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RHS CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW SUPPLEMENT It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since we were last eagerly awaiting this prestigious event, but designers, contractors, nurseries and suppliers have all been working hard over the last few months to bring their gardens from design concept through to fruition, and we can’t wait to see the results. This year’s Chelsea promises to be another spectacular show. Our 36-page supplementary issue showcases every 2017 garden, with exclusive interviews with the

designers and contractors, as well as an overview of the brand new category: BBC Radio 2 Feel Good Gardens. A last minute addition, but sure to be brilliant. We’ve also spoken to Sarah Eberle, who last year became Chelsea’s most decorated designer, and asked her to choose her top six show gardens – not an easy task when you’ve designed as many as Sarah. Look out for our feature on debut designer Charlotte Harris, who will be taking Main Avenue by

storm this year with her garden for the Royal Bank of Canada, and reminisce with M&G Investments as we look back at its gardens through its eight years with Chelsea. We hope you enjoy the read, and we look forward to seeing everyone on press day!

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Nina Mason Deputy Editor

Editorial Deputy Editor – Nina Mason Production Production Editor – Charlie Cook


Highlights Agenda

08 10 12 15

Sarah Eberle M&G Investments Charlotte Harris Designers’ Inspirational Gardens

Design – Fay Pritchard Design


Trade Stands

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Management Managing Director – Jim Wilkinson Editorial Director – Lisa Wilkinson


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Sales Group Sales Manager – Luke Chaplin


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Pro Landscaper is published 12 times per year by Eljays44 Ltd. The 2017 subscription price is £95. Subscription records are maintained at Eljays44 Ltd, 3 Churchill Court, 112 The Street, Rustington, West Sussex BN16 3DA, UK. Articles and information contained in this publication are the copyright of Eljays44 Ltd and may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publishers. The publishers cannot accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, uncommissioned photographs or manuscripts. Whilst every effort has been made to maintain the integrity of our advertisers, we accept no responsibility for any problem, complaints, or subsequent litigation arising from readers’ responses to advertisements in the magazine. We also wish to emphasise that views expressed by editorial contributors are not necessarily those of the publishers. Reproduction of any part of this magazine is strictly forbidden.

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Ponds, Lakes & Water Management Gordon Low are established UK suppliers of high performance liner materials for residential, leisure and commercial aquatic applications. Any size is possible up to 1800m2 in one piece, larger sizes being welded or seamed on site. Tailor made box welded liners made to your specification. Nationwide delivery. • SealEco Greenseal EPDM Rubber 1.00mm & 0.75mm • Firestone PondGard EPDM Rubber 1.02mm

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The RHS Greening Grey Britain Garden an un udged garden and highlight of the annual e ent has this ear been designed b rofessor igel unnett. escribed b igel as a new ision for the places where we li e and wor ’ the garden will re ect an urban en ironment with features of biodi ersit and high impact low input’ planting as well as a . m communal meeting table. onstructed b andform onsultants which celebrated building its th show garden last ear the garden will include a m urban street art installation b he eld based Faunagraphic and oc et the first of its ind to appear at the helsea RHS Greening Grey Flower how. Britain Garden 2017









80 2012 8,981


helsea to re ol e constantl .


codes that will lin to a list of plants and

how to grow them. i t



The Hardy Plant Society will be celebrating its 60th anniversary with a 3m diameter the first complete stand in the histor of

15 800







isitors will also be able to scan

5 9


The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is the high point of the horticultural calendar. This year, visitors will be treated to a total of 22 show gardens, with a number of debut designers alongside some of the most talented contractors in the industry, as well as over 100 floral displays in which a variety of plants will be launched and showcased. Here we have highlighted a few of the key displays to look out for in the renowned Great Pavilion, as well as a brief insight into this year’s RHS Greening Grey Britain Garden

circular displa


arieties of hard plants will be used.

pecialist in clematis plants Raymond Evison will be showcasing a contemporar design inspired b the seashore with

m of sand and boardwal s and more

impressi el fi e metal wa es each m in width and running the length of

m through the e hibit.

he wa es will be co ered in clematis plants in ower in a ariet of shades of blue. Fort two clematis arieties will be used in the design including three new launching at harmaine’

itt ’ and



The British Ecological Society’s displa will be based on an urban basement garden de eloped to demonstrate that through a careful choice of plants it is possible to ma e e en shad

challenging spaces beautiful. he displa

been designed b

anina ilei

te and uc

iridescent plants through lights and

1 Raymond Evison Clematis, ‘Sacha’ 2 British Ecological Society 3 Hardy Plant Society

Chelsea Highlights.indd 5

situated in the

isco er

one has

ummers and allows isitors to interact with


2 3

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 5

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DOES VISITING THE RHS CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW INSPIRE YOU IN YOUR WORK? ANDREW FISHER TOMLIN Director, Fisher Tomlin & Bowyer I never know what to expect from Chelsea. For eight years I selected the gardens and knew nine months in advance what the designers were giving birth to, but I’m no longer involved in that, and along with everyone else look forward to seeing if there is anything new or not. I’ve actually always thought that there are better and more inspirational ideas at RHS Hampton Court and RHS Tatton, especially as young designers work with tighter budgets and have to be much more inventive. Well-known Chelsea designers are often inspired by those ideas and bring them to Chelsea a few years later. o what does helsea offer eldom new design ideas definitel not inno ati e planting design. ut ’ll nearl alwa s find some new hardscape materials, new buildings and new products that inspire me.

6 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Agenda.indd 6

DAVID DODD Managing director, The Outdoor Room For me there are two elements to visiting Chelsea. During the build-up, I’m inspired as a professional landscaper. I’m working alongside peers whom I regard as the best in the business, and that’s a privilege. I love the idea of the rest of the world loo ing at what the finest of our landscaping industry is capable of producing. Seeing new techniques, equipment and materials being used always keeps the construction element fresh for me. As a visitor during show week, I get a better chance to focus on the plants; new varieties and combinations always blow me away. This is where I think it’s vital the RHS keeps encouraging new designers to exhibit. As a practice, we often adapt elements of both material and planting inspirations we’ve seen at Chelsea.

HELEN ELKS-SMITH Owner, Elks-Smith Landscape and Garden Design There is no doubt that the gardens at Chelsea are a great achievement; the hours of hard work by all involved are always astonishing, and to create so much in such a short space of time is incredible. It’s interesting to see and admire design and construction completed by others, and of course Chelsea is a great place to catch up with others in the industry. oes it inspire me in m wor o but I’m not sure that it expects to, and nor should it. Chelsea is a great showcase, full of talent, and is aimed at the visitors rather than designers. As a designer, knowledge of current and historical trends is incredibly useful, and to an extent we are all ‘magpies’; however, I don’t believe that the work of other designers in the same field is a health basis for inspiration.

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JULIET SARGEANT Garden designer and television presenter Chelsea is worth a hundred magazine articles and planting workshops. My annual pilgrimage is essential to my work, not so much for inspiration, but for information. It’s great fun to catch up with friends, hear the latest gossip and see what others are up to, but there is also the serious work of research. We’re all pressed for time, so isiting the shows is an e cient wa to bring yourself up to date with new plant varieties, cultivation methods, materials and design features. Nowhere else can you learn about restios, check out new rose varieties and talk to a peony expert all under one roof. And every year there are new products to explore outside the Great Pavilion, both practical and luxurious. After 20 years of designing gardens, it would be easy to fall into a rut, but Chelsea helps me to keep my ideas fresh.

Agenda.indd 7

RUTH WILLMOTT Garden and landscaper designer, Ruth Willmott Associates Ltd It was experiencing the quality of garden design at Chelsea that urged me to do more than contemplate a change of career. I distinctly remember wanting to be a part of this fantastic industry and eventually a part of this show. Without a doubt, a visit to Chelsea inspires me, and in some cases leaves vivid memories. I can still visualise Tom StuartSmith’s 2006 Chelsea garden; the vibrant orange and purple colours were simply breathtaking. In its own way, each garden offers points for re ection. hether this is the composition of a space, ambitious construction, new materials or the use of colour, visiting is always a great way to get me thinking. In the Great Pavilion I can meet dedicated nurserymen and women who e hibit e citing plants and offer endless potential for planting combinations.

