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the value of landscaping clare hebbes, lendlease

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elcome to ro andscaper s first ondon Supplement‌ As many of you will know, since launching ro andscaper almost five years ago we have championed the value of landscaping, working hard to share and recognise the quality, commitment and the time and effort that goes into creating our wonderful green spaces, whether they be a domestic garden, local park, rooftop space or public realm. As the capital of the UK, London is where trends start and then filter out across the rest of the country. ith a population of around six million it also has major issues including costs, traffic and parking, but because of its large and diverse population, green space also plays a key role. n this supplement we talk to building developers, landscape architects and local authorities about the value of landscaping within London; we look at areas that are currently being redeveloped and understand what role public space is playing. e also highlight the cutting edge landscape design that is being used to tackle unusual, but exciting spaces. A selection of leading landscape contractors and garden designers operating within London explain the pros and cons of working within this environment, and highlight some of the challenges of building and maintaining gardens in the capital. The ortfolio section covers a typical low maintenance, usable small domestic garden, a fashionable roof top space and a project for a trendy hotel where the brief was to create a central atrium and courtyard area for its guests. n the rofile part of the maga ine, we focus on some ma or suppliers whose products help create and develop prestigious schemes, these companies are well used to the challenges that working and delivering within the city generates. e hope you en oy reading the ondon supplement we d love to have your feedback and please do get in touch if you would like to be featured within Pro Landscaper or any of our additional supplements by emailing


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The importance of maintenance

Canary Wharf’s station roof garden

22 elephant & castle

A fantastic transformation

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Making space to breathe in the city

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A luxury roof terrace

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Tower Hamlets School wins ÂŁ5k play project

Kingston Garden Services celebrates 30th birthday with new name


47% of Greater London is green


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trading division of ingston andscape roup, servicing domestic residences and private estates. irector and founder teve vans said didn t have an inkling when priced my first ob years ago that the company would grow to the si e it is today. Throughout this time, as more and more people have oined, we have remained true to the original idea of providing a professional, efficient and value for money service.

What is London’s open space used for?

eading landscape contractor ingston arden ervices is celebrating its th anniversary by changing its name. The Twickenham based company is officially renaming the business to ingston andscape roup with a vibrant new identity to match. The new name is more re ective of the comprehensive landscaping services the company provides to ma or residential and commercial property developers. ingston arden ervices will continue as a

anorfield rimary chool in Tower Hamlets has won , from anary harf roup to improve its grounds as the inaugural winner of The layground ro ect run by the andscape nstitute in collaboration with . group of seven primary schools in Tower Hamlets entered the competition and two schools, Halley rimary chool and ansbury awrence rimary chool, were also highly commended for their pro ects. The layground ro ect brought a professional landscape architect into anorfield rimary school to work alongside ey tage Two pupils to help them redesign an aspect of their grounds. The school s winning design was for a new area that will become an outdoor classroom for whole class small group teaching. upils will also be able to use a living wall as part of the new science curriculum. upils ideas were central to the final design and they measured the space and drew out their ideas onto bird s eye view plans with the help of eil Hutchins, a andscape nstitute s mbassador for andscape from tkins. oppy mith, education development officer at the andscape nstitute and chair of the udging panel said The pupils worked collaboratively to create a simple yet effective design to enhance their school, claiming back an uninspiring and underwhelming space. The pupils can now appreciate this area as a space in which they can start their lunch break in a calm and re ective mood.




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Linear Open Spaces






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Johnsons of Whixley to supply West Kensington memorial garden Johnsons of Whixley, a leading national plant nursery, has been selected by The Landscape Group idverde to supply Gwendwr Gardens in West Kensington – a public garden to remember those killed in the Blitz. Johnsons secured the contract worth £13,000 following a competitive tender issued by Coventry-based The Landscape Group, part of the idverde Group which is the European market leader for the management, maintenance and construction of natural and urban landscapes. As part of the renovation works, overgrown foliage was cut back to make way for the new planting scheme supplied by Johnsons of Whixley, comprising approximately 6,000 plants – mainly shrubs and herbaceous, of 44 varieties.

Quadron idverde supports sustainable urban drainage

The new planting complements the different growing conditions within the site and will provide colour and interest throughout the year. A sunken garden, which is the focal point at the centre of the park, has also been filled with colourful plants and native owers in shaded areas which will boost biodiversity. Tony Coles, amenity sales manager at Johnsons of Whixley said: “We were delighted to be chosen by The Landscape Group idverde to supply this project. We hope the park can be enjoyed for years to come and that our native woodland owers will add to the charm of this much-loved green space within the City of London.”

Quadron idverde was pleased to support the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) Projects Team, Thames Water, and students from Hammersmith Academy in planting the first two elina oad ain ardens, as part of a sustainable urban drainage (SUD) project. Quadron idverde’s Hammersmith team was thrilled to receive the call from LBHF project officer enny rennan to support the first planting day, which took place on 7 June 2016, with students from Hammersmith Academy planting up the first two rain garden beds. The elina oad ain arden cheme forms part of the wider Counters Creek Sustainable Drainage Pilot Project developed by Thames Water. The scheme aims to alleviate surface water ooding on the road and pedestrian areas at times of heavy rainfall by slowing the ow of e cess rainwater. The water will filter through the sustainable drainage system beneath the rain gardens and slowly ow into the sewer network.

Mayor of London opposes building on green belt Pledging to oppose building on London’s Green Belt, the new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has instructed his planning officers to ensure his view is re ected in all planning decisions made by the Greater London Authority. The announcement coincided with the launch of London’s Tree Week, a series of events designed to highlight London’s beautiful green spaces, for which the Mayor joined members of the Woodland Trust. Sadiq Khan said: “It is vitally important we protect our city’s precious green


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how much of london is public open space?

Other 4.93% Civic Spaces 0.13%

Cemeteries & Churchyards 2.23%

Children & Teenagers 0.13%

Unknown 4.18%

Parks & Gardens 14.81%

Other Urban Fringe 20.73%

Allotments, Community Gardens & City Farms 1.59%

Greenspace Information for Greater London, 2015


spaces and that must include opposing building on the Green Belt. I’ve now met with my team of planners to make absolutely clear that this must stay at the forefront of planning decisions. “Ensuring everyone in our city, especially young people, has access to green spaces from parks and playing fields to community gardens is vitally important. London Tree Week is a great reminder for us all to make better use of and enjoy our green spaces.”

Amenity 10.57%

Natural & Semi-natural urban 14.27% Green Corridors 9.14% Outdoor Sports Facilities 17.26%



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WHAT Steve Evans Director of Kingston Landscape Group Ltd As a soft landscaping contractor, having London on our doorstep is a real bonus. We’ve worked on many prestigious developments and more are springing up all the time. Architects are being more creative with green space, turning roofs and previously unused areas into vibrant green spaces which makes our work more interesting and varied. No two days are the same and that keeps us buzzing and on our toes. But working within London is challenging. It’s taking us longer to get anywhere and when you are driving around with a lorry load of heat sensitive, perishable plants, you really don’t want to be stuck in traffic. ur working day is starting ever earlier to beat rush hour. Times that start with a five are not uncommon. It is often quicker to travel to Southampton 66 miles away than it is to get to Croydon 15 miles away. Time in London is in short supply. Everything is last minute and that’s not always compatible when you’re working with nature which deals in seasons not hours.



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ARE Alistair Bayford

Regional operations director of The Landscape Group and board director of The Parks Alliance How would I describe working in London? Inspiring. I’m always amazed by its diversity and the reliance placed on the precious network of public open spaces that weave their way through its fabric. The skyline is constantly changing through development and infrastructure projects, and as it continues to grow and people choose to live and work from the capital, the pressure on parks and open spaces grows with it. It’s a world of opportunity. In the same breath it comes with the challenges of higher demands being placed on those spaces, the biggest being use and misuse. However, to be able to make a small contribution to someone’s wellbeing, connecting them to the natural environment or lifting their mood through horticulture makes it all the more rewarding.

THE John Melmoe Contracts director at Willerby Landscapes The capital has always provided Willerby Landscapes with a good source of work over the last 32 years. The pressures for operating efficiently, within a city environment, have changed considerably during that time. It has been necessary to alter our approach and methodology for some of the more comple schemes. ut of hours working and just-in-time deliveries are becoming more common to meet our clients’ changing needs. This places additional pressure on staff and suppliers alike. The capital’s skyline is the thermometer for the landscape industry in the south east. Demolition is a healthy indicator. Tower cranes on the horizon translate into fresh contracts in due course. Landscape budgets are generally healthier as developers strive to carve out a niche in a busy marketplace. As a consequence, clients’ expectations of high quality landscape schemes are at an all-time high. Historically, the capital is extremely responsive to market conditions, both quick to accelerate and first to hit the brakes. This is why, geographically, Willerby Landscapes Ltd attempts to maintain a balanced portfolio.

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PROS Ed Belderbos

Managing director at Belderbos Landscapes You are either negotiating access for rootballed trees through homes emulating the glassware department of Harrods or transporting tonnes of materials through already congested building sites. Landscaping in London is all about logistics and endless problem solving. Transport, limited parking and access issues are some of the daily challenges to overcome before you even start thinking about the London clay. London is also a surprisingly competitive market, especially with builders often including the garden in their scope of works. The benefits are there is a higher proportion of clients who have the money to invest in their gardens. London clients are increasingly acclimatised to the cost of landscaping as more and more people are carrying out similar home improvements. The now standard practice of full-width rear-glazed extensions to London terraced homes has been fantastic for the industry as the 24-hour view of the garden means landscapers are increasingly in demand.

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Chris Harrington

Garden designer at Harrington Porter There is plenty of work around for all. Stamp duty and lifestyle and garden magazines mean more people are spending good money on their gardens, and budgets are getting better. London has pretty much stayed sturdy on this front. The area where we are located has some lovely clients, great families and people who really enjoy their gardens. However, there are some difficulties, including parking, neighbours, congestion and driving times, and very small areas, all of which clients think they want to keep. Inevitably all gets binned in the end when they see their lovely new garden!

