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Storm supremos clean up

Norfolk’s Golden Tree Surgeons swing into action Cover.indd 1

Battling back after theft

How Charlie Westcott rebuilt his business

Meet the supplier



Why Forest and Arb is a firm favourite

Brilliant with batteries Check out Stihl’s new launches

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SUMMER 2022 • Volume 9 • Issue 02

Storm supremos clean up

Norfolk’s Golden Tree Surgeons swing into action Cover.indd


Battling back after theft

How Charlie Westco rebuilt his businesstt

Meet the supplier

Why Forest and is a firm favouriArb te

Brilliant with batteries Check out Stihl’s new launches



elcome to the summer edition of Pro Arb – we have some fantastic examples of real resilience and talent to inspire and entertain you in this issue. Our interview with Surrey arborist Charlie Westcott acts a reminder that theft is one if the biggest threats to your firm. He had £30,000 of equipment, including his van stolen. Although this wiped out his business and he was forced to consider throwing in the towel, he has fought his way back to fundraise, to restock and to start again. You can read his story on page 11.

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Someone else with grit in spades is Graeme Ogg, a marine turned arborist based in Scotland’s Monifieth. He had to deal with a double hit of redundancy before settting up his own tree care firm. Poppy Scotland was on hand to help fund his training, and as you’ll see on page 14, the business is now thriving. Other highlights include Dr Duncan Slater’s piece on the background to Arbor Day, a dynamic event that is now in its third year and which celebrates the world of arboriculture, as well as helping raise awareness of the sector – see page 20. As ever, we have pages of kit, from skid steers to hand tools and our Meet the Supplier

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features the popular Winchester firm Forest and Arb on page 26. We also have four pages on the latest launches from Stihl – see page 30. We’re always pleased to receive your feedback and to feature readers, so get in touch if you’d like to contribute - I hope you enjoy this issue of Pro Arb.

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Pro Arb | Summer 2022


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news 6 11

> News

Updates from around the arb world

> News extra –

Charlie Westcott fights back

How an arborist fought back after theft to rebuild his livelihood


> Interview – Graeme Ogg of Timber Tree Surgery Meet an ex-Royal Marine who is now climbing high



> Pests and diseases – Expert view

Dr Glynn Percival on the damaging Hawthorn rust

features 18

> Simon Raines of

Landmark Trading

Know the key factors when selecting chainsaw trousers



> Dr Duncan Slater’s Casebook

Celebrating Arbor Day – and why it’s here to stay


> Top tips – chainsaw maintenance

Insider knowledge is provided by Husqvarna


> Profile – Golden Tree Surgeons This orfolk arb firm is shining bright


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KIT 26 > Meet the Supplier – Forest and Arb Great stock and service makes this brand a favourite

28 > Boots

The new Timber Protector from HAIX

30 > Stihl’s new launches

The latest issues from the mega brand

35 > Product DNA

Makita’s cordless DUC406Z chainsaw

36 > Hand tools

Carr’s Billington Safety is now stocking the topnotch range of axes and more from Müller

38 > skid steers

Models from John Deere and Kanga

39 > Mini excavators

Impressive power from Bobcat and Doosan

40 > Ladders

Discover unparalleled stability with a specialist arborist ladder

business 43 > COVID-19 update

Guidance for employers as restrictions end but the virus remains


Government scheme, Multiply, will tackle innumeracy says Dee Vickers

50 > Plant Healthy

A new certification schemes identifies responsible tree stock suppliers

51 > Five minutes with...

A quick catch up with Stihl’s Reuben Wilson

Pro Arb | Summer 2022


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LOCAL AUTHORITY SLAMMED OVER “TOO OLD” ARBORIST TEAM A councillor has criticised his local authority in Gateshead for employing arborists that are “too old” and for incurring extra cost in using more external contractors. Labour councillor for Blaydon, Steve Ronchetti, spoke to the council’s overview and scrutiny committee following a report that found there was a shortage of younger workers in various departments. “If you look at the tree surgeons, they are too old to go up trees now and consequently the council has to bring in contractors to do the tree work, just when they are at their most expensive. Looking at the age profile, you re going to see o er the next 10 years a massive pressure on the pension scheme.” The report for Gateshead Council overall found 29% (1,494) of its employees are aged 55 to 64 and only 12% (614) of workers are aged 25 to 34, with the authority now advertising apprenticeships. Only 5% (242) of the staff are aged between and . The en ironment and eet department, which is responsible for tree care, is among those which has introduced an arborist apprenticeship.


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Pro Arb | Summer 2022


YOUNG TREES TARGETED IN UK-WIDE SPATE OF VANDALISM AND THEFT The first few months of ha e seen many cases of newly planted trees in parks and public spaces being vandalised or stolen. Vandalised trees are often saplings planted by community groups, such as for urban greening projects or as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy project to commemorate the monarch’s platinum jubliee. These include in Buckingham, where four trees planted by volunteers in Heartlands Park as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative were destroyed. Chairman of the town council’s Environment Committee, Warren Whyte, said: “I’m extremely angry at the pointless vandalism of our newly planted black poplar trees. There’s nothing gained by such wanton destruction in our parks, and I fail to understand what the perpetrators gain. I urge anyone who sees our environment being damaged by criminals, please report to the police so we can together try and stop this pathetic destruction from continuing.” In Derby, vandals uprooted 200 saplings in a park and damaged an oak tree worth £400 in the Spondon area. The trees had been planted by a volunteer group that aims to plant one tree for all 12,000 residents. It is hoped some saplings can be replanted, while the oak tree may survive, but will be stunted. Police have been informed and local people are being asked if they saw the vandals. In the Welsh village of Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen, a number of young trees have been snapped in half. These were planted in a park with the proceeds from a £40,000 grant from the All Wales Play Opportunity funding scheme. The trees were surrounding a multiplay facility. A council spokesman said: “This facility is designed to benefit people li ing in this

neighbourhood, it’s saddening a mindless act of vandalism has caused so much damage.” In Northern Ireland, vandals damaged trees planted as part of the Enniskillen public realm scheme, a £5.2 million project to improve the town in County Fermanagh such as through footpaths, street lighting, landscaping and street furniture. The council has said damaged trees will be replaced. A council spokesperson said it has been reported to the police. “It’s unfortunate the Council must now consider additional measures to help protect the trees against vandalism and deliberate destruction.” One of the largest thefts has occurred in Cheshire where 15,000 Sitka spruce saplings were taken from the Lobslack Nursery in Northwich, which plays a key role in growing trees for the UK’s woodlands. A Forestry England spokesperson said: “We’re working closely with Cheshire Police and urge anyone with information to get in touch with them. The saplings were set to be planted in the nation’s forests to ensure ourishing woodlands resilient in the future for wildlife to thrive in and people to enjoy visiting.” Although it is illegal to damage a public or protected tree, vandals and thieves believe there is little chance they will be apprehended. owe er, affected areas are seeking to engage communities to improve vigilance and plant in areas where there may be more security, such as at schools and on developments.


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ENTER YOURSELF OR A COLLEAGUE Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30: The Next Generation is back for its eighth year. To date, we have celebrated 210 winners from a variety of sectors within the industry – from sales to arboriculture, from construction to design, from maintenance to landscape architecture. These awards should not only highlight the up-and-coming talent within the industry, but also the diversity of horticulture and those working within it. Why not put forward yourself or a deserving colleague for a chance to be recognised?





The rules are simple. You can nominate yourself or a colleague, as long as the nominee was aged 30 or under on 1 January 2022 and currently works within the horticulture, arboriculture, garden design or landscape sector. Entrants must have worked in the industry for at least one year.

Entering Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30: The Next Generation is a great way to gain recognition for your own work or the work of someone you know. Previous winners have expressed that winning the awards is a wonderful way to enhance their careers.

Simply email to request an entry form. Fill out the form to the best of your ability, picking out key moments from your career and showcasing some of your best work. Email the form back with a high-resolution (at least 1MB) headshot by 31 August 2022.

Proudly supported by


For more information on how to enter, contact 01903 777570 or email 28 Pro Landscaper / May 2022

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Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has successfully prosecuted a landowner for illegally felling over eight hectares of woodland within the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) near Swansea in South Wales. eff ane has been found guilty at Swansea Magistrates’ Court of breaching section 17 of the Forestry Act (1967) and felling trees within native and wet woodland without the appropriate licence. He was also found guilty of noncompliance with an enforcement notice to restock trees that he had previously felled in 2019. n estigations carried out by o cers from NRW found the land, which is the equivalent of 12 football pitches, were subject to the unauthorised felling. Native and wet woodland are a priority habitat listed under section 7 of the Environment Act Wales. cers first attended the site in , following a tip-off, where ane was found to have exceeded the limitations of his thinning licence and clear felled 2.9 hectares of trees. A warning notice was issued to restore the

site and ane told not to carry out any further felling. n eptember o cers recei ed aerial photos taken by conservation body, the Gower Society, and undertook investigations which established that a further 457m³ of woodland had been felled. The trees were felled using tree shears for the production of biomass. Many were uprooted and damaged to an extent where they are unlikely to regenerate, with o cers noting it was one of the worst offences of illegal felling they had seen for 30 years. Callum Stone, NRW’s forest regulation team leader, said: “Trees are incredibly important for the environment and wildlife, as part of the landscape and for our own health and wellbeing. The loss of this native and wet woodland is devastating and it will take many generations for new trees to grow to replace them, if they grow at all. “Trees are often taken for granted. Felling licences are part of the system we have in place so we can manage our trees and woodlands effecti ely, protecting them and making sure they continue to benefit us all now and into the future.” NRW is now seeking to obtain a Proceeds of rime Act A confiscation order which seeks to obtain the financial benefit that the defendant has gained from his criminal conduct. This is the first time A has been used in forestry in the UK. The case is with Swansea Crown Court to determine whether ane has benefited from proceeds of crime for the illegal felling and he will be sentenced at a later date. ane is said to be appealing his conviction.

NEW GUIDANCE ON MEWP USE IN PUBLIC AREAS Trade association IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation) has published new guidance on the use of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). The document, called Safe Use of MEWPs in Public Areas, was developed by IPAF in collaboration with its International Safety Council (ISC) and supporting members, and is available to view or download, free of charge, in English and a range of other languages.

Brian Parker, IPAF’s head of safety and technical, said: “An increasing number of MEWPs are being used in areas where members of the public might be present, which is more challenging to control, as not always segregated from unrelated work acti ities, ehicular tra c or the general public. IPAF hopes it will become a valuable desktop and workplace point of reference.”

WOODLAND TRUST HARROGATE SITE HIT BY DISEASE OUTBREAK The Woodland Trust has been forced to fell around 500 trees at a popular site in Harrogate, orth orkshire, because they are affected by the infectious Phytophthora ramorum. The disease devastates native trees and has become widespread at the charity’s Nidd Gorge woodland. The Woodland Trust has been issued with a Statutory Plant Health


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Pro Arb | Summer 2022

Notice from Forestry England, ordering it to fell the affected larch trees. The disease particularly attacks this species and the fungal-like organism spreads quickly between tree plantations. aul unton, community engagement o cer at the Woodland Trust, says: “It’s devastating news for our site team and visitors that we are

having to reluctantly fell these diseased trees at Nidd Gorge to protect others. Phytophthora ramorum is one of the biggest threats to our native tree species at the site. Nidd Gorge is and will remain a really popular and cherished woodland and we ask the public to bear with us while we carry out the work.”


