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Vocabulary areas Materials, directions, places in a town, parts of the body, clothes.

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Jane Cadwallader

Harry and the Crown In this amusing story Harry, the reluctant hero, braves robbers and ghosts and armour to triumph in the end (by accident!). Two detectives, Harry and Emma are sent to the castle to lie in wait for some robbers. The enthusiastic Emma persuades Harry to put on some armour as a disguise. The night is long and events take an unexpected turn. Harry’s mood turns from reluctant to bored to horrified! How will the night end?

Harry and the Crown by Jane Cadwallader Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali ELI Readers Founder and Series Editors Paola Accattoli, Grazia Ancillani, Daniele Garbuglia (Art Director)

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Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali


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I live in a very big city, Buenos Aires. I have been drawing all my life, ever since I was a child as I didn’t have a TV. I enjoy most of all drawing comic strips and picturing myself and my kids in the illustrations that I create.

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Grammar and structures Past simple Past continuous Be going to … Will Giving directions If … (zero conditional) Be made of … See you …

Jane Cadwallader

Stage 4



My name is Jane and I live in a beautiful Spanish city, Madrid. I’m an English author of children’s books. I’ve always loved creating stories and songs for children. The best ideas come to me while… I’m jogging!




arry was a policeman. One day, the Chief wanted to see him and a policewoman called Emma. All the detectives were a little afraid of the Chief. He was clever but he didn’t smile very often! The Chief pointed to some photographs and said, ‘I want you to catch the Rucksack Gang. They’re going to rob the Castle Museum tonight.’ ‘Great!’ said Emma happily. ‘Hmmm,’ said Harry.


The Chief showed Emma and Harry two rings and a computer. On the computer screen you could see where the rings were. The Chief said, ‘Wear these rings. We can see where you are!’ Emma said, ‘Good idea Chief!’ Harry looked at the rings. He wanted to be at home eating ice-cream in front of the television! His legs felt weak. He wasn’t feeling very brave!


Harry and Emma put on the rings and went to the Castle with Betty and Robert. Betty and Robert were wearing their police uniforms.They waited in the car with the computer while Emma and Harry went into the Castle. ‘See you later!’ said Betty. ‘Good luck! We’ll watch you on the computer!’ said Robert. ‘Thank you!’ said Emma. ‘Hmmm!’ said Harry.


‘Come on Harry! I have an idea!’ said Emma. Harry was not happy! He didn’t like working with Emma. She was always running around! Harry liked to live quietly. Emma gave Harry some armour to wear. ‘With the armour on we can see the robbers but they can’t see us! It will be easy to catch them!’ said Emma. ‘Hmmm!’ said Harry.


Emma helped Harry to get dressed. Harry’s ring got caught on a metal vest. ‘Ouch! Stop pulling!’ said Harry. ‘Oh! O.K. Sorry!’ said Emma.


Harry took the ring off and put it onto a crown. He was NOT happy! He said, ‘I don’t think this is a very good idea! This armour is very heavy!’ But Emma just said, ‘Please be quiet Harry! We’re going to catch the robbers and the Chief is going to be very happy with us!’


Activity Pages 1 Write the words. Use the words to fill the gaps.

Harry rucksack Harry ring armour crown 1 2 3 4

Chief ring

jewels Harry

ring Harry put the __________ on the __________ . Harry and Emma wore the __________ . __________ sang a song. The robber took the __________ and put them in his __________ . 5 __________ and his friends followed the signals from the __________ to find the robbers. 6 The __________ was very happy with __________ . 28

2 Cross out the wrong word. Match the lines in the song. head / shoulders

stomach / back feet / fingers

teeth / elbows arms / knees

Put your Stamp your Make circles with your And turn Do the armour And count 12345

shoulders jive elbows up to five Hey! around feet on the ground

Bend your Stamp your Pat your And turn Do the armour And count 12345

stomach around knees to five feet on the ground Hey! jive 29

Harry and the Crown - Jane Cadwallader  

In this amusing story Harry, the reluctant hero, braves robbers and ghosts and armour to triumph in the end (by accident!). Young ELI Reader...