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Food for thought-2014-9

Embrace Yourself; God Made You! “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;    your works are wonderful,  I know that full well.” Psalms 139: 14

The book of Psalms is one of, if not the most interesting book of the Bible. Not only is it the longest book, but also it is the book that most Christians reflect, understand, and identify with. Psalms exudes the life of a worshipper; providing poems, hymns, and references of praise and worship. Within the book, the relationship of God and His creation is exemplified, the heart of worship is illustrated, and sin and evil are forewarned. Although these are very wealthy concepts to study, Psalms 139:4 is a passage in the Psalter that most Christians fail to live up to due to: fear, doubt, and regret. As believers, we must know that God has wonderfully and majestically made us, and this awareness will allow us to embrace ourselves as He has made us. This specific passage is a part of the Psalms of David, wherein he references his creator (God) for being made in His image. What is most interesting about the Scripture is that David starts by giving God praise. “I praise you…”, this exemplifies that not only is David giving praise to His Master, but also he acknowledges Him (God) before himself. David realizes that it is the Lord who gave him the gift of life, and that he was created in the Lord’s image and likeness. In society today, we must embrace ourselves and be proud of who we are without falling into conceit or selfidolatry. The problem is that embracing one’s self is a fine line, with low self esteem being on one side and vanity on the other. Although most would argue that low self esteem is a form of humbleness, instead it is false humility, and in turn this line of thinking is calling God’s molding of you insufficient. On the other hand, vanity is also a form blasphemy, because vanity is investing credit in yourself for who you are. The remedy for high self esteem is being proud of who you are by acknowledging Who’s you are. The psalm continues, “...because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” when thinking about these words, I had to petition God as to what these words were meant to express. Fearfully, in this context refers to be respected and honorable. As Christians, we must live up to who God

has called us to be. You should have respect for yourself, causing others to respect you. God did not make you to be walked over, looked over, or treated less than. The tragedy of Christian living is that we live beneath God’s standard and title it blessings. However, this Psalm reminds us that we are made in His image and with the potential that He has given us. Others shouldn’t fear you, but the God inside of you should be a light amidst a darkened world, where others are commanded to respect who you are, because of who God is. Also, there is a level of honor that stands before your presence. You are a child of the King, which makes you royalty. As royalty, you cannot accept less or live underneath your potential. When the world looks at you, nothing should categorize you as average. When David speaks of being “wonderfully made”, he is referring to his uniqueness. God made each of us different; so much that he designed every person with a different fingerprint. You must embrace that there is no one on the face of the earth like YOU. If God thought that much of you to set you apart from everyone else, why would you try to be anything other than yourself? We must learn to own our uniqueness whether it’s the way you wear your hair or the hobbies you prefer, because God designed you with all of the specifics. Therefore, doubting your uniqueness and not accepting your greatness keeps you from reaching the successes that God has to offer. Remember, in order to be the person that God has called you to be, you must embrace yourself as He made you. Don’t be ashamed of being different or not fitting in with the crowd. Love yourself unconditionally, and know that you were made on purpose, for a purpose. Remain humble, but boldly operate within the gifts and talents that God has given you. David was far from perfect, but he knew who he was and that he was made in God’s image. David, in spite of his flaws, became a king and accomplished great things. Ask yourself, by embracing who you are, what could you accomplish? Alfred Thompson

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Truth Newsletter 2014-9  

Alfred Thompson inspiring writer and believer!

Truth Newsletter 2014-9  

Alfred Thompson inspiring writer and believer!