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We hear from one of Britain’s re e inent florists

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The very latest packaging trends from the Far East

DEC 2017 / JAN 2018 florist usi ess o u

YOUNG FLORISTS IN BUSINESS unior florists iscuss t e future of our industry

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It is our relationships that help us grow. Something we pride ourselves on with both our customers and suppliers.

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rist s s o ci rri e t e st on soci e i w ere nst r n cebook ee s re w s wit be uti u wre t s itterin win ow is s n esti e flor s. e e seen tons o cre ti e i e s co in out o our works o s ro u e u n si e circ es o s ruce to wi n s etric tern ti es n ro bo n kitsc cre tions o b ub es n itter t rou to te ture n ro ntic wre t s o e t ers n rie flowers ike t e be uti u esi n icture ere eb ion err w o o ten or es or teri s. n t is issue we re re ortin b ck ro bus utu n ro r e o e ents inc u in tr e irs bot ere n in t e et er n s. e isco ere n bun nce o new flower rieties n ro ucts too n to s uee e into t ese es so we be s rin ore t rou out . ur o inion co u ns i e bi er icture ers ecti e on t e e r e n we e oub e our nu ber o business es to i e ou ore ice on soci e i custo er en e ent i it rketin br n in costin n ore. is ont s bi inter iew is wit florist so s eci e nee s no intro uction ro e i on cett not on s res ost o ti s to ocket str i t w note in est in oo ir o s oes i e i te but so ins ires wit is ssion te ttitu e n e ic tion to flowers n ritis florists. e s t e n be in n ssi e u urious inst tions but e so cre te t e c ssic wre t on our co er ti e ess esi n ust ike t e t ous n s bein e n e i ere b florists o er t e t is ont . e re now workin on so e e citin ns n our ne t issue wi rri e tow r s t e en o nu r we re nnin bu er e ition cke wit i e s or t e e r e . ro t e te ere t orist usiness we re wis in ou ni ense success u se son o s es n stunnin esti e cre tions won er u rist s n ew e r

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The importance of n in our floristr personality



Our monthly roundup of industry news keeps you informed



We speak to Simon Lycett, a superstar of the UK floristr in ustr



A conference in Belgium s w oun florists o ine on the industry’s future



Taking a look at the artistic and playful creations of Harriet Parry Flowers



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Look to the Far East for the next generation of stylish bouquet wrapping

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Reporting back from Fleurex, IFTF and Royal Floraholland Trade Fair


What challenges do ou t ink t e flower sector wi ce in



Wintry varieties for adding a touch of cool to our ece ber work

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Why the social media platform is such a vital too or florists



On-trend millenial pink sundries, plus our pick of t e best woo ro ucts


EVENT FLORISTRY Tips for perfecting your event business to i ise ro t



e ro e t e oun talent and unsung heroes that keep our industry going



ow runnin on ine competitions can boost consumer engagement

is ont we re bre kin own t e costs or an arrangement in foam



LITTLE INTERVIEWS uick re uestions to t e eo e w o ke u our industry


#FLORISTPROBLEMS Letting off some steam about those little niggles that e er florist ces



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Christmas & Gift 14th to 17th January 2018

The UK’s favourite trade show! Floral decorations, artificial flowers, garlands and wreaths, ribbons & accessories; home and garden ware, gifts for all occasions - and everything Christmas! FREE ENTRY Register Online Today:


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@foxgloveandmoss floristbusiness ine is beco in t e i i t o ont . ns ir tion t ou t ro okin n u o ice e i te . wendykellyflowers e si ooo eee t is ine w s so u o ins ir tion n we ook orw r to re in it e er ont o e o e o e lilysflorist nks u s. ook orw r to t is rri in on workbenc now. re t re o s r to s it s now ourite in ustr . ee u t e oo work. earthflowers1 uick cu n c tc u in t e floristr wor wit floristbusiness t nk ou or t e s t e re b floristsnew rien

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Alison Ruud e ust o e t is ine. t s so we t ou t out wit florists in in . flowersbydonnacornish ew i i t o t e ont floristbusiness wi en o re in t is wit cu ter. Ra aella Alu bu ous ine nk ou so uc ins ir tion n cke wit suc oo stu o e it we one evolveflowers o e ber issue is ere nk ou floristbusiness or not er re t ine floristsnew rien nspiredFlower e e re it co er to co er not er bri i nt e ition thelittlepocketflorist i so eone s brew ti e to s orist usiness o e ber s ust o e t rou oor nk ou to t hannah mae lane not er bri i nt issue ro floristbusiness e turin re i e floristr t its best. so re t to eet nn t eur .

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NEWS the atest fro


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n t e run u to usiness tur t kin ce on ece ber eric n Express research has revealed how a ‘shop o c n boost t e inco e o s s o s cross t e b s uc s . e r wo o ie in t e win ow is so irresistib e t t ore t n t ir o s o ers itte t e re ore ike to isit rticu r s o i t e know t ere is our e e rien t ere. orist usiness ske re ers to sen in otos o t eir own s o dogs – visit www.floristbusiness.co.uk or our er o florist s o n stu io o s ro o er t e n be on . icture is e resi ent s o o t ori n in ri ton. www.smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com

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uc s os s eci e to resi n ro is osition s o o or o n . e u er isor o r o o or o n inten s to oint te en n c i r e s c ie e ecuti e o cer o t e co n t t e st rt o t e new e r. e re en o e t e st our e rs n ook b ck rou on w t w s cco is e uc s os s i . e se in w ic o or o n n s itse now is se o o er tion is tion w ic e n s i erent sort o e ers i so eci e to e e. t is oo ste or o or o n n se . www.royalfloraholland.com


rro te rist s i t is one o t e stest rowin tr e s ows i e t t ose in t e floristr n r en centre sectors wit t e e ent in seen n er e o rowt e r on e r since . or si k n ore e ort wi bot be e ibitin t t e ree to tten e ent on wit o ses e otus orts or orts incere ise r n e ecor. n t e st ew e rs r en centre bu ers e tten e t e s ow ro o er t e s i s ow or niser i on ns ow. e sti e e rt ent store bu ers in e en ent i t ret i ers isitor attractions and heritage centres and even cathedral n c urc s o s tten in . is e r we e o er co nies e ibitin or t e rst ti e. www.harrogate air.com





INTERPLANT INTRODUCES NEW ROSES WITH RUFFLED PETALS ter t ous n s o crossin s n e rs o e eri entin nter nt s success u cre te new t e o rose t t oes be on t e s e o t e tr ition rose. re e c usi e b nter nt t e c osen riet n e ow u es to t e uni ue flower s e wit ru fle et s re errin to t e i ression o flowin o e ent s t e b oo tures. nter nt s s its ow roses r tic e ress i erent e otions o ection ositi it n e sure. e new ow roses re ic n triu nt in bree in cre ti it riet e c usi it n rtwork. s new ri tion ows re ositione s i en ro ucts n wi be o ere in wi e r n e o s es n co ours. www.interplant.nl




he Living Wage Foundation has welcomed its 3,500th accredited Living Wage employer – Moyses te ens owers u ur florist wit o rr nt n network o s o s cross on on. st t t e co n wi now recei e t e st t e i in e r te in e en ent c cu te to eet t e cost o i in set b t e i in e oun tion current . in on on n . cross t e rest o t e . i o en irector o o ses te ens owers s i e re rou to be t e i estone t e o er to i e ent t e on on i in e cross our br nc es to boost e c st e ber s nnu s r n cknow e e t e cost o i in in t e c it . t s win win or us n not on e s our e o ees or to i e wit i nit but so e s our business b i ro in oti tion n ret inin n ttr ctin u it work orce. www.moysesflowers.co.uk

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oo n on ine rket ce or t e s nest flor esi ns s now unc e its rist s c rit c i n in su ort o ke is . oo n e c osen florists wi be su ortin t e c rit b se in nu ber o rist s wre t esi ns in co bor tion wit t e co n s rist s rtners ee i b ori o scotc kinc re n e o ern ociet w ic wi on te ro e c s e on its site.



e rst e ition o t e intern tion flower esti e in t e cit o r ob in in w s unc e on ctober. t i e to brin to et er t e best intern tion n n tion rtists in t e e n is t eir work. e resentin t e n ter owers cre te eflections in o en e t is w s stunnin re ro uction o intin b e is inter brosius ossc ert t e er turnin inst tion n usin ore t n it into flowers. er t e course o nine s ei t s ect cu r n e e er flor inst tions were cre te or t e e ent i in to boost r ob s st n in wit in t e wor scene o conte or r flor rt. irst ri e w s w r e to ter i on ro t e w ic recei e . econ ce went to o s e ru ne ro e iu n in t ir ce were ustr i ns on e n r ie w er o oose e . www. estivalflora.com

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c o oo s rist s rtners s been ire wit one o its oc florists inc u in esi n b ture it e ot ni ue orks o eren i it ot nist n res ower o on on. e ost erson n t ou t u flowers n nts co e ro oc florists wit cre ti e icence n ot er sites e un ortun te u e own n in so e c ses re o e ree o ro t eir florists s i oo s oun ers. onse uent we w nte to e oke t t s e be ie wit bot our br n rtners n c rit c i ns. t is be ie t t c i ren eser e t e ri t to t e best e t c re su ort n i e ossib e n ke is s i o c ie in t is cou e wit its nt stic oc outre c ro r es is w we eci e to su ort t is incre ib e c rit . e oo te wi be r isin w reness or t e c rit b ostin bout t e c i n on its soci e i c nne s s we s ostin e on its site e inin w t e co n c ose ke is n rtner br n s or t e c i n. e wre t s re i b e now on t e oo website n e c co es wit ro uct ro rtner br n . www.floom.com



ic e in st rre rest ur nt u it s rtnere wit iconic on on florist c ueens to brin on oners tru or ic rist s. ince o e ber u it s been tr ns or e into or ic winter won er n b c ueens brin in t e be ut o c n in i n rist s tr itions to on on s t. es s rket. ut tte wit winter si er birc trees n ic en co ere birc br nc es u it s interior s been orne wit n in oss n r e c e r ss obe terr riu s e ictin esti e scenes. www.mc ueens.co.uk

NEWS IN BRIEF THE WEDDING INDUSTRY AWARDS: REGIONAL FLORIST FINALISTS ANNOUNCED e re ion florist n ists e been c osen or t e w r s w ic wi be nnounce ter series o re ion e ents wit t e n tion winner to be re e e in nu r . or ist o t e re ion winners isit our website floristbusiness.co.uk THE WORLD’S FIRST WEDDING DEPARTMENT STORE OPENS ITS DOORS IN LONDON oc te in t e e rt o on on e e in er s been ubbe t e new e icentre o ob we in nnin n it inc u es n re or florists. JOIN RONA WHEELDON’S #INTHEFLORALSPOTLIGHT CAMPAIGN on s recei e n incre ib e res onse to er new nst r s t int eflor s ot i t w ic sks florists to s re otos o t e se es so s es cre te n ccount inthefloralspotlight. NEW COVENT GARDEN MARKET TEAMS UP WITH ZIPCAR ew o ent r en rket s rtnere wit t e n n c r s rin c ub to i e custo ers n tr ers c e er n e sier w to ire n. FLEURAMETZ IS HIRING eur et is e n in in t e n is ookin or flower w o es ers to oin its te . oure intereste cont ct uk Fleura etz.com ALAN PECK LAUNCHES NEW BOOK, THE BUSINESS SIDE OF UK FLORISTRY e ut or o u in n unnin orist o s te e u wit floristr tutor n e se o e ist enn e r to ro uce e usiness i e o oristr ui e to t e usiness s ects o et i oristr . HAVE WE FORGOTTEN THE MEANING OF FLOWERS? orio r t e n u e o flowers use to be co on w to sen secret ess es. owe er on ine flower co n oo i con ucte sur e w ic oun t t to on o eo e consi er t e e nin o t e flowers t e re sen in .