CONS? John Wyer

Managing director of Bowles & Wyer Life is never dull working in central London. There are some fantastic opportunities out there and chances to work with some really great projects with serious budgets. Clients are always demanding, though. I love the technical challenges of London sites, although one of the downsides is that sites are always very tightly developed with no room to move, and often with huge basements. This means that getting the landscape completed at the end of the project when everything else is trying to finish can be testing – tempers can get frayed. Realising the original concept and achieving really high quality of design/implementation is the main challenge. When designing London spaces, you spend a lot more time looking at the vertical surfaces (and screening) than you do with other sites. In the build: deliveries, congestion, getting staff there and parking are all serious headaches.



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VALUE OF LANDSCAPING WHAT LANDSCAPING MEANS TO US clare hebbes Head of Infrastructure – Development (EMEA) at lendlease



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andscaping and infrastructure are what turn a collection of buildings into a cohesive city – and part of a bigger picture. And whilst one or two thousand people might work or live in a building, tens of thousands of people are likely to pass by it. It will be from the ground level that people udge the character of a place, not the tenth oor set-backs or the window detailing. For Lendlease’s urban regeneration schemes, the landscaping plays a number of vital roles. During the design stage, the landscape architect adds a healthy tension, balancing the sometimes con icting design aspirations of the building architects against the creation of a ground plane that encourages people to move through, or dwell in, a space. The landscape will touch every building in a development and the landscaping maintains the continuity of vision, setting the layers of character that will contribute to the overall success of a place. In the early years of a project, it is the landscaping that allows many of the critical placemaking events to happen. It may be in a temporary form, but encouraging visitors and introducing activities in a new area is vital in establishing the early sense of place. This can only be facilitated by landscape design that affords e ibility – a space that is quiet one day, and able to host a market or outside cinema the ne t. This is something we are e ploring in our billion regeneration of Elephant & Castle, where we have just submitted an application for the first phase of our two-acre park, and at The International Quarter in Stratford, where we are delivering an arrival space to accommodate thousands of people for events at the Olympic Park. The most successful places are those that are comfortable for the people who live or work there but also provide space and facilities for visitors.

Once established, it is the landscape that provides many of these key requirements. If a cyclist can’t lock their bike up close to a café, will they bother coming back? If the walk through an area is cold and windswept, pedestrians will find a different route. We need to work hard to provide public realm that will offer a range of different types, from small and intimate spaces to open and spacious events areas, while providing those vital functional requirements that make it easy to spend time there. Similarly, a sympathetic approach to landscaping can preserve the character of a place in the same way that heritage buildings can. One of the key masterplan considerations at Elephant Park was the retention of as many of the e isting mature trees as possible – trees have been retained and protected through the construction process. e are also planting hundreds of e tra trees in the surrounding streets to reinforce green links and help to reduce the effects of pollution. And, of course, the landscaping is a key part of our work on environmental sustainability. These projects range from the planting of a retaining wall to both improve the appearance and create a long stretch of habitat, through to the creation of what will be one of London’s largest sustainable urban drainage schemes, using rain gardens to manage the surface water from the surrounding roads. Landscaping goes well beyond the simple aesthetics of public realm; studies increasingly show it has a tangible impact on the health and wellbeing of inhabitants, workers and passers-by. This is why it’s so important to carefully create environments people need to live healthy, productive lives. Ultimately, landscaping and public realm needs to be considered throughout and during the urban planning and development process to ensure value is delivered for not only those living and working in a particular building or place, but also those passing through and visiting.


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Interview with Dan.indd 12

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an, roughly what percentage of the work you cover is within London? Approximately 60% of our work (by value) is in London with the remainder spread across southern England. What would be your typical London client? The bulk of our clients in London fall into three categories: private householders; property developers building everything from one off houses to large multi-unit developments, and public sector bodies (schools, Royal Parks, local authorities, etc). There are many issues to contend with in London such as noise levels, parking, deliveries, congestion charges – how do you deal with these? These things are typical of the challenges of working in central London. The short answer is good pre-planning. Most London clients are already familiar with the issues, and understand that they mostly mean extra costs. Clients require you to deal with any problems efficiently and professionally, keeping within the normal 8am to 5pm restrictions. We’re currently working on a site where there is a requirement for no noisy operations during lunchtime. We work out what time of day is best for deliveries, which may not be at am in peak commuter traffic, but at am, for e ample, when traffic is calmer. We organise our day so that such things have the least possible impact on our works. Waste removal must also be a headache for London projects. It’s always an issue, mostly in terms of handling it on site. To combat any problems we try to minimise waste, but any surplus that is generated is taken away by registered carriers who recycle it legitimately. How do you find recruiting staff in London? This is something that s becoming increasingly difficult,

Interview with Dan.indd 13

as high housing costs make it almost impossible for staff to live in central areas. Travel costs are also rising steeply. The government needs to get a hold on this as it s one of the key things affecting productivity. Are landscape contracts price sensitive in London, or is there more importance on quality and timing? Quality and performance are key, although price never stops being an issue. The issues mentioned previously have a significant effect on price and must never be underestimated. What are the current trends for London gardens? We’re involved in many roof gardens at the moment. Clients are also looking to squeeze as much as possible into spaces. Gardens are being seen as places to play and live in – BBQs/outdoor kitchens, spas/hot-tubs, retractable shading, TVs/AV equipment, etc. Also more often than not, screening between properties is a general requirement in London. What are the great things about working in London? Life is never dull working in central London. There are some fantastic opportunities and chances to work with some really great projects with serious budgets. When building in a small garden, using quality materials and design innovation to get the most out of the space can be very rewarding. And are there any negatives? The usual – congestion, cost, blood pressure, and clients are always very demanding!


Bowles & Wyer was established in 1992, and covers everything from landscape architecture and garden design through landscape contracting to an extensive maintenance portfolio. The company works largely in the residential sector in London and the South East.



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Interview with Finn.indd 14

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inn, what size is the maintenance department of Bartholomew’s? It's about half the size of the company in terms of the number of staff we employ. round staff members, backed up by a core management of three, looking after gardens from as large as eight hectares to a small patio – there s a great variation in what we do. e re e ible about the maintenance service we offer to clients because a high percentage is for pro ects we ve designed and or built ourselves. Has maintenance always been part of the company? es, and think it s been really important for us to be able to offer this service. nevitably some clients will want to look after their own gardens after we ve built them, but others don t want to touch them and re uire a professional service to keep them looking as perfect as the day of implementation. Is everything based here at your Battersea offices? The organisational side of things works from here. one of the vehicles come here in the morning so it s not a hub for our teams. e have a warehouse which is where they operate from. What’s the typical type of contract you undertake? rivate domestic residences, estates and commercial, which all adds to the diversity, particularly as we want to maintain interest. f you see the same thing day in, day out, it can get tend to become a little monotonous. Where does Bartholomew position itself in terms of pricing? e re mid range, not at the top but certainly not at the bottom, either. t s important to look at the economies of scale as well as value for money. ith a large si ed contract, you need to price yourself accordingly. lternatively, if you re looking at small private residences, you ve got to

count in costs of arranging a team to be somewhere for a short period of time, as well as take into account the time you spend finding a parking space etc. hich is generally not considered, particularly as more often than not you can find yourself driving around for minutes to find a space and then when you do, it s ten minutes away from where you need to be. ll these additional costs need to be factored in when you re looking at costs overall, especially working in ondon. Is that where Bartholomew works predominantly? e cover anywhere within the . However, in view of the demand of ondon clients we are looking further afield, but the logistics of having that properly managed whilst still proving to be competitive could potentially be an issue. Do you have partnerships with other designers or landscapers or does most of your work come direct? ot particularly with designers. ue to our e cellent reputation we tend to get contacted by the client direct, but it s a swings and roundabouts situation. company of our si e is competing with a lot of other companies and you have to give best value for money. t doesn t mean you re the cheapest, but you have to give the best attention and the best service. e have over clients on a weekly basis, and each one is uni ue. That mi of people with different re uirements and different specifications is where the importance of management comes in. ou become reliant upon your staff learning how to look after a garden properly, hopefully without constant management. t s important that we give our staff responsibility, independence and the confidence to do what they feel is right in any given situation. How is the department structured? e have eight teams of various si es, depending on the contracts we do. e don t really work on a great deal of commercial contracts as such, our large crews mainly work on private estates, but for the smaller gardens we


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“I LIKE PEOPLE WITH PASSION AND ENTHUSIASM. WE CAN TEACH THEM ABOUT HORTICULTURE” always have at least two people, purely for health and safety reasons. We have a manager and then we have supervisors beneath them. The next levels below are the team leaders and foremen. It’s important to help the teams and be able to provide them with information effectively and efficiently. nformation is a company wide thing, as we have people from all over the world working for us – Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Russian and Lithuanian – and we need to keep everyone informed at all times. When you recruit, are you looking for people with horticultural experience, or do you try and teach that once they’re on board? like people with passion and enthusiasm. e can help teach them about horticulture and have some great training programmes in place. ut they have to have the passion to carry them through all the seasons, whether hail, rain or snow, demonstrating dedication and with a smile on their face. hen you know you ve got to go outside and get wet again and you ve already changed your socks three times, that s when you find out if this is a career you want to pursue. How do you manage peoples’ time? e allow staff e ibility within contracts. e make sure that we don’t overload anybody with work in any one day. We allow travel time and we don’t squeeze them for every minute of their day when they have to visit four or five gardens. e like them to feel rela ed but also be aware that they ve got a challenging day ahead with a certain amount of work to get through. What time do you have teams on site? e try and get crews on site for am. However, some private clients tend to rise later so you ust have to manage that and work around it. To help this we’re also incorporating more rechargeable machinery, as it’s quieter and less polluting from an environmental point of view. Do you sell that as a benefit to your clients? e do to a certain e tent, but it s mainly a health and safety re uirement. t helps that we re not carrying fuel or



Interview with Finn.indd 16

petrol and in terms of the maintenance of the machinery it s easier – all these elements are beneficial to the staff. Is recruiting tough in London? t s difficult anywhere during the summer months. The recruitment of good staff is always hard, so you have to be more creative and broader in who you re looking for. f you have passionate and enthusiastic operatives, it doesn t matter so much in terms of the e perience or gender, as they are much more accommodating and easily guided by other more ualified personnel. Are your staff branded? Yes, they all wear a uniform. We think it’s important to present ourselves well. t s especially important to look presentable when you re going into multi million pound

