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April 2016 | Volume 2, Issue 3

April 2016


April 2016







Welcome to the April edition of Pro Landscaper Africa. The autumn air is upon us and we are slowly in the process of welcoming a new season, and with it new design ideas. As always our business and opinions pages are a relevant place to gain insight into industry tips. In April we welcome Lindsay Gray to this segment, to join our resident writers Lee Burger and Marcel Oudejans. We catch up with Sean O’Connor from Living Green Walls to find out more on vertical gardening and then we take a trip to New Horizen Nursery, where Gert de Kock shares with us the message of water wise gardening and sustainability. Our Interview for this month is with award winning Caroline de Villiers from Themba Trees. She talks to us about her mature tree farm, inspiring ideas and aspirations for the future. We have three exciting projects in this issue. The first is a piece by Environmental Studios, creating a contemporary garden to mirror the modern architecture it surrounds. The Elgin Garden Classic, designed by Ross McGill landscapers and

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a community park by Habitat landscape Architects rekindling recreation in a Jo burg community. Product pages this month pay tribute to the new and exciting products in both Synthetic and real turf, so be sure to find some of our favourite products in South Africa. We also take a look at the latest in outdoor power tool products and introduce you to our preferred products. This month we are trading with NPP, a company who produce and supply the highest quality in both composite and wooden decking. Be sure to read more on this product in our Trading with section. If you have any inspiring projects or would like the opportunity to be considered to write for one of our pages, then please contact me on chanel@ paperplanepublications.co.za. Enjoy our April edition and we will see you all very soon.


Pro Landscaper’s content is available for licensing overseas. Email jamie.wilkinson@eljays44.com

Whilst every effort has been made to maintain the integrity of our advertisers, we accept no responsibility for any problem, complaints, or subsequent litigation arising from readers’ responses to advertisements in the magazine. We also wish to emphasise that views expressed by editorial contributors are not necessarily those of the publishers. Reproduction of any part of this magazine is strictly forbidden.

Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016


WHY CHOOSE FOREST GRASS ? WHY CHOOSE FOREST GRASS ? Our grass is naturalGRASS looking, with WHY CHOOSE FOREST ? a season complimentary range. Quality and beauty is what

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April 2016 Volume 2 Issue 3 6

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News Extra



Industry news from southern Africa. A message from New Horizen Nursery on saving and restoring our landscape. We ask Living Green Walls the much considered questions on vertical gardening.

BUSINESS TIPS 12 Plastic Fantastic?

Lee Burger tackles the synthetic vs real debate and shares with us his opinion.


Four key concepts for attracting new customers Marcel Oudejans provides tips on attracting the right client.



Marketing your way to success Lindsay Gray on enhancing your marketing campaign for 2016

INTERVIEW 17 Let’s Hear It From

Horticulturalist, entrepreneur, nature enthusiast and Themba Trees Mature Tree Nursery owner Caroline de Villiers discusses her career and what the future holds for her farm.

PORTFOLIOS 21 Contemporary Indigenous meets classic floral

Gary Cox creates a contemporary garden on Garlington Estate, Hilton.


The Elgin Farm Charm


Reconnecting Past and Present

A beautiful classic garden on the Vredenhof Farm, Elgin.



Habitat Landscape Architects renovated the historical Sir Drummond Park in Crosby, Johannesburg.

PRODUCTS 31 Lawn 32 Outdoor Power Tools PEOPLE 33 Trading With... NPP 34 Little Interview www.prolandscaper.co.za

17 Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016



NEWS SHED Cape Town set to build its first blind-friendly outdoor park The City of Cape Town has unveiled plans to construct its first outdoor park for the blind in Bellville, South Africa. It is set to take shape within walking distance of the Athlone School for the Blind. The park will be fitted with universal access – dropped kerbs and tactile paving – along both roads, making it easier for those with limited eyesight to enter the grounds in Beroma in Bellville. “The most obvious place to start is to divide the park into eight smaller areas which will make it easier for those with limited sight to orientate

themselves,” explains Councillor Brett Herron, the Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town. “To assist with navigation, we will create a scented garden with indigenous plants such as lavender, wild garlic and rosemary. Low-seating walls, cutting across the park, will assist with acoustic wayfinding. The echoes will enable one to determine their location through hearing as the sound of feet and walking sticks will reverberate off the walls.” The park will cost the City around R1.1 million to complete.

Autumn SANA Green Industry Trade Fair SANA (South African Nursery Association) Green Industry Trade Fair. Held bi-annually the SANA Green Industry Trade Fair is continuing to make waves. It is currently the largest horticultural trade fair in South Africa and is growing. This premier green industry event took place on March 9th in Johannesburg, and with a proven track record of bringing numerous visitors and exhibitors together in this faceto-face platform, it definitely did not disappoint. The Trade show’s main focus was to maximize return

on investment for exhibitors by generating trade leads, increasing orders and the promotions of products and brands to a targeted trade audience. It has proven itself to be the greatest green environment to network with thousands of top industry professionals. With over 130 exhibitors and 4500m² of exhibition space, it is quickly becoming one of the most sought after events for buyers and key decision makers. Prize winners from the autumn Trade Show include: From the National Allied, Seed and Bulb association, 1) Bark Unlimited 2) Flora Imports 3) Starke Ayres From the National Growers association: 1. Tuberflora 2. Colorwei 3. Malanseuns



CPUT greenhouses go high-tech Advanced automatic heating and cooling systems, sterile foot baths and automatic


solar screens are just some of the impressive features of CPUT’s six new greenhouses newly constructed on the Bellville Campus premises. These greenhouses have automatic heating and cooling systems, rain water harvesting systems, artificial lighting systems, automatic solar

Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016

screens, propagation systems, sterile foot baths and came a price tag of just over R 700 000. The greenhouse in the courtyard of the design building is known as the display greenhouse and will focus on plant identification. It boasts four automatically independently controlled

climatic zones and will display plants from different biomes in South Africa. The Department of Horticultural Sciences is proud to have these state of the art greenhouses to provide the best horticultural experience in the country www.cput.ac.za



City Completes R10, 5 million upgrade of Langa, Cape Town The City of Cape Town has completed its upgrade of the Langa Station South public open space at a cost of more than R10, 5 million. This project forms part of the City’s commitment to investing in historically underinvested areas. The upgrade of the Langa Station saw the construction of new side-walks and renovations for safe pedestrian movement. Aside from landscaping aspect of this project, the existing informal trading spaces have also been upgraded to improve the business environment for the informal traders. New public seating and lighting have been landscaped and installed and

NEWS IN BRIEF The Urban Design Institute of South Africa Conference (UDISA)

The UDISA Conference will be held from 13 to 15 June in Freedom Park, Tshwane. Themed ‘URBAN+TRANS+ FORMATION’, and will challenge participants to rethink their ideas regarding urbanism. www.reimagineurbanism.co.za

ILASA Conference a new asphalted public parking area adjacent to Brinton Street has been constructed. It has involved many city directorates, including the Spatial Planning and Urban Design Department, the Transport for Cape Town Directorate, and the City Parks and Economic Development Departments. Without the stakeholders

The 2016 ILASA Conference will be held on 29 and 30 September at the CSIR, Pretoria. It considers the reinterpretation of landscape significance in specific spheres www.ilasa.co.za

working together, we would not have been able to complete this project timeously and successfully,’ said Councillor Johan Van der Merwe who was present during the ribbon cutting. Over the past decade, the City has focused considerable attention on public space in Langa.

