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elcome to the first-ever edition of Pet Innovation – a quarterly magazine created to showcase innovative products, sustainability credentials and technological advancements from the pet retail sector. Read by independent pet shop owners, managers and buyers, and pet department managers in outlets including garden centres, Pet Innovation is designed to bring the sector together and share ideas. Currently, the combined pet shop and garden centre sector is worth £5.2bn to the British economy. This is set to grow exponentially with the next generation. A recent report by GroomArts Academy has thrown up some very interesting statistics for the market. According to this report, there are a combined 24 million cats and dogs owned in the UK, and Brits spend an average of just over £2k on their pooches a year. In the last five years, spending on pet gifts has grown by £286m and it’s up to the pet retailers – or retailers of pet products – to take advantage of this. Here, we take a look at the sustainability credentials of suppliers, hear from the Pet Industry Federation, and share wonderful, innovative pet products. Enjoy the read!

Joe Wilkinson Industry Federation 4 Pet The PIF overviews today’s

ethical to sell rabbits? 15 IsWeitexplore the pros and cons

dynamic pet market

of selling livestock in store

Pet 8 Casco Advice on how to create a safe,

Toys 16 Dog A roundup of the latest products

thriving animal enclosure

in the dog toy category

manufacturers 10 Product and sustainability Eco-friendly product suppliers

Litter 18 Cat Explore the latest innovations in the cat litter sector

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Pet Innovation | March 2024






he Pet Industry Federation (PIF) is a trade association which specialises in supporting all types of pet businesses: from retailers, manufacturers and suppliers to pet service companies, our members really cover the whole gamut of the UK pet industry. PIF exists to support its members through the good and bad times, with membership creating a point of difference for our members. We represent members’ interests with government and other


Pet Innovation | March 2024

influential bodies on regulatory matters, raise standards by promoting the importance of training and education; keep members abreast of news and industry issues and develop collaborative opportunities between members through events, which help businesses to network and prosper. In 2023, we celebrated 75 years as a trade association. Being at the heart of so many diverse business types in the pet industry, we’re able to get a good view on what’s happening in the industry today and what that could mean for garden centres with pet departments. The pet industry in the UK is worth around £7bn, but like almost every other sector, was affected by the covid-19 pandemic. UK Pet Food statistics in 2021 revealed that 3.2 million new pets were bought during the pandemic; this understandably led to an increase in the pet food and pet accessories market and a noticeable shift towards online and delivery-based subscription services, forcing the industry to adapt to a more digitallyled environment.

Having emerged from the pandemic, the pet industry has seen an acceleration of change and adaptation across businesses of all sizes driven by pet ownership trends. The ongoing

the pet industry has seen an acceleration of change and adaptation across businesses of all sizes driven by pet ownership trends influences of the cost of living crisis, however, means that the industry continues to go through a period of adjustment as it adapts to people’s changing spending habits. Generally, the pet industry is robust and withstands the buffeting from recessions and economic downturns. People love their pets and would rather go without spending on themselves, than relinquish their pets. However, we are currently seeing owners buying cheaper food, not replacing accessories as frequently or not purchasing premium treats, and this inevitably has had an impact on pet businesses’ turnover. Fortunately, innovation is still a big driver in the pet industry. The Pet Industry Federation’s Business of Pets conference, launched in June 2023, focused on innovation and new products in the UK pet market. Sustainability and convenience are driving a lot of this innovation, with products meeting a need to make owners’ lives easier or finding a solution to a pet care need through sustainability – think


husk cat litter, insect treats, ‘Tetra’ packs and multi-way leads. This is driven by Gen-Z pet owners who have yet to have children, but have disposable income and want to make sustainable choices with regard to their pet. Additionally, niche pet foods have seen an increase in sales, motivated by pet owners wanting a change from traditional supermarketbought food towards bespoke, raw, halal and even insect-based pet food. So, where do garden centres stand on all of this? Well, there are many reasons why your pet department has a lot going for it. Although online continues to present a threat to traditional retail, visiting a garden centre is an experience and a destination in itself and provides opportunities for centres to offer some of this innovation and new products, which owners can’t access as easily through an internet purchase. One of the most important ways to retain customers is by showcasing products or services that can’t be found elsewhere and garden centres have a unique chance to encourage browsing. Attractive merchandising will help this approach go even further,

