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November 2017



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April 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 3

April 2016


April 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 3 April2016 2016||Volume Volume2,2,Issue Issue43 May






April 2016 April MAY2016 2016 April 2016

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May 2016


November 2017 | Volume 2, Issue 16


April 2016













DSCAPINGConcept to Delivery


Welcome to the April edition of Pro

April 2016

a community park by Habitat landscape INDIGENOUS LIVING GREEN WALLS


Landscaper Africa. Architects rekindling recreation inofaL nature Jo burg FLORA Welcome to May the April edition of Pro a community by Habitat landscape Leon Klugepark and a wonderful display Welcome to the edition of Pro Welcome to the April edition of Pro a community park by Habitat landscape The autumn community. LATES Landscaper Africa. air is upon us and we areArchitects rekindling recreation in aPROD Jo burg T meets architecture by Veld Architects. Landscaper Africa. UCTS Landscaper Architects rekindling a Jo burg that won the CorobrikTakerecreation athis look atinthe project 2017 isAfrica. flying by, and we have certainly seenProduct slowly in the of a new pages month pay tribute The autumn airprocess is upon uswelcoming and we are community. The autumn air is upon us and we are community. We then offer a sneak peek into the ‘Pick ofMarula Game Ranch We have had a fantastic response to our ILASA president’s award, some of South Africa’s most prestigious projects season, withofit welcoming new designaideas. to the pages new and products slowly in the and process new Product thisexciting month tributein both LET’S pay HEAR IT FROM slowly in so theto process offor welcoming a new Product pages this month pay tribute where we showcase the top 6 show CAROLINE previous issue thank you your welcomed DE VILLIE byreal GREENinc Landscape come life over the course of the last few RS to season, and with itour new design ideas. to Chelsea’ the new and exciting products in both As always business and opinions Synthetic and turf, so be sure findArchitects. Visit a season, andcontinuing with it newtodesign ideas. to the new and exciting products in both gardens on the avenue at this year’s feedback and for inspire us. to re-imagined parking lot atRHS Northgate Island in years. We have thus decided dedicate our and As always business and opinions Synthetic turf, so beproducts sure to fiin nd pages areour a relevant place to gain insight some of real our main favourite South Welcome toand the April edition of ProSynthetica and community park so by Habitat landscape As always our business opinions real turf, be sure to find Chelsea Flower Show. There is a winter chill in the air as we prepare Brooklyn, Cape Town by the renowned Square December issue to showcasing these exquisite pages a relevant place to gain insight some of our favourite products in South intoare industry tips. In April we welcome Africa. Landscaper Africa. Architects rekindling recreation in a Jo burg pages are a relevant place to gain insight some of our favourite products in South ourselves for another exciting season ahead. OneaLandscape Architects & take a look at Menlyn accomplishments and toairhighlighting (with into Lindsay industry tips. In we welcome Africa. Thesegment, autumn is and we are We community. Gray toApril this toupon joinusour also take look at the latest in Our latest products this month cover the best into industry tips. In April we process welcome Africa. in the to of welcoming aWe newalso take pages month tribute by Boogertman & Partners. We are continuing make waves within the Lindsay Graywriters totothis segment, join who our a look at this thehub, latestapay in Learning project applause) theslowly professionals have in positively resident Lee Burger and Marcel outdoorProduct power tool products and introduce Soil and our the Lindsay Gray to this segment, toit join We Product also take aand look atfavourite’s the latest in inboth season, and with new our design ideas. to the new exciting products in industry by bringing you all things landscaping! resident writers Lee Burger and Marcel outdoor power tool products and introduce Our Products feature this month is all about influenced our country’s landscape, so do look Oudejans. you toSynthetic our preferred products. As always our business and opinions and real turf, so be sure to fi nd Composite Decking world and our trading with resident writers Lee Burger and Marcel outdoor power tool products and introduce Oudejans. you to our preferred products. Water Features. We showcase companies using out for this. pages are a relevant place to gain insight some of our favourite products in South We catch up with Sean O’Connor This month we are trading with NPP, pagetoisour with Makhroproducts. Home and Garden, the We have an incredible May edition in store Oudejans. you preferred industry tips. In out April more we welcome Africa.wewho We catch up Green withinto Sean O’Connor This month are trading with NPP, water efficiently and with great care. Companies from Living Walls to fi nd a company produce and supply the suppliers and distributors of the increasingly We catch with Sean O’Connor This month we take are atrading with NPP, with the likes of Leeup Burger, Marcel Lindsay toOudejans this segment, toa join our We also look atsupply the latest in fromon Living Green Walls toand fiGray nd then out more company who produce andcomposite the designing, installing and supplying water features Our November edition is certainly a fantastic vertical gardening we take a highest quality in both and Go Organic Guano. from Living Wallswell-known to find Lee outBurger more apopular company who produce and supply the resident writers and Marcel outdoor power tool products and introduce and Lindsay Gray Green becoming names on vertical gardening andNursery, then wewhere take a Gert highest quality decking. in both composite and to the South African trade. read! Learn more on Databuild, an innovative trip to New Horizen wooden Be sure to read more on Oudejans. you to our preferred products. on vertical gardening and then we take a highest quality in both composite and within our Business and Opinions section. The trip to New Horizen Nursery, where Gert wooden Be our sure towill read more on a Duethis todecking. high demand, be starting We catch upmessage with Sean O’Connor This month wewe are trading with NPP, online platform forus industry deto Kock with the product Trading with section. trip Newshares Horizen Nursery, wheremembers Gert of to wooden decking.inBe sure to read more on Cape Green Forum writes for our association from Living Green Walls to find out more a company who produce and supply Architects, the de Kockgain shares with us the message of this product in our Trading with section. Classifieds section for all Landscape We look forward to hearing from our industry insightful information on tendering, site water wise gardening and sustainability. If you have any inspiring projects de Kock shares with us the message of this product in our Trading with section. newswater segment well asonand avertical welcomed new gardening and then we take a highest quality in both composite and wise as gardening sustainability. If you have any members inspiring Designers, Installers and projects Service providers so some of your and toto showcasing development around Africa Nursery, and much more. Our Interview for this month is with or would like the opportunity be water wise gardening and sustainability. If you have any inspiring projects trip to New Horizen where Gert wooden decking. Be sure to read more on memberOur to the SAGIC namedis SABI Interview forfamily thisKock month withus the message or look would the opportunity to be outlike for more info de this shares with ofconsidered this in ourinside. Trading andpages, news. award winning for Caroline de Villiers from write forprojects one of section. our Our Interview month is with or would likeproduct thetofantastic opportunity towith be (South African Irrigation Association). award winning Caroline Villiers fromand sustainability. considered toIf write forany oneinspiring of ourprojects pages, waterde wise gardening you have Thea Wentzel, instructor, Themba Trees. Sheaccredited talks to usAutodesk about then please contact me on chanel@ award winning Caroline de Villiers from considered to write for one of our pages, Weplease are always for inspiring projects, Ourto Interview for this month then is with orcontact wouldsearching likeme the on opportunity to be Themba Trees. She talks us as about chanel@ ‘Easy Ivy’ istalks featured in this issue, we discuss Enjoy read andpages, we will our see you all to us about her ten tips for drafting, her mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and Enjoy Themba Trees. She talks to top usCaroline about then please contact methe on chanel@ Welcome industry members to our November award winning de Villiers from considered to write for one of our industry relevant news and exciting products to her mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and Enjoy our the relevance of this fantastic product to our Themba Trees. She talks to us then please contact me on chanel@ her mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and Enjoy our in December. Autodesk features to look out for in about 2018 and aspirations for the future. April edition and we will see you all very edition. Summer is certainly on its way, and, better our and forum, doallnot hesitate to aspirations for the future. April edition we so willplease see you very mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and Enjoy our with Wayne aspirations for Becker. the future. April edition and we will see you all very We have three exciting projects this(Building soon. we touch onher Autodesk.Revit forinBIM whilst the drought and associated water industry contact us chanel@paperplanepublications. We have three exciting projects in this soon. aspirations for the future. Aprilon edition and we will see you all very We have exciting projects in this soon. issue. The three first is aWe piece by Environmental Information Modelling.) shortage has officially escalated in Cape Town, have three exciting in this We soon. will see you all very soon. We sit down in by the landscaping issue. Thewith firstaislegend a piece Environmental issue. The fi rst is a piece by Environmental Studios, creatingissue. a contemporary The first is a piecegarden by Environmental we are remaining hopeful for the months to industry Eric creating Cherry toa discuss his career, his Studios, contemporary garden creating contemporary garden Studios, creating aStudios, contemporary garden to mirror the modern architecture it “Scandinavian Style” is anita interview shedding come and following the Government’s plans to mirror modern architecture company andthe advice to to the landscaping industry. it mirror the modern tosurrounds. mirror the modern architecture it architecture The Elgin Garden Classic, light on design trends abroad and examining and programmes as well as private initiatives to surrounds. The ElginofGarden Classic, The Elgin Garden Our surrounds. portfolio’s section this monthClassic, is full surrounds. The Elgin Gardenlandscapers Classic, designed by Ross McGill and and Landscape Architecture inMcGill Sweden. designed by Ross landscapers @ProLandscaperCB champion the alleviation of the current situation. @ProLandscaperCB designed Ross McGill landscapers and surprises withby another enchanting piece by @ProLandscaperCB designed by Ross McGill landscapers and @ProLandscaperCB

April 2016

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November 2017


Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016


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3 Pro Landscaper Africa Africa / April /2016 3 Landscaper 3 ProPro Landscaper Africa Africa / April April 3 Pro Landscaper /2016 May2016 2016

T: 0833078903

Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017




126V with 1320mm cutting deck

Deliver a reliable, professional quality cut in less time with less fatigue. Grasshopper True ZeroTurn™ mowers are designed for durability with lower maintenance and lower operating costs for superior performance, season after season. Responsive steering and control with dual swing-out levers and “no gears” pump-and-wheel-motor drives.

