in places while solidly grounding themselves in others. The approach to materials is simple and layered, mimicking textures of the immediate environment while proving a backdrop to the delightful play of shadow and light that bring life to each of the spaces. Judges’ comments: A project executed with excellence on a site with the challenges of both water scarcity and extremes of temperature. Plants suited to the site conditions, including rare species, were sourced from near and far. The project received excellent scores in all the award criteria categories. The judges commended the sensitivity achieved throughout the design elements, which are visually and technically integrated with the natural environment and creative context. The project was considered to be at or beyond a level of prime excellence.

The President’s Award – GREENinc for Marula Game Ranch

This landscape project responds well to the contextual planning and to its environment. The design is innovative, aesthetically pleasing and functional. The stormwater harvesting is exemplary. User safety has been considered and the project is accessible to all. The landscaping is well integrated with the architecture and urban design. The technical detailing is durable and of a very high quality. Plant mix selection is good and thriving in this time of drought and water restrictions. Ecological value is added through the seasonal wetland, which provides diverse experiences and educational value in the inner city. This landscape is enjoyed by many on a daily basis and contributes highly to its environment.

Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017




ARUP Simon Green, Associate director at ARUP London, discusses landscape architecture on a global scale and arup’s ethos of shaping a better world.


Simon, could you tell us a little about the history of Arup? The company was founded in 1946 by Ove Arup. He’s known for his amazing work on Sydney Opera House, and one of the first projects they did was the penguin pool in London Zoo. He was a preeminent engineer of his time. His big thing was ‘Total Design’, which is the philosophy around an integrated, multi-disciplinary style of thinking and design approach. His vision is more relevant now than ever before with the challenges that we face in climate change, health and wellbeing, air quality and water scarcity. A member of the board once remarked that if Ove Arup was around today he would probably be a landscape architect, because he always approached projects from a holistic point of view and that is one of the things that makes us interesting as a profession today – landscape architect as integrator and orchestrator. Our mission statement as a company is about shaping a better world. We’re a privately owned company held in trust for the benefit of employees, which means we’re able to independently determine our own priorities and direction as a business.

How many people work here? We are now more than 13,000 people in 85 offices across 35 countries. At any one time, we have about 10,000 different projects ongoing. We’re organised around four key overarching markets: cities, water, energy and transport. I think because of our engineering roots we’re often seen as mainly engineers, but we are so much more than that today and operate as an interdisciplinary firm of designers, planners, engineers and consultants. There are about 90 landscape architects globally of which in London we have around 40. In the UK, we have teams in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle, and Leeds. Globally, we also have landscape architects in Dubai, Australia, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and New York. Who makes up the landscape architecture team? The team is diverse – we have landscape architects, architects, designers, illustrators and people who studied product design and graphics. We sit adjacent to the urban design team who we are totally intertwined with on many projects. We’re currently working on projects with them such as HS2 and overseas masterplans in India and China.

Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017



The team has been involved in many infrastructure projects such as the Olympic Park, but since then it has grown considerably and developed into lots of new areas, building up a diverse portfolio of work. We still do infrastructure work but are also heavily involved in master planning, regeneration strategies, EIA’s, public realm projects and design guidance. We are also doing a lot of work around technology and BIM in particular. Clients are increasingly interested in the whole project and asset life cycle, and this technology allows us to help them develop long term management and maintenance strategies. How important is new technology and BIM? BIM is something that is going to affect the majority of the landscape profession, and we see it as a really extraordinary opportunity in terms of differentiating our offer – we have a dedicated BIM and GIS technology team embedded in our landscape team, which makes us more productive and allows designers to spend more time designing which is great. We do however still put a lot of emphasis on the ‘power of the pen’ and exploration of ideas through sketching. We are also finding the analogue and digital worlds are combining, with the likes of 3D printed models being used on many of our projects. What are the central focuses at the company? The company motto is ‘shaping a better world’ which sounds easy to say, but I truly believe that this is the company’s driving force and fundamental to the way we approach our work. We respond in an integrated way to the unprecedented challenges that we face such as huge technological, political and economic change. Landscape architecture is relevant to a whole range of different work, for example we recently worked on country-wide resilience strategies in the Seychelles which looked at the economy, housing, flood resilience, food, security and tourism, and equally we are working at the other end of the scale on small public realm schemes and community pop-up street transformations. We’re also working with the international development, air quality and energy teams on resilience strategies, so landscape architecture and green infrastructure play a central role within all this work. We approach every project differently. Each site and client is different, and we don’t have a house style because of the variety and the complexity of the different cultures we are operating in. The thing that is consistent is the need to create integrated environmental design solutions.


Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017




What is your personal role? I am now joint leader of the London team, so I’m responsible for managing the team. It’s interesting that as your career progresses you move more from day to day practice to a more management-orientated role, but I’m still very active on the design side, working closely with the team on design quality and shaping concepts. We’re very lucky that we have a diverse and committed team that is highly motivated and passionate about what they do. As well as that, I do a lot of business development, bidding and work on the marketing side of things. I believe that you are only as good as your last project so I aim to ensure that we’re keeping on top of quality and optimising design to make sure we’re fulfilling the potential on every project. I’m involved in an interesting project with Hertfordshire County Council in which we’re working alongside the highways team and their engineers to promote a different way of approaching their projects. As well as looking at the geometry and mechanics of the street environment, we’re able to also look at the wider





6 1  Hotel Park, Doha 2 Olympic Park, London 3  Hotel Park, Doha 4  Olympic Park, London 5  Reem Island, Abu Dhabi 6  InMidTown Walk, Holborn,


7  Cities Alive – Rethinking Green

Infrastructure Initiative

placemaking potential of the schemes to see how they can be enhanced to deliver bigger transformations for the community. Many of the projects are modest in size but I really enjoy the work as they’re delivered on the ground and make a difference to many people’s everyday lives. That is an example of a project that started as a brief phonecall about some surface material options for a station interchange, which has developed into a much deeper relationship working with their engineering teams on multiple projects. We’re also working with them on county-wide guidance for streets across Herts, ensuring there is a consistent integrated design approach that delivers a transformation in the look and feel, performance and quality of much of the county’s road and street network. In my role, I do a lot of travelling to many different parts of the world. I’ve just got back from India – it was fascinating, an amazing country with huge energy. Their environmental ambitions really struck me too. I enjoy travelling, but it is quite hard with a family. It does keep you fresh

and it’s interesting to see how other countries are responding to global issues. Is the role of landscape architects changing? I have seen a huge change in my career since I started 20 years ago, when I was filling in the gaps between buildings with planting on suburban housing estates – what I like to call the ‘parsley round the pig’ landscape! Now we are central to so many projects, plans and strategies at a range of scales working with a multitude of different disciplines, embedded in project teams from the start – not bolted on at the end. Clients have become a lot more sophisticated about how they involve us. However there is more to do, particularly at a government level about the importance of our streets, parks and open spaces. There appears to be a lot of siloed thinking which I actually think is a big political issue. I think we should be a bit more provocative and political as a profession and say things that we feel are important. For example, why do we only spend 0.15% of public money on parks and open spaces even though they are central to the health, wellbeing and identity of our nation? Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017






Are there any current issues which you would like to see change? One of the things I find perverse now is that we have vast sums of money being spent on medicine, obesity, diabetes and mental health, yet we have huge cuts to budgets for parks and the two totally tie together. For me that is where a longer term, strategic view needs to be taken – we need to do more for those kinds of spaces. I’m of course going to be biased but the power of landscape architects to transform lives through their work is massive. What really strikes me now is the appetite of people to be together in a world in which we increasingly spend a lot of our time in a virtual existence. A good analogy is the music industry – in an age of streaming, the appetite to go to live gigs has gone through the roof and I think that is where there is an interesting opportunity around the public realm now. People want to be with people, and our public spaces are good places for that to happen. There is opportunity for landscape architects to raise the importance of public realm and in particular our streets. For the past 60 years streets have been designed around the motor vehicle, but we have seen a vast change in this attitude. France for example has introduced car-free days in the centre of Paris, whilst other cities have implemented cycle highways and designed more attractive, pedestrian-friendly streetscapes for people to enjoy. We’ve been working on a Streets for People initiative, which looks at introducing pop-up parks in some of London’s busiest streets for residents, workers and visitors to enjoy.

26 Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017

Do you recommend suppliers? It varies depending on the project, the client and the supply chain. We always look for locally sourced materials where possible. The client I recently visited in India was really interesting because they have developed their own on-site nursery where they grow all their stock in a three-stage process. It naturalises in the microclimate there, and that increases its chances of establishing well. That is a really good tool for those bigger projects and brilliant for building local skills, capacity and supply chain. How important is green space? We did a report for CIRIA looking at the benefits of large species trees and the impact they have on our cities. For me it is fundamental to human health and happiness. It is an intrinsic part of our cities. Green space is more than just trees and parks, it also includes the street network. I know not all streets are tree lined or green, but they are vital parts of our cities and as such they connect a wide range of other open spaces – they are the life blood of our urban areas. We’re doing a really interesting piece of work as part of the Wild West End programme which is implementing green spaces, walls, roofs and planters across the West End in London. This involves a number of private project partners working together to increase green infrastructure and ecology in central London. The World Health Organisation recommends that there is 10m2 of space per person. The city we have just come back from in India has only 2m2 per person, and the population is doubling in size from three to six




million people. This level of urban growth poses huge challenges to the world’s cities to accommodate green space, and that is why buildings and roofs as well as streets and parks are part of the solution. Are there any trends you’ve seen in your projects? Our profile is changing. We get involved a lot earlier in projects now. We’re now less peripheral and more central – there is much more interdisciplinary working. There has been a transformation in the private sector’s view of landscape design and good public realm design. If you look at King’s Cross, much of its success is about the public realm and the way spaces are used, getting the public realm activated early, getting people to use the spaces with lots of different events and creating a real buzz. This underpins the investment and the land value – it’s really encouraging to see that is increasingly the norm now. We’ve seen technology play a much greater role around green infrastructure and holistic design. We’re emulating the principles we know make a successful streetscape and then fusing that with innovations around sensors, LED technology and smart systems – our view is that the future of landscape design will be a hybrid between low and high tech, tradition and innovation combined. Communities are also becoming a lot more involved. The Peckham coal line for example has very similar beginnings to the Highline in New York. Both have involved repurposing old infrastructure that communities didn’t want to see removed, giving them a new purpose and green space. Both were driven by

passionate local people who want to get involved and drive positive change in their communities.

