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The difference.

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There are yachts and there are Feadships. www.feadship.nl

The World’s Most Adventurous Superyacht As one of the very few luxury expedition yachts in the world, Motoryacht SuRi combines superbly designed spaces, endless comfort, and boundless adventure. Virtually no other charter vessel can offer the luxury, equipment and first class crew that she can - making remote pristine locations and daring exploration accessible. The ocean is our playground.

Experience Luxury and Adventure W W W. M YS U R I .CO M

INTRODUCING THE 438 EVOLUTION For nearly 40 years Intrepid has led the way, with innovation often imitated, but never equaled. Now comes the 438 Evolution. Step aboard and you’ll take the helm of a high-performance vessel with the state-of-theart amenities of a luxury yacht. Step below and you’ll discover the world-class overnight accommodations of a cabin perfectly suited for extended travel. Step up to the 438 Evolution and you’ll enjoy owning a sport yacht customized to fulfill your vision of the ultimate boating experience. To get started on yours, contact us today.

O NE O F A KI N D. ON E AT A TI M E . IntrepidPowerboats.com | 954-922-7544



INTRODUCING SMALL SHIPS CUSTOM-BUILT FOR BIG ADVENTURES. Join a few like-spirited explorers aboard the highly anticipated expedition ship, World Navigator. Venture on luxe-adventure journeys to remote, jaw-dropping locations only a small, anchorless ship could ever reach. And enjoy All Inclusive All the Way sailings packed with bucket-list indulgences and thrills.

Contact your Travel Advisor or call our Voyage Specialists at 1.844.44.ATLAS (28527) or visit atlasoceanvoyages.com




TABLE OF CONTENTS COVER FEATURE 40 MOONEN YACHTS The Magic of Moonen 54 OCEAN INDEPENDENCE Near is the New Far 68 HMY YACHTS Viking 54 Powerhouse Mid-Size Yachts 78 MJM YACHT 53Z The World’s Largest Outdoor-Powered Express Cruiser 88 OCEAN INDEPENDENCE Experience the Extraordinary 102 SURI MOTOR YACHT CHARTER The World’s Most Adventurous Superyacht 114 E-MOTION The Leaders in Full Range Hybrid System 128 INTREPID 438 EVOLUTION Luxury and Performance Come Together 138 VAN DAM CUSTOM BOATS The World’s Finest Wooden Boats 150 ATLAS OCEAN VOYAGES Exclusively for Next-Gen Explorers



TABLE OF CONTENTS 164 AZIMUT GRANDE 100 Designed by TG-Studio 176 GALEON YACHTS Striving for Perfection 188 CRUISER YACHTS Joins the MarineMax Family 200 WORLD CAT CATAMARAN Smoothness. Stability. Speed. 212 HERMES SPEEDSTER Messenger of the Gods on the Water 228 TURQUOISE YACHTS M/Y Blue II 238 PEARL 95 Seamless Style & Luxury 248 FEADSHIP PROJECT 2024 Pure Pleasures 258 FRASER YACHTS 47M Virtus Hull 03 268 BITTER END YACHT CLUB Bringing Back the Bitter End 276 MANGUSTA GRANSPORT 54 The Perfect Way to Power Any Ambition 286 AQUILA POWER CATAMARANS The Luxury of Stability


212 HERMES SPEEDSTER Messenger of the Gods on the Water

TABLE OF CONTENTS 298 SCOUT BOATS Discover More 310 SINOT AQUA The Balance of Design & Technology 324 BURGESS YACHTS Work Vacation 338 OCEAN INDEPENDENCE A Conversation with Rafael Nadal 348 BELASSI Race Your Heartbeat 356 QUAGLIOTTI High-Quality Italian Linens 366 42M M/Y CROWBRIDGE Design Insight: Tommaso Spadolini 378 ITAMA 62S The Sea, Your Way 386 PERSHING 180 A Unique Masterpiece 394 SERENITY YACHTS The Sun, the Sea, and Sustainability 406 RIVA 90’ ARGO In the Name of the Legend 416 FERRETTI YACHTS 920 Italian Excellence 426 CHAD CARROLL Making Waves


114 E-MOTION The Leaders in Full Range Hybrid System




For more than a century, Hope’s has handcrafted the world’s finest steel and bronze windows and doors, and we continue to refine the art that makes them the most sought-after, luxurious, and longest lasting windows and doors available. Hope’s exclusive hot-rolled steel and solid bronze profiles replicate the traditional aesthetic of historic buildings while providing modern performance and efficiency. Hope’s windows and doors are built to last a lifetime and beyond – sustaining their beauty and performance for generations.




Landmark175™ Series steel windows and doors with Thermal Evolution™ technology


Northworks Architects Richard Powers | Powershot



n the last year, many luxury brands have taken a hit due to the onset of COVID-19 and as we’ve seen, many businesses had to close their doors entirely. So, in the face of this global pandemic, how has Dutch superyacht builder, Moonen Yachts, managed to not only stay afloat, but in fact grow the business? We are in conversation with the Managing Director of Moonen Yachts, Marianne Hendriks, to get her insights on the success, current yachts in build and the future direction of the shipyard. What has been the major challenge for Moonen in this past year? On the one hand, I see the pandemic as a challenge, but on the other hand, we’ve proven that it’s possible to successfully sell yachts online. We were very successful in 2020. We sold two yachts last year, both entirely online. With 36 meter KOKORO (YN199), we arranged everything by phone, video, Whatsapp or email and all decisions were made online. The owner never saw the yacht in person until she was delivered to her final destination! It is definitely possible, it just requires a different approach. During the pandemic, people have become used to communicating over Zoom or Teams, so it became easier to use these tools. When you build yachts on speculation like we do, there’s always a yacht in production which we can show to the customer, even online. It’s very important for many people to see something tangible, to experience the quality of the product rather than just looking at the drawings on a piece of paper.

In general, the pandemic has opened up new opportunities; people are searching for a place where they can feel safe and secure with their family and friends and if you are on board your own yacht, it’s your own secure bubble. Certainly it is not an easy period, but I think we should remain optimistic. Since 2019 Moonen has been under new ownership, how is the shipyard travelling now? We are doing well! In 2020, we sold two 36 meter Moonen Martinique yachts. The first yacht M/Y KOKORO, was delivered to her owner earlier this year and the second project YN200, will be completed by the end of this year for a repeat customer in the United States. Further, we have two more yachts in production, a 36 meter and a 34 meter. The enthusiasm and encouragement of the new Australian company owners, Matthew and Louise Baxter, in combination with the newly appointed management has lifted the spirits of all our employees and has pushed the brand to a worldwide top position. At Moonen we feel the support of the Baxter’s on a daily basis. Through their network and passion for yachting we are able to ramp up production and enter new markets. Negotiations and sales are all done by our team in the Netherlands, but Matthew and Louise are more than willing to introduce us to potential buyers. In addition to Australia, Moonen finds customers in the US, Middle-East and of course Europe. We build local, we act global. Since the new management was appointed, what fundamental changes have taken place and what is the strategy to secure the future for Moonen Yachts? Last June, when I was appointed Managing Director and Nicky van Zon Technical Director, we developed

Moonen 110

a short, mid and long term strategy. Together we focus on the shipyards’ future and welfare. We still specialise in building semi-custom steel-aluminium superyachts in the 30-50m range and we continue to lay hulls before the client arrives. This part of our strategy has not changed, but we are no longer concentrating on refits or building full custom yachts. Of course, if a client comes to us with a custom project, we are open to discuss, but our main goal is to build yachts on existing platforms. Building on spec on a proven platform greatly reduces delivery time, improves the quality and still leaves the client plenty of room for personalisation. In terms of refit, we will only take on yachts from the Moonen Yachts fleet, no other brands. The Moonen Martinique is a popular model, why did you decide to bring Moonen 110, a more classical yacht to the market? That’s an interesting question, but the answer is clear. Our strategy behind this decision is as follows. Out of the entire Caribbean line, the 36 meter Martinique is certainly highly requested. In the same line we have the 42 meter Marquis with a slightly different exterior design and this also gains a lot of interest. However our classics, which are recognised by many by their typical flared bow, like the signature Moonen 97 and Moonen 84, still receive a lot of attention. These people want to build something more contemporary, but with classic lines, so we’re offering them the Moonen 110. The key features of this yacht like durability and seaworthiness are the same as in the Martinique and Marquis, they’re all designed by René van der Velden Yacht Design, however the exterior lines are different and therefore will attract a different audience. The production of Moonen 110 will not stop the production of Martinique, both strengthen the shipyards’ portfolio and they complement each other.

What do you think about the future of boat shows, given that some Dutch shipyards are calling for their radical reform? It’s hard to tell at the moment whether boat shows will be the same in the future. I strongly believe that a change is needed and if a change can be generated by this pandemic then that would be good. Let me explain why. The entire superyacht industry exists of buyers and suppliers. The shipyards are focused on buyers and the suppliers on the shipyards. So both are needed, but do not necessarily have to be present at the same yacht show at the same time. Potential buyers go to shows like the Monaco Yacht Show to visit and eventually purchase a yacht. The yachts are on display including all the equipment and supplies, so in fact the owner sees the ‘whole package’. This means that the shipyard is not just representing itself at the show, but also shows all the brands of equipment that have been used to produce the yacht. From that perspective and in my opinion, there is no need to showcase the equipment separately at the same show. It also makes the show too busy, a little distracting. The owners, who definitely drive the business, should be treated to the best possible experience. This approach could lead to a smaller event, but more exclusive and better tailored to the owner’s needs. Supplier events such as METS in Amsterdam are a great example of where the supplier industry has a major focus and podium. This is where the shipyards should go as a buyer. Does Moonen Yachts have the resources to research and develop its own knowledge of sustainable yachting? Given the new Tier III regulations that are fully focused on emission free and green yachts, this is now a hot topic that should be on the agenda of every shipyard. In terms of sustainability we are not at the forefront right now of building the most “green yachts”, however we certainly take the environment into consideration and we also adapt to rulings to comply with all applicable standards. Our research and development department will investigate options for the use of diesel-electric propulsion systems, hybrid propulsion, or reuse of energy on board, but at this moment, as we build semi-custom yachts that are built on pre-engineered platforms, we do not have hybrid systems yet. In the future, when there is more demand for hybrid yachts, or in case the regulations force us, we will of course adjust our strategy, investigate the topic and offer this solution to our clients.

What has been your best day at Moonen Yachts? I think it was on the 9th of October last year, when we launched M/Y KOKORO. I hadn’t slept well the night before because I was so stressed. We had all put so much effort into building this beautiful piece of art and in my dreams she fell out of the crane three times. We have a very experienced team here, so of course everything went very smoothly. I remember looking at all our employees standing at the dock at the quay and feeling a deep sense of satisfaction at having fulfilled a customer’s dream. It was the first yacht that the yard had built with Matthew and Louise Baxter and also under my guidance, so that was a very special moment and I definitely consider it my best day so far.


Harmony with the Sea. Amer Yachts, a better world.























Photography by Blue Lens Images


acht charter is a hot topic this year following the easing of restrictions, offering a secure and secluded vacation opportunity while a degree of hesitancy remains that mainstream travel is not yet quite back to normal. However, who says you need to visit the Med or even journey far afield for your perfect getaway? The benefit of enjoying a close-to-home yacht charter has fast become an exciting 2021 trend. With a wealth of easily accessible cruising grounds such as the powdery shores of the Bahamas or the charm of coastal New England, a multitude of desirable hotspots are just a stone’s throw away. A yacht charter is a seamless way to go where you want, when you want and how you want – why wait? In sparkling condition, 120’ RISK & REWARD is making her Bahamas debut in 2021 and already proving a popular charter option. Built by Crescent Yachts, this stylish superyacht was launched in 2004, boasting an exterior design and engineering by Jack Sarin plus a luxurious interior design from Robin Rose & Associates. Her extensive refit in 2020 has seen an exacting bow to stern transformation, maximizing interior and exterior spaces with new soft furnishings and stonework to elevate her fresh, coastal vibe. Comprehensive AV upgrades deliver advanced technology together with the addition of Zero Speed stabilizers affording maximum comfort to those cruising on board. Capable of a top speed of 23 knots and cruising at 14 knots, island-hopping is a breeze. Accommodation is for nine guests in four wellappointed staterooms, where her superb layout offers space and versatility for families or couples. Soak up panoramic views from the forward sun-pad nook with the wind in your hair or relax on the dual-level flybridge zone, complete with Jacuzzi, wet bar, and barbecue. Delivering an exceptional package including a towed tender, abundant water toys list and an amazing crew, RISK & REWARD is ready to explore the cruising grounds of the Bahamas.

Brand new 100’ Ocean Alexander ENTREPRENEUR is an outstanding summer charter option for discovering Florida and the Bahamas. With an elegant and contemporary interior, her guests can enjoy superb comfort amongst charismatic surroundings, including warm wood floors and sophisticated furnishings. Incomparable volume throughout enables a rare five stateroom layout for up to ten guests, including a split-level master suite on the main deck providing fabulous 180-degree forward views. An expansive flybridge creates the ultimate hangout zone, complete with bar, barbecue, dining, sun-pads and Jacuzzi, while her attentive and professional crew of five offer outstanding service. A romantic spot for sundowners is the lovely seating area with optional shade located forward on the bow. With a new towed tender, array of superb water toys and an inflatable dock to extend the playground, fun in the sun is most certainly guaranteed. If you are seeking to experience both land and sea, there is an exciting opportunity to combine ENTREPRENEUR with a stay at the owner’s vacation home on the exclusive Useppa Island.

Photography by Coastal Creative

Photography by Coastal Creative

Cruising the Bahamas, and New England later in the season, COOL BREEZE is a pedigree 108’ Benetti Tradition Supreme. Her interior exudes Bohemian chic styling with floor to ceiling windows that add to her spacious feel and bring the outside in. Offering a vast choice of entertainment and relaxation spaces, this exceptional tri-deck is blessed with three wonderful alfresco dining zones. The yachts’ hub is the well-equipped sun deck delivering options for shade or sun, bar area and gorgeous forward-facing Jacuzzi providing great views. Located on the bow are two expansive sun-pads, simply ideal for enjoying those lazy days at sea. Accommodation is for ten guests in five spacious staterooms, including an airy on-deck master and, for those less able, a single-person elevator connects two deck levels. With her welcoming crew, excellent selection of water sports equipment and tender plus spacious layout, COOL BREEZE is a family favorite for an unforgettable getaway. For a luxurious yachting getaway, enhanced by a warm climate and beautiful surroundings, the year-round destinations of the Bahamas and New England are two fantastic options. Contact: enquiries@ocyachts.com www.OceanIndependence.com




1 8 B AT H R O O M S


21,000 SQ FT 1 5 6 , 8 4 6 S Q F T LOT

C I N DY A M B U E H L C I N D Y @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0 . 3 2 1 .9 1 4 8 DRE 01821 934

Excellence In Every Move. Compass is a real estate broker licensed by the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. License Number 01991628. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only and is compiled from sources deemed reliable but has not been verified. Changes in price, condition, sale or withdrawal may be made without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate.




