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DRAKO GTE 1200 HP | 206 MPH | 4 Passenger Quad Motor

Top Speed



1,200 HP

Quad Motor

206 MPH Top Speed



Self-assured power. Refined and agile. Our most elegant and engaging Magic Carpet Ride yet. Discover new Ghost – the purest expression of Rolls-Royce.



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Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Ghost. Mpg (l/100km): Combined 17.9 (15.2) to 18.6 (15.8). CO2 emissions: 347-359g/km. Figures are for comparison purposes and may not reflect real-life driving results, which depend on a number of factors including the accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. All figures were determined according to a new test (WLTP). The CO2 figures were translated back to the outgoing test (NEDC) and will be used to calculate vehicle tax on first registration. Only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedure. Š Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited 2020. The Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.

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Ferrari Roma Elegance Timeless The Ferrari Ferrari Roma, the new 2+ front mid-engined coupe from the Prancing Horse, features elegant proportions and a timeless design coupled with unsurpassed performance and handling. With its distinctive style and elegance, this vehicle is a contemporary representation of the carefree and pleasant lifestyle of 1950s and 1960s Rome.


New Flying Spur V8. This is modern alchemy. Discover for yourself. Visit Houston.BentleyMotors.com or call 713-850-1530


Houston 6100 Southwest Freeway Houston, TX 77057 Tel. 713-772-3868 Houston.FerrariDealers.com General Manager - Tony Novetti tnovetti@ferrariofhouston.com

The Woodlands 1501 Lake Robbins Drive The Woodlands, TX 77380 Tel. 281-771-3344 TheWoodlands.FerrariDealers.com General Manager - Tony Novetti tnovetti@ferrariofhouston.com

Ferrari Portofino M A travel of rediscovery The Ferrari Portofino M, named after the “M” for modified, is the evolution of the Ferrari Portofino. The Prancing Horse’s spider 2+ is packed with design and technical innovations, including an eightspeed dual-clutch gearbox and a five-position shifter. A first for the Casa de Maranello Gran Turismo con-vertibles. On board the Ferrari Portofino M every trip is a rediscovery.






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The new 2021 Cadillac ESV from Becker is the most advanced and refined executive SUV on the market today. Becker’s 20-, 26- and 30-inch stretch configurations enhance GM’s completely revised chassis and onboard systems to deliver unexcelled ride quality and occupant safety. As always, Becker’s rear cabin innovations offer unmatched luxury and craftsmanship, with comfort and amenities that elevate your travel experience above all the rest.

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The Visionaries & Crafters Behind the World’s Most Cutting-Edge & Timeless Land Rover Defenders • Frame Off Restorations • • LS Swaps • • Quick Turn Arounds • www.OspreyCustomCars.com 910-632-0260
















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ELEVATED Automotive

COVER FEATURE 40 DRAKO GTE The Most Powerful GT Car Ever Made

54 MCLAREN CHARLOTTE 765LT Pushing Performance to the Edge 66 POST OAK MOTORCARS Bentayga Speed Power, Performance & Agility 82 FERRARI OF HOUSTON Ferrari Protofino M A Voyage of Rediscovery 94 POST OAK MOTORCARS Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended 108 FERRARI OF HOUSTON Ferrari Roma ON THE COVER 40 DRAKO GTE The Most Powerful GTCar Ever Made


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118 MCLAREN PHILADELPHIA The All New McLaren GT 132 BECKER AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN Unparcelled Experience & Reputation 144 OSPREY CUSTOM CARS The World’s Most Cutting-Edge Overland Vehicles 158 METRON GARAGE The Intersection of Architecture, Art & Automobiles 172 GATEWAY BRONCO Innovation is our Business 186 LAMBORGHINI URUS Visionary Graphite Capsule 198 MASERATI MC20 New Era of Racing DNA

54 MCLAREN CHARLOTTE 765LT Pushing Performance to the Edge




ELEVATED Automotive

94 POST OAK MOTORCARS Rolls-Royce Ghost Extended 210 PORSCHE TAYCAN Breaking New Ground 222 RANGE ROVER VELAR Balanced Versatility 236 WEATHERTECH FLOORLINER The Art of Detail 248 ASTON MARTIN DBS SUPERLEGGERA No Time to Die 262 BMW 4 SERIES CONVERTIBLE Modern & Harmonious 276 MERCEDES-BENZ AMG E 53 COUPE Performance Luxury Restyled 290 JAGUAR F-TYPE Agile, Distinctive, Powerful


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Quad Motor

Top Speed



rako Motors has focused on a singular mission since it was founded in Silicon Valley by American entrepreneurs, Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand: Create stunning, driver focused supercars that deliver exhilarating performance with maximum control and safety—on road and track. After almost a decade of unrelenting design, engineering and track development behind closed doors, Drako Motors launched its first limited production electric supercar—Drako GTE. Drako GTE is a four passenger ultra luxury supercar with a 1,200 hp quad motor architecture, a 206 mph top speed, and cornering precision unlike any other supercar on the road today. The incredible handling and performance is made possible by the company’s proprietary software system, Drako DriveOS, which has been extensively tested and record lapped on the Nürburgring. The system replaces conventional mechanical axle differentials with software and computer-managed four-wheel torque vectoring. Individual motors at each wheel can be instantly and independently controlled for maximum traction, stability, and handling responsiveness. To take advantage of hyper-handling torque vectoring performance, Drako GTE has a console mounted Quattro Manettino, with four switches to dial-in every aspect of the driving experience. Full control of torque vectoring and slip control, front to rear power distribution, and fine-grained regenerative braking control, allows drivers to adjust powertrain characteristics to match their driving style.

As an ultra premium grand touring supercar, Drako GTE luxuriously accommodates four passengers and their luggage while providing ample legroom and easy ingress and egress. The front and rear seats are designed with a blend of hand stitched leather and alcantara striking the perfect balance between extraordinary comfort and supportive bolstering for high performance driving. To uniquely personalize Drako GTE, owners can configure their car by selecting from a wide range of colors, materials and finishes. Drako GTE is now in production and limited to just 25 units worldwide. Those interested in acquiring this bespoke electric hypercar are encouraged to reach out to reservations@drakomotors.com. www.DrakoMotors.com


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t McLaren Charlotte, they do not fear the unknown. They do not fear the challenge. The new McLaren 765LT has a legend to live up to: Longtail. Every car that’s carried this name has been unique. Extreme and utterly focused around the driver. All about maximum engagement. Searing performance. Sensational handling. Being based on the incredible 720S, the latest LT has everything in its favor. A flying start. And it delivers on every level. Radically lightened and lower, the 765LT uses innovative aerodynamics to create 25% more downforce than the 720S. And this is the most powerful LT yet, with a shattering 765PS. Just 765 will ever be produced. For the lucky few, the next chapter is beginning‌ Nothing pushes the limits like a Longtail. No other car engages you so vividly when driving. The 765LT lives and breathes to intensify this feeling. To make the connection closer than ever before. Everything that creates this audacious spirit and uncompromising performance has been scrutinized. Developed. Honed. Transformed. The result is a radical sculpture in carbon fibre, shaped by the demands of aerodynamics. A track focused machine that weighs just 1,339kg. And takes you to the very heart of every moving moment. Powered by the most potent LT engine yet. Such thrilling clarity of purpose is rare.

It was shaped for the heat of competition. Designed and engineered to dominate the toughest races. The first Longtail. Based on the incredible McLaren F1. The 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail blazed a trail. Taking first place in five of the GT Championship’s 11 races. At Le Mans it crossed the finish line 30 laps ahead of purposebuilt track rivals. Point proved. An iconic profile had earned its place in history. A profile defined by its distinctive extended rear. That radically reduced drag and increased downforce. The Longtail. The core of a design and engineering ethos that had so much more to give. The legend stirs again 18 years later. The 675LT brings a new blend of dynamics and driver engagement to the road. It proudly features an elongated rear. And is defined by lightness, visceral performance, sublime handling. Unfiltered engagement. The much-praised 600LT, launched in 2018, pushed even closer to the edge. Upholding Longtail values with stunning performance figures, ruthlessly efficient ultralight construction and total driver focus. Now the essence of Longtail is more potent than ever. The 765LT. A 765PS lightweight force of nature. Bespoke carbon fibre design. Fearless engineering. Faster. Even more focused.

The 765LT communicates with vivid clarity. In every sense. The perfect mid-engine, rear wheel drive architecture, immensely strong and stiff Monocage II chassis and rapid, tactile electrohydraulic steering place you at the center of the action. Ready to savor the most powerful engine yet fitted to an LT. A reengineered 765PS 4.0 litre twin turbocharged V8. Performance takes you to the outer limits. 0-100km/h (62mph) takes 2.8 seconds. 0-200km/h (124mph) takes 7.2 seconds. The power keeps coming until you reach a maximum of 330km/h (205mph). The 765LT exudes menace. The front splitter is further forward, pushing into the airflow. The active rear wing forms the evocative Longtail profile. Track focused body details highlight key aerodynamic elements. Larger intakes – to accommodate the greater need for cooling air – create a stripped-down, muscular feel. The incredible engine bay is more exposed. Fenders more tightly wrapped. The beautiful new all-titanium quad-exit exhaust is unmistakable. And positioned to maximize the spinetingling soundtrack. Fit for purpose, fine details are everywhere. Such as the trailing edge of the diffuser. And the dive planes concealed in the front splitter. The quality of performance makes the 765LT stand out. It’s not just about sheer power or straight-line punch. An LT delivers savage acceleration, but with a depth of capability. Accessible, flexible power that’s always there. Ready for extreme demands. Incredible peak power and torque grab your attention. But the feel – the delivery of this power – is just as important. These are the biggest increases seen on LT models. You get a tidal wave of usable power.

