PB3 and the fish

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Stage 2 A1

Expressions It’s more difficult than it looks It’s better It’s time for … I’ve got an idea! Ooops! Oh dear! Goodbye Come again soon!

PB3 and Robin have an underwater adventure. PB3 and his robot, Robin, are with their Earth friends, Ben and Sue. They are finding out about life at the beach. Suddenly the evil OOs arrive in their spaceship and try to catch them. The two ETs dive into the water and discover another world under the sea. They try to help some grey fish but they put them in great danger. Ben and Sue help them to understand the situation, but can they put it right again?

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The natural world | Helping | Thinking about consequences

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My name is Gustavo. I live in a very big city, Buenos Aires. I have been drawing all my life, ever since I was a child as I didn’t have a TV. I enjoy most of all drawing comic strips and picturing myself and my kids in the illustrations that I create.

Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali


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PB3 and the Fish Jane Cadwallader Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali


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Jane Cadwallader

and the Fish


My name is Jane and I live in a beautiful Spanish city, Madrid. I’m an English author of children’s books. I’ve always loved creating stories and songs for children. The best ideas come to me while… I’m jogging!

Grammar and structures present simple present progressive have got for possessions verb + infinitive conjunctions: and but prepositions of place can / can’t there is / there are

Jane Cadwallader PB3 and the Fish

Jane Cadwallader PB3 and the Fish

Vocabulary areas colours, action verbs, the world around us

Stage 2 A1






B3 is an E.T. from Planet P3. PB3 and his robot, Robin, are learning about Planet Earth. They are at the beach with their Earth friends, Ben and Sue. Earth is very different to P3! On Planet P3 they don’t have beaches and they don’t have the sea. Robin loves shells!



Ben and Sue are in the sea with PB3 and Robin. They are pointing to a cave in the rocks. They want PB3 and Robin to go there.


PB3 and Robin go into the cave. They are safe! Now the OOs can’t get them. Ben and Sue swim up to get some air.


Activity Pages 1 Correct what the characters in the story say. Number them in order. Don’t kick the surfboard. Hit it up like this.

It’s the XXs! Run quickly!



Look, PB3! The fish are yellow in the sun!


d It’s time for breakfast!



What about pink and blue?

Be careful Sue!


2 Match the beginnings to the endings of the words by colouring the shells. Fill the gaps in the poem. ing





ming re


und ppy

______________________ as ______________________

As we can be ______________________ and _____________________ ______________________ in the sea.

3 Colour one fish with three different colours. Then ask a friend questions to find the colour of his/her fish. For example, ‘Is the head pink?’

My fish

My friend’s fish 29

4 Act out the play with your friends. Characters Ben, Sue, PB3, Robin, Big Fish 1 and 2, 6 Little Fish. What you need: • each little fish needs a cut-out of a fish. One side should be grey and the other side multi-coloured • the big fish can have cut-outs of big fish • one or two paintbrushes • some chairs to act as rocks under the sea (On the beach.) Ben What’s that? Sue It’s a spaceship! Robin It’s the OOs. Run Quickly! (Under the sea. The little grey fish are swimming around the rocks.) PB3 Look at those fish! Robin What a boring colour. They aren’t beautiful Earth colours. PB3 Yes! Poor fish! Hey! I’ve got an idea! Let’s paint them. (PB3 pushes some buttons on Robin’s control panel. The little fish come.) 30

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