8 B AT H R O O M S

$ 9, 9 0 0 , 0 0 0

8,000 SQ FT 3 1 , 8 2 3 S Q F T LOT

C I N DY A M B U E H L C I N D Y @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0 . 3 2 1 .9 1 4 8 DRE 01821 934

1 0 6 4 H A N L E Y AV E N U E



4 B AT H R O O M S

$ 3 , 49 9, 0 0 0

2 , 859 SQ FT 9,96 4 S Q F T LOT

Excellence In Every Move. Compass is a real estate broker licensed by the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. License Number 01991628. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only and is compiled from sources deemed reliable but has not been verified. Changes in price, condition, sale or withdrawal may be made without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate.



iking recently announced the new 54 Open (O), 54 Sport Coupe (SC) and 54 Sport Tower (ST), which join the award-winning 54 Convertible to complete a powerhouse mid-size fleet of diverse fish-and-cruise yachts. The first three hulls in the Viking 54 express series are making their way down the manufacturing line at the New Gretna plant. Here’s a look at the progress of hull No. 1, a Sport Tower model with a Shark Grey hull powered by twin 1550MHP MANs. The Sport Tower features a shapely three-sided fiberglass deckhouse (with an optional solid aft bulkhead) and a tower from the Viking subsidiary Palm Beach Towers. The deckhouse actually consists of two parts – the deck enclosure (which includes the house and foredeck) and the interior liner for the deck enclosure. These two parts are bonded together using a structural adhesive and also fiberglass at the seams. Once complete, the deckhouse is transported via overhead electrical hoists from the Fiberglass Department (Viglass) to the awaiting hull, which already has its engines, mechanicals and many of its interior units installed. The Open, Sport Coupe, and Sport Tower share cockpit and command deck layouts, providing an excellent use of space for fishing, diving, cruising, and entertaining. These photos show the various hatch openings for the 54’s transom live well, fish boxes, coolers, and storage/seating areas. The cockpit and command deck, which are one fiberglass unit, are installed before the deckhouse arrives. Like the deckhouse, this unit is fabricated in Viglass and carried forward on the line.

A combination of structural adhesive, through bolts and fiberglass reinforcement, is used to assemble and unify the hull, deckhouse and cockpit/command deck. Without a tower, this Viking becomes a sleek express cruiser in our popular Sport Coupe version. Hulls No. 2 and 3 will be Sport Coupes, with the latter scheduled for display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show this fall. For information about any of Viking’s models in the 54 series, contact a Viking Sales Specialist at HMY today: (561) 331-5200

The Finest Montecito & Santa Barbara Homes Presented by

www.Montecito-Estate.com • 805.886.9378 • Cristal@Montecito-Estate.com

• DRE#00968247

Ne w L i s t i n g • E u r o p e a n In s p i r e d C o n t e m p o r a r y E s t a t e 945 Lilac Drive • Montecito • Offered at $17,495,000

Ne w e r C o n s t r u c t i o n • C o u n t l e s s A m e n i t i e s • S e n s a t i o n a l V i e w s 4 Bed, 6.5 Bath Main Residence • 1 Bed, 1 Bath Guest House • ±3.02-Acres • Panoramic Ocean, Island & Mountain Views Extensive Re-Build, Completed in 2017 • Infinity Pool + Spa • Theatre • Gym • Climate Controlled Wine Cellar • Private Well ©2020 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties (BHHSCP) is a member of the franchise system of BHH Affiliates LLC. BHH Affiliates LLC and BHHSCP do not guarantee accuracy of all data including measurements, conditions, and features of property. Information is obtained from various sources and will not be verified by broker or MLS.

Community Based, Globally Recognized

Unrivaled Mediterranean Estate PARK LANE • MONTECITO 5 Bed, 5.5 Bath Main Residence 1 Bed, 1 Bath Guest House Expansive Ocean & Coastline Views Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Living Extensive Amenities incl. Well & Generator Offered at $12,875,000

Gracious Mediterranean Estate MISSION CYN PL • SANTA BARBARA 4 Bed, 3.5 Bath Residence Incredible Ocean, Island & Mtn Views Privacy Abound Quintessential California Living Private Well w/ 5,000-gal Storage Tank Offered at $5,750,000

Magical Mediterranean Estate AYALA LANE • MONTECITO 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath Main Residence Charming ADU Gracious Mountain Views & Ocean Peeks Approx. 1.22 Acres Stunning Grounds w/ Lush Landscaping Offered at $4,500,000




’m on board the 53z, this is the world’s largest outboard-powered Express cruiser. And I’m going to put it through a full test. Let’s take her out, see how she does. By the numbers, she measures in with a length overall of 56’3”, a beam of 15’. Her draft with the engines down is 35”. Her overall weight with a full load is 33,669 pounds with three people, full water, and 800 gallons of fuel onboard we had a top speed of 48.6 miles per hour at 6000 RPM, with a fuel burn of 142 gallons per hour. When I ran the boat from Mamaroneck New York to Annapolis, I found myself cruising at 5350 RPM, averaging 44 miles per hour. While burning between 87 and 90 gallons per hour. The rides is very smooth, the responsiveness of the 53z to the helm is excellent, and we only drop barely a knot in a hard overturn, so we’re not bleeding energy at all. Operating the 53 couldn’t be simpler. It’s literally turnkey and go. Put our keys in for the engines, turn them on you can start it from here, or you can start them at the helm. There are really only two battery switches that your house battery, your engines, generator if you want it. All of our electronics laid out very neatly and we have the sea zone digital switching. Everything is self-explanatory. At the helm, I’d like to point out a few things: a very clean layout, two large multifunction screens, a work area here with a fiddle. Got my generator start. Got my bilge pump switches.

A Distinguishing Feature On All MJM’s: Visibility From the helm here I have a low console, my visibility forward is outstanding. We have huge windows they do open electrically. I can see everything forward. 360-degree views, but more importantly, I can actually see my corners. I can see the engines, and that makes the task of docking just that much easier and gives you the confidence in a boat that’s 56’ long. We do have a joystick for the mercury system, Skyhook for station keeping, and for a little added oomph, bow thruster. Maneuverability in the marina was excellent and the addition of the bow thruster with the joystick makes docking a snap. Our DTS digital throttle controls for Mercury, wellpositioned. Our engine start and stop switch. Most importantly, our compass dead ahead with the driver. If you’re using the 53 as a cruising boat, your companion also has a multifunction screen, a depth gauge, and a spot to put some charts or whatever else they need. Access, Access, Access We do have stern access doors port and starboard, they are a positive lock. So that way you’re not going to fall out. Good access out onto the back platform. Very easy to get yourself over and get the cowls off to check your oil. We also have access to our short power-on centerline, it is electric, getting to the mechanicals are easy, and well thought out. Here we have a separate head for access to your Westerbeke generator and get all around it. Plenty of room, everything is labeled and marked, very new. Because the engines are no longer under the deck there is a wide-open compartment. On centerline, we have the Seakeeper and port and starboard plenty of storage here we have some oversized fenders, also our battery access. This entire aft section opens up, you can see our Glendenning electric shore power again we have a tremendous amount of storage. Going forward looking at the side decks. We have a minimum width of about 11 inches and it gets wider as we go up and we have grab rails everywhere: on the hardtop, on the windows stanchions. As we move forward, our life rail, which has an average height of 29 inches, and it carries all the way forward up to the ground tackle. A cruising feature I appreciate is this high-intensity remote bow light. Having it all the way forward eliminates any possibility of glare off the floor deck that makes cruising, especially at night, much safer. The 53z carries 920 gallons of fuel and our fuel shutoff valves are easily accessible inside the pilothouse under this hatch.


310-374-1800 caskeyandcaskey.com


MODERN COASTAL ESTATE | 3 BEDS | 4 BATHS | 3412 SF | 2391 SF LOT | $8,989,000


WALK STREET HOME | 4 BEDS | 3.5 BATHS | 4195 SF | 2709 SF LOT | $10,000,000

310-374-1800 caskeyandcaskey.com LIC#01198999




SOARING Length Overall: 223’ 9” | 2020 Abeking & Rasmussen $120,000,000

irtually brand-new SOARING boasts contemporary styling with a sporty contour, an expansive 11.6m beam and superb interior volume. Her professional gym, lavish spa, extraordinary beach club, luxurious accommodation and multiple watersports toys are just a few of her incredible features.





NORTHERN SUN Length Overall: 167’ 0” 1976 | Narasaki Zosen | $15,000,000

ith an aft deck ideal for alfresco dining, an excellent foredeck relaxation zone and an interior with luxurious accommodation, NORTHERN SUN offers sensational volume. Her sundeck jacuzzi is the perfect sundowner spot while her range of water toys is impressive.


EUPHORIA Length Overall: 164’ 0” | 2021 Mayra Yachts | $29,300,000

rand new and immaculate, 50m EURHORIA was designed by the renowned Ken Freivokh. Contemporary and elegant, her luxurious interior delivers spacious comfort while exterior deck areas provide a delightful Jacuzzi, comfortable exterior dining, separate gym and plenty of sunbathing spots. www.OceanIndependence.com Contact: enquiries@ocyachts.com

PROJECT PHOENIX Length Overall: 188’ 8” ITC | $36,000,000


aunched in 1968 as a commercial cable-laying vessel, PHOENIX is ready for an adventurous conversion project resulting in a quality expedition superyacht. She will deliver a superb range of 11,000 nm with accommodation for 12 including a private Owner’s deck.



LA CATTIVA Length Overall: 124’ 5” | 1991 Pendennis | $3,600,000

his modern classic Dubois ketch is a performance blue water cruiser. Her beautiful Terence Disdale interior offers a spacious and versatile layout, with an open plan saloon and superb wheelhouse area. Fully upgraded and refitted she is in excellent condition.



SEAQUELL Length Overall: 108’ 0”| 1992 Alloy Yachts | $2,400,000

elivering outstanding volume and exhilarating sailing performance, beautiful SEAQUELL certainly lives up to her pedigree. With a wide beam, great headroom, together with range of comfortable areas, her fabulous cockpit plus hot tub and sauna just enhance her massive appeal.


INMOCEAN Length Overall: 134’ 6” | 2008 Fitzroy Yachts | $9,150,000

aintained in exacting condition, this modern classic Dubois sloop exudes elegance. INMOCEAN is ideal for groups or families, offering plenty of sunbathing and entertaining spots, together with comfortable accommodation for up to six. Recently refitted, sailing on board is sensational.

www.OceanIndependence.com Contact: enquiries@ocyachts.com




s one of the very few luxury expedition yachts built in the world, Motor Yacht SuRi combines superbly designed spaces, endless comfort, and boundless adventure. Virtually no other charter vessel can offer the luxury, equipment, and crew that she can – making remote pristine locations and daring exploration accessible. The International SeaKeepers Society, a global marine science driven non-profit, has united with SuRi as her new owner in a shared mission of adventures on the water with like-minded travelers and their families, while delivering an unmatched pinnacle of luxury, sanctuary, and sustainability on board. Often described as “The World’s Most Adventurous Superyacht,” this vessel has unique access to the most remote and spectacular places in the world. Whether you’re diving on colorful reefs, wakeboarding off the coast of tropical islands, whale watching in the winter months, or deploying a vital instrument to ocean research, there’s an adventure all year-round. SuRi began as a crabber, braving dangerous seas near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands on the popular television show, Deadliest Catch. After undergoing over 5 years of refits and a major extension, SuRi finally became the luxury adventure yacht she is today. The 208-foot (64-meter) superyacht was designed with great care in mind creating her distinct look and feel, with an aim to maintain a sense of intimacy, flow, and understated luxury in every space. The stunning interior of SuRi is gloriously filled with rich wooden features, plush furnishings, and earthy tones, perfectly complimenting the blue waters and golden sunsets that fill the spaces through full height glass windows allowing you to breathe in the fresh ocean air. Where elegance meets the warm comforts of home, you can find entertainment and relaxation throughout the superyacht. The iconic Underwater Viewing Media Room takes family-time to a whole new level, with “windows to the sea,” illuminating the ocean below, attracting all kinds of fish for guests to view. This room in the lower deck includes large windows for observing sea life and doubles as a cinema with a large movie screen, providing for endless entertainment. If you step a few levels up, you’ll reach the Sky Lounge that provides for another room with a spectacular view to enjoy refreshing cocktails, a good read, or some much needed rest and relaxation.

© Jim Raycroft

When you’re looking to breathe in the fresh ocean air and bask in the sunshine, SuRi’s outdoor spaces are undisputed. Dine al fresco on the Sun Deck, which boasts a large dining table for up to 20 guests, full-service bar, and comfortable lounge areas. From hosting banquet dinners to sundrenched brunches, to cocktails and canapés, the sun deck is ideal for entertaining and socializing with friends and family. The sleek yet comfortable area, doesn’t end there with the ultimate relaxation mode as you soak up the sun on the expansive collection of sun lounges or sink into the warm, bubbling waters of SuRi’s state-of-theart Jacuzzi. SuRi is one giant adventure toy box, comprised of a vast array of water and land equipment, seacraft, and aircraft available for those who want to get their adrenaline pumping and explore like never before. Thrill seekers can now transform any destination into an unbridled adventure from a variety of hoverboards to Seabob Underwater Scooters to an inflatable rock climbing wall to high performance jet skis, and more. SuRi adventures also take place by air, with the ability to admire the reefs from above, soaring over crystal blue waters and gazing down upon scattered islands below, with a world-class aircraft at your disposal. The A-Star AS350 Squirrel Helicopter is the perfect choice for scenic flights and opportunities to capture epic photography. The helicopter boasts a spacious and comfortable ride with wide panoramic windows allowing for unobstructed views of the magnificent scenery.

© Jim Raycroft

©Jim Raycroft

As a new addition to SeaKeepers’ DISCOVERY Yacht Fleet, SuRi will now be taking part in Citizen Science and Instrument Deployments with charter guests and scientists on board. The collection of consistent and accurate data is extremely important to marine debris accumulation analyses, weather and hurricane prediction models, quality control tests on satellites, and an overall better understanding of the health of our oceans. From following sustainable practices to reducing environmental impact to equipping the correct tools to collect valuable data, SuRi has combined luxury and conservation to give you a truly unforgettable charter yacht vacation. “SuRi is an amazing vessel, ideally suited to the SeaKeepers mission, and with the unique ability to host guests who want to have a “hands-on” opportunity to participate in ocean research,” says SeaKeepers Chairman, Jay Wade. “As the flagship of our DISCOVERY Yacht fleet, she’ll be at the forefront of ocean conservation as she circumnavigates the globe over the next three years. With SuRi, we’re looking to continue our quest to protect and restore the world’s oceans, one adventure at a time.” With an unlimited sense of adventure and a world just waiting to be explored, SuRi and her crew have undertaken many expeditions all over our beautiful blue planet. The superyacht’s voyages have seen her brave the icy waters of Antarctica, island hop through French Polynesia, marvel at the sparkling coasts of Fiji, explore vibrant South East Asia, and tour down under Australia and New Zealand. With the SeaKeepers team behind her, there’s much more to explore in all corners of the world. www.MySuri.com


Tankoa Bintador


fishing destination. At the push of a button, switch back to electric while in Zero-Emissions Trolling Mode and enjoy the fishing without exhaust.

Their cutting-edge technology is currently installed on Tankoa’s 52-meter yacht Bintador, which brought home the Innovative Award at the World Superyacht Awards in 2020. Other yachts have the hybrid installed too, from the Sanlorenzo SL86’ and 106’ to Perini Navi’s masterpiece, the 42-meter E-volution and major shipyards are following suit. The great race has begun. e-Motion offers serial and parallel full-range hybrid systems for yachts from 50-220 feet and offers three plug-and-play packages; the first is called The Comfort ZeroEmissions Hybrid Package with International Shore Power Mode, Navigation Fast Chare, and Zero Emission Mode. The second is the Sport Fishing Package, with one more mode, designed specifically for fishing yachts. Maneuver in electric mode while exiting the port, navigate quickly with diesel propulsion to your

The third is the company’s signature offering; The Platinum Hybrid Package, composed of ten Functional Modes for yacht owners who desire to have all the flexibility the e-Motion system can offer, including Zero Emissions Mode, Diesel Electric Navigation Mode, Fast Cruise Mode, and Generator Fast Charge, Power Boost Mode, Cruising Boost Mode, to name a few. Elevated interviewed the CEO of e-Motion to give our readers a glimpse of who is behind this hybrid company. It is the brainchild of Michele Maggi, an Italian marine propulsion and yacht expert based in the center of the marine industry on the Ligurian coast. With over 15,000 marine engines sales under his belt, he is the third generation in the Maggi family’s diesel marine motor business and is determined to guide the marine industry towards electrification. He is also a boat owner, PADI rescue scuba diver, and an angler with an immense passion and respect for the sea.

he electric green wave is rushing towards the yachting industry, ready or not. There are quite a few hybrid systems on the market, but none have come close to e-Motion Hybrid Systems.

