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Harmony with the Sea. Amer Yachts, a better world.























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Remarkable. by Burgess

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Unexplored destinations, memorable experiences, wonderful surprises. It’s what we do. With over 45 years of market-leading superyacht expertise, Burgess always supplies the wow factor - for clients familiar and new.

As a Burgess client, you always come first, whether that’s charter, brokerage, new construction, management or finance. Global knowledge delivered locally from 14 offices worldwide, that’s the Burgess difference.

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t o a l w a y s b u i l d t h e m a t t e r w h i ch s i z e .

The difference.

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More Than A Flight, An Exclusive


Our fleet of brand new seaplanes touch down on water or land, making the world your runway. Pull up directly to a remote private island, alongside a yacht, or at any airport or landing strip. With Tropic Ocean Airways, luxury travel takes on a whole new dimension. We ensure your wellbeing is the top priority, allowing you and your family to experience the thrill of private travel and stay safe along the way. With gateways in South Florida, Puerto Rico, Antigua, and Barbuda, let our elite pilots take you on your next island adventure—whenever and wherever you please.

To reserve your private charter, VISIT FLY TROPIC .COM








64 NOBISKRUG ARTEFACT A Class of Her Own 40 AMER 120 Innovation in Sustainability 50 HH CATAMARANS Performance Luxury with Scott Rucknak 76 THE INTREPID 438 Evolution Innovation Has No Rival 88 CASTLEROCK CARBON CAT Built With Conviction 96 OCEANCO NXT The Future is Zero...The Future is Now 108 HEESEN YACHTS Project Triton A True Bluewater Motoryacht 122 SCOUT BOATS Discover More



132 LÜRSSEN Kismet - Buying into the Lürssen Lifestyle 144 GRADY-WHITE BOATS Luxury & Durability - Setting the Standards that Others Follow 158 BURGER BOAT COMPANY When Home is Your Anchor 172 HORIZON YACHT USA FD-102 To-Kalon 186 TROPIC OCEAN AIRWAYS Direct to Yacht by Seaplane 200 BURGESS OCTOPUS A Renowned World-Class Cruiser 214 MONACO YACHTING Nautical Influencers 226 MY YACHT GROUP The Ultimate in Social Distancing 242 VANQUISH YACHTS VQ58 A Stunning New Powerboat

76 THE INTREPID 438 Evolution Innovation Has No Rival



254 SOUTHERN WIND SHIPYARD Performance Sailing Yachts 268 AZIMUT YACHTS MEGELLANO 25 METRI A Masterpiece of Art & Marine Engineering 282 BENETTI DIAMOND 44 Meters of Majesty 294 VANDUTCH GO Luxury & Leisure in Your Backyard 306 PERSHING 9X Perfextion 318 RIVA 66’ Ribelle 330 DENISON YACHTS Angelus - 132’ Sunseeker 344 FERRETTI 550 A Masterpiece Renewed 356 HATTERAS M90 Panacera

96 OCEANCO NXT The Future is Zero... The Future is Now




Tonda 1950 Double Rainbow Flying Tourbillon

Manufactured entirely in Switzerland parmigiani.com

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he Flagship Amer 120 is characterized by the full-width superstructure, which allows it to have all the spaces of the main deck (saloon, owner’s cabin, kitchen, etc.) of particularly large dimensions. The Amer 120 is USA and Caribbean specs compliant. From the beginning, Amer has worked to improve their environmental footprint in building phases using a new innovative tool for creating mouldings. Volvo Penta Ips propulsion allows navigation with exceptional comfort, quiet and vibration-free and easy Maneuverability with the joystick that greatly simplifies mooring manoeuvring from 4 different points of the ship. Another feature a key point for the shipyard is the consumptions reduced to a minimum. The ship is standard equipped with a Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizer that reduces the roll of the boat at anchor and the Humphree fins stabilizers that reduce it during navigation.

The perfect combination of these two stabilizers increases the comfort already exiting to an excellent level by the Volvo propulsion and electric anchor tool. The large windows of both the main deck and the cabins of the lower deck will allow a greater presence of natural light for more a fantastic blue waters view experience. Not only for guests but huge work has been done for the crew quarters. Once the crew is comfortable, guests will be more comfortable in their 5 cabins for 10 guests! The ship Amer 120 will be introduced during next boat shows; she will be the first one in the world, for length, with the motorization Ips and Permare will maintain unchanged the Guinness record. Permare has almost ten years’ experience in planning hulls with multiple pods , from the 2012, year of the first hull project engineered Volvo Penta. Amer Yachts improves and supports local communities for sustainable school programs and sea biologists campaigns to preserve the sea and ocean.

Self-assured power. Refined and agile. Our most elegant and engaging Magic Carpet Ride yet. Discover new Ghost – the purest expression of Rolls-Royce.



713-297-2837 | RollsRoyceofHouston.com | Concierge@postoakmotors.com

Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Ghost. Mpg (l/100km): Combined 17.9 (15.2) to 18.6 (15.8). CO2 emissions: 347-359g/km. Figures are for comparison purposes and may not reflect real-life driving results, which depend on a number of factors including the accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. All figures were determined according to a new test (WLTP). The CO2 figures were translated back to the outgoing test (NEDC) and will be used to calculate vehicle tax on first registration. Only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedure. Š Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited 2020. The Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.

HH 66



aiwanese industrialist, Hudson Wang, makes things you likely enjoy in your daily life. In addition to sports equipment used worldwide, there is Hudson Yacht Group and HH Catamarans as his pride and joy endeavor. You can see this in the factory, the people who make the boat happen, and of course, the boats themselves. Very few names have the prestige and standing of designers Morrelli & Melvin. With a build portfolio of some of the world’s most distinctive multihulls, the HH line of catamarans are the direct beneficiary of years of talented application from the California based design and engineering team. HH Catamarans is a true international effort. Master performance boat builder Paul Hakes is from New Zealand, seasoned managers Riccardo Marton and Thomas Jonsson hail from South Africa, Jade Wang, Taka Wung, and James Juan are from Taiwan. Chris Dosher, President, is based on the US East Coast when not in transit visiting customers worldwide. Scott Rocknak (below) joined HH in 2018 as worldwide agent. Scott brings decades of technical, sales, and service experience in the boating industry. His popular YouTube channel is among the best available for boat reviews.

Scott describes the HH owner base as an independence minded individual or couple who seek the ability to achieve destinations with purpose. He adds that the boats have become primary homes or second homes. Owners are drawn to the HH line for their extraordinary performance and quality of finish. Don’t let the casual demeanor of the typical owner paint their true picture Scott says; “These folks are driven, successful, and very focused on what they want.” The field of choice is crowded and only a few manufacturers have the marque to stand out above the rest. HH Catamarans thrives in that arena. The boats themselves are easy to spot. A raked aft mast, typically in all carbon black, makes its presence known in a forrest of plumb vertical aluminum. A barracuda in a school of silverfish. The distinctive reverse bows have a demeanor stating its intention.On closer inspection the interior finish work is that of the highest end pied-à-terre. It’s easy to imagine oneself surrounded by the pedigree of the builder, the design, and the support team. Indeed a true sample of the best the industry has to offer. Like all hand crafted things that move, the true tell is the first ride. Acceleration, stability, comfort, and safety all come to mind in the description of this experience. This catamaran becomes the synthesis of moving art.

Thousands of miles in command of an ever-changing tapestry of location. Cultures and the people that make them, all become familiar. This is the mission statement, it seems, of the people who make up the HH Catamaran family. The model line allows for short handed crew or family to take charge and enjoy time together. All involved utilize their creation to become a utility to achieve their dream. Each boat is unlike no other. The owner specifies the layout with distinctive options to outfit the boat to mesh with their personality. That’s why, perhaps, on first glance you have a window into the heart and soul of this special catamaran and it’s masters. As your interface to a new world Scott invites you to build on your imagination.

HH 50

HH 55

Rich woods, soft fabrics, and exquisite finishes are the hallmark of this unique craft. Once aboard you can lose yourself in study of the detail built into every aspect of this creation. The interior arrangement can be designed for large families or simply a couple with luxurious accommodation. Understandably the HH Catamaran attracts considerable attention when it appears at the international boat shows.

HH 55

New Flying Spur V8. This is modern alchemy. Discover for yourself. Visit Houston.BentleyMotors.com or call 713-850-1530




rawing upon its 115-year of maritime history, Nobiskrug has packed a wealth of eco-focused features on board that aim to “set new standards for engineering driven stewardship”. Its hybrid propulsion helps to reduce the yacht’s fuel emissions – one of the owner’s key requirements – but the advanced DC bus smart power management system allows the vessel to fully integrate multiple sources of power from solar cells, variablespeed generators and lithium batteries, which allow the yacht to operate for a limited time without internal combustion engines. It’s important to mention that the yacht is designed to draw on any future technologies, such as fuel cells. Artefact can travel short distances on just its batteries alone; quite some feat for an 80m yacht. It also features dual azimuthing pods that enable dynamic positioning to hold the boat in place without dropping anchor, therefore protecting sensitive seafloors and marine ecosystems. Artefact’s wastewater systems allow reuse in technical operations to further reduce impacts, and in a climate where yacht regulations are tightening up, Artefact was also the first superyacht built to IMO Tier-III emissions standards. Exterior designed by Canadian designer Gregory C. Marshall, Artefact continues Nobiskrug’s reputation for being a visionary shipyard that builds ground-breaking custom designs. Flanked by a striking glass façade the yacht makes a bold and radical architectural statement. Both high-tech and aesthetically pleasing, Artefact has been designed to try and reshape the future of yachting by showcasing state-ofthe-art technology and innovative power and performance opportunities. A contemporary and sophisticated interior by British design studio Reymond Langton Design complements the futuristic façade. All eight guest cabins, accommodating up to 16 guests in total, are flooded with natural light providing an impressive space to wake up to. Serviced by a total of 24 discreet crew, the main entertaining spaces provide a clear connection to the outdoor marine environment and a view of the far-reaching horizon, and beyond. The interior layout and design fully integrate with the distinctive window shapes to create a holistic guest experience that works in harmony with the large amounts of custom and curved glass featured inside and out.

An incredible 750sqm of glass has been used in total, weighing a seismic 70 tonnes. To offset the significant weight, the steel hull is unusually paired with a superstructure made) hightech composites (fiberglass). Using a composite superstructure has enabled curved shapes to be moulded to create an interesting exterior design, and even frees up future owners to hugely alter the superstructure design should they ever want to. The primary ones being weight, solar heat gain, optical properties and reflections of sound and noise. The noise and vibration on board of Artefact far exceed industry standards. Nobiskrug’s core business today comprises the development and construction of largefully custom superyachts ranging from 60m plus.. It is recognised for pioneering new technologies, radical designs and visionary materials, and Artefact is a celebrated achievement that showcases it all. Nobiskrug’s most notable superyacht to date is the iconic 143m Sailing Yacht A, but Artefact has created a class of her own.

