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Sathya, Isuri and their friends live near Weligama, a town in Sri Lanka. Every morning they go to school, and every afternoon they jump on a tuk-tuk to go to the Human Solidarity Children's Village. Join them in this adventure to discover the beauty of Sri Lanka, the food, the animals and their favourite hobbies. Follow them during the day and you will learn about their country and their lives.

Stage 4 A2

Stage 4 A2

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The NGO Gus began operating in Sri Lanka in 2005, bringing relief to the population affected by the tsunami. Its local association, GUS LANKA, runs the Human Solidarity Children's Village, where 20 young girls find an opportunity to live in a safe environment, attend school, and enjoy their childhood.

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Anna Tarsetti Discover Sri Lanka with Us!

Anna Tarsetti Discover Sri Lanka with Us! - Enjoy this magical island

Vocabulary areas Family, food, animals, school, dance, music

Anna Tarsetti

Readers Real Lives




2 Hello! My name is Sathya,

I am 11 years old and I am from Sri Lanka, a country in Asia. It is an island in the Indian Ocean, south east of India. I really love my country! Hope you will love it too! The capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte. Colombo is the commercial capital and a very big city. Here there is a photo of Colombo.

Official Languages Sri Lanka has 3 official languages: Sinhala, Tamil and English. My family speaks Sinhala. It is a very old language and it looks like this.


Our tea


My country is famous for tea. Sri Lanka is the fourth producer of tea in the world! Sometimes they call it Ceylon tea because in the past the name of my country was Ceylon. We drink tea very often and we always offer a cup of hot tea to our guests. The tea grows on beautiful plantations that look like this. When I was younger I liked running around the plantations and playing with my friends among the trees. We had such great fun!


3 These are my younger sisters. Piyumi is 10 years

old and Rashmi is 6. We live near Weligama, a town by the sea in the Southern Province. Tourists come here to go to the beach, surf and see whales!


Matara is the capital of the district and the most important city. It has a long history. The fort of Matara is from the 16th century and it is Portuguese!


4 Meet my friends,

Sandali and Kalani. They are sisters. Sandali, on the left, is 12 and Kalani is 14. They come from Colombo, the biggest city in Sri Lanka. More than 5 million people live in Colombo. 6

When I go there, I love visiting Petta market with Sandali because she always buys samosas and other food I like! Samosas are small fried snacks with vegetables or meat inside and I really like them.


5 This is my best friend Isuri and her sister

Nadeesha. Isuri is 11 years old, like me. Nadeesha is 5. They come from Kandy, in the Central Province.




There is a famous temple called Sri Dalada Maligawa. Inside they keep one of Buddha’s teeth! Many people go to the temple to pray and every summer there is a famous festival called Esala Perahera.


6 My friends and I go to school

in Weligama. We wear white uniforms. Boys wear a shirt and trousers and girls wear a shirt with a skirt. Most girls have their hair in two braids. My friends and I always make sure our braids are perfect before we go to school! My favourite subject is Science because I like learning about animals. When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian! Isuri is very good at Maths; she wants to be a teacher. Every day we finish school at 1pm.


10 Let me tell you about our

show! One afternoon, a few months ago, our English teacher said, ‘We are going to prepare a show with music, theatre and dance. Tomorrow you can tell me what role you want!’. We were all very excited.


Sandali speaks English very well so she decided to be the narrator. Piyumi was responsible for the costumes. She made all the clothes with the sewing teacher. Isuri and I decided to design the invitations. Look at what we created!


11 We worked very hard and we practised many

times. We learned two songs, one in English and one in Sinhala. We prepared two theatre pieces: a traditional Sri Lankan story called ‘How Andare Ate the Sugar’ and ‘The Princess and the Pea’, a tale from Europe. 20

We also practised our traditional dances. I was happy because we had a lot of dance practice! 21

12 When the day of the show arrived, we were very

excited … and a bit worried too! We woke up very early to decorate the room with flowers and prepare the chairs for our guests. When the guests entered the room, Rashmi and Nadeesha offered them green betel leaves. The betel tree has got big green leaves and it is a Sri Lankan tradition to give these leaves to visitors and friends. It is a sign of respect and it brings good luck.



13 The show went really well but something funny

happened. During the dance, we offered some tea to our guests. Suddenly, a monkey jumped through the window and stole the biscuits! Our teachers were shocked and we really wanted to laugh. But we continued dancing and we saved the show!


After the show, we prepared a traditional Sri Lankan lunch with rice and curry for everyone. 25

14 In the afternoon, after the guests left, we listened

to music and we danced together. My friends and I love dancing! We took many photos: some more serious, some funnier. We all enjoy it when teachers take pictures of us, but we also really like selfies.


It was a wonderful day. I’m happy we took a lot of pictures, because I never want to forget this day!


Activity Pages 1 Decide if these sentences are true (T) or false (F). Correct the false ones. True False 1 Sri Lanka is famous for its coffee production. 2 Sathya lives in a town by the sea. 3 She has got one sister and one brother. 4 Sathya doesn’t like samosas. 5 At school the children wear a black uniform. 6 The children go to the Human Solidarity Children’s Village by tuk-tuk. 7 Sathya’s favourite activity at the Village is sewing practice. 8 Sathya and her friends love taking selfies. 2 Match the people to the activity at the show. 1 Piyumi 2 Sathya and Isuri 3 Rashmi and Nadeesha 4 Sandali 28

a giving guests betel leaves b preparing the costumes c being the narrator d designing the invitations

3 Read the clues to complete the crossword. 3 1




6 Across 4 Sri Lanka has three official __________. 5 Green betel leaves bring good __________. 6 Sri Lankan food can be __________. Down 1 Sri Dalada Maligawa is a famous __________. 2 Isuri’s favourite __________ is Maths. 3 Tourists can see __________ in the sea. 29

4 Present simple or Present continuous? Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. 1 Sri Lanka ________ a lot of tea. (produce) 2 At school, the girls usually ________ their hair in two braids. (have) 3 Once a week, Sathya and her friends ________ how to sew. (learn) 4 Isuri usually ________ an English lesson on Monday but today the teacher ________ well. (have, not be) 5 School ________ at 12.30 pm. (not finish) 6 'Look! That peacock____ his tail now!' (open) 5 Complete the text with the Past simple form of the verbs in the box. be (x 2) • choose • go • have to • not forget • tell • wake up One day the English teacher at the Human Solidarity Children’s Village (1) ______ Sathya and her friends about a show. They (2) ______ very excited. They (3) ______ organise everything: the invitations, the costumes, the decorations. Sathya and Isuri (4) ______ to design the invitations with the computer. When Sathya (5) ______ on the day of the show, she (6) ______ worried about her performance. But in the end, everything (7) ______ perfectly and she (8) ______ her dance steps. 30



st Sk ntury ills Ce

6 Sathya and her friends travel by tuk-tuks. How do you get to school? Do a class survey to find out how your classmates travel to school and how long it takes. Which is the most common form of transport? Use the results to prepare a poster. on foot

5 minutes

by bus

10 minutes

by car

half an hour

by …

an hour

7 Sathya and her best friend Isuri are both 11. Sathya likes Science and Isuri likes Maths. Are you and your best friend the same age? Do you like the same things? Interview your best friend and record his/her answers.

Name Age Favourite subject Favourite sport/activity


8 Your teacher wants you to prepare a show for some foreign visitors to your school. Work in groups and choose a traditional song, dance or story from your country. Then complete the table. What is the title/ name? Where does it come from? What is it about?/ What is it like? What instruments or costumes do you need? Why do you like it? 9 Now design the invitation to the show.