“My family has been in the marine engine dealer for over 80 years. At 22, my father sent me off for a two-year internship at the MTU headquarters in Friedrichshafen, Germany. I pleaded with them to place me in the factory line assembling motors. I wanted to learn the mechanics of an engine from the first to the last piece and realized if I was going to sell engines, it was essential to know them from the inside and out. Armed with this knowledge, I would provide better after sales service and future propulsion solutions to shipyards.” Not only was he involved in engines, but he also founded International Yachts Collection in Fort Lauderdale (today one of the biggest yacht brokerage houses in the USA) as the dealer for North and South American for Italian shipyards. “In the late 1990s, I saw the opportunity to offer my expertise in the sector and to represent the shipyards on the American market- I was the dealer for Baglietto, Baia, Cantieri di Pisa, Fipa-Maiora, and San Lorenzo. However, after closing a deal and teaming up with Ferretti Group as their buyer for the entire engine room package in Italy, I sold the company and dedicated my attentions back to propulsion.” The first hybrid challenge was with Ferretti Group, the Mochi 23m. Long-Range in 2006. This was the beginning of his life-long fascination for marine electric propulsion for Maggi. By supplying Ferretti with all the different engine room components, Maggi had contacts with all the sub-suppliers. “Back in 2006, there was nothing on the market, no small industrialized inverters; therefore, we didn’t have variable speed generators, not to mention electric engines with clutches. In addition, the first lithium battery packs were just coming out with an electric bus. But I knew we were on to a concept that would be the future of marine propulsion and the end of ICE (internal combustion engines) engines. It is incredible to think the engine room layout has been the same concept for over 40 years; two main propulsion engines and two generators. It’s time to move forward because technology is here and I believe in five years time, the yachting world will become full-electric once the solid state batteries evolve.”

Perini Navi

Sanlorenzo 86’

He further explained a collaboration with his final client’s 52-meter yacht. “By sharing the way he used and navigated his yacht, by the end of the year, my client’s data revealed his yacht emitted the equivalent of two 10-meter boats of 450 hp. How is that possible? He used our system in fullelectric mode and ran on batteries. Nearly 70% of a yacht’s maneuvers can and should be carried out in full-electric. Because for the majority of the time, he’s running on batteries, and he uses full-electric, which today is already possible with an autonomy of up to 50 to 60 miles a day.Typically, a yacht of that dimension moves about 20- or 30 miles a day, not more than that.” Fast-forward to 2021, e-Motion is the leader in serial and parallel full range hybrid propulsion for yachts from 50-220 ft. The technology advances in the past decade are mind-spinning. With e-Motions user-friendly interface, the captain pushes a button, and the yacht automatically switches from full diesel-propulsion to electric mode, or even to diesel-electric propulsion. “Today, it makes perfect sense to electrify yachts. The advantages are too many for the environment and for yacht owners to ignore. In the past six years, we have reduced the size of the dimension of the hybrid components by 70 %, and our system is the equivalent in weight and space of the existing engine room, and with the serial hybrid, we can reduce the dimensions even further. With our platinum package, you can save 35-65% of yearly CO2 emissions and fuel. The e-Motion’s hybrid is pre-assembled, ready for installation in all serial production yachts, and plug-and-play ready—the installation time is no different than the traditional engine room. To learn more about this cutting edge technology, visit www.e-motion-hybrid.com

Tankoa Bintador

Amanyara Villa 12, North West Point

Nina Siegenthaler

3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 9,549 Sq. Ft. 1.33 Acres Web ID: Y9KEGP | $5,950,000

1.649.231.0707 nina@tcsothebysrealty.com turksandcaicosSIR.com

The Shore Club Penthouse, Long Bay

Joe Zahm

3 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 6,239 Sq. Ft. 70 Ft. of Oceanfront Web ID: YL564E | $5,950,000

1.649.231.6188 joe@tcsothebysrealty.com turksandcaicosSIR.com

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Nothing Compares

Nina Siegenthaler 1.649.231.0707 nina@tcsothebysrealty.com turksandcaicosSIR.com

Nina Siegenthaler 1.649.231.0707 nina@tcsothebysrealty.com turksandcaicosSIR.com

Dhyani House, Parrot Cay 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 6,600 Sq. Ft. 6.17 Acres, 675 Ft. of Beachfront Price Upon Request | Web ID: 9WQ7ND

Dawn Beach, Turtle Cove 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 2 Half Baths, 6,575 Sq. Ft. 0.86 Acres, 104 Ft. of Beachfront $5,290,000 | Web ID: T838Q3

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nnovation continues to drive Intrepid’s passionate following among boating enthusiasts. Not only do the company’s designers give free rein to their creative impulses and zeal for perfection, but they deeply value the input and insights of customers. They are good listeners, turning customers’ dreams, desires and requests into some of the most imaginative and exciting boats on the water today. This is the process that yielded the 438 Evolution, the latest example of Intrepid’s “One of a kind. One at a time.” approach. In its revolutionary development of the sport yacht, Intrepid created a new category of outboard powerboat that seamlessly blends racing class performance with yacht class accommodations. With the introduction of the 438 Evolution, versatility, power, and luxury rise to an unprecedented level. Customers Asked. Intrepid Delivered. The design of the 438 Evolution has been shaped by customer requests for a boat that is sleek enough for short daytrips yet offers lavish live-aboard amenities for island-hopping and other extended adventures. The state-of-the-art design features adjustable twin helm seating and

portside bridge deck lounge seating that creates an expansive gathering space that keeps everyone in the conversation. Intrepid’s signature stepped hull delivers an incomparably smooth, dry ride and sure-footed handling thanks to the industry’s most advanced design, technology, and fabrication techniques. And customers will go farther faster with 550-gallon fuel tank and choice of tripleengine power packages. Elevated for improved visibility, the 438 Evolution’s spacious bridge deck features luxurious L-shaped lounge seating with additional storage underneath. Airconditioning keeps the enclosed cockpit comfortable even in the warmest weather. The spacious cabin, expansive aft cockpit, and bow with roomy sunpad offer plenty of places for family and friends to relax and enjoy the scene. Getting in and out of the water for swimming and diving is easy with the 438 Evolution’s swing-in, hullside dive door with step ladder and grab rails. Fishermen will love the customizable array of storage lockers, tackle boxes, rod holders and fish boxes, plus a folding rear bench seat. flanked by above-deck baitwells with lighted windows.

Spacious Comfort. Abundant Luxuries. This luxury yacht boasts the world-class accommodations of a cabin thoughtfully designed and equipped for long-distance travel and opulent overnight stays. Illuminated by large hullside windows and vented skylights, the 438 Evolution offers a surprising amount of headroom and sophisticated styling that includes hardwood flooring and premium Italian hardware and cabinetry. The exquisite heart of the boat is the master state room, offering queen berth nightstand, cabinets and hanging locker, and is brightened by glorious natural light during the day. An enhanced settee with wraparound seating and electric hi-lo table sets the stage for large gatherings, then converts to a second queen berth with the touch of a button. For complete information on the 438 Evolution and other Intrepid models, visit www.IntrepidPowerboats.com or call 954.922.7544.



allen from a stack of archives, a design of a boat was found by the daughter of Fredrick Ford, a Naval Architect of the Great Lakes region. “When the smaller design slipped from the stack of my father’s drawings we were just beginning to catalogue after his passing in 2014, I saw a 31’ powerboat I knew I wanted to show Steve (Van Dam)”, said Susan Ford. This design is what inspired the latest build at Van Dam Custom Boats, Dreamboat. But it wasn’t fate or luck that brought that boat design to the hands of the crew at Van Dam. Naval Architect, Fred Ford, and co-founder of Van Dam Custom Boats, Steve Van Dam, partnered on many boats in the early stages of what’s now become the craftsmanship of “The World’s Finest Wooden Boats”. After opening their first workshop in 1977, Van Dam Custom Boats started their portfolio with the construction of five commissioned sailboats. Star and Star’s Echo, two of those sailboats, were designed by Fred for he and his family. Star’s Echo was especially crafted for his daughter, who is also commissioning the build in progress, Dreamboat. “I’ve known Steve since he built Star (Wooden Boat Magazine Issue #54) for dad and Star’s Echo for me,” added Susan. The partnership between Fred and Steve has since produced a gallery of intricately customized boats. Fred and Steve again worked together in the late 80’s to build Van Dam’s first power boat – Flicker, and iconic Hacker replica. Flicker was a catalyst for success, creating waves for the company to enter into the powerboat industry. Simply specializing in the craftsmanship of cold molded custom boats, Van Dam has no limitations to the type of build requested. Their last three commissioned builds have ranged from a 44’ sailing yacht, a 24’ gentleman’s racer, to their current build Dreamboat, a 38’ sedan cruiser.

Dreamboat will be capable of playing with boats much bigger than her own 389’ stature. Her twin Volvo IPS drives will produce 600HP to cut through the waves of the Great Lakes, and the joystick system will make this boat incredibly nimble and intuitive to use in close quarters. To eliminate boat roll, the Seakeeper will keep her steady while out on the water. The lighting and Garmin electronics package are cutting edge, and the Czone system will make the lights and electrical systems completely customizable. However, the real beauty of this boat lies in its design and level of detail throughout the boat. The designers & craftsmen at Van Dam are always up for the challenge to build the world’s finest wooden boats, and their attention to detail is unmatched. “Once you’ve owned a Van Dam boat, you’re spoiled for life because nothing can compare,” said Susan Ford.

At the start of 2021, co-founders Jean & Steve Van Dam sold the business to the second-generation leaders, Erika & Ben Van Dam. After 44 years of business, they decided it was time to hand the helm to the next generation. “We couldn’t be more excited at the opportunity to lead this business into the future. We are incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing team, both in talent and attitude, and we are especially grateful to Susan for continuing the legacy our fathers started,.” said Ben Van Dam. The succession has been in transition for years, with Ben serving as President of the company since 2016. Jean & Steve remain as pillars of the company identity, taking on the role of consultants and regulars in the shop. “Through Ben and I, second generation in both families, the creative partnership between my dad and Steve continues as Dreamboat comes alive in the hands of the world’s best boat builders,” said Susan Ford. Dreamboat is scheduled to launch in 2022. Naval Architect Donald Blount and the design team at Van Dam Custom Boats took Fred’s original 1971 design and created the plans for Dreamboat. Van Dam Custom Boats have a lifetime guarantee, made for generational enjoyment. “The design team at Van Dam Custom Boats, have created a living legacy in Dreamboat,” said Susan Ford, “From dream to design to delivery, if you love boats, this is your dream team!” Crafting “The World’s Finest Wooden Boats” since 1977, Van Dam makes only one of each custom build. “There are no replicas or repeats. When you own a Van Dam, you own the only one in the world.,” states Jeremy Pearson. “Each of our boats are privately commissioned and built specifically to the wishes and needs of their owner. Every detail in the boat has been considered with the owners input and wishes in mind. Every part is unique and our design team and craftsmen relish the opportunity to dive into the details. We walk through the process with our customers from concept to creation and beyond.” www.VanDamBoats.com

There’s cross-country. There’s downhill. There’s whatever the Norwegians call this. Who doesn’t love a great ski vacation? We sure do. But you don’t need slopes to enjoy fresh powder, snow-capped mountains, velvety hot cocoa and a private hot tub under the stars. This year, we invite you to leave the busy lodges and the long lift lines behind. Come to The Resort at Paws Up® instead and discover skijoring, dogsledding, fat tire biking and sleigh rides through the trees. Strap on skates and snowshoes. Laugh till your cheeks hurt as you careen downhill on long and curvy snow tubing runs. We’re not here to dash your hopes of a great ski season. Only to make it the best one yet. Plan your winter getaway at go.pawsup.com/winter.


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the battle is won

on the green BL ACK JACK





putters When the shot really matters, call on PXG’s new, 100% milled Battle Ready Putters. We optimized absolutely everything on these new putters: ultra-deep CG location, weighting, balance, face pattern, and MOI. All to ensure stability and consistency on every stroke.

PXG clubs are only sold direct by PXG. PXG . COM | 844. P LAY. PXG


THE MOST AMAZING CLUBS TO EVER EARN THE PXG NAME Announcing our new PXG GEN4 golf clubs! Without a doubt, the best clubs we’ve ever made. Featuring incredible sound and feel, unbelievable forgiveness, explosive distance, and of course, drop dead sexy looks. Ka-Boom Baby! Learn more at PXG.com.

PXG clubs are only sold direct by PXG. PXG.C OM | 8 44.PLAY.PXG




tlas Ocean Voyages’ premier, small expedition-style ship, World Navigator, perfectly embodies their luxe-adventure travel experience, which is the ideal balance of simple elegance and invigorating adventures. And it all happens aboard a vessel purpose-built for navigating remote ports in highly sought destinations. Small Ships, Mega Journeys World Navigator – one of the smallest, new expedition-style ships with fewer than 200 guests – allows for a more intimate atmosphere on board and off ship. With fewer crowds, you have the chance for more personal, fuller experiences, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in your adventures. World Navigator also brings you closer to your destination and into more remote ports only navigable by small ships, so you can head straight into your explorations. Luxe-Adventure Destinations Atlas Ocean Voyages brings explorers to hidden gems in iconic destinations, as well as to destinations less visited, and there are few places as remote as Antarctica. Atlas is taking guests to unparalleled adventures to

the Seventh Continent in Winter 2021/2022. Their expeditions bring travelers closer to The White Continent for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like a special sailing that takes them into the Scotia Sea at the height of a reverse, total solar eclipse that happens only once every 400 years. With an Atlas Antarctica expedition, guests also have the chance to cross the Antarctic Circle and earn their place in the Order of the Red Nose. Traversing the Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands, South Georgia and Sandwich Islands, Atlas’ Antarctica itineraries give travelers the chance to immerse themselves in this destination less traveled. Atlas Ocean Voyages continues their luxeadventure travel experiences in August 2021 with five exciting Mediterranean and Greek Isles expeditions. Plus, 24 more starting Spring/Summer 2022 with new destinations in the British Isles, Arctic, Iceland and Greenland, Norwegian Fjords, Central and South America, Baltic, Mediterranean and more. With opportunities to check a few items off your bucket list, like a glimpse of the Northern Lights or golfing across the United Kingdom, their new 2022 destinations promise to fill your next travel year with one-of-a-kind moments.

A Stand-Out Experience Atlas Ocean Voyages aims to stand out from the crowd by enhancing what you already expect from luxury, expedition travel. That includes onboard indulgences like the first-ever, L’OCCITANE luxury spa at sea; SeaSpa by L’OCCITANE, only available on World Navigator. With signature treatments and products from the renowned L’OCCITANE en Provence, it’s a holistic pampering experience that encompasses the balance of mind, body and spirit that Atlas aspires to encourage. You will also enjoy complimentary L’OCCITANE bath amenities in your accommodations during your holiday. They’re also the first and only expedition-style cruising brand that includes emergency medical evacuation insurance that covers you while on your trip. This plan may provide coverage for transportation expenses for an Emergency Medical Evacuation along with Repatriation expenses, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount of $250,000 and a Baggage and Personal Effects benefit up to $100. It’s how Atlas offers peace of mind, so you don’t have to worry and can fully enjoy your travels. Atlas is always striving to bring you closer to your destinations, even when on board. On board World Navigator from Water’s Edge, you sit just 30 feet above the water, giving you plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife sailing alongside as you make your way from one port to the next. It’s also the perfect spot to watch the horizon as you approach your next destination. And you can do it all in absolute comfort, as Water’s Edge also has heated seating. Fulfilling their promise of an all-inclusive experience, Atlas is the only travel brand to offer complimentary, non-stop private charter jet service to Ushuaia from the U.S. for every Antarctica expedition. Aboard an A330 Air Bus, you’ll be pampered with exceptional service, first-rate cuisine, and premium wine and spirits. It’s the luxuriant life at 35,000 feet, including escorted guidance through customs upon landing in Ushuaia.