Fuel-efficient, professional-grade petrol or diesel engines.

Extra-deep, 140mm decks with durable reinforced leading edge.

FIND YOUR NEXT MOWER AT: 34 Pretorius St, Pretoria Central, Pretoria 0002 +27 12 323 1833 © 2017 The Grasshopper Company




6 News Shed Industry news from around South Africa 9 Agenda Could local authorities be more responsible for ensuring parks and public spaces are protected in the long term? 11 Discovering Databuild Accessible, quality information at your fingertips. 14 The ins-and-outs of Autodesk Pro Landscaper Africa interviews Thea Wentzel, an accredited Autodesk instructor to our landscaping industry on her top tips for industry members & some exciting advancements to the software for 2018. 18



Featured Company: Synsport Showcasing an industry leader in artificial turf products for our South African sporting and commercial markets.



21 Scandinavian Style We Speak to Swedish Landscape Architect ThorbjĂśrn Andersson of Sweco Architects to explore landscape architecture in Sweden. PORTFOLIOS 25

Namibian Charm by GREENinc

31 Outside In- Inside Out by Square One Landscape Architects 35

The Learning Hub by Boogertman & Partners


International: Reimagining the Future of Gardens



EQUIPMENT 45 The best in outdoor equipment PRODUCTS 46-48 Water Features Some of South Africa’s finest companies designing, installing and supplying water features to the trade. 49 Little Interviews


Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017


Fellow architectural landscape student, Saudah Asmal, placed second with her dissertation entitled “Living on the land: Redesigning land use relationships in the Philippi Horticultural Area”. The area in focus is Cape Town’s primary farming area with the idea of consolidating environmental, agricultural and development forces in an effort to support one another, resulting in the protection of all food and water resources in the area.

COROBRIK'S MOST I NNOVATIVE FI NAL YEAR LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE AWARD Increasing global temperatures have spurred on industries to look for useful solutions to mitigate the problem. The world of landscape architecture is part of this movement, with architects and students working on concepts to counteract expanding urbanisation and address the issue of global warming. One such individual is Stuart Kelly, a landscape architect who recently graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT), and received Corobrik’s Most Innovative Final Year Landscape Architecture Award for his concept of urban greening. The annual award is given to a landscape architecture student with the most innovative dissertation, with external examiners assessing the project concept, searching for a new idea that sparks interest rather than the student achieving the top mark. All graduating students in the UCT Master of Landscape Architecture programme are eligible for the award with each dissertation, worked on for six months, entered into the award programme. The winner receives a R6 000 prize with the runner-up walking away with R4 000. Currently residing in Claremont, Kelly drew on his farming background, having grown up on a farm in Creighton, KwaZuluNatal. “I always envisioned working with soils and growing plants which is why I incorporated grafting into my thesis,” he explained. “I chose the Mowbray area because I am familiar with the terrain and it’s not a very green area. The specific focus site were the pedestrian routes leading up to Mowbray transport hub because, once greened, they could expand creating corridors of ‘green lungs’ between the mountains and river. It was here that Kelly performed his site work, which included identifying trees or green pockets, erf access points, surface run-off and drainage opportunities, shaded zones, wind shelter and rainwater harvesting options, among others. 6

Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017

His dissertation, entitled “Grafting the SubTerrain: Working from the ground up in Mowbray, Cape Town” investigates how to encourage natural growth in the urban area by developing the sub-terrain, which is the area below the earth’s surface. ‘Grafting’ in the horticulture world, refers to the combining of two different plants, with a similar genetic makeup, to create a modified plant type. Kelly’s dissertation looks at grafting various soil types, as opposed to plants, to create a diverse landscape that caters for various plant types because of the different soil conditions. “The sub-terrain is the foundation for plant growth, however, soils found within the urban environment have been negatively impacted and altered by human activity, resulting in poor structure and depleted soils,” he explained. “The aim of the project was to redesign the area where plants grow along prominent routes leading to Mowbray’s transport hub.” In an effort to improve the sub-terrain, a specially designed synthetic aquifer would have to be applied to the area. The aquifer is an area of rock below the earth’s surface, which absorbs water needed for plant growth. This aquifer would then be lined with a synthetic fabric, known as a geotextile lining, with underground storage tanks inserted at varying depths beneath the ground. “This would ensure the route has access to sufficient ground water,” he continued. “We would then place different types of soil into the excavated route because different soils allow different plant species to grow along the same route.”

“I believe that ensuring protection and sustainability of this marginalised area and its people is necessary to safeguard against food insecurity in the city,” she explained. Corobrik’s Manager Western Cape, Christie van Niekerk, said the 2016 projects showed how upcoming students are using the knowledge learnt to improve the lives of those around them. “These transformative ideas, mitigating the devastating effects of climate change and ensuring food sustainability for the impoverished members of [the] community are ideas we feel are important to support and nurture,” explained Van Niekerk. Dr Julian Raxworthy, Convenor of the Master of Landscape Architecture programme at UCT, said Kelly’s unusual focus on soil thoroughly impressed examiners. “The dissertation’s emphasis was on the invisible layers below the surface which then caused different conditions on the surface. In addition to the theory, his beautiful graphics really ‘made the ground speak’.” Commenting on the awards’ programme, Raxworthy said: “Landscape architecture is a small industry and the attention Corobrik gives really emphasises its importance. Knowing this award exists motivates our students to come up with new ideas.”

This rejuvenation of this underground area would improve the soil, allowing for the growth of productive trees. In addition, re-designing the soil profiles leads to greater biodiversity, improved ground water storage and generally a more productive landscape.

I NAUGURATION OF THE 2017- 2021 SACLAP COUNCIL As we as the profession know, SACLAP (South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession) strives to establish, direct, sustain and ensure a high level of professional responsibilities and ethical conduct within the art and science of landscape architecture with honesty, dignity and integrity in the broad interest of public health, safety and welfare of the community. The SACLAP registrar has announced that the 2017-2021 Council was inaugurated on Friday 20 October 2017. The office bearers were decided upon at this meeting so please find here the council members for this term. SACLAP Presidential appointments; Thabo Munyai – President Frans van Wyk – Vice President Registration Committee: Elise van Staden (Chair Person) Willie Mothowamodimo


Finance Committee: Thabo Munyai Francis Nzama (Chair Person) Education Committee: Gregory Mofokeng Frans van Wyk (Chair Person) Francis Nzama Professional Practice Committee: Ralene Fischer Herman de Lange Edward Hutamo (Chair Person) The Registration Committee will have two sub-committees; The Landscape Architectural Registration Committee and the Landscape Management Committee. All the committees will now be constituted to begin work in earnest as soon as possible.

Cecilia Chinga joins SACLAP as the new Registrar, and Phindile Tsepetsi as her assistant. With this newly appointed full-time staff SACLAP is sure to continue making waves. Bernadette Vollmer will hand over and phase out by 15 December 2017, continuing thereafter to assist with the Registration Processes. She is to be commended on her devoted service to SACLAP. If you would like to volunteer to assist on any of these committees, please email Bernadette Vollmer at

The Registrar’s Office will as of 1 November 2017 be occupied as follows: Revelstone’s product and specification generator app is now available on both the IOS and Android operating systems.

This is ideal for landscapers, contractors and architects; everyone will find their free app easy to use.

Revelstone, one of the leading manufacturers of cast stone products since 1993, is proud to announce the redesign and update of its product and specification generator app.

New features include: • Easy navigation • Step-by-step specifications • Available on both IOS and Android operating systems • Instant information at your fingertips • Updated images and project gallery

The Revelstone app allows you the freedom to browse the entire product range and specify their products, whether you are at home, meeting with customers or in the work environment. This app improves your navigation experience while accessing information on the go.

Check it out on


Q: Could local authorities be more responsible for ensuring parks and public spaces are protected in the long term?

Antoinette De Beer

Lizelle Wollmarans

PrLarch (UCT) Director @ ARLA Consulting Landscape Architects

PrLarch Senior Landscape Architect @ Gibb

Local authorities (Recreation & Parks) are responsible for parks and public spaces (i.e. those that are a) zoned and b) functioning as parks) and need not necessarily be more responsible for them in the long term. However; the planning & design, implementation and maintenance of these spaces should be looked at more holistically. Due to the segregated nature of municipalities; each department prioritising their specific function, maintenance becomes inefficient, cumbersome and a waste of resources.

The Constitution identifies the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being, and in Section 24 of the Bill of Rights obligates organs of state to “ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner” and “to promote a safe and healthy environment”

Usually public spaces are designed in a holistic manner i.e. keeping in mind the natural and urban environment. However; once the project has been completed and maintenance by council kicks in things are separated, for example: Recreation and Parks will mow the lawn around the detention pond whilst Roads & Stormwater mows (or spray!) the lawn within the detention pond. Both need to either have a maintenance department & depot with equipment or put the work out to tender. Should municipalities not have one department with all the necessary specialists (landscape architects/engineers environmental & heritage specialists/etc.) that focus on the maintenance of all public spaces - the roads as well as sidewalks, stormwater systems as well as parks, any area that is accessible to the public? Surely this would make maintenance much more resource efficient, cost effective and ward specific?

The Municipal Systems Act reinforces the above when it spells out the obligations of municipal councils to protect public open spaces: •

The development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of the environments.

The provision of local children’s parks, sports and recreation facilities.