1&2 Residential communal gardens, central London

23/06/2016 14:55



houses as our teams generally are, as well as schools, where it s imperative that operatives are easily identifiable. ll operatives are checked prior to being employed. Having a diverse, multi-lingual team has the added benefit of being converse in many different languages, especially in the capital s cosmopolitan environment. What are your challenges for the next six to 12 months? s a company, first and foremost we are striving for e cellence as well as looking to e pand and broaden the type of work we do. ore often than not we find ourselves competing against bigger companies, who are always looking at cutting costs in order to win or in some cases buy work, rather than price accordingly. t can prove to be difficult in educating clients in respect of

Interview with Finn.indd 17


uality and service versus the mow, blow and go option e are aware that we perhaps need to become a little more creative in order to win these obs. s we are so e perienced within the private sector, we generally feel very confident at providing a better service than almost all of our competitors. ur main aim has always been to focus on the uality of the ob and development of the garden rather than ust getting through it. The issue for us has always been to convince people that it s advisable to spend a bit more time and have a better uality finish, but that it doesn t necessarily have to mean this comes at a much higher cost. adly with clients who are investors, they only tend to care about the bottom line, thus making it difficult to compete on price, as uality doesn t enter the e uation. Would you consider social housing contracts, or working for large companies like Tesco, for example? o, as we are in the business of creating beautiful gardens, my desire is to have passionate people delivering first class gardening, coupled with service. nd despite the nature of these pro ects all being about margins and bottom lines, this type of work is counter productive. irstly, it doesn t allow development of the project and, more importantly, investment in people who genuinely want to pursue a career in horticulture. artholomew s ethos has always been about delivering superbly e ecuted gardens for realistic value for money.

about Bartholomew Landscaping Bartholomew Landscaping is a highly successful multi awardwinning landscape design, build and maintenance company based in Battersea, southwest London W:



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. N NOOO. . N





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CITY OF LONDON The inside track on the maintenance of the green spaces and ‘hidden’ gardens situated within London’s Square Mile


he Square Mile of the City of London is one of the most unique local authority areas in the country, both in terms of its history and its horticulture. irst off, it is, uite frankly, small – spread out over a total land area of ust over, believe it or not, a single s uare mile. This is something which is re ected both in the number of residents it houses around , , as well as the above average income of many of them. t is also one of the central business and banking hubs in estern urope and therefore the world. t s estimated that in 2014, The City of London contributed £45bn to the national income, with those that live there being outnumbered by office workers during the week by a ratio of about 50 to one. Social and spatial anomaly s well as being a bit of a social anomaly however, it is also a spatial one, which is the thing that makes it

˿ 1

City of london.indd 19



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really interesting from a landscaping point of view. Precisely because of its size and status, for example, it is an area of massive focus for both investment and policy. Pollution, counter-terrorism, major transport initiatives, continual redevelopment – all play an on-going role in the day-to-day story of the City of London. Pocket parks Louisa Allen is the City of London Corporation’s Head of City Gardens. It’s her job to co-ordinate the entirely in-house maintenance teams, as well as leading on training, recruitment, and use of the spaces themselves. Pro Landscaper caught up with Louisa sat on a bench amongst the plane trees in the picturesque surroundings of Postman’s Park, just around the corner from St Paul’s Cathedral. (A vicinity in which any number of locations could actually have been chosen, including the amazing gardens planted adjacent to the bombed-out remains of Christ Church Greyfriars). Asked to outline the perimeters of the Square Mile, she says: “In terms of our portfolio of green spaces, it stretches from Holborn in the west down to Aldgate in the east. Our boundaries are with Islington, and then the south is obviously the Thames. Outside of the Square Mile itself, The City of London Corporation is also responsible for larger pieces of land often much further afield, including pping orest and Hampstead Heath. It’s about 11,000 acres in total.



City of london.indd 20

“We have about 200 open spaces in the Square Mile, which can be anything from ‘pocket parks’, to smaller areas. Where we’re sitting is really just three church yards that have been made into one.” She continues: “The city gardens team consists of 32 people, 28 of whom are hands-on gardeners, team leaders and a supervisor. We divide the Square Mile into four, with each of those teams based in their own location. Maintenance was brought in-house in 2008, after being outsourced since . rom our point of view, it’s just easier to manage that way. And clearly, if it’s done by us, we can re-invest any money we get back into the gardens themselves.” And is the planting strategy for the Square Mile as complicated as it might look at first glance n terms of planting and landscaping,” she says, “the idea is always to re ect the uni ueness of the individual parks – whether in terms of their usage, the atmospheric conditions, as well as any historic ambience. “Looking at Postman’s Park for instance, it would have been replanted in the late ighties, and is probably due to be refurbished now. There are clearly certain plants that we replace quite frequently, with other aspects of the gardens being refreshed as and when they need to be. The plane trees – which were a big feature across London after the war – overshadow quite a lot of areas, so we have plans to bring in more light. verything occurs on a park by park basis.

23/06/2016 14:58


Continuing investment As mentioned, the City is at any given moment the location for numerous new building projects, all contributing to its on-going evolution. The parks team is able to use this perpetual forward motion to its advantage through Section 106 of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act, a piece of legislation ensuring investment in green spaces whenever a new build or project pops up. One of the most recent examples of this – itself a result of the Cheapside redevelopment – is Carter Lane, the newly landscaped former coach park just south of St Paul’s Cathedral. While Section 106 is a national piece of legislation, its use in the City appears to exemplify the way everything there is encouraged to grow. Sue Ireland is the organisation’s director of green spaces. Pro Landscaper asked her how much of the budget goes on maintaining the parks, both within the perimeters of the ity itself and further afield. e spend about . m a year, she says, and we get in about £365,000. Some of that will be money from sponsorship, but the majority will be from Section 106. The reason we look after so many sites goes back to the Victorians, who were aware of the importance of green spaces when it came to people’s health and wellbeing. At the time, they were concerned that larger green spaces around London were being encroached upon – for instance, Hampstead Heath, which was nearly developed at one point. As far as I understand it, we were given the task of looking after them primarily because we had the resources and expertise to do it.” Terrorism and pollution With that in mind, I ask Louisa where the Corporation’s parks sit within attempts to combat pollution, something which has been a major issue since the dawn of the ndustrial evolution. n particular, how is that re ected in planting and landscaping? Trees play a big part in that, and we have uite a specific target that we want to implement, she says. ver the last few years we ve planted at least . ur strategy is now to implement different species so that if one is affected by disease, it doesn t wipe out the whole community. Regarding plants more broadly, we’ve developed a palette that suits the city in terms of climate, and of course pollution. Recently, we’ve been trying to plant more herbaceous species because of the variety of colour and te ture that they add, but we re finding it difficult to keep them going. e re having to resort to more shrub planting now than we have in the past.”

City of london.indd 21


Alongside carbon monoxide from the thousands of cars that pass through it daily, the other major concern for City workers is security. The parks department has its role to play here too, with staff being briefed in relation to a number of recent counter-terror operations, including ro ect rgus and ro ect riffin. think of my staff as another emergency service , says ue. lot of our work is interacting with people, whether that’s in relation to preventing terrorism, or just talking to someone who’s worried and has come to the park to think. It’s a very community centred role now. I’ve had comments from people who have noticed that my staff are talking rather than getting on with their work . To me, that’s all part of the job.” We couldn’t agree more.

1 The new roof garden at the Barbican 2 Postman’s Park

sue ireland, city of london

Sue Ireland is the Director of Open Spaces at the City of London Corporation. The curator of the organisation’s sprawling 4,330ha of green spaces, she holds one of the most important jobs in the parks sector. W:



23/06/2016 14:59




lendlease and southwark council are working together to transform elephant & castle



Elephant and Castle.indd 22

23/06/2016 15:02



s part of its interest in development and landscaping in the London area, Pro Landscaper spoke to Ewan Oliver, Public Realm Development Manager at property and infrastructure company Lendlease, about the Elephant Park development at Elephant & Castle in the London Borough of Southwark. The £2bn programme – one of the last major regeneration opportunities in London’s Zone 1 – will include the creation of almost , energy efficient homes, over shops, restaurants and bars, including a new central shopping street and, we would say most importantly, over 11 acres of new, publicly accessible green space. When did this major development project begin? Lendlease signed a regeneration agreement with Southwark Council in 2010 and was granted planning approval on three major planning applications in 2013. The main masterplan, Elephant Park, is on the site of the former Heygate state, with the name re ecting the green open spaces which are pivotal to what we are creating. e started on site in ebruary . What area does this particular space cover and how much of that is going to be green space? We’re transforming over 28 acres across three sites in the heart of Elephant & Castle. Forty-seven per cent will be high-quality public space, so roughly half of the site will be covered by streets, parks, squares, making it one of the healthiest urban destinations in central London. Did Southwark Council stipulate the area that was to be set aside for green space? Our plans have been subject to a huge amount of public consultation, and the creation of great new public spaces was a key requirement of both Southwark Council and the local Elephant & Castle community. The landscape and public spaces will therefore be one of the key features of Elephant Park when it is complete. What will the new park look like? At the centre of the project is a brand new public park, which is just over a hectare in size and we will deliver half of the park by spring 2017. This is the jewel in our crown, and is very much modelled on a typical London park. We’re also retaining and planting a large number of trees, and integrating the tree strategy into

Elephant and Castle.indd 23

an overall plan that encompasses green roofs, green walls, shrubs, and sustainable urban drainage to manage the surface water from the surrounding roads. Are there any sports facilities included in the project? Through the delivery of our One The Elephant development, we are contributing towards the delivery of Southwark Council’s new state-of-the-art Castle Leisure Centre, which opened in May this year.


