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Concept to Delivery


April 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 3

April 2016


April 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 3 April2016 2016||Volume Volume2,2,Issue Issue43 May





April 2016 April MAY2016 2016 April 2016



ENVIRO NMENT AL STUDIOS Concept to Delivery Concept to

April 2016


May 2016













April 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 3

Welcome to the April edition of Pro


April 2016




Landscaper Africa. Architects rekindling recreation inofaL nature Jo burg FLORA Welcome to May the April edition of Pro a community by Habitat landscape Leon Klugepark and a wonderful display Welcome to the edition of Pro Welcome to the April edition of Pro a community park by Habitat landscape The autumn air is upon us and we are community. LATES Landscaper Africa. Architects rekindling recreation in a Jo burg T meets architecture by Veld Architects. Landscaper Africa. UCTS Landscaper Africa. Architects rekindling recreation inPROD a Jo burg slowly in theairprocess Product pages this month pay tribute The autumn is uponof uswelcoming and we area new community. The autumn air is upon us and we are community. We then offer a sneak peek into the ‘Pick of We have had a fantastic to our season, and withresponse new design to the pages new and products slowly in the process ofit welcoming aideas. new Product thisexciting month tributein both LET’S pay HEAR IT FROM slowly in the process of welcoming a new Product pages this month pay tribute Chelsea’ where we showcase the top 6 show CARO previous issue sowith thank you for yourideas. welcomed LINE DE VILLIERS season, and itour new design new and and exciting in sure both to find As always business and opinionsto theSynthetic real products turf, so be season, andcontinuing with it newtodesign ideas. to the new and exciting products in both gardens on the avenue at to this year’s feedback and for inspire us. insightSynthetic As always businessplace and opinions and turf, so beproducts sure fiin nd pages areour a relevant to gain some of real our main favourite SouthRHS Welcome toand the April edition of ProSynthetica and community park so by Habitat landscape always opinions real turf, be sure to find Chelsea Flower Show. There is into aAs winter chillour in business the air asgain we welcome prepare pages are a relevant place to insight some of our favourite products in South industry tips. In April we Africa. Landscaper Africa. Architects rekindling recreation in a Jo burg pages a relevant place to gain insight some of our favourite products in South ourselves for are another exciting season into Lindsay industry tips. In we welcome Africa. Thesegment, autumn airahead. is and we are We community. Gray toApril this toupon joinusour also take this a look at the latest in best Our latest products month cover the into industry tips. In April we welcome Africa. slowly in the to process of welcoming aWe newalso take Product pages We are continuing make waves within the Lindsay Graywriters totothis segment, join Marcel our a look at this themonth latestpay in tribute resident Lee Burger and outdoor power tool products and introduce in Soil Product and our favourite’s in the Lindsay Gray to this segment, toit join take look at the latest ininboth season, and with new our design ideas. We also to the newaand exciting products industry by bringing you Burger all things resident writers Lee andlandscaping! Marcel outdoor tool products and introduce Oudejans. youpower toSynthetic our preferred products. As always our Marcel business and opinions and products real turf, so be our sure to find Composite Decking world and trading with resident writers Lee Burger and outdoor power tool and introduce Oudejans. you to our preferred products. pages are a relevant place to gain insight some of our favourite products in South We catch up with Sean O’Connor This month we are trading with NPP, pagetoisour with Makhroproducts. Home and Garden, the We have an incredible May edition in store Oudejans. you preferred industry tips. April more we welcome Africa.wewho We catch up Green withinto Sean O’Connor This month are trading with NPP, Walls to findIn out a company and supply the suppliers and distributors of the increasingly We Living catch with Sean O’Connor This month we take areproduce with NPP, with the from likes of Leeup Burger, Marcel Lindsay Gray toOudejans this segment, toa join our We also atrading look atsupply the latest in fromon Living Green Walls to fi nd out more company who produce and the vertical gardening and then we take a highest quality in both composite and Go Organic Guano. from Living Wallswell-known to find Lee outBurger more apopular company who produce and supply the resident writers and Marcel outdoor power tool products and introduce and Lindsay Gray Green becoming names on vertical gardening andNursery, then wewhere take a Gerthighest quality decking. in both composite to New Horizen wooden Be sure toand read you to our preferred products. ontrip vertical gardening and then we take a highest quality in both composite and more on within our Business and Oudejans. Opinions section. The trip to New Horizen Nursery, where Gert wooden Be our sure towill read more on a Duethis todecking. high demand, be starting We us catch upmessage with Sean O’Connor This month wewe are trading with NPP, deto Kock with the product Trading with section. trip Newshares Horizen where Gert of wooden decking.inBe sure to read more on Cape Green Forum writes Nursery, forLiving our Green association Walls more a company who produce and supply the de Kock shares withfrom us the message ofto find out this product in our Trading with section. Classifieds for inspiring all Landscape Architects, gardening andmessage sustainability. If yousection have any projects dewater Kockwise shares with us the in our Trading with section. newswater segment as well as welcomed new onavertical gardening andofthen we this take product a highest quality in both composite and wise gardening and sustainability. If you haveInstallers any inspiring and projects Service to providers Our Interview fortoand this month is withwhereDesigners, would the opportunity be on so water wise gardening sustainability. Iforyou havelike any inspiring projects trip New Horizen Nursery, Gert wooden decking. Be sure to read more member to the SAGIC named SABI Our Interview forfamily this month is with or would like the opportunity to be look out for more info inside. de Kock shares with us the message of this product in our Trading with section. award winning Caroline de Villiers from considered to write for one of our pages, Our Interview for this month is with or would like the opportunity to be (South African Irrigation Association). award winning Caroline Villiers fromand sustainability. considered toIf write forany oneinspiring of ourprojects pages, waterde wise gardening you have Themba Trees. She talks to us about then please contact me chanel@ award winning Caroline de Villiers from considered to write for one ofon our pages, Weplease are always for inspiring projects, Ourto Interview for this month then is with orcontact wouldsearching likeme the on opportunity to be Themba Trees. She talks us as about chanel@ ‘Easy Ivy’ is mature featured in this issue, weideas discuss her tree farm, inspiring and from paperplanepublications.co.za. Enjoy our Themba Trees. She talks to us about then please contact me on chanel@ award winning Caroline de Villiers considered to write for one of our pages, industry relevant news and exciting products to her mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and paperplanepublications.co.za. Enjoy our the relevance of this fantastic product totalks our Themba Trees. She to us about then please contact me on chanel@ her mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and paperplanepublications.co.za. Enjoy our aspirations for the future. Aprilour edition and we will see you all very better forum, so please doallnot hesitate to aspirations for the future. April edition and we will see you very mature tree farm, inspiring ideas andedition paperplanepublications.co.za. Enjoy our industry with Wayne aspirations for Becker. the her future. and we will see you all very We have three exciting projects in this April soon.us contact chanel@paperplanepublications. We have three exciting projects in this soon. aspirations for the future. Aprilon edition and we will see you all very We have projects in this soon. issue. The three first isexciting aWe piece by Environmental have three exciting projectsco.za in this We soon. will see you all very soon. We sit down in by the landscaping issue. Thewith firstaislegend a piece Environmental issue. The ficreating rst is aissue. piece byfirst Environmental Studios, a contemporary The is a piecegarden by Environmental industry Eric creating Cherry toa discuss his career, his Studios, contemporary garden creating a contemporary garden Studios, creating aStudios, contemporary garden to mirror the modern architecture it to mirror modern architecture it architecture company andthe advice to to the landscaping industry. it mirror the modern tosurrounds. mirror the modern architecture it The Elgin Garden Classic, surrounds. The ElginofGarden Classic, The Elgin Garden Our surrounds. portfolio’s section this monthClassic, is full surrounds. The Elgin McGill Gardenlandscapers Classic, designed by Ross and and designed by Ross McGill landscapers @ProLandscaperCB @ProLandscaperCB designed Ross McGill landscapers and surprises withby another enchanting piece by @ProLandscaperCB designed by Ross McGill landscapers and @ProLandscaperCB

April 2016

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3 Pro Landscaper Africa Africa / April /2016 3 Landscaper 3 ProPro Landscaper Africa Africa / April April 3 Pro Landscaper /2016 May2016 2016


Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016



MAY 2016


April 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 3



News Shed

April 2016 Industry news from southern Africa



We ask Easyivy questions on their fantastic

the April edition of Pro and intelligent alternative to theWelcome Real toMcCoy.


Association News

always our business and opinions SAGICAsgroup, pages are a relevant place to gain insight

Digital vs Drawing

Product pages this month pay tribute to the new and exciting products in both Synthetic and real turf, so be sure to find some of our favourite products in South

into industry tips. In April we welcome


Lindsay Gray to this segment, to join our resident writers Lee Burger and Marcel

We also take a look at the latest in outdoor power tool products and introduce

Oudejans. We catch up with Sean O’Connor

you to our preferred products. This month we are trading with NPP,

from Living Green Walls to find out more

a company who produce and supply the highest quality in both composite and

on vertical gardening and then we take a Lee Burger on the pros and cons of digital trip to New Horizen Nursery, where Gert Kock shares with us the message of advancement within the designdeprocess.


Architects rekindling recreation in a Jo burg community.

slowly in the process of welcoming a new


a community park by Habitat landscape

The latest from The Cape Green Forum season, and with it new design ideas. and new members to the


Landscaper Africa. The autumn air is upon us and we are






8 Featured


April 2016

water wise gardening and sustainability.

