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T H E S I P S O N I S L A N D E S TAT E O F DA N I E L W. D I E T R I C H I I T H U R S D AY, S E P T E M B E R 2 6 , 2 0 1 9 AT 6 P. M .

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Thursday, September 26, 2019 at 6 p.m.

Robert C. Eldred Co., Inc. Headquarters 1483 Route 6A P.O. Box 796 East Dennis, MA 02641 (508) 385-3116 fax: (508) 385-7201 MA License #155


A buyer’s premium will be added to all purchases. The buyer’s premium is 20% of the final bid price up to and including $500,000, and 10% of the final bid price over $500,000.

Connecticut Office 5 Roosevelt Avenue Mystic, CT 06355 (860) 912-8169

Payment must be in the form of a check, money order or wire transfer. We accept all major credit cards for auction purchases provided the total bill is $5,000 or less and the credit card has a U.S. billing address. PayPal is not an accepted form of payment.

info@eldreds.com w w w.e ldre ds .c om


At our headquarters, Thursday, September 26 at 6 p.m.


Wednesday, September 25 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. And Thursday, September 26 starting at 10 a.m.

Bidders holding a valid Massachusetts or out-of-state resale number must provide the certificate or a copy thereof when registering or otherwise will be required to pay 6.25% Massachusetts sales tax on purchases. Items picked up in our Mystic office or shipped to Connecticut are subject to 6.35% Connecticut sales tax. Items shipped to New York or North Carolina are subject to state sales tax, plus any applicable local sales taxes. Other state and local taxes may also be applicable.

Important notices Absentee and Telephone Bidding

Please use the bid form found at the back of this catalog, visit our website, or phone 508-385-3116 to make arrangements for absentee and telephone bidding.

Online Bidding

This auction will be held simultaneously online at www.invaluable.com and www.eldreds.com. The buyer’s premium is 25% for purchases bought online via Invaluable or Eldred’s Infinite Bidding. Prospective bidders must register and be approved prior to bidding.

Prospective bidders should satisfy themselves by personal inspection as to the condition of each lot. It is the bidder’s responsibility to obtain a condition report, by either visiting our website or contacting us. Although condition reports may be given on request, such reports are statements of opinion only. The absence of a condition report does not imply the property is in good condition. Regardless of whether or not a condition report is given, all property is sold subject to Item 1 of our Conditions of Sale, which provides that all property is sold as is. All dimensions and weights are approximate.

See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com


S TA F F D I R E C TO R Y Antiques & Fine Art Specialists

Production & Administrative Staff

Joshua F. Eldred President Head of American and European Paintings jeldred@eldreds.com

Mary Ann Giddings Eldred Appraisal and Mailing List Director maeldred@eldreds.com

John H. Schofield President Emeritus Asian Arts johns@eldreds.com Susan M. Schofield Treasurer The Prints of Paul Jacoulet sue@eldreds.com William Bourne Vice President Head of Americana and Maritime Arts bill@eldreds.com Eric S. Mulak Assistant Vice President Head of Sporting Antiques, Folk Art & Collectibles Consignment Manager eric@eldreds.com Leah S. Kingman Head of European Decorative Arts lkingman@eldreds.com Glen Krawczyk Head of Oriental Rugs glen@eldreds.com Anne G. Lajoie Asian Arts Condition Reports annie@eldreds.com

Wendy A. Dunford Assistant Treasurer wendy@eldreds.com Devyn Henry Administrative Assistant dhenry@eldreds.com Kristin Kiley Client Services Manager/Shipping kkiley@eldreds.com Jessica Lambert Assistant Head of Photography, Website Administrator, Condition Reports jlambert@eldreds.com Kristyn Mills Head of Photography kmills@eldreds.com Madison Morris Assistant Photographer & Digital Image Editor mmorris@eldreds.com Kathleen Morse Auction Coordinator kmorse@eldreds.com Tanya Sargent Administrative Assistant tsargent@eldreds.com Caleb G. Seaver Shipping cseaver@eldreds.com Cheryl Stewart Head of Marketing Catalog Layout and Design cheryl@eldreds.com

Jennifer Lacker Mystic Representative

Sarah Eldred Taylor Head of Human Resources sarah@eldreds.com

Gregg Dietrich Senior Consultant and Specialist Mary M. Kuhrtz, Barbara H. Cleary and Christine Leofanti Gallery Assistants



twitter.com/eldreds pinterest.com/eldredsauction See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com



PETER HUNT Massachusetts, 1896-1967 Pair of stools painted dark and light blue, with shells on tops and shooting stars on sides. Signed on tops “Ovince 37”. Heights 16” and 18”. Tops 11.5” x 24”. 300/500


UNIQUE TWO-DOOR CABINET BY STEVE WHITTLESEY Cape Cod, Contemporary Made from reclaimed wood. Trapezoidal case with curved pediment topped with old lathe. Two doors with a unique hinge system open to reveal a blue painted interior fitted with four shelves. Marked “SW” on right side. Height 68”. Width 36”. Depth 15”. 300/500







THREE DECORATIVE MIRRORS 20th Century 1) Attributed to Steve Whittlesey (Cape Cod, Contemporary). In the form of an elongated figure in a top hat. Signed “SW” on reverse. Height 62.5”. Width 11.5”. Depth 3”. 2) Architectural mirror with arched pediment, scalloped apron, three baluster-form columns and three duck heads. Height 30.5”. Width 49.5”. Depth 5.5”. 3) Arrangement of geometric shapes surrounds mirror glass. Height 29”. Width 21”. Depth 2.75”. 200/300 LARGE TWO-DOOR CABINET ATTRIBUTED TO THE WEST BARNSTABLE TABLES Cape Cod, Contemporary Under multicolor paint. Two doors of differing widths open to reveal six interior shelves. Height 83.25”. Width 40”. Depth 14.25”. 400/600 WHIMSICAL ONE-DOOR CABINET BY STEVE WHITTLESEY Cape Cod, Contemporary Made from painted reclaimed wood. Shaped upper molding. Shaped door encloses four interior shelves. Signed on right “SW”. Height 69.5”. Width 34”. Depth 14.5”. 300/500 RECLAIMED WOOD TWO-PART HUTCH BY STEVE WHITTLESEY Cape Cod, Contemporary Painted in a