SAGIC / SANA Annual Convention

The 2016 SAGIC/ SANA Convention will be held from 7 to 9 June at the Protea Hotel, Stellenbosch. Focus will be on approaches to address growing sustainability challenges, commercial viability of applying climate resilient practices and exploring opportunities and challenges in these regions. www.sagic.co.za


Landscape Technology project set to contribute to food security A well thought out Service Learning project will contribute to food security, as well as promote entrepreneurship and sustainability on the Bellville Campus. The project will see a group of 80 Landscape Technology students design, construct and manage a 1 000 square meter food garden at the Matthew Goniwe 2 residence. An initiative of Landscape


Technology lecturers Christene Thorne, Gerhard Griesel and Johan van Rooyen, this ambitious project is a first for CPUT and is set to yield substantial benefits for a large group of CPUT students. “Students will have the opportunity to develop environmental stewardship within a built environment community,” says van Rooyen. Phase one of the project commenced late last year and saw students prepare the

area. Phase two begins now with students focusing on planting, the design of holistic systems to incorporate waste management and water usage as well as the implementation of appropriate organic farming methods. This unique project has also yielded support from various organisations who have donated funds as well as equipment and plants. www.cput.ac.za

Submit your news stories to Pro Landscaper Africa If you would like to submit any stories regarding African landscaping projects, floating tenders, contract awards and new trends in green design and build, please email them to chanel@paperplanepublications.co.za or tweet to @prolandscaperCB

Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016



SAVE AND RESTORE Manager of New Horizen Nursery, Gert de Kock, shares with us the message of water management and sustainability. The anthem of our South African dry seasons


ith the beauty of autumn and the promise of life-giving rain on our doorsteps for the winter rainfall areas, timing is perfect to commence a process of rethinking, re-planning, restoring and recreating the landscaped and natural environments around us. Now is the time to adapt, prepare and implement new practical and relevant fashions, to release oneself from devastation when water restrictions are implemented. There should be no reason to doubt the survival ability of a manmade environment in times of restricted access to an artificial water supply. A trend is running strongly within the landscaping industry where we save and restore. It is a magnificent experience to be able to participate and to contribute to the rehabilitation of a specific natural environment. With an indigenous plant palette ranging from aquatic plants to xerophytes (the ultimate in water-wise plants), adapted to our diverse environments, we should be able to restore or re-create a world of serenity through a more natural approach to gardening and landscaping. We should be working with nature and the environment, instead of trying to control it. It is time to look within for inspiration, using our African heritage which is perceived as ‘fresh’ by the rest of the world. The influence and fresh outlook of

A TREND IS RUNNING STRONGLY WITHIN THE LANDSCAPING INDUSTRY WHERE WE SAVE AND RESTORE Horticultural and Landscaping students, will certainly make for exciting times. The challenges they face should be the driving force behind future trends in landscaping and gardening, and should provide an opportunity 8

Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016

Orbea variegata

to leave a legacy that is truly unique within the African landscape. These include: 1) Changes in how the new middleclass garden. 2) The prevention of economic fluctuations influencing the way we garden, with only trends or the environment playing a role. 3) The role of water restrictions. 4) Trends in rehabilitation and restoration work. 5) The education of the public to use hardy or water wise plants, instead of the short-lived water thirsty exotics. All of these factors play a role in the gardens of the future. We can start by observing our surroundings and ecosystems, saving water, researching and choosing our plants more thoughtfully, preparing and taking better care of our life-sustaining soil, planting trees, watching them grow and enjoying every moment of it. With the beginning of the first buds starting to form on Aloe spp. and Kniphofia spp, these buds are waiting for their chance to rocket into the beautiful winter skies. There is a promise of life and hope for a different spring and summer to follow; seasons with a different anthem.

Francois Geldenhuys (left), Nursery Manager and Gert de Kock, Production Manager at New Horizen Nursery

ABOUT NEW HORIZEN FARM-NURSERY New Horizen Farm-Nursery is a well-established wholesale production plant nursery, offering quality plants at competitive prices. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable farm-like haven, where the nursery and the natural landscape work in symbiosis with each other. They specialize in multidisciplinary plant production that includes: trees, shrubs, groundcovers, succulents, ornamentals, climbers, topiaries, water plants and rare and Indigenous plants. They supply the retail and landscaping sectors and undertake contract growing for specific projects. www.newhorizennursery.co.za


PROBLEM Approximately 160 000 tonnes of rubber tyres are discarded every year. Currently most of these go into landfill sites or are simply burnt. This results in a very negative impact on the environment. SOLUTION EnviroBuild turns this problem into innovative new products for re-use. All EnviroBuild products are 100% recyclable at end of life. This solution has been proven in Canada and America. Advantages: Safety – Impact when falling, Non-abrasive. Easy maintenance – no oil absorption, etc. Noise reduction – Tyre noise in residential complexes. 100% Recyclable. Weight – lighter than conventional paving; transport savings. Does not break or crack on uneven surfaces. Pending Certifications: SABS, GreenTag, ECO Standard. Level2 B-BBEE contributor Colours: Black, Grey, Brown, Red Clay, Terracotta.





A large 1.2m² mat that inter links to create a strong uniform surface for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. Perfect for driveways, playgrounds, walkways, around shopping centres, hospitals, etc. Advantage: Save on installation time by laying down 1.2m² at a time – save about 80% on labour cost.

A 1200mm x 1200mm, 50mm thick rubber grid that is strong and flexible enough to withstand daily abuse.

A 900mm x 900mm, 12mm thick tile that is durable enough for garages, workshops and gym floors.

Perfect for embankment rehabilitation, Dairy and Equine stands (prevents ruts where animals frequent) and various mining applications.

Decorated with different patterns: brick pattern, circular pattern.


www.envirobuild.co.za | www.vandyckcarpets.com | info@envirobuild.co.za | Tel: 082 902 9573

All EnviroBuild products are manufactured by Van Dyck, a trusted name in sustainable flooring solutions since 1948. Van Dyck is a market leader and synonymous with Quality and Style.

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CLIMBING THE WALLS Pro Landscaper Africa catches up with Living Green Walls’ Sean O’Connor, to ask questions pertinent to this fast growing vertical fashion.