Business Lessons From Lagos. Our Interview for this month is with

award winning Caroline de Villiers from Marcel Oudejans provides business tips from

his recent trip around Africa


Defeating the Dreaded

wooden decking. Be sure to read more on this product in our Trading with section. If you have any inspiring projects or would like the opportunity to be considered to write for one of our pages, then please contact me on chanel@


Themba Trees. She talks to us about

her mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and aspirations for the future. Admin!We have three exciting projects in this

issue. The first is a piece by Environmental Lindsay Gray on enhancing your business

strategy and defeating the dreaded to mirroradmin. the modern architecture it

paperplanepublications.co.za. Enjoy our April edition and we will see you all very soon.

Studios, creating a contemporary garden surrounds. The Elgin Garden Classic,

designed by Ross McGill landscapers and



Let’s Hear It From

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Mother Nature Meets Modern Design

Leon Kluge creates a marriage of natural

wonder meets modern design in this


www.prolandscaper.co.za enchanting portfolio. 24


Architecture Acquaints Itself With Nature

An interactive project by Veld Architects

where nature and architecture merge.


Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016

The Pick of Chelsea

Pro Landscaper Africa gets a peek into the

6 best show gardens on the main avenue at

this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

PRODUCTS 31 Soil 32

Composite Decking



Trading with Makhro Home and Garden

and Go Organic Guano Little Interviews



27 Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016




Old Lion Match Factory reignited

The factory, which sits alongside Kings Park Stadium and is near the iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium, is considered to be one of the city’s memorable architectural landmarks. A two-year process of rejuvenation has now been completed.

SANBI-Kirstenbosch unveils model exhibit for Chelsea 2016 SANBI-Kirstenbosch’s 41st annual entry to

and a tree-lined entrance which extends the sporting green belt. The process had to be carefully

as an Amafa heritage site. As a result,

this year. The model showing this year’s theme

the architects opted to blend the old

was unveiled at Kirstenbosch today.

and new buildings seamlessly, yet

Their theme for 2016 . . .

add distinguishing features.

Harold Porter National Botanical

Garden – A Gateway to the Kogelberg

Sarah Fourie of Dean Jay

Architects says the bricks used in

Biosphere Reserve

the refurbishment were a mixture of

The Harold Porter National Botanical Garden

reused old bricks from one of the

in Betty’s Bay was bequeathed to the

demolished warehouses, alongside

National Botanical Gardens, now SANBI, in 1958. Uniquely located within the Kogelberg

uniflora) in its natural habitat as well as South

Biosphere Reserve, and situated in the centre

Africa’s national flower, the king protea (Protea

of the coastal fynbos where the flora is at its

cynaroides) and the Prince of Wales heath

richest, this beautiful garden encompasses

(Erica perspicua).

mountain slopes with wind-clipped heathlands, Ten hectares are immaculately cultivated with deep gorges with relict forests, flats and

wheelchair-friendly paths winding between

marshes with restios, sedges and bulbs, as

banks of fynbos plants, wetland and dune

well as dunes adjacent to the beach with

displays and cool African montane forests.

specialised salt-adapted plants. The Garden

is renowned for its waterfalls and amber

undisturbed and offer several kilometres of

pools. It showcases more than 700 species

attractive mountainside and riverine nature

of indigenous South African plants and over

trails taking between one and four hours to

100 species of birds.

walk. Trails in the Garden include a mountain

slope Fynbos trail, the longer zig-zag border

Another 190 hectares have been left

The main fynbos families (proteas, ericas

trail takes you into the core of the Kogelberg

and restios) are present as well as other

Biosphere Reserve, and a trail (requiring a

important families such as irises, daisies and

permit) along a stream up to the waterfall in

orchids. The Garden boasts red disa (Disa

Leopard’s Gorge. www.sanbi.org.za

Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016

courtyards, indigenous landscaping

monitored as the ex-factory is listed

Flower Show (CFS) has taken a new direction


The main building has acquired

a small roof garden with two

the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Chelsea

Chelsea launch 2016

Corobrik’s range of terracotta satin face bricks and burgundy pavers. “We wanted to match the newer bricks with the older ones while playing with different brickwork styles throughout,” she explains. “We highlighted the new additions as obviously modern rather than trying to repeat the traditional design. While the new additions are modern, we have used the same colours and materials that were used in the original buildings.”

“We wanted to sustain what

we could from the old structures but have made the style quite obvious in the newer structures,” explained Fourie. www.iol.co.za



Responsible Living the theme for Grand Designs Live 2016 Sponsored by Black and Decker. The Grand Designs Live expo was held from 20 to 22 May, 2016, at the Ticketpro Dome, Joburg, with Black+Decker as title sponsor. The theme for the event being Responsible Living.

As conscious consumerism has allowed

for more eco-friendly choices in a way that promotes awareness and sensitivity to our planetary needs, this title of Responsible Living was quite fitting. Grand Designs Live showcased numerous ways in which visitors could bring this thinking to life and, hopefully, made a real and meaningful impact in so doing.

The Waterwise Garden Theatre, designed

by GLC Design Studio in association with Garden and Home Magazine, was an informative, inspirational place where guests could really engage with the realities of South Africa’s water dilemma. In reality, we are a water-stressed country, and predictions are that the demand for water will outstrip supply by 2025. A change in attitude and behaviour is needed, and this was a space where you

could find ways to use water more wisely. There were also experts on hand, each giving different insights into trends and techniques. In keeping with the theme and in the Garden section, there were four luscious Garden sets brought to you by the Guild of Landscapers including Indigo Landscapes, Spargo Landscape Consultants, Complex Gardens and Green Dimensions.

The Trend House, brought to you by

DesignMind, brought the latest trends in design and at the Grand Designs Live Emporium guests were greeted with an array of beautiful objects for garden and home, from art to exotic plants and flowers. Be sure not to miss this event next year! www.granddesignslive.co.za

Latest Rootmakers technology for the new Reliance nursery Western Cape organic compost provider,

Eddie Redelinghuys, the Founder of Reliance

Reliance, launched their new nursery on

Compost believes in creating a sustainable

Corona Farm in the Paarl region. The large

environment where all living organisms and

scale plant and tree nursery comprise of

beings, both above and below the ground,

over 50,000 citrus trees, 60,000 ornamentals,

can flourish and feed populations of the future.

an organic food garden, as well as two

And this is where his passion flows from…

hectares of mature trees.

taking care of our soils, and now our plants

and trees too. www.bizcommunity.com

Nursery manager, Bruce Stewart said,

“We are already expanding our agricultural sector with the planting of additional fruit trees and plan to harvest our first instant lawn and turf grass in September this year”.

Furthermore, Reliance Nursery is one of

only a few who make use of the latest root technology called Rootmakers, designed to create fibrous, non-circling root systems

NEWS IN BRIEF Help put the Cedar back in the Cederberg with Just Trees Come and plant with ‘Just Trees’ on their 7th Annual Cedar Planting Day. Calling on all industry professionals to support and actively engage in a fantastic initiative this June. Contact: elize@justtrees.co.za Fruit and Vegetable Gardening Training Course This June Join the internationally accredited Lifestyle Design College on June 4, 11 & 25 for the latest in fruit and vegetable gardening. www.lifestylecollege.co.za SAGIC/ SANA Annual Convention The 2016 SAGIC/SANA Convention will be held from 7-9 June at the Protea Hotel, Stellenbosch. Focus will be on approaches to address growing sustainability challenges, commercial viability of applying climate resilient practices and exploring opportunities and challenges in these regions. www.sagic.co.za

WELCOME Concept to Delivery

April 2016




April 2016your news stories to Submit

Pro Landscaper Africa

Welcome to the April edition of Pro Landscaper Africa. The autumn air is upon us and we are slowly in the process of welcoming a new season, and with it new design ideas. As always our business and opinions pages are a relevant place to gain insight into industry tips. In April we welcome Lindsay Gray to this segment, to join our resident writers Lee Burger and Marcel Oudejans. We catch up with Sean O’Connor from Living Green Walls to find out more on vertical gardening and then we take a trip to New Horizen Nursery, where Gert de Kock shares with us the message of water wise gardening and sustainability. Our Interview for this month is with award winning Caroline de Villiers from Themba Trees. She talks to us about her mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and aspirations for the future. We have three exciting projects in this issue. The first is a piece by Environmental Studios, creating a contemporary garden to mirror the modern architecture it surrounds. The Elgin Garden Classic, designed by Ross McGill landscapers and

If you would like to submit any stories regarding African

landscaping projects, floating





a community park by Habitat landscape Architects rekindling recreation in a Jo bu community. Product pages this month pay tribute to the new and exciting products in both Synthetic and real turf, so be sure to find some of our favourite products in South Africa. We also take a look at the latest in outdoor power tool products and introdu you to our preferred products. This month we are trading with NPP, a company who produce and supply the highest quality in both composite and wooden decking. Be sure to read more o this product in our Trading with section. If you have any inspiring projects or would like the opportunity to be considered to write for one of our pages then please contact me on chanel@ paperplanepublications.co.za. Enjoy o April edition and we will see you all very soon.

tenders, contract awards and new trends in green design and build, please email them to chanel@

paperplanepublications.co.za or tweet to @prolandscaperCB

to equip plants for transplanting success.



April 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 3

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The landscaping industry has gradually seen a shift towards artificial landscaping solutions with the ability to provide the required aesthetic without using the real McCoy. Pro Landscaper Africa chats to Wayne Becker from ‘Easy Ivy’, to discuss this products relevance and its unique features to the landscaping market.