In terms of the play area, is that a swings and roundabouts-type installation for small children? It is, but we’re hoping that it’s going to push the boundaries of the traditional play area. For instance, we’re including natural play, using natural components such as plants, sand and water. The play areas will blend into the surrounding park to make them feel part of the landscape. Will you be importing new soil for the soft landscaping or are you going to try and clean the soil that’s there already? We’ve had some localised issues with contamination and so in those places we’ll have to import a new, clean layer of topsoil. We’re not looking at washing the soil or treating it on-site but always specify the best quality topsoil. Are the trees going to be retained in the same place or will they have to be moved? One of the key masterplan considerations at Elephant Park was the retention of as many of the existing mature trees as possible. Following a consultation with the local community, 123 trees have been retained and protected through the construction process.


ewan oliver, lendlease

Ewan Oliver is Public Realm Development Manager at Lendlease, a multinational property and infrastructure company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Lendlease is at the forefront of the regeneration industry in the UK, developing and delivering some of the largest developments in London, including Elephant & Castle, the International Quarter London, and the Wharves Deptford regeneration. W:



23/06/2016 15:02


And you’re adding more trees, too? We are planting hundreds of new semi-mature trees both at Elephant Park and in the surrounding community, as we seek to make Elephant & Castle a much greener and healthier place to live. We have already planted over 400 trees since we started construction with hundreds more to be planted in the future. How will the new trees be sourced and what species will you use? We use Hillier Nurseries in Hampshire to supply all of our trees and Gavin Jones Ltd has the contract for planting the trees throughout the borough. We are planting a diverse mi of new trees, which include field maple, oak, silver birch, pine, silver lime and cherry. What interaction have you had with the community that will be using the park? As part of our plans for Elephant Park, we established a Park Advisory Group (PAG), made up of local residents, and representatives from Southwark Council and Lendlease, which plays a key role in advising on the design and future management of the park. The PAG has met regularly since September 2014. The public has been instrumental in the consultations. Prior to submitting planning applications, we’ve run workshops and exhibitions with the local Elephant community. Is there any additional green space other than the park surrounding the buildings? There is. One of the highlights of Elephant Park is the communal grow gardens located throughout the site, which will offer residents the chance to grow produce by working with their neighbours. At One The Elephant, there are green roof grow gardens, as well as a communal reading garden and a green wall.There are also a series of pocket parks around the development. There will be one outside our Energy Hub with a strong focus on energy-themed play for all local children to enjoy, and we’re also hoping another of the pocket parks will be a small community garden. How many houses are going up on the overall site and are they all privately owned? At Elephant Park we have permission to provide up to 2,469 new homes. We’re providing 25% of the housing as affordable housing, managed by , with the remaining homes being sold on the open market. Do you think the green space will add value and help sell the private properties? Absolutely. We know for a fact that buyers are



Elephant and Castle.indd 24

23/06/2016 15:03





increasingly demanding high quality public realm and it’s important to create environments that enable people to live healthy lives. Landscape and infrastructure are what turn a collection of buildings into a community. In terms of maintenance after completion, what has been put in place and who will fund it? The landscape maintenance and maintenance of the estate as a whole will be funded mainly by service charges. A proportion of the scheme is subject to a Section 278 Agreement*, and these areas will be under the management of Southwark Council. When and how will you decide which company wins the landscape maintenance contract? That’s one of the things we’re working through – it will be a tendering process. We provide three years maintenance throughout the whole of the hard and soft landscape works that we construct. After that period an estate management company will be responsible. * Section 278 Agreement (Highways Act 1980) allows developers to enter into a legal agreement with the Council to make alterations or improvements to the public highway.

Elephant and Castle.indd 25

1 (Previous page) Trafalgar Place, the first phase of Elephant Park, is now complete 2 Communal grow gardens will delivered on each phase of Elephant Park 3 Elephant Park has been designed so that over 100 mature trees can be retained from the previous site 4 At the centre of Elephant Park will be a brand new park for all the local community to enjoy



23/06/2016 15:03

Design of SUDS tree pit in Goldhawk, West London. Goldhawk Road is a very busy main thoroughfare in West London – carries a large volume of traffic – and of course with so much impervious surfacing, contributes to high storm water run-off levels. London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham were keen to reduce loadings on existing storm drains and engaged specialist SUDS consultant Bob Bray Associates and GreenBlue Urban to create a retro fit tree pit design to provide attenuation at the same time as introducing additional trees along this principle road artery. GreenBlue Urban assisted both the design phase, product supply and site visits during construction to ensure a successful installation and reduce contractor costs. The key objective was to remove the likelihood of prolonged water logging which could be detrimental to tree health. The design incorporated soil cells, root ventilation, drainage, flow control chambers and overflow provision.

Sales and Service: 01580 830 800



A complete service from concept design through to supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all types of fountains and water features that would enhance any residential, commercial and municipal project Fountains & Features Ltd, Unit 3, Meridian Business Centre, King Street, Oldham OL8 1EZ Tel: 0161 870 3550 Fax: 0161 626 0682 Email:

ads.indd 105

23/06/2016 17:20



CROSSRAIL the crossrail station roof garden will unite the residential neighbourhood of poplar and canary wharf’s business district

Crossrail.indd 27


Project Crossrail Station Roof Garden Location North Dock, Canary Wharf, London, UK Site area 5,300m2 (garden) Completion 2015 Garden opened May 2015 Client/owner Canary Wharf Group Landscape architect Gillespies LLP Specialist planting consultant Growth Industry Architects Foster+Partners Collaborating architect Adamson Associates Structural and M+E engineers Arup Main contractor Canary Wharf Contractors Landscape contractor Blakedown Landscapes



23/06/2016 16:48



he Crossrail railway system has been developed for commuters travelling from east to west of ondon, and when finished, it will drastically cut travel time. At the centre of the project is the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station, and directly above sits the Crossrail Station Roof Garden, an exotic, landscaped garden that that will work to unite the residential neighbourhood of Poplar and the business district of anary harf. The garden is the first part of the Crossrail project to open and Stephen Richards, Partner at Gillespies, the landscape architects for the new development, spoke to Pro Landscaper about their involvement. When and how did Gillespies become involved in Crossrail? The feasibility of the station and the station box had been ongoing probably three or four years before we got involved because it was part of the whole Crossrail system. The complexity at Canary Wharf meant that it was an ideal place for a station, but the physicality of fitting it in between the towers was difficult. The building of it wouldn’t be a problem because it wasn't directly under the towers but the lost amenity within the dock could have been problematical if it hadn’t been supplemented by space within the station. An idea was developed that the water would become the public space and that was one of the big offerings of the project - it would emerge as a destination as well as a transport hub. We were involved as consultants at a very early stage to design the roof garden and the surrounding urban plaza – Adam’s Place. In some ways it was the dream project as certain decisions were still to be made. Foster and Partners (architects) were engaged to look at the roof structure and the architecture within the station, roof garden, restaurants and so on. Adamson Associates was engaged by Canary Wharf to be executive architects. Did the architectural practices you mention understand and appreciate the value of green space and what it could bring to the project? Gillespies has been in business now for over 50 years, and I have been working for 30 years as a landscape architect, so I have seen a real change in the appreciation of green space within cities during that time. rchitects definitely see the added value and there is an awareness among co-professionals as well as developers and local authorities that for cities to sustain growth and their vantage point it is




Crossrail.indd 28

23/06/2016 15:06




1 (Previous page) View of the garden looking west to east 2 At night the garden is illuminated, a glowing beacon among the Canary Wharf towers

Crossrail.indd 29



23/06/2016 15:06




1 Planting has been divided into two geographic zones – eastern and western – showcasing Occidental and Oriental species 2 View from Adam’s Place towards Crossrail Station Roof Garden 3 Visitors admire the Cornus Florida (flowering dog wood) in the west end of the garden



Crossrail.indd 30

23/06/2016 15:07



absolutely necessary. It's a competitive world and London sees itself as a world city, so rightly, green space is vitally important. I'd say that with every project that Gillespies works on in London, the emphasis on the quality of the public realm and green space is as important as the quality of the architecture. What was the concept for the Crossrail Roof Garden? Initially, all we knew was that it was a roof garden, somewhere on a deck in the middle of a dock. We're not pretending you're walking into a park, or that it's natural in any way, but factually you are in a dock, you ve climbed up this building and you find yourself in this amazing space. We knew quite early on that Foster and Partners was proposing an extraordinary roof structure and they were very keen that it was going to be constructed from timber. We knew it was a really unique space, in that rather than being open to the air (which a lot of our work is), it’s semi-enclosed. We felt that the visitor should be surprised and enthralled by it and wanted people to go away and tell their friends about it. We also felt there was the added potential of giving it an interesting backstory.


Crossrail.indd 31

What is that backstory? Gillespies commissioned landscape architects Growth Industry, as specialist planting consultants, to develop a planting design concept for the roof garden. They specialise in planting, so we consulted with them about what the story behind the garden could be. They came up with the unique idea of drawing inspiration from the plant collectors that came into London at the height of trading on the docks. The East and West India Docks were extraordinary pieces of engineering that opened London up to immense trade links. The story follows that the plants that we now see very commonly in our gardens came in to the Royal Botanical Garden at Kew via plant collectors who regularly travelled in and out of the docks. We had this vision of rather extraordinary cargoes of plants and as we developed the idea, it became something quite interesting. We furthered the concept in terms of the detail, for e ample, we specified what the plants would actually be and Growth Industry also came up with the idea of a Wardian Case (the box that plants were moved in during the 18th century), which we took through into our planting designs. We were mindful that the design had to appeal to the wider community and serve many purposes

– Canary Wharf is a huge commercial hub sitting next to a very diverse part of London. We asked the question – how could we link them? As well as being a transport hub it also needed to offer more to the local community, so we visited communities and schools in Poplar to explain the concept and ask what they would like to see there. London thrives because of its means of bringing people, ideas, trade and communication together. e offered local schools a whole area to plant as part of their curriculum. As a multi-layered concept, the project also had to be about community and a space that a diverse range of people can almost own. What has the feedback been like? It’s been fantastic. Canary Wharf is delighted with the result because it continues the very strong tradition of open spaces within the estate. It has always made a big investment in public realm because of the value it brings in terms of sustaining the business community and its ever increasing residential hub, so this beautifully rendered open space was always part of the bigger master plan. How did you choose the landscape contractor? The Canary Wharf estate has a shortlist of preferred contractors. It was tendered (which we were involved with) and Blakedown Landscapes was chosen because of its clear explanation of methodology and sensitivity to how we wanted the job completed. Had you worked with Blakedown before? Yes, we knew them. As one of the biggest landscape architects in this country we've worked with various landscape contractors and we were delighted to have them on board. Were you asked to ensure that the garden is easy to maintain in the long term? Canary Wharf has a very big estate management team and we insisted that we engage with them very early on. We needed to make sure they had a clear understanding of how the garden is maintained; it has to be very responsive to change to avoid any problems. This type of planting isn’t typical for Canary Wharf, which generally is more a manicured landscape. Here we have something quite naturalistic with plants that the maintenance team probably won’t have used on the estate before. We worked with Dave Root at Kelways to source the plants who has a fantastic knowledge.