8 Broadgate Circle, City of London

How do you measure the success of a project? This is a really important topic that we are being asked about a lot. Everyone knows that it’s nice to have green spaces in cities, but what are they doing? How many degrees have they cooled? Are they improving health and wellbeing? How much water and carbon are these spaces and trees absorbing? We pull these stats together because they’re quite compelling, and at the end of the day we work in a financial system so we need those solid stats and facts.

10  Croydon Green Infrastructure Vision

Do you do much work outside of cities? There has been a lot of emphasis on cities and that is definitely where my true interest lies. There have been some interesting opportunities working on big infrastructure projects connecting cities through rural areas, however, we need to be thinking about our rural areas more for food security, water management and energy. How do you win contracts? Because of our size and reputation, we inevitably get involved on projects that have been brought in through other teams and that is great. However as a substantially sized landscape architecture business, we’re winning very big commissions of our own. We also do a lot of our own bidding for both public and private clients and commissions in the UK and overseas. As we’re a diverse team in terms of the type of work we do, the scale of work we do and the types of client we have, I think that gives us huge stability. We have a very low turnover of staff which is down to our diversity of work, the way we work and the fun we have while doing it. We have a network of offices overseas so there are also lots of opportunities for short and long term assignments on projects. We are quite selective when it comes to bidding for contracts. We need to know beforehand that there is there an approach that we can take to make it a winning formula. We want to understand our client’s issues and concerns. Often they will identify something in a brief, and from dealing with that we’re able to open up other opportunities and resolve other issues, which goes back to our ethos of Total Design.

9 Irfan Masterplan, Oman

11  Jaguar Land Rover, Wolverhampton


ARUP Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists working across all aspects of today’s built environment. W:

Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017


HEAVEN ON EARTH At the foot of the Waaihoek mountain, situated in the beautiful Breede valley, lies the perfect hide away, Bosjes. Here you will feast your eyes on one of the most striking contemporary chapels in South Africa with architecture mimicking a white bird in flight (Psalm 36:7). You can also be certain that the landscaped area ties in quite perfectly to this stunning design with strong biblical reference & symbolism. cndv landscape architects create a memorable garden which compliments the architecture, natural landscape and surroundings in a heavenly manner.

28 Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017


Size: Total Landscape Area: +- 3.4 Ha Timeline: Initial Proposals - July 2012 Completion – August 2017

The Brief: The Client’s brief was to create a landscape using predominantly indigenous tree and plant species with strong but understated ties to historical- and biblical references. Bosjes is situated within the winelands of the Breede Valley between Worcester and Ceres. Magnificent mountain ranges surround the farm. These mountains were the inspiration for the iconic chapel. cndv landscape architects were responsible for all of the external design, with Tanya de Villiers conceptualising the layout, and Herman de Lange developing the design and taking the project to completion. A plant search and rescue was conducted prior to the commencement of construction with several plant species, endemic to the area, being propagated and re-introduced as part of the overall plant palette. Plants noted in the Bible were specifically sourced for the project such as Olives, Citrus, Pomegranates, Cypress trees, Thorn Trees, Ficus trees, Willow trees grapes, Papyrus, Buxus, Salvia, Irises and roses to name a few. The landscape design creates individual but interconnected “rooms,” each forming a distinctive landscape space with a unique atmosphere. Visitors become lost within this vast and varied landscape as they explore, experience, rest and contemplate.

The chapel landscape relates via axes to the existing historic graveyard on site, as well as via a long axis through the farm up to the old manor house precinct. The chapel landscape relates subtly to references from the Bible, with its lush gardens, water features and ancient plant species. Water as a sacred and linking element is used throughout the design. A large pond reflects the chapel, and four streams link to the central apple tree of the Lush garden. One moves through the large gushing ‘parting of the seas’ water feature, complete with papyrus reeds and water lilies. Biblical references are subtle but moving through the site is likely to touch even the most incongruous of visitor. A brisk walk up the man-made ‘Dry mountain’ is enough to take your breath away, if the views from the top don’t do it! You may even find a reference to the hanging gardens of Babylon within the sunken secret tea garden. Further up the hill, The Bosjes Kombuis ( a bistro style restaurant), historic Manor House & new Guest Suites the landscape design relates much more to a Cape farm “werf” style. The primary focus of the “werf” space is a formal circular water element with linear trough mimicking a traditional “leivore”. Large existing trees add a layer of historic presence to the

Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017



SUPPLIERS Main Contractor: Longworth @ Faul Eduan Naude - 021 862 2120 Lighting Faradays Danny Talhami - 0861 10 6226 Landscape Contractor Interplant Horticulture Roger Codrai - 083 261 7513 Various Plants New Plant Lethu Lunga - 044 889 0055 Irrigation Contractor CiS (Cape irrigation Systems) Charl le Roux - 021 975 2262 Lighting Regent Lighting Solutions Lee-Anne Blyth - 011 474 0171 The external entertainment/multi-functional spaces consist of a large level lawn area with scattered large trees. The booking of large trees at Just Trees, was initiated in 2013 with a total of 540 trees kept and maintained by the nursery until the site was ready for the commencement of planting in July 2015. 126 mature fruit bearing Olive trees were planted on site and adds to the crop for the production of estate olive oil. Other fruit bearing trees include almonds, pistachios, honey locusts, citrus and pomegranates. Hard landscape surfaces have clean uncluttered lines, using natural materials in the classic tradition of Cape rural place making. Colours and finishes include white, off white, natural timber and muted earth tones, all as per the guiding principles set by the appointed Heritage Consultants. These materials are used in both the chapel and manor house precincts to link the spaces.

30 Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017

The blue slate used in the landscape was sourced from the northern parts of South Africa and speaks to the historic use of slate in the Western Cape. The packed stone blend used to clad the landscape walls, gatehouse and Bistro building, was specifically sourced to match the colours of the surrounding mountain backdrop. Discreet and integrated landscape lighting design adds a new dimension to the landscape and a memorable night time experience. The combination of landscape lighting and the play of shadows as well as reflections in the water features add another dimension to the lush landscape. A bespoke set of landscape elements and signage was purpose-designed for the development by the landscape architects, using natural timber and anodised aluminium.

Irrigation Designer & - Supplier Controlled Irrigation Oliver Blank - 021 551 0355 Large Tree Supplier Just Trees Carl Pretorius - 021 871 1595 Natural Stone Supplier & Contractor Stone Age Construction John de Jager - 021 875 5604 Water Element Pumps & Reticulation Koi Louis Louis van den Heever - 083 378 4615 Landscape Timber Works Kobus van Rensburg - 083 459 5114 Decking Envirodeck Larry Jacques - 021 706 1099


ABOUT CNDV LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS cndv landscape architects is a vibrant Cape Town based firm committed to innovative design excellence in the fields of landscape architecture, industrial and product design. The original firm was formed in 1988 and has a 29 year track record in the industry. cndv landscape architects remains one of South Africa’s foremost design firms and is considered a specialist in the field of landscape architecture, embracing a full range of expertise and boasting a team of highly competent professional-, technical- and administrative staff. In addition to excellence in design the firm is passionately committed to: • • •

taking pride, thinking differently and planning for success nurturing a creative and fun office environment the successful transformation of the South African society

The firm has been involved in many projects in and around South Africa and abroad for both public and private clients. We enjoy working in a team and contributing to creating better environments for people.

Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017


CONCRETE CONCEPT Hortcouture Landscape Architects create a concrete paradise within the urban setting of Johannesburg. The design follows the architectural cues of the site and building, producing a unique & beautiful contemporary outdoor space for this residence.

Location: Bedforview, Johannesburg Project Timeline: March 2014 – February 2016 Size: 1050m2

Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017



The Brief The brief was simple enough in that the design was to take architectural cues, replicate material use in the structure and create enough usable space on a challenging sloped site. Concrete was a central theme of the project with much of the architecture making use of this versatile material. Concrete was a requirement in the landscape to create unity between the building and landscape. The second requirement was to make use of the site and create as much level garden and lawn areas as possible. Level surfaces were not part of the existing site which had a height difference of 20m down a rocky slope along the Bedfordview Ridge. The design objectives were to formulate a proposal that worked with the architectural style and use of materials, make full use of the site and a solution that would be workable for the client and their family. The main challenge of the project was evident in the site, a steep rocky slope with a 20metre drop from the highest to the lowest point. Along with this, there were no level areas, where the

34 Pro Landscaper Africa / October 2017

existing structure was demolished with a new structure taking its place. Geotechnical services were required to stabilise certain rock faces which left these as exposed gunite cement. These exposed surfaces were seen to be in stark contrast to the natural features of the site, and it was decided to plant over the exposed gunite with living walls to form green carpets of growth cascading down the gunite walls. A natural exposed rock surface was used to install climbing walls with a secure launch platform and autobelay system. The steep site was rendered negotiable with steel mentis grate catwalks which leads one to the climbing wall launch area and a viewing deck at the highest point on the site. The elevated catwalk allows for minimal intrusion in the landscape below and light to still provide adequate growing conditions for planting. The catwalk provides a comfortable means to access the site while in keeping with the robust and industrial materials used on the project. A small lawn area was installed on the ground floor level adjacent to the entrainment area and indoor pool, which necessitated the construction of a 4m retaining wall with the neighbouring property.