What is the spectrum of products you

free with the wall looking as good as it did on

have on offer?

day one. It is an attractive green wall solution

The current product range includes 5 different

which yields great long term results with a

types of foliage all of which can be used for

much lower long term cost. It can also reach

either Green wall or Hedge box options. We

places living walls cannot and so there are no

are able to source the planter base in either


fiberglass, concrete, wood or stainless steel should the client require. What would you utilise this product for? The product is used in situations where clients require an instant solution and want very little long term maintenance. It is ideal for areas where there may be a weight restriction such as a roof top or an area where there is limited sunlight or no access to irrigation. The

Is it a sustainable option? Yes, the benefits include a solution which is effective from installation date, lower costs, no pests and no watering which is important considering the current drought South Africa is facing. What is Easyivy made from? It is made of specially formulated weather able

product can be effectively DIY installed which

plastic, designed and engineered to withstand

makes it an ideal solution for the residential

harsh outdoor conditions caused by wind,

environment. Commercial uses have included

water, and sun.

coverage for air-conditioning HVAC units, generators, Indoor Green walls in restaurants and privacy barriers for hotel environments. What is the maintenance of Easyivy like? Minimal maintenance is required; you keep it clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth or misting before wiping. Why is this product preferred over living green walls?

What does the future hold for Easyivy? This is already the future of indoor and outdoor greenery in Europe and across the world. It is currently installed in areas such as the Dubai and Ankara airports and world leading hotels such as the Marriot Group. The artificial planter boxes are at the entrances of a large number of London’s commercial buildings and restaurants. Its works incredibly well on its own or combined with living plants to create

Well a client does not always want to

a realistic world class effect and I expect

continually worry about the monthly costs

this trend to only increase in South Africa in

and general upkeep of a living green wall.

the future.

Once Easyivy is installed it is maintenance


Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016


Wayne Becker

Tel: 083 393 4019 wayne@easyivy.co.za www.easyivy.co.za



Designers and Contractors for professional residential and SPECIALIST MATURE TREE FARM Specialising in the growing of specimen indigenous and exotic mature trees and shrubs in 10litre, 20litre, 60litre, 125litre, 200litre, 400litre and 1000litre bags

commercial applications & solutions. CHAINSAWS & TOP HANDLE CHAINSAWS

Delivering in the Western Cape on a daily basis With a wealth of expertise and over 50 000 trees in stock, Themba Trees can assist with projects of any scale


info@thembatrees.co.za I 083 419 0223 BLOWERS




Download the FREE Pro Landscaper app today



Easyivy is realistic, attractive and easy to install providing instant privacy.

One battery fits all

Easyivy is UV protected and can fit and shape to any size or area. Easyivy hedgeboxes are made to order.

+27 21 850 8220 info@sabi.co.za


email wayne@easyivy.co.za cell 083 3934019 www.easyivy.co.za facebook.com/pages/Easyivy 1 Go to the App Store 3 Download the free app

2 Search ‘Pro Landscaper’ 4 Choose and download your issue





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SABI IS DELIGHTED TO BE PART OF SAGIC GROWING THE GREEN INDUSTRY The latest SAGIC Association Member is SABI - the South African Irrigation Institute. SABI with national membership of agricultural, landscape and turf irrigators, focusses on optimal irrigation methodologies, water conservation and environmental sustainability in South Africa. SABI, with headquarters in Cape Town, is delighted to be a new member of SAGIC and proud to be part of the green sector umbrella group.

As a non-profit organisation active in South Africa and Africa, SABI promotes sharing of irrigation knowledge via: •

SABI members in agriculture and landscape irrigation are united in their belief that responsible irrigation water use can result in water savings, increased socio-economic benefits, healthier communities, enhanced agricultural production, beautiful environments, energy saving and the growth of sustainable practises. For more information, contact SABI on +27 021 850 8220 or info@sabi.co.za

SABI membership and branch activities

SABI Congress, the bi-annual African irrigation event •

SABI Training courses, presented in both agriculture and landscape irrigation disciplines. •

The Institute’s official technical journal and the only irrigation magazine in South Africa, SABI magazine.

SABI has recently enhanced its own membership categories by expanding to offer landscape irrigation and contractor membership options.


above- and finally marching down the avenue

was then converted into rows and rows of

into the horse arena to meet some of the

organic compost at the Reliance headquarters.

beautiful American Saddler horses and their

The band of travelers then lunched at “Tea under

trainer. With viewings of a striking low growing

the Trees” in Paarl. The drive down towards the

tapestry-like indigenous garden and a vast

historic homestead and the picturesque setting

vegetable garden that consisted of raised

of one long and beautifully laid table under the

beds and some interesting unusual veggies,

shade of 100-year-old oaks and hydrangeas

this setting with views of Table Mountain was

was fantastic.

The Cape Green Forum recently hosted 2 events for the green industry. These were attended by individuals from all different spheres of the horticultural industry and were a fantastic

amazing. The tour ended in the conference area where the now hungry travelers sampled some delicious snacks and wine. What a charming estate, and well worth a visit.

networking opportunity for all involved.



24 travelers eagerly bussed to the Kraaifontein

Recently, Casper Geldenhuys, the estate

various recycling sections that sort, pack and

manager and his team, led the crew on a 2-hour tour around the estate. The tour started by circling the colourfully planted dam wall, then past an enormous green vertical wall towering


Says SABI GM Riana Lombard: “We serve the entire spectrum of irrigation in South Africa, and are proud to be welcoming new landscape members to SABI. It is great that all players in irrigation share a passion for water conservation and the optimum use of irrigation in South Africa.”

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After lunch Carl Pretorius conducted a tour around the very well-kept Just Trees farm and the last stop for the day was just next door at the De Fynne Nursery with Jacky Goliath. It was interesting to see the variety of plants grown on their premises, especially the very specific varieties for the quality conscious Woolworths.

Integrated Waste Management Facility for a fascinating walk around the City of Cape Town’s distribute recyclables from ± 65000 northern suburb households. Then it was time to watch the Reliance “Monster Muncher” make light work of stumps, branches and garden waste which


Evergreen Turf is the largest grower and supplier of instant lawn and specialised turf in the Southern Hemisphere. Best Quality Widest Variety Unrivalled Service Online Quotes & Ordering Cutting-edge Technology

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Sports Fields

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PLASTIC FANTASTIC? DRAWING VS DIGITAL Lee Burger addresses theand controversial topic of Synthetic the Real McCoy Lee Burger examines the pros cons of digital development in the vs landscaping industry.



often the opportunity to collaborate with hatget would we be without computers? architects and clients on some of the more Landscape architecture has always relied architectural elements of a new dwelling. One heavily on hand renderings and drawings to get of the key questions is always about synthetics across essence of any design, must versus the the real McCoy. Before I can but evenone begin to get with theit must program, or so tells the us… elaborate, be said thateveryone even among synthetic or imitation materials, there are some Our office adoptedand a more cheap andrecently nasty products theredigital are some approach to compiling 3Dwith garden genuinely good products morerenderings benefits than the real thing. myresults experience theoverwhelming price and I must sayInthe are so determines the quality of synthetic and imitation that we simply cannot get enough. However,

options, and often they cost almost the same as the question still remains…is it financially viable? authentic materials. The two most controversial In the digital 3D world it seemingly ticks all of opposites are always real lawn versus synthetic the boxes: fast,wood accurate, realistic, lawn, and real versuseffective syntheticand wood. Here

is the most time efficient and we are not bound by libraries or limitations of computer programs. Then we transfer all our plans and hand drawings to the digital world using computer aided design. This is essential to get accurate

as to doing it that on paper is than less areopposed four considerations relate which to more

where mowing the lawn is impossible. It is quantities, layouts, and measurements.

just wood and help make the expensive, lesslawn timetoconsuming, andmost more appropriate choice. creative.

however, still a manmade material, and when it is But then comes bad news…, thishard is usually compared to realthe lawn it can be hot, and

The origin and fate of a specific material

Some considerations of the digital way of doing Always consider where a product comes from, or 3D renderings of larger what it is madeare outthe of, cost and where it ismore going powerful computers, the cost of programs afterwards. The key advantage of the some

synthetics is theit fact that are recycled, or used, the time takes to they construct a 3D model made sustainably and that they can be recycled in such a program, the additional staff and skill, and used again. Some Synthetics are not made revisions and lastly the finishing program used, with environmentally aware methods or materials which can consume hours- as if time is not on and can actually harm the environment through our side.its manufacturing, or its disposal. its use, Is it all worth it? I firmly believe that computers

The purpose of product

are notthe able to mimic the creativity offor thewill hand What product is going to be used help and mind, but, the computer has accuracy make the choice between materials, but even

more so,our theimagination. reason for the existence of the beyond product in the first place will help in choosing moretrue wisely. Artificial for example, was never The answer is tolawn let each part of the designedbe toguided be usedbyinthe enormous quantities process most efficient way of because people dislike mowing lawns; synthetic doing it. In our practice, we design by hand. It lawn exists because it is light weight, and can easily be used on balconies and courtyards 12 12

Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016

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unforgiving at times. So infor short, there should where the client’s budget landscape design probably be a little label saying: “use for the runs out. purpose intended only!”