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PLACE SERVICES APPOINTS GARWOOD TO SENIOR ROLE Place Services, the public sector provider of environmental assessment, planning, design and management services, has appointed Meg Garwood to the role of principal arboricultural consultant – this is the most senior position on the arboriculture team. Meg joined Place Services in 2015 as junior arboricultural consultant and quickly progressed to consultant and senior consultant before this promotion to principal. She has been responsible for delivery of a number of high-profile pro ects, including Forestry Commission Plant Health surveys in the east of England and writing an award-


News.indd 9

©Picture Plane/Heatherwick Studio

A huge 21-metre sculpture, entitled Tree of Trees that features 350 British native trees will be created outside Buckingham Palace as a centrepiece of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend celebrations in June. Designed by architecture and design studio, Heatherwick, the sculpture is said to re ect the joyful Jubilee tree planting which has swept the nation as part of The Queen’s Green Canopy”. This led to over a million trees being planted during its first season, from October 2021 to March 2022 and over her reign, the Queen has planted over 1,500 trees around the world. The 350 trees in the sculpture will be set in aluminium pots embossed with Her Majesty’s cypher. After the Jubilee weekend, the trees will be gifted to selected community groups and organisations to celebrate their work and inspire the next generation of tree planters


across the nation. The trees will be stored during the summer ahead of distribution at the start of the planting season in October. Further details on the selection process will be announced in due course. The sculpture is made from reclaimed and new steel with materials and expertise sourced from local suppliers around the country, from Cleveland and Hull to Cambridgeshire and Hove.

winning tree strategy for the London Borough of Barnet. Meg is also heavily involved in Essex County Council projects, such as the construction of the M11 7A junction, and tree safety and veteran tree surveys on the County Council estate and she leads on the delivery of arboricultural advice to Place Services’ local planning authority clients. Meg is a graduate from Writtle College, having obtained a First Class honours degree in Horticulture in 2014. She is a professional member of the Arboricultural Association and has completed the LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection course, as well as Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue. She is also undertaking a Master’s Degree in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry through Myerscough College.

A new requirement is being launched for tree suppliers to improve biosecurity – from June 2022, applicants for government tree planting grants must source saplings from approved suppliers. The measure – called the Biosecure Procurement Requirement – will be piloted for an initial 12 months to combat the threat from pests and diseases, according to a statement from Defra and the Forestry Commission. It means that applicants for funding under the ngland reation ffer and the Future Farming Tree Health Pilot must commit to sourcing their trees from suppliers who are either accredited under the lant ealthy ertification Scheme or who have passed a Ready to Plant assessment. The pilot will enable suppliers to demonstrate that their operational practices comply with the Plant/Health Management Standard. This includes protocols which are key to developing a robust plant health management system and sets out practical requirements for suppliers to help protect the supply chain. Professor Nicola Spence, the UK’s chief plant o cer, said ur biosecurity standards are among the highest in Europe. As we build back greener, we must consider new and ambitious ways to not simply maintain these standards but further strengthen them.” Sir William Worsley, Forestry Commission chair and the government’s tree tsar , added ur nation s biosecurity will be integral to the success of our tree planting ambitions. This pilot will ensure that the forestry sector plays its role in upholding rigorous standards of biosecurity.” organisations/forestry-commission

Pro Arb | Summer 2022


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n January, thieves broke into the yard used to store Charlie Westcott’s work equipment. They smashed into a locked container, stealing chainsaws, leaf blowers and hedge cutters, among other tools. They also took a wood chipper and his customised tipper van. Charlie, who set up Westcott Tree Services, based in Camberley, seven years ago, says the impact was devastating. “I couldn’t work and had to rely on friends and family. I’d lost everything and it left me in a very dark place.” The business had built up a great reputation locally with many testimonials from satisfied customers. It focuses largely on domestic work, in an area of Surrey where many have large gardens and there is strong demand for high standards of professional tree care. Charlie’s experience will be a familiar one to others who work in the arb sector. Power tools and equipment such as stump grinders and wood chippers are frequently targeted by thieves who will often stake out premises where they believe they are stored. Charlie’s were stolen in the early hours of the morning


News Extra.indd 11

and on discovering the theft, he called the police, but they simply took details and he says the likelihood of the kit being found and returned to him is practically none.

The police did not even come out. These burglaries are happening all too often and they don’t have the resources “The police did not even come out. These burglaries are happening all too often and they don’t have the resources. The criminals move on to other areas and either resell the kit or they may use it if they are trying to carry out tree surgery work themselves –although this is going to be the type of unskilled work that

Pro Arb | Summer 2022 11

04/05/2022 15:27


causes our industry so much damage. t s a constant worry as they will stop at nothing and they know it is highly unlikely they ll be caught. e adds that he d also been the ictim of an earlier burglary back in . “That was bad enough, but the second time around was e en worse as d been building up the e uipment steadily o er the years so that could take on more work. The malicious nature of the criminals in ol ed was also re ealed when harlie s an was found burnt out in woodland near Reading in erkshire, which was o er miles away. As many working with trees will know, insurance is expensi e and it comes with all sorts of warranties that can make claiming a long-winded and di cult process. harlie explains that although his an was co ered, this was only for the basic vehicle and without all the expensi e customisation he had paid for and that had taken o er a year to complete. t was heartbreaking to see what they did to it as it was my pride and oy, he says. harlie s customised an

Meanwhile, his wood chipper was not insured and although he had £8,000 worth of tools co er, this was inade uate as far as the total alue of all the stolen kit was concerned. “If I could advise anyone on how to avoid this, it would be to make sure you ha e enough insurance and that when you buy more and upgrade, that this is re ected in the policy. t s e en harder if you e had a break in as premiums go up, but as my experience has shown, you really need it if there is a theft. ut, when at his lowest point, harlie says he also saw there were also plenty of good


Pro Arb | Summer 2022

News Extra.indd 12

people who wanted to help out. This came from his family and friends, including other tree surgeons who offered to loan e uipment or to offer him some work days as a freelance contractor. eople were ama ing in offering me help, but it was a really tough situation to deal with as had worked so hard to build my own business up. uestioned whether would

People were amazing in offering me help, but it was a really tough situation to deal with as I had worked so hard to build my own business up. I questioned whether I would be able to do it again or if I needed to find a different job altogether be able to do it again or if needed to find a different ob altogether. e also had to sign on to receive Universal Credit, which was a di cult experience. didn t want to ask for help, but when you lose e erything, you don t ha e a choice. A friend also suggested that Charlie should set up a Go Fund Me page, to see if the public would be able to help get him back up and running. t wasn t something would ha e considered, but felt didn t ha e anything to lose, so set up the appeal. The page has currently provided Charlie with over £3,000, which he used to buy two more chainsaws from local supplier oney ros. As he slowly starts to replace the stolen kit, harlie adds that the burglary has forced him to take e ery effort possible to reduce it happening again. “I already had CCTV, but it s now about making it as di cult as possible for thie es to take things. o, block things in and use barrel and wheel clamps, anything I can to improve security. ut e en doing e erything you can

does not mean they won t try again and it stays at the back of your mind. e says he will keep the o und e page going and his main hope is to try and buy another wood chipper. t s a crucial part of the business and although can hire, it s a piece of kit that s important to ha e. The good news is that business is now building up again and customers have been supportive. Charlie is also starting to employ people again, meaning he can take on larger obs. t s going to take time, but m getting there. The way people have helped me has also made all the more determined to bounce back. Visit Charlie’s Go Fund Me page:


05/05/2022 09:25

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t takes determination and self-discipline to set up your own business and fortunately, this is something Graeme Ogg has in spades. He founded Timber Tree Surgery, which is based in onifieth, Angus, in ecember and has not looked back since. After lea ing school, raeme took a business and marketing degree at uni ersity and was set to oin his family s clothing business, but he decided a retail career was not for him. He en oyed the outdoors, physical acti ity and rugby in particular and he wanted a ob that offered challenges and excitement. o, he oined the oyal arines where he had an impressi e career year career, which included tours of duty in ra and Afghanistan. ut, when old in uries began hampering progress, he decided it was time to lea e and so he took a ob in the oil and gas sector.

Facing redundancy owe er, this resulted in redundancy when oil and gas prices plunged in and he then oined rench drilling pipe firm allourec, which also resulted in redundancy early in the - pandemic. raeme says losing his ob when there was so much economic uncertainty was tough and made him question his future and whether he wanted to work for another employer. Instead, he was inspired to set up in arboriculture, based on earlier work experience with his late uncle, hris torie, who had run a tree surgery firm. This had taken place o er some years when


Pro Arb | Summer 2022

Interview.indd 14


04/05/2022 14:27

NEWS Graeme had been on leave from the Marines. et while he was proficient as a ground worker, he now needed to obtain formal ualifications and learn climbing skills if he was to become a professional.

It’s about working outdoors and in close proximity to wildlife – I enjoy climbing and gain satisfaction from seeing before and after photos of where there has been skilled work on tree crowns Support from Poppy Scotland ut training, particularly later in life, can be costly and raeme was keenly aware that this would not be easy and he had a family to support. Although he had some cash a ailable ia training credits from his time in the arines, this was not enough. A suitable course was identified from ynher Training in ornwall, which has specialism in training those who are ex-ser ices. initially approached the oyal arines charity, but they suggested oppy cotland as they specialise in employment grants this co ered the cost of the course and they also donated , in kit and e uipment as well as paying for accommodation.

e says the course was challenging but en oyable and it also confirmed he had made the right choice to choose to work with trees. It also allowed him to obtain all the necessary tickets such as basic chainsaw and felling, climbing and rope techni ues, using a wood chipper, first aid and tree identification. nce the training mission was successfully completed, raeme founded Timber Tree urgery, which took off through social media promotion and local press co erage. e now works with a colleague, cott, who is about to do his chainsaw ticket and start climbing and a ground worker, oss. e says that he brings in a second climber when working on big trees and adds t s good to ha e a second opinion and we learn from each other. The business co ers domestic and commercial pro ects largely in the undee and Angus areas. o, what does raeme en oy most and least about the work t s about working outdoors and in close proximity to wildlife en oy climbing and gain satisfaction from seeing before and after photos. As for challenges, bad weather makes things di cult as you can t drop trees or climb in strong wind and rain. am also not a fan of working on eylandii hedges Services similarities unning a successful tree care business re uires reliability, consistency and a commitment to ser ice are key and raeme says habits learned in the ser ices can be useful here. t s absolutely the case de-ser icing kit and sharpening chainsaws is like cleaning your ri e and washing your kit and there is the same admin in both obs. en so, running his own firm has also been a learning cur e and this has included ensuring that he prices obs fairly and not too cheaply. t s important not to sell yourself short and to know your worth, he adds. Kit preferences n terms of e uipment, raeme says his fa ourite item of kit is his tihl , which he describes as his go-to chainsaw. ther


Interview.indd 15

fa oured kit includes a osch paltaxt ertical log splitter, a tihl polesaw with attachments and a umag stump grinder, while for , he says the fanner rotos, which can be used with luetooth, is top end in terms of pricing, but has pro ed its worth.

many people do not understand trees or the work of an arborist and the storms such as Arwen could help raise awareness and appreciation of what we do ecent weeks ha e pro ed e en busier than usual as arborists across the continue with their normal workload as well as helping with storm clearance work. raeme belie es this increased isibility may be a positi e aspect, since many people do not understand trees or the work of an arborist and the storms such as Arwen could help raise awareness and appreciation of what we do. ut udging by the excellent reputation he has de eloped in the short time since formation, there are already plenty of satisfied clients and future is looking bright for Timber Tree urgery and as raeme says his business plans are straightforward and are simply to keep the diary full and customers happy.