All Inclusive All The Way Atlas takes every aspect of your journey into account, including roundtrip air travel to all destinations, a choice of complimentary land excursions in every port, unlimited premium pours and six dining options with locally inspired gourmet cuisine on board...plus everything in between. Off-Ship Excursions Part of the luxe-adventure experience includes what you can do on shore and off ship. With Atlas Ashore, Atlas Ocean Voyages offers a carefully curated selection of adventures made with every kind of traveler in mind. Whether you prefer to wander and take in the history and culture of your destination or want to challenge your mind and body to exhilarating excursions, their land programs have something made just for you. That includes a choice of complimentary land excursions at every port to give you more to explore. While an expedition to Antarctica is an adventure in and of itself, Atlas Ocean Voyages offers even more opportunities to explore your destination with incredible off-ship excursions. The Seventh Continent is a dream destination for fans of aquatic sports with chances to kayak, paddle and stand-up paddle across its pristine waters. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can opt for overnight camping in Antarctica or snowshoeing across the snowy shores. Atlas even offers opportunities

to join and contribute to scientific research in Antarctica, an excursion perfect for the curious mind. And all activities take place alongside expedition experts, providing you the guidance necessary to enjoy your experiences to the fullest. Conscious Travel Atlas Ocean Voyages believes exploring the world is for everyone, so they’ve taken steps on board to help do their part to keep it going today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. They’re limiting the use of guest-facing, single-use plastics and providing still and sparkling water in reusable water recepticles daily to every room. World Navigator realizes the possibilities of environmental stewardship with the latest hybrid power management and propulsion system, maximizing fuel efficiency and consuming as low as one-fifth the fuel compared to conventional cruise-ship systems, reducing Atlas’ impact on the environment. They also aim to help preserve the unspoiled beauty of their destinations, so they minimize underwater noise that stresses marine wildlife by using a hydro-jet propulsion system, allowing World Navigator to cruise virtually silent up to five knots for incomparable, up-close encounters while keeping the sensitive ecosystem in mind. To prevent damage to the fragile ecosystems on ocean floors, Atlas also avoids using anchors to maintain ship position by using a GPSbased dynamic position system.

Life on Board World Navigator When sailing on World Navigator with Atlas Ocean Voyages, you experience casual luxury. Beginning 2022, they will be exclusively offering only balcony and suite accommodations, each with a private marble bath and premium L’OCCITANE amenities, Atlas creates a relaxed atmosphere that invites you to take it easy. That also includes their Solo Suites, the most spacious accommodations at sea for solo travelers. Their six onboard dining options offer culinary experiences with locally inspired gourmet cuisine and an atmosphere that invites you to connect with like-spirited explorers. You can get to know your fellow travelers in spaces like Atlas Lounge and The Dome observation lounge, where you can enjoy unlimited premium pours and craft cocktails. For a holistic approach to health and well-being, stop in at the Fitness Studio or engage in a yoga or Pilates class on deck. World Navigator is purpose-built for the full luxe-adventure experience. The Future of Atlas Ocean Voyages World Navigator is only the beginning for Atlas Ocean Voyages. Joining their sister ship by the end of 2023 are four more small, expedition-style ships: World Traveller, World Seeker, World Adventurer and World Discoverer. www.AtlasOceanVoyages.com

71 Ludlow 4B | $3,950,000 71 Ludlow Street PH-4B | $3,600,000 244 Madison Ave Upper-PH | $3,250,000 11 Riverside Drive 7-TW | $1,495,000 Gold St.Street 20-C 8-A | $1,595,000 470306 West 24th | $1,149,000 237470 West 11th24th Street West St.2-B 15A| |$1,400,000 $999,000



G-Studio was appointed to personalize, accessorize and interior design this brand new Azimut Grande 100 yacht which was freshly delivered from Italy to a boating enthusiast in Hong Kong. TGStudio had designed the owners apartment and office before and were delighted when asked to help with the interiors for this yacht. The brief was to personalize the interior and breathe in life and taste. No budget was set but TGStudio wanted to be economical considering that it was a brand new boat. The main internal entertaining area is located on the main deck and consists of a living area and dining area. The living area seats 8 comfortably and consists of two sofas opposite each other. The beige fabric was kept for the first season and a new coffee table with bespoke poufs that slide underneath were introduced. New cushions, sculptures, semi precious stones and picture frames were

carefully selected. A saddle leather wrapping it around the stainless steel shelves restraints was added to soften the look. The bespoke rug is a studio design and introduces soft green colors balanced by the jungle cushions on the sofa. New side tables from B&B Italia feature the cyclone lamp, another TG product. In the dining area, they removed the bland white leather panels located on either side of the mirror/TV wall and introduced real bronze panels with an imprint of shagreen. The panels were manufactured in England by a specialist called ANKA. The dining table top was replaced with a composite top consisting of a MDF base and a slab of Arrabascato marble on top. The edges thin out and are chamfered not to create sharp corners. To avoid having to replace all chairs, they kept six of the dining chairs and added the Husk Armchair from B&B Italia on either end, upholstered in canary leather, to introduce punctuation and a bit of fun.

The rear of the main deck boasts the exceptional game and TV room. It features 5 skylights panelled in light oak. The existing furniture did not meet TS-Studio’s expectation, so they replaced all pieces from the room, apart from the coffee table. The coffee table is a feat of engineering. It is a multi-functional piece, able to move up or down and can fold to create more space - a feature too good to be dismissed. The main wall was covered with bespoke manufactured panels in Elitis fabric which was detailed with individual bronze studs creating and interesting patterns which also separates the 3 framed pieces of art - 300 year old sea charts found in an antiques shop in London. The main sofa is an adapted Imprimatur from Maxalto, the symmetrical side-sofas are Feel Good in Tricot Tip Fabric. TG designed the bespoke rug Chrysler Gold, available through Creatus, which brings together all fabrics in this room. The room was accessorized with blue bespoke cushions from the Rug Company. Accessories are from Linley. The table lights are Giacometti from Porta Romana, a real find, adding a sculptural note to this very comfortable room. A main feature of the yacht is its large sun deck. The existing cushions were upholstered in Herringbone Jacquard from Hermes. Deco cushions, available from Curatus, were added to complete the styling - two sets of blue cushions in Cape Cod and Birds of Paradise fabrics from Holly Hunt. The cushions were weighted with rice to prevent them from flying off board during transit. Accessories were hand selected in London and Hong Kong to fit the personality of the client.

The main cabin received a dark racing green carpet and new panels on the headboard covered in H Cube by Hermes Paris. The circular armchairs in the distance were upholstered with Smoking Room Velvet from Amy Somerville on the back and ALMA leather on the base. The aim was to introduce richer finishes throughout this spacious room. The blanket on the bed is the ultimate luxury accessory, featured by Meissen in their home section, it is embroidered with their logo and is made out of cashmere. A simple and stunning design made out of solid metal, the bedside wall lights are from Kelly Wearstler’s Precision Collection and were imported from California. Door handles are leather wrapped available from Olivari and the bed linens are from Frette. The front cabin received a deep blue velvet silk carpet, adding depth to the luxurious space. Wall panels behind and opposite the bed were upholstered in Paddock Carbone from Hermes Paris; a beautiful patterned silk fabric offering great detail and color. Altogether, the TG Studio team brought the clients design dreams to life about this bespoke Azimut Grande 100 Yacht. TG-Studio.co.uk AzimutYachts.com




680 PS



3.0 SEC






ounded in 1982, Galeon Yachts is a privately owned company specializing in luxury yachts and motorboats. Due to a clear vision and steady growth, Galeon currently employs over 1,200 people. Galeon is at the forefront of innovative boatbuilding, constantly introducing new and daring designs that push the limits of luxury further and further with each successive generation of yachts. Every Galeon yacht is designed to be world-class with handcrafted excellence, unparalleled attention to detail, cutting-edge technology, and innovative designs. Dedicated to continuing as the premier European boat builder, they adhere to a commitment to distinction in design, exceptional innovation that improves owner experience, outstanding craftsmanship, and unmatched quality. With 40 years of experience in yacht design and construction Galeon can assure every yacht model will exceed all expectations. In collaboration with Tony Castro Yacht Design over the last two decades, Galeon is continually setting new benchmarks for innovation, performance, and luxury. They’re known for features that go above and beyond what their competitors can produce. Extendable main decks, Michelin-worthy galleys, and innovative seating arrangements create an onboard experience that is the envy of the recreational marine industry. By combining decades of hard-earned experience and passion, Galeon is among the most vertically integrated yacht builders in the world, controlling the process and delivering unrivaled quality. Galeon’s quality control is rooted in their relentless pursuit of perfection. They strive for excellence in all that they do. It’s a commitment that is apparent from the initial inspection and throughout the total ownership experience.

325 GTO

800 FLY

325 GTO

As for performance, the DNA of Galeon comes from the Baltic Sea – the world’s roughest waters have created the smoothest ride. With the Baltic Sea proven, deep-V hull, all Galeon Yachts deliver a wave-cutting variable V-design that starts with a sharp bow entry, transitioning to a balanced deadrise at the transom for efficient lift. Combined with aggressive chines and pronounced strakes, Galeon’s hull design creates a smooth dry ride with superb tracking. Galeon, which was already successful throughout Europe and other countries, partnered with MarineMax providing an immediate dealer network of over 70 dealerships in the United States. It also provided an insight into the American boat culture and lifestyle, which allowed Galeon to develop models and features that would appeal to MarineMax’s clients and potential customers. For over 40 years, Galeon has been setting new standards in the recreational marine industry. Customer-driven innovations and keeping apprised and applying the latest technologies and construction techniques are a hallmark of Galeon. MarineMax encourages employees and customers to be a critical factor in developing new models and improving existing ones. The engineering and design teams at Galeon are strategically empowered to rapidly identify and implement new compelling ideas, keeping Galeon at the forefront of the industry. MarineMax asserts that continual innovation is essential for Galeon Yacht’s future and of the recreational marine industry as a whole. MarineMax offers Galeon models from the groundbreaking outboard-powered 325 GTO to the spectacularly appointed 800 FLY. Models range from flybridge to sport coupes with Galeon’s unique SKY models with retractable hardtops that open to an upper control station and “skybridge” deck.

MarineMax prides itself on building an integrated network of service centers and mobile service teams. Customers are never far from help if their Galeon Yacht requires service. “Customers tend to think of MarineMax as a sales organization,” explains Chuck Cashman, Chief Revenue Officer for MarineMax. “However, for every salesperson at MarineMax, there are two factory-trained service technicians to support our customers.” In addition, each local MarineMax dealer offers frequent instructional courses such as Women on Water, Kids on Water, and Boating 101. Furthermore, local MarineMax dealers offer Getaways!®, which allows MarineMax boat owners to go on guided journeys to exciting destinations. “Just recently, MarineMax hosted a Galeon Yachts Owners rendezvous in Key West. It was a blast,” said Bob Burke, Galeon Brand Manager at MarineMax. “Now we are planning another Galeon owner rendezvous for next year.” To expedite boat services and improve customer experience, MarineMax has developed the MarineMax App. Customers can easily connect with their local MarineMax and order services for their boat with the app – from routine maintenance to requesting a wash, obtaining fuel, or completing a repair. Customers also find access to upcoming events and MarineMax local inventory. MarineMax also operates Boatyard, a pioneering digital platform that enhances the boating experience. Working together, Galeon Yachts and MarineMax remain diligent to redefine and reinvent what on-the-water luxury means. GaleonYachts.us

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ELECTRIC Lights, Too.

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Becker Automotive Solutions America’s Finest Executive Transportation.

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The new 2021 Cadillac ESV from Becker is the most advanced and refined executive SUV on the market today. Becker’s 20-, 26- and 30-inch stretch configurations enhance GM’s completely revised chassis and onboard systems to deliver unexcelled ride quality and occupant safety. As always, Becker’s rear cabin innovations offer unmatched luxury and craftsmanship, with comfort and amenities that elevate your travel experience above all the rest.

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arineMax is the world’s largest recreational boat and yacht retailer. They sell boats, but they also change lives. Boating opens doors that connect us with family, friends, and places. We explore the unknown, which sometimes is a place, but more frequently, and importantly, a state of mind that is unlocked only by water. You never quite know what it will be. But it is something you did not have before. Something you will never forget, and it will change your life. The roots of MarineMax date back over 40 years, but the story starts when Executive Chairman of the Board, Bill McGill, moved his family to Florida to turn his lifelong passion into what would become the world’s largest boat retailer. Over time the company has expanded, most recently announcing the acquisition of KCS International, Inc., better known as Cruisers Yachts, headquartered in Oconto, Wisconsin. Cruisers is recognized as one of the world’s leading producers of superior yachts, designing and manufacturing models from 33 to 60 feet.MarineMax’s acquisition of Cruisers Yachts ensures it will always have a premium, American-built yacht in its product portfolio. Cruisers Yachts prides itself on continuously building innovative, handcrafted, American-made yachts. With a legacy of fine craftsmanship and forward-thinking for over 100 years, Cruisers has successfully navigated through numerous boating industry cycles and continued to grow due to invention and design leadership. Started in 1904 as the Thompson Brothers Boat Manufacturing Company, circa 1956, the company began to use the Cruisers name. In the early 1990s, K.C. Stock, born and raised in the Oconto area, saw the potential for opportunity. In 1993, Stock’s KC International Inc. purchased the company and changed the name to Cruisers Yachts.

Bill McGill

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MarineMax is a customer-centered company selling new and used recreational boats, yachts, and related marine products and services and providing yacht brokerage and charter services. Many of their team members are experienced boating enthusiasts. They pride themselves on building relationships with their customers, offering frequent instructional courses such as Women on Water, Kids in Boating, and Boating 101. They offer MarineMax Getaways!®, which allows groups of MarineMax boat owners to go on guided journeys to exciting destinations. To expedite boat services and improve customer experience, MarineMax has developed the MarineMax App. Customers can easily connect with their local MarineMax and order services for their boat – from routine maintenance to requesting a wash, obtaining fuel, or completing a repair with the app. Customers also find access to upcoming events and MarineMax local inventory. MarineMax also operates Boatyard, a pioneering digital platform that enhances the boating experience. W. Brett McGill, Chief Executive Officer and President of MarineMax, stated, “The strategic acquisition of Cruisers Yachts benefits our customers by filling a meaningful void in our product portfolio which was created in 2018 by the loss of Sea Ray sport yacht and yacht models. The acquisition also aligns with our long-term strategy of expanding our gross margins by adding a higher-margin business. Cruisers has a seasoned, passionate, and successful team. Their industry knowledge and recent expansion, combined with MarineMax’s resources, will enable Cruisers to accelerate its positioning in the market. We can continue to expand and grow with Cruisers’ model lineup in available markets. We are excited to have Mark Pedersen join our management team as he will continue to lead the operations of Cruisers’ more than 350 team members.”

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Mark Pedersen, President of Cruisers Yachts, stated, “We are very excited about becoming part of the MarineMax family and the great opportunities that lie ahead. Over the years, we have recognized that certain customers prefer only to buy an American-built yacht, and our brand compliments MarineMax’s other offerings. The MarineMax team has a proven track record of great success in our industry. With our loyal Cruisers owners and a strong dealer network, we will all greatly benefit from being a part of MarineMax.” With over 100 locations worldwide, including 77 retail dealership locations, and of those 30 with marinas or storage operations, MarineMax is the largest and most trusted recreational yacht dealership. Through Fraser Yachts and Northrop & Johnson, it is also the largest super-yacht services provider, operating globally. The company also offers MarineMax Vacations in the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. They carry premium brands including Aquila, Azimut, Benetti, Boston Whaler, Cruisers, Galeon, Hatteras, MJM Yachts, Ocean Alexander, Sea Ray, and many more. MarineMax customers join the family and get access to a wealth of experience that can match them with the perfect boat, provide world-class service, financing and insurance, educational programs, access to Getaways!® trips and other boaters. Learn more and become #UnitedbyWater at MarineMax.com.