The integration of planning and budgeting for these responsibilities within their Integrated Development Plans.

Unfortunately, the planning and budgets in this current economy and sometimes corrupt environment falls through the cracks. The budgets for parks and open spaces get cut first. Without maintenance, trees may be lost, spaces become dangerous and crime-ridden and people are unable to use the public open spaces for recreation and well-being. The many benefits of park and open spaces are endless for environmental, social and economic health. Reducing these

vulnerable spaces to wasteland, may lay them bare for options to development which will be a tragedy! This is a global problem that we are dealing with, similarly in the US and the UK park budgets have been cut in 2017. The Heritage Lottery Fund’s head of landscape and natural heritage, said that local authorities are losing the skills of ecology, arboriculture, horticulture and landscape architecture, resulting in “random tree planting, a huge increase in herbicides, fountains being shut down, graffiti not being removed, mismatched street furniture and cafes being replaced by mobile food units”. He said that some maintenance contracts only allow 30 seconds to prune each shrub, so they are hacked into small spheres. “You end up with bare soil and a few shrubs in ball shapes”.


Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017


Our patented suspension system sets us apart from the competition. With a wide range to choose from, offering Yanmar diesel or Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki petrol engines with deck options from 91 cm to 183 cm (36” to 72”) you will be sure to find a Ferris commercial zero turn mower to fit your needs. IS SUSPENSION SERIES



112 cm – 183 cm

132 cm – 155 cm

91 cm – 122 cm

Contact us to locate your nearest Ferris Dealer for a demo:

C & R Industries – Tel: 031 463 1433 – Email:


DATABUILD Accessible, quality information at your fingertips

Tell us a bit about Databuild’s history? Databuild has come a long way since June 1974, when it was founded by husband and wife team Peter and Matilda Burger in the garage of their Bryanston home. Based on the in-depth marketing challenges that the construction industry faced, the Burgers knew that providing accessible, quality information at client’s fingertips was an important step in helping them take their businesses to the next level of growth. Through hard work and true grit, the company and team began to rapidly grow, but the hard work and dedication in servicing clients was still as prominent as ever. In 1992, as technology was developed, new computer systems made it possible to sort information according to clients’ specific selections and projects were manually faxed to clients. In 1996, Peter and Matilda decided to immigrate to America and Databuild was sold to a newly listed company called BillCad which specialized in construction software. In 2002, Databuild became the first of seven companies in the Centric Group. Databuild went online in 2005 thus allowing clients to access specific information from anywhere via the internet.

What is Databuild all about? At Databuild, we research the construction industry on our clients’ behalf. Through our core product, Databuild Online, we provide clients with an up-to-date database of detailed information on available projects and tendering opportunities, both in the private and public sector, in South Africa and other African countries. Our clients search the database for projects that they would like the opportunity to get involved in. We cover a vast number of project/building types such as commercial, shopping centres, residential, education and health facilities. We provide the specific details regarding the project and also the contact details of relevant professionals working on that development. Our Research Division tracks the project from planning, through to tender and awarded stage therefore allowing clients to proactively market their products or services at the right stage. For clients looking for tender opportunities, we also make available the Bills of Quantities and Site Attendance Registers.

Which sectors does Databuild appeal to? Databuild services the building and civil industry. Our clients are primarily contractors (main and sub), manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and retailers. However, our client base is not limited to only these segments, anyone within the industry can really benefit from our information whether it be to gain new business, facilitate fruitful, sustained relationships with professionals or gain competitor insight.

Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017



How does Databuild obtain its information? Over the past four decades, Databuild has built up solid relationships with industry professionals. Our dedicated Research Division makes up 70% of the company and it is their daily job to know who is building what, where and when. To guarantee that the information we publish is accurate, we ensure that project details are cross-referenced between at least two professionals working on that development. How do users access the information and tailor the searches to suit their company’s needs? Databuild Online can be accessed through a website at any time as well as through the Databuild Anywhere app for iPhones

and androids (ideal if you are always on the road). Our advanced search functionality allows clients to refine the information to suit their exact specification. Users also have the option of having potential projects and updates emailed directly to them on a daily or weekly basis as well as the ability to add projects to watchlists and manage tasks. Where do you see Databuild in the next 5 years? Databuild is constantly evolving, looking for innovative ways to assist clients in obtaining new business. The construction industry is very fragmented and we believe that, through collaboration with other industry stakeholders, we can play a meaningful role in making it easier to access information and systems that will assist our clients in growing their businesses.

What are the cost implications and is there a training program users can partake in? Databuild has been servicing the construction sector for over 43 years now and knows how fluctuant this industry can be. Therefore, rather than tying our clients into annual contracts, we offer month to month contracts and tailor our subscription packages according to our client’s requirements. To ensure our clients engage with the information as efficiently as possible, initial training and ongoing support is included in all of our packages at no extra cost. Our greatest reward, lies in knowing that our efforts contribute so positively towards the new business that our clients generate as a direct result of the effective application of our information.

Morag Evans, CEO of Databuild says “Through collaborative efforts, we have always ensured that our clients get the most accurate up-to-date information available. Innovation is in our lifeblood and we will continue to explore new technologies, methods and approaches for the next 40 years.”

CONTACT DETAILS 086 088 9999


Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017

XT25TC.indd 1




Superior performance that takes up less space! Bosch AXT 25 TC Shredder The versatile multi-purpose shredder features the “Turbine-Cut System” to guarantee extremely fast material throughput without jamming and a removable hopper for extra storage space.

2017/08/31 8:42 AM

Specifications: Model

Chain Speed

Cutting Length

Chain Blade




Pitch 3/8” or 1/4” Gauge 1.3mm - 1.1mm




Pitch 3/8” or 1/4”


The Ins and Outs of Autodesk Pro Landscaper Africa interviews Thea Wentzel, A renowned landscape architect & accredited Autodesk instructor on her tips for industry members, some exciting advancements to the software for 2018 and everything in-between.

Tell us a little about your expertise in Autodesk software? My AutoCAD experience started off as an introductory course in my third year of tertiary studies, after which it was fast-tracked by learning through experience and colleagues under the pressure of constant deadlines! It was only when Stella Kotze and I decided to start giving classes privately and at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) and later at the University of Pretoria(UP), that we went for additional training to register as Autodesk Instructors. What is AutoDesk and AutoCAD and how is it related? AutoCAD is a computer program that is used to draw a plan and is also used for other technical drawings. CAD is the acronym for Computer Aided Design. There are many CAD programs such as ArchiCAD, TurboCAD, Microstation, SketchUp etc. of which AutoCAD is one. Each of the above versions of CAD software is developed and supported by a specific company, often with a different name, for example: AutoCAD is produced by Autodesk,


Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017

ArchiCAD by Graphisoft and Microstation by Bentley. Autodesk, the developer of AutoCAD and Revit, released the first CAD version in December 1982, and is today one of the most ubiquitous CAD programs worldwide. Every year a new improved version is released. AutoCAD seems to come in a comprehensive range of packages to suit most needs. Which packages are your recommendations for the Landscape Architectural Profession? Considering the different aspects of a development, Autodesk produced a family of software to provide for the needs of various professions. These programs are: AutoCAD Lt AutoCAD AutoCAD Architecture Revit AutoCAD Civil 3D AutoCAD Electrical – to name a few. As to which version is best suited for the Landscape Industry, we can only provide the

answer by popular use namely AutoCAD Lt or AutoCAD. Which one will be best for you or your company? That answer depends on your budget. AutoCAD Lt is the most affordable, but is also limited in its tools and options. It does provide in most of the required functions for standard Landscape Architectural plans, elevations and sections however. The full AutoCAD makes provision for 3D drafting abilities, program customization through LISP programs (that is plug-ins for AutoCAD), and the express tools. What are your top 10 tips for drafting? Well, the most important principle of any drafting team is to set up standards that can be adhered to by every member, especially for the layers, blocks, drafting methods and text styles. This will allow the plans not only to be printed and read by the client, but will allow for other members in the team to apply instant changes, accurately, or extract information without frustration.


MY TOP 10 TIPS ARE AS FOLLOWS: Object snap overruled: Though you have your set of object snaps, you can overrule all the snaps set by using the combination of shift+’right-click’, to set the priority to, for instance only ‘centerpoint’ snap, while in a command. Once done, the object snap settings will revert to its set standards. Audit and Purge your plans regularly. Use layer walk to check a newly received plan’s object layers. The command WBLOCK can be used to create a file from within a plan. To use the command, type Wblock, select the information you want, then follow the prompts. Make sure that you specify the place where the Wblock will be saved. Use the ‘Design Center’ to access the blocks, layouts, annotation and dimension styles from other plans. Keep in mind that this function requires a lot of computer processing power and must rather not be used if users have a slow or older computer.

Use the OOPS command to undo the last deleted object. Use double viewport in the model space to work between plan and legend without zooming in and out unnecessary. Right-Click-Enter: Change the function of the right click of your mouse to enter through the OPTIONS menu. Once the options menu is open, go to the USER PREFERENCES tab, and unclick the shortcut menus in drawing area. Whenever you press the right mouse button, the last command will be repeated. Use SELECTSIMILAR command to select similar elements within a drawing that are badly layered. Lock viewport in the layout view which enables you to do the final finishes in the layout within the viewport, without changing the viewport layout while zooming in or out or moving around with PAN function.