NIGEL PHILIPS Owner, Nigel Philips Landscape and Garden Design Answering this question is not as straightforward as it may seem. If inspiration means taking away ideas showcased by the exhibitors, then yes, Chelsea is very good for this. The moment where you say to yourself, ‘I can use that idea’ or ‘that’s a different approach to something’ can become an inspired moment. My experience of being involved in building a garden at Chelsea has probably skewed my outlook, as I know the heartache and elation that goes into e hibiting. t is therefore di cult to put this to one side and soak up the buzz without that reminder when looking at many of the amazing exhibits. I can, though, be inspired by detail, such as Arne Maynard’s wiring of his roses on a wall in his 2012 garden. That got me thinking!

RHS RHS Chelsea Chelsea Flower Flower Show Show 2017 2017 A7

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SARAH EBERLE Last year, Sarah Eberle became RHS Chelsea’s most decorated designer, making show history by winning a Gold in more categories than anyone else. Her first garden for Viking Cruises was awarded Gold as well as Best Artisan Garden, and her display for Hillier Nurseries in the Great Pavilion gained the company its 71st consecutive Gold medal. Sarah will be designing for both companies again this year, and Pro Landscaper caught up with her to discuss her illustrious Chelsea career ow did you first become in ol ed in designing show gardens? When I joined Hillier as a freelance designer, illier andscapes was in ol ed in the ower show at Hampton Court prior to it being run by the RHS. There was an amateur show garden design competition run by the Sunday Express, and it was my job to help the winner make the design work on the ground. I got involved that way, and worked on show gardens for a couple of years, before being as ed in the first ear of the ampton Court Palace Flower Show to design the Daily Mail pavilion. It was bigger than a show garden, and this is where I learnt my proper show garden skills. What has been your most challenging show garden so far? ‘The Green Room’ garden for Holiday Inn at RHS Hampton Court 2008. The building had a clear Perspex roof, which was leaking during build-up as the weather was bad. By the time we came to fi it we couldn’t t was still leaking when judging started. The RHS lent us a cherry picker with a driver to help, but when I saw the judges coming, I started to get e er one off the garden. s the dri er was mo ing the cherr pic er off the cage hit the back wall causing a huge crack. Fortunately, 8 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Sarah Eberle.indd 8

there were still several guys on site who rushed around, mixing render, and they managed to repair it. Ironically, hitting the wall made the roof drop, causing it to become steep, which stopped the leak and I got a Gold Medal. s there a old medal that you’re most proud of and why? It has to be 600 Days with Bradstone. Normally, I’m approached by a sponsor with a topic, but nearl ears prior to this show wanted to create a terrestrial space garden, which I thought would be brilliant for Chelsea at the millennium. nfortunatel couldn’t find a sponsor. I’d designed a garden for Bradstone in 2006, and the following year they asked me to present an idea, and they bought into the space garden. Bradstone spent ages developing concrete for the garden with a red base, and when it turned up at Chelsea, all I could see was bright red, and I started to have second

“I’D BECOME SO ABSORBED IN THE GARDEN AS A FUNCTION AND CONCEPT THAT MEDALS AND PERFORMANCE NEVER CROSSED MY MIND - BUT IT GOT BEST IN SHOW” thoughts. I’d become so absorbed in the garden as a function and concept that medals and performance never crossed my mind - but it got Best in Show, and at the time, it was the highest scoring Gold ever. Would you say last year is your most successful year at helsea? It has to be up there – two Gold Medals, my first with illier and with a Flora as well as recei ing est rtisan arden. a be one of the best years I’ve had in terms of fun is 2009, when I did three credit crunch gardens for the

MOST DECORATED DESIGNER A 13 Gold, 9 Silver Gilt, 3 Silver f which are helsea f which are ampton ourt Other: 4

A ain enue rtisan Fresh Flora


RHS, with only fi e wee s notice and a £5,000 budget for each. They were all very humorous gardens and weren’t supposed to be judged, but the judges wanted them to be, so I got two Silvers and a Silver Gilt. In many ways, I wish they weren’t judged, but they were funny and everybody loved them. As well as designing an Artisan garden this year you’re also designing illier’s lora with assistance from oung esigner of the ear aitlin c aughlin an you tell us a little bit about this? The theme is spring, which to me means not only springtime, but movement, being d namic and loo ing forward. . m lin will run all the way through the middle of the garden, creating a backbone and forming a pavilion, drawing people in. Hillier is famous for its trees, so we’re using big trees as standalone specimens in pots. We’re also going to show plants as you could grow them in the garden, so there’s an educational element as well. Caitlin’s biggest learning curve will be when it comes to working on site, as designing a show garden is one thing, but transferring it successfully to the ground is another set of skills.

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Contractor Hillier Landscapes Show RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2007 Medal Gold and Best in Show

Contractor Hillier Landscapes Show RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2003 Medal Gold and Best in Show

THE HAVEN Contractor In house and Tom Hare Show RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Medal Gold and People’s Choice





Contractor Herring Homes and Hillier Landscapes Show RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2006 Medal Gold

Contractor Peter Dowle Plants and Gardens Show RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2011 Medal Gold

THE VIKING MEKONG GARDEN Contractor In house and Ed Belderbos Show RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016 Medal Gold and Best Artisan

Sarah Eberle.indd 9

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 9

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INVESTMENTS Now in its eighth year of sponsorship, M&G Investments has brought on board multi-awardwinning garden designer James Basson for this year’s show. Celebrating his appointment for the second consecutive year, James is creating an inspirational garden representative of the diverse and sustainable landscape of Malta. To celebrate M&G’s partnership with the RHS, we take a look at the sponsor’s seven previous gardens at the show, starting with its inaugural garden designed by Roger Platts which not only received a Gold medal but also won the People’s Choice Award, through to contractor watton andscape recei ing the first e er est Construction Award for the M&G Garden last year.


Designer Roger Platts Contractor N.R. Jupp Landscapes Medal Gold and People’s Choice Award

JACQUI HASKINS, MARKETING DIRECTOR AT M&G INVESTMENTS “Gardening is a national pastime in Britain and people across the country have a real passion for it. For the past eight years, we have worked with the RHS as sponsors of the Chelsea Flower Show, a partnership which has truly grown and blossomed over the years. As two established and trusted brands with rich heritages, we have found shared values in our commitments to nurturing talent, focusing on excellence and taking a long term view. At M&G we feel that gardening is something which unites the nation, from urban window sills and shared allotments to the Queen’s gardens at Buckingham Palace. We are incredibly proud of our sponsorship of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. It brings real joy and excitement to everyone at M&G, and all our customers, to be involved in bringing such a riot of colour and creativity to Great Britain every year.”


Designer Bunny Guinness Contractor Gaskin Landscapes Medal Silver Gilt


Designer Andy Sturgeon Contractor Creative Landscape Co. Medal Gold


Designer Roger Platts Contractor N.R. Jupp Landscapes Medal Gold

2010 2011 10 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

M&G.indd 10



10/04/2017 21:37




Designer Cleve West Contractor Swatton Landscape Medal Gold


Designer Jo Thompson Contractor SH Landscapes Medal Silver Gilt


Designer Cleve West Contractor Swatton Landscape Medal Gold and Best Construction Award


Designer James Basson Contractor Crocus Medal TBC

2014 2015

M&G.indd 11

2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 11

10/04/2017 21:37


CHARLOTTE HARRIS he HS Chelsea first timer talks to Pro Landscaper about her debut garden, inspired by the spectactular boreal forests of Canada


Every garden designer to grace RHS Chelsea has at some point had to do it for the er first time. One initiate this year is Charlotte Harris, who will be making her debut on none other than Main Avenue, designing the Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC) seventh Chelsea garden. his is a significant ear for the compan which will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada as well as a decade of the RBC Blue Water Project, a programme to preserve fresh water resources. “Because of these anniversaries, I felt that the garden should be quite celebratory, and take them back to their roots.” hough this is the first time that she will be designing her own garden, Charlotte has a wealth of experience of working on show gardens, including Luciano Giubbilei with his Laurent-Perrier garden in 2014, which was awarded Best in Show, and Hugo Bugg’s 2016 Royal Bank of Canada Garden. Charlotte has also worked for Tom Stuartmith who she calls an in uential figure. om was incredibly supportive when I decided I wanted to set up on my own. I’d volunteered on a couple of show gardens for Landform Consultants when I was a student, and when I left Tom’s studio I worked freelance for other designers, including helping Tom Hoblyn with the Greenwich Peninsula.” Through working on Luciano’s garden, Charlotte met Landscape Associates, who will be constructing her garden. They also built Hugo Bugg’s Royal Bank of Canada garden last year, which Charlotte assisted on. She was introduced to Hugo through Hortus Loci, who will be supplying plants for Charlotte’s debut. How does it feel to step into the Chelsea spotlight? “It was helping to plant Hugo’s 12 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Charlotte Harris.indd 12