23/06/2016 15:07



Project Woodhouse Urban Park Location South Kilburn, London Site area 0.2 hectares Completion April 2016 Cost Under £500k construction Client London Borough of Brent Architects Erect Architecture; Allen Scott Landscape contractor Ground Control

Desired outcome – The aim was that the new park would feature elements for all age groups from young to old. It was to be a place where all members of the community could come together as one in a place of tranquillity and fun, where planted species would change throughout the seasons and introduce biodiversity and stimulate interest.



Woodhouse.indd 32

Image © Erect Architecture

Objective – Fundamental part of the council’s corporate objectives and programme objectives to deliver high quality open spaces. The area is recognised as having a deficiency in open space provision.

23/06/2016 15:10



Senior construction manager, Ground Control Ground Control commenced construction works at the start of November 2015 on the new park, which was opened in a grand opening ceremony to the public on Saturday 7 May 2016. All works were completed within time and budget. The rectangular site was defined by two distinct sections: one half with a hardstanding base where residential buildings had previously stood, with the second half already an existing soft landscaped area. Ground Control also cleared and remediated the site prior to implementing the project. The site was surrounded on all four sides by occupied residential blocks. Ground Control successfully worked with the client, Brent Council and the local residents to ensure the impact of works to was kept to the very minimum. Elements installed by Ground Control included a bespoke giant oak play structure with slide, bespoke balancing beam, a nest swing and trampoline. Ground Control also installed bespoke concrete seating, concrete paths with exposed aggregate finish and areas of imprinted concrete, a stage area, table tennis table, earth contouring and mounding, herbaceous and shrub planting, irrigation system and semi-mature trees.

“THE PARK WAS DESIGNED AS A FOCAL POINT FOR THE SOUTH KILBURN A WORD FROM Marie Frederick REGENERATION Senior project manager, London Borough of Brent PROGRAMME” Woodhouse Urban Park is a new stunning, fun, high

quality open space which sits at the heart of the transformation of South Kilburn. It was designed in consultation with local residents and schools so they can feel a sense of ownership and take pride in their community space. The park features natural, robust and sustainable play provision which creates an innovative play environment, appealing to children’s own intuitive sense of play. The site includes bespoke site furniture and a diverse landscape design with a range of uses, including the creation of at footpaths and seating areas which offer a welcoming environment for the existing community and the general public. Woodhouse Urban Park is part of the South Kilburn Regeneration Programme, an ambitious 15-year programme that aims to create a vibrant community, developing 2,400 high quality new homes (of which 1,200 are for existing secure tenants of South Kilburn), new open spaces, shops, a consolidated school, a health centre, improved environmental standards and an enhanced public realm.


˿ 2

About Ground Control Ground Control delivers award-winning landscaping projects on a national basis to both private and public sectors. The fully ualified construction teams work collaboratively with both clients and consultants to deliver high quality schemes which meet and exceed expectations. Ground Control also provides grounds and winter maintenances services, vegetation management, arboriculture, fencing, pest control, invasive weeds management and more.

Woodhouse.indd 33



23/06/2016 15:10




a word from Mike Whitfield

Architect, Erect Architecture ocated on the site of a demolished block of ats, the new Woodhouse Urban Park was designed as a focal point for the South Kilburn Regeneration Programme and an inclusive space for the whole community. n the north east corner, a seating area with te tured oors defining rooms and balconies was laid out to re ect the position of the former building. ifferent seating areas and a table tennis table are enclosed by diaphanous layers of trees and plants as a relaxing space for all ages. A generous timbertopped events stage overlooks a large grassy area defined by trees and planted mounds, presenting an opportunity for the community to host events. Further south the park becomes more active. The 'Beanpole' play structure is designed for younger and less able children, with a clatter bridge, log traverse and slide. Placed on a mound the 'Giant Tree' on the southern boundary of the park is a more challenging play structure. espoke and built from oak, it includes a slide, a fireman s pole, climbing nets, and from the top a view over the park to the surrounding area.

1 (Previous page) Giant Tree play structure 2 (Previous page) Grand opening, 7 May, 2016. Leader of Brent Council with Cllr Margaret McLennan and local community 3 Bird's eye view of Woodhouse Urban Park 4 Bespoke site furniture, imprinted concrete flooring




Woodhouse.indd 34

about Erect Architecture Erect Architecture is an awardwinning team of architects and public realm designers led by Barbara Kaucky and Susanne Tutsch. Erect works with a wider definition of design practice, embedding stakeholder and community engagement into its work. A key strength is the team's combined experience as landscape designers, public realm designers and architects. Erect's buildings and spaces have won many awards (RIBA, Civic Trust, NLA, MIPIM, Landscape Institute) and featured as good practice case studies. Recent projects include the heritage lottery funded refurbishment of the 1.7 hectare listed Alexandra Road Park and the North Park Hub in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, a multiple award-winning and widely published play park landscape and community hub. W:

23/06/2016 15:11

From the Smallest Garden to the Largest Park Leading Producers of Quality Nursery Stock

HTA Landscape Bexhill

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Marcus Green

Next Annual Workshop 21st September 2016

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The Platipus D-MAN System provides: A quick and simple solution for roof-top planting. Lightweight, stackable cells for easy transportation. Connect cells to build up and protect large planting areas. Unique cups store valuable water essential to root development.


making London


The Landscape Centre, Leydenhatch Lane, Swanley, Kent BR8 7PS Telephone: 01322 662315 Web:

ads.indd 106

01737 762300

Woodland Horticulture Ltd Sharpham Lane, Walton Street, Somerset BA16 9SB Tel: 01458 441122 Fax: 01458 441123

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OUTDOOR ROOM by Harrington porter


his project was for my own garden in Battersea – as the company director at Harrington Porter, this meant there was no client to pull design features or change the design in the middle of the process. We were much freer to incorporate everything that was desired without the added element of client relations. The brief My aim was to create a usable and stylish extension to my at. ts rench windows will be changed to bifold doors in due course which look directly on to the garden, which is a small south facing plot, 6m long by 5m wide.


Harrington Porter.indd 37



23/06/2016 15:12


I wanted space to sit in both sun and shade, a cooking area and a place to hang out with family and friends. I wanted the garden to look great from the house, so consideration of the views from the windows was key. I desired minimal maintenance, but for the garden not to be stark or barren. Design and build The work was carried out by our guys, fitting it in between jobs, weekends and through the odd slow month. The build could have taken four weeks, but took over four months. The garden was gutted, the left fence replaced with a rendered fence and slatted painted trellis which I continued around the garden for added privacy. The rendered blockwork was next and formed the shape of the raised bed, built-in seating and kitchen area. Blockwork was also used to create steps down from the living area. A Millboard deck was formed as a continuation from the internal oak ooring with oint lines running in tandem, and a larger step was built to the left for sun loungers on the grandly named 'sun deck'. The centrepiece was a built-in LPG gas burner with removable illboard lid to double as a coffee table. Green Egg smoker was built in to a Millboard kitchen area and the back splash was clad using matching limestone tiles which I took all the way up the wall for some vertical interest. Hardwood logs were placed in the kitchen bench as a finishing touch. Lighting was a collection of 35W spike lights, fairy lights in the olive tree, festoon lights, recessed spots and a directional wall light for cooking. A shade sail was erected for shade and privacy from neighbouring houses. The planting involved a large feature olive, and underplanting of annuals, white tulips and purple alium bulbs. Climbers were evergreen jasmine and rose 'Madame Alfred Carrière'.

Size of project 30m2 Build time Four weeks Project value £30k


about harrington porter At Harrington Porter we’re passionate about turning London gardens into beautiful outdoor spaces. This takes careful planning, quality construction and on-going skilled maintenance to achieve and retain this high standard. T: 020 7731 3552 E: W:



Harrington Porter.indd 38

23/06/2016 15:13





Turf NoMow Decking Millboard Stone Alfresco Floors Outdoor kitchen Green Egg Lighting Collingwood


Paint Farrow & Ball


1 (Previous page) Chris Harrington's Battersea garden 2 (Previous page) The LPG gas burner centrepiece 3 The design included a compact sun deck complete with loungers 4 Green Egg outdoor kitchen 5 Underplanting of annuals and white tulips 6 The garden was designed to be an extension of the inside space 7 The turf supplied by NoMow

Harrington Porter.indd 39



23/06/2016 15:13


ROOF GARDEN by aralia


Aralia.indd 40


23/06/2016 15:18




luxury international property developer selected this late 19th century property in Knightsbridge to renovate into premium apartments, with an adjoining roof terrace to the rear. In the short term, the roof terrace served to attract buyers by re ecting the high level of uality associated with this particular developer, as well as innovative design solutions to combat a very difficult small site, whilst having to provide a series of elegant and contemporary garden spaces. The brief In response to the client brief, Aralia's design divided the space into three key areas which helped reduce the existing ‘corridor’ effect. These areas consisted of a dining area which linked with the kitchen, a lounge area with fire pit to provide a lu urious seating and entertaining space, and a small intimate snug area which linked to the master bedroom. Elements including outdoor dining and lu ury lounge area, e travagant fire pit, cascading water feature, structural archways and raised planters were designed to not obstruct views or light going into the building, whilst creating the re uired level of privacy. lanting was designed to contrast with more contemporary and clean geometries used in the hard features, taking a more traditional form which re ected the classical feel of the interior. Development Aralia was also commissioned to design a full range of landscape plans, including the garden lighting and garden irrigation plans. The garden design company worked as landscape architects in a multi-disciplinary consultancy team which included a range of subcontractors. Aralia also provided a soft landscaping supply and install service. Liaising with suppliers and conducting in-depth research into products enabled Aralia to select the correct materials that worked together in the best way for the purpose intended. A variety of trusted suppliers for both hard and soft landscape elements were used.