The honest truth is that the value of modelling

The thearound drawbacks up thebenefits base andand playing with the photo Always weigh up the positives as well as the realism of the project results in far less mistakes, negatives of two specific products. In the case of a clearer view of what is expected from the artificial lawn versus real lawn, it boils down to installer well as a better understanding from purposeasand preference to decide, but other the client of what or she will actually get. materials such as he composite wood and decking

make it a bit trickier. Recycled wood The clients who are willing to pay it, has reapthe the same advantages as composite woods, but rewards, not only from a landscape design they perform differently. Recycled wood may become perspective, but architecturally and financially springy in hot climates, and dimensionally as well. unstable, but composite has more stability. Also,

some recycled woods give off an extremely toxic My advice to clients would be that landscape vapour when it burns, while some composites architecture is a professional profession just like are intumescent & self-extinguishing. doctors and lawyers and if you want a good

Explore thepay options service youall must what is reasonable and Do not jump into decisions in haste of completion and always do some research on the products

first. Before choosing, there should be enough statistical data available from the supplier; if not, fair. To landscapers I can suggest what Daniel that should be warning light number one. Also do Libeskind says: “Let the computer only be a not make assumptions about synthetics as they glove yourcases hand”engineered and get with are intomost andthe canprogram… even outperform authentic materials. The opposite is 3D renderings produced by ISGD, a division of also true, if the quality is not of a high standard. Irene of that Garden Design. Don’tSchool assume you need the synthetic option just because might be less maintenance, when About Leeit Burger the charm of the real lawn is what appeals to Lee The Burger principal andbe senior lecturer you. bestisadvice would to ask a rep toat come and School explain of their products, bringHe samples the Irene Garden Design. is an and put theforsamples their paces. If it assessor leadingthrough educational institutions lasts and you like it, go for it. and universities in South Africa and is a ABOUT LEE BURGER prominent consultant on a variety of projects, especially architecture. Lee Burgerinis design principaland and senior lecturer atLee the

Irene Schoolnumerous of Garden Design. is an assessor has written booksHe and articles.

for leading educational institutions and universities in South Africa and is a prominent consultant on a called magazine, which can and be found varietyVirere of projects, especially in design architecture. Lee has written numerous books and on the article section of his website. articles and his company, ISGD, is responsible for an array of projects. He is a founding member of www.gardendesignschool.co.za the Independent Gardener’s Forum for South Africa. www.gardendesignschool.co.za

Lee Burger also has his own digital magazine



Imagine for a moment, the future of your outdoor space...

Proven to be the strongest decking product in Africa, Eva-Last® has the longest track record and best reputation. Imagine a world where outdoor flooring needs no sanding or sealing to keep its good looks. Imagine

outdoor flooring that mimics the natural texture and varied colour of timber. Imagine outdoor flooring produced from recycled and sustainable materials. Imagine all this with a 25-year warranty.

Find out more: bit.ly/evalastdecking Get a quote: 010 593 9214


Introducing Infinity™ from Eva-Last®! Distributed to over 31 countries globally, Infinity™ is a

co-extruded, bamboo-plastic composite decking range that offers mould, moisture, slip and stain resistance like no other. Now don’t just imagine. Make it happen!

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BUSINESS LESSONS FOR ATTRACTING FROM LAGOS NEW CUSTOMERS Marcel Oudejans shares with us his guidelines on how to consistently Marcel Oudejans shares with us his business tips from business trips. attract the right customers


ustomers are the lifeblood of business little while ago I had the privilege of and without these customers to buy working in Lagos, Nigeria you - Africa’s your products or services, wouldn’t

help him or her. Analyse your sales pitch, your working in, they’d invariably call me ‘boss’ as brochure, webpage and your packaging and amarketing sign of respect. was delivered in anfrom informal material,Itasking the question a

Once you have ‘buy-in’ from a new prospect, everyone else; of course, this couldn’t literally be you will need to consider what that person needs true, thetosuccessful business owners to dobut next show you their interest. Must that they

have a business begin with. What largesttocity. One of the joyscan of you do

prospective client’s pointa of view: “Whythat should tone, but it still carried recognition the I

complete aeffort form? is it a I visit met your had website made a &consistent toOr network.

to consistentlytravel attract right customers? international is the experiencing different and Before I answer that question, we must unique cultures & customs, and to get an insight remember that every business is going to do their into what you consider to be ‘normal’ back at best to attract new customers, but growth can home, particularly in how people business. only happen when you retain your do existing

care?” You must be able immediatelyI was show the person saying it saw the to opportunity benefit your customer will experience after presenting him or her. Regardless of whether purchasing your product or service; you’ll know you are an owner, manager, or simply an when your message is working as it will create a employee, is ultimately yourtocustomer who desire for aitprospective client want to know

simple and immediate cash Referrals and reciprocity aretransaction? the ‘name of the Implement an easy-to-follow ‘opt-in’ process so game’, and although it may seem counterthat you lower resistance while increasing the intuitive, the way to achieve success in a highly desire to take the next step. competitive environment is to grow your network

customers. Because it costs between sevenBusiness lessons I learnt Lagos: than and ten-times more to attain afrom new customer “The Hustle” to retain an existing one, it is vital that you look for

makes more. it possible for you to receive your pay

by sharing, supporting & helping more people. Your Future Relationship

cheque. While you may not call your customers

Every interaction you have with your customer Whether or not you the opportunity could strengthen or get weaken your future to visit

high-quality customers from the onset, with the of In Lagos, informal transactions are two-thirds aim of retaining them for the long term. the economy and salaried jobs are few and far

Can you describe in detail, your ‘perfect an attitude of respect, they’re certain to customer’? What makes them interested in your appreciate it. products or services? Where do you need to be

With this in mind, here are the 4 key concepts between. If you want a job, chances are you’ll you need to adopt when planning to attract new have to invent it yourself. It’s an entrepreneurial customers: spirit known locally as “the Hustle”: people are constantly looking for opportunities to provide Your Message

What exactly your business do? customers. How would services, sell does products and support a customer benefit from using your product I found the people to have a fantastic ‘canordo’

service? Is there anything special about your attitude which ensured they could make a good company that makes you the best choice? Can income. This desire to do business and the you answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”? limited optionstofor thoseawho have You employment have only moments capture

Your Audience “boss”, when you treat your customers with

so that your target customer will find you when Know howyou? to get your customers attention! they need Lagos is a noisy place: there is so much You need to be able to understand howgoing your best customers thinkare andalmost behave. Imagining the on that your senses overloaded. You worldto‘through your customers eyes’ will help you need understand your customers’ mind-set find out where they’re most likely to look for what and circumstance to be able to get through all you offer. of the noise. For example, in crowded areas, you’ll the occasional Yourhear Desired Action ’tsk tsk’ or the sound

ofWhen a long, drawn-out ‘air kiss’: do thisyou is what a prospect is interested, clearlythe jobs, meansclient’s that when you are a customer prospective attention, to convey your you’ll locals show use whattothe nextyour stepattention. is? Do youInhave a grab amongst the “message” in a succinct way and motivate how system to capture new qualified leads and find that you get quick responses and if you noise, these sounds work surprisingly well! Local

your company (products or services) are going have a complaint it’s handled very quickly. In to an

progressively convert them into new customers? business owners make a point of ensuring that

environment where competition is fierce, you

they can be seen and heard frequently and in the

need to have a consistently good attitude and

right place. They realise that in their competitive

serve to the best of your abilities; if you don’t,

market they can’t afford to be subtle, so they

someone else will take your customer from you.

make an effort to get your attention and speak

Who’s your “boss”?

directly to you.

When chatting to a driver, waiter or an

Network is net worth

employee of the conference centre I was

During my visit it felt that everyone knew

14 14

Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016

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relationship. Based onas client experience, will he such a bustling place Lagos, the principles feel that you value and appreciate his business? here could apply anywhere in the World.

Also consider that prospects want to know that Regardless of what business you’re in, your you are able to commit to a good relationship in success will depend on your attitude towards the future. You must maintain a good relationship prospects & customers, getting attention with your existing customers, andtheir remain in regular and growing your network. contact so that you can improve your chances of

getting referrals. Attracting new customers is not a once-off event; it’s a constant process of trial-and-error. The only way that you will become better at it, is if you are continuously and actively delivering your message to the right people, at the right time, so that they can take action ... and hopefully make About Marcel Oudejans the first step towards a long-term relationship between them andisyour company! speaker Marcel Oudejans a conference and entertainer. In 2007 he published his first ABOUT MARCEL OUDEJANS book, The Serious Business Owner’ s Guide Marcel Oudejans is a conference speaker and

To Creating Customers For Life, and has entertainer. In 2007 he published his first book,

The Serious Business Owner’skeynote Guide Tospeaker Creating become a highly requested

Customers For Life, and has become a highly requested keynote speaker for industry comedy to deliver his message. has conferences, combining magic andMarcel comedy to deliver his message. Marcel has been registered been registered with the Professional Speakers with the Professional Speakers Association of Association of Southern Africa since 2008. Southern Africa since 2008. www.corporatemagician.co.za/keynote

for industry conferences, combining magic and




MARKETING YOUR DEFEATING THE WAY TO SUCCESS DREADED ADMIN! Lindsay Gray 8 effyour ective tips to enhance Lindsay Grayprovides provides the tips industry on how towith organise business andmarketing optimise your productivity. your campaign for 2016


he chances are high that if you own a t is true to say that most landscapers small to medium business, marketing spend at least two-thirds of their day in quickly finds its way to the bottom of their vehicles. nature of this creative your ‘to do’ list. It The is a time consuming task,

Your alternative office Business owners who spend most of their day

occupation alsoindoesn’t much time often neglected the rushallow of completing plans,

on the road are forced

finalising quotations, executing the work for the drudgery of administrative work.and

to use their vehicles as a

falling into bed at night, exhausted! Here 8 workable that willand addregular value As we allare know, withouttips accurate to your Marketing campaign for 2016: records of your day to day business and

second office to save on

financial transactions, your business simply If you don’t as yet have a dedicated won’t thrive, so let’s chat about how you can marketing division in your company, set up an resist effective system to on work both in the urge to rely well-meaning andfamily away from your office. members to do your marketing for you. There are hundreds of small businesses that offer this at affordable rates. Setting upservice your office Remember, however, that YOU will always It is important to have a dedicated work need to provide the content – they can’t do space for you. your business in which you will need: that for


• A desk and a desktop computer especially


Social media websites assistant; are crucial if you employ a full- and or part-time in today’s marketing, however they all • A combined requirephotocopier/scanner/printer. updated content so get into the Check the cost the cartridges before habit of taking of photographs of each and share them to your Facebook and project you settle on a particular make; website. Boost your posts on Facebook for an •amount An efficient filing system. Filing is your not a of your choosing to expand

time and petrol – and their you, all of which will update on your side


category, there are many

assistant, accountant and a good site

Wi-fi. Move off site for a short while,

manager - you are ready to operate remotely.

provided you a reliable Givehave your client a gift supervisor, at the end of thecan project. It’s a smallon way of so that you concentrate immediate thanking them for their business. business which will leave less for you to do Imagine the response – “This was a gift from inOUR yourlandscaper/landscape private time. architect.” Your gift could range from something as small as About Lindsey Gray an orchid or unusual succulent, to a Lindsay is theto founder and principal of The subscription a gardening magazine, a quirky of piece of garden art(1994), or a design School Garden Design Southbook.