Houston 6100 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77057 Tel. 713-772-3868 Houston.FerrariDealers.com General Manager - Tony Novetti tnovetti@ferrariofhouston.com

The Woodlands 1501 Lake Robbins Drive The Woodlands, TX 77380 Tel. 281-771-3344 TheWoodlands.FerrariDealers.com General Manager - Tony Novetti tnovetti@ferrariofhouston.com

Ferrari Roma Elegance Timeless The Ferrari Ferrari Roma, the new 2+ front mid-engined coupe from the Prancing Horse, features elegant proportions and a timeless design coupled with unsurpassed performance and handling. With its distinctive style and elegance, this vehicle is a contemporary representation of the carefree and pleasant lifestyle of 1950s and 1960s Rome.




ndustry-leading innovation is the hallmark of the legendary Intrepid Powerboats® brand. For nearly 40 years the company has led the way, delivering luxurious, custom-crafted outboards that set new standards in marine design, engineering and performance. It’s a legacy of innovation often imitated, but never equaled. Now comes the 438 Evolution. SPORT YACHT PERFORMANCE, LUXURY YACHT AMENITIES An amazingly versatile and powerful outboard sport yacht, the all-new 438 Evolution is a showcase of ingenious design innovations. Step aboard and you’ll take the helm of a powerful luxury cruiser unlike any other boat on the water, with a luxurious cabin twice as large as an inboard of similar size.

This sleek, open water performance boat is ideal for entertaining family and friends on short hops and day cruises. It also boasts the world-class, live-aboard amenities of a luxury yacht designed for those who love to island hop for weeks at a time, in uncompromising comfort and style. Adjustable helm seating features racing-style flipup bolsters with space for, refrigerator or icemaker underneath. The large console can accommodate dual 22” navigation screens, with room for bridge deck storage, glove box, and cup holders. Elevated for improved visibility, the spacious bridge deck features luxurious L-shaped lounge seating with additional storage underneath. The expansive aft cockpit and bow with roomy sunpad offer plenty of places for family and friends to relax and enjoy the scene.

An optional electric aft sun shade provides coverage for the entire cockpit where aft-facing seating and an optional grill stand with a sink and refrigerator facilitate al fresco cooking and dining.



Step below and you’ll discover the world-class amenities of a spacious cabin, thoughtfully designed, styled and equipped for long-distance travel and luxurious overnight stays.

The industry’s most advanced technology and fabrication techniques combine with Intrepid’s signature stepped hull to deliver the incomparably smooth, dry ride and surefooted handling that inspire confidence in any captain and put Intrepid in a class by itself. Your choice of tripleengine power packages will have you running efficiently. And with 550 gallons of fuel, you’ll go farther faster.

Illuminated by large hull side windows and vented skylights, a surprising amount of headroom adds to the expansive ambiance. Updated styling includes premium European hardware and cabinetry. You’ll entertain in style from a spacious galley that provides abundant counter space and storage, dual refrigerator/freezer drawers, microwave and sink.

Whether diving wrecks in the Great Lakes or snorkeling reefs in the islands, the 438 Evolution makes it easy to go overboard through a hull side dive door that lifts up and out of the way to free up more space in the cockpit, then features a step ladder and grab rails that let swimmers climb back aboard with ease.

The luxurious master state room with queen berth enjoys views through two large hull side windows, and a roomy head compartment featuring a separate shower, natural light and ventilation. There’s also a built-in seat, vanity, sink, and plenty of storage space for toiletries and towels.

Sport fishing enthusiasts will marvel at the customizable array of storage lockers, tackle boxes, rod holders and fish boxes, plus a custom folding rear bench seat flanked by lighted, above-deck baitwells with windows.

The large wraparound settee with a new hideaway TV sets the stage for large gatherings, then converts to a second queen berth at the touch of button, offering overnight guests all the comforts of home, aboard your new home on the sea.

ONE OF A KIND, ONE AT A TIME Nearly every boatbuilder offers some level of “customization.” Intrepid invites owners into a collaborative, one-of-a-kind, one-at-a-time boatbuilding process that is simply unequalled. An Intrepid is more than a powerboat. It is a work of art, a bespoke vessel custom designed, hand-crafted, and individually equipped to realize each owner’s vision of the ultimate boating experience. As Intrepid Powerboats President, Ken Clinton puts it, “The wait-time for a custom Intrepid surprises people at first, but our owners end up enjoying the journey so much that it ends up being a huge positive. That unique level of personalization elevates the whole boat owning experience. Having it your way is the real luxury.” “The collaborative boatbuilding process also makes us good listeners,” says Clinton. “Customers come to us with their ideas, and it has always been our mission to make them happen. Our mindset is ‘whatever it takes’ for them and their family to get even more enjoyment out of their boat. At Intrepid, that unparalleled level of customer satisfaction through our one-ofa-kind, one-at-a-time approach to customization is Job #1.”

CUSTOMER SERVICE AS LEGENDARY AS THE BOATS THEMSELVES Once you receive your new custom Intrepid, your relationship with the boatbuilder doesn’t end – far from it! Intrepid owners enjoy a lifetime of personalized customer care and support. Whether it’s the day you first step aboard or 20 years and 20,000 nautical miles later, the company goes above and beyond to take care of its owners with the world-class customer care they have come to expect from Intrepid. World-renowned as an industryleading custom luxury powerboat manufacturer and retailer, Intrepid has a manufacturing plant based in Largo, Florida and a Sales Center located at Harbour Towne Marina in Dania, Florida. To get started on your custom Intrepid, visit IntrepidPowerboats.com, then contact an Intrepid Sales Specialist by calling 954-922-7544.

Houston 6100 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77057 Tel. 713-772-3868 Houston.FerrariDealers.com General Manager - Tony Novetti tnovetti@ferrariofhouston.com

The Woodlands 1501 Lake Robbins Drive The Woodlands, TX 77380 Tel. 281-771-3344 TheWoodlands.FerrariDealers.com General Manager - Tony Novetti tnovetti@ferrariofhouston.com

Ferrari Portofino M A travel of rediscovery The Ferrari Portofino M, named after the “M” for modified, is the evolution of the Ferrari Portofino. The Prancing Horse’s spider 2+ is packed with design and technical innovations, including an eightspeed dual-clutch gearbox and a five-position shifter. A first for the Casa de Maranello Gran Turismo con-vertibles. On board the Ferrari Portofino M every trip is a rediscovery.




he world of rigid bottom inflatable boats is entering an exciting new era with the release of the highly innovative Castlerock Carbon Cat. Australian designed and New Zealand built, the Castlerock Carbon Cat is the brainchild of Dan Oatley, a member of one of Australia’s most well known boating families. Constructed from carbon fiber and Hypalon, the 5.3-meter-long cat is already being described as “the Ferrari of RIBs.” “I set out to design and build the high speed, stable and visually appealing RIB and I’m certain that target has been achieved” Dan Oatley said. “This is due primarily to the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic features that I have been able to incorporate in design, along with the benefits that come with carbon fibre construction. This boat ticks every box in its category when it comes to recreational boating.” Powered by a Mercury four-stroke 115hp Pro XS outboard, the Castlerock Carbon Cat cruises comfortably at 45 knots and has a top speed of 60 knots. Some of the most honorable features of the boat are the attention to detail, the craftsmanship and its seaworthiness. Not only does the Carbon Cat incorporate racing yacht features, its innovative tunnel hull design is very stable at high speeds due to the custom hull profile that maximizes the aerodynamic lift while reducing hydrodynamic forces. Perfect for recreational boating, spearfishing, towing water sports and racing.

Dan is no newcomer to the world of boats, large and small. After being on the water in small sailing dinghies and runabouts as a youngster he went on to be one of the youngest commercial mariners. Dan’s maritime studies started with his recreational boat licence when he was 12 years old moving onto completing the highest Captains qualification, an Unrestricted Ship Masters. During his time as a seafarer, he has sailed as a Navigation Officer aboard the 152,000 tonne cruise Liner, Queen Mary 2. He has also been the master of Superyachts, crossed the Atlantic 14 times and cruised to the North Pole. Dan has sailed in the last three Sydney to Hobart yacht races aboard his late grandfather, Bob Oatley’s recordbreaking SUPER MAXI, Wild Oats X1. He steered the yacht across the finish line to Win the 2018 race. “High-performance RIBs have always appealed to me,” Dan said. “I’ve seen plenty of them during my travels, and I can say there is nothing like the Castlerock Carbon Cat. It is a highly efficient design that is as easy to handle at high speed as it is at its cruising speed.” www.CastleRockCarbon.com @CastleRockCarbonCat


LE ARN MORE AT www.steinway.com/elevated

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Photography by Tom Van Oossanen


t the dawn of a new decade, Oceanco makes a commitment to the future through a pioneering collaborative initiative, Oceanco NXT. Oceanco NXT brings together an inspiring collaboration of experts to answer the future demands by reflecting across industries of the new, younger demographic landscape, with the ultimate goal of zero impact on the environment. Oceanco NXT reflects on innovation and sustainability in an authentic and meaningful way that will transform how we spend time on superyachts. In lieu of the customary concepts that are annually released in the industry to spark interest from potential buyers, Oceanco – which has a reputation for delivering pioneering, benchmark superyachts – has boldly chosen to address the most pressing and challenging questions that we face in the yachting industry today. IT STARTS WITH A QUESTION To push boundaries and make progress in the superyacht industry, only bold questions can offer new answers. In the near future, Owners may have a different vision of how they want to experience the world through yachting and will bring along new ideologies and approaches. How is this shift being reflected in today’s designs and build methods and how can the industry better understand Owners’ evolving needs? The answer requires bold thinking and a willingness to cooperate with similarly visionary colleagues on a global scale, both from within and outside the yachting industry. Oceanco’s major creative undertaking for 2020 looks beyond superficial design concepts and delves deeper into a progressive, holistic approach to a collaborative future of yacht building, Ownership and experiences; it is called NXT.