What are the benefits of living walls? Air Filtration, Sound absorption and refraction, Health and Wellness, Floor space savings. Are Living Walls truly ‘green’? This is dependent on how the Vertical Garden is installed, but one should ask these important questions. 1) Is the water that is used to irrigate the plants, recycled? 2) How much water is used per water cycle to irrigate the plants? 3) If any, what chemicals are used to feed the plants or protect the plants from pests? 4) Is the system manufactured from recycled material? Why are Living Walls so expensive to install and maintain? I suppose one would say it is all relative. Some Vertical Garden systems are more expensive than others, but if one had to do a comparison of each system, they would come out relatively similar on price. In practice, in order to keep plants alive and suspended on a vertical surface at heights, the system has to accommodate all the needs of the plants. Why do clients choose to install Living Walls? It is very often a design feature or to fulfil a need for greenery. Some projects that we have done are purely functional. For example, an apartment or penthouse that has no floor space for greenery would welcome a Vertical Garden or Vertical Vegetable Garden. How do you choose the types of plants 10

Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016

used in creating a Living Wall? Are they Indigenous? Do you base it on Colour? Texture? Well we start by looking at site context and aspect. We ask ourselves questions like, will the plants ‘thrive’ in this environment? Secondly, we look at what we are trying to achieve from the concept stage. We would also look at leaf texture, leaf colour, eventual plants growth once fully matured, plant depth and companion planting. How is the Living Wall watered? Potable water is the main contributor, but we encourage the use of harvested rainfall as much as possible. Our living walls are watered by means of a closed irrigation system (water recycling). We only flush out used water if it becomes harmful to the plants growth or longevity. What services are required to make the Living Wall work? What you would need is an even-faced wall or structure that can carry the load, a municipal water supply or harvested water supply, an electrical point and a drainage outlet. Green Walls are fast becoming popular and fashionable, yet many people still remain sceptical as to how successful they can be. How do you think they can be applied so that they become a lasting feature and not just a “fad”? Hopefully our perspective of Living Walls can change. End users will start to realise the benefits of Vertical Gardens and realise how they add to their lives. I remain very positive.

ABOUT LIVING GREEN WALLS Living Green Walls has been established as the leading Vertical Garden Design, Installation and Maintenance company that is based in Woodstock, Cape Town. Sean O’Connor works alongside a diverse and complimentary team of professionals who have created some of the best Vertical Gardens around. www.livinggreenwalls.co.za



SPECIALIST MATURE TREE FARM Specialising in the growing of specimen indigenous and exotic mature trees and shrubs in 10litre, 20litre, 60litre, 125litre, 200litre, 400litre and 1000litre bags


Delivering in the Western Cape on a daily basis With a wealth of expertise and over 50 000 trees in stock, Themba Trees can assist with projects of any scale


info@thembatrees.co.za I 083 419 0223 BLOWERS




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PLASTIC FANTASTIC? Lee Burger addresses the controversial topic of Synthetic vs the Real McCoy


often get the opportunity to collaborate with architects and clients on some of the more architectural elements of a new dwelling. One of the key questions is always about synthetics versus the real McCoy. Before I can even begin to elaborate, it must be said that even among the synthetic or imitation materials, there are some cheap and nasty products and there are some genuinely good products with more benefits than the real thing. In my experience the price determines the quality of synthetic and imitation options, and often they cost almost the same as authentic materials. The two most controversial opposites are always real lawn versus synthetic lawn, and real wood versus synthetic wood. Here are four considerations that relate to more than just wood and lawn to help make the most appropriate choice.

The origin and fate of a specific material Always consider where a product comes from, or what it is made out of, and where it is going afterwards. The key advantage of some synthetics is the fact that they are recycled, or made sustainably and that they can be recycled and used again. Some Synthetics are not made with environmentally aware methods or materials and can actually harm the environment through its use, its manufacturing, or its disposal.

The purpose of product What the product is going to be used for will help make the choice between materials, but even more so, the reason for the existence of the product in the first place will help in choosing more wisely. Artificial lawn for example, was never designed to be used in enormous quantities because people dislike mowing lawns; synthetic lawn exists because it is light weight, and can easily be used on balconies and courtyards 12

Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016

where mowing the lawn is impossible. It is however, still a manmade material, and when it is compared to real lawn it can be hot, hard and unforgiving at times. So in short, there should probably be a little label saying: “use for the purpose intended only!”

The benefits and the drawbacks Always weigh up the positives as well as the negatives of two specific products. In the case of artificial lawn versus real lawn, it boils down to purpose and preference to decide, but other materials such as composite wood and decking make it a bit trickier. Recycled wood has the same advantages as composite woods, but they perform differently. Recycled wood may become springy in hot climates, and dimensionally unstable, but composite has more stability. Also, some recycled woods give off an extremely toxic vapour when it burns, while some composites are intumescent & self-extinguishing.

Explore all the options Do not jump into decisions in haste of completion and always do some research on the products

first. Before choosing, there should be enough statistical data available from the supplier; if not, that should be warning light number one. Also do not make assumptions about synthetics as they are in most cases engineered and can even outperform authentic materials. The opposite is also true, if the quality is not of a high standard. Don’t assume that you need the synthetic option just because it might be less maintenance, when the charm of the real lawn is what appeals to you. The best advice would be to ask a rep to come and explain their products, bring samples and put the samples through their paces. If it lasts and you like it, go for it. ABOUT LEE BURGER Lee Burger is principal and senior lecturer at the Irene School of Garden Design. He is an assessor for leading educational institutions and universities in South Africa and is a prominent consultant on a variety of projects, especially in design and architecture. Lee has written numerous books and articles and his company, ISGD, is responsible for an array of projects. He is a founding member of the Independent Gardener’s Forum for South Africa. www.gardendesignschool.co.za



Battery Powered – Bluetooth Smart Controller Don’t crawl around the valve box

trying to program or troubleshoot a battery powered timer!

The BL-KR timer gives you easy access to full programming control with direct Bluetooth communication via your smartphone or tablet. Download the free app and enjoy easy programming with the full program display right in your hand. 100% waterproof and ruggedly constructed, the BL-KR is ideal for power-restricted areas, isolated sites, multi-housing developments with shared point of source or for splitting/adding zones on a conventional controller. Available in 1, 2, 4 and 6 station models.

Control in the palm of your hand!

Revelstone Half Page Ad 2/8/16 10:14 AM Page 1 C

Revelstone HalfHalf Page Ad Ad 2/8/16 10:14 AMAM Page 1 1www.krain.com Revelstone Page 2/8/16 10:14 Page Learn more about K-Rain! Visit:







or contact our valued distributor partner: Agriplas at (021) 917-7177 C C M M Y Y CMCM MYMY CYCYCMY CMY K K

Jura Edging & Pavers


Devon Wall Cappings & Jura Pavers


FOUR KEY CONCEPTS FOR ATTRACTING NEW CUSTOMERS Marcel Oudejans shares with us his guidelines on how to consistently attract the right customers


ustomers are the lifeblood of business and without these customers to buy your products or services, you wouldn’t have a business to begin with. What can you do to consistently attract the right customers? Before I answer that question, we must remember that every business is going to do their best to attract new customers, but growth can only happen when you retain your existing customers. Because it costs between sevenand ten-times more to attain a new customer than to retain an existing one, it is vital that you look for high-quality customers from the onset, with the aim of retaining them for the long term. With this in mind, here are the 4 key concepts you need to adopt when planning to attract new customers:

Your Message What exactly does your business do? How would a customer benefit from using your product or service? Is there anything special about your company that makes you the best choice? Can you answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”? You have only moments to capture a prospective client’s attention, to convey your “message” in a succinct way and motivate how your company (products or services) are going to

help him or her. Analyse your sales pitch, your brochure, webpage and your packaging and marketing material, asking the question from a prospective client’s point of view: “Why should I care?” You must be able to immediately show the benefit your customer will experience after purchasing your product or service; you’ll know when your message is working as it will create a desire for a prospective client to want to know more.