Where can potential users find this software in South Africa? AutoCAD is readily available all over South Africa and can be bought through companies such as Baker Baynes. Baker Baynes can be contacted online through, or telephonically at 011 589 9031. People can speak with Jani Viljoen who deals with the Architects and Landscape Architects. The licenses for different packages can be obtained online for 3 months, 1-year or 3-year periods, with a once off payment. What are some of the advances of AutoCAD for the upcoming 2018 year that users can look forward to? AutoCAD 2018 has many hidden improvements that seem invisible while you are crunching deadlines, but will greatly improve the production. I will chat about a few of the more essential new features that I am excited about: Off-screen object selection In AutoCAD 2018, you can begin a selection window in one part of your drawing and then pan and zoom to another part while maintaining selection of the off-screen objects! PDF text recognition When a pdf is created from an AutoCAD plan, all text (SHX text format) is converted into lines and arcs etc. AutoCAD 2018 can now recognise these lines and arcs within the PDF and convert them back into text. Thea Wentzel

Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017



Enhanced external references (Xrefs) For all of those who work with imagery in the layout space, you dread the moment that you open the drawing file and all images are shown with an empty frame and a pathname. Well, AutoCAD 2018 has now given an option to ‘fix all’ after you have redirected the first image ‘saved path’ in the External Reference Manager! You no longer need to redirect each broken path for each Unreferenced Image. Autodesk also offers Revit for Building Information Modelling (BIM) purposes, allowing the user to track costs and efficiencies throughout the lifespan of a project…. What are some of the key differentiations between AutoCAD & Revit? Let’s look at Revit in the work environment: Though REVIT is a fairly popular BIM platform with architects and engineers, it is less commonly used by Landscape Architects. Revit is extremely well geared for the workflow for Architects and Engineers, it does however lack in functionality when manipulating topographical features such as roads and parking lots on multiple slopes. As for the other aspects within the landscape scope of work, I have requested Leon Pienaar, Head of Lab Instructor, Department of Architecture at the University of Pretoria, to comment as an expert in Revit: Leon Pienaar advises that “Revit is particularly well geared when it comes to revising or changing existing documentation for the landscape design. The REVIT platform enables the user to use Visualization, Optimization and Simulation modules to create a more efficient design. Also with the integration with cloud technology from Autodesk using the Autodesk360 online service, the files can be stored online for collaboration between team members. This Cloud Technology could also be used to render scenes directly from REVIT, freeing up the desktop CPU to complete other tasks for the project at hand. This synergy between BIM, Cloud technology and Collaboration creates a competitive edge for the design team.” Is it easy for AutoCAD drafters and designers to migrate their CAD workflow to Autodesk Revit software?

extensive training of staff will be necessary, which would set the initially productivity of the office back. It will however, certainly be surpassed within a month or two. The migration comes at a tremendous cost in IT hardware upgrading, training staff and licensing but Autodesk do provide specials and discounts to enable this migration process from their South African outlets. Which are some of your favourite renderings created by this software? REVIT provides an integrated rendering engine, but I have found that 3rd party applications create better results. The rendering engines tested so far are Artlantis and Twinmotion from Abvent. These rendering applications integrate seamlessly with REVIT creating an easy workflow from 3D model creation to rendering. The Twinmotion software links to the REVIT model, and render the model with rich textures, animated people, cars, grass, bushes and trees. A virtual experience is

created immersing you, the user, in a realistic 3D environment to express the design intent of the project. This software utilizes a high end graphical processing unit to accomplish this and must be considered when choosing this type of Rendering solution. Artlantis uses the Central Processing Unit to render each frame and is more suited for rendering stills. It has a large pay-as-you-go textures and 3D library to choose from. CONTACT DETAILS Thea Wentzel’s childhood dream came to realisation after completing her Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture in 2006. She has gained invaluable experience working at renowned companies such as Index, Uys & White, Insite Landscape Architects and Red Landscape Architects. In 2011, Thea started her own company Landeco Landscape Architects and joined forces with Space to Place and Cad Corporation to prepare and teach AutoCAD classes for the Landscape Industry.

The tools in REVIT and AutoCAD differ vastly as well, as in the way the workflow is build. For any office that changes from AutoCAD to REVIT,


Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017

From the Ground up with Pro Landscaper Africa gets the scoop from Synsport’s Director, Michael Merryweather, to find out more about this wonderful brand, its offerings to the trade and everything in-between.



Tell us about Synsport? Synsport is the original Artificial Turf Company and has serviced the industry for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves on delivering a true “turnkey” package to our clients. We handle site surveys, engineering and design, construction, sports fencing and equipment as well as the more apparent Synthetic Turf Systems for the various sporting codes. Interestingly, Synsport was the first company to offer landscape grass in the Cape Town area, which has now become an integral part of our business. With the current water crises, commercial and domestic gardens are converting their failing lawns into the synthetic alternative and Synsport is well equipped to make the conversion! In short, we are professional synthetic turf contractors that handle everything from the ground up. What is your range of product available to the landscaping industry? Synsport imports 9 grass types ranging from display/commercial grass, landscape grass & multi-sports/general play turf. We also supply all the seaming and building materials for the DIY enthusiast. What is your Unique Selling Point? Our Landscape Grass makes use of a double backing system using a fibre glass scrim which


Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017


SYNDIY adds extra durability to our product which is very important. We make use of various shaped yarns to deliver an unmatched real grass effect and to assist with reduced maintenance around brushing. We really are the one-stop-shop for a professional service/installation and believe our track record will offer architects and contractors peace of mind when specifying our services. Where can you deliver these services? Our main offices are based in Cape Town, Johannesburg & Knysna. We do also have agents in most major provinces. All our agents can be viewed on our website What are your company warranties, guarantees and terms of service? Our Warranties are 8 years on products and base works. We are one of the few companies that have outlived our guarantees. We pride ourselves on aftersales service and have the history to prove this. What is the most rewarding project you have worked on to date and why? There are so many that jump to mind and each school or sports club project is special to me! I must bring up the Western Cape Education Department’s (WCED’s) MOD School Project at Bernadino High School in Scottsdene. Previously students would have to be driven to other facilities to support their training

programmes. Synsport was contracted to build a full size 6 Lane Athletics Track and a full-size Astro Hockey Field. It always fills me with joy, seeing the finishing stages of the project and the excitement on the children’s faces when they finally get to play on the facility for the first time. We are currently busy with another WCED project which will see full sized synthetic soccer and hockey facilities being built along with natural grass soccer/rugby and soft-ball fields with grand stands and all of the bells and whistles. These are really rewarding projects to be part of and this is really the ethos of Synsport and what we love doing. We are all for sports facilities being built and every project brings endless joy to the schools and players using the facility.

CONTACT Mike Merryweather 0219871441


SYNTHETIC Surfaces Synsport specialises in the supply and installation of synthetic grass and synthetic sport surfaces throughout Southern Africa. Artificial grass has come a long way since the old synthetic hockey fields. Our projects range from full-size sport fields to smaller residential applications, and are designed for specific uses in all sporting disciplines and residential or commercial applications. Landscape turf | Sport surfaces | Direct importers | Seven grass types | Latest shaped yarns | Double-backing | Joining tape | DIY instructions | Pet-friendly Residential homes | Balconies | Play areas | Pet areas | Custom installations

Stephen MacGregor (Cape Town): 021 987 1441 • Michael Merryweather (Cape Town/ National): 082 324 6204 Dylan Merryweather (Garden Route/ National): 073 220 6095 • Email: Web:

Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017


RETAINING VALUE Technicrete has developed innovative, environmentally sound & cost-effective retaining wall solutions for multiple applications. A strong development and research process has allowed Technicrete to develop specialized precast concrete products that deal with highly technical, multi environmental issues that allow retaining walls to be not only functional but aesthetically pleasing too. Application: Earth embankments Bridge abutments Cut slopes Steep channels River banks Culvert inlets/outlets

• • •

Florawall (earth terrace retaining support) Earthform (natural support for terraces) Enviro-Wall & RocEnviroWall (retaining wall system)


• • • • • •

Unique Products:

paving | mining | masonry | erosion protection retaining walls | drainage | kerbs | precast products

Technicrete is a subsidiary of ISG, a leading supplier of innovative infrastructure products to the construction and mining markets in Southern Africa.

Tel: 011 674 6900 Maxi call: 0861 266 267


How did you get into landscape architecture? I graduated in 1981. In those years, the level and ambition of landscape architecture in Sweden was quite low, and I think it was because public space wasn’t seen as important for society. Parks were inhabited by homeless people and drug addicts, and plazas and squares were parking lots. I was depressed about the fact that I had got through those five years of studying and then found there wasn’t much need for landscape architects. I wanted to find a place where the level and ambition of landscape architecture was higher, so I went to the San Francisco Bay Area in California – they had a few expos over there, and a great heritage, with Robert Royston and many other high profile landscape architects. I worked there for a year. Over the years that I’ve worked in landscape architecture, Sweden has turned everything upside down, and now it’s like riding a wagon of triumph when you come to design public space. Sweden is well known for its focus on design. Do you think this is being transferred into landscape architecture or are you coming across the same problems as you did 30 years ago? Sweden has an austere attitude to design, believing that it shouldn’t override everything else; it should derive from functionality, and utility is better than decoration. Since the end of the Second World War, maybe even earlier, Sweden has had a tradition

Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017



of doing things in a tasteful way. That is our undercurrent, I would say – but then still we are influenced by globalisation and the trends that travel all over the world, so we have our share of bad taste, too! The resistance of Sweden’s landscape and climate makes flamboyant design unnecessary, somehow. It doesn’t take place that easily. When you look at the Netherlands, for instance, which is very flat, they are very used to manufacturing design, whereas in Sweden we are used to adapting to existing situations. Dutch landscape architecture, especially in the Eighties, was very extravagant; our design tradition is lower key. I’m really inspired by the British musician and producer Brian Eno: he often says that he wants “to get the most out of the least”, and that attitude is something that sits very well with the Swedish design tradition.


