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Rise to the top with CPL Meet the leading MEWP supplier

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Scottish Borders arborist Chris Anthony Why he launched Treetop to Workshop

Consultants with a cause



Check out the work of EMEC Ecology

At last – live events are back APF and the Arb Show join forces

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WINTER 2022 • Volume 9 • Issue 01

Rise to the top with CPL Meet the leading MEWP supplier



Scottish Borde rs arborist Chris Antho Why he launche Treetop to Workshd op


Consultant with a causes

Check out the work of EMEC Ecology

At last live events are-

APF and the Arb back Show join forces



id you choose to work in arb? For many, it seems, learning about jobs involving trees is rarely put forward as a career option at school. Instead, it’s a friend, family member or perhaps a work experience opportunity, that opens the door. Our interview is with Chris Anthony who left university with a science degree, worked in pub management and then took on a horticulture role. It was through this that he was introduced to tree work and the rest, as they say, is history. His Treetop to Workshop business in the Scottish Borders was set up four years ago and is thriving, so check out page 14.

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Many have too little idea what an arboricultural consultant does, yet it’s a career that is brimming with opportunities and this is only set to increase. It’s work that offers a huge amount of variety and satisfaction as the profile of consultancy EMEC shows on page 24. Whatever area of arb you work in, it will be amazing once the community can reconnect in person again and finally, this will be happening in September with a combined APF and Arb Show – definitely something to look forward to as you’ll see on page 11. We also have plenty of kit that could well prove a temptation and if you’re in the market for a MEWP, then our Meet the Supplier feature

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is all about leading provider, CPL – see page 2 . It’s not all about the big stuff though and we also feature some new top quality names, including the climbing spikes from Panther on page 35. Hope you enjoy the issue and your feedback is always welcome.

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For careers in arboriculture and horticulture go to Cover image © ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co.KG, Waiblingen


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Pro Arb | Winter 2022


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s t n e t con 2 2 0 2 R E T WIN



news 6 > News

Updates from around the arb world


14 > Interview

36 > Stump grinder

16 > Expert view – Glynn Percival

37 > ExcavatorS

18 > Opinion – Andy Smith

38 > wood chippers

Meet Chris Anthony who runs Treetop to Workshop in the Scottish Borders

Dealing with the threat to oaks from leafroller caterpillars

Först’s global marketing manager on recent changes to towing regulations



Spotlight on Kubota’s new micro launches that ensure improved productivity

Powerful workhorses from Hansa and GreenMech demonstrate reliability and quality

40 > tree aeration

Treatment from the Terralift machine sorts out compaction around tree roots

22 > Top tips – tree liability

42 > work stress assessments

24 > Profile – EMEC Ecology Consultancy

44 > Software solutions

Solicitor Mike Hansom has guidance for arborists on staying within the law

Combining conservation with expertise in surveying, mapping and assessing tree stock

These are a legal requirement but the HSE has a range of practical support available

enefits of automation – what Tree SMART Arb could bring to your firm

47 > training

Why do so many arb apprentices struggle with maths? Dee Vickers has some answers

26 > Meet the Supplier – CPL

50 > Campaigns – Woodland Trust

31 > chainsaws

51 > Little Interviews

Discover one of the UK’s leading MEWP suppliers and their equipment for tree work

Make the cut with one of these highly regarded cordless models

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Introducing the newly enhanced Predator 38R with arborist recommendations incorporated




Get a grip with the newly available Panther tree climbing spikes

20 > Dr Duncan Slater’s Casebook What can be done to help woodpeckers use artificial snags aka monoliths


Check out these handy axes for a variety of jobs

11 > News extra

APF and the Arb Show join forces for huge September expo


34 > Wilkinson Sword

A major appeal to transform a unique site in Norfolk

Insight and wisdom from two who are dedicated to arb

Pro Arb | Winter 2022


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EX-UN BOSS TO HEAD SHEFFIELD TREE FELLING INQUIRY Sir Mark Lowcock, who has previously worked organising famine relief operations in Ethiopia and the Yemen, is to chair the inquiry into the Sheffield tree-felling inquiry. This will investigate what happened and seek to rebuild trust between the council and residents. The controversial felling scheme, where thousands of street trees were felled, sparked months of protest by local people. The felling began in 2012 and was part of £2.2 billion improvement project, scheduled to take place over 25 years, by council contractor Amey. Sheffield City Council claimed that trees were only felled if they were dangerous, dead, diseased or dying and that it would be planting new trees. However, the protestors argued this was not the case and that many did not need to be cut down. In 2018, the council agreed that no healthy tree would be felled unless there was no other solution and that an inquiry would be held to investigate the issue. Meanwhile in 2020, the local government ombudsman said the council had acted with a “lack of transparency, openness and, on occasion, honesty.”


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Pro Arb | Winter 2022


GOVT LAUNCHES NEW PLAN TO TACKLE OPM The government has announced new measures to help people deal with outbreaks of Oak Processionary Moth. The guidance, which is provided by the Forestry Commission, has advice for landowners and private residents on how to manage the pest. There was also a warning for the public not to remove nests themselves because of the potential dangers and a recommendation made to use the Arboricultural Association’s website to find a professional to do the job.

OPM caterpillars and their nests contain hairs which can cause itchy rashes, eye and throat irritations, and should not be touched under any circumstances – they are harmful to both humans and animals. The highest risk period is May to July when the caterpillars emerge and feed before pupating into adult moths. What changes are being introduced? As OPM season begins in March, changes to the operational boundaries of the management zones – the Pest-Free Area, uffer Zone, and stablished Area – will be implemented to further restrict the spread of the pest. This will focus on expanding the Established Area as well as increasing the size of the uffer Zone. Within the uffer Zone, there is an annual programme of OPM surveillance to try and stop the pest spreading further.

OPM is established in much of Greater London and some of the surrounding counties – this is the stablished Area with the uffer Zone surrounding this and the remainder of the country being the Pest-Free Area. The aim is to slow the spread and protect areas which are currently free from the pest, through having import restrictions on oak trees, extensive surveillance and treatments in the uffer Zone. Within the Established Area, additional support will be offered to private residents with a small number of oak trees to help with treatment costs. There will also a pilot grant scheme launching in the spring to help landowners. This is part of an initiative known as the tree health pilot which is about testing different ways of slowing the spread of pests and diseases in specific trees. Any sightings should be reported to the Forestry Commission via its TreeAlert online portal. Other moves include a new package of online tools and guidance and an online OPM hub has been developed, containing advice on how to develop an OPM management plan. This has an interactive map to help identify where OPM is currently found within the stablished Area and uffer Zone. A toolkit for local authorities and larger landowners to help plan for and manage OPM is now available. The government statement said over the last five years, it had invested over 10 million into oak health, including in ways to manage OPM outbreaks as well as research to develop new control techniques. More on the guidance can be found at:


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CAPEL MANOR TRAINS WITH QUEEN’S GREEN CANOPY Capel Manor College has recently linked up with the Queen’s Green Canopy project to run a pilot training programme that encouraged young people to engage with trees, plants and the natural environment and find out about jobs in the sector.

The intensive four-week programme concluded with in a tree planting ceremony at the college’s nfield Campus to thank the participants and partners who took part. Tutors and curriculum leads at the college developed a training programme using a range of activities which included horticulture, plant and tree identification, pests and diseases. They planted specimen trees, learned about the care and maintenance of these and how to support and protect them. The course covered health and safety as well as the correct use of machinery. The course was run with support from recruitment firm the Cavendish roup and the DWP’s Kickstart programme. Malcolm Goodwin, principal of Capel Manor College said: “Students who joined the pilot programme had very little or no

experience of working outdoors but our teams shave been there to offer the training and guidance people need to get started. The employers are providing further training and help participants to put what they have learnt into practice.” What is the Queen’s Green Canopy? This is a tree planting initiative created to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 and invites participation from people across the UK. The aim is for these trees to act as a legacy in honour of the monarch and her leadership of the nation. By inviting everyone to plant trees throughout the country, the project will highlight the value and benefit they provide.Starting in October 2021, planting is already underway and it will continue until the end of this year. In addition to planting, the Queen’s Green Canopy will also dedicate a network of 70 ancient woodlands and identify 70 ancient trees in recognition of her service. All Jubilee trees planted as part of the initiative will be added to the QGC map to create a digital

record of the green canopy of tree planting projects across the country. This was set up on 1 October, to coincide with the start of the official planting season. Find out more at:


Stihl has announced a major roadshow to promote its range of professional battery-operated tools. The Stihl Fully Charged Cordless Roadshow is aimed at larger professional users such as councils, major landscaping contractors and dealers. Attendees will be given exclusive access to the range. A number of experts from the company will also be on hand to provide advice and make recommendations, with offers and discounts being made available through approved dealers. The company said it wanted to show how cordless had now evolved at a rapid pace and now offered a viable alternative to petrol-powered equipment. The manufacturer will visit 11 locations in March including Stirling, Durham, Harrogate, Newport, Cheshire, Melton Mowbray and Swansea. Dealers wishing to attend are invited to contact their local Stihl area sales manager.

NATIONAL TRUST WARNS 95% OF ALL ASH TREES WILL BE LOST The National Trust has said as many as 95% of ash trees will be killed by dieback disease within the next 30 years, which is around 150 million trees. The first case of Ash dieback was announced by the UK government a decade ago and it has spread quickly. It has been most damaging in the south east of England, but is now affecting trees across the country. The


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fatal fungus can travel up to 10 miles through being transported in the wind. The spread has been facilitated by mild and wet winters, while summer drought conditions as well as ooding are also having a negative impact on tree health by damaging immunity. The National Trust said around 30,000 ash trees will need to be cut down in the coming

months, but overall, millions will be felled. The Government is understood to have invested around million to advance scientific understanding of the disease. Meanwhile, The Woodland Trust has closed off a large area at Avoncliff Wood in Wiltshire as the disease has made areas unsafe but also to study if there is any resilience over time.

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©RHS/Guy Harrop

Originally from London, she left an academic career to train as an arborist and the RHS said this route is appealing to many more who want to work outdoors and develop knowledge of nature – there was a 0 increase in apprenticeship applications in 2021 – the highest in decades. Meanwhile, a significant number of apprentice applicants last year were changing their careers, with 2 to 3 -year-olds accounting for 39 of applicants and 1 aged from 3 to .

More women are also applying to become arborists. We’re excited that as of December 2021, more females than men had applied for 2022’s RHS apprenticeship intake,” says the RHS. abriella has spent almost 10 years studying and has attained a masters in science and geology, followed by a PhD in ocean and earth science. She said the new job is “a departure” from what she had been doing as it is “a lot more outside and practical-based.” She added: I’m grateful for the opportunity. It’s obviously a very male-dominated field. Personally, I’ve never cared too much about stereotypes or anything like that. So I saw the opportunity come up, thought I could do that’ and went for it. ut I guess it is something that hopefully might inspire some other young girls out there to think about a career that’s less typical and a bit more active on your feet, because it is a lot of fun. If you’ve got a head for heights and you like being outside it is one to maybe think about.” ©RHS/Guy Harrop

abriella ardine, 30, left a career in academia to pursue a role working outdoors. The Royal Horticultural Society now has appointed Gabriella Jardine as an apprentice arborist, who is only the second female to take on the role. abriella is based at RHS ridgewater in Salford, which is a new 1 acre garden in the north west. She is focused on general tree care and felling to create space for different species to increase biodiversity and enable other trees to thrive.

