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GROW YOUR BUSINESS Opportunities to expand in 2017


PRODUCT FOCUS Working together for pet health


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Welcome to the spring issue of Pet Care Retail, the quarterly magazine bringing you the latest news, products and trends in your industry. We thought long and hard about what to include in our spring issue, and spoke to everyone from industry experts to suppliers and online shops to ensure we created a publication that is as relevant and informative for you as it can be. We’ve received overwhelming support thus far, and we’re looking forward to integrating ourselves into everything pet retail with each issue. In this issue, we take a look at the expanding customer group of ‘pet parents’ and the trend for humanisation that has pet owners treating their animals like children. Health is also high on the agenda, with increasing levels of pet owners prioritising their pet’s wellbeing even above their own. Our pet health feature on page 34 outlines what is motivating this and which products pet shops can stock to cater for it. With online competition rife in every retail sector, and online purchases accounting for over 10% of the pet care market in 2016, it’s vital for independent pet shops to be involved in the online world. In our feature, Going Digital, we talk to web design and social media experts about the practical steps necessary for every pet retailer to establish a successful online presence. We hear from’s new chief operating officer Steve Spall on why he made the move from the drinks industry to pet food, and government trade ambassador Emma Jones explains the growth opportunities available to smaller pet care companies in 2017. Also included in this issue is your go-to guide for PATS this month, filled with everything you need to know to make the most of the event. We’d love to hear any feedback you have, as well as any suggestions for what you’d like to see in Pet Care Retail. Have a great read, see you in summer. Ash O’Mahony Features Editor Pet Care Retail

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Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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NEWS The latest sector news and a company profile on Pet Shed



THE INTERVIEW... Steve Spall, the new chief operating officer of


CYBER CRIME Top tips for protecting your business from a cyber attack


GROW YOUR BUSINESS Why 2017 is the year of opportunities for small businesses


BEGINNER PETS: REPTILES Five reptiles to recommend for first-time owners


STORE DESIGN We spotlight the innovative design of Pampered Petz, Australia


SELLING TO MILLENNIALS Who the millennials are and how to engage them


GOING DIGITAL Best practice, the challenges and benefits of going online



PRODUCT FOCUS The PitPat activity monitor for dogs


PET HEALTH Why pet stores are ideally placed to advise on pet health issues


PATS SHOW GUIDE Your go-to guide for PATS Sandown 2017


LATEST PRODUCTS Pet food, toys, accessories and bedding


MATCHMAKER Helping you help your customers: choosing the right cat


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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NTS Pet Store


Cover illustration: Amy Downes

Cover story

Selling to millenials page 24 A millennial may read about the newest pet product online at 11pm at night and want to order it at that moment, and will choose to purchase from the fastest, most convenient, easiest online site that can promise to deliver the following day

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Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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PCRNEWS Ruffwear launches largest ever product range Performance dog equipment brand Ruffwear will be launching a new summer range of cooling items in April, to go alongside its spring range which was launched in February. The summer range will include the Swamp Cooler, Jet Stream Vest, Core Cooler and Float Coat. The entire range sees additions and developments across harnesses, leashes, collars, backpacks and

boots, with new colour options now offering pink, orange, green, blue, purple and grey, after consumer feedback across Europe highlighted a demand in variety. The new colours are designed for the Front Range Harness and the Front Range Leash to be purchased as matching items. The harness and leash are made for everyday use, with the harness

created for easy adjustment, with multiple attachments for the leash. The assisting hiking harness, the Web Master, will also see a revamp and will now be available in grey, red and blue. Ruffwear targets its products towards outdoor adventure for dogs, and keeping dogs cool

Steve Fowler named PIF chairman Steve Fowler has been named the new Pet Industry Federation (PIF) chairman. Steve has been director of PIF for seventeen years and has a wealth of experience in pet retail, having opened his first pet shop, PamPurred Pets, with his wife in 1981. The company expanded to more than 50 stores nationwide before being sold in 2016 to Pets Corner. On the decision to apply for the role of chairman, Steve said: “When the chairman

role came up, I thought that my work as PIF director combined with my 35 years’ pet industry experience could really benefit the organisation.” Steve’s first act as chairman will be a mass review of membership: “The board will be reviewing the benefits of PIF membership for retailers, manufacturers, kennels, catteries, groomers, home boarders, wholesalers and pet services. I think it’s essential to ensure we’re offering the

is a part of Ruffwear’s heritage, with the Quencher, a collapsible food and water bowl, being its first product. The release of the Swamp Cooler vest uses evaporation and reflective material to offer shade, and has a leash portal so it can be worn with a harness. right benefits to our members.” Steve is also keen to improve licensing and legislation in the pet industry: “I’m looking forward to working with DEFRA to look at the issue of animal establishment licensing, the standardisation of licensing fees and the training of inspectors. Overall we want to ensure that improvements are made to the current legislation.” Steve was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2016 PIF Awards for his outstanding and continued contribution to the pet industry.



Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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Pooch & Mutt saw their parody of John Lewis’ ad go viral, leading to their Christmas range of dog food selling out nationwide and representing their seventh successive year of growth in sales.

Online accessories retailer is launching a ‘non-stop sale’ of pet brands within a password-protected area of their site, with up to 70% off, new stock daily and offers lasting a week.

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All the fun of the fair

Ruffwear’s range of boots will now be sold in pairs as well as sets of four, making them suitable for rehabilitation and stability. The boots range includes the Grip Trex for hills and mountains, the Summit Trex for everyday use and the Polar Trex, suited to extreme cold conditions. This year’s PIF awards will take place on 28 November, and is recognised as the leading business awards in the industry. Throughout his many tasks and aims for PIF as chairman, Steve stated that PIF’s continued role in pet ownership will always be a key focus for him: “The keeping of animals is ever changing, with various pressures on ownership. PIF wants to make sure that they’re at the front to lead and ensure that pet ownership remains rewarding in a responsible manner.”

NEW AUTOMATIC CAT FEEDER Catspad, a new feeder and water fountain, allows pet owners to schedule meals and monitor eating habits for up to a month using their Catspad app. Available to preorder before its distribution this summer.

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HayPigs! is due to launch its range of fun, functional guinea pig products on 15 April. Co-owner Rik Cridland tells Pet Care Retail about his inspiration for the new range. Rik stated the initial inspiration for creating products specifically for guinea pigs came from owning them with his wife Helen: “We adopted two guinea pigs from a rescue centre in 2014. My wife has owned all sorts of small animals growing up and was the driving force to us getting them – I didn’t know much about them myself. As soon as we got them we realised what amazing little creatures they are and how much personality they’ve got.” After searching online and in stores, Rik and his wife found there was a scarcity of products aimed at guinea pigs on the market, and having bought everything available they started considering their other options, aided by Rik’s background in product design. On returning to the rescue centre to add to their guinea pig brood – which now stands at six – the couple found they weren’t alone in their frustration in the restricted guinea pig product market: “While speaking to a rescue centre worker I mentioned I was a product designer. She immediately implored

me to design a range of guinea pig products because she could never find much for them. That’s where HayPigs! came from.” TheHayPigs! circus themed range currently includes the Cavy Cannonball Tilting Tunnel, the Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper and the Circus Hidey Hut. The inspiration behind the theme came from Rik and Helen’s guinea pig runs: “Our guinea pigs have an octagonal mesh run that comes with a nylon top,” explains Rik: “The one problem with the product is that the minute there’s a downpour which does happen quite frequently even in summer, all the rain collects on the top and a puddle of water drips through which guinea pigs aren’t fans of to say the least. One day I was out in the garden and just stuck a cane up in the middle of the pen to make the water run off it rather than collecting and dripping through it, which created a circus tent for the guinea pigs. I thought: ‘That would be an awesome product’. That started us on our journey to creating circus themed products.” Retailers interested in stocking HayPigs! can contact the company via email on



The UK’s biggest wholesale parrot supply store has launched its new website, making it easier to search through brands and products. Includes a new blog section with parrot industry advice.

The pet food giant will be bringing its retailer training days back after their previous success. With over 70 trained specialists working as ‘Retail Ambassadors’, focusing on health, nutrition and sales.

Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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Do you have any staffing tips? Like many businesses, we have suffered from problems with staff. At the moment we have a good settled mix, who all work well together and get on well. We used to have a probationary period of three months, which we’ve extended to six.



Do you have any future plans to expand? We’re always looking to expand. I would love at least another one, possibly two more units of a really good size so that we could add in more services to our existing portfolio.

What’s the history of Pet Shed? I worked for 30 years for the largest wholesaler in the pet trade (at the time). Unfortunately the company ran into financial problems, and I left having been offered another opportunity. After a while I wanted more control of my own future, and decided to start my own business, with help from my daughters and son-in-law. In 2003 we opened Pet Shed in Swindon, in a new unit on the same site as the Blooms garden centre and the newly built Butterfly World and Craft Village. Within five years we had grown to the point where we could take on a much larger unit on the same site, operating two separate buildings: one for wild bird care, cage birds and small animals, and the other for dog and cat products, with a small amount of poultry and farm feeds. Recently we added a warehouse to enable us to buy in bulk, and soon we’ll be adding a grooming service.

What makes Pet Shed different from other pet shops? I believe that we’re just better at what we do. We were the Pet Industry Federation Independent Pet Store of 2016. This is decided by mystery shoppers, and we achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 98%. Can you provide a mini-breakdown of your turnover? We don’t analyse to that extent, as I believe that provided each section is growing and is kept up to date with current trends, there will always be times when some areas will do better than others. Do you feel you target the millennial customer base? We don’t specifically target any demographic or age range. I believe that all customers want the same things. With pets, many people like to bring their animals in to try on items, ask advice, or actually see the variety of items that are available.

What is Pet Shed’s philosophy? We aim to offer quality products at good prices, along with the best service we can. We’re not unique in the products we have, so consumers have to enjoy the experience of shopping with us. What is your customer base? We have a variety of age groups, and many of our customers travel a long distance to get to us because they say we’re the best pet shop they’ve been to. What are your most popular products? It would have to be the better brands of dog foods, although our sales of wild bird foods have been very good. We also have an extensive dog treat range, including many not seen in most stores.


Who are your suppliers? We deal with most major brands, although we’re also well known for the brands that we refuse to deal with because of concerns with quality and trading methods.

22-24 March GLOBAL PET EXPO Orlando, Florida, USA 11-14 May ZOOMARK 2017 BolognaFiere, Bologna, Italy Phil Wells



Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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17-18 June DOGFEST NORTH 2017 Arley Hall, Cheshire 24-25 June DOGFEST SOUTH 2017 Windsor Great Park, Berkshire

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Quality | Service | Delivery There are over 3,000 products in the Petface range, within 17 brands; covering collars and leads, feeding, bedding and toys across dog, cat, small pet and wild bird. Our unique and innovative products are designed to increase sales and drive volume online, in stores and within pet departments. For a catalogue containing our full range of wholesale pet supplies please contact us.

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· NA







t its best!!” a d o o f t e p l a “simple, natur

Help getting them trim this spring light food recipes

all natural formulas

grain free options

moist, dry & baked recipes

Freephone 0808 100 8885 Advert template.indd 3

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STEVE SPALL If you really get to know what your customers’ needs are and what they’re looking for, you can make sure that your online presence is tailored around that

Born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex

First job at Ernest and Whinney as a research associate

Group operations director at Innocent




Steve Spall CV

Interview.indd 11

Steve, talk us through the concept… is the first company in the UK that is tailor making food for each dog’s unique nutritional and dietary needs. Every dog is a bit different in terms of age, size, breed and so on, so the idea is that each bag of dog food we make is hand blended specifically for individual dogs. As there are a range of different kibbles that could go into the dog food, we choose which kibble should be blended with which and in what quantity to meet the specific needs of that customer’s dog. There are literally thousands of possible combinations. also sends the product directly to the owner, cutting out the middle man. It’s bespoke nutrition at a great price so owners can be reassured they’re doing the best for their dog without breaking the bank. Customers seem to love it so far – we’ve got high trust pilot ratings of 9.6/10 on just shy of 6,000 reviews. It really does seem to be working well for our customers and their dogs.




