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Chapter 1 Raconteuse Chapter 2 Doprava Chapter 3 Kesihatan Chapter 4 Sustainable

Chapter 1 Raconteuse

When we think of “blog” we think of someone’s personal opinions being placed on a blank page and shared with those of similar interest. “Blog” is where we organize information that we hold important and true. This information, once expressed, can be saved for later reference and use. Our thoughts are endless, and therefore it is important to have a place where we can submit those thoughts and find them with a single click.


A story can be said in many ways. The medium of film, specifically, allows us to replicate visually a story we see in our mind. This ability to incorporate visual stimuli into our narrative makes it more appealing to our audience. Film is much more powerful then we believe it to be. We should not be intimidated to use film as a method to produce what we see in our minds.



There are opinions that run through our minds countless times a day. We are incessantly thinking and criticizing others believing our opinions are better then others. It is rare to find opportunities to put those opinions to the test, to constructively argue your predominant opinions and see if they are valid. Our beliefs, should withstand the argument.


Normally thought an animal, “Rhino�, in this context, represents a three dimensional program. Unlike other three dimensional programs, Rhino allows images to be manipulated endlessly to produce exactly what you envision with no restrictions. We once were held back by our pencils and limited programs, but as we enter a new era of digital manipulation, our thoughts can be created much more convincingly.

A new concept surfacing in the design world the past couple of years is Transmedia. It takes one idea and dissects it into all its different parts. The theory is when you better understand all the individual units you can better understand the whole.


Chapter 2 Doprava

Doprava 3D Imaging Section

Deprava, the Czech word for transportation, is what this piece conveys. All major methods of transportation—walking, biking, driving, transit—were considered when creating this digital representation. The outcome is five objects interwound into one.

Doprava Front Elevation

Doprava Side Elevation

Untextured Renders

Textured Renders

Chapter 3 Kesihatan

Fat Molecules

Eating healthy looks much different then it did centuries ago. People did not have the convenience of choice foods. Rather, they had to hunt and gather, forcing them to be physically active. Nowadays, food is easy to come by. It is served in bulk and no longer requires strain in preparing, causing unhealthy eating habits.

Health Structure

Interior View

Healthy Awareness

Unhealthy Facts

Chapter 4 Sustainable

Water funnels have been created within the restaurant as water collectors. When it rains the water will fall into a cistern hidden underneath and be release when shade is needed on a hot summer day.

The water funnels in the middle of the restaurant have the ability to provide some shade. This happens when collected water gets pumped back into the funnels membrane and died with a white non-toxic pigment.

This concrete tube in the restaurant is a temporary building placed in the summers. During the day the conrete tubes retain the suns heat while keeping the interior fresh and cool.


When evening strikes, built in fans release the warm heat that has been collected throughout the day to maintain a comfortable temperature within the inside space of the restaurant.


South Interior View

North Elevation

Single Booth

Private Booths

Public Booth

LED Exterior Elevation


A compilation of projects I have designed throughout my Master of Interior Design.

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