One of the most important ways to retain customers is by showcasing products or services that can’t be found elsewhere and garden centres have a unique chance to encourage browsing

encouraging customers to spend longer in the department and to purchase more products than usual. Your pet department is therefore uniquely placed to help broaden your customer base and ensure it attracts customers across the entire leisure industry. Consider being dog-friendly too, if you’re not already, as this is another great way of engaging with your customers and ensuring they view your premises as a destination. In conclusion, there is much to be positive about the pet industry. The surge in pet ownership can only be good for pet business of all sizes, from micro through to large, multi-national retail. There is still a vital role for ‘bricks and mortar’ premises to showcase new products and innovation, and garden centres can really be at the heart of this, thanks to its unique role as a destination which encourages pet owners of all ages to visit and browse. PIF’s role as the largest trade association for pet businesses is to continue to raise standards and ensure that animal welfare remains at the heart of the industry. Find out more about the Pet Industry Federation and how it can help your business by contacting us on the details below. We look forward to the coming months and 2024 with an optimistic outlook. Pet Innovation | March 2024


1. The handle allows you to assist your dog over

obstacles and provide positive control when needed. When lifting, your dog’s weight is evenly distributed over the belly panel for a more comfortable experience.

2. Reflective stripes on the sides and in front make

your dog visible in dark and overcast conditions.

3. A safety light (not included) can be attached to the loop in front.

4. In addition to the standard D-ring at your dog’s

back, there is a webbing loop at your dog’s chest for mild anti-pull control.

5. The support strap at the base of the harness

distributes the pressure evenly at top and bottom for optimised power transfer when pulling. This makes the Rock harness long suitable for activities like canicross, bikejoring and skijoring for dogs that are pulling moderately.

For more information reach out to or

6. There are two rows of accessory attachment rails on each side.



Store Success



e’re a nation that adores our pets. More than half of households (57%) own a pet, with consumer spending on pets and related products worth almost £10m, as of 2022. Combine that with the trends of pet humanisation and premium product demand driving growth within the sector, and it’s clear pet retail offers multiple 8

Pet Innovation | March 2024

opportunities for store success. With these steps, your pet division can flourish – with the help of enclosures, education and layout. Step one: Prioritise animal welfare and enclosures Nothing garners attention (or footfall) quite like having animals in store – fish, reptiles, birds,

bunnies, guinea pigs. In saying that, having animals in store is a welfare responsibility; made easier with the right enclosures. Enclosures should prioritise an animal’s wellbeing – the right lighting, materials, furnishings, food, etc. Doing so also educates customers on the welfare level animals deserve, and provides an opportunity for additional sales.


Of course, the practical needs to balance with the immersive – enclosures provide the opportunity to elevate a shopping experience. Make animal displays interesting – realistic backgrounds that reflect an animal’s natural environment, such as a tropical theme bird rack or deep-sea theme aquatic display. For reptiles, strategic habitat lighting that highlights key features; for guinea pigs and hamsters, eye-level enclosures that keep customers entertained. Step two: Knowledge is power Pet owners increasingly value staff that are knowledgeable about the industry. Having the right information can influence decision making, and inspire purchases. Having information packs on certain animals and popular species can assist team members. Additionally, they can provide opportunities for consumers to take knowledge home with them. This may be animal information accompanying enclosures, brochures situated at point of sale, QR codes that lead to relevant information, and so on. Another opportunity for education – and driving footfall and engagement – lies in open days, or information sessions. This could be a supervised session where families can handle animals and learn more about their care, a local veterinarian teaching about animal health and safety, or a behavioural specialist providing tips and tricks.

Step three: Consider store layout and product placement Given most of the population is righthanded, people almost always turn right when they enter a store – walking counterclockwise. However, recent studies have found that a clockwise store orientation makes the best use of consumer’s turning bias. Use a logical layout and well-designed route alongside this. A great way to attract consumer attention throughout the store is through creating stopping points – with pet retail, this can be a showstopping pet enclosure that also acts as a centrepiece. Additionally, free samples, special displays or kiosks act as a potent sales catalyst. Letting consumers interact with products is helpful; people like to touch and feel things – whether it’s toys, leashes, collars, harnesses or beds. Additionally, keep an eye on what’s trending. Pet humanisation has seen consumers searching for human-grade, alternative ingredients, recyclable or refillable packaging options. Owners are increasingly eager to provide their pets with high-quality, sustainable food and treats – and are willing to spend the money on it; consider allotting additional shelf space to high-end products. Including a pet division within your centre is a commercially sound decision. Pet retail spaces are growing in popularity and spending is staying strong. Grow confidence in the space by showing you care for the animals, providing advice and relevant services, and housing a diverse range of products.