Graduated with a Masters degree in Manufacturing Engineering

Supply chain development manager at Tesco

Chief operating officer at

Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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in a completely new and unique way which people can sometimes struggle to get their heads around. Our biggest challenge I think has been getting people to think a bit differently, from customers to suppliers and investors, and getting them to imagine a world where pet food can be quite different and specifically target the needs of each pet. One other challenge has been that we’re growing quite rapidly, and we want to make sure we do that without losing the essence of who we are and how we work. Equally, there’s a huge set of opportunities ahead of us to possibly go into other countries or think about how we could provide a similar offering for different pets.

The team at

Tell us about your role. I joined at the beginning of this year. My role is chief operating officer, which means it’s down to me to design, recruit, develop and inspire the team and operations within the company, looking at today’s customer demands and tomorrow’s innovations, making sure we’re giving the best service to customers and creating the scale and diversity of products that they want for the future. I haven’t had long in the role as yet, but I was lucky that since the summer my previous employer allowed me a couple of days each month to come and get to know, which has given me a head start. How are you finding it so far? It’s great – it’s been so much what I expected it to be. It’s really exhilarating to be part of such a young, thriving business and to be part of a team who is so committed to its purpose. What made you decide to join What attracted me specifically was a combination of the chance to work in a successful, digital


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

Interview.indd 12

subscription business with a real point of difference that is growing rapidly, and also to work with people who are genuinely committed to improving the lives of pets and their owners. It resonates quite nicely with Innocent, where I worked before, which was a company that aimed to help people live well and stay healthy, and is about doing the same thing for people’s pets. There’s a sense of continuity for me. It’s a rare opportunity to work with a business that has a great idea, a great business model that is meeting customer’s needs, and a strong team. I wouldn’t have left Innocent for anything less. What changes are you aiming to put in place at has grown rapidly, and my task is to make sure that we put in place the people, tools and processes we need to support that growth, whilst maintaining the great service our customers enjoy. We also need to maintain the culture of a nimble, friendly, entrepreneurial team. It’s about making the changes that allow growth without changing who we are and what we represent.

What lessons have you learned from your time at companies like Tesco and Kingfisher? If I think back to my Tesco days when Sir Terry Leahy was CEO, he fiercely focused on the needs of the customer; his first question was always: “How does this make things better for the customer?” That’s something we must never lose sight of at, and something we’re very focused on. I always try and keep that inspiration from Terry in mind. Looking back at Kingfisher to my time working with Ian Cheshire – who is one of the most inspiring business leaders I’ve been lucky enough to work with – I think if we can emulate Ian’s focus on being responsible as a business, and use that perspective to strive for a customer offer that is responsible about the way we operate, I think we’ll have great success. What are the biggest challenges you’re facing at One of the challenges is how we go about explaining our products to our customers. It’s actually quite complex to explain to third parties like investors or suppliers, because we’re working

This issue we’re covering selling to millennials. What would be your advice for trying to target today’s consumer? I guess in some ways millennials are just the same as the rest of the population in that they have

I think all successful retailers that are going to be around long term understand that to survive and thrive requires a strong commitment to sustainability concerns about how to look after their pets. I think it’s about pet shops tapping into the things that are topical and relevant for that group of customers through the media that they’re comfortable with. Health, wellbeing and nutrition are all very big on the agenda for millennials, as is being responsible as a consumer. The demographic is very influenced by marketing, and peer recommendations through social media platforms are crucial. An ongoing challenge for millennials is buying their own homes, with some of the older members of that generation only just having managed to do it.

02/03/2017 09:37


An ongoing challenge for millennials is buying their own homes, which is leading to many taking on pets in later life and needing more support from pet shops

With that comes for many the first chance to have a pet. This group is often seeking advice on what’s best for their pets, and an important part of the pet retail experience for them is being given that support and advice by pet shop staff. I’d be saying to pet shops aiming to attract millennial customers to focus on the health and nutrition agenda, understand how to use and influence via social media and online marketing, and be mindful of the need to help customers through the journey of looking after what may be their first pet. How important do you think having an online presence is for a pet shop? I think it’s really important, not only to be seen and be discoverable when consumers are looking for products or help, but because it allows convenience. In our case at it’s obviously at the heart of what we do – it allows people who perhaps can’t get to a pet shop the chance to get information and answers they’re looking for. Selling online also enables customers that are working all day to purchase the products at a time that suits them; convenience is a big factor for today’s customers. The more a pet shop can show it understands its customers’ needs and match those, the better business will be. What advice would you give for an independent pet shop considering going online? The main thing is to really know your customer. It’s easy to put up

Interview.indd 13

a website with the wrong things on it; if you really get to know what your customers’ needs are and what they’re looking for, you can make sure that your online presence is tailored around that. That will attract more customers and keep your current customers loyal to your shop. I’d also advise pet shops to ensure their online offering is one that allows feedback. Having that direct engagement with your customers and hearing their thoughts and ideas is so important. Do you think retailers have a responsibility to operate sustainably? Absolutely. I think all successful retailers that are going to be around long term understand that to survive and thrive requires a strong commitment to sustainability, and operating responsibly. It’s important to ensure we aren’t compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We’ve always kept sustainability in mind at Our tailor made kibble is produced in the UK and we’ve been able to source as many ingredients locally as we can, to reduce the carbon impact.

How important is it for retailers to focus on recruitment of staff, retention and motivation? It’s critical. The whole experience that customers have in a pet shop is dependent on the staff that they interact with. One of our core values at is to be team spirited – we definitely understand how important it is to have a happy, healthy, motivated team. If we’re going to achieve our mission of changing the world of pet food for good, we need to continue to focus heavily on hiring the right people. What’s your number one tip for managing people? I guess remembering that first and foremost your role as a manager is to help people bring the best version of themselves to work every day, and to create an environment that allows them to do that. If you don’t look after your staff and create a positive environment for them, they can’t look after your customers for you. Do you foresee any future trends shaping the pet industry? I think health is there, and the focus from ‘one size fits all’ shifting to more masspersonalisation in pet products is

becoming more evident. There are also trends that come from lifestyle; when you think about dogs in Britain for example, more and more people are finding it hard to find somewhere to live and are living in smaller flats or houses, which is increasing the popularity of smaller dog breeds, as well as more people taking a pet on later in life. They then need that bit more help and guidance from pet shops because they don’t have a lot of experience in keeping that pet. Do you own a pet yourself? I don’t at the moment. With my current lifestyle it probably wouldn’t be that responsible for me to have a dog. One of the big perks of working for Tails. com is the opportunity to enjoy the Tails office dogs – a few of our workers live nearer the office than I do and can bring their dogs on the commute, so I have the likes of Socks and Dandy to cheer me up every day.


The office 0203 322 4448 Facebook: @tailsUK Instagram: tails.com_uk

Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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CYBER CRIME: ARE YOU RUNNING AN UNNECESSARY RISK? Cyber crime can threaten data security and put your physical assets and employees at risk. Dave Stallon, commercial director of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), asks if you need to be doing more to prevent a cyber attack


staggering 7m cyber crimes are committed against smaller businesses in the UK every year. That is 19k each day. On average, each of these incidents costs the victim nearly £3k, and takes just over two days to recover from.

Going digital

The digital economy is vital to smaller businesses, presenting them with huge opportunities to reach new markets and customers. Online selling, digital data and digital communications have quickly become crucial to business success. For the pet retail sector, it’s been predicted that online sales in pet care will grow by 43% between 2016 and 2021.

Risky business The risk of cyber crime attack is rising. Attackers are becoming more effective, whilst victims are becoming less able to discover attacks. Cyber crime is one of the fastest growing risks to small businesses and one of the fastest growing areas of crime globally.

Steps to take As a smaller business you should take basic cyber resilience precautions to help protect your business. These include: • Using computer securing software • Carrying out regular updates of your IT systems • Having a strict password policy • Having a crisis plan of what to do if you are attacked • Implementing processes that carry a recognised security standard such as ISO27001 • Having a cyber insurance policy. It may be no surprise that research carried out by the FSB in 2016 found that 99% of the UK’s 5.4m smaller firms rate the internet as being highly important to their business. Two in three of these are offering, or planning to offer, goods and services online. However, the countless benefits and opportunities brought about by the growing digital economy are matched by the risk of criminal digital attacks.

CyberCrime.indd 15

Cyber crime The most common types of cyber criminal activities against smaller businesses are: phishing emails (49%), where digital channels are used to deceptively obtain personal and financial Whilst smaller firms information; spear phishing emails (37%), where the relevant take their cyber email appears to be from a security responsibility person or an organisation the seriously, they are receiver knows, and malware attacks (29%) against a computer, often the least able other device or network, by to bear the cost of malicious software such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms doing so and rootkits. For the retail and wholesale trade sector, CNP (card not present fraud) is added to the list, with 21% of smaller retail and wholesale traders reporting being the victim of this specific type of cyber crime.

Time to focus Taking steps to protect your business by implementing cyber resilience measures is undoubtedly a sensible move. However, smaller businesses are understandably focused on building their businesses and creating the jobs which drive economic growth. Whilst smaller firms take their cyber security responsibility seriously, they are often the least able to bear the cost of doing so. This month the FSB is introducing a new free cyber protection package to its members. As well as including a cyber advice line and access to online cyber information, this includes free cyber protection insurance cover.

FURTHER INFORMATION To find out more about cyber protection or FSB, please visit or call 0808 2020 888

Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


02/03/2017 09:20




The government’s trade ambassador Emma Jones says there are several growth opportunities for smaller pet care companies in the year ahead


he British love of pets – and small businesses – is at an all time high. According to research, the pet accessory market was worth £643m to the British economy in 2016 – representing a 13% growth since 2011. Experts predict its growth trajectory will be even steeper over the next five years at 14.8%, outstripping

the wider economy by miles. British households are now home to 58.4m pets. In fact, almost a quarter of us are proud dog owners. Meanwhile, the UK remains one of the most popular places to start a business. In 2016 more than 650k companies were registered with Companies House – a rise of 50k or 8%. There

are now 5.2m SMEs in the UK employing 60% of the workforce. Today, starting and running your own business is becoming the new normal. If you’re looking to grow your profits, 2017 could be the best year yet to give it a go. Follow these five steps to make the most of the growth opportunity this year.




A recent government program called Growth Vouchers has delivered results, showing that small businesses who seek advice grow faster than those who don’t. According to the program’s initial findings, good advice can typically add around £15k to your bottom line annually. There are five key areas the ScaleUp Institute has identified that are barriers to growth: taking on the right staff, building your leadership capability, accessing customers in other markets/home market, accessing the right combination of finance and navigating infrastructure. Identify the areas in which you need help and support and find an advisers that are local or sector-specific to plug gaps in company knowledge, whether it be guidance on sales and marketing, IT and Web, access to finance and taking on staff or just helping you to think bigger.

GET ONLINE Make 2017 the year you get smarter online. Around half of Britain’s small firms are still not up to speed with the digital world and it could be an opportunity missed. If you haven’t got one, a simple website is your shop window to the world. It says, ‘I’m here and I’m open for business’ even if it simply displays what kind of products you sell, address and opening hours. If you add in an e-commerce element, you could add an extra dimension to your company finances. Consider trading on Amazon or if you’re creative, Etsy. With the added incentive of the government’s Making Tax Digital initiative around the corner, it’s certainly worth investigating how slowly introducing time saving online tools can increase your productivity over the long term.


