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1,200 HP

Quad Motor

206 MPH Top Speed




Becker Automotive Solutions America’s Finest Executive Transportation.

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The new 2021 Cadillac ESV from Becker is the most advanced and refined executive SUV on the market today. Becker’s 20-, 26- and 30-inch stretch configurations enhance GM’s completely revised chassis and onboard systems to deliver unexcelled ride quality and occupant safety. As always, Becker’s rear cabin innovations offer unmatched luxury and craftsmanship, with comfort and amenities that elevate your travel experience above all the rest.

B E C K E R A U T O D E S I G N . C O M | 805.487. 52 27

Self-assured power. Refined and agile. Our most elegant and engaging Magic Carpet Ride yet. Discover new Ghost – the purest expression of Rolls-Royce.



713-297-2837 | RollsRoyceofHouston.com | Concierge@postoakmotors.com

Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Ghost. Mpg (l/100km): Combined 17.9 (15.2) to 18.6 (15.8). CO2 emissions: 347-359g/km. Figures are for comparison purposes and may not reflect real-life driving results, which depend on a number of factors including the accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. All figures were determined according to a new test (WLTP). The CO2 figures were translated back to the outgoing test (NEDC) and will be used to calculate vehicle tax on first registration. Only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedure. Š Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited 2020. The Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.

Houston 6100 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77057 Tel. 713-772-3868 Houston.FerrariDealers.com General Manager - Tony Novetti tnovetti@ferrariofhouston.com

The Woodlands 1501 Lake Robbins Drive The Woodlands, TX 77380 Tel. 281-771-3344 TheWoodlands.FerrariDealers.com General Manager - Tony Novetti tnovetti@ferrariofhouston.com

Ferrari Roma Elegance Timeless The Ferrari Ferrari Roma, the new 2+ front mid-engined coupe from the Prancing Horse, features elegant proportions and a timeless design coupled with unsurpassed performance and handling. With its distinctive style and elegance, this vehicle is a contemporary representation of the carefree and pleasant lifestyle of 1950s and 1960s Rome.


New Flying Spur V8. This is modern alchemy. Discover for yourself. Visit Houston.BentleyMotors.com or call 713-850-1530


Houston 6100 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77057 Tel. 713-772-3868 Houston.FerrariDealers.com General Manager - Tony Novetti tnovetti@ferrariofhouston.com

The Woodlands 1501 Lake Robbins Drive The Woodlands, TX 77380 Tel. 281-771-3344 TheWoodlands.FerrariDealers.com General Manager - Tony Novetti tnovetti@ferrariofhouston.com

Ferrari Portofino M A travel of rediscovery The Ferrari Portofino M, named after the “M” for modified, is the evolution of the Ferrari Portofino. The Prancing Horse’s spider 2+ is packed with design and technical innovations, including an eightspeed dual-clutch gearbox and a five-position shifter. A first for the Casa de Maranello Gran Turismo con-vertibles. On board the Ferrari Portofino M every trip is a rediscovery.


Residential Commercial Hospitality Spas Swimming Pools Glass-Walled Pools & Spas Swim Spas Energy-Efficient Portable Spas Cold Therapy Pools Water Features Luxury Custom Indoor & Outdoor Bath Fixtures Specializing in Rooftop Pool & Spa Installations Lightweight & Durable Sophisticated Artistic Sustainable Shipping Worldwide Since 1996

1.800.951.spas (7727) 720.864.9115 fax 866.605.2358 diamondspas.com info@diamondspas.com

Diamond Spas Pools

Custom Stainless Steel & Copper Aquatic Products



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ELEVATED ‘ Mens Lifestyle

COVER FEATURE 40 MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY Longbranch Bourbon LIFESTYLE & CULTURE 52 TOMMY LEE The Power of Self 298 MALIBU SURF COACH Explore the Ocean 306 IGNAS JURKONIS Philanthropic Entrepreneur WINE & SPIRITS 60 CASAMIGOS & WILLIAMS SONOMA A Premium Partnership 146 VAVOOM VODKA Standing Out in Your Collection 160 GRANDE ABSENTE Absinthe Refined



ELEVATED ‘ Mens Lifestyle

176 NOTORIOUS WINES Scandalous Wine 182 GARRISON BROTHERS DISTILLERY Award Winning Bourbon. Made by Texas, in Texas JETSET TRAVEL 74 BIG CEDAR LODGE The Ultimate Golf Destination 284 FROST CREEK Your New Sanctuary

FASHION & TIMEPIECES 90 CHRISTOPHE CLARET Exquisite Timepieces 104 L. LEROY An Extraordinary Destiny 114 PERRELET Turbine Pilot

60 CASAMIGOS & WILLIAMS SONOMA A Premium Partnership



ELEVATED ‘ Mens Lifestyle

124 CORUM Uncovers the Beauty of Mechanics 134 VACHERON CONSTANTIN Overseas Perpetual Calendar 192 DANIEL GEORGE A Unique Clothing Experience 206 WILLIAM HENRY Exclusivity is About Being You 222 OLIVER PEOPLES Master & Dynamic Gregory Peck 1962 238 GUCCI The Epilogue 7254 HÈRMES Men’s Fall-Winter 2020 Runway Show 268 OBERMEYER Making Moments HOME & DESIGN 312 ELEVATE CUSTOMS Excellence is a Standard

52 TOMMY LEE The Power of Self

ELEVATED Mens ‘ Lifestyle




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Enjoy p er for m ances cap tu re d by g reat pianists — playe d w i t h such nuance, p ower and passion t h a t the y are utter ly indist ing ui s h a bl e from a live p er for m ance. T housands of p er for m an ce s by steinway art ists as we l l a s spir iosync v ide os are av a i l a bl e at the touch of a button on t h e include d iPa d. T he libr ar y expa nds m onthly, update d automa t i ca l ly from the Cloud. In a ddi t i on to to day ’s g reatest musicians, s pir io de livers histor ic p er for m ance s by steinway im m ortal s, includi ng D uke El ling ton, G lenn G ou l d, Ar t Tatum , and m any m ore.




ongbranch is a collaboration between Matthew McConaughey and Master Distiller Eddie Russell that dares to think about what can be. Inspired by McConaughey’s Kentucky and Texas roots, this rare smallbatch Kentucky bourbon is refined with Texas Mesquite and oak charcoals – a unique method that deepens the flavor and complexity of the whiskey.

Co-Creator Matthew McConaughey in partnership with the brand, the video spot taps into the power of wonderment and curiosity by inviting audiences to join Matthew as he questions what is and dares to think about what can be. Both optimistic and clever, the theme is a true testament to the authenticity of this campaign and aims to inspire, challenge conventional thinking, and ignite exploration.

To create Longbranch’s signature flavor, McConaughey and Russell spent countless hours sharing notes, then, after two years of testing, perfected a proprietary process that combines two separate charcoal filtration methods to give Longbranch a smooth and full finish.

“The question ‘what if?’ can be a powerful one, beckoning us to dig deep and challenge ourselves,” said McConaughey. “A few years ago, we asked ourselves what if we put a Texas spin on Kentucky Straight Bourbon, and that curiosity led to the birth of Longbranch, my co-creation with Master Distiller Eddie Russell. Our curiosities guide us through life and allow us to turn our ‘what ifs’ into ‘that’s it,’ and we’re hoping this bourbon and our new campaign inspires others to do just that.”

The bourbon brand’s first-ever global creative campaign entitled “Wonder What If” brings the brand’s message to life. Directed by Longbranch

The self-directed video spot features McConaughey sitting in a field with nothing but Longbranch in his hand and a mind free to wander and ponder life’s great questions. McConaughey’s innately curious spirit was the impetus for creating Longbranch Bourbon, an 8-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon made in small batches - refined with Texas Mesquite, American Oak charcoals, subtle hints of smoky sweetness and flavors of caramel, pear, and hints of citrus. “Wonder What If” highlights the rich story-telling that McConaughey has brought to the brand as Creative Director, creating a campaign that is equal parts culturally curious and artistic. Taking inspiration from the creation story of Longbranch, the campaign brings to life the quest of discovery and embracing unfamiliar experiences in the pursuit of discovering something new.

Branch Water Signature Cocktail

2 Parts Longbranch Juice of Half a Lime Top with Soda Water or Sparkling Mineral Water Method: Squeeze half lime into a highball glass filled with ice. Leave lime in the glass. Add Longbranch and top with soda water.

Gold Rush 2 Parts Longbranch .75 Part Lemon Juice .75 Part Honey Syrup Method: Add ingredients to a shaker. Shake with plenty of ice and double strain over new, cubed ice into a rocks glass. Garnish with lemon peel.

…We Make

ELECTRIC Lights, Too.

bevolo.com • (504) 522-9485 • 521 Conti • 318 Royal • French Quarter • New Orleans



ommy Lee has something to say about a lot of things. Iconic drummer for the multi-platinum selling mythical rock band Mötley Crüe, solo artist, master of mayhem…philosopher? To have a conversation with Tommy Lee is to be regaled with tales of a life lived to the extreme, and to bear witness to a dynamically creative imagination. Yes, Tommy Lee has that whole Law of Attraction thing nailed down in spades. He dreams up larger than life adventures and makes them happen, not just for him, but for all of us. Anyone who has ever been to a Mötley Crüe concert and felt their breathe escape their body as they watched Lee drum his heart out, upside down and on a roller coaster, will back me up. Tommy Lee might be more mellow these days, but his imagination is still operating on high octane. Now living his life sober, married to social media star Brittany Furlan and a father to two adult sons, Dylan Jagger Lee and Brandon Thomas Lee (MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings), the 58 year old living legend might be more mellow in body, but his spirit remains a livewire, ready to jump at any adrenaline fueled pursuit that will scratch his insatiable itch for feeling alive. Lee’s latest musical endeavor, his newly released album, ANDRO, boldly crosses musical genres. Fourteen tracks feature a roster of incredibly talented artists, punctuated by both male and female vocals, creating a medley of defiant metal, brazen alternative and progressive pop. Tommy Lee is humble, shockingly down to earth and grounded in his love for the music. Our conversation travels through images of his childhood, religious upbringing, the power of hard lessons learned and the purity of rock ‘n roll debauchery sans social media. Allison Kugel: Let’s talk about this new album, ANDRO. I really loved how you showcase all of these up and coming artists,

and I love that you worked with so many women on this album, really talented women. Where did you find them? Tommy Lee: So much of this record happened organically and authentically. I didn’t set out to make a record that was half male and half female energy. I love the female voice and that energy that it brings. It can make you cry, it can make you feel sexy, so many things. I keep a collaboration list of people that I love, where I think, “One day I have to do something with this person.” So, in writing for this album, there were moments when I was writing these tracks that needed that female energy on them. I love that kind of music. I mean, I love all kinds of music, but I would be working on a song and be like, Oh My God! I know that Push Push would just kill this song!” And I’ve been following her for years. She was on my list of people to work with. That is really in a nutshell how it happened. The voice would come to me once the music was starting to come together. I would say, “I know exactly who to do this with.” I ended up with just as many male tracks as female tracks, hence the album title, “ANDRO.” Can you describe your creative process? “My process is never the same. I will hear a melody and I will sing a basic melody and put it down as a scratch, so I don’t forget it. Sometimes it will come as a drum beat that I’m hearing, and I’ll just put down the drum, or sometimes a keyboard or a guitar part. It’s never the same. I don’t have a method. It’s always random and I love it because it just comes in spurts from different places. A lot of times a melody will come into my brain and I’ll just grab my phone really quick, so I don’t forget it. There is nothing worse than having these incredible ideas and losing them. I’ve done it so many times where it’s 2 or 3 in the morning and I’m thinking, “Oh My God! This is so good, there is no way I’m going to forget it, and I just go back to bed. And then I forget it! It wasn’t meant to be, I guess.”