Pro Arb | Summer 2022 15

04/05/2022 14:28





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awthorns (Crataegus) are widely used as small landscape trees and are selected for their aesthetic spring owers and seasonal red to orange autumn fruit. While hawthorn has a reputation as a ‘tough’ tree, and they are tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, some species are very susceptible to a disease known as hawthorn rust.

While hawthorn has a reputation as a ‘tough’ tree, and they are tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, some species are very susceptible to a disease known as hawthorn rust The hotter, drier climatic conditions in the have, over the past three years, seen a marked increase in the severity and frequency of this disease, as the image above shows. awthorn is host to at least nine different rust fungi however, Cedar hawthorn rust (Gymnosporangium globosum) and cedarquince rust (G. clavipes) are the most common. Meanwhile, two alternate host plants are needed to complete the life cycle of these diseases. These are ornamental junipers in the case of G. globosum and eastern red cedar in the case of G. clavipes. Fungal spores produced on junipers and eastern red cedar in early spring can only infect hawthorns while spores


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produced on the hawthorn in summer can only infect junipers and eastern red cedar. What are the symptoms of Hawthorn Rust? Severe Hawthorn rust outbreak on fruit

Cedar hawthorn rust Spindle-shaped galls on young, expanding Infected foliage shoots and fruits appear. Sometimes infection on fruit can be visibly severe and leaves become infected with yellow/brown spots, which can lead to premature leaf Hawthorn rust spores drop, as shown inside infected leaf on the images. The image to the left shows the intensity of fungal spore buildup within infected leaf tissue. Cedar-quince rust This primarily affects fruit, green stems, and leaf petioles and infected fruit and shoots may even be killed. On green stems and petioles, a spindle-shaped swelling of up to 5 cm in length is formed. How can the disease be prevented and controlled? A programme of hawthorn rust management is made up of two primary components firstly,

Hawthorn rust infected tree

protective fungicide sprays and secondly, by selection of disease-resistant varieties. The elimination of juniper from an area can reduce disease, but this is neither a realistic nor desirable practice in urban landscapes. Close placement of the two hosts can, however, increase the severity of rust diseases. Other cultural practices to lower rust severity on hawthorn include sanitation, which eliminates sources of the overwintering fungi and will provide some degree of control. Diseased leaves should be collected and destroyed in autumn, and diseased twigs and branches should be pruned out and destroyed. Periodic pruning will allow optimum light and air penetrations of the crown, which will inhibit rust development by allowing more rapid drying of plant tissue following rain fall. Further, fertilisation will maintain tree igour and help offset the detrimental effects of premature defoliation. sing synthetic fungicides that are registered for the management of rust diseases will also provide high degrees of control provided sprays are applied in late spring and early summer when spores are most prevalent. Varieties of resistant hawthorns for new plantings • Washington hawthorn, C. phaenopyrum • Copenhagen Hawthorn, C. intricate • English Hawthorn ‘Autumn Glory’, C. laevigata • Waxy-fruited Hawthorn, C. pruinosa • Lavalle Hawthorn, C. x lavalleei • Cockspur Hawthorn, C. crus-galli • Green Hawthorn ‘Winter King’, C. viridis • Morden Hawthorn, C. x mordenensis

Dr Glynn Percival is a plant physiologist/ technical support specialist at Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory.


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or anyone in the business of arboriculture, the first and foremost issue to consider must always be safety and one of the most essential items of PPE to protect against risk are chainsaw trousers. How are they made? Chainsaw safety trousers consist of an outer layer with se eral fibre layers beneath, known as blocking material. If the blocking material comes into contact with a mo ing saw chain, the fibres instantly get pulled into the chain, forcing the chain to an almost instant stop and preventing or reducing any injury to the wearer. Types of chainsaw trousers Type A chainsaw safety trousers provide protection only on the front of the leg. They are the most common choice for foresters and other trained professionals working in arb who use a chainsaw at ground level. Type C trousers have front and back protection, and are recommended for use by tree surgeons, trainee operatives, or anyone preferring increased protection. The class of protection refers to the speed of chainsaw that the garment can resist and relates to chain speed in terms of metres per second. So, the faster the saw, the higher the class of protection required. Testing is used to see at what speed the chain can effecti ely be stopped lass are tested with chainsaw speed of 20m/s and Class 2 at 24m/s. There is also a Class 3,


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tested at 28m/s, but most chainsaw trousers fall into Class 1 or Class 2. What to consider Choosing the right chainsaw trousers can be a challenging decision, so here are some key points to consider: • Intended use Based on the types of activity to be carried out, the saw(s) to be used, and your risk assessment, the first decision should be the type and class of trouser. When weighing up whether to go for type A or type C, balance your consideration of the additional protection afforded by type , with the additional weight and potential heat build-up. Is the risk of heat fatigue greater or less than the benefit of the extra protection

• Personal comfort The more exible the trouser, the greater the ease of movement, and the less fatigue likely to be caused – this is particularly important if you’re a climber, or your work requires a high degree of mobility, or you’ll be using them for long periods of time. You should check your fit will you re uire a long leg trouser to ensure full leg protection ext, consider the weight – the lighter the trouser, the more comfortable they will be to wear over a long period of time or in hot weather. • Durability Think about your working conditions. How much climbing will you be doing ill you

regularly be coming into contact with brash or thorns ome working en ironments will be very demanding on clothing and can very quickly reduce the lifespan of anything but the best quality materials. How often will you be using the trousers f only occasionally, prioritising comfort over durability is an option – whereas for daily use in a rough environment, durability is key if you’re wanting a decent wear life out of your trousers. • Value for money When considering value for money, there needs to be a balance of both quality and price. How much longer does a better pair need to last before it’s become better value than a cheap pair t may not be as long as you think! Making your decision f you need any help choosing your next pair of chainsaw trousers, you can contact the team at Landmark Trading for some friendly advice or visit our website, We’re always happy to help you make the most suitable choice for your needs. Landmark Trading is based in Stamford, Lincolnshire and is a leading supplier of arborist equipment. Offering quick delivery and competitive pricing, the company has solutions for all tree surgery needs.


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yerscough College held its third Arbor Day on the 10 February 2022 and focused on the tree and woodland planting achieved over the planting season, as well as showcasing a host of great industry-based speakers to inform and entertain our 290 arboriculture students. So, what is an Arbor Day? For many years, the UK has had a designated ‘National Tree Planting Week’, often marking the start of our ever-shortening planting season, due to climate change. However, where is the day for a celebration of the achievements, at the end of the tree planting season, in the UK? Recognition of an important industry Arboriculture is not a term most in the UK recognise, which can be frustrating as many potential students do not consider studying it and only find out about it later in life. If you were to ask the average citizen what a horticulturist was, they’d probably say it was to do with gardening but asking them what an arboriculturist is and most would draw a blank. Having an Arbor Day highlights the root word – ‘arbor’ – and brings better recognition. My interest in holding Arbor Days in the UK started in 2017, when I went to a conference in New Zealand and came across Paul Johnson (soon to become the President of the International Society of Arboriculture in the US), who gave an engaging talk about using social media to promote tree planting and tree care. I asked him whether having Arbor Day in the US meant more understood arboriculture – and what an arborist was and he confirmed it did. At our next annual Careers Fair, I asked our arboriculture students gathered in the lecture theatre if they’d be interested in holding an Arbor Day. All hands shot up.


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Replace, enhance and train n towns and cities, we benefit from many mature trees. Most are a result of considerable forethought by previous generations who planted them or allowed natural generation. Although we benefit from these mature trees, it’s important to continue, planting new trees. In my local area, there are many mature oaks in farmers fields and in hedges, yet almost no new oaks being planted on farms or roadways. We cannot be the generation that just enjoys inherited trees as they decline in numbers. Replacing trees and enhancing the landscape is especially important where work, as we teach se eral ualifications where students are required to plant a tree. The image shown here highlights a field

Bringing people together We should celebrate achievements at the end of the tree planting season and an Arbor Day is all about that. Our patron for Arbor Day UK is Dan Snow MBE, a brilliant TV historian and presenter and a strong advocate for tree planting. As many other countries have an Arbor Day, it’s a matter of being able to join in and share a culture

Planting of Lady Edwina’s tree

January 2020

May 2021

maple (Acer campestre) kindly donated by Tracy Clarke Tree Consultancy and planted by a class of FE arboriculture students. These students benefitted from this donation, planting three new parkland trees in 2019-2020, learning the techniques they will need should they be involved with tree planting in the future. Arboricultural companies supporting the training of our students is always extremely valuable and we are incredibly grateful to our many sponsors.

of tree care and engraining respect for trees across generations. The Arbor Day Foundation in the US celebrates 150 years of a US-based Arbor Day this year, and in the last 50 years has supported the planting of 500 million trees. In the US and Canada, Arbor Day is a holiday a day off to celebrate trees and plant them. We’re never going to get our National Tree Planting Week to be a holiday in the UK, as it’s nine days long, and at the wrong end of the planting season. However, I have an ambition to have a holiday for the care and planting of trees firmly placed in the UK’s calendar. This would bring great recognition to our important arboriculture industry, which provides tree care and keeps urban trees and people in harmony.


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Education, education, education We should all know the importance of nature, biodiversity and growing trees. But, this is becoming less certain, as over 85% of people in the UK now live in cities and towns which are becoming more densely packed with grey infrastructure and limited green spaces. Contributing by planting trees is a simple act, yet invaluable to engage the young with the environment. For our Arbor Days, we always look to work with outside groups, such as schools and other colleges, to share the joys of tree planting.