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BY TIGER WOODS & TGR DESIGN book your stay & play package at Bigcedar.com


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rue to their name, you’ll find World Cat’s on virtually every ocean and lake in the world. Over 80,000 customers across the globe can be found enjoying World Cat catamarans. They’ve chosen their boats because World Cat delivers a smoother, more stable, more enjoyable experience from entertaining at the dock to navigating the deepest waters. Today, World Cat is the largest maker of power catamarans in the world. Located in Tarboro, North Carolina, their boats are precision crafted in a state-of-the-art 140,000 square foot facility. While building an array of boats in different sizes and configurations, each is a reflection of their mission is to deliver the smoothest ride on water – making boating more enjoyable and giving boaters the comfort and confidence to cruise, fish, dive, and explore the water world around them.

From the South Pacific to Siberia, World Cats have safely carried thousands of boaters over tens of thousands of miles. Shouldn’t you share in that experience? If you’re a boater, you know about the pounding, slapping, exhausting ride that a monohull boat subjects you to. But, with a World Cat power catamaran, you get a smoother, more stable ride. That means no more physical abuse – for you or your family and friends. You can stay on the water longer, and go farther. You’ll come back with more energy, and fewer bruises. And, along with that comfort, you’ll have the confidence to head out in conditions that keep other boaters at shore. Most new models start in the R&D department. But the 400 Series began with an ideal...to design and develop the most sophisticated and customizable catamaran models on the market. A catamaran model that surrounds you with a yacht-like feel with lush appointments, expansive room, and infused with technology.

With an initial $3 million investment, they set out to create the perfect catamaran, one that would not only meet their World Cat standards, but also one that would exceed the customer’s standards by offering a customizable model. The ability to choose your soft goods and fabric, choose your hardsurface materials, your colors, and even choose the perfect set up for your boating experience with customized configurations. Why invest in creating a highly customizable model? Because these custom configurations provide the ability to adapt to each owner’s specific needs. For instance, there are 12 different transom configurations common to all three models in the Custom Yacht Division resulting in 36 different versions of the 400’s - ranging from a luxurious cruising dual console with enclosed head and separate stateroom to a true offshore center console with sleigh seating and a sporty upper station. Whether you’re looking for a 60-gallon live well, chiller box, bait rigging station, dive tank storage or additional seating, there is a combination that fits any owner’s usage. If a crew wants to dive, cruise, fish or just spend a leisurely day out on the water, there is a design that can fit any need. www.WorldCat.com



ermes Speedster is a neat classicstyled runabout with traits reminiscent from the 1959 Porsche 356 and the gentleman-style runabout boats of the 30s’. The Hermes Speedster successfully combines luxury, efficiency, style and comfort. Seven Seas Yachts was founded in 2011 and is based in the UK. In 2012 the first 17 meter yachts the Legend 54 was created, the Legend 56 Fly and Hermes GranTurismo followed. The development of the Hermes Speedster started in 2015, while the production of the model started in 2017. Furthermore, in 2018 the Hermes Speedster was awarded as boat of the year 2018 by HISWA. Now in 2021, the Hermes Speedster is sold worldwide. It took its name from the Ancient Greek God Hermes. The messenger of the Gods, son of Zeus and one of the twelve principal gods of Olympus. Also God of speed, wealth, luck and travel.

The Hermes Speedster comes in various color combinations. The customer can customize the color of the hull, real leather, carpet and convertible top. This way the customer has the opportunity to cruise on a unique Hermes Speedster. Furthermore, the owner has the opportunity to have his/her name or the name of the boat engraved or embroidered on several parts of the boat. Each piece of the interior, from the seats and the steering wheel to the speakers and the switches, is especially designed and hand crafted with attention to detail. Due to the convertible top, in a few seconds, you can enjoy your boat, despite poor weather conditions.

The Hermes Speedster is a very unique boat, looks wise and also performance wise. Thanks to the patented Amfihull, the Hermes Speedster is able to cruise from 5mph up to 45mph, as the boat maintains at all speeds very low trim angles between 2 and 2.8 degrees. Unlike other boats there is no specific speed at which the Hermes transitions to plane, instead as the speed increases the boat gradually comes out of the water maintaining a nearly horizontal attitude.

As there is very low drag resistance and no hump coming on plane, the jet drive offers you insane acceleration. Considering all the above, the very low center of gravity and the surprisingly low weight, Hermes ensures a very soft, safe and fun ride. The Hermes Speedster is powered by a Rotax 1503NA 155hp and has a top speed of 45mph. With only 0.27m (0.9ft) of draft, the Hermes Speedster can access any exotic beach despite how shallow the waters may be. The incredible low weight of 680kg, the jet drive propulsion and the low draft will let you take it out on the sand with ease and comfort. Its LOA is 6.75m and the beam is only 1.8m, its dimensions and its low weight makes it really easy and comfortable to tow the Hermes Speedster with any car. www.Hermes-Craft.com




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urquoise-built, André Hoek-designed 56 meter explorer M/Y Blue II has some beautiful new pictures to share with the world. In this Guillaume Plisson shoot, she went on full display with her explorer characteristics coming to light in challenging weather conditions. Built at Turquoise Yachts in Istanbul, this unique vessel is somewhat reminiscent of classic steam ships, yet she is designed and built to be an exploration yacht for the 21st century incorporating state-of-the-art technology. Blue II is a fusion of old and new. Her exterior styling is by Hoek Design, predominantly known for penning exclusive sailing yachts. Blue II has the distinction of being Hoek Design’s first and only motor yacht project. Clearly, her profile, horizontal lines, and gracious curves bear the DNA of grand historical sailing yachts. Designated ice-class 1B, Blue II is a very special vessel, capable of cruising the Mediterranean or exploring the Arctic, in comfort and safety. She has optimal sea keeping characteristics and is equipped with IMO Tier III diesel electric propulsion. Special features include generous under-deck storage for two sizeable tenders. With an interior volume of 785 GT, the yacht boasts an immense amount of varied and functional space over four decks affording guests ultimate comfort for extended cruising.

A stand out in a sea of conventional white superyachts, Blue II dares to be different both in design and purpose. She is the first IMO Tier 3 compliant and first ice-class yacht that that we have ever built. Blue II’s explorer characteristics are not only prominent in her seakeeping abilities, but also in use of her deck space. As storage for the tenders, toys and a small submarine are below deck, the aft main deck is free and uncluttered for social use. Blue II’s layout and interior design were a collaboration among Hoek Design, London-based Vickers Studio and Amsterdam-based Dols and Company Interiors. Blue II’s interior is a blend of subtle classic elements, such as teak detailing, and contemporary flair. While her looks bear a resemblance to the

Golden Age of Yachting, Blue II is an entirely fresh and original design with merely a nod to yesteryear. Her interior is a blend of subtle classic elements, such as teak detailing, and contemporary flair. Styling is by Hoek Design in cooperation with Vickers Studio and Dols Home, which provided the interior décor. Along with cozy and communal indoor spaces, there are expansive open deck spaces for relaxation. Owners’ representation and project management was provided by Master Yachts Consultancy. Large open spaces enable a seamless transition from day to night. Along with a cozy outdoor lounge for large parties, the outdoor dining table can be used as either a coffee table or a dining table. The outdoor seating is upholstered in light blue fabrics mirroring the colors of sea and sky.

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he Pearl 95 continues the hugely successful design collaboration between Dixon yacht design and Kelly Hoppen. As innovative and groundbreaking as its smaller sisters, the 95 is even more luxurious and breathtaking. This is legendary seakeeping, style and performance on a whole different scale. With lines from the drawing boards of longterm Pearl collaborator Dixon Yacht Design, the Pearl 95 turns heads wherever she cruises. A semi-raised pilothouse merges seamlessly with the extensively glazed deep V hull in an aerodynamic and sporty silhouette. The sweeping curve of the top deck meets with the more linear shape of the main deck, its windows following the line of the hull with aggressive, modern edges. The long overhang of the steep bow is designed for speed and impeccable seakeeping whilst the stern platform maximises the connection to the sea. From the hull design through to the styling, engineering and interior space planning, the Dixon design team has strived to produce a yacht that really stands out from the crowd.

Continuing in her exclusive and highly successful collaboration with Pearl Yachts, international design star Kelly Hoppen has created a luxurious and impeccably planned interior on par with the exacting tastes of superyacht clients. In her design, Hoppen placed a strong emphasis on the flow from the outside in and ensured that the spaces breathe and feel unenclosed. The feedback of previous and current Pearl Yacht owners has been a strong influencer in the development of the 95 and the owner’s cabin can be found forward on the saloon deck and will feature huge windows boasting unforgettable panoramic views over the bow. This cabin is accessed through an antechamber with dressing table and impressive stowage. The main deck saloon is vast with space for a huge L-shaped sofa and a dining table for eight.

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Nestled in a quiet stretch of Brush Creek Valley, surrounded by pristine Colorado Wilderness, Frost Creek is the perfect haven to decompress and reconnect amidst nature. Fly fish in pristine rivers, hike and bike scenic trails, tee off for a round on our award-winning golf course designed by Tom Weiskopf, and enjoy easy access to everything you have come to expect from the Rocky Mountains. Are you ready to explore?

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We are your premiere luxury real estate team, specializing in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale. Whether selecting a primary home, new build, investment property, secondary residence or lot purchase, we have you covered. We are able to provide a vast network of tradesmen and builders. Contact us today. Discover your exceptional new life in the Valley of the Sun.


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eadship and Nauta Design have unveiled a cool opening for fast decision makers with the 72.60-metre Project 2024. All the investments in time and resources have been made for the core engineering and naval architecture on a Feadship that can be ready for the 2024 summer season. Project 2024 responds to requests from owners looking to enjoy Feadship safety and comfort in the shortest timeframe without being closely involved in the technical aspects of a custom build. These people also have no wish to compromise on the bespoke premium quality choices that Feadship offers in terms of on-board facilities. Feadship and Nauta Design have developed a warm relationship working on previous builds and Project 2024 integrates their shared expertise in an exclusive design dedicated to enjoying close proximity to the sea. A prime example is the spectacular transom with foldout side wings, an island playground with a 3.3-metre pool, seating zones with sun & shade and steps into the sea. The main deck above is connected with gently sloping stairs, making it safe to have children playing on the platform and in the pool while the adults keep a restful eye from above.

The beach club continues forward into the lower deck interior, with an extra lounge area and another fold-down terrace on the starboard side. More room for relaxation is created once the tender and toys are launched, while steam showers and a sauna create an irresistible wellness area.

a full-height food lift cover all decks. The design for Project 2024 envisages sleeping twelve guests in the master stateroom, a VIP and four guest suites. Clients can arrange things differently if desired, one of countless options that include adding a helicopter platform to the upper deck and designing the entire interior style.

Another alluring aspect of Project 2024 is the way forward areas are linked to optimise the owner experience. The full-beam main deck master suite is an oasis of privacy with a giant bedroom, his & her walk-ins and bathrooms, and a lounge with a balcony. A stairway offers direct access to a sequestered outdoor area on the bow, complete with pool, sun beds and intimate dining.

Like all aspects of Project 2024, the timeless exterior is fully future proof with a low profile, harmonious lines and clean architecture. While everything is in place to start creating a Feadship that will see the light of day in just three years’ time, this motoryacht is set to bring joy to all who step aboard for decades to come.

The owners will have many high-class facilities to share with family and friends among the 564 square meters of luxury spaces. Seamless movement is ensured between the large main deck aft, with its delightful open and shaded areas, and main saloon. This social hub is divided between a lounge and dining area, with full-height windows and 270-degree views. The option exists to add fold-out balconies to this lounge.

Project 2024 can comfortably sleep twelve guests in true Feadship style. You can arrange the staterooms and suites as you see fit: it’s designed on the premise of two guests in the super-spacious master stateroom, two in the delightful VIP and eight spread over the four guest suites (twins or doubles). There are also fine accommodations for sixteen crew members in the eight cabins on the lower deck while the captain’s cabin is found on the bridge deck.

The amidships sky lounge on the upper deck is another fine spot to mix with outdoor dining facilities aft. The sun deck offers three further zones to unwind while an elevator for guests and

This unique project can be ready for delivery in time for the 2024 summer season. Yes, that’s right: A brand-new Feadship ready for you to enjoy within just three years.



he VIRTUS 47m motor yacht offers an exquisite balance of Dutch architecture and Italian design. Built by the longest established yard in Turkey, Mengi Yay, hull #3 in this successful range is scheduled for delivery in June 2023 and available to buy now. An intelligently designed yacht featuring large living spaces, she boasts a spacious beach club with a transom and side opening. Her upper deck offers a spacious sky lounge and her garage has spaces for two tenders.

The VIRTUS 47m is designed in contemporary and sophisticated style, with floor-to-ceiling windows opening up her interior spaces seamlessly to the outside world. A spacious layout is achieved through a wide 9m/29’ beam. R.E.G. yacht code compliant, this yacht boasts high propeller clearance and reduced vibration and noise while cruising.


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One of a kind penthouse apartment located on the famous Croisette in the Golden Triangle in Cannes, France. On the ocean and within walking distance to the Palais des Festivals so you can walk to the Cannes Film Festival and all associated activities. This penthouse has over 3,400 square feet of luxurious living space and 645 square feet of terrace with sweeping views of the famous French Boardwalk and the Mediterranean. The penthouse is on two levels and includes 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Private elevator to each level and garage space for seven cars. Building includes 24 hour concierge service. Perfect for Entertainment Industry and other VIPs. Own a little piece of Versailles on the hottest spot on the French Riviera.

A CONCIERGE-LEVEL EXPERIENCE FOR A L L YO U R L U X U R Y R E A L E S TAT E N E E D S . • Boutique/Concierge level luxury real estate needs the French Riviera from backed by the robust Berkshire Hathaway.

of service for all your in Atlanta as well as Monaco to St Tropez, global resources of

• Over 20 years experience specializing in providing VIP clients from the Entertainment/Music Industry, Sports Personalities, Senior Government Officials, and C-Level Executives from Global Fortune 100 Companies with the highest levels of service and discretion while handling the selling and buying of luxury real estate.

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ess than 48 hours after Hurricane Irma leveled the BVI in late 2017, Lauren Hokin and her father Richard were staring in disbelief at the ruins and remnants of the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda -- a 64-acre maritime resort she and her family had owned for the last 50 years. Bitter End had weathered countless major storms and hurricanes throughout its storied tenure as the world’s premiere boating, sailing, and watersports destination. And its idyllic location overlooking North Sound in Virgin Gorda has always been considered one of the most protected and popular anchorages in the Caribbean— a mecca for sailors from all over the world. But Hurricane Irma was different. “The devastation was like nothing we had seen before. It was heartbreaking…” she says. Razing what was left and cleaning up the debris from 100 structures on 64 acres took nearly a year— everything left in the hurricane’s wake needed to either be burned or removed by barge. During the demolition, and throughout the reconstruction process, friends of the Bitter End Yacht Club stayed in touch and followed the progress, offering support and promising to return, counting on a Phoenix-like rebirth. In order to stay connected to their global community, the Hokins and the Bitter End Crew created Bitter End Provisions, a line of “seaworthy goods for salty people” spun from the success and popularity of Bitter End’s goods and gear. Through the generosity of their loyal community and their Provisions for Good program, the Bitter End crew has raised $1mm to support stewardship of the seas and the communities that surround them, including initiatives in education, healthcare and the environment throughout Virgin Gorda and the BVI. Bitter End’s goods and gear capture the spirit of the Bitter End Yacht Club through the ages, which is exactly what Hokin says the family is doing with Bitter End’s next chapter. The 26slip marina and 70 mooring ball anchorage is complete, and phase one of rebuilding the waterfront is expected to open this November. At press time, the core of the nautical village is under roof and interiors and landscaping are being installed. At the centerpiece of the village is an all-new marina complex featuring all the modern amenities boaters seek, plus an unmatched view of the anchorage from the second-floor yacht club lounge. The new Clubhouse sports a proper yacht club dining room, plus a nearby Italian wine bar and open-kitchen; and a sailor’s pub filled with games (and of course, rum) for the quintessential après sail experience. Bitter End’s new beach bar, salvaged from the wreckage, is poised to be oneof-a-kind in the BVI. The village will feature a gourmet market perfect for provisioning of freshly caught seafood, prepared foods, groceries, wine and spirits as well as a resort shop featuring Bitter End’s own line alongside fashion and gifts from carefully selected partners. Marina Lofts are also under construction. Inspired by vintage sail lofts, Bitter End’s new accommodations will bring guests right to the water’s edge.