HIGHWAY ARBORISTS REMINDED TO SHOW SIGNS Carr’s illington Safety is reminding arborists that approved signage must be used anytime they are working on, or near, the highway. In addition to tree cutting, signage must also be used for work such as hedge


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Pro Arb | Winter 2022

trimming, spraying and mowing. The signs should be used to give advance notice to road users about potentially hazardous activities. They should cover both directions and this is required under the Safety at Street Works Act and the Health & Safety at Work regulations. Carr’s illington Safety provides rollup road signs from UK-based Quazar International, a brand that has portable products that are comcliant with legislation and are priced from 1 to 190. More details can be found at:

PUBLIC WARNED OVER CHAINSAW STORM CLEAR-UP An expert is urging the public to leave chainsaw use to the professionals rather than attempt to removed damaged trees in popular forests, following several major storms. Alex MacLennan, recreation and public affairs manager North ast for the Forestry Commission said storms Arwen, Malik and Corrie has brought down multiple trees in Northumberland’s Kielder Forest, among others, which would take many months to clear. However, he said there were reports of people taking chainsaws and attempting to clear paths themselves. Kielder Forest is the largest forest in ngland and covers 1 0,000 acres, with a number of its walking and cycle trails remaining closed, while two other nearby forests, Simonside and Harwood, are shut entirely because of damage – they are unlikely to reopen until the end of the year. MacLennan said there was frustration that forests were not accessible, but further falls could not be ruled out. He added that there was a year’s worth of timber on the ground needing to be cleared across the forests: “We ask the public to really work with us and not to take it upon themselves to go beyond the closed forest signage. Our real fear is it’s going to lead to an accident and a tragedy. If someone does come into trouble in amongst these windblown areas it would be really difficult to rescue them. We have had some really good-spirited people want to bring their own chainsaws and cut open tracks but that’s not what we want. That’s the worst thing they could do and is extremely dangerous. The safest way is to leave that to the professionals and the forest will be opened up as quick as it can.”


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n 22-24 September, the APF and the Arb Show will combine to hold the country’s largest ever arboricultural and forestry event, at the Ragley Estate, Warwickshire, over three days.

The event features a 2,000 metre demonstration circuit with around 320 exhibitors on both sides and showing equipment in a realistic setting The event showcases the latest state of the art machines and technology being used in the industry as well as traditional but still used woodland crafts and horse logging.


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What’s on for 2022? • A new Arb Worker Zone – an interactive area allowing arborists to see demos of new climbing equipment and techniques, a technical area to learn from manufacturers and equipment maintenance and repair • The Forest Worker Zone with drop-in sessions on subjects affecting the forest worker • The Arborist’s Workshop with a daily timetable of topical subjects presented by industry experts • The UK Open Tree Climbing championships in specially selected trees on site. The competition features three different skill levels making it more accessible to all climbers, from novices to experts • The World ‘Log to Leg’ pole lathe turning championships • The Husqvarna World 25m Pole Climbing competition • The Tilhill Forestry and A W Jenkinson European Chainsaw Carving Championships

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• UK Forwarder Driving Competition, sponsored by Komatsu Seminars from leading industry figures covering topics such as bio security, bio energy, wood fuel and processing, tree health seminars, technology, safety and training and careers • The British Open Fencing Championships and the Fencing Village • Horse logging • The Woodland Crafts area with many have-a-go opportunities. The event features a 2,000 metre demonstration circuit with around 320 exhibitors on both sides and showing equipment in a realistic setting. The exhibitor space covers over two and a half miles and in excess of £60 million pounds of working machinery will be on show. There will be over 2,000 exhibitor staff and thousands of visitors who will bring more than £1million pounds into the local economy during the course of the event in terms of hotel bookings and meals. The APF’s exhibition secretary, Ian Millward, says: “We’re excited to have the AA on board and are committed to making this a fantastic industry event. The Arboricultural Association is one of the leading organisations in the arb world, so we’re pleased to have this opportunity to build a stronger partnership and see it as part of the natural evolution of the APF xhibition. xhibitors will now benefit by have a very targeted audience at one venue.” Meanwhile, the Arboricultural Association’s chief executive officer, ohn Parker, adds: This is fantastic news for arborists. The Arb Show has been a highlight of the event calendar for


Pro Arb | Winter 2022

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more than 20 years, and after two years of virtual events, we’re delighted to be able to announce this collaboration with APF 2022, bringing the show to a greater audience than ever before. Attendees and exhibitors will

after two years of virtual events, we’re delighted to be able to announce this collaboration with APF 2022, bringing the show to a greater audience benefit from this change and we feel certain that the whole arboricultural profession will be out in force to celebrate the return of Arb Show in 2022.” APF 2022 is a biannual event and this will be its 23rd xhibition, the first being held at Longleat Estate in 1976. It has attracted over 320 exhibitors and 22,000 visitors are expected over the three days of the show. 90% of visitors are trade professionals working in the industry. The Arboricultural Association is the biggest organisation in the UK for tree care professionals with over 3,000 members. Its vision is to inspire, support and promote the tree care community for a society that better appreciates and cares for trees. For more information, visit:


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M o re Ag g ressive To rq u e More Aggressive Bite More Throughput 165mm Capacity Heavy Duty Flywheel Disc-Blade System Advert template.indd 5

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hris Anthony has built a highly successful business in just four years. Treetop to Workshop, which is based in the Scottish orders, offers a full range of tree care services and timber milling, where wood is converted into boards or beams in his workshop. The work, and indeed trees, are his passion and he continues to develop a strong reputation for high standards and an ethical approach when it comes to advising customers. “I’ve always believed honesty is the best policy and my aim is to advise people based on what I think is the right course of action. So if, for exampIe, I get a request to fell a tree, and I think there’s a better alternative, then I’ll say so. Good communication and building relationships is really important and feedback from customers suggests they support this.” Recent times have proved exceptionally busy, not least in dealing with many storm damaged trees and Chris covers both the Borders and North Northumberland. But, he also found time in January to put his newly acquired Forst wood chipper to good use, when he ran a charity fundraiser in the nearby

Bridge tree clearance


Pro Arb | Winter 2022

Interview.indd 14

village of Denholm, setting up on the green and shredding Christmas trees in return for a donation. All proceeds went to the Friends of Denholm Primary School appeal. Chipping for charity He comments: “I often see discarded Christmas trees at the bottom of gardens – once they’re out of their netting they’re difficult to get back in the car. This was an opportunity to help people dispose of their trees and to raise some money at the same time.” He points out new regulations have limited the size of the local bonfire where a lot of people used to take their branches and so chipping for charity could again prove popular. Local publicity has ensued, but Chris is hardly in need of this as he is now booked up months in advance. So how has he built up the business in such a relatively short space of time? It seems largely because of his commitment and determination to provide great service. ut, trees were not his first calling – Chris studied biochemistry at university and then worked in bar and nightclub management, although he realised he did not want to have a long term career in the sector. I took a job

Hedge cutting

in grounds maintenance at a caravan park and was also studying for a qualification in horticulture. But, it turned out that it was the work connected to trees that I really enjoyed and so this is where I wanted to focus.” He had a word with his tutor at college and switched to the arboriculture course, continuing to study at the Kirkley Hall Campus. He also relocated to the area, attending college for three days a week and working for two. I just wanted to get stuck into work properly and while I enjoyed studying, it was about gaining knowledge as quickly as possible along with work experience. He adds he was offered an apprenticeship, but points out the low pay made this an impractical choice. “There are people in their twenties and thirties, as I was, who want a career change and our needs are often going to be different to school leavers. Back to the Borders After college, Chris then joined a business in County Durham where he worked as a full time arborist for several years. He says he learned a lot with the business including climbing, ground

Beech felling


09/02/2022 12:23

NEWS and equipment skills, but during this time, he also started being approached by people who knew him from home asking him to do arb related work. “I found I was travelling back – a journey of two hours – every weekend to do these jobs and I realised that it would be worth going from employed to self-employed and I could also move back home to the Borders.” He explains he chose the name Treetop to Workshop as it was “all encompassing” and covers both the tree surgery aspects and also timber milling services that are provided. “The milling started because I found myself cutting down large trees in areas that

Ash felling were inaccessible to large lifting equipment. The options to extract it were to turn it into firewood and carry it out in logs or to mill it and potentially turn it into a nice piece of furniture. Not all stems are of good enough quality to become furniture but having the kit and offering the service allows for the option. Occasionally I’ll buy the stem back off the customer and put it into storage and try to make something nice out of it in the workshop when it’s ready.” Chris is hoping to invest in a Wood-Mizer sawmill soon and also says his tracked Forst TR8 has proved a great buy. “I like to buy outright, rather than on finance, and it’s pretty much paid for itself.” Another favourite piece of kit is his Stihl 500i chainsaw, which has proved its worth during the storm clear up work. Chris was working largely for residential customers, but he also now has ongoing work with businesses that need their woodlands maintained or a tree surgeon on hand for emergencies. He adds that when it comes to larger jobs, there are a number of trusted subcontractors who he can call on. “I haven’t ruled out employing people in the future, but I can call on a small network of arborists when needed and we help each other out when we can.” There are pros and cons to running your own business, but Chris says the benefits outweigh the negatives. “When you’re your own boss,


Interview.indd 15

you are responsible for pricing your own work and so it’s up to you how much you earn – or don’t. If you make mistakes, they are your mistakes, and you learn from them. “You also have the freedom to set your own deadlines and you can steer the business in whichever direction you want it to go. There is also the option to choose which work to accept and who to work with. As for negatives, these will exist for anyone who is self-employed, and a lack of security, especially when setting up and if you want to be a success then it’s not really about 9-to-5 and Monday to Friday – it’s full on.”

Big Tree Society courses

Future plans So would he recommend that others should take the same route? “It’s important for people to keep in mind that it’s a very physical job and realistically it may not be possible to carry on all the way through to retirement age, being a climber or moving large timber around. Keeping one eye on the future and developing yourself and your business so that you and your business can carry on in the industry is a must. That said, if you’re an outdoor and active type of person it can be very rewarding.” He adds that more should also have awareness about the sector “current awareness of climate change and the importance of trees and their care.”