21/11/2017 11:24

IN BUSINESS ou florists are res o si e for the future of our i ustr so ou a i se i to the i s of ou esi ers ive us a i si ht i to hat s to o e orist usi ess re orts fro a re e t o fere e i e iu or a ise ori t ter atio a orist sso iatio a s o sore ithers asis a oris art hi h rou ht to ether te e e ates fro a ross uro e a e o the a e of

THE DELEGATES en et urst nn okkeren en nn tr c ino oo ter obin n u e en o ie rtner u in c ic t c on o s uc nski o nne n c e en


orw er n e iu er n o n o n et er n s

ese florists were se ecte bec use t e re re reco nise on t eir tr e bo ies s serious oun business eo e wit stron o inions on t e sector. e eb te ost o i ort nt issues urin se er roun t b e iscussions ere we e su rise t eir wor s.


Business Young florist.indd 10

What problems are we facing and how can we overcome them? u er rkets were ot to ic ere wit e e tes ro t e n o n su estin t t t e c use florists to stru e es eci wit n itrose now oin we in ck es w i e custo ers c use o ence b brin in su er rket flowers into florist s o s n skin to e t e wr e . o s e u er rkets re c e er n t ese s t e o er s eci u it flowers too so w t e we ot on t e e so t ink it s rowin rob e t t florist too s n ro ucts re on s e in consu er stores suc s flor o i b e t e n e in t e s we s flower w o es ers se in to t e ub ic or n one w o c n eri roo o business b si settin u cebook e. e so ution ore re u tion in t e in ustr so e s i . nn e ine e oun er ener tion re ike s on es. e nee to sto

bein ercei e s o er rice flower se ers n inste be seen s esi ners workin in ro ession in ustr . u er rkets n florists o two i erent obs. o ie e n er n to beco e florist we t ke t ree e r rentices i wit u s ste w ic inc u es tr inin in sc oo n workin in s o . e s ou be rou to s ow t e wor w t we c n o b ro otin ourse es n s owin consu ers t t ou c n t co re us wit su er rkets. t ink t t to sur i e we nee to be ssion te n re re s i nn ro orw . o st rt business ou nee so uc ore t n floristr t e bi it to se n use t e internet re essenti . How do you communicate? n ni ous t e rou s s t t ost co unic tion ens on ine. nn s i irect cont ct is i ort nt too we nee to

www.floristbusiness.co.uk 21/11/2017 11:03

“WE HAVE TO STAND PROUD AND STOP APOLOGISING ABOUT THE COST OF THINGS” o eti es s ow custo ers flor rt n t e ter bu ro e bec use t e know oo florist. ow important is it to have a shop e orit o e e tes be ie e t t t e internet is t eir new s o win ow w i e so e e t t t i o bot web resence n brick n ort r re ise is i ort nt. o ie s s er custo ers w nt to e re con ers tion n it ows o nne to te custo ers bout flowers n e ore o n i ct. en e ur website te s custo ers t t we r t er t e rin us so t t we c n ke so et in erson or t e . nn ree e internet brin s custo ers to t e s o t en we se t e ee in but o t ink stu io n ree nce floristr is t e w t e uture is e in . Tomasz said, “I don’t have a shop so the internet is e tre e i ort nt or e n soci e i ows e to u e re ctions ro custo ers. ten u o icture o so et in o e but it oesn t et n ikes n ice ers . communicate different things to people of different es one si e oesn t t . u in ro o n e n florists c n be t e on t w nt to e rn isit new ces or s re t eir e eriences wit ot ers. Floristry or floral art ike our ui non w o co ere t e con erence asked: “The images consumers are sharing on nst r re i erent to ot o w t florists re oin . o ou t ink t ere s t ere u in be ie es t t t e work t e cre te is flor rt n o ie s s s e is ins ire b t kin rt in floristr co etitions. ut ro cot n s i o erci floristr n tec nic floristr re two se r te t in s. c n t se t e co etition st es n I don’t have time to take part so it’s not something t t s re e nt or business. t not be se b e but obin ro e iu be ie es tec nic floristr sti s its ce

www.floristbusiness.co.uk Business Young florist.indd 11

n it or love or money It’s no surprise that every delegate said they do it bec use t e o e it. t s t e iest ob in t e wor en co ente . owe er so e oice concerns bout t e ro t bi it o t eir business. “We have to stand proud and stop apologising bout t e cost o t in s e o ie. obin reckons coo er tion is ke t ink we ke ore one b workin to et er. ino st n s out b s in o o e flowers but in t is or one . oin sters course so t t eo e wi e ike ster florist. It’s suggested that if he’s really in it for money, he s ou be wi in to wr su er rket flowers or ee ut oin t t is ike unc in t e ce ow should you buy oste b tie ne er es on be oris rt t is session s w t e rou

o eb te ow

n w ere to bu t eir stock. e st rts b s in n our floristr courses we re not t u t to bu flowers in ter s o e si e n ri eness but t is is t e ski t t wi e t e ost i ct on our botto ine. t s bso ute ski ree nn . ou c n bu a lot more than you need if you’re doing it at 2am wit no co ee e u in . t s rticu r i ort nt or t ose wit out s o e er ste ust be use s t e c n t be so on i u se. u et be ore n be s rt n w s stick to t t bu et s i nn . orist cebook rou s re use u bec use eo e s re w en cert in rieties re rri in e or o oor u it . ost be ie e ou c n t re ict our bu in tterns. ro t bi it ries bec use flower rices fluctu te s s . r s nt rices o t rou t e roo t o en s . nn s ou nee to be t b e n in or our custo ers t t t is is ow it is be s rt on t u r ntee s eci c flower rieties n kee n e e on rices. ou c n t et it ri t e er ti e. nn rees n s s t is is w s e oesn t re on bu in on ine. on t know ow n uner bookin s oin to et so nee c s n c rr ne rb to ick u flowers w en nee t e . orec stin ets e sier wit e erience but re ou e ot no i e one week ou e ot ten uner s n t e ne t none. ost s t e bu e er ro tin t e uestion o w et er to bu on ine or in erson w ic bec e t e s ost e te eb te. o to oc w o es er e er bec use ike to see w t bu in n ou c n et stun on ine s s nn . u in ritis is er r t ou . ino erce su orts is oc rket. t s ike w o i e e s i . et u e r n rink co ee wit rowers w o se t eir flowers t rket. c n t en te custo ers rst n bout ow t eir flowers re rown. t s i ort nt to su ort oc rowers t e re in out bec use o on ine business. owe er so e uestione w et er e



21/11/2017 11:05


“STICK TO YOUR GUNS, AND BE CONFIDENT IN WHO YOU ARE AND WHY YOU D O WHAT YOU D O” clocks his time spent drinking coffee, chatting and driving to market within his business costs. Many believe the problem with buying online is that you can’t guarantee what you’re going to get and you have to rely on a photo, though Florismart buyers say this can be solved through being more educated. Emma learnt through trial and error, while Gena explained, “You learn to know what you’re looking or we on e er bu r e flowers or uner work we look for the shortest length, and we always look at the number of stems in the bucket in order to work out how big the heads are.” It’s agreed that buying online would be greatly improved with better photos and more detailed information, while Janna said she’d like to see a stron er connection between florists n rowers. Hannah agreed: “Buying online is a matter of trusting the growers.” Were you prepared for business? “Not at all,” said Janna. “You don’t learn how to do erwork t sc oo ou e rn to o e flowers but not to make money.” Tomasz agreed, “It’s so important – there are so many regulations, you end up scared you’ll go to jail for getting something wrong!” “You have to actively go and search for things yourself,” said Emma. “For example, I discovered Business Gateway, but I wasn’t taught about it.” Sophie said her German dual course was good, but still didn’t provide enough training to open a business, while Hannah added that in the UK, stu ents re on t u t bout floristr s eci c aspects of business, and Roxanne said that in Holland, it’s all about doing it in practice. How do you target your customers? Most delegates believe a strong brand identity is crucial. “Be clear about who your customer base is and match your brand to suit,” said nn . tick to our uns n be con ent in who you are and why you do what you do.



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Even all your social media posts have to be in the same style.” o e e t t t bein ercei e s i ski e florist wit be uti u s o c n so eti es e to ess ro t. e s o s t t ins ire e on t ke money,” said Janna, who has two shops. “One is based inside a shopping centre and it’s not as nice as the other, but it makes much more money.” It’s a problem in Poland, as both Paulina and Tomasz agree. Paulina said: “If you have a fancy shop, people think it’s too expensive so they don’t come in. o s s w nt to t ke certi c tes n diplomas down from the wall because customers think they can’t afford to buy from me.” “Location is important for knowing your target group,” added Tino. Meanwhile Hannah thinks that oin o e isits is bene ci to er business. t s much easier to get to know customers for wedding and funeral work,” she said.“I struggled with quickly switching between those emotions when working in a shop.” “Home visits encourage customers to spend more money too,” agreed Janna. “You can read them better. It’s about investing time in them, and making them feel welcome.”

What inspires you? Marc Eijsackers, MD of the Flower Council of o n oste t e n session w ic ske delegates what inspired them, prompting tips and tricks on selling and marketing. “Successful companies are thinking outside the box with surprising ideas and new product combinations,” he explained. “For example, there’s a company that sells socks in packs of three because they know you’ll always lose one, and another co n is se in nti in in t is is tot new combination!” He continued, “I once stepped into a shop in Paris and was greeted with a handshake – I felt like a king! There’s also a steakhouse that gives you a knife with your name on it when you eat there for a third time, which builds a great customer relationship.” Roxanne commented: “It’s good to step outside your own business and discuss with others to see whether people can change your mind and prompt you to do things differently.” Janna added, “A good florist c n re ee in s to ke e ct w t custo er w nts. e re not ust se in flowers we re selling emotions.” w

SALES & MARKETING: TIPS & TRICKS “These days, photography is so important in this business – invest in a good camera.” “Look at other businesses and analyse what they’re doing.” “Remember the names of your customers and always write them down. For example, ‘The lady with the Chanel bag is…’” ns ire non flower bu ers b t inkin o w s to wit t eir ee in s. “On Mother’s Day, run activities with children and print stickers saying: ‘Lovingly made by… (child’s name)’” e e ber w ic flowers our re u r custo ers ike n on t ike. “Keep a calendar of clients’ wedding dates and send them a rose on their anniversary.” sk custo ers to tri new flower rieties t t ou e not use be ore it ets eo e in o e in w t we’re excited about.” e con ent n be n e ert s ow custo ers ou know w t ou re t kin bout. “Use loyalty cards or a loyalty app.” ow our erson it in soci e i two e r o s s es se once week but i ost it online customers can see they’re supporting my family.” “Always be welcoming. Talk with your customers – tell them about your day.”

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THE BRITISH FLORIST A S S O C I AT I O N An update from your trade association

The Chelsea heats are back! The 2017-2018 heats will be part of the BFA Chelsea Inspiration Days. The events will include the BFA Chelsea heat competitions and the BFA Newcomer competitions, as well as two demonstrations from a leading designer. Everyone is welcome to this day, which will leave you full of ideas and inspiration – so why not come along and bring the whole team. The next RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year Competition will be extra special as it’s the 10th year of the competition, held at the world-famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The Chelsea Florist of the Year competition, run by the RHS in ssoci tion wit t e is esi ne to s owc se t e er best floristr talent within the UK. The two categories are: The RHS Young Chelsea Florist of the Year (aged between 16-25 yrs) The RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year (aged 26 and over) Competition schedule for BFA heats leading to both RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year and RHS Chelsea Young Florist of the Year Design and create a stole to be worn by the bride at her wedding in a cottis st e. e e nition o sto e c n be oun in t e ro ession Floristry Manual. The days will be publicised, allowing your work to be appreciated by a wider audience and giving you, your designs, your business and talents wider exposure. Encourage those around you to come along and enjoy all the day has to offer. All competitors of the BFA Chelsea heat competitions will enjoy free of charge entry to the BFA Chelsea Inspiration Day.