Longtime fans of Bitter End will feel back at home– watersports will always be at the core of Bitter End. Expect to find a formidable Club Fleet as the property evolves to include Hobie Cats, SUPs, kayaks, and countless other sailing craft. And Sunchaser Scuba continues to operate their world-class dive shop from Bitter End’s shore. For those who hope to find the old Bitter End unchanged, Bitter End 2.0 will not disappoint. Carefully salvaged timber, original building beams, ship lanterns, signs, salvaged boats and other pieces of history will ensure they feel right at home. While the property will essentially be all new from the ground up, the spirit of Bitter End will resonate throughout the place. ““Bitter End 2.0 will feel incredibly fresh and exciting, yet sweetly familiar at the same time.” says Hokin. BitterEndProvisions.com BEYC.com

Move beyond your expectations. Nothing compares. R ESO RTS. L I VSOT H E BYS R E ALT Y.CO M

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ith its aggressive styling and exhilarating speed, the Mangusta GranSport line merges top performance and transoceanic range. An ideal yacht for exploration, you will be able to voyage across extended distances and reach higher speeds comfortably. It allows you to accelerate towards your aspirations, and offers the most precious gift you can dream of: total freedom and flexibility in managing your time. The Mangusta GranSport 54 combines excellence and performance with comfort and autonomy. The racy profile reflects her sporty personality, while the exterior spaces include a superyacht sundeck for al fresco dining and an infinity pool on the foredeck with a glass floor to fill the Owner’s suite below with natural light.

The first 54-meter flagship is circumnavigating the globe. She started her journey by crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean, then transited the Panama Canal and followed the American West Coast up to Alaska before traversing the Pacific Ocean through Polynesia to Australia. “Beautiful, sporty and elegant. These three adjectives inspired my design for a new yacht concept. I wanted to create a model that marries power and speed to the grace and elegance of Mangusta’s design heritage all while creating a new standard in aggressive sports yachts” says Alberto Mancini, Designer.



ffering a wide variety of purpose-built power catamarans is just one element of Aquila’s rapid success. Their variety ranges from high-performance, outboard-powered sport catamarans to commercially operated excursion craft to the luxurious world-class cruising yachts as large as 70 feet. The explosive growth of the Aquila line promises more new and exciting models to launch on an aggressive schedule. The collaborative team at Aquila Power Catamarans maintains the conviction that boating is an amazingly positive, life-changing experience. With over 40 years of manufacturing acumen combined with partnerships with multiple award-winning firms and worldclass designers, it is the mission of Aquila Power Catamarans to be the world leader in producing high-quality, innovative, and exceptionally performing power catamarans. Thus, delivering extraordinary features, excellent reliability, remarkable durability, outstanding service, and incredible value that rewards owners with unique waterborne experiences and exceptional pride in ownership. The MarineMax Vacations fleet on the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands commissioned the initial production of Aquila Power Catamarans. They proved to be so highly comfortable and easy to operate that charter families wanted to acquire an Aquila model for their personal use. Production quickly increased.

Aquila models are designed from the keel up to be power catamarans, whereas many other companies simply convert their sailing catamaran models to power. This unique approach shows how Aquila sets the new standard in quality and innovation. Through the dedication of the collaborative team members, Aquila Power Catamarans continue to expand, improve and raise the bar for innovation. Today, Aquila has a line of award-winning power catamarans ranging from twentyeight to seventy feet. “In not a long period of time Aquila has really positioned itself as the leading power catamaran brand in the world,” offered Lex Raas, President of Aquila. “And how we got there has been through a lot of innovation and new models. Now Aquila is established in 22 countries and growing.” The Aquila 32 Sport and 36 Sport offer large, stable platforms for entertaining a crowd with plenty of seating. Designed for day cruising, the 32 Sport has a cabin that owners can overnight in and can be air conditioned. The 32 Sport also has a full, stand-up head compartment. The 36 Sport is designed with two cabins with private en suite heads. Aquila offers a 36 Sport that integrates key fishing and diving features. Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the spacious baitwell, generous storage with knife and tool holders, fishing rod holders, and a large fish box. Dive tanks easily store away in the aft, and easy access to the water is provided with an integrated dive ladder. Additional options include a second BBQ, more refrigerated space, and extra storage. By adopting outboard power for the Aquila 32 and Aquila 36, these models present an amazing amount of living space as well as efficiencies not normally associated with the performance of boats in their volume and class. Aquila 32 Sport

Aquila 36 Sport

Aquila 32 Sport

Aquila 36 Sport

Aquila 44

Aquila 70

Aquila 54

Aquila has developed three luxury power catamaran yachts; the Aquila 44, Aquila 54, and the Aquila 70. Aquila’s rapid growth and global success has challenged their international design and engineering teams to elevate expectations with newer, larger, and more elegant cruising models. The Aquila Yacht line of power catamaran embodies the reliable features and construction methods of the hundreds of Aquila yachts and boats cruising the waters of the world. These models also have enhanced on-board luxuries with full-size refrigeration and layouts that include multiple cabin options as well as skipper’s quarters and “galley-down” layouts. Owners delight in panoramic views that fill the master cabins with natural light through large hull side windows, adding to the spacious feeling of the full-beam forward master cabin. Engineered with an open flybridge and solid glass front windscreen, or a completely enclosed and climate-controlled flybridge, the Aquila Yacht line of power catamaran features the versatility to appeal to a global audience of boating enthusiasts. “Aquila has got really specific DNA,” explained Raas. “One of the most appreciated features is the forward access from the flybridge to the foredeck. And there is easy accessibility all around the boats. At Aquila, we focus on the balance of space and how it is utilized.” To accommodate the larger Aquila Yacht models, Sino Eagle Yacht Company, where Aquila models are constructed, built a new 70,000 square-foot facility and grew from the first Aquila model to five in full production with new models in development. AquilaBoats.com

Aquila 70



cout is recognized the world over for building luxury sportfishing center console, dual console and inshore/bay boat models ranging from 17’ to 53’. Since their founding three decades ago, the company’s goal has been to manufacture the best-built boats in their distinctive sportfishing niches. Each Scout hull is a true original, as their in-house research and design team works closely with engineering to take concepts from blueprint to production more efficiently, growing their company’s world-class reputation for quality, strength, durability and value. From their design to your destination, there’s nothing like a Scout. Industry-first innovations, uncompromising build quality and precise attention to detail are fused into each model. Alluring lines that perform on top of the water like the prize catch you’re chasing under it. Experiences waiting to be had. Lasting memories to be made. Heads to turn. Choosing Scout means you’ve made the decision to be aboard the elite. If this is your first, those before you will tell you it won’t be your last. Taking the family out for the day, fishing your offshore sweet spot or chasing the sun down along the coast… a Scout is all, and can do all. Creating award-winning models that separate us from the industry mediocrity first starts with having the finest craftsmanship; unparalleled boat building experience that spans our entire manufacturing facility. Knowledge to know how to do things the right way. Talent to know how to do those things better. Courage to do the old things a new way. Every Scout team member that has a hand on your boat has pride and precision in what they’re building, and for whom they’re building. Glide your fingertips anywhere across the model. Feel 100% hand-laid fiberglass construction, the luxury of the upholstery, the richness in the accents. Feel the clean design inside and out, all the way to the completelyfinished bilges and underside of all doors, lids and hatches. Bow to stern, port to starboard, above deck and below, everywhere you look and touch you’re experiencing the Scout difference. Standing at the helm, you feel the passion. Wrap your fingers around the steering wheel and you’re not just touching any boat. You’re engaging with a technologically advanced, fully crafted vessel that brings modernity and unconventional style together. The horsepower, the touch screens, the patents, the countless hours that have gone into designing and producing the very best coastal sportfishing boat in its class are now at your fingertips.

Are you aboard a boat, at the wheel of a highperformance luxury sports car, or inside a private jet? Questions you ask yourself as you tour their models and realize just how different Scout truly is from the competition. Scout’s foundation is comprised of integrity and innovations. They want to make your on-the-water experience like no other, so they are continually developing trend-setting, clever designs that bring a modern, sophisticated edge to your boat. Improved efficiency and performance. Elevated comfort and safety. All creating a heightened status. Timeless styling and painstaking perfection are fused into every model built. Scout continues to be first-to-market with their industry-leading innovations and groundbreaking ideas. Scout is a fresh, vibrant company that’s changing the history of boating by bringing you the future of boating. Scout has developed innovative hull designs that are used across their ine-up. As they designed larger LXF’s (luxury center console models 33’ and up), they made a critical decision to introduce cutting-edge Epoxy Infusion and Carbon Epoxy Construction techniques into these highest-performing Scout Stepped Hull models, while simultaneously pairing them with the finest sophisticated blend of appointments and technologies. The S-Class Series was born. S-Class signifies the upper echelon of our line-up - the highest level of luxury - similar to what you experience with high-end luxury automobiles. Simply put, these Epoxy Infusion and Carbon Epoxy Construction processes are industry barraising manufacturing processes. Their 33’ and up models utilizing these processes are built like a tank but perform like a jet. These techniques have been used in the aerospace industry for years but have typically been a historically-unpopular process to marine manufacturers for numerous reasons: materials cost, labor skill, and lack of technology to implement, just to name a few. Less than 1% of marine manufacturers utilize these processes. The hulls of the 330 LXF & 355 LXF are epoxyinfused by attaching multiple feeder lines which are monitored by their skilled craftspeople to inject the exact amount of epoxy necessary into the fiberglass and core; then they are vacuum bag infused (creating the strongest epoxy-toglass ratio possible), eliminating air pockets and preventing unnecessary excess epoxy. Once fully infused, they are then baked at 135°-140°F for eight hours to post-cure the hull while they’re still secured in the mold.

They take this process even further on the hulls of our 380 LXF & 420 LXF, where they use Carbon Fiber/E-Glass as the main material used in the Epoxy Infusion process. The 530 LXF is built using this process on not only the hull, but also the deck, hardtop, and flybridge superstructure. But why use this process in the first place if it’s more expensive? The answer is abundantly clear when you realize the strength-to-weight ratios of the models. They’re second to none. Our Epoxy Infusion Construction process removes the brittle, excess fat of the resin to create a boat that weighs a little less when compared to other outdated competitor processes, but at the same time provides an even stronger, more stable structure. With a lighter, stronger stepped hull comes higher performance. This is the reason our models consistently outperform competitive models in their class while being rigged with equal (or even less) horsepower. High performance with increased fuel efficiency and cruising speeds (not to mention cost savings both at the pump as well as the overall cost of owning the boat). Scout has stronger, sexier, faster hulls. The Epoxy Infusion Construction process allows us to create large, stunning hull profiles (even black) while maintaining a “Class-A finish”. The Scout customer family continues to spread across the world. If you’re ready to upgrade and join their growing family…then you’re ready to Discover More. www.ScoutBoats.com

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Credits: Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design


inot’s philosophy is to work in dialogue with their clients in defining their desires and wishes to streamline the yacht design process. Sinot is a design house with fifty talented international employees, each with their own area of expertise. Their design style is mainly inspired by early European modernism and Asian fusion minimalism, which oftens combine using a selection of material and color palettes, depending on the preferences of their clients. Sinot’s designs reflect high standards of quality, functionality, security, comfort and other aspects that form solid criteria used to judge the design, because aesthetics, however valuable, are in the eye of the beholder. Regarding design, Sinot has strong conviction that a balance should be achieved between the exterior and interior of the yacht, tying the two elements together using spatial layouts, connectivity, logic routing aboard and sightlines. For them, exterior architecture and interior design are inseparably connected. The fact that the yacht is also a high-performance machine with very high demands regarding safety, security and seaworthiness is taken into account throughout. Their depth of experience in all the stages of design means that they can participate from the first sketch to the launch. These successful relationships result in an enjoyable design process for all involved, especially their clients, who can actually revel in the project and follow every stage in detail due to their advanced 3D visualization skills and transparent communication. Connect the INSIDE OUT “...being able to freely experience elements of nature is really good for us, as individuals–and incredibly important for our sense of wellbeing...” The team at Sinot believes that the more we are living and working in densely-populated cities, wrapped up in our hightech lives, the connection between the man-made world and the natural world becomes increasingly important. Sinot are dedicated to forging a perfect connection between the interior design concept on board, the exterior architecture and layout on deck, and the overall profile. The requirements of the owner form the foundation of the approach to each new design. Looking out from the inside, windows, doors and glass façades are in harmony with the functionality of lounges, cabins and staterooms. Similarly, from the outside, the entrance to the interior from decks, tenders and quays is intrinsic to the design of the exterior profile. Creating a link from the inside to the outside makes the space feel open, airy and connected to the outside world. Flexible furniture pieces and large, foldable or stackable glass façades can be accommodated to adjust the level of inside and out connection, depending on different circumstances and requirements. Open space plans in the General Arrangement also have a natural flow that seamlessly enables inside-outside connection. The layouts are flexible enough to accommodate just the owner and his close family, while also catering for large groups of family and friends. The story of seamlessly connecting inside and out is at the heart of signature Sinot designs, from the first sketches through to the final stages.

Exterior Yacht Design “A yacht can be seen as a high performance machine and as ‘moving architecture’ – in all cases, the exterior is the everlasting first impression.” Sinot creates unique profiles and deck layouts that reflect the client’s ambitions and inspirations, while also adding a commercially-viable distinctiveness. The owner decides the direction of the exterior design, whether the desired style is classic, modern, innovative or sporty. Sinot combines the dimensions and shape of the hull and superstructure with the form of the bow to result in distinct lines and individual character. Sinot delivers advanced exterior designs with a pronounced identity and classic potential, which stand the test of time for future markets. As designers, Sinot brings the concepts to life for its clients, providing an excellent insight and perspective on the exterior design by producing 3D visuals or animated clips of the yacht at sea. For the style of the exterior, Sinot’s designers draw inspiration from the yacht’s connection to its maritime environment. To create space for enjoyment and relaxation, the focus is on constructing open views, clear sight lines, expansive exterior decks and space for water toys and swimming. Sinot carefully positions large glass windows, doors, bulwarks and fashion plates depending on the use of the interior. The materials used for floorings and furnishings outside continue the theme of extending the interior styling through to the exterior. Sinot places great importance on scrutinizing every detail within the exterior style, with immaculate attention paid to window frames and door handles, mullion design, finishes, sheers and decorative window coverings and outdoor furniture pieces. This sense of unity in style throughout the yacht generates an atmosphere of ultimate quality.

Exterior Detailing Meticulous attention to details on masts, railings, bulwarks, teak deck layout, porthole design and rub rail construction provide a finer exterior yacht experience for owners, guest and crews. Sense of proportion and excellent workmanship provide outstanding accents to the overall exterior design. These specifics bring tangible style and refinement to be seen and touched. Placing equal emphasis on functionality, Sinot’s quality design and workmanship addresses reduction of maintenance, ease of use and accessibility, making crew life easier and affirming the yacht as a superior piece of professional equipment. Exterior Decks Sinot’s dedication to inside-out connections manifests itself in the high level of residential appeal evident on the exterior decks, providing a seamless integration of the interior with the exterior space aboard. Wide seascape views and endless unfolding scenery can be enjoyed from the comfort of custom deck furniture, from secluded shade or in the warmth of the sun at poolside. With more than 50% of time spent outside during both the day and the evening in good weather, catering for privacy and wind-protection is vital in maximizing quality time outside, whether dining, partying, relaxing or enjoying drinks at sunset.