10/04/2017 21:31


garden that made me feel like I was ready for it. Chelsea is a place where we have the chance to be more creative, to really challenge ourselves and take a risk – it feels terrifying, but it also feels brilliant.” Charlotte wrote to the RBC, and was put on a shortlist and invited to present her response to their brief, centred around this year’s anniversaries. Two hours later, she received a phone call, and Charlotte beams as she talks about how supportive the RBC has been. o help finalise her design harlotte visited Canada’s 1.2bn acre boreal forest, her inspiration for the garden. “I didn’t feel I would want to do the garden without exploring the habitat. I wanted the components of the garden to be authentic, in terms of the materials I used. “It was one of the most spectacular experiences I’ve ever had – it’s a vast archipelago of lakes, rivers, islands and forest. When I came back, I made calls to contractors, nurserymen, related design sectors – people have been so generous with their time. I also cross-referenced all of the research I had done over the summer.” Though Charlotte wants the garden to be authentic, she doesn’t want it to be a recreation, and it would be neither sustainable nor cost effecti e to ship across anadian granite, or to use entirely Canadian native plants. A mix of native UK and European plants will be used, and the granite is being supplied by the Allgreen Group. Charlotte will be working with a female-led design team, a conscious decision: “They are all brilliant – Alys Fowler, who came to Canada with me, will be on the planting team. Julia Feix, of Feix and Merlin, has designed the pavilion, and Daisy Parsons is a young landscape architect working on the detailing with me. “Main Avenue has 13 designers this year, two of which are female. I can’t believe it’s

Charlotte Harris.indd 13

because women don’t have the ability or motivation. We all have a responsibility for this, it’s not down to one person or one entity, li e the . he first step is ha ing a candid conversation about why women aren’t putting themselves forward for Chelsea.” Charlotte has never been one to shy away from a cause. Before turning to horticulture, her work involved fundraising for charities, as well as working for companies such as JustGiving. When her parents passed away in her mid twenties, Charlotte found solace in gardening. She enrolled on a part-time garden design course at Merrist Wood College, and then completed an NVQ in landscape construction, wanting to understand the on site process. Charlotte runs her own practice, but has left her calendar clear for May: “Clients are interested that you’re designing a show garden, but their priority, rightly so, is the completion of their garden. I’ve informed all of my clients about Chelsea – it’s just easier in people’s minds when managing expectations, to let them know early and plan ahead.” The months after Chelsea will no doubt be the opposite: “I’d be untruthful if I said I didn’t want to get work out of it. The journey to Chelsea is amazing, but it would be great to ha e a later effect. ill this be the first of man show gardens “Maybe ask me after the breakdown! The stress levels of managing it alongside work are something to consider.” We don’t think this will be Charlotte’s last show garden at Chelsea, and we look forward to seeing her first at this ear’s show it’s set to be an inspirational debut.


RHS RHSChelsea ChelseaFlower FlowerShow Show2017 2017 13 A

10/04/2017 21:31

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MOST INSPIRATIONAL SHOW GARDENS We asked a few of the designers on Main Avenue this year what their most inspirational show garden has been

s a udge for man

ears at helsea and

ampton ’ e seen man ama ing show gardens. f close m e es thin the

his is too di cult ’ e lo ed so man o er the ears.

stand out for me would be om tuart

a be one of ames asson’s


’ ccitane gardens that perfectl captured another place or the moss gardens b



a u i shihara or le e

garden for rewin olphin in


garden for the elegraph

which wowed me with its rich colours.




Designer Tom Stuart-Smith

THE L’OCCITANE GARDEN 2016 Designer James Basson

imon obertson

here are three gardens that are absolutel indelible for me fearless

a s of radstone garden in

arah berle’s

om tuart mith’s garden of

which was a masterclass in la ered confident simplicit and an earson’s DARREN HAWKES


garden of

an e ploration of scale and detail e ecuted to perfection.



Designer Tom Stuart-Smith

Designer Philippa O’Brien and Jeff Dutt he show garden was reall inspired b was designed b


THE LAURENT-PERRIER GARDEN 2009 Designer Luciano Giubbilei

’ rien

and eff utt. remember the garden so clearl . lthough it was onl awarded ooster

a ron e medal ha e alwa s returned to it in m mind as an ingenious wa of within a single footprint.

om tuart

te en

creating li ing space and planting space mith

THE 600 DAYS WITH BRADSTONE 2007 Designer Sarah Eberle


t was a real haute couture statement of garden design.

Inspirational Show Gardens.indd 15


ithout a doubt it’s the garden b


iubbilei at helsea

. t’s the onl show garden ’ e e er stood and loo ed at for o er an hour. ust didn’t want to lea e.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 15

11/04/2017 23:02

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5. ChelseaSupp_ads.indd ProLandscaper - Chelsea Supplement - DPS - May - 2017.indd 1 13

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Immerse Designer: Cherry Carmen Contractor: Living Landscapes RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2016

The Minds Eye Designer: LDC Design Contractor: David Fountain Designs & Pulham Garden Grafts RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

Showrooms Nationwide London East (West Thurrock)

London West

(West Drayton) Midlands

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Ultra Spikelight 360

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MAIN AVENUE THE CHENGDU SILK ROAD GARDEN Designer Laurie Chetwood and Patrick Collins Contractor Willerby Landscapes Ltd Sponsor Chengdu Government The Chengdu Silk Road Garden combines architecture and planting in a conceptual east-west landscape connected with a ‘Silk Road’ bridge. When did you first start working

Road’ path – with silk woven along the

DESIGNER The original concept

and the form of the garden depicts the

on the design?

route – runs the length of the garden,

work was started last summer. The

different landscapes of hengdu and

particular challenges of the triangle

the surrounding Sichuan Province. The

the garden is being pre-constructed

site and the Chinese sponsors’

planting is a celebration of the ora

off site which will re uire a different

aspirations, together with the garden’s

of China and showcases some of the

approach to delivery and installation.

technical complexity, have meant the

huge variety of species, particularly

de elopment and refinement of the

those from the province of Sichuan.

design is still ongoing. What are the stand out features of the garden?

DESIGNER The design of the garden

What’s going to be the biggest challenge on the build?

CONTRACTOR A main London sewer runs directly under the triangle site,

takes full advantage of the multiple

re uiring different methods of design

viewpoints that are a unique feature of

engineering and construction that do

the triangle site. A strong linear ‘Silk

not involve digging down. Much of

Plant supplier: Kelways and various suppliers in the UK and Europe

Chengdu Government Are specialist contractors required spokesperson “We want to raise awareness in for any elements? the west of the history, culture CONTRACTOR The pre-fabrication and beautiful landscape of of many of the hard elements of Sichuan Province, as well as the garden is requiring specialist reflecting trade and cultural architectural modelling and detailed relationships between China and 3D design work, with specialist the UK. We will be recreating the fabricators working with the designers, garden after the event to launch a major gardens initiative in the engineers and contractors. City of Chengdu.”

THE MORGAN STANLEY GARDEN Designer Chris Beardshaw Contractor Chris Beardshaw Ltd Sponsor Morgan Stanley For the third consecutive year, Chris Beardshaw is designing a garden for Morgan Stanley, which will feature two distinct planting environments – woodland and temperate terrace – brought together by a geometric oak performance pavilion. Robert Rooney, CEO of Morgan Stanley International “We are delighted to return to RHS Chelsea for a third consecutive year. Morgan Stanley has a long history of supporting young people, so we are excited that our 2017 show garden celebrates talented young people. We are also delighted to partner again with Chris Beardshaw, who has a track record of designing gardens that not only look beautiful but also have a positive impact on communities.”

Main Avenue.indd 19

Award-winning designer

Both designer and sponsor

The Morgan Stanley Garden

Chris Beardshaw will be

will be working with the National

will feature two distinct planting

returning to Chelsea for a

Youth Orchestra to compose

environments – woodland

third consequtive year with

a unique piece of music

and temperate terrace. Chris,

sponsor Morgan Stanley, to

inspired by the garden design,

who will be aiming for his 12th

create a garden which re ects

which showcases the varied

RHS Gold medal this year, is

more than fi e decades of the

environments experienced in

personally growing and nurturing

organisation’s commitment to


over 2k herbaceous plants to be

health and education.

a multi-sensory experience.

ritish gardens and offers

used in the garden.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 19

10/04/2017 21:38




Designer Charlotte Harris Contractor Landscape Associates Sponsor Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Designer Darren Hawkes Contractor Bowles & Wyer Sponsor Linklaters

Charlotte Harris will be reflecting the vast lakes and forests of Canada and has taken inspiration from the country’s Boreal forests, as this year celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada, as well as the 10th year of the RBC BlueWater project. What are the stand out features

the importance of living in harmony

of this garden?

with our ecosystems.

by a landscape of water and trees.

