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Racquet sports are rising in popularity and we’re here for it!

Learn more about tennis and pickleball and opportunities to play them in the Golden Isles in this issue’s “Making a Racquet” feature.

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Tennis. Pickleball. Can’t we all just get along? Let’s take a closer look at these sports played on our local courts.

MAY 2024 19

At the time this is being written (April), it is National Pickleball Month, but when the May issue is on the stands it will be National Tennis Month. Both of these popular pastimes are worth celebrating because they encourage active outdoor play! While pickleball has gained a reputation as “tennis for older people,” the fastest growing sport in the U.S. is really more than that. We’ll delve deeper into the differences between the games, but it’s important to focus on the fact that both have proven health benefits not just for seniors, but for individuals of all ages.

Tennis and pickleball both combat inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle, with participants able to play for many years. Racquet sports have long been found to have a positive effect on life expectancy. A highly publicized 25-year project published by the Copenhagen City Heart Study found that tennis adds an average 9.7 extra years to a person’s life, relative to an inactive person, while badminton adds an average of 6.2 years. This was surprising because the racquet sports surpassed other more cardio-centric activities such as jogging, swimming, and cycling. Since pickleball essentially combines elements of both tennis and

badminton it’s likely the life expectancy increase is within that range. Both pickleball and tennis have also been shown to significantly decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact, it only takes playing three hours of tennis per week to reduce that risk by a whopping 56%!

According to cardiologist and Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Calum MacRae, pickleball and tennis also improve cognition, not only in thinking and problem-solving skills, but memory and recall as well. The skills required also help eyehand coordination, reaction time, and improve agility and balance. Beyond the physical, social aspects of the games help combat loneliness and manage or reduce stress. This is especially beneficial for seniors and is a reason that many people aged 70 and older are drawn to pickleball. The outdoor aspect of playing tennis and pickleball has the added advantage of providing frequent sunlight exposure. This is an excellent way to regulate the sleep cycle, improving your quality of sleep which, in turn, has a positive impact on mental health. Dr. MacRae says it’s exciting to see people embracing active, social sports that build community and can sustain them in regular exercise over time.


While there is some dispute over the exact origins and derivation of the name tennis for this unquestionably ancient game, most historians credit French monks of the 11th or 12th century with its creation. The monks played “jeu de paume,” (game of the palm or hand), a crude version with a ball hit by hand against monastery walls or over a rope strung across a courtyard. When a player served, they shouted “tenez,” which translates to something like “take this,” and that may in fact be where the game got its name. As the game became more popular, indoor courts were introduced and players began using a glove with webbing between the fingers or a solid paddle to hit the ball. A racquet made of webbing attached to a handle soon followed. Balls were initially made from wads of hair, wool, or cork wrapped in string and cloth or leather. Before long, French nobles were playing the game and its popularity spread to England as well. The wood frame racquet strung with sheep gut and cork-cored ball were in common use by the 1500s, but the game was still played on a narrow, indoor court where walls were utilized for strategic purpose.

By the 1700s, the game had lost its luster. But in the mid- to late 1800s, everything changed. It started with Charles Goodyear’s introduction of vulcanized rubber in 1850. The use of bouncier rubber balls on outdoor courts began and the game of tennis was transformed forever.

In 1874, retired British officer Major Walter C. Wingfield published The Major’s Game of Lawn Tennis, essentially introducing the game and equipment as we know it, although the original court he proposed was shorter and had an hourglass shape. Wingfield revised his rules in 1875 but left further development of the game to others. The first tennis courts appeared in the U.S. around this time, mostly in the Northeast, with many adapted from croquet courts. The rectangular court and rules that govern tournaments in the modern format were adopted in 1877, when the All England Club held its first Wimbledon tournament. At that time, the net was still five feet high at the sides, a carryover from the game’s

indoor origins, and the service boxes were 26 feet deep, but by 1882, even those specifications had evolved to their current form.

The U.S. National Lawn Tennis Association was founded in 1881. The mission of this small association of men was to promote the standardization of rules and regulations for lawn tennis throughout the United States. By 1975, the USNLTA transformed into today’s USTA and incorporated as a not-for-profit sports association. Today the USTA is made up of 17 individual sections, each representing distinct geographic locations throughout the U.S., with all working to support players and promote the growth of the game across the country for people of all ages and abilities. Their goal is to make the U.S. the number one tennis-playing nation in the world by 2035, with a stated mission to grow tennis to inspire healthier people and communities everywhere. They aim to continue the growth trajectory of the sport – up 33% in the past four years – by increasing the number of Americans playing the sport to 10% of the population, or 35 million players.

MAY 2024 21
19th Century Tennis in Germany

Pickleball is a much newer sport. It got its start outside Seattle in 1965. Its history as documented by USA Pickleball and imparted by Bill Carmichael of SSI Pickleball is as follows. Congressman Joel Pritchard and his friend, businessman Bill Bell, returned to Pritchard’s home on Bainbridge Island following a game of golf to find their families sitting around bored, with nothing to do. They looked for some badminton equipment to play on the property’s old badminton court but were unable to find a full set of rackets. Instead, they improvised and began playing by volleying a wiffleball over the badminton net with pingpong paddles. As they continued to play and discovered the ball bounced well on the court’s asphalt surface, they lowered the badminton net from its original height of 60 inches to 36 inches. Barney McCallum was introduced to the game at Pritchard’s home the following weekend. Keeping in mind the original purpose of this new game – to provide a game that the whole family could play together – the three men created rules for it that relied heavy on badminton.

Two years later, the first permanent pickleball court was constructed in the backyard of Joel Pritchard’s friend and neighbor, Bob O’Brian. A corporation was formed to protect the creation of this new

sport in 1972. In 1976, the first known pickleball tournament in the world was held in Tukwila, WA, and “America’s newest racquet sport” got national press in The National Observer and Tennis magazine. The U.S. Amateur Pickleball Association was organized in 1984 and the first composite paddles dedicated to the sport were made. By 1990, pickleball was being played in all 50 states. In 2015, the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) estimated that there were just over two million pickleball players. Growth of the sport exploded during the COVID pandemic due to the fact it was played outdoors and did not require close contact. In 2022, pickleball was one of the hottest trends

documented in the U.S., receiving an unprecedented level of media coverage by major domestic and international outlets.

According to current statistics from SFIA, more than 13.6 million people played pickleball across the U.S. in 2023. This is a 65% increase from the year before, during which 8.9 million players took up a paddle. Overall, there’s been an average increase of 223.5% participation in pickleball over the last three years.

MAY 2024 23


The main difference between tennis and pickleball is court size. The average tennis court is 60’ wide and 120’ long, while pickleball courts are only 20’ wide and 44’ long. In tennis, the edges on the left and right sides of the court are only used to extend the size of the playing area for doubles matches, whereas pickleball courts stay the same size for play whether singles or doubles. Tennis courts are so much larger than pickleball courts that four complete pickleball courts would easily fit inside one converted tennis court. Since a pickleball court can easily fit inside a tennis court, many existing tennis courts are modified for pickleball use by having lines drawn for pickleball on their surface, so both sports can be played there without building separate courts.

To the untrained eye, pickleball and tennis courts often appear similar because they have similar surfaces, lines drawn on the ground, and a net. However, the games themselves differ significantly in court size, equipment, rules, and athleticism required.


There is one main difference between tennis and pickleball nets. A tennis net is 42” at the posts and drops to 36” tall across its middle length. A pickleball net isn’t pulled as taut and measures 34” tall in the middle (36” at the posts). When tennis courts are modified for pickleball play, the nets often are not adjusted for the different sports and can definitely impact play for more experienced and skilled players.



The rules and scoring in tennis and pickleball are also significantly different. While singles and doubles matches can be played in both sports, pickleball is usually played as doubles while tennis has more singles matches. In tennis, scores are counted as 15, 30, and 40, and any player can score points no matter who served. Tennis players can serve over or underhand, and often use complicated or aggressive serves to try and win a point or “ace.”

Pickleball is scored using single points and participants play games to 11 points. Only the serving player or team can score a point in a pickleball match, and all players only serve underhand. Pickleball also doesn’t allow players to hit a ball out of the air coming from the other side if they’re in the forwardmost part of the court, known as the non-volley zone and commonly called “the kitchen.”



Tennis players use racquets with tightly pulled strings. Size of racquet varies depending on players’ age, comfort level, and strategy of play, such as desired force and control. Tennis uses a felt-covered rubber ball filled with enough air to make it bouncy. When a racquet hits the ball, the strings propel the ball at high speeds to quickly cover large distances.

In pickleball, players use smaller hard composite plastic or wood paddles that are similar to ping-pong paddles. Instead of propelling the ball faster and farther, pickleball paddles are designed to “dink” the ball at slower speeds. The ball used in pickleball is a hollow, hard plastic ball with small holes. The ball doesn’t fly as far or as long as a tennis ball since courts are smaller with less distance to cover.

Tennis is considered a physically demanding strategic sport that involves running and powerful racket swings. Tennis requires much more running, power, and endurance, athleticism, strength, speed, jumping ability, and a higher level of fitness than pickleball. It is more demanding on core strength.

While pickleball is fast and focused, requiring quick reflexes, it is far less rigorous than tennis. The smaller court size in pickleball means less running and more strategy. The lower level of activity required for pickleball makes it more accessible for those with physical limitations or older individuals who aren’t as agile or able to run. It also makes it more of a social activity and fun to play as a family.

MAY 2024 25

Whether you want to dust off your tennis racquet or find out what the pickleball craze is all about, there are numerous opportunities to play in the Golden Isles and both communities welcome your participation.