The pursuit of lightness shapes a radical, minimal and driver-focused cabin. Tactile, functional and finished to perfection. Lightweight Alcantara® covers the carbon fibre racing seats, steering wheel, dashboard, doors, roof lining and rear parcel shelf. The feeling is intense. The sensations more real. Extreme. From the moment you start the engine. The sound of that 765PS 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 floods through the cabin. And resonates through seat and steering wheel. Stiffer engine mounts and polycarbonate rear glazing maximize the effect. The quality of performance makes the 765LT stand out. It’s not just about sheer power or straight-line punch. An LT delivers savage acceleration, but with a depth of capability. Accessible, flexible power that’s always there. Ready for extreme demands. On track the loads and revs can be sky high. But the 765LT is also a car you can enjoy every day on any road. Owning a McLaren is different in so many ways. And it’s about more than owning an addictive, engaging car. It opens up the chance to interact with the McLaren team and other McLaren owners. To be part of a family of like-minded enthusiasts. And to get the absolute maximum from your McLaren. www.CharlotteMcLaren.com

Residential Commercial Hospitality Spas Swimming Pools Glass-Walled Pools & Spas Swim Spas Energy-Efficient Portable Spas Cold Therapy Pools Water Features Luxury Custom Indoor & Outdoor Bath Fixtures Specializing in Rooftop Pool & Spa Installations Lightweight & Durable Sophisticated Artistic Sustainable Shipping Worldwide Since 1996

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SINCE 1977




entley Motors recently announced details for the new Bentayga Speed, which will be arriving soon at Bentley Houston. The new Speed is the pinnacle of the Bentayga family – effortless performance, yet no compromise on luxury. Hand-built at Crewe, the Bentayga Speed combines the W12 powertrain and many of the models luxurious features as standard, including the Mulliner Driving Specification. Building on a long tradition of Speed models that was born with the Continental GT in 2007, the new Bentayga Speed maintains the performance credentials proved by its predecessor, which claimed the production SUV record at the grueling Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2018. The new Bentayga Speed builds on the completely refreshed design of the new Bentayga, adopting the same Bentley design DNA now prevalent across the entire model range. Introducing the very latest onboard technology and an even more cosseting cabin, the new model is significantly revised both inside and out.

Bentley’s Chairman and Chief Executive, Adrian Hallmark, comments, “The new Bentayga has already raised the benchmark for luxury SUVs, against which all others are measured. Ahead of the launch of the new Bentayga Hybrid – the world’s only definitive luxury hybrid - in the coming months, it’s important that we still recognize the customer desire for absolute performance. The new Bentayga Speed remains the fastest SUV in the world, but more than that, it’s also the most luxurious version of the new Bentayga – the best of both worlds, the pinnacle.” The new Bentayga Speed takes the Bentayga’s extraordinary abilities to new levels, utilizing the 6.0-litre W12 twin-turbocharged engine that delivers peak power of 626 bhp. Effortless acceleration is always guaranteed thanks to 900 Nm (664 lb.ft) of torque, available as a plateau from 1,500 rpm to 5,000 rpm. The assembly of the W12 powertrain takes the skilled engine builders approximately ten per cent of the total hours required for the manufacture of the Bentayga Speed.

With exceptional performance, comfort and handling, maximum speed is also increased to 190 mph, while the 0-62 mph sprint is delivered in 3.9 seconds. Efficiency is also an important aspect of such a powerful engine; to achieve effective cylinder deactivation with the complex layout of the W12, the engine control unit deactivates one complete bank of six cylinders as required. Switching between A and B Bank using information from the inlet and exhaust sensors, minimizes cylinder and catalytic convertor cool down and avoids spikes in exhaust emissions. This not only benefits CO2 emissions but realizes significant economy gains under part-throttle cruising conditions.   In 5th to 8th gears, when the driver releases the throttle (at motorway cruising speed, for example) the car will open the torque converter, dropping the engine to idle and simply allowing the car to roll or ‘sail’. When the throttle is reapplied, or the car starts going downhill and detects an increase in speed, the transmission is re-engaged.

To use this power appropriately the Bentayga Speed is equipped with four on-road Drive Dynamics modes: Comfort at one extreme, Sport at the other and with Bentley mode – the balanced recommendation of Bentley’s chassis team in Crewe – alongside a Custom mode for customers who opt to create their own driving set-up. Uniquely in the Speed, the Sport mode has been recalibrated to enhance response from the W12 engine and the eight-speed automatic transmission, together with the air suspension system and Bentley Dynamic Ride. The effect is a more dynamic and engaging drive. Bentley Dynamic Ride is the world’s first electric active roll control technology that utilizes an unrivalled 48V system. This system instantly counteracts lateral rolling forces when cornering and ensures maximum tyre contact to deliver class-leading cabin stability, ride comfort and exceptional handling. Recalibration of Bentley’s Torque Vectoring by Brake system – whereby the car lightly brakes the inside rear wheel at corner entry to sharpen the front axle turn-in – has made Bentayga Speed even more responsive to drive. The Bentayga Speed’s optional carbon ceramic brakes are the largest and most powerful brakes available from Bentley, with a maximum braking torque of 6,000 Nm and engineered to withstand temperatures up to 1,000 °C. They also provide a weight saving of more than 20 kg over iron brakes. To match the elevated levels of performance, the Bentayga Speed sports a purposeful exterior look. Dark-tint headlights, body-colored side skirts, unique front and rear bumpers and a striking, elongated tailgate spoiler characterize the Speed’s performance credentials. Dark-tint radiator and bumper grilles, a unique 22-inch wheel design available in two finishes (painted and dark tint) and Speed signature badging add to the sporting design cues. At the rear, the exhaust finishers are now the oval design that signifies a W12 powertrain. Dark-tint tail lamps complete the Speed exterior signature.

17 standard paint colors are supplemented by a further 47 hues in the Extended and Mulliner ranges, with an additional 24 duo-tone options. Customers wanting to go beyond this total of 88 options can have paintwork color matched to any sample they provide. This exceptional range is complemented by a palette of 15 hide colors, six color splits and eight veneers and two technical finishes. Inside, the Bentayga Speed introduces a dramatic design theme that balances luxury and performance in an unrivalled way. The unique Speed color split is achieved through the use of dark colours enhanced by primary hide accents running throughout the seats and interior trim. Elegantly crafted ‘swooshes’ of contrast leather swipe around the doors, along the edges of the seat cushions and backrest bolsters, and on the lower console. The Speed color split also introduces Alcantara® to the cabin of the Bentayga, across the seat cushions and back rest center panels, gear lever, steering wheel, lower knee trim areas, upper pillar trim and headliner. Customers can choose the Leather Specification to instead have these areas trimmed in hide. ‘Speed’ seat embroidery on the backrest of all of the seats is included as standard, and as a no-cost option customers can choose to replace the ‘Speed’ embroidery with that of the Bentley logo. A new contrast stitching design through the diamond quilting of the Mulliner Driving Specification (included as standard) is unique to Speed, with each of the stitch lines running through the quilting being split – one to match the leather, the other in the contrast color. Discreet metal Speed badging to the front fascia and Speed illuminated treadplates complete the signature look. Bentley Houston welcomes you to discover the new Bentayga V8 and Bentayga Speed at www.PostOakMotors.com or visit our showroom at 1530 W. Loop South, Houston.

Tonda 1950 Double Rainbow Flying Tourbillon

Manufactured entirely in Switzerland parmigiani.com

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There’s cross-country. There’s downhill. There’s whatever the Norwegians call this. Who doesn’t love a great ski vacation? We sure do. But you don’t need slopes to enjoy fresh powder, snow-capped mountains, velvety hot cocoa and a private hot tub under the stars. This year, we invite you to leave the busy lodges and the long lift lines behind. Come to The Resort at Paws Up® instead and discover skijoring, dogsledding, fat tire biking and sleigh rides through the trees. Strap on skates and snowshoes. Laugh till your cheeks hurt as you careen downhill on long and curvy snow tubing runs. We’re not here to dash your hopes of a great ski season. Only to make it the best one yet. Plan your winter getaway at go.pawsup.com/winter.


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in a Prancing Horse GT spider, is to expand driving and traction performance by incorporating the Race mode. With the support of the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer, this position is focused on maximizing the driving pleasure.

The Ferrari Portofino M engine is one of the award-winning V8-cylinder turbo engines family that has been voted “International Engine of the Year” for four consecutive years. It is capable of delivering 620 hp, twenty more than the Ferrari Portofino, thanks to the new camshaft profiles, and the introduction of a speed sensor in the engine, designed to measure the rotation speed of the turbine. In the exhaust system, the new particle filter makes it possible to comply with Euro 6D regulations without affecting driving pleasure. The aim of the five-position manettino, an absolute novelty

The Portofino M seats have been extensively renovated as a result of a specific design project. They have an innovative magnesium interior structure. Different density padding and an ultra-compact back profile have also freed up space for the rear occupants, whose increased roominess is immediately apparent when looking at the layout of the cabin.  Threelevel seat and back ventilation is also available, along with the popular winter-use neck warmer. The system constantly adapts the speed of the hot air flow from the headrest to ensure that it is proportional to the speed of the car, the outside temperature and the position of the retractable hardtop.

he voyage of rediscovery of the Ferrari Portofino M begins at Ferrari. The new model represents a significant evolution of the Ferrari Portofino with a more powerful engine and the journey begins at the same location on the Italian Riviera where its forebear was presented on 23 August 2017.

The resulting improvement in aerodynamic performance is underlined by a line on the front bumper that flows into the design of the sides, adding visual harmony to the car’s side view. For all these reasons, the characteristic shell of the Portofino finds its contrast in the front bumper of the Ferrari Portofino M, which has been resculpted to accentuate the dynamic profile of the car. The division of the dashboard of the Ferrari Portofino M into different levels, obtained by subtracting rather than adding volumes, made it possible to organize the technical elements and devices of the car with a very rational effect, and at the same time define its characteristic fullwidth architecture. An aluminum “saber” horizontally divides the upper section.  In the recess below are other control functions dominated by a 10.25 ”touch screen in the center. The interior, and the architecture of the dashboard in particular, feature two distinct modules incorporating all technical components and a bridge that visually connects the instrument panel area with the central tunnel so that the passenger also plays an active role. All new Ferrari automobiles purchased through an authorized Ferrari dealer benefit from an innovative new coverage package: Ferrari 7 Year Maintenance, which covers all the scheduled maintenance for the first 7 years, at no additional cost to the client.* Ferrari 7 Year Maintenance is an exclusive service designed to help ensure that Ferrari automobiles are maintained to the highest level for maximum performance. The program is to our knowledge unique—and the first time an automotive manufacturer has offered such extensive worldwide coverage—evidence of the attention and care Ferrari provides its clients. The Ferrari 7 Year Maintenance program covers the individual vehicle, and thus extends to any eventual subsequent owner. The advantage to the owner is the assurance that the vehicle will be subject to regular annual inspection by Ferraritrained personnel using dedicated, factory-approved diagnostic equipment.

With your new Ferrari Portofino M you will also receive a three-year Ferrari Commercial Warranty, which is valid internationally and offers full coverage for replacement parts and labor. To preserve the value of your car, Ferrari has created a number of exclusive extended service coverage formulas that extend the normal cover offered by the Ferrari manufacturer’s warranty for up to 15 years. The Ferrari Portofino M is available for ordering now from Ferrari of Houston. To discover more, visit www.ferrariofhouston.com for details.

10.10am 10.10am on a NYCon rooftop. a NYC rooftop. N 40° 45’N31’’ 40°W45’ 73°31’’ 58’W43’’. 73° 58’ 43’’.