Marketing is a dynamic component of • The key is to equip yourself with quality any successful business and you digital devices a laptop, tablet and/or cannot -follow the same campaign

audience pleasantbeyond job andfriends it tends build However, up andtofamily. aren’t enough. Talkhabit about project photos quickly, so get into the ofthe filing your the client brief, plant –documents as the youchallenges, finish with the them; palette. This makes for interesting content for audience.design space that is •your A functional conducive to getting your creative juices

handle colour and black and white prints.


with anIf ergonomically designed chair, limited content, share other interesting blogs, articles or you are just starting out and have • Digital smart solutions – There are various excellent lighting day and night, images thatfor areboth pertinent to your business, but remember to add your own comment such smart solutions that will allow you to your plant andown design books at hand, and agree or disagree with the writer, ask what your as your observations, why you might to sync files, and contacts the post. Engage your audience keep yourcalendar name onevents their lips. audience music tofeels lureabout you into your alpha state; www.prolandscaper.co.za



immediately. The attraction for the We all tend to personalise our businesssupport owner is that there many structure – myare doctor, my As a matteroptions of urgency, an hour plumber, my landscaper… Look after computing solutions, some that take will make your secure cloud out of your day and measure where your past clients and they will become your of which are free. life easy. all your contacts have come from finest source of referral. A quick call to check over the past two years. Was it through the on their garden or a visit to update your • Coffee shops have become a crucial Provided that your primary office is set media, by word of mouth or some other photographs inevitably leads to more work. business hub who are out on up unexpected and functioning andThe you havemight the source? results Remember to for askpeople for testimonials! surprise you. the road all day, especially if they offer necessary support systems in place – sanity! If you fit into this

year after year.are Take the time to analyse last smart phone essential. The device year’s business successes and failures (a must have a large enough screen for you glass of wine or strong cup of coffee will ease to be able to work comfortably and to do the pain) - by applying the principle “What conceptual sketches your client on should I continue doingfor (what worked), what should I stop doing (what did not work) site (use the handy Sketchbook Pro and app). what should I start doing (where are the discernible gaps)?” The will help you to • Enlist the services of aresults conveniently- structure a new campaign. situated and efficient print shop that can

flowing. You will require a separate table


on your digital you and Find adevices mediumso of that advertising that your assistant together workscan for work you. Time is not on your sidehaving to starttoexperimenting. Your without your go back to the success might not only come from a office. Appointments and contacts traditional gardening or trade magazine but can be auploaded, othermedia. rather communitydrawings newspaperand or social important documents sent through to


Africa’s longest standing private garden design school. hasGRAY co-authored two books, ABOUTLindsay LINDSAY Making of Garden Design/ Sinvolle Lindsay isSense the founder and principal of The School of Garden Design Southfor Africa’s longest She Tuinwerp and (1994), Gardening Butterflies.

standing private garden design school. Lindsay has co-authored two books, Making Sense of Garden of Jan Blok. The school offers a wide variety Design/Sinvolle Tuinontwerp and Gardening for Butterfl ies. She also authored A Sense of Space: of garden design, business skills and skills-The Gardens of Jan Blok. The school offers a wide variety development courses forskills theand green industry. of garden design, business skillsdevelopment courses for the green industry. www.schoolofgardendesign.com www.schoolofgardendesign.com

also authored A Sense of Space: The Gardens

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Coming Soon… Pro Landscaper Africa


“ Watering the way we do business.

If you are a Landscape Architect, Designer, Installer or Service Provider then contact us on justine@paperplanepublications.co.za to secure your spot.

1 6

Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016

Watching our industry grow.




With Cherry being his surname, one could argue that Eric’s fate was sealed– his genes decided that the floral kingdom will be his passion. Pro Landscaper Africa chats to the Legend of Landscaping ‘Eric Cherry’ about his journey thus far, accomplishments and advice to members of the landscaping community. What did you want to be growing up?

nurseries - 14 in total. By the time I left, I had

to 2 years. We made landscaping history by

When I was very young I actually wanted to

not only acquired a formal education, but also

making the Guinness Book of Records for the

be a train driver, but from about 10 years

close to 600 pot plants which I kept in my

transplanting of the largest trees in the world.

old I wanted to be a horticulturist.

hostel room! I worked for a short period on a

We transplanted four baobabs weighing up to

What did you study to prepare yourself for the landscaping industry? I studied Horticulture at CAPUT in the early 1980s.

Protea, cut flower export farm in Stellenbosch, 55 tons which were transported from Venda before working for Bardenhorst Landscapes in

to the Lost City. The largest fig transplanted

the early 90’s under the guidance of Donovan

on site weighed a staggering 35 tons!

Gillman. In the late 1980s, I began work for Marina

What was your journey like after

Landscapes, leaving to join Top Turf for the


construction of the Lost City. This is my

I started as a horticultural apprentice at

largest contract experience to date, and I

the then named ‘South African Railways’.

am still friends with Brendan Fox and the

It was the country’s largest training facility

Top Turf team who worked on this project.

for horticulturists in those days, and the

This project was an extreme adventure, where

railways had the biggest collection of

we worked 7 days a week solidly for close


When and why did you decide to open your own business ‘Urban Landscape Solutions’? In 2003 I had partners in 3 landscaping companies. I decided to then sell my shares to my partners to create capital to start my own business ‘Urban Landscape Solutions’.

Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016





Who has been your biggest professional

I have also been involved in building Green

influence from when you were younger up

Point Park in 2010-11 and the revamp at

until now?

The Company Gardens in 2014. Both are

Fred Badenhost who I worked for in the

world class parks in Cape Town with

1980s for his entrepreneurial spirit. In the

histories of 300 plus years.

1990s I worked for Dave Kirkby at Top Turf who taught me the most about landscaping

Biggest challenge facing the landscaping

by his systemic approach to projects and his


professionalism in business and landscaping.

My worry is, do the new generation of South Africans have the same culture and passion

What are some of your favourite projects you have completed to date?

for gardening?

As I Mentioned previously the Lost City at Sun

How many staff do you employ and how

City built in the early 1990s still is the most

many projects do you work on at one

amazing work adventure I have ever had. The

specific time?

sheer size of the project and working under

We currently employ 350 staff in landscaping,

Sol Kerzner, Patrick Watson, Dave Kirkby

excluding ±75 staff employed on short term

and Brendon Fox on the project was an

contracts. Our Nursery, ‘New Horizen Nursery’

unbelievable experience.

currently employs around 50 staff as well. We

have a big team, but we also have very taxing

Building Erinvale Golf Course in 1994 and

preparing it for the 1995 World Cup


and demanding jobs.

which hosted some of the best golfers in the world. •

I was subsequently involved again with

Sol Kerzner in 2009 with the One and Only in Cape Town in which the project was accelerated from 10 months to 10 weeks. 18

Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016

Currently we are onsite working on 24 projects. ULS are about to commence work on an additional 9 new projects. This excludes the 62 maintenance sites we maintain. Four of these maintenance sites are larger than 10 hectors so we keep very busy!




Gillman, Rene and Jean Woutors and Dave

‘New Horizen Nursery’ who supply to

Kirkby before working for myself. Their advice

yourselves… how do you co-ordinate

and guidance stood me in good stead moving

with them on projects?


I bought the farm and the wholesale nursery from Robert Stodel of Stodel's Nurseries in 2004. My vision was to develop this nursery into an eco-friendly and sustainable farmlike haven where the nursery and the natural landscape would work in symbiosis with each other. New Horizen Nursery grows lines for the retail

The Key to running a successful business is probably a combination of: being stubborn,

We made landscaping history by making the Guinness Book of Records for the transplanting of the largest trees in the world.

You also bought and run a nursery

staying positive, maintaining the highest work standards, ongoing training of staff and what I class as paramount is being steadfastly passionate about your career. You received a very special award from

sector which make up about 30% of our sales. SALI in 2014, the ‘Honorary Lifetime We are more geared up to contract growing for Achievement Award’ … How does it feel large projects and supplying to landscapers.

to have received this?

The nursery is involved in rehabilitation project

I was very surprised as this award is usually

growing, where we collect plants, seeds and

awarded to the very top landscapers nearing

cuttings from sites for the rehabilitation of

the end of their career. I have been in the

these sensitive areas.

industry since 1979, so that is 37 years. I believe this makes me a veteran. It was a

What is your advice to other business

proud moment.

owners in the landscaping industry? My advice to them is if you want to own your

How is sustainability embedded into your

own business you must go and work for the


most established landscapers for a few years

I think it is important to invest in people and

to gain experience before starting your own

in good management systems. Make sure

setup. I learnt from Fred Badenhost, Donovan

that your staff are accountable and that they




Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016



have the correct skills and the right tools to

What are some awards Urban Landscape

be successful. This makes for a well rooted

Solutions has achieved?


We have really established ourselves and Urban Landscape Solutions has won 54 SALI

How can other landscapers better

(South African Landscapers Institute) awards

themselves to work towards receiving

of excellence up to 2015, of which we

government tenders?

received 42 SALI awards of excellence over

Government tenders are won by a

the last 4 years.

combination of regulatory checks and so


you would need to make sure your business

We also won numerous LIA (Landscape

is aligned and compliant with these. They

Irrigation Association) awards of excellence.