Matthew Bubear is the CEO of CASCO Pet, a leading manufacturer of world-class animal habitats and veterinary kennelling. An innovative entrepreneur, he has over 30 years of experience in the pet retail industry – driven by his passion for animal wellness. Pet Innovation | March 2024



Eco-friendly Pedigree:

Best in Show



t’s been reported that over a quarter of pet owners admit they like to pamper their pets, and Brits spend on average £2,136 a year or £178 a month on their dogs, with 66% of owners buying accessories for their pet. Eco-friendly pet product options are expanding. Some use recycled materials, like beds made from recycled plastic bottles. Bamboo and hemp are popular for collars and toys due to their sustainability. Recycled rubber


Pet Innovation | March 2024

is used for chew-toys. But as sustainability becomes ever more important to the paying public, how are manufacturers making it easier to be eco-friendly when it comes to pampered pets? Waterless Ltd is a British manufacturer of innovative hygiene products for the medical industry and has expanded their range into pet products. Nathan Goodfellow, the head of pet products at the Swansea-based business,

explains the eco-friendly range of products: “The most sustainable product in the Nilaqua Pets range is our bamboo biodegradable pet wipes. These are made from bamboo material which is more sustainable than other plant based or synthetic material. “We offer eco-friendly refills for the wipes to encourage less waste by keeping the canister and only re-order wipes. Refills are delivered in 100% recyclable outer packaging.”

FEATURE These innovative wipes are FSC Approved, biodegradable and are made from bamboo material. But Waterless Ltd is going one step beyond sustainable products – they are manufacturing the products in a sustainable way. Goodfellow explains: “All of our products are made using 100% renewable energy, made from recycled plastic and are further recyclable. All products are manufactured under ISO accredited policy and procedures. “All of our products are made right here in the UK, lowering the carbon footprint for our UK retailers and stockists. The vast majority of products are sourced in the UK. Components such as bottles, lids and labels are all from the UK – in fact any component that is unavailable in the UK is sourced responsibly, such as our bamboo viscose material for our wipes.” Natural organic skin and coat care product manufacturer WildWash is another company with fantastic green credentials. Company founder Jane Cooper says: “Our whole ethos is to be sustainable as a company so all the products we make follow the same ethos. We make our products in the UK in an apothecary that is solar powered and uses biomass fuel. We use sustainable ingredients to make our products and we make sure all our components are either made from recycled materials or are recyclable. We were the first company in the world to use a recycled spray pump and we have WildWash refill centres all over the UK.” Products in the Wildwash range carry the Cruelty Free International leaping bunny logo, have Ethical Accreditation and

are in the verification stage for Bcorp. In terms of product sourcing for the range, which is manufactured in Somerset, Cooper explains: “We research each product that we want to make individually. We make everything from scratch and nothing is bought as a white label product. “We usually meet a demand. So, for example, our Sensitive Shampoo has been made for dogs with allergies. In this product, we researched soothing and healing ingredients and made sure nothing we used in the product could be a potential allergen.” Harry Chapman, general director at Dot Dot Pet, a British-based company focusing on modern pet parenting, says the company’s core values are around being eco-concious. “Our entire product range has been developed with sustainability in mind. If I was to name our most sustainable products I would have to choose, our Multifit daily dog and cat treats as they contain only sustainable ingredients; the NutraPlasm formation is sourced as a by-product of the human food chain, helping to reduce food waste and pressure on landfill. “The other obvious product to choose is our Eco Towel range, as they are manufactured from 100% natural FSC certified materials that biodegrade in 90 days leaving no environmental impact, further reducing the pressure on landfill sites. They also mean

pet owners don’t have to use and wash as many dog towels, reducing energy usage in the home.” And Dot Dot Pet has pledged to work with suppliers that meet their sustainability criteria. Chapman says: “When we are designing products, the sourcing of ingredients, packaging and manufacturing plants play an important role in deciding who to partner with. We have recently moved to a new logistical supplier