Interior Design & Styling Aboard a yacht, great spaces need not be the most glamorous or luxurious - it is how personal and interesting they are, how much they reflect its owner and their character, which lends it a profound welcome. At Sinot, interiors are designed to the highest standards and customized according to the wishes of the clients. The transparency of the design process at Sinot enables the owner to imprint their personality, ambitions and achievements on their yacht. Lounges, staterooms and guest cabins are arranged and designed to suit different lifestyles and social or cultural requirements. Spacious and ingenious overall layouts and arrangements exploit every square meter and capitalize on available gross tonnage. Stylish mood boards, aesthetic design directions and rare material samples support the dialogue on the interior design and clarify design directions. Adding character and authenticity, custom-built interiors and furniture pieces are expertly blended into the spaces to create a sublimely-finished interior. For Sinot design houses, every space aboard is considered special, personal and unique. Each detail of the layout and space is skillfully crafted and shaped, while incorporating technical innovation. Rare woods and veneers are integrated with the finest fabrics, leathers and bespoke metals and glass. Accents are provided by the subtle combination of shades and tones and the use of rich and tactile surface treatment. Above all, interior and exterior design and styling combine to present the yacht as a ‘total work of art’ that makes use of multiple art and craft forms to create an overall design. This aesthetic term, which has been used in architecture from the renaissance to the days of early modernism, encapsulates all conceivable exterior and interior design aspects; the overall styling inside out, integration of innovative technology, space planning aboard, the use of daylight and artificial light, architectural details, comfort, furniture design, custom decoration and art pieces.

The ‘Retro’ bracelet collection A bold and elegant Sterling silver design featuring an exclusive choice of rare and exotic inlays









SINCE 1977




his summer take advantage of your ‘work from home’ status and swap your home office for a superyacht study

Eighteen months ago, working from home was generally reserved for the self-employed, trendy tech start-ups and forward-thinking companies. Today, it has become the norm. Companies have had to embrace digital and ensure every position can effectively work from anywhere. Now, with the world opening up, where will you choose to work? Barbados was one of the first countries to launch the ‘work remote incentive,’ which granted applicants a visa to work from the sunny Caribbean Island, which was quickly followed by numerous other nations. At Burgess, they take this a step further and say, ‘come onboard and work in a different location every day.’ Whether you are looking for a week, a month or six months, jump onboard one of the following yachts to find out how working from home could be your next adventure. SECRET


270.6 Foot Length Overall 12 Guests in 7 cabins From $1,022,700/week Located in the Mediterranean

o you want a genuinely unique charter experience? Only a handful of people have enjoyed this uniquely-styled and incredibly well-equipped yacht. This is your chance to find out why she is one of the most hotly-anticipated charter prospects of recent years. Do you want more space? At 82.5m, she has a huge amount of versatile deck space across her five decks. Relax with a cocktail in a jacuzzi flanked by sun pads on the forward sun deck next to a bar, or enjoy a nightcap in an intimate lounge on the aft sun deck, open to the stars but sheltered from the wind. Lounge on sun pads around the pool on the aft bridge deck, take a digestif in a pre- and post-prandial lounge on the upper deck aft, and enjoy breakfasts, lunches and mid-morning snacks al fresco on the huge aft main deck, where you can also enjoy yoga and games of all sorts.

Do you want more thrills on the water? SECRET has two impeccable tenders - a sleek, color-coded 9.9m Vikal limousine tender capable of 48 knots and a 8.5m Meyer beach-landing tender - plus a staggering range of watertoys. Add to that zero speed stabilisers, an elevator serving all but the sun deck, a dedicated cinema on the upper deck, a fully equipped gym on the bridge deck and fit it all into an unashamedly playful interior, created by a designer whose motif is ‘classic but current, luxurious but liveable’ and you have a unique and hugely entertaining week just waiting to happen. She welcomes up to 12 guests, in an enormous master suite forward on the upper deck, a vast full-beam VIP suite on the main deck complemented by an additional triple guest cabin for children or staff and four guest double cabins on the lower deck, all uniquely styled. Looking after their every need will be 23 experienced and professional crew, every one of them just waiting to make your stay memorable.

SIREN 241.2 Foot Length Overall | 12 Guest in 6 Cabins | From $569,800/week Located in Adriatic & West Mediterranean


IREN is 73 meters of cool sophistication. Boasting acres of deck space, this superyacht is designed for outdoor living, with infinite sunbathing options, an outdoor cinema and a choice of al fresco dining areas. Her cool, bright interior is devoid of clutter, creating clean lines and a calm, relaxing ambience throughout. The impressive main salon is a popular chill out area and a large, stylish space for entertaining, with a long dining table for formal dinners. Continuing the indoor/outdoor theme, a circular bar connects the salon with the aft deck which is large enough that all guests can be in the same place without feeling crowded, whether relaxing on the sofas, or the loungers on the raised circular sunbathing platform. Head to the bridge deck’s luxurious indoor movie theatre with its three double daybeds, large screen and blacked out walls for the full cinema experience. Guests love catching up on major sporting events, or watching a movie in the cinema, at any time of day.

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the sheltered bridge deck dining area, then take a coffee and a newspaper (printed on board) to the aft seating area and make the most of the morning sun. The sun deck is the hub of this luxury charter yacht during the day. The forward section is a sunbathing haven with a refreshing jacuzzi, and sun pads at every angle. On the shaded aft deck, take a morning yoga class or an early evening massage then, when it gets dark, kick back on the sofas as the area is transformed into an atmospheric outdoor cinema. SIREN’s accommodation is fresh and tranquil, with six cabins for 12 guests. The master suite is airy and spacious with full length windows, an office and a folddown balcony. Extensive storage space is provided in the walk-in wardrobe, which leads into large his and hers bathrooms with Lalique fittings. A fold-down double bed can be assembled in the office area and sectioned off to create additional family accommodation.

Four en suite cabins are located on the lower deck, including a VIP with a sofa area and desk, two double cabins and a twin. A further double cabin is positioned on the bridge deck, with an elevator connecting all three interior levels. Work out in the cool, shaded beach club gym with its fresh air and water level view. Then cool off in the seapool, leap off the swim platform or ask the crew to launch the extensive selection of action-packed watertoys.



n experienced boat owner, Rafael Nadal has been passionate about yachting since childhood, and seizes every opportunity to be on the sea with friends and family. The idea to build a customised catamaran has been part of the superstar athlete’s plans for a while. Seduced by both the yacht’s design and living space, he joined the Sunreef Yachts’ family of owners. Shortly after taking delivery, Nadal and his family celebrated his 34th birthday onboard the 80 Sunreef, GREAT WHITE. Ocean Independence took the opportunity to chat to Nadal about his affinity with the ocean and his treasured yacht. Ocean Independence (OI): Tell us about Rafael as a child. Rafael Nadal: “Since I was a kid, I fell in love with the sea. I have a lot of great childhood memories of going out on a small boat with my family and friends. We usually went out early in the morning and came back late in the afternoon - those are very nice memories. When I was young, I was super happy with this small boat that my father owned, and I never dreamt about owning any type of boat. Of course, later I wanted to have my own boat, but the main thing I had in mind was to continue doing what I did when I was a

kid, just with a little bit more comfort. I still just want to share great moments with my friends and family and discover the ocean, discover beautiful places that we have here around the island and visit different countries.” OI: What is it like to own an amazing Sunreef? Do you like the feeling of great open space? “I’m from Mallorca, I find it difficult to imagine my life without the sea, so I’m very excited about my new boat, also because I’ve never owned a catamaran before. I’ve known Sunreef Yachts for years and my impression of the company has always been great. Since I visited their catamarans for the first time during the Cannes Show years ago, I always thought catamarans have amazing advantages because of the amount of space you have on the boat and the comfort is unbelievable. When I saw the 80, I said, ‘Wow, that’s huge!’ I went inside and loved it. I also knew it was the biggest boat I could have in the small port of my village. I asked Sunreef if they produce a power version, because today I don’t have a lot of time for sailing. Sometimes I like to go and come back on the same day or next morning to keep practicing my tennis, so when I was presented with the project 80 Power, I fell in love.”

OI: Where do you like to cruise? “Most of the time I’m around the Balearic Islands, because at this point of my life I don’t have much time to cruise long distances. I’m super excited about spending a lot of time on the boat and I’d love to visit the whole Mediterranean like Croatia, Greece, Italy, as well as the Caribbean. Our planet is an amazing, beautiful place. There are plenty of spots I’d like to visit, and I hope I have the chance to go to some undiscovered destinations in the future. Now, I’m still playing tennis and don’t have much time, but I hope I’ll have time to go on these adventures when I’m retired.” OI: Your favorite location? “I’ve chartered catamarans a couple of times in the Bahamas, in the Exuma Islands, and I loved it. The Exumas are one of my favorite places, so I try to go back there when I can, and I’d love to go with GREAT WHITE, my Sunreef 80. It would be amazing to visit all these remarkable places.

I’ve been able to spend so much time with friends and family this year, so having the new boat here has been a great opportunity to stay together in a positive atmosphere. We’ve put a lot of love into the project, choosing everything,” Nadal says. “I’m super happy with the boat. It’s very special for me, my family and friends. During the tennis season, I don’t have much time for boating, but I always try to find some. When I come home, I like to take the boat out, winter or summer. When I spend, say, a week on a yacht, I always take my things and do my daily workout to protect my shoulders and knees. I try to swim a lot and I enjoy free diving very much. It’s not good for a professional sportsman to stop exercising completely, so I stay active!” Whether you are looking to purchase the latest model of yacht or arrange an idyllic charter getaway, the team of professional brokers at Ocean Independence can assist in all your yachting plans.

Contact: enquiries@ocyachts.com www.oceanindependence.com


The Visionaries & Crafters Behind the World’s Most Cutting-Edge & Timeless Land Rover Defenders • Frame Off Restorations • • LS Swaps • • Quick Turn Arounds • www.OspreyCustomCars.com 910-632-0260

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Instant warmth at the push of a button.

Based in Canada, the land of extreme winters, we design the most powerful, simple to use and dependable heated wearables. We are committed to keeping adventurers warm and enabled to perform in the cold.


Powerful Heated Wearables



talian passion on the water paired with Austrian engineering par excellence: Belassi, manufacturer for premium personal watercrafts, is bringing a 320-hp watersports vehicle to limited series production at the end of November 2020. The Burrasca master-fully combines craftsmanship, exclusivity and performance. With the current Burrasca MK II, Belassi is enriching the market with a new class: The Marine Hypercraft is the right choice for those longing for more than a regular PWC. High-tech engineering, top performance and Italian design are combined to create a dream come true for motorized watersports enthusiasts. The highly motorized, powerful machine is characterized by uncompromising forward thrust and a sharp, precise position in the water. Industrial designer Johannes Scherr has been involved since the first generation of Belassi watercrafts and helped develop the Burrasca: “The striking lines – strongly inspired by motorcycle design – appear dynamic, compact and full of energy, proving a particular success.” The powerful heart, the turbo-charged three-cylinder engine developed inhouse, produces a massive 320 hp. The cockpit and chassis impress with numerous carbon parts that combine maximum strength with low weight and a sharp design. The Belassi engineers have also achieved a masterpiece with the boat hull: Thanks to the ingenious hydrodynamics and the various stabilizers, extreme cornering speeds with up to 4g acceleration are possible with the Burrasca. Nico Lasselsberger, Powertrain Project Manager at Belassi, and himself a PWC racer, explains: “The Burrasca is as sophisticated as it is balanced, because the tight integration of the engine and the drivetrain is in perfect synergy. This makes it stand out in terms of handling, driving performance and acceleration. The hull geometry, inlet pump channel and drivetrain harmonize perfectly.”




Inspired by one miracle of engineering, Corum created another. The revolutionary Golden Bridge Classic is the only watch made with a perfectly aligned baguette movement, resting on three solid gold, hand engraved bridges. GOLDEN BRIDGE CLASSIC


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Jojo Anavim, Pleasure! (Spring Break), 2021 Acrylic, oil stick, collage and diamond dust on canvas, 48 x 72 in.

Manolis Projects is Florida’s largest working studio and fine art gallery. We feature unique paintings and sculptures and collectible limited edition works from over 40 artists. We focus on top-quality modern masters and contemporary art, bridging the gap between established and emerging artists. We invite you to shop from our vast collection of artworks at www.ManolisProjects.com. For inquiries please call us at 917-971-3201 or email: studio@manolisprojects.com.

Jojo Anavim, Lifesaver, 2020 Collage, foil, and acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 in.

Jojo Anavim New York City based artist Jojo Anavim has established his body of work stemming from a background in graphic design and brand development. Previously a creative consultant for brands such as W Hotels, and Universal Music Group, Anavim crossed over fulltime to fine art in 2013. His work continually employs bold color palettes, acrylic paint, oil stick, collage scraps, found items and advertisements Anavim has been collecting since his childhood. He is known for elevating the mundane by transforming everyday items into objects of transcendence. The paintings oscillate freely between playful and subversive. Triggered by his fascination with a child-like consciousness, Anavim challenges the viewer to not only see something beautiful, but feel something as well. As a child (until age 15) Anavim enrolled in art classes taught by Disney animator Al Baruch, creator of the legendary characters Captain Hook and Mighty Mouse. Anavim credits Baruch with instilling a creative confidence that led him to embrace art as more than

a hobby early in his life. Anavim went on to study graphic art at Hunter College. Much of Anavim’s work depict the nostalgia of the brands and packaging he was surrounded by during this time, down to the LifeSavers his grandmother would always carry in her purse. Anavim’s artworks are part of permanent collections in museums and hotels around the globe, including Dream’s Downtown and Midtown Hotel, New York, NY; Coca-Cola Archives Museum, Atlanta, GA; New York Yankees City Seats Collection, New York, NY; and Surf Lodge Hotel, Montauk, NY. Anavim is also recognized for his commissions for NBA players, business moguls and top-charting musicians including Amar’e Stoudemire, Seth McFarlane, Selena Gomez, Sheldon Adelson, Paris Hilton, Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis, and Daymond John. Anavim’s work has been covered by global media publications including The New York Times, American Art Collector, Business Insider and Forbes - all highlighting the success of his career.



hite and blue is a combination of great charm that has a long history from ancient Chinese porcelain to Navy style in fashion. Used in interiors to enhance spaces with a fresh, marine inspired mood, it is perfect for summer residences, from the sea to the lake, as well as in town or country homes, in yachts or private jets. With a tailor-made product, Quagliotti has been producing high quality linen for a private clientele and important contract projects since 1933. Articles with perfect execution, made in Italy production, tailoring and customization services are developed also for the naval sector. Inspired by the historic streets of Mayfair in London, Savile Row and Conduit where some of the most important and well-known tailors in the world are based, Quagliotti’s SAVILE and CONDUIT bed linen collections with white base, are finished with trims and contrasting piping blue, with matching pillowcases and duvets.

For the bathroom, cotton terry towels are matched with blue twisted RASO trims. Bathrobes with blue RASO trims have a cut and tailoring execution, like real outerwear. For the table, cotton jacquard fabrics for LIBERTY or blue Crespolino with the hem on top for VALERIE. Quagliotti’s linen is made to measure, with perfect execution and finished with sartorial details. To learn more and to view the full collection, visit the e-boutique at Quagliotti1933.it


Photography by Giovanni Malgarini


esigner Tommaso Spadolini reveals firsthand some insights into exterior profile and interior layout of new 42-metre M/Y Crowbridge by Cantiere delle Marche. “The yacht is for very experienced repeat clients of mine who have owned several previous yachts, although all of them have been planing hulls. They decided to make the switch to a custom displacement yacht for family reasons and wanted to cruise in more leisurely comfort. Crowbridge has a top speed of 15 knots and an economic cruising speed of 10 knots. This took something of a mind-shift as the owners were more accustomed to making fast transfers at 25 knots. But with a beam of 8.5 metres the explorer has much more space and her round-bilge hull with bulbous bow means she can venture out in weather that would keep a planing yacht in port.