illiams Sonoma and Casamigos Tequila and Mezcal have launched premium glassware, bar tools, and entertaining accessories perfect for home entertaining. The now co-branded products will be added to the current assortment of premium cocktail mixes, salts, and gift sets. Casamigos cofounder Rande Gerber gives insight on the exciting collaboration. What was the origin of the Williams Sonoma collaboration? Rande Gerber: Twelve years ago, I created a drink mix company called Midnight Bar Collection. It was a huge success for many years. The company manufacturing my mixers was then bought by a larger company that could not keep up the quality I needed and my customers expected, so I discontinued the line. Recently, when Williams Sonoma approached me to collaborate and to do this again, I jumped at the opportunity. Describe the different lines Casamigos is launching with Williams Sonoma. We launched the collaboration with four premium cocktail mixes and three cocktail rimming salts. The mixes are inspired by cocktails we’ve curated ourselves. They are handcrafted in small batches and are designed to be enjoyed simply by adding Casamigos Tequila or Mezcal. The original line includes our version of house favorites including a signature margarita, grapefruit orange paloma, blackberry basil smash and ginger lime mule. We also have holiday flavors and a line of sleek glassware and bar tools.

How did you decide Williams Sonoma was the right partner for a range of mixers, salts and barware? When collaborating with Williams Sonoma, we wanted to create something special, that we would want to drink. Casamigos is a lifestyle and Williams Sonoma is similar in that regard. Neither company settles for anything but the best. It took 700 samples to perfect Casamigos Tequila. What was the process like to refine the mixers and salts to be a perfect fit to Casamigos Tequila and Mezcal? We collaborated, perfected and tasted every mix and salt to make sure it was what we wanted before we bottled it. How did you select the flavor and taste profiles for the mixers and salts? We wanted to create a flavor profile that everyone could enjoy. The line launched with signature cocktail flavors including a margarita, paloma, blackberry basil smash and ginger mule. Each mix is special because they’re handcrafted in small batches and inspired by cocktails we’ve curated ourselves. Our fall flavors feature a pumpkin spice mix and cranberry mix that are great for the holiday season.

What inspired your design for the Casamigos-branded barware? Design is very personal for me. I wanted to create a line of glassware and bar tools that I would want to use and feel good in your hand. Everything from the shaker to the coasters are what I want at my bar. How did Casamigos quietly become the fastest growing tequila? We have people drinking Casamigos that never drank tequila before as well as customers that switched from vodka and other types of liquor and are now fans of Casamigos. They love and appreciate the authenticity and quality of our brand. The fact that we are the fastest growing ultrapremium tequila in the country is based on the quality, taste, smoothness and numerous awards we have received from tequila experts who all want and appreciate the best. What makes Casamigos different from all other brands? We made Casamigos for us to drink and don’t follow any rules or look at other

brands. We do everything in house and do things our own way. What’s next for the brand? We are always thinking ahead and have some ideas in the works to expands our brand. We are really proud of what we have done and are focused on the continued growth of our Tequila and Mezcal. When hosting, what are your tips on gifting? How can you make your gifts memorable? Have a gift for all your guests, wrap them nicely and include a personal note. Gifts you give should always be something someone wants or needs. The Casamigos x Williams Sonoma cocktail mixes and salts make the perfect gift. The Williams Sonoma collaboration makes it easy for anyone to be their own bartender at home. Which Williams Sonoma x Casamigos products will you be using on repeat? All of them!




t Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri, you’ll find what’s becoming the ultimate golf destination. Featuring 5 beautiful golf courses designed by Johnny Morris, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw, and now, Tiger Woods. This past September Tiger Woods unveiled Payne’s Valley to the world by hosting a match play event featuring Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy, and Justin Rose. His new course is located in the valley of Buffalo Ridge and honors the late Payne Stewart, who is from Springfield, Missouri. Payne’s Valley features jaw dropping scenic views, wide open fairways, fast and hard to read greens, plus an astounding island green on the “19th Hole” cut into the side of a mountain. Yes, an actual 19th hole. The tee box sets feature “Tiger Tees”, which would be the tips for low handicap golfers, making one of the par 5’s over 600 yards. Vary rarely will you hit blind from the tee box, several offer gorgeous and elevated views. Don’t let the fairways being wide confuse you with being easy, because they’re not. These fairways still require course knowledge and planning. While many times you may hit the fairway, but you may not have a favorable lie. These fairways are manicured in a way that is so pure, you almost feel bad making a divot.

Some of the greens are large, some are small, but all are fast. Not only are they fast, but they are deceiving when hitting into them on your approach. Several times you may find yourself above or below the hole, when you were almost certain you were hitting to level surface. You’ll get caught hitting the tier above or below the hole without ever seeing it from the fairway. When you get to the 19th hole, you’re going to look up and realize how big this mountain is and wonder how they made this soon to be infamous 19th hole. From the tee boxes you see the small island green with a giant rock wall backdrop, showcasing an enormously tall waterfall. Good luck hitting the green with all of this to look at. Very few do. Once you start making your trip back up the side of the mountain, you’ll come to a bridge that overlooks the 19th green. It’s a lovely tribute to the late Payne Stewart, so make sure your camera is ready. Payne’s Valley golf course is one you need to add to your bucket list. If you’re an avid golfer like me, we all have our bucket list of courses. This one, is at the top. Play it once for the “Oooooo’s” and “Ahhhhhh’s”, then play it again to try and outsmart the course. Ozarks National is adjacent to Payne’s Valley. Just a short golf cart ride away. While it may not offer the same sentiment as Payne’s, it’s still one heck of a course offering breath taking views, with a challenging layout. Designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, this course is PGA caliber while featuring the views and terrain of the Ozarks. The Champions Tour hosted a tournament here, won by the great Phil Mickelson earlier this year.

This 18th hole track is set on the top of the mountain next to the valley in which Payne’s Valley sits. Just over 7,000 yards from the black tee boxes, you’ll find yourself in several predicaments. Wondering whether or not you can carry something, should you play it safe and lay-up, or you’ll just be distracted by the beautiful views on your approach shots. The fairways are of a wide variety. Some are just that, wide, and some have narrow windows. All are kept in perfect condition. You’ll find yourself hitting approach shots into the greens uphill, downhill, and level. Making this course very challenging if you’re an aggressive player, but playable if you’re one that likes to take the safe route. The greens of Ozarks National are very challenging. Lots of break and lots of speed. Just like a course should be. If you’re not within 15-20 feet on your approach shot, you’re looking at definite two putt and maybe a three putt. Don’t let this discourage you though, because when you’re on the green, you’ll look around, see the view, and forget that you just made bogey on that par 5 because of a three putt. Off to the next hole you go. Maybe one of the most notable experiences of this course was the 400ft. wooden beam bridge that takes you from the 13th fairway to the green. You’ll also find yourself enjoying the complimentary food, snacks and drinks offered at a small lodge on the course. Ozarks National has exceptional staff and service.

Whether you’re visiting the Ozarks to play one course, two courses, or all five, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, the benefit of making this trip, is getting to play multiple courses that will force you rethink what your favorite golf destination is. Payne’s Valley and Ozarks National provide some of the most mind-blowing golf views, while offering challenging designs from golf royalty. Big Cedar Lodge at the Ozarks is putting themselves on the map to be America’s next great golf destination. You’ll have to play them and see them, to believe it.


Give the gift of

fresh air Golf is just the beginning when you give the gift of PXG. Whether you gift a loved one with new PXG golf clubs, apparel or accessories, each gift comes with something even greater: fresh air, a well-deserved break, and a reason to get outside and make new memories. Find all 18 ways to give more than golf at PXG.com/18ways. PXG clubs are only sold direct by PXG. Visit PXG.com or call 844.PLAY.PXG to learn more.

Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period.ÂŽ



ow can one continue innovating in light of the extraordinary wealth represented by the watchmaking heritage? Which new challenges should one take on when 18th century watchmaking virtuosos have already accomplished so much in the realm of time measurement? Such are the questions encapsulated in Christophe Claret’s creations since the founding of his Manufacture in Le Locle just over 30 years ago. While he cultivates a fascination for the Renaissance, its aesthetics and its currents of thought, he drew inspiration from the golden age of chronometry for the in-house development and construction of Angelico: his new eminently technical timepiece. Writing a new chapter in the history of Fine Watchmaking, the Angelico model is a contemporary tribute to the quest for absolute precision embodied by the 18th century marine chronometers. For the very first time in a wristwatch, Christophe Claret has taken up the challenge of combining a tourbillon with a long detent escapement with a cable-type fusee transmission system. This mechanical feat broadening the horizons of traditional horology is complemented by an instant-jump dualtime display complete with day/night and 72-hour power-reserve indications.