Is it fair to say that much of Sweden’s design inspiration comes from nature? Yes – that is the myth that we try to foster, anyway, but it does come with some truth in it. Swedes have a close relationship to nature; we are a sparsely inhabited country and we have lots of space around us. We have a tradition of being friends with nature.

What products and materials are popular in your designs now – what do you tend to see your clients asking for? We try to use materials that can age well, given the rain, ice and cold weather we are exposed to. There was a time that we tried to use painted surfaces or brass or plastic or other kinds of materials that are more commonly used indoors, but we’re turning back towards natural stone such as granite. There is nothing sensational about that, but when I came out of school, tarmac was the natural material that you would commonly see; 10 years later it was concrete pavers, and natural stone was only used when you had a big budget to work with. Now, granite is the first choice in almost any situation. Where we do let our hair down a bit is with the vegetation. For a time, 70% of all trees planted in Sweden were lime trees, and now we try to use a much wider variety of trees and shrubs that are alien to our culture and climate – although, actually, almost all Swedish trees have come in from elsewhere, except for spruce and fir.

1 Panorama terrace at Rinkeby 2 Thorbjörn Andersson 3 Askim Memorial grove 4 Textile & Fashion Centre, Borås 5 Physic Garden at Novartis Basel



Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017



How would you define the planting style in Sweden? I would say our style is about trying to find the beauty in nature. It’s not a coincidence that Piet Oudolf’s first big project outside the Netherlands was in Sweden. You will see less perennial borders here, or anything that looks overly arty or artificial – there is a greater use of grasses and more of a relationship with nature, making the planting look almost as if it wasn’t deliberately planted there. We had a Swedish landscape architect here who said: “If somebody asks for the landscape architect behind the work, then you know that you have failed”. That’s a little bit exaggerated, but there is something to it. Green walls never really caught on here because they demand so much maintenance and they aren’t very natural – plants are supposed to grow on the ground. Nature often offers the most beautiful views and phenomena; if we can recreate that, that’s good enough. Where do you think Swedish landscape architecture will go in the future? Swedes are getting used to being city dwellers. 30 years ago, if you wanted to have a cup of coffee outdoors, you would have to go to Italy. We’re now becoming urbanised, and we have an urban culture

that wasn’t that apparent before. That means we will have to develop the public realm; we’re already doing it, but it will be a bigger focus in the future. Many people want to live in urban areas, so it could be getting too dense here – there is no public space left, and that’s something we must cope with. We need to make sure we retain the parks and plazas we have. Our issues are almost political – who is going to live in our cities? We have, as with all European countries, an intense flow of people moving here from war zones, and they need somewhere to live. Companies are building apartments, but they want to make a profit, so they build apartments that immigrants can’t afford; there are lots of these types of contradictions.

6 Campus park at LTH, Lund 7 Dania park, Malmö 8 Hyllie plaza, Malmö

As seen in Futurearch magazine

Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017


For all your Mechanical Cable related needs such as Stainless-Steel Cables, Balustrade Cables, Garden Trellis systems, Vertical Gardens and Stainless- Steel Hardware. Industries that make use of our services *Agricultural *Automotive Garages *Marine Commercial & Leisure And many more. Please visit our website for more information | 021 551 6702


One Destination, Endless Possibilities. 021 903-0050 |

ARTIFICIAL GRASS IMPORTERS & WHOLESALERS Water restrictions? It’s time to go artificial! We have been importing and supplying artificial grass since 2010. With our wholesale pricing, artificial grass has finally become affordable. Contact us today for free samples and resellers pricing. | 0722739697

Mild steel and eucalyptus arches with wisteria and petra climbers

NAMIBIAN CHARM A southward drive from Windhoek- across the Namibian plateau, in an unassuming town named Dorabis, is where you will find the most exclusive game ranch in Namibia, Marula Game Ranch. Situated on a 30 000-hectare reserve with a backdrop of mountain ranges, valleys, rugged woodlands, and vast plains- one witnesses an illustration of how diverse the landscape is at this location & the enormity of task GREENinc Landscape Architects set out to accomplish with their client. The result of this project is truly something spellbinding.


Sculpture Courtyard

26Pro LandscaperAfrica / November 2017www. was approached in September 2014 to design and manage the installation of a garden covering 30 ha on this site. The architects had already been involved on the project for several years by this stage. Consequently, very little input could be made by the landscape architects to better integrate the buildings into the fabric of the landscape. At the time of their appointment onto the project the architecture had been finalised and construction had just begun. The primary residence at Marula Game Ranch is perfectly positioned to accommodate an incredible 360-degree view over an ox-bow bend of the Schaap River which runs below it. The objective and brief was to connect the wide, dry river-bed to the residences that were being built. After extensive and in-depth site analysis and research into the climate and the nature of the 26 Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017

local environment, GREENinc strongly suggested reducing the size of the gardens. This was motivated by a number of considerations including the availability of water, the remoteness of the farm and the ability to get plants and building material to the site, the cost of such an extensive garden, and the on-going ability to maintain a garden of that magnitude. The brief was thus, after many discussions, refined to accommodate the design of several garden spaces within the 30ha site based on the borehole capacity at that specific stage.

Access roads to the main residence and individual villas;

A 2.5km Big 5 perimeter fence which should be completely hidden from view (the fence should also keep all rodents and snakes from entering the site);

A series of pathways across the site connecting the residences to each other, the river and the garden spaces;

The Brief Included the Following: •

Indigenous gardens including perennial flowering plants;

2 x swimming pools built into existing rocks on site;

A rose garden;

General lighting;

A herb garden with fruit trees, large specimen trees & extensive lawns;

A tennis court.


Outer Walkway

The Charm Bracelet Instead of covering the already beautiful hill with endless lush and ‘exotic’ gardens, GREENinc took a more restrained approach when considering the design. The core strategy behind the landscape is a linear navigation route informed by the idea of a charm bracelet. The metaphor of the bracelet consists as a primary axis/route or chain that gives order between the residence and the river with secondary elements/jewels that adorn and link up to the central route/chain. Design energy and focus was placed on the charms of the bracelet, moments scattered along the main navigation routes, providing an interval from the environment. These include arched walkway structures, curiosity courtyards, deep rock pools and terraced spaces that replicate the rocky ridges and open river bed that characterize the site. Courtyard structures are designed to provide cool retreat and depth of shade from the desert heat while providing protection to plants from cold winter winds. Pathways and structures alike are respectfully designed and sculpted to fit around and into existing rocks and trees, treading lightly in places while solidly grounding themselves in others. The approach to materials is simple and layered, mimicking textures of the immediate environment while proving a backdrop to the delightful play of shadow and light that bring life to each of the spaces. Water is an incredibly scare resource in the dry Namibian climate, so water was used to remind the visitor to this garden of the fragility of this environment and to highlight its importance.

Arial view over courtyard spaces with Skaap river in background

Water is used to connect the charms and acts as a running narrative from one area of the garden to the next. Running for the most part in narrow steel or stone channels (so as to reduce evaporation) it animates the journey for the gardens visitors with sound and reflection of light drawing the visitor closer to the river below. This water comes from solar powered boreholes from the river bed. Waste water from filtration plants at the residence is also utilised. It is periodic, drying up at times and flushing out deeper ponds when in full flow. Ultimately the water is returned to the river below where it disappears into the deep expanses of sand to recharge the reservoir. The Role of the Landscape Architect Once appointed, GREENinc conducted a thorough survey of the site and river, using drone photography and GPS coordinated aerials. Detailed drawings mapping rock formations, specimen plants, invasive plant communities and other unique features of the site were produced and instruction to hoard off and protect most of the site was immediately issued to the building contractor. A survey of the existing plant species in the local vicinity was conducted, this would then help to highlight what would grow well on that specific site. This proved to be challenging as the vegetation found was mainly thorn trees, herbaceous plants and grass species- most of which are deciduous.

Entrance Trough

Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017



Barring the tree species, most of the plants found on the site were not commercially available. The design of the landscape was developed after consultation of plant specialists in both Namibia and South Africa to find plants that would best deal with the extreme heat and cold conditions.

Rock pool and river pavilion with lodge in background

GREENinc motivated to the client that they be appointed to manage the procurement of all the plants. This would include sourcing the plants across Southern Africa, checking for acceptable quality and transporting them to the site. An enormous task that landscape architect, Johannes van der Walt took on, sourcing over 150 000 plants. Plantwise were appointed to assist with the logistics around permits and transport. This procurement task was later expanded to include sourcing and importing all the required furniture for the landscape. The Challenges The challenges of working in remote locations are intricate but if resources, time and determination are applied to each problem, solutions can be found to produce unique and crafted designs. Time was one of the biggest challenges. The design team was given 6 months to conceptualize and fully document a US 6 000 000 project. The professional team was based primarily in Port Elizabeth while the client was based in Europe. Meetings had to be done via skype and a full time resident landscape architect needed to be based on the site in Namibia.

River link stairway

The next challenge was to find suitable contractors who had both experience and capacity to implement the project within a very ambitious client driven program of 9 months. GREENinc were eventually able to negotiate a joint venture between a local building company (Namkon) and the renowned Countryline Africa. Materials had to be carefully considered. The design of both hard and soft components had to be sustainably sourced. Stone, concrete, timber and steel were identified as suitable materials for the hard landscaping. All the stone used was harvested by hand from the farm. Concrete and brickwork was produced on site using river sand from the river below the site and aggregate from a local quarry. Timber and steel were sourced in Windhoek.