Starting at Starting USD 44’000. at USD 44’000.

time is different for the moment . . .

make it Scandalous, Infamous, and Notorious NotoriousPinkRose






olls-Royce Motor Cars recently announced the new Ghost Extended, offering the indulgence of enhanced rear seating space with no compromise to Ghost’s driving dynamics. Ghost Extended is the product of an exhaustive process of consultation with a new generation of RollsRoyce clients. This global, highly dynamic group of entrepreneurs expressed a desire for a chauffeur-driven business tool for the week that can transform into a serenely comfortable and dynamic self-driven saloon at the weekend. Ghost Extended is the response. First customer deliveries will be made in the fourth quarter of 2020 to Rolls-Royce Houston. Ghost Extended offers 170mm more space than Ghost, providing more rear legroom than any four-seat sedan with the exception of a RollsRoyce Phantom Extended. Customer centricity has informed every step of the development process. A key learning was that Ghost Extended customers wanted no compromise to Ghost’s pure, minimalist design. The marque’s designers worked to cloak the extra length by only extending the rear door and body around the rear door apertures, preserving the lines of the car. A suite of enhancements to the rear of the cabin reflects Ghost Extended’s flexibility. For the first time, a reclining Serenity Seat can be selected, offering a new dimension of rear seat comfort akin to a business jet cabin environment. The rear cabin also provides the perfect environment to transition from business to leisure. To enhance this, a Champagne fridge is provided between the rear seats and has been developed with exacting attention to the needs of the Rolls-Royce client. To achieve this, the marque’s engineers consulted with a Master Sommelier. They learned that the optimum serving temperatures of non-vintage Champagne is around six degrees centigrade and vintage Champagnes is around 11 degrees centigrade. To that end, the refrigerator operates two cooling modes, chilling to six degrees and 11 degrees.

Ghost is the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce ever created. For Ghost Extended’s entrepreneurial customers, access to WiFi and cutting-edge infotainment systems is essential for use during the business day. However, technological functions have been deployed with care to reflect customer demand for a serene environment, free from unnecessary distractions. The commitment to delivering a pure, detoxifying space extends to the air within the cabin. To deliver this, Ghost is equipped with a new Micro-Environment Purification System (MEPS). This technology enhances existing air filtration systems through software and hardware. Highly sensitive Impurity Detection Sensors detect ambient air quality, automatically activating fresh air intakes into Recirculation Mode. If unacceptable levels of airborne contaminants are detected, the air is passed through a nano-fleece filter that is capable of removing nearly all ultra-fine particles within the cabin in less than two minutes.

A suite of technologies enhances the driving experience in urban and country settings. This includes laser headlights with more than 600m of illuminated range and key safety enhancements including vision assist with day and night-time wildlife and pedestrian warning; alertness assistant; a four-camera system with panoramic view, all round-visibility and helicopter view; active cruise control; collision warning; cross traffic warning; lane departure and lane change warning. An industry-leading 7x3 high definition head-up display and selfpark ensures absolute effortlessness whatever the driving conditions. Ghost Extended is built on the Architecture of Luxury, Rolls-Royce’s proprietary all-aluminum spaceframe that underpins every new Rolls-Royce model. The marque’s hallmark Magic Carpet Ride is delivered by a new Planar Suspension System, the result of more than 10 years’ exhaustive testing and refinement by specialist engineers. Featuring continuously variable, electronically controlled shock absorbers, self-leveling high-volume air strut assemblies and a world-first upper wishbone damper; this technology has never been previously applied to a production motor car. Ghost Extended also benefits from all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering for the first time.

Power is provided by a 6.75-litre twin turbocharged engine developed exclusively for Ghost. It produces 571PS and 850Nm of torque. The requirement for silence when traveling is answered through 100kg of acoustic damping materials incorporated into the chassis, bodywork and tires, delivering exhilarating performance without disturbing the serenity within. The pursuit of design simplicity requires highly complex engineering and craft techniques. For example, sophisticated bodywork forms are only achievable through advanced  generative design and  3D printing.  This is the first time this technology  has been incorporated within a component production facility  and combined with Rolls-Royce’s craft and engineering competencies. For Ghost Extended, beam-melted metal components are welded to the bodyin-white, while parts made by multi-jet fusion and selective laser sintering are individually fitted at the Home of RollsRoyce. More traditional craft is given a contemporary expression through the introduction of two new wood finishes, developed especially for Ghost. Obsidian Ayous is inspired by the rich palette of colors found in igneous rocks, while Dark Amber has veins of fine aluminum particles running through the wood. Both are available in open-pore finish, allowing the tactility of the material to fully express itself. To commission your very own Ghost, you may visit www.PostOakMotors.com for more details.

The WaterBridge Collection, by Sonoma Forge. Luxury Exposed Showers, Faucets and Coordinated Accessories.


Finca La Donaira, Spain, photos by Anna Maria Indira

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he Ferrari Roma, the new coupÊ from the Maranello-based company, features timeless and sublimely refined design combined with unparalleled excitement. Its signature Italian styling offers a contemporary take on the carefree, joyous lifestyle that came to characterize the Eternal City in the 1950s and 1960s. The approach taken by the Ferrari Styling Center for the exterior of the Ferrari Roma focuses on a design with refined lines and a total symbiosis between its different elements of harmonious proportions and pure and elegant volumes. To enhance that formal minimalism, all superfluous details have been removed. The cleanliness and absolute synthesis of its elements, its harmonious proportions and pure and elegant volumes, marry perfectly with the Ferrari midfront-engined Berlinetta tradition of which the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso and 250 GT 2+2 are the most iconic examples, and from which the car takes its inspiration.

The understated and simple front of the vehicle appears to have been sculpted from a single block of metal, creating a protruding shark bell effect. The wide front bonnet and sinuous wheel arches blend seamlessly, in keeping with traditional Ferrari styling cues. The new formal approach to the interior resulted in the creation of two safety zones for the driver and the passenger, an evolution of the Dual Cockpit design. The surfaces and functions present an organic distribution in the cabin, defined by elements that unfold fluidly around the conception and perception of space. Unlike Ferrari sports cars, normally designed around the figure of the driver, the interior of the Ferrari Roma has an almost symmetrical structure. This contributes to a more organic distribution of space and functions, which makes the passenger feel extremely involved in driving.

The car provides top-class performance while maintaining the stylistic purity of its ‘bloodline’. To this end, it incorporates several cutting-edge technologies. These include the mobile rear spoiler integrated into the rear screen designed to retain the car’s formal elegance when retracted and to provide the necessary downforce by automatically deploying at high speeds. The new Prancing Horse 2+ coupé sports a V8 turbo engine that punches out 620 hp at 7,500 rpm, making it the most powerful in its segment. A member of the V8 family that has won the International Engine of the Year four years in a row, it features Variable Boost Management for instantaneous throttle response. With the introduction of Gasoline Particulate Filters, meticulous attention went to the sound of the exhaust system which has been completely redesigned, removing the silencers and introducing new bypass valves. The mid-front-engined 2+ Ferrari Roma has the best weight/power ratio in its segment (2.37 kg/hp) which enhances handling dynamics and responsiveness.

The removal of all superfluous detailing accentuates the car’s sleekness and formal minimalism. The full-LED adaptive headlights are traversed by a horizontal light strip that hints at the structure beneath the car’s skin, bringing a sense of tension to the entire circumference of the car. The wraparound rear screen incorporates an active aero device to preserve that signature purity of form, while the twin taillight assembly is set like a gem into the volume. All new Ferrari automobiles purchased through an authorized Ferrari dealer benefit from an innovative new coverage package: Ferrari 7 Year Maintenance, which covers all the scheduled maintenance for the first 7 years, at no additional cost to the client.* Ferrari 7 Year Maintenance is an exclusive service designed to help ensure that Ferrari automobiles are maintained to the highest level for maximum performance. The program is to our knowledge unique—and the first time an automotive manufacturer has offered such extensive worldwide coverage—evidence of the attention and care Ferrari provides its clients.

The Ferrari 7 Year Maintenance program covers the individual vehicle, and thus extends to any eventual subsequent owner. The advantage to the owner is the assurance that the vehicle will be subject to regular annual inspection by Ferrari-trained personnel using dedicated, factory-approved diagnostic equipment. With your new Ferrari Roma you will also receive a threeyear Ferrari Commercial Warranty, which is valid internationally and offers full coverage for replacement parts and labor. To preserve the value of your car, Ferrari has created a number of exclusive extended service coverage formulas that extend the normal cover offered by the Ferrari manufacturer’s warranty for up to 15 years. If you would like further details on available incoming Ferrari Roma inventory or to schedule your appointment to configure your very own, please contact us at sales@ferrariofhouston.com


Excellence is Not a Goal, It’s a Standard 21418 Parthenia Street. • Canoga Park, CA 91304 info@elevatecustoms.com • www.elevatecustoms.com 888.202.0821






Battery Power. Made by STIHL. So quiet. So clean. So smart. STIHL battery tools are changing the landscape of landscaping. STIHLUSA.COM Real STIHL. Find yours. Available at authorized STIHL Dealerships.