So, where do you play and how do you get started? Start with the Glynn County Recreation and Parks Department (GCRPD) website: glynncounty.org/618/Tennis-and-Pickleball. This is where you’ll find detailed information about location and times for the area’s public tennis and pickleball courts on St. Simons Island and in Brunswick. Please note that the dual-use courts at Kings Park on St. Simons Island have specific designated days and times for tennis and for pickleball, so please observe this schedule and plan accordingly. Other than those times, courts are generally first come, first served. Court rules and etiquette are also listed on the site. Please be courteous and do not walk or stand on the courts while others are using them.

The Jekyll Island Tennis Center is a public tennis facility featuring 13 Har-tru clay courts and a pro shop that offers racket and ball machine rental and tennis racket stringing. The Center hosts several USTA tournaments for adults and juniors and received a USTA Outstanding Facility Award in 2018. They offer membership packages, court rentals (reservations required), private instructional lessons, and tennis workshops. Details are available at jekyllisland.com/activities/tennis. Sea Island’s Retreat Tennis and Pickleball Center is available for use by members and guests and offers rentals, group clinics, drills and play analysis, and private lessons. For more information and rates, visit seaisland.com/experience/activities.

GCRPD Director Lisa Gurganus encourages everyone to get out and get active whether it’s by playing tennis, pickleball, kicking a soccer ball, or grabbing a fishing rod. There are many programs offered by GCRPD, including tennis lessons and camps, introductory classes, and pickleball clinics. Go to glynncounty.org/153/Recreation-and-Parks for a full schedule. Follow their Facebook page for updates and additional information.

SSI Pickleball welcomes residents and visitors alike to join them on the courts at Kings Park (601 Mallery St.) to play the nation’s fastest growing sport. This island organization’s stated mission is “to promote, teach, inform and insure that you have a wonderful chance to play pickleball on St. Simons Island.” Board member Bill Carmichael says even if you’ve never played before, “Pickleball is something you can pick up in just a couple hours. It’s a fun and social game. Most players out at the courts would be happy to show you what you need to know. Just drop in, stack your paddle in the rack, and wait for an open court.” For the uninitiated, stacking paddles is how pickleball players reserve a court. And because the courts at Kings Park are now the only courts available for pickleball

use on St. Simons Island, you may find a dozen people or more waiting to get on a court; so be patient and enjoy the social aspect of the sport that makes it so enjoyable for many. Also keep in mind that there are dedicated pickleball courts across the causeway at Howard Coffin Park and 12 new courts at the North Glynn Recreation Complex.

Carmichael says the pickleball folks here are a friendly and welcoming group and there’s competition at every level of play. He says you’ll find more experienced or advanced players trying to get in their court time at Kings Park between 7:30-11:00 a.m. on most days (especially on the days the dual use courts are dedicated to pickleball play) or between 2:004:00 p.m. And don’t think that local residents are the only ones using the courts – you’ll see avid players who are just here for the weekend honing their skills by playing against different competitors and visiting families learning to pick up the game. Bill says that’s the great thing about pickleball, anyone can play. The smaller court size and shorter paddles make it easy for kids and older adults to play together recreationally. The lively conversation and laughter you’ll encounter at the pickleball courts is extended to social activities held by SSI Pickleball as well. They do more than just play pickleball! To see what the group is up to and how to join them, the SSI Pickleball website has helpful resources and links to basic pickleball rules and pickleball tournaments as well as their newsletter. Check it out at ssipickleball.org.

To hook up with the local tennis community, get in touch with Golden Isles Tennis. Board member Karen Hufnagel says, “We have a mission to expand our reach and attract a broader array of players. Tennis is a fun sport that is growing, and we want as many people to enjoy it as they can.” In addition to the year-round adult leagues they offer, their tennis apprentice programs are designed for new players to learn the game. They’re hoping to offer more of these programs to select focus groups, such as men-only, teachers, etc. to provide a setting where these individuals will feel comfortable learning. Karen says they’re also working with area tennis coaches to find a way to start a Youth Tennis League and provide more local playing time for younger players. The aim and stated vision of Golden Isles Tennis is to be the entry point into everything tennis for the local area and to provide or facilitate a variety of fun, affordable tennis activities, programs, and events accessible to everyone. Karen recommends that anyone interested in upcoming tournaments, programs, camps, fundraisers, and other events visits the Golden Isles Tennis website at goldenislestennis.com to sign up for the organization’s newsletter because they share not only information from Golden Isles Tennis, but visiting pros, nearby tournaments, etc.

The bottom line, there really is room for everyone to play! Grab a racquet or a paddle and take to the court to enjoy fun with your family or some new friends.

MAY 2024 27

Are you a “pickler?” It’s estimated that 14% of all Americans have played pickleball at least once, and that 8.5 million people have played eight itmes or more. According to the USA Pickleball Association, half of all regular players who hit the courts eight or more times per year are 55 and older. Though pickleball is gaining more of a multi-generational following as it continues to increase in popularity, it remains especially popular among older adults and others trying to get back in shape.

Beau Sasser, MD, board-certified orthopaedic surgeon at Summit Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Surgery and medical director of the Southeast Georgia Health System Sports Medicine Program, notes that we’re seeing the popularity of America’s fastest growing sport in our communities, too. “It’s an easy sport to get into, but more demanding than people think. It is played on a smaller, harder court than tennis and requires a lot of small, side to side motion,” explains Sasser. For these reasons, Sasser is seeing more patients with pickleball injuries. He adds, “Most pickleball injuries are lower extremity sprains and strains in the ankles, quadriceps, knees and Achilles tendons.”


As with any sport, it’s wise to warm up before play. If you are not already active, start slow and pace yourself. “You can play several pickleball games in one day, but once fatigue and dehydration set in, footwork gets sloppy, and people get hurt.

Stay hydrated and take a break when you’re tired,” Sasser says. Poor footwork can lead to knee and ankle injuries. “The quick turns required in pickleball can twist the knee. Wearing a knee or ankle compression sleeve helps. A sleeve stabilizes the joint and keeps it warmer and less stiff.”

Many players also overlook a key safety factor: proper footwear. “A lot of people play in basic running shoes. A hard-court shoe is more rigid and provides better ankle support which decreases the risk of injuries.”

If you have a weak joint, have it evaluated by an orthopaedic physician before jumping on the pickleball bandwagon. Sasser also suggests applying ice after play and taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen or Tylenol afterwards.

Anything that gets Americans off the couch and active is a great trend. Remember Sasser’s advice, and you, too, can become a healthy, happy “pickler.”

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Sasser, call Summit Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Surgery at 912.466.7340.

Reprinted with the permission of Southeast Georgia Health System Beau Sasser, MD
MAY 2024 29
Lindsey Christian Photography

Sunrise, East Beach


ever say never.” Charles Dickens first recorded this phrase in 1837, and while I’ve heard it said time and time again, I don’t think I ever took the notion very seriously. But one year ago, when I said I was NEVER moving back to St. Simons Island, I meant it.

My husband and I were unwavering in our decision. Whether it was the solid career he settled into after college or the potential for inevitable familial drama that kept us away, I’m not really sure. But island life was not in the cards for us.

Like all things nowadays, COVID probably had something to do with our decision to come home. But a 40th birthday weekend celebration for my brother-in-law in 2023 is what officially sealed the deal. Surrounded by immediate and extended family celebrating a milestone, we realized we simply didn’t want to miss this stuff anymore.

When I called my dad to tell him, his voice rose an octave, “Are you serious? I just told someone that you’d never be back here after that wild weekend.”

But here we are. And I could not be more glad about it.

Our time away gave us many things, like valuable career experiences and life-long friends. But after having two boys, we started considering the whole “it takes a village” idea and returned to ours.

Now I am rediscovering this gem of an island with fresh eyes. I spend more time in the Village than I imagined I would, reminiscing about sweaty summer bike rides with my best friends years ago. All towns have a Main Street or strip malls. Not everyone has a pier. And ours is extra

Summer bike rides with friends

special, with frequent dolphin cameos and a pelican who patiently waits to be fed fish by hand.

I appreciate our access to the beach now more than ever. When I pick the kids up from school, I can’t believe that instead of going to the playground, we can just play on the beach for an hour. I just make sure to keep a few towels on hand these days.

Dining out is a favorite family pastime, and honestly, something I always looked forward to the most when returning for visits throughout college and later, hoping my dad would offer to treat us to a night at The Crab Trap. This town is brimming with exceptional chefs and delicious fare.

We’re thrilled to return to classics like Halyards, where my husband was a busboy fifteen years ago, and we still find the same excellent quality food. My three-year-old and I have become regulars at Beachcomber BBQ, sharing a pulled pork sandwich and mac n’ cheese before we pick up big brother from school. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed partaking in dishes at joint that are new to me, like Indigo Coastal Shanty.

I never truly appreciated the environment of the Golden Isles. People sometimes question the color of our water, but it comes from the alluring, expansive marsh that surrounds us. The moss-covered live oaks and streams that creep through the marsh grass leading out to the Atlantic are enough to consistently stop me in my tracks.

We are raising our kids to appreciate our island’s extraordinary landscape and rare wildlife, taking hikes at Cannon’s Point Preserve, or walking through the dust-gray driftwood monuments on Jekyll. We’ve spotted manatee in the Frederica River and have also had to stop traffic for the occasional stubborn heron. The St. Simons Land Trust offers ample opportunities for us to teach them the importance of conservation.

I am compelled to get involved and give back and am so pleased to have joined 100 Women Who Care, which has opened my eyes to the numerous local nonprofits directly benefiting our community, so many of which I was completely unaware.