What are you most looking

DESIGNER The garden is inspired The trees are 40-year-old Jack

pines (Pinus banksiana) that Hortus Loci have sourced – I love them

Darren Hawkes will create a peaceful, secret garden for charity Maggie’s, enveloped in a 3m hornbeam hedge through which visitors will be able to catch glimpses of the garden before it’s revealed in its entirety from an elevated position at the back of the site.

forward to about the build?

CONTRACTOR Where this garden uses many specialist elements,

because they’re gnarled and full of

we are relishing the challenge

character. Around the garden, you’ll

of bringing everything together

see beautiful granite boulders,

harmoniously. As Charlotte says,

which Harry Norman from Allgreens

the garden carries an important

managed to find after me being

message about the use of

pretty demanding!

freshwater resources and the hope

What are the stand out

What are you most looking

DESIGNER The hedge! I’m both

CONTRACTOR Working with

features of this garden?

excited and a little apprehensive

forward to about the build? Darren and his team again. The

is to create something that not only

about how this is going to be

majority of Darren’s work is down

How do you hope the public will

encourages discussion about the

perceived by visitors to the show.

in Cornwall, which is a little far for

subject but also does justice to the

For once, the thing that’s normally

us to travel, so we don’t get to

DESIGNER I hope visitors to the

natural landscape that inspired it.

a backdrop is being shown as

build any of his other gardens.

leave feeling inspired to travel

What’s going to be the biggest

hedging is quite beautiful and

CONTRACTOR We’ve worked

a standalone feature.

recreate the boreal at Chelsea,

logisticall it can be er di cult in

Caerphilly, South Wales. The

I was struck by how natural

terms of storage and access for

Did the sponsor provide a

elements fold around man-made

larger plant and deliveries. This

success of the construction of

ones, and I hope visitors will

being Chelsea there will obviously

DESIGNER Working with both

enjoy those elements weaved

be a mini monsoon at some

perceive this garden?

Royal Bank of Canada Garden and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us in unexpected

places. While I did not attempt to

throughout my design, as well as recognise

an uninterrupted elevation. The challenge on the build?

good enough to be considered as

previously on the same plot and

point during the build that we’ll need to deal with too.

concrete elements are key to the

Maggie’s and Linklaters to distil

the garden, so we have to have

a clear brief was a vital part of

confidence in a supplier who

the design process. The RHS

will be able to respond to the

commented that the brief I

challenge of quality, specialist

submitted was quite contradictory,

finishes and eeping to schedule.

given to each architect and garden designer over the last 20 years, it’s full of wonderful contradictions and rightly so. We

20 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Main Avenue.indd 20

CONTRACTOR We’re using

detailed brief?

Maggie’s brief that has been

Nicola Carroll, senior manager of corporate citizenship at the RBC “This is the seventh consecutive year that Royal Bank of Canada has had a garden at Chelsea and it’s always a rewarding experience for clients and employees. The show provides a great platform to raise awareness of the RBC Blue Water Project and the importance of freshwater as a valuable natural resource, encouraging visitors to consider sustainable water management in their own lives.”

required for any elements? Specialist Precast Products from

however when you read the

Plant supplier: Hortus Loci

Are specialist contractors

all need spaces to be versatile, offering uiet contemplati e areas and more social spaces too. These needs are even greater for people living with cancer and no one understands that better than Maggie’s.

Plant supplier: Kelways and Deepdale Nicola Rabson, partner at Linklaters “The importance of the supportive environment that Maggie’s centres provide cannot be overstated and we are delighted to be partnering with such a worthwhile charity. What really excites me about the project is the lasting legacy and pleasure that the garden will provide at the new centre at Barts Hospital.”

10/04/2017 21:38


500 YEARS OF COVENT GARDEN Designer Lee Bestall Contractor JPH Landscapes Sponsor Capco Covent Garden Celebrating 500 years of Covent Garden in London, Lee Bestall’s garden takes inspiration from the much-loved area which originated as the orchard garden belonging to Westminster Abbey, now home to some of London’s most iconic flower sellers. id the sponsor pro ide a

detailed brief? f so how did you

show garden at the


lower how?

with Mark from MKM Creations

Plant supplier: Hortus Loci

interpret this within your design?

DESIGNER It’s such an honour. To

to create the metal archways.

be selected by the RHS and have the

He works with some of the best

communicate the rich historical

confidence and bac ing of a large

people in the industry, so we’re in

‘layers’ of Covent Garden’. The

corporate sponsor is great for the

safe hands there.

elements such as the metal archways

ego and also boosts our confidence

inspired by the Market Building,

immensely. It’s been a dream for over

the aged apple trees from the time

10 years to create a show garden on

the area was an orchard, and the

main a enue and finall it’s happening

authentic York stone paving with

I can’t quite believe it.

DESIGNER The brief was ‘to help

What is so special about ha ing a

would it be?

CONTRACTOR A Gold medal! Apart

reclaimed cobble setts are all true to the space.

f you could take one thing away

with you from this garden what

from that, the opportunity to be here Are specialist contractors required is just fantastic, so I feel like I’ve

already won, and I’ll always have

for any elements?

CONTRACTOR We’re working

the memories.

THE M&G GARDEN 2017 Designer James Basson Contractor Crocus Sponsor M&G Award-winning garden designer James Basson has been commissioned by title sponsor of the Chelsea, M&G, to create a garden which takes inspiration from the Mediterranean landscape of Malta, driven by the principles of ecological sustainability.

Beverley Churchill, creative director, Capco “We are thrilled to be celebrating the rich heritage of Covent Garden with a garden that we are proud to sponsor on behalf of the Sir Simon Milton Foundation, at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. Lee’s design for the garden is remarkable and demonstrates our ongoing passion and commitment to creating high quality green open space for the public to enjoy at both of our London estates.”

Jacqui Haskins, marketing director, M&G “The M&G Garden has been inspired by the principles of ecological sustainability and the urgent need for action to preserve the fragile balance of our planet. It is a symbol of sustainability and solutions that stand the test of time, themes that reflect M&G Investments’ own approach. We are confident that James’ creative design will once again create a show-stopping garden for all to enjoy.”

When did you first start working

What are the stand out features

challenge by far is the construction

long did it take to perfect?

DESIGNER The two massive pillars

the garden – the tallest is 8m. I’m

comple ity of construction?

of this particular garden?

of the two towers that are going into

(8m and 5m) would have to be the

not sure that’s been done before

the last few years. There seems

design straight after Chelsea 2015

stand out features – planting the

at Chelsea. We are working very

to be a much better balance of

and have honed it over the last

tops of them is going to be fun! We

closely with the stone company in

designers, contractors and nursery

18 months. We’ve been lucky to

also have two wonderful specimen

Malta and we’re trying to engineer it

people than before, so I do think that

have this length of time to be able

trees Ceratonia siliqua (Carob) and

so that we can erect them in about

the ha e su cient nowledge to be

to collect seeds from Malta, grow

Pistacia lentiscus that we were very

two or three days. We’re bringing

able to judge.

plants on and seek permission


over a specialist team from Malta to

on the original design and how DESIGNER We started on the

to find.

from the Maltese authorities to bring some endemic species to London for the show, which we’re really excited about.

Main Avenue.indd 21

help with the work. What’s going to be the biggest challenge on the build?

CONTRACTOR The biggest

o you think the udges ha e

enough knowledge of the

CONTRACTOR I believe that the

quality of judging has improved over

Plant supplier: The Gaia Foundation in Malta, Piante Faro in Sicily, Cian Cavare in Imperia, Olivier Filippi and Gaudissart in France, Crocus, Kelways and Jekka McVicar in the UK

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 21

10/04/2017 21:38




Designer Andrew Wilson and Gavin McWilliam Contractor The Outdoor Room Sponsor Darwin Property Investment Management Ltd

Designer Tracy Foster Contractor Landform Consultants Sponsor Welcome to Yorkshire

To highlight Wellington College’s determination to break down barriers in education, Andrew Wilson and Gavin McWilliam have drawn inspiration from heathland around the college, with a blue spectrum of colour making up the majority of the planting scheme. When did you first start working on the design?