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

SmallBusinessGrowth.indd 16

With the added incentive of the government’s Making Tax Digital initiative around the corner, it’s certainly worth investigating how slowly introducing time saving online tools can increase your productivity over the long term

GET YOUR BUSINESS INVOLVED With so many organisations intent on supporting your success, it’s crazy not to get involved. Find and join local and national networks where you can talk to like-minded individuals, take on board new skills and keep on top of the issues. Enterprise Nation runs regular meet-ups and events across its main centres of London, Birmingham and Bristol. Make it a priority to join the Small Business Saturday campaign that supports, inspires and promotes small businesses, and encourages consumers to buy from them.

MAKE SOME NOISE Turn to social media and reach out to the journalists and bloggers who influence your customers. Grab their attention. Attach professional imagery to increase the chances of being covered online and off. Enter for awards. Anything animal-related is perfect for Instagram and Facebook. Find some social media training that will help you find the most appropriate channel for your brand and tips on how to attract more viewers. This year Enterprise Nation has teamed up with Facebook for its #shemeansbusiness campaign which aims to train 10k women running small businesses in everything they need to know about social brand building.

With 1.2bn customers online across the globe, some of them could be yours. The ‘Made in Britain’ brand is selling well in international markets, and entering overseas markets has never been easier when you can start retailing your product line via online platforms such as eBay, Etsy and Amazon. In 2017, Enterprise Nation is running five global missions to help small businesses explore new opportunities to sell further afield. We’re heading to Paris in March, then onto Beijing, the US West Coast, Singapore and Dubai. The missions are part of our ongoing Go Global campaign and build on the seven successful international delegations we’ve already led to trading hot spots including China, New York, Berlin and Amsterdam in the past two years. The expanding pet product market is seeing strong growth globally, with new innovation such as natural foods and products making inroads into the market.


02/03/2017 10:02


MAKE SOCIAL MEDIA WORK FOR YOU You need to create a social media presence, but you’re not sure where to start. Pete Doyle, founder of SEO agency and digital marketing company SocialRetail Group, has the answers


ocial media is the most cost effective channel to connect with your customers, especially as you can see pictures of their pets and how important they are to their owners. Pets are part of the family. There are various social media platforms available: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and the most popular one for the younger generation is Snapchat. Snapchat now has 10m daily active users in the UK and is popular with teenagers.

MAKE A START Firstly, I would begin with a basic Facebook page, and explore the functionality. Take time to get familiar with how a business Facebook page works – it is slightly different to using it as an individual. Define your tone of voice and sign off each post with your first name to keep it looking personal. You can like other Facebook pages and become an active member of your local community. Set up your store opening hours on the page and write a brief description about what is unique about your store. Add your full address details, phone numbers and email address for customers to contact you. You can send and receive messages via Facebook pages, too. Take your time and don’t try to do everything in the first week. Get some friends who have experience running commercial Facebook pages to help out. Secondly, set up a Twitter account. On Twitter, local town names have hashtags, so you can reach out and follow your community by searching for local hashtags to bring up their accounts. Take care looking at people’s profiles before you connect with them – it’s your brand and reputation that you need to protect.

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PROGRAMS TO DOWNLOAD Downloading the Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter apps for your smartphone will free you up to talk to your customers whenever and wherever you happen to be. Tailor social media to your customer base. Be consistent, polite and friendly across social media conversations – as if you were face to face with the person on the shop floor. That way, the customer will receive an honest and consistent shopping experience.

DOS AND DON’TS Do ‘think twice, tweet once’. Think about what to say before you reply to your customers – don’t rush into it, take your time. Do try and do a little bit each day, perhaps ten minutes, so it keeps your social media posts up to date and relevant. Do focus on talking about your area of expertise. Don’t get embroiled in a conversation that has nothing to do with pet shops in your area. Don’t try and automate everything. Tell people when you’re online and let them come to you with their queries. Encourage them to make appointments with you.

Over time you may find having conversations on Facebook is easier than on the phone, and you can have multiple conversations simultaneously on social media when you get the hang of it


Once you’ve started, it’s important to maintain momentum. Keep your social media up to date and quite quickly it will become an extension of your business, a bit like your shop phone or email. In fact, over time you may find having conversations on Facebook is easier than on the phone, and you can have multiple conversations simultaneously on social media when you get the hang of it.


Ideally once or twice a week is good, providing you have something relevant to say. If you have more time, once a day is good too. But don’t post anything just for the sake of it – make sure it’s relevant.


Seek advice from friends or family, or look for a local social media trainer who can help you. As the owner of the business it’s best that you’re the one who does this – don’t outsource it. Having conversations with your customers is a successful part of running a business; social media gives you the chance to get real time feedback from your customers and build long term relationships. You will get out of it what you put in.


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Fr rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre!

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Size: 584 x 694 x 850 Weight: 47kg Capacity: 103 Litres

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Being able to advise your customers and help them make the best pet decisions possible will ensure not only their success, but repeat business and trust for you as a retailer. Reptile keeping is often seen as something of a dark art – Mike Rickard-Worth, directing manager of LA Exotics, gives PCR his top recommended entry-level reptiles for first-timers


Bearded dragons interact with their owners, remember their owners’ face and in some countries are among the most popular pets after dogs and cats. Bearded dragons are popular not just because of their intelligence, but because of how easy they are to handle – they’ll happily sit on their owner’s shoulder all day. Bearded dragons are also easy to keep; their main requirement is the correct UV lighting, a necessity for any diurnal species of reptile. It’s critical for customers to be advised on which UV lighting is suitable when purchasing a bearded dragon. Incorrect UV lighting can result in metabolic bone disease.

3. LEOPARD GECKO Leopard geckos are another nocturnal, crepuscular species, so they don’t require a high UV source. They also don’t require crickets so much and can be fed mealworms and waxworms, so they’re better suited to potential owners that are a bit nervous of crickets. Leopard geckos are very easy to handle, another positive for first time owners.

2. CRESTED GECKO Crested geckos are easy to care for, easy to handle and are an arboreal species, which is a big plus to owners who don’t have a lot of space. Crested geckos need a tall tank rather than a long tank – they only need about 2ft width and at least 2ft height for their living space. Customers with smaller homes or flats may find crested geckos are their most suitable reptiles. Crested geckos are also crepuscular, meaning they come out at twilight, so they don’t require a strong UVB source; temperature and lighting doesn’t need to be controlled as strictly as some other reptile species. Crested geckos have largely self-sustaining enclosures, which means maintenance is relatively low, and they don’t require an insect-only diet, so they can be fed powder mixes and may be preferable for customers who aren’t keen on feeding crickets.

First time owners.indd 19


Royal pythons are easy snakes to keep. They’re nocturnal, so only need to be provided with a standard day-night cycle – UV lights don’t need to be worried about. They only need to be fed once every one to two weeks, so the cost of keeping a royal python is very low. Another big plus to royal pythons is that they are placid and tend not to be snappy. The tendency of some snakes to snap at their owners can turn customers away from purchasing them, especially first time owners, but royal pythons tend to hide rather than get aggressive when startled. Maintenance for royal pythons is also easy because they only feed once every week or so and don’t create a lot of waste to be cleaned up.

5. CORN SNAKE Corn snakes are a very basic of species to keep when it comes to reptiles, which makes them a popular choice and easy go-to for first time buyers. Similarly to royal pythons, corn snakes are generally friendly, and on the off-chance a corn snake became aggressive, their bites are fairly painless – nothing compared to a hamster bite. They’re great to handle, don’t cost a lot to feed and easy to keep and clean.

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PAMPERED PETZ RPTECTURE ARCHITECTS Rptecture Architects’ design for luxury Australian pet shop Pampered Petz uses a family theme to deliver a unique interior which focuses on the welfare and quality of life for the animals on display Project overview Australian owned and operated since 2012, Pampered Petz is a luxury pet store located in Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia. Situated within a prominent Westfield shopping centre, the store creates an exciting new pet shopping experience. The design was influenced by the company’s slogan ‘My Pet, My Family’. Taking inspiration from the idea of pets as part of the family, the design concept of ‘the family home’ emerged. Elements reminiscent of a traditional family home were introduced into


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

StoreDesign.indd 20

the space, making it easy for customers to picture the pets and pet products within their own homes. In turn, this creates a relaxed atmosphere in which customers feel comfortable shopping at leisure and interacting with their possible new family members. Each interior zone has been inspired by a common space within a home. Blending the concept with the functional needs of a pet store, the interior zones became an ingenious source of easy wayfinding. For example, the ‘bedroom’ inspired zone within the store is where all

pet beds are located, whilst the ‘kitchen’ zone has all pet food and bowls.

The brief The client’s brief for the fit-out was a contemporary, fresh and homely interior, influenced by the desire to provide customers with a luxurious high end pet shopping experience. As the store is based around the concept of the family home, it was important that the pets were at easily accessible heights for both adults and children. The large scale of the shop front inspired an exaggerated,

whimsical design. The right hand side is an oversized interpretation of the typical family home staircase balustrade; an homage to children playing under the stairs with their pet. The room zones concept has been cleverly combined with the functional storage needs of a pet store. Storage solutions have been framed with forms reminiscent of a four poster bed. A warm colour palette of soft, earthy, natural materials such as limestone and timber have been implemented to create a welcoming, familyfriendly atmosphere.

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Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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Project innovation The biggest source of innovation in this project was rethinking and reimagining the common pet store. The project required vigorous research into the functional display and storage requirements of this type of shop, pairing that with the best interior layout for the pet’s quality of life. The interior fit mostly consists of blonde coloured timber, providing a cohesive look and feel to the entirety of the shop. In order to create interest and subtle differences within each zone, the same material has been utilised and applied in various ways throughout the space. The glazing in the animal enclosure areas has been reduced in height to allow for an open, airy pet living environment. This also increases the interaction between pet and possible new owner / family member. To further enhance the level of interaction the animals have been raised up from the ground, perfectly situated at a child’s eye level. On one side of the enclosure, a ledge has been placed for people to sit with the animals and stay for an extended amount of time. Over time, pictures of purchased pets and their new family members will fill the frames located above the front counter.

Design challenges The biggest challenge for this project was breaking away from the stereotypical nature of other pet stores, whilst still fulfilling the store’s functional display and storage needs. There is a lot of stock that comes with a pet store; food, bowls, treats, toys and bedding, and all for each different animal. The challenge was designing for all of this whilst creating a fresh, unique and homely feel to the interior. Instead of being seen as a challenge to overcome, this became the biggest form of innovation within the project. Dealing with lots of stock on display and various storage requirements, lighting also became a design challenge. To sufficiently light and display each product in the best possible way

StoreDesign.indd 23

and avoid dark pockets, each storage section needed to be individually lit. Another challenge was odours and sufficient ventilation. The solution was to install a separate mechanical ventilation to ensure that the system was not shared with any other stores. In reducing the glazing around the pet pens to provide the animals with open living areas, challenges arose. The shopping centre guidelines required full height glazing at the shopfront, so there were negotiations to try and compromise on this. The tenancy is inside the mall and quite close to an exit. Due to this geographical context, a substantial amount of artificial light shone in during the night. In order to combat this, a hidden curtain was installed so that at night the glazing could be covered, allowing the pets to rest and sleep well.

Sustainability With such an array of natural materials used within the interior, it was essential that the sustainability of these choices was carefully considered. Every material was scrutinised in regards to durability, sustainability, recyclable properties and environmental friendliness. It was ensured that the materials sourced by the shop fitter had the environmental policies implemented wherever possible. Given the large proportions of timber and sandstone used throughout the store, all adhesives used throughout construction were made sure to emit low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The paints used on the walls and ceiling are low in VOCs, to improve the air quality and working environment both during construction and during regular use of the store.




Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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Pet Store

If you want a successful business in 2017 and beyond, you’ve got to make your company appealing to future generations. Millennials are the most important rising demographic in the UK: here’s who they are and how to sell to them

WHO ARE THEY? Pet parents are owners who see their pets as part of the family and treat them accordingly, buying them human grade food, treating them to gifts and pampering sessions and ensuring they get the best care they possibly can.

Baby Boomers • • •

Generation X • •

• •

Illustration Amy Downes


1965-1980 The ‘latch-key kids’ who grew up street-smart, often with divorced or career-driven parents Raised in the transition phase of written knowledge to digital knowledge. Most remember being in primary school without computers and the introduction of computers in secondary school See their pets as ‘furry children’ and want to ensure they get the best food and care possible.

Millennials •


rn The ‘rock and roll’ music generation 1946-1964 First generation to use the word ‘retirement’ to mean being able to enjoy life after the children have left home First generation to identify their pets as part of the family, and treat them as such.


Grew up in a digital environment and have 1981-2000 never known a world without computers. They get their information and do much of their socialising on the internet Envision the world as a 24/7 place with fast and immediate access to anything As well as being comfortable sharing their entire life online, this is a selfish, self-regarding generation Demand the best for their pets BUT rely heavily on the internet and social media to research and discuss the best products and services for them.

Baby boomers still have the most disposable income of all three generations of customer, so prices are a less important factor to them than customer service and their overall shopping experience


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

Millenials.indd 24

Generation X are now in their prime spending years, with millennials not far behind

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND EACH GENERATION OF CUSTOMER? Each generation has a unique and separate shopping preference and behaviour – a product or marketing strategy that attracts baby boomers may not attract a millennial or generation X customer. Though baby boomers have been responsible for the majority of sales – with a report by Synchrony Financial finding that four out of five retailers attribute 50% of sales to this generation – generation X are now in their prime spending years, with millennials not far behind. It’s important therefore that pet shops are able to identify and target their current and future customer base by tailoring their shops and services appropriately.


Service over price Baby boomers still have the most disposable income of all three generations of customer, so prices are a less important factor than customer service and overall shopping experience. Retail experience over website This is the generation that is least inclined to online shopping; though most are comfortable with the digital world, they are less likely to use the internet as a shopping tool. Pet shops with a customer base of mainly baby boomers should prioritise factors such as staff training and shop layout over web design. Give them a discount A report by Synchrony Financial found that despite being the more affluent group, baby boomers are very motivated by coupons and sales, with 75% more likely to buy a product if they have a coupon or discount.

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Loyalty schemes This age group enjoys being rewarded for their loyalty but doesn’t have as much disposable

Millenials.indd 25

Get people talking Millennials rely heavily on word of mouth and recommendations from friends and family when choosing where to shop and which products to buy, with eMarketer finding that 68% are influenced by their friends’ social media posts when making a buying decision. It’s important for pet shops targeting this customer base to make sure their customers leave with something positive and different to talk about. Online presence A report by Synchrony Financial

Convenience over loyalty Millennials will place convenience and speed over their loyalty to a certain brand or retail outlet, unlike their baby boomer counterparts. They won’t be prepared to spend more or wait longer to purchase from their preferred or local pet shop.



by coupon ted sa a v


Are m ot i


Online influence Generation X tends to check their emails regularly and the majority use social media, so online marketing and deals are a good way to target this group. This group responds well to personalised offers that are customised to their specific interests, so EPOS could be a very useful tool for pet shops with generation X customers.

Already know what they want to buy before entering a store through prior online research



Would switch brands to one associated with a good cause...


Source: The Market Creative’s Retail 2020 report

Generation X



Sales and discounts This group doesn’t have the same level of disposable income as baby boomers, and often not quite as much as generation X, but all three groups are motivated by discounts and sales. High expectations Millennials grew up with technology, and expect their retail outlets to be available online 24/7. Difficult or inconsistent online payment systems act as a huge deterrent for millennials, whilst pet shops that don’t sell online risk being ignored by this demographic. A millennial may read about the newest pet product online at 11pm at night and want to order it at that moment, and will choose to purchase from the fastest, most convenient, easiest online site that can promise to deliver the following day.

ick and m or t

s sale nd

Best products and services for maximum loyalty Baby boomers are the most loyal generation, and will keep coming back to a shop if they have a continued positive experience.

Online shopping These customers are more likely to research and purchase a product online (particularly if it costs less than in the shop), so branching out and selling products online may be useful to generation X’s pet shops.

t br ea

res sto

income as baby boomers. They are more likely to return to a shop if there is a loyalty scheme, and more likely to purchase a product if they can get a discount.



Less is more Millennials don’t like feeling harassed by their retailers and are deterred by repetitive sales emails/notifications, however their loyalty can be won through direct conversation via social media channels.

Personal experience over social media Synchrony Financial also found that baby boomers’ shopping habits are less affected by recommendations or social media comments than millennials.


45% ha s

found that 90% of millennials research products they want to buy online, and research conducted by AdAge concluded millennials spend on average 25 hours every week online. Millennials use social media to see what’s popular and look at online reviews for advice on where to shop and what to buy, so pet shops with a customer base that includes millennials should have a strong online presence and regularly update their social media sites. Millennials are also the most likely of the three generations to buy online rather than going into a shop.

…but believe businesses are focused on their own agenda rather than helping to improve society


Respond to offers sent to mobile devices

Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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MILLENNIALS Jeff Fromm, co-author of Marketing to Millennials, tells PCR what retailers need to know about selling to the next generation of pet parents


long with so many other myths about the millennial generation, add that they are disloyal and have no brand equity to the list. While millennials are indeed choosier than generations past when it comes to their selection of products and services, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in finding the right brand for them, one that they can rely on both now and in the future for goto purchases. In fact, a recently published report on millennial consumer trends by Elite Daily found that more than half of all millennials view themselves as extremely or quite loyal to their favourite brands. That’s a significant amount of sales potential. So, why are brands struggling to sell to millennials in today’s market? The answer is that many brands are still stuck using sales techniques that were developed in the Industrial Revolution. Traditional techniques focus on the ABC – ‘always be closing’ – paradigm, but now it’s time to transition to a more evolved approach. Instead of closing, brands must think about collaborating. The mindset must change from closing a deal to creating an environment of co-creation and collaboration. The more ownership a millennial has of a brand, the more likely they are to buy and share with their friends. As a result, brands must offer justin-time content and information, access to social and peer networks and clear visibility of an authentic and purposeful brand story.

Frictionless journey Millennials are digital in all facets of their lives. This has resulted in a heightened expectation of brands to deliver simplicity and instant reward at every level of brand engagement. Millennials are also more likely to consider being ‘always on the go’ the new normal. They constantly push the envelope to find ways of getting things accomplished faster, and in simpler and more convenient ways. As a result, millennials demand a frictionless journey from the brands they love. Brands that deliver a seamless customer experience at every touch point, whether in person or online, and have little or no barriers to purchase, are the ones that maintain repeat sales and loyalty. The simpler the path to purchase is for millennials, the more likely they are to repeat the process. While this may seem like a no-brainer, too many brands have not spent enough time learning to truly understand what their consumer journey looks like, and identify even the smallest points of friction that could deter millennial purchase intent.


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

Millenials.indd 26

Millennials... constantly push the envelope to find ways to get things accomplished faster, simpler and more conveniently Brand authority Brand authority is defined by the conversations a brand can be a part of that extend beyond just the product or service offering. When social media first became a major outlet for brand communications, too many brands simply applied traditional mass media marketing behaviours to the new medium. But a new market requires new rules. In order to stay relevant in today’s social landscape, brands must think beyond the product and ask themselves how they can become a part of the culture. Understanding what authority a brand has beyond its product or service allows it to be a part of conversations that truly matter to its customers. And if millennials are the target, it’s evident that they pay more attention to a brand with a point of view. An organisation’s brand authority should serve as the foundation for its overarching communication strategy, which extends beyond just social media.

Experiential currency Millennials are well known for valuing experiences over things – three in four would rather pay for an experience than a product. These experiences range in magnitude and price but all have one thing in common: they are not just a commodity product that can be packaged and sold on a store shelf. Rather, they enable millennials to co-create, participate and innovate. When brands create shareable experiences, they are accruing experiential currency. When this capital is shared, it spreads information about the brand to an entire network that may not have been previously connected. To stay ahead, brands must leverage the power that this currency holds. The bottom line is that it’s not enough for brands to sell in a way that is reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution era. Instead, they must focus on what influential millennial consumers are really looking for: the ability to collaborate with a brand, make a simple and seamless transaction, participate in meaningful conversations, and take part in experiences they want to share.

FURTHER INFORMATION Jeff Fromm is Senior Partner at Barkley, an independently owned ad agency and President of FutureCast;

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HIRO + WOLF Hiro + Wolf’s core customers are millennials and people of all ages with what they like to call a ‘millennial attitude’. Amy Fleuriot runs the business with Bee Friedmann... How did you start out? Bee and I met walking our dogs in our local park in East London. Bee had a shop at the time on Columbia Road Flower Market selling women’s clothes, but was also importing ethical goods from East Africa, where we get a lot of our fabrics from and some of our own designs printed for limited edition styles. I had recently graduated from a degree in accessories design and was keen to work with ethical producers. We both love our dogs and were struggling to find products for them that were vibrant, fun and on trend, so we decided to design some of our own… that was four years ago this February! Tell us a bit about what went into creating your brand… I already had a workshop with specialist machinery, so we started out making the samples in house using colourful materials sourced from our travels in Kenya (we also have a sister company, Artisans & Adventurers, selling our own label jewellery alongside homeware and gifts from small artisan producers). We did everything ourselves, from ironing on the backing to stamping out the leather. This level of craftsmanship is still very important to us. As we’ve grown we’ve been lucky to partner with a talented leatherworker in Staffordshire who still hand makes all of our products from a workshop in her back garden! Any crises along the way? Of course! In the early days we’d had some of our first big orders in, and our suppliers ran out of the hooks and fusing we were using. We thought we were done for, but fortunately we were able to find someone new whose quality was even better. We’re so lucky that people in the pet industry tend to be very kind and understanding, and we’ve had great support from our wholesale clients. When did you know your business was a success? I was walking to work one morning with Hiro and bumped into four dogs on route – every one was wearing Hiro + Wolf. That was the first time I thought, “Wow, this could really be working!” In the run up to Christmas last year, things felt like they were reaching a new level when we kept seeing our products in gift guides. It’s a great feeling to pick up a copy of the Evening Standard or Elle Decoration and see your

Millenials.indd 27

products in print. Saying that, we still have a long way to go and are always setting new goals! Any tips for other pet retailers? We started out with a market stall on Broadway Market in East London – get out to as many fairs and shows as possible, just to get the word out. We communicate with our customers as much as we can and encourage people to send us pictures of their pets wearing their Hiro + Wolf threads – that’s what makes it for us.

FURTHER INFORMATION 146 Columbia Rd London E2 7RG


Dashing Tweeds Yellow Raver Dog Collar from £36 Woven in the Scottish Highlands this traditional fabric has been given a technical twist with reflective yarn, making it perfect for late night walkies. Nebula Dog Harness £45 The fabric is hand screenprinted in Kenya by a Fairtrade certified workshop that offers training and employment to artisans with physical disabilities.

Rocket Bandana £18 Sprite Dog Collar £30 - £38 Classic Lead £39 Our Sprite and Rocket designs use fabric from Vlisco, a well-established producer of quality Holland Wax which is manufactured to high ethical and environmental standards in Holland.

Cat collars £15 Handmade in Staffordshire, these collars are adjustable and feature an elastic safety strip and bell to warn away bird life.

Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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Allocate the right budget


Design agency Bravedog’s managing director Nick Prescott on the importance of an online presence for independent pet shops, and the considerations, benefits and risks involved

Decide if you should sell online Without an online presence it will be difficult to let customers know what you do, where you are and why they should choose you. Online marketing is now an essential part of promoting a business, but it’s important to differentiate between an online presence and an online shop, which are very different prospects. We would advise independent pet shops against selling online unless you have good working capital, preferential deals with suppliers and can differentiate enough to compete with national pet retailers. If you try and compete on price and efficiency, you will likely be disappointed. Shoppers do love personal care and attention, but they love next day delivery and best price more. Focus instead on how you can use your website to maximise what you do have to your advantage. The risks are numerous. National retailers will always have more firepower and money than you. You must also consider your supply chain, so pricing, stock availability and time all impact on your ability to make a sale and more so to keep a customer happy and loyal. Fail them once on any aspect of the process and they will not come back. It’s easier to lose customers online than it is to win new ones. The benefits, if you are very committed and have some luck on your side, can be great. But don’t underestimate what’s involved. If you embark on online retail, be prepared to get it wrong a few times or for it to take time before you might make a success of it.

Differentiate your online offering Make sure you understand what the purpose of a website is and how it can best serve your particular business. For example, there is little point investing in an online store and trying to compete with national pet retailers on price. Instead, look to see how you can differentiate and make your online proposition more attractive to the people you are likely to do business with. For example, how can you appeal to locals? Is there a specific advantage or specialist knowledge you have to share? What makes you special?

Carefully consider the costs, not just for the content, design and development of your website or online shop, but the ongoing investment required to develop and improve it. Notwithstanding that, often you will need to invest more into marketing it than the website itself, perhaps through social media or email. Think of it like organizing a great party – nobody will turn up if you forget to invite them! Think of your website as a trusted ambassador and salesperson for your company – it never sleeps, never asks for a pay rise or to take days off, it has once voice and one opinion (the one you give it). If you’re serious about online, what you invest in your website and marketing should be the equivalent of what you pay your best employee. Don’t underestimate the cost of doing it properly. It’s not like selling a few bits on eBay – don’t expect results instantly.

Do your research before going online Look at competitors’ websites – even buy something from them and see what the experience was like. If you can, talk to other pet shops in other towns (that you don’t compete with directly) to get their perspective and insight. Ask questions and listen to the answers even if you are absolutely determined regardless. Think about what you buy online in your day to day life, see what works and what doesn’t. Put yourself in the eyes and minds of the people you think you will be doing business with online. Talk to your customers, see what they think, but do bear in mind they may just tell you what they think you want to hear – how you ask is important here. It may also be worth talking to your bank manager, as they may have other customers who have done what you’re looking to do. They may offer a different and more commercially orientated position.


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

Online.indd 28

02/03/2017 09:52


Choose the right company Take time when selecting your website company – don’t go on price, as you do get what you pay for. Look for an experienced, established company that has relevant experience in your sector. Ask them a lot of questions up front. If they know what they’re doing and intend on working with you as a partner, not a supplier, then they will welcome the questions and be able to answer them in a way that you understand. You should be looking to work with them long term if you want your website to have a positive effect on your business. Work with a specialist website company which can advise you on everything from website design to content, e-commerce and marketing. If they provide brand development services too that’s even better. The more your website partner can do, the more you can focus on running your business and doing what you know best. You’re going to need a lot of customers and they will be able to help you attract and keep them. Web design is important – user experience, presentation and order of content, brand story, ease of use, features and home to checkout functionality are crucial to get right. Don’t underestimate this aspect. Think about how you will capture and interpret the information your website can give you about your customers and prospects – no point gathering analytics and sales data if you don’t do anything with them. A good website company will guide you though this and help you make sense of it all.

Improve a current website that isn’t performing If you chose the right website company from the outset, they will be firmly on the case for you already. If you’re struggling to get the right help, seek advice from elsewhere. There are a number of web performance tools that can help determine how users are engaging with your website. Analytics too are a crucial source for understanding why and how a website is performing. Look at your marketing, what you’re doing and how you’re measuring its effectiveness. If you’re not doing any, start now. Ask your customers. Buy something from your own website and see what the experience is like compared to other websites you use. It could be that your competitors are just doing a better job than you – benchmark price, marketing, overall service and brand and see how you fair.


Think about how you will capture and interpret the information your website can give you about your customers and prospects

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Stephanie Brown from SEO and digital marketing company Clickdo explains how to ensure potential customers can find you online


otential customers need to know you exist and be able to find you. Many people search for pet shops every month and ideally your pet shop should be highly visible. However, this takes some effort. Your pet shop needs to compete for visibility when pet shops in your area are typed into a search engine. Google Adwords suggests that there are on average 14k monthly searches for ‘pet shop’. Marketing your pet shop online well enough can lead to a high ranking when ‘pet shop’ or similar is searched for, which means more people will see and find your shop in Google search results. Being found online and showcasing what your pet shop has to offer can lead to a potential customers enquiring more about your shop. Clicking through pages, browsing your online shop and going on your social media sites can all lead to more people visiting your shop and making purchases. The content of your site needs to be informative, attractive, easy to read and fast. It will need key information so you’re easy to contact, and any services such as pet grooming, what you sell and prices must be included. Your site needs to be informative, but it’s important that it’s not too cluttered so that it’s visually appealing as well as helpful. Having social media and posting on it regularly will also help to create an attractive image of your pet shop, and allow visitors to interact with you – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus Accounts can be important assets for your pet shop. When customers comment on your site or social media, the information is available for everyone to see. Customers will leave feedback on animals they bought at your shop, or about how friendly staff are. People will be able to read these comments and see how well people have rated your business, and decide from that if you’re a reputable pet shop that will cater to their needs. By sharing pictures and videos of anything newsworthy, fun and interesting relating to pets, your pet shop and animals can also attract attention and customers. These pictures and videos can consist of your shop, staff or new pets for sale, or pets that have come to visit with their owners. You can also use your social media to inform about deals and discounts in your shop which will lead to sales. These all help to make your pet shop visible on search engines and look attractive and reliable.


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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Director Dawn Worton talks about the benefits and considerations involved in going online, and how Ingleby Pets’ web presence has evolved since its inception When did Ingleby first go online? We went online in February 2014, just before we opened our shop. How has your online presence changed since then? We started with a basic website with a homepage, an about page and contact page. We now have a full website with an online shop, through which customers can book grooming appointments online. We’re also very active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Why did you decide to go online? To show potential customers about the brands and products we sell, educate customers and promote our business. What does your site offer to visitors? Visitors to our website can find out about the brands and products we sell, and check prices and order online if they want to. We have a gallery and a section dedicated to our grooming salon where customers can book online. Visitors can also find out where we are located and contact us via the website. What benefits have you seen from going online? We only really get customers in the shop who are very local; by going online customers from all over the country can order from us. Lots of customers have commented that they like our website and were not aware that certain brands were available so close to home until they found us online.


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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Have there been any drawbacks? It is time consuming keeping on top of adding our new products onto the site, as well as updating prices and product changes. Did you start your website yourself, or did you employ a web designer/developer? I started the website myself using Wix. It’s a free website builder ( What would you advise other pet shops to consider before selling products online? Look into the costs for postage – eBay and PayPal fees all need to be taken into consideration. Pet shops also need to think about how quickly they can get hold of the products they’ll be selling online, and whether or not they will always be available. Do you think it’s important for pet shops to have an online presence? Yes – being online gives you a chance to let people see what makes you stand out from your larger competitors. Even just a basic one-page website can work if it’s put together in a way that provides useful information for potential new customers to find your shop. By selling online a pet shop is extending its reach outside of its local area and can increase turnover.


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Made in Devon Complete meal, grain free now 75% meat

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Availab le in 3 small po ts and m 95g trays, ultipack offering s

Serving fresh from our Farm Kitchen, our delicious, Gloriously Grain Free Complete Wet Foods Irresistibly succulent chicken, lamb & duck varieties Made with natural ingredients A delicious superfood blend of botanical herbs Root and green vegetables jam-packed with B vitamins and natural anti-oxidants

The perfect complement to our delicious and nutritious, slowly oven baked, Farm Bakery range of Grain Free, Wheat Free & Traditional Mixer Meals. t: 0800 098 8057 e: w:

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PET HEALTH The most up to date advice on pet health concerns


PATS SHOW GUIDE PCR’s guide to PATS Sandown 2017


LATEST PRODUCTS Pet food, toys, accessories and bedding



PitPat activity monitor For happy healthy dogs

PitPat was founded by a group of technology experts who realised that the same wearable technology that helps humans keep fit and active could be further developed for dogs. Early market trials proved what an attractive proposition this was, and with over 4m overweight or obese dogs in the UK the market opportunity is huge. The product appeared on Dragons’ Den last August where the founders turned down two offers of investment. See how long your dog exercises every day, and how many calories they burn • Free app download • Over 200 breeds • Lightweight/waterproof • Fits any collar • One year battery life



ProductFocus PITPAT.indd 33

Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017 33

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The Pet Food Manufacturing Association (PFMA) says pet obesity is a ticking time bomb, and that pet shops are perfectly placed to raise awareness and give advice. Coupled with an emerging market of consumers who see their pets as people, now is the time for pet shops to get up to date on advice and must-stock products


he pet health product market has seen continual growth over the past few years. The Euromonitor International 2016 report on pet care in the UK says this is thanks to pet owners increasingly seeing their pets as equal members of the family, and therefore prioritising – and being more willing to spend money on – their health and welfare. This ‘pet humanisation’ has resulted in a much stronger focus for consumers on pet health products; in particular on pet food, with owners more concerned than ever about what their pets are eating, which ingredients are used in their pet food brands and how these are sourced. The emergence of all natural, ethical and organic pet food has seen immense success thus far, as the pet food market has been quick to respond to these concerned, health conscious pet owners. The expansion of the pet food market to include a multitude of new categories including raw, biologically appropriate, vegan and grain-free opens a new opportunity for pet shops to meet the demand of this new customer base, with a need for staff to get talking to their customers and ask: what are your pet health concerns? Do we stock what your pet needs? Pet obesity is a key concern amongst pet owners according to the PDSA 2016 report, with almost a quarter of UK pet owners


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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reporting that they worry about their pet being overweight, and 16% believing their pet is overweight or obese, further increasing demand for healthier pet foods and pet products that promote weight loss such as activity trackers. The Euromonitor 2016 report also noted that, despite 2016 being a year of constrained budgets for consumers, pet owners were willing to spend on products that promised to provide the best care and increased health for their pets, driving sales of reasonably priced, quality health products. Pet Care Retail looks at the opportunity for pet shops to capitalise on this emerging market of consumers who see their pets as family members.


TOP TRENDS Complete How we feed ourselves is different to how we feed our pets. Our diet is made up of many different food items each day, which we hope will provide a balanced diet over time. The vast majority of pets are fed a ‘complete’ pet food on a daily basis. The term ‘complete’ is a legal definition and it means that the product must by law contain all the nutrients a pet needs for healthy body function when fed according to the directions on the packet. This means we can have confidence that the pets’ nutritional needs are being met routinely. To achieve this complete nutrition, manufacturers formulate their diets in line with nutritional guidelines such as the FEDIAF (European Pet Food Industry Federation) guidelines for cats and dogs. These guidelines detail the nutritional needs of cats and dogs at varying life stages and they are peer reviewed by independent veterinary nutritionists throughout Europe.


of vet professionals identified obesity as one of the biggest health and welfare implications in 10 years’ time if not tackled

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Antioxidants Research has shown that certain antioxidants can be beneficial to senior pets in terms of cognitive maintenance. The research found that older dogs provided with a diet rich in antioxidants were able to complete difficult tasks and were less likely to suffer from age related behaviour. The studies even found that dogs on this diet were able to recognise family members more easily and retained greater agility.