SUPPLIERS Landscape Contractor DIG (design in garden) Craig Hunter - 072 282 0446 Horticare Shaun Alcock - 011 024 2480 Plant Sourcing Tshala Plant Brokers Gail Dreyer - 082 415 0165 Irrigation Wetec Arnold van de Wetering - 011 708 7950 Lighting Streamlight Jason Rivkind - 011 440 4142 Boundary Wall Coprox Sonia Nogueira - 011 579 4300 Galvanised Steel Catwalk PECON Engineering Artevia Exposed Aggregate Driveway: Lafarge Aeysha Lalla - 011 657 1020

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The lawn terrace is framed by a concrete panel feature wall with Led strip lighting to emphasize the panels at night. The panels were hung on a steel sub-frame system with panels of varying dimensions being set slightly apart on varying planes and with varying gaps. The play on shadows adds further dimension to the feature wall. The central atrium with shallow reflection pond was included to add water to the scheme. The pond was given a shallow mesh covered with pebbles to maintain a safe environment for young children. A small children’s play area was set back from the boma area with a steel play fort, and accessed via the raised catwalk. The boma area of mixed chipped concrete, steel and timber further continues the material theme of the project. Planting was 85% indigenous and well suited to the geographical and geological conditions of the site.


have passionately been defining exterior spaces and places for the past 18 years on a variety of projects being residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality Hortcouture works to provide innovative and aesthetically pleasing environments for people to enjoy, while ensuring that changes to the natural environment are appropriate, sensitive and sustainable. Hortcouture are a small sized consulting company, offering holistic solutions in the disciplines of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning & Consulting for the past 20 years. Undertaking a variety of specialized projects in the Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial spheres, this company has competency in all aspects of Landscape Architecture, and Environmental planning and consulting. They collaborate closely with landscape contractors, as well as other professionals, especially architects, town planners, environmentalists and people working in surveying and engineering functions.

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T HE M E E T I NG P L AC E Alice Lane is an urban development in Sandton, Johannesburg. With landscape phasing spanning over many years, this site was developed for Pivotal Property Investment Fund + Abland, with Abland leading the process of development throughout its various stages. Alice Lane Precinct Phase III & Piazza is the third of the phases Karen Marais has been involved in, initially beginning phase I whilst working for the renowned Insite Landscape Architects, and then tackling phases II and III once she had begun her own firm, The Ochre Office, in 2013. Her and her team have thus had the pleasure of working through the process that has brought this incredible development to life.

Size: 8250 m2 Timeline: 01 Dec 2014 – 28 Feb 2017 (2 years 3 months) Cost: R10.2 Million Location: Sandton, Johannesburg


Project History The Alice Lane Precinct essentially incorporates 3 individual buildings, connected over one super-basement. The full site extends from the corner of Fredman and 5th up to and southwards along Alice Lane. All three buildings spill out onto the common Piazza Level, designed and landscaped to serve as a seamless integration of the separate phases. The client and project team saw the potential of creating publicly accessible space in the centre of prime commercial properties. This piazza space not only acts to glue the development as one but opens it out to the street, affording users and tenants the freedom to move easily between offices, shops, services and surrounds. The site slopes dramatically from Alice Lane down to Fredman Drive, allowing the Piazza to integrate at street level on Alice Lane but affording spectacular views over the NorthWestern Suburbs on the Fredman boundary. The Design Allowing the precinct to be accessible from all directions and opening it to the street edge was the principal objective of the project. It was paramount to create on the ground level of the three buildings, an active zone that encouraged engagement constantly

throughout the day and night. Accessibility and appeal to the businessmen and woman to utilize the space was at the forefront of the design concept. CORE CONCEPTS: Open edges: The development required open edges to the street, allowing free flow of pedestrian movement, pulling visitors inwards. Gateway: The landscape needed to differentiate itself, announcing your arrival into the precinct – “gateway” and “threshold” became important elements; Active core: The three buildings accumulate around a central zone – the heart of the piazza – and working closely with the Architects ensured that the functions that gathered around this core active the space and allow opportunity for gathering and business (cafes and restaurants spill out towards a central space that in turn can be used for functions and exhibitions etc.); Fluidity of design: With the brief encouraging that the piazza space spill between core and edges, the lines on

the ground naturally interpreted paths of movement, bleeding and sweeping below the buildings. Users of the precinct can walk freely between and underneath the building structures and the piazza sweeps through; Practicality and Affordability: The aim was to address user needs and function (rest, business, gathering, security, adaptability of space, maintenance, navigation, etc.) all the while considering structural, drainage, and level implications. The team repeated workshops that built up complex ideas and then stripped them down again to their simplest aspects to ensure they were affordable, buildable and addressed the core intentions of functionality. Simplification of Aesthetic: Common design language, construction-type and materiality were key but each zone of the precinct required various alignments/ combinations of those elements to differentiate the spaces and allow for interest in the design. The team had to harness five years’ worth of ideas,break them down and merge them together into a cohesive whole.