Bilsborrow planting

Not sitting on the fence Planting trees with over 30 groups – and on my own – means lessons are learnt on what works and what could be better. t s always important to look at past planting experience. This year, our Arbor ay efforts joined in with the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative – a successful campaign to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee across the UK,

Living willow fence at Myerscough


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or this year s efforts, was lucky enough to have a Foundation degree student, Charlotte Bancroft, undertake tree planting at 10 local schools as part of her ‘Work Project’ module. She took each of these opportunities to deliver learning to the school pupils, as to what arboriculture is, what an Arbor Day is about, and how to plant a tree. or our first Arbor ay, had the pri ilege to facilitate the planting of an elm (Ulmus ‘Lobel’) with a Foundation Learning class. These students enjoyed the experience and worked well together as a group. t was inspiring to see them gain so much from the activity. Sponsored by Michal Mixa of MM Arboriculture, this tree is growing well in its chosen spot. After our first Arbor ay, started to plan ahead, well in advance of next year’s planting season. This has allowed better generation of funding for our tree planting efforts. ha e involved my own children, both in the planting of new woodland areas at college, but also with the gathering of local seeds to grow our own seedlings. This little lad on the right grew 230 oak trees from seed, which are currently growing

which achieved the planting of over a million trees. One of our plantings was to the north of a balancing pond on the college’s sports fields, and needed to separate out this vulnerable and young tree planting from the ying footballs, so created a li ing fence. Made from cuttings of biomass willows, unlike a wooden fence, this will grow to become stronger and to store more carbon each year. Celebrating an Arbor Day pulls on the heart strings, brings people together and for us, gives a big ‘mood boost’ in February, which is otherwise quite a hard month to get through in Lancashire, with all the rain, mud, and sleet. Arbor Day UK will become a registered charity this year – and we will

Foundation Learning student planting, 2020 in three new woodland areas at Lodge arm and at yerscough s playing fields. So far, we have planted 149 standard trees, 277 metres of new hedgerow and 2.23 hectares of new woodland at the college. Seeing the response in the youngest is truly enheartening. They have to carry the burden of an increasingly turbulent climate, for Collecting... which tree planting can be part of the Potting... mitigation. ‘Start them young’ has never been more important.

Growing and planting...

be asking other institutions and individuals to get involved. Starting with only a threefigure budget to plant trees at college each year, am now working with a fi e-figure one, which has really helped with the college’s sustainability goals. would encourage others to get involved and to consider contributing. There are many reasons to celebrate an Arbor Day, but it’s the pure joy of the experience that surmounts any other reason – in giving we receive the most. Dr Duncan Slater is a senior lecturer in arboriculture at Myerscough College, Lancashire. He is also a co-ordinator of Arbor Day UK (#ArborDayUK) – an action group that seeks to put new trees and woodlands back into the landscape.

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GIVE YOUR CHAINSAW THE FIRST-CLASS TREATMENT MOST ARBORISTS MAKE SUBSTANTIAL INVESTMENT INTO THEIR KIT, WHICH IS WHY PUTTING TIME AND EFFORT INTO MAINTENANCE IS CRUCIAL FOR BOTH PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY. ANDY CAMPBELL, A HUSQVARNA AMBASSADOR, HAS SOME EXPERT ADVICE Look after your guide bar At us arna, we find most guide bar problems are often related to incorrect chain tensioning, poor lubrication, or incorrect working techniques. When this is the case, the area exposed to most wear is the underside of the chainsaw bars, where most of the cutting is done. However, there are simple practices you can do to avoid any unnecessary problems and to keep your guide bar in good shape. This includes turning the guide bar every time the chain is changed so that it will wear evenly, cleaning the guide bar groove and oil inlet regularly, and filing away burrs from the bar rails. Maintain the correct chain tension To avoid any problems or injuries, you must make sure the chainsaw chain is correctly tensioned before starting any work. or example, a slack chain may ump off the guide bar causing damage to the chainsaw and potential injury. Also, overly tight chain tension can cause premature wear of the guide bar. The chain tension is correct when the chain is in contact with the underside of the guide bar, and you still can pull it around easily by hand.


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Lubricate the needle bearing Between the drive shaft and the clutch drum is a small needle/cage bearing that only comes into play when idle. If left unlubricated it will wear prematurely and in turn will allow excessive play in the clutch drum, allowing contact between the clutch and clutch drum causing ‘chain creep’ and many other damaging effects. f used daily, the bearing should be lubricated at least once a week.

Remove the burr from the underside of the bar nose When the chain runs around the guide bar and reaches the nose, it is lifted from the rails by the nose sprocket. When it re-enters the bar on its underside there is an impact that will cause a burr. This should be regularly removed with a file as if left to become too big, it can break free from the bar leaving a jagged edge that will damage the chain.

Check wear on the drive sprocket The drive sprocket on your chainsaw has two main functions; to drive the chain and to protect the bottom of the drive link. It’s important to check the wear of the drive sprocket. f it is excessi ely worn, you will find the bottom of the drive link will make contact with the bottom of the sprocket, causing damage and inability to distribute chain oil. Without the correct maintenance, the bar and chain can also overheat and cease, or the sprocket can disintegrate completely.

Find out more us arna offers an extensi e selection of battery and petrol-powered products, providing high power and performance with extra user benefits such as lighter designs, minimum noise pollution and much more. Check out the range at Andy Campbell is a Lantra-registered instructor and a City and Guilds-approved assessor, who runs a training company and is also an ‘H-Team’ ambassador for Husqvarna.


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A brand new professional cutting system exclusive to STIHL. Setting new standards for chain performance, the Hexa saw chain has a narrower kerf on the cutting teeth, which provides a 10% improvement in cutting performance for maximum output during work. Sharpening the chain is quicker than ever before – the Hexa file sits perfectly in the profile of the cutting tooth thanks to its hexagonal shape. This means you’ll always achieve the ideal sharpening angle and as a result, the saw chain will have a high quality finish so it stays sharp for longer. Designed with professionals in mind, the Hexa saw chain is compatible with all professional petrol chainsaw models from the MS 362 - MS 661.





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any arborists were inundated with work earlier in the year as storms such as Dudley, Franklin and Eunice resulted in widespread disruption, often resulting from fallen trees. Among those that were exceptionally busy was Golden Tree Surgeons, based in ownham arket. irector d enton says work included working closely with police and other emergency services in West Norfolk to “prioritise the trees which were blocking major routes or could cause more harm to life or damage to property and infrastructure. To enable us to react quicker, our people rode in the police cars and once on site, would determine the severity of the job and inform the rest of the team what was needed to clear the site. y working in tandem with the emergency services in this way, it meant we could get works completed more quickly.” Golden Tree Surgeons also currently provides emergency services to Peterborough ity ouncil on a and days of the year basis and in a similar way to the West Norfolk callouts, the business worked alongside emergency services and the council contracts manager. “The key in these emergency situations is always joined-up working,” says Ed.

our people rode in the police cars and once on site, would determine the severity of the job and inform the rest of the team what was needed to clear the site er the storm period, staff worked exceptionally long hours, such as from am until pm and o ce staff dealing with a constantly ringing phone – well over a hundred trees were cleared following storm Eunice alone. e continues that while the firm had su cient kit, extra arborists would ha e


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helped matters and Ed says he is now “actively recruiting for more climbers to join us”. Much of the work was carried out on highways and for local authorities, but he adds that there were a good number of domestic call outs during the storms and after them too. From small beginnings Ed founded Golden Tree Surgeons in 2008 and started out as a sole trader, working purely in Norfolk, but the team has increased significantly and works across orfolk, uffolk, ambridgeshire and edfordshire. It now has specialism in major site clearances and also the removal of large, dangerous trees. “Our modern powerful kit means that we can remove felled trees from site quickly with our eet of lorries, he explains. The company has also developed a strong reputation for its consultancy work. “With technology advances, we utilise equipment such as such as GPS Trimbles to record tree locations and other data, also, in the near future, we ll be in esting in i onic

Tomography equipment that will allow us to internally scan trees.” e explains where possible, the team would always choose to save trees, rather than fell them if it is not absolutely necessary. “Tomography kit will help our clients have a better understanding of tree health. y offering this ser ice oursel es, rather than subcontracting to other surveyors, we can also pass on savings to our customers.” Golden Tree Surgeons also hires out kit to other arborists and this includes a Valtra tractor, 21 metre cherry picker and an Avant skid steer loader. “We do have quite a lot of demand for our bigger equipment. Our crane fed whole tree chipper and lorries readily go out to other tree surgeons, helping them complete larger obs more e ciently and saving them and their customers money.” Work continues ut, is work now calming down as the work settles? According to Ed, this is not the case. “No, it’s quite the opposite. Following a storm, both domestic and commercial customers are often much more conscious of their tree conditions. e always offer free ad ice to clients in these situations, which then determines if a tree needs a full survey or further remedial work.” There is no doubt that some of the trees which fell during the storms were already vulnerable and that owners should have been more proactive. As Ed comments: “Storms always highlight the importance of taking responsibility for trees on property to prevent damage to either life or property. If you have trees on your property, it’s the owner’s responsibility to keep them healthy and that’s exactly what we can help with. All it would take


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FEATURES is to call a tree surgeon or a consultant to come and diagnose any issues before it s too late. t could mean, for example, a whole illage losing its power, a road being blocked for 24 hours or a home being damaged.

Tomography kit will help our clients have a better understanding of tree health. By offering this service ourselves, rather than subcontracting to other surveyors, we can also pass on savings to our customers People power Before founding Golden Tree Surgeons, Ed spent time in the army and he says this was a great grounding experience. belie e that the training the army gave me set me not only in good stead for running my own business, but also for being organised, team working and encouraging development in the operatives, as well as the importance of communication. “Tree working also requires a good level of fitness and can see why so many ex-ser ice professionals are looking to oin the industry. am always interested in talking to people leaving service about guidance for retraining for this type of work, and indeed ob prospects.

He is also committed to ensuring those working for the company are well ualified. “The team are highly trained and that is incredibly important, not least for our Arboricultural Association accreditation. t s also industry-best practice, keeps everyone safe and gi es customers peace of mind. “We have a good training programme for our team, not just for the climbers, but also the o ce-based team. ngoing training helps raise industry standards across the board. Ed explains that the business currently has “two fantastic students, Elan and Casey, from a local college who have been on a placement with us while studying for their e el in Arboriculture. “Casey successfully graduated last year, and lan will finish his course this year. Both have been in fully paid positions with us during this time and continue to be employed by us as they start their full careers, with continued development plans to increase their

knowledge and skills. e encourage college students to contact us if they are looking for help with placements. Growth plans These are exciting times for Golden Tree Surgeons which has established a reputation as a leading provider of tree care services in the east. d says success has come down to three key factors irstly, it s our e uipment as we ha e in ested significantly in more to make us one of the leaders in the area of mechanised arboriculture. econdly, it s e ciency as from the moment a potential customer makes contact with us, through to job completion, we have processes in place to keep them updated e ery step of the way, and all with a smile. e also care about the en ironment. e try to save trees and keep them healthy rather than remove them, but those that are felled are chipped for biomass so nothing goes to waste. We even work with some local artists and woodturners to provide them with wood to gi e it new purpose. And as for future plans, Ed says these are two-fold. ne is to set up a standalone space to offer local tree surgeons a place to come and test equipment and the other is to found our own training school. With so much going on, Golden Tree urgeons is most certainly a business to watch. For more on Golden Tree Surgeons, please visit:


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meet the




ichard Thomas may have never been a professional arborist, but he certainly knows a huge amount about the sector from his time spent managing Hampshire-based Forest and Arb. He joined the parent company, Winchester Garden Machinery, some 32 years ago and it was around 20 years ago that Forest and Arb was set up. Winchester Garden Machinery is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of garden equipment and has four locations – two in Winchester and others in Liss and Sunningdale. Apart from retail, the company offers full ser ice for products, including repairs and spare parts. The company was set up as a family business and remains so, with the children of the original founders now taking over the reins.