1 One and Only Hotel and Resort surrounded by the V&A Marina.

1. CIDB grading

What do you do when you aren’t working?

2 Collection of Pachypodium at The Lost City Nursery.

2. BBBEE grading

I love reading and studying plants books. The

3. Tax clearance certificates up to date

first thing I do in the morning is pick up a book

4. Letter of good standing with

and the last thing at night is put one down.

My interest encompasses plants’ medicinal


compensation commissioner.

5. Have insurances such as public liability

properties, folk lore associated with them, and

6. Price. You have to be competitive and

the birds, animals and insects that live with

particular plants.

efficient to win and implement this work.

3 Eric Cherry standing on the rootball of a Ficus transplant at The Lost City. 4 Machinery used onsite to transplant trees at The Lost City. 5 Planting large figs at The Lost City. 6

A young Eric Cherry posing at a tree.


Villa Island at the One and Only Hotel and Resort.


Bio-diversity Gardens in Green Point Park.


The 12.5 HA Green Point Park in Cape Town.

10 Eric enjoying a break from his busy schedule.

About Urban Landscape Solutions

Multi award-winning Urban Landscape Solutions operates under the guidance of Eric Cherry, a highly qualified horticulturalist with over 30 years 8

of experience. The company and its professional landscapers have a proven, all-inclusive landscaping record. Regardless of style or scope, Urban Landscape has successfully taken on a range of prestigious challenges, including complex designs and the fast tracking of enormous projects such as the Green Point Urban Park and the One&Only hotel and resort on Cape Town’s Waterfront. info@urbanlandscape.co.za www.urbanlandscape.co.za


20 Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016

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Leon Kluge creates a wonderful marriage of modern contemporary meets natural wonder, in this garden at the entrance of the Kruger National Park.




PROJECT DETAILS Kruger National Park PROJECT VALUE R2 500 000 SIZE 2 hectares TIMELINE 6 Months

Art is incredibly important and thus has to be included in every facet of the design.



t is a far stretch to see two such opposites

was particularly worried about their shrubs

helped create an inviting space where nature

exist in symbiosis. On the one hand exists

becoming a hiding place for such snakes.

can meet design.

the structured, contemporary and fairly

They wanted to deter the snakes from

As with all of Leon Kluges projects, art is

colourful garden surrounding an opulent

their garden but unfortunately in such an

mansion, and on the other, a contradictory

environment, precautions such as garlic

view of natural wonder which emulates a sea

plants couldn’t discourage wildlife. Embracing

of endless shades of green - flowing all the

nature and the surrounds is an inevitability.

design of the arches, pavers and the majority


talking point when guests walk through

for Leon Kluges project at the Kruger Park.

As the garden had an incredibly difficult slope,

the landscape. These designs are unique

At first one may struggle with the idea of

they would encourage the client to interact

seeing such an opulent, rather designed

with the garden.

way over the Lebombo Mountains and into neighbouring Mozambique. This is the setting

incredibly important and thus has to be included in every facet of the design. The of the sculptures are all unique and a definite

terraces had to be designed in such a way that to a specific space and are a nod to the

home next to the calmness and beauty of the

environment they inhabit. Formed concrete was utilised as well as

park. But as progress would have it, the edge

The terraces would allow the clients to walk

sculpted concrete pavers to create the

of any Safari park in Africa is a prime location

through their garden and intermingle in the

terraces. The sculpted arches were created

and coveted spot. Waking up and seeing

space as opposed to merely admiring it from

with steel and the remaining sculptures found

the big 5 in your front garden is quite a

the confines of their tea room. This is a region

within the garden, are carved from rock. What

beautiful spectacle.

of Africa which is extremely hot and has

exists is a lovely juxtaposition of hard and soft,

temperatures hovering in the low 40 degrees

natural and designed space.

The Brief

for long periods of time. The major concern in

The client was very clear in the brief that the

this respect was to ensure plants were tough

garden was to in no way be an indigenous

and weather withstanding, whilst maintaining

bush and wild garden, but should instead

the appearance of being tame and inviting.

showcase a semi-formal design with

The Water Feature The most challenging design on this project was the Teacup. This is the striking water feature that the house looks out onto. The idea

contemporary elements to it. The area is

A variety of grasses were used in various ways came to Leon whilst sitting in the local coffee

known for Black Mamba snakes and the client

to attract local bird life to the garden. This

22 Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016

shop stirring his cup of coffee, creating a www.prolandscaper.co.za




vortex within the cup whilst stirring sugar into

It is one of Leon Kluges’ favourite and most

his cup.

difficult gardens he has designed and built

The water feature starts by water flowing out of one of the main walls of the house and into a hand moulded concrete trough; this creates a waterfall that cascades over the edge of

due to locality and extreme weather, but the efforts and unmatched design have produced a spectacular garden at the entrance to the Kruger National Park.

3 Perennial garden surrounding the teacup water feature lit up at night. 4 View of the terraces from the lower end of the garden. 5 Abstract Koedoe sculptures hand made for the garden. 6 Top terrace with handmade Kuru-inspired pavers.

each terrace and finally into the vortex of the teacup.


The exterior concrete work of the teacup has


small LED lights casted inside it and it mirrors the clear South African night sky, which is always alive with scattered stars. The planting around the teacup is a mix of perennials, flowering throughout the year, with Kudu sculptures grazing in-between the landscape. These sculptures found interspersed within the landscape are made from manipulated wood and steel.

Klugro nursery 0828080444 louise@klugro.co.za www.klugro.co.za Bristlecone nursery 0837108125

www.bristlecone.co.za info@bristlecone.co.za Construction of pond and terraces Norse construction 013 7532214

which was important to the client.

1 View over the garden terraces and the main teacup water feature. 2 Outdoor secluded tea area.


Leon Kluge has become synonymous with modern contemporary landscaping and garden design. His love of using unusual plants in his designs led to his inclusion in the South African team at the 2010, 2012, 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London. His speciality is vertical gardens, on any scale. The first commercial vertical garden design he spearheaded was for a multi-story office building in Maputo, Mozambique. His

It is a garden that has some elements of ‘wild’ within it, but also a taste of order and design

About Leon Kluge

designs have since been published in more than 100 local publications. www.leonklugegardendesign.co.za

Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016





Veld architects bring to life an interactive project where nature and architecture merge, to become a true representation of harmonisation.

24 Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016



PROJECT DETAILS M o n a g h a n far m , R h e n o s t e r S p r uit C o n s e r v a ncy PROJECT VALUE R 3 50 000 SIZE 575m2 TIMELINE 11 Months





The fogstand beetle gave cues on the

energy is harvested and stored in batteries

From the first visit to the site on Monaghan

importance of water harvesting. All storm

that forms a backup energy source and

farm, which forms part of the Rhenoster

water run-off from the roofs are harvested

provides adequate water heating for use in the

Spruit Conservancy, it was clear that the main

and collected in an underground tank and is

house. In colder winter months the resulting

design generator should be nature. The design used to irrigate the strictly indigenous garden.

warm water can be redirected into the under

process evolved from a biomimetic approach

During times of drought, household greywater

to design, where nature was used as model,

can be redirected to collect in the underground space heating. The water harvesting and

measure and mentor to solve problems and

tank and used for irrigation and the natural

recycling mentioned above also contributes

inform decisions regarding the marriage of

pool, where the water is circulated through a

to this factor of the house.

architecture and landscaping.

living ecosystem of plants, can be recycled

The context provided ample inspiration of natural designs and processes that were applied to the architecture which in turn informed the landscaping design. Careful consideration of the interaction between architecture, planted landscape and indigenous landscape contributed to the harmonious integration of the man-made into the natural splendour of the site. www.prolandscaper.co.za

and used as household water.

floor heating system to support the passive

The intention was producing a building that integrates well with its environment by

To integrate the architecture and its inhabitants mimicking an organism, its participation in a larger context and the process and cycle with nature the threshold between nature and architecture was blurred with courtyards planted with indigenous shrubbery that act as the green lungs of the house.The ecosystem inspired the cyclical closed looped system that was implemented on the project. The sun’s

of the greater environment. The manmade

was successfully integrated into its natural landscape and context. People upliftment

Monaghan farm is surrounded by Diepsloot Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016


Nature was used as model, measure and mentor to solve problems and inform decisions regarding the marriage of architecture and landscaping.

and Cosmo city where unemployment is

a space where the daily performance of

alarmingly high.

raising and growing as a family can happen

Once the earthworks was completed there was a vast amount of bulk material left which

naturally. Open plan living spaces allow for meaningful interactions and the ingress of the natural landscape allows for an ever present

would have had to be carted away. After some connection to nature. deliberation it was decided to use the excess material in a rammed earth wall that became a big feature of the overall project. It also created an opportunity for the surrounding community to develop a useful skill set and to become part of the building process. The local community members where trained on site to familiarise them with different construction materials, workmanship of the form work as well as due diligence. The erection of some test blocks was done under the supervision of an expert in the field and the specific mixtures of lime and soil to provide adequate strength to the wall explained. Evolutionary paradigm

Monaghan Farm is situated close to the Cradle of Humankind. The rich history of the farm and the area’s link to the prehistoric past informed the eco-estate’s vision of only developing three percent of the 520 hectare farm. It was therefore important for the project to sit quietly on the rolling grasslands of the Highveld and embrace its surroundings, history and nature. Placemaking performance

Instead of public performance and activities in an urban context the focus was on creating

26 Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016

Suppliers: Decking Planks Envirodeck Warren: 083 298 7979 www.envirodeck.co.za

1 View over the indigenous Highveld landscape towards the Northern façade of the house. 2 Northern courtyard houses outside living spaces and natural pool. 3 Inside living seamlessly opens up to outside living. 4 Entrance along rammed earth wall and Southern courtyard. 5 Main bedroom inviting in the natural splendour of the site.