Size of project 100m2 Build time March to August 2014 Project value £100k

Aralia.indd 41

Challenges Like many small London terrace gardens, this garden came with many constraints, particularly relating to privacy. The terrace was sandwiched between two terrace rows and




23/06/2016 15:18


1 (Previous page) Bespoke walk-over water feature 2 Limestone paving with pebble mat edging; framed by a curved metal bespoke archway 3 Polished granite outdoor fire table

therefore was significantly overlooked by the ad acent neighbouring property, together with apartments on upper oors. The design of this space had to carefully consider how privacy could be achieved without limiting the e isting light levels which, due to its aspect, were far from ideal. nother constraint was the fact that the terrace was on a podium above the basement level and therefore weight limitations and build up re uirements were very restricted, and had to be carefully coordinated with the pro ect engineer. Unique features Water feature The water feature was a huge challenge as the client wanted a wow feature in a tiny space. ralia created a walk over design that allowed the feature to be of a significant si e without interrupting the ow of the space. Metal arches The roof terrace was dominated by five storey buildings on both sides. ralia incorporated metal arches to provide a ceiling that made it feel more private and less overlooked than it actually was. Cantilever oak bench n the tiny area, space is of a premium and this is why ralia chose to design a bespoke shaped oak bench to provide ma imum seating.



Paving London Stone Detail paving Island Stone Planters Europlanters Planting Robin Tacchi Plants Bespoke water feature Aralia


Aralia.indd 42


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Contemporary oak seating with lush evergreen planting 5&6 Before photographs; the site was heavily overlooked by the adjacent property


about ARALIA 6

Aralia.indd 43

Aralia is an award-winning, innovative landscape design practice which works to the very highest professional standards, continually pushing the boundaries and exploring new concepts for landscape architecture and design. Aralia has a strong track record in delivering residential and commercial gardens which are unique to each of our clients and have a distinct character that relates to both the architecture of the house and the surrounding landscape. T: 01279 721 461 E: W:



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HOTEL INTERIOR by indoor garden design

Size of project 25m of planting Build time Seven days to install Project value £30k 1 Sketch of the café within the atrium 2&3 The finished article Images ©Peter Niczewski & Indoor Garden Design Ltd 2016



IGD Portfolio.indd 44

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he Grosvenor Buildings, completed in 1930 by Sir Edwin Lutyens, are a landmark in Mayfair’s Park Lane overlooking Hyde Park. When Anouska Hempel restructured the interiors of 120 hotel apartment suites, it provided a new chapter. The design jewels of these buildings are the central atrium, four luxury penthouses, and a new courtyard. The apartments come with a full concierge service and are designed to be a luxurious, comfortable and elegant ‘home away from home’ so that guests are able to en oy the finest kind of ondon lifestyle during their stay. The brief The brief for one of London’s most exclusive addresses was to create landscaping which re ected and embraced an individual and distinguished style, one which honours English traditionalism while embracing the cosmopolitan culture of the capital. pecifically, the planting was to enhance the café area within the atrium, bringing nature indoors in a style that re ects the lu ury and high-spec elegance of the building. Similarly, the brief for the exterior courtyard planting was to be in keeping with this. Our challenge was to interpret the choice of planting, containers and positioning to re ect these qualities. Development The atrium, with its impressive glass roof ooding the area with natural light, was the primary design focus. In order to enhance the feeling of an exclusive outdoor café, with all the privacy and calm of a secluded courtyard, we created hedges with Ficus trees to give privacy to the apartments overlooking the atrium. All planting was sourced from Koberg in Holland who buy direct from the growers. Elegant white Phalaenopsis orchids, underplanted with Helexine and situated in glossy, deep grey fibreglass planters, adorn the back of the seating areas at eye level. Great care was given to the selection of the planters in order to re ect the tones of the building. To achieve this, we worked with Christian Day, commissioning some 25m of planters which were then bolted together to create continuous glossy lines. In the exterior courtyards, we created groupings of Buxus balls of staggered dimensions for a contemporary take on a classic style. The design was devised by creative director Ian Drummond, with a build team of six. The planters were bolted together in situ, after which the larger plants were installed followed by the lower level orchid planting. Challenges that the team encountered included

IGD Portfolio.indd 45



Plants Koberg BV

Planters Christian Day Ltd

creating a plant list with the right look to complement the Anouska Hempel design of the interior. Other considerations included the importance of screening to give privacy to the guests in the suites overlooking the atrium, and the light levels and plant choice that would thrive within the space. Meticulous maintenance takes place twice weekly. To avoid disturbing guests, the team arrives in the early morning to water and clean the planters. There is an ongoing programme to replace the orchids whenever necessary, and the Buxus balls must be immaculately clipped – it is a five star environment so every part of the design must remain as perfect as the day it was installed.

about iGD

Indoor Garden Design (IGD) is the UK’s leading interior landscaper and has been bringing nature into the workplace for more than 40 years. IGD was awarded the prestigious Judge’s Commendation for the third year in a row at the efig Awards and has several RHS Chelsea Flower Show accolades, including Gold, Silver Gilt and Bronze medals for interior gardens. T: 020 8444 1414 E: enquiries-1975WDSD@ W:



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London's premier wholesaler for Artificial Grass at unbeatable prices Premium Quality at Wholesale Prices


Low Price Promise Guarantee

Trade Accounts Available

Best Selling Artificial Grass in London ✓

Ease of Installation

Kempton From £5.45 / m2

Low maintenance

Sandown From £9.50 / m2

Pet Friendly

Use your garden 365

Newbury From £12.25 / m2

Express delivery

Goodwood From £15.95 / m2

W: E: ADS TEMPLATE.indd 1 Advert.indd 1

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ARTIFICIAL GRASS LONDON ABOUT As a web-based supply-only company working from offices in arking, rtificial rass ondon offers a range of grass products designed to suit all tastes and budgets. e sell direct to the public for installation, and to garden professionals, local authorities and housing associations. ncreasingly the preferred supplier to professional organisations, we don t re uire any contractual commitment, simply preferring to provide great products at terrific prices, as and when re uired. ecause we are supply only we forward local installation en uiries from the public on to e perienced installers, usually to our mutual benefit.


nstallation using scot grass


iverwood andscapes, ent. sing ewmarket grass (L-R) Eamonn Sheridan, eneral manager Cathryn Yates, Head of logistics Jim Clarke, arehouse manager Naomi Willman, Georgina Littlewood, Nathan Rowland and Curly Jo Allott, ack office support Freddie the dog, Head of security

Artificial Grass Profile.indd 47

CONTACT rtificial rass ondon ortis House, ondon oad, arking

T: 0203 002 2250 W: www.artificialgrass E: en uiries artificialgrass sales artificialgrass



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Bourne Amenity blends, supplies and manufactures a multitude of topsoils, top dressings, site specific and bespoke growing media. From the basic BS3882 soils up to specialist roof garden substrates, we specialise in matching soils to projects through the utilisation of highly tested and high quality materials. We have three blending and bagging units across the south east, along with a eet of rigid tipper and grab vehicles which conform to the highest standards in delivery and e ecution. e work closely with organisations such as BALI and the Landscape Institute to ensure our materials and service are in line with the high demands of our customers.

topsoils and subsoils – site specific soils, from bio-retentive soils for rain gardens to low fertility soils and lightweight growing media.


Drew Wetherell, Senior sales manager Nicky Snoad, Business development Emma Juden, Logistics manager Cara Thorpe, Senior account manager Gina Matthews, Junior account manager



Bourne profile.indd 48




PROJECTS Over 50% of our business is now within central London (we were heavily involved in the delivery of the Olympic Programme) and this is increasing every year. With the introduction of tight transport regulations (FORS, CLOCS etc) as well as stringent site instructions, London is the most challenging part of the country to deliver into. Most sites now have strict delivery times to hit, as well as the possibility 4 of multiple companies working on a single site and the challenge of crane operators such as the ky Garden picture opposite) and multitasking foremen. Having our own eet of Silver vehicles helps, and we are keen to ensure we are an intrinsic part of the new London landscape.



1 Example of our Lightweight Sedum Substrate 2 Onsite testing of BS3882 topsoils 3 1.2m³ bags of our Lightweight Intensive roof soil 4 The Sky Garden, Fenchurch Street – Willerby Landscapes

Bourne Amenity Ltd Newenden, Kent TN18 5QG T: 01797 252299 E: sales W: T: @Bourne_Amenity

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Stone Group

You Imagine it - We Create it

Project: Clink Street Designer: WWM Architects Contractor: FM Conway Material: Bespoke Imperial Setts in Black Basalt, a Red Granite Mix, Green Granite, Bluish Grey Granite and Blue Grey Granite Project: Jubilee Gardens Designer: West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture Contractor: Frosts Landscapes Construction Material: Silver Grey Granite Setts, Seating Walling

Project: Hyde Vale Designer: John Davies Contractor: Hortus Blackheath Ltd Material: Black Basalt Paving, CEDAgravel & Silver Grey Granite

Contact us for more information: Tel: 01708 867237 Email:

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CED Stone Group is a leading supplier of natural stone and has developed and extended its range of natural stone products for nearly 40 years. Products include a wide variety of paving, setts, walling, cobbles, pebbles, feature stones and aggregates, to name a few. Extensive stocks are kept throughout its five nationwide depots, but can arrange the manufacture of almost anything – as long as it is stone. ith an efficient and very knowledgeable team of e perienced and friendly staff, CED is able to assist with anything from sampling and matching services, to design advice and CAD drawings. Free samples are available upon request.

Twickenham Designer Kate Gould Landscaper Team Landscapers Materials Black Paddlestone Walling and uff andstone aving. All materials supplied from CED Depot stocks

Kyoto in Holland Park Designer Churchman Landscapes Materials Harlequin Rockery‚ Scottish Beach Cobbles & Pebbles‚ Reclaimed Purbeck Rockery‚ Selected Caledonian Mixed Glacial Boulders and Granite Paving‚ Steps & Risers. All materials supplied from CED Depot stocks

PEOPLE Tower of London Designer Stanton Williams Contractor Szerelmey Materials Blue Grey Granite Paving, Setts, Benches, Cladding, Walling, Steps, Risers and Yorkstone Paving. All produced to clients bespoke specifications by ommercial Department

Giles Heap


Giles Heap, Managing director Ralph Allen, Depot manager, South West David Smith, Operations manager, South East depot

CED Ltd 728 London Road, West Thurrock, Grays, Essex, RM20 3LU

CED Stone Profile.indd 51

T: 01708 867237 E: W:



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Crowders Nurseries is a nationally renowned wholesale grower of native and ornamental trees, hedging, shrubs and a wide range of herbaceous perennials, grasses and ferns in multiple sizes and specifications – from high end private domestic schemes to large national infrastructure programmes. We aim to be the best specialist horticultural business in our field, providing market leading solutions for our customers; not only in plants but also in goods and associated services. seventh generation family owned business, with over 200 years of experience, we pride ourselves on a bespoke full package approach.

