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Concept Bringing readily available materials that could produce a design that would be easy to set up, have sustainable features, and could be build in reality was the idea behind our restaurant. We want to present a design that is in no means conceptual. We choose concrete pipes because concrete is already a sustainable material and using pipes as a building structure and design is new in every way. Concrete Pipes

Concrete pipes are used as seating booths, window frames, and structural support. Concrete pipes also allow us to use little or no structural support of any other kind thus using less material and providing a more earthly conscious design. Pipes can also be hauled in big quantities reducing transportation for materials which in turn reduces gas usage and pollution from trucks.

Water Cistern

The funnerl shaped tubes inthe middle of the restaurant are rain water collectors. They are made of double layers to retain water that provide shade on hot and sunny days. The bottom of the funnels are smaller hallow concrete tubes that allow for water to run down and be collected in the basement.

Rainwater Colllecting

Water pumped to top

water pumped half way

Water Cistern In order to cool the interior of the restaurant down when the sun is taking its course water gets pumped up the double layer in the funnel. The water is painted with a nice white color to provide shading to customers and can be filled all the way or half way.

Concrete Pipes as structure Pipes are cut in order to place windows and light the interior naturally allong with the see transparent funnel cisterns.

1642 Natural Ventilation The cuts within the pipes are windows that allow natrual ventilation to happen and help the heating and cooling of the restaurant. During the day the air comes in, ventilates the space, and gets stored. At night the same air is used to ventilate air and maintain the space warm or comfortable. Fans are used to circulate the air during this process

View of indivifual booths and private party booths

Aerial View of the cistern Roof

Night view of interior space

Night view of glowing cisterns with water pumped to top

PipeWater Restaurant  

An innovative restaurant made from 90% concrete pipes. Included is a rain water collector in the shape of a flower to give the restaurant a...