Due to the popularity of the Newcomer competition, the BFA have brought it b ck or secon e r. e newco er co etition is or florists w o re tr inin to e e . is co etition s been esi ne s eci or florists wit less than two years’ experience, who want to take part in competitions but don’t feel quite ready to take on the Chelsea challenge. It will give you the opportunity to compete and get valuable feedback from the Judges. If you like the idea of taking part in competitions, but feel that the BFA Chelsea heats competitions are currently a little out of reach, then the newcomer co etitions re er ect or ou. ke rt wit ot er florists t t re in t e ‘same boat’ and learn how to compete in the very best way – by taking part. The BFA Newcomer Competitions are held at BFA Chelsea Inspiration Days t rou out t e . n t ese s ou c n w tc n e citin e onstr tion see the competition designs from the BFA Chelsea Florist of the Year and BFA e se oun orist e t co etitions n ost i ort nt t ke t e rst ste s into the world of competitions by joining in and meeting up with fellow competitors. Competition Schedule for BFA Newcomer Competition esi n n cre te flor rr n e ent to be n e i ere to or er 50th birt . e e nition o i t flor rr n e ent c n be oun in t e ro ession oristr nu . For more information on how to enter, who can enter, rules and regulations go to www.b aflorist.org and click competitions . Thank you to Florismart who have generously sponsored the BFA Chelsea Heat Competitions in 2016-2017 & 2017-2018.

C H E L S E A I N S P I R AT I O N DAYS : DAT E S & V E N U E S Sun 26 Nov 2017, 10:45am – 3:00pm Sun 21 Jan 2018, 10:45am – 3:00pm Sun 18 Feb 2018, 10:45am – 3:00pm Wed 21 Feb 2018, 10:45am – 3:00pm Sun 25 Feb 2018, 10:45am – 3:00pm un r

Moreton Morrell Agricultural College, Warwick Hadlow College, Tonbridge Country Baskets, Scotland CAFRE Greenmount Campus, Antrim Bridgwater College, Bridgwater erscou o e e reston

To book your tickets and or more in ormation on the helsea nspiration ays visit www.b aflorist.org and visit events . For more in ormation on the competitions visit www.b aflorist.org and visit competitions .

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loomincard a new gi t card concept with a plastic lining to display flowers or plants

very ovember a small corner o the etherlands becomes a hub or thousands o flower industry people rom all over the world as suppliers buyers and florists flock to two o the sector’s most important trade fairs. Hannah and Perri from Florist Business attended both IFTF ( nternational Floriculture Trade Fair) and Royal Flora olland Trade Fair to spread the word about our new magazine while discovering all the latest products and trends to hit the market. t was extremely di cult to select a ew photos rom the thousands so check out floristbusiness.co.uk or the ull gallery and stay tuned or uture issues as we ll share urther ndings throughout the year ahead e Ruiter has been developing ve red rose varieties or production in A rica which it has named The ew ig Five Rhodos ver Red Red amala upido and Spectre

Image © Jens Poulsen

ditor annah with ackson aweru o Tambuzi Roses a enyan arm which grows scented nglish varieties The paper bag packaging trend was spotted everywhere such as on this design by ust hrys



Out&AboutDutch.indd 14

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Florist Business account manager Perri with David Austin of the esteemed English rose breeding company and Jose Azout of Alexandra Farms, a speciality rose grower in Colombia


Perri and Hannah from Florist Business with John Meijer of famed Dutch rose grower Meijer Roses Bloomingnotes is a new concept which stamps roses with words, images or branding New packaging concepts, including pink-rimmed brown paper, by Dutch packaging company Broekhof

Addenda won our hearts with the most creative exhibit – a hospital ward with ‘newborn’ plants in beds

Aleia Roses is a huge new luxury Red Naomi rose grower in Spain ovely ritish florists and readers rom Stock Florist in Stock and Bunched Flowers in Leigh-on-Sea

Dutch designer Dennis Kneepkens demonstrated at the Cultra evening event or florists

Image © Jens Poulsen

Specially developed cellophane packaging by Effeci Milano, in boxes for easy slicing with no scissors needed

FTF hosted the competition nals or the im azelaar Trophy a floristry competition which was won by Ani Poklepovi rom roatia

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Alstroemeria 'Charmelia' by Royal van Zanten

Anemone 'Mistral Tigre' by Biancheri Creations

Rosa ady Raphaela by Rosen Tantau

Anthurium 'Marijke' by Fiore Anthuriums

Rosa lack idow by Naranjo Roses

Scabiosa 'Scoop' by Danziger

Rosa To ee by

A new as yet unnamed breed by ordes Roses

Dianthus carophyllus 'Copper Extasis' by S.B. Talee, Flowers of Colombia

Actinotus helianthi (flannel flower) by the apan Flowers and Plants Export Association

Tweedia caerulea Angel lue by the apan Flowers and Plants Export Association

r e t d es r b

o &

il st a e M igg b

reenrose cuador

Don’t miss out on the best way to boost your Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day business

Our biggest ever Peak Season catalogue. It’s filled with inspiration & exclusive products all at keen prices to help grow your profits. If you’re not on our mailing list call us now on 01733 261000 or send an email to marketing@isgroupltd.com



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ustoma grandiflorum Pink Picotee by the apan Flowers and Plants Export Association

I S Sundries

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OUT ABOUT FLEUREX Fleur x the ritish Florist Association s annual trade air took place in irmingham at the end o October visitors were treated to an array o trade exhibitors competitions workshops demonstrations and an awards ceremony


is e r s st r e onstr tors were ourne out b se florist i n utc esi ner i n en kker t e n be in on ine floristr t or ower ctor. e took to t e in st e to cre te n rr o ins ir tion esi ns inc u in su er ero t e e iece cre te s i to t e crow ou re su er eroes or bein ere to i known or is uni ue st e to t e u ience ere is no ri t or wron w in floristr ou ust e to n w t suits ou n our custo ers. u iers o kin s e ibite t eir w res in t e in t t e s ow s new enue. w r winnin florist ouis oo er e onstr te ow to use iflor s iti orker n i ressi e contr tion w ic cts s obi e s e s i tin florist s workbenc . ro otion c i n ust r s e ibite or t e rst ti e brin in to et er t ree e ce tion oun ritis esi ners ictori e son e n r e n nn e ne. e oine ri itte en n n re o nn o er n tr e ssoci tion to e eri ent wit t e uc i ne c r s nt e u un er b nners w ic re ou ne er tr ou ne er know . ebut esi ners st e s w ore u n co in florists e onstr te t eir ski s w i e t e ower ounci o o n tr ns or e n entire roo to resent its tren orec st co risin unk eboote o nce . n e sse b e . eck out floristbusiness.co.uk or in or tion bout w t it e ns. e eur e enin w r s cere on ce ebr te florists n su iers t e e s n cco is ents wit oo in o e winnin t e co ete et i orist o o t e e r w r s we s ebsite o t e e r wit its site esi ne b orist in ow. cot n b se n o i won orist o t e e r erscou o e e won t e tr inin c te or n s eci ri e w s w r e to ber s ose in orwic w ic won t e ower ounci s n ine resence w r new conce t t t s w florists work r to i ro e t eir i it cti it t rou ri orous sc e e. isit floristbusiness.co.uk and search Fleur x or our ull photo gallery and list o award winners.

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OPINION hat ha e es o ou thi

the flo er se tor i fa e i

Erwin Sneiders, intelligence manager, Royal FloraHolland The ‘classic’ consumer habit of dropping b t e florist to bu flowers on t e w to visiting someone is changing – purchasing online has become ingrained. orists re in to e wit incre sin ressure ower re enue n risin costs. Florists experience competition from markets n r en centres but so incre sin ro su er rkets w ic re sn tc in u si ni c nt rket s re wit t eir ow rices. n ition the proportion of online purchases continues to e n rt ue to t e sur risin n inno ti e conce ts enterin t e rket o flowers n nts. The numbers tell a story. Consumer research from Royal FloraHolland revealed that consumers in er n t e r nce n t e et er n s re n in it ore n ore nor to bu flowers or plants online. This development is especially rent in t e w ere in t e so c e


OpinionDec.indd 18

bo flower e i er se ent w s res onsib e or o t e o u e o cut flowers n o t e money spent. n t e ot er t ree countries suc i s res re not et e i ent but we e ect urt er rowt in t ese rkets s we . n w s s ent in t e et er n s on flowers i web s es. n er n t is w s n in r nce ust . e st orit o florists work in e en ent w ic o ten e s to ret i ers bein orce to stick to tr ition urc sin et o s. n er n n r nce nu ber o florist c ins n r nc ises re be innin to e r n t e re better t con rontin t ese new c en es. o st e o co etition florists e to focus on the creative aspect of their trade n istin uis t e se es wit inno ti e s o conce ts. is wi ow t e to kee sur risin their customers and excelling in service. n ot er wor s ore ttention to t e e r nce o our s o or nise our urc sin s rt o er uni ue ssort ent or re tions i s wit our custo ers n e e o u ti c nne ro c .

Mark Ward, owner, C. M. Florists and president, Florint (International Florist Association) t ink wi be tou e r s we re seein incre se co etition ro ot er flower se ers n su er rkets rticu r in t e but it s enin cross uro e too. e o ti ist in e owe er s s t t i ro ession ret i florists re re re to t ke secon ook t w t t e o n re wi in to ke c n es t en t e c n succee . t co es own to ues suc s i in erson ser ice being different and offering something that online co nies n su er rkets c n t. be ie e we w s e t e e e w en it co es to erson or ers suc s we in s n bere e ents. o owners so nee to ook t ot er o ortunities consi er o erin ons suc s c oco tes cer ics te ies n b oons. website is essenti kee in it u te e en ore so. t s i ort nt to ook t t e costs wit in our own business. en it co es to t ose ou c n s o roun or suc s insur nce c r rocessin n b nk c r es ensure t t ou re ettin oo ue or one . t s so bout bu in ri t ke sure you’re buying products at the right cost to sell on at a reasonable price.

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Ask yourself: am I giving customers what they want, or what I think they want? Do some market rese rc n n out w t our custo ers re actually looking for. On the events side, there are plenty of opportunities, though it depends on where you’re b se . e nu ber o florists s ec ine o er recent years, but there are still opportunities. We need to keep looking for new ways to keep costs own n incre se turno er n ro t bi it . ames Frost chie marketing o cer orldpay en it rst flo te 20 years ago, Amazon was valued at $438m; today it is worth $467bn. Online behemoths such as Amazon might seem a long w ro t e er e in e en ent florist but in today’s increasingly technology driven society, the company’s approach contains a number of useful lessons that any business can emulate. From one-click payments to one-hour deliveries, Amazon has mastered using new and emerging technology to give customers what they want, when they want it. A recent report we produced i enti e on s t e on ine store eo e ost want to shop with, highlighting ease of use and ease of payment as the things consumers value the most.