Fresh seafood from the Crab Trap

Not everyone has a pier Sandy playdates

So, as we move into summer, I urge you to “never say never.” Look around at all the things you’ve never done in our community and do them. Climb to the top of the lighthouse (one of only five surviving in Georgia). Eat seafood straight off the boat at Skipper’s Fish Camp in Darien while you watch the sunset on the Altamaha. Board the ferry boat and spend a day unplugged on Cumberland Island. Find ways to give back. Explore new surroundings or rediscover old loves.

The salty air and practically perpetual breeze are reason enough to love this place. How lucky are we to experience everything else that comes with it? Savor it all.

MAY 2024 33

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12 and it will be here before you know it!

Everybody knows that moms deserve recognition and to be shown some extra appreciation for all they do for us.

From kissing our boo-boos when we were kids to sharing their wisdom, advice, and babysitting services with us as adults, our mothers are invaluable. While bouquets and breakfast in bed are always appreciated, this year why not do something different? Here are some alternative ideas for celebrating those special ladies in your life.


Dig in!

If flowers are an essential part of Mother’s Day in your family, instead of grabbing a bouquet or having an arrangement delivered, take Mom out to choose her own blooms at ACE Garden Center. Pick up extra gardening gloves, soil, fertilizer, pots, and anything else you might need and spend the day planting or potting them together. For long lasting memories, plant perennials, shrubs, or trees that will bloom for years to come. If you really want to get ambitious, start a garden together; but make sure you don’t end up leaving all the weeding and hard work to her as it grows!

You know what moms really love?

Family photos!

It might take a little advance planning and scheduling, but maybe you can arrange a family session at the beach or under the oaks with a local photographer and present Mom with a photo book of the session or a framed or canvas copy of her favorite shot. There are many other types of photo books you can create as special Mother’s Day gifts as well. Showcase your meaningful moments over the years by creating a book with an image or two for every year with mom from your birth to her years as a grandmother with your children. Scan old photos to preserve them digitally and make a book that includes photos that have special stories behind them or favorite trips together. You’ll end up with an album that honors your unique relationship.

You could also present Mom with her own personal history book. Honor her life with photos of her and her accomplishments through the years, plus scanned newspaper clippings, handwritten letters, ticket stubs, playbills, and anything that might show the various roles she plays and eras of her life. Another unique idea for a photo book is to create cookbook with favorite family recipes and an accompanying photo of each dish. For an extra personal touch, include photos of the family members who contributed the recipes. Recreating old family photos with children who are now adults posing in the same manner and place as the original shots can be fun too. To be honest, even if you simply ask your server to snap a photo of the whole family together while you’re out enjoying brunch and send Mom those pictures, she’ll love it.

MAY 2024 35

Is Mom a music lover?

Take her to a concert or catch some live music at one of our local venues. You can find out who’s playing where by checking the I’m With the Band blog at elegantislandliving.net and @imwiththebandssi on Facebook or Instagram. If you’re tech savvy and have a sharable music library or Spotify, create a playlist for Mom using her favorite songs. For even more fun, create a playlist together. Finding old classics and tunes you both remember being special in your lives or discovering new music through each other is a wonderful way to share the music you love.

Make some art together!

Sign up for a pottery workshop, a Sip & Paint session, or some other creative activity you and Mom will both enjoy. Glynn Visual Arts and Makers BWK are a couple local spots where you’ll find numerous options to exercise your artistic talents. You certainly don’t have to go out to do this, but it might make the clean-up process less painful! If you choose to stay home, pick up DIY kits at the craft store. If you want to stretch those creative muscles a little more, there are YouTube videos for just about anything from jewelry-making to tie-dying shirts. Don’t worry about perfection or how it’s “supposed to look,” the true beauty here is in the time you get to spend with Mom and the memories you’ll both have.

Cook something up!

If Mom enjoys time in the kitchen, give her an opportunity to hone or expand her culinary skills. Engage the services of a private chef to teach you both how to make fresh pasta, perfect your pastry, design the ultimate charcuterie board, or make a special meal. You’ll get the experience of learning together and enjoy the epicurean results too. There are several personal chefs in the Golden Isles who offer in-home cooking demonstrations. For a more casual approach, you and Mom can pull up any number of YouTube videos from the Food Network and many other sources to put on the TV to follow while you hit the kitchen together. Then again, if you dropped a favorite meal and a delicious dessert off to Mom and she didn’t have to lift a finger, she’d probably appreciate that too!


Enjoy a Girls Day In.

You don’t have to wait for a spa appointment or deal with a room full of chattering bridesmaids with a DIY beauty experience. Grab an array of skin care and beauty products like exfoliating scrubs, face masks, salt soaks, body butters, and deep conditioners, then join Mom for a home pampering session. If you have a steady hand with nail polish, you can even treat her to a manicure and pedicure. Add in a movie marathon of her favorite chick flicks, rom coms, or a long binge session of Yellowstone or true crime shows, accompanied by tasty treats and no interruptions, and you’ll have a winning “Girls Day In” combo!

Take Mom fishing or out for a boat ride.

Give her a Big Green Egg with a bow on it. Tour a distillery or learn how to make craft beer together. Those things aren’t just for Dad, you know! Whatever you choose to do on Mother’s Day, just be sure to let the mothers in your life know that they are loved and appreciated.

MAY 2024 37


Memorial Day is swiftly approaching and with it comes our annual St. Simons Island tradition of TAPS at Twilight. While the national holiday honors those men and women who have fallen in service of our country, our ceremony honors not only the fallen, but those who have valiantly served and returned, and those who serve today. In keeping with this more expansive embrace, we turn our attention here to ways we can honor our Veterans locally and raise our voices for their cause and in their memory.



Remember Their Names and Their Sacrifice

Here on St. Simons Island, we honor the men and women who have fallen in service of our country, those who valiantly served and returned, and those who serve today at the annual St. Simons Rotary TAPS at Twilight program on Memorial Day. This tradition, begun in 1991 and presented by the St. Simons Rotary Club will continue Monday, May 27, at Neptune Park. Patriotic music will be performed by The Golden Isles Community Band from the St. Simons Casino bandstand beginning at 6:00 p.m. The program will commence promptly at 6:45 p.m. The event is free and open to the public; guests are encouraged to bring chairs or blankets as seating is not provided.

The invocation will be conducted by U.S. Air Force Major General (Ret.) William B. “Burt” Davitte. The program will also include an honor guard presentation, presentation of the floral wreath provided by Anabela Tortorell accompanied by a bagpipe rendition of “Amazing Grace,” patriotic music including the National Anthem, anthems for each branch of service and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” sung by Jim Broussard, Music Director Christ Church Frederica. The ceremony will conclude with the playing of “Taps.” The Memorial Day Address will be provided by guest speaker U.S. Army Colonel (Ret.) Kevin “Red Eagle” Brown.

To say that Brown lives a life of public service is an understatement. He served his country for 25 years as an Infantry leader in the U.S. Army and was recognized in 2018 as a Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) for the 22nd Infantry Regiment, whose troops have fought valiantly for our nation in conflicts that date back to the War of 1812. Brown served his tribe as the elected Chairman of the Mohegan Tribe and Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, for six years before retiring that position. He has also actively served and promoted Veterans and other charitable causes tirelessly for more than a decade, earning an induction into the Connecticut Veterans Hall of Fame in 2018 for his efforts. Even his current position as President of the Norwich Community Development Corporation, focused on Economic and Community Development for the City of Norwich, is one that serves his community. As he says, “I was preordained to serve. It’s in my DNA.”

Kevin was generous enough to take some time before he headed out to Boston to participate in the annual Tough Ruck run to talk to Elegant

U.S. Army Colonel (Ret.)

Island Living about his life, family, past service, and the importance of raising awareness about Veterans’ causes. When Kevin refers to his DNA, it’s important to establish some context. His father Michael was a U.S. Army paratrooper and veteran of WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. His brother Mike was career Army and his brother Mark was a Norwich Police Officer for over a decade before becoming Chairman of the Mohegan Tribe. Kevin is a direct 13th generation descendant of Sachem Uncas, the first sachem of the Mohegan tribe and an influential statesman in the early 1600s. His mother, Pauline “Red Feather” Brown, was a Tribal Nonner, or wise woman. Ties run deep for him, in both his local and military communities.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1987, Kevin led men and women in deployed environments at all levels. He was a Platoon Leader with the 101st Airborne Division during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and a Company Commander in the 1st Cavalry Division along the Iraqi border during Operation Southern Watch & Intrinsic Action. He served as a Battalion Executive Officer in the northern jungles of Thailand during Operation Cobra Gold, [including deployments during the Global War on Terror in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008] first as a Battalion Commander in the 10th Mountain Division in Baghdad, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and again as a Deputy Brigade

MAY 2024 39
Kevin "Red Eagle" Brown

Commander in the 10th Mountain Division in Kirkuk Iraq. He culminated his career as a Colonel commanding the Garrison at Fort Riley, Kansas, where he led holistic health efforts to sustain the resilience of highlydeployed soldiers and their family members before retiring in 2011. Brown is Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger, and Senior Parachutist qualified and he was awarded the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star (with 3 oak leaf clusters), the Combat Infantryman’s Badge (with Star for second Award), as well as multiple other commendations. He also earned his Master of Science in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School, a Master of Arts in Public Diplomacy from Norwich University and completed his PhD pre-dissertation work in Security Studies at Kansas State University.