Your Audience Can you describe in detail, your ‘perfect customer’? What makes them interested in your products or services? Where do you need to be so that your target customer will find you when they need you? You need to be able to understand how your best customers think and behave. Imagining the world ‘through your customers eyes’ will help you find out where they’re most likely to look for what you offer.

Your Desired Action When a prospect is interested, do you clearly show what the next step is? Do you have a system to capture new qualified leads and progressively convert them into new customers?

Once you have ‘buy-in’ from a new prospect, you will need to consider what that person needs to do next to show you their interest. Must they visit your website & complete a form? Or is it a simple and immediate cash transaction? Implement an easy-to-follow ‘opt-in’ process so that you lower resistance while increasing the desire to take the next step.

Your Future Relationship Every interaction you have with your customer could strengthen or weaken your future relationship. Based on client experience, will he feel that you value and appreciate his business? Also consider that prospects want to know that you are able to commit to a good relationship in the future. You must maintain a good relationship with your existing customers, and remain in regular contact so that you can improve your chances of getting referrals. Attracting new customers is not a once-off event; it’s a constant process of trial-and-error. The only way that you will become better at it, is if you are continuously and actively delivering your message to the right people, at the right time, so that they can take action ... and hopefully make the first step towards a long-term relationship between them and your company! ABOUT MARCEL OUDEJANS Marcel Oudejans is a conference speaker and entertainer. In 2007 he published his first book, The Serious Business Owner’s Guide To Creating Customers For Life, and has become a highly requested keynote speaker for industry conferences, combining magic and comedy to deliver his message. Marcel has been registered with the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa since 2008. www.corporatemagician.co.za/keynote


Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016


You can send out information via email or post to remind customers of your expertise


MARKETING YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS Lindsay Gray provides the industry with 8 effective tips to enhance your marketing campaign for 2016



he chances are high that if you own a small to medium business, marketing quickly finds its way to the bottom of your ‘to do’ list. It is a time consuming task, often neglected in the rush of completing plans, finalising quotations, executing the work and falling into bed at night, exhausted! Here are 8 workable tips that will add value to your Marketing campaign for 2016:


If you don’t as yet have a dedicated marketing division in your company, resist the urge to rely on well-meaning family members to do your marketing for you. There are hundreds of small businesses that offer this service at affordable rates. Remember, however, that YOU will always need to provide the content – they can’t do that for you.


Social media and websites are crucial in today’s marketing, however they all require updated content so get into the habit of taking photographs of each project and share them to your Facebook and website. Boost your posts on Facebook for an amount of your choosing to expand your audience beyond friends and family. However, photos aren’t enough. Talk about the project – the client brief, the challenges, the plant palette. This makes for interesting content for your audience.


Find a medium of advertising that works for you. Time is not on your side to start experimenting. Your success might not only come from a traditional gardening or trade magazine but rather a community newspaper or social media.


As a matter of urgency, take an hour out of your day and measure where all your contacts have come from over the past two years. Was it through the media, by word of mouth or some other unexpected source? The results might surprise you.


Marketing is a dynamic component of any successful business and you cannot follow the same campaign year after year. Take the time to analyse last year’s business successes - and failures (a glass of wine or strong cup of coffee will ease the pain) - by applying the principle “What should I continue doing (what worked), what should I stop doing (what did not work) and what should I start doing (where are the discernible gaps)?” The results will help you to structure a new campaign.

If you are just starting out and have limited content, share other interesting blogs, articles or images that are pertinent to your business, but remember to add your own comment such as your own observations, why you might agree or disagree with the writer, ask what your audience feels about the post. Engage your audience to keep your name on their lips.



We all tend to personalise our support structure – my doctor, my plumber, my landscaper… Look after your past clients and they will become your finest source of referral. A quick call to check on their garden or a visit to update your photographs inevitably leads to more work. Remember to ask for testimonials!


Give your client a gift at the end of the project. It’s a small way of thanking them for their business. Imagine the response – “This was a gift from OUR landscaper/landscape architect.” Your gift could range from something as small as an orchid or unusual succulent, to a subscription to a gardening magazine, a quirky piece of garden art or a design book.

ABOUT LINDSAY GRAY Lindsay is the founder and principal of The School of Garden Design (1994), South Africa’s longest standing private garden design school. Lindsay has co-authored two books, Making Sense of Garden Design/Sinvolle Tuinontwerp and Gardening for Butterflies. She also authored A Sense of Space: The Gardens of Jan Blok. The school offers a wide variety of garden design, business skills and skillsdevelopment courses for the green industry. www.schoolofgardendesign.com

Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016 15

Powerful performance with minimum effort.

The AKE 40 S has an 1800-watt motors and enable fast, powerful cuts in conjunction with chain speeds of nine meters per second. The machine is easy to operate and is specially designed to suit the requirements of gardening enthusiasts.

AKE40S advert.indd 1

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I WANT THEMBA TREES TO BE KNOWN AS THE BEST SPECIMEN TREE NURSERY IN THE WESTERN CAPE studied Economics via correspondence. I then moved to London to complete my Masters of Science in International Development, specialising in the development of African Economies. After my studies I moved back to South Africa when I had my first child, and put roots down in the Elgin Valley where I had grown up… and thus Themba Trees was born. My work experience in SMME development equipped me to know how to start a business, be creative and work hard. My studies further helped me to start thinking out the box, and to take risks.


CAROLINE DE VILLIERS After a warm welcome onto the budding Themba Trees farm and a delicious lunch prepared by Caroline De Villiers, the owner and mastermind behind the Themba Trees brand, it was evident that we had stumbled upon something special. Pro Landscaper Africa chats to Caroline about her exciting beginnings, sustainability and her aspirations for the Mature Tree Farm. How long have you been operational? We have been in operation for 9 years. I started Themba Trees on a neighbouring farm, Thandi Farm, in 2007. It was a small space, about half a hectare. We moved to this farm in 2009. It is a 36ha farm so there is room for growth. My focus at the moment is to expand our tree lines into bigger bags – 200litre, 400litre and 1000 litre bags, and to provide the best quality trees and the best service in the mature tree industry. What did you study and how has your experience thus far prepared you for this industry? I studied a Bachelor of Science in Forestry specialising in Nature Conservation. My first job was for the Working for Water Programme as a Program Manager for nine rural development, www.prolandscaper.co.za

job creation projects, starting small businesses utilizing the by-products of alien vegetation clearing as a raw material. I was then Program Manager for a Department of Trade and Industry Rural Development Program in which I worked with 50 unemployed women and 20 mentally handicapped persons producing paper and exclusive packaging for the wines industry from alien vegetation and recycled materials. I then moved to Mozambique where I worked as a Social Development Consultant for USAID, designing and implementing an HIV/AIDS Awareness Program for the road workers and communities affected by two road building projects in Gorongosa District, Central Mozambique. After three years in Mozambique I went to live in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle East and