When we are designing products, the sourcing of ingredients, packaging and manufacturing plants play an important role in deciding who to partner with who are certified as carbon neutral to help us achieve our value of being eco-conscious.” Jo Amit, co-founder and product director of HOWND, a company accredited by Cruelty Free International, the Vegetarian (Vegan) Society and PETA Cruelty Free, says their business creates products that meet the strict ethical standards of the Good Shopping Guide, even achieving a rating of 92 our of 100. Amit says: “Our low fat, glutenfree, plantbased wellness treats contain only natural, sustainable ingredients. They are hand-baked in biomass wood-fired ovens in the UK, and the packaging is fully recyclable. “There are now an estimated 12.1 million dogs in the UK. That’s a lot of paw print on the planet, and the more dog owners understand that not only do dogs enjoy plantbased treats and food, they’re healthier for them and our planet, the better. Many studies, including Knight and colleagues (2022), Pet Innovation | March 2024


FEATURE suggest that dogs fed a nutritionally complete plant-based diet have less health issues overall and it’s the most sustainable diet. Knight (2023) suggests that if all dogs went plant based, it would result in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the amount saved would exceed the total emissions produced by the entire United Kingdom. Studies such as Dodd and colleague (2022) report that dogs fed nutritionally sound plant based diets can even live up to 18 months longer. The more awareness grows that dogs are biologically omnivorous and there are many benefits in feeding dogs plant-based, the more sustainable the market can become.” In other areas, Becopets have launched a Seawilding campaign. Seawilding is a UKbased marine habitat restoration project on a mission to restore a 80ha seagrass meadow in Scotland (the size of 112 football pitches). In November 2023, Becopets donated 100% of profits from all marine toy sales onsite to help


Pet Innovation | March 2024

restore an endangered and essential habitat for ocean health. These products are made from recycled materials. Huskaloo, a division of Tailor Grace Ltd, is another leader in the eco-movement. The range of cat litter, made from husks of coconuts, offers more than meets the eye in terms of sustainability. Not only are the base materials not strip-mined like silica and clay, the product itself is compact and less is needed each time a tray needs to be filled. This saves on transport costs, packaging material and vital resources from the earth. The Future What can manufacturers do to move the industry into a more sustainable future? Waterless Ltd’s Goodfellow tells us how they are encouraging it: “We are changing all our packaging from containing PCR content to 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) which will encourage all manufacturers in the industry to do the same. More sustainable materials and manufacturing in the UK is a must to help reduce carbon footprint.” WildWash company founder Cooper believes that there needs to be a law change to see real

difference. “At the moment, pet products come under the same umbrella legally as household products. This means companies are not legally required to list their full ingredient lists. We do give our full ingredients lists on our product labels and on our website because we are proud of the ingredients we use. I feel if the end customer were given more information, then they could make more informed choices.” With sustainability to remain a buzz word that is rising in relevancy across the globe in

Retailers must now offer viable green alternatives to the products that have been doing the same thing since their inception 2024, retailers must now offer viable green alternatives to the products that have been doing the same thing since their inception. With pet numbers on the rise, and a new generation of pet owners looking for more sustainable products, it’s high time for a green revolution in the pet sector.

✓ Meadow, Timothy, Rye, Silky Soft or Barley straw ✓ Premium Quality ✓ 30% recycled content ✓ Barn dried ✓ 100% recyclable ✓ Dust extracted ✓ Straw available in ✓ 2 & 4 kg bales pond nets Contact us on:


dog accessories HANDMADE IN DEVON



ur journey began when owner Natasha noticed a gap in the market for collars, that not only boasted exceptional quality, but also reflected the unique personalities of our beloved pets. Determined to fill this void, Natasha took it upon herself to design some pet accessories for her own dogs, which progressively led into a family-run business. Our accessories range from our bestselling All Weather collection, perfect for pups who love to get filthy. It’s completely waterproof and paired with solid brass hardware so your dogs accessories will keep up with even the most actives dogs lifestyle. Then we have our distinctive Luxury Leather range. Boasting exceptional quality, our pieces are made with high quality vegetable-tanned shoulder leather – these stunning pieces are both strong and comfortable, providing plenty of character and a timeless design. To learn more about how we can become part of your story, visit our website or get in touch – we would love to discuss how we can work together in the future.