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Amazon is most well-known as an online store, but its decision last year to launch a chain of bricks-and-mortar bookstores also shows an understanding that the battle for consumer s en is not str i t t between on ine and traditional channels. Today’s mobile-enabled consumers want shops to behave the same way t e o o in se ess ro o fline to on ine. n s ort t e w nt ore fle ibi it n re prepared to reward those that provide a more connected customer journey across all channels. According to one recent study we produced, florists t t ke it e s or custo ers to s o online as well as in-store have seen their revenues increase 8.34% in the past year, while in-store-only retailers saw revenues decline by 0.41%. Shop owners might fear that ‘digital’ will require expensive investment in technology and supporting systems, but the cost of setting up a website and online payments system need not be high. How much you choose to spend will depend on your business requirements, but according to research we conducted, the average small business spends in the region of £2,500 to get an e-commerce website up and running. Technology might have shifted goalposts slightly, but florists ce t e s e c en e to st e did 30 years ago: “How do I give customers what they want, in the manner and time-frame that they e ect it or to ut it not er w ow c n be more Amazon?”

Alastair Owen communications manager ew ovent arden arket One of the biggest c en es or flower suppliers at the moment, which will continue through 2018, is the uncert int t t re it is cin on t e oun and this is being felt right up the supply chain. For florist t is is w ere workin c ose wit our wholesaler will pay off. Use their experience and knowledge to get the most bang for your buck. For t e sector t ese e c n e r te fluctu tions provide even more reason to keep buying more British blooms. There are a number of good opportunities, too. Mindfulness and wellbeing are growing trends; as a sector we can tap into this and start promoting t e ent n sic e t bene ts o in flowers n nts in t e o e. n cities suc s London, there is also a shift towards reconnecting wit n ture we w nt to brin t e outsi e inside, and experience the country in the urban en iron ent. n s ort flowers n nts re coo which is exciting and really positive for the industry. The main challenge here lies with the traditional ret i florist s we e seen cou e o bi on ine retailers emerge to capitalise on this growing demand. The best defence, though, is to create an amazing customer experience in-store. The fact that the likes of Amazon are moving into bricksand-mortar stores shows there is still a very clear demand for a tangible shopping experience.

Next month’s question will be: here does the floristry industry stand in terms o diversity o people Got an opinion? Get in touch at floristbusinesseditor el ays .com



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I N S TAG R A M : T H E F L O R I S T ’ S FAV O U R I T E S O C I A L M E D I A P Founder of multi-award-winning blog Flowerona, Rona Wheeldon is assio ate a out flo ers a the floristr i ustr fa of Instagram, she has trained scores of florists o so ia e ia helping their businesses bloom


unc e in nst r s r i beco e t e florist s soci e i t or o c oice. er ect or ttr ctin custo ers t is e s to use ets ou s re be uti u i es n c ti tin i eos o our flower ourne . t so ro i es ou wit en ess ins ir tion ro roun t e obe. o w t e ct is it t t kes it so o u r wit florists

IMAGES nst r is isu soci e i t or so it s n i e ce or ou to s owc se our st e. n florists escribe t e ri s t eir on ine er so e e en c it t eir i it s o win ow . ore o ten t n not our nst r ee wi e ture t e ost recent e es o our work be ore t e it our website so it s w s u to te. n florists steer c ients to t e s rst ort o c . it in secon s eo e c n et ee or our si n ture st e w et er t t s rk flor s ike w ows sons sw ows n sons intric te esi ns ike it e it e e or n tur istic rr n e ents ike r ce orn r ce n t orn . i e stunnin i es n co esi e ook re i ort nt on our ri it s nst r tories w ere ou c n re s ow be in t e scenes n in ect bit o erson it . t s t e er ect ce to s ow t e ore in or si e o our co in s n oin s w et er t t s e r ornin isits to t e flower rket con itionin scenes in our stu io or settin u we in flowers t enue.


Business_InstagramV2.indd 20

VIDEOS Videos are an amazing way to give your followers an insight into your business. c ueens c ueensflowers is s inin e e re u r ostin s ort c i s on its ri n on tories. t e en s i eo series c e ower tories w ic it e tures on nst r n on its o u r ou ube c nne . re on b se florist tie is ro on eros e on eros n t e is ro w en it co es to nst r i e ou re u r n er t ere cre tin stunnin bou uets. t s re t w or o owers to et to know ou erson s ou t k to t e c er s we s to see ou cre te arrangements. e o u rit o i eo content is e ecte to continue risin in so i ou ren t re usin nst r tories et on it now ou re not re to ut ourse in ront o t e c er t ou t e st et eo e e r ou s e k be in t e c er . t s in ow e rin so eone s oice c n e ou connect with them.


MARKETING ne incenti e or usin nst r is to e ou row our business n t is ree rketin too co es into its own i ou on t e sic resence. ere s been n incre se in t e nu ber o florists workin ro stu io or o e n wit t is intuiti e ou c n ro ote our business on ine n attract new clients. e br e n ut ourse in t e s ot i t eo e bu ro eo e. e w nt to see t e ce be in t e business so s re i es n i eos o ourse . oin in on s new s t int eflor s ot i t n be in wit c nce o bein e ture on int eflor s ot i t. orists so use nst r to network wit co e ent r businesses suc s we in nners c ke esi ners oto r ers n ress esi ners. t s o e w to kee in touc n be t t e ore ront o t eir in .

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INSPIRATION nst r is re t w to see w t ot er florists re cre tin it s t e ce to go to be inspired by others – artists, stylists, photographers, interior designers n so on. isco er new tren s see w t flower is fl our o t e ont n i erse ourse in t e cre ti it . eck out on s ccount un ert eflor s e or flor ins ir tion.

COMMUNITY For those who work solo, it’s lovely to be able to feel part of a wider community – not only connecting with customers, but also with the friendly, su orti e floristr co unit on nst r . t s won er u ce to inter ct wit ike in e eo e ro florists n rowers to w o es ers n rkets.

on is unc in new nst r or orists on ine course in . ou ike to be one o t e rst to know w en it s unc e si si n up to the mailing list at the bottom of the Flowerona home page – www.floweron .co . n t e e nti e ou c n o ow on on nst r t floweron . on t or et to un ert eflor s e to i es o our flor esi ns n int eflor s ot i t to otos e turin ou n our te .

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Hannah Agnes Antmann | Saint Floral (www.saintfloral.co.uk) saintfloral “I love that I can use Instagram as a platform for self-expression, both with and beyond flowers. ere is w s e nin e otion or oo be in w t we ost. e re t e n s and minds behind these images, and whether it’s a piece of work we’re really proud of, or a o ent in n ture we w nt to s re we c n. t s worthy of the share, because they keep our stories unique and our iewers curious to see ore. Fiona Perry | Fiona Perry Flowers (www. onaperry.com) onaperryflowers “I love Instagram and, in particular, Instagram tories. ee t t it s our c nce to bit of your personality and a story – I love that s ect o t e . ou c n be ou on nst r tories ore so t n on our ri ee . e otos n i eos st er s ort ti e. ou can put the images in colour or black and white, and it gives you total freedom, which I feel the Instagram feed doesn’t w s necess ri ow ou. ts w e br ce t is ot er si e o nst r w o e e rte . Ruth avis All or ove (www.all orlovelondon.com) all orlovelondon “Instagram is one of the most enjoyable s ects o runnin business. t s bit o tre t switc o ro re it . o e s rin an insight into our day ‘behind the scenes’ in Instagram Stories, including the less glamorous side, such as washing dirty vases at three in the morning! But on my grid, I’ve made a strategic decision to only post high quality images by investing in professional oto r . e re in isu in ustr n be uti u i es re ke .



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ith a ro i e is a i i the too

et or of eve t esi ers a e i florists ase orri e to stre the the u ur flora ar et ith etai s o ers oft are e as e her to share her thou hts o the or of eve t floristr

I grew up in Florida where my amily had a flower nursery business I was constantly around plants n flowers n stu ie t t e ni ersit o ori w ere interest in e ent nnin e o e . ter uni ersit be n workin in ret i florist s o w ere ooke ter inco in e co erce or ers. ssion w s w s to beco e esi ner so in et e o e to i o u e ret i florist. t en worke or n i ort flower broker se in flowers to w o es ers n we e entu o e to t e nort e st co st o ori w ere o ene rst flor bouti ue.

t e florists w o e e o e to incor or te e ents into t eir week routines e n e to c r e uni ue nic e to e ce in. The main challenge acing the florist industry is communication ere nee s to be ore tr ns renc n un erst n in between custo ers su iers te tes n rowers. e re connectin t e n ots in t e su c in to e florists se ore flowers n en b e w o es ers to e ess w ste.

I discovered that the business side of wedding flowers was hugely complex n re ious obs t ere w s been tec no o in ce to ssist but not in flor esi n not in be t erson ce te tes. n set out to bui n e e o n on ine ic tion t t wou e business n e ow florists n et i s owers o tw re w s born.

Proposals are the main selling feature for an event florist is is w it s so i ort nt t t t e re isu e sin . e ster florists c n cre te t eir ision or t e c ient t e ster s es wi co e. ri es o e i er interest is roo o t t. oo ro os resent tion kes florists e r ro ession wit wow wort ck e to i ress. et i s o tw re ows ou to i es esi ns n reci es to our e ent contr cts n t e b oo s t t ou wi use or t e entire or er in ew c icks.

Over the years, I’ve seen the industry shift from retail-focused to event-driven u er rkets ro i in ore flor e e ents s re c n e t e n sc e o t e in ustr . be ie e t t i ou re not in t e e ents business ike we in s cor or te e ents or uner s t en ou ike e t ken it o er t e st e rs. e e oun t t

t s a big problem that florists are not properly pricing designs and products e econo ic i ct o in ew e tr flowers to ew un re centre ieces c n be u e oss or florist. t ink t t wit e u te re r tion ro er nnin n n ro ri te e ect tion e e t e n nci rt o flor esi n c n beco e ess


Business_Details.indd 22

rustr tin n ore e si ntici te . e encour e florists to work t ini u o ro t or costs ti es our or rr n e ents. e recommend florists send their orders to wholesale and supply partners in adequate time is i t e n t ree to our weeks in nce to ke sure t t t e c n c uire t e b oo s t e w nt. we i e our su rtners ro er u ntit n bu et t e c n ke t e best bu in ecisions to e us ro uce bu ous e ents. e e o in oo re tions i s wit our rtners is so i ort nt to bein success u e ent nners n florists. Be willing to ask questions, take classes and learn as much as possible e ore know e e ou c n e ui ourse wit t e ore success u ou c n be s business owner n esi ner. kin c sses n works o s in bot esi n n business wi ro uce resu ts to ri e our business to t e ne t e e n once ou e e rne ot s re it wit our e ow florists to e t e o ore n c ie e ore. o eti es it co es own to cre tin erson re tions i s to ke success t ste e en sweeter. e stu ent wi so e be t e te c er so isten e rn n te c n ou wi e t e ue or success in all that you do! www.detailsflowers.com

u ur we in florist u oone w o s recent unc e er own flower sc oo w s one o t e rst florists to isco er et i s owers o tw re. oun it w en ookin or florist s ste s s e e ins. e o e it bec use it cre tes oo ookin ro os s n it inc u es flower reci es n costs to uick rint works eets ste nners ob ists n e i er s eets w ic s es ti e w en re rin uotes n e us florists to ke ro t owin ore ti e or tr inin n rowin our businesses. Enrol onto one of Paula’s upcoming courses at www.paularooney.co.uk.