DESIGNER We started work on the garden in June 2016. We had just completed the installation of The Living Legacy Garden at Wellington College (the 2015 Chelsea garden)

and why they felt that education was important. id the sponsor pro ide a

detailed brief?

DESIGNER Our sponsor, Anthony

Esse, is an old Wellingtonian and is

when Anthony Esse, our sponsor,

creating the garden as a fundraiser

asked if we would prepare for

for the college and its scholarship

Chelsea 2017.

fund. The brief came more from the college itself and its future

What are the stand out features

ambitions, we then developed and

down of the walls around private


last year and although the design

forward to about the build? knows me knows that I’m a proud be working on a garden that brings

What is so special about ha ing

you ever stop thinking about a

places that are familiar to me to life.

design for Chelsea in the months

We’re looking forward to recreating

DESIGNER There’s always a thrill

leading up to the show and

a slice of the Yorkshire coastline

inevitably little things change.

and some fantastic Yorkshire

a show garden at


about Chelsea because there’s a

education and opening it to a wider

sense that the eyes of the world

audience. The walls are transparent

are on you, which creates a buzz of

steel structures roughly the height

excitement like no other show. The

of a double decker bus.

production of a show garden at

The main boundary wall is

DESIGNER I started work in July

Yorkshireman, so it’s fantastic to

several that people will pick up on. walls’ inspired by the breaking

What are you most looking

the original design?

continued to evolve. I don’t think

interpreted the ideas.

The garden includes ‘disappearing

When did you start working on

was ready soon after, it has

of this garden?

DESIGNER We hope there are

The garden will be centred on a ruined abbey, celebrating Whitby Abbey, one of the county’s many historic buildings. Inspired by the Yorkshire coastline, the garden will feature cliffs, a real beach and reconstructed sea with plants, flowers and herbs.

Chelsea also gives us as designers

landmarks in London. What is so special about

ha ing a show garden at the

What’s going to be the biggest

DESIGNER Chelsea does have

CONTRACTOR I think that this is

helsea lower how?

etched with comments and

a chance to experiment and

responses from students at

explore ideas that clients might not

many creative people and top

that we’ve had in a while; the key

Wellington College and its

always want – it’s a chance to step

horticulturists packed into such a

to its success is that it has to look

associated academies. They were

out of the norm.

small space. There’s always the

as natural as possible. We’ve got

most fabulous atmosphere with

to create the cliffs of Flamborough

new contacts to be made and

Head, the ruins of Whitby Abbey

information to be shared. The

and then there’s the small matter

other thing, of course, is that this

of the North Sea too. We’ve got

is the show that reaches people

a great team, though, so we’re

not just throughout the UK but all

confident we’ll pull it off.

asked to contemplate how they would want to shape the future

Plant supplier: Hortus Loci

a magic of its own, with so

challenge on the build?

one of the most challenging builds

over the world and it’s a wonderful way to share the message of the garden – which is of course that Yorkshire is beautiful!

Anthony Esse, CEO of Darwin Property Investment Management Ltd “Darwin is excited to be returning to Chelsea and once again be supporting Wellington College with the Breaking Ground garden, which highlights its bold ambitions for a new bursary campaign that will break down the financial barriers to private school education.” 22 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Main Avenue.indd 22

Plant supplier: Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants, British Wildflower Plants, Howards Nurseries, Practicality Brown and Van den Berk

Sir Gary Verity, chief executive of Welcome to Yorkshire “We’re delighted to be working with Tracy Foster again, an awardwinning designer who shares our passion for the county. The garden celebrates the stunning beauty of the Yorkshire coast. We hope it will whet the appetites of those who visit the show and encourage them to come and see our glorious county first hand.”

10/04/2017 21:38




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Designer Ian Price, Ian Price Design Contractor Conway Landscapes Sponsor idverde UK

Designer Kate Gould Contractor Kate Gould Gardens

A manifestation of the designer’s experience with depression, the garden’s purpose is to increase understanding of the illness and assure sufferers they are not alone.

Designed for a typical urban apartment block, Kate Gould’s ‘City Living’ garden sits on three different levels and transforms cold, grey dwellings with the use of green outdoor spaces. What are the stand out features

What are you most looking

DESIGNER It’s fairly tall! We’re also


of this particular garden?

When did you first start

making our own cladding panels

working on the design?

DESIGNER As the message of

the garden is quite personal, the

forward to working with them,

involved is really interesting.

and seeing the structure take shape. There are a lot of capable

my head for years. The latest

ow do you hope the public will

incarnation of the Mind Trap

What are the stand out

What are you looking

DESIGNER The four internal

CONTRACTOR Finishing it! All

forward to on the build?

and experienced heads involved

percei e this garden?

and listening to their ideas about

garden conveys the message that

me a lot.

DESIGNER It would be lovely if the

garden started properly last May.

walls, trees, paths and rocks are

brilliant team and I’m looking

which will be backlit. The process

design has been oating around

features of the garden?

forward to about the build?

how to build this beast has taught

no matter how small a space is, it can be greened.

What will be the biggest

challenge on the build? CONTRACTOR Timing

the RHS shows are amazing but

– it all boils down to

symbolic in terms of their number.

during the build up at Chelsea,

To the best of my knowledge,

it has a certain buzz that can’t

that. We can build it,

one in four people in the UK are

be explained. Seeing the public

no problem – but in the

diagnosed with moderate to

reaction is always great as well.

allotted time? Only time will tell.

severe depression at some point in their lives. id the sponsor pro ide a

detailed brief?

What will be the biggest

Plant supplier: Deepdale and Kelways

challenge on the build?

CONTRACTOR Apart from the back boundary walls, the only

DESIGNER In this situation,

element that will be level is the

I didn’t follow the usual

water, so it will need a lot of

procedures. I took the lead in this

concentration and meticulous

design as the message behind

planning. Space to work and

it was so important. I designed

time constraints are always

it, then approached Inspire

considerations when building a

Wellbeing to see if they would like

garden at Chelsea.

Manoj Malde takes inspiration from Mexican architect Luis Barragan to create a garden that merges Mediterranean style with cottage planting.

Plant supplier: Kelways and Barcham Trees

detailed brief?

to be involved, and they agreed. They haven’t asked me to change any elements of the garden.

Nick Temple-Heald, chief executive of idverde UK “We are delighted that Ian, with the support of idverde, will exhibit his and our first garden at RHS Chelsea 2017. We believe that the garden will prove an innovative and effective way of raising awareness of mental health issues, as well as highlighting the therapeutic effects that parks, open space and gardens can have.” 24 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Fresh.indd 24

BENEATH A MEXICAN SKY Designer Manoj Malde Contractor Living Landscapes Sponsor Inland Homes, Living Landscapes

id the sponsor pro ide a

DESIGNER s it’s m first garden at Chelsea, I had to get my initial

What is so special about ha ing a show garden at


DESIGNER Chelsea is the

pinnacle of the horticultural calendar

design down on paper to show

– it’s the haute couture of the

prospective sponsors. I was lucky

gardening industry. Designers who

that Inland Homes Plc gave me free

showcase a garden at Chelsea are

reign on the design work.

going onto the world stage.

10/04/2017 21:35


THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE Designer Jack Dunckley Contractor Jack Dunckley Ltd Sponsor Bermuda Tourism Authority, Conyers Dill & Pearman ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ is a representation of an active volcanic landscape interwoven with tropical planting, with four sections of laser cut aluminium sheeting housing a fire pit in each section with a palm at their centre. to stimulate them and ma e them

What are the stand out

want to in estigate the ermuda

features of this garden? DESIGNER

he ermuda

riangle further.

riangle’ is designed to attract

attention and it has some stri ing features including the large palm tree centrepiece to the four surrounding triangles which will be depicted using in enti e

What’s going to be the

biggest challenge on the build for this garden?

BREAST CANCER NOW: THROUGH THE MICROSCOPE GARDEN Designer Ruth Wilmott Contractor The Outdoor Room

CONTRACTOR he triangles due to their sheer si e and angles and

lighting and foliage rich

the strategic positioning of the

subtropical planting.

lighting and mirrors. he biggest challenge will be the bringing

Three vertical circles representing microscope lenses highlight the inspiration for the Breast Cancer Now garden: researchers in the lab. The circles align to focus on a circle of healthy magnified cells.

together of all the elements to

How do you hope the public will perceive this garden?

create a stunning garden.

is one of the biggest m steries

If you could take one thing

DESIGNER he ermuda riangle of our time. want isitors to m garden to be wowed and to soa up the intrigue and atmosphere

away from this garden, what would it be?


old medal

Kevin Dallas, chief executive officer of the Bermuda Tourism Authority “The Bermuda Tourism Authority is proud to play a supporting role in bringing this intriguing interpretation of Bermuda to RHS Chelsea 2017. Jack’s vision of connecting the island’s volcanic origins with the Bermuda Triangle sets his design apart. We wish Jack well in his endeavour to become the youngest Gold medal winner at this year’s show.”