Keeping one eye on the future and developing yourself and your business so that you and your business can carry on in the industry is a must Looking ahead, he says developing the workshop and the milling equipment is on his list of things to do. Chris has also started working with a horse to transport logs. Horse logging is an ancient means of working, but is seeing a resurgence as more realise it is environmentally friendly and can result in less damage as well as allowing access to areas that are impassable to big machines. He adds further study is also likely, so that he can offer consultancy services, with emphasis on

Milling – Burr Elm

Coffee table

Milling – Oak woodland management. Chris also works with Eoin Cox, a well-known tree advocate who lives locally and runs the Big Tree Society. This is a training and community projects initiative that teaches wood craft skills, and Chris has helped run courses for this. Like many who run their own business, Chris says it is difficult to switch off fully. There’s always something to do. To get a rest I have to step away from all work temptations which usually means leaving the country on holiday, but this doesn’t happen very often. On a more regular basis it’s usually something low key and low energy so, a quiet night in – or quiet night out, friends, food and a few drinks. I live in a very rural place so there are plenty of nice, quiet countryside walks, but I can’t help it, as soon as I see trees my head is back into work mode.”

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Caterpillar webbing





aks are hosts to a large number of native caterpillars that feed on the leaves throughout the growing season. In most cases, these caterpillars cause little damage and the feeding is seldom noticed. Caterpillars are important food sources for predators, such as birds and squirrels, which normally keep native caterpillar populations in balance.

Oak roller caterpillar However, periodically, an outbreak occurs that causes extensive oak defoliation, which may weaken the trees especially when the outbreak occurs in early spring. If there are two consecutive years of defoliation, this can result in the mortality of newly transplanted trees, old trees, or those which are stressed by other factors such as drought or root damage. What is the oak leafroller? The oak leafroller, Archips semiferanus, is one of a group of spring-feeding caterpillars that roll, fold, or tie leaves together with silk. The caterpillars produce silken threads from which they will spin down from branches. In severe outbreaks, silk threads can cover the bark and ground beneath the tree and the dangling caterpillars can also prove to be a severe annoyance to people. Oak leafroller has a wide distribution throughout the UK where it feeds on most species of oak as well as pear, apple, and crabapple.


Pro Arb | Winter 2022

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Biology in brief The adult oak leafroller is a small brown moth that is active in late spring to early summer. Following mating, the female lays eggs on twigs in the crown of its host. Eggs hatch the following spring coinciding with new growth, and small green caterpillars web together young leaves concealing themselves in the folds of the leaf as they feed.

In severe outbreaks, infested trees can be completely defoliated within weeks to a month of caterpillar emergence As larvae grow in size, they roll the margins of a single leaf and feed from within. When disturbed, larvae spin down on silk threads that can eventually cover the bark and ground. In severe outbreaks, infested trees can be completely defoliated within weeks to a month

Oak roller caterpillar on fence

P E ST &

of caterpillar emergence. Fully grown caterpillars are green and less than an inch long. They pupate within rolled leaves, on bark, or on vegetation beneath the tree. In late spring or early summer, moths emerge from pupae as adults.

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How can they be managed? In most years, populations of oak leafroller are minimal and maintained in low numbers by parasites and predators. When outbreaks develop, a single foliar treatment of, for example, an organic prythroid-based insecticide or spray oil-based product, such as sun ower or rapeseed, will often prevent defoliation and the aggravation associated with dangling caterpillars. If required, a foliar treatment can be performed in late summer prior to the following year’s infestation or in early spring coinciding with new growth. On trees that have been severely defoliated, fertilisation based on a soil analysis is recommended to promote new leaf growth. Mulching the root zone of the tree and irrigating during dry periods will also aid in a tree’s recovery following severe loss of leaves. Dr Glynn Percival is a plant physiologist/ technical support specialist at Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory.


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Isuzu Grafter. Loaded with benefits.

Isuzu 3.5t Euro 6

Compact footprint, same powerful performance and payload. Due to Isuzu’s forward cab design we are able to fit equivalent body length to that of European manufacturers but reduce the overall length of the vehicle. Tight spaces and narrow roads complement our range of 3.5 tonne products. Renowned for its toughness, reliability and functionality, the Isuzu Grafter is the perfect all-round truck.

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*Terms & Conditions apply. Subject to specification. Images shown are for illustration purposes only.

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ith everything else that goes on in the run up to the end of the year, you may have missed a change to the towing regulations in the UK. On the 16th December 2021, the Government updated towing rules to allow anyone with a standard driving licence to tow up to 3,500kg MAM. Previously the towing limit was 750kg MAM, and you would have had to pass a car and trailer driving test if you wanted to tow anything heavier. The good news is that no action is required as a result of the change since the DVLA will update driving licence records to show that those with a standard licence are allowed to tow trailers, and category BE will be added to driving licences automatically when you order or receive a new photocard driving licence.

The good news is that no action is required as a result of the change since the DVLA will update driving licence records Whatever your opinion on the change, and there are many, it does allow those arborists who have sought to invest in more powerful machinery but have been restricted by towing weight regulations to start exploring their options. When it comes to woodchippers, the Först ST6P sub-750kg machine was released in 2017 as an option for those needing a robust and reliable machine without the need for a special licence and quickly became the fastest-selling 6” chipper across Europe. The ST6P continues to deliver for those arborists working in urban areas or running multiple teams, with each needing a machine. For those arborists looking to invest in more power or



bigger machines in 2022, the towing regulations change has opened up the entire Först product range of wheeled and tracked woodchippers. The 42 horsepower ST6D42 wheeled and TR6D42 tracked machines are currently the most powerful 6” chippers available anywhere in the world. Both machines run the fast and aggressive 42hp Doosan DPF Diesel engine, and offer the perfect step up for those seeking to increase the through put and speed of their operations. For those who might now be considering the switch to an 8” machine, again Först has a number of options across both wheeled and tracked chippers. The ST8D55 wheeled woodchipper is the UK and Europe’s best selling 8” machine. Fast, aggressive and powerful with a 55-horsepower diesel Stage V compliant engine delivering exceptional fuel economy, the ST8D55 is compact enough for urban work but offers a performance to take on machines of twice it’s physical size. Last year Billy Farrelly from Maple Arbor, a tree surgery business operating throughout the South East, recognised the need for a woodchipper that matched his ambitions. Having had a few issues with his existing machine, he spoke to contacts he’d made

through his sub-contracting work who all recommended a Först. After taking both 6” and 8” machines on demo, Billy went for an ST8D55. The machine

Maple Arbor, with the ST8D55 was delivered to Billy on site, and he put it to work straight away. “The Först is ruthless, it just doesn’t want to stop. The power is fantastic, everything gets shot to the back of the truck and the hopper size is great too.” The step up in power is something Billy loves from his previous machine, but his admiration for the ST8D 55 doesn’t stop there. “You can feel the build quality as you’re moving it around, and the way it’s been designed shows they had arborists in mind in terms of ease of access.” If an 8” tracked machine is your preference then the TR8D offers the same horsepower as the 8” diesel wheeled chipper, but with the ability to go anywhere and with additional remote control operation if required. Först continue to lead the market in aftersales service with a no quibble three year warranty on all machines, and the dedicated FörstAssist team on hand ensures you are fully supported at all times. Visit to view the full Först range and to book a free, on-site product demonstration.

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Dr Duncan Slater’s Casebook



lthough many arborists call a retained tall stump in park or woodland ‘a monolith’, ecologists and scientists call it an artificial snag’. I have been interested in snags for many years – both those that naturally occur and those artificially created by arborists. They often represent the remains of large amenity trees which have died or had to be reduced due to root decay, basal decay, or stem failure. They are more than dead trees – they thrive with life, supplying habitat for many species of fungi, birds, and insects. In my current research, for an MSc in nvironmental Planning, I am assessing to what extent woodpeckers – especially the most common UK species, the great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major) – makes use of the artificial snags we create in our public open spaces.

Hole in our knowledge As is often the case in arboriculture, practice proceeds in advance of any scientific assessment. Despite woodpeckers being considered keystone species because of their excavation activities, the choice to create artificial

Feeding activity by D.major


Nest cavity entrance of D.major

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Hole lot of good news From my survey of over 00 naturally occurring and artificial snags in the northwest of England, there is good news already. The snags created by arborists in parks or publicly accessible woodland I have surveyed reveal a very high rate of use by woodpeckers – over – mostly in the form of insect foraging activity, but also the creation of nest cavities. This is great news, because where woodpeckers create nesting cavities or deep excavations into snags, these then offer opportunities for many other species to make use of such snags, adding to site biodiversity Smith, 200 . Woodpeckers will excavate nest cavities, then vacate them after one or two years of use. This allows other species to colonise this micro-habit, especially bats, bees, and

snags in the UK is not yet fully informed by what these birds need. This is my main reason to research this topic in terms of best practice in the choice of snag species, the most suitable locations for snag creation and the risk management techniques for artificial snags after they have been created. These are all areas that current literature does not adequately cover. The goal is to create more effective snags for colonisation by woodpeckers and subsequent secondary nesters’. Wesolowski 2011 found the typical lifespan of a snag with a nest cavity created by D. major was only nine years, although factors such as tree species, snag height and girth significantly affect the longevity of a snag.

Natural snag

Artificial snag

many tree-nesting birds. The nest cavity’s height above the ground and relatively narrow entrance hole makes it a home more easily defended against predators – and allows more sensitive wildlife to avoid disturbance by humans Hansson, 1992 , a common issue that reduces the biodiversity in our urban parks and woodlands.

Beech snag retained in park

Three years later...

In addition, the snag or a structural feature one needs to be in a sufficiently decayed condition to be suitable for excavation. The exception is trees with low-density wood, such as aspen (Populus tremula), as D. Major will excavate cavities in living specimens of such trees Hansson, 1992 .


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Love for the dead By visiting so many decaying snags, I have come to deeply respect and to love them very much, not only as the relics of once great trees but for how much life they come to support in their dead and reduced state. Artificial snags go through key phases of initial drying, progressive decay, colonisation by boring beetle and moth larvae, then potential foraging and nesting by woodpeckers – and for decay-resistant woods, such as oak and pine, shards of old snags can still be found standing decades

Old oak snag

Ten years later...