About Veld Architects

Exposed Aggregate Paving Lafarge Artevia Natalie: 011 657 0000 www.lafarge.co.za Instant lawn Evergreen Turf Fanus: 082 561 2166 www.evergreenturf.co.za Veld Architects Gillian Holl 082 856 5419 www.veldarchitects.co.za Trees and Plants Green Art Eleen van Biljon 083 651 1879 Wetland Pools Anthony Philbrick 082 900 5691 www.wetlandpools.co.za

Veld Architects is a design consultancy studio which is based in Lanseria. Their expertise lies in the design of exclusive contemporary residences and selective projects. They have done both indoor and outdoor applications and are passionate about detailing and manufacturing furnishings to complete the project and surpass the expectation of the client. An emphasis is placed on sustainability and function to reflect each individual clients requirements and we ensure that each project gets the individual attention it deserves from start to completion. www.veldarchitects.co.za




PICK OF CHELSEA The six best Main Avenue show gardens Sponsor M&G Designer Cleve West Contractor Swatton Landscape

The M&G Garden


Cleve West spent most of his teenage years at the Lorna Doone Hotel in Porlock owned and run by his parents, surrounded by centuries-old Quercus robur (English oaks).

Sponsor Royal Bank of Canada Designer Hugo Bugg Contractor Himalayan Landscaping & Landscape Associates Hugo Bugg has partnered with the Royal Bank of Scotland for the second time at Chelsea to create a garden that reflects water as a necessity for both the body and the mind, with the intention of leaving visitors pondering about the importance of water globally in different cultures. The garden symbolises the endangered pine habitat of Dibeen in Jordan, where Bugg drew inspiration for the design, by choosing plants that prove beautiful flora can exist in arid conditions. The body of water will be displayed as sacred, sitting in the centre of the garden and being viewed from a distance.


The inspiration for the 2016 M&G Garden is a memory of ancient oak woodland on Exmoor National Park. A stone and gravel path leads you through stunted oaks and rocks to a smoother path, then on to the centrepiece of a sunken terrace and pool. The garden could be seen as a metaphor for clarity and the future, with the path unsure to begin with, but smoothing out once the chosen career becomes clear. The overriding oak theme is a symbol for the sponsor's values: strength, growth, longevity and reliability.

Royal Bank of Canada Garden

Hugo Bugg was the youngest ever winner of a Gold Medal for a large Chelsea show garden at the age of 27.


Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016



Sponsor The Daily Telegraph Designer Andy Sturgeon Contractor Crocus

The Telegraph Garden

A placid and gentile garden surrounded by a larger more primitive setting, the impression is of a ‘captured landscape’. The design is inspired by the natural environment, focusing on how the landscape has been forged from numerous geological events over millions of years. Bold bronze fins represent an ancient mountain range and are reminiscent of a Stegasaurus’s bony plates. A unique planting scheme to endure and adapt to climate change has been selected from similar habitats of warm, semi-arid regions, highlighting the need to futureproof gardens against the shifting climate.

Did you know? DID YOU KNOW?

The planting scheme is unique, with many of the plants having not been seen before at Chelsea.

Sponsor Qatari Diar Designer Jo Thompson Contractor Landform Consultants Returning for her eighth year, Jo Thompson has designed a traditional British rose garden reimagined for the modern day. Inspired by the heritage of the Chelsea Barracks site neighbouring the Royal Hospital, Jo’s design is prompted by the new development, which features a preserved stained glass Rose Window as its centrepiece from the listed Garrison Chapel. This is referenced in the garden, with roses being the main feature mixed with perennials, and a bronze sculpture will pay tribute to the Barrack’s former residents. The lost River Westbourne which originally flowed under the Chelsea Barracks will be symbolised through a sculpted stone tidal rill.

28 Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016

Qatari Diar – The Chelsea Barracks Garden

The garden will be permanently relocated at the Royal British Legion Village in Kent.




Sponsor Watahan Designers Chihori Shibiyama & Yano Tea Contractor Landform Consultants Chihori Shibiyama’s debut design at Chelsea with veteran Yano Tea is inspired by their experiences from Japan and England, with both cultures being celebrated for their similarities and differences. Set within a city space, the merging of East and West is reflected through the stylings of a Japanese minimalist zen garden alongside a dense informal planting style and mixture of perennials traditionally found in the UK. Two pools of water represent the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, with the shadows of the plants designed to gently move across the water as the position of the sun changes throughout the day.

The Watahan East & West Garden

The garden is part of the RHS’s ‘Greening Grey Britain’ campaign, featuring two recycled storage containers as living spaces.

The Winton Capital Beauty of Mathematics Garden


Sponsor Winton Capital Designer Nick Bailey Contractor Gardenlink Ltd Bailey has designed a garden that reflects the beauty of mathematics and algorithms, the support all life forms. This focus is inspired by global investment manager Winton Capital. From a copper ball emblematic of the beginning of life, a flowing copper band inscribed with plant growth algorithms represents an emerging seedling, performing different functions throughout the garden including a bench, before ending up as a planter around 3.5m above the ground. The plants selected for the garden are predominantly of the Southern Hemisphere and Mediterranean, many of which display mathematical concepts.

Did you know? DID YOU KNOW?


Nick occasionally indulges himself by checking on Google Earth the gardens he has designed, only to discover recently that one in Canterbury is now a car park.

Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016


Multicote™ (8) 15-3-12+Mg+Me

Controlled Release Fertilizers for Nurseries & Landscaping Multicote™ controlled release fertilizers provide a steady, continuous supply of essential nutrients at a precise, pre-determined rate. A single application ensures balanced nutrition over the entire growth season, saving on labour and costs. Multicote™ (8) 15-3-12 Mg + Me (K7996 Act 36 of 1947) is a well balanced fertilizer that meets the needs of most garden and indoor plants when grown in balanced growing mediums and soils. Best time of application is Spring, but Multicote™ may be used all year round. Adjust the application rate according to the plant's sensitivity. Contact a quali ed agronomist for advice.

General Application Guidelines: (available in 4, 8 and 12 month release longevities) Landscaping – Flowerbeds: Apply 30 to 60 g per m2. Be sure to spread evenly before turning it into the bed, or cover with a suitable mulch or compost.



Nurseries – Annuals and sensitive plants: Make your own blend of the following: 25 kg Multicote™ (8) 15-3-12+Mg+Me plus 10 kg Multicote™ (2) 42-0-0. Mix well. Apply the blend @ 5 grams per litre of growing medium, as above.

icot ult e

Nurseries – Potted Trees and perennial shrubs: Apply 3 to 8 g per litre of growing medium. Mix the required s, or dose each pot individually. dosage into the growing medium prior to


Landscaping – Trees: Apply 300 g (small tree <2 meters) up to 1kg per tree (large tree >6m). Divide the dosage per tree into four portions and apply into slots, 5 to 10 cm deep, radiating around the tree, within the wet zone.


The advantages of using Multicote™ are: • Easy, precise application of nutrients for each plant. • • of fertilizer spikes) • More resistance to disease and insect attack • Plants can withstand handling and transplant shock better.

Haifa Turbo-K™

compound fertilizer formulations Haifa Turbo-K™, a NPK compound granule generated from Multi-K™ Potassium Nitrate, is the ultimate solution for your general fertiliser requirements. With 2 uniquely formulated products, the nutrient ratio will satisfy most applications. beds and other landscaping requirements.

General recommendation: Flower beds: Haifa Turbo-K™ 14-6-14 +Me: Apply 10 g/m2, reapply monthly. Lawns & Sports

Haifa Turbo-K™ 18-3-14 +Me: Apply 10 g/m2, reapply monthly

Haifa Turbo-K™ has a low environmental impact due to bene • • 100% plant nutrients, fully consumed by the plant • Free of sodium and chloride • Contains carefully balanced K, Mg and S to optimize plant uptake • Homogeneous composition in each granule, ensures uniform plant nutrition

Haifa South Africa

PO Box 1409, Brackenfell, 7561, South Africa Tel: 021 982 0309 • Fax: 021 981 7637

Michael Koch | 083 2314516 | michael.koch@haifa-group.com Gerrit Burger | 082 800 8766 | gerrit.burger@haifa-group.com

Scan to learn more

Pioneering the Future www.haifa-group.com


- FOCUS ON SOIL Haifa’s Multicote (8) 15-3-12+Mg+Me Multicote (8) 15-3-12+Mg+Me when correctly applied in the soil or growing medium provides a safe and efficient transfer of nutrients directly from the polymer coated granule to the hair roots. Using this well-balanced Multicote controlled release fertiliser, ensures that a whole season’s worth of the right nutrients can be placed in the root zone for continuous and timely release, matching the plants nutrient demand throughout the growth process. This leads to maximum and balanced growth. For more information contact Haifa on 021 982 0309 for specialist advice.

Stanler Farms Mushroom Compost This organic, weed free composition is rich in nutrients and once added to soil, increases and replenishes the nutrient content. Mushroom compost is great for a mulch, keeping moisture in and releasing the goodness back into the soil to encourage the growth of plants, lawns, trees and vegetables. Mushroom Compost is high in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium and is only used for approximately 9 weeks for the growing of mushrooms. This spent product is used by Stanler Farms either as the base of the other Stanler Farms products, or in its original composition as Mushroom Compost. Stanler Farms are located in Cape Town and Midrand.