In Boston at this year’s Tough Ruck, Kevin will be carrying the names of nearly 50 soldiers and fallen comrades. He understands the life and sacrifices of deployed soldiers and their families in a way that many people never will. The message he hopes to send at TAPS at Twilight and through the work that he does with organizations like the Warrior Bonfire Program is that “peace doesn’t come without sacrifice.” He says it’s essential to keep remembering, so we don’t become complacent. “If we’re not careful, we’ll forget.” While Kevin enjoys the present by spending time with his family as a “sports dad,” enjoying traveling and vacations with them, and riding his Harley, he still serves as a director for the National Archives Foundation and the Advisory Committee for the National Native American Veterans Memorial in Washington DC to help ensure that the past is not forgotten.”

Come hear Kevin share his stories and impart the wisdom and life perspective from his unique experience at TAPS at Twilight on Memorial Day. Join this heartwarming and soul stirring community gathering that allows us to pay our respects to those courageous souls who have served our country. For more information about the Memorial Day program and St. Simons Rotary Club, visit ssirotary.org.



On Saturday, May 4, you can head over to the Brunswick-Golden Isles Airport on to give a true heroes’ welcome to area Veterans returning home from their visit to national war memorials in Washington D.C. courtesy of the 2024 Coastal Georgia Honor Flight. Community members are invited to wear patriotic attire and bring signs of support to remind our heroes that we remain grateful for their past service.

Coastal Georgia Honor Flight is one of several hubs in the U.S. that honor Veterans with visits to D.C. stops that include, as time permits, the World War II, Korean and Vietnam Memorials, the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery for the famous Changing of the Guard Ceremony, the Marine Corps (Iwo Jima), Air Force and Navy Memorials. Financial donations from businesses and individuals help cover the cost for each veteran so there is no charge to them. The guardians that accompany

each veteran for the day pay a fee to help cover the cost of his or her trip. The flight typically returns to Brunswick from Washington D.C. around 9:00 p.m., but the time can vary based on weather and other conditions. Occasionally the flight even comes in ahead of schedule, so it’s not a bad idea to get to the airport early.

Community support of this program makes this experience possible for our heroes and your participation and donations are vital, especially as fuel and other costs are increasing and budgets are dwindling. Please consider donating to the program to ensure that these flights can continue. You’re also welcome to sign up as a guardian or volunteer for next year’s flight. For more information and updated flight arrival times, follow Coastal Georgia Honor Flight, Inc. on Facebook and visit coastalgeorgiahonorflight.org.

MAY 2024 41


Another community project with Veterans at the forefront is Golden Isles Veterans Village, Inc. (GIVV). The mission of GIVV is to provide transitional housing in a safe and supportive community to Veterans who are experiencing homelessness and have been honorably discharged from the military. Each Veteran housed will receive services to provide medical, physical and emotional support needed to heal and education and job training opportunities to move forward to permanent housing, employment, if appropriate, and sustainability.

The construction phase of the village is progressing with the building exteriors finished and painted, electrical and plumbing installed, and the interior build stage currently underway. Flooring, insulation, and drywall has been installed in each tiny home. The bed/ couch with storage underneath for each home is being constructed by GICCA. The kitchenette will be. installed next, then each bathroom will be completed. Work is also in progress on the community center interior. After the

development of the drainage plan is finalized, grading and drainage will be done, followed by installation of permanent fencing and sidewalks, and finally, landscaping.

Progress has been tremendous, but even more rewarding to see is the teamwork and incredible support received from our entire community to get GIVV this far. GIVV President Lorene Reid says, “We are so grateful and can’t thank everyone enough for helping us get to where we are today!” This past year GIVV enjoyed working with many volunteer teams (i.e. VFW Post 4092, American Legion Post 137, Boy Scout Troop 214, St. Simons Presbyterian Church, Baptist Churches of South Georgia, Glynn Academy Honor Society and Ethnology Clubs, etc.). Monetary donations have come from individuals, businesses large and small, civic clubs such as Rotary and Elks, foundations, and grants. Primary partner Nine Line Foundation shares their expertise and is extremely

MAY 2024 43

generous with monetary and in-kind donations. A huge thank you to U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter for his assistance. Other key partners are St. Marys Methodist Church Foundation and Southeastern Bank in securing grants with the Federal Home Loan Bank- Atlanta.

The community has also stepped up to help GIVV by donating items, such as refrigerators from Elks Lodge 691, dinnerware from Golden Isles Republican Women, HVAC units from St. Simons Presbyterian Church, just to name a few. Fundraisers benefiting GIVV have been held by Nine Line Foundation, Golden Isles Association of Realtors, Elks Lodge 691 and others. The support has been tremendous! The next steps is to hire staff while the final stages of


construction are completed on the village. This will allow staff members to participate in interviews with Veterans and set up individualized case plans in advance of their arrival. Reid explains, “The real work begins once the Veterans are in the homes. We are excited to get to the next phase where we’re providing services to those who have given so much for us and our freedom.”

If you’d like to see the progress at GIVV, they’ll be happy to set up a time for a tour if you email your request to info@goldenislesveteransvillage. org. A tangible way of showing your support and helping the GIVV build up from its foundation is to purchase a brick or paver in honor of someone you want to memorialize. This is an especially fitting way to preserve the memory of a fallen hero or dedicated service member for posterity while paving the way for others’ success. The GIVV walkways will be installed with sections of the bricks and pavers soon, so place orders today at goldenislesveteransvillage.org.



Nurses’ Achievements

Southeast Georgia Health System recently celebrated Certified Nurses Day with a MaeLil Scholars pinning ceremony to recognize four registered nurses who have earned specialty certifications. The Health System nurses honored during the ceremony were June Joyce Abejuela, BSN, RN, CMSRN; Ashtyn Bobbey, BSN, RN, CMSRN; Alisa Martin, RN, CEN; and Ericka Angela Pagote-Chan, BSN, RN, CMSRN.

The MaeLil Scholars Program grant is made possible through the generosity of the MaeLil Charitable Fund, a Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation component fund established by Reg Murphy (son of Mae) and Diana Mather Murphy (daughter of Lil). Designed to enhance clinical skills and quality care while minimizing barriers to specialty certification and advancement, the MaeLil Scholars Program offers support to nurses participating in certification exam preparatory courses.

Addressing the nurses, Diana Mather Murphy stated, “Our mothers were great caregivers and very passionate about education. In honor of their persistence, grace, and achievements, and in recognition of the exceptional work you do every day as nurses and how important you are to the health of our community, Reg and I are very pleased to recognize you for your dedication to professional development.”

Certified Nurses Day™ is an annual day of recognition for and by healthcare leaders dedicated to nursing professionalism, excellence, recognition, and service. On this day each year, employers, certification boards, education facilities, and health care providers celebrate and publicly acknowledge nurses who earn and maintain the highest credentials in their specialty. It’s an occasion to honor nurses worldwide who contribute to better patient outcomes through national board certification in their specialty.

June Joyce Abejuela, BSN, RN, CMSRN, is an international registered nurse from the Philippines and has worked at the Health System’s Brunswick Campus since 2021. Abejuela received the Certified MedicalSurgical Registered Nurse certification in December 2023.

Originally from Leesburg, Georgia, Ashtyn Bobbey, BSN, RN, CMSRN, joined the Health System in 2013 as a nurse on the Orthopaedic & Spine Center medical-surgical unit. She currently serves as the team leader for Clinical Education in the Team Member Education department. Bobbey obtained her Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse certification in 2022.

Alisa Martin, RN, CEN, brought her passion for emergency nursing to the Health System in 2013. After training and precepting dozens of new nurses in the Emergency Care Center, Martin obtained certification as a Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) instructor. In 2023, Martin joined the Team Member Education department as a Critical Care instructor and furthered her skills by earning her Certification in Emergency Nursing.

A registered nurse born and raised in the Philippines, Ericka Angela Pagote-Chan, BSN, RN, CMSRN, joined the Health System during the COVID-19 crisis in 2021. A clinical leader on 5 St. Simons Tower, Pagote-Chan earned her Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse certification in 2023.

“We are very grateful to Diana and Reg Murphy for their generosity and passion for advancing the nursing profession through education,” said Cynthia Gamache, DBA, RN, chief nursing officer, Southeast Georgia Health System. “The MaeLil Scholars program, which was created in honor of each of their mothers, offers nurses a great opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills. We commend June, Ashtyn, Ericka and Alisa for going the extra mile to better serve our patients, community and team members.”

Southeast Georgia Health System is a not-for-profit health system comprised of two acute care hospitals, two long term care facilities, two Cancer Care Centers and multiple specialty care centers, including orthopaedic and spine care, joint replacement, breast care, maternity, outpatient rehabilitation, sleep management and wound care. The Brunswick Campus Cancer Care Center is accredited by the American

N U R S E S A R E T H E H E A R T O F H E A L T H C A R E .

College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and is one of the few centers in Georgia to offer CyberKnife® M6 with MLC. Additionally, the Brunswick Campus is accredited by The Joint Commission as an Advanced Primary Stroke Center and the Camden Campus is accredited as an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital. The Southeast Georgia Physician Associates medical group includes more than 160 providers working in 20 different medical specialties at more than 50 locations. The Health System is part of Coastal Community Health, a regional affiliation between Baptist Health and Southeast Georgia Health System, a highly integrated hospital network focused on significant initiatives designed to enhance the quality and value of care provided to our contiguous communities. For more information, visit sghs.org.

LEFT: Chief Nursing Officer

Cynthia Gamache, DBA, RN, with MaeLil Scholars honorees Ashtyn Bobbey, BSN, RN, CMSRN, Alisa Martin, RN, CEN, and June Joyce Abejuela, BSN, RN, CMSRN, MaeLil Scholars Program founder Diana Mather Murphy, and Valerie Hepburn, Ph.D. of the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation.