Omega-3 Omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids are known for their ability to help maintain healthy skin and coat. They also help support the natural defences, liver, eyes, brain and joints. And, just like in humans, omega-3 fatty acids can help maintain heart health.

Fish oils There has been a lot of media interest in recent years over the role of fish oils and the potential benefits. We know that fish oil is good for us, but is it good for our pets? The simple answer is yes. Studies have shown that DHA, a specific omega-3, can help puppies learn. The studies that scientists are publishing about the benefits of fish oils are impressive; from brain and eye development to joints, fish oil can play a role.

Obesity PFMA runs an annual survey of vets at the London Vet Show, and we get their views on the latest nutritional topics. In terms of health, we know that obesity is considered a major issue for many pets. In our latest survey (November 2016), vets estimated that almost 50% of dogs are overweight or obese, 44% of cats and 32% of small mammals. It's important for the pet

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of vet professionals agree there will be more overweight pets than healthy weight pets in five years’ time industry to unite on the issue of obesity. Charities, rehoming centres, manufacturers, veterinary organisations and retailers all need to be on the same page.

Dehydration Pet owners may have heard or may soon hear of dehydrated pet foods – this is a relatively new product format which is becoming popular in the US. The dehydration process provides a slow, gentle method of processing the food to take away the moisture from the raw ingredients. Dehydration takes several hours, and uses warm air to ‘blow away’ the moisture whilst preserving the nutrients.

Humanisation Humanisation is the biggest and most impactful trend in the pet food industry and the majority of pet parents refer to their dog or cat in terms traditionally reserved for children. In the same way that the toddler food aisle is growing with a colourful variety of pureed fruits and vegetables, the pet food aisle is expanding to meet the need for a wider range of tailored products. Pets are increasingly being treated to premium products with a focus on wellness (added vitamins and antioxidants for example).




increase in pet obesity over the last two years

HEALTHY FOOD COMPLETE Beco Food for Dogs: Wild Boar

Manufacturer: Beco Launched: June 2016 Breakdown: Protein 22%, oils and fats 14%, fibres 3.5%, ash 7.5%, moisture 8% A mix of wild boar, herbs and vegetables including pumpkin, broccoli, kale, potatoes and chickpeas for a complete diet. RRP: 2kg £16.49 Contact: 020 8673 0943;

ANTIOXIDANT Beef and Tripe 80/20 Active Mince Raw Treats

Manufacturer: Cotswold Launched: Autumn 2016 Breakdown: Protein 14%, fat 12%, fibre 0.7%, ash 2.5%, moisture 69% Available in nine varieties, these raw treats are human grade, 80% meat and 20% carbohydrates. RRP: 1kg £4.25 Contact: 01386 426335;

OMEGA 3 Calamari Rings

Manufacturer: Fish4Dogs Launched: End of 2016 Breakdown: Protein 72%, fat 8%, fibres 0.1%, ash 5% Made from oven baked squid and rich in naturally occurring, marine sourced omega-3. These treats are 100% squid and hypo-allergenic, good for promoting healthy, shiny coats. RRP: £4.20 Contact: 01299 252352;

FISH OIL Only Fish 9.5kg

Manufacturer: Alpha Spirit Launched: January 2015 Breakdown: Protein 34%, fat 14%, fibre 1%, ash 5%, moisture 25% Made up of two of the best sources of fish oil along with pulses and natural preservatives. RRP: £58.99 Contact:

DEHYDRATED Robbie's Grain Free White Potato with Salmon

Manufacturer: Land of Holistic Pets Launched: February 2015 Breakdown: Protein 21%, fat 7.5%, fibre 2%, ash 7% Made from white potatoes, salmon, green beans, carrot, spinach and a blend of herbs. RRP: 2.5kg £15.14 Contact: 0845 373 4122;

Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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Petzi Treat Cam

What are the stand-out health issues you see in pets? The 2016 PDSA’s Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report asked the veterinary profession to identify the main issues that need to be addressed relating to pet wellbeing and ownership. Obesity was chosen by 35% of vet professionals as the issue that would have the biggest welfare implications for UK pets if not tackled.

Manufacturer: Petzi Launched: February 2017 Interactive HD camera with night vision allows owners to see what pets are up to when they’re out of the house, and use any Wi-Fi enabled smart device to take pictures and deliver treats. RRP: £179 Contact:

Tractive MOTION

Manufacturer: Tractive Launched: 2013 Tractive MOTION is a waterproof activity tracker with a week’s worth of battery life. Partnered with its free app, owners can set daily fitness goals and health plans to help get pets in shape. RRP: £69.99 Contact:


Manufacturer: iFetch Launched: January 2016 Rechargeable and fully automatic, the iFetch can launch balls to distances of 10ft, 25ft and 40ft. Dogs drop balls in the top to shoot them out, allowing owners to leave dogs to play alone. RRP: £99.99 Contact:

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Manufacturer: SureFlap Launched: September 2014 The SureFeed feeder logs the pet’s microchip data and will only open for them. The flap allows for prescription food to be consumed by the right pet, and works well for weight management diets. RRP: £99 Contact:

Catit Fresh & Clean

Manufacturer: Hagen Launched: September 2015 Catit’s Fresh & Clean stainless steel water fountain circulates and filters the water while preventing bacteria from forming in the bowl. The flowing water encourages cats to drink more. RRP: £34.99 Contact: 01977 556622


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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Manufacturer: Petsafe Launched: 2003 A timed laser aimed at keeping cats healthy and entertained which can provide up to 20 minutes of unpredictable laser patterns, with a 360 ° rotation and a variation of speeds. RRP: £33.99 Contact:

Leading veterinary charity PDSA on the central health issue of the moment

• One in three dogs and one in four cats in the UK are obese • Rabbits are not excluded from the problem; many owners are failing to provide the correct diet. Only a third are giving their rabbits the correct amount of feeding hay per day – they need to eat their body size of hay each day for good dental and digestive function • 16% of pet owners in the UK believe their pet is overweight or obese • Almost a quarter of pet owners (24%) told us that they worry about their pet being overweight • Obesity causes a range of serious health and welfare problems including the exacerbation of joint disease, arthritis, diabetes and some cancers, as well as causing breathing problems. Why is it important for pet shops to stock healthy pet products? With pet obesity on the increase across the UK, we need owners to start reducing the number of excess calories their pets have every day. Stocking healthy treats and promoting feeding pets these instead of human food or high calorie treats will help improve this. It's also important that owners are made aware of the importance of high quality pet foods that are appropriate for their pet’s age. For example, neutered adult pets have completely different nutritional requirements to senior pets and owners need to make adjustments to their pets’ diets accordingly. Are there any healthy pet products that you would advise pet shops to stock and why? PDSA would encourage stocking any products that allow owners to better meet their pet’s welfare needs. Examples include:

• High perches or cat trees that allow cats to enjoy a high area to sleep • One more litter tray than the number of cats in the house • Shallow, wide bowls for food and water so cats' whiskers don’t touch the sides as they are eating

• Regular walks and exercise for dogs • Rather than giving lots of treats, interactive toys will keep dogs occupied longer and can be filled with part of their daily food

• Rabbits need hutches to be as large as possible with constant access to a run. Making their environment exciting and interesting plays a huge part in their welfare. Stocking tunnels, tubes, hay balls or hanging toys can all provide enrichment and stimulation.


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WHAT I’VE LEARNT looking for alternatives to chemical wormers and flea treatments and, as natural/raw feeding specialists, we've seen a massive increase in the popularity of this diet. Natural/ raw feeding has been around for many years, it’s just that the information of how to do it and where to get good food from is more accessible now. We spend a lot of time gently educating our customers and sharing in the success of their pet’s wellbeing.


HEALTHY PET STORE Deborah Burrows is the owner of Healthy Pet Store in Totton, which sells exclusively healthy products. She tells us how she’s seen the pet product market change over the past few years When did Healthy Pet Store start up? We launched in December 2014. How is business going? Extremely well. We’ve hired more people to join our team, introduced more brands and new marketing schemes, found bigger storage facilities and refined our processes. We need more space to accommodate the brands we want to support and stock and that is our challenge. We're also the first to UK market with some of the brands we stock; this has cost implications of course, because it’s more difficult to get these brands in the store. We're very pleased with the growth of the business. Why did you decide to exclusively sell healthy products? We wouldn’t have it any other way. We sell four categories of diet: DIY raw, branded raw, wet (canned) and dry (kibble) and we only sell high quality brands. We

PetHealth.indd 37

do this because, even though we are a raw food specialist store, we recognise that not everybody can do raw straight away, if at all. We see it as a journey, so if people are going to feed commercial food then at least we can offer them something which is healthier than poor quality dry and wet foods. We refuse to sell dry cat food which puts a huge strain on a cat’s urinary system. We also sell products which are healthy for the animal’s mind. We sell only force-free training equipment and tools, puzzle games, functional toys and a huge range of training rewards. The whole team understands the principles of how animals learn and we will only ever stock products which meet our ethics. Have you seen a growth in healthy product lines and ranges since opening Healthy Pet Store? Yes, definitely. We're seeing more and more people coming in

What are the more popular products? DIY raw (our own brand of raw food) is by far our bestseller. We spend time with ‘raw newbies’ and show them how to do natural/ raw feeding. We show them how easy it is. After that, pre-prepared branded raw food sells very well because those products are already mixed up ready for spooning out. We also stock a small selection of what is known as ‘whole prey’ which is essentially a complete, natural meal for cats (as well as dogs) and this is becoming more popular as people start to get their heads around it! We also stock a large range of dried meat snacks which is incredibly popular. We also stock some lovely shampoos from small suppliers with great ethics, and proper, comfortable dog beds which are made to last and be supportive. What are the most common pet health concerns? We have a lot of customers coming in with their dogs with skin conditions, digestive issues or behavioural concerns. Because we sell such a vast range of meats, we can often help the customer isolate what is causing their dog’s food intolerance, by starting them on a novel protein. Sometimes, a switch to a raw diet is all the dog or cat needs to feel better. After all, they are designed to eat meat and should have strong stomach acids to cope. What is your customer base? It’s a cross section actually, from

Customers are looking for natural alternatives which are kinder to their dog or cat’s system all age groups. We have people who come in who can remember a time when dogs were fed meat, bones and offal before commercial pet food, and it’s like it’s gone full circle! We also have people on a budget who’ve realised that meat, bones and offal aren’t expensive to feed and are often cheaper than commercial food. We have lots of younger people who have a keen interest in their dog or cat’s entire wellbeing, so they love the training equipment we sell and so on. We have a lots of referrals from local trainers, behaviour consultants and vets which is great because we refer to them as well. Do you think healthy pet products will continue to grow as a market? Yes, I think there will be a lot of pressure on the ‘prescription’ brands and the lower quality kibble brands in the coming years. People are becoming more savvy. They're asking questions: why is there soy or corn in my dog or cat food? Why is there more rice or potato in this food than meat? Customers are looking for natural alternatives which are kinder to their dog or cat’s system. We can only see this market growing from strength to strength and there are some fantastic pioneers out there, spreading important messages about our companion animal’s health. Their voices will only get stronger.