Client erkeley Homes Landscape architects abrik Contractor Elite Landscapes Goodman’s Fields near Tower ridge is a mi ed use seven acre urban quarter located in Aldgate East. Over the past four years Crowders has supplied 30,000 plants and bulbs, instant hedging and topiary items and supplemented with specimen herbaceous, ferns, aquatics and grasses which were contract grown in 5 litre upwards.

Design Randle Siddley Contractor Gavin Jones Ltd Trafalgar Place was the first residential development completed in Elephant & Castle by Lendlease. As a nominated supplier for Lendlease rowders undertook the supply of 17,000 plants, a mixture of grasses, ferns and herbaceous perennials in 2 litre pots. This was supplemented with instant hedging surrounds and feature specimen topiary items.


Tom Owen, ales office manager Jenny Hall, Senior account manager Rachel Kemp, Senior research and development manager Micha Huckstepp, ccount and marketing manager Jason Todd, Junior buyer Ryan Donohue, Sales development manager



Crowders profile.indd 52

CONTACT W Crowder & Sons Ltd Lincoln Road, Horncastle, Lincolnshire LN9 5LZ

T: 01507 525000 F: 01507 524000 W: T: @CrowdersNursery L: company w crowder sons ltd

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Helping Build a Greener London

7 Generations of Expertise 200 Years in Business 140 Hectares of Prime Nurseries

A Market Leading, Award Winning Landscape Solution | 01507 525000 | ADS TEMPLATE.indd 1

@CrowdersNursery 23/06/2016 17:12

Your leading landscape supplier Over 6000 products for...

Rural Tree Planting • Tree Shelters • Tree Guards • Bamboo Canes • Tree Belting • Wooden Stakes • Tree Anchoring

Urban Tree Planting • Tree Irrigation • Root Protection • AborRaft Tree Planting System • Tree Anchoring • Tree Grilles and Guards

Maintenance • Grass seed • Wildflower seed • Lawn edging • Fertilisers • Weedkillers


T: 01423 332100 E:

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Green-tech is a leading, award-winning landscaping supplier, offering a huge range of quality landscaping materials and wholesale garden supplies with innovative products to enhance, protect and improve plants and their environment. Green-tech holds stock of over 6,000 products for landscape contractors, architects and designers. Whether your project includes maintenance of a public open space, tree planting in a woodland or creating an urban landscape, Green-tech has a range of products to suit.

Tate Britain, London Green-tech supplied 5 tonne of Green-tree topsoil and installed The Mona Irrigation systems at the Barbara Hepworth-inspired Summer Garden.



Streatham Hub, South London Green-tech supplied 440 bags of lightweight Green-tree Roof Garden Intensive substrate and 25mm gt Roofdrain.




Richard Kay Richard Kay, Chairman Rachel Kay, Managing director Mark Wood, Green-tree business manager Stuart Ball, ohn hambers wild ower sales manager Barry Browne, pecifier pro ect development manager

Green-tech profile.indd 55



1 2 3 4

Green-tech Ltd Rabbit Hill Business Park, Great North Road, Arkendale, Knaresborough HG5 0FF T: 01423 332 100 E: W: T: @Greentechltd

Green-tree Roof Garden Substrate Mona Plant System John Chambers Wildflower Seed GRB+ Ground Reinforcement System



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Established in 1999 in Clifton, Bedfordshire, Lighting for Gardens is the sole distributor of Elipta outdoor lighting. Elipta products are high quality professional outdoor lights and installation accessories, backed up by a technical support team based in the offering comprehensive advice and a planning service for both trade and retail customers. or creative garden lighting success it is important to use good quality lights which include some sort of glare control; something which is conspicuously absent in many cheaper fittings. ll our compact wall spots and spike spots have the lamp recessed within the fitting to reduce glare, while many of our other lights have dedicated glare shields. The night scene is so much more effective when the eye is not dazzled by the light source.


Chiswick London courtyard Designer Philip Nash Lighting specialist obert ebber, Scenic Lighting; 07766 051000 Lighting products

3 2




Philip Milner Philip Milner, Technical director Brendon Manggos, Technical sales manager Malcolm Crabbe, Technical compliance



Lighting for gardens profile.indd 56



1 2 3 4 5

Lighting for Gardens Ltd mor ay Letchworth Garden City Hertfordshire SG6 1UG T: 01462 486777 E: W:

Chiswick London Courtyard Water feature, Chiswick Compact Copper spike spotlight Vortex bollard light Corona Mahogany tree spotlight

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Creative garden lighting by Mike Shackleton, Ornamental Garden Lighting, using

the professionals’ choice

01462 486777 LFG043 PLS July16 Ad_210x265_V2.indd 1 ADS TEMPLATE.indd 1

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Mature trees transform landscape projects... Our custom delivery fleet


...we offer supply only or our delivery to tree pit service.

The right equipment

Do you plant extra heavy or perhaps even semi-mature trees, but shy away from planting anything bigger. This may be driven by the cost of the tree or is it due to: 1. The lack of appropriate available equipment to handle the tree? 2. Simply an access issue? 3. The risk of significant financial loss should the specimen get damaged during installation? 4. The liability involved should the tree not survive?

Visit us and experience the Majestic difference... • Over 7000 semi-mature trees at our nursery, from 12’ to 45’ tall, plus 2 km of instant hedging • A friendly, personal service from experienced horticulturists - not a ‘self serve’ on-line shop • ‘AirPot’ grown trees establish faster and have a superior fibrous root system • Complete Planting Service, Establishment Warranty and AfterCare • Nationwide Delivery that goes beyond the kerb

Professional placement under your direction

A fast and efficient service - many thanks. Paul Downer, Oak View Landscapes

Another excellent service, thank you. Carl was as helpful as ever and patient with our team. Ben Pollard, Flora Earth Limited

Excellent service, was second to none. Roger Kirby Landscape Contractor

‘AirPot’ grown root system

01582 843881

Chequers Hill, Flamstead, Nr St.Albans, Herts, AL3 8ET Tel: 01582 843881 Fax: 01582 843882 e-mail:


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Majestic Trees grows over 450 varieties of trees in a range of sizes from 2m to 12m tall, in 50L to 5,000L Air Pots to ensure an outstanding fibrous root system. e are located ust off unction 9 of the M1 in Hertfordshire, so very accessible to ondon and the . e offer a nationwide delivery service by our own eet of trucks fully e uipped to o oad, driven by e perienced horticulturists. e also offer our elivery to Tree it service, in which we provide all the e uipment and accept the liability for o oading and placement of the tree into your tree pit.

e grow between , , semi mature trees in stock at any one time, as well as a few kilometres of hedging.





IMAGES (L-R) Steve McCurdy, Managing director Carlos Guinand, Nursery manager Maria Lumb, tock and pruning manager Sarah Shynn, Sales manager Helen Morgan, H and finance manager Janet McCurdy, ompany secretary

Majestic Trees profile.indd 59

1 A private garden, 12 months after the planting of the trees 2 A large Platanus is ‘Delivered to Tree Pit’ at a residence in London 3 Majestic Trees was the UK Grower of the Year in 2008, 2011 and last year, 2015 4 The Acer is carefully lowered into the tree pit 5 An Air Pot root system


CONTACT Majestic Trees, he uers Hill, lamstead, r t lbans, Herts T T: E: info ma W:



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MAKITA ABOUT Makita is the UK’s number one manufacturer of premium quality power tools for construction, maintenance and engineering professionals. Building on this success, akita also offers a premium range of garden machinery products that are as reliable, robust and innovative as the construction tools. Makita products boast the latest design technology and advanced engineering that is responsible for increasing power and combating vibration, noise and protecting the environment. Makita’s ever expanding grounds care equipment portfolio is sure to accommodate all the needs of the grounds maintenance, landscape and forestry sectors.


Makita DUB362Z twin 18v Brushless blower


Mark Earles, Outdoor Power & Contracts Manager “My role includes the development of machines to match the expectations of the British market. We liaise with the Makita factories across the world and work with our established and expanding distribution channels, and users, as they are our core target presently.”



Makita Profile.indd 60

Makita DUR364LZ linetrimmer

The Makita 18v Lithium-Ion battery has become the largest power source in the history of cordless tools. This battery platform has set an industry benchmark but continues to expand with innovations such as the twin 18v battery 36v application. fine e ample of the twin v strategy is the Makita DUR364LZ linetrimmer that also uses the Brushless motor for increased power and longer run time. Battery fuel gauges show the charge status of both batteries on the machine body. t benefits from a low vibration rating of 2.5m/s², while those living nearby will welcome an ultra low noise output of 81dB(A). The Makita DUB362Z twin 18v Brushless blower is popular with London’s grounds maintenance teams. It has a maximum air volume of 13.4m³/min at a speed of 54m/s, which is greater than most petrol blowers. Arborists in the capital choose the Makita EA3100T top-handle chainsaw for tree pruning. It weighs just 3.1kg with a 30.1cc 2-stroke engine developing 1.40hp to drive the 30cm bar chain. Equally useful for street tree maintenance is the 25.4cc telescopic pole saw which extends to 3.9m giving a 5m reach. The very latest tool to the range with the twin 18v battery system is the LXT DUP361Z Pruning Shear which has a maximum cut of 33mm and comes with a holster, harness and arm band. The new 36v back-pack battery and twin 18v adapter couples these 36v machines to the long lasting Lithium-Ion battery pack for all day operations.