28 Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017


Due to water issues on site and problems with consistency, some of the concrete had to be trucked in from Windhoek during the construction of the exposed aggregate pathways around the site. However, due to the long travelling distances, the concrete had to be treated with retardant to stop it from setting, which made it impossible to apply further retardant during the exposing of the aggregate. Innovative ways had to be formulated to achieve similar results, many of which unfortunately were not successful. Topsoil and compost, where not available in Namibia and the cost and sustainability of transporting them from South Africa was just not feasible. The soil had to thus be manufactured on site using clayier soils from local dams, river sand from the dry river bed

and additives including fertilizers and moisture retention agents. Water, in all its forms, proved to be the biggest challenge throughout the project installation. A series of boreholes and storage tanks were installed to take water from deep below the river bed and supply both irrigation and drinking water to the buildings and gardens. As many of the plants were being delivered fresh from all over South Africa they were in no way adapted to the harsh climate and there were several plant losses. By the time all the plants were finally in the ground winter was around the corner and the first months saw temperatures drop to -12°C at night. Many of the plants were lost to this.

SUPPLIERS Plant Procurement Plantwise Jenneth Prinsloo (011) 953 4540 Landscape Contractor Countryline Africa Richard Wijnberg (011) 021 5570

Initial Design Sketch Sculpture terrace

Furniture GOET Furniture Georg van Gass (082) 877 11 32 Project Landscape Architects Anton Comrie Andrew Kerrin Wallace Honiball Information Supplied by: GREENinc

Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017



“What we have learnt, and continue to learn, is that landscapes are amazingly resilient. We can formulate and impose wonderful ideas onto the landscape but mother nature always has the last say. And just when you think months of labour and buckets of money have been wasted on grand ideas in very inhospitable environments, Spring arrives and the earth resuscitates itself. Plants that seemed beyond saving shoot from the dry earth and, within months, a previously barren environment becomes home to an incredible array of wildlife.”

~Andrew Kerrin, Project Landscape Architect. Steel, water, stone incised into the exisiting landscape fabric

Winner of the Corobrik-ILASA President’s award


Rock pool integrated into exisiting rock out crop

Initital design perspectives exploring possibilties of the site 30 Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017

Founded in 1995 by partners Anton Comrie and Stuart Glen, GREENinc is an award winning landscape architectural consultancy based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Andrew Kerrin and Annamari Comrie became directors in 2011. The practice is renowned for contemporary design over a wide range of scales, typologies and contexts in South Africa and internationally. Whether it is dealing with culturally-loaded heritage sites or functionally driven urban environments, the practice is dedicated to the unique resolution of every project through research, experimentation and collaboration.


Island in ent, orthgate retail developm N to in d a ' e x o to th b a in bre ed 'big upgrad as been n. This former d h n n e a fe e li d r e g w Ne Tow own velop te with its n, Cape en rede Brookly uccessfully be e office space completed in la re s d ua t, a q n r w S e g o f lopm nt A ce o has n le, vibra ith this redeve der the guidan ved Merit fi o r p h hig t un ng w eser ace tha ark. Alo a well-d ence. urban p re-imagined sp recently won ell c x E f a cts, ds o 2015, is Archite A Awar S e A p a IL c s ik nd br One La 17 Coro t the 20 a d r a w A

Location: Brooklyn, Cape Town Size: 2500m2 Duration: August 2014- November 2015 Cost of Project: R2.5 Million



Pro Landscaper Africa / November 2017


A Brief History Northgate Island was originally developed to capitalise on Canal Walk’s buzzing retail traffic, however, the development battled vacancy since inception and needed a re-imaginedspace to resurrect its initial intent. Subsequently, 85 percent of the 18 000sqm property was acquired for R110 million in a joint venture between Arbitrage Property Fund and Buffet Investment Services with the intention of repurposing the under-performing asset through conversion into an office park, created to provide an affordable, well-positioned offering with ample parking and gorgeous views of Table Mountain to complete its appeal. This redevelopment project represents a further investment of R30 million by the development group. The Brief This project was conceptualized and entered into a design competition that sought to reimagine an existing car park ramp as a multipurpose meeting, recreation, and event space. This spiral ramp structure forms the core of the long four-story building. Mark Saint Pôl, Director of Square One Landscape Architects, together with his team, won this competition and were thus commissioned to transform the ramp into a unique amenity that would attract dynamic new tenants to the development. The Skycatcher The Skycatcher concept provides a unique urban place-making opportunity through the creation of a consolidated façade of vertical greenery. Climbing plants wrap the ramp structure, creating an eye-catching cylinder of green. A carefully engineered slice through the concrete ramp allows sunlight to stream down onto a large reflecting pool at the base of the structure, while an amphitheatre provides opportunities for gatherings alongside the reflecting pool. Here, visitors can experience the sky and the inner green-draped walls reflected in the pool. For those wanting to take a break from their office environment, seating areas along the ramp offer breakaway spaces for lunch and relaxation. A beer garden and food stalls adjacent to the ramp have been designed

to provide sustenance. The arbour-like ramp functions as an ambulatory or open air gallery and opens up to reveal the sky above and panoramic views of Devils Peak and Table Mountain. The Skycatcher brings the outside in, and draws the inside out – creating spaces rich in sensory experience and balances built and natural elements, to create a valuable and unique urban place. Stephen Whitehead, director of Boogertman + Partners Architects, explains that the extensive redevelopment and refurbishment infrastructurally includes transforming the facade by cutting back the roof overhang and placing a new fascia to provide a fresh identity. "We are creating a sense of movement and dynamism to reflect the energy from the activity on one of the best used highway junctions in Cape Town. Northgate Park is set not only to benefit those using the buildings but should act as a catalyst for the further transformation of its environs." SUPPLIERS

PLUMBSTEEL Jacques Robinson 082 770 0757 Timber & Decking TIMBALANDINGS Lyle Smith 082 875 0061 Cable Work CABLEMASTERS Ralph Penrose 021 551 6702 Water Feature WATER IN MOTION Clive Giliomee 083 227 5950

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Design Concept Realised Translating the design concept into construction details was not without complexity. However, complexity and constraints can lead to interesting design solutions when done well. The gradient of the original vehicular ramp was not only inconsistent, but it also cambered and tilted in many directions. The team were able to overcome this by creating a series of stepped timber terraces and articulated planters. These terraced rooms provide a range of spaces for various groups of people to gather at lunch or for an informal meeting. The addition of the decking created a further opportunity to conceal the electrical and irrigation services. The desire to bring sunlight into the space meant that a portion of the ramp had to cut away which

caused some structural challenges for the engineers. In addition, the incorporation of the planters and decking did mean that the already limited load bearing capacity of the ramp was stretched. This was in turn resolved with the incorporation of lightweight polystyrene boards within the planters to reduce the weight of the planting medium on the existing concrete slab. Fluctuations in the exchange rate meant that the stainless steel mesh that had been specified for the ramp facades was no longer affordable. Again the team were able to design a locally manufactured alternative that matched the desired effect. The final result shows what can happen when a creative and experienced project team work together to turn complex design challenges into meaningful and enjoyable places.

ABOUT SQUARE ONE LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Over the past 7 years, Square One Landscape Architects have successfully designed and optimised 150 public and private properties. From designing plazas for to detailing urban parks, we are the first-choice professional Landscape Architects for our clients. As an innovative design team, we work across all scales of urban design, architecture and engineering to produce plans and details that are integrated across an entire project. Our designs are refined and stand apart from the rest for all the right reasons. Our range of services draws on the social, cultural, historical and ecological resources of a site and include: Planning and Approvals, Landscape Master Plans, Landscape Sketch Plans, Detailed Designs, Green Infrastructure Design, Project Management and Construction Monitoring.

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THE LEARNING HUB In mid-2015 Feenstra Group commenced with a construction project of the all new inspiring and inviting Menlyn Learning Hub. The Menlyn Learning Hub is a new five story educational establishment in Menlyn, Pretoria.

Size: 1,2 Ha Time: 18 months (completion mid 2016) Cost: R4,5 million

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Feenstra Group has constructed an immersive learning environment to house the Menlyn Learning Hub and its new academic staff at this location. Currently the building capacity can accommodate 2500 students with future phases to increase the student numbers to 8000 and also meets the CTI and MGI criteria. The project was completed towards the end of August 2016. Boogertman + Partners were approached by the Feenstra Group to develop this Hub as a flagship educational campus development. The chosen site is located in the established Menlo Park neighbourhood on the old sport grounds owned by the Nuwe Hoop School. The development aimed to bring more tertiary educational opportunities to the City of Tshwane. The school released some of the land to a private developer, Feenstra Group, in the form of a long-term lease to develop the educational facility. The Aim The aim of this project was to develop an educational campus facility that will accommodate the lifestyle of students and educational staff. The second point was to further the development aimed to upgrade and revitalise the public environment surrounding the campus for both the students and the residents of the Menlo Park Neighbourhood. Finally, the campus needed to connect to the neighbouring green open space where two watercourses (Waterkloof and Wolwe spruit) join within the development node. The current buildings are phase 1 of a larger campus development. It was necessary to keep this in mind with the design of the landscape to accommodate future development but also to create a comfortable campus environment in the short term- until completion of the second phase. The concept was to create a central atrium or piazza space where students and staff can spill out and enjoy being outside in-between classes. A large precast concrete staircase gives the user access to the buildings that are situated on a podium and serves as an amphitheatre for larger events. The concrete staircase was designed in such a way as to help the basements below ventilate naturally. This was achieved by having open gaps between each tread of the staircase to allow for air to move freely from the courtyard into the basement. A large ramp cuts through the staircase to give paraplegic access to the

SUPPLIERS Landscape Contractor Life Landscapes Ida-Marie Strydom 011 959 1000 Artificial Turf Africa United Wayne Cilliers 082 822 4788 Irrigation supplier Controlled Irrigation Sheldon Hutchinson 011 608 0767 Paving Bosun Brick Gert van Wyk 011 310 1176 Corobrik Thilo Sidambaram 031 560 3111 Pots and Planters Igneous Concrete Vicky Grigoroglu 011 827 7425 Seating and Bins Badec Bros Edrich Badenhorst 012 460 7990 Planting Tshala Plant Brokers Gail Dreyer 082 415 0165 Real Lawn Evergreen Turf Fanus Cloete 011 948 6128

upper area of the courtyard and buildings. The upper area of the courtyard is also the main circulation area for students between classes and thus creates an opportunity for a pause or breakaway area. This space was surfaced with artificial lawn and paving to accommodate all the foot traffic and a shaded seating area was created with large potted trees and vegetation. The large lightweight concrete pots also form a sculptural feature within the courtyard space especially when looking down from the surrounding buildings.