Lessons learnt There are several actions we can be take to ensure better uptake of our artificial snags by woodpeckers in public spaces – and so gain greater biodiversity. Firstly, as Kirstie Allsopp says, it’s all about ‘location, location, location’. Creating a snag in an inaccessible area of a park or woodland is much more likely to lead to a greater extent of woodpecker interaction as they are shy birds. This approach also helps manage the risks from any snag falling apart or over. Secondly, woodpeckers favour the use of some tree species for nesting over others. Snags of some resinous species such as spruce Picea spp. and snags created from lime trees Tilia spp. are typically avoided by UK woodpecker species, whereas ash, beech, birch, oak, pine, poplar, sycamore, and willow are frequently used. Thirdly, consider the height of the snag you are creating – this can affect its longevity and the risks it can pose to site users. There is rarely the need to create a snag over the


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after the tree died. Large and highly deteriorated snags are, of course, the most exciting to find and to survey. Large snags in natural areas have a definite presence’ – one senses a different atmosphere when stepping up to one, compared to walking up to living trees. Perhaps this comes from a combination of being aware that a decaying Woodpecker nest cavity View from the cavity hole snag may come crashing several large snags of beech, oak, and down – and the presence of large fungal sycamore, all killed by the wetness of the fruiting bodies providing a somewhat ‘magical’ ground around them. One oak snag had experience for the visitor. Decay, danger, and a nest cavity hole that faced the reservoir death, all rolled into one exciting package! – very much a room with a view’ for the This research has led me to visit some woodpeckers nesting there – and any fabulous sites in inaccessible areas of subsequent inhabitants. This sort of ‘real woodland. Top of the list must be my estate’ is so valuable in ecological terms, experience of walking up the steep and but easily thought worthless by landowners saturated slopes adjacent to the reservoir at and humans in general. Anglezarke, in ancashire, where there were

height of six metres for purposes of wildlife conservation. Taller snags will, on average, fall earlier than shorter snags. My research identifies no benefits coming from creating snags taller than six metres, in terms of their use by woodpeckers. Conversely, you can make snags too short for a woodpecker’s requirements – snags created at heights below three metres are only used for feeding at best, not nesting based upon my survey and such shorter snags are only of use to woodpeckers in undisturbed areas of a site. Fourthly, when a tree needs to come down in a high-use area of a park due to its structural condition, consider transporting part of its stem to a quieter location and re-erecting it. We have done this several times at Myerscough College, and these re-erected snags have all ended up being used by our local woodpeckers for the foraging of beetle larvae. I finish with a couple of caveats to these lessons – some trees must be removed

entirely, to lessen the spread of pests or diseases – so these are not suitable for snag creation, also retaining snags for different wildlife species other than woodpeckers may impose different requirements – so research into other aspects of creating and managing snags should be encouraged. References

Hansson, . 1992 Requirements by the great spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos major for a suburban life. Ornis Svecica, 2, 1- . Smith, K.W. 200 The utilization of dead wood resources by woodpeckers in Britain. Ibis, 1 9 2 , 183–192. Wesolowski, T. 2011 Lifespan’ of woodpecker-made holes in a primeval temperate forest: a thirty year study. Forest cological & Management, 2 2 9 , 18 -18 2.

Dr Duncan Slater is a senior lecturer in arboriculture at Myerscough College, Lancashire. He is also a co-ordinator of Arbor Day UK (#ArborDayUK) – an action group that seeks to put new trees and woodlands back into the landscape.

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Provide a reminder about responsibilities Neighbours are expected to take reasonable care to prevent their trees from causing damage or personal injury. This should include routinely inspecting the trees near their boundaries and taking appropriate steps such as removal of dead or broken branches which represent a risk – work which you as an arborist are well placed to do. Check if there is a TPO In most cases it is a criminal offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or destroy such a tree, without first obtaining permission from the local planning authority. Arborists have fallen foul of the law if they have carried out work on protected trees. Check if the tree is in a Conservation Area If there is a request to work on a tree in a Conservation Area, then the permission of the council is required before work can start. Be clear on who the tree belongs to Boundaries are not always clear and so you should be sure of ownership before you start work. In terms of overhanging roots and branches, the general position under common law is that a neighbour can cut back branches or roots on their side up to the boundary line. Usually, they cannot compel the owner of the tree to do this work, but are entitled to undertake it at their own cost. The exception is when there is a risk of injury or damage to property, but it is always best practice to draw this to the neighbour’s attention first. Know who should keep the cuttings After pruning, the cuttings still belong to the owner of the tree and should be returned to them. As the arborist, you can offer to dispose of them.

LEGALLY SPEAKING ARBORISTS SHOULD BE ABLE TO PROVIDE CLIENTS WITH SOUND ADVICE WHEN ASKED TO CARRY OUT TREE WORK. SOLICITOR MIKE HANSOM, WHO HAS SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE ON TREE-RELATED LIABILITY ISSUES, HAS GUIDANCE ON KEEPING WITHIN THE LAW. Remind clients they need to keep hedges in check The Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003 – commonly known as the High Hedges Act – gives powers to a local authority to serve a Remedial Notice on a landowner if a hedge consists of at least two evergreen or semievergreen trees or shrubs which are over two metres in height and a barrier to light to a neighbouring property. Neighbours should try to reach agreement before a complaint is made the council.

the general position under common law is that a neighbour can cut back branches or roots on their side up to the boundary line You may need permission to cross a neighbour’s boundary The arborist should always work on their client’s side of the boundary unless the neighbour gives permission or there is a legal right of access. Know who you are working for when dealing with rented property If you have a request to work for a new client, you should check if they are tenants.


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Tree Liability.indd 22

If so, you should ensure the landlord approves of the work.

If doing more extensive pruning, take extra care Anyone pruning overhanging branches for a client should make efforts to avoid causing undue damage or instability. If you are uncertain about how dangerous a tree is, it is sensible to recommend your client takes advice from an arboricultural consultant, even though that will involve extra cost. Ensure the neighbour is supportive of the work taking place, but avoid being pressured to mislead the neighbour about the work involved, or the risk to the tree. on r a ou are doing in writing You should have a clear understanding with clients about the terms of your contract. The written agreement should include any additional terms such as confirming the client has organised access with the neighbour, and if appropriate confirming any concerns about how the tree might respond to pruning, and any recommendations to obtain specialist advice from a consultant before proceeding. Mike Hansom is a partner with BLB Solicitors:


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PETZL TREECARE SOLUTIONS Starting the day early and enjoying a cold and misty sunrise Leon Hottinger from Canopy Climbing Collective carries out a 10% canopy thin to reduce sail effect on the remaining canopy of this 500 year old cedar tree.

A tree care solution which includes a STRATO VENT helmet & accessories, ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusiks and a CHICANE auxiliary braking device

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he aim of consultancy EMEC is to ensure the projects it advises on are built in a sustainable manner and that the environment is left in a measurably better state compared to before works have taken place. East Midlands Environmental Consultants, which trades as EMEC Ecology, is a specialist ecology, arboricultural and land management consultancy. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and all profits are gift aided to this to support nature conservation. EMEC is one in family of 23 ecology consultancies that are linked to a Wildlife Trust. The consultancies are owned by Wildlife Trusts, but are completely independent. They use knowledge of the local natural environment to give best practice advice, and instead of making profits for individuals, ensure all profits are reinvested into nature conservation.

Over the last 30 years, since its formation in 1991, EMEC has gift-aided over £1 million to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s (NWT), which has been used to fund habitat conservation work across nature reserves under the management of NWT and other wildlife conservation activities and campaigns. Although the profits M C generates for NWT cannot be directly attributed to any singular conservation project the trust undertakes, there is much pride in these on a broader basis. Recent ones include: • The release of a family of four beavers at Idle Valley Nature Reserve afte a gap of at least 400 years • Creation of over 80 ponds throughout the East Midlands through the District Level Licencing scheme • Wetland enhancement and creation on farmland in North Nottinghamshire. Early days EMEC was originally founded to provide a newt surveying service for NWT and initially, all surveys that were required were outsourced to other contractors. However, it was soon realised the surveying work could be kept in-house and this meant profits could be retained and reinvested back into conservation work. As a result


EMEC.indd 24

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of this, M C’s service offering has increased year on year. The consultancy now provides ecological surveys, arboriculture and land management services for many of the UK’s leading companies. Clients include developers, planners, architects, power and extraction industries, utility companies, local authorities, government agencies and private individuals.

Since 2019, EMEC has designed and created over 60 wildlife ponds, providing much needed habitat for great crested newts Meanwhile, work ranges from major national research contracts and largescale ecological impact assessments for housing and industry, all the way through to management planning for nature reserves, bat surveys of barns and churches and habitat surveys of small-scale developments. Leading a team of 22 employees is managing director Paul Wilkinson, who also acts as chief executive of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust (NWT). Other key people include trustee and chair Mike Spencer, consultancy


09/02/2022 11:27


manager Dr d Tripp and Dave Sutton, who is land management contracts manager and responsible for delivering arboriculture services. According to Paul: “Whilst balancing the need to protect and enhance biodiversity, EMEC has played an integral role in helping to facilitate the delivery of many highprofile projects. Our strategic planning and consultancy advice has helped clients such as Nottingham Trent University, Wilmott Dixon, J Tomlinson Ltd and Centre Parcs to repair, regenerate or renew landscapes aligned to a culture of shared ecological values.” He continues: “The association with NWT and the relationship EMEC builds with its clients, ensures we play a key role in a circular economy of delivering advice that meets the needs of developers and the demand for new developments, but also helps conservation by securing re-investment in other habitats that need protection. Since 2019, EMEC has designed and created over 60 wildlife ponds, providing much needed habitat for great crested newts, a nationally protected species and have overseen the planting over 23,000 trees in the Midlands on behalf of its clients. A passion for planting A considerable part of EMEC’s work is connected to trees and this offers plenty of variety in terms of different conservation projects, whether that be working on projects such as small-scale home extensions, large-scale residential developments, manor estates or large acre forestry or woodland management plans. Core services include: • BS:5837 Tree Surveys • Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS)


EMEC.indd 25

• Tree Hazard Assessments • Hands on tree works including pruning, felling and stump grinding • New tree planting Meanwhile, company directors, land owners and farmers have a duty of care to have systems in place to control risks from trees to employees, contractors and members of the public. Situations such as parks and gardens, golf courses, leisure and holiday parks and treelined roads are examples of those that benefit from having an arboricultural management plan from EMEC in place. “Our arb specialists provide advice on the health, benefit and management of trees and woodland through a programme of tree surveys and associated arboricultural services,” says Paul.

There is still a long way to go in terms of education on why this is an essential part of protecting our planet EMEC remained in operation throughout much of the pandemic and as Paul explains: “As ecologists, early in the pandemic we were fortunate that ecological, habitat, arboricultural and surveying services were recognised as being an essential part of the

EMEC team on site services needed to keep the country running. Having obtained confirmation of this from Defra, we worked in accordance with the guidelines to carry out field-based and desk surveys. “As lockdowns became a regular occurrence, the challenge was working with our clients to prioritise planning on development projects when lockdown relaxed in line with hibernation and surveying calendars. Missing these windows could potentially delay the start of vital building projects that may affect the speed at which businesses and the economy could recover.” There have certainly been cases where developers have not always prioritised the environment, but Paul says it is an improving picture. He comments: “Over the last few years we have definitely seen a shift in attitudes. This was partly accelerated by the new requirement to achieve Biodiversity Net Gain outlined within Environment Act 2021, which now means that developers have an obligation to ensure their developments not only protect, but also enhance, the natural environment. “There is still a long way to go in terms of education on why this is an essential part of protecting our planet, but EMEC is very much involved in advising developers how they can be a part of better environmental practices.” To find out more about EMEC Ecology, please visit:

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rborists could find there is a major uplift in work opportunities if they invest in a M WP a mobile elevated working platform . One of the UK’s leading suppliers is CP , which was founded in 2011 by managing director Paul Murphy, financial director Michela Murphy and technical director ulian ateman. The business, which is based in Kettering, Northants, has some 0 employees across four design, manufacturing and aftersales facilities. Formerly known as Cumberland Platforms, the business has gone from strength to strength. ulian and Michela already had experience in the access platform sector while Paul heralded from the transport industry. They saw a gap in the market for a versatile x platform that could be used in any terrain without being cumbersome and fell within the standard driving licence weight. In 2018, the Klubb roup acquired of CP . CP had been the UK dealer for Klubb and the deal meant there could be significant growth, including in overseas markets, while Paul, Michela and ulian still remain highly committed to the business as directors.