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SUPPLIERS Seating Tops and Pots: Igneous Concrete Vicky Grigoroglu - 082 443 0084 Tree Grilles: Mojeba Projects Morris - 082 449 5038 Sourcing Materials Much of the materiality of the design was decided in Phase I – the Marsh/Standard Bank building. Even at this early phase of the design, the team had to develop a palette of textures and forms that they could transfer/ extend out into the Piazza as the development progressed. The materials needed to be sustainable (in budget and supply) and, even at this stage, Karen and her team needed to find a design language that would have longevity and not run the risk of alienating itself from the next two phases (even though they didn’t know what the next two buildings would look like at that stage). The materials that were selected for continuity through the development were the Igneous Concrete seating panels, the Bosun granite paving brick, the Eva-last composite decking and of course general tones of grey, black and white which could easily be supplemented with colour as the project progressed. There were, like with most projects some obstacles that influenced the process. The unpacking of the slab was a notable aspect: The entire Piazza level is constructed as a suspended / raised Bondek slab over a load-bearing base penetron slab. The base slab was a blanket layer engineered to allow the piazza design the flexibility required to develop and change without requiring redesign of the structure. It acts as a drainage deck,

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and is tilted to allow for flow of storm water to the various outlet systems. A Bondek slab is then raised above this (300mm-1m average) above the base slab and would support the paved walkable zone. The “below board” complications that every team member can attest to are also notable, addressing drainage, support, planter depths and the routing of multiple infrastructure that services the piazza (water, irrigation, lighting, etc.) The intricate paving design was very tricky to document throughout the process and The Central Water Feature was not without its complications and had to be handled carefully and creatively to create a feature that dealt with the fluid element of water. Levels also played a part in the design implementation. Although all three buildings are set at basement level, their ground floors differ in levelling- implementing paving and flow whilst coordinating levelling was something that had to be taken into account. Planting selected had to be robust and generally low maintenance to account for the various climate zones amidst the piazza- some shaded areas are exposed to the chill and channeling of wind and some are exposed to the harsh sun. It was important to change the planting palette throughout the piazza to account for the different zones.

Screens, Cladding and Decking: Decking4Africa Albert Swartz - 083 645 4616 Paving: Bosun and Smartstone Anita Zanin - 082 907 8201 Granite Tiles: Mazista Tiles Melissa Varga - 082 334 7910 Litter Bins: Badec Bros Edrich Badenhorst - 083 675 3566 Irrigation: Controlled Irrigation Sheldon Hutchinson - 079 050 1856 Lighting: Regent Lighting Lee-Anne Blyth - 011 474 0171 Art and Sculpture: Art and Sculpture Management: Parts&Labour Brendan Copesake - 084 455 0255 Sculpture_Synapse Marco Cianfanelli - 061 647 3082 Tile Artwork_ Alice Lane Staircase Lorenzo Nassimbeni - 073 462 4437 Plant Sourcing Tshala Plant Brokers Gail Dreyer - 082 413 8997 Photographs Supplied By: Paragon Architects



MEET THE TEAM The Contracting Team: Main Contractor: WBHO Construction Paving and Tiling: REE Paving Water Feature: Water’scapes Landscape Contractor: Life Landscapes Consultant Team: L&S Consulting Engineers Quanticost Quantity Surveyors Piazza Lighting Design Paul Pamboukian Lightdesign Paragon Architects

The Ochre Office (Pty) Ltd is a professional design firm specializing in Landscape Architecture. Established in 2013, the company continually strives for excellence in design, planning and contract management, undertaking projects that vary in size and typology be they private, commercial, industrial, or recreational and community sites. We see our role as Landscape Architects firmly and fundamentally seated in the formulation of connections between people, their built environments and their natural surrounds – understanding the interactions between form, texture, space and function. It is within this notion of connectedness that we seek to design smart, sustainable, environmentally responsive and appropriately integrated landscape solutions.

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Hoffmann Power’s Zomax ZM4010 chainsaw is the latest product to complement the Hoffmann Power Garden Equipment range. A light compact saw with impressive performance, 1.5kW/2hp/39.6cc - 2stroke with a 16” Oregon chain and guide bar. Its light weight design, low-vibration and improved air cooling system means this easy start chainsaw will work in most environments. Highly suitable for pruning limbs, cutting firewood, taking down small trees or those impossible to reach top branches when climbing up a tree. Its big brother, the Zomax ZM6510 is ideal for the professional user; tree fellers, forestry & municipalities.


The Murray EMT20460H side discharge tractors with foot operated hydrostatic automatic transmission will make mowing fun. With three cutting blades and a cutting width of 117cm they are ideal for large gardens. A large side deflector disperses the grass evenly. All ride-on’s have a wide leg space and can be easily accessed. The height control is mounted on the fender and can be reached comfortably. Features: Cruise control standard, Easy step-through platform, Easy to turn independent steering, Foot pedal for hydrostatic transmission,Optional bag, Reliable Briggs & Stratton Intek Series 7200 OHV AVS I/C V-Twin engine, Side Discharge deflector, Higher Torque, Cast Iron Front Axle, Gears, Grease fittings, Toolless deck levelling. Available at


C&R Industries bring you the new IS® 2600Z zero turn mower which continues to expand the Ferris zero turn lineup offering diesel power with features and benefits like Ferris’ exclusive patented suspension system to set this commercial mower apart as rugged yet refined. The entire system responds to the most unforgiving terrain with refined control and incomparable steering accuracy, softening the jolts and lessening the stress on both man and machine. Allowing consistent ground speed to achieve new levels of comfort ability, performance and productivity. Ferris zero turn mowers come with a ride-on warranty of 4 years / 500 hours, which-ever comes first, and a suspension warranty.