For many years, Oceanco has been setting the benchmark in terms of challenging the paradigm through its boundary-pushing yachts. Now it intends to lead the way with this thought-provoking approach to the future of yachting. THE FUTURE IS ZERO In the pursuit of authentic innovation, meaningful sustainability can be achieved. Although the exterior and interior styling of superyachts has progressed significantly over time, we still witness similar technical formats and standards that are deeply rooted in general proportions, form and gross tonnage. These standards have been so far developed and finetuned over time that they are hardly being challenged anymore, and the result is a stagnation in innovation. Over recent years, attempts to jump on a “sustainable” bandwagon have led to the term becoming overused, detracting from its impact and value. Small steps to incrementally reduce environmental impact are somewhat positive but tougher, fundamental questions must be asked in order to make progress in any meaningful way. The two central pillars of Oceanco’s NXT approach are innovation and sustainability, with a focus on finding meaningful innovations to inform every decision in building an authentically sustainable superyacht, and an ultimate goal of zero impact on the environment. THE FUTURE IS NOW Oceanco sets the benchmark in building next generation superyachts The NXT approach delves deeper and broader than simply reducing the burning of fossil fuels to propel and operate the yacht. It considers how yacht Owners may want to experience life on the water in the future, in the most sustainable, enjoyable and rewarding ways possible. It takes a daring, visionary yacht builder alongside nonconformist Owners to forge such new pathways in the industry. Oceanco has been challenging the status quo since its inception – setting the benchmark in terms of establishing trends. In 2013 Oceanco completed the world’s first Passenger Yacht Code vessel, Equanimity; and in 2016 it delivered 86m Aquijo, the world’s largest ketch. In 2017, Oceanco delivered 110m Jubilee, the largest yacht built in the Netherlands; and recently it delivered 106.7m Black Pearl, the world’s largest and most ecological Dynarig sailing yacht. Challenges and solutions from these superyachts gave rise to Oceanco’s ground-breaking LIFE platform, debuted onboard the 109m Bravo Eugenia, which features extended length while using an optimized hybrid propulsion system to improve fuel efficiency and minimize space allocated to technical equipment.

The physical representation of NXT has been conceived by world-renowned designer Giles Taylor, Global Vice President of Design at FAW Group, whose vision for the future of yachting has been sculpted in white onyx and is captivatingly illuminated from within. This will be complemented by the expertise brought by TANK, an architecture and interior design studio that is celebrated for its contemporary approach to creating beautiful, inspiring and functional living spaces. Technical design and technology input for the Oceanco NXT ideology is provided by Lateral Naval Architects, a longstanding partner of Oceanco with a respected portfolio of projects to its name. A further and broad spectrum of industry expertise is being brought into NXT through Oceanco Co-Maker Unlimited, a collective collaboration strategy to optimize the way yachts are designed and built. Each of these stakeholders has a crucial role to play in upholding the Oceanco NXT promise to strive for meaningful innovation in how we create yachts that meet the needs of future Owners. “Oceanco NXT represents our commitment as a builder of the most advanced and inspiring yachts in the world. We fundamentally believe that the best way to set new benchmarks is to co-create with experts from a wide array of industries – not just yachting. In creating Oceanco NXT, we seek partners share a common ambition to innovate and forge a sustainable pathway for tomorrow’s yachts. We are invested in an outcome where the future is zero. From Giles Taylor’s understanding of future Owners’ lifestyle needs and Lateral’s technical innovations towards achieving zero emissions to TANK’s contemporary vision for the use of our living spaces and Oceanco’s collaboration vision with Co-makers, we share one unified goal: to create the most exciting superyachts we can, for future generations. Through Oceanco NXT, tomorrow can start today,” comments Marcel Onkenhout, CEO of Oceanco.




conic Dutch shipyard Heesen has just revealed the sale of its newest superyacht Triton, the second in its coveted 50-meter Steel Class, due for delivery in March 2021. Designed to provide access to far-flung and remote destinations, she is a true blue water motor yacht with an impressive transoceanic range of 3,800 miles; the ideal style of yacht for owners looking to enjoy long passages, or to simply cruise endlessly around the gorgeous coasts of Italy, France and the Mediterranean, or more exotic destinations such as the Bahamas. Originally founded by Frans Heesen in 1978, Heesen is based in Oss, The Netherlands, known as the home of yacht building worldwide. Heesen first made its name in the US with the launch of Octopussy in 1988, built for New York billionaire John Staluppi. Described as “the yacht that couldn’t be built”, Octopussy was the fastest superyacht in the world at that time and planted Heesen firmly on the map. A world-leader in terms of design and technology in the superyacht industry, Heesen is known for crafting the finest yachts with exceptional standards of engineering and meticulous attention to detail. Research and innovation are part of the Heesen DNA, with the company being the first to implement the revolutionary FDHF, then the hull vane and being pioneers in silent cruise with hybrid propulsion technology.

Elegant and characterized by flowing curves, Triton’s exterior lines are penned by internationally renowned British designer Clifford Denn with elements inspired by classic car design including Austin Healey, Old Porsche and Alfa Spider. With a flared bulbous bow and majestic profile, Triton is sure to turn heads off the coast of the South of France and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Powerful and efficient, this yacht is has two MTU 8V4000 M63 main engines and features a full-displacement steel hull,

that reaches a top speed of 15 knots, with a cruising speed of 12 knots. The ultimate private pad for entertaining, Triton has a 68-square-meter sun deck complete with a Jacuzzi, al fresco dining area and sun loungers. This is complemented by another 78-square-meter aft deck, with an indoor-outdoor sky lounge for warm summer nights. Packed with a tender and toys, Heesen has installed a chic beach club at the back, with a wellness area for massages and spa treatments.

Built and engineered by Heesen’s inhouse team of experts, Triton is of the highest Dutch quality standards. A peerless combination of the best of building and the best of design, Triton is Dutch crafted with timeless design inside and out. UK based studio Reymond Langton created a contemporary interior, using cool tones and pastel shades to create a linear and clean environment. The sophisticated yet relaxed design offers a tranquil and peaceful ambience where guests can retreat and unwind, while exploring exciting outdoor life at sea. Ideal for families or groups of friends, ten guests can sleep in five large suites, with the master on the main deck forward and the four large guest cabins on the lower deck. Blending practicality with luxurious detail, the layout of Triton has been optimized to deliver spacious interior volume, while remaining under the 500GT threshold.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Heesen is also currently building the largest, fastest, full-aluminum yacht in the world: Cosmos. At 80m long with a top speed of almost 30 knots powered by 19,000hp, she is a thoroughbred racehorse and the next evolution of the Heesen brand. Her contemporary yet timeless profile, like Triton, maintains the style elements unique to Heesen’s DNA, featuring sleek, sporty exteriors. Brought to life by renowned British studio Winch Design, Cosmos’ elegant, muscular lines were designed with speed in mind. Award-winning Dutch studio, Sinot, created her interiors, a clean aesthetic inspired by elements from nature and the mathematical Fibonacci sequence. The industry leader in aluminum yachts, Heesen has created and patented a new technology called ‘The Backbone’ to give Cosmos the longitudinal strength she needs. The pinnacle of luxury, Cosmos’ exterior and interior features include a 270 square-meter sundeck, a glass bottom pool and waterfall that plunges from the deck above, a beach club with sunken, walk around bar and backlit onyx panels, a completely flush foredeck that doubles as a helipad and outdoor cinema and a spiral, stainless steel staircase that wraps around a full glass elevator. She has six cabins that can accommodate 12 guests, including a VIP cabin with a private studio and striking master stateroom. www.HeesenYachts.com

…We Make

ELECTRIC Lights, Too.

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cout is recognized the world over for building luxury sportfishing center console, dual console and inshore/bay boat models ranging from 17’ to 53’. Since their founding three decades ago, the company’s goal has been to manufacture the best-built boats in their distinctive sportfishing niches. Each Scout hull is a true original, as their in-house research and design team works closely with engineering to take concepts from blueprint to production more efficiently, growing their company’s world-class reputation for quality, strength, durability and value. From their design to your destination, there’s nothing like a Scout. Industry-first innovations, uncompromising build quality and precise attention to detail are fused into each model. Alluring lines that perform on top of the water like the prize catch you’re chasing under it. Experiences waiting to be had. Lasting memories to be made. Heads to turn. Choosing Scout means you’ve made the decision to be aboard the elite. If this is your first, those before you will tell you it won’t be your last. Taking the family out for the day, fishing your offshore sweet spot or chasing the sun down along the coast… a Scout is all, and can do all. Creating award-winning models that separate us from the industry mediocrity first starts with having the finest craftsmanship; unparalleled boat building experience that spans our entire manufacturing facility. Knowledge to know how to do things the right way. Talent to know how to do those things better. Courage to do the old things a new way. Every Scout team member that has a hand on your boat has pride and precision in what they’re building, and for whom they’re building. Glide your fingertips anywhere across the model. Feel 100% hand-laid fiberglass construction, the luxury of the upholstery, the richness in the accents. Feel the clean design inside and out, all the way to the completely-finished bilges and underside of all doors, lids and hatches. Bow to stern, port to starboard, above deck and below, everywhere you look and touch you’re experiencing the Scout difference. Standing at the helm, you feel the passion. Wrap your fingers around the steering wheel and you’re not just touching any boat. You’re engaging with a technologically advanced, fully crafted vessel that brings modernity and unconventional style together. The horsepower, the touch screens, the patents, the countless hours that have gone into designing and producing the very best coastal sportfishing boat in its class are now at your fingertips.

Are you aboard a boat, at the wheel of a highperformance luxury sports car, or inside a private jet? Questions you ask yourself as you tour their models and realize just how different Scout truly is from the competition.

the finest sophisticated blend of appointments and technologies. The S-Class Series was born. S-Class signifies the upper echelon of our line-up - the highest level of luxury - similar to what you experience with high-end luxury automobiles.

Scout’s foundation is comprised of integrity and innovations. They want to make your on-the-water experience like no other, so they are continually developing trend-setting, clever designs that bring a modern, sophisticated edge to your boat. Improved efficiency and performance. Elevated comfort and safety. All creating a heightened status.

Simply put, these Epoxy Infusion and Carbon Epoxy Construction processes are industry bar-raising manufacturing processes. Their 33’ and up models utilizing these processes are built like a tank but perform like a jet. These techniques have been used in the aerospace industry for years but have typically been a historically-unpopular process to marine manufacturers for numerous reasons: materials cost, labor skill, and lack of technology to implement, just to name a few. Less than 1% of marine manufacturers utilize these processes.

Timeless styling and painstaking perfection are fused into every model built. Scout continues to be firstto-market with their industry-leading innovations and groundbreaking ideas. Scout is a fresh, vibrant company that’s changing the history of boating by bringing you the future of boating. Scout has developed innovative hull designs that are used across their ine-up. As they designed larger LXF’s (luxury center console models 33’ and up), they made a critical decision to introduce cutting-edge Epoxy Infusion and Carbon Epoxy Construction techniques into these highest-performing Scout Stepped Hull models, while simultaneously pairing them with

The hulls of the 330 LXF & 355 LXF are epoxy-infused by attaching multiple feeder lines which are monitored by their skilled craftspeople to inject the exact amount of epoxy necessary into the fiberglass and core; then they are vacuum bag infused (creating the strongest epoxy-to-glass ratio possible), eliminating air pockets and preventing unnecessary excess epoxy. Once fully infused, they are then baked at 135°-140°F for eight hours to post-cure the hull while they’re still secured in the mold.