AlmaCrawler JIBBI U1570

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erfec The company began with and Rover Defender mounted access platforms and these were mainly supplied to the eight largest utility companies across the UK. When manufacturing of the Defender ceased, CP began mounting on both the Isuzu D-Max and the Toyota Hilux. These models were a perfect fit due to their light weight and affordable cost. The manufacturers were keen to work with CP to design the conversion and included the suspension being upgraded to 3. t to allow for a greater payload, along with other improvements.


09/02/2022 14:23


Over the years, the range of products have expanded to include van-mounted platforms, spider and scissor lifts, the full range of Palfinger access equipment, AlmaCrawler scissor and spider lifts and the CP ATAT

The variety in the range, along with the company values and customer-focused approach, have made CPL market leaders in access equipment All Terrain Arb Truck . The variety in the range, along with the company values and customer-focused approach, have made CP market leaders in access equipment. These partnerships allow CP to offer a full range of solutions for all work at height. Manufacturing conversions in-house allows CP to keep a close eye on the quality of all the components used to produce the final product, with emphasis on safety as the number one priority around working at height. The internal fabrication department can monitor the quality of the weld and paint work. In house testing experts ensure the platforms are safe and in great working order for the customer and the electrical department are set up to fit a large selection of options including reversing cameras, safety beacons and power points. The full turnkey offering at CP means that the cherry pickers can be driven from the factory straight to work. There is no need for any third party to be involved in the build outside of CP . Secrets of success A core reason for CP ’s success is that the entire range is built on customer feedback. A key factor is listening to customers’ requirements and understanding what challenges they face, even if this means thinking outside of the box to make for an easier and safer experience.


Meet the supplier.indd 27

CP Isuzu Pick Up Mounted

Two of the CP sites based in Kettering, Northamptonshire

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KIT As an example, initially the directors were told the 4x4 MEWP would be a failure and since no one had done it correctly before, and that it should not be attempted. However, it is now the go to 4x4 MEWP in the UK and Europe.

A core reason for CPL’s success is that the entire range is built on customer feedback rather than on emulating other businesses Another major factor is the aftersales and maintenance aspect. CPL believes it is vital to provide customers with support after the handover. It should be noted that this type of equipment requires high investment and is all about ensuing operatives can work safely. It must be properly looked after it has been through stringent tests. Meanwhile, any downtime costs the owner money and can damage customer relationships. CP ’s aftersales service and is specifically for the maintenance of platforms and is expanding rapidly as there are maintenance solutions for all sized eets and platforms. CP is also the official service provider for the Palfinger range and there are currently several very large units in the UK that need to be maintained in a suitable facility. There is also nationwide coverage with eight in-house engineers and a large network of CPL approved sub-contractors. ene s of a The main benefit of any access equipment is safety and this is the most important aspect when designing and manufacturing platforms. Meanwhile as the designs have evolved, efficiency has become as equally as important. CPL focus is to ensure platforms allow working at height is done as quickly and efficiently as possible and one example is designing platforms without outriggers, which has cut set up times in half. Further, providing basic options like tool trays in the basket and live overhead power line detectors fitted to the platform have all helped to speed up the process.

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Meet the supplier.indd 28

Palfinger P200 Iveco Daily

AlmaCrawler I

I 12 0 VO

AlmaCrawler JIBBI 1670 EVO


09/02/2022 12:39


Palfinger P3 0KS What works for arborists? CPL has a wide range of options for the arborist sector and this is seen as a growing market, not least because of increasing awareness of the strain that climbing places on the body. The pick-up mounted M WP is a favourite due to its 4-wheel drive allowing access across most terrain. The 13.1m working height and 6.2m working outreach makes tree work much more straight forward. The 240Kg safe working load in the basket and the 3.5t suspension upgrade mean there is no need to worry about being overweight whatever the job. CPL also has a tipping truck design in the range, which is mounted on either the D-Max or the Hilux and is type approved with a 3.5t suspension upgrade and all terrain tyres. Not only is it a great work horse, the ATAT looks professional when meeting new clients to provide quotes. The new AlmaCrawlers are also big players for arborists and the Bibi, Jibbi and Bilenium range has some fantastic features like its ability to operate on rough terrain and steep slopes and with no outriggers, the average time to set up these spider lifts is cut by 70%. CPL has a selection of these in stock ready immediately.


Meet the supplier.indd 29

For larger projects, the Palfinger range is perfect and the articulated chassis-mounted platforms range from 20m to 28m working height with exceptional outreach. There are also telescopic options for the harder-toreach areas and the Palfinger equipment reaches up to 90m on a heavy truck, so there really is something for all work at height in the CPL range.

There are plans to release new designs across the range which will cater for a wider market working at height

Is a MEWP right for your business? In most cases, an arborist will find it beneficial to purchase a M WP as an asset if you will use it for two days a week. If not, then it may make more sense to continue hiring on an ad hoc basis. Access equipment should be a crutch to advance

your business and not an unnecessary cost. CPL works with all the big hire companies in the UK who understand the sectors working at height and will provide an arborist with the best equipment for their needs. CP ’s aftersales department also offers a service to evaluate second-hand equipment and the engineers will carry out full safety checks on used platforms to ensure they are both safe and worth the purchase cost. Looking ahead This year will see a huge rise in production levels at CPL and the number of units produced will almost double in 2022 to over 650 platforms. There are plans to release new designs across the range which will cater for a wider market working at height. CPL will also be exhibiting at the APF and Vertikal Days and the company will also host an open day on 28 and 29 April at its headquarters in Kettering. This will be a great opportunity for visitors to test the equipment, but also see how the company runs with access to all areas on a factory tour. Anna Ramsden is the marketing manager for CPL.

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Makita - DUC306Z Makita’s DUC306Z is a cordless top handle chainsaw powered by two 18V LXT Li-Ion batteries in series to supply energy to the 36V DC motor drive system. It provides powerful cutting performance equivalent to that of 30cc class engine chainsaws. enefits include variable speed control allowing versatility and the brushless motor, which ensures long life even when subject to heavy use. It also features a kickback and electric brake, to boost safety. There is easy chain adjustment while the oil capacity display allows users to ensure they have an adequate supply when working. The torque boost mode allows faster cutting when dealing with thicker and harder to cut branches. Other user benefits include captive nuts, which prevent the loss of nut when removing the sprocket cover to replace the guide bar or chain and a hook located to position the guide bar straight down when the chainsaw hangs from the user’s waist. A metal spike bumper also firmly grips the workpiece to provide more control and making cutting easier.

Makita DUC306Z


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ECHO DCS-2500T top handle chainsaw

ECHO - DCS-2500T The first battery-powered top handle chainsaw from ECHO aimed at professionals. It uses 50V Lithium-ion battery to generate power and cutting performance equivalent to ECHO’s best-selling CS-2511TES petrol chainsaw and it does this with low vibration and without the noise and emissions. Balanced and ergonomically designed for manoeuvrability and precision, the DCS-2500T is part of the X Series of ‘best in class’ products. It also offers a patented uick Draw harness ring, allowing hooking and unhooking the chainsaw in one movement. There is a drop prevention lanyard hook for off ground safety and the machine is easy to operate with an anti-slip handle grip and thumb rest adding to operator comfort. There is a side-access chain tensioner to allow quick chain adjustments. The brushless motor will ensure long-lasting maintenance-free operation, while the casing has an IPX4 rating for water resistance. The oil adjustment is situated on the top of the saw, while filling is simple with the ip lever cap opening and the internal air filter prevents dust from entering the main board and motor.

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Stihl - MSA 220 & MSA 220 T-CO

Stihl MSA 220 T-CO, with Light P04 guide bar

The Stihl MSA 220 and MSA 220 T-CO is the manufacturer’s most powerful arborist chainsaw and is designed to allow professionals to remove larger branches or perform crown maintenance with ease. It features an electronic trigger system with an unlock button for quick saw activation and a top-handle LED display to show information on the operating status and chain break position. The MSA 220 T-CO model is available with the new Light P04 guide bar and additional oil sensor. Other key features include a Rollomatic E guide bar and a P-PS3 saw chain for excellent cutting performance, which is the same as the MS 201 TC-M petrol model. Meanwhile sidemounted chain tensioning, captive nut on the sprocket cover and tool-free oil tank cap come as standard and there is easy to clean air filter for long service life and optimum motor cooling. The chainsaw ensures up to 29 minutes working time for both models when used in conjunction with the recommended AP 300 S ithium-Ion battery for 2.1 kW electrical power.

Stihl MSA 220 T

Husqvarna - T540i XP

Husqvarna T540i XP

Husqvarna T540i XP

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Husqvarna’s T540i XP top handle chainsaw has been designed and developed together with professional arborists and features an optimised system to deliver high levels of battery performance. This is complemented by manoeuvrability, ergonomics and a user-friendly interface with quick control. With an innovative new design, the batteries have capability equivalent to professional 0cc class petrol chainsaws, making them ideal for tree removals and smaller felling work. Overall, power has been increased by more than 30 compared to previous Husqvarna battery chainsaws. Meanwhile, the latest Husqvarna -Cut chain SP21 and Husqvarna X-PRECISION bar ensure the new Husqvarna T540i P offers cutting capacity for drop cuts of thick trunks and branches, while also being fast and nimble enough to take on smaller tasks. The battery status is easily visible on the intuitive interface and the chainsaw starts and stops at the press of a button. The absence of direct emissions is one of the top benefits with a battery-powered chainsaw and the user is also subject to less noise and less vibrations. The model is also IP classified.


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Hatchet axe

Splitting axe

Weight: 1.04kg Length: 400mm Tool head width: Max 60mm Blade length: 85mm

Weight: 1.6kg Overall length: 710mm Tool head width: 40mm Blade length: 150mm

Small but handy, the hatchet axe from Wilkinson Sword is an all-rounder and so well suited to chopping wood, making kindling and cutting down small branches. The axe has a drop forged carbon steel head with evenly balanced construction and comes with a head cover that provides safe storage and transport. The handle, made from shock-absorbing fibreglass and nylon, is stronger than steel and has a non-slip soft grip. The RRP is £22.99.

Brush hook and saw

Larger size: 20.5” length Compact size: 14.5” length

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The splitting axe has been specially designed to chop logs into manageable pieces and split wood effectively and so useful for creating fuel for wood burning stoves and fires. The long 1cm handle means that more force can be applied ensuring the axe works hard in tough conditions. This axe has a drop forced carbon steel head with evenly balanced construction and comes with a head cover which provides safe storage and transport. As with the hatchet axe, it comes with a handle made from shock-absorbing fibreglass and nylon is stronger than steel and has a non-slip soft grip. The RRP is £42.99.