4. STIHL FSA 130 cordless brushcutters offer the mobility, low noise and zero emission benefits of STIHL cordless technology, with the high- performance design and toughness of STIHL petrol-powered models. Lightweight and well-balanced, and so quiet that no ear protection is required. Ideal for demanding clearing tasks in noise-sensitive areas, with three speed settings for maximum efficiency. The FSA 130 is powered by a lithium-ion battery, compatible with all products in the modular STIHL PRO range. Choose from the bike-handle FSA 130 with a grass-cutting blade or the loop handle and AutoCut nylon mowing head of the FSA 130 R.

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Viewpoint Farming

Cnr Rondebult and Main Reed Road Comet, Boksburg 011 917 0493 | 011 9165904 | 0119165905

Akila Because everyone loves a daisy! With proven performance in South African conditions, seed raised Akila is the best choice for Landscapes! Ask your supplier for NEW Osteospermum Akila Grand Canyon Mix, or contact Ball Straathof for more information.

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INDOOR PLANTSCAPING & GREENING From improving air quality to boosting employee morale, the benefits of indoor plantscaping in your built environment are numerous. Indoor plantscaping is not only a hot topic, but is increasingly becoming part and parcel of corporate, commercial space. Here are some products and service providers you should be looking to involve in your next project.

LIFE INDOORS PLANTSCAPING PRODUCTS Life Indoors, a division of the life Green Group, is a plantscaping company that enriches commercial and retail spaces with the unique beauty and benefit of live plants. Life indoors is dedicated to providing the highest level of service while specialising in the creative design, installation and maintenance of all types of interior plantscapes, including greenwalls. Life Indoors has a wide range of indoor plants, which are supplied by various reputable plant growers in South Africa and are readily available for installation. Also offering a wide range of silk flower arrangements and weekly freshcut flower arrangements to corporate buildings, they present a great variety of choice. With operating directors boasting 90 years’ experience combined in the interior plantscaping and landscaping industr, and they lead the way for our dedicated teams. Life Indoors maintains a close working relationship with their chosen health and safety practitioners, Ulwazi at Work. Life Indoors is a level four BEE service provider under the new BEE standards.

EASYIVY® PREMIUM ARTIFICIAL FOLIAGE EASYIVY® uses the highest quality commercial grade polyethylene blend material and is protected against damaging UV Rays. Whilst you will often see this product utilised exteriorly, Easyivy can be used in a number of different areas and formats including interior use. EASYIVY® is the only South African foliage brand that uses UV blocking technology with strong colourfast pigments to create inherently fade resistant foliage for outdoor use. Their products 100% maintenance free and fade resistant. EASYIVY® is ideal for vertical gardens, green rooftops, roof gardens, privacy walls, buildings, businesses, lattices and interior spaces and is available in an array of fantastic products from hedge boxes to topiary balls, with the star of the show being their variety of different foliage available for green walls and screening.

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AMBIUS INDOOR PLANT DISPLAYS FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Ambius, a division of Rentokil Initial, specialises in creating unique, designled indoor plant displays for commercial buildings. The benefits of having interior plants are well researched, and include better productivity, motivation and employee wellness, as well as better air quality. With so many clients recognizing these “green” benefits, the technical requirements shouldn’t be left as an afterthought. Ambius works with clients to source the latest interior pots and containers and the most appropriate indoor plants. Then they take care of the installation and the on-going maintenance, ensuring that plants always looks their best. Whilst sustainability might just be a buzzword to some, Ambius takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously. As members of the Green Buildings Council of SA Ambius is constantly researching ways of providing a more environmentally friendly service to customers.

DISTINCTIVE SILKS TREE FORMS Distinctive Silks specializes in tree forms. The company designs and assembles custom made trees using pre-treated wood with silk leaves. The beauty of this is that they can make almost any type of tree style into any shape or size required. Distinctive silks can create instant trees for any environment and have been doing so for so long that they have really honed their craft. In addition to custom made trees, they also have a wide range of standard tree types for the budget conscious. The range includes topiaries, standard trees, ornamental trees, contemporary trees, very large trees (over 8m high), palms, cycads, bamboo’s, and aloes. Distinctive Silks’ have an extensive knowledge of flora – and this has aided the company in replicating nature in their creations, making their trees incredibly realistic and authentic looking.

DURATURF With DuraTurf you can enjoy the look and feel of perfectly manicured grass all year round without the hassles. DuraTurf isn't confined to the garden either, it's popping up in areas where natural grass wouldn't be seen dead! Brightening up any corporate environment, DuraTurf is constructed out of durable, tufted low linear density polyethylene yarn in a range of pile heights and comes in rolls, similar to a broadloom carpet. Aside from the fact that it saves water and energy as it doesn’t need to be watered, DuraTurf is manufactured locally (so low carbon footprint) by Belgotex Floorcoverings who are ISO14001 accredited following strict environmental standards to save raw materials, water and energy. This is a simple, virtually maintenance free solution to an office/corporate environment that needs to be invigorated.