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10/11/2017 13:01 12:04 21/11/2017



CO M PET I TI ON S : BOO ST I N G E NGAG E M E N T We speak to Puck Woldring, social media and content manager for the marketing company Puck Solange, a a ha u i a a a i ire tor at e e florist herr osso to out ho ru i o i e competitions can help you take your consumer engagement to the next level


n today’s digital age, it’s imperative for businesses to have an online presence, including various social media platforms. Not only are they useful for connecting with customers, they can also be used in marketing – such as running competitions that engage your target market. “Competitions are good for several reasons,” explains Puck, who has worked with several bi n es in t e flor in ustr inc u in t e Flower Council of Holland. “They allow you to increase customer engagement and sales, build your customer database and increase your online following, as well as creating brand awareness.” Once you have established why you want to run a competition, you need to decide what the prize is going to be and whether you want to include a partner business or competition sponsor. “A collaboration can have a great impact!” says Puck.

“Joining forces with a product or business related to yours can reach double the customer base, draw in new people and enhance your reputation.” How you promote your competition – online, in store or a mixture – will depend on why you created it. “Each platform has its own identity, so you need to pick one, or adapt your competition to the needs of the platform,” says Puck. “You need to make the rules and the T&Cs of the competition clear, as this will ensure everything you do is legal. Facebook has strict competition guidelines, and you need to make sure that your promotion isn’t sponsored or managed by Facebook.” Facebook doesn’t allow posts that include phrases such as: ‘share this post to be in with a chance of winning,’ or ‘tag yourself and 10 friends to enter.’ “These examples aren’t honest; the easiest way to get your customers involved is to ask them

for an original answer to your choice of question, with a reason why and perhaps a picture, too,” says Puck. “In your rules, you need to clarify how users can participate, what they can win and who can participate – and let people agree to the T&Cs.” Remember to make the competition easy to enter – too many steps and your consumers will drop out on the way. Marketing on social media has never been easier and, with an estimated 2.3bn users, it is fast becoming the best way to promote your brand. oci e i c n ri e tr c to n w ere ou choose, either to your business webpage or other social media platforms – or you can use it to reach consumers directly. This is because of behaviour data, a feature across all social media platforms, w ic ets users t r et re e ne u ience n deliver ads and content directly to your customers.”




Business_Competitions.indd 24

www.floristbusiness.co.uk 21/11/2017 11:17




1 2 3 4 5

Always make sure you have a document with the rules and T&Cs – Facebook can sue ot erwise. ou on t e one n te te. e re uite ener n ou wi oi isun erst n in s or co ints ro consu ers.

Want to run a competition but don’t have the time or tech skills to make it look professional? We’ve rounded up a few apps to help make it quick and easy

Stay authentic, and be creative. n e wit our o owers urin t e co cre te re tions i . oost our contest ike to en e.

t is w


t is w

ou wi kee t eir ttention n

ou c n t r et t e eo e ou w nt to re c

ke our ri e wort custo ers w i e

cebook ro otion is n e s w to en e wit o owers ou c n oint t e to e i si n u s n turn t e into bu ers b o erin ri e. t c n so e t e to ot er soci t or s so ou c n t er in or tion bout ow custo ers e r bout our co etition w ic ou c n use in uture rketin n co unic tions. c ui no err osso in e e is runnin co etition to win bou uet e er month for a year’ until the end of December. She e ins t t runnin t e co etition ows er to collate more details on her customers. e w nte to o t t e tr i e w en t erin c ient in or tion so t t i usb n came in and couldn’t remember his wife’s favourite flower we cou ook it u on t e s ste n ke sure s e s recei in w t s e ikes s e s s. e also wanted to be able to add these clients to our

ou w nt it to be re e bere

n w o re



reci te

t b se to re in t e w en s eci occ sion ro c in so t t t e c n sen flowers. ri ri c ertise t e co etition on er business website but so book rinte or instore custo ers n ssers b to out. wou run t e co etition in but wou incre se ro otion cross our soci e i . o etitions re re t w to ener te interest in your business and build your customer database n w o wou n t w nt to win flowers nce ou e n ise t e et i s ou nee to t ink bout ow on ou wi run t e co etition or. ne to t ree weeks works we not stin so on t t our consu ers beco e isintereste . in on t or et to nnounce t e winner cross our t or s t is wi ener te soci cti it n en e ent n ostin oto o t e winner wit t eir ri e wi cre te ub icit . is

Canva: Create social media osters wit e s to use te


Gleam: Choose from various entr et o s wit ti s n tricks on ow to run i erent t es o co etitions wit t e i to row e i ists or soci e i followers. Ra flecopter e ect our ri e choose your entry methods, and st rt co ectin entries. en our i e w is o er se ect n announce your winners with a few clicks of a button. ShortStack: re t or cre tin s t contests n n in user ener te content wit cebook contests i e w s n ui te tes. Wishpond: With more than 10 i erent contest o tions to c oose ro is on is e s to use n s own o b e rtici nt t .


www.floristbusiness.co.uk Business_Competitions.indd 25



21/11/2017 11:18




It’s easy to worry about whether you’re charging the right price, and it’s a tricky subject to broach with others, so each month we’re sharing an outline – but remember, every business and location is different, so this is only meant to act as a guide.

About Nikki Meader Nikki is the owner of West Malling Flowers, voted two-time Retail Florist Shop of the Year at the BFA awards. She has a background in accounting, building her business on a foundation of impeccable costings.


idely recognised as one of the most cost-effective retail designs, arrangements in foam can provide excellent bang for buck because they make use of materials that might have otherwise gone to w ste. o o cuts n s orter ste e flowers can be used up, and stems with several heads can cover much more area than they might in a n tie . t so o ers tot fle ibi it o c n containers of all kinds, from relay-standard ceramics to creative ideas such as teacups, hat boxes, vintage pieces or unusual styles like the current trend for animal shapes.





Business Costing DEC.indd 26

Flowers / foliage / sundries

Cost per product (£)

1/3 of a foam brick


3 alstroemeria


3 large-headed roses


1 oriental lily


2 lisianthus


Foliage, including eucalyptus


Ceramic container


Skill charge (20 mins of hourly rate)


Business charge (20 mins of hourly rate to cover rent, electricity, tax)




Customer pays


ro t er ro uct


You’ve sold 50 foam arrangements this month... ot

ro t t is



You’ve sold 600 similar products all year (50 each month)... ro o

rr n e ent ro t t is e r


www.floristbusiness.co.uk 21/11/2017 13:36




and commercially interesting story to tell your customers. Your aim is to create happy living en iron ents wit our flowers n nts n your customers ask you for advice on decorating. With a horticultural view, you can help them, and it’s clear it works – proven by today’s huge interiors trend for green plants. Instagram is a huge tool for ou. re ou t e erence onr n o florists c ue up when it comes to styling ideas and solutions?

In Marcel’s last column, we discovered which florists have a future – those that sell themselves, rather than just their products. But how do you do this?


n such a bright and colourful industry, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Flowers and plants re t e s e n flower s o s re t e s e and packaging is the same – but you are unique! Don’t let this go to waste. e nee to re e ber to reflect our individuality within our work, putting more of our personality, character, vision and attitude into our shop concepts. If you are able to integrate your personality into your business consistently, you’ll make a difference – and then you’ll really build your local brand. First, you need to think carefully about the customer experience you offer. How do people feel after they’ve visited your shop, website and social media pages, or after meeting you in person? What story do you want to tell them about yourself and your business? Here are a few examples – do you slot into one, or have you found your own unique niche?


www.floristbusiness.co.uk Business Marcel DEC.indd 27

THE ENTREPRENEUR Are you a commercial person, who understands the needs of different customers? You might not be t e ost cre ti e florist but ou know e ct ow to se uce our custo ers. ou re er fle ib e i customers don’t have enough time to visit your shop you’ll launch a subscription service, a delivery service or a new stand at the local train station. You’re the local Richard Branson – you always see opportunities and you dare to take risks. THE PERFECTIONIST re ou er ectionist keen on t e ne et i s and striving for only the best? Think about top chefs – they know how to translate their personality and passion into a restaurant concept. Everything from the ingredients, tableware and interiors to the music and services captures the owner’s character. This also means nurturing staff with the same spirit. re ou er ectionist florist n is t is t e i e you want to give your business? THE STYLIST re ou florist w o s on tr ck wit t e test trends in interiors? This might make a relevant

THE REBEL Do you love to shock and surprise? Why not reflect t is in our strikin floristr work n s o atmosphere? You know you can’t please everybody, so you make a statement by being a rebel and targeting customers who relate to your niche, rebellious work. You’re proud and you dare to be different from others – younger audiences really love this. Be inspired by the branding from Red Bull and Innocent drinks. Challenge all the conservative florists in our oc rket be bo be u WHO ARE YOU? You might not be the rebel, the perfectionist or t e flor st ist but o e u ou re so et in even more unique – you’re you. Maybe you’re ‘Miss Botanical’, with a totally eco lifestyle, or the ‘Green octor w o s ssion te bout t e e t bene ts of having plants in the home. It’s not just about the product, it’s about you and your story. So – what kin o florist re ou Marcel Jansen is founder of Strøm Creative rketin n enc co erin flowers food and retail, as well as the Bouquet Tales campaign, which provides out of the ordinary bou uet ins ir tion or florists. www.strommarketing.nl www.bouquettales.nl



21/11/2017 11:08




SimonLycett Interview.indd 28

www.floristbusiness.co.uk 21/11/2017 15:06

Q&A S I M O N LYC E T T e s o e of the atio s est ove florists a i re u ar a eara es o a ra io a has u erous oo s u er his e t a o si e a itteri ie t ist i o ett is ot o a e e tio a florist ut a so a stau h i ustr su orter ri i ith a vi e e i atio a e oura e e t for the e t e eratio


an you tell us a little bit about your background in the flower industry? e been ssion te bout flowers since w s se en rew u in rwick n re e ber bein b own w b oc town flower s ow. went o e n i e i te st rte cre tin own esi ns in tent in t e b ck r en n since t en e w nte to o is work wit flowers. w s uck t t nei bour o rents oe c e or t u t it ui s floristr t oc co e e. n ri ternoons sit in er r e n e wire i e es e not n or tr inin t but e rne ot o tec nic floristr ski s t rou er. e to s w s instincti e oo t it not oo t ot o t in s ut floristr c e n tur n i rst we in w en w s or so e rien s o rents. rents in i or e uc tion w nte e to in so e ro er u i c tions so ree

www.floristbusiness.co.uk SimonLycett Interview.indd 29

to st rt u nities e ree t u ers e o tec nic. t w s re t e erience but it i n t sto e ro w ntin to work wit flowers. stuck it out or e r unti w s n owe to o ow re . irst ot ob wit obert on i ico o in on on it w s suc we t re t t rincess i n bou t er knickers ro t e s o cross t e ro n c ients t ou t not in o s en in on bou uet ust to s t nk ou or inner. t w s re e e o cons icuous consu eris n er i erent to e eriences in rwick b re e r o out o se son i o t e e nor seen tuberose be ore t t e t went to work or u brook n ou n ter set u on own. w s ske to cre te t e flowers or t e e ori ser ice o i enson cre tor o e u ets n s resu t t t e to rst re bi i in t e e r ineties rr n in t e flowers or t e our e in s n uner . t w s t e bre kt rou o ent n it s been bit bonkers since t en



21/11/2017 15:07


Can you tell us about your work on books, TV and radio? I totally fell into it, though I have always enjoyed doing demonstrations to NAFAS groups and rious flower c ubs. bit o s ow o so e w s u e t t e c nce to be i to t k e tre e ssion te bout flowers so i t ere s n o ortunit to co bine t t wit c er to promote the amazing things our industry does, t t s t e er ect ob or e. e so ot cou e o books co in out t ou n in t e ti e to work on t e is i cu t. onest bso ute o e t e ti e s en eetin wit c ients re in u in t in s n ore oin r io n but o et bo e own wit t e in si e o t e business.