cLa ren Phi la de lp h i a pro ud ly opened it s d oor s i n D e c e m b e r 2 0 11, o n e o f t h e o r i g i na l ni n e de a le r s h i ps that first welcom ed Mc La ren Au t o m o t i ve t o t h e Unit e d States. S i nc e t ha t t i m e , Mc L a re n Ph i la de lp h ia h as become t he onl y F 1 Se r vi c e C e n t e r i n Nort h Am erica . A n honor wh i c h i s n o t t a ke n li g h t ly. Since it’s opening, McLaren Philadelphia has seen some truly s pe c i a l vehi c les c o m e t h ro u gh i t s d o o r s . F rom the halo- s u p erc a r Mc L a re n P 1 t o t h e i r f i r s t p ro d uct ion c ar, the Mc La ren M P 4 - 12 C , Mc L a re n Ph i la de lp h ia h as s een i t a l l . The on e t h i ng t h a t h a s t h e b r a n d h a s been miss i ng , wa s a sp o r t s c a r s p e c i f i c a lly de s ign e d for the ever yd ay. E n t e r t h e a ll- n ew Mc L a re n GT. The McLa ren G T i s Mc L a re n Au t o m o t i ve’s t a ke on a gran d t ou rer. A nd Mc L a re n’s t a ke o n a G T i s t h at they do not have t o b e s low a n d h e avy. Un d e r n e at h the sleek , yet s u b d u e d ex t e r i o r, i s t h e m o n s t er of a twin-t u rb o V8 eng i n e pro du c i ng 6 12 h o r s e p owe r an d 465 l b - f t of t orq u e . A ll t h a t p owe r a n d t h e f act that t he c a r onl y ways 3 , 3 8 4 lb s , le a ds t o t h e G T acceler a t i ng f rom 0 - 6 2 m ph i n j u s t 3 . 2 s e c on d s. But with t he Mc La re n G T, t h e fo c us i s n o t sole ly o n perfo r ma nc e. Th e c a r wa s de s i gn e d fo r t h e everyday l i fe. Whi c h i s why yo u ’ll f i n d t h o u ght fu l des ign a nd l i fes t yle e le m e n t s t h ro u gh o ut b o t h t h e ex terior a nd i nt er i or o f t h e ve h i c le’s d e s i gn . Th e McLaren G T benef i t s ex t e n s i ve ly f ro m ex t e n sive tim e in t he w i nd t u nn e l a n d follows t h e s a m e ‘form follows fu nc t i on’ d es i gn p h i lo s o phy t h a t h e lp ed t o c reate the Mc La ren S p e e dt a i l. Fro m t h i s , Mc L are n in tegrated a f i xed re a r s p o i le r t o t h e G T. Th is reduces a i rf low w r a pp i ng a ro un d t h e re a r o f t h e c ar, an d t he res u l t i s i m p rove d a e ro e f f i c i en cy, reduced d r a g a nd i n c re a s i ng h i gh- s pe e d s t a b ilit y. For the s a me a erod y n a m i c re a s o n s , t h e t r ailing e dges of t he rea r fen de r s h ave b e e n pu s h e d wid e r. Taking a s ea t i ns i d e t h e c a b i n , t h e fe e li ng i s o ne of modern , p rog res s i ve lux ur y. Th e d e s i gn a pp ro a ch t o the in teri or of t he Mc L a re n G T h i gh li gh t s a fe e li ng of s upple e lega nc e, mi r ro r i ng a n ex t e r i o r t h a t fo rgoe s the trad i t i ona l v i s u a l b ulk o f a gr a n d t o u re r. Th e material s u s ed t hrough o u t – f ro m t h e le a t h e rs t o the m achi ned s w i t c hge a r – i s t h a t o f h i gh q u alit y, reinforcing the luxurious ambiance. No detail has been overlooked . Pa r t i c u l a r a tt e n t i o n h a s b e e n p a i d t o t h e s eats , en a bl i ng owner s t o un de r t a ke lo ng j o ur n eys in the supre me c omfor t ex p e c t e d o f a t r ue gr a n d t o u re r.

A g r a n d t o u re r i s o n l y a s go o d a s t h e vol u m e o f c a r go i t h old s . A n d w i t h ove r 2 0 c u b i c fe e t c ar go c ap a c i t y b e t we e n t h e f ro n t t r u n k an d t h e re a r l u g ga ge b ay. Th e l u g ga ge b ay i s l a r ge e n o u g h t o ac c o m m o d a t e e i t h e r a gol f b a g o r s k i b a g , le av i ng p le n t y o f ro o m i n t h e f ro n t t r u n k fo r t wo ove r n i g h t b a gs . Th e re a r l u g gage b ay c a n b e t r i m m e d i n Mc L a re n’s n ew, i n n ovat i ve a n d h i g h l y d u r a ble , b u t b e a u t i f u l S u p e rFa b r i c . Wh a t m ake s t h e f ab r i c s o s u p e r ? Th e i n n ova t i ve wove n f a b r i c i s i n f u s e d w i t h a l aye r o f t i ny ar m o re d g u a rd p l at e s , p rov i d i ng i n c re a s e d re s i s t a n c e t o s t ai n s , c u t s , n i c k s a n d a b r a s i o n s , as we l l a s b e i ng b re a t h a ble , e a s y t o c le a n an d q u i c k t o d r y. Pe rfe c t fo r wh a t eve r l i fe t h rows a t i t . R e a d y t o m ake t h e Mc L a re n G T a s t ap le o f yo u r ga r a ge? We a re h e re t o h e l p ! A t Mc L a re n Ph i l a d e l p h i a , we al ways s t r i ve t o e n s u re yo u e n j oy t h e b e s t c ar- s h o p p i ng an d d e a le r s h i p ex p e r i e n c e o f yo u r l i fe . O u r f r i e n d l y s a le s s t af f w i l l h e l p yo u f i n d j u s t wh a t yo u are lo ok i ng fo r i n o u r ex t e n s i ve i nve n t o r y. O u r f i n a n c e t e a m a l ways m ake s i t s i m p le an d e a s y fo r yo u t o ge t i n t o t h e c a r o f yo u r d re a m s . Wh e t h e r t h a t i s o b t ai n i ng yo u a low i n t e re s t lo a n , o r a c o m p e t i t i ve le a s e r a t e . We’ l l al s o d eve lo p a p e r s o n a l i z e d f i n an c i ng s ol u t i o n t h at f i t s p e rfe c t l y i n t o yo u r b u d ge t . Wi t h o u r a s s i s t a n c e , yo u w i l l b e h i tt i ng t h e ro a d i n yo u r n ew Mc L a re n b e fo re t h e d ay i s d o n e ! Wh e n t h e t i m e c o m e s fo r yo u t o s e r v i c e yo u r n ew Mc L a re n , we a re j u s t a q u i c k p h o n e c a l l o r c l i c k o f t h e m o u s e away. O u r s e r v i c e t e am w i l l eve n p i c k- u p an d d e l i ve r yo u r Mc L a re n t o a n d f ro m yo u r h o m e , wo rk , o r a ny wh e re yo u m i g h t b e . We a re e q u i p p e d t o p rov i d e t h e f u l l s c o p e o f au t o m o t i ve s e r v i c e s f ro m m a j o r re p a i r s t o m a i n t e n a n c e p ro c e d u re s . S c h e d u le a service ap p o i n t m e n t t o ke e p yo u r c a r s a fe l y o n t h e ro a d fo r m any m i le s t o c o m e . A t Mc L a re n Ph i l ad e l p h i a , t h e i r go a l i s t o m ake t h e p ro c e s s o f b u y i ng an d m ai n t ai n i ng yo u r c a r a s s m o o t h an d e f f i c i e n t a s p o s s i ble . I f yo u ’ re re a d y t o le ar n m o re a b o u t u s , g i ve them a call @ 610-886-3000 or v i s i t u s o n l i n e at Mc L a reP H L . c o m .

…We Make

ELECTRIC Lights, Too.

bevolo.com • (504) 522-9485 • 521 Conti • 318 Royal • French Quarter • New Orleans





or 25 years Becker Automotive Design has delivered the highest quality executive transportation limousines to affluent individuals worldwide. Having received critical acclaim and Best of the Best awards from leading automotive, general news and luxury lifestyle media, Becker is internationally recognized as leading the industry in building the finest vehicles of this category, anywhere. INDUSTRY LEADING DESIGNS Customer suggestions have, and continue to inspire Becker Automotive Design innovations. Having many of the world’s most prominent customers acts to provide invaluable input for Becker’s industry leading luxury transportation designs. This buildto-customer-order approach will always remain an integral part of Becker Automotive Design’s business model. ENGINEERING AND SAFETY Becker Automotive Design’s first priority is the safety of their customers. All Becker vehicle modifications are designed using only the most advanced approaches in engineering and installation techniques. All modifications have been designed to meet or exceed US Federal vehicle safety standards.

COMFORT Comfort starts from the ground up with all Becker Automotive Design vehicles. Advanced suspension improvements, substantial noise reduction and superior air conditioning, heating and fresh air filtration systems are all combined with Becker’s proprietary in-house seat construction to offer Becker customers the ride comfort they expect. CRAFTSMANSHIP Using only the finest materials sourced from around the world, Becker Automotive Design’s team of America’s finest craftsmen consistently create remarkable interiors. Offering custom design services, coordinating with client designers and catering to client personal tastes, Becker cabinetry makers, wood veneer masters and upholstery artisans execute workmanship which is second to none. SERVICE After delivery, Becker Automotive Design’s top priority becomes customer service. Having vehicles operating in 26 countries on 4 continents, Becker’s experience and commitment to backing up their reliability has been key to customer satisfaction. Becker’s commitment to customer service will always remain top priority.




7 B AT H R O O M S


8,300 SQ FT 1 4 , 2 6 4 S Q F T LOT

C I N DY A M B U E H L C I N D Y @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0 . 3 2 1 .9 1 4 8 | D R E 0 1 8 2 1 93 4

ZANDER DIAMONT Z A N D E R @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0.61 7.1 695 | D R E 0 2 0 8 0 1 8 8

Excellence In Every Move. Compass is a real estate broker licensed by the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. License Number 01991628. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only and is compiled from sources deemed reliable but has not been verified. Changes in price, condition, sale or withdrawal may be made without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate.




8 B AT H R O O M S


8, 200 SQ FT 3 1 , 8 2 2 S Q F T LOT

C I N DY A M B U E H L C I N D Y @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0 . 3 2 1 .9 1 4 8 | D R E 0 1 8 2 1 93 4




6 B AT H R O O M S


1 7, 8 8 8 S Q F T LOT

ZANDER DIAMONT Z A N D E R @ C I N D YA M B U E H L G R O U P . C O M 3 1 0.61 7.1 695 | D R E 0 2 0 8 0 1 8 8

Excellence In Every Move. Compass is a real estate broker licensed by the State of California and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. License Number 01991628. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only and is compiled from sources deemed reliable but has not been verified. Changes in price, condition, sale or withdrawal may be made without notice. No statement is made as to accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate.



ased in sunny Wilmington, North Carolina, Osprey Custom Cars are the visionaries and crafters behind the world’s most cutting-edge and timeless overland vehicles. Their handiwork can be seen from the hobbyists’ garage, to the showroom of SEMA in Las Vegas. They have an intense passion for perfection. The goal is to produce the finest machines possible, with impeccable attention to detail. They love what they do, and this is a lifelong love affair for them. Osprey is a family business and they know what it means to create something that lasts.

“Your dream, our team…” That’s what brings together the

perfect one-of-a-kind vehicle from Osprey Custom Cars. Osprey offers the option to create the vehicle that is perfect for you, or choose from one of their special “custom builds.” Whatever your dream is, Osprey Custom Cars are confident that they can bring it to life. At Osprey Custom Cars, they pride themselves on being custom build and restoration specialists. They offer the finest custom quality custom overland vehicles and are proud to offer them for sale in the USA. They are positive that no matter which build choice you select, you are going to be turning heads when you ride down the road. Chances are if you can dream it, the team can build it.

Hai’Kaua Village

Ha’ikaua Village, known

as the Crown Jewel of the Kona Coast, is its own gated peninsula. Privacy, anonymity, safety and security are all assured. Five separate buildings on five separate contiguous parcels with spectacular 360° view of the ocean, two bays, and the mountains.A once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a truly extraordinary hawaii property.