They take this process even further on the hulls of our 380 LXF & 420 LXF, where they use Carbon Fiber/E-Glass as the main material used in the Epoxy Infusion process. The 530 LXF is built using this process on not only the hull, but also the deck, hardtop, and flybridge superstructure. But why use this process in the first place if it’s more expensive? The answer is abundantly clear when you realize the strength-to-weight ratios of the models. They’re second to none. Our Epoxy Infusion Construction process removes the brittle, excess fat of the resin to create a boat that weighs a little less when compared to other outdated competitor processes, but at the same time provides an even stronger, more stable structure. With a lighter, stronger stepped hull comes higher performance. This is the reason our models consistently out-perform competitive models in their class while being rigged with equal (or even less) horsepower. High performance with increased fuel efficiency and cruising speeds (not to mention cost savings both at the pump as well as the overall cost of owning the boat). Scout has stronger, sexier, faster hulls. The Epoxy Infusion Construction process allows us to create large, stunning hull profiles (even black) while maintaining a “Class-A finish”. The Scout customer family continues to spread across the world. If you’re ready to upgrade and join their growing family…then you’re ready to Discover More. www.ScoutBoats.com



o those who have never owned a yacht, but who have the means, you don’t know what you are missing,” says John Risley. It’s a decisive statement from someone who certainly speaks from experience: Risley is the exowner of the 63-metre Polar Star and the 75-metre Northern Star, now called Bella Vita, both highly capable superyachts built by the family-owned German yard Lürssen. But what does owning a Lürssen entail, and what is it about the superyacht lifestyle that attracts such a wide variety of individuals?

– rather than a hotel – a place where you can relax and let your guard down with friends and family.

Ask a selection of owners what they love best about their yacht and they will invariably give you a range of answers, but a common theme is always the peace and privacy that a yacht affords. Privacy is a crucial factor in making a yacht feel like a home away from home

Shahid Khan is a well-known businessman and sports club owner, but in the superyacht industry he is also known for being a repeat Lürssen owner, and currently owning one of the most talked-about yachts since her launch in 2015, Kismet.

“A luxury hotel is a commercial establishment. A yacht is a home and a place to welcome and entertain family and friends. The two don’t compare,” says Risley. By its very nature, a yacht affords an isolation from the outside world, something increasingly rare in this digital age. “I love the feeling of being removed from the stress of traffic and the urban pressures. The whole pace of life slows down on a boat,” adds Risley.

“I wanted to own my own yacht because it’s an expression of freedom and adventure that cannot be equalled, and the experience you get is one you can share with family, friends and business associates,“ he says. “One of my favourite parts of being on board is knowing that anything is possible, whether it’s a beautiful journey with loved ones or a celebration with hundreds of friends, old and new.” Lürssen is a well-known name in the superyacht industry, having built some of the most famous yachts over the years, and, recently, many of the largest. The pedigree of a shipyard is certainly a top consideration for many would-be buyers. Kismet’s 95.2 metres make her one of the largest superyachts in the global fleet today, but the German yard can also lay claim to some even more impressive figures, such as building Azzam, at 180-metres the largest superyacht by length in the world, and Dilbar, 156-metres, the largest by total interior volume, at 15,917 gross tonnes. However, size isn’t everything, and the yard builds yachts from 50-metres in length.

“We chose Lürssen because we wanted safety, stability, quality and lasting value,” says the owner of Lady Kathryn V, a 61-metre yacht launched by the yard in 2011. “Our family always had smaller boats, and after a yachting trip as a guest, we decided we wanted our own yacht. Our times aboard Lady Kathryn V are the best times of our lives, especially when family and friends join us.” Positive feedback about building a custom yacht is not hard to come by, but it can still be a long and sometimes daunting process, which is where choosing the right shipyard to build the right yacht comes in to play. “Owning a yacht, any yacht, is a very personal experience,” says Risley. “Custom yachts more so, as that experience extends to the design, the construction and the use. A yacht becomes a part of the family because it brings family together, and produces wonderful memories and happy times. I want to build my yachts with a family, and a yard owner whose handshake means something. I want to do business with people who take pride in what they do, who have a long attachment to the business, so it’s not just a business, it’s a passion and a source of great satisfaction.” In terms of useful advice for anyone thinking of building a superyacht, Khan’s suggestions are succinct: “I am biased, but I have been yachting for almost two decades, so I feel I have an educated viewpoint on this. The first thing you do is start with the best. That’s Lürssen.”



ddie Smith, Jr., Grady-White Boats CEO, never wanted to be the biggest. What he did want, was to be the best! More than 60 years later, his uncompromising vision and values have earned Grady-White Boats a legendary reputation in the boating industry. With customer satisfaction as the top priority, GradyWhite designs, builds and delivers the finest offshore sportfishing boats from 18-to-45 feet. In the early 70s, long before many of today’s boat manufacturers existed, Grady-White broke ground on what was to become and what, through continuous improvement and consistent investment, remains one of the world’s most modern fiberglass boat manufacturing facilities. They also made a conscious decision to listen to their customers and made paying exceptional attention to all the details a top priority. From that input, Grady-White began perfecting center console designs. The openness of center consoles allowed easy movement around the boat, with room for the installation of rod holders and racks that people wanted. More importantly they equipped models with all kinds of ingenious features such as nonskid decks and self-bailing cockpits, plus insulated storage and iceboxes that drained directly overboard and more than enough foam flotation–resulting in unsinkable boats. These efforts were applied to all the models the company built including dual console, walkaround and express cabins in addition to the center consoles. These details, craftsmanship and reliability led Grady-White boats to be the top choice among many knowledgeable boat buyers. The early days set the standard for the ingenuity and quality found only in a Grady-White. There is no Grady-White boat in which this is more evident than in their flagship model– the Canyon 456, a 45-foot center console model unveiled as the largest of its kind in the spring of 2018. This boat re-imagined the concept of the luxury sportfishing yacht. The 456 is a superbly engineered center console, offering an unprecedented level of elegance and sophistication among outboard powered fiberglass boats of any size, a feat other boating manufacturers have tried to duplicate. The superb Grady-White SeaV2® ride of the Canyon 456 is indeed unparalleled, exhibiting performance and seaworthy reliability for which Grady-White’s signature hull design is known. She handles like a fine sports car on the water and feels like a majestic ship at rest. Without question, this is an impressive vessel that is likely to please even the most experienced and discerning captain as well as the crew.

Ease of use and technical achievement aboard the Canyon 456 start with Grady’s exclusive Sea Command CenterTM–aesthetically striking, exceptionally comfortable, and offering an amazing assembly of technology. The center’s ultra-comfortable forward-facing seating features four premium individual electronically adjustable seats, each replete with rich upholstery and stainless supports for the armrests. CZone® digital switching technology enables one-touch control of onboard systems including power, electrical, lighting, heat and air conditioning–even the seacocks. A software application allows remote command of these functions from your phone! The entire helm area is covered by a stylish, sophisticated, enclosed AV2® T-top with an integrated wraparound windshield for maximum visibility and protection. Electronic side windows and a large overhead hatch allow plenty of fresh air when the heating or air conditioning system is not needed. This top includes a built-in SureShade® electronically retractable cockpit shade. On deck, forward of the cabin, the Canyon 456 proves it has a double life as an elegant loungeand-leisure platform. Atop the forward cabin, very comfortable lounge cushions create an incomparable space for sun worshippers. The bow seating area continues the theme of exceptional detail, comfort, and elegant style. Created for those looking for the top-of-theline alternative to inboard luxury sportfish yachts, the Canyon 456 is the best choice, matched with quad Yamaha 425 engines, ready to roar to the fishing grounds in style. It’s perfect blend of tough battlewagon fishing machine and superior cruising yacht makes this boat packed and ready for adventure. Today, Grady-White is known for world-class quality, reliability, safety and performance throughout their impressive line up of 26 models; including dual consoles, center consoles, coastal explorers, and cabin boats. Their engineers design, and craftspeople build, unsinkable boats with unsurpassed long-term value. Many Grady-White special features and equipment, are patented exclusive innovations–unmatched by any competitive brand. From better hardware, superior laminates, structural integrity and unsinkable foam flotation, you’ll find only the highest quality components in a Grady-White. Put all of that on top of their trademarked SeaV2 hull and you have an unrivaled craft you’ll be proud to own.

In many ways, Grady-White’s success is due to developing close relationships with its customers and dealerships, asking questions of and carefully listening to boat owners, and incorporating features they’ve requested, to create fun products that make many happy memories. The quest to provide “the ultimate in boating satisfaction” through exceptional attention to detail is the basis for the management style promoted by current company president, Kris Carroll. Ranked highest in every measure of excellence in any marine industry study ever done, Grady-White Boats has set the standard that other boating manufacturers try to follow. From being recognized for all eight coveted J.D. Power and Associates marine study awards to all 18 consecutive National Marine Manufacturers Association Customer Satisfaction Index Awards, Grady-White has a consistent record of delivering the ultimate boating experience. Through their exceptional attention to detail, Grady-White has achieved levels of customer satisfaction attained by only a few premium products in any industry. “Every day we strive to enhance the ownership experience and exceed our customer’s expectations,” Grady-White says. “Our customers inspire us!” They are passionate about communicating with them to build the best boat possible, according to their needs. It’s those very relationships that keep them coming back for their second, third and even twentieth Grady-White. Ask any Grady owner and he or she will tell you that Grady-White is the best choice in boating. Visit gradywhite.com to learn more about their boats, their history and more.



SINCE 1977




reating your own custom luxury yacht can launch a life without limits.

When home is where you anchor, the view out your window is new every time. The first step out your door is different every time. When home is where you anchor, there’s a new adventure in every sunrise. Custom luxury, defined by you and your loved ones, greets your retreat with every sunset. The artisans, craftspeople, engineers, and shipbuilders at Burger Boat Company understand this. They know precisely how to collaborate with you to define your vision and create the adventure of a lifetime in a custom yacht that encapsulates your dreams and ambitions. For more than a century, Burger has earned the trust an owner needs to embark on such a mission. In 1863, Burger Boat Company laid the cornerstone for the American yachting experience. The yachts it has built since its founding are icons, renowned for design and seaworthiness. Burger yachts are sought for custom luxury that matches an owner’s dreams, in a way that can only come from the unique bond of trust between builder, designer, and owner. Today, Burger builds on that legacy, providing yachting enthusiasts access to expertise, technologically advanced engineering, contemporary design, and a wealth of conceptual options for any requirements. Every custom yacht reflects the unique image of its owner, and with its historic track record and contemporary vision, Burger is the ideal partner to lead an owner through the adventure of a lifetime, whatever the mission. CATAIN, CREW, AND EXPLORATION An owner, ready to build their own custom yacht, is spurred on by inspiration, which can come from a conversation with Burger over various conceptual designs. Each can help an owner envision the limitless possibilities available to them. At its shipyard, Burger has capacity to build custom luxury yachts to 260’. The yachts provide their owners a refuge and a portal to explore the world.