Pet Innovation | March 2024




ong debated, the selling of live animals in a retail sector is much maligned as a practice that, in the current day and age, is considered unethical. Julia Westwood, on behalf of the non-profit organisation Action for Rabbits shares: “As far as I am concerned there is NO ethical way to sell rabbits, particularly not in a retail environment. “There are literally hundreds of thousands of rabbits in rescue right now and those rescues are struggling to survive. Meanwhile stores and breeders are adding to the problem by bringing more into the world. “Not least these same retailers fall short on recommending or educating on adequate care and sharing just how complex and expensive rabbit ownership can be. They are not for the faint hearted and definitely not for children, who are often the target market in stores.” But certain pet retailers are doing their best to provide families with a rabbit as a pet in the most ethical way possible. Pets Corner, a national pet shop chain, claims that it “prides itself on being the most ethical pet stores in the UK. Animal welfare is our top priority and we have a number of policies in place to ensure the wellbeing of our animals – before, during and after their time with us”, and this extends to its practice of selling rabbits. Again, the company claims that it pays its suppliers more for rabbits than any other pet store in the UK, and


makes zero profit on the livestock. It uses small, local breeders, which it says enables them to create strong relationships, and allows them to visit the breeders to ‘check they meet our strict criteria’.And before the rabbits are their customer’s pets, Pet’s Corner states that they are

the ethics of selling livestock through a retail setting is long to rage on, with pros and cons on both sides their pets. They are “exercised, groomed and cuddled daily, and looked after to the highest standards.” So does Pets Corner prove that the practice of treating animals as products is a thing of the past? Maybe, but the debate over the ethics of selling livestock in a retail

setting has been ongoing, with pros and cons on both sides. But, Westwood has the final word: “Adopting from a reputable rescue is the only ethical way to welcome rabbits into your life. A rescue will ensure they home check the new owners, make sure they understand what the rabbits need and will often carry out bonding so that they don’t live alone. Rescue rabbits also come fully vaccinated and neutered – a cost which can often reach in excess of £250.”

For more information on selling rabbits and other livestock through your store, please visit your local authority’s website for information on licencing and best practice.

Pet Innovation | March 2024



A Dog’s


Fluff & Tuff Baby Bruce The Shark Doghouse Baby Bruce Shark is ready to take down playtime. He’s small, but not easily intimidated. While he’s prepared for any sneak attack from dogs of all sizes, his perfect playmates are small dogs with big personalities. Fluff & Tuff Dog Toys are premium quality plush dog toys that when constructed use a unique method designed to significantly prolong the life of Bruce the Shark when compared to other soft dog toys. RRP: £15.99

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Chuckit! The Chuckit! Ultra Ball has been developed to have high bounce, high buoyancy, high visibility and high durability. It promises to outplay the ordinary and is designed specifically for the game of fetch. This ball can be used in water and features an extra-thick natural rubber core and quality material that floats. The bright colour gives increased visibility and helps to prevent it from getting lost. RRP: From £9.99

Lickin’ Layers – puzzle and feeder in one! Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Fun with food. The Lickin’ Layers feeder is good for use with wet, dry or raw food. Three layers of food compartments with different maze patterns keep dogs interested, and improves digestion, promoting a slower, healthier eating pace. Dog owners can use as a game with treats, or as a slow feeder at mealtime, and the product is easily taken apart for cleaning. Made with food safe materials and top rack dishwasher safe. RRP: £22


Pet Innovation | March 2024


Dog Bubbles, Peanut Butter Scented Dr Zigs Dr Zigs has so many customers that buy these Giant Bubbles for their dogs and they know our four-legged friends love to chase and pop, so Dr Zigs has made a special formula just for them! These Bubbles are peanut butter scented, vegan, and contain no nuts. These are great for everyone, even with allergies. Just like all Dr Zigs other Bubbles, these are non-toxic and fully biodegradable. Some of the profits will also contribute to Dr Zigs’ award-winning Bubbles Not Bombs projects. RRP: £27.99

Wicked Ball Cheerble Bring excitement to your pet’s playtime with Wicked Ball – the automatic moving toy designed to engage their enthusiasm and curiosity fully. Whether you’re there or not, this intelligent ball will give your furry friend the interaction and exercise they crave. RRP: £44

Rubber Braided Bone Nylabone Made of natural high-grade rubber and infused with vanilla flavour, our Rubber Braided Bone is perfect for a game of fetch. Rubber ridges and nubs help clean teeth and massage gums while giving dogs something fun to chew and chase. The Rubber Braided Bone discourages destructive chewing and is great for both chew and play sessions. RRP: From £12.99

Super Soft Dog Tug Toy for the Small Ones Pup Suds A handmade super soft chew and tug toy, made from soft 100% recycled cotton T-shirt material. Suitable for all much-loved playful pups. Safe fun for a pooch – with the added bonus that it cleans their teeth and gums. This toy is machine washable, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Due to the handmade nature of this product proportions may vary. RRP: £5