Arborists are often happy to share their knowledge and I’ve found many have the highest standards of professionalism Richard joined the business from the automotive sector, where he specialised in sourcing parts. “I was ready for a change and enjoy the personal approach, which is something we continue to focus on. I also enjoyed dealing with the requirements of our

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HAIX boots and Horizon Outdoor Apparel arborist customers. We have some excellent local firms and this is a part of the country where there tends to be larger gardens and there are a lot of trees. Sharing knowledge Arborists may also offer groundscare services in addition to tree care and so there can be plenty of crossover with the gardening sector, and we were selling a lot of chainsaws. Customers started asking for more specialist equipment, so I was asked to see if it would make sense to

set up a subsidiary business focused on tree care.” Over the years, Forest and Arb has proved a roaring success and Richard says he grew his knowledge through talking to customers, meeting suppliers, including visiting those abroad, and even taking a chainsaw course via NPTC. “Arborists are often happy to share their knowledge and I’ve found many have the highest standards of professionalism and they do as much as us to ensure we keep fully up to date in what is often a fast-moving marketplace.”


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While the online side of the business has expanded rapidly, he explains that there will always be a balanced approach. “We’re very much focused on face-to-face at our showroom. er ice is key to what we offer,

it’s exciting that arborists can benefit from so many advances in terms of their equipment and clothing. I can remember a time when wearing chainsaw trousers felt like having duvets wrapped around your legs and so this is why we would not want to be purely online. Our customers, no matter where they are, can also call and email us for guidance. We have a wide range of stock and parts and always try and obtain items that customers request as quickly as possible, which can be very important in this sector.”

Horizon Outdoor Apparel

An important investment He continues: “We are very much aware that quality kit is not cheap and arborists put a lot of consideration into their purchases. This is demanding work and it can also be high risk. So, they are prepared to invest and this is


Meet the supplier.indd 27

why they may want to see the equipment or clothing in person and to speak to an expert.” In terms of stock, Forest and Arb seeks to be a one stop shop and works with major suppliers such as Husqvarna, Stihl and ECHO, climbing equipment including ropes, harnesses, carabiners and pulleys, woodchippers from Timberwolf and PPE including chainsaw trousers, waterproofs, headwear and safety boots. ichard says trade is strong, re ecting the fact that many arborists are busy. “Many found that levels of work increased because of the pandemic, more people at home led to a rise in demand for domestic tree care. There has also been a lot of storm clear up work too.” Even so, he says that for retailers and dealers, these ha e been di cult times, with deli eries affected by lockdowns and global supply chain problems. Best sellers There are now signs that matters are slowing improving and Forest and Arb is currently well stocked. In terms of items that are selling particularly well, Richard says these include Haix boots. “The company launched a new boot, the rotector Timber, which is specifically for arborists and was distributed from January. t s made of the latest materials and offers comfort in all types of conditions. Given that arborists spend so much time on their feet and outside, then the right footwear really matters.” Another best seller is Forest and Arb’s collaboration with Marlow Ropes as part of its Horizon Outdoor Apparel range. The new rope, Vega Dawn, is rainbow coloured and designed to stand out in the tree as well as being designed for the new generation of

Marlow Ropes 'Vega Dawn'

mechanical devices and techniques, such as the use of the Petzl Zigzag. Out and about Richard adds: “Overall, it’s exciting that arborists can benefit from so many advances in terms of their equipment and clothing. I can remember a time when wearing chainsaw trousers felt like having duvets wrapped around your legs – they were bulky and restricted movement. Now, they are made from strong but light fabrics that allow climbing and stretch as needed.” He adds that a further trend is the rising popularity of casual clothing from arborist providers and this includes a forthcoming range from Forest and Arb’s newly launched and exclusive brand, Horizon Outdoor Apparel. Richard concludes that Forest and Arb is also looking forward to meeting customers and displaying a selection of products at the forthcoming APF event which is taking place on 22, 23 and 24 September and is being held in conjunction with the Arb Show. “We’re committed to getting out and about again. Online trade and the presence of social media is of course far more in uential now, but there’s still nothing like catching up in person.” Richard Thomas is the manager of Forest and Arb. Learn more at:

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he rotector Timber from A pro ides high le els of protection, durability and comfort and following its recent launch, and is reportedly among the best-selling boots aimed at the arborist sector. The boots ha e been designed from the sole up to ensure safety and allow wearers to work in all seasons and challenging en ironmental conditions. The boots feature a tough but lightweight . - . mm leather upper and the security of lass cut protection, conforming to , and to gi e wearers operating chainsaws and cutting tools up to m s peace of mind when undertaking challenging felling and clearing tasks. The anatomically designed protecti e toe cap pro ides added defence from stubs and falling ob ects. Sure grip e eloped with a sturdy ibram rubber A sole to balance durability and traction, the boots pro ide a confident grip in slippery underfoot en ironments while ensuring exceptional impact absorption and correct heel-to-toe mo ement. As a result, they ha e pro ed particularly popular with climbers. They also feature a -T erformance inner lining that is waterproof, abrasionproof and highly


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THE NEW HAIX PROTECTOR TIMBER IS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THOSE WORKING WITH TREES, WHETHER CLIMBING OR ON THE GROUND breathable. Further, the Protector Timber offers enhanced climate comfort, no matter what the weather conditions.

Developed with a sturdy Vibram rubber/ EVA sole to balance durability and traction, the boots provide a confident grip in slippery underfoot environments oot comfort is further supported using the A limate ystem, which works with the wearer s mo ements to circulate air with e ery step and maintain an optimum foot temperature. Enhanced protection n addition, the rotector Timber s nner ining pro ides enhanced protection against chemicals. eanwhile, the heat-resistant and non-marking outer sole works to counter any particularly harsh working conditions that arborists

HAIX Protector Timber oot


may face. ptimised heel cushioning and foot guidance are supported

using a separate heel cup, while the impactabsorbing, antibacterial and moisturewicking foot bed keeps feet dry and ensures that comfort is not compromised by wearer safety. The rotector Timber also has a smooth-running lacing system and tip protection made of rubber for a longer ser ice life. Smart material imon Ash, sales manager for A , comments The ersatile roles of arborists, forestry and outdoor workers re uire footwear that can pro ide protection and comfort e en in the most challenging weather conditions. y combining smart material choices like -T membranes with inno ati e production processes and integrating wearer feedback, A forestry boots help tackle the demands of the ob year-round. A is head uartered in a aria and ermany and specialises in functional footwear. t is a leading pro ider in urope, orth America and Asia. The company has its own research and de elopment and design departments, including a laboratory where engineers de elop safety footwear, while boots are made in factories in ermany and roatia. The Protector Timber is available exclusively through HAIX’s network of specialist dealers at Carr’s Billington Safety.


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The most reliable and comfortable sprayers on the market SPRAYING SPECIALISTS SINCE 1895


The most reliable and comfortable sprayers on the market VERMOREL






































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HOZELOCK-EXEL - 891 route des Frênes - ZI Nord products, Arnas - BPplease 30424contact - 69653our Villefranche Cedex France For distributor enquiries for Berthoud UK wholesaler SAS au capital de Sprayers 2 600 000Ltd. euros 77965877200024 - APE 2830 Z - RC Villefranche B Spindrift Tel –- SIRET 01995 600001 Email – N° TVA intra-communautaire : FR 02 779 658 772 - Photos et images non contractuelles.

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HOZELOCK-EXEL - 891 route des Frênes - ZI Nord Arnas - BP 30424 - 69653 Villefranche Cedex France SAS au capital de 2 600 000 euros - SIRET 77965877200024 - APE 2830 Z - RC Villefranche B

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MSA 220 T




tihl recently took over the Environmental Training Centre in taffordshire, which specialises in the arborist sector, to demonstrate its latest launches. The following were among the highlights: MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O top handle chainsaws These are Stihl’s most powerful cordless top handle chainsaws and can remove larger branches or carry out crown maintenance with ease. A lightweight 14” guide bar is recommended and both use a high performing PS3 full-chisel saw chain to achieve a fast, high-quality cut. The recommended AP 300 S battery delivers 2.1 kW of electrical power, providing up to 29 minutes of working time. MSA 220 T 30 Pro Arb | Summer 2022

STIHL new launches.indd 30

Both models have an adjustable oil pump, an ergonomic trigger system and a 180° LED display, ensuring the operator has a clear overview of key information such as the operating status and the chain brake position. The MSA 220 TC-O also has an oil sensor to notify the user when the chain oil tank is empty, reducing potential downtime, premature wear to the cutting attachment and

the risk of overheating. Further improvements have also seen the chainsaws prove to be durable and suitable for use in the toughest conditions. Maintenance is simple via the MSA 220 T’s modular design, allowing housing parts to be easily removed and replaced. Other features include side-mounted chain tensioning, captive nut on the sprocket cover and tool-free oil tank cap as standard.

MSA 220 T


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MSA 300 – cordless chainsaw The MSA 300 is the most powerful cordless variant in the AP System. It is suited to felling, cross-cutting, snedding and processing as well as those tasked with larger cutting tasks.

The MSA 300 is the most powerful cordless variant in the AP System

MSA 300 Powered by the new AP 500 S battery, the MSA 300 is recommended with a 16” Light 04 guide bar and .325” RS Pro chain for fast cutting. The recommended cutting attachments are identical to the MS 261 C-M, with a maximum recommended guide bar length of 18”. The model is compact, well balanced and features Stihl’s anti-vibration system for comfortable working over long durations. Other features include a captive nut on the sprocket cover, an adjustable oil pump, durable die-cast magnesium components and an air filter to aid effecti e air cooling.