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A grand staircase that cuts through the two buildings connects the courtyard to the lower eastern terrace where the student cafeteria is situated. The cafeteria spills out onto the lawn and paved terrace, giving the students a space to enjoy views over the neighbouring spruit and natural open space while enjoying their lunch. Seating walls and furniture is provided throughout the site to further add to the comfort of the students and staff moving around on the campus. The landscape surrounding the buildings was designed to tie into the natural environment by only using indigenous planting and trees

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that will fit the character of the neighbouring natural open space. All surface parking areas was designed with permeable paving to allow indigenous grass to grow in the parking bays and roads, and to allow water to naturally penetrate the surface and replenish ground water sources. All sidewalks surrounding the development were upgraded with new surfaces, vegetation and trees to improve the comfort level of the large number of pedestrians that will move to and from the campus. Currently in the process is the upgrading of the sidewalks beyond the immediate boundary of the site to connect to the bigger pedestrian network in the neighbourhood.

Established in 1982, with offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Kenya, Boogertman + Partners engages in projects throughout Africa and beyond continually embracing social, economic, and functional challenges through Human Centered Design. Having gained national and international acclaim, Boogertman + Partners has successfully completed projects throughout Africa. They are driven by a dynamic team of directors who share a vision for contextually responsible and innovative design; with a dedicated approach to the building process from project inception to execution. The team is complimented by talented professionals- urban designers, architects, and technicians, including an in-house graphic design and marketing team. Boogertman + Partners are a gold founder of the Green Building Council.

Winner of the SALI Shield for Excellence in Landscaping 2017 In 2017 Life Landscapes received: 12 Gold SALI Awards, 5 Silver SALI Awards, 1 Bronze SALI Award









Live Wonderful. Life Landscapes is an award winning landscaping company specialising in landscape construction and corporate garden maintenance. We focus on xeriscaping and sustainable garden practices.


Johannesburg 011 959 1000

Cape Town 021 850 0764

Pretoria 012 644 2152

Project value: R1.7 Million Build time: Two weeks Size of project: 225m2


RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2017 • Best Construction • Best Future Spaces Garden Award

REIMAGINING THE FUTURE OF GARDENS WARNES MCGARR & CO Warnes McGarr & Co’s show garden for RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2017 imagines the residential gardens of the future



esigners Michael John McGarr and Robert Warnes won three medals at RHS Tatton this year for their stunning and unusual show garden, ‘2101’. The duo was presented with a Gold medal, as well as awards for Best Construction and Best Future Spaces Garden. With a ‘Mad Max’ element, the garden created a talking point at the show and impressed the judges. The brief As one of the Future Spaces gardens at the show, the brief was to explore the theme of how our residential gardens could look in the future. The Warnes McGarr & Co garden was set in the year 2101, in a UK that has seen predicted temperature rises of around 7°C. The conceptual garden explored how we could use our gardens, with many of our native plants no longer existing. A split-level design was included to act as a ‘rain garden’ that manages increased rainwater runoff. This collects water in the permeable higher areas, and distributes it into lower, densely planted areas that soak up excess moisture, alleviating flood risks. The plans have to be signed off by the RHS show team, with any queries coming back after application to ensure the garden design is viable within the build schedule. Materials and build The show garden site was familiar, as it was the exact same location of Warnes McGarr & Co’s Silver Medal-winning 2016 garden, From Hall to Home. On-site kicked off with some excavation work to level out the existing sloped ground. The show-stopping large specimen cacti were central to the garden’s concept and design, but proved difficult to source at the size required – 60cm across for the barrel cacti (Echinocactus grusonii) and 150cm high for the tall cacti (Polaskia chichipe). Searching found the team on a chase across the warmer parts of Europe, and eventually led them to set up a new business, Cactus Direct, which became the show garden’s lead sponsor. The structural elements of the garden – the conical relaxing area, the spherical shaded area and the battered-edged sandstone table and benches – were all designed by Robert and created at the steel fabricators. Everything was prebuilt before the team went on-site, so simply had to be put together on arrival.

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The corroded steel structures provided shade for plants that once required warmth and protection to be grown in the UK, such as grapevines and tomatoes. The patterned sphere shape was designed to deliver shade for homeowners and a relaxing place to sit. Casa Ceramica came on board as a show sponsor and provided the large-format, single-piece porcelain tiles, which draw the eyes up the slope of the garden and form a stepped path. The 3mm-thick wall tiles were built onto a platform that was designed by Robert, so they could be used as floor tiles. The garden included planting that could cope with extreme heat positioned on the higher level, while plants that could deal with extremes of water and drought were planted on the lower level. It used concepts that can be applied to our gardens today to manage excess rainwater and drought, while alleviating future flood risks. Trees in the garden include Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine), Alnus glutinosa (common alder) and Betula nigra (river birch), which can all flourish in a warmer climate. Tropical trees and large plants that are growing and thriving in 2101 include: Yucca filifera, Yucca rostrata, Yucca gloriosa, Trithrinax campestris, Nannorrhops ritchiana and Butia odorata.


1A  corroded steel pergola to provide shade, with a battered-edge sandstone table and bench 2B  arrel cacti in discarded oil drums among meadow planting on the lower level 3 Casa Ceramica large-format porcelain tiles, forming a stepped path up the garden 4 A 150cm high Polaskia chichipe cactus in front of the spherical shelter 5 Creating the two-stepped landscape 6 Installing the rock border, the pergola and getting the barrel cacti in place during the build

Warnes McGarr & Co is an award-winning garden and landscape design consultancy based in Wigan and Cheshire. Set up by garden designer Michael John McGarr and landscape designer Robert Warnes, it creates outdoor kitchens, bespoke outdoor furniture design and naturalistic planting schemes with a focus on ecology.

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BEST QUALITY. AMAZING SERVICE. TOP DEALS. EVERY TIME! Cordless for professionals from Stihl Portable. Quiet. Powerful.

Contact us for a demo on Stihl Cordless and Grasshopper ZTR products 012 323 1833/4/5 Pretoriusstreet 34

(Between Kgosi Mampuru/ Potgieter & Prince’s Park Avenue)



- EQUIPMENT We know you are always in search of the best equipment for the job, so here are some of our favourites for November.


Snapper’s SPX300 Side Discharge Tractor with Fabricated Steel Deck Featuring powerful Briggs & Stratton engines, the SPX™ range provides superior cutting and handling under a variety of mowing conditions. Choose between the 107 or 117 cm stamped steel decks suitable for most gardens. Should you require an even more rugged mower deck the SPX300 offers a 122cm fabricated steel deck.This model has Cruise control, Located conveniently on the dash board (SPX200/300).

STIHL’s New Hedge Trimmers The new hedge trimmers in the STIHL professional cordless range, the HSA 94 R (for pruning) and HSA 94 T (for trimming) are specialists in their particular fields. These extremely highperformance machines come in various bar lengths to suit individual needs. Their blade stroke rate can be individually adjusted on the control console to suit the task at hand and the EC motor’s electronic system actively ensures that the blade stroke rate always remains constant even under maximum workload, regardless of the battery charge level. Their low weight, perfectly balanced ergonomics and quiet operation make them comfortable to use for extended periods, even in rain and wet conditions.

This model features cruise control located on the dash board (SPX200/300) and comfortable seat with 9 adjustment points. A cast-iron pivoting front axle smoothly tracks over rough terrain for an even cut. LED headlights come standard.


Billy Goat’s Self-Propelled Lawn & Litter Vacuums Small commercial property maintenance, Billy Goat’s next generation 27” wide lawn and litter vac has been completely redesigned.


Bosch Silent Shredder AXT25 TC The versatile multi-purpose forage harvester AXT 25 TC is equipped with a “turbine cut system”, which guarantees an extremely fast and non-blocking material throughput. The top performance of these high-performance choppers is a material throughput of up to 230 kg/h, whereby branches and shrubs with a diameter of up to 45 mm can be easily chopped, Selfpulling and quiet for highly comfortable chopping Thanks to the detachable funnel, you need 30% less space to stow away the device than the previous model, making it a handy little force package with a height of only 67 cm., Practical catchbox. 53 l for easier reception of crushed chopped material, Shielded cutting unit for more application safety.


The unit features: Large 5-blade impeller with serrated edges to maximize suction and debris reduction; Variable height adjustment for hard surface or turf work; Breathable hard bottom mesh turf bag with an integral dust cover loads from the bottom. Bag zippers have been eliminated in favour of simple to use marine style clasps that open and close easily when emptying debris. Honda or Briggs power coupled with smooth 12” tires on the push unit and rear wheel drive on the self-propelled unit make operation simple even in hilly turf environments. Optimized nozzle configuration improves suction and debris flow and handles hedge clippings with ease. Billy Goat vacuums are so rugged and reliable that many have been in service for over 20 years. Clean up your world with the best line up of lawn and litter vacuums in the industry. Available in South Africa at

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WAT E R F E AT U R E S Water is an element with a unique- and often much needed whimsy, adding softness and narrative to otherwise hard spaces. It diversifies a project, allows pedestrian interaction and evokes the senses. Here are some of South Africa’s finest companies designing, installing and supplying water features to the trade.