The owners had several specific requests, starting with the clean and sober profile as well as generous interior and exterior as they spend several weeks at a time on board. These may seem like common requirements for a large yacht, but he and his wife approached the project with very precise ideas of how they wanted the private and social areas to be set up. We worked closely with Sergio Cutolo’s Hydro Tec studio to maximize the internal volumes and in the superstructure we managed to create the perfect compromise between the interior layout and both the size and positioning of the large windows. An unusual request was to have six ensuite guest cabins on the lower deck – three double cabins for the owners’ sons and three twin single cabins for their grandchildren – which is rare on a yacht of this size. The master stateroom is on the main deck forward. Again, the suite is very spacious for a 42-metre yacht and includes a private study, a big walk-in wardrobe, separate His and Hers bathrooms with a common shower stall, and a day sofa that converts into a bed.

Arguably the focal point of the yacht is the large galley on the main deck, where much of the family life on board is centred. It is well-stocked with fridges and freezers for long trips and there is a dumbwaiter to the pantry on the deck above. The family preferred a traditional salon and dining room on the main deck, but specified an identical extendable dining table on the upper deck – a practical solution that reflects their yachting experience. The sundeck has a saltwater hot tub, bar unit and small dining lounge, but is otherwise dedicated to sunbathing with big, comfy sunbeds. The hot tub can be half-filled with water while cruising so the kids can use it when under way. The original design had a side-loading tender garage in the stern, but on reflection the owners decided to house the tender on the upper deck aft and dedicate the garage to toys such as an Optimist and a Laser sailing boat, which are deployed from the central transom staircase. The space further houses extra cold storage and a washing machine and drier for crew use. The crew are well catered for with three cabins and a dinette/laundry on the lower deck and a captain’s cabin on the bridge deck. There’s also a tank-top tunnel of 1.60m in height that goes from the crew area under the guest accommodation to the engine room and provides extra storage space on long voyages. Experienced owners invariably bring a lot of good ideas to custom project like this and make life easier for the design and build teams. This was very much the case with Crowbridge and I know for a fact that the family will have some wonderful times on board.”



1819 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401 • Phone: (310) 260-7500 VICEROYSANTAMONICA.COM • @VICEROYSM



he brand style takes shape in the sleek, sporty lines of the Itama 62S. With her Mediterranean spirit and enduring charm, this is an open yacht that gives all who board her a unique feeling of freedom and independence. Itama 62S gives you the room to express your individuality. The yacht is uniquely personalisable, offering owners the chance to choose the hull colour and foredeck layout to best reflect their aesthetic taste. Vaunting a bright, spacious, contemporary design. The interiors and exteriors are crafted for you to experience the sea in unrivalled comfort and total relaxation. The 20° deep-V hull line – an Itama hallmark – assures incomparable seaworthiness. The aramid fibres used in the hull rolling process provide stability and strength even at high speeds.

Safe. Simple. * Unlimited hours. We make it easy to fly private. Flying private shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we offer simple, easy-to-understand options tailored to your needs. We don’t limit your hours so fly as much as you want. Get where you need to go when you need to go—and enjoy greater cost efficiency, safety, and peace of mind.








* Based on customer’s allocation of days with a maximum 14-hour crew duty day. Flights operated by Executive Flight Services, LLC Air Carrier Certificate #E07A355K



The Airshare Difference CLEAR-CUT PRICING What you see is what you get. No further explanation needed.

PAY AS YOU FLY Unlike our competitors who believe you should shell out before you ever take off, when you purchase a fractional share with us, you’ll pay only the program fee in advance.

SAME COST, EVERY DAY No peak days, no surcharges, no nonsense. Your rate is the same, no matter when you fly.

NO HOURLY MINIMUMS You get to determine how much you fly in a day.

EXPRESS RATE Get 35% off your standard hourly rate for flights that originate from and return to the same place on the same day.


Donna Burns

Cell: 251-2431591 Donna.Burns@SothebysRealty.com

There is nothing like this home on the entire Gulf Coast

15 Colley Cove Drive Gulf Breeze, FL

11,700 square feet of meticulously defined living space on 450 feet of deep water with a pristine white sand beach, next to a 17 acre nature preserve. Refined. Elegant. Private. Seductive. A stunning, ultra luxury waterfront estate built on Pensacola Bay. This deepwater fishermans haven, is located in a private gated community of just 7 homes, encapsulated by a 17 acre nature preserve.

If you have dreamed of a rare, deep water luxury estate with meticulously defined single level living, upscale finishes, peaceful and private surroundings, and every desire satisfied, your dream is real. And ready for you to own.



ersatile, high-performance and elegant, the Pershing 108 was created to blend speed, comfort and fuel consumption efficiency. The three surface propellers make this yacht a champion for its range and low noise. But it is also a masterpiece with a speed of over 42 knots that can always impart the emotions of the classic Pershing thrill. The characteristic Pershing style adapts itself to offer spaces that can be customized to reflect the owner’s every need. The large cockpit can accommodate up to 10 people both in the day and in the evening. The bow holds a C-shaped sofa and a table that can be lowered to the seat level to create a single large sun pad, while the spacious sun deck lets you really enjoy every relaxation moment on board. Pershing 108 is in the forefront also in its engine. This yacht is the first three-engine model of the fleet, combining excellent performances with environmental friendliness. Using only the central engine, the Pershing 108 can sail up to 1070 nautical miles at a speed of 10 knots. At maximum power, the three engines can exceed 42 knots while remaining below the threshold of 75 dBA. A unique, inimitable masterpiece: the interior design is conceived for the most versatile customization. In the standard layout, the Pershing 108 includes 4 guest cabins and 3 crew cabins, but this can vary, too, in order to suit the owners’ needs. With utmost attention to detail, the furnishings are by Poltrona Frau and the best Italian design brands.

Handcraf ted C ook ing R ange s & Suite s , Steel Cabinet r y, Fine Wood Work ing & Appliance s Handcraf ted C ook ing R ange s & Suite s , Steel Cabinet r y, Fine Wood Work ing & Appliance s Par is • Ne w York • Miami • L os Angele s Par is • Ne w York • Miami • L os Angele s w w w. L e Atel i e r Pa r i s . co m • 1 8 0 0 7 9 2 3 5 5 0 w w w. L e Atel i e r Pa r i s . co m • 1 8 0 0 7 9 2 3 5 5 0



here’s a greener future on the horizon. While luxury has always played a large role in yacht design, green technology has historically lagged behind in the industry – until now. With Serenity Yachts at the helm, the yachting industry is making strides to become a global ecoplayer through innovative technology advances and green initiatives to help preserve the earth for future generations. Serenity Yachts, which made its US debut at the Miami International Boat Show in 2020, has harnessed the power of the sun. Led by Executive Director Boyd Taylor, Serenity Yachts is committed to sustainability by continuing to reduce the yachting industry’s carbon footprint with its solarpowered vessels. Taylor has always enjoyed boating and being on the water. He believed there was a way to make motor yachts sustainable through solar power and built a vessel that can be completely powered by the sun. Serenity Yachts’ next gen vessels are not only green, but performance-driven and made with today’s modern seafarer in mind. The shipyard blends luxury and technology, creating a tranquil yachting experience. With quiet electric motors, the yachts allow all onboard to experience the natural beauty that reefs and oceans have to offer without polluting and damaging them in the process. Serenity Yachts strives to eliminate dependency on fossil fuel and is committed to building yachts that stand the test of time. “We believe that luxury and technology go hand-and-hand for a remarkable sailing experience. With our fully electric and hybrid boats, we are showing the world that yachting can be eco-friendly and sustainable,” said Taylor.

“It’s hard to deny the advantages of our solar-powered yachts. In addition to the sustainability and fuel savings, the quiet electric motors make for a much more enjoyable experience at sea. They allow boaters to breath in the salty air, instead of the diesel fumes, while listening to the calming sounds of the waves rather than the rumble of the engine.” he continued. Each part of the yacht, from the carbon fiber hulls to the hydraulic flybridge, is designed to maximize efficiency and performance. Every yacht that Serenity builds is fully customizable. Serenity’s shipbuilders are artisans and seasoned masters of their craft. Serenity Yachts’ fine craftsmanship can be experienced in its two lines of vessels – the Serenity 64 and Serenity 74. Each is equipped with the latest technology and offers a selection of the most cutting-edge equipment in navigation, entertainment, and smart home technologies. As a full-service shipyard, they also offer custom yachts of any size, designed to suit each client’s individual tastes. The Serenity 64 offers 65 square meters of SunPower® solar panels and can cruise indefinitely at 4-6 knots while still providing power to the onboard amenities. The vessel features a combined galley and saloon on the main deck, four VIP cabins (each with its own ensuite bathroom), one crew cabin, and a hydraulic flybridge, with other layouts available.

The Serenity 74 offers 110 square meters of SunPower® solar panels and has the ability to cruise endlessly at 7–9 knots while still powering the onboard amenities. The ideal yacht for luxurious onboard living or chartering, it features a large galley and saloon on the main deck, four VIP cabins (each cabin with an ensuite bathroom) and two additional cabins and baths in the forepeaks, which can be configured for family or crew (other layouts are available). The Serenity 74’s chic interior was inspired by style expert and former Neiman Marcus Fashion Director Ken Downing. Serenity Yachts is constantly improving its vessels. The brand designs its systems to make them simple to upgrade once new and improved technologies are available. As solar and battery technology continues to accelerate, these yachts will only become faster and more powerful. “As new technologies continue to improve and become available, we will find even more ways to take advantage of this natural power source and integrate them into our designs,” said Taylor. “We are continuing to work on ways to produce even more electricity so that our boats can go faster and farther.” In addition to engineering custom-build vessels and providing general refitting services, Serenity Yachts offers seafarers the ability to convert traditional gas-powered boats into more eco-friendly versions. For more information, visit www.SerenityYachts.com.












he 90’ Argo is a unique example of the new generation of Riva flybridges. With a futuristic design, a name that evokes the stuff of legend, and a supreme array of high-tech on-board solutions, this creation of magnetic beauty is an peerless star in the global yachting firmament. The instantly recognisable, forward-looking design defined by fluent, sporty lines lends her a free-flowing, potent profile that captures the eye to compelling effect. And in a sumptuous triumph of elegance and comfort, the generous spaces complement the unmistakable Riva style with contributions from the most prestigious names of Italian interior design. With a length of 28.49 meters (93’6’’) and a beam of 6.50 meters (21’4’’), the Riva 90’ Argo combines and enhances the strengths of its two Riva predecessors, the 100’ Corsaro and 110’ Dolcevita, while revealing its own distinctive, enchanting personality. Once again, the ace in Riva’s sleeve with this new model is the instantly recognizable design, from the exterior to the numerous interior details. “The Riva 90’ Argo is an exceptional flybridge that elicits a complementary blend of attention to detail and emotion. The sight of it alone is a spellbinding experience. Once you are on board, you realize why the new Riva flybridge generation is currently unrivalled,” commented Alberto Galassi, the Ferretti Group CEO. “We named it after the Argo, which was the vessel of the famous Argonauts and the first ever ship to sail the seas. It is also the Italian name for Argos, which is one of the largest cities in Greece. With its innovative looks and its fabulous fusion of style, luxury and technology, Argo has set a new benchmark that will guide Riva and the nautical world in the near future.”

The new flybridge is a product of the partnership between Officina Italiana Design (the studio founded by designer Mauro Micheli together with Sergio Beretta) and the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee (headed by engineer Piero Ferrari) and Engineering Department. The aerodynamic qualities of the profile are highlighted by a number of distinctive exterior design features, such as the large hull windows, the long, full-height glazed windows on the deck and the aft lateral structures with glass surfaces. Once again, Riva has shown its capacity to innovate with a model that perfectly encapsulates quintessential Italian nautical know-how, with aesthetic appeal and superlative traits worthy of a contemporary legend. To cater to the needs of American owners, an exclusive alternative cockpit layout is available for the Riva 90’ Argo. It comes with a bar unit, two seats, two sofas and a coffee table by Paola Lenti.



triking lines, unmistakable style, charm and performance – all in one remarkable yacht. This highly innovative maxi-flybridge is designed with an impressive collection of spaces, featuring sumptuous décor, multipurpose relaxation areas and a classiccontemporary interior feel. She is the quintessence of wellbeing and style. A boat with an ambition for innovation to match her grand scale, the Ferretti Yachts 920 exudes the easy power of a nautical giant. This fantastic flybridge is a true design original –the first in the range to embrace the widebody concept. Her majestic presence makes a striking first impression. The eye-catching profile is underlined by the detailing on the gunwale, which extends beyond the bulwark walkways and intersects the master-cabin window like a blade. Yet with a hull length of 23.98 meters, she can be registered as a pleasure boat.

Her dynamic, irrepressible lines further develop the style tenets that have earned international plaudits for the new models launched in recent years in a complete revamp of the fleet. Besides the striking raised bow, the external spaces also impress with an array of areas to relax in amid the resplendent décor. And the remarkable interiors are as roomy and elegant as you’d expect to find on a superior class of yacht. The recently introduced PURE version underlines the authentic Ferretti Yachts style – warm, enveloping and lavishly appointed with prestige materials and sophisticated details. This exquisite emblem of the brand is acquiring a cult following among boating enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Remarkable. by Burgess

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Unexplored destinations, memorable experiences, wonderful surprises. It’s what we do. With over 45 years of market-leading superyacht expertise, Burgess always supplies the wow factor - for clients familiar and new.

As a Burgess client, you always come first, whether that’s charter, brokerage, new construction, management or finance. Global knowledge delivered locally from 14 offices worldwide, that’s the Burgess difference.


From Luxury Mansions to Mega Yachts, Chad Carroll is Reeling in Record Deals and Living the Lifestyle He Sells


n any given day, you can find leading real estate broker Chad Carroll at his “second office” - a Sunseeker Manhattan 52, cruising through South Florida’s waterways. The founder of The Carroll Group at Compass has elevated the luxury home sales game by taking clients out on his yacht to see the latest multi-milliondollar waterfront listings and give them a taste of the Magic City. “I am selling more than just a home, I’m selling a lifestyle. I want my clients to experience what South Florida is all about,” said Carroll. “Boating is a big part of my life and when I purchased my first boat in 2015, I naturally transitioned to taking clients out for the day to show them our amazing waterfront

listings. Seeing South Florida from the water gives you a different perspective of what it would be like to really live here.” This blend of work and play, combined with Carroll’s reputation for expert deal-making and a non-stop mentality, has set the topranked agent apart. With an impressive $400 Million in sales in 2021 alone, Carroll is breaking records and raising property values across the coast. His recent sale of a $29 Million Mediterranean mansion in the private gated community of Tahiti Beach shattered sales records for the area, and in Miami’s Bay Point neighborhood he achieved the highest price ever with the sale of a $17 Million modern new construction home – trophy properties sold within weeks.

South Florida is on fire, with a surge of high-net worth individuals from around the country moving their businesses and laying down roots here,” says Carroll. “This surge in relocation has been a long time coming. Tax benefits aside, there is no place better to live.” More than a decade into his career, Carroll says the velocity in which deals are going under contract is something he has never seen before - and has made navigating deals more complex. From Miami Beach to Fort Lauderdale, Boca and Palm

Beach, the increase in demand has created a shortage of inventory for luxury single family homes, and prices have skyrocketed. “I have to work harder than ever before to match my clients with off-market deals and explore areas outside of where they initially thought they might purchase. We get calls every single day from buyers and agents asking for homes that aren’t listed yet. They come to us because my team is tapped into the market. If anyone is going to get you a deal, it’s us.”

Once they find their ideal waterfront property, luxury buyers are looking to accessorize with toys catering to their new lifestyle. The wellconnected Carroll is leveraging his unrivaled experience, network and love for the water to broker mega yacht deals, including the recent sale of a $9 Million Riva Argo. “I’m a connector and I have a deep understanding of what luxury buyers are looking for,” says Carroll. “I thrive on helping my clients and friends find the homes, and now boats, of their dreams.”



Hourstriker Blast Starting at USD 104’400.

N 40° 45’ 31’’ W 73° 58’ 43’’