SimonLycett Interview.indd 30

www.floristbusiness.co.uk 21/11/2017 15:07

i enson

flowers n ses to cre te oose in or ook. n t e s e w t t w s tot o er t e w o e ti t w ite o es o roses or we in s ook now rett bore wit t e oose co sin bou uet tren . us flowers in t t st e on t usu st er on so tire o seein be r b oke in twee suit we rin button o e e o ew r n e florets tie wit strin . es it ooks or eous on interest but we know it be stone e in two inutes. t so c n t ke us ro er one bec use t ere s not s uc ski or teri in o e . t ink t e interest o e ent is isin enuous it s ou be i e

“DON’T JUST BUY T H O S E R E A DY- M A D E BUNCHES AND EXPECT TO SELL T H E M . S H OW YO U R SKILL AND CRAFT!” ou re one o the s best known florists what does it eel like to mix with royalty and celebrities do you still get butterflies I feel very, very privileged. I’m so lucky to have such a special job, but celebrities really are exactly the s e s e er bo e se n ore e cite w en w kin on t e street or oin e onstr tion n so eone co es u to e bec use t e w nt to t k bout flowers or t e re ins ire b work. consi er t t to be re onour n incre ib fl tterin . an you name any especially memorable career moments n ition to workin on our e in s n uner n oin i enson s e ori ser ice

www.floristbusiness.co.uk SimonLycett Interview.indd 31

cre tin t e flowers or t e we in rece tion o t e rince o es n t e uc ess o ornw w s so n incre ib e ri i e e. en st rtin out tr to t ke e er o ortunit ou re o ere n on t s no to n t in bec use ou ne er know w ere it wi e . e w s been so uck in t t sense e c ob s e to t e ne t n co bine wit eter in tion n hard work, it’s got me where I am today. n design would you say you ollow trends t ink it s nice to tr to be e er not o ower. ere re so n bri i nt florists in t is countr but t ere re so ot o eo e w o t ink t e re bri i nt florists bec use t e current tren ows n bo to t er n ec ectic co ection o

hat changes have you seen take place during your time in the industry e bi est s to be ccessibi it to res flowers. w s uck enou to ke ocu ent r or in en w ere we isco ere t t be uti u n is r en roses re rown t ere n flown into t is countr n t e re sti bu ous n res for over a week. o e se son it it s w t kee s our in ustr res n ibr nt n it s w t s so re t bout t e ritis flower o e ent but c ients re now use to ettin w t t e w nt w te er t e se son t t e c ick o n er. t wi be s w en eonies re i be e r roun . o ern tr ns ort n co unic tion inks e e suc i erence o ent r en rket use to e e i eries twice week but now c n e w te er w nt to orrow ornin it s in t ou it s e nt t t we florists e to be uicker to ct. w nt r is or n e ent on nee t e to ook in or e inutes but e ot to bu t e two weeks in nce in or er or t e to be o en n on oint or t e e ent. const nt tr in to re ict n secon uess w t c ients wi w nt n on t t ink t t wi e er c n e. hat advice would you give to a new florist starting out w s re e ber to s t nk ou n write t nk ou etters w ere er ossib e. r to ne er s no bec use ou ne er know w ere e c o ortunit wi e . on t e ect to be i en t e u ur obs ro t e st rt o t e r r t it s w ere we st rte . n n bu oo stout ir o s oes ou nee t e



21/11/2017 15:07

© Lara Arnott Photography




SimonLycett Interview.indd 32

www.floristbusiness.co.uk 21/11/2017 15:08

“I AM SO TIRED OF SEEING A B E A R DY B L O K E I N A T W E E D S U I T WEARING A BUTTONHOLE MADE OF A FEW HYDRANGEA FLORETS” hat challenges do you see acing the flower industry in uture sti see ot o florists bu in ro t e s e utc orr s e er one e se n o erin e ct t e s e t in to t eir c ients. t ust beco es so b n n borin but it s not i cu t to o erco e we ust nee to tr to be i erent. u er rkets re now kin enuine be uti u t in s so florists nee to ue. on t ust bu t ose re e bunc es ro our w o es er n e ect to se t e s ow our ski s inste . t s w t s so s ect cu r bout ritis floristr current in t is countr we e cu ture o ce ebr tin t e o e e ust ook t ke . orists s ou be c ionin t is oo n w in t e fl . ein in i i u n erson n cre tin n cr te ite s re our bi est we ons in tin t e ss flower rket. on t be ie e it wi e er be o u r to bu we in flowers ro su er rket n or re s eci occ sions c ients w nt to t k to t e erson be in t e ro uct. know it s i cu t to e s o n ke one t ese s but ust o e t t ouse nt s o recent o e u on oc i street. o knows w t t e uture brin s but sus ect it wi work or t ose w o o so et in i erent n unusu . et s e in b rber cu co ee s o so er s we nee c n e o i entit ere s re ower ste in ro sense o co unit n soci e i w ic is so et in t t o e bout florists. t rket bu into eo e w o i t be consi ere co etitors but inste we e nice c t n re ise t t w i e it s trick we c n work to et er to re ke i erence. ow many sta do you have and when hiring what do you look or in an employee e u ti e n er nent rt ti e st n work wit bout ree ncers. on t ten

www.floristbusiness.co.uk SimonLycett Interview.indd 33

to ire eo e w o e been c ssic tr ine s w sn t w en rst st rte . t o ook or is so eone w o c n it t e roun runnin t ose wit oo ew e rs o e erience. ost o our work is co ete un er ressure in t e stu io t e te re i en n bun nce o flowers n to to cre te nis e ite s to inst t enue in er s ort s ce o ti e. or t t nee oo co etent florists wit stron r s n sense o u our. o e to ire in i i u s but it s i ort nt t t t e know t e re not cre tin t eir own ook t e re re ic tin ine. o you have any tips with regard to buying costing and accounting erce su orter o ew o ent r en ower rket bu in n w ere e se ee s ien to e. e re er ortun te bec use w t we o is i en so rice isn t w s t e ri er inste it s kin sure we et t e best b oo s t ou o w s e ect t e best rice too. n ition to our flower costs we e n enor ous bour bi s e er t in we o is incre ib bour intensi e n t ere re r e tr ns ort costs on to o t t. u in flowers is t e e s bit t e tou rt co es wit t e ition s ects t t n florists on t incor or te into t eir c r es not to ention n ser icin rkin n con estion c r es. er uck to e re t te to e n ise florists to et oo ccount nt t e er o ent ou c n or it e know that cash flow can be tough or event florists and have heard that o ten the bigger the client the longer it takes them to pay. s this a problem you ve encountered t s true t t it is er i cu t. ou e ot to be rut ess n ke sure our ter s n con itions re r wn u re c e r or e e eci e

w et er ou w nt to re uest on con r tion n ke it c e r be ore n . ese s t ere s no e cuse or ck o or te ents bec use ou c n ke tr ns ers in secon s on ine. t works bot w s t ou on t et c rrie w bu in new s oes s soon s t t o e c e ue co es in ou nee to re e ber to our su iers on ti e n store so e w or t e t bi s too hat is the most di cult aspect o running the business in suc s e t n s e in oicin n kee in ccounts u to te e er t in but t e flowers. eo e serious un eresti te it. use to e s ike on esk onto w ic re i ious ut recei ts n in oices n t t e en o e c week enter t e into ccounts books. ou e to ke sure ou re isci ine ot erwise ou be stu e . ou c n be t e best florist in t e wor but wit out so bein w re o t e n nces ou won t ke n one . ow do you view competition within the floristry industry t ink it s e t n nee s to be e br ce . o ook t w t ot ers re oin but use it s ins ir tion n o so et in t t s e u b but i erent. te er ou n our co etitors re oin on t worr bout it or et obsesse . nste ke rien s. e re uc stron er to et er t n s in i i u s. hat do you do in your spare time o e oo cookin n e tin . urin ri e o e e c e enin t inkin bout w t ke or inner n te e cite to e t ken u n or nic e bo sc e e. so o e to o w k w n er roun on on s rkets n en o so e ree u br in ti e. w


21/11/2017 15:08



H A R R I E T PA R RY F L O ith a varie a i teresti ortfo io o o ase esi er arriet arr reates ift ou uets a flora arra e e ts for retai as e as over the to reatio s for e i s eve ts fashio a ith a a rou i art she a so reates flora ater o our ai ti s a i iature fresh flo er esi s ot u h ar er tha a e 1






Style Harriet Parry.indd 34

www.floristbusiness.co.uk 21/11/2017 11:46


Name Harriet Parry Business Harriet Parry Flowers rriet rr flowers.co rriet rr flowers Location London Age of business Five years


How would you describe your style? s cre tions re bo bri t n u or wi n oose st in true to t e n tur o e ent o flowers n o i e. w s ro c esi ns wit inter est etic s int too. rr n e usin co ours te tures n s es o ten re erencin s ion rt interior n esi n tren s s we s istoric influences.


What inspires you? et ins ir tion ro so n t in s rt usic s ion o ent in ttern rticu r ti e in istor or ust so et in t ts c u t e e. o bor tin wit ot er florists rien s esi ners n rtists is so e tre e i ort nt or e n work too


What’s your favourite kind of design to make? s co e ro n rt b ck roun oe cre tin be uti u esi ns t t e n unusu e nin or conce t be in t e . sin flower rr n in s n rt or w ere flowers n o i e beco e t e c osen e iu to work wit is not er or o scu ture.


www.floristbusiness.co.uk Style Harriet Parry.indd 35

1 Powdered wig © Clara Blomqvist 2 Oriental warrior © Clara Blomqvist 3 ‘Wings of desire’ collaboration with the Curious Confectioner © Tal Silverman 4 Miniature bright urn arrangement 5 Queen of pink 6 Salvador Dali wedding © Marianne Chua

Three avourite flowers ore r n e s bec use o t eir stron s es n co our ette e ebores s t e re in eo recious r nn n irises bec use o t eir e e nce. an you name one or more florists who inspire you? e ioneerin florist onst nce r flower rtist us koto n florist enn obin w o c ower u .


21/11/2017 11:47



© Floresta



Trends Korean Wrapping.indd 36

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rkin b ck to t e tr ition fl t


ook w ic on on florist c ueens recent i i te in int e st e nst r i eo t e tren is in soci ee s e er w ere. ost in o in ne t one co our er n si e s tin ribbon, styles sometimes feature minimal branding n roste w ite ce o ne or tissue er. It’s not just a design style, though – it’s a business ti . e uti u wr in c n re ue to ow cost product, turning a single head of hydrangea or a couple of stems of craspedia into a perfectly ck e i t. o e re cone s e or e ic te ru fle w i e ot er florists re e eri entin wit unusu t bo n i t bo st es wit e ic te et i s n ot er i ts. te er t e st e t is ck in r es r t er t n etr cts ro t e flowers insi e no tter ow s or si e t e riet .


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n today’s digital age, social media can cause trends to spread faster than ever before, and st es in t e flower wor re no e ce tion. nst r en b es us to see t e test work b florists ro t e urt est corners o t e obe n te orist usiness s been o owin esi ners in East Asia for inspiration in one of the most i ort nt s ects o t e i t business wr in . ere in t e t e st n r w to wr bouquet involves mounds of colourful cellophane, tie wit u e o tie bow. t s et o oure by the big relay companies and many large online bo e flower o erin s n it s st e t t s been roun or ec es. ck in t e e enties florists were usin bou uet b s w ic ce o ne ronts n er b cks n so e were rinte n tie wit o bow e ins ri n i s o e c ir n o t e . en in t e i ties c e t e n tie . nterflor e t is tren n be ie e t is is w en ro s o ce o rst c e bout n o ribbon w s ust. e use to bu ns b se on t e nu ber o s e es t t cou be inst e to t ke fl t ck bou uets now ou w nt n wit no s e es to cco o te n tie s. i e so e co nies re sti wr in flowers t e s e w t e were e rs o florists in out ore n on on re usin ck in to e e nce n st e to t eir ste s. e re ck in u ur i st e ro ucts in conte or r w t t suits t e s eci it flowers insi e ettin t e s ine r t er t n ste in t e i e i t.