MAY 2024 47
BELOW: MaeLil Scholars Honoree Ericka Angela Pagote-Chan, BSN, RN, CMSRN.


Chef Matt Schleis, the new General Manager and Executive Chef at Ocean Lodge Resort on St. Simons Island, is a culinary virtuoso with over two decades of experience. Specializing in Southern cuisine, he introduces the innovative concept of “Southern Revival,” blending traditional recipes with a modern twist. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Chef Schleis promises to elevate the resort’s dining experience. Utilizing the finest local ingredients, he crafts a menu that harmonizes flavors and textures, offering both classic dishes and inventive creations. By infusing his passion for Southern flavors, Chef Schleis aims to redefine dining on the island, embodying the region’s hospitality and charm. Guests are invited to indulge in a culinary journey like no other, savoring the essence of the “Southern Revival” at Ocean Lodge Resort, 935 Beachview Dr. For reservations, call 912.291.4300.



Southeast Georgia Health System, partnered with College of Coastal Georgia (CCGA), is offering a 4-day Nursing and Healthcare Professions Camp on July 16-19 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at CCGA and the Health System’s Brunswick Campus. This unique experience allows students in grades 11-12 to shadow nurses and other healthcare professionals, be introduced to clinical care in both simulation and real-life settings, and develop a better understanding of healthcare career opportunities. In this positive, safe learning environment, students are always under the direct visual supervision of faculty from CCGA and hands-on Health System staff. Training will include: healthcare technology and equipment, vital signs and basic health assessments, lab and morgue tour, basic hands-on CPR and first aid training. Deadline to register is May 13. Cost: $165 or $355 (to include overnight campus housing). Registration forms are available at SGHS.org/nursecamp. For more information, email nursecamp@ccga.edu.

Golden Isles business community members need to clear the evening of Thursday, June 27 on their calendars. It’s time for the 2024 Chamber Gala! This exciting annual gala for the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce will kick off at 5:30 p.m. at the Jekyll Island Convention Center with silent auction showcase and bidding, cocktails, and conversation. At 7:00 p.m., dinner will be served, awards will be presented, and live auction bidding will take place. Make plans to attend so you don’t miss a thing! For more details and registration information, visit brunswickgoldenisleschamber.com.

MAY 2024 49


The Coastal Georgia Artists Guild will be holding their Spring Art Show and Sale on May 4-5 in Room 108 of the St. Simons Casino Building. More than 20 local artists will be showing and selling their work. Stop in to meet the artists and learn more about their creations and process while you view works that will bring beauty to any wall in your home or office.


For over 30 years the sale of Christ Church, Frederica cookbooks has enabled the church to donate thousands of dollars to area nonprofits that help women and children in need. All profits from the sale of their new cookbook, Beneath The Oaks Culinary Classics, will continue that mission. The coffee table-style book combines local island and church history, including exquisite full-page photos of the church’s stained-glass windows, with culinary classics. Mouthwatering recipes range from mid-20th century traditional Southern recipes to quick, nutritious dishes perfect for today’s busy households. Local photographers Ben Galland, Annaliese Kondo, Julie Hancock and Eliot VanOtteren contributed their talent, as did NY photographer Michael Garten and food stylist Christine Albano (who worked on Ina Garten’s Go-To Dinners). The cookbook retails for $40 and can be purchased at Christ Church, the Lighthouse Museum Store, GJ Ford Bookshop, Two Friends, Edward’s on Saint Simons, Righton Books, and St. Simons Drug Company.


On Sunday, May 5, come out to the St. Simons Lighthouse Lawn to enjoy some jazz provided by the Glynn Academy band. This special GA Jazz in the Park fundraising concert benefiting the band program will take place from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Pack your favorite snacks, mix up some margaritas, grab your lawn chairs, and some friends to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with an evening of live music by the sea. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the gate or contact Cindy Couturier at 912.399.5440.

MAY 2024 51


Make plans to head to Historic Downtown Brunswick on Saturday, May 11 for the 86th annual Blessing of the Fleet. This tradition of ensuring a safe and prosperous season for shrimpers and fishermen is one of the oldest in the world. The day’s activities will include a fishing tournament at Liberty Ship Park beginning at 10:00 a.m. The boat parade and blessing ceremony at Mary Ross Waterfront Park from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Musical entertainment downtown from 1:00-7:00 p.m. from performers including The Page Brothers Band and bagpiper Tim Akins, a cooking demonstration in Jekyll Square, and a fashion show in Machen Square. There will also be food, vendors, axe throwing, simulated golf, art, and more for the whole family to enjoy. Come experience this coastal tradition. For more details and information on participating, visit brunswickblessing.com.


Fort Frederica is celebrating 300 years of defending the Southeast on Saturday, May 4 with a special day to showcase this history. They are welcoming six different historic sites and parks from throughout the region to tell the stories they have played in defending Georgia and South Carolina, before there was even a United States of America! Included are Fort Pulaski National Monument, Old Fort Jackson, Ninety Six National Historic Site, 3rd Infantry Division Museum Fort Stewart, and more. Events will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and will include hourly guided talks, black powder demonstrations and activities for the whole family. Come out to Fort Fest!


Drop by Palm

Coast Coffee Café & Pub with your pup on St. Simons Island Thursday evening, May 16. They’re hosting a Yappy Hour event from 5:00-7:00 p.m. to benefit the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia. A $10 cover charge includes appetizers and live music by the Golden Isles Strummers. Cash bar will be available. Mix and mingle with other animal lovers at this always popular, tail-wagging treat of a social gathering. For more information about the services provided by the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia and how to volunteer or donate, visit hsscga.org.



With a dream to provide patronage for the arts at Wesley Church, Sally Weston Hawie spearheaded the development of a music fund for concerts. Unfortunately, she passed away before seeing the fruit of her labors. A concert series created in Sally’s name by Wesley’s music department and fully financed by her family gives glory to God and honors her effortless support and contributions. Now in its fourth year, the series draws top professional talent from a wide variety of musicians and other entertainers. On Sunday, May 19, the Atlanta Schola Cantorum, under the direction of Dr. Nancy Durance, will be presenting a 5:00 p.m. concert at the church. This 24-voice chorus specializes in the performance of sacred choral music of the 16th century Renaissance. Wesley Church at Frederica extends its deepest gratitude to Sally and her family for making these concerts possible and free to the public.


Mark your calendar and get your tickets for this year’s Golden Isles Penguin Project production! They’ll be bringing The Music Man, Jr. to the stage of The Ritz Theatre on June 15 at 7:00 p.m. and June 16 at 3:00 p.m. The story follows fast-talking traveling salesman, Harold Hill, as he cons the people of River City, Iowa, into buying instruments and uniforms for a boys’ band he vows to organize. The catch? He doesn’t know a trombone from a treble clef! Come enjoy the music and support these young performers with with special needs and their mentors for this heartwarming show. Tickets at goldenislesarts.org.


Kick off your summer at the annual STARgazing Low Country Boil, a fabulous night of socializing under the starry skies at Village Creek Landing. Don’t miss this night with iconic Southern fare provided by Mr. Shuck’s, accompanied by refreshing cocktails, and live music courtesy of Josh Nunn. You can enjoy all this and more the evening of Thursday, May 16, while benefiting STAR of Coastal Georgia in their efforts to train individuals in our community with workplace and personal skills they need for success. Tickets are $85 per person/$150 per couple and can be purchased online at starofcoastalga.org.

MAY 2024 55

OPENING DAY FOR GLYNN COUNTY RECREATION AND PARKS DEPARTMENT YOUTH BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL ON ST. SIMONS ISLAND IS SUCH A FUN OCCASION. The day started with a parade of teams holding their banners that made their way down Mallery St. to Butler Field. It’s quite a sight to see. At the ballpark, there was a Home Run Derby and Road Runner Base Race along with the opening ceremony and first pitch. Bounce houses and games ensured full for the whole family and Frosty’s Griddle & Shake tapped its traditional keg of root beer for thirsty kids after their games. It’s a big event for our little island and a time-honored tradition that holds many cherished memories for generations of players.

MAY 2024 57


RECENTLY HOSTED COASTAL COMMUNITY HEALTH‘S 10TH ANNIVERSARY GALA. This special evening celebrated the organization’s mission of providing quality healthcare to the coastal community. Contributions made in different ways as a result of the Gala and on a day-to-day basis, along with the continuous support of the community, are greatly appreciated and demonstrate that together we can make a difference!

MAY 2024 59

THE 71ST TOUR OF HOMES PRESENTED BY CHRIST CHURCH FREDERICA WAS A SOLD-OUT EVENT, WITH ATTENDEES EAGER TO SEE THE HOMES IN FREDERICA AND TO ENJOY LUNCH AND A HISTORY PRESENTATION IN ITS BOATHOUSE. EIL dropped by the church parish hall to catch some of the action with volunteers and the visitors boarding the buses. It certainly takes a village to pull off this showcase of some special island residences and the Southern hospitality provided. Mark your calendars for the 72nd Tour on Saturday, March 15, 2025.


THE VILLAGE TURNED GREEN ON SSI FOR THE ST. PATRICK’S DAY CHARITY PUB CRAWL TO BENEFIT NO KILL GLYNN COUNTY. They had the largest turnout ever this year and thanks to the incredible participation, they were able to present a $16,660 check to NKGC! The planning committee did an amazing job and HUGE appreciation has been expressed for the restaurants, bars, and businesses that participated, donated raffle prizes, as well as the bands, bagpiper, and other behind-the-scenes support that made it such a huge success. (Groupand checkphotoprovided.)