BOTANICA’S POLY FIBRE RESIN WATER FEATURE This ultra- light poly fibre resin water feature was manufactured and installed by Botanica at a luxury townhouse complex in the centre of Sandton’s CBD. It features 55 variable size height adjustable jets and LED lighting for a fantastic day to night effect. The finish is marbelised with an automatic water level control. There are also Electronic timers with battery backup for the jets and lights. No daily maintenance is required and Botanica believes in this product so much, it is guaranteed for life against cracking.

POOL SPA & FILTRATION’S MUSICAL FOUNTAIN INSTALLATION AT WATERFALL CITY Waterfall City, to be true to its name, needed a waterfall. Not just any waterfall, but a multi-functional space for children to splash around in during the day, and a music and light extravaganza area for couples and families to enjoy in the evening. Pool Spa & Filtration Contracts designed an upgradable, interchangeable and multi-setting solution. The day time choreography creates joy and excitement as children are momentarily captured within water-walls or caught unaware by spurts of water from the jets. The true spectacular is viewed after sunset, as lighting variations intensify and jets create a water ballet, synchronised with the sound track and building with the crescendos. Enabling song selection through the Mall of Africa smart phone application is a unique feature designed by the Pool Spa technical team, bringing global excellence to the appreciative, local audience.

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OBBLIGATO Obbligato’s minimal, contemporary, round water features are available in heights of 1000mm or 800mm x 500mm diameter and are supplied with or without reservoirs. They are made of 304 grade stainless steel to ensure longevity & are supplied in a satin or mirror finish. Bespoke shapes, designs and sizes can be manufactured to suit your project’s specific requirements.

LIQUID DESIGN Liquid Design is one of the leading designers, fabricators and installers of bespoke water features and fountains in South Africa. They design, install and service water walls, string water curtains, vortex fountains, letterbox spouts, glass ball fountains and classic fountains. These features can be installed indoors or outdoors and in both commercial and residential buildings. The Long-Necked Spouts featured here are an example of one of their exquisite water features. The effectiveness of these spouts is enhanced by water cascading from the upper basin of this feature, over the steps, to the lower basin. Lighting has been added to highlight each of the spouts as well as the steps. They are manufactured from 304/316 stainless steel and are manufactured in a variety of heights. Liquid Designs also have a number of water walls that are rented for events and functions. The artwork for these installations, if required, is changeable in line with the client’s requirements.

WATERSCAPES The Alice Lane Project (Bowman Gilfillan Building) was the last construction of the whole precinct which was 4 areas developed individually combining on completion to one connected project. This water element was designed to create a crossover/connection between the original and the last cast slabs and is constructed on a suspended slab. The feature starts on Alice Lane and then “rills” through the building dropping two levels and then joining into sump of the two wet slabs. The two wet slabs create an impression that they are falling into the ground level which is the suspended slab. The water is continually circulated through a closed system where natural and cartridge filtration is used to maintain water quality. There are 3 pump houses under the finished paved level accessible by removable hatches that operate the water elements. The finishes used were granite tile in shades of charcoal, grey and light grey and this compliments the stainless-steel edges and inlet tubes on the entry point. Regular weekly maintenance will ensure that the overall look visual and water quality is maintained. The above project was completed and maintained by Waterscapes.

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Vasco Stone produces an impressive range of Garden Ornaments and Architectural Ornaments and Stonework. Products can be made in either cement, reconstituted sand or lime stone, even in crushed marble. Water features add interest to a garden or landscape, whether traditional, classical or contemporary. Centrepiece cast stone fountains and water features were not always the beautiful, ornate stone water features we expect of today’s pools, ponds and water gardens. Today, pool surrounds can be used with centrepiece fountains to create an attractive water feature in a contemporary garden or traditional landscape. Centrepiece garden fountains and pool surrounds make beautiful water features in a courtyard. Fountain surrounds can be used with cast stone wall fountains. Self-circulating fountains and freestanding water features in traditional classical and contemporary designs and styles can be used to enhance a courtyard, garden room or conservatory. Vasco Stone also has wall fountains, self- circulating fountains and freestanding water features for any project.

This water feature was designed and installed by Water in Motion and was included in the stunning design of a garden at Vergelegen Estate, by the renowned OvP Associates. The central water feature is divided into 3 parts. At the top you will see the planted bio sections: these long sections have a network of perforated pipework under a layer of gravel in which plants have been established. The pump draws water from the lowest end of the feature and part of the water returns through these pipes to filter the water naturally. The water then flows through an overflow pipe that is the feed to the last section of the feature. In the mid-section you will find an octagonal pond and table with submersible features that feed 8 clear water concealed sprouts. These flow back into the octagon base pond. The third section houses the feed from the first and mid sections of the feature. This water flows over the stainless weirs and back to where the pump suction will begin the cycle again. This is also an auto filler that will act to top up the water feature due to evaporation. The Pump is a pool type pump with a pre-strainer basket. The water is filtered through a large 5 bag filter which contains gravel and UV light units. The water is kept clean largely due to the biofilter system.

MENLYN PARK: INTERACTIVE FOUNTAIN INSTALLATION BY POOL SPA & FILTRATION Menlyn mall is more than a shopping destination, it is an experience. The fountain experts at Pool Spa & Filtration (Pty) Ltd were tasked with creating a watery masterpiece that would complement the interiorexterior architectural flow of the mall, while igniting the senses. A splash-attraction by day and a sensory exhibition of water and light by night, the brief was met and expectations were exceeded. The day fountain has been divided into four quadrants and programmed to trap the young audience within the water walls. Walls drop down to reveal an escape route – as long as the choreographed jets don’t wet you on your way out. As night falls, the effective combination of jets and colourful LED lighting creates a spectacular attraction for couples and crowds alike. The show must go on and, thanks to the foresight of the Pool Spa & Filtration team, upgrades and reprogramming systems are easily accessible behind removable granite slabs.

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Landscape Architect Master of Landscape Architecture ML(Prof) Self-employed

Candidate Senior Landscape Architectural Technologist (Lead designer and Company Manager at Landtech).

What is your favourite landscaped area in South Africa? Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

What is your favourite landscaped area in South Africa? Honestly, the genius loci offered by the magnificent Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town has moved me most, therefore. KIRSTENBOSCH!

How is Sustainability embedded into your business practices? Through robust, ethical and indigenous material pallets. Staying up to date with the latest trends and technology is essential, while educating the client about design decisions is key. What is one item you cannot live a day without? My cellphone, its GPS and its camera. Who/What is your biggest professional influence and why? God above - I find purpose in celebrating, restoring and enhancing the beauty of His creations. What is the moto that you live by? ‘The world is full of magic things waiting for our senses to grow sharper’ W.B Yeats. One piece of advice for the landscaping industry? As landscape architects, we need to broaden our plant knowledge a lot more since our reputation for mass planting the same old species is not a good one- we are creative individuals and need to change this copy / paste habit. By working together with nurseries, I believe that our plant material palette has way more potential and this habit may be changed- we live in a country with one of the world’s highest biodiversity rates after all. Top Plant? Portulacaria afra for its unique form, range of uses and drought-tolerance. 50 Pro Pro Landscaper Landscaper Africa Africa // November November 2017 2017 50

How is Sustainability embedded into your business practices? I find extreme satisfaction in ensuring designs offer a highly considered ecological approach with heavy emphasis on the economical- and the social value. Sustainability IS more than a run of the mill Re- Re- Re- branding exercise. What is one item you cannot live a day without? My pen and journal (these items tend to exist as a unit) Who/What is your biggest professional influence and why? Being taught by Dr. Carin Combrinck (UP) and Prof. Alex Antonites (UP) that your passion in life doesn’t have to be clouded by the immense challenges brought to your industry by current economic and sociopolitical circumstances. What is the moto that you live by? How am I bringing about positive change through my daily dealings. One piece of advice for the landscaping industry? Leave your electronic device in your pocket. Go walk, feel, smell and experience the spaces we are creating. ALL OF THEM! Top Plant? Aloidendron barberae (Tree Aloe)


TOUGH. RELIABLE. DURABLE. Enduro Powered by Yamaha offers a wide variety of locally produced lawnmowers for private and commercial use and is supported by professional dealers nationwide. New dealers are welcome to join the Yamaha Enduro family. Enduropoweredbyyamahasouthafrica | Tel: +27 259 7600 | Email: |

Cordlessly revolutionising landscaping STIHL has an extensive range of robust, quiet and powerful cordless power tools that offer top performance and convenience and will change the face of professional landscaping forever. All start at the push of a button, with no noise, no emissions and no need to mix fuel, while the lightweight designs ensure reduced user fatigue. Despite being lightweight, these power tools offer just that – power. These models have been specially produced for heavy

duty applications with extended battery run time for professionals operating in the field. STIHL Lithiumion battery technology ensures that these cordless machines operate at full rate even if the battery starts to run out, so there’s no loss of working time. Plus the brushless EC motor requires minimal servicing, which drastically reduces downtime for maintenance. With the cordless mobility and power delivered by the STIHL PRO range, landscaping will never be the same again.

Like any premium item, STIHL products are only available at specialised dealers nationwide, for expert advice and superior after-sales service.

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