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im yo soo and oo Sun young Floresta Seoul South orea e re rien s ro sc oo n we e been runnin orest since . e use to e ot er obs but we e in o e wit flowers w en t kin ro ession floristr c ss. t en b e us to o en our flower s o w ic s eci ises in rie flowers. e ocus our e orts on rie rieties bec use t eir be ut oesn t wit er n we e e o e s eci ck in to e ress t e e e nce o rie flowers n s ow t t t e re ust s oo s res . ur ins ir tion co es ro s t in s in i i e suc s t e work o rtists or e ibitions. e on t e rticu r floristr st e inste we tr to s ow t in s t e w t e re. e be ie e t t oin t is or s our own orest st e r t er t n o owin tren s. t s i we wou ike our st e to beco e t e tren ower



im un sun Ra ne Flower owon dong South orea re t o beco in rt nner but e w s ike nts n bec e curious bout floristr . ter stu in ot ob s florist but e t constr ine to t e st e o t e business n cou n t e ress erson st e so o ene ne ower. t ink t t bein florist isn t ust bout esi nin wit flowers it s so uc ore. e nu ber o florists n interest in flowers in ore is incre sin . knew to st n out so eci e t t o t e ttr ction s ou be in t e esi n n t e ot er nee e to be in t e ck in . ne e ns u urious or e e nt in renc n t e esi n o business c r s n ck in kee s t is t t e ore ront. en esi nin bou uet or rr n e ent ter uc r ctice n e ort oun own ck in st e wit uni ue n co e ent r co our ette. t ink our custo ers ike t t it i es flowers ore e nin ooks ure n en nces t e e otion o t e bou uet.

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his month’s season setlist has been selected by Niels Dekker, sales manager at the Aalsmeerb se flower su ier . Being situated a stone’s throw from t e flower uction itse e ns t t Niels is constantly spotting the latest n re test flower rieties s soon s t e it t e rket.

re t ere ewer s eci flowers available in winter? At this time of year, I visit the auction, growers and importers e ectin to co e o e e t n e but sti ost w s n se oin away having discovered something e citin ie s s s. is is bec use now our real winter seasonal stems are back in u swin

Niels acts as the e es or n flor designers worldwide, and welcomes anyone who gets in touch with questions – follow him on Instagram res nie s.

STEM TREND... Pink poinsettia Emily Mathison, head of special events at McQueens, tells us why pink poinsettias make such a versatile stem – especially as plant bracts can be cut, seared with boiling water and used as a highly cost e ecti e cut flower in rr n e ents. eck out page 41 for more products to perfect this se son s tren or t in s ink. “This gorgeous, ballet-shoe shade of pink – commonly called ‘millennial pink’ – is everywhere, from lipsticks to cushion covers; now it has given t is rist s ourite st centur keo er. “Red poinsettias have always been hugely o u r wit n florists ntin e tr r e plants in big rustic baskets for Christmas shop installations, and plenty of people quickly picking t e u s i ts urin t e rt se son. “However, the other fabulous colours that poinsettias come in – soft peach, cream and pink, on ot ers re o ten o er ooke . it current Christmas decoration trends shying away from the traditional red, green and gold, these poinsettias can be use to re t e ect. et er it s re own n tur c n in i n look or a fun, bright pink, pop art-inspired style, there is a poinsettia for every colour scheme n ecor st e. i nts re best use on t eir own and en masse, while the smallest plants look incredible as place settings, styling, or on a lavish n sc e o ini rist s trees. es t rs or uro e www.st rs or euro e.co


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Fallen head over heels for a particular flower et us know t floristbusinesseditor eljays44.com and together we can make sure it continues to row.

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CRAZY GREEN BOUVARDIA Availability Year-round Grower Chrywijk Niels’s note This ‘Crazy Green’ variety makes a lovely new addition to the current line up of Bouvardias!

HELLEBORUS ORIENTALIS Availability Late winter-early spring Grower Jelloo Niels’s note Also called the Christmas rose, these are available in various lengths, sizes and colours.

ILEX Availability October-December Grower Various Niels’s note These stunning branches are full of berries in reds, oranges and yellows. Work with them now – they disappear after Christmas!

HIPPEASTRUM Availability October-April Grower Various Niels’s note The festive season is in full swing, and hippeastrum is stunning at this time of year. Buy them 10 or 12 to a box for nice t flowers wit t ick ste s.

PLECTRANTHUS ‘MONA LISA’ Availability Through December Grower Jac Spaargaren Niels’s note This is something truly special – the flowers ook stunnin n t e e es e s like’ look with their beautiful dark red/purple tone. o note t t t ese flowers o not to er te co .

NERINE Availability August-February Grower De Wit Niels’s note Some varieties are cut and auctioned open, for a longer vase life and an amazing instant look. The grower calls them ‘Artistiek’. (Nerines nne n o e icture .

SYRINGA Availability Through December Grower Various Niels’s note The lilac season is just starting, and can be enjoyed for the whole of winter until late next spring.

PAEONIA Availability November through to next spring Grower My Paeonia Niels’s note Yes, peonies! Imported from Chile and New Zealand; in various colours and varieties until spring when better quality Dutch versions are back.

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RANUNCULUS Availability Winter-spring Grower Various Niels’s note Mainly imported from Italy, the ‘Clooney’ varieties are absolutely amazing in colour, shape and size. I think they are stunning!



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ne of the s largest stockists of wholesale supplies for florists, gift shops and interior designers. www.excelsiorwholesale.co.uk sales@excelsiorwholesale.co.uk 0121 308 1329

Wholesale Trade Only Open 7 Days a Week Deliveries 6 Days a week Real Time Buying on the Webshop Until 10pm

Flowervision London @FlowervisionLondon @FlowervisionLon

Connected Stocks Complete Customer Satisfaction Grower to customer

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Vine Nurseries, Spout Lane, Stanwell Moor, Middlesex, TW19 6BN Tel:01753 765970 www.flowervision.co.uk

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Image © Stamen & Stem, @stamenandstem, stamenandstemblog.com

Trend-spotters both here and in the States claim that ‘millennial pink’ is today’s shade of the moment. Sun Valley Floral Farms in a ifor ia e ieve flo er se ers shou e ta i a va ta e Here in the UK, Glamour magazine has raved about the trend, explaining that it’s a unisex colour spotted in both Topman and Topshop. The Guardian claimed it is ‘The colour of now’, and it s tren s otte t nu r s or ecor flower tr e ir s

feedback from the event predicted pink shades will seep into e er flower tren n se son in . n ntone se ecte ose u rt s rt o its o our o t e e r n ter e ture e o woo in its s ion re ort n u u e ture si i r e rt oo s its co our of the year. But what colour actually is it? Apparently, it’s ‘an androgynous grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon’.

Pink Syngonium plants Available at several plant wholesalers Average price ro

Pink Metallic Reel Wire Easy Florist Supplies www.easyfloristsupplies.co.uk Trade price .

Pale Pink Zinc Planter (17x17x15cm) Easy Florist Supplies www.easyfloristsupplies.co.uk Trade price . Pale Pink Frosted Film (50m) ittin tons www.whittingtons.biz Trade price .

Pink Tissue Paper Easy Florist Supplies www.easyfloristsupplies.co.uk Trade price . Pale Pink Sisal Oasis Floral www.oasisfloral.co.uk Trade price .

Pink Hand Tie Bag ittin tons www.whittingtons.biz Trade price .

Pink Organza Sheer Roll 85cm x 10mtr ce sior o es e www.excelsiorwholesale.co.uk Trade price .

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Japanese Flower Scissors Incredibly sharp. Beautifully balanced. All you need to do is choose the colour...

t i s i V

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www.ChantryGreenGardenShop.com Or call us on: 01903 745 572


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here there’s some wool, there’s a way to add a unique and quirky style to your arrangements – it’s a creative and crafty tool to bind your blooms,’ ’ says Emma Forsey of e inent on on florist or o es w ere woo is used for buttonholes and layering around stems and containers. It’s a tool also used by the Academy of Floral Art: “We love using Twool wool,” says founder Julie Collins. “We recently used it to bind over foam rings to change the texture n co our n re uce t e nu ber o flowers nee e n it e ns t t flowers last for ages, as the wool prevents moisture in the foam from evaporating.” © Lehner Wolle – Florian Müller


1 1 Twool Offering a wide variety of twine made from Dartmoor sheep wool, Twool produces its wool in the UK, and in a socially responsible, sustainable way. twool.co.uk lassic twine Price From £3 for 35m

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2 Lehner Wolle Austria-based Lehner Wolle specialises in natural sheep wool, with a huge line of ro ucts esi ne es eci or flor design. The products range from wool felts in a host of colours to yarns and wired wools in all sorts of textures, thicknesses and colours – including metallic, bicoloured and more. lehnerfloral.at xample prices €6.90 per spool of ‘smartfarden’ wool €16.90 per 15m of high grade, felted wool cord €7.70 per 14cm x 5m felt roll OAS S Floral Products Available in different thicknesses, OASIS Floral Products supplies a range of water-repellent felts, wools and wired wools in a host of vibrant colours, made from natural sheep wool and great for wrapping and decorating arrangements. oasisfloral.co.uk ool elt From £2.09 ired wool cord (available in di erent thicknesses) From £1.60



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R I S I N G S TA R S a h o th e ro e ou florists ho eserve i ustr re o itio o o i ate so eo e s e ia the ust e u er ears o a e fro a here i the a a e trai i at o e e or a rea i the or a e e ai florist usi esse itor e a s o

Reaseheath ollege heshire Team florist at an loyd vents From tock ort Age 21


What do you love about floristry u w s florist so e rown u wit n insi t into t e in ustr . ter tten in t ster t e se e t o e e eci e floristr w s t e t or e. en o s ects o floristr t e ri tion n const nt e rnin on t e ob. o e co etin s it i es e t e o ortunit to be cre ti e n us ski s to see w t c n c ie e. e florist work t ocuses in on e ents so t t s w t ten to o on to b sis. hat are you most proud o innin o e tt e e se ower ow w s u e rou o ent in i e. worke so r or it n it w s in to see work o on suc resti ious st e. ho inspires you en w s rst st rtin out bi est ins ir tion w s ett bec use o e er wire work n t ou t er tec ni ues were e tre e uni ue n i ressi e. er work e e t e ins ir tion to roun wit i erent teri s se . ut t e eo e t t work wit e er ins ire e t e en b e e to us se n e seen w t s ossib e t rou t e . hat are your hopes or the uture i t now re en o w t o. en o workin or eo e w o c n te c e i erent esi ns n new tec ni ues so const nt e rnin in ob but ou ne er know w t t e uture cou o .


Rising stars DEC.indd 44

e re incre ib rou o ob n w o w s stu ent wit us or t ree e rs s s ion ies course n er t e se e t o e e. n t t ti e s e c ie e nt stic ro ression ro e e to e e oristr . ob n re s one ro t e st rt wit er in ttention to et i outst n in ic tion o co our t eor n e ce tion esi n ski s. is t ent co bine wit stron esire to co ete n be t e best e ns s e s t ken nt e o t e n o ortunities t t e co e er w . ob n w s se ecte to o to t e et er n s or ot er s otos oot wit oris rt o owin er rtici tion in t e or ki s o etition. e won o e tt e e se ower ow n is now workin or one o t e to florists in t e countr n o ents.