Did the sponsor provide a

challenge on the build?

DESIGNER reast ancer

feature of the garden is the iew

detailed brief?

CONTRACTOR he most stri ing

ow helped guide the brief.

through the metal rings through

e as ed their scientists how

to the bac wall with the circle of

the would isuall e plain

health cells. his all needs to line

cancerous cells ersus health

up perfectl

cells which led to us using agged

we now that there is no such thing

roc s for the cancerous cells

as nearl ’

and nowing uth

ersus smooth round health cells. e also used the

colours of

those the use in the labs in the metal circles.

Are specialist contractors

required for any elements? CONTRACTOR here will be

a metalwor contractor called What is so special about having Stephen Wicks, CEO of Inland Homes “We pride ourselves on being environmentallyfriendlyandareconscious of making our landscapes sustainable. Sponsoring ‘Beneath a Mexican Sky’ reflects our commitment to improving the environment which we all live in.” What’s going to be the biggest

Are specialist contractors

CONTRACTOR Getting the micro-

CONTRACTOR he metal tra s

challenge on the build?

cement finished. here are so man factors controlling this


weather in particular which is going to be one of the biggest challenges during the build.

Fresh.indd 25

a show garden at Chelsea? DESIGNER

helsea is


rant ma ing the rings

pool and all the metal edging. here’s also an engineering genius

particularl special for me because

called amber

of its age. o be part of that timeline

come up with a superb method

allis who has

of more than a hundred ears of

of construction to gi e uth her

garden design feels er special.

centrepiece circle on the bac wall.

What’s going to be the biggest

Plant supplier: Kelways and Deepdale Trees

required for any elements? are being fabricated b


esign. heir e pertise has been in aluable in creating our structure. Plant supplier : Kelways

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 25

12/04/2017 18:08

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ARTISAN THE SEEDLIP GARDEN Designer Dr Catherine MacDonald Contractor Landform Sponsor Seedlip Catherine MacDonald uses inspiration from the story of the world’s first distiller of non-alcoholic spirits, Seedlip. Plants featured in the founder’s 17th century book ‘The Art of Distillation’ have influenced the planting palette. When did you start working on the

What is so special about ha ing a

gardens, which

take to perfect?

DESIGNER Chelsea is our industry’s

bit of an issue with

equivalent of the Oscars. The eyes

access, but nothing we

of the world are turned upon us – it’s

can’t overcome.

original design and how long did it DESIGNER This design is probably the quickest that I’ve ever worked

show garden at


can lead to a

Plant supplier: Hortus Loci

from concept to finished design. here both a pressure and a pleasure. was such a strong story behind it, and I felt a strong personal interest in it due to m scientific bac ground so it

What’s going to be the biggest challenge on the build?

made it a much easier process. It took CONTRACTOR Being an Artisan

Are specialist contractors required for any elements?

CONTRACTOR Rupert Till is the only specialist contractor, though we may

only a couple of weeks in July last

garden, we’re in Ranelagh Gardens

have some other artists adding a few

year to come up with the layout,

where there’s a ‘no dig’ rule. It

magical touches to the garden at the

though of course the detailing

presents certain challenges, another

end of the build – but you’ll have to

took longer.

of which is the later start than other

wait to see those!

Ben Branson, founder of Seedlip “It’s a dream to be selected for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. With design by Dr Catherine MacDonald, build by Landform Consultants and plants by Hortus Loci we have a world class team and the perfect platform to showcase our story.”

THE POETRY LOVER’S GARDEN Designer Fiona Cadwallader Contractor Landform Debut designer Fiona Cadwallader has designed a tranquil retreat inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem ‘This Lime Tree Bower my Prison’, in which Coleridge is restricted to the seat of a lime tree bower following an injury, imagining the countryside he could be enjoying. When did you first start working

features, creating pockets of dappled

DESIGNER I began planning the

three metal sculptural pieces which

What are you most looking

the revered dry stone waller, will

CONTRACTOR We like the design,

fabricators who will be building off

on the original design?

shade beneath. There are also

design in January 2016, based on an

I have designed myself, and which

idea I had to reference Coleridge’s

are being constructed by Outdoor

and traditional materials, and the

poem This Lime Tree Bower My

Designs in Arundel.

fact that it’s in a new area that we’ve

Prison. What are the stand out features of this garden?

DESIGNER Four sculptural umbrella-

What is so special about ha ing a show garden at


DESIGNER Chelsea is the world’s most prestigious ower show and it is an honour to have my design

Coleridge’s shady lime tree bower

accepted. It was a huge boost to

in the poem, are going to be major

m confidence.

Artisan PAGES 27-30.indd 27

be part of our crew, and the metal

including the use of contemporary

site are also specialist.

never been to before – and working

pruned lime trees, which reference

forward to about the build?

with Fiona, a new designer to Landform.

f you could take one thing from

this garden what would it be? CONTRACTOR Not sure yet –

we’re ne er put off b challenges but I’m sure lessons will be learnt.

Are specialist contractors

We learn from every build.

CONTRACTOR Lots of specialists,

Plant supplier: Kelways, Can den Berk Trees and Lindum Turf

required for any elements?

ourselves included. Andy Louden,

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 27

10/04/2017 21:43




Designer David Domoney Contractor Arun Landscapes Sponsor The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Designer Sarah Eberle Contractor Belderbos Landscapes Sponsor Viking Cruises

To celebrate 100 years since the Commonwealth War Graves Commission was founded by the Royal Charter, David Domoney is creating a garden which can be accessed through a circular arch, with a raised platform offering an area of contemplation.

Sarah Eberle is taking inspiration from the work of highly acclaimed Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi and the modern arts movement in Barcelona, with a strong use of colour and a Mediterranean style to indicate the character of the vibrant city.

What are the

When did you start working on

What’s going to be the biggest

features of

DESIGNER When Viking Cruises

CONTRACTOR For a relatively

stand out

the original design?

asked me to put forward a

this garden?

challenge on the build?

small garden there is a great deal


proposal based on a European

of different materials and methods

bricks used are

destination, the idea was

of construction. Coordinating

Flanders bricks,

immediate and the initial sketch

se eral different trades with set

taken from the

was produced quickly.

targets, and working in a compact

stock made for

space, is bound to create a

the restoration

nice to be back creating gardens at

of the Theipval memorial site on

Chelsea – it’s been 10 years since

the battlefields of the omme.

my last Chelsea build.

What are the stand out

healthy amount of pressure.

DESIGNER The garden is

Are specialist contractors

What’s going to be the biggest

sized garden and takes Gaudi’s

CONTRACTOR Most of the

CONTRACTOR Time is always

In the garden there will be 154 engraved metal leaves; each leaf will represent a country with a war grave site. The wreath entrance arch, which is to be hand crafted in France, is an interpretation of

features of this garden? presented as a small courtyard

challenge on the build?

organic use of natural materials and use of mosaic as its main

feature rills, the rubble walls

tight at Chelsea, and with the

in uence. he garden is richl

and the Gaudi tiles are being

textural and colourful, and

constructed by specialists.

rtisan gardens we’re not allowed

a famous Bronze Wreath in the

to penetrate the ground, so that

consists of three curved walls

Tyne Cot Cemetery, and is also the

brings whole new challenges.

using a single type of stone in

centenary logo for this year.

different wa s.

perimeter rill

Are specialist contractors

plays on the use of the irrigation

CONTRACTOR On site it’s just my

links the elements together.

grandparents or great grandparents

stone cutters in Belgium turning

had an involvement in these wars

recycled head stones into paving,

What is so special about

– David hopes that the garden will

and the bricks are handmade

evoke a sense of respect for the

Flanders bricks from France.

How do you hope the public will perceive this garden?

DESIGNER For many their

required for any elements?

What are you most looking

forward to about the build?