808-746-9100 | 818-371-3000 aa@vanguard-inc.com vwww.vanguardinla.com



hen Timothy Hogue spotted the trend early on for how the luxury garage would evolve, he instinctively knew what the market of auto enthusiasts and car collectors would demand. They’re many of the same things that move him. And it all starts with design. “Design moves people,” says Hogue. “I see this everywhere: in the lines of a car that create simultaneous flow and tension, in the brushstrokes of a painting, and in the interplay of structure and space in architecture.” Hogue majored in Architectural Design and Commercial Art, minoring in Fine Art and Business at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY., home of the Corvette. At his core, Hogue is a genuine gear head. He’s also a craftsman, a CEO and an artist. In his spare time, he creates automotive artwork using both digital tools and acrylic paint on

canvas. If he puts down the paintbrush on the weekend, you might find him scouring out another watch to add to his collection. “I love and collect older TAG Heuer Chronographs, as well as Rolex Daytona and Rolex Submariner watches,” says Hogue. “I love the concept of time. It’s so valuable. We never have enough of it.” And in a world that has recently made us slow down and reflect on what’s most important, a garage has taken on even more purpose as it provides a place nearby to spend time with friends and family, admire a car collection, double as a home office or provide space for a simple getaway or social gathering. No longer an architectural afterthought, the private home garage is establishing itself as a standalone building, providing another layer of security and space for both cars and drivers.

Traditional two- and three-bay garages are cramped on space, while larger attached garages can sometimes start to resemble an obtuse bolt-on to an otherwise sophisticated, well-designed home. “And with all due respect to collectors and where they store their vehicles: some car collections just don’t belong in a barn,” says Hogue. “We use materials far superior in strength and durability to protect such important investments from fire, winds, rain and other elements while providing a relaxing social space for life’s finer comforts.” Seeing the need for a company to provide this next level garage, in 2015 Hogue launched a new company at the intersection of architecture, art and automobiles to meet the demand.

Hogue recalls: “I was smoking a good cigar and sitting beside my favorite car in my traditional garage. The more I did that, the more it took me back to being a young man working in my grandfather’s garage, building engines and cars.” For Hogue, those were hours well spent, providing time for great discussions, observations, contemplation and life lessons learned from his dad and grandfather. He took many lessons from those sessions and applies them now to the way he lives and runs his companies. Hogue’s company Metron Garage is a sister organization to one of Hogue’s other longestablished brands. For decades his team has designed and fabricated all types of structures including commercial office space, industrial buildings, carwashes, convenience stores and custom homes. He’s applying that expertise to Metron, which designs and customizes the garages, and also pre-engineers the frames and materials to be used during the build. They use the same super-strong tubular steel framework and materials, with a powdercoated frame system somewhat unique in the construction industry. With certain guidelines followed, it allows many customers to take advantage of tax benefits through accelerated depreciation, while getting a commercially strong building that can stand the test of time. Auto dealerships and motorsports parks across the country have recently learned about Metron and are signaling interest in using the structures for other creative commercial use. “The recycled steel we use is sourced only in North America,” explains Hogue. “The refinement in the recycling process removes impurities, making the steel even stronger than the original.” The North American steel, created with the highest specifications of anywhere in the world, lets Metron’s designs hold even more weight and accomplish greater design spans with an exposed beam look, which references a popular look typically accomplished with timber frames.

Second stories are often part of the designs the clients demand today. An elevated level provides even more creative ways use the space. Plus it’s an angle of automobiles you don’t see every day. A garage is no longer for the cars. It’s for the people. It’s for life. Clients are also now asking for solar power installations, electric vehicle charging stations, even car elevators to bring a vehicle up a floor. The sky’s the limit with the design. That goes for the interior and exterior finishes for siding, floor, roofing and ceiling. Wood panel, aluminum composite cladding, fiber cement, stonework and drywall are all options for finishing out a space. At the end of the day, taste is highly subjective. At the same time, there are some timeless elements of design that shine through in a project done well. And these days, the ability to make the space and time to simply sit and contemplate the items you love is where Hogue finds himself drawn to more and more. Hogue sums it up this way: “You learn about yourself. And you learn what sort of beauty in this world drives you.”

It’s more than a home at Lake Tahoe —it’s your legacy.

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• •

Clayton Humphries |


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DRE# 01952558

Clayton@TahoeLegacyHomes.com (508) 280-8083 @ClaytonHumphriesLakeTahoe




nnovation may seem odd to associate with classic Ford Broncos and pickups, but it is the driving force behind every vehicle that rolls out of Gateway Bronco. The trucks and SUV’s built in the Midwest modern manufacturing facility in fact are the symbols of American innovation. That innovation can be traced to the company’s founder and CEO, Seth Burgett. He has a long history of innovation, including being the principal inventor of a medical device robot used in cardiology and neurology, performing surgeries around the globe using a joystick. More recently, Burgett was granted a patent for his invention of a set of headphones with physiological sensors, producing one of the world’s first heart rate monitoring sport headphones in partnership with Under Armour and JBL. Both an award-winning engineer and an Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year candidate, Seth has attended MIT, Stanford and holds an Executive MBA from the Olin School of Business of Washington University where he was awarded the Inspirational Leadership award. When Burgett entered the professional world, he developed minimally invasive surgical techniques for neurology and cardiology. In 2016, after he sold a company that he’d built up, he rediscovered his passion for cars. Burgett bought two Shelbys in one day: a ’67 GT350 race car in Seattle and a barn-find ’66 GT350 near Washington, D.C.

“When I compared the trajectory of classic Bronco values to the Dow, S&P and NASDAQ, it was apparent that the heritage SUV’s would keep climbing,” said Burgett. “I convinced my wife that we should invest in them. Over the next six months, I bought 30 all-original first-gen Broncos. That was the genesis of Gateway Bronco.” Burgett launched the business at the 2016 Carlisle Ford Nationals. He and his daughter drove across the country in an orange ’73 Bronco. They did something else unorthodox: the Burgetts invited people to follow along on Facebook. “By the time we hit Nebraska, we had 33,000 followers,” explained Burgett. “That’s when I knew we were on to something. When I got home, I bought a 60,000-square-foot facility nearby, secured a license from Ford Motor Company and started building the ultimate SUV’s.” Unlike the shops restoring and reconditioning heritage Broncos one at a time, Burgett once again innovated. He and his team “reimagined” 1966-77 Ford Broncos and later 1967-1972 F-Series “bump side” trucks, infusing them with modern technology to create the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. Starting with original donor vehicles, the craftsmen at Gateway Bronco recondition the off-road vehicles on a production line with quality checks each step of the way. Each vehicle comes equipped with a Ford V8 engine, a 10-speed automatic transmission along with suspensions and braking systems engineered to perform like a modern vehicle using proprietary solutions exclusive to the company. Each truck and SUV boasts exterior finishes, technology and custom interiors equal to those found in premium luxury car or SUV.

“We use the same supple leather as Porsche on the interiors, the same paint finishes found on million dollar hot rods and the same technology built into the hottest vehicles from Ford Motor Company,” explained Burgett. “And we recently even announced a first-generation Ford Bronco featuring a 5-speed manual engine with an electric GT motor and Tesla battery that provides a 200-mile range.” Gateway can produce between two and four vehicles a month and meets the Certified Reconditioned Vehicle standards established by Ford. They are so good that Gateway Broncos includes up to a 7-year warranty. Given that each truck is built per the owner’s specs, each one is special. One of the highest profile vehicles from Gateway Bronco was commissioned by a family foundation headed by rising NASCAR star Ryan Blaney. The tapped Gateway Bronco to build a one-of-akind 1974 Ford Bronco that was sold at Barrett-Jackson’s 2020 Scottsdale Auction to support the Alzheimer’s Association. It fetched an amazing $650,000, the most money yet spent on a classic Ford Bronco. “I’ve always firmly believed in innovation, quality and delivering a world-class experience,” said Burgett. “That philosophy is the basis for everything we do today. That is why a truck or SUV from Gateway Bronco is both fun to own and offers the potential for tremendous collectability.” For more information, visit www. gatewaybronco.com and follow us on Instagram @GatewayBronco

For those who seek an exceptional life Your home is more than a building or an address. It’s where you experience life, family, connection, growth. Your home should be as exceptional as you are, and as you are going to be. For a lifestyle inspired by your potential, there is only LIV Sotheby’s International Realty.

1183 Cabin Circle, Vail Golf Course, CO | 6 BD | 9 BA | 11,853 SF | $32,000,000 | 1183CabinCircle.com | Tye Stockton 970.471.2557

© MMXIX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered (or unregistered) service marks licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC.

Tye Stockton 970.471.2557 Patrick Barrett 970.470.0778

Tom Dunn 970.390.5737 Tye Stockton 970.471.2557 Tye Stockton Brooke Maline 970.471.2557 970.445.0180

Vail Va l l ey | 970.476.79 4 4 B recke n r i d ge | 970.4 5 3.0 5 5 0 Winte r Pa r k | 970. 5 0 9. 174 0 Creste d B u tte | 970.349.6 65 3 Telluri d e | 970.72 8. 14 0 4 resorts. l i vsoth e bysrea l ty.co m

1268 Paintbrush, Avon, CO 6 BD • 8 BA • 8,590 SF • $9,495,000

223BeaverDamVail.com 223 Dam Road, 587Beaver Paintbrush, Avon,Vail CO 4 BD, BA, 3,969 SF SF,• $11,950,000 6 BD • 86BA • 10,428 $11,500,000

Teddy Errico 970.708.5959

Slippery Rock River Ranch, Dolores, CO 5 BD • 6.5 BA • 2,154 SF • $6,200,000

Jeni Friedrich 970.485.3837

2600 Pheasant Loop, Westcliff, CO 4 BD • 4.5 BA • 6,252 SF • $1,260,000

Member of the Exclusive

Aniela Wasmanski 970.409.8476 Jack Wolfe 970.368.0018

165 River Park Drive, Breckenridge, CO 5 BD • 7 BA • 9,025 SF • $7,775,000

Tye Stockton 970.471.2557

Lou Cirillo Tom Dunn 970.390.5737 970.390.5927 Tye Stockton 970.471.2557

Member of the Exclusive

223BeaverDamVail.com 24 Peak Eight Court, Breckenridge, CO 223 Beaver Dam Road, Vail .59 Acres $2,300,000 4 BD, •6Ski-in/Ski-Out BA, 3,969 SF,•$11,950,000

Jeni Friedrich 970.485.3837

781 Potato Patch, Vail, CO 7 BD • 6 BA • 7,038 SF • $4,595,000

36570 N US HWY 24, Buena Vista, CO 4 BD • 4.5 BA • 8,362 SF • $2,900,000

Vail Valley | 970.476.7944 Breckenridge | 970.453.0550 Winter Park | 970.509.1740 Crested But te | 970.3 49.6653 Telluride | 970.728.1404 reso rts.livso t hebysrealty.co m