Named after Italian Renaissance “painter of angels”, Fra Angelico, this timepiece celebrates the noble pedigree of the watchmaking art. An art that deserves a capital A: truly “Art for Art’s sake”, according to Christophe Claret. A majestic embodiment of the traditional watchmaking art. Successfully equipping a wristwatch with a tourbillon featuring a traditional long detent escapement, a mechanism originally designed to operate in a perfectly stabilized position, is an authentic challenge taken on by the watchmakers of the “Soleil d’or” Manufacture. Regarded as the quintessence of chronometric precision, this type of detent escapement first appeared in the 18th century, at a time when watchmakers were competing to create a time-measuring instrument of maximum precision, serving to determine a ship’s exact geographical position at sea. Incorporated into marine chronometer mounted on gimbals, this mechanism demonstrated exemplary reliability in long-term navigation – its only weakness being extreme sensitivity to lateral impacts, which is incompatible with the all-important sturdiness required for wear on the wrist.

We have already had the Blackjack and Baccara, now comes Poker, the latest addition to Christophe Claret’s trilogy of gaming watches. Christophe Claret’s fertile imagination has managed to devise the mechanism for this sophisticated card game and enclose it within a case just 45mm in diameter. For up to three players, there are an incredible number of gameplay possibilities. While he revels in taking on the most improbable challenges, Christophe Claret also likes to combine grace with utility. Poker was actually to be the first of the gaming timepieces launched by Manufacture Claret. While the game seems simple to organize on a table, its watchmaking version is an extreme test and no technical solution had been found until Mr Christophe Claret himself came up with the answer. While the first prototype was working in 2011, it required two years to perfect the intricate complication. Devising the gearing and bringing it

all together in a mechanical movement – in other words, orchestrating a complete 52card game following the rules of poker – is a real feat, one which offers Haute Horlogerie exciting new technical prospects. In total, Poker packs in 32,768 different combinations, i.e. 98,304 combinations for three players. The probabilities have been calculated so that everyone has approximately the same chances of winning. This is how the PCK05 movement came into being. This completely original automatic-winding in-house caliber comprises no fewer than 655 components, and features two mainspring barrels that provide approximately 72 hours of power. There are bound to be some late nights! But no need to worry, as well as its gaming functions, Poker has not abandoned its time display role, with two central hands providing excellent legibility.

Four years after unveiling the X-TREM-1 timepiece, the watchmaker from Le Locle reveals two new versions in blue damascened steel, issued in 8-piece limited edition. X-TREM-1, the first of a generation of exceptional timepieces, represents a major technical and aesthetic accomplishment: a flying tourbillon inclined at a 30° angle, mounted on a three-dimensional curvex titanium mainplate, equipped with a retrograde hours and minutes display system that is radically different from existing watchmaking conventions. Two tiny hollowed steel spheres, isolated within cylindrical ring-bound tubes on the left and right sides of the caseband, magically move with no mechanical connection thanks to magnetic fields. The Extreme Complications Watches line certainly deserves its name. It expresses Christophe Claret’s determination to continue pushing the boundaries of mechanical watchmaking, integrating certain fields of research never previously applied in this domain. X-TREM-1 is a fine example of

this approach that involves using a system driven by magnetic fields to display the hours and minutes. The challenge was bold and some might say a little crazy: How could someone possibly think about introducing a magnetic field – the arch enemy of horological mechanisms – into the heart of a watch? The Christophe Claret team has done just that by creating a system where two small steel spheres – hollowed to make them lighter and encased within two Cylindrical ring-bound tubes placed to the right and left of the caseband – are controlled by precision magnetic fields generated by two miniature magnets moved by cables. The cables are incredibly flexible, made from hundreds of Dyneema nanofibers all contained within an ultra-high-strength polyethylene gel, capable of withstanding tensile forces of up to a kilo. The entire thread is thinner than a human hair (4 hundredths of a mm in diameter). The resistance of the thread has been tested in the Manufacture Claret on an accelerated-wear simulator corresponding to 60 years of operation.

This emblematic celebration of Mexican culture inspired Christophe Claret for this new version. A fully diamonds set skull, with an octagonal emerald, pigeon’s blood ruby eyes and the tourbillon enhanced with an emerald, symbol of el dia de los muertos, takes place on this new X-TREM-1. The beads, indicating the time, have been revised in the colors of Mexico. Driven as ever by a determination to present avantgarde timepieces, black grade 5 PVD titanium were the metals chosen to make the case of this new version of the X-TREM-1. The sapphire tubes have been replaced by cylindrical ring-bound tubes housing mobile stainless steel spheres indicating the time. The Extreme Complications Watches line certainly deserves its name. It expresses Christophe Claret’s determination to continue pushing the boundaries of mechanical watchmaking, integrating certain fields of research never previously applied in this domain. X-TREM-1 is a fine example of this approach that involves using a system driven by magnetic fields display the hours and minutes. The challenge was bold and some might say a little crazy: How could someone possibly think about introducing a magnetic field – the arch enemy of horological mechanisms – into the heart of a watch? The Christophe Claret team has done just that by

creating a system where two small steel spheres – hollowed to make them lighter and encased within two tubes placed to the right and left of the caseband – are controlled by precision magnetic fields generated by two miniature magnets moved by cables. The cables are incredibly flexible, made from hundreds of Dyneema nanofibers all contained within an ultra-high-strength polyethylene gel, capable of withstanding tensile forces of up to a kilo. The entire thread is thinner than a human hair (4 hundredths of a mm in diameter). The resistance of the thread has been tested in the Manufacture Claret on an accelerated-wear simulator corresponding to 60 years of operation. The spheres have no mechanical connection with the movement, with each one floating inside the two tubes and creating outstanding horological magic. This technology was developed with the School of Business and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD) in Yverdon-les-Bains, and a team headed by Professor Besson. The entire construction and finishing of this timepiece meets the extreme demands systematically imposed by Christophe Claret. Ultra-light titanium was used for the three-dimensional curvex mainplate and the bridges. The flying tourbillon is fitted with double ceramic bearings to enhance its shock-resistance. It is inclined at a 30-degree angle in order to make it even more clearly visible to the wearer.



eir to an impressive historical legacy, the House of L.Leroy has written some of the finest chapters in the history of watchmaking and of French chronometry. Founded in Paris in 1785 amid the tumultuous Age of Enlightenment and under the impetus of Charles Leroy, himself the son of a watchmaker, the House has thus been developing a wealth of technical and inventive treasures for over two centuries. This human, artistic and industrial adventure is dotted with illustrious names including Marie-Antoinette, Proust, Matisse, Napoleon, Queen Victoria, Roosevelt, Chopin, Nobel, Bugatti, the brilliant designer Védrines, aviation pioneers Charles Lindbergh and Santos-Dumont, to

mention but a few owners of a watch by L.Leroy. Here is the story of an extraordinary destiny. Across a history spanning more than two hundred years, the Leroy watchmaking dynasty has found its way through a constantly changing world. Right from the time of its creation, the company was officially appointed as Watchmaker to the King. The twists and turns of history led it to change its name by adopting the anagram “Elyor” in order to escape the reign of terror that came in the wake of the French revolution. The quality of Leroy watch was rapidly recognised by the powers in place in the capital and its reputation literally took off in the 19th century, both in France and around the world.

The automatic tourbillon regulator model in the Osmior line is an exclusive creation from the company’s watchmakers who drew their inspiration from the exceptional timepieces in the brand’s private museum. For almost a century and a half, L.Leroy has specialised in the production of watches known as ‘’Grandes Complications’’ and is one of the few historical brands to offer models fitted with a tourbillon. The first tourbillon escapement system was patented by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1801. It compensated for most of the variations in rate that occur in the vertical positions, caused by the effect of the Earth’s gravity. It is one of the most ingenious mechanical inventions in watchmaking history but is also one of the most difficult to produce.

Specifically developed by L.Leroy, this model contains an ultra modern version of the tourbillon system with an escapement (wheel and lever) machined from pure diamond. This reduces the weight of the mechanism and increases its hardness. As a result, the high performance and chronometric stability of the watch can be guaranteed longer than is possible with a classic system. The automatic single push-button chronograph in the Osmior line is an exclusive creation from the company’s watchmakers who drew their inspiration from exceptional timepieces in the brand’s private museum. Manufacturing chronographs has been a speciality of L.Leroy for almost a century and a half. The company was the world’s first to develop and patent a chronograph capable of measuring time to one hundredth of a second and, a few years later, to one thousandth of a second. The movement (calibre) of your watch has been manufactured in Switzerland, partly in the Val de Travers, and partly in Le Locle, a world famous centre for the production of top-of-the range watch components.





The Visionaries & Crafters Behind the World’s Most Cutting-Edge & Timeless Land Rover Defenders • Frame Off Restorations • • LS Swaps • • Quick Turn Arounds • www.OspreyCustomCars.com 910-632-0260



errelet, the prestigious Swiss watchmaking house whose roots date back to 1777, is renowned for its unique representation of the automatic movement thanks to its patented Double Rotor and Turbine technology. Once again, Perrelet surprises watch enthusiasts with new interpretations of its “Turbine Pilot”, a collection inspired by the world of aviation. First launched in 2014, the “Turbine Pilot” line was the result of combining cutting-edge technology with artisanal know-how. By combining highperformance mechanics with features taken from the world of aviation, Perrelet’s qualified watchmakers have created a collection of aviator watches that exude a bold, unmistakable style. All these distinguishing features are manifest in the four latest “Turbine Pilot” models, a collection that is constantly evolving to reflect the latest trends. Perrelet has always displayed a mastery of colour in its Turbine Technology timepieces. Three of the new “Turbine Pilot” protagonists feature bright, vivid colours like electric blue, red and yellow. A fourth version dons a camouflage rubber strap decorated with the classic mottled greens, browns and beige tones of this specific colouration pattern used for concealment.

To undertake its mission as a pilot’s watch, “Turbine Pilot” combines the turbine to a circular slide rule. Aviation slide rules are analogue calculation tools and a vital support instrument for pilots before and during flight. Equipped with a series of concentric discs with different graduated scales, aviation slide rules perform various conversions of measures with great speed. Obviously, computers can perform all these operations, but having a slide rule on a watch engages the mind and invites us to interact with our wristwatch. The generous case size of 48mm and the characteristic fluting on the case middle are hallmark Turbine family features. Crafted in stainless steel with a black PVD coating, the case is water-resistant to depths of 5o metres and frames a complex, three-dimensional dial with its hypnotic turbine and blades which spin at the slightest movement of the wrist.