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


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Visitors to PATS Sandown in March 2017 will experience one of the biggest shows in the event’s eight-year history, with over 140 exhibitors, thousands of new products and a host of features sure to make it a memorable, and profitable, day


elcome to Pet Care Retail’s PATS Sandown show guide, your essential tool giving you everything you need for this year’s event including exhibitors, maps and seminar listings. PATS Sandown will take place on 21-22 March, and is looking to be one of the biggest shows to date with thousands of new products, over 140 exhibitors and a free two-day seminar timetable including presentations from some of the leading industry experts on e-commerce, improving business through social media and conditionappropriate feeding. As well as the biggest names in the industry, PATS Sandown will also be welcoming a range of new companies this March, with many exhibitors launching products and future plans for the first time at the show. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the latest innovations and technologies as well as future trends within the industry. Manufacturers will have the opportunity to enter into the New Products Showcase, which in previous years has included

over 200 entries, judged by a panel of expert pet retailers. Grooming workshops will also be returning to this year’s event, with Groom Team England showing what it takes to be an expert groomer. Food will be available all day for visitors, all of which will receive a voucher for a free cup of tea or coffee. Visitors arriving before 10:30am can also receive a free breakfast voucher.

As well as the biggest names in the industry, PATS Sandown will welcome a range of new companies with many exhibitors launching new products


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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HOW TO GET THERE ROAD From London, take the A3 and follow the brown venue signs to Sandown Park. Alternatively, from the M25 exit at Junction 10 and follow the A3 towards London; exit onto the A307 and follow the brown venue signs. The Portsmouth Road car park is off the A307 Esher High Street directly in front of the main entrance. Parking at the venue is free of charge.

RAIL Trains to Esher station for Sandown Park run from London Waterloo and Clapham Junction approximately every 20 minutes and the journey time is 25 minutes. Sandown Park is outside of the Transport for London boundary and Oyster cards, travel cards and contactless payment cards are not valid for travel on National Rail to Esher Station. Please ensure that the right paper ticket is purchased before boarding any train service. Esher station is around a 10-minute flat walk from the main entrance. Visitors should turn left out of the station onto Station Road and then right at the ‘T’ junction to join the A307 Portsmouth Road. The entrance to Sandown Park is on the righthand side. Alternatively there will be a free PATS minibus running to and from the train station every 15 minutes until 30 minutes after the show.


AIR London airports Heathrow and Gatwick are approximately 12 and 25 miles away by road respectively.

PATS Sandown has secured a line-up of expert speakers for two days of seminars designed to give pet retailers ahead-of-the-game ideas on new lines, new approaches and new profit potential TUESDAY 21 MARCH




10.10 Preventive care for pets – When, why and how preventive treatments are important for pets Sue Bartlett, PDSA community and education head veterinary nurse

10.10 E-commerce: Get more online visitors. Optimising your website for Google in 2017 Nathan Stevens and Tina Jones

10.50 Psychological basis of the human-animal bond: The driver to our pet industry Roger Mugford, CEO – The Company of Animals

10.50 How to enhance your business using social media Claire Johnston and Michelle Caines – Royal Canin

11.30 Protecting pets and your business Steve Moffat, key account manager – Merial Animal Health Ltd

11.30 Preventive care for pets – When, why and how preventive treatments are important for pets Sue Bartlett, PDSA community and education head veterinary nurse

12.40 An introduction to condition-appropriate feeding Guy Blaskey – Pooch & Mutt

12.10 Protecting pets and your business Steve Moffat, key account manager – Merial Animal Health Ltd

13.20 Recognising and rewarding excellence – Premier pet schemes Rachel Matthews, welfare scheme manager – SAI Global

13.20 The benefits of pets to people Sara Kelly – WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition

14.40 E-commerce: Get more online visitors. Optimising your website for Google in 2017 Nathan Stevens and Tina Jones

14.40 An introduction to condition-appropriate feeding Guy Blaskey – Pooch & Mutt

15.20 How to enhance your business using social media Claire Johnston and Michelle Caines – Royal Canin

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15.20 Recognising and rewarding excellence – Premier pet schemes Rachel Matthews, welfare scheme manager – SAI Global

Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


02/03/2017 09:55


EXHIBITOR LIST New Sports Bar & Lounge

SURREY HALL Surrey Hall Entrance








M1 Beco Buyers' Lounge

K1/K1a K2

To Esher Hall




F5 F3
















C6 F7

D3a D7




G5 F8







M5 Coffee Point

A3a D9 Catering Area




A5 A4

B1 B3

























G12 G14


T16 T14

Seminar Theatre

To Surrey Hall

Courtesy Bus Stop

Esher Hall Entrance


Stand S1 B4a F11 A7 S6 M3 A1 B2 G5 L5 C6a B4 S7 F13 M1 F8 G9 N10 A8 G12 S2 A6








T9 S8


T15 S12

R3 R5



S14 S16 S18



S17 Lounge


SANDOWN PARK Portsmouth Road Esher, Surrey KT10 9AJ Tel: 01372 464348





Bar & Catering

Name of company Website 4 Healthy Pets BVBA AATU Alfie & Molly’s Dog Bakery Almo Nature Americk Packaging Anco Distributors Antos Aqueos Arden Grange Armitage Pet Care Barking Bakery Barking Heads & Meowing Heads Bartholomews Beaphar UK Beco Pets Benevo Bern Pet Foods Best in Show Bira Bob Martin (UK) Bogar Bowl and Bone Republic

Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

PATS Show Guide.indd 40




Grooming Workshop














Stand K4 B5 E1 F2 S17 T17 N6 L14 S10 L1 M20 A4 C11 T8 C14 H6 C8 L4 D4 N11 B7 C9 R5 J13 K2 L3 F6 N1 L12 F16 C6 K14 J7 T14 C15 R6 F3 F4 D3







Name of company Bruno’s Parrot Warehouse BSB Product Burns Pet Nutrition Cambrian Pet Foods Chirpy Collarways Company of Animals Connolly’s Red Mills Countryside Products Danish Design Devoted Pet Foods Dog Treat Company Dorwest Herbs Earthbound EASIDRI Eden Pet Foods Envirosmart Ezydog Ferplast Fish4Dogs Flexi Fold Hill Foods For All Dogkind Forthglade foods Frozzy’s GA Pet Food Get Off Gor Pets Group55 Hemmo & Co Hertford Shelving Higher Nature Hill’s House of Paws Hunter Huxley Hound Hydor UK In Vogue Pets Inspired Pet Nutrition


New Products Showcase



02/03/2017 09:56


Stand E11 B3 E3 D7 M5 R18 K3 R1 E13 R3 F9 M9 D1 S5 F14 H5 R4 E9 H1 T2 T15 H3 H4 G10 G3 F1 A9 K1 T16 T5 M11 S16 F5 S4 D9 K15 N14 R1a T1 E7 K6 E12 K5

Name of company Website Intelligent Retail James & Steel James Wellbeloved Johnson’s Veterinary Products Johnston & Jeff K W Dog & Cat Products A/S K9 Dogwash K9 Elite Kennelpak Kevin Milner Countryside Kittyrama KONG Company Kruuse UK Lennox Lily’s Kitchen Lintbells Little Big Paw Lovejoys Pet Food Loving Pets Maelson Marriage’s Mars Petcare McAdams Merial MPM Mr Johnson’s Natural Instinct Natural Pet Products Natures Menu Nutriment PJ Pet Products Paby Inc PBW News PDSA Pedigree Wholesale Pero (Foods) Pet Adventures Worldwide Pet Gazette Pet Industry Federation Pet Munchies Pet One Pet Rebellion Pet Remedy

Stand M18 E8 N8 G1 L10 F18 F15 A2 A2a A5 S14 R7 C13 S8 E5 R9 T9 A3a S12 A3 H15 J4 B1 K13 L9 G7 G14 S9 S18 J1 S3 H9 J3 G4 F7 T3

Name of company Petitamis Petlife International PetQuip Petsafe (Radio Systems) Pettex Podium Pet Products Pooch & Mutt PPM PPM WinStock Premier Epos Proflax Natural Pure Pet Products R & L Products Ralph & Co Royal Canin SAI Global Schur Star Systems Seven Pet Foods Shires Equestrian Products Sky Pet Products Sniffers Pet Care Snugglesafe Soopa Pets Supa Symply Pet Foods TarHong The Bramton Company Trixie Tweedmill Textiles Unipet International Vince the Vet Vital Pet Products Vitalin – The Natural Choice Wild Wash Woof and Brew Woofmasta

Website www.

GROOMING DEMOS On both show days, state-of-the-art grooming demonstrations and talks will be given from some of the country’s leading dog groomers. The demonstrations will highlight the knowledge and expertise required to successfully complete all traditional grooming techniques, and will show off a few creative twists and turns as well. Grooming consultant, Diana North, will provide the commentary and offer guidance on City & Guilds qualifications, as well as give information about future grooming events.

PATS Show Guide.indd 41

Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017


02/03/2017 09:56


GO SEE AT PATS We’ve selected our top exhibitors you should visit during the show




Beco Pets, Britain’s biggest manufacturer of eco-friendly pet products, brings its ‘Fresh Ingredients Showcase’ to PATS Sandown for the first time as it promotes its new ecoconscious Food for Dogs range. Beco’s ethically produced, locally and sustainably sourced food contains only human grade ingredients. It uses fresh meat only, is grain free, meat meal free and comes in three recipes: free range chicken, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified cod and haddock, and wild boar. Delegates are invited to take advantage of Beco’s PATS special offers and free samples at the Beco stand.

Seven is a brand new, nutritious pet food using ‘freshtrusion’ technology – a world first in dry pet food technology allowing for 100% fresh ingredients to be used. We are able to source the best British ingredients such as Hereford chickens, Suffolk duck, Welsh lamb and Scottish salmon to create a fresh meat kibble full of nutrients for dogs. The Seven range includes adult, puppy, senior/ light, small and large breed, 80/20 superfood blend and a new potato free variety. Seven’s foods are only available through specially selected stores who share its vision of health and vitality though nutrition.

Launching your own brand of pet food with GA Pet Food Partners gives you the widest range of own label pet foods, absolute control and a direct relationship with your own pet food manufacturer.




Kittyrama is a new UK company and makers of award-winning cat collars. The patentpending Kittyrama collars not only feature bright and beautiful colours, but are also hypoallergenic, waterproof, lightweight and safe. Kittyrama collars are the first ever cat collars to receive a ‘Cat Friendly’ award by International Cat Care, the global charity for the welfare of cats, after putting the products through rigorous testing.

Tweedmill Textiles Ltd is a UK based manufacturer and has been producing high quality textile products since 1970. Tweedmill Textiles has recently released a range of tweed dog coats, beds and accessories, and offers a unique selection of quality tweed dog products which will add style to every dog and their home. Tweedmill is always looking for ways to create new and exciting products, like its waterproof travel dog bed.

Bramton believes that having a pet is a joy that everyone should experience. The company is comprised of a family of brands that serve pet parents of all kinds. Whether an owner is highly selective, convenience-driven, costconscious, trendy or responsible, you’ll find an ever-growing collection of pet products that help enhance the joys of life. Whether you need dietary supplements, flea and tick solutions, stain and odour removal products, diapers and training pads, pet waste pick up solutions and more, Bramton has it covered.


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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Retailers can launch their own brand of dry pet food with no minimum order. Each bag has an individually-designed colour label. GA provides over 70+ recipes to choose from and is constantly adding new products to the range. Come and see our stand at PATS for more information on our new products.

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FEED THE BIRDS with this complete wild bird food collection! We have combined some of our most popular products together to form this fantastic gift pack.

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Complete with one of our popular 300g insect-flavoured suet blocks, this attractive ‘house-shaped’ pre-filled feeder is sure to complement any garden.

Containing 400g insect suet pellets and a 300g berry suet block in tray, our Value Suet Pack is the ideal combination for your garden birds and another perfect year-round feeding solution from Suet To Go®.