CONTRACTOR It’s great working

Do you think the judges have

away from this garden, what would it be?


concrete bench is quite cool – I but I think that has Sarah’s name

having a garden at Chelsea?

on it already.

equivalent of London Fashion

Plant supplier : Piante Faro in Sicily and Kelways

DESIGNER It’s the horticultural

stressful, career forming and fun.

complexity of construction? CONTRACTOR s an m self


can sa first hand that

the panel is full of the experience needed for every garden. Plant supplier: Hortus Loci

David Richardson, director of horticulture at CWGC “As a global organisation with more than 850 gardening staff and an unrivalled reputation for horticultural excellence, it’s a wonderful opportunity to be exhibiting at Chelsea and working with David Domoney.”

Artisan PAGES 27-30.indd 28

If you could take one thing

enough knowledge of the

built several of his designs at the

28 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

elements including the water

would take the ceramic tiled wall,

Week – exciting, challenging,

with David Domoney again. We’ve RHS shows over the years. It’s also

rill in Mediterranean gardens and

team, but we’ve used specialist

enormous sacrifice man made for the freedoms we enjoy today.

required for any elements?

Wendy Atkin-Smith, managing director of Viking Cruises UK “The Viking Cruises Garden of Inspiration will bring all the vibrancy and excitement of Barcelona to life. This city is always a popular destination with our guests, and we are delighted Sarah is drawing inspiration from its distinctive art and culture.”

10/04/2017 21:43




Designer Ishihara Kazuyuki Contractor Ishihara Kazuyuki Design Laboratory Co. Sponsor Cat’s Co.

Designer Shuko Noda Contractor Frogheath Landscapes Sponsor Nishikyushu University, Hanamizuki Corporation & Ippudo

Moss represents the passage of time in this garden inspired by the Kyoto residence of Japanese emperors.

Inspired by the Saga region of Japan where the designer grew up, this garden is harmonious, designed to provide a peaceful space.

Returning for his 12th year

to continue for two millennia, and

at the RHS Chelsea Flower

can be admired from all aspects.

Inspired by the Saga

Show, Ishihara Kazuyuki’s

Moss will be used to represent

region of Japan where

garden is inspired by the Kyoto

the passage of time, alongside

the designer grew

Palace, the Kyoto residence of

a selection of plants typically

up, this garden is

Japanese emperors. The garden

found in Japanese gardens, and

harmonious, providing

will express the communal spirit

pine and acer will provide natural

a peaceful space where

which allowed the imperial family

shapes of trees.

visitors are encouraged to be thankful for life’s opportunities. ‘Hagakure’, meaning ‘hidden leaves’, is taken from the

a tree, providing a serene space

title of a Samurai textbook which

away from the stress of daily

teaches the reader about the

life. This is emphasised through

society’s value and way of life

the planting palette, which is

in Japan, and expresses living

predominantly white, a symbol of

and dying.

purity and sacredness in Japan,

The garden, which expresses

and includes Cornus kousa, a

the fi e senses features a tatami

bushy tree with clusters of small

mattress bench in the shade of

white owers.

WALKER’S WHARF GARDEN Designer Graham Bodle Contractor Walker’s Nurseries Intended as a relaxing space within a disused industrial wharf, the garden features reclaimed items from the wharf, used to enhance the atmosphere, and planting which creates an ideal habitat for wildlife, with sculptures inspired by the industry. When did you first start

DESIGNER t’s the first large


horticultural show of the season with

such as

DESIGNER It was inspired in

lots of exposure.

erecting the crane jib and

working on the original design? August 2015.

the pedestrian drawbridge.

What are the stand out features

ow do you hope the public

isitors will percei e this garden?

of this particular garden?

DESIGNER As inventive, turning

and drawbridge.

atmospheric garden.

DESIGNER The reclaimed crane jib

What is so special about ha ing a show garden at the lower how?


Artisan PAGES 27-30.indd 29

a disused industrial site into an

What’s going to be the biggest challenge on the build?

CONTRACTOR The sculptures. o you think the udges ha e

CONTRACTOR Levels and the

enough knowledge of the

the garden has to be built from the

CONTRACTOR Some detailing can

stuttering frame and cladding, as

What are you most looking

ground up.

CONTRACTOR Building the initial

f you could take one thing away

forward to about the build?

with you from this

garden what would it be?

comple ity of construction?

be overlooked, which has taken hours to design and construct.

Plant supplier: Walker’s Nurseries

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 29

10/04/2017 21:43




Designer Gary Breeze Contractor Natural Gardens Sponsor The International Boatbuilding Training College (IBTC)

Designer Adam Woolcott & Jonathan Smith Contractor Conway Landscapes Sponsor World Horse Welfare

After being commissioned to create a replica of an 800-year-old boat discovered on the Norfolk Broads, the International Boatbuilding Training College asked former student Gary Breeze to design a garden around the Norfolk and Suffolk Wetlands.

Inspired by the work of The World Horse Welfare Charity, the garden uses plants to tell the story of a horse that has been rescued from a derelict stable featuring plants that are harmful to horses rehomed into an open meadow with horse-friendly plants.

What are the stand out features

When did you start working on


DESIGNER Sometimes we have

of this garden?

the original design?

feature of the

Plant supplier: Majestic Trees, Practicality Brown and British Wildflower Plants

months to develop a design,

gardens is great and we’re next

garden is a

but on this occasion we were

door to Ishihara this year again.

medieval oak

approached at the last minute

boat under

and only had a couple of weeks


to develop a concept and get

within a Broadland

something down on paper.

landscape setting. The planting

Are specialist contractors

required for any elements?

CONTRACTOR For the stream at the front of the property, we will

will be indigenous to that time and


place, as well as naturalistic and

with natural

even feature some of last year’s

materials to create a

reeds, which will be a challenge.

beautiful environment.

What are the stand out

be getting our aquatic specialist in

features of this garden?

to finish it.

it tells, I suppose the stable itself

Do you think the judges have

DESIGNER Because of the story will be the stand out feature. It

Did the sponsor provide a

What’s going to be the biggest

will look quite menacing and

DESIGNER The brief was only that

CONTRACTOR Getting a vast

from reclaimed bricks and slate

enough knowledge of the

complexity of construction

challenge on the build?

neglected and will be constructed

amount of hard landscaping,

roofing tiles.

wor of the college in a different

soil, water and plants, and not

and distress the brick work to add

not allowed to excavate so

setting. It so happens that the

to mention a boat, into Chelsea

to its character. The horseshow

we are up against it from the

college was commissioned by

on time!

sculpture is also pretty special,

off. t’s all in plain site with this

constructed out of horseshoes

garden with ageing of the stable,

from celebrity horses and horses

walls and the stream. Except for

belonging to supporters of the

the stable door, nothing is made


off site. he amount of hard

detailed brief?

we should help to promote the

the Broad Authority in 2015 to build a replica of a medieval boat discovered on the Broads two years before – this seemed like an ideal source of inspiration.

Are specialist contractors

required for any elements? CONTRACTOR

e are emplo ing

Natural Gardens, specialists in wild gardens and ponds, to oversee the

How do you hope the public will

e will further age

growing and planting of the native

If you could take one thing

and a lot of them with

what would it be?

forward to getting the team

and builder we are lucky that we

Camaraderie doing these little

boat building. I hope that this combination will be inspiring to people, and that they will see how


will be obvious to see.


away with you from this garden,

and Smith, so we’re looking

CONTRACTOR As both sponsor

together at Chelsea again.

can take everything away! Plant supplier: Natural Gardens

Lyn Tupper, director of IBTC LowestoftPlant Supplier :Kelways and “Lowestoft attracts students with many interesting backgrounds, not Deepdale Trees least Gary Breeze. To be offered an opportunity to promote the skills we teach and our local environment at such a prestigious event is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an organisation such as ours.”

Artisan PAGES 27-30.indd 30


quite a few gardens in Ranelagh

people can work with their hands

30 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017


e ha e done

see the beauty of the Broadlands

craftsmanship involved in wooden

down anelagh

forward to about the build?

plants and trees.

combined with the beauty of the

CONTRACTOR Yes, particularly

landscaping done in fi e da s What are you most looking

perceive this garden?

DESIGNER I hope that visitors will

when deciding on the medals?

Plant Supplier: Majestic Trees, Practicality Brown and British Wildflower Plants

Emma Williams, director of fundraising for World Horse Welfare “Exhibiting at RHS Chelsea provides an invaluable opportunity to engage with both new and existing supporters, and to showcasing our work in a way which is completely unique to anything we’ve ever done before. We hope the garden will be thought-provoking and emotive. We want to encourage people to reflect on the plight of neglected and abused horses and be inspired to join us.”