MSA 300 There is an LED digital display for active user notifications, showing the operating mode in use, the status of the chain brake position, the on off status, with temperature warnings to prevent overheating. It also offers three operating modes to match the


STIHL new launches.indd 31

ADVANCE ProCOM performance to the task at hand and extend the battery run-time. Eco mode limits the chain speed to 24 m/s and is ideal for cutting smaller logs, while the highest performing mode features a 30 m/s chain speed ideal for felling cuts and fast working. The MSA 300 is compatible with the Sthil Smart Connector 2 A to collect data such as run-time and operating speed history. ADVANCE ProCOM headset The headset ensures clear and highquality communication when operators are working in noisy environments and also provides ear protection. Through intercom mesh technology, up to 16 headsets can link automatically, which can promote more effecti e, producti e and safer working for a larger arb team. It has a high attenuation value of 31 for extremely high noise protection, and is available as a headset or as an accessory for the ADVANCE X-CLIMB helmet. A A ro can also be fitted to other 3M compatible helmets. There is a range of up to 600m depending on the terrain, however, each headset acts as an amplifier to extend the range yet further if more than two headsets are in use. Multiple channels are available for teams

Through intercom mesh technology, up to 16 headsets can link automatically, which can promote more effective, productive and safer working for a larger arb team working in close proximity, and users may choose the open mic setting for frequent communication, or alternatively, the pushto-talk button can be used to minimise background noise. The headset also has an intelligent ambient mode feature so the user can clearly hear their surroundings and react uickly to potential dangers such as tra c or passers-by. Ambient mode de-activates automatically when a loud noise is detected. Additional features include smartphone voice assistance, an integrated FM radio and app customisation.

Pro Arb | Summer 2022 31

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AP 500 S battery The new AP 500 S is newly introduced and the most powerful in Stihl’s range, AP 500 S as well as being the first to feature power laminate technology. It can be used with any professional AP System tool and the has at power laminate cells instead of round ones. This helps to double the service life of the battery up to 2,400 charge cycles and ensuring a long working life of up to 10 years. It also has a 20% higher capacity and increased operating time for only an extra 200g of weight. This battery is the only one compatible with the new MSA 300, the most powerful cordless chainsaw for professional users. It can also be integrated with Stihl Connected, the smart eet management tool, to monitor total discharge time and battery location and used in all weather conditions. BGA 300 – cordless professional blower The A is tihl s first cordless backpack blower for professionals. It provides high performance and a considerably less disruptive sound due to the manufacturer’s Noise Reduction System, meaning fewer high pitch frequencies and so suited to use in urban areas. The blower has a force of 26N and is most powerful in the cordless range. It has a high air speed to ensure even sodden autumn lea es can be cleared e ciently it is powered using the AR 2000 L or AR 3000 L backpack batteries. The maximum blowing force can be selected from three power setting options via

BGA 300

32 Pro Arb | Summer 2022

STIHL new launches.indd 32

, KMA 135 R Cordless KombiEngine, with the BG-KM Blower KombiTool

It provides high performance and a considerably less disruptive sound because of the manufacturer’s Noise Reduction System, meaning fewer high pitch frequencies and so suited to use in urban areas the selector switch, allowing for good energy management and longer runtimes. Boost mode may also be selected to provide maximum power for the toughest clearing jobs. There is an LED power display and cruise control function to enable simple energy management and comfort. There is a curved nozzle as standard and the blower tube length can be adjusted to meet different re uirements. A straight no le is available as an accessory. The design means weight is optimally distributed to reduce strain on the user when used for long periods.

FSA 86 R - brushcutter The FSA 86 R is the latest in the range of brushcutters. t offers the low weight of its predecessor, the FSA 85, with additional features such as the ergo lever handle cutting attachments that can be changed by hand, a new design and more power. The new high revving direct drive motor produces 20% more power, delivering outstanding cutting performance. The motor offers excellent e ciency during operation, ensuring it permanently monitors the load and adjusts the engine accordingly. The power-to-weight ratio makes the tool easy to use, particularly for line-trimming around borders and trees. It comes with the AutoCut - cutting head is fitted as standard or the new PolyCut 6-2 is available as an alternative option that can FSA 86 R be fitted without the need for tools. For more challenging jobs, the new DuroCut 5-2 is suited for dense grass and light scrub.


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HLA 135 – long reach hedge trimmer HTA 135 This is the manufacturer’s most robust and powerful cordless longreach hedge trimmer and is suited to commercial applications, particularly in noise sensitive situations. It weighs 5.6kg (without battery) and features 600mm double-sided, doubleedged universal blades that can cut through 16-18mm branches. The cutter bar can be rotated through 145º via the magnesium gearbox to enable over-head, side and ground-level cutting. A more comfortable control handle boasts three-speed pre-selection levels through an LED display, enabling operators to alter their working speed to the necessary conditions, while optimising battery-working time. When used in conjunction with Stihl’s AP 200 battery system, the HLA 135 has a run time of up to 64 minutes.

HTA 135 – cordless pole pruner This is the newest in the lightweight range of cordless pole pruners and the most powerful

The HTA 135 features a square telescopic shaft that can be quickly adjusted between 285cm and 405cm using the new twist and click adjusteR to date. Aimed at professionals, it is quiet in operation and suited to working in noisesensiti e areas. t is fitted with a


STIHL new launches.indd 33


semi-chisel and an anti-kickback saw chain providing precision, high cutting performance and low-pinch tendencies. A branch hook offers stability for a more accurate cut. The HTA 135 features a square telescopic shaft that can be quickly adjusted between 285cm and 405cm using the new twist and click adjuster. A square shaft for increased rigidity prevents twisting and de ection, deli ering a precise cut e en at full extension. There is a comfortable control handle with an intuitive LED display - it can also be worn with an RTS harness to take the tool’s weight away from the arms, distributing it across the shoulders and waist. When used with the AP 300 S battery system, the run time is up to 45 minutes.

ordless ombi ngine with hedge trimmer attachment

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PETZL TREECARE SOLUTIONS Starting the day early and enjoying a cold and misty sunrise Leon Hottinger from Canopy Climbing Collective carries out a 10% canopy thin to reduce sail effect on the remaining canopy of this 500 year old cedar tree.

A tree care solution which includes a STRATO VENT helmet & accessories, ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusiks and a CHICANE auxiliary braking device

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MAKITA’S DUC306Z CORDLESS TOP HANDLE CHAINSAW WILL NOT ONLY PROVE A CLEANER ALTERNATIVE TO PETROL, BUT HAS THE EQUIVALENT POWER TO 30CC ENGINE MODELS the ene ts o attery • Features two Makita 18V lithiumion batteries that work in series to supply energy to the 36v motor dri e system. These offer numerous en ironmental benefits and also increased safety for users who do not have to transport fuel.


Cordless top handle chainsaw

Hooked up • The chainsaw has a built-in hook, so allowing it to be hung from the user’s waist. The hook is also located to ensure the guide bar is positioned straight down. Oil observer • The oil capacity display means users will not unintentionally run out of oil and so are left unable to finish a ob.


Product DNA Makita.indd 35

ri er ha y • Variable speed control by trigger, while the main power switch has an auto power-off function.

rush ess ene ts • As there are no brushes within the motor causing friction, no energy is lost through heat production, which extends runtimes further and also means wear and tear, as well as the need for replacement parts are reduced.

Take a brake • Safety is prioritised with a kickback and electric chain brakes. Metal spike bumper: Firmly grips workpiece to provide more control, making cutting easier.

Held captive • Captive nuts means these cannot be lost when the sprocket cover is removed to replace the guide bar or chain and so greatly adds to the user experience.

How much? • The DUC306Z is sold as a body machine and batteries, case and charger need to be purchased separately. The chainsaw is available through dealerships and pricing varies, but is in the region of between £230 to £260. For more information, please visit:

i e y tor ue • Accessing the torque boost mood raises the current limit temporarily for faster cutting of thicker and harder to cut branches.

ore s eci cations • Voltage: 36V • Chain oil capacity: 200ml • Chain gauge: 0.043’’ • Chain pitch: 3/8’’ • Chain speed: 0-20 m/sec • Bar size: 30cm • Dimensions: 651 x 205 x 232mm • Weight: 4.6-5.1kg

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rborists will know that there are some jobs that just require the precision of a hand tool, and Carr’s Billington Safety is stocking a wide range from Müller, which includes splitting, forest and felling axes, along with turning and billhooks and splitting wedges. A sharp axe is handy for felling and for chopping back branches, while a splitting axe – also known as a maul – is invaluable for creating firewood. This is an area where many who work with trees have developed as a business sideline. The right tool for the job is essential – an axe is broadly sharper and has a thinner blade, while a maul is longer, heavier and designed to divide a piece of wood in two with minimal wastage.

Müller was founded back in 1675 by Austrian Leonhard Müller who soon gained a reputation as a maker of arboricultural tools, which to this day, are forged by hand, undergoing several production processes. Today, traditional craftmanship is combined with modern knowledge and innovation to produce tools that are easy to use and have safety features. The business remains family owned, now by the 13th generation.

Some of the more specialist items include a billhook, which has a stacked leather handle and a sharp, heavy duty steel blade which makes this an effecti e tool for clearing small, woody material such as shrubs and branches. A leather cover for this can also be purchased. There are also a number of wedges, including one that is made of twisted aluminium Felling axes that contains barbs, The Müller hand forged Beaver Canada is an all-round felling this is blow-back axe that is suitable for debranching, felling, and cultivating. proof and is suitable Made from a special steel with an oval eye and ash handle, it is as a felling wedge. available in a variety of shaft lengths and weights Another splitting and is priced from £65. wedge is made of high impact resistant special-purpose steel – chipping is widely avoided when hitting steel on steel.

Splitting mauls The compact Müller drop forged splitting maul has an ash handle and offers uality, performance and a competiti e price tag of £30. There is also an option with a durable hickory shaft.

36 Pro Arb | Summer 2022

Hand tools.indd 36

A sharp axe is handy for felling and for chopping back branches, while a splitting axe – also known as a maul – is invaluable for creating firewood Meanwhile, the Müller breaking bar, a tool for felling, is available in two sizes – 130cm and 80cm – these are powder-coated with a rubber grip and come with a protector for the hook. The range of axes and mauls now totals some 29, and comprises numerous variants that features the axes below. Carr’s Billington Safety is part of the wider Carr’s Billington Agriculture Sales Ltd family, serving the UK arboriculture, forestry, horticulture, and agricultural industries by importing and distributing specialised equipment, protective clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Forest axes These are all-purpose, quality axes for a number of tasks the Müller drop forged felling axe has a finely polished head and ash handle with non-slip end, plus safety wedging – it is priced from £45.


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New climbing rope for 2022

INTRODUCING 11.8MM VESPER, WITH a LOW-PROFILE SPLICE developed for use with approved climbing devices.

pro arb spring edition 2022.indd 1

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New vehicles complete with bodywork for the arb industry. Nationwide delivery.