MAY 2024 63

THERE WAS DELICIOUS FOOD AND DANCING IN HISTORIC DOWNTOWN BRUNSWICK DURING THE ANNUAL JEWISH FOOD AND CULTURE FESTIVAL HOSTED BY TEMPLE BETH TEFILLOH. Attendees enjoyed Jewish cuisine, traditional Eastern European music, and family-friendly activities with funds raised for safety upgrades to the historic synagogue building.

MAY 2024 65
GLYNN VISUAL ARTS RECENTLY HOSTED A RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION OF WORK BY LOCAL ARTIST NANCY MULDOWNEY, “A FORTY YEAR JOURNEY OF COLOR, LIGHT & TEXTURE” AT GLYNN VISUAL ARTS. As part of the show, six current and former members of the Cassina Garden Club created floral arrangements inspired by Nancy’s paintings to display during the “Art in Bloom” reception. Nancy was thrilled with their innovative artistic interpretations. OVER $3,000,000 WAS RAISED FOR THE GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF RESOURCES AT THE ANNUAL WEEKEND FOR WILDLIFE HELD ON SEA ISLAND. Govenor Brian Kemp and his family were in attendance with many other luminaries and supporters of stewardship and conservation. Artists and creators like Gogo Ferguson and Peggy Everett are longtime donors contributing their talents to benefit this worthy mission.
MAY 2024 67

HYDRANGEAS AND PEARLS WERE PART OF THE DÉCOR AT THE ANNUAL CASA LUNCHEON & FASHION SHOW IN TRIBUTE TO LILLIAN CLARKE, A BELOVED SUPPORTER AND FORMER BOARD MEMBER WHO PASSED AWAY LAST YEAR. Lillian is credited with making this annual spring fundraiser for the non-profit agency that provides advocacy service for children in our court system the wonderful event that it is today. As always, Sea Island served up tasty fare and the fashion from local boutiques was phenomenal.

MAY 2024 69

IT WAS ALL FUN AND GAMES FOR A GOOD CAUSE AT THE ANNUAL CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT BENEFITING BOYS & GIRLS CLUB OF SOUTHEAST GEORGIA THAT RECENTLY TOOK PLACE AT VILLAGE CREEK LANDING. Hot Banana Coffee provided the tunes while competitors tossed beanbags, sipped beverages, and enjoyed the spectacular view of the marsh.

MAY 2024 71


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At Real Escapes Properties, we do so much more than simply putting a few pictures of your investment property online and waiting for the interested parties to call in. Instead, we create an individual profile for each and every property to really emphasize everything that makes your property appealing and special. We meet with our homeowners and discuss their needs and their goals and set pricing based on each unique property. We look forward to proving our motto that "You already have a friend on the Island" with the wonderful staff at Real Escapes Properties. Call us today to discuss property management options - we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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100 Twelfth Street Amazing location!! Magnificent views over the water towards Jekyll Island and next to The Village, Pier, and Lighthouse. Completely renovated, luxurious home features a panoramic ocean views, multiple outside decks, Thor kitchen appliances, garage and outside decks overlooking the water. $2,900,000

158 Ledbetter Ave NEW CONSTRUCTION in Oyster Grove. Two-story 4BR, 3.5BA. Primary suite on main. Luxury interior features include hwd flooring, tile flooring in all wet areas, carpet, custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, custom wood shelving, and a gas tankless water heater. www.oystergrove.com $978,500

315 Lantern Walk Amazing opportunity to own a meticulously maintained condo on beautiful St Simons Island. 3BD, 3.5BA condo in The Gates, gated community located on the south end of the island. $608,500

300 Carnoustie Elegant all one-level 4 BD, 4.5 BA stucco home with many custom features. Screened-in back porch with a private back patio and yard. Large corner lot within easy walking distance to clubhouse, tennis, pool, and golf course. House is being sold furnished. $1,525,000

2100 Prince Lane, Unit #2100 Luxury meets convenience. One level living in the heart of the Village. Elevator access to your front door, gated community, two car garage with storage room. You can use the grill while having cocktails at the pool. Walk to village, pier, shops and restaurants. $949,900

116 Hillcrest Court Welcome to Oak Forest, a very popular and desirable community. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home offers comfortable one level living with a split floor plan. Large, private backyard and screened-in porch.$575,000

23 Orchard Road Ugrades galore! This professionally decorated home will WOW your guests from the moment they enter the front door. 4BD, 3.5BA home with spacious backyard. $1,095,000

1203 Reserve Lane, Unit #1203 Beautiful townhome located on the south end of the island. 3BD, 2.5BA with a back patio overlooking the community pond. Just a short walk from the community pool! $550,000

110 Holly Sreet Welcome to this lovely, mid-island home in Glynn Haven! Spacious 4BR, 2.5BA plus bonus room offers a primary BR suite on the main floor with the remaining bedrooms on the second floor. The backyard oasis has an inviting 16 x 32 in-ground swimming pool and plenty of green space. $540,000

RealtoR 912.222.4010
RealtoR 540.588.5456 Matt
RealtoR 912.223.6430
Dana Hill RealtoR 912.272.4698 Tina Fallon
Thompson RealtoR
Chrissy Johnston

Desireé Varnedoe Proper ty Manager 912.638.1144

Emily Wages Ren tal Division 912.638.1144

Sarah Broyles Ren tal Agen t 912.638.1144

Elizabeth Smith Marke ting Coordina tor 912.638.1144

Freddy Stroud Broker, CRS, GRI 912.269.1144

www.OysterGrove.com www.GeorgiaCoastRentals.com • 912 - 638 - 1144 105 Main Street • Plantation Village • St. Simons Island, GA
East Beach - 4217 Seventh Street Amazing 4BR, 3BA family friendly home with pool. Short walk to beach. Sleeps 9.
409 Beach Drive - Island cottage with central location near beach access, restaurants, and shopping. Sleeps 10. Demere Landing - Beautiful condo in a lovely neighborhood convenient to the Village, shopping, restaurants, and beach access. Sleeps 6. East Beach - 7 Coast Cottage Coastal gem steps away from the best beach on the island. 4BR, 4.5BA. Sleeps 8. East Beach - Sixteenth Street 5BR, 5.5BA. Breathtaking ocean views. Amazing outdoor kitchen and private pool. Sleeps 10. King & Prince - St. Simons Island King and Prince ocean view villas. Call today to check availability! 4206 Eighth St - Newly remodeled East Beach cottage with private backyard and pool. 5BR, 5.5BA. Steps to beach access! Sleeps 14. 519 Bartow - 4BR, 4.5BA vacation home near the Pier and Village. Private pool. Sleeps 10. 2101 Bruce Drive, East Beach - 3BR, 2.5BA. Spacious one-level home w/ large pool and multiple areas for entertaining. Sleeps 8.
CC Hightower REALTOR 912.222.9277 | Michael Kaufman Broker, Owner 216.401.9700 | Becca McWaters REALTOR 404.285.0590 Recognizably diffeRent 1612 Newcastle Street, Suite 223 • Brunswick, GA 31520 • 912.571.9092 • situsgeorgia.com 4 Fred Drive • $1,875,000 3,615+/- SF | 4BR | 4.5BA | MLS 1644251 44 Erica Lane • $1,965,000 3,748+/- SF | 4BR | 4.5BA | MLS 1644260 6 Fred Drive • $1,895,000 3,647+/- SF | 4BR | 4.5BA | MLS 1644321 2 Fred Drive • $1,835,000 3,447+/- SF | 4 or 5BR | 5BA | MLS 1644252 An intimate gated community of 27 luxury homes adjacent to the prestigious Frederica Golf Club on beautiful Saint Simons Island. Scan the QR code for more information.

Recognizably diffeRent

101 Hawkins Island Circle, Saint Simons Island • $2,950,000 Experience the very best of coastal living in this fully-renovated home on Hawkins Island, a private island on St. Simons and one of the island’s most premier gated neighborhoods. This stunning house boasts a spacious and airy ambiance with its high ceilings adorned with white oak beams throughout the common areas, creating an inviting, yet luxurious living space. The gourmet kitchen is a chef’s delight, featuring state-of-the-art appliances, ample counter space and a functional island for casual dining or food preparation. Large windows along the back of the home showcase panoramic views of the 1.14 acre backyard decorated with numerous live oaks, bringing the outdoors in and creating a serene and relaxing environment. The first floor primary suite is a true sanctuary, complete with a spa-like ensuite bathroom and his & her walk in-closets. Two additional generously sized bedrooms are located across the home on the first floor, each with an accompanying en suite bathroom. Upstairs, you’ll find the 4th bedroom with it’s own private bath. Step outside to discover a private backyard haven made for relaxation and entertainment. From the Italian stone floors, to the French antique doors leading to the primary and study, this home exudes charm and personality. The perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and modern amenities, making it an idyllic retreat for those who appreciate the finer things in life. MLS# 1644473

435, 455 Walker Rd • Prime development site for up to 216 units | $4,295,000

Prime 18.21+/- acre tract on Golden Isles Parkway. Within one mile of I-95, Exit 38. Zoning: Planned Development Text allowing for 216 total units - multi-family, townhome, duplex, and/or single-family. 5.74 acres allows for up to 16 units per acre,12.47 acres allows for up to 10 units per acre. Environmental and Geo-technical reports available. Public utilities available. 1,000' of frontage on Golden Isles Parkway, High Traffic counts with 28,000 ± day. MLS# 1639387