“ I L OV E C O M P E T I N G , A S I T G I V E S M E T H E O P P O RT U N I T Y T O B E C R E AT I V E A N D P U S H M Y S K I L L S T O S E E W H AT I C A N AC H I E V E ” www.floristbusiness.co.uk 21/11/2017 11:43


elanie ebb Flower School irstie s Flowers Troon From roon Age What do you love about floristry c ose floristr bec use it w s so et in i erent n not n eo e t ink o oin it s c reer. ust s w it ertise in irsties win ow w en w s e in sc oo n t ou t w not s r ener so e w s been intereste in t e sector n o e t t e er is c en e n no two s re t e s e. en o s ect o floristr . ost eo e t ink its ust bout flowers but we o so n i erent t in s ike t e nt si e o it n t e cre ti e si e o it s e w s been er rtistic. hat are you most proud o e ro ress e e since st rtin in une e been workin wit e nie ebb n ust n isin t e st bits o criteri t t nee to nis be ore e e in ebru r rc .

www.floristbusiness.co.uk Rising stars DEC.indd 45

ho inspires you ins ire b n intern tion esi ners too n to n e o rticu r ike t e ore rustic wi countr ook. hat are your hopes or the uture o ro ress we in floristr n continue to e rn ots o new tec ni ues.


is o e ir in er su orti e work ce e tr ine n ssesse irsties e o ees or nu ber o e rs now s i e nie ebb w o no in te r . r s e ce ent r ctic ski s n works er e ecti e wit in t e te . irsties owers is n e tre e bus s o n r is u b e e ber. er e se to be b e to tutor n su ort r t rou er it n ui s e e in oristr . r s ent usi s n ssion or flowers n floristr s ines t rou s s irtstie c ntos owner o irsties owers. e s e e o e so uc in t e st two e rs n is er keen to e rn.

o ou know risin st r o no in te so eone s eci t e ust be un er e rs o c n be ro n w ere in t e n c n be tr inin t co e e or re in t e work ce e i floristbusinesseditor el ays .com


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UNSUNG HEROES ut h flo er ro er teef va ri he is res o si e for u h of uro e s su of a a or hi s or i ire t ith a ree er i hai a teef ro s ore tha iffere t varieties at his asshouse i the ether a s hi h are the shi e out i their thousa s to florists arou the or Name tee n ric e Company nco ure n I got my job…


e been rowin flowers all my life, and my father rew roses o is. e n e is rose r nco ori in co binin is wi e s n e nnek wit is n e orne ius. e eci e not to use t e i n e ric e bec use it s too r or orei n eo e to ronounce bout e rs o be n co ectin orc i s s obb re erre t e to roses. en w s bout e rs o went to i n to ook or rieties n e co ete in o e wit n . t t t ti e orc i s weren t s o u r s t e re to not e en eno sis. knew w nte to o or it so bou t nts took t e o e n to t er e to t row out so e o is roses. e i n t re ret it. w s on oin it or un but uick oun t t eo e w nte ore. st rte kin one so went b ck to sc oo to e rn bout runnin business. n eci e to sk nei bour e er n to e s e owne ne rb e er r . tw s nt stic r but e er one knows e ers n s re uni ue t ou or nis tion ws ess. e eci e to ir u n were sti workin to et er to e n our cre ti e ossibi ities w i e e kee s e er t in or nise . My average day at work… on t e n er e bec use on t ike or in r s co e ue oes t ose w s ookin or new ossibi ities n o ortunities. su rri e t . e co ee c eck e er t in is runnin s oot isit c ients n ook or new o ortunities inc u in


UnsungHeroes.indd 46

ui in us t rou t e i it re o ution. en it s re bus o ike to oin in wit ckin flowers. ro e s c n e r tic . en w s st rtin out e rs o i e er t in but work w sn t ike work ust w nte to s en ti e in t e nurser wit orc i s. ow we re so we or nise wit so n re t e o ees t t so eti es on t e en know w t to o I work with… e o e to connect wit t e florists w o work wit our flowers. bout e rs o st rte bu in floristr ines n s w t t e i n florist oniek n en er e w s kin be uti u t in s wit n s. eci e to i e er rin to intro uce se n it w s so ositi e t t soon oun se in e iu rinkin co ee wit er. t t t ti e it w s unusu or rowers to connect wit florists but o e to eet t e nt stic eo e w o ke be uti u cre tions wit flowers. e s re ssion wit florists it s not bout t e one t t ust o ows. e were one o t e rst rowers to set u or un ent s wit ison r e o usion owers w ic is t or t t i s to s re in or tion n ins ir tion between rowers n florists. e be n b se in flowers on t e c ock t uction but t ink t t s beco in t in o t e st s we re now ettin ore n ore irect tr e. t ink t is is t e uture florists b e to or er flowers w i e t e re sti rowin in our ss ouse or us to ick n sen irect. e so sti work wit t e s e bree er on u c iwon o u c iwon rc i s w o we et in i n urin t t er rst isit. e e s re t e s e re since t e st rt.

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The flowers grow We have a six-hectare glasshouse where we grow more than 100 varieties of Vanda orchid. We’re now developing the Vanda by creating new breeds, but it’s a long process; it takes about 15 years to go from initi i e to nis e ro uct. ou e ot to be oo to st rt but ti e flies i ou e t e ssion y most memorable moment is rob b rst co bor tion wit t e s ion industry. The famous Dutch fashion designer Monique Collignon fell totally in love with Vandas, so she designed an haute couture line with them. At the unc i n en kker e flor e ieces for the models; it was an amazing event. That was our rst enture into s ion but we e one ore since then – about three years ago, Donatella Versace designed a dress with 25,000 of our orchids. The hardest part o the ob Is keeping up with the times. Everything moves so quickly nowadays, and the way people buy is constantly changing.

www.floristbusiness.co.uk UnsungHeroes.indd 47

n my spare time I have a lot of hobbies, but last year I married my beautiful wife, so I really like to spend time with her. love my ob because When you turn your hobby into your work, it isn’t actually like work. I’m just sharing the passion I have for the product – it doesn’t feel like a job. wasn t doing this would w s oun in e nite be rower in the food business, producing healthy ingredients to keep the doctor away. I’m sure that the solution to staying healthy is taking care of what we put in our mouths. One last thing e bu be r bout florists w o s t e wor s “yes, but…” I believe this mentality is damaging because that “but” means you’re standing still while time is moving fast. If you’re open to change and progress then I think you should never say it – bec use re it ust e ns no



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THE LITTLE I N T E RV I E W ear a itt e it a out fe o flo er eo e o e feature i a itt e i tervie email florist usi esse itor e a s o

GILL BESTWICK i k ower ouse e cons e

MEGAN NURSE Bridget’s Flowers, King’s Lynn

What time does your alarm go off? I don’t set an alarm. My mind is always busy, so I rarely sleep past 6am. ame one person in the flower industry you d love to meet Simon Lycett – love his style and he seems like an interesting character. Tell us something that would surprise people about you bou t rst sewin c ine wit rst w e at 16. I haven’t stopped creating since...I’ve published writing, exhibited and sold artwork, designed clothes, upholstered furniture...all self-taught, because ‘needs must’! Name a guilty pleasure Chocolate! Is it a guilty pleasure though? Surely it’s an everyday essential!



LittleInterviewDec.indd 48

you weren t a florist what would you do I would be a fashion designer. That’s something I like to dabble in, so maybe that is my guilty pleasure. ame the flower you like the least Birds of paradise. Too spiky! Rainbow roses yes or yuck Yuck! hat trends do you see acing the industry ore o t e cott e r en st e flowers but in i of bolder colours, such as reds, purples and oranges ame a trend you think is best le t in the past ubb e bow s wit be s n so it r flower est moment o your career so ar The greatest satisfaction is the smiles on people’s ces w en t e see t eir we in flowers n knowing you have created what they had in mind and even exceeded their expectations.

What time does your alarm go off? 7am. ame one person in the flower industry you d love to meet Fiona Pickles. Tell us something that would surprise people about you Although I’m an early riser, I hate mornings! Name a guilty pleasure A G&T on the sofa, watching Blacklist. you weren t a florist what would you do An interior designer...I love decor. ame the flower you like the least Chrysanthemums. Rainbow roses yes or yuck Yuck! hat trends do you see acing the industry Locally grown, lots of gorgeous greens, plants in trendy containers and holders. ame a trend you think is best le t in the past Gypsophila, and jam jars as table decorations. est moment o your career so ar Being on the front cover of the current edition of Bridge Magazine Norfolk and Suffolk.

www.floristbusiness.co.uk 21/11/2017 11:22


STEPHANIE RUSSO usso bu ous rs e What time does your alarm go off? 5:15am. I make a pot of coffee and get started on the day. ame one person in the flower industry you d love to meet I would love to meet Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona. I hope one day I can only be half as creative a designer and writer as her! Tell us something that would surprise people about you t bi est e r is butterflies sc re to death of them. Name a guilty pleasure Rocking a high ponytail and singing along to Ariana Grande.

JILL HOMER Jay’s Fleurs, Norfolk

What time does your alarm go off? 7am. Name a guilty pleasure Tiramisu.

www.floristbusiness.co.uk LittleInterviewDec.indd 49

you weren t a florist what would you do I would love to be a journalist. Besides the fact that I try to be a good writer on my blog, I love meeting new people and learning new things. ame the flower you like the least Hydrangeas. Rainbow roses yes or yuck Yes! One of my favourite things is splitting up a bouquet and putting bud vases all around my house. Then I get to enjoy every variety in every room! hat trends do you see acing the industry ocus on sourcin ore oc rown flowers. The millennials are a huge part of that! They are all about us helping out the ‘little guy’. We are all able to source the most beautiful and unique blooms from every corner of the globe, and forget we c n et r flowers n o i e ro r s in our area. ame a trend you think is best le t in the past Mason jars and burlap. I have no weddings in the near future with these and I am beyond delighted that this is now a thing of the past est moment o your career so ar t rtin own we in n e ent flor esi n company. It was a scary thing leaving my steady design career and focusing all my time and energy on my own business. I have never been happier!

ame one person in the flower industry you d love to meet J Schwanke. Tell us something that would surprise people about you My age! you weren t a florist what would you do I honestly don’t know! ame the flower you like the least Gypsophila. Rainbow roses yes or yuck Yuck, unless the customer wants them – then yes! hat trends do you see acing the industry In my area, lower prices! ame a trend you think is best le t in the past Hand-tied bouquets. est moment o your career so ar e nite o enin own s o .

SAMANTHA REYNOLDS Emily & Me, Lympne What time does your alarm go off? 8am. ame one person in the flower industry you d love to meet Kally Ellis, founder of McQueens. Tell us something that would surprise people about you I had two weeks training but am mostly self-taught, and very well read. Name a guilty pleasure Snipping bits from bouquets (assembled by my fabulous team) that aren’t as I imagined. you weren t a florist what would you do Sales and marketing. ame the flower you like the least Rainbow dyed roses! Rainbow roses yes or yuck Yuck. hat trends do you see acing the industry UK wholesalers losing their business or upping their game. ame a trend you think is best le t in the past ir c es n s bow s. est moment o your career so ar Winning the Kent Wedding Florist of the Year award.



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t o n e r a s r e w o l s F a m t s i r h C r o f t jus e v o L at CJ Please contact us for ALL your wholesale needs VALENTINES ROSE & BOUQUET PREVIEWS FROM 15TH JANUARY 2018

T: 020 8300 8422 E: paul@cjlove.co.uk www.cjlove.co.uk 57 North Cray Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 5EU

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