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John Deere The L-II series was launched following a redesign of the former range’s (the L series) electrical and hydraulic systems to result in more simplification and to impro e reliability. These upgrades resulted in o er , component changes, including more robust electrical harnesses, fittings, hoses, cylinder guards and grapple-tong teeth. itted with a ohn eere engine, it has continuously ariable transmission, which automatically senses the load and deli ers more tor ue and tracti e effort as needed to maintain the desired speed. eatures include more protected wiring, tougher tires, rock-solid stability and the ability to cope with hauling hea y payloads. uited to working in di cult terrain, there is now a more reliable dri etrain and the elimination of sudden surges and engine o erspeed has reduced component wear and extended engine life. The frame and arch ha e also been redesigned and reinforced to maximise durability. eanwhile, the axles now ha e larger components to deli er maximum obsite durability, along with a hea ier weight to boost machine stability. hown here is the - .

ohn eere

38 Pro Arb | Summer 2022

Skid Steers.indd 38


anga id T


Kanga anga are one of the most popular brands among arborists and offer high le els of reliability and ersatility. t produces models that are exceptionally compact and with an o erall width of mm wheeled and mm tracked this allows easy access into many properties ia side gates. The anga id T eries is a hp petrol mini skid loader, with a anguard engine, and features a highly e cient rubber track o er tyre design. t incorporates operating features as standard that pro ide the operator with power, speed, durability, ease of use and safety. The wide range of uick hitch attachments o er options in total allow the machine to be used for a huge range of tasks, including trenching, post hole boring, digging, culti ating, mo ing loads, tree planting, demolition, groundworks, sweeping and kerb slab lifting, to name ust some of the options. riginally de eloped in Australia in the early s, anga skid steer loaders are distributed solely in this country by ed and .


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KIT Bobcat E60

BOBCAT Bobcat demonstrated its new E60 R2-Series at the recent ScotPlant event, which was held at the oyal ighland entre in dinburgh in April. The offers a number of stateof-the art features and options such as the award-winning Ad anced electable Auxiliary Control (A-SAC) system and Automatic Track Tensioning System (ATTS) technology. The is a con entional swing model that features a powerful engine, a larger cab and other new uni ue features. A tail o erhang of only mm allows the machine to be operated in confined spaces and it is dri en by the new obcat tage high tor ue diesel engine. This pro ides k of power and was designed specifically for Bobcat’s compact equipment. The new engine also improves cold-weather operation and has a larger fuel filter with more holding capacity to capture impurities for longer inter als. The use of diesel particulate filter technology also allows the exca ator to be used in emission regulated areas such as city centres. t features a best-in-class roomy cab with space where the operator really needs it, with more headroom, legroom and plenty of storage areas. t also offers increased ersatility, with up to fi e arm-mounted hydraulic auxiliary lines and the optional A- A technology to enable a wide choice of machine customisation options to match any attachment re uirement.




DOOSAN oosan nfracore urope has launched the - . tonne and the - . tonne tage compliant mini exca ators. oth new models feature a larger working range with higher lifting capacities and digging forces. t has increased durability and the ero-tail swing design on both ariants makes them ideal for work in confined spaces, such as on smaller development and landscaping sites where tree clearance is required. The stage compliant diesel engine pro ides . k . of power at and respecti ely for the - and - . They offer the highest power and tor ue in their class and can co er a wide range of applications, including hea y duty work. oosan A further key ad ance is the installation of telematics as standard. The oosan T system pro ides a management system for the exca ators by collecting data from sensors on the machines. The - and - also offer high auxiliary ows of and l min, respecti ely, to enhance work with attachments. ong arm options are a ailable for both models. The boom swing angle and swing radius are better than or equal to other machines in this class, while visibility and workability are improved by increasing the bucket protrusion distance beyond the tracks. Placing the boom swing cylinder on the left-hand side of cab allows the operator to work right up against walls and other structures on the right-hand side of the machines. They also feature a new larger, roomier cab for more operator comfort and controllability, an enhanced heating system, A Audio and a . inch touchscreen. oosan


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Hendon GMF standard tripod ladders

Niwaki Niwaki’s Japanese-made EN Pro adjustable tripod ladders are strong but lightweight and are ideal when tall hedges need trimming. If working on a slope, it is possible to work either face on with the third leg positioned into the hedge or from the side, with the ladder placed in parallel. The ladder features a wide base, deep steps and three Niwaki Tripod adjustable legs which are Ladder 11' locked with an integrated spring pin as well as clawed feet and a at top. The user’s weight is directed downwards and outwards, which ensures the ladder stays securely on the ground. The ladder is also well suited to working on smaller trees, such as those with fruit, and allow the arborist good access to the crown and to lean over the top. Designed to conform to EN-131 standards, these ladders have a load bearing of 150kg, reinforced lower rungs and a chunkier back leg. There is also the option of using rubber feet on hard ground.

Niwaki tripod ladder in use

40 Pro Arb | Summer 2022

Ladders.indd 40


Hendon Check out the range of Hendon ladders, which are tested to professional standards. The range is now shown on its new and easy to navigate website that features informative new video content. Hendon ladders are distributed to retailers via Carr’s illington afety and there is currently an offer of a free pruning saw with a wooden handle and Japanese cutting technology (with an RRP of £35) for every ladder order (while stocks last). Each Hendon ladder has an ‘authenticity tag’ etched onto the frame to reassure buyers they have the genuine article and they also come with a safety guarantee. These tripod ladders can be used in multiple ways and they come in a range of sizes – arborists may want to consider the Hendon HPM180, which is particularly adaptable and ensures a secure footing even on slopes and uneven ground. The adjustability of the legs means it is possible to work safely on different le els, such as on steps. The telescopic rear third leg is adjustable in 150mm stages, while the front two legs can be independently adjusted in 50mm steps with spring loading pins. It is manufactured from welded aluminium alloy extrusions, with a safe working load of 100kg. The ladders also come with rubber feet as standard. Hendon HPM240


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15 November 2022 16 November 2022

ExCeL London Register for your free ticket on our website or contact the team on 01903 777570 Event partners Advert FutureScape template.indd FP.indd 15 3

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WOODCHIPPERS THAT DO THE JOB ● Compact, powerful and portable ● Efficient, effective and safe to operate ● Perfect for chipping branches up to 12cm thick ● Unique drum design; pulls branches in, chips them and ejects clean cut wood chips ● High and low outputs to create the shredded material for accelerated composting

For expert gardeners and professionals 01926 484673

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Covid and work



he UK is currently seeing a surge in COVID-19 infections driven largely by the fact that many more have relaxed their guard with restrictions lifted. urrently, around fi e million are infected and new variants mean that it’s common to catch the virus more than once. The high numbers are having an impact in the workplace, with some travel and hospitality particularly affected. ortunately, the arb sector is more resilient, because work takes place outdoors meaning there is better ventilation and distancing, the workforce is generally young and fit and so may have less symptoms and it is also often possible for o ce staff to work from home. Guidance has replaced legal requirements The government announced a ‘Living With plan in ebruary, which focuses on economic resilience while ensuring the most vulnerable are protected. There remains public health advice, but ways to prevent


Covid 19 Update.indd 43

the spread of the virus such as mask wearing, contact tracing, free mass testing and social distancing have largely gone. The exceptions are in areas like healthcare. Meanwhile for employers, COVID-19 no longer needs to be part of risk assessments. a kin to staff a out COVID-19 can still have a serious impact on an individual’s health and hospital admissions are creeping up with older age groups being particularly affected. That said, numbers in intensive care with the virus remain low, although there remains a need to protect the more vulnerable. Because there is confusion about the virus and where people stand at work, it makes sense for managers to have COVID-19 on the agenda when talking to employees. Overall though, there is nothing legally to stop someone coming into work if they have COVID-19 and with fewer testing and the fact

THE RESTRICTIONS MAY HAVE GONE BUT CASE NUMBERS ARE HIGH, SO HOW CAN EMPLOYERS MANAGE THIS CHALLENGING SITUATION? that the Omicron strain is generally milder, this is already happening. The government has recently added nine more symptoms to help

COVID-19 can still have a serious impact on an individual’s health and hospital admissions are creeping up with older age groups particularly affected people know if they have COVID-19, but these are very general – such as a sore throat, a headache and blocked or runny nose – and so can easily be mistaken for a cold.

Pro Arb | Summer 2022 43

04/05/2022 14:34


That said, employers should take a responsible approach and some areas to talk about include: • accinations ost ha e had a ab, but if you ha e staff who are unvaccinated, they now may want to reconsider. Vaccinations have played a key part in reducing hospital admissions. Employees should be encouraged to book vaccines and the booster through the NHS and bosses should allow time off work if needed for this.

• Testing The government decided that providing free lateral ow tests was no longer sustainable. This means that fewer are bothering to test and so they may not know they have

contact with other people. Most children and those under 18 are advised to only stay at home for three days in most cases, while the rules in cotland are currently different and it is 10 days self-isolation. • esting when o work If someone knows they have COVID-19 then they should test to see when they are negati e. f this happens before the fi e days then they should let the employer know and they may choose to return to work earlier than after fi e days. • What a out Statutor Sick Pa Some businesses have their own sick pay arrangements, whereas others re uire staff to claim for Statutory Sick Pay. From 24 March, the government ended the COVID-19 arrangements within the Statutory Sick Pay regulations. At the start of the pandemic, payment was allowed from day one, instead of day four and a £500 payment was given to those who were self-isolating. But, both these measures have been dropped and SSP is now the same as for those with all other illnesses. What about freelance workers? If someone is employed on a permanent contract, they should self isolate on their usual pay. But because they do not qualify for an employer’s sick pay or Statutory Sick Pay, they may be more willing to work, even if unwell. t is common for arborist firms to use ‘subbies’ whether on a regular basis or for when they have large

jobs and so need ad-hoc support. Employers should let those who are freelance know that they should not come into work if they knowingly have COVID-19. They are putting other employees at risk and potentially clients too. Some who are self-employed take out insurance privately to cover ill health, but most do not as the costs can be high and the cover

Employers should let those who are freelance know that they should not come into work if they knowingly have COVID-19. They are putting other employees at risk and potentially clients too usually only applies if someone is off work for at least a month. Those who choose to be self-employed should ideally try and put some money aside to deal with times when they are unable to work as there is little state or employer help. The best way forward for the employer may be to let the contractor know that while they want them to take time off to reco er at home, that the indi idual will be first in line when a subbie is next required.

the virus and instead think it is just a cold if they have symptoms. Some companies are choosing to buy tests and make these a ailable for staff, but these are largely ma or ones. However, many may still have tests at home and for those who choose to buy, tests cost less than £2 for a single use kit from a pharmacy. • ime o The present guidance is that those who test positive is to stay at home for fi e days and a oid


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Advertise your job on horticulture careers for free!