What is the spectrum of plants you have on offer? We grow trees for big landscaping contracts, for avenues and beautification, feature trees and for screening, hedging and shading. We specialise in mature fruit trees. Instant gratification - you can buy a mature tree with edible fruit on it. We also grow trees for rehabilitating disturbed areas and for river rehabilitation. For the river rehabilitation projects we grow endemic species from seeds sourced from trees that naturally occur in our area. We propagate and grow over 100 indigenous and ornamental species, and currently stock well over 50 000 trees. I also have a speciality range of trees which includes different oak species, interesting flowering trees e.g. Liriodendrons, as well as trees that colour beautifully in autumns e.g. maples and beeches. What makes your business unique to our industry? If trees could talk...they would tell you, Themba Trees is a happy place. We are a people focussed business and we love what we do. We have a deep respect for life and nature. We nurture and love our trees. We talk to them. And sometimes we hug them. We rely heavily on nature in all aspects of our business. We have a thriving community of bees in our nursery. They pollinate our trees and produce our unique Themba Trees honey. Our climate in Elgin is unique and hence why we are one of the few apple farming districts in our Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016 17


2 country. We have warm summers and cold winters. This allows our trees to rest and regenerate in winter and grow with vigour during our summers. Our trees are wind tolerant as the nursery site is exposed to a fair amount of wind, and are therefore well adapted to being planted out into less favourable growing environments. One of the biggest obstacles of operating on a farm? Natural disasters e.g. fires, and extreme weather. We are very much at the mercy of nature here. Forest fires are a huge threat to us. The fires in January, which were declared a National Disaster, burned down to our boundary. We are currently busy clearing alien vegetation, pushing windbreaks and creating a defensible space around our farm and infrastructure. We are also planting fire retardant species around our boundary and in our buffer zones to reduce the risk of spreading veld fires.


What does the future hold in terms of sustainability for your mature tree farm? We use as much as we can on site: we cut our own timber and stakes, grow our own bamboo stakes, our potting medium comes from a saw mill on the neighbouring farm, and we get chicken manure from the family farm. All our resources are sourced from within a 2km radius. We are embracing biological farming – using herbs as natural pesticides as much as we can, worm farming, making compost tea, composting all organic by-products of the farm and nursery instead of burning them. We are also clearing alien vegetation on the property and replanting indigenous trees to increase biodiversity of flora and fauna and to protect our water resources. 3

How has the drought affected your nursery? We have become a lot more aware of water conservation and are implementing water saving strategies at our business e.g. use of grey water in our gardens, rainwater harvesting, mulching on top of our bags to reduce evaporation. We are also planting more and more trees on the farm, removing lawn and planting pioneer species to quickly establish and create a microclimate which retains soil moisture and reduces the need to irrigate. No more watering of lawns. We have fortunately not yet been affected by the water restriction and drought as we get our water from the Groenland Irrigation Board. We are also situated in a water catchment area so we have an abundance of water. We are however already implementing water saving strategies. Where do you deliver your mature trees? We deliver our trees throughout South Africa. We have our own delivery vehicles for deliveries within the Western Cape, and subcontract deliveries or work with other nurseries for deliveries further afield. One of the biggest challenges of being a business owner? I would say Management. Keeping an eye on things at all times. Being conscious and aware. “Die boere se voetspore is die beste bemesting” (The farmer’s footsteps are the best fertililiser). Running a farm is like running a small municipality. You have to take care of your own services – water sewerage, electricity, waste removal, maintain your own roads, fight your own fires, be responsible for your own security. If you aren’t diligent, things go wrong. You have to be present. You are ultimately your business. If you have good staff that is half of the battle won. Witness Machana is a fantastic


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man and leader to work with, and a very capable nursery manager. He started as a casual worker three years ago and is now a professional in the industry. It is very rewarding for me to see my employees learn, develop and grow.


Biggest challenge facing nursery owners? We are very much at the mercy of our economy and political situation. When the economy slows down, so do developments and landscaping budgets. The challenge is to have a stock of trees that there will always be a market for, despite the changing trends in the market. How many employees do you have? I have 15 permanent staff and 5 casual staff. Most of the work on the farms in this is seasonal, so it is important to be able to provide jobs to people throughout the year. I train my staff myself, I am very hands on when it comes to this aspect of the business.


What message do you have for youth in line with conservation, sustainability and the environment? Be creative, innovative. Think out of the box. Don’t be wasteful, respect the environment, and be aware of the environment you live in. We as humans are inclined to be very wasteful. Who would you say is your main target market? Property Developers, Government Departments, Municipalities, Residential Estates, Landscapers, Farms and Estates and Plant Brokers. Plans for the Nursery’s future? I want Themba trees to be known as the best Specimen Tree Nursery in South Africa. We are expanding our lines into more 200litre, 400litre and 1000litre bags so we are already on our way there. Greatest achievements? Personally, my two daughters. Professionally, I won the Female Farmer of the year award for ‘Best Small Holder Farmer’ from the Department of Forestry and Fisheries back in 2010. I was also a semi-finalist in the Cape Talk Entrepreneur SA Competition in 2011. Those have been great achievements, along with creating this beautiful tree farm on a site previously used as a Eucalyptus plantation, improving my natural environment and creating employment for the past nine year. www.prolandscaper.co.za

ABOUT THEMBA TREES 1 (Previous page) Caroline and her right hand man Witness, employ a hands on approach to their work. 2

 here are rows of immaculately kept T mature trees and saplings on the farm.

3 Caroline maintains that having a reliable and capable work force- makes for a successful business. 4

 he Themba trees staff getting T everything in order for a large delivery.

5 Caroline enjoys life on the farm with her two girls.

Themba Trees is a wholesale and retail nursery located on an apple farm in the beautiful Elgin Valley. They propagate and grow over 100 indigenous and ornamental species. They sell young saplings as well as mature trees, which is their main focus. Themba Trees supplies and delivers their trees across South Africa and is fast becoming a trusted brand within the landscaping community. www.thembatrees.co.za

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www.syntheticlawn.co.za | 083 236 1155

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Gary Cox creates an indigenous garden with clean lines to echo the contemporary architecture of this magnificent home and landscape.


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PORTFOLIO The Brief The innovation of Environmental Studios, this creation is a contemporary indigenous garden with clean lines and easy maintenance finishing’s. The main idea was to create and landscape an interactive space where the central courtyard, which is essentially one of the rooms of the house, interrelates with the main entrance, guest rooms and main living space. Great consideration of scenic views had to be accounted for when designing this space and screening from neighbours was essential when integrating the site into the landscape. The Hard landscaping paving textures were to create a unified feel throughout the various courtyards and these where designed to echo the lines in the architecture of the house. Other requests from the client included the Insertion of a nature pond to catch run-off water, a quirky French vegetable garden to appear just off the kitchen, bird attracting plant material, a courtyard oasis and a 40 000 litre subterranean water tank to store all roof run-off underneath the front lawn. Project Implementation Phase 1 In this phase the back/ arrival courtyard was created, as were the central living courtyard with its smaller kitchen and bedroom courtyards. In these spaces Environmental Studios utilised 99% indigenous plantings, aside from the dwarf green mondo which was designed to run much like a grid between the small openings in the paving, the steps and the decking. It is a dark green, low maintenance medium, which appears within the hardscaping. These green lines are related to the

strong architectural lines of the home. The lawned areas are extensions of the atmosphere inside of the house, made level and contained by hard landscaping mediums. Either cobble edged, off shutter concrete walls or large flagstone pavers were used to achieve this. The planting beds were also contained using the same method. Architectural trees such as Canthium mundianum and Millettia grandis were used to punctuate blocks of ground covers in areas linked to the house and feature walls. Areas just stretching past the house, are designed into a dense mist belt forest mix, to create screening and diversity. This same mist belt mix is used in the central courtyard. The objective here was to create intense diversity in a very contemporary space, bringing contrast into play and connecting the interior to nature as strongly as possible, without compromising the architectural and interior design. Phase 2 The continuation of the indigenous contemporary feel out of the home, cascading into the “open landscape” with incredible views. To organise the sloping site, a dry stone wall was used to split the site. The stone wall is not very noticeable from the house, so as not to confuse the contemporary theme, but it is very much a part of the landscape when one comes into contact with it and enters the rural setting. Continued areas of Cynodon lawns were made to create open contemporary areas in contrast with the open veld. It is below the stone wall that the hybrid tea rose garden is set, back dropped by indigenous evergreen thickets for screening. 2