10/04/2017 21:44


BBC RADIO 2 FEEL GOOD The RHS has partnered with BBC Radio 2 to bring a brand new category to this year’s Chelsea: BBC Radio 2 Feel Good Gardens. These gardens aim to provide havens where people can escape and indulge in one of the five senses touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. ach of the five gardens will focus on one of these senses, and will be named after BBC Radio 2 presenters to celebrate the station’s 50th anniversary. hey will be half the si e of ain venue show gardens, but will have the impressive backdrop of the Royal Hospital Chelsea

Char of Ca

THE CHRIS EVANS TASTE GARDEN Designer Jon Wheatley Much-loved television presenter and food writer Mary Berry has been asked by Jon Wheatley to help celebrate the tastiest plants growing in UK gardens by growers on allotments and in many communities. The garden, named after popular breakfast show presenter Chris Evans, will feature plants that excite


and stimulate the palate, and enhance a person’s lifestyle, health and wellbeing.

Designers Tamara Bridge and Kate Savill RHS Young Designer of the Year’s 2015 winner Tamara Bridge and RHS Gold medal-winner Kate Savill have asked British perfumer Jo Malone to help create a garden based around reminiscent aromas, such as woodland walks or freshly-cut flowers. Both Jo Malone and Jo Whiley, presenter of evening shows on BBC Radio 2, will be


assist with planting.

Designer Sarah Raven


Sarah Raven, owner of an ever-growing self-titled

Designer Matt Keightley

designer Tricia Gold OBE to create a garden filled

Multi award-winner Matt Keightley is designing a garden named after topical presenter Jeremy Vine that will feature bold geometric forms juxtaposed with a soft and elegant planting pallet. This

©Jonathan Buckley

visiting the show during build-up to

mail order site, will be enlisting the help of interior with flowers, focusing on plants that cut and come out again, a profusion of colour including gold to celebrate BBC Radio 2’s 50th anniversary. The garden is named after Saturday breakfast show presenter Anneka Rice.

immersive, tactile garden provides a space for people to interact and relax in, with a variety of material finishes and a diverse planting structure.

THE ZOE BALL LISTENING GARDEN Designer James Alexander-Sinclair James Alexander-Sinclair aims to create a garden which reproduces the sensation of music through the whole body, as though standing too close to a speaker, through water features. Visitors will not be able to hear the music playing, but will be able to see patterns in the water and feel it through the floor of the garden. The music will be from the last 50 years of Radio 2.

Radio 2 feel garden.indd 31

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 31

12/04/2017 18:07






Chilstone, a maker of handcrafted architectural stone and garden ornaments, returns to Chelsea this year with garden designer Ali Dempster to create a compact but elegant garden trade stand to showcase the beauty and versatility of its stonework. Its classic Kew fountain will operate with recycled rainwater collected from the living Sedum roof of Ali’s own garden studio and the planting will reflect Chilstone’s corporate colours of purple and white.

EverEdge manufactures and supplies a range of steel garden edging products. The range includes edging for use in virtually any landscaping concept and sizes start at 75 x 1,000 x 1.6mm and go up to virtually any necessary size. For its 12th year at Chelsea, the company will be promoting its two newest products – EverEdge Halestem, an L-shaped steel edging product for use in hard landscaping, and custom-made planters for use in public and private applications.




Gabriel Ash produces quality Western red cedar greenhouses and the only timber greenhouses endorsed by the RHS – a seamless blend of the finest timber, toughened safety glass, full length automatic ridge ventilation and discreetly incorporating aluminium. It has been exhibiting at Chelsea for over 15 years. In 2017, together with its everpopular Portico, Hyde Hall and Classic Six greenhouses, it will be introducing the RHS Storehouse, a combination of shed and storage for logs, recycling boxes and bins.


The Gaze Burvill display will be designed by Patricia Fox of Aralia to celebrate Levity, a continuation of the company’s desire to remain at the forefront of British outdoor design. Designed by Katie Walker, the chair is a juxtaposition of technology and tradition, with dovetail joints contrasting with CNC machined twists. Made from oak, Levity offers both ease of furniture movement and a structural integrity set to last against the elements for years.

Manufacturers of bespoke and custom made fibreglass and steel planters for residential and commercial installations Tel: 01580 201 092

Manufacturers of bespoke and custom made fibreglass and steel planters for residential and commercial installations Tel: 01580 201 092

32 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Trade stands.indd 32

18/04/2017 11:54

Untitled-1 1

ChelseaSupp_ads.indd 8

13/04/2017 09:09

13/04/2017 14:09




ri n lasshouses creates bespoke aluminium glasshouses ith more than years’ e perience, it offers a range of low maintenance, unique design glasshouses from lean-to and freestanding to its NGS collection. On display at Chelsea will be a small panel sided glasshouse designed for gardens where space is premium, with two folding benches and a rear wall planted with a living wall. The stand will also feature a 3.7 x 2.6m Thyme glasshouse with benches and shelving, as well as a lean-to glasshouse with offset ridge

Harrod Horticultural will be showcasing an award-winning, largely RHS endorsed, UK manufactured garden structure collection at 296 Royal Hospital Way. It will feature unique designs of arches, pergolas, obelisks, plant supports, wall trellises, raised beds and fruit cages, all handcrafted using premium materials from the company’s home in Suffolk Its metal planters and raised beds to be launched at the show are a finalist in the Product of the Year competition at Chelsea, which Harrod Horticultural has won twice before.




ritish manufacturer Hartley otanic makes beautiful, handmade greenhouses and glasshouses to order. In February, its entire product range was endorsed by the RHS after a long-standing relationship with the charity, having exhibited at Chelsea for around 60 years and winning a Silver ilt medal last year for its first show garden his year, the company will be showcasing a number of greenhouse and glasshouse models on its stand.



Marshalls is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of hard landscaping materials. As well as new paving and driveway product ranges, Marshalls will be demonstrating how effective Su S solutions can be n its stand will be the brand new riveline rain concrete linear drainage system which controls normal water runoff from driveways and paving with no requirement for planning permission. Marshalls will also be showcasing a number of never before seen, bespoke natural stone products, including some show-stopping screens and a luxurious chaise longue. Marshalls has been attending Chelsea since the Sixties. 34 RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Trade stands.indd 34

STAND CW312 London Stone supplies quality natural stone paving, in-house fabricated bespoke stone and complementary hard landscaping products. On display at its trade stand will be its full range of Sawn Paving, available in a wide choice of colours and finishes, as well as its offering of ritish Stone such as arleymoor Yorkstone. London Stone’s extensive range of porcelain, currently standing at different options, will also be available to view, as well as matching steps and coping stones. London Stone has been sponsoring gardens for many years.

OXFORD PLANTERS STAND SW316 Oxford Planters Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of hardwood products – planters, tables, chairs, benches, garden gates and pergolas – all individually handmade to order in the company’s workshop in Oxfordshire and available in oak, iroko and accoya. Painted products are available in a choice of colours, and all are hand-crafted using high quality FSC hardwood timbers. This year it will be launching a new dining table and garden bench at Chelsea alongside a couple of new planter designs.

13/04/2017 11:48


WHY EDGE? When a landscape design has been built and people can stand over it and admire it, probably the last thing they see, if they see it at all, is the landscape edging. It is one of those products that blends in and disappears in a great design. Very few of us stand and admire edging when there is great planting or sculptures or clever designs to catch our eye. However, it is the fine details which turn a great design into a great build and edging is certainly one of the finer details. Along with a number of other landscape items, EverEdge manufacture a range of steel edging products to suit virtually any design. EverEdge edging can be used as a subtle finish to cut down on future maintenance. It can provide an edge to a lawn, path or driveway that will last a lifetime and save many hours of fiddly, frustrating edging work. EverEdge can also be used as a central feature in a design and provide a focal point to draw the eye.

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Better than the real thing

Beautiful no-maintenance artificial green walls Each Signature Panel has been carefully designed to mimic the growing patterns and movement of natural foliage and to prevent any visible repetition. They can be enhanced with the purchase of additional Colour Boxes to customise the look. • • • • • • • •

Designed by award winning horticulturist Ultra realistic greenery rivals the real thing UV stable materials resist all weathers, sun, snow and rain Unique fixing system makes installation quick and easy Patent pending design replicates natural growing patterns Manufactured, UV and fire tested to ISO International standards Supply as 80cm x 80cm Can be cut to size to suit the specific needs of individual projects

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Pro Landscaper's Guide to RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017  

Pro Landscaper's Guide to RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017  

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