Extreme Ball Rubber Dog Toy Kong The Kong Extreme Ball wins the fetching game for your dog! Durable, bouncy, natural Kong Extreme rubber gives it a bounce for fun games of fetch, delivering tons of healthy and interactive play. Made in the USA. RRP: From £8.50

Pet Innovation | March 2024



So Fresh,

So Clean


Pettex Pampuss Wood Pellet Cat Litter Pettex Limited With high absorbency and advanced odour control, Pampuss is a fantastic choice for any cat or kitten. Superior dust extraction means paws and fur stay clean, pleasing cats and owners alike. The pine fresh aroma of these biodegradable pellets release a pleasant and fresh scent to effectively tackle any unwanted smells in your home. Made from 100% recycled wood these pellets are free from additives, whilst also being light to handle and easy to dispose of. Please contact for further information. RRP: £16.99

Huskaloo Coconut Cat Litter – The World’s First Eco-Friendly Compact Cat Litter Tailor-Grace Ltd Compact and convenient, Huskaloo is 90% smaller and 90% lighter than conventional clay litter which makes it easy to transport and store. Environmentally friendly as coconut husks are renewable and sustainable, Huskaloo is biodegradable and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Huskaloo is up to 10 times more absorbent than clay cat litter, and the addition of sodium bicarbonate gives brilliant odour control. Kind to your cats as contains no chemicals and kind to your wallet as Huskaloo costs pennies per day to use not pounds. RRP: £17.99 for eight brick box; £11.99 for four brick box


Pet Innovation | March 2024

Breeder Celect Recycled Paper Cat Litter FibreCycle For the past 15 years Breeder Celect has been providing UK homes with 99% recycled paper cat litter, that is free from nasties like chemicals and additives. Made in the UK, low dust, highly absorbent with natural odour control, ensuring your house smells clean and fresh and, because it’s made from upcycled paper, water and air, it’s soft and safe for little and big paws. Biodegradable and compostable. RRP: 10L: £8.99, 20L: £12.99, 30L: £16.99


Sanicat and Kittyfriend brands Tolsa UK Sanicat has been making litters that care for cats, homes and the planet for over 60 years. It prides itself as an expert in cat litter and it offers a large range of clumping, non-clumping and plant-based litters to suit every household – and every cat. All Sanicat products have added oxygen to neutralise odours, no dust and are packed in paper bags. The new Vanilla and Mandarin has a delicate fragrance and has coarse granules of natural clumping mineral which don’t cling to cats’ paws. RRP: £7.99

World’s Best Cat Litter FibreCycle World’s Best Cat Litter® uses a patented process to compress corn into super-absorbent granules that trap odor deep inside and form tight clumps on contact – so you can do more with less litter. Made with whole-kernel corn and only the best and safest ingredients – for long lasting performance. Available in Original, Multiple Cat Unscented and Multiple Cat Lavendar Scented. RRP: 6.35kg: £25.99, 12.7kg: £39.99

Snowflake Wood Based Premium Cat Litter 5L Plevin Products Snowflake premium wood-based cat litter pellets are produced from high quality softwood sourced from responsibly managed forests. Economical – up to three times more absorbent than some other cat litter. This product is hygienic, it quickly absorbs odours and is clean and easy to use. This product will not cling to cats’ paws. Environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable. RRP: From £2.49

Sustainable Wood Cat Litter Natusan The production of Natusan cat litter involves refining and activating plant fibres through a high-tech clumping process. The result – active wood fibres that are able to absorb and trap seven times their own weight in liquid. It is100% natural, PEFC-certified, recycled wood materials and fully biodegradable. Easy removal of clumps means less cleaning, and it’s soft on paws, with no added fragrance. RRP: From £17.09

LitterFree Paws EverClean Up to 3x cleaner paws with larger clumping clay granules that make Litterfree Paws our best cat litter for kittens and cats. Breathe easy with a 99.9% dust free formula that reduces dust in your home, providing a clean and fresh environment for you and your cat when in use. The unique activated carbon technology traps and locks in odours thereby eliminating malodour instead of just masking it. Super absorbent cat litter with pawactivated fragrance technology that releases a fresh, light scent every time the litter tray is in use. RRP: £17.99

Pet Innovation | March 2024


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