PROJECT DETAILS House Francis Garlington Estate Hilton CONTRACT VALUE R 458 000.00 SIZE 2200m² TIMELINE Phase 1: September 2012 – January 2013 Phase 2:March 2013 – June 2013

The feature tree in the front of the dwelling is an Acacia seberiana brought in to create shade, accentuate the views, soften the façade of the home and connect with the acacia veld landscape in the distance. Challenges The biggest challenge came when asked to fit a classical old world type garden with rose gardens, hedging and lavender, midway through the project. The garden then became a fusion of contemporary indigenous and classical floral. A leak sprung from the large water tank being installed. This tank was situated underneath the completed and levelled lawn areas. The project had to be re-excavated and it took 4 attempts to finally seal the tank properly. 1 Nature pond acts as a sunken garden

catching runoff before it flows into storm water . 2  interior and exterior become one through “glass link “ . 3 Cynodon lawns echo the proportions of the architecture and continue the courtyard theme out into the landscape . 4 Dry stone steps planted to Thyme ,delosperma and other aromatic ,flowering alpines . 5  Finally .The tanks are in place and so the team can continue with terracing and stone walls.


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ABOUT ENVIROMENTAL STUDIOS LANDSCAPES Environmental Studios Landscapes is a design and build company working out of the KZN Midlands. Formed in 2004 the company has grown steadily but remains a smaller outfit that can focus on creating unique experiences for its clients. Their aim is to consult closely with clients and Architects during the design phase of projects, to come up with solid concepts that will translate to a well organised installation project. www.enviromentalstudios.co.za gary@enviromentalstudios.co.za Gary Cox 073 3346744 23 Seeking Drive, Hilton 3245

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PROJECT DETAILS Elgin Farm Garden PROJECT COST R550 000 + DURATION 8 months SIZE 4500m2


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THE ELGIN FARM CHARM Ross McGill Landscapes designs a beautiful classical country garden to enhance the charming Vredenhof country estate in the Elgin region.

The location Just over an hour’s drive from the Cape Town hustle and bustle, stands the quaint Vredenhof Elgin Farm. The Elgin region, renowned for its open gardens each spring, make this corner of Elgin compelling. During open garden season the Vredenhof Garden boasts an apple blossom which is speckled across acres of its fruit farms. It is an area full of history, heritage and beauty. The brief Once the Vredenhof Farm House had been renovated, a classical country garden was set to be designed to blend into the www.prolandscaper.co.za

surrounding farm setting. The design was to create a farmhouse garden, complementing the ‘Cape’ architecture. • The new garden was designed to display different levels, with the veranda separate from the pool garden. It called for a shaded entertainment area, which was designed beneath a creeper covered pergola, adjacent to the pool. • Around the pool easy maintenance planting was utilised, with relaxed herbaceous beds and an abundance of flowing plants. • Various types of hedging were employed. This allowed privacy around the house and garden

and discreetly masked service areas. • The brief also called for a water feature and so this was designed to incorporate the existing jetty and dam, while still complimenting the garden design. • A fairly low maintenance garden was required and one that would appear colourful and attractive throughout the summer. Many different textures and contrasting greens would highlight this request. • Specific plants were also requested. These being: cherry trees, pride of India, philadelphus, white Japanese anenomies, roses, an abundance of white azalea, star Jasmin, and white camellias in shady areas. Pro Pro Landscaper Landscaper Africa Africa / March / April 2016 25


•T  he brief included creepers and lush plantings to soften the architecture of the building. The newly refurbished Dutch style house is nestled within a beautiful garden scape. The landscape oozes charm and character with hidden areas and styled corners. The colour palette suits the lush Elgin farm with deep purples, dark greens and various tones of pink all blending to form a rich tapestry of delight. A long lawn is flanked by a rose garden and an open meadow- filled with winter flowering bulbs. From the top terrace a long contemporary styled rill water feature gently carries water to the dam below. On the lower terrace the pool mirrors the dam in the background and the surrounding garden promotes relaxation. Wisteria creepers fall effortlessly from the entertainment area pergola. Contemporary pavers by Revelstone were utilised with erigeron and deschampsia, planted to create a natural feeling in the area and create a harmony with the farm in the background. The small fruit tree grove and surrounding hedges allow the garden to exist separately from the rest of the farm, while still remaining a part of the apple orchard that disappears into the distance. A private garden with outdoor shower, surrounded by moonflowers and cascading mint geranium, creates a unique element to the main-en-suite. A guest cottage with cascading roses and neatly planted flower boxes allow one to sit in solitude, while the horses can be seen skipping through the adjacent paddock. 3

1 (Previous page) Overview of


the main garden area. 2  Flowers in bloom add colour and character to designed corners.garden area. 3 Creeper covered pergola adjacent to the pool, frames the main garden area



A residential landscape contractor that specializes in Landscape, Maintenance, Irrigation and Design within the Cape Peninsula. Providing their clients with quality, long lasting gardens that not only suit their needs, but also add pleasure to their lives as well. www.rossmcgilllandscapes.co.za

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amed after Sir Drummond Chaplin, Sir Drummond Chaplin Park is situated in a neighbourhood called Crosby, a heritage rich part of Johannesburg, close to the site where the first gold on the Witwatersrand was found in 1886. This is a particularly historical park and one which contributes to this areas rich heritage. Crosby is a well-established neighbourhood with a vibrant mix of various ethnic groups. The park overlooks two gold mining tailings dams, as well as the FNB Stadium built for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup™. Both of these elements symbolise parts of South Africa’s past and present.

PROJECT DETAILS Crosby, Johannesburg, South Africa CLIENT Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo

Design Intent The design for the park is driven by three layers: • Statutory guidelines and principles, as given by the City of Johannesburg’s Growth and Development Framework, the Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo Department, the City of Joburg Integrated Development Program and the “Corridors of Freedom” initiative. These entities focus on sustainable, resilient and integrated development, providing livable cities and employment opportunities. • The cultural and historical layers that exist on site. • The present integration of new systems, materials and innovations, as well as social integration. The concept was to integrate both the old and the new layers, recalling the mining history of the city, as well as the current and future social economic sphere.