CONTACT Makita UK Michigan Drive, Tongwell, Milton Keynes, Bucks MK15 8JD

T: 01908 211678 W: F: makitauk T: @MakitaUK

23/06/2016 16:33

UTILISE YOUR 18V LI-ION BATTERIES 18v Combi Drill Brushless DHP481

Twin 18V Hedge Trimmer DUH551


Twin 18v Circular Saw DHS710

Twin 18V Lawnmower DLM380

18V Impact Driver Brushless DTD148


5.0Ah Battery 45 Minute Charge

4.0Ah Battery 36 Minute Charge

3.0Ah Battery 22 Minute Charge


18V Mitre Saw Brushless DLS714

Twin 18V Brushless Brush Cutter DUR365U

Twin 18V Brushless Hand Held Blower DUB362

Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping Visit to view the full range. 18v Battery.indd 1 ADS TEMPLATE.indd 1

Follow Makita UK 10/05/2016 17:20 10:25 23/06/2016




Synonymous with quality and cutting edge design, Stonemarket is the supplier of choice to garden designers and those seeking a high-end look for their gardens and driveways. There are three key factors that must be considered when purchasing stone to be installed as paving in the UK: water absorbency, frost resistance and flexural strength. A stone with high water absorbency will not only turn green, (a common consumer complaint with sandstone patios) but may also be more susceptible to frost action which will lead to surface delamination. It’s also important to consider frost resistance. A stone that loses strength when subjected to repeated frosts is far more likely to fail. At Stonemarket we’ve tested all our stone to be 100% sure that every single one meets or exceeds the British Standard. Look out for ‘The Stone Standard’ trademark which indicates the product has been tested. In terms of flexural strength, a stone with poor strength means that the product could be easily damaged in transit, during installation, or simply by everyday use.

Jennie Lumley, Stonemarket Brand Manager Rory Kendrick, International Natural Stone Sourcing Director



Stone market profile.indd 62

2 Avant-garde Caramel Colossus Sandstone paving


Beachside sandstone paving


Jennie Lumley


IMAGES 1 Moss and algae growth 2 Surface delamination 3 Not frost resistant

CONTACT Stonemarket Oxford Road, Ryton on Dunsmore, Warwickshire CV8 3EJ T: 0345 302 0603 E: W:

23/06/2016 17:33

Untitled-1 2 ADS TEMPLATE.indd 1

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of the ita with ution core



SPECIAL EVENTS exhibitors, and there is a programme of around seminars, four or five live debates and both the Society of Garden Designers (SGD) and the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) hold their AGMs. The day culminates in the presentation of Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30 and the invitationonly evening debate and dinner.

Jim Wilkinson, managing director of Eljays44 What is FutureScape and how long has it been going? FutureScape is the UK's leading landscape event with a mixture of seminars and live debates. Industry associations hold their AGMs at FutureScape due to the high attendance of members, and visitors can also see the wide selection of top suppliers that will be exhibiting. We’re especially looking forward to the event this year as it celebrates its fifth birthday. When and where is FutureScape? It's at Sandown Racecourse, Esher, Surrey. We've chosen this location because it's got plenty of parking space, and easy road and rail linkage. The venue is spacious, open and works perfectly for this type of event. Who should attend and why? Anyone involved in the landscape industry from landscape architects and garden designers to landscape contractors and maintenance contractors. There's something for absolutely everyone involved in the sector. Can you explain the format of the day? The event welcomes around 200 to 220



Futurescape.indd 64

Are all the leading landscape associations involved? ou ll find every association that s related to the landscaping sector involved in the show. Not only do they promote it to their members, they also exhibit and some of them are involved in the debates too. What will make this year's event unique? There are a couple of exciting new things for our fifth anniversary year. e re delighted to announce that we're working closely with the Landscape Institute to design a completely separate conference and seminar programme for landscape architects for the first time. e re also working with the National Contractors Forum to put on a special event for the large maintenance contractors, which will be interesting and topical. We estimate that there will be between 1500 to 2000 key people at the event to network with and learn from.


The Beauty is in the Build is back again for more lively discussion on the state of the construction side of the industry.

The Detail is in the Design aims to throw a positive light on the garden design industry and provide expert knowledge.

The Passion is in the Plants brings a new panel of passionate plant experts to the stage.


Love Lighting is in the

The Love is in the Lighting, sponsored by LandscapePlus, is a brand new event for 2016. Stay tuned for what’s planned.

Let’s Hear it Live returns with another industry ‘celebrity’ who will be taking to the stage to be questioned in front of a live audience.

For all enquiries: Amber Bernabe T: 01903 777 581 E: For all sales enquiries: Jamie Wilkinson T: 01903 777 588 E:

Pro Landscaper’s 30 Under 30: The Next Generation 2016 will have its gala celebration at FutureScape this year.

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23/06/2016 17:27


Xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xx

For full details on all jobs, please go to

For more details please go to

Call 01903 777 587 or email with your vacancy.



Our client specialises in garden maintenance and soft landscaping in high end residential gardens around the West London area. The role of garden services manager will include responsibilities such as administration duties, quotations, invoicing, as well as hands-on garden maintenance including mowing, irrigation, turfing as well as decking, pruning, leaf-blowing and much more. The ideal candidate will be experienced and horticulturally qualified, and have a clean UK driving licence.

Phil Franklin Landscapes Ltd is a landscaping and maintenance company based in East London, currently seeking a landscape maintenance operative with a potential opportunity for a supervisor. Plant knowledge is essential along with proven experience, a good understanding of safe practices and experience using garden maintenance machinery. Candidates for the landscape maintenance operative role must have at least three years of experience. Supervisor candidates must also have the ability to delegate and communicate effectively and a good understanding of risk assessments and method statements.

For more details please go to

For more details please go to



ANDERSPLUS Location: London

MOREPEOPLE Location: London

The established client is in need of qualified and motivational individuals who want to progress in the landscape industry as grounds maintenance team leaders and supervisors. The client specialises in commercial grounds maintenance of residential buildings, with some high profile domestic gardens in the Kensington and West London area. The role requires a proven track record in grounds maintenance and knowledge of plants. Garden maintenance duties will include fencing, strimming, litter-picking, mulching, edging, leaf-blowing and more. The candidate must have at least three years’ experience. For more details please go to


Grounds maintenance and landscape company based in London, offering quality grounds maintenance to high end clients, are seeking an experienced individual to both supervise and train.

For more details please go to


Our client is seeking an experienced commercial hard landscaping/minor civils project manager. You will be responsible for daily site management and health and safety of all staff, and be the daily point of contact for the client. Candidates must have good knowledge of groundworks, streetworks and minor civils and issues such as building regulations, commercial awareness, adequate level of quantity surveying skills, and an acute awareness of healthy and safety issues. For more details please go to


Jobs.indd 66



ANDERSPLUS Location: London

The role will be to support the design director in the detailed technical design and delivery of landscape architecture projects for sustainable urban and rooftop dwellings and gardens, to comply with company standards and industry best practice. Responsibilities will include conducting preliminary site studies, carrying out environmental impact assessment, presenting proposals to clients, putting work out to tender, leading cross-functional teams, making site visits and generating new business opportunities. For more details please go to


In line with ISS’s strategic goals and growth targets, the private sector development manager’s role will be to develop and cultivate new business within this sector. Key responsibilities will include developing and maintaining professional relationships to maximise all opportunities, maintaining accurate CRM records, identifying bid strategies in line with client expectation and leading the bidding process as a single point of contact to co-ordinate PQQ completion, bid writing, risk management, pricing and client communication. For more details please go to


Award-winning commercial landscape company requires a soft landscape and maintenance manager. Candidates must be experienced in planting bedding plant schemes to semi-mature trees, have good plant knowledge and experience in labour organisation and allocation. The candidate must be London-based and have at least five years’ experience in soft landscape. An immediate start is available for the right candidate. For more details please go to

23/06/2016 17:30


For full details on all jobs, please go to Call 01903 777 570 or email with your vacancy


ScotScape is an established supplier of high quality products and services. This role will involve working in properties across London to evaluate and maintain garden spaces with living walls, commercial and domestic, internal and external. The ideal candidate will have prior knowledge of plants and horticultural training or extensive gardening experience. Internal and external training, as well as opportunities for progression, will be available for the right candidate. For more details please go to


CAMERON LANDSCAPES AND GARDENS Location: Notting Hill An opportunity has opened for an experienced, self-motivated garden designer to join our well-established team in Notting Hill. The successful candidate will need relevant qualifications and experience of working for a garden design business. The role will include attending client meetings with the design manager, developing mood boards and concept drawings, producing designs of gardens and outdoor spaces, undertaking site surveys, producing construction drawings and general office administration. For more details please go to


As part of continued growth in both the domestic and commercial landscape design sectors we are looking to appoint a landscape and garden designer. This is a varied and interesting role that will allow you to take ownership of creative schemes. Job responsibilities include detailed technical design of a variety of landscape projects, assessing a site’s potential, presenting proposals to clients, putting work out to tender, ensuring deadlines are met and liaising with other professionals on the project. For more details please go to


Our client is a creator of exterior landscape space in the residential, commercial and public sectors in the UK. A position has become available in its soft landscape and maintenance division, involving the delivery of the company’s maintenance service to existing and new clients. The role will also involve the task of implementing soft landscaping and planting for the garden and landscape installations. Good horticultural and plant knowledge is essential, as is a clean UK driving licence. For more details please go to



We are looking to expand our team due to continued success and growth. Our landscape construction projects are predominantly located in central London where our expertise in roof gardens excels, but we also undertake high quality projects in the Home Counties and surrounding areas.You will have proven experience of all elements of soft landscaping, from planting container courtyards to large mature trees. The ideal candidate will be experienced in sub and top soiling, cultivation and irrigation, have good plant knowledge, be able to competently and safely use machinery and have a UK driving licence.

Bartholomew Landscaping is an award-winning landscape company which provides designed and landscaped gardens and projects in and around central London, for high end private commercial residential schemes. We are looking for landscape construction foremen with a minimum of three to five years’ experience in a similar role to lead the installation of our schemes. Excellent communication, client liaison and man management skills are essential requirements, coupled with a current full clean driving licence and CSCS qualification.

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Landscape Associates is currently seeking skilled and semi-skilled hard landscape operatives to work on prestigious domestic projects, predominantly around West London and surrounding areas. You must have proven experience in hard landscaping tasks and a willingness to learn. You must be enthusiastic, reliable and hard-working, and further development will be offered for the right candidates. For more details please go to

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CAMERON LANDSCAPES AND GARDENS Location: UK An opportunity has opened up for an experienced hard landscape foremen to join our well-established and dynamic team. Cameron Gardens, based in Notting Hill, is a successful garden design, build and maintenance company. The candidate will need three to five years’ experience and must be a team player with the ability to work alone. The role will include managing day to day construction works, working with the project manager and ensuring health and safety is implemented and adhered to. For more details please go to



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