Landscaping jobs Top results Horticulture Careers –

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Please contact Mark Wellman to advertise your vacancy: Email: Hort Careers FP.indd 7

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n my previous article, I wrote that some people found numeracy di cult and explored the cultural and personal factors involved. So, let’s look at a solution called Multiply which the Government has recently announced to help those who struggle. t s free, exible and will be a ailable across the country. With more than eight million adults in England having numeracy skills lower than those expected of a 9-year-old, getting to grips with the issue is sorely needed by the country as a whole. hat s more, by the age of , people with poor numeracy skills are more than twice as likely to be unemployed as their peers too. What is Multiply? ack in ctober , the Government announced a million programme, called Multiply, to improve the numeracy of adults those years old and over. Their mission is to help transform the lives of up to , adults and within the last few weeks, they’ve further announced how much funding is a ailable to local areas in orset, where Kingston Maurward College is located, there will be , a ailable in - , with a further per annum for the following two years. ach area has been allocated an amount according to the perceived needs of that location, with the North East, West Midlands and orkshire and the umber worst affected. The announcement reiterated that people who improve their numeracy skills are more likely to be in employment, ha e higher wages, and better wellbeing. This particular programme includes employers in the mix, stating that businesses who de elop their employees


Pro Arb | Summer 2022

Dee Vickers.indd 46

numeracy skills can boost producti ity, increase profits, and impro e employee retention. The scheme promises to boost both number confidence and numeracy skills among adults, through free personal tutoring, digital training, and exible courses. t recognises the role that basic numeracy plays in opening-up opportunities for individuals, and the benefits it can bring to the economy and society. hat appeals about this scheme is that it also recognises that the Government and

The announcement reiterated that people who improve their numeracy skills are more likely to be in employment, have higher wages, and better wellbeing the education sector have struggled to reach, engage and support the adults that that need assistance with numeracy. The result is that this programme takes a ery exible approach with in-person and online delivery at a time and pace to suit individuals. It allows employers to work with local authorities and training providers to seek solutions, assess the skills level of employees, and design and deli er bespoke programmes that will help the workforce. Test yourself Adults who don’t already have a GCSE grade or higher in aths will be able to access free courses that fit around their li es whether that

be in-person or online, at work or in the e ening, part time or intensive – with additional support to meet their needs. The scheme will include a new website with bitesi e training and free one-to-one online tutorials and it s also possible to find courses ia the kills for ife website. n addition, people can check where their skill level is through a uick and confidential ui ia the National Numeracy Challenge. This will provide an insight on where someone could improve and if ultiply is something they could benefit from. Whether an individual, or an employer, now might be a good time to start a dialogue with a local college in readiness for when the ultiply programme becomes a ailable to all. The exibility of the scheme and its free pro ision could be a game-changer for adults, businesses and the wider economy. More information • Skills for Life - Multiply courses/multiply/ • National Numeracy Challenge challenge/maths_quiz

Dee Vickers is the Head of Apprenticeships at Kingston Maurward College in Dorset, and a Board member of the Dorset & Somerset Training Provider Network and she can be contacted at


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M o re Ag g ressive To rq u e More Aggressive Bite More Throughput 165mm Capacity Heavy Duty Flywheel Disc-Blade System Advert template.indd 10

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unfogable mesh eye protection

6”, 7.5” & 8” Tracked Chippers

6” Towed Chippers Stump Grinders - 28hp, 50hp & 75hp Tracked Access Platforms 14m, 15m, 19m & 20 Metres

Telephone: 0118 940 1740 Email: web:

Advert template.indd 10 01254 377 467

Download the FREE PRO LANDSCAPER app today 1 Go to the App Store 3 Download the free app 4 Choose and 2 Search ‘Pro download your issue Landscaper’

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For full details on all jobs, please go to Call 01903 777 570 or email with your vacancy



SJA Trees is a leading arboricultural consultancy in the south-east of England. Surveying will be on sites ranging from single trees in private gardens to several thousand trees on large re-development schemes. A background of sound practical experience in arboriculture, a high level of formal education, the ability to think on your feet and strong IT skills are essential.

Wolden Garden Centre is an independent garden centre with a heavy focus on plants and all gardening areas. You will be responsible for day-to-day running of the plant area which includes maintenance of all plants and area, making sure stock is priced and signed correctly, well maintained, and attractively displayed. You will be on hand to offer ad ice and ad ise on soils and conditions for stock plants.

For more details, please go to

For more details, please go to



Haringey Council is looking for someone to help manage and maintain Haringey’s trees and to provide professional advice and support on all tree related matters. The role will also involve assisting with the coordination of all matters relating to the procurement and monitoring of tree maintenance in the borough and maintaining close working relationships with a range of stakeholders.

Exmoor Trees, a cell grown tree nursery based in the heart of Exmoor National Park, is looking for a new member to join their growing team. Reporting to the nursery manager, you will help to oversee the production of trees from seed through to saleable whips. You will be responsible for all aspects of tree production. A exible work approach is essential as working hours and workloads will vary through the year.

For more details, please go to

For more details, please go to



SJA TREES Location: Surrey

HARINGEY COUNCIL Location: Haringey, London

BARTLETT TREE EXPERTS Location: Nationwide Bartlett Tree Experts is currently seeking experienced climbing arborists for its o ces across the and reland. These positions will in ol e pruning and general maintenance of trees and shrubs on commercial and residential properties. It is looking for arborists that can work to best industry practice, understand plant health care services, focus on providing a high level of customer service and have a full driving licence.

WOLDEN GARDEN CENTRE Location: Enfield, North London

EXMOOR TREES Location: Exmoor National Park, Somerset

HARBURN ESTATE Location: West Lothian, Scotland

Harburn Estate is looking for chainsaw operators and foresters to assist with their rapidly growing Christmas Tree business and estate, near West Calder. The job itself will be assisting with the maintenance and preparation of Christmas trees for harvest and then helping with the harvest itself.

For more details, please go to

For more details, please go to



Tony Benger Landscaping requires an arb contract manager. This role will include initially include working with and upskilling existing climbers, visiting sites and clients to assess new work, writing quotations and more. It will grow to include working towards a Level 4 arb diploma as well as carrying out tree surveys and writing reports. Successful applicants will ha e suitable practical tickets and ualifications.

Instant Hedges requires a full or part-time experienced sales person to join the busy on-site sales team. The right candidate will have experience of working in plant sales at either a garden centre or plant nursery. You will be required to guide customers to solutions for their tree and hedge requirements. Located just outside Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, your own transport to the nursery will be essential.

For more details, please go to

For more details, please go to



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INSTANT HEDGES Location: Buckinghamshire

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rborists will be all too aware of the devastation that can be caused by pests and diseases. Many arborists will ha e seen at first hand the impact of ash dieback and this is blamed on the import of diseased stock from urope. The most usual way for pests to be introduced is through the mo ement of li e plants. Meanwhile, in February 2021, the go ernment introduced a new law to ensure stricter measure are taken to protect against ylella. This is a bacterium that is not currently in this country. t causes fatal disease in many woody commercially grown plants including

The 2019 IUCN European Red List of Trees indicated that 42% of European trees are considered as having a high risk of extinction with the primary threat being from invasive plant pests oli e, citrus and plum among many others. It is reported around 600 species are being affected and there has been a huge impact in urope, such as wiping out swathes of southern taly s oli e trees. The uropean ed ist of Trees indicated that of uropean trees are considered as ha ing


Pro Arb | Summer 2022

Plant Healthy.indd 50

a high risk of extinction with the primary threat being from in asi e plant pests. ther disasters to ha e in aded the s tree stock include utch elm disease, oak processionary moth and horse chestnut bleeding canker. How to obtain young stock safely? emo ing a diseases tree is part and parcel of the arborist s ob and it is common for the client to want to see a replacement planted in its place if this is possible. But, if providing this service, how does the arborist know that they are recommending a safe supplier The recently launched lant ealthy scheme should do much to help. This is aimed at suppliers, such as commercial nurseries, plant retailers and landscape management businesses.

Through the use the self-assessment tool, they can impro e their plant management practices. This allows the business to measure its current plant health practices against wa plant health management standard. It is a straightforward process as the business creates an online account, takes the test and then receives a score and a downloadable report with pointers to help them

mo e towards certification. t is then possible for the business to apply for full membership of the lant ealthy ertification cheme and once certified, audits are conducted on an annual basis. What is the Plant Healthy Standard? This standard has been de eloped by the industry with input from go ernment and third sector organisations. It provides a set of re uirements for businesses, with the aim of protecting the horticultural supply chain and the wider countryside from damaging pest and diseases. The lant ealthy ertification cheme is voluntary, but buyers of young tree stock, such as arborist firms, should be prepared to vote with their feet and only use suppliers who can pro e their commitment to tree health. t is planned that the lant ealthy ertification cheme will be adopted widely, such as in the ornamental and amenity horticulture supply chain and that customers will be able to see which businesses handle plant material in a way that acti ely promotes biosecurity in the . The lant ealthy website also pro ides information on how to handle plant material responsibly to avoid the introduction and spread of pests. It also contains a regularly updated directory which lists companies that are accredited on the ertification cheme. Find out more at:


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MSA 220 T


Reuben Wilson CATCH UP WITH STIHL’S PRODUCT MARKETING SPECIALIST What’s your present role and when did you join? Currently, it involves new product launches, press and events, product queries, product testing and forecasting. I did a one-year internship in 2016 and joined full-time in 2018 as a product trainer. How did you grow your knowledge? It derives from time at Stihl, doing demonstrations and learning about products so we can train our dealers. Talking to end users is also hugely beneficial for gaining insights too. In previous jobs I was able to get hands-on experience with power tools which led to an interest in working for Stihl.

Talking to end users is also hugely beneficial for gaining insights What’s your favourite part of the job? I enjoyed seeing people at the GB Pro Cordless Roadshow last month. Getting out and talking to journalists, dealers and customers is something I really enjoy. Are arborists buying direct or is there still a place for face-to-face? Many of our dealers continue to grow their online business but face-to-face advice is still very important – people want to see

a product before they buy it. Large numbers of arborists continue to go in-store to benefit from knowledge and advice, plus pop in to pick up kit during the working day. What makes a great dealer? There are some easy wins for a dealer besides product knowledge. Having plenty of PPE in stock for customers so they can get the right sizing is high up on the list. Keeping good stock of fast-moving spares and accessories like bars and chain loops is important too. Also, first-hand experience of using the products or coming from an arborist background can help when advising customers. Outdoor demo areas are another way to stand out. Behind the counter, the best dealers offer fast repair times or can prioritise key customers, while offering the most economical solutions to keep tools working. Which Stihl chainsaws are particularly popular with UK arborists? In the arb sector, the MS 201 T-CM top handle chainsaw is ever popular. The MS 261 C-M tends to be the go-to forestry saw in the GB market as a good light-weight all-rounder. In recent years, the MS 500i has proven very popular in the 70-90cc class. The MSA 161 T has been well received as a cordless alternative to the MS 151 TC-E, as the fact it’s so quiet makes communication with colleagues on the ground much easier.

grow strongly. For a while, cordless has been a no-brainer for domestic customers. Demand for the AP System professional cordless tools has accelerated in recent years as the product portfolio has expanded and performance has come in line with professional petrol tools. What would you say to a die-hard petrol chainsaw user – is battery power now comparable? With the launch of the MSA 300, we now have a cordless chainsaw with power equivalent to the MS 261 C-M. We see this with other product categories too that they can match the power of the professional petrol alternative. Stihl makes casual clothing, as well as PPE, do arborists want to look good in and out of a tree? Demand for Stihl merchandise and clothing has risen consistently over the years and we’ve had fun expanding the range. It’s a good tool for brand awareness and the arb sector appreciates items that extend beyond the orange colour scheme! How do you switch off when not at work? I enjoy live music, playing guitar, hiking around the Peak District and shouting out model names when I see Stihl tools being used in public!

Have you seen a rise in battery products? Demand for cordless products continues to


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