SPORTFISHING DESIGNED FOR YOU Often, Burger collaborates with yacht owners and world-renowned designers to bring a specific design to life. A perfect example is NORTHLAND, a 103’ 6” expedition-style explorer yacht with a dedicated fishing cockpit. After being unable to find a yacht on the market that matched their vision, the owner worked with designer Luiz de Basto to design the custom yacht they had been dreaming of. The finished yacht is a masterpiece of collaboration – between Burger, the owner, and De Basto Designs. One quote from NORTHLAND’s owner at the yacht’s Christening ceremony has resonated since that one-of-a-kind moment – “Thank you for making our dream come true.” NORTHLAND’s launch was the beginning of an extraordinary journey. Since her launch, NORTHLAND has charged her way through the Pacific, Caribbean, and along the Atlantic Coast, bringing her owner face-to-face with the limitless life Burger offers its clients. Every detail provides contemporary luxury and amenities. A floating staircase creates an elegant access point between decks while an open top deck offers tremendous views, comfort, and options for entertaining. Burger has also recently introduced its new Burger 63’ Sportfishing Motor Yacht. Luxurious and built for the thrill of the chase, this sleek and sporty yacht features a dedicated fishing. cockpit, a soaring flybridge, and classic lines that evoke timeless Burger quality. The new yacht concept is designed with the sleek lines and custom craftsmanship that distinguishes it from production sportfishing yachts, providing a luxurious alternative for yachting enthusiasts and adventurers in search of a yacht for exploring favorite and new waters alike. Her new owner can take the helm themselves making it an ideal option for island hopping, open-water fishing, and adventure sports. The interior features three ensuite staterooms, unobstructed views in the open salon/ galley area, and exceptional exterior spaces for entertaining friends and family.



he first FD102 superyacht, TOKALON is the second hull of the Horizon FD102 model. Welcomed by a spacious aft deck featuring a pleasant seating area with a bar, storage and television to starboard, guests enter the main deck through curved opening glass doors and are greeted by a delightful semial fresco dining area hosting an extendable round table set beneath a custom circular light fixture. Oak, wenge and zebra woods feature prominently throughout the main and upper deck guest areas, which were designed in collaboration with Cor D. Rover and Horizon’s in-house design team. Numerous customized touches have been incorporated throughout, from the backlit mullions highlighting the salon to the customized galley fitted with professionalgrade appliances.

Configured to accommodate ten guests in five spacious staterooms including an on-deck master, TO-KALON maximizes her impressive interior volume, which is augmented by a 25’ 3” beam. A his-andhers en suite and his-and-hers walkin closets complement the full-beam master stateroom, which resides just forward of the galley, powder room and custom wine cabinet. Storage was maximized throughout the yacht, and the four additional guest staterooms on the lower deck feature thoughtful customizations, multiple closets and beech, wenge and bird’s eye maple wood finishes. On the upper deck, TO-KALON’S owners requested a semi-enclosed flybridge with sliding glass windows that allows the majority of this deck to function as an indoor/outdoor space. Just aft of the fully enclosed pilothouse, an oversized U-shaped seating area opposite a full bar with fixed bar stools and a dayhead is protected from the elements under the hard top. The deck area aft is fitted with an extendable dining table for up to 12, a BBQ and a Jacuzzi tub for six with a bar counter and fixed stools. This portion of the deck is easily shaded by an electric retractable awning. Situating the tender storage on the bow and removing the starboard staircase from the aft deck to the flybridge further maximized this space.

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hen it comes to safety, value and convenience, there’s no substitute to flying direct to a yacht by seaplane. This is more important than ever since avoiding large crowds at international airports or cities has become paramount for travel. Tropic Ocean Air Guests can fly privately to Fort Lauderdale and then simply board one of our seaplanes that can land on the water next to a yacht that’s anchored in a remote private cove within hours (and sometimes minutes). Plus, since they have Bahamas Customs on-property, guests can pre-clear before departing which allows a seamless experience upon arrival. Seaplane transportation to yachts at anchor is also one of the hottest trends in yachting because it saves the time it takes to fly into a crowded international airport, and then drive to the marina, and then motor to a secluded spot. Given the cost of charters, this reduction in travel time from 9 hours to less than 2 on your first and last day could save tens of thousands in value. By using a seaplane direct to the boat, the guest gains the one thing they can’t get back in vacation - time with friends or loved ones.

Planning and preparing for a flight to a yacht involves turnkey coordination. Aircrew and boat captains are briefed for safety and airline operation departments work through the logistics of fuel and landing locations. In addition, flight coordinators pull the resources needed together for a seamless event. All the background work is hidden to ensure the guest has a smooth experience, allowing them to begin their vacation the minute they are greeted by a Tropic Ocean Airways representative. With leather seating for up to eight guests and a two-pilot crew, the new Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibious Seaplanes are a blend of luxury, romance of flight and modern technology. All-glass flight instruments, weather avoidance radar, and advanced communication ensure the guest the safest flight experience possible. Each plane can also be configured for cargo-only allowing an added level of flexibility to meet the needs of the yacht crew and owners.

With only a short notice required, guests can arrive or depart to a boat cruising on demand. This immediate access opens the door to direct delivery of parts, food, drink, or other items needed without requiring the marina to enhance the overall experience. For years, captains have depended on Tropic Ocean Airways to transport owners and guests directly to their vessels, dockside or seaside. Aside from passenger travel, Tropic Ocean Airways also provides yacht provisioning services, helps with crew rotations, nonmedical emergency departures and can also bring repair technicians and parts direct to the boat and quickly. Tropic Ocean Airways offers services from New York City, Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale to yachts in the Northeast, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Antigua, and beyond.

Quotes from Guests and Partners: “The ‘getting to your yacht’ part can often be just as important as the ‘spending time on your yacht’ part. The reason our charter clients use sea planes like Tropic [Ocean Airways] is they make getting to the yacht fun and easy. It’s hard to argue with the fun factor. Landing on the water on a sea plane will make anyone feel like a kid again. And the convenience of taking off from just about anywhere in Florida and landing on the water right next to your yacht makes things very easy.” -Bob Denison, President of Denison Yachting “[Tropic Ocean Airways] has been an incredible service to access our yacht in various remote locations throughout the Bahamas. Because they fly you right to the back of your boat, you get an incredible birds’ eye view of the area surrounding your anchorage. It has been great for scouting beaches, diving, and fishing spots from the air while on the way to our boat. The convenience of stepping off the plane directly onto the boat is unparalleled in any other form of luxury transportation. [Tropic Ocean Airways] has delivered consistent excellent service with well-maintained aircraft, highly recommend them.” -Motor Yacht Qing




7 B AT H R O O M S


8,300 SQ FT 1 4 , 2 6 4 S Q F T LOT

C I N DY A M B U E H L C I N D Y @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0 . 3 2 1 .9 1 4 8 | D R E 0 1 8 2 1 93 4

ZANDER DIAMONT Z A N D E R @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0.61 7.1 695 | D R E 0 2 0 8 0 1 8 8

Excellence In Every Move. Compass is a real estate broker licensed by the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. License Number 01991628. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only and is compiled from sources deemed reliable but has not been verified. Changes in price, condition, sale or withdrawal may be made without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate.




8 B AT H R O O M S


8, 200 SQ FT 3 1 , 8 2 2 S Q F T LOT

C I N DY A M B U E H L C I N D Y @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0 . 3 2 1 .9 1 4 8 | D R E 0 1 8 2 1 93 4




6 B AT H R O O M S


1 7, 8 8 8 S Q F T LOT

ZANDER DIAMONT Z A N D E R @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0.61 7.1 695 | D R E 0 2 0 8 0 1 8 8

Excellence In Every Move. Compass is a real estate broker licensed by the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. License Number 01991628. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only and is compiled from sources deemed reliable but has not been verified. Changes in price, condition, sale or withdrawal may be made without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate.



renowned world-class cruiser and one of the most well-travelled yachts in the global fleet, the 414 foot OCTOPUS is the pinnacle explorer yacht for those seeking a proven ‘go anywhere, do anything’ platform for discovery. Encompassing eight decks and an interior volume of 9,932 GT, OCTOPUS offers an abundance of features and amenities specially tailored for those looking to explore the globe’s most remote and inaccessible destinations. With accommodation for up to 26 guests in 13 cabins, and 63 crew across 30 cabins, OCTOPUS has been a trusted, full capability vehicle for discovery to those on board and has a range of accolades to prove it. Since delivery by Lürssen in 2003, to exteriors by Espen Oeino and interiors by Jonathan Quinn Barnett, she has explored the coast of Antarctica, traversed the Northwest Passage, recovered the ship’s bell from the wreck of HMS

Hood at a depth of 1.7 miles for the Royal Navy and discovered the wreck of the WWII battleship IJN Musashi off the Philippines. With diesel-electric propulsion and eight generators for support, she is a pioneering vessel in both exploration and hybrid cruising. The submarine Pagoo can dive with eight guests and two crew for up to eight hours Offering a genuine first class experience while cruising or at anchor, OCTOPUS has plenty of space for enjoyment and activity on board. With a full owner’s deck including a private bar and jacuzzi forward and private al fresco dining area aft, this deck provides the owner with a sanctuary of privacy and security. While the yacht has two elevators servicing the guest areas onboard, one is dedicated to the owner’s exclusive use for travel throughout the yacht with discretion and ease.

On the bridge deck below, guests have plenty of room for outdoor entertainment as a generous pool, the bottom of which can rise to become a dancefloor, is located aft along with al fresco dining, a wet bar, BBQ, tandoor and pizza ovens. Just beneath the bridge deck is a deck dedicated solely to entertainment where guests can enjoy a range of facilities including a spa, library and bar, cinema, gym, multiple lounges including a forward facing observation area and a basketball court on the deck below. There is also a glass bottomed observation lounge in the tank deck. In addition to seven tenders, two liferafts, an ROV capable of diving to1.9 miles and several jetskis, OCTOPUS is also capable of housing an SUV and two helicopters in the garage (one each for the fore and aft helipads), and its stern access marina is home to a 42.6 foot Hinckley Talaria tender and Pagoo, a submarine accommodating eight guests and two crew that can dive for up to eight hours. A dive centre and hyperbaric chamber are also on board, along with a beach club with a bar on the starboard side.