4 0 0 3 4 m

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The Beaumont Hotel | 505 Main Street, Ouray, CO | 15 BD | 15 BA | 30,946 SF | $8,500,000 | Teddy Errico 970.708.5959

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utomobili Lamborghini presents the Urus Graphite Capsule, creating distinctive new opportunities for expression in color and trim on the first Lamborghini Super SUV, the Lamborghini URUS. The Lamborghini Urus creates a new niche in the luxury segment with benchmarking power, performance and driving dynamics, unparalleled design, luxury and daily usability. “The Lamborghini Urus is a visionary approach based on the infusion of Lamborghini DNA into the most versatile vehicle, the SUV. The Urus elevates the SUV to a level not previously possible, the Super SUV. It is a true Lamborghini in terms of design, performance, driving dynamics and emotion as well as drivable every day in a range of environments,” says Stefano Domenicali, Automobili Lamborghini

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “The Urus fits perfectly within the Lamborghini family as a high performance car. It is the culmination of intensive development and passionate skill to create a new breed of bull: a Super SUV that transcends the boundaries of expectations and opens the door to new possibilities, for both our brand and our customers.” The four new exterior matte colors are on trend yet subtle, in white Bianco Monocerus, black Nero Noctis, and grey Grigio Nimbus and Grigio Keres. The lower parts of the car around the front, rear and side sills are all finished in the matte body color. Four shiny accent colors are offered, orange Arancio Leonis and Arancio Dryope, yellow Giallo Taurus and green Verde Scandal, picking out the distinctive lines of the Urus on the front splitter, door inserts and rear spoiler and making a bold statement.

The 23� Taigete rims, dedicated to the Graphite Capsule, also sport the accent color while on the rear, the exhaust features a new, dedicated black chrome finish. The Urus Graphite Capsule elevates the potential for customization to a higher level with more than 16 different color combinations to delight even the most demanding customers. The interior highlights the elegant and stylish persona of the Urus Graphite Capsule, introducing dark, anodized aluminum trim on the dashboard and door panels, with new matte-finish carbon fiber inserts.

“The new Graphite Capsule endorses the inimitable versatility of the Lamborghini Urus as the original Super SUV: its color and styling is as adaptable and versatile as its presence in every highperformance and lifestyle environment�, says Automobili Lamborghini Chief Commercial Officer Giovanni Perosino. The exterior accent colors are carried over into the Graphite Capsule Urus’ interior, enriching the upholstery with the contrast color featuring in the central tunnel leather trim, seat bolster inserts, Q-citura stitching and the embroidered Lamborghini logo on the headrests.



this is your







BEST 2020




Nestled in a quiet stretch of Brush Creek Valley, surrounded by pristine Colorado Wilderness, Frost Creek is the perfect haven to decompress and reconnect amidst nature. Fly fish in pristine rivers, hike and bike scenic trails, tee off for a round on our award-winning golf course designed by Tom Weiskopf, and enjoy easy access to everything you have come to expect from the Rocky Mountains. Are you ready to explore?









970. 3 2 8 . 2 3 2 6

º Natural wood beauty º Suitable for any climate

º Miami-Dade NOA º Zero Maintenance

º One of a kind Warranty

º Highest fire resistance rating

º Environmentally friendly º Only wood shingle allowed on the Texas Coast

855-488-7232 | TuradaShingles.com


M style.

aserati enters the new Era with MC20, the new super sports car that combines performance, sportiness and luxury in the unique Maserati

The new MC20 (MC for Maserati Corse and 20 for 2020, the year of its world première and the start of the Brand’s new Era) is the Maserati everyone was waiting for. It is a car with incredible aerodynamic efficiency, which conceals a sporty soul, with the new Nettuno engine, a 630 horsepower V6 with torque of 730 Nm that delivers 0-100 km/h acceleration in under 2,9 seconds and a top speed over 325 km an hour. An engine that signals Maserati’s return to producing its own power units after a hiatus of more than 20 years. The MC20 is an extremely lightweight car under 1,500 kg (kerb weight), and thanks to its power output of 630 hp it comes out best in class in weight/power ratio, at just 2.33 kg/hp. This record is achieved through the use of choice quality materials, exploiting all the potentials of carbon fibre without any sacrifices with regard to comfort.

The Virtual Vehicle Dynamics Development system, which includes the use of one of the world’s most advanced dynamic simulators, was developed in-house by the Maserati Innovation Lab and is based on a complex mathematical model called Virtual Car. This method allowed performance of 97% of dynamic tests, optimising development times. The car was then fine-tuned in the best Maserati tradition with exhaustive track and road test-driving sessions in the most widely varying conditions of use. The guiding theme of the MC20’S design was the Brand’s historic identity, with all the elegance, performance and comfort integral to its genetic make-up. The focus on performance led to the conception of a car with a distinct personality, with unmistakable forms that render it unique.

The butterfly doors are not only stunningly beautiful but also functional, as they improve the car’s ergonomics and enable optimal access to and from the cabin. Once inside the cabin, the driver is always central, and nothing must distract them from the sporting driving experience. Every component has a purpose, and is completely driver-oriented. Simple forms, very few sharp edges and minimal distractions. Both visually and conceptually, there are strong references to the MC12, the car that marked Maserati’s racing comeback in 2004. In the same way as its predecessor, MC20, with its explicitly racing soul clear from its name alone, announces the intention to return to the world of racing.



reaking new ground in the best Porsche design tradition, the 2020 Taycan debuts as a fully electric vehicle design, opening up new freedoms for the designers. At the same time, the first purely electrically powered Porsche is immediately recognisable. The result is an emotionally charged, four-door sports saloon that carries the unmistakable Porsche design it is foundation. Its sleek silhouette is highlighted by the sporty roofline sloping downward to the rear – called a “flyline” by the Porsche designers. The polished cabin, the drawnin C-pillar and the pronounced shoulders of the wings result in a sharply emphasised rear, typical of the brands style. Its clean, pure approach and innovative elements such as the Porsche lettering in glass-effect in the rear light bar, the sports saloon signals that a new era has begun. The Taycan is 1,966 millimetres wide, but only around 1,380 millimetres high. From the front, it looks particularly wide and flat. The compact drive components shapes the bonnet slopes down at a flat angle between the two highly pronounced wings, a feature typical for Porsche. The LED matrix headlights form a visual unit with the air curtains and appear to float. The four-point daytime running lights that are typical of the brand are flatter and wider than any other Porsche.

Produced with threedimensional glass elements, the result is a striking sports car look with a unique light signature. The lighting technology plays a crucial role in the breathtaking front end and the high recognition factor of the Taycan. The cooling air intakes are smaller than in a vehicle with a similarly powerful combustion engine. Combined with the flatter front bonnet, this makes the Taycan look very sporty. The flaps integrated into the cooling air intakes not only control the air supply for the cooling and air-conditioning systems, but also cool the brakes efficiently in a targeted way. A typical feature of a sports car is also the recess in the middle of the roof. The Taycan is also available with a large panoramic fixed glass roof on request.

Watch the video https://ewool.com/watchthevideo


Instant warmth at the push of a button.

Based in Canada, the land of extreme winters, we design the most powerful, simple to use and dependable heated wearables. We are committed to keeping adventurers warm and enabled to perform in the cold.


Powerful Heated Wearables


M: 970.379.6353 E: Erik.Berg@evusa.com W: ErikBerg.evusa.com

Peekaboo Cabin in Private Setting ASPEN | $11,000,000

10.33 Acres | 2,726 SQFT 2 Bed + Bunkroom | 2.5 Bath Co-listed with Jordan Nemirow 970.948.7297 Additional Photos & Information: www.2500LittleAnnieRoadAspen.com

Serene, Mountain Contemporary ASPEN | $9,900,000

6 Bed | 8 Bath | 8,043 SQFT Close to Aspen Core

Additional Photos & Information: www.102PrimrosePathAspen.com

Rare, Ultimate Ranch Retreat OLD SNOWMASS | $11,995,000 5 Lots - Sold Together or Separately Multiple Homes & Outbuildings 310 Acres

Additional Photos & Information: www.CapitolCreekRanch.com

Central Core Fasching Haus Unit ASPEN | $1,650,000

2 Bed | 2 Bath | 845 SQFT Close to Lift 1A Co-listed with Jordan Nemirow 970.948.7297

Last, Largest Development Lot Downtown CARBONDALE | $5,500,000

HCC Multi-Use Zoning | 1.75 Acres Co-listed with Brian Hipona 970.618.5447 Additional Photos & Information:



Best Location in the Middle of Town CARBONDALE | $2,000,000 Built in 2014 | 3 Levels | 6,201 SQFT Commercial with Condo Potential Co-listed with Mike Elkins 970.379.1480

Additional Photos & Information: www.319MainStreetCarbondale.com

720 East Hyman Avenue // Aspen, CO



he Range Rover Velar is now even more desirable, sustainable and intelligent with the introduction of an electric plug-in hybrid option, advanced new infotainment technology and elegant new design features.

The mid-size luxury SUV, which sits between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport in the family line-up, offers customers the perfect balance of design and technology – now with electric power. Nick Rogers, Executive Director of Product Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover says, “The Range Rover Velar’s name and bloodline dates back to the code name of the original Range Rover prototypes. It has been fifty years since the introduction of the pioneering Range Rover in 1970, and now every family member is electrified with our awesome plugin hybrid technology. Electrified powertrains and cleaner mild hybrid diesel engines mean the Velar is an even more efficient and sustainable option for our customers. Jaguar Land Rover’s new Electrical Vehicle Architecture – EVA 2.0 – supports the new Pivi and Pivi Pro infotainment, as well as Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA), and a whole suite of advanced driver assistance systems, cameras and clean-air technology, making the Range Rover Velar cleaner, safer and smarter than ever before and one of the most technologically advanced luxury SUVs in the world.”

A new family of 3.0-litre straight-six Ingenium engines is also introduced to the Range Rover Velar for the first time. The latest generation of smooth and efficient petrol and diesel engines are available with 48-volt mild hybrid electric vehicle technology for reduced fuel consumption and heightened refinement. The new straight-six engines, developed in-house, are available as D300 (300PS diesel) and P340 (340PS) and P400 (400PS) petrol all-wheel drive variants, each fitted with air suspension as standard for signature Range Rover comfort. The experience inside the Range Rover Velar is now an even calmer sanctuary with the addition of Active Road Noise Cancellation. The intelligent technology works like a pair of high-end noise cancellation headphones, constantly monitoring vibrations from the road surface and calculating the opposite phase sound wave needed to remove the noise heard by the occupants. The effect is subtle, but the minimum reduction of 4 decibels ensures an even more refined and calming interior space. The system is even able to adjust the level and position of sounds played into the cabin based on the number of passengers and their position inside the vehicle by using the seatbelt sensors. This advanced system delivers a more serene experience inside Velar, even reducing driver tiredness, which can be brought about by extended exposure to low-frequency sound on long journeys.