Masterful Monograms

Custom designed l8K gold monogram pendants, bracelets and cufflinks set with diamonds or precious stones

212-996-6217 SandiMillerBurrowsDesigns.com



he Admiral is one of the pillars of Corum’s heritage. Unveiled in 1960, five short years after the brand’s creation, it embodies the Swiss watchmaker’s idea of maritime-inspired watchmaking. Although it has always been loyal to its artistic fiber, it has never been afraid to set sail for distant shores. For aficionados who desire something complicated and gravity-defying, Corum has prepared the Admiral ACONE Openwork Tourbillon. The caliber CO 297 movement was developed by Corum in-house specifically for this model. The bridges visible on the dial side were specially designed to be in harmony with the 45mm dodecagonal-shaped case, as well as the silhouettes of the nautical pennants. A sub-dial displaying small seconds is at

the 9 o’clock position, while the power reserve indicator sits at 3 o’clock. The open dial showcases not only the beautiful heartbeat of the movement but also Corum’s artistry and flair in technical watchmaking. The addition of a tourbillon also ensures higher accuracy in timekeeping under conditions at sea. The Openwork Tourbillon also features a redesigned strap, crafted with rubber on the surface and synthetic textile on its underside, these bimaterial straps are designed to seamlessly integrate with the lugs. This minimizes any possible gaps between the lugs, strap, and wrist, which not only makes wearing the watch more comfortable but also protects the lugs and straps from being damaged by external forces.

With all sails set, the new 38 mm Admiral is afloat on an ocean of two-tone colors this season. In 2020 Corum celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Admiral collection by creating modern and elegant styles that are suitable for a variety of wrist sizes. With everyone leading busier and more active lifestyles, timepieces have also gravitated towards designs with sportier overtones to complement their needs. For Corum fans who prefer a smaller case, the Admiral 38 embraces the design identity of the iconic Admiral, yet at the same time writes a new chapter by infusing it with contemporary updates such as a more rounded case and an automatic movement. This version of the Admiral 38 Automatic is presented with a 5N 18k rose gold case. Its dauphine-style hands are partially skeletonized and filled with black superluminova. The dial is decorated with three-dimensional “Grenadier fendu� finishing and is paired with a black rubber strap for a crisp and modern look. Corum redesigned its signature Corumdecorated micro-rotor for the CO 082 automatic movement used to power this new timepiece. The icing on the cake? 72 round VS-grade diamonds set around the bezel. Sporty, practical, and elegant at the same time, the Admiral 38 is incredibly versatile and will be the perfect companion for any stylish, upbeat, and outdoor-loving watch enthusiast, be it at work, an evening out, or while enjoying a luxurious weekend getaway at sea. Paired together as a beautiful set for a couple, or a singular piece, they make a beautiful gift for yourself or your loved one at the holidays.



he Overseas perpetual calendar ultra-thin watch is now treating itself to an all-gold version. Its precious metal bracelet, featuring links inspired by the shape of the Maltese cross, is more elegant than ever while radiating a style all its own. In addition to the case/bracelet combination, the brilliance of the gold extends to the blue dial, whose hour-markers, hands and moon discs are also made of 18K 5N pink gold. While the bluelacquered gold dial captivates the eye with its sunburst satin finish, the counters are distinguished by their snailed decoration, while the gold-rimmed minute-rack opts for a velvet finish. These delicate decorations contrasting with the vertical-brushed of the case endow the blue dial with its full strength of character. The 41.5 mm-diameter case accommodates a mechanical self-winding movement from a proud lineage, the ultra-thin Manufacture 1120 QP/1 calibre with perpetual calendar and moonphase display. The latter function involves impressive feats of miniaturization enabling it to cope with calendar irregularities while eliminating any need for correction until 2100. No less than 276 components are housed in a thickness of barely 4.05 mm. Beating at a frequency of 19,800 vibrations per hour and endowed with an approximately 40-hour power reserve, the mechanism drives indications of the hours, minutes, perpetual calendar function – with the day of the week, date, month and leap year shown on a 48-month counter – as well as moon phases.

The Overseas collection is enriching its range with a new territory to explore. The prestige of a precious metal case and bracelet is now complemented by the extreme sophistication of an openworked movement that is also ultra-thin and houses a perpetual calendar, giving the timepiece a contemporary and horologically sophisticated look. In this new gold-clad version, Vacheron Constantin highlights the expression of Haute Horlogerie values. While retaining its dynamic design, the aesthetic of the timepiece is transfigured by a sapphire dial inviting observers on a journey to the heart of the extremely thin 4.05 mm open-worked perpetual calendar movement. Much appreciated by collectors for its reliability, its extreme precision and its performance, selfwinding Calibre 1120 QPSQ is now joining the Overseas collection in a new guise. Entirely openworked, which is a feat in itself, it reveals its mechanical intricacies beneath a sapphire crystal. The transparent caseback also stages a fascinating watchmaking show starring the gear trains and the NAC-treated oscillating weight with its segment in 22K gold, which is also open-worked for the first time in the Overseas collection so as to highlight its stylized design shaped like a Maltese cross.

Skeletonization is regarded by connoisseurs as a watchmaking complication in itself and is indeed a speciality during watchmaking training. This technique, which consists of finely open-working a mechanical movement by hollowing out its components yet without compromising their reliability, is an extremely complex undertaking: a quest for transparency coupled with highly sophisticated skills mastered by very few watchmaking artisans. Today, Vacheron Constantin is one of the rare Manufactures capable of open-working calibers as complex as perpetual calendars and ultra-thin movements. All components of the 1120 QPSQ calibre have been hollowed out, finished and decorated, so as to exalt the functional beauty of the mechanism. To fully match the style of Overseas, the movement has benefited from special finishing work, entirely performed by hand. Multiple skills have thus come into play so as to endow the mechanism with the sought-after aesthetic perfection. Straight-graining the surfaces to give them a satin-brushed finish; beveling straight lines and curves to make the create

light effects; circular brushing, sunburst finishing, circulargraining and polishing to ensure varied reliefs: while the use of all these ancestral craftsmanship techniques has served to highlight the beauty of the components, an anthracite grey shade obtained by means of an NAC electrolytic treatment gives the mechanism a very modern face. The dial bears applied 18K 5N pink gold hour-markers, the Maltese cross emblem as well as day, date and month-counter rings. This design ensures that the watch is perfectly legible while allowing the gaze to roam freely through the heart of the movement and admire its hand-crafted finishing. While watches with simple calendars – indicating the day, date and month – require constant adjustments according to months with 28, 29 and 30 days, the Overseas Perpetual Calendar ultra-thin skeleton watch will not require any intervention until March 1, 2100. Achieving such a performance with a movement that slim – yet housing 276 components – called for authentic feats of design and miniaturization.




7 B AT H R O O M S


8,300 SQ FT 1 4 , 2 6 4 S Q F T LOT

C I N DY A M B U E H L C I N D Y @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0 . 3 2 1 .9 1 4 8 | D R E 0 1 8 2 1 93 4

ZANDER DIAMONT Z A N D E R @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0.61 7.1 695 | D R E 0 2 0 8 0 1 8 8

Excellence In Every Move. Compass is a real estate broker licensed by the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. License Number 01991628. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only and is compiled from sources deemed reliable but has not been verified. Changes in price, condition, sale or withdrawal may be made without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate.




8 B AT H R O O M S


8, 200 SQ FT 3 1 , 8 2 2 S Q F T LOT

C I N DY A M B U E H L C I N D Y @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0 . 3 2 1 .9 1 4 8 | D R E 0 1 8 2 1 93 4




6 B AT H R O O M S


1 7, 8 8 8 S Q F T LOT

ZANDER DIAMONT Z A N D E R @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0.61 7.1 695 | D R E 0 2 0 8 0 1 8 8

Excellence In Every Move. Compass is a real estate broker licensed by the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. License Number 01991628. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only and is compiled from sources deemed reliable but has not been verified. Changes in price, condition, sale or withdrawal may be made without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate.



fter years of development and product design, liquor entrepreneur Luke Battiloro introduces his muchanticipated premium spirit, Vavoom Vodka, to the U.S. market. The vodka company’s exciting entry comes on the heels of founder Battiloro’s determined campaign to develop a unique vodka packaged in an artistic, beautiful glass. Vavoom’s signature glass is handcrafted in Milan, Italy and evokes the figure of a beautiful woman stretching skyward. Battiloro knows the unique, artisan packaging is an indispensable part of his brand’s appeal. “We wanted to give this new generation of consumers a Vodka to call their own” Underneath the hand-crafted signature glass bottle, customers will find a highend premium spirit. Vavoom is a 100% gluten-free, vodka distilled five times and delicately finished three times. At each step in the design and distilling process, Vavoom Vodka aims to bring to life its Italian influences and benchmark values of beauty and art.

To encapsulate the themes evoked by the vodka’s elaborate distillation process and elegant packaging, Vavoom’s motto encourages customers to “Stai’ Bella”, as the Italians say, or in English, “stay beautiful.” Battiloro knows this novel brand experience can capture something that other high-end brands don’t, “People want something new. Not just an UltraPremium spirit, but something that evokes an emotional response. I think what we’ve created with Vavoom Vodka has done just that”. No stones are left unturned in the preparation of Vavoom premium vodka. In addition to the elaborate distillation and finishing process, Vavoom is run through a coconut activated carbon filter in a proprietary process leveraging the superior filtering qualities of coconut. Exchanging iron ions with sodium ions creates an exquisite reverse osmosis system that works to produce a worldclass vodka with a smooth, luxury taste. The extensive distilling helps soften the flavor and create silky smooth aftertaste.

This special coconut activated carbon filtering provides a top-notch finished product. There is science backing this up. The carbon activated from coconut shells boasts mostly pores in what is known as the “micropore range.” Just about all of the surface areas of coconut shell activated carbon is in this range. These tiny pores are perfectly sized to trap and filter out the contaminant molecules in water. The smooth top shelf vodka is a hit with spiritlovers. Customers adore both the artistic and eye-catching Italian glass and the smooth taste of the vodka itself. It makes a wonderful drink for parties and impressing guests, but it is also the perfect piece for those with a taste for premium high-end vodka. Unlike some other brands, it is not as easy to find Vavoom at a local liquor store. Instead, the brand is focused on pushing out the product through other channels, namely high-end clubs and restaurants, in addition to other targeted markets. Like just about every other aspect of this brand, from product quality to packaging, this is by intention. Vavoom works tirelessly to create and maintain its exclusive, special brand identity. “We don’t want to be just another brand, we thrive on exclusivity and instant brand awareness at the most exciting places around the world,” says Battiloro. “Our bottle is instantly recognizable, and people will know they’re in the right place for an incredible night when they find us on the top shelf” But if you really want to give this vodka a place in your liquor cabinet, you can get it delivered through Vavoom’s website. Like most premium high-end vodka, Vavoom serves more than one purpose. In addition to being the foundation of a highly drinkable cocktail, it also serves to signal a sense of sophistication and evoke a sense of occasion and elegance. Certainly, this is no bottle to hide away. Instead it is designed, marketed, and produced specifically for life on the top shelf.

this is your







BEST 2020




Nestled in a quiet stretch of Brush Creek Valley, surrounded by pristine Colorado Wilderness, Frost Creek is the perfect haven to decompress and reconnect amidst nature. Fly fish in pristine rivers, hike and bike scenic trails, tee off for a round on our award-winning golf course designed by Tom Weiskopf, and enjoy easy access to everything you have come to expect from the Rocky Mountains. Are you ready to explore?