Humans Weren’t Meant to Hibernate. Montana winters may be dreamy, but they’re not remotely sleepy. From December through March, you’ll find a host of thrilling adventures, especially at The Resort ®

at Paws Up . Head outside for skijoring or snowshoeing. Spend the afternoon snowmobiling, tubing or dogsledding.

And when you’re ready to rest your eyes, you can relax inside your perfectly appointed vacation home, nestled in the pines. Just be sure to set your alarm early, because you’ll be bundling up for more in a few short hours.


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rooks Atkinson once said, “Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit”.

Monaco Yachting (@monaco_yachting) is an Instagram showcasing original photography that captures the beauty of the world of yachting. Founded in August 2018 by Enzo Berthe and Peregrini Fabien, their two different visions allowed them to create this page which gathers today more than 70,000 yacht lovers. Their unique story began with Fabien, who has a lifelong passion for photography and Enzo who had the idea of creating a photo blog from the beginning. They are the same age, both born in 1999 and both studying in the luxury hospitality sector. Monaco Yachting has values that they carry proudly. The values of “sharing”, “excellence” as well as “respect” and “innovation”. They are proud to share photos and videos taken only by themselves in the unique French Riviera blue waters. Since then, they have evolved at a rhythm of 1 post per day enabling their growth to be constant as well as keeping their community entertained. Thanks to their involvement and contacts, they have taken part in many events such as the yacht shows in Monaco, Cannes, Barcelona and Paris, attended conferences, created connections with professionals of the industry and met many new friends with whom share their story today.

Also, thanks to their photography skills and the power of social media, they have taken part in several partnerships to create content while enjoying the moment. The idea is to promote a business, a charter or a company. Monaco Yachting’s instagram account brings together different types of nationalities from around the world with the same interest for the yachting industry. On the scene of nautical influencers, that they are one of the few to exclusively publish original and very high quality content. Today, Monaco Yachting is very proud of what their project has become, as well as where it has brought them. Monaco Yachting looks forward to expanding their network in the future. At the same speed of technology, the industry is quickly evolving. Yachts are greener, faster, longer, more innovative. The recent development of the charter market in the superyacht industry inspires Monaco Yachting’s similarities with the luxury hospitality industry. This is one of the ideas that attracts them to the work they do! @monaco_yachting hopes to see you on Instagram very soon!



ou have been telecommuting and zoom-ing for the past however-many months. The kids are going stir crazy (though perhaps not as much as their parents!) and everybody needs a safe place to escape, relax, re-group and recharge. But where do you go and feel safe whilst doing it? Simply put, there is no more luxurious way to get away from it all than aboard your own floating second home. Whether it’s wintering in the Caribbean hello, St. Bart’s! - summering along the Amalfi Coast, or taking the home office and home schooling on board and out to sea for the foreseeable future, a yacht creates a safe space with endless opportunities to explore, work, and relax. My Yacht® Group, renowned for producing its curated HNW events on board some of the world’s finest superyachts at high profile global gatherings (mark your calendars: Monaco F1, May 20-23, 2021!), is fully independent and uniquely positioned, with access to a vast array of yachts, superyachts, and megayachts, both for charter and sale. With interest rates at an all-time low, and yachts qualifying for tax deductions as a second home, here’s a selection of for-sale floating beauties to whet your appetite. Yachts@MyYachtGroup.com for more information on these and the latest yachts for sale, both in the U.S.A. and abroad.

M/Y SOLO 236ft / 72m Tankoa Yachts | 2018 12 guests | 6 Staterooms | 18 crew Price: $80,000,000 Multi award-winning yacht with efficient design, low emissions, and an impressive 9000nm range. Expansive upper deck owner’s apartment with direct access to two outdoor terraces, shaded sun pads, Jacuzzi, lounge, and touch-and-go helipad. Other highlights include a 20-foot transversal infinity pool, vast Beach Club, wellness center with gym and sauna, Hammam, and fold-out balconies. Design: Francesco Paszkowski (Ext. & Int.); Margherita Casprini (Int.)

M/Y SEALYON 203ft / 62m Viareggio Super Yachts | 2009 / 2018 refit 12 Guests | 6 Staterooms | 16 Crew Price: $34,500,000 Multi award-winning, highly maintained, Italianbuilt superyacht with RINA Green Plus certification. Features include a rotating sunbed, misting system, outdoor cinema, large Jacuzzi, gym, elevator, and spacious media room with 103” screen, plus main deck split-level Owner’s suite with walk-in dressing room and panoramic views. Design: Espen Øino International (Ext.); Candy&Candy (Int.)

M/Y OCEAN CLUB 164ft / 50m Trinity | 2009 / 2014 & 2019 refits 12 Guests | 5 Staterooms | 10 Crew Price: $15,900,000 Award-winning shallow draft yacht on the market for the first time. Huge, on-deck, splitlevel Owner’s Suite with his / hers bathrooms and observation lounge with 270 degree views. 7-person Jacuzzi, impressive watertoys collection, plus 1000 sq ft floating docks create a vast Beach Club. Design: Patrick Knowles (Int.)

M/Y LOON 155ft / 47m Christensen | 1997 / 2018 refit 11 Guests | 6 Staterooms | 9 Crew $9,500,000 In turnkey condition following a top-to-bottom 19-month refit with large windows and 6’9” headroom throughout, and on-deck full beam Owner’s cabin with Jacuzzi tub. Extensive watertoys collection including 27’ inflatable slide, Seabobs, SUP, Scuba, off-shore fishing, towables, wake and foil boards, kite surfing. Design: Don Starkey (Ext.)



Q Yachts in the Netherlands will showcase its latest model, the VQ58, to the public for the first time at the Cannes Yacht Festival from 10 to 15 September. Responding to market requests for an even larger powerboat, the first designs for the all-aluminium model were unveiled only a year ago and instantly struck a chord with the kind of demanding individuals that fall for the brand’s unique looks and bespoke flexibility. The first examples of the VQ58 have been delivered to delighted owners in the United States and the Baltic region, and many more clients are already looking to join the VQ58 revolution. The diversity of the locations in the US, Baltic and Mediterranean for which the first four VQ58s have been ordered reflects the attractions of a power machine available in four equally diverse models: an open version, wheelhouse, T-top and fully enclosed hard-top. Designed in partnership with Guido de Groot, the VQ58 offers a remarkable number of variations in terms of layout, superstructure, propulsion and more, meaning that no two VQ58s are likely to be the same. The first two deliveries are both fully enclosed hard-top versions but have very different colour schemes: Gulf Racing light blue with Hermes Brown orange upholstery and Dark Blue with an almost white upholstery. Leveraging on its proven experience with powerpacked hulls, VQ Yachts has created a 58-foot version in aluminium that offers many interior layout choices even at short notice. Owners wishing to take their boat on longer trips can opt for a full-beam master suite, a VIP/guest cabin for two persons, two well-equipped bathrooms and a day lounge. Alternatively, they can opt for three cabins in order to take more people away on a weekender, or go the other way and transform the interior into a day-boat paradise with maximum space to party and lounge around indoors. Clients can also choose to have one or two garages on the VQ58, located either on the stern and/or as a side bay. Having two garages allows for carrying the new VQ11 waterscooter tender, sea bobs, paddle boards, diving equipment and a fleet of other toys. The yacht comes as standard with Cummins engines with the Volvo IPS950 being an option, both complete with joystick controls. This gives a top speed of around 38 knots. Owners looking to go even faster can opt for a Veloce version, installing twin MAN V8 1200 hp engines backed up with the latest surface drive propulsion to achieve 48 to 54 knots.

The open deck spaces of the VQ58 offer comfortable seating and lounging space for up to 23, with access to icemakers, wine coolers, refrigerators and a range of dining options, as well as several bimini systems for different levels of shade. The aft deck has a large alfresco breakfast/dinner space with a table for eight, a unique offering on a 58foot motoryacht. The VQ58 joins the other members of the VQ fleet in being among the driest boats available thanks to her double spray rail. In fact it is fair to say that the combination of being custom-built by hand in the Netherlands with a high degree of sailing comfort, awesome manoeuvrability, powerful top speeds and distinctive design place the VQ58 in a league of her own for this size bracket. Interested parties can attend the world premiere of the VQ58 at the Cannes Yacht Festival on 10-15 September 2019, where the model will be available for viewing at berth SYE 026 in the Super Yacht Extension.



outhern Wind Shipyard yachts are synonymous with contemporary Italian culture and a passion for sailing, combining with traditional South African craftsmanship, performance and comfort.Southern Wind Shipyard was founded in 1991 by Italian entrepreneur Willy Persico. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, with a production rate of two yachts per year, the shipyard boasts a recognized positioning in the market of semi-custom performance carbon yachts from 24 to 35m, with medium-light displacement. They embody notions of seaworthiness, reliability and durability without compromising on the comfort expected of a luxury cruiser. Semi-custom design and construction offers the most versatile and costeffective platform for enjoying bluewater sailing. SWS works with leading design studios and naval architects such as Nauta Design, Farr Yacht Design and Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design to develop and engineer the basic design package. Over the past quarter of a century, these platforms were continuously upgraded and fine-tuned, as well as construction processes, to ensure they remain at the forefront of technology. Semi-custom does not mean less choice. There is ample room for personalization along the way and although all SWS yachts share a common heritage, no two are the same. In fact, semi-custom for SWS means customizing all that is visible on the yacht while relying on tried-and-tested solutions for the elements that are not. Research and development play crucial roles in the construction of SWS yachts. Over the past 15 years, the shipyard has gained exceptional experience in the lamination of infused carbon composite sandwich (carbon fibre, Kevlar, epoxy resin and Corecell/Klegecell) in the structural components of its yachts. This composite material results in the best fibre/resin ratio, reducing the weight of the yacht and improving overall quality and strength, if compared to Prepreg. When Nomex core is required for deck constructions, Prepreg is used. When it comes to furnishings, many of the yacht panels use a lightweight sandwich made up of wood veneer with a honeycomb structure or foam core.