105 Reserve Ln, Saint Simons Island | 3BR, 2.5BA Island Townhome | $569,900

Conveniently located on the South end of St. Simons, this immaculately kept townhome has only had ONE OWNER since it was built in 2013 and has never been in a rental pool! Move-in ready with a screened-in back patio, it's the perfect beach getaway conveniently located to shopping, restaurants and a short bike ride to the beach. Downstairs you'll find an open concept floor plan with a fully equipped kitchen, ample pantry, half bath, dining area and living space that flows seamlessly to the screened- in back patio. All 3 bedrooms are located upstairs. The primary suite features a tray ceiling, walk-in closet, owners closet and an ensuite bath equipped with a double vanity with marble counters, a walk-in shower and a relaxing soaker tub. Just down the hallway are the other two spacious bedrooms that share the second bathroom. New HVAC, new carpet, new refrigerator, new microwave and new wood-look tile downstairs. With a one-car garage and storage galore, this is a perfect low maintenance primary residence, income-producing short term investment property, FLETC rental, or a fun vacation home! *NO RENTAL RESTRICTIONS* You don't want to miss this one! MLS #1645887

1612 Newcastle Street, Suite 223 • Brunswick, GA 31520 • 912.571.9092 • situsgeorgia.com
Betsy Polhill 912.269.1690 Carla Jernigan 912.266.3111 Brooke Ackerman 912.230.1483 Charlene James 912.634.9995 Shannon Stafford 912.638.5843 CeCe Gandy 404.797.4373 Christina Judd Clarke 912.399.2267 Kay Love 912.230.3253 Margaret Maestas 912.250.6677 Nancy Mickelson 281.961.9056 Mary Jo Prater 912.223.2283 Janice Morgan 912.580.1833 Diana Fisher 912.399.9910 Ruth Heyward Beall 912.269.5596 Zaida Clay Harris 912.258.1089 Kelsi Brooks 832.279.7344 Paula Monthofer 928.853.9770 Rick Irwin 912.571.7019 Top Producing Agent Margaret Anne Proctor 912.222.6629 @SignaturePropertiesGroup @signaturepropertiesgroupssi Top Listing Agent Cynthia Brown 662.694.9235 Kelli Osteen 912.270.2505 1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com Katy Harris 912.223.3496 Rachel Marascalco 770.316.2349 Top Selling Agent Cynthia Brown 662.694.9235 Marcia Beauchamp Irwin 678.361.8835 Joan Lewis 912.258.5841 Lynne Emery 912.399.1000 Sandra Branch 912.269.1129
1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com 134 Dekan Ave | Brunswick 3BR, 2BA. Comfort & Style. $355,000. Sandra Branch.912-269-1129. 205 Palmetto Street | St. Simons 3BR, 2BA. Renovated Cape Cod style $530,000. Rachel Marascalco. 770-316-2349. 2311 Ocean Road | St. Simons 5BR, 4.5BA. Waterfront Oasis. $2,795,000. CeCe Gandy. 404-797-4373. 132 Montrose | St. Simons 4BR, 5.5BA. New construction home in Hampton Plantation. $949,900. Margaret Anne Proctor. 912-222-6629. 379 Oak Grove Isl. Dr. | Brunswick 4BR, 3.5BA. Immaculate home on Golf Course. $599,900. Cynthia Brown. 662-694-9235. 350 Brockinton Marsh | St. Simons 2BR, 2BA. A Charming Coastal Retreat. $409,900. Sandra Branch. 912-269-1129. 406 Yacht Club Lane | St. Simons 5BR, 5BA. Your Slice of Heaven. $2,100,000. Call Any Signature Agent. 605 Brickyard Lane | St. Simons 6BR, 4BA. 4640 sq ft home with pool. $1,375,000. Lynne Emery. 912-399-1000. 1104 River Club Drive | Sea Island 4BR, 4BA. Rare Offering. Black Banks River. $3,795,000. Brad Randall. 912-270-8556. Lot 80 La Sole Lane $110,000. Call Kay Love Warren Moody Road $15,000. Call Cynthia Brown Lot 42 Lazy Eight $45,000. Call Ruth Beall Grey Hawk Drive $40,000. Call Kelsi Brooks Lot 28 Egret Court $29,000. Call Sandra Branch Whisper Ridge Loop $24,000. Call Kelsi Brooks 9 Turtle Dove Drive $19,000. Call Sandra Branch 104 Jones Creek Drive $399,000. Call Betsy Polhill or Sandra Branch Lots For Sale UnderContract UnderContract

cynthia Brown

aBR, GRi, mRP, SRS

License #205402

Cell: 662-694-9235


379 Oak Grove island dr, Brunswick Immaculate 4 or 5 BR home located in beautiful Oak Grove Island. You will be impressed with the natural slate front porch as well as the many views you have from the pond in the front to the golf course in the rear. Great features of this home includes a spacious family room with a reading nook and built-in bookshelves, new flooring and a gas log fireplace with a blower. The kitchen has had a ton of updates to include new refrigerator, designer granite counters, breakfast bar, new electric cook top, low profile slim microwave, and stainless dishwasher. The 15' X 17' primary bedroom has engineered hwd flooring with a huge walk-in closet. There is also a smaller closet tucked away for more personal items. The upstairs has a bedroom that overlooks the golf course and bonus room that overlooks the pond in the front of the home. This home has more upgraded features that you can appreciate. $599,900.

2311 Ocean ROad, St SimOnS iSland Introducing your waterfront oasis! Nestled at the coveted tip of East Beach, this exquisite 5BR, 4.5BA residence is a masterpiece of coastal living. Enjoy a saltwater pool overlooking the tranquil marshlands, offering a serene retreat right in your backyard. But that's not all – this remarkable property boasts not one, but two floating docks, providing ample space for up to four boats. Step inside to discover a beautiful and spacious family home. The large master suite offers a pocket view of Gould's Inlet, allowing you to wake up to a breathtaking view of the ocean. With four additional bedrooms and well-appointed bathrooms, there's plenty of space for family and guests to relax and unwind. Outside, spend your days lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun at the beach, or embark on a boating adventure right from your doorstep. $2,795,000 UnderContract

1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522 | 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com Signature
| 912.634.9995 | signaturepropertiesgroup.com Signature PROPERTIE S GROUP cece Gandy RealtOR Cell: 404.797.4373 cecegandyrealestate@gmail.com
1709 Frederica Road SSI, GA 31522
SignatureRentalSSI.com 1709 Frederica Road, Saint Simons Island, GA 31522 PRoPERTIES GRouP Shannon Stafford 912.638.5843 Property Management & Rentals SignatureRentalSSI@gmail.com Accommodation Excise Tax Cert #111768 We manage each property as if it were our own! Signature Vacation Rentals • Long-term Rentals • Property Management


414 HAWKINS ISLAND DR Saint Simons Island | 5 BR | 5.5 BA | Estate Lot on a Peninsula | $5,750.000

Stellar views of the Frederica River and the Marshes of Glynn greet you throughout this elegant, coastal architectural gem. Exquisite details continue in the interiors with stone, hwd and marble floors and intricate millwork including deep crown moldings, wainscoting, and custom cabinetry. Coral stone front steps escort you to an entry stair hall, and eyes are immediately drawn to the view of the elegant terrace and pool courtyard with golden marshes and the sparkling river in the distance. A screened porch has a summer kitchen that includes a built-in grill, cooktop, ice maker, dishwasher and refrigerator. The terrace and pool court incorporate coral stone and feature a heated, saline pool, a cabana, hot tub and fire pit. Listed by Ann Harrell 912.222.4002


Saint Simons Island | 4 BR | 3.5 BA | Lake and Marsh Views $1,995,000

This immaculate and excellently designed home is ready for you! It's hard to say which is the better view, the Lake on the front side of the home or the breathtaking views of the marsh from the very large back lanai. Wide open great room with 11ft ceilings. Endless marsh views across to the King and Prince Golf Course and across the pool and fire pit below. The nature hammock behind the home is in a conservation trust. The saline pool is heated and has an automatic cover. The second level of the home can be accessed via the custom staircase or elevator. Hickory engineered flooring throughout. At just over 4400SF, this home lives very conveniently. There is a conditioned art studio (mini split) not included in this square footage on the first floor. Listed by Susan Imhoff 912.222.5686

DeLoachSIR.com |
912.638.0406 | 2901 Frederica Rd | St. Simons Island, GA ©2024 DeLoach Sotheby’s
Realty. All rights reserved.

102 PINE TREE Saint Simons

Island | 4 BR | 4.5 BA | Single Level

Living in the Island Club $1,869,000

This exquisite property is located in the coveted Island Club, offering beautiful spaces on one single level, bright, renovated in the last 2 years, with a gorgeous pool. The impressive primary suite is welcoming you with a generous space and walk in closet, the two areas of the living room bring to light the coastal Southern charm touch and a tabby accent wall with fireplace, gourmet kitchen, a sunroom and many details which will make you fall in love with this home. All the mechanics such as roof, HVAC, tankless water heaters, etc. have been installed in the last 2-3 years. Showings will start soon. We are doing the best we can to have this home ready for public viewings very soon and we thank you for your patience, you won't be disappointed! Listed by Nadia Johnson 912.771.9500

2027 SEA PALMS WEST DR Saint Simons Island | 3 BR | 2 BA | Marsh Lot,

Exquisite Gardens


Surrounded by a .81 acre garden landscape and palm trees, the front porch leads into a two-story living room centered around a fireplace, merging seamlessly with a screened porch and expansive deck. The spacious deck offers a constant breeze and unobstructed marsh views to the Sidney Lanier Bridge. Inside, the home’s design facilitates effortless entertaining, connecting a spacious living area to a kitchen and dining space that opens onto the porch. Outside, the gardens and pool are a treat to behold. Featured on the Cassina Garden Club garden tour twice, this property stands out for its meticulous design, integrating luxurious living with the beauty of its marsh front setting and gardens, ensuring a perfect place to live happily ever after.