A useful tool for clearance and cutting back shrubbery. The brush hook comes in two sizes larger and a more compact variant. The tool is ideal for clearance work, such as cutting back smaller branches and vegetation. It comes in hard casing with storage hooks. The RRP of the larger model is £39.99, while the compact variant is £24.99.

Wilkinson Sword tools are developed by P arrus td, a ritish, family-owned company with over 100 years’ trading experience. The highly engineered tools collection also includes pruners, shears, loppers and multi-tools. very product in the range is put through rigorous quality tests to ensure high quality design, durability and strength that. P arrus has a trademark licence agreement with Wilkinson Sword td a wholly owned subsidiary of nergizer Holdings Inc to sell and market the Wilkinson Sword range of tools in the UK and ire. very product comes with a 10 year guarantee this is against defective material or assembly of material under normal usage .


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GET A GRIP PREMIUM BRAND PANTHER SPIKES IS NOW AVAILABLE IN THE UK VIA CARR’S BILLINGTON SAFETY New to the UK and sure to please serious climbers Climbing spikes are essential equipment and quality brands allow climbers to scale trees more effectively.

The hook The main supporting element is the hook, which is made from a specific aluminium alloy that has been heat treated to withstand 0kg without significant deformation and a carbon option is also available. The hook is securely attached to the user’s leg using either a textile strap with a Velcro, leather or synthetic strap.

Four-part composition The spikes are made up of four key parts – the hook, gaffs, shell and binding. They are available in a wide range of colours, gaffs and binding options, with exclusive colours available if dealers are looking to stock something different.


Product DNA Panther Spikes.indd 35




a ers of g ass fa ric Several layers of glass fabric make up the shell of the spikes, which are reinforced with a strip of carbon fabric and allow for full adjustability. Velcro secures the calf support and pad that are shaped to provide maximum comfort for the wearer. Tried and tested Handmade (since 1991) in the Czech Republic, using quality design and materials that are tested by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Both the hook and the gaffs are tested at higher values up to 1000kg and, although irreversible deformation occurs at this weight, there are no cracks or breakages. affs ree es The three types of gaffs on offer are all cast from alloy steel that is heat treated and tempered before being screwed to the hook with M8 screws and a layer of glue to prevent loosening. The shape of the gaffs allows the straps to be adjusted and this ensures key stability of the foot in the ankle area. Pricing The Panther Tree Climbing Spikes are priced at £290 (including VAT) for the aluminium option and £420 (including VAT) for the carbon. • For more information, please get in touch with Carr's Billington Safety via: 01228 591 091.

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Advantages of radio control The stump grinder is fitted with an onboard CPU and Scanreco radio control, manufactured by the leading Swedish provider. Having radio control allows better

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redator’s new 38RX was recently upgraded and now includes a dozer blade, tow bar and ashing beacon as standard, with these being incorporated largely as a result of customer feedback. The tracked Predator 38RX has radio control, an economical Kohler 38hp fuelinjected petrol engine, an efficient electric start and is only 26" wide. This means it can be taken to allow typical garden gate while providing a powerful cutting depth of 18” – or with the dozer blade, 22" – and this makes it one of the narrowest yet most powerful stump grinders in its class. The Predator 38RX has excellent grinding capacity and a key feature is the multi-tip cutting wheel, which has six teeth. This works by two of the teeth doing the cutting, while the other four provide clearance. The teeth can be easily replaced as necessary. It is highly versatile, and can be used for larger commercial jobs as well as residential work.

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visibility and means improved operator safety and positioning. The operator is able to grind a stump without having to stand at the back of the machine and ensure a safe distance when covering rough terrain, while having total control.

Having radio control allows better visibility and means improved operator safety and positioning The controller has a range of 370 meters and cannot be interfered with by other units. Because it operates on a unique frequency, the radio control will switch off the machine if interference occurs. Do you need a stump grinder? A stump grinder is a serious investment, although finance packages can make ownership affordable, but much depends on your business strategy and customer demand. Regular stump grinding work can provide a valuable additional revenue stream and boost professionalism.

Many arborists are finding their services in high demand and not least, the rise in homeworking has led to a surge of demand for work in gardens. Without the right equipment it can be almost impossible to carry out, which is why the work needs to be handled by a specialist. If you do not presently own a stump grinder, then there are two choices – either hire or pass the work onto another arborist. Train to gain If you are only asked to remove a stump on an occasional basis then these options may be acceptable, but hiring means less control over the quality of the equipment and availability, whereas referring work to another company could jeopardise your relationship with the client. Arborists who choose to buy but are also new to using a stump grinder can become proficient through attending an accredited course, such as from Lantra Awards. Offering training and assessment, these typically last a day and ensure the operator can use a powerful machine safety and meet the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) – along with gaining the necessary expertise.


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focus on E X C AVA T O R S

EXCAVATORS AND ATTACHMENTS ALLOW ARBORISTS TO TAKE ON THE BIGGEST WORKLOADS Kubota offers new micro excavators Kubota has launched two new micro excavators that replace the K008-3, U10-3 and U10-3SL models and ensure improved levels of performance and productivity. The new Kubota K008-5 and U10-5 machines provide increased power, provided by efficient Kubota-designed Stage V engines. With track widths adjustable to 0. m K008- and 0. m zero tail swing U10- , the excavators bring all-round vision and high power-to-weight ratio, including in difficult-to-reach environments with low ground impact. The exterior has also been redesigned to improve comfort and safety. The U10- now offers a convenient side lever joystick as standard, and both models have been upgraded with a durable operator's seat, more legroom and a new ergonomic console, making working for longer periods more comfortable. Further advances include engine safety start, an expanded control lock system, a highly visible orange seat belt and alarm, alongside green beacon capability and D boom lights. Both come with these as standard, as well as anti-theft features. eoff Smith, construction dealer manager, said: The new K008- and U10- models are the culmination of years of ongoing product development and investment with the aim of improving the design and performance of some of the most popular micro excavators available on the market. They bring innovations first seen in our largest excavators to this smaller form factor, so that Kubota can offer users unrivalled safety, reliability and performance, without having to compromise on weight and size. Operators can be assured of simple machinery maintenance, excellent warranty, and a firstclass dealer support network.


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Excavator Forklift launches lifting attachments New attachments from xcavator Forklift allow arborists’ mini-diggers to take on major lifting jobs. The attachments are made to fit mini-diggers from 0.8 to 3. tonnes, which can access side-returns to gardens that are inaccessible by larger equipment. This makes the attachment and digger combination an ideal solution for tree care workers when in limited access sites. The attachment is connected and detached in a minute and features innovative design by business owner and designer ames Russell, chartered civil engineer and member of the Institute of ngineers of Ireland. It also takes the hydraulic power of the excavator that is normally directed to digging and harnesses it, within the attachment structure, to produce a vertical lift. The vertical nature of the lift means that the overturning tendency – which otherwise limits mini-diggers lifting capacity – is reduced. Wheel support on the attachment and the self-righting nature of the attachment mast ensure stability, even on uneven ground. In terms of stresses on the digger, it should be noted that when the attachment is lifting, the forces exerted on the digger are much less than those generated when digging. It provides ballast, hydraulic power to the attachment rams which is needed to steer and propel the combined load. The attachment can lift loads on pallets (up to 20cm), and can be suspend at 2m. The weight that can be lifted depends on the model, but most mini-diggers with an F attachment can lift up to three to four times what the excavator can lift alone, meaning a 1.1t obcat 10 plus attachment can lift a whole tonne 1.6 m.

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WHETHER WORKING ON LARGE COMMERCIAL CONTRACTS OR IN AN URBAN AREA WHERE ACCESS TO TIGHT SPACES IS OFTEN ESSENTIAL, THESE TWO WOOD CHIPPER BRANDS COULD MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS Hansa Hansa is proving an increasing popular choice among the professional sector. C16c The C16c is one of the most compact yet powerful wood chippers on the market and has the ability to fit through a standard doorway. The design means it can be easily manoeuvred and operated in areas with restricted access, and at only 650mm wide and with a chipping capacity of 110 mm, it is an ideal solution for arborists looking to improve productivity on difficult sites. It delivers strong self-feeding performance, with a 50 kg cutting disc, which rotates at 2000 RPM creating a self-perpetuating inertia. The draft created by the winged cutting disc pulls foliage into the machine fast and effectively through the 170 x 220 mm infeed opening. The outlet chute height of 1485mm allows the user to load chip onto a trailer, utility vehicle or stockpile. The Soft Start Technology engages the belts between the engine and cutting disc for smooth running and protects against shock loading. Meanwhile, the C2 offers manoeuvrability, versatility and power with a 3 0-degree turntable, allowing feeding from any direction, while still being coupled and discharging into the tow vehicle. It also features a large x 13 wide infeed with single feedroller, providing unbeatable feeding power. The C27 utilises a directly activated hydraulic variable speed feed roller and electronic control system, the adjustable auto feed system reverses the feed rollers to optimise engine recovery speed. The combination of 3 0-degree turntable C27 with 270 degree swivel outlet chute means this chipper provides easy access and mulch discharge control, providing balanced weight to capacity and power ratio, coupled with a low centre of gravity. Hansa chippers are distributed by Henton & Chattell.

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GreenMech S P Tree & Landscaping, based in Wiltshire, has recently taken delivery of a new EVO 165DT woodchipper from GreenMech, to keep pace with growing commercial demand. After running a reenMech SAF -Trak unit for several years, owner Steven Parker decided to invest in the VO 1 DT to benefit from increased processing power. He explains: I looked around at the tracked offerings from various manufacturers and was almost ready to commit to another brand when Ashley Stevens of GA Groundcare Ltd demoed the VO 1 DT for us. I was impressed by the brute strength and performance of it, which, combined with the after-sales support from A roundcare td, sealed the deal. The track system provides ground clearance of 194mm and a tracking speed of 3.2kph to provide the operator with optimal manoeuvrability and stability when working on uneven ground. The 165DT features a wide infeed chute, twin horizontal feed rollers and a heavy-duty ywheel which delivers unparalleled processing power in its category. “A lot of thought around the design and the accessibility of all the controls has made the VO 1 DT user-friendly and the position of the infeed controls in particular make a huge difference, and the ability to reverse bulky material out is great.


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rees can suffer if there is heavy footfall, whether in busy parks or in a confined garden, and this is where aeration can make an enormous difference, with the benefits now increasingly recognised by tree officers and arboricultural consultants. Trees of all ages can be affected by compaction and without aeration, essential nutrients are not absorbed. Terrain Aeration’s Terralift machine aerates around the root zone and puts oxygen back into the soil as well as breaking up compaction. It also helps in cases of water logging and the threats from the waterborne disease, Phytophthoras. The machines comprise a probe which reaches a one metre depth, deeper than the roots of trees – other than the major tap roots which grow straight down. reaking up the soil around the roots, and beyond, means that excess water will drain away from the roots to help stop anaerobic conditions and rotting of the root system. The probe is then used to inject dried seaweed, which helps keep the fissures open and backfilling the probe holes with

aggregate provides a semi-permanent aeration ventilation shaft. Using the Terralift’s ability to inject granular material via its seaweed carrier, forcing it upwards into the root zone of the trees, it is also possible to inject a tree feed mix containing slow release general nutrients and magnesium.