Particular care is taken throughout the whole production process to avoid unnecessary weight: the weight control in the lamination department is extremely accurate as each single piece laminated isweighted separately and recorded. Actual weight is compared with weight calculation in real time. At the heart of every SWS yacht is a passion for craftsmanship coupled with quality. The shipyard is entirely self-sufficient in every stage of manufacturing, from lamination and steelwork to carpentry, painting and interior outfitting. Because of the complete control over the construction and installation phases, the shipyard is better able to monitor each step in the process and guarantee an outstanding product. Equally important is Customer Care division. Offering high-quality warranty and after-sales assistance, the team can provide owners around the world with complete peace of mind that their yachts will be maintained and protected to the highest standards for future generations to enjoy. Sailing is all about having fun, whether owners’ priorities are gentle cruising, superyacht racing or long-range voyaging. Sailors crave the sensation of connection between the sea and sails, the hull and helm, so SWS yachts provide the perfect combination of comfort and handling, seakeeping and performance. SWS builds in carbon fibre because it is light, rigid and strong, which translates into speed, acceleration and excitement. The exact centre of gravity for perfect balance is meticulously calculated. Direct steering is added to feel every twitch and shudder of the hull beneath the helmsman’s fingertips.

Bluewater sailing is best enjoyed when it can be done in complete tranquillity. SWS carbon yachts are made to cross the oceans in safety in any weather conditions. Reliability not only enhances customer satisfaction, it also ensures safety at sea, a must for any ocean-going yachtsman. Robust reliability is a by-product of the series methodology which has been perfected based on smart repeatability. The end results speak for themselves: uniquely beautiful and dependable sailing yachts that routinely make a maiden voyage of 7,000 nautical miles from the tip of Africa to the Mediterranean Sea. A collaboration with Southern Wind Shipyard is always the beginning of a shared adventure: a marriage of the shipyard’s heritage and philosophy with the client’s ambitions and desires. The process of designing and creating something as special as a yacht is an activity that creates a strong bond between people. This creates relationships built on mutual trust and respect, something that is at the heart of the company’s day-to-day work. SWS clients feel that they are part of an extended family, with 30% entrusting the shipyard with the construction of their second or even third yacht.



zimut Yachts presents Magellano 25 Metri, a yacht created in partnership with the internationally renowned artist and architect Vincenzo De Cotiis, who brings his unmistakable signature style to the interiors, while Ken Freivokh is behind the timeless elegance of the chic and sophisticated exterior lines. The yacht also makes extensive use of carbon fiber and draws on the latest technological developments, including an active air sanitizing system based on a NASA patent and the Hotel Mode option that guarantees prolonged stops at anchor at zero emission. Furthermore to offer long-range cruising in the utmost comfort and safety, even in rough seas, Magellano 25 has been designed with a special fuelefficient Dual Mode hull. The partnership with Vincenzo De Cotiis springs from the brand’s desire to reach a new milestone by creating for the first time ever a yacht that isn’t a container for art, but a sea’s work of art. One of the points of contact with the designer, a leading proponent of collectible art on the international scene, is a shared interest in fiberglass, as an essential construction material for Azimut Yachts and one of the favourite material of the artist. On this yacht fiberglass is given new life as a key element of the design. For Magellano 25 Metri, De Cotiis used a special type of resin and thanks to an elaborate artisanal process, the result of multiple layers and embellished with a bronze powder, he has given life to surfaces of parchment colour, characterized by a pleasant clouded effect and inclusions that in somehow recall those typical of some precious stones. The “artistic fiberglass” is joined by other materials and types of wood to create a highly appealing play of contrasts: brushed Verde Alpi marble, dark walnut wood, carpet, polished brass, lacquered wood and ribbed wood. The furnishings feature flowing shapes and a lot of effort has been put into creating a sense of continuity expressed by seamless, curving lines. The most strikingly original setting is the huge saloon in which De Cotiis strives to increase the perception of depth. Designed to offer a view of the sea from any point, the space is no longer confined by a classic rectangular floor plan and is flooded throughout with natural light. The dining table can be arranged lengthwise and the living area is based on the concept of organic geometry, with different shapes sofas that offer different depths. The interior furniture recalls the shape of the dry bar outside creating an indooroutdoor connection in order to get the sensation of a unified space overlooking the sea. Still on the Main Deck, the stairway is clad with mirrors to “dematerialise” it and, by reflecting the light, the view of the sea became an inner part of the yacht.

Artificial light is a key element, with a lighting system designed to create a soft, warm mood. The carefully thought out light design created by the artist involves not only lamps and classic ceiling spotlights, but also and even the sofa bottoms to give the furniture the appearance of “being suspended”. In the night area on the Lower Deck there are four cabins, including two VIPs, one double and one with sliding double beds. In the owner’s suite, thanks to the inclined position of the walk-in closet, the space extends out, while the mirror coating makes the volume disappear and reflects the light and the starboard panorama, creating highly suggestive changing optical effects. All the fabrics on board are by Loro Piana Interiors. The crew quarters are independent, with direct access from the galley to avoid interference with guests’ movements and ensure a high level of privacy. Magellano 25 Metri is also one of the few yacht in its category to have direct access from the internal wheelhouse, located in a raised position on the main deck, and the external one on the fly so to facilitate the work of the captain and crews. Ken Freivokh offers his own personal take on exterior styling based on the concept of timelessness, driven by the desire to create an object of evergreen beauty and appeal, far from fleeting fashions and passing trends. The central element around which the entire design revolves is the fullyglazed superstructure, created to convey the feeling of a penthouse overlooking the sea. The standout features include the (non-slip surfaces on the transom) wrap-around steel detailing in the stern area and the retro-style windows in the hull. The yacht’s silhouette is given even more personality by the louvers on either side aft of the deckhouse. The elegant spiral staircase leads up to the Fly Deck, where the hard top is supported by a minimalist central mast. The almost vertical bow underscores the remarkable seaworthiness of this model. The bow area can be experienced differently depending on the various times of the day as a sunbeds and lounge area, while the stern, thanks to a pivoting hatch mechanism, offers the charm of an Infinity Terrace from which to contemplate the charm of the sunset without any visual impediment. The first unit’s hull is burnished brass in colour with a mustard beauty stripe.

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enetti is proud to announce the delivery of the first Diamond 145 unit, the new Class category flagship that at 44 meters in length represents the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation. The impressive and imposing exterior lines penned by Giorgio M. Cassetta are matched by spacious interiors bathed in a contemporary, welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere and designed by Benetti’s Interior Style Department. With a fiberglass hull and gross tonnage of 469 tonnes, Diamond 145 has five cabins sleeping 10 guests and five cabins for a crew of eight plus the captain. At a speed of 11 knots, the yacht has a range of 5,000 nautical miles. Naval architecture by Pierluigi Ausonio. With this project the shipyard speaks directly to owners who already have plenty of experience and awareness about onboard necessities: generouslysized spaces not only for the owner and guests but also for the crew, maximum silence, and build standards aligned with the yard’s traditional design culture. Achieving a balance between tradition and innovation has always been one of the goals of Benetti yachts, which have won the hearts of owners around the world. Class category flagship Diamond 145, launched in January and delivered in Viareggio on July 20, is one of the new models from the Tuscan shipyard that best embodies this difficult but fascinating combination. Traditional values are interpreted with deep respect for the Benetti family feeling and the stylistic hallmarks of the fiberglass yachts in the Class category, which are designed by famous architects and feature unprecedented luminosity and habitability. Innovation is evident in the amazing modernity of exteriors featuring essential lines, in interiors furnished with refined contemporary materials, and in the use of unprecedented construction solutions that improve comfort and its durability as time passes by using high quality components. Exterior lines: grandeur, elegance and light Diamond 145’s superstructural masses are refined and dynamic, the hull sides are high and the reverse sheer line is extremely long. The huge glazed surfaces created by the yacht’s exterior designer Giorgio M. Cassetta accentuate the yacht’s length and flood the interiors with natural light. Cassetta, who is one of the youngest and best-known designers on the international yachting scene and has collaborated with the yard since 2013, commented on the results of his work by saying: “Diamond 145’s size offered the opportunity to develop an imposing vessel with a majestic bearing and highly contemporary detailing, combined with an approach to style that reflects the idea of a timeless yacht”. His work is driven by the desire to offer a contemporary take on the classic style that has made Benetti yachts famous all over the world.

Created for an expert and demanding owner, Diamond 145 has a profile that exemplifies the revisitation of neoclassical style. The relationship between light and dark-coloured volumes encourages the notion of powerful, extended shapes, giving the yacht a look that is both majestic and consistent with the Benetti’s heritage. Teak, steel and glass bestow unprecedented sophistication on spaces reminiscent of an even bigger yacht, not least the outdoor stairway on the left side, which climbs seamlessly from the yacht’s point of entry to the top of the Sun Deck. The layout has been carefully studied to emphasise and take full advantage of both exterior and interior spaces, ensuring the maximum convenience and an unprecedented sense of welcome. Crew and guest flows are devised to ensure maximum privacy, not least on the Sun Deck, which at 102 square meters is the most spacious in the category. On this deck, the space in the fore contains a comfortable sofa and a dining area with a table, plus a big relaxation and sunbathing area aft that can be furnished as required by the owner. The Upper Deck has a pool in the bow and contains the big pilothouse, with the captain’s cabin located next to a bridge featuring an integrated Light Bridge console, which has a carbon fiber structure that combines lightweight and strength. This particular solution is the fruit of the first collaboration between Benetti and Seastema, a leading player operating in the field of ship automation, navigation and onboard electronics in all the main sectors of the marine industry. The end result is improved visibility for the captain and crew, plus even more freedom of movement. And with the aim once again of maximising liveability in the wheelhouse area and the guest and captain’s accommodation, all electronic devices are located in a special storage area on the Main Deck. Amidships, a big living room with a dining table and a space for relaxing leads to the outdoor area in the stern, which is furnished with a table and a series of sofas. The expansive full-beam owner’s apartment covers about 60 square meters in the bow on the Main Deck. This exclusive suite has a big bathroom, a roomy walk-in wardrobe and a separate office area leading to the Master bedroom.

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Nestled in a quiet stretch of Brush Creek Valley, surrounded by pristine Colorado Wilderness, Frost Creek is the perfect haven to decompress and reconnect amidst nature. Fly fish in pristine rivers, hike and bike scenic trails, tee off for a round on our award-winning golf course designed by Tom Weiskopf, and enjoy easy access to everything you have come to expect from the Rocky Mountains. Are you ready to explore?