BUDGET R 2,000,000 SIZE Phase 1 – 4700m² COMPLETION DATE November 2015

RECONNECTING PAST AND PRESENT Habitat Landscape Architects renovated Sir Drummond Park in Crosby, Johannesburg, to resonate with the communities richly historic heritage 2

The Design Process During the design development phase, Habitat Landscape Architects engaged on numerous 3


Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016 27


occasions with the community and their leaders as part of their process. All comments and feedback from the community assisted in the design development of the park. Before construction of the upgrade of the park, the site was a flat land parcel with lawn, a few trees and a steep slope on the northern and southern sides. The degraded park was mainly used as a thoroughfare and had no real social and recreational value. The site gave clues to an active zone and more passive zone during the analyses phase, which resulted in a multifunctional contemplative plaza and a more interactive amphitheatre, viewing platform and play area. The steep slope of the site, resembling a tailings dam, presented an opportunity to create an interactive climbing feature. The topography also created an opportunity to support and enhance our concept by revealing the old tailings mining dams, and the new FNB Stadium, in the southern view shed. This was enhanced by creating a viewing platform with 28

Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016

ALL COMMENTS AND FEEDBACK FROM THE COMMUNITY ASSISTED IN THE DESIGN DEVELOPMENT OF THE PARK steel ‘windows’ and interpretative signage. The steel represents industrialisation, permanence and progress. The entrances to the park are defined by two elements. Red pergola steel structures announce the one axis to the park, and are reminiscent of the structures used to support the mining tunnels many years ago. The other axis is defined by the use of steps built from textured, recycled clay brick. The existing movement patterns through the park were formalised with clay paving bricks and an indigenous tree boulevard.

The steep slope was converted into an interactive climbing feature consisting of a rubberised surface with integrated boulders, a multi-user steel slide and climbing ropes. A cast concrete wall was introduced as an additional play feature with climbing grips and a fireman’s pole. Part of the city strategies and health trends includes green outdoor gym equipment which was introduced in this area. Textured, recycled red brick was used for most hard landscaping and paving in the park, recalling the brickfields of old. A seamless transition between vertical and horizontal surfaces is created with the bricks. An attenuation pond next to the large plaza catches water runoff from the plaza and walkways, delaying its release into the municipal stormwater system and encouraging infiltration and recharge of groundwater. This also assists with water quality improvement. Part of the cities mandate is to create local employment to the poor where possible. During construction local residents were temporarily employed as part of the construction team to meet the cities requirement. Due to their stakeholder engagement and the inclusion of local residents, it is evident that the community has taken ownership and shows pride in the park. We believe that the future use, sustainability and preservation of the park will be greatly dependent on this factor. www.prolandscaper.co.za




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(Previous page) Red Pergola Steel Structure (Previous page) Play wall (Previous page) Interactive amphitheatre Sloping play surface with outdoor gym elements Play wall and sloping play surface Seamless transition between horizontal and vertical surfaces Viewing platform with steel ‘windows’ Sketch Plan Phase 1

ABOUT HABITAT LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS Habitat Landscape Architects is made up of a small core of individuals working as a team with a common passion, commitment and drive. Its principal business activities are landscape architecture, heritage consulting and environmental planning. The team has extensive knowledge and experience of planning, design, environmental management, project management and implementation within the local, national and international context. Habitat emphasises delivering on time and in budget www.habitatdesign.co.za


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SYNTHETIC AND REAL LAWN Forest Constantia Spring, the best seller of Forest Grass, is a synthetic grass product. In line with their product range, Forest Constantia Spring is maintenance free with a healthy and natural look. With a ‘Pile Height’ of 30mm in length and g a full-bodied feel, it maintains its prin S desired shape and perfect green ia colour through seasonal change. ant t s Forest Constantia Spring carries s on t C t Gras an 8 Year manufacturing and UV s e Warranty. The Constantia range For ores F has a double backing, desirable by density and stitching ratio, carrying its honourable warranty promise. This range is in high demand for applications in landscaping projects, Indoor and Outdoor play areas and other residential or commercial uses.


Synscape Lux by Synthetic Lawn Synthetic Lawn in partnership with Synsport are providers to specialists, installers and retailers within the industry. They supply and install quality synthetic grass products throughout southern Africa. Their synthetic lawn brand is suited to landscaping, residential and commercial applications and they can service any sporting synthetic grass requirement through their Synsport brand. Their product, Synscape Lux, is a combination of 35mm straight monofilament yarn and 35mm curled yarn, with a latex and fiberglass reinforced backing. In a colour pallet of: fresh green, dark green, yellow and brown, the product can be utilised in gardens, displays, patios, playschools and multifunctional grounds.

www.synsport.co.za www.syntheticlawn.co.za

Evergreen Gold (a cool season grass) by Evergreen Turf

Kikuyu Instant Lawn by Eco Turf

Eco Turf are year-round growers and suppliers of the highest quality Kikuyu instant lawn to all sectors within the industry which include: domestic homes, landscapers, developers, sports fields and small golf courses. Eco Turf is a specialist in Kikuyu lawn and has been trading since December 1999. Their guaranteed quality product and installation by their experienced team, make this product a commodity.

Evergreen Gold is a speciality grass, and a blend of the top performing turf types. It is a tall fescue type grass, selected for its excellent colour and disease tolerance. Evergreen Gold has good shade tolerance and has a dwarf type growing habit that reduces maintenance cost. Trialled and tested by Evergreen Turf for several years, this excellent lawn blend is unique and can even outperform traditional lawn types. The Evergreen Gold has the ability to repair itself and to fill in small damaged spots which makes it desired. This is a must for professional projects and backed by Evergreen Turf’s reliability, it is a trusted product.




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Clean up’s a breeze with Husqvarna’s battery blowers. Husqvarna has launched new line of Husqvarna abattery-operated blowers, offering landscapers and contractors the power of petrol performance but with the benefits of battery technology and the convenience of cordless. The new models to join Husqvarna’s battery series are all handheld models that are powerful, light weight and easy-to-use, making them ideal for cleaning parks, estates, stadiums, pavements and other demanding locations. The 536LiBX has been specially designed for use with a back-pack battery giving users up to 8 hours of runtime. It is equipped with two handy features, namely cruise control, allowing the operator to easily set the air flow for a particular job, and boost mode. It is quiet and is perfect for noise-regulated outside areas such as hospitals and schools.



Bosch The AKE 40 S chainsaw is easily operated, light in weight and specifically designed to aid the landscaping industry. This product is best suited to cutting, clearing and fashioning. The powerful motor is 1800-watts, enabling fast, powerful cuts in conjunction with chain speeds of nine meters per second. The kickback brake reacts within a tenth of a second and when the on/off switch is released, the run-out brake stops the chain within one second. The chain design reduces the kickback tendency and the vibration thanks to the cutting-height stabilization. The five steel tines mounted on the motor housing point ensure a firm hold. The Bosch SDS system also allows for easy chain changes.


Karcher Karcher’s cold water high pressure cleaner ProHD 600, is a powerful, compact and mobile product with robust, supreme quality including: a brass cylinder head, automatic pressure relief and carrying handle, easy press spray gun, stainless steel spray lance and rotatable quality under pressure. It can be used in a horizontal or vertical position, and the integrated carrying handle on the front of the machine enables easy loading and convenient transport, giving it first-class mobility. It is light weight and highly flexible with upright or lie-flat operation possible as well. The automatic pressure relief protects the components and extends the service life. The practical coiling of the power cord on the carrying handle makes for easy storage as well.



Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016

Stihl’s HLA 85 Stihl long-reach hedge trimmer is designed for professional high hedge-cutting jobs, offering increased mobility, a lightweight and compact design, plus the increased user comfort of low noise and zero emissions. A quickrelease adjustment system enables this powerful and versatile hedge trimmer to be adapted for overhead, side and ground-level cutting, and its telescopic shaft gives it an overall length of up to 3.30 m. It has speed settings to suit individual cutting requirements and its powerful EC motor requires virtually no maintenance. Easy to use, it delivers the same impressive performance as petrol-driven trimmers, with added on-site convenience and comfort.





Philip Palmgren, Managing Director at Nordic Paper & Packaging discusses with us his range of UPM ProFi decking products, sustainability and the future of his thriving company. What is the spectrum of your decking products? We produce the UPM ProFi collection which holds two different ranges for outdoor decking. The Loggia deck range and the Design deck range. Both of these include specified decks for high UV strength and warm environments. What is unique about your product to the landscaping community? UPM ProFi has 4 unique characteristics: 1) We have options on colour such as timber

and plain colouring; 2) Our product is made from recycled paper waste which means that the deck will not soak up any water or oil, and is lignin free, meaning it does not change colour in the UV light; 3) Durability in extreme conditions such as high UV-light, and no delamination as the deck is one component; 4) It also has environmental certifications such as PEFC and makes use of recycled materials. UPM ProFi also has a specialised Rail Step component which allows you to build steps . What certifications or awards has your product received? We have numerous certifications which highlight our products supreme performance: The PEFC- Chain of Custody, Declaration of Conformity, Declaration of Performance, Environmental Product Declaration, Global quality control standard, Global standard for environmental leading, Energy management system award and also the Green Good Design award. As you can see we are highly certified. How is sustainability embedded into your company? NPP prides itself on only dealing with products which have highly respected environmental certifications. Our products also comply with the strictest manufacturing and technological standards and in that way our supplier can guarantee the long life cycle of the products. All of our products are also recyclable which adds to sustainability.


What makes your product suited to a South African environment? South Africa is affected by high UV-light, high relative humidity and long periods of summer. The UPM ProFi collection supplies products which have been designed specifi cally for hot countries with high UV radiation. Products not only withstand heat and high UV light, but they also comply with sustainable environmental standards. What materials are used in your composite decking product? Our outdoor decks are manufactured using Polypropylene and paper label waste recycled label paper waste (cellulose). Do you supply and deliver country wide? Yes, we do. We deliver all over southern Africa In terms of growth, where do you see NPP in 3 years? I see NPP in the top 3 suppliers and deliverers of premium quality composite decking in southern Africa. I believe that if more architects and landscape designers choose PEFC and FSC certifi ed products within their designs, the more we save nature.

CONTACT Name: Philip Palmgren Company name: Nordic Paper & Packaging Email: philip.palmgren@npp.co.za Tel: + 27 (0) 21 700 2800 Web: www.npp.co.za

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Pro Landscaper Africa asks a few quick-fire questions to gain an insight into the people who are lighting up our industry To feature on these pages in future issues, email chanel@ paperplanepublications.co.za or call 021 410 8957



Production Manager, New Horizen Nursery

Managing Director , Silverbush Indigenous Nursery


Your most referred to gardening book of all time ‘Watter blom is dit’ by Kristo Pienaar. Your most inspirational garden (worldwide) The ‘Groot Karoo’ to Las Pozas, Mexico and the history and romance behind Bagh-i-Babur, Afghanistan. Piece of machinery/ equipment you couldn’t do without My Felco secateurs. Top plant Amaryllis belladonna (for this Month). How is sustainability embedded within your business The economy, or water restrictions will not stop us


from collecting, planting or gardening. Along with trends and fashions, it will only influence how we do it. Biggest life influence Our environment and my mother Elma de Kock. Describe yourself in three words Passionate, Strong willed, Sentimental. Three people you’d like to invite to dinner Marie Roux (my late grandmother) Russell Page Freddie Mercury Lifelong fan of (sporting team) A win by the Springbokke makes me proud Favoured drink Gin and tonic or Martini

Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016


Your most referred to gardening book of all time Photo Guide to Trees of Southern Africa – Braam van Wyk, Piet van Wyk, Ben-Erik van Wyk Your most inspirational garden (worldwide) Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens Piece of machinery/ equipment you couldn’t do without Seccateurs Top plant Ocna pulchra (Peeling plane). I Love the colours of the bark, the beautiful flowers and shape of this tree. How is sustainability embedded within your business I don’t use pesticides or herbicides in the nursery.

Water conservation is a priority. We have natural rock on site to slow down run-off water and retain water. Biggest life influence Not a person, but qualities, Empathy, humility and integrity Describe yourself in three words Nature lover, mother and idealist. Three people you’d like to invite to dinner Dr Jane Goodall, Robert Frost and Dame Maggi Smith Lifelong fan of (sporting team) South African Swimming Team Favoured drink White wine, Chenin Blanc



SIMON LAPINSKI Owner, Simon Lapinski Landscapes and Gardens www.simonlapinski.com Your most referred to gardening book of all time Creative Gardening with Indigenous Plants by Pitta Joffe and Tinus Oberholzer. Your most inspirational garden (worldwide) Richmond Park, London Piece of machinery/equipment you couldn’t do without Unfortunately my desktop computer!

Top plant Celtis africana

Describe yourself in three words Passionate, dedicated and progressive

How is sustainability embedded within your business It’s integral to our profession, which is unique in its ability to impact client awareness and champion sustainable initiatives holistically.

Three people you’d invite to dinner Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr

Biggest life influence My family

Favoured drink A pint of Guinness

Lifelong fan of (sporting team) Although money has spoilt the game, Chelsea Football Club



Landscape Architect, Gillespies

Horticulturalist 2, SANBI

www.gillespies.co.uk Your most referred to gardening book of all time Botanica by R.G.Turner

We embrace sustainability through design, land use evaluation, conservation and sensitive management.

Your most referred to gardening book of all time Succulents of South Africa: A guide to regional biodiversity

enough seeds to germinate when conditions are favourable and only remove 2 specimens (adult plants).

Your most inspirational garden (worldwide) Kirstenbosch Gardens

Biggest life influence Nelson Mandela

Your most inspirational garden (worldwide) Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park, Superior, Arizona

Biggest life influence Nature

Piece of machinery/ equipment you couldn’t do without A pen and paper of course! Top plant parrotia persica How is sustainability embedded within your business ‘We understand that we are in a position of responsibility as landscape architects.


Describe yourself in three words Young, Gifted (& still) Broke Three people you’d like to invite to dinner A. Einstein, C. Hitchens & the 14th Dalai Lama Lifelong fan of (sporting team) Boks Favoured drink Lagavulin 12yr – liquid gold

Piece of equipment you couldn’t do without Felco secateurs Top plant Pachypodium namaquanum How is sustainability embedded within your business On plant collecting trips, I would rather collect ripe seeds of a species, leave

Describe yourself in three words Honest, hardworking, responsible Three people you’d like to invite to dinner Jackie Chan, Chris Evert, Jan van Riebeeck Lifelong fan of Chelsea Favoured drink Strawberry milkshake

Pro Landscaper Africa / April 2016 35



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Pro Landscaper Africa April 2016  

Pro Landscaper Africa April 2016  

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