Listed by Ann Harrell 9012.222.4002




414 HAWKINS ISLAND DR Hawkins Island 5BR | 5BA | 2HBA $5,750,000

Stellar views of the Frederica River and the Marshes of Glynn greet you throughout this elegant, coastal architectural gem. Designed by the award winning architectural firm, Harrison Design, and located on a 2.45 acre estate lot, the lovely, furnished home is sited on the peninsula portion of the lot ensuring optimal privacy and unobstructed vistas.Living, dining and a gourmet kitchen/keeping room have fabulous views and flow to a coral stone terrace and heated, saline pool, giving the home exceptional entertaining spaces. The primary bedroom has its own sitting area and screened porch which allow the owners to enjoy nature. The magnificent primary bath has heated marble floors. There are three guest suites upstairs with their own sitting area and screened porch along with a separate guest suite on the main level separated from the residence by a porch with summer kitchen.

217 FIVE POUNDS RD Shaws Bounty

3BR | 2.5BA | $809,900

Spacious rooms, quality construction and great bones on a large lot in a desirable St. Simon’s neighborhood make 217 Five Pounds an opportunity property! The 3BR/2.5BA one story tabby ranch has hardwood floors, spacious rooms and is well situated under old growth oak trees. A Florida room and large porch overlook the grounds and offer great spaces for al fresco entertaining.

1601 BRUCE DRIVE East Beach

3 or 4BR | 2.5BA | $1,625,000

This coastal haven nestled in East Beach has views to water over the historic Coast Guard Station. The raised coastal cottages interiors reflect coastal elegance with 9 ft. Ceilings and hickory floors. Recent enhancements include a new roof, an open kitchen layout with custom island, stainless appliances and new flooring. The spacious primary suite has excellent views. Come see this meticulous cottage!

2027 SEA PALMS W DR. Marsh Point

3BR | 2BA | $1,090,000

This raised cottage, with its emphasis on quality, is situated midst a garden landscape on a .81 acre marsh front lot with fabulous views. The two story living room with a central fireplace, dining area and kitchen flow to a spacious, screened porch that overlooks the pool, gardens and endless views. The large primary suite has a sitting area with a large window that has unobstructed views to the Lanier Bridge. This exquisite property has been on the Cassina Garden Tour twice.

316 FOREST OAKS Island Club

5BR | 5BA | 2HBA $2,250,000

Overlooking the 14th and 15th holes of the Retreat Golf Course, this Mediterranean home is stunning! The large sun splashed living, dining and family rooms flow out to a lovely terrace. Featuring wonderful windows, high ceilings, hwd and stone floors, architectural antiques and a chef’s kitchen, the home manifests quality. Clay tile roof and 3 car garage. Perfect island location close to the Village!

©2024 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.


Positioned in the heart of St. Simons Island's vibrant activity, this townhome within a quiet gated community offers unparalleled access to parks, beaches, restaurants, The Lighthouse, and St. Simons Pier, making it an ideal residence for soaking up the island life. Boasting excellent structure, it features hardwood floors and a spacious great room with a fireplace that seamlessly opens to an outdoor balcony overlooking a rare, shared fenced courtyard—perfect for entertaining or indulging in a spot of gardening, a luxury in townhome living. Exclusive amenities such as a community pool and a no short-term rental policy ensure a serene and secure living environment. $609,000


This 6000 SF brick marshfront home stands alone in its marketplace. Ready to be lived in and loved! The custom fireplace with 25 foot mahogany floor to ceiling wall covering is breathtaking! Gorgeous sunset views! New roof in 2018. Newer KitchenAid appliances with very large refrigerator/ freezer, double oven. There is so much storage!! In 2023 the swimming pool was changed to a saltwater pool.The pool bench seat extends the length of the pool under the spillover fountain. Inside features custom wood medallions, crown moldings and plantation shutters. 12 foot ceilings .$1,799,000


This immaculate and excellently designed 4BR, 3.5BA home is ready for you! It's hard to say which is the better view, the Lake on the front side of the home or the breathtaking views of the marsh from the very large back lanai. Wide open great room with 11ft ceilings. Endless marsh views across to the King and Prince Golf Course and across the pool and fire pit below. The nature hammock behind the home is in a conservation trust. The saline pool is heated and has an automatic cover. The second level of the home can be accessed via the custom staircase or elevator. Hickory engineered flooring throughout. At just over 4400SF, this home lives very conveniently. There is a conditioned art studio (mini split) not included in this square footage on the first floor. $1,995,000



Breathtaking deepwater lot with dock in the private Eagle Neck community. This three bedroom, two and a half bath marshfront home even has a wood buring fireplace. Many updates including a new roof, HVAC, and a new tankless water heater. You can access the Atlantic ocean and the Intercoastal from your own private dock. There is also room for an airplane hanger to access the private airstrip located right in the neighborhood! You wont want to leave this Southern escape and the great porch overlooking the marsh and the deep water vistas. Call Susan today to see this unique property. $899,000

©2024 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.



1107 GRAND VIEW DRIVE, Saint Simons Island, 3BR | 2BA | 1,742 sq. ft. | $549,000 Prepare to be amazed by this stunning first floor condo in the highly sought after Grand View complex. Recent updates which include wide plank flooring, custom interior decorator paint and trim, elegant crown molding, and Monte Carlo propeller ceiling fans in every room. The kitchen features upgraded appliances including double ovens and luxurious quartz countertops. The spacious living room opens to a screened in patio that offers a delightful view of the pool, with an additional entrance accessible from the primary bedroom.

115 MEADOWS DRIVE, Saint Simons Island, 3 BR | 2.5 BA | Island on a Lake | $1,050,000

This spectacularly unique property is a true one-of-a-kind island oasis! Situated on an island by itself, the contemporary house with soaring avian angles at once enchants and excites as you approach down the private drive. There is also a small connected island perfect for cookouts, a fire pit, or just sitting to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets. This is the island dream home you’ve longed for – and now it can be yours!

135 LEDBETTER Saint Simons Island

3BR | 2BA | 1,960 sq. ft. | $645,000

This charming home in Riverview offers some great upgrades! New LVP was installed throughout the home and the house got a new roof in 2022. The interior was completely repainted in 2023, and there is also a heated and cooled finished bonus room in the basement. Fruit trees and bushes adorn this unique property that you don’t want to miss out on!

221 LEAKE STREET Saint Simons Island

3BR | 3BA | 3041 sq. ft. | $985,000

This charming ranch home has been owned by the current family for 40 years and it is now time to bid it farewell. In a superb location, just a short stroll away from pickleball courts, parks, and the pier village, and approximately a mile away from local beach entrances. With a little tender loving care, you can transform this into your ideal island residence. It is an absolute "must-see"!

©2024 DeLoach Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved.
New custom construction homes built by Flanagan Development in this 23 home neighborhood located mid-south SSI, GA. www.GaCoastRealty.com • 912 - 638 - 1144 105 Main Street • Plantation Village • St. Simons Island, GA www.OysterGrove.com
Oyster Grove
Phase II Starting!

Celebrating Liberty with Flowers and Champagne

In March 1942, Brunswick became one of eighteen locations chosen by the U.S. Maritime Commission for building a new class of cargo ship known as the Liberty ship. The Brunswick Marine Construction Corporation broke ground on a new shipyard on the Brunswick River, which would be capable of assembling six ships simultaneously. The contract for the construction of Liberty ships was transferred to the J.A. Jones Construction Company in 1943, shortly before the first ship launched. Over the next two and a half years, the shipyard would launch 99 cargo vessels—85 Liberty ships and 14 small cargo ships called “Knot” ships.

The completion of each Liberty ship was marked by a celebration for workers and the wider community. At the time of launching, each ship was decorated with patriotic bunting, nautical flags, and a ceremonial name plate in the shape of an eagle. Shipyard workers and invited guests turned out rain or shine for a special ceremony, which often included notable speakers such as Georgia governor Ellis Arnall and Navy Admiral William Glassford. Each Liberty ship had a sponsor, who christened the vessel by breaking a commemorative champagne bottle on the bow, after which the ship slipped from its construction bay into the waters of the Brunswick River.

When sponsor Mrs. Glenn A. Fite christened the SS Johan Printz on September 18, 1944, her hometown newspaper, the Putnam County Herald, noted that she also received “the traditional bouquet of roses.” These flowers, presented to her by an employee of J.A. Jones’s Sheet Metal Department, were not the only floral arrangements present at ship launching events. Perhaps the most distinctive floral displays were constructed in the shapes of the Liberty ships themselves, complete with an American flag. These were created by the Tait Floral Company, a Brunswick family business that continued in operation long after the war.

The beautiful floral arrangements are captured in the accompanying photographs from the Coastal Georgia Historical Society archives. The photo at left was donated by Margaret Tait Ratcliffe (pictured with her young son Tait and an unidentified gentleman) whose father, C.S. Tait, Sr., established Tait Floral Company. The top photo shows Georgia Governor and Mrs. Ellis Arnall (left) with an unidentified guest and another one of the Liberty ship arrangements. This image is from the Harold J. Terhune Liberty Ships Photographic Collection donated by Merry and Bill Tipton.

Coastal Georgia Historical Society presents this article and images from our archives as part of our mission “to connect people to Coastal Georgia’s dynamic history.” The Society operates the iconic St. Simons Lighthouse Museum and the World War II Home Front Museum, housed in the Historic Coast Guard Station at East Beach. To learn more about the Society, its museums, diverse programs, and membership, please visit coastalgeorgiahistory.org.


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