970. 3 2 8 . 2 3 2 6



rande Absente will awaken your thirst for forbidden flavors as you perform the legendary ritual: gently pour iced water over a sugar cube perched on an absinthe spoon atop a glass. Watch as the absinthe clouds in the glass and assumes its broody iridescent hue... Then, even before taking your first sip, breathe in the aromas and fragrances of aniseed, mint and spices that accompany the essence of the absinthe plant. Ready to drink, Absente can be enjoyed without the addition of sugar. With an alcohol content of 55% and 10mg of Thujone, it is the first Absinthe authorized.

The armoise (Artemisia Vulgaris) infusion gives Absente its structure. The alcoholate and essences add subtle flavors of anise, mint and spices, giving Absente its balance, elegance, freshness and surprising length of flavor. For drinking Absente there are no rules (or very few). You can pour the Absente onto crushed ice or ice cubes. If you like strong drinks, then you can drink it neat. If you prefer it slightly bitter and less sweet, simply add fresh water to your Absente. Those nostalgic for the past can practice the ritual of bygone days by placing a sugar cube onto an absinthe spoon placed on the rim of the glass and slowly pour in the water until it melts the sugar and turns the Absente an opalescent green. Absente can also be flambéed and added to cocktails.

Sazerac Ingredients 1 oz Absinthe Ordinaire 1 ½ oz rye whiskey 3 dashes Peychaud’s bitters sugar cube Instructions Add crushed ice to an old-fashioned glass and set aside. Stir ingredients with ice and set aside. Discard ice from old fashioned glass, then strain the cocktail ingredients into it. Fresh ice can be used, or it can be served up. Garnish with a citrus peel.

Smokey Colada Ingredients ½ oz Absente Absinthe Refined 1 oz mezcal ½ oz orange liqueur 1 oz horchata syrup 1 oz lemon juice 2 dashes orange bitters Instructions Shake with ice, strain and serve up in a coupe glass. Garnish with an orange twist.



SINCE 1977


Ha’ikaua Village Unparalleled Private Compound Kona, Hawai’i

Ha’ikaua Village, known

as the Crown Jewel of the Kona Coast, is its own gated peninsula. Privacy, anonymity, safety and security are all assured. Five separate buildings on five separate contiguous parcels with spectacular 360° view of the ocean, two bays, and the mountains.A once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a truly extraordinary hawaii property.


808-746-9100 | 818-371-3000 aa@vanguard-inc.com vwww.vanguardinla.com



ell aware of the limits of traditional organic viticulture, Notorious Wines Inc., (Notorious Pink RosĂŠ), along with Vincent and Francois Pugibet opted for an original way to bring disease-resistant grape varieties from the South of France to the United States of America. From multiple crossings between traditional varieties and vines more rustic or wild, these new varieties are resistant to powdery and downy mildew. Hybrids are traditional European vitis vinifera wines crossed with other breeds. Their ability to withstand environmental challenges including, drought, disease and heat means limited to no treatments during growth and production. Scandalous One is a 100% estate produced Cabernet Noir wine, a new variety specially selected by the Pugibet family. Resistant to diseases, Scandalous One allows a natural viticulture without any pesticides. After a few years of experimentation and several years of not receiving any pesticides; sulfur, copper or typical treatments, the best grapes are assembled in this award winning cuvĂŠe.

The process of developing these new varieties is “Orgasmic” to say the least. The new vine is reproduced by cuttings or by grafting, either totally asexual. The main idea of the project is to return to sexual production through the development of a new variety. By judiciously choosing the parents, the winegrower can expect to achieve in the progeny seeds combining resistance and organoleptic qualities. Scandalous One Cabernet Noir is one of three specialty cuvée creations offered by Notorious Wins Inc. Lovely in freshness, the color is dark, velvety: deep purple with bluish tints. In the nose there is a dominant of red fruits and black fruits with a fond accent. The red and black fruits are found in the mouth, mixed with mineral and biscuit notes. The tannins present, still young, mark the palate and typify this wine, which will soften with time. To taste on a lamb blanquette, a pork curry or soft cheeses. A sensible luxury brand with innovative packaging and a competitive price. $19.00, Grand Prix Innovation Award 2018, De La Revue, Du Vin de France. www.scandalousone.com



arrison Brothers Distillery is a small, family-owned farm and ranch that makes one of the finest bourbon whiskeys in the world. They were the first new bourbon distillery in America to open its doors since before Prohibition and the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas history. Their award-winning bourbon whiskey is amber-crimson like a Texas sunset. Darker, richer, and fuller than any bourbon out there. The golden nectar is heat-forged in the scorching Texas sun, aging chaotically inside custom-made oak barrels. All the while, the liquid inside is getting pushed deeper and deeper into the white oak barrel’s pores, soaking up its buttery caramel and vanilla flavors, amber color, and earthy texture. When it does eventually cool down, the bourbon escapes the wood and returns to the inside of the barrel, taking these delicious flavors along with it and transforming the liquid into the Nectar of the Gods. Garrison Brothers is bold, proud, and authentic. It’s homegrown and handcrafted from the finest ingredients. And It’s always been the perfect holiday gift for friends and family (or yourself.) Life is simply too short to waste on inferior whiskey. So when you do get your hands on a bottle, savor every sip and take your time with this one; after all, they took theirs.


ANDIE OHDE GRI, SFR, CRS 970.471.5233 aohde@livsothebysrealty.com VailAreaRealEstate.com





e live in dynamic times. The current cultural moment is teeming with change and opportunity. There is freedom, awareness, and space for an unprecedented variety of selfpresentations. Sadly, when it comes to fashion, this freedom is too often wasted in the name of convenience. Look no further for evidence of this fact than the regrettable “airport chic” fad of pajama-like sweats in public. With expert direction, the gentle touch of Savile Row, the cosmopolitan silhouettes of the continent, and the urban, uptown elegance of the jet-set are all within reach of the discerning. These days there is no excuse for pairing khakis with an ill-fitting shirt for a business lunch or a night on the town. Menswear designer Daniel George has been dedicated to fashion for 25 years and has achieved a level of mastery in his field that mirrors his clients’ distinction in their own professional pursuits. He recognizes the opportunities afforded by today’s relaxed environment. After all, if we can wear whatever we want, why not strive to look our absolute best? Daniel’s vision assumes that investment in high-end, bespoke clothing is not just a matter of means and aspiration. The greatest challenge facing clothier and client alike is finding a garment that flatters the body and forefronts the personality. With impeccable taste and attention to detail, Daniel embraces this challenge, crafting custom pieces that express the essential character of the man. He knows the rules, and when he breaks them, he does so with tact and intent. Daniel George has dedicated his career to the belief that if the goal is looking great, there can be no substitute for the bespoke and exquisitely tailored. As Daniel sees it, the hallmark of excellence is a combination of passion and talent, and he imbues everything he creates with panache. The successful know the value of their time. Ambition and determined focus are key in all endeavors. But even the most focused among us also recognizes the value of innovation: inventiveness springs from creativity, and creativity springs from an open mind.

In keeping with this belief, the Daniel George experience is anything but stuffy. Daniel serves as an affable, amiable guide. His knowledge of, and reverence for, the history of men’s fashion, along with his fluency in its contemporary, cutting edge, are perfectly balanced by his off-beat sense of humor and wit. Truly bespoke apparel is not simply a matter of exhaustive measurements, as crucial as those are. It also requires familiarity with the client. This personal approach is one of many things that set Daniel George apart. What we wear speaks to who we are and what we value, and Daniel is committed to discovering what his clients are passionate about, whether it is fine wine or scotch,

international travel, art, architecture, or interior design. (In fact, one is likely to get sidetracked should Daniel’s passion for classic bespoke automobiles get mentioned.) Above all, he is interested in getting to know his clients’ tastes in order to build a sartorial relationship. From classic business suits crafted for the professional who demands the highest quality, to stand-out, one-of-a-kind designs guaranteed to draw compliments from friends, family, colleagues, and strangers alike, Daniel George prides himself on his range of styles and invests in each garment bearing his name with uncompromising quality in design and construction.

