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Eli Readers is a beautifully illustrated series of timeless classics and specially-written stories for learners of English.

Home and family, daily routine, places and buildings in the city

Grammar and structures

Superlative adjectives Verb + ing form Positive and negative imperative forms Shall for suggestions Present and past simple passive with common verbs (called, born) Two clause sentences with and, but, because, so

Claudia Catitti Music in Florence! Have fun with Irene, Camilla and their piano Join Irene and Camilla in the beautiful Italian city of Florence. There’s lots to see! Read also about how the girls spend their days and about their special hobby … playing the piano!

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City sights

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Music in Florence! Have fun with Irene, Camilla and their piano by Claudia Catitti Language Consultant: Silvana Sardi Illustrated by Alessandro Pugiotto

Real Lives Series Creation Grazia Ancillani

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The ELI Readers collection is a complete range of books and plays for readers of all ages, ranging from captivating contemporary stories to timeless classics. There are four series, each catering for a different age group; First ELI Readers, Young ELI Readers, Teen ELI Readers and Young Adult ELI Readers. The books are carefully edited and beautifully illustrated to capture the essence of the stories and plots.

ELI Readers Founder and Series Editors Paola Accattoli, Grazia Ancillani, Daniele Garbuglia (Art Director)

Stage 4

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Illustrated by Alessandro Pugiotto

In this reader you will find: - Games and language activities - An audio and a video of the story - A picture dictionary - Authentic photos

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Alessandro Pugiotto Hello. My name is Alessandro and I’m an illustrator. My illustrations are used in advertising, for the organization of events, architecture, design and publishing for children. I teach drawing, artistic anatomy and watercolour painting.

no Have fun with Irene, Camilla and their pia


Claudia Catitti Hi. My name is Claudia and I’m Irene, Camilla and Samuele’s mum. We live in Florence and we really love walking around this beautiful city. I love telling stories to my children, to my friends' children and to all children. Creating stories makes me feel like a child, too.

Present simple/continuous There is/are Past simple (regular and irregular verbs) Past continuous Present perfect simple Future with will and going to Can, Have to

Claudia Catitti


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Irene & Camilla

Hi everybody! Our names are Irene and Camilla. We were born on the same day and we’re almost twelve years old. In this photo we’re sitting on our lovely sofa where we love chatting and watching films! That’s me, Irene, on the left, and Camilla on the right. (Can you tell who’s who? Not everybody can!) We live in Florence.

Florence In Florence, there are beautiful buildings, churches and works of art. They’re famous all over the world and many artists from the 1400s and 1500s worked here, for example, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Raphael. Many famous poets and writers were also born here like Dante Alighieri and Boccaccio. 2

Here are some important places in our city.


The River Arno This river goes through Florence. On 4th November 1966 there was too much water in the river and it covered the streets of the city, entering buildings and houses. Many works of art got wet and the water even came into our grandma’s house! Brunelleschi’s Dome You can see this dome on the top of the cathedral in Florence. Filippo Brunelleschi drew and built it between 1420 and 1436. At that time, it was the biggest and highest dome in the world. Here we are in front of Brunelleschi’s statue. He’s looking at his dome! 3

3 Ponte Vecchio ‘Old Bridge’

It’s called ‘Old Bridge’ because it’s the oldest bridge in Florence. There are lots of jewellery shops on the bridge now, but in the past, there were shops that sold meat. They were on the bridge because when the butchers (people who sell meat) were cutting the meat, they threw all the bits they didn’t want into the river below instead of onto the streets. In this way, the city streets didn’t get dirty.

Old Bridge The Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens The Pitti Palace was the home of a rich merchant (a person who buys and sells things) from Florence. After he died, a rich and very important family called ‘Medici’ bought the palace and made the beautiful Boboli Gardens. These wonderful gardens with their statues and fountains were so beautiful that many kings in Europe wanted gardens like them too. 4

The David Statue This is one of the most beautiful and famous statues in the world. Michelangelo made this perfect statue when he was only 26 years old. It’s made out of one very big piece of marble. Dante Alighieri Can you see the statue? It’s the statue of Dante Alighieri in Piazza Santa Croce. Dante was a very important poet and he wrote the Divina Commedia. He’s ‘the father’ of the Italian language and in the Commedia there are lots of words that we still use in Italian now.

Dante Alighieri’s statue 5

4 We start our day at seven

o’clock with a yummy breakfast: a cup of milk, some biscuits and bread with jam or chocolate. A sweet breakfast! Mum gives us fruit as well.

After breakfast, we go to school. We get our school bags ready the night before so we don’t forget anything. We get our clothes ready for the morning too because we don’t wear a uniform at school. We go to Scuola Media*. Instead, our brother Samuele goes to nursery school* and he has to wear a special jacket over his clothes called a grembiule.


scuola media school for children from 11 to 14 years old nursery school for children from 3 to 5 years old


5 The centre of Florence is very old and the

streets are not wide, they are really narrow, so it’s nice for walking or riding a bike. Our dad for example, rides his bike to work. We walk to school because we live near it.


Activity Pages 1 How much can you remember about Irene and Camilla? Correct the wrong information in the sentences. 1 Irene and Camilla are friends. 2 They’re almost ten years old. 3 The girls are English. 4 Irene and Camilla drink tea at breakfast time. 5 They go to school by bike. 6 They study the drums at school. 7 They live in a modern part of their city.

sisters _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

2 Florence is famous for a lot of things. Match the picture to the right person or place. 1




a Michelangelo

d Dante Alighieri

b The River Arno

e Ponte Vecchio

c Brunelleschi 28


3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. are 1 The buildings in Florence _____________ (be) famous all over the world. 2 The River Arno _____________ (go) through Florence. 3 Irene and Camilla _____________ (not wear) a uniform at school. 4 Their dad _____________ (ride) his bike to work every day. 5 The girls sometimes _____________ (have) lunch with their classmates. 6 Dante Alighieri _____________ (be) born in Florence a long time ago. 7 A few days ago, Irene and Camilla _____________ (do) a concert at a church. 8 Their family and friends _____________ (come) to watch them playing at the concert that day. 29

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Music in Florence  

Music in Florence