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Liver Brownie Mini Baked Dog Treats

Manufacturer: Naturo Launched: April 2016 Liver Brownie Mini Baked Dog Treats are hypoallergenic and made with 100% natural ingredients. Also available in Lamb & Rice Bones and Liver & Cranberry Biscotti. A new product from the Mackle family, who have been creating healthy pet food from their farm for over 40 years. RRP: £3 Contact: 0800 433 4522;

AATU for Puppies

Manufacturer: Pet Food UK Launched: October 2016 Made using fresh, raw and dehydrated single sourced fish protein and free from grains, white potato and gluten. The newest of the 85/15 range, this complete food for puppies contains 85% salmon and is high in omega-3 and fish oils. RRP: 1.5kg £19 Contact: 01442 212 392


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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Grain-free Dog Treats

Manufacturer: Pooch and Mutt Launched: February 2016 Award-winning dog treats made with active natural ingredients and ‘built in’ supplements. Pooch and Mutt’s grain free treats are ethically sourced, PETA recognised and gluten free. The range covers various health problems. RRP: £1.99 Contact:

Little Star Treats

Manufacturer: Vet’s Kitchen Launched: June 2016 Grain free, hypoallergenic and made from pork and potatoes to benefit dogs with sensitive skin and digestion. Also available in chicken and salmon, these treats are calorie rated to help control a pet’s diet. RRP: 85g £1.39 Contact: 01793 887555

Skinner’s Life

Manufacturer: Skinner’s Launching: March 2017 Known for feeding working dogs, the new range of food for pets is available in Puppy, Junior, Adult, Senior and Sensitive. This complete food features chicken and is hypoallergenic, aiming to provide all nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals for a dog’s diet. RRP: 2.5kg £6.99; 12.5kg £24.99 Contact: 01379 384247;

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Grain-free Small Breed Chicken, Sweet Potato & Herb Manufacturer: GA Pet Food Partners Launching: March 2017 Available in a variation of fish, meats, herbs and carbohydrates for small to large breeds and puppies. Replaces grains with carbohydrates like sweet potato and a high percentage of fresh and dried chicken, with added omega-3 supplements. RRP: TBC Contact: 01257 633125

Pawtato Knots

Manufacturer: Benevo Launched: July 2016 Made from organically grown sweet potato, Pawtato Knots provide a vegan alternative to rawhide. Replacing nutrients in meat with naturally sourced, bio-available Vitamin C, potassium and fibre with Brewer’s yeast for a savoury tripe flavour. RRP: £2.49 Contact: 02392 453355;

Pre-pack Cerea snacks

Manufacturer: Antos Launched: February 2017 Now available in a pre-pack range, a hanging window pouch and can be ordered in singles. Vegetable based and 100% natural and low in fat, available in a range of shapes these dog snacks aim to promote dental hygiene. RRP: £3.40 Contact: 01292 318 903;

Spring Dinner for Dogs

Manufacturer: Forthglade Launching: March 2017 Spring meal is the new, limited edition complete food made out of lamb, steamed vegetables and mint. Suitable for dogs aged from one year plus, this wet food can be mixed with biscuits, used as a topper for dry food or served by itself. RRP: 395g £1.29 Contact:

Grain Free Wet Complete

Manufacturer: Laughing Dog Launched: March 2016 Available in duck, chicken and lamb, these hypoallergenic casseroles and hotpots are steam cooked and contain a selection of root vegetables. A complete wet food with a blend of herbs to aid digestion for dogs with sensitive stomachs. RRP: 395g £1.79; multipack selection box £5.99 Contact: 0800 098 8057;

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Manufacturer: Zogoflex Launching: March 2017 The Qwizl aims to prolong the life of long dog treats by placing them in the centre of the toy. The recyclable plastic composite that makes up the toy is durable, dishwasher safe and comes with a one-time refund or replacement guarantee against dog damage. RRP: medium £15.99, large £19.99 Contact: 01747 832050;

Toyz Rugby Ball

Manufacturer: Petface Launched: September 2016 Made from strong and durable TPR, the rugby ball is designed for throwing and fetching. There is a concealed squeaker within the ball, and a textured and moulded surface to maintain a pet’s interest. RRP: £9.99 Contact:


Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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Flexi New Comfort L 8m Tape

Manufacturer: Bogdahn International GmbH & Co KG Launched: May 2016 Available in pink, green, grey and blue, the lead is suited to dogs of up to 50kg. The New Comfort leads have a soft grip handle, come with a quick-stop brake and are customisable when fitted with LED lighting. RRP: £30.99 Contact: +49 (0) 45 32/40 440;

The Pet Angel

Manufacturer: Tangle Angel Launched: November 2016 Antibacterial, anti-static and heat and water resistant, this brush is developed from the technology used on the brand’s human hairbrush. Available in multiple sizes, colours and a keyring, designed to get rid of tangles and comb matted patches of fur. RRP: £4.95 - £14.95 Contact: 01628 822243

Hentastic Fun Feeder

Manufacturer: Unipet International Ltd Launched: June 2016 Allowing owners a safe and interactive way of ‘hand feeding’ chickens pellets and treats, suited to adults and children and designed to provide a fun way of feeding pets. RRP: £6.25 Contact: 01795476561;

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Super Bird Toys

Manufacturer: Northern Pet Trade Launched: November 2016 The woven roof provides entertainment for small birds, giving them an area to chew, maintain and climb around. This toy encourages pets to keep active when swinging and twisting on the perch and allows owners to weave in their own materials to the roof. RRP: £3.99 Contact: 01706 507 803;

Front Range Harness

Manufacturer: Ruffwear Launched: February 2017 Relaunching with new colours and designed for everyday use with adventurous dogs. The Front Range Harness is padded and adjustable, with two leash attachment points for everyday walks and training. RRP: £44.95 Contact: 01207 291247;

The K9 Connectable Tech Bone

Manufacturer: Simply2 Launching: March 2017 Sold in separate connectable parts, this dog toy aims to provide entertainment to pets with high energy and separation anxiety and can last up to 45 minutes at a time. Floatable, good for launching and using for fetch, the material is dishwasher safe and can double as a slow dog feeder. RRP: £12.00 Contact: 01347 293158;

Padded Reflective Harnesses

Manufacturer: Hem and Boo Launching: March 2017 Designed for safety with high visibility and durability. The relaunch of these padded harnesses will now also be available in aqua and purple, from small to XX large, with matching collars and leads. RRP £16.99 - £28.99 Contact: 01207 291247;


Manufacturer: Kittyrama Launched: January 2017 The first ever cat collar to receive a ‘Cat Friendly’ award by International Cat Care. The packaging for these collars is designed to stand out in stores and will be featured in April’s edition of Vogue magazine. Designed to be safe, stylish and hypoallergenic. RRP: £9.99 Contact:

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NATURAL, HEALTHY PET FOOD Developed by a Veterinary Surgeon












Contact our trade team on 0800 008 69 20

The easy way to dry your dog Proudly made in Britain

Lishinu Hands-free retractable leash Visit us today at for all your animal needs

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Love & Respect Lying Mat

Manufacturer: Trixie Launched: September 2016 Made from synthetic leather with a soft plush centre top and a non-slip bottom. The silver beds come in four sizes and are designed by HRH Princess von Hohenzollern for the ‘Love & Respect’ collection. RRP: £36.99 - £69.99 Contact: 020 7154 2940;

Sunday Boom Bed

Manufacturer: PetLondon Launched: February 2017 Available in petit, grand and super, these beds are designed to fit any sized pet and are made sit to sit next to an owner for company. The removable cushion allows for cleaning and is fully refillable for transportation and storage. RRP: £89.99 Contact: 020 7580 7580;

Blue Fleece Check Pet Bed

Manufacturer: Petface Launching: September 2017 A supportive foam bed available in small and medium sizes. Made out of 100% polyester fleece outer and bamboo plush inner, the check patterned cover is removable and machine washable on a low temperature. RRP: £34.99 - £39.99 Contact:

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Bumper and Cushion Set

Manufacturer: Lords and Labradors Launched: TBS This deep cushion is pocketed to provide support, and is covered with waterproof liner to prevent smell and dirt. The cushion cover and lining are both machine washable and come in a variety of tweeds. RRP: £168.95 Contact:

Luxury Wicker Pet Basket and Cushion

Manufacturer: Gadsby Pet Baskets Launched: February 2017 Each bed is hand-woven, ensuring there are no protruding or sharp edges, and comes with a washable cushion. This wicker basket is raised from the ground to avoid cold floors and provides a solid base. RRP: £31.20 Contact: 01278 437 123;

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MATCHMAKER Do they mind daily grooming?


Helping you to help your customers. This month – choosing the right cat

Can they handle a noisy cat?


They want their cat to be...

They want their cat to be...


A sucker for attention SIAMESE

Good with kids Independent BIRMAN Has a thick, silky coat, a luxurious tail and big blue eyes. Several colours available and daily grooming is a must. Playful, friendly and relaxed, very loving and can demand attention.



They want their cat to be...


Good with children



Pet Care Retail • Spring 2017

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Good with other pets

The breed’s folded ears are produced by a gene that causes the ears to fold forward and downward, giving a cap-like appearance. Medium sized with short neck, round face and large eyes. Huge variety of colours with a short-haired coat. Good-natured, affectionate and playful. Love to be outdoors and adjust well to other animals.

Are they looking for a cat with low energy?

Vocal and sometimes referred to as the ‘dog cat’ thanks to its loyalty and love of games like ‘fetch’. Medium sized with a sturdy body, round head and large slightly slanted eyes. Soft, short, velvety coat in a variety of colours.

One of the oldest known pedigree breeds, with a thick undercoat and a long topcoat that can grow up to six inches long. Requires 20 minutes grooming a day, plus their eyes are prone to weeping and often need attention. Laidback and low energy, they like to sleep and make good house cats, especially with another Persian for company. Large variety of colours and patterns.



Ancient and elegant with striking large ears and blue eyes. Sleek, slim figure with short, fine coat. An outgoing, social cat that relies heavily on human companionship. Vocal, it loves to communicate with those around it. Four traditional colours: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac point.

Confident, alert and constantly in motion, they have a unique ticked coat, giving the appearance of a wildcat. Medium sized with a very short fine coat, large ears and almond-shaped eyes. Independent but also loving. Ideally needs other feline company.

RUSSIAN BLUE Beautiful short, dense double coat with a silver sheen and vivid emerald green eyes. Polite, quiet and well behaved, they love routine. Naturally shy but also affectionate and gets on well with older children.

RAGDOLL Large and powerful with a semi-long coat and deep blue eyes. Very relaxed, social and loving, gets on well with children and dogs, thrives on human company. Needs weekly grooming.

BRITISH SHORTHAIR Comes in a wide range of colours and coat patterns. A pedigree breed that is sturdy and healthy with a strong muscular body on short legs with a thick, short coat. Independent and undemanding, happy outdoors.

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ck Ne av ist w ail o ab ffe le rs

Better Than Raw™. The world’s first range of fully traceable organic vegetable treats for dogs. We’ve always loved dogs and ever since Huxley and Rolo, our beloved pair of long-haired mini dachshunds became a part of our family, we have taken a great deal of interest in their overall health, lifestyle, and well-being. Our belief is that as natural omnivores, every dog’s diet should include a healthy balance of meat and nutritious dog friendly vegetables. This will provide them with the essential vitamins and nutrients they need to live a long, healthy, and happy life. We created the Huxley Hound ‘Better Than Raw™’ healthy dog treat range from our passion for raw feeding and natural canine nourishment, and have one simple goal – to make sure that as many dogs as possible have access to high quality nutrition. Our ‘Better Than Raw™’ fully traceable organic vegetable treats are delicious, and we believe will help to improve the nutritional intake of every dog, whatever their diet. With Better Than Raw™, every treat’s a healthy boost.

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Pet Care Retail Spring 2017  
Pet Care Retail Spring 2017