DG offers a comprehensive range of items: suits and sport coats made with fabrics from such world-renowned mills as Scabal, Loro Piana, and Dormeuil; shirts in fine cotton and linen, with hundreds of options, and in styles ranging from formal to casual; ties, pocket squares, and other accessories, all sourced from the world’s finest purveyors; and leather shoes and boots, crafted by hand with a personal pattern of the client’s foot for ultimate comfort and fit. Whether you are looking for an individual statement piece or interested in an inclusive wardrobe package, with Daniel’s expert eye and delicate touch the style you achieve will have you cruising above the clouds. Experience the DG difference firsthand by booking an appointment on their website, danielgeorge.com, or calling 312-729-5202 to set up an initial consultation. Scheduling your appointment at least three weeks in advance is recommended.

time is different for the moment . . .

make it Scandalous, Infamous, and Notorious NotoriousPinkRose






s exclusivity only about affluence? In a world full of multinational luxury brands, it’s still possible to feel truly unique. We can define exclusivity as the sensation of being on a summit, surrounded by a small and select number of peers, and gazing at the world from a more advantageous and inaccessible position. As much as money will always be one of its main components, the concept of exclusivity has also nobler and more sophisticated underpinnings: personality and style, culture, good taste, and personal connections have always been equally relevant ingredients. But is this broadly accepted definition as encompassing as it might have been 25 years ago? Globalization and availability are doing to exclusivity what Xerox has done to art: by replicating it and making it promptly available, they have undermined its true essence and diminished the special aura of uniqueness that once shone around it. Money plays the main role today, and there’s not much room left for unique personalities, original tastes, and individual innovation. “Most luxury brands have become multinational chains that no longer offer something truly unique or rare” – says Matt Conable, founder and creative engine of William

Henry. “For many of these companies, exclusivity is defined predominantly by price and status, and not so much by originality or by the limited availability of their offerings”. ”I think of luxury as exotic, rare, precious, and timeless. The status is conferred by the quality of the product and what it says about the owner, as opposed to the current model where status is conferred by ‘brand ambassadors’ and massive advertising budgets”. Conable founded William Henry

in 1997. He established the brand creating distinctive and award-winning pocketknives, effectively transforming the archetype of all tools into a superb personality statement. Today’s collections include men’s jewelry, pens, culinary knives, money clips, and William Henry has become one of the most exclusive and admired brands in the often-overlooked world of luxury for men. But what makes this brand so distinctive is that it has proudly retained the aura and feel of an artisan workshop, where every

piece is designed and created exclusively in small, limited, often unique editions. The distinctive character of the artistry and the personality of the materials make this brand’s every creation truly original. No two pieces are alike. “I like the idea that William Henry’s creations strike a personal chord in our clients” – says Conable. “Every now and then, it is important to invest in objects that are personal, immediately useful, yet timeless in their appeal and relevance – these rare pieces are imbued with the personality of their owners, and become part of their living legacy”. In the past century, movie stars and royals played a fundamental role in propelling to fame brands like Bulgari or Cartier. It’s not surprising that today’s search for exclusivity is brought forth by personalities and individuals that interpret style and luxury as a means to

affirm their distinctive personality, where choosing truly unique creations is just as important as their intrinsic value. William Henry’s customers are treated - and indeed they feel like a small, exclusive elite. The company is reserved about them, but we know their clients range from Hollywood celebrities to rock stars, royalty, and heads of state. Understanding the thin line that separates fashionable from exclusive is an important challenge for most luxury brands. It describes the difference between the concepts of timeless and ephemeral, character and trend, and it defines the universally gratifying feeling of possessing a truly unique personality. Exclusivity is possible today as it was 100 years ago. You just need to know where to look, and approach your choices with the right mindset. As Matt Conable puts it: “Exclusivity is about being you, not being like someone else� www.WilliamHenry.com

For those who seek waterfront lifestyle

Turtle Beach Villa, Turtle Cove Beachfront Providenciales $5,250,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: DP8545

Villa Lucas, Ocean Point Drive, Oceanfront Providenciales $4,750,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: 7H5PYR

Villa Allegria, Leeward Beachfront Providenciales $4,995,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: 2LKZ3D

Beach Enclave North Shore, Blue Mountain Beachfront Providenciales $1,825,000 to $2,925,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: FW82XR, XNYG9R

Richard Sankar Director 1.649.231.6211 richard@tcsothebysrealty.com

TURKS & CAICOS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY, Venture House, Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands © 2020 Turks & Caicos Realty Ltd. All rights reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty Logo are service marks licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC and used with permission. Turks & Caicos Realty Ltd. fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. Any services or products provided by independently owned and operated franchisees are not provided by, affiliated with or related to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC nor any of its affiliated companies.

For those who seek exceptional vacation homes The Turks and Caicos Islands provide relaxation while offering world class accommodation, luxurious resorts and spas and service of the utmost standards. The islands of the Turks and Caicos are easily accessible by air from most major US hubs and major airlines and enjoy year round great weather, beautiful beaches and an abundance of water sports activities.

South Bank Long Bay, Beachfront & Oceanfront Providenciales $1,850,000 to $6,950,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: M3SXSK, ZGHXNP

Nina Siegenthaler Vice President 1.649.231.0707 nina@tcsothebysrealty.com

Villa Chill, Grace Bay Beachfront Providenciales $11,900,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: JK4RPC

Lizard Lounge, Turtle Cove Beachfront Providenciales $6,975,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: CF5SWF

TURKS & CAICOS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY, Venture House, Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands © 2020 Turks & Caicos Realty Ltd. All rights reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty Logo are service marks licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC and used with permission. Turks & Caicos Realty Ltd. fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. Any services or products provided by independently owned and operated franchisees are not provided by, affiliated with or related to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC nor any of its affiliated companies.

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os Angeles-based eyewear brand, Oliver Peoples, proudly releases an exclusive collaboration with New York City-based premium audio company, Master & Dynamic. The limited-edition collection features three custom Oliver Peoples acetates – made by world-renowned, Italian manufacturer, Mazzucchelli – on limited-editions of the OP-505 sunglasses and Master & Dynamic’s MW65 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones and MW07 PLUS True Wireless Earphones. The collaboration brings together a Los Angeles icon in eyewear with a New York innovator in sound and design. The pairing was a seamless fit given that both brands look to vintage aesthetics for inspiration and aim to create pieces that will always remain in style. Master & Dynamic’s founder, Jonathan Levine, was initially inspired to launch headphones after seeing a pair of WWII aviator headphones in a museum and for Oliver Peoples, inspiration came from vintage eyewear found in an estate collection. The exclusive partnership looks to the heritage of both brands by bringing forth modern, exclusive editions of core styles. For Oliver Peoples, there is nothing more iconic to feature than the OP-505. The frame was the first style in the debut Oliver Peoples 1987 collection and sparked the vintage eyewear trend. Defined by its filigreed temple and bridge reminiscent of machine age craftsmanship, the OP-505 is reimagined for this exclusive collaboration with three custom acetate colors – including an 18k gold plated option – all matched with vivid glass lenses and sleek metal detail.

The MW65 Active NoiseCancelling Wireless Headphones – known for aesthetics as much as product innovation – feature lightweight aluminum alongside fine leathers and for the first time, include custom acetate details. The MW65 headphones offer two active noise-cancelling modes to tailor sound to specific surroundings for a clear, balanced listening experience without compromising sound quality. In addition, custom 40mm Beryllium drivers deliver Master & Dynamic’s signature rich, warm sound that captures the detail of well-recorded music. The MW07 PLUS True Wireless Earphones are the most technically advanced earphones offered by Master & Dynamic. They feature the same custom acetate details and include a sleek, stainless steel charging case to match. The MW07 PLUS include an unparalleled 40 hours of total playtime with 10 hours of battery life and 3 additional charges in the case and Bluetooth 5.0 with 30m/100ft connection range. With dual beamforming noise reduction mic arrays, the headphones provide best-inclass talk performance with 10mm custom Beryllium drivers to deliver overall exceptional sound. The limited-edition Oliver Peoples x Master & Dynamic collection will be available for purchase exclusively at www. oliverpeoples.com, select Oliver Peoples boutiques, and www. masterdynamic.com.


liver Peoples, shares its latest addition to the Gregory Peck collection, the Gregory Peck 1962. Similar to the iconic Oliver Peoples frame, made in collaboration with the Peck Estate and inspired by the signature style worn by its namesake in To Kill a Mockingbird, the Gregory Peck 1962 is a modern, foldable edition to the classic frame.

With an ode to the year the film first premiered, the Gregory Peck 1962 maintains the same design details as the original, including the vintage-inspired keyhole bridge and elongated genuine plaque detail, in addition to a functional plaque on the temples for added strength and durability. Each frame features a custom Oliver Peoples logoengraved corewire to maintain the integrity of the frame as well as a hand-inlaid logo insignia brand detail. The Gregory Peck 1962 style comes in an array of tortoise hues and limited-edition colors to match alongside glass lenses.

This spring, teach them the real meaning of


Snowmelt trickles down off the mountains, creating gushes of water here in the valley. Wildflowers peek out from under the earth. “Little” bison take their very first steps. But often, in the spring, the most profound changes happen to the people who visit.

Join us in Montana for an epic family getaway, March 20–April 17.




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So, whether you’re craving adventure or rejuvenation, fresh air or a new perspective, remember nothing in life is permanent. And Spring Break at The Resort at Paws Up is coming.


Creative Director: Alessandro Michele Art Director: Christopher Simmonds Photographer: Alec Soth Film Directors: Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo Locations: Palazzo Sacchetti and Campo Boario


ast July, Creative Director Alessandro Michele opened the final chapter of a three-part tale of subversion – one of shifting the gaze and questioning the rules, roles and liturgies that have come to define fashion as we know it. On that occasion, a twelve-hour live stream framed a narrative feature, revealing to the outside world what usually lies behind closed curtains. Here, throughout the course of one day, the Gucci design team became the hectic cast of models, captured on camera while patiently posing on set. That intense shooting day paved the way to the campaign that is now presented. Set within two contrasting Roman locations, the grandiose, late-Mannerist Palazzo Sacchetti and the distressed, graffiti-covered Campo Boario area, the pictures bring together the Gucci design team, which worked with Alessandro Michele on the very same collection they are wearing, under a poetic play of juxtapositions and perspectives.

In an open dialogue between the external decadence and the personal extroversion of these two seemingly irreconcilable spaces, these usually anonymous faces come and go between their on-set tasks in the palazzo and the ramshackle squat. By doing so, they present a theatrical allegory that reconciles the real and the surreal, reflecting on the relationship between fashion fictional imagery and the reality of its productions.

of beauty. What happens to the relation between reality and fiction when prying eyes sneak into the mechanisms of the production of an image? What happens to fashion, when the true goes back to being just a moment of the false? Breaking the spell that forces my collaborators to passionately work on clothes they later have to abandon, I asked the team to wear them. And so we did a self-sufficient job, all inside our house, mixing things we had already done with things we were about In the words of Creative Director to – overcoming the schemes of the time Alessandro Michele: “I brought together coherently with my idea of The Epilogue, different things, which represent the messy the final resolution of a future that is beauty that I have always sought: the chaos largely present”.

Shot by Minneapolisbased photographer Alec Soth and filmed by Roman directors Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo, winners of the 2020 Berlin International Film Festival’s Silver Bear for Best Screenplay, the campaign leads to the conclusion of the narrative arc that began in February with the An Unrepeatable Ritual show, when Alessandro Michele brought the backstage preparations to the center stage. The tale continued in May, with the release of The Ritual campaign, a radical experimentation that blurred the lines between models and authors in search of a spontaneous, unpredicted idea of beauty. Now, following July’s livestreamed presentation, this fairy tale eventually finds its Epilogue.

Opulent Vacations provides exclusive bespoke journeys to discerning travelers looking for a truly authentic white-glove experience. Each property reflects the luxurious quality and opulent amenities our guests expect, while concierge staff adds that extra special touch to make each trip a 'dream vacation'.