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ntroducing: VanDutch GO - A new concept by VanDutch, that brings luxury and leisure to your backyard. Available in Miami year-round, and the Hamptons during the summer, VanDutch GO gives you multiple opportunities to experience a VanDutch like never before. Seasonal Membership Program: The VanDutch GO Membership is boating on-demand through a package of hours to use at your leisure. Great for frequent boaters looking for no-hassle VanDutch ownership in Miami. With a set amount of hours prepaid at a discounted rate, members enjoy the flexibility of booking day trips throughout the season with a minimum of 4-hours per trip. Our membership program includes customizable pickup/drop-off, A+ certified captain and crew, fuel, water + ice, and complimentary products from our brand partners Miraval and SuperGoop! Packages start at $6,395 + tax for 10 hours. Customizable Leasing Program: The VanDutch GO Customizable Leasing Program allows you to drop a VanDutch at your dock for 3-days up to 6-months, and enjoy exclusive access with a fulltime crew at your disposal. Experience the luxury of owning a VanDutch, on your own terms. Each lease includes an on-call captain/crew, full fuel upon delivery, products complimentary throughout the lease term from our brand partners Miraval and SuperGoop! Lease packages start at $34,995 + tax.


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7 B E D S | 9 B AT H S | 8 , 6 9 2 S Q F T Discover a magnificent modern- style estate, impeccably crafted with decadent details and classic elements. Located in the heart of the prestigious Buckhead area of Atlanta, this enchanting masterpiece is designed by acclaimed architect Yong Pak and offers private tranquility in a highly sought-after neighborhood. Notable features include: • Gourmet kitchen • Library • Gymnasium • Multiple marble and granite fireplaces • Heated floors in bathrooms • Steam shower in master bath • Custom ebonized European windows • Antique French wood and iron entry door • Bluestone decking • Veranda • Sun porch • Beautiful slate roof • And more…

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ershing 9X looks truly out of this world, or ‘out of this sea’, and is in a class of its own compared to any other models on the market. The enthusiastic unveiling of this new Pershing is an occasion to admire a cutting-edge nautical masterpiece that reaffirms the vitality of the most exciting yacht brand on the international scene. The Pershing 9X stems from the partnership between yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, the Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee under the guidance of Piero Ferrari, and the Group’s Engineering Department. It is the product of a design process that saw engineers and designers working alongside some of the Group’s main technical partners to create an awe-inspiring blend of technology and luxury.

The second member of the X Generation is innovative in every way, beginning with the composite materials, based on extensive use of carbon in conjunction with vinylester resin for the hull and epoxy resin for the deck and superstructure. This approach required the creation of new moulds and a dedicated area in the Mondolfo yard. The end product is a maxi coupé yacht with an unequalled combination of quality and innovation. The coupé’s performance is at the top of its class: in test displacement mode it reached a top speed of 42

knots and a cruising speed of up to 38 knots, with an impressive maximum range of 380 nautical miles. The control system and interface between engines and drives is fully integrated thanks to a platform jointly designed by Top System and Onyx for the Easy Set system, Xenta Systems for the advanced electrohydraulic steer-by-wire system, and Naviop-Simrad for the navigation and monitoring systems. All this is integrated and accessible through large touchscreens installed on the helm station, as well as the pilot station on the sun deck.

The main deck, filled with natural light and featuring a lounge, a dining area and the helm station, is stunning both aesthetically and functionally. This masterpiece of design is an amazing combination of elegance, technology and sportiness. Pershing 9X has been codesigned with Poltrona Frau, with whom Pershing celebrates a 10-year partnership in 2017. It consists of three independent seats, the dashboard and integrated helm station, and is upholstered in leather by Poltrona Frau “Interior in Motionâ€?. The dĂŠcor on board the first Pershing 9X was personalised by the owner, who selected some of the most celebrated names in high-end Italian design, creating a veritable masterpiece of the sea.

It’s more than a home at Lake Tahoe —it’s your legacy.

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orn where legend and technology intersect, 66’ Ribelle is the new sport flybridge by Riva, ready to write a new chapter in the history of boating, design and luxury. The art of sailing gains a new masterpiece with this extraordinary vessel, that combines the allure of a timeless style with the pleasure and comfort of countless innovative on-board features. 66’ Ribelle, the flagship of the Sarnico shipyard, continues the evolutionary path that began with 56’ Rivale: conceived as an entry level model in Riva’s sport fly range, it aims to become the new benchmark in its market segment. Born through a collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the atelier founded and headed by Mauro Micheli and

Sergio Beretta, the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, 66’ Ribelle sets a new standard of excellence in combining style with functionality and beauty with technology. The hull’s streamlined profile in the exclusive Blue Sapphire coloration is introduced here for the first time, featuring large glass windows on the hull and on the superstructure. The exterior lines draw inspiration from those of the 76’ Perseo, with the addition of new style elements in mahogany and polished stainless steel (which also serve technical purposes), that pay homage to both the history of the Sarnico shipyard and to the storied Riva tradition.

Within a framework of stylistic and functional optimization, all deck equipment was conceived to preserve the beauty of the vessel’s lines. Elements in high-gloss stainless steel protect parts of the hull and deck and can also be found aft, where the gate is seamlessly connected to the fairlead, to the point of being nearly invisible. The stern features an innovative style detail, the platform is connected to the vessel’s sideways, thus forming a single continuous element that rises all the way to the cockpit. Stainless steel fairleads for the main and secondary mooring lines provide a further element of uniqueness in this area.

Like on the 56’ Rivale, the port side cockpit steps become partially submerged when moving the swimming platform, revealing other steps built in to the hull and thus creating a single, extremely practical stairway for boarding and deboarding. The garage can accommodate a Williams 345 tender and a Seabob. On the sport flybridge, accessible from the cockpit via a teak and steel stairway, is an aft sun pad with two chaiselounges fitted to the side of the fixed monkey bridge, which is enriched by elements in steel and mahogany. This entire area can be shielded from the sun through the awnings stored in their dedicated compartments.



NGELUS is the latest Sunseeker on the market. With intriguing lines and boasting with style, ANGELUS sleeps up to 14 guests in 6 staterooms and features a two master layout with a private owner’s deck where the sky lounge is typically located while the second larger master is located forward on the main deck. Her main salon has sliding glass doors that open up to allow a great cross breeze. Her salon has a full bar located back aft which services both the interior & exterior of the main deck. Formal dining is located just forward of the salon and has direct access to the chef commercial grade galley. She carries a larger Williams diesel jet tender in her garage plus 2 full size jet skis. With a touch of the button the garage opens and converts to a beach club when not filled with toys. There is also a hydraulic swim platform allowing for easy access to the water and ease of launching and retrieval of the tenders and jet skis.

A highlight of ANGELUS is her sundeck that has a full bar, workout equipment and infinity jacuzzi with a waterfall surrounded by sundapads. A large hard top provides shade for the multiple sitting areas. The bow on this next generation 132’ Sunseeker has a full sitting area, massive sundaes, and a hydraulic hatch that opens to reveal the rescue tender.






s it possible to improve a masterpiece of the nautical art, a yacht that, in two years, has won over both critics and the market? The answer is a crystal clear affirmative: the new, magnificent version of the Ferretti Yachts 550. The restyling was, in a sense, a simple enough task, considering it was based on a concept that was already so admired. For this reason Ferretti Group chose to accentuate those innovative elements, introduced two years ago, which had already achieved such incredible success. Therefore, the main deck’s uninterrupted glazing once more ‘cuts’ the yacht’s profile,

emphasising its dynamic look. Then there are the three large glazed windows on the hull sides, with flush portholes, the cabin window, that perfectly complement the overall design and grant magnificent views from the interiors, as well as plenty of natural light. It is in the design of the interiors, however, that the restyling took an original and surprising approach, which can be seen in the extremely refined choice of furnishings, made possible thanks to partnerships with the most prestigious luxury brands, offering the most sophisticated expressions of “Made in Italy” quality.

The new Ferretti Yachts 550 is, as always, the brilliant outcome of cooperation between the Ferretti Group’s Project Strategy Committee and Engineering Department and the Studio Zuccon International Project. The yacht combines elegance with a sporty character, enhanced by sophisticated style choices. The dominant type of wood, throughout the entire vessel, is flamed walnut from the Piero Lissoni Collection by ALPI. It has been combined with opaque, greyish-beige and quartz-colored lacquered surfaces and a light-colored fabric that not only provides the character for the sofas and the surfaces of the furnishings, but has also been used to upholster the ceiling

panel of the main deck. The result is a space that feels even more like a home, furnished with all those details that make it feel “familiar” to its owner, who has the feeling he is sailing in a floating suite. Access is via the aft swimming platform, thanks to several steps integrated in the hull’s starboard, to which an electrical-hydraulic gangway leading directly to the cockpit may also be added. The aft swimming platform features a tender lift with a slide that extends for over one meteR, allowing a tender of up to 3.25 meters in length to be easily and safely launched and hauled in.



reakthrough design ushers in a breathtaking experience aboard the all-new Hatteras M90 Panacera. The latest model to enter the Hatteras fleet, this stunning open-concept features a crisp, light-filled interior that strikes a perfect balance of dramatic form and ingenious function. The M90 incorporates an inspiring range of global design influences to create new uses of living, dining and entertaining spaces.

Distinctive features include signature skylights as well as a sweeping staircase to the expansive bridge. An amazing play is created between the interior and exterior spaces, which include a modular bar on the aft deck and ample lounging space on the side decks and bow. The impact of the massive 22’6� beam is felt throughout, including in the four luxurious staterooms.

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Villa Lucas, Ocean Point Drive, Oceanfront Providenciales $4,750,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: 7H5PYR

Villa Allegria, Leeward Beachfront Providenciales $4,995,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: 2LKZ3D

Beach Enclave North Shore, Blue Mountain Beachfront Providenciales $1,825,000 to $2,925,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: FW82XR, XNYG9R

Richard Sankar Director 1.649.231.6211 richard@tcsothebysrealty.com

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For those who seek exceptional vacation homes The Turks and Caicos Islands provide relaxation while offering world class accommodation, luxurious resorts and spas and service of the utmost standards. The islands of the Turks and Caicos are easily accessible by air from most major US hubs and major airlines and enjoy year round great weather, beautiful beaches and an abundance of water sports activities.

South Bank Long Bay, Beachfront & Oceanfront Providenciales $1,850,000 to $6,950,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: M3SXSK, ZGHXNP

Nina Siegenthaler Vice President 1.649.231.0707 nina@tcsothebysrealty.com

Villa Chill, Grace Bay Beachfront Providenciales $11,900,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: JK4RPC

Lizard Lounge, Turtle Cove Beachfront Providenciales $6,975,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: CF5SWF

TURKS & CAICOS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY, Venture House, Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands © 2020 Turks & Caicos Realty Ltd. All rights reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty Logo are service marks licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC and used with permission. Turks & Caicos Realty Ltd. fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. Any services or products provided by independently owned and operated franchisees are not provided by, affiliated with or related to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC nor any of its affiliated companies.

10.10am 10.10am on a NYCon rooftop. a NYC rooftop. N 40° 45’N31’’ 40°W45’ 73°31’’ 58’W43’’. 73° 58’ 43’’.

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