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My name is Gustavo. I live in a very big city, Buenos Aires. I enjoy most of all drawing comic strips and picturing myself and my kids in the illustrations that I create.

Valuing other cultures | Friendship | Citizenship | Story telling

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ELI is donating part of the proceeds from this book to the organisation Adelante Africa.

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Jane Cadwallader and Gustavo Mazali are donating all the proceeds from this book to Adelante Africa.

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, A Child s Life in Uganda


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s ’ a m o g n a Ny y r o t S

This book is dedicated by Jane, Gustavo, Grazia and everyone at ELI to the children of Igayaza in Uganda.




Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali

If you want to see some videos and learn more about Nyangoma’s village and the development projects run there, including Mbabazi’s children’s home, please go to www.adelanteafrica.org or look on Facebook Adelante Africa Tugende Omumaiso.


In this reader you will find:

Stage 4 A2

Stage 4 A2

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Nyangoma, a twelve-year-old African girl, invites you into her world to meet her family and to see what everyday life is like in a real Ugandan village. Come and find out about her home and school and what Nyangoma and her friends do in their free time. Then discover what happens to her one day on the way to school.


My name is Jane and I live in a beautiful Spanish city, Madrid. I’m an English author of children’s books. I’ve always loved creating stories and songs for children.

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Jane Cadwallader Nyangoma’s Story - A Child’s Life in Uganda

Jane Cadwallader Nyangoma’s Story - A Child’s Life in Uganda

Vocabulary areas Home and family, food, animals, the world around us

Jane Cadwallader

Readers Real Lives




2 Hello. My name’s

Nyangoma. I’m twelve years old. This is me and a friend. I’m the one wearing the orange dress. I’m from Uganda in East Africa. Can you find Uganda on the map of Africa? Here are some interesting places you can visit.

Kampala Kampala’s a big city with many small shops. Some people have cars but most people move around on motorbike taxis or in small buses.


Murchinson Falls Tourists come here to see the animals. You can go on a boat along the River Nile and watch the hippos, elephants, giraffes and especially the crocodiles! The Impenetrable Forest Here there are high mountains and jungle. It’s called The Impenetrable Forest because it’s very difficult to go through it! Here you can see the rare mountain gorillas. The Rwenzori Mountains Here there is the highest mountain in Uganda and one of the highest in Africa. These mountains are also called The Mountains of the Moon because they are often covered with snow. It rains a lot here but it is very beautiful. 3

3 In Uganda we’ve got

many different animals. You can find lots of hippos in the River Nile and in the lakes. They look fat and friendly but they can be very dangerous! Elephants are very intelligent and have very strong family feelings. When there’s a lion around, all the adult elephants look after the babies. These are crowned cranes. They are called crowned cranes because they look like they have a crown. They do a beautiful dance! There’s a crowned crane on the flag of Uganda. 4

Gorillas aren’t very easy to see. You have to go through the mountain forest to look for them. They are very intelligent. They live in big family groups. The strongest gorilla in the family is called the silverback because of the colour of the hair on his back. The baby gorillas love playing. They look like us! There are many snakes in Uganda and some are very dangerous!

People in Uganda love grasshoppers! They fry them and eat them! They taste very good! 5

4 This is me and some of my brothers and sisters

outside our house. I’m the oldest girl in my family and I’ve got seven brothers and sisters. We haven’t got any cows but we’ve got some chickens and a goat. 6

Our house is made of mud. There’s a living room and three bedrooms. The kitchen and the toilet are outside. When it’s hot outside it’s cool inside but when it’s raining and cold my home is warm and dry.


5 Here’s my mum. Her name is Imelda. She’s

making supper. We’re going to eat matoke and beans for supper! Matoke is made of green bananas. I love matoke! First we peel the skin, and then we put the bananas with some water in a pot. We cover the bananas with banana leaves and we put the pot on the fire for one hour. Then the matoke is ready!


In the morning and in the evening I get water from the river. Sometimes I meet my friends on the way. Here are two of my friends from school. We carry the water on our heads. The water isn’t always very clean. When we get home we have to boil the water before we can drink it. 9

6 At school we all wear a uniform. It’s orange

and green. Everyone in my village walks to school. When we arrive at school, we clean the classrooms and the playground and we get water before our lessons.


Activity Pages 1 Find the people in the book and write their names.

1 __________

2 __________

3 __________

2 Correct the wrong information about Nyangoma. Uganda 1 Nyangoma is from Kenya.


ang oma

2 Her favourite subject is English. 3 Her best friend is Wasswa. 4 There aren’t any snakes where she lives. 5 She lives in a city. 6 She has lunch at home.


ld so at 8 y e a r

3 Read the clues and write the words. Discover the secret word. Clues 1 1 Nyangoma wears 2 this to school. 3 2 An animal from 4 the Impenetrable 5 Forest. 6 3 It happens at the beginning of the school day. 4 A long river in Africa. 5 Nyangoma helps her parents to do this in the fields. 6 The continent where Nyangoma lives. 4 Write the names of these animals. Draw a green circle if they live in Africa, an orange circle if they don’t. Look on the Internet to check.

1 __________

2 __________

3 __________

4 __________

5 __________

6 __________ 29

5a Put the verbs in the past simple or the past continuous. 1 My mum (cook) ___________ when she (see) ___________ the snake. 2 I (play) ___________ when my mum (ask) ___________ me to get the water. 3 When I (come) ___________ home my dad (dig) ___________ in the garden. 4 My mum (get) __________________ water when I (leave) ___________ home. 5 We (pick) __________________ mangoes from a tree when the teacher (arrive) ___________. 6 When Mbabazi (run) ___________ into the house I (do) __________________ my homework. 5b Choose one of the sentences and invent what happened next. _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ 30


st Sk ntury ills 6 Read the sentences and write the number



in the correct circle. Compare with a partner.

True for both Nyangoma and me.

True for Nyangoma but not for me. True for me but not for Nyangoma.

1 I am 12 years old. 6 Our kitchen is outside. 2 We have computers 7 I help my parents. at home. 8 I help my friends. 3 I wear a uniform to school. 9 My favourite subject 4 I live in a house is Maths. made of mud. 10 We have a school 5 I can use a computer. song. 7 Speaking project: Role Play. Work with a friend. Ask and answer questions. First imagine you are Nyangoma. Then be yourself. Then be an invented person. Ask each other about: your name, where you live, your family, your school, what you do in your free time, something interesting that happened to you. Film the conversation on a computer / your phone. Then show the class. 31

8 Draw and label your favourite part of the story.

9 Do you like the story? Draw your face and choose a sentence. Then write why.

= I love this book!

= I like this book.

= I quite like this book.

= I don’t like this book.

_________________________________________ _________________________________________ 32

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