Call our travel designers today to plan your next luxury vacation (866) 675-5455 GO TO: O PU LEN TVACATION S .COM







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LIVE OAKS RANCH • $9,950,000

T h e F i n e s t M o n t e c i t o & S a n t a B a r b a ra H o m e s Pre s e n t e d by

805.886.9378 Cr i st a l @ M o n t e ci t o -E s t at e. com www. M o n t e ci t o -E s t at e. co m D R E #00968247




accuracy of all data including measurements, conditions, and features of property. Information is obtained from various sources and will not be verified by broker or MLS. CalDRE 00968247


Photography by Filippo Fior


ure lines form ample shapes and generous proportions. In counterpoint, warm fabrics create texture and depth. Discover the looks of the fall-winter 2020 runway show. RADICAL This winter, extremes attract. Toile-Ice canvas reflects a frosted sheen. A quilted wool flannel with pinstripe stitching brings sensuality to suits. A merino wool collar softens a bomber jacket.

GRAPHIC DESIGN The designs assert their graphic power. Hypnotic patterns captivate the gaze. The garment’s lining – its functional doublesidedness – comes fully to light with a flick of the wrist.

CHROMATIC FIELD Backlit peat, clay, ebony, sepia, and hazelnut – a luminous winter springs forth. Evenings are expressed in shades of brown and black. THE ART OF MATERIALS The collection offers a sometimes technical, sometimes poetic vision of the garment. Between comfort and graphic harmony, each piece is a sublime object of complex know-how.



t Obermeyer, they know moments take on greater meaning when you’re living in the moment. At your own pace, you can breathe, feel, reconnect, and hear nature’s essence. We become better humans. Not to mention, we see the world with a greater range of vision as a large, majestic place to which we are directly connected. Obermeyer has a singular purpose – to get people outside. Whether it’s to stop and feel the breeze, or to take in the view down the side of a mountain or skiing, hiking, and building snow forts, there’s something essential and profound about moments spent out of the central heating and in the outdoors. Because getting away from it all, at whatever altitude or solitude. With all that in mind, they aim to innovate and develop products and solutions that make nature more accessible, more comfortable, and more fun so you can get out there and make moments.

Making moments and solving problems is the heart of their design philosophy. Innovation can be accessible and comfort in the harshest of conditions can be a reality. A longer length jacket providing extra protection; featuring our 4-way panels and PrimaLoftÂŽ BlackEco insulation and a breathable wind-guard. The interior provides 3D mesh inserts for extra comfort and breathability, 4-way stretch lining for ease of movement, interior pockets for electronics and goggles, and a RECCOÂŽ reflector for the backcountry.

The Density provides extra protection by being our longest insulated jacket option and is packed with features; including countless number of pockets, under arm ventilation, interior goggle and electronics pockets, and a powder skirt to name a few. This is an easy to wear relaxed fitting style with 60 gm of insulation for versatility and warmth in many conditions. The Density offers a lifestyle look on the mountain or in town. Obermeyer independently tests all of their technical fabrics for performance verification. Their high performance specialty fabrics use fully coated hydrophobic laminations and a superior DWR polymer coating for stain protection and coating integrity. HydroBlockÂŽ Sport resists up to 10,000mm before water penetration while allowing 10,000 grams of water vapor to pass through within a 24-hour time frame.

Where Aspiration

Meets Inspiration

Sand Creek Post & Beam has created spaces that matter for thousands of customers across America. We oer a collection of wood solutions from barns to timber homes that will enrich your lifestyle. View inspiration and connect with our experienced team today. sandcreekpostandbeam.com





ike many highly desirable locations throughout the United States, Frost Creek, a private luxury golf and mountain club located in Eagle, Colorado, saw a surge in interest during 2020. Sales of home sites, presale home construction, custom home starts, and club memberships dramatically increased throughout the summer and fall seasons. The club, celebrating its 5th anniversary, has a unique character and community that has emerged from the ownership’s vision. Located just 13 miles from Eagle County Airport, a major point of entry to the Vail Valley, many have found Frost Creek to be an easily accessible “sanctuary” in the mountains. Louis and Jayme Rinn, joined Frost Creek in 2015 and are now full time residents. The Rinns have also played a unique role in the growth of Frost Creek. Rinn Builders, Louis and Jayme’s building company, has completed six custom homes at Frost Creek to date. They have five more homes currently under construction and are already scheduled to build another six homes at the club over the next two years. In February of 2020 the Rinn Family moved into one of the homes they built at Frost Creek, fulfilling a dream Louis and Jayme started years ago. The Rinns shared their Frost Creek story in a Q&A exclusive. How did you first become aware of Frost Creek? “We knew about the golf course and clubhouse and the natural beauty of the place long before it was purchased and launched as Frost Creek,” said Jayme. “We lived in Eagle and would come up and walk the property and talk about how amazing it would be to live here someday.” So, when did you become involved with Frost Creek? “It was early. I was asked to look at a remodel for a portion of the clubhouse. While there, I was introduced to Chad Brue, Frost Creek’s owner. We began talking about his vision for the club, which I found intriguing”, said Louis. “Jayme and I are avid golfers. We joined the club shortly after and purchased two of the first three home sites made available with the intent to build spec homes.” “The plan, at that point, was to build and sell the first two homes and then build our own home. We fell in love with the first one and thought about keeping it, but before it was fully completed, buyer interest became overwhelming. We stuck to the plan and sold it. The rest is history and what led to Rinn Builders becoming so involved in the construction of homes in the Frost Creek community”, added Jayme.

“It’s true. Soon after that other members saw the first home and began approaching us about building their custom homes,” said Louis. Now his friends at the club jokingly call him the “Governor” of Frost Creek. What’s it like to live at Frost Creek? “For us it’s a dream come true,” said Jayme. “What started with conversations about a distant goal is now our everyday life. We live in this beautiful place, surrounded by a growing and wonderful community that we are helping to shape.” “We’ve really gotten to know many of the members very well through spending so much time living, working, and playing here at Frost Creek. There are so many families that are members and the recreational activities are endless. Our daughters are 14 and 17 and love having their friends come over whether they are locals or from out of town. There is so much for them to do here and the club activities are set up for all ages”, added Louis. What’s your favorite thing about Frost Creek? “The golf course!,” Louis said. “Golfweek Magazine just rated Frost Creek in the Top 10 Private Courses in Colorado. It’s by far my favorite in the Vail Valley, and there are some great courses here.” “For me, it’s the type of people Frost Creek has attracted that really makes this place special. Members are lively, active, and genuinely friendly. Of course, don’t forget the golf!” added Jayme with a smile. For more information about Frost Creek membership and real estate opportunities visit www.FrostCreek.com or contact Director of Sales Kakie Holland at (970) 319-5585 or kholland@frostcreek.com.


With over 40 years of local experience, we understand that buying a home isn’t just a business transaction, it’s a life transaction. It takes patience, trust and the ability to rely on your real estate agents for more that just the best listings. We have made a lot of friends in the area because our friendships drive our business. It’s who we are and we wouldn’t do it any other way. Join us and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

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Introducing 2016 Ocean Drive in Manhattan Beach, a stunning new home built in collaboration with Louie Tomaro and Noelle Interiors. Executed in four levels of luxurious living space, this residence was constructed with every comfort and amenity in mind. The home is an entertainer’s dream, with each space dedicated to far-reaching ocean vistas and cool breezes, including a spacious covered deck with fireplace and outdoor kitchen, formal dining area and fabulous designer kitchen. A four-stop elevator ensures easy access to all that this home has to offer. With an enviable location just steps to the sand in the heart of Manhattan Beach, this beautifully appointed new construction is not to be missed!


310-374-1800 caskeyandcaskey.com LIC#01198999




ounded five years ago by Chris “Stingray” Stiegler, Malibu native, former pro surfer and globally trained surf instructor, Malibu Surf Coach offers an unmatched surfing experience in Malibu. Their personal coaching is also available by request at other locations, with instructors available to visit locations all over the California Coast, East Coast, and beyond. Although it does not give the same effect, virtual coaching lessons are also available. Surfing may quite possibly be the perfect outdoors activity if you are looking for a new past-time during the never-ending pandemic. Luckily Southern California and states like Florida, Mexico, exotic islands, etc are blessed with beautiful weather year-round, allowing this sport to carry on regardless of the time of year. Especially in Malibu, surfing is a hobby and sport that continues to take place 365 days a year amongst locals, tourists, top VIPS and travelers. With safe practices on the beach and in the water, Malibu Surf Coach has made a name for itself as the top coaching company in Malibu and beyond. The founder, Stingray, is a professionally trained surf instructor and lifeguard, having taught surfing all over the world from Spain to Australia, and is also the former coach of the Malibu High Surf Team, where they achieved many accolodates under his coach term. He impressively led surf coaching for Quicksilver for 5 years in the Canary Islands as head coach, managed their SoCal Surf schools, and as a pro surfer surfed competitively in Hawaii, SoCal and Australia all before returning to Malibu to launch his coaching endeavor. As a Malibu native, his passion and knowledge for the local waves and water systems spans over 30+ years. He has an amazing team of professionals trained under his realm and Stingray is available for private coaching upon request. Malibu Surf Coach also has access to exclusive beach locations for a truly one-of-a-kind surfing experience with beautiful backdrops, whether a beginner, advanced or intermediate. It is also a great activity idea for a group birthday outing, couples activity, or bachelorette/ bachelor party. They maintain a top reputation and this can be seen by local alignments with The Malibu Beach Inn and Little Beach House Malibu (SoHo House Malibu). Four key principles of Coach Stingray’s company are seek to understand the ocean, “a good life is a healthy life”, surfing should always be fun, that a humble surfer is a safe surfer. In addition to surfing they also offer stand-up paddle (SUP), another highly popular and in-demand water sport. Private SUP sessions off of parked yachts/boats can be arranged in various marina locations along the Cali coast. www.MalibuSurfCoach.com @MalibuSurfCoach



OVERVIEW Celebrating the Finest in World Design and Offering a Rare and Artful Blend of Sophistication + Comfort


LOCATION 14844 Palmwood Road, PBG


BEDROOMS/BATHS 5 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms

ADDITIONAL FEATURES Infinity Pool, Bespoke Kitchen, Custom Dock, Walk-in Wine Cellar, Gated CONTACT For a Personal or Virtual tour contact Jennifer Hyland at 561.632.4042


119 ELENA COURT, JUPITER COUNTRY CLUB | JUPITER | $2,900,000 • 5,874 SF home • Lake + Golf Views • 5 Bedrooms | Office + Theater

11700 LANDING PLACE, HIDDEN KEY | NORTH PALM BEACH | $2,495,000 • 2015 Bermuda Style 5BR Home • 4,958 Total SF • 100’ of Water Frontage + 80’ Dock • ICW Access

Watch the video https://ewool.com/watchthevideo


Instant warmth at the push of a button.