Velar features a reductive design, emphasised with beautifully integrated digital screens that are now fitted with Land Rover’s state-of-theart infotainment system, Pivi and Pivi Pro. The intelligent and intuitive system, offered as Pivi Pro from an S-specification pack, transforms the digital experience inside Velar. Pivi is designed around ease of use, with a simple interface reducing the number of interactions to enhance safety. Crisp new graphics and super-fast responsiveness are enabled with a new electrical architecture under the surface, ensuring the screens and navigation system are ready to go in seconds, thanks also to a dedicated power source.

NEW YORK CITY Glenn Norrgard

Senior Global Real Estate Advisor | Associate Broker 917.822.6840 | glennnorrgard.com Glenn.Norrgard@sothebyshomes.com


Glenn Norrgard

420 West 25th Street, Apt. 8G | $2,750,000 40-50 East 10th Street, Apt. 7K | $1,895,000 25 Sutton Place South, Apt. 20I | $750,000 444 East 75th Street, Apt. 12H | $525,000

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Featured Real Estate

Rivera Nayarit, Mexico

Casa Valentin, Sayulita Private Hilltop and Pacific Ocean Views

The perfect comfort spot overlooking the Mexican Pacific. Panoramic ocean views, private hilltop, eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, salt water pool, outdoor bar, and sunset terrace. Offered at $2,200,000 USD. Property ID #21324.

Online video and 360 degree virtual walkthrough available.

Casa Linda, Sayulita Oceant Front Property

Incredible views from nearly every room of this 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom property with an infinity pool looking out to the ocean. Offered at $2,900,000 USD. Property ID #21517 Online video available.

Presented by, Gabriel Gaellos., Broker/Owner • Sayulita Coastal Properties Calling within the U.S., call Toll-Free at (800) 743-2616. Outside the U.S. Office number in Sayulita, Mexico is 1+(329) 291-3759

Casa Cocos, Sayulita 100 ft. Above The Beach

This custom designed and uniquely crafted 3 bedroom, 3 bath home features stunning ocean views from nearly every room. Offered at $649,000 USD. Property ID #21356.

Online video and 360 degree virtual walkthrough available.

Casa Tortugas, Sayulita Beautiful Ocean View Sunsets

Online video available.

Custom 2 story, 3 bedroom, 3 bath property with 3 car covered garage — ideal for rentals or for that perfect place for family/friends. Live in one unit and rent out the other two to create rental income — or rent out all three – or create your own boutique hotel. Lots of possibilities. Offered at $575,000 USD. Property ID #12194.




pening the door to a beautiful car, there’s nothing that quite compares to the craftsmanship of tonal stitching, sumptuous dyed-through leather and painstakingly book-matched grains of wood veneers. Inspired by this opulence and attention to detail, WeatherTech quickly recognized that high-end vehicles deserved aftermarket enhancements that not only protect but complement the interior aesthetic. In short, WeatherTech noticed a white space in the auto market: the protective accessories available were poorly made and did not suit their luxurious environments. There had to be a better way, and WeatherTech had a blueprint to solve it. WeatherTech engineered the most advanced and bespoke concept in vehicle protection — the lasermeasured FloorLiner™. Today, WeatherTech FloorLiner is the most recognized name in the category, synonymous with legendary protection and precision fit that is second to none. More than thirty years ago, WeatherTech founder and CEO David MacNeil had a vision. He was dissatisfied with the quality of existing automotive floor mats in the United States, so he began importing floor mats directly from England. However, MacNeil quickly became convinced he could create a better product right here in America, using American materials, American machines and American workers. In 2007, he made the decision to shift production of his entire line of automotive accessories to America, opening facilities in the western suburbs of Chicago. WeatherTech quickly expanded operations significantly, opening new facilities (11 in total, with the 12th currently in development), developing inventive and leading-edge products, all while creating jobs on U.S. soil. Today, WeatherTech’s product portfolio spans thousands of SKUs and applications, but FloorLiner remains its bestselling, most iconic product to date. MacNeil once said, “When I walk into my local hardware store, I typically find 85% of the goods for sale are manufactured 7,000 miles away. At WeatherTech, we are doing our part for the American economy and for our 300 million fellow citizens and neighbors. My philosophy is that if my neighbor doesn’t have a job, sooner or later I won’t have a job either.” MacNeil’s mission has been unwavering since the company’s inception: to design durable, beautiful and well-engineered products that are coveted by auto enthusiasts. The design process for FloorLiner is rigorous. Beginning with research, WeatherTech pays close attention to all automobile manufacturers’ vehicle launch dates. Once a vehicle launch has been confirmed, the next step is identifying the number of different configurations needed for each particular vehicle — Does the vehicle come with five or more seats? What is the configuration of the console? Is it manual or automatic? What countries will the vehicle be sold in?

Upon conclusion of the research, the next step is finding and acquiring the new vehicle. Once obtained, using a laser scanner, WeatherTech’s Product Development team will measure the footwells and cargo area to create a 3D prototype, which quickly moves into testing. This dedicated team of experts closely examines the finer details of the vehicle, such as the position of the retention devices, the movement and folding of the seats and vehicle controls and much more. They check the functionality of the doors, consoles, storage, vents and option items such as subwoofers, which are all accounted for before molds are created. These steps all help ensure the premium fit FloorLiner is renowned for. The real magic of FloorLiner is in its advanced, laser-measured fit. This allows the FloorLiner to rest perfectly in the vehicle’s footwell, a benefit WeatherTech trademarked as “Absolute Interior Protection™.” FloorLiner boasts a patented High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material that allows for a rigid core for strength while offering surface friction to the factory carpet, as well as a soft tactile surface. From the hottest of summers to the depths of winter, FloorLiner’s durable construction will not crack, curl or harden. Its proprietary surfacing helps carry water and spills to a lower reservoir, while further channeling contains those liquids and keeps them away from shoes and clothing during your drive. Unlike carpet, FloorLiner can be effortlessly removed, emptied and cleaned. These thoughtful details work together to protect throughout the lifespan of vehicle ownership. There’s a FloorLiner for every luxury enthusiast. Fitting elegantly and perfectly within each vehicle is priority number one at WeatherTech by offering absolute protection for whatever life brings. Remember, if it’s not WeatherTech, it’s not worth it.

Christopher Martin | MERKABA | acrylic on honed acrylic | 96 x 96 in.

Christopher Martin Gallery christophermartingallery.com

Steve Wrubel | RUTHERFORD | framed limited edition archival fine art print | available in two sizes: 42 x 42 in. & 32 x 32 in.

525 E. Cooper Avenue | Aspen Downtonwn | CO 81611 | 970.925.7649 1533 Dragon Street | Dallas Design District | TX 75207 | 214.760.1775



ston Martin is celebrating the release of the 25th James Bond film, with two exclusive 007 special editions inspired by the cars featured in No Time to Die. This new collaboration between Aston Martin and EON Productions, the company that produces the James Bond films with Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, delivers exciting new 007 editions of the Aston Martin Vantage and DBS Superleggera. No Time To Die will be released around the world in November 2020 and will feature no fewer than four iconic Aston Martin sports cars: the iconic DB5; the classic Aston Martin V8; the brand’s latest super GT, DBS Superleggera; and the exceptional Aston Martin Valhalla – the company’s forthcoming midengined hypercar. Aston Martin Vice-President and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, says, “Creating a 007 Edition is always an exciting challenge as we work to develop and style a car that embodies the legend of James Bond. It is an honor to apply carefully judged 007-inspired styling to our sports cars, which gives our customers the opportunity to own a unique piece of both cinematic and automotive history.” To celebrate the James Bond debut of the range-topping Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, a unique 007 Edition has been created.

Strictly limited to just 25 production cars available worldwide and featuring the same specification as the muscular DBS Superleggera featured in the upcoming film, the car has a suitably menacing road presence.

diamond-turned Y-Spoke 21� wheels. This special edition also features a 007 fender badge, finished in chrome with a black enamel infill and Stainless Steel Silver 007 foil applied to the rear spoiler blade.

To this potent mix, the DBS Superleggera 007 Edition adds a raft of styling and design enhancements that further elevate its appeal. The car sports special Ceramic Grey exterior paint with the roof, mirror caps, splitter, diffuser and rear Aeroblade IITM featured in black tinted carbon fibre. Also unique to the 007 Edition are visually striking Gloss Black

Inside, the cockpit of this DBS Superleggera is a dark, brooding, leather-clad environment with flashes of red detailing the outline of the seats. Subtle 007 branding can be found on the door cards, armrest buckle badge and on the rear sub-woofer cover. The car is finished with a sill plaque that recognises it is one of just 25 DBS Superleggera 007 Editions.

G-SERIES MASK Avg for +100 reviews The CastleGrade™ G-Series Masks are reusable respirator masks designed for everyday use. The silicone mask base naturally forms a self-suction seal that doesn’t fog up your glasses and allows for high breathability. The mask has no valves or vents and filters air in both directions on inhale and exhale. The mask is comes with 5 replaceable 4-ply filters that can be each used for up to 32 hours of direct use or 1 week of casual use. NaCl tested at 98% filtration (meeting NIOSH requirement)

Dishwasher-safe, easy to clean

FDA Registered as N95 Respirator

Replaceable 4ply medical filters

Form-fitting, no valves or vents

No fogging of glasses or eyewear

Reusable daily, eco-friendly

Available in multiple sizes

Available in a variety of colors

Available now on castlegrade.com 10% OFF WITH CODE: ELEVATED



OVERVIEW Celebrating the Finest in World Design and Offering a Rare and Artful Blend of Sophistication + Comfort


LOCATION 14844 Palmwood Road, PBG


BEDROOMS/BATHS 5 Bedrooms/6 Bathrooms

ADDITIONAL FEATURES Infinity Pool, Bespoke Kitchen, Custom Dock, Walk-in Wine Cellar, Gated CONTACT For a Personal or Virtual tour contact Jennifer Hyland at 561.632.4042


119 ELENA COURT, JUPITER COUNTRY CLUB | JUPITER | $2,900,000 • 5,874 SF home • Lake + Golf Views • 5 Bedrooms | Office + Theater

11700 LANDING PLACE, HIDDEN KEY | NORTH PALM BEACH | $2,495,000 • 2015 Bermuda Style 5BR Home • 4,958 Total SF • 100’ of Water Frontage + 80’ Dock • ICW Access



he standout element of the models in the new BMW 4 Series range is the carefully judged enhancement of their sporting abilities. And now, this can also be combined with the pleasure of open-top motoring. With its sensational styling, brand new roof design, diverse line-up of engines, top-class chassis technology and innovative equipment features, the new BMW 4 Series Convertible packages driving pleasure in a particularly exclusive form. Premiere for the new BMW 4 Series Convertible. New benchmark for dynamic driving pleasure combined with the allure of exclusive open-air motoring in the premium midsize segment. A design conceived in the brand’s current styling language that radiates sporting elegance, a new type of roof design and performance that has stepped up significantly compared to its predecessor make the latest generation of the open-top four-seater a highly compelling proposition. The design, vehicle concept and driving dynamics provide greater differentiation from the BMW 3 Series Sedan than at any time in the 35 years that BMW convertibles have graced the midsize class. Worldwide launch will commence in March 2021.