Compost Activator by Probio To ensure that your compost heap gets composting within a few days you need to add a compost starter culture. Probio Compost Activator contains a variety of beneficial probiotic microbes which kick-start the composting process. Probio Compost Activator is free from chemicals, does not contain harmful ingredients and is therefore safe for humans, animals, fish and plants, making it a smart and sustainable choice. Probio compost activator serves as a cost-effective way of producing high quality compost. Enhanced levels of phototropic non-sulphur bacteria (PNSB) have powerful detoxifying anti-oxidant properties that help speed up the composting process and reduce the loss of important nutrients through oxidation.


Earth2Earth’s All Purpose Compost Earth2Earth’s All Purpose Compost is based on a blend of composted bark and other organic material which is free of harmful soil pathogens. Decomposing at a slow rate, the benefits to the condition and structure of all soil types is experienced over an extended period of time. This product is certified to be 100% organic and is weed and odour free. It contains natural micro and macro nutrients and is rich in beneficial soil microbes. Its organic make-up promotes an increase in the earthworm population. www.earth2earth.co.za

www.probio.co.za www.prolandscaper.co.za

Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016


PRODUCTS Ecowood’s Decking Pioneer

- FOCUS ON COMPOSITE DECKING Thanks to in-house research development and technology, Ecowood is not dependant on any imported technology or materials and develops its own applications from formulations through to die designs and the manufacture of final products. Ecowood has a wide range of wood plastic composite products, including the Ecowood Decking Pioneer. The 110mmx 22mm original decking profile gives the economy of a hollow design combined with the strength of a ribbed profile that will give adequate strength for any home or commercial deck. The perfect option around any swimming pool. www.ecowood.co.za/web

Eva-Last® Infinity™ ‘UPM ProFi Collection’ ‘Nordic Paper and Packaging’ is the proud supplier of the ‘UPM ProFi collection’ in southern Africa. They hold two different ranges for outdoor decking: the Loggia deck range and the Design deck range. UPM ProFi has 4 unique characteristics to the landscaping community which are; Eva-Last® bamboo-plastic composite decking is the perfect alternative to timber, with two composite ranges to choose from; Eva-tech™ (10-year limited warranty), their first generation range available in solid and hollow profiles, as well as Infinity™ (25-year limited warranty), their latest and most durable co-extruded range designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Both Eva-tech™ and Infinity™ are available in a variety of colours, finishes and dimensions to cater for your individual style and specific application.

1 Options on colour such as timber and stone like colouring;

2 This product is made from recycled paper waste which means that the deck will not soak up any water or oil, and is lignin free, meaning it does not change colour in the UV light; 3 Durability in extreme conditions such as high UV-light and under water.

There is no delamination as the deck is one component; 4 It also has environmental certifications such as PEFC and makes use of recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials; UPM ProFi is the only brand that has a specialised Rail Step component which allows you to build steps and make decorative edges to the deck area. Reasons for our choice: superior stain resistance, better colour durability, better scratch resistance, zero degree incline possible, high impact strength, good friction- wet or dry, recycled and recyclable, international award winner. www.npp.co.za



Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016




allows better metabolism of nitrates in plants and itsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; stronger cell walls lead to flavour enhancement, resistance to mould fungus attack, upright stems and open leaves with enhanced photosynthesis. There is more What makes this product unique to the landscaping profession? There are many aspects of this product highly relevant to the industry. Firstly it is a concentrated product. It is also100% organic and Ecosert approved. It carries the appeal of being locally manufactured and the added appeal of being a cost effective option. It will not burn plants or roots and can be used as a foliar spray for soil nutrition. Go Organic Guano can be used on flowers, ornamentals, vegetables, fruit trees and lawns. What is your spectrum of product? Go Organic Guano is Available in 2Lt, 25Lt and 1000Lt liquid form, as well as in slow release tablets. We also have this product available in tubes (10 tablets) or we offer the option to larger scale buyers of bulk buying the product in boxes with 150 or 1250 tablets. What are the benefits of the industry

fertile and viable seed production which is a wonderful benefit and it causes an increase in soil-micro-fauna as well. What this means is that produce has a longer shelf life and food is


better to eat.

Wilmar Burger

How is sustainability embedded into your business? We make use of various sustainable, organic and natural products to produce Go organic Guano. We also have carefully selected suppliers with similar policies. Where is Go Organic Guano based?


021 981 4011 info@makhrogarden.com

About Makhro Home and Garden

Brackenfell, Western Cape. Makhro Home and Garden deliver nationwide. What do you envision for the future of this product in a South African market?

strength to strength as a fertilizer product

landscaping environment, is a huge benefit. It

Head office:

Makhro Home and Gardenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s head office in

You would be supporting the locally

using sustainable resources which in our


Worcester, Western Cape and traded through

We know it will continue to grow from

is environmentally friendly. It is also made

082 562 5330

Go Organic Guano is manufactured in

using this product? produced market. It is organic and thus

Sales or technical questions:

by continual product development and striving to create natural and affordable fertilizers that are accessible to all successful farmers and gardeners.

Makhro Home and Garden, a young dynamic firm, owned and directed by two brothers, Wilmar and Jaco Burger. The company is continuously increasing its national footprint in SA, by developing products for the home and garden sector that are very effective, affordable and safe to use. Product range and client services will continue to improve as specific needs are identified. Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016



Pro Landscaper Africa asks a few quick-fire questions to gain an insight into the people who are lighting up our industry To feature on these pages in future issues, email chanel@ paperplanepublications.co.za



Owner Themba Trees

Owner Deckscapes



Your most referred to gardening book of all time?

Your most referred to gardening book of all time?

Your most inspirational garden (worldwide)?

Your most inspirational garden (worldwide)?

Piece of machinery/equipment you couldn’t do without?

Piece of equipment you couldn’t do without?

Our tractor

Cordless Screw Gun

Top plant?

Top plant?

Water Oaks and English Oaks

Hemp Plant – it has so many uses.

How is sustainability embedded within your business?

How is sustainability embedded within your business?

available to us.

costs down.

Biggest life influence?

Biggest life influence?

Describe yourself in three words

Describe yourself in three words

Three people you’d like to invite to dinner?

Three people you’d like to invite to dinner?

Lifelong fan of (sporting team)?

Lifelong fan of (sporting team)?

The Royal Botanical Society’s book on Propagating Plants

Vergelegen Gardens in Somerset West,

We are as self-sustaining as possible and use the resources

My year overseas after I matriculated.

An open book

Richard Branson, Braam Malherbe, Mother Theresa

Not a sports fan

Favoured drink? Instant Coffee

34 Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016

Decks, Pergolas Fences and Walkways – in the Garden

The Eden Project in Cornwall

Recycling of timber wherever possible, also helps to keep

My Father

Effective, Sincere and Dreamer

Charlie Chaplin, Katie Melua and Nostradamus

Danny McAskill

Favoured drink? Ceylon Tea




Senior Landscape Architect at Gibb lizelle@sefsa.co.za Your most referred to gardening book of all time?

Piece of machinery/equipment you couldn’t do without?

‘n Streeksgids tot inheemse Tuinmaak in


Suid-Afrika deur.

Top plant?

“Waterbesparende Inheemse Tuinmaak –

My Computer; AutoCAD, Photoshop and


Sydney Park ( incorporating natural and adventurous play).

Describe yourself in three words Honest, Loyal, Conservative

Trachelospermum jasminoides

Your most inspirational garden

Biggest life influence? My son

How is sustainability embedded within your business?

We aim towards the conservation of water, money, resources, energy, time etc.

Three people you’d like to invite to dinner?

Dr Vandana Shiva, President Putin, Dr Burzynski Lifelong fan of (sporting team)? None

Favoured drink? Coffee



Owner of Create a Landscape

Principal Landscape Architect at Viridian Consulting (Pty) Ltd

neville@createalandscape.co.za Most referred to gardening book of all time? Elements of Garden Design – Joe Eck Your most inspirational garden?

Huntington Botanical Gardens Piece of Machinery/ Equipment you couldn’t do without?

A3 Drawing board, fine liner and pencils Top Plant?

heteropyxis natalensis How is sustainability embedded within your business? Quality landscaping

implementations and design.

A product that increases in


value over time is our goal.

Your most referred to gardening book of all time?

Biggest life influence?

Afrikaanse Plante deur Pitta

Life itself.

Describe yourself in three words Visionary, Focused, Result driven Three people you’d like to invite to dinner?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonardo Dicaprio, my Grandfather Lifelong fan of (sporting team)? Springboks

Favoured drink?

Single Malt Whiskey.

Die Tuinier se Gids tot SuidJoffe Your most inspirational garden (worldwide)?

Claude Monet’s garden at

Biggest life influence?

Terry Pratchett, my mom and More to Life Describe yourself in three words? Learner, dreamer, thinker

Three people you’d like to


invite to dinner?

Piece of machinery/ equipment you couldn’t do without?

and Terry Pratchett

My laptop

Top plant?

Scenecio ficoides How is sustainability embedded within your business?

Nelson Mandela, Gandhi

Lifelong fan of (sporting team)? sports…

Favoured drink? Water

Through our design principles and actions.


Pro Landscaper Africa / May 2016




Unlike traditional composite or timber decks, UPM ProFi’s deck range has a unique stain resistant surface that does not absorb spills. Take the UPM ProFi challenge and try the oil test. See how the unique stain resistant surface works. Choose the fresh and modern look of UPM ProFi Deck. Enjoy the looks that last with minimum maintenance.

Unique Stain Resistance

Superior Impact Strength

High Friction Surface

UPM ProFi products are manufactured using recycled raw materials. www.upmprofi.com

PEFC/02-31-173 Advanced recycled raw material

Agent in Southern Africa:

Colour alternatives for Design decking UPM ProFi Deck


UPM ProFi®

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Pro Landscaper Africa May 2016  

Pro Landscaper Africa May 2016  

Profile for eljays44