Based in Canada, the land of extreme winters, we design the most powerful, simple to use and dependable heated wearables. We are committed to keeping adventurers warm and enabled to perform in the cold.


Powerful Heated Wearables



gnas Jurkonis is a U.S. based entrepreneur, businessman, consultant, and top executive. His primary focus is on company value turnarounds, combining traditional industries and modern management philosophies. Ignas is known for his support of young entrepreneurs, multiple social projects, and non-profit activity, with a guest lecture series in place with University of Southern California (UCS) - Marshall School of Business. Currently, under his formed NCS Group, Ignas is leading and developing a group of companies through a series of M&A acting as a priority freight forwarder and visionary supply chain solution for Fortune 500 companies, also inclusive of notable brands like Walgreens, Boots Alliance, 3M, GlaxoSmithKline across the U.S. market. Ignas Jurkonis has always actively been involved in charity and non-profit events and organizations, both in the U.S. and overseas. In 2020 Ignas has actively supported the fight with COVID-19 providing U.S. hospitals with free freight services. In March of, 2020, Unlimited Carrier Inc., under the NCS Group umbrella, based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, dedicated more than 50 Trucks to Transport Medical Supplies to Hospitals Free of Charge under the direction of Jurkonis. Several new additional alignments to help both COVID-19 efforts and the widespread fires in need of relief are in development for aid support. Throughout 2015, he supported a non-profit project called Baltic Marathons for a series of sporting events in Latvia and the Baltic States. In 2016, Ignas established a personal charity fund in Ukraine and initiated a social project together with Kiev City Administration, led by Mayor Vitali Klitschko, and Embassies of multiple countries, including Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Israel, and others. During the project, Angels of Nations (Ангели націй) 25 angel statues were donated to the city of Kiev as a symbol of support from Ignas Jurkonis and multiple countries. After moving to the United States, Ignas joined Unlimited Carrier Inc in 2018., based in Chicago, Illinois. After the acquisition of National Consolidation Services LLC, he formed the NCS Group. He is currently developing the group of companies and is acting as it’s Executive Chairman and CEO. NCS Group is a priority freight forwarder and visionary supply chain solution provider for Walgreens, Boots Alliance, 3M, GlaxoSmithKline, and other Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. market. In 2020, Ignas Jurkonis became a Patron for the Global Lithuanian Leaders organization and was honored to represent the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and the Lithuanian Chamber of Tourism for the United States of America. He also became a guest lecturer for the University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business. www.GroupNCS.com @TheNCSGroup

Photography by Gaby Abboud

Gacek Design Group architectural design

27560 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY $125,000,000 | 7 Bed | 10 Bath

24834 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY $65,000,000 | 5 Bed | 8 Bath

33256 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY $65,000,000 | 3 Bed | 4 Bath

30385 MORNING VIEW DRIVE $29,995,000 | 8 Bed | 9 Bath

28926 CLIFFSIDE DRIVE $27,500,000 | 4 Bed | 5 Bath

30732 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY $26,995,000 | Approx. 2.2 Acres

26901 SEA VISTA DRIVE $24,500,000 | 6 Bed | 9 Bath

0 TRANCAS ROAD $24,000,000 | Approx. 24.88 Acres

22102 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY $22,995,000 | 4 Bed | 4 Bath

23762 MALIBU ROAD $22,750,000 | 5 Bed | 5 Bath | Rendering

28936 CLIFFSIDE DRIVE $21,500,000 | 6 Bed | 4 Bath

3200 RETREAT COURT $21,500,000 | 6 Bed | 8 Bath

28946 CLIFFSIDE DRIVE $20,000,000 | 5 Bed | 6 Bath

30712 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY $16,995,000 | 6 Bed | 8 Bath

27228 ESCONDIDO BEACH ROAD $14,995,000 | 3 Bed | 6 Bath

28837 SELFRIDGE DRIVE $14,995,000 | 5 Bed | 8 Bath

6777 WILDLIFE ROAD $14,995,000 | 5 Bed | 7 Bath

6097 MURPHY WAY $12,900,000 | 6 Bed | 7 Bath

5944 FILAREE HEIGHTS ROAD $12,000,000 | 5 Bed | 6 Bath

27368 ESCONDIDO BEACH ROAD $11,995,000 | 5 Bed | 6 Bath

6345 TANTALUS DRIVE $11,995,000 | 6 Bed | 8 Bath

23649 MALIBU COLONY ROAD $10,995,000 | 4 Bed | 4 Bath

27454 WINDING WAY $10,450,000 | 6 Bed | 10 Bath

7163 BIRDVIEW AVENUE $8,995,000 | 3 Bed | 2 Bath

6851 FERNHILL DRIVE $8,995,000 | 5 Bed | 4 Bath

23907 MALIBU ROAD $8,995,000 | Approx. 4.36 Acres

27445 WINDING WAY $8,995,000 | 7 Bed | 8 Bath

6648 ZUMIREZ DRIVE $8,895,000 | 4 Bed | 5 Bath

CHRIS CORTAZZO 310.457.3995 chris@chriscortazzo.com DRE 01190363

6453 GUERNSEY AVENUE $8,450,000 | 4 Bed | 4 Bath

23155 MARIPOSA DE ORO STREET $8,150,000 | 5 Bed | 6 Bath

6936 FERNHILL DRIVE $7,995,000 | 5 Bed | 6 Bath

26050 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY $7,950,000 | 6 Bed | 5 Bath

29851 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY $7,750,000 | 3 Bed | 3 Bath


11100 PACIFIC VIEW ROAD $6,995,000 | Approx. 40.34 Acres

22540 CARBON MESA ROAD $6,750,000 | 6 Bed | 7 Bath


31569 SEA LEVEL DRIVE $5,850,000 | 4 Bed | 4 Bath

6334 BONSALL DRIVE $5,750,000 | 3 Bed | 5 Bath


$7,195,000 | 5 Bed | 7 Bath

$6,750,000 | 3 Bed | 3 Bath

$6,750,000 | Build Beachfront Dream Home | Rendering

22826 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY $5,500,000 | 2 Bed | 3 Bath

6180 BUSCH DRIVE $5,450,000 | 4 Bed | 4 Bath


$5,295,000 | 4 Bed | 5 Bath

6208 DELAPLANE ROAD $5,150,000 | 6 Bed | 5 Bath

13258 CHALON ROAD | LA $4,400,000 | 4 Bed | 4 Bath

16881 OAK VIEW DRIVE | ENCINO $4,195,000 | 5 Bed | 8 Bath

1501 DECKER SCHOOL LANE $3,995,000 | 2 Bed | 3 Bath

$3,995,000 | Approx. 50’ Beach Frontage

21569 PASEO SERRA $3,695,000 | 4 Bed | 3 Bath

3626 MALIBU COUNTRY DRIVE $3,495,000 | 4 Bed | 3 Bath

29934 CUTHBERT ROAD $3,150,000 | Approx. 2.3 Acres


30081 HARVESTER ROAD $2,995,000 | 3 Bed | 3 Bath


3030 ENCINAL CANYON ROAD $2,490,000 | Approx. 12 Acres

29500 HEATHERCLIFF ROAD #196 $1,395,000 | 3 Bed | 3 Bath

$2,495,000 | 5 Bed | 4 Bath

Compass is a licensed real estate broker (01991628) in the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only. Information is compiled from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, condition, sale, or withdraw without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate. Exact dimensions can be obtained by retaining the services of an architect or engineer. This is not intended to solicit properties already listed.


$3,150,000 | 2 1/3 Acre Lot



ool, table tennis, shuffleboard, foosball, poker, air hockey, dome hockey, craps, roulette, blackjack. Elevated Customs does it all, and they do it like no one else. Having begun our careers in the design industry, we often encountered clients seeking high-end gaming tables that proved difficult to find in the market. We understood the importance of workmanship and exclusivity but, in those early stages, we weren’t exactly the gaming experts we are now. What we always knew was that we could offer custom craftsmanship and supply our discerning international clientele with stunning designs, but our real success came when we figured out that we could add one more crucial element—superior playability. At Elevate Customs, they offer residential buyers, corporate clients, and coveted designers with contemporary custom-built designs that provide both immeasurable style and function. Their unwavering commitment to quality and design has attracted an elite group of dedicated master craftsmen who provide their clients with not just gaming tables, but unique works of art that blend seamlessly into any interior space. Whether it’s a timeless game such as table tennis, pool, shuffle board, foosball, and poker, or a customizable design that offers day-to-day function, they pay tribute to all styles and function with one goal in mind—perfection. With their design and construction teams working under one roof, they are able to offer each client the option to enjoy an exclusive custom table in a one-ofa-kind design. They can customize sizes and finishes. They can change colors and materials. They can add your company logo. If your game room is designed around a specific sports franchise or a favorite film, they can add a movie logo or a team icon. Many of their buyers want to be involved in the process, and they have a unique system in place that allows you to track the progress of your custom order from start to finish. Whether you’re in the process of building your dream home or simply redecorating the home you’ve lived in all your life, Elevate Customs provides a creative solution for the residential buyer that wants to outfit their home with truly unique style. Their collection meets and exceeds what most homeowners expect when they think of contemporary furniture. Every table is handcrafted from the finest materials and finished to perfection, but what really sets us apart is their ability to customize any design you choose. Their existing tables can be customized in terms of size, color, and finish, allowing you to commission a piece that is built specifically for your home. If you don’t find an existing design that you love, they can build you a table based on your own design sketch or preliminary idea. With their custom service, you can own a one-of-a-kind piece that you will never see in anyone else’s home. At Elevate Customs, they bridge the gap between art and function by fusing gaming, entertainment, and design in a way that’s never been done before.



10.10am 10.10am on a NYCon rooftop. a NYC rooftop. N 40° 45’N31’’ 40°W45’ 73°31’’ 58’W43’’. 73° 58’ 43’’.

Starting at Starting USD 44’000. at USD 44’000.

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