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BIDVEST EXECUFLORA From improving air quality to boosting employee morale, the benefits of using vertical green walls in built environment are numerous. Bidvest Execuflora recently replaced the green wall at EY with their Vicinity green wall system, featuring a modular system and mature 15cm plants that provide an instant lush effect. The vertical wall is controlled by a remotely monitored pump and drip irrigation system. The green wall at EY is 24m in length and 2.5m in height, creating a substantial, aesthetically pleasing green feature with plants chosen for their tested ability to tolerate relatively low light conditions and their proficiency in improving air quality. This 60m2 ‘green’ wall provides a very efficient air filtration system, adding to the health and well-being of the building’s occupants. Over the last 2 years Bidvest Execuflora has installed numerous green walls and currently maintains over 50 sites with a total area of over 700m2. Bidvest Execuflora has an extentive range of products also supplying, installing and maintaining green wall products for: Vertical Green Walls, Mobile Green Walls, Living Pictures and Kreep Planters. From improving air quality to boosting employee morale, the benefits of using these masterpieces in your built environment are numerous. Green walls in corporate offices is not only a hot topic now, it will be for some time to come and has already been on the lips of forward thinkers for ages.

OBBLIGATO PLANTERS Obbligato planters are available in various styles, sizes and finishes, manufactured from a wide range of materials. Obbligato custom make products to suit specific applications and environments if required, working in conjunction with architects and interior designers. The planters are ideal for low maintenance plants such as succulents, cacti or architectural plants which suit the simple lines of the design. Dry arrangements or the decorative bead, perspex or stainless-steel plants, made specifically for interior use where artificial light may not be conducive for live plants, are ideal where minimal maintenance is required. Pictured here, the hand-crafted mosaic plant pot which is made to order. These distinctive mosaic planters are exclusively manufactured by Obbligato for corporate, commercial or domestic clients.


Obbligato can design the mosaic for specific projects or can create a design to your specification to suit the application.

Living Green Walls transform spaces by creating Living Wall Art using a variety of plants for both exterior and interior use. As a recognised and pre-eminent Living Wall design company, they offer turnkey solutions that create living walls with their locally made, modular and easy-to-maintain systems – that achieve lasting beauty that contribute functionally to urban, domestic and corporate interiors, rooftops and building spaces. Pictured here, two office spaces reimagined on Cape Town’s Atlantic seaboard.

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Picture supplied by cndv landscape architects

We Believe that a healthy environment creates healthy plants Full range of natural pests and disease control products available in small packs from leading garden centres and in bulk to landscape designers and farmers direct. T: 028 313 2054 F: 028 313 2084 |

Koi Louis (Pty) Ltd

Your One Stop Solution to Koi ponds, Water features & Water elements, Filtration & Glassfibre waterproofing Proud supplier to Bosjes T: 083 378 4615 | E:

The New Face in Landscape Screens Our eco hardwood exterior board is an innovative and exciting new product range that offers a modular screening solution for outdoor design. 021 556 9229


Chop your running costs by 90% Specifications: Spindle Size M10 x 1.25LH

Sound Power Level

No Load Speed (r/min)


3,500 / 5,500 6,500

Vibration Level Left handle 1.1 m/s2 Right handle 0.9 m/s2




Owner: “Once Upon a Garden” Landscaping

Director of UDStudio

What is your favourite landscaped area in South Africa? Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens

What is your favourite landscaped area in South Africa? Forum Homini/NIROX

How is Sustainability embedded into your business practices? The design and plant choices must complement the local climate and surroundings which in turn will ensure longevity in our landscape. I also belive you must educate all in the process whilst you are doing it.

How is Sustainability embedded into your business practices? By Keeping all the designs and presentations digital, UDStudio hardly prints presentations, minimizing the costs and effects of printing. We also keep our designs 90% indigenous, with a high focus on the on the naturally occurring flora within the designed area.

What is one item you cannot live a day without? My measuring tapes, all of them. Who/What is your biggest professional influence and why? All my clients; I learn so much from them too. What is the moto that you live by? “Stay unique; you have something to offer that no one can.” One piece of advice for the landscaping industry? Listen to the client, but don’t be scared to give your professional advice. Top Plant? At the moment, definitely all the succulents, from Mexico to the Great Karoo. The different colours and textures are the best.

What is one item you cannot live a day without? A cup of coffee and my Laptop, which are both glued to me. Who/What is your biggest professional influence and why? Sir Richard Branson, he has an unrivalled business sense with the ability to overcome difficulties, while remaining humble and positive and turning his difficulties into successess. What is the moto that you live by? If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs. One piece of advice for the landscaping industry? Never give up, we literally have the ability to make our own grass greener. Top Plant? Aloe dichotoma

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Superior performance that takes up less space! Bosch AXT 25 TC Shredder The versatile multi-purpose shredder features the “Turbine-Cut System” to guarantee extremely fast material throughput without jamming and a removable hopper for extra storage space.

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Think Water Wise Premium Artifical Foilage Wayne: 0833934019 Bianca: 0780668980

Landscaping Excellence starts here...

Easy to Operate Effortless Transport Low Cost of Ownership Unique Vertical Digging System

JHB: 011 672 0847

KZN: 031 569 1200

CPT: 021 981 2197

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Pro Landscaper Africa October 2017  

Pro Landscaper Africa October 2017  

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