Trees of all ages can be affected by compaction and without aeration, essential nutrients are not absorbed Terrain Aeration aerates around the roots using two-metre spacings – on most occasions one-metre inside and one-metre outside the canopy drip line, as this is where the growing roots lie. Overcoming water logging One recent assignment was at Homestead Park, a 1 acre garden in Clifton, York, which is owned and managed by the oseph Rowntree Foundation, a charity that is focused on alleviating poverty. The garden is based around a number of tree trail walks and heavy footfall had led to severe

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Tree Planting.indd 40

compaction and waterlogging, resulting in tree ill health. According to senior gardener Paul Sarginson: The areas had never been aerated and we were finding the semimature cherry trees, around a hundred of them, as well as the mature chestnut and mature oak trees were becoming distressed. Terrain Aeration were recommended to us for their deep aeration treatment and they came to us for two days to do the work. He concludes that lawn areas were also treated and from now on, there will be a rolling programme of treatment. Meet Terrain Aeration The Suffolk-based company, which is run by David and ynda reen, was well known for its work on turf surfaces, but trees have become increasingly important. As such, the business has a newly established Terrain Aeration Tree Division, which is headed by David Churchyard, who has over 20 years’ experience of working with trees, including extensive knowledge of pests, diseases and fungal growths. He previously was a head forester for a large estate, where he oversaw the management of extensive woodlands. This included planting heritage oaks, caring for the veteran 900-year-old trees and drawing up management plans for current and future works. Terrain Aeration has an expanding eet of Airforce air injection machines that have been developed to fracture compacted soil using a blast of high pressure air that also result in minimal surface disruption.


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stress risk



here’s a perception that working as an arborist is a healthy outdoor job and that the biggest occupational hazards are physical risks. But, while injuries from chainsaws or falls, for example, can occur, there are also rising levels of mental health issues.

Overall, the HSE says stress, depression and anxiety represent the top reason for employee absence in the UK and in 201920, these conditions collectively resulted in 17.9 million working days being lost. The pandemic may have had some in uence, but these numbers were already high before this. According to Rob Vondy, head of stress and mental health policy at HSE: “It’s well known that stress can make you ill. We know that work-related stress depression and anxiety has increased in recent years, and the last year has presented new challenges that have never been faced before, and which may affect the workplaces of the UK for some time to come. “Good communication is vital as stress affects people differently – what stresses one person may not affect another. Factors like skills and experience, age or disability may all affect whether an employee can cope. People feel stress when they can’t cope with the pressures or demands put on them, either in work or other outside issues. Start talking to your colleagues about any issues now – the earlier a problem is tackled the less impact it will have.” He adds that employers should match demands to employees’ skills and knowledge and that recognising the signs of stress will help employers to take steps to prevent, reduce and manage stress in the workplace.


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Risk within arb In terms of the arb sector, there will be different reasons why an employee may feel stressed. It could be because of their workload – and many report they are currently busier than ever and are impacted by staff shortages – or they may have problems outside of work. What matters is that the right culture exists and that the staff member who is suffering feels able to explain what is happening to a manager in confidence and that support is offered. Meanwhile to look at the overall picture, the stress risk assessment may also help identify some of the issues that exist and what steps to take to improve matters. What are legal requirements? If you have employees, then you have a legal duty to protect them from stress at work. A stress risk assessment is a document produced to help employers evaluate, communicate and manage the risks in their businesses. The law does not expect all risks to be eliminated, but that they should be controlled where reasonably practical. If there are five or more employees, then the assessment must be written down. The document does not need to extensive, but

should identify measures to control risks in the workplace. You should also review the assessment as necessary as risks can change.

If you have employees, then you have a legal duty to protect them from stress at work What factors cause stress at work? The HS identifies six key factors that can be associated with poor health, lower productivity and increased accident and sickness absence rates and these are: • Demands: workload, work patterns and the work environment • Control: how much say the person has in the way they do their work • Support: encouragement, sponsorship and resources available to workers • Relationships: promoting positive working to avoid con ict and dealing with unacceptable behaviour


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• Role: whether people understand their role within the organisation and whether the organisation ensures that they do not have con icting roles • Change: how change (large or small) is managed and communicated. These factors help employers think about how these factors affect their particular business and see what needs to be done to control the risks. So, in simple terms, the employers needs to address: • What are the hazards/risks for their employees? • How could they be harmed? • What is being done to reduce the risk? This should be outlined in a brief plan that can be updated as necessary and include solutions and timings. Time to talk Alongside this, employers should ensure they have mental health on the agenda. This could mean ensuring that staff members who are having problems feel supported and are not subject to ‘banter’ or ridicule from other workers.


Stress at work.indd 43

The employer should put in place one-toone meetings to about stress at work and also consider having these across the business because there can be stigma around stress conditions. But stress is not a weakness and staff should feel they can talk about it, along with whether their workloads are unmanageable. Employers should keep

stress is not a weakness and staff should feel they can talk about it, along with whether their workloads are unmanageable a watchful eye on how staff are coping and also look out for signs of burnout. Staff could also be asked to contribute to an anonymous survey on workplace stress if appropriate. Stress will affect each member of staff differently. Some may be willing to talk, others

may not feel comfortable about this, but could try and deal with stress by drinking more or taking drugs. Although difficult, the employer must be willing to address this directly with the individual, while showing empathy, and also mindful that this could result in unsafe working. Tools to help There is plenty to read online and the HSE has a range of practical support and guidance available including: • risk assessment templates • a talking toolkit to help start conversations with employees and help prevent stress • a mobile app aimed at helping employers better understand the law and what is required to protect employees • an automated stress indicator tool (SIT), which measures the attitudes and perceptions of employees towards workrelated stress and is free to use for up to 50 employees • Workbooks and posters. Find out more at: stress/risk-assessment.htm

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n 2022, KaarbonTech is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the software company continues to expand, with strong demand for its products from the arb sector. From his home near Bournemouth, founder and managing director Mark Entwistle explains that from a standing start, the business has now grown to around 30 employees. There were few disruptions from the pandemic, as staff have always worked remotely. “You could say we’re the epitome of a modern business as it’s the way we’re used to working, and we chat to each other frequently on Teams. But, we do have some in person meetings in the Bournemouth area as I have a large meeting room at home we can use. Overall, we avoid bureaucracy and everyone is able to work independently.” Before setting up KaarbonTech, Mark was employed in a senior business development and sales role. This was connected to the provision of drain cleaning, inspection and surveying services to local authorities, and it was during his time here that Mark realised there was a place for software which could increase efficiency and allow councils to have better knowledge and control of their assets.


IT.indd 44

Pro Arb | Winter 2022

He says tech was always a hobby and he has always had a passion for building things, along with teaching. So he decided to launch his own venture, where he was able to combine these skills and work with developers to create software that allowed local authorities to inspect gullies and in particular reduce ood risk. This led to KaarbonTech launching Gully SMART and then for grit bins, Grit SMART.

The software allows data on what may be many thousands of trees to be held in one place, quickly updated and easily interpreted Feedback from local authorities informed Mark that trees were often an under surveyed but huge and vital asset. “Councils can have a vast tree stock but often quite small teams responsible for them. The key issue is risk – they need to know which trees are at risk of falling and causing injury. So, this could be those positioned close to buildings and roads and is something that’s even more important because of ash dieback.”

This led to the creation of Tree SMART as software aimed at the local authority sector as a tool for managing trees. It is primarily used by tree officers and the software collects data from a range of sources and combining Ordnance Survey mapping and tree inspection data. Once captured, there is an accurate picture of the tree stock and officers can then plan which trees may need more regular inspection and work. The software allows data on what may be many thousands of trees to be held in one place, quickly updated and easily interpreted. Tree SMART Arb is aimed at those who work in the private sector, such as arborists and arboricultural consultants. They would typically be providing services to homeowners, housing associations, local authority, private estates, etc. The software allows the survey and inspection process to be automated, producing fast and highly professional reports for clients, including showing where there are problem areas that require tree work and can also be integrated with other systems. A further benefit of the software is that it is not dependent on there being a mobile signal or WiFi. Mark adds that learning how to use Tree Smart Arb is straightforward and typically after a couple of hours training, the arborist will be up and surveying.


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unfogable mesh eye protection 01254 377 467

UK - Dublin - Canada

Download the FREE PRO LANDSCAPER app today 1 Go to the App Store 3 Download the free app 4 Choose and 2 Search ‘Pro download your issue Landscaper’

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Arborists, Crew Leaders and Plant Healthcare Technicians Bartlett Tree Experts is seeking Arborists who have a passion for preserving and caring for trees. For more information, call Sarah Maddox on 07850 649443 or apply via the website at

EVERY TREE NEEDS A CHAMPION. The F.A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company

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Built-in as standard

Proven Landscape Technology

Quality, function, value and robust design.

Bomford Turner offer a range of flail mowers and rotary toppers from simple grounds-care machines to agricultural-industrial mowers for municipal and airport landscape maintenance.





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6”, 7.5” & 8” Tracked Chippers

Being free from ethanol as well as many other harmful substances, Aspen Alkylate petrol offers a clean alternative for both 2 and 4-stroke engines. Improve the performance and reliability of your equipment, the working conditions for the operator and

6” Towed Chippers

reduce the negative impact your machinery has on the environment.

Stump Grinders - 28hp, 50hp & 75hp Tracked Access Platforms 14m, 15m, 19m & 20 Metres

Find your Aspen dealer at

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Telephone: 0118 940 1740 Email: web:

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here is one key area where apprenticeships differ from other post-16 education, and that is that success is dependent on achieving maths and nglish. Although some may have found both hard, it is maths where many say they struggled with their CS course at school. If the apprentice already holds a CS grade -9 in maths or nglish, they will be exempt from completing functional skills during their apprenticeship. If they have not met that standard already, they will need to complete maths and or nglish as well as their apprenticeship. This is vital, as if they do not pass any required maths and or nglish, they

will not pass the apprenticeship. Further, those looking to work as arborists are likely to need an acceptable standard of numeracy, particularly if they want to run their own businesses, as this allow them to make calculations and forecast as necessary, provide quotes and manage their earnings. What’s caused innumeracy? So, we need to look into why individuals have not passed maths previously and my view is that it is a combination of I can’t do it and I don’t see the point . In either case, that lack of engagement with a critical subject is the issue that needs to be dealt with.