Modern premium ambience and characteristic blend of sporting flair and sophisticated elegance in the interior. Driver-centric cockpit design, electrically adjustable sports seats in the front with automatically extending and retracting belt feeders, Vernasca leather trim and seat heating, plus leather sports steering wheel as standard, knee pads on the centre console as an option. The two rear seats are clearly styled as individual seats. Harmoniously designed surfaces of the instrument panel, door panel trim and rear passenger compartment create an enveloping environment.

Practice Like the Pros...

at Home.

TOUR QUALITY BACKYARD PUTTING GREENS Elevate your game and your home with a tour-quality putting green from Tour Greens. Designed to simulate the look, feel and performance of the greens on the tour, our golf solutions are the ultimate backyard amenity for the avid golfer. Tour Greens is a proud member of The Recreational Group family of companies

Visit TourGreens.com/elevate to see how PGA pros like Brendan Todd have transformed their yards into short game practice facilities that allow them to succeed at the highest level.




With over 40 years of local experience, we understand that buying a home isn’t just a business transaction, it’s a life transaction. It takes patience, trust and the ability to rely on your real estate agents for more that just the best listings. We have made a lot of friends in the area because our friendships drive our business. It’s who we are and we wouldn’t do it any other way. Join us and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

310-374-1800 caskeyandcaskey.com LIC#01198999



Introducing 2016 Ocean Drive in Manhattan Beach, a stunning new home built in collaboration with Louie Tomaro and Noelle Interiors. Executed in four levels of luxurious living space, this residence was constructed with every comfort and amenity in mind. The home is an entertainer’s dream, with each space dedicated to far-reaching ocean vistas and cool breezes, including a spacious covered deck with fireplace and outdoor kitchen, formal dining area and fabulous designer kitchen. A four-stop elevator ensures easy access to all that this home has to offer. With an enviable location just steps to the sand in the heart of Manhattan Beach, this beautifully appointed new construction is not to be missed!


310-374-1800 caskeyandcaskey.com LIC#01198999



ercedes-AMG continues to strengthen its distinctive range: the new E 53 Coupe receives the iconic AMG-specific radiator grille with vertical slats, emphasizing its performance credentials and clear membership in the AMG family. When viewed from the front, it’s A-shaped design and new, flatter all-LED headlamps create a width-emphasizing, powerful impression. The restyled front bumper with its A-wing design also enhances the overall vehicle proportions. Thoroughly revised, the new interior also demonstrates a clear connection with distinctive AMG design. Large displays, a new AMG Performance steering wheel and the revolutionary MBUX infotainment system with AMG-specific functions and displays reinforce the characteristic AMG Performance Luxury ambience.

The interior welcomes the occupants with distinctive appointments, luxurious materials and the latestgeneration MBUX infotainment system. The standard seats upholstered in MB-Tex with DINAMICA microfiber in an AMGspecific design, red contrasting topstitching and AMG badging are characteristic for the AMG 53-series models, and combine sport design with strong lateral support and comfort for long journeys.

“Following the Sedan and Wagon, our new E 53 models also offer a perfect synthesis of performance, elegance and comfort as a coupe and cabriolet. With specific measures on the exterior and in the interior we have re-sharpened the brand identity somewhat and we are continuing to drive forward the revision of our entire E-Class family successively. For lifestyle-oriented customer groups with discerning requirements in terms of performance and efficiency, both two- door models from Affalterbach are the perfect offerings,� says Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Management Board of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Where Aspiration

Meets Inspiration

Sand Creek Post & Beam has created spaces that matter for thousands of customers across America. We oer a collection of wood solutions from barns to timber homes that will enrich your lifestyle. View inspiration and connect with our experienced team today. sandcreekpostandbeam.com



For further information (954) 279-1220 • info@cwjbrands.com

Automatic, bronze, 42mm, hour & minute, date, small seconds



he new Jaguar F-TYPE has evolved into a purer, more sculpted and assertive expression of the definitive Jaguar sports car. The Jaguar F-TYPE is the definitive Jaguar sports car and has won 178 awards to date, including World Car Design of the Year. The two-seat sports car offers a perfect balance of performance and driver reward with an even more muscular, assertive design and a cabin defined by rich, luxurious materials and beautiful details. The range of powerful, responsive engines includes four, six, and eight-cylinder options, all matched to eight-speed Quickshift transmissions with full manual control using either the SportShift gear selector or the steering wheel-mounted paddles. The new F-TYPE also offers more driver-focused technology, including a reconfigurable, high-definition, 12.3inch TFT instrument cluster, Touch Pro infotainment system, and Smartphone Pack with Apple CarPlayÂŽ as standard. Adding to the experience is a Jaguar-first embedded Spotify app, giving Spotify Premium customers instant, on-demand access to a growing library of 50+ million tracks. Developed in close collaboration with Spotify, the new app is integrated within the Touch Pro infotainment system so that customers can enjoy all of their favorite playlists without connecting their phone.

Design Director of Jaguar, Julian Thomas explains, “Design the most beautiful sports car, with purity, proportion and presence that’s unmistakably Jaguar: that was the challenge we set ourselves. The new F-TYPE is more dramatic than ever, with even greater clarity of purpose in every line, surface and feature, and embodies true Jaguar design DNA. State-of-the-art technologies together with luxurious materials and finishes deliver beauty with purpose in an interior which will delight driver and passenger alike even before the engine starts and the journey begins. Jaguar has been making sports cars for more than 70 years, and that rich heritage has inspired the team to create something truly extraordinary.” The interior combines traditional Jaguar craftsmanship with rich, contemporary materials such as Windsor Leather and satin-finish Noble Chrome. Beautiful details include monogram stitch patterns in the seats and door trims, Jaguar Leaper motifs in the headrests, and subtle ‘Jaguar Est.1935’ markings on the centre console finisher, glove box release button surround, and seat belt guides.

Even before the drive begins, the F-TYPE delights the driver with the visual theatre of flush, deployable door handles and deployable air vents. Pressing the start button brings the car to life with its hallmark exhaust flare as purposeful as ever. The distinctive crackle and pop on the overrun synonymous with F-TYPE, remains, the sounds meticulously tuned to suit the range of powerful four, six, and eight-cylinder engines. Highly efficient, close-coupled particulate filters reduce emissions. Alan Volkaerts, Vehicle Line Director of Jaguar F-TYPE, says, “The new F-TYPE is the definitive Jaguar sports car and continues to

set the benchmark for design purity, driver engagement and reward, and a truly visceral driving experience – it makes every journey extraordinary. Its timeless looks are more assertive than ever, technologies such as the high-definition virtual instrument cluster deepen the driverfocused feel of the interior, while the range of powertrains offers a breadth of choice unrivalled in the segment. Enthusiasts will appreciate the new F-TYPE R’s 575PS supercharged V8, enhanced chassis and intelligent all-wheel drive system, which deliver truly outstanding performance in all conditions while retaining its inherent tractability and usability.”

For those who seek waterfront lifestyle

Turtle Beach Villa, Turtle Cove Beachfront Providenciales $5,250,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: DP8545

Villa Lucas, Ocean Point Drive, Oceanfront Providenciales $4,750,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: 7H5PYR

Villa Allegria, Leeward Beachfront Providenciales $4,995,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: 2LKZ3D

Beach Enclave North Shore, Blue Mountain Beachfront Providenciales $1,825,000 to $2,925,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: FW82XR, XNYG9R

Richard Sankar Director 1.649.231.6211 richard@tcsothebysrealty.com

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For those who seek exceptional vacation homes The Turks and Caicos Islands provide relaxation while offering world class accommodation, luxurious resorts and spas and service of the utmost standards. The islands of the Turks and Caicos are easily accessible by air from most major US hubs and major airlines and enjoy year round great weather, beautiful beaches and an abundance of water sports activities.

South Bank Long Bay, Beachfront & Oceanfront Providenciales $1,850,000 to $6,950,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: M3SXSK, ZGHXNP

Nina Siegenthaler Vice President 1.649.231.0707 nina@tcsothebysrealty.com

Villa Chill, Grace Bay Beachfront Providenciales $11,900,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: JK4RPC

Lizard Lounge, Turtle Cove Beachfront Providenciales $6,975,000 turksandcaicosSIR.com | ID: CF5SWF

TURKS & CAICOS SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY, Venture House, Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands © 2020 Turks & Caicos Realty Ltd. All rights reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® and the Sotheby’s International Realty Logo are service marks licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC and used with permission. Turks & Caicos Realty Ltd. fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. Any services or products provided by independently owned and operated franchisees are not provided by, affiliated with or related to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC nor any of its affiliated companies.


Our most elegant and engaging Magic Carpet Ride yet. Discover new Ghost – the purest expression of Rolls-Royce.

HOUSTON Rolls-Royce Houston 713-297-2837 | RollsRoyceofHouston.com | Concierge@postoakmotors.com Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Ghost. Mpg (l/100km): Combined 17.9 (15.2) to 18.6 (15.8). CO2 emissions: 347-359g/km.

Figures are for comparison purposes and may not reflect real-life driving results, which depend on a number of factors including the accessories fitted (post-registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. All figures were determined according to a new test (WLTP). The CO 2 figures were translated back to the outgoing test (NEDC) and will be used to calculate vehicle tax on first registration. Only compare fuel consumption and CO 2 figures with other cars tested to the same technical procedure. Š Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited 2020. The Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.

Elevated Automotive Magazine Winter 2021 Issue  

Elevated Automotive Magazine Winter 2021 Issue featuring Drako GTE on the cover, the fastest GT car ever made, as well as McLaren Charlotte,...

Elevated Automotive Magazine Winter 2021 Issue  

Elevated Automotive Magazine Winter 2021 Issue featuring Drako GTE on the cover, the fastest GT car ever made, as well as McLaren Charlotte,...