Negative attitudes are at the root of our numeracy crisis, rather than a lack of innate talent. It is culturally acceptable in the UK to be negative about maths and so the statement I can’t do maths often does not seem like a strange thing to say. As mentioned on the National Numeracy website, it is as if being comfortable with numeracy is a genetic gift

numeracy and literacy aren’t just necessary to get a job or earn a salary. They’re critical for the ability of our young people to participate in the economy and our broader society possessed by only a rare few and is largely inaccessible to the general public. Zaheera Soomar, head of education for socio-economic development & partnerships at Anglo-American noted that Numeracy and literacy aren’t just necessary to get a job or earn a salary. They’re critical for the ability of our young people to participate in the economy and our broader society . Meanwhile, in 2013, Andreas Schleicher, director for ducation and Skills at the Organisation for conomic Co-


Dee Vickers.indd 47

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operation and Development (OECD), noted that “good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health”. It is also estimated that those who are not confident and capable with numbers are likely to be around 0 a year worse off and more than twice as likely to face unemployment. So, maths matters! We often see apprentices that are not confident in their understanding of basic concepts and unable to see the everyday relevance or value of maths. Many will have bad memories of maths at school and this may continue to in uence how they feel about the subject throughout their adult lives.

It is also estimated that those who are not confident and capable with numbers are likely to be around £460 a year worse off and more than twice as likely to face unemployment A need to change attitudes Clearly, telling these individuals to sit in a classroom and learn maths to pass their apprenticeship does nothing to dispel the negative perceptions. To get apprentices to engage with maths, employers can do much to encourage apprentices that it is worthwhile, and there are three important factors: • Value – the individual must believe that studying maths is worth it • Belief – to progress in numeracy, individuals must believe that their maths’ abilities are not fixed and that they can develop their skills • Effort – learning is challenging, but it is possible and achievable with effort. Within the workplace, it is not uncommon for employees to be required to deal with maths in a number of ways, such as to:


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• Interpret data, charts and diagrams Process information • Solve problems Check answers Understand and explain solutions Make decisions based on logical thinking and reasoning Notably, these are exactly the sorts of tasks that numeracy and functional skills is designed to develop. Maths in the real world At Kingston Maurward College we recognise that apprentices are, first and foremost,

employees. They are not students, they are not ‘at school’ and the apprenticeship is not just something that happens ‘during college days’. We adopt a holistic approach that treats the apprentice as an adult and we look to work with employers to develop the apprentice’s numeracy skills. With engagement from employers, we are able to plan and formalise mathematical learning linked to real-world tasks – not just theoretical ideas whilst sat in a classroom. We look to work with employers to identify ways of enriching maths outcomes through realistic and manageable extensions to naturally occurring activities. The principal, uke Rake, comments that the covenant between the employer, apprentice and the College is based on a shared commitment to ensure that at the end of the programme, all the employee’s skills are fully developed, not just those specific to an industry. We are strong supports of coherent and joint planning to ensure the best outcomes for all.

An Education and Training Foundation report from 2020 describes this model of mapping workplace activities to the maths syllabus as being entirely premised on the opposite approach of designing learning, by starting with real-life or work tasks, problems, projects or challenges and then mapping back to the outcomes covered in the syllabus or programme specification. This results in learning activities that are authentic, meaningful and instantly useful. It’s worth adding here that this approach also removes the teacher-led, school-based, and irrelevant perceptions that often holds individuals back when it comes to maths.

it comes down to developing mathematical resilience to produce achievement, through a tripartite approach between the apprentice, employer and training provider In the end, it comes down to developing mathematical resilience to produce achievement, through a tripartite approach between the apprentice, employer and training provider. In the next article, we’ll look at how employers and training providers can collaborate to increase the value an apprentice places on numeracy and how they can develop those skills. Dee Vickers is the head of apprenticeships at Kingston Maurward College, Dorset, with a background in forestry and arboriculture training.


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RSK Hi-Line is looking to recruit someone who would play a pivotal role in the expansion of its London operations, managing and expanding the client base and workforce in the London area. It is looking for someone with five years’ previous experience in the arb industry, comprehensive knowledge of Health & Safety and environmental regulations, leadership skills, excellent IT and customer service skills and a full drivers license.

Dave Ford Tree Care is an expanding professional company based near Dorking, Surrey. Its work covers a wide range of domestic and commercial tree work and it prides itself on maintaining a loyal client base. Candidates would need to have previous experience as a climber and hold relevant certificates. xperience and certification in working with MEWPs would be an advantage but not essential.

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Distinct Landscapes is actively looking to recruit a fully skilled landscape gardener to work in a small team within a small but very busy company. It constructs gardens for mainly private home owners. Applicants should have a minimum of 10 years hard landscaping experience; A full clean UK driving license and own transport; ability to read and set out designs and plans and plant knowledge would be a bonus.

Urban Meadows is looking for skilled landscapers to work on exciting landscape build projects across London. Due to continued growth, it is seeking landscapers, preferably with minimum two years experience, to work with a young team of landscapers and horticulturalists. Urban Meadows designs, builds and maintains projects as well as collaborates with other leading garden designers on residential projects.

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A superb opportunity exists for an ambitious manager. Gerald Davies Limited, undertakes grounds maintenance, hard and soft landscaping, play schemes and more. You will be managing and delivering projects, expected to hit deadlines and financial forecasts whilst ensuring client satisfaction. You will be line managing a site team whilst ensuring compliance with company systems and policies.

WJ Swansborough Garden Services Ltd is a reputable landscaping company offering a range of services. It is looking for a landscape operative to begin working on private and commercial sites. Responsibilities include soft and hard landscaping. Applicants must hold a driving license and should be reliable and willing to work.

HI-LINE Location: London


GERALD DAVIES LTD Location: Glamorgan

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DAVE FORD TREE CARE Location: Surrey



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Here, you will be in charge of managing the site operation of getting plants delivered, then setting out and planting. Soft landscaping clearance, turfing and planting bed preparation work will be required occasionally. Once completed, you will be in charge of creating and delivering a maintenance programme. In addition, you will be working on other gardens providing the same maintenance and renovation.

The London Lawn Turf Company has recently taken on the franchise for Easigrass North Kent, and is looking for a hardworking individual to join it. The position will be based from either London or Kent, however, as is the nature of the job you will be travelling to various locations to complete projects. Candidates must be experienced in installing artificial grass, with other forms of landscaping experience beneficial.

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HENDRIX GARDENS Location: South East


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he Woodland Trust is on a mission to raise £4.6 million to create a new woodland and protect ancient Ice Age land in Norfolk. The charity is planning to transform 119 hectares of land at reen Farm, near the village off Thompson. The site is currently agricultural land and features very rare pingo ponds, which were created at the end of the last Ice Age and have since been largely untouched. These are homes to damsel ies and great crested newts, although are now being affected by nutrient enrichment. This is where fertilisers can result in too much phosphorus entering the water and leading to a proliferation of algae. However, because the Woodland Trust has purchased Green Farm, this will now be better managed. A plan for trees The aim is to make Green Farm a haven for people and wildlife and according to Ian Froggatt, estate manager for the Woodland Trust: “If we are successful in raising the £4.6 million needed to care for the site we will look to plant native trees, we’ll create a mosaic of native broadleaf woodland, natural grassland and wood pasture, as well as over 2km of newly planted hedges linking up isolated veteran trees. “With its pingo ponds and Ice Age links, this is a very special area and we’re already working


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closely with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust who own the adjacent site, home to existing pingo ponds. On Green Farm itself we will look to restore dried up pingo ponds too.” The site is located in an area known as The Brecks, which is home to many unique and rare birds, plants and animals in Norfolk and Suffolk. recks were temporary fields that were cultivated for a few years and then allowed to revert to heath once the soil became depleted of nutrients. In terms of trees, farmers in the 19th century planted lines of Scots pine as windbreaks and a notable feature are the ‘pine lines’ of twisted and knotted trees that have grown wild. Reducing surface runoff Ian continues: “Making the most of established habitats close by and planting native trees will be a essential way to preserve the future of these natural gems that have remained for thousands of years. The trees will reduce surface runoff which carries nutrients to the water bodies and stabilise the soil as well as provide habitat for wildlife. “Green Farm will be a new publicly accessible haven for Norfolk with a network of paths, promoting nature recovery and climate resilience while providing recreational space or people to enjoy.” At present the Woodland Trust owns 12 sites across Norfolk covering 145 hectares, with the majority of woods under 12 hectares. More trees are desperately needed in Norfolk because it has woodland cover of approximately 10% compared to the national average of 13%.”

According to Eliot Lyne, ceo of Norfolk Wildlife Trust: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Woodland Trust to expand and protect new areas of iconic Brecks habitat for wildlife and people.

“Our work together is centred around NWT Thompson Common, a rare and ancient place that has been in our care since the 1980s. Home to over 400 rare Ice Age ‘pingos’, Thompson Common also saw the successful reintroduction of the pool frog, a species that had been extinct in the UK since the end of the 20th century. “It’s clear how much potential this area holds to support the fight against biodiversity loss in the UK. Nature needs our urgent support, and it is essential that we work together on a landscape scale to provide wildlife with the space it needs to survive.” The Woodland Trust has already secured £400,000 towards the project from the Norfolkbased FCC Communities Foundation. Support of £250,000 has also come from players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. Read more about the appeal at: support-us/give/appeals/green-farm/


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little interviews What’s your current role and what does it involve? My title is exhibition secretary – in effect I am the dogsbody! I work with a Demo Committee of seven to put on the event. My key roles are handling the promotion, marketing, finance, sponsorship, organising the features and competitions, ticketing and exhibitor liaison. What’s the best part of your job? The buzz of putting on such a great show, devising exciting new feature and competitions and working with a fantastic Demo Committee.


Do you have a favourite outdoor space? My background is forestry and I love forests and woodlands; quiet spaces away from the noise of everyday life. What’s the best thing about the arb sector? Working with keen enthusiastic people all dedicated to make the industry better and safer.

What’s your current role and what does it involve? I lead a small team of tree surgeons on domestic and commercial projects for clients based mainly in Dundee & Angus. What’s the best part of your job? It’s a cliche but working outdoors. Do you have a favourite outdoor space? Not really anything with trees and wildlife works for me!


What’s the best thing about the arb sector? I like climbing and seeing the before and after

If you could pass on a piece of advice what would it be? I am from Yorkshire where we are renowned for speaking our mind. Having run my own business for 30 years. I recommend speaking honestly and frankly to clients in business. It might not always be what they want to hear in the short term, but they will come to respect you for doing so and know they can trust you in the future. What are you looking forward to in 2022? APF 2022 and The Arb Show. Our last show was in 2018 and COVID-19 wrecked our 2020 and 2021 plans. As we announced recently, The Arb Show has joined forces with APF 2022 and brings some fantastic new features to the event, including the UK Open Tree Climbing Competition, the Team Challenge, masterclasses on getting into sport climbing and our new Arb Worker Zone. APF 2022 and the Arb Show is really going to be a one-stop for arborists.

photos on difficult tree species that we have successfully crown reduced or lifted. What three words sum you up? This is four: Former Royal Marines Commando. If you could pass on a piece of advice what would it be? Don’t sell yourself short, know your worth. What are you looking forward to in 2022? 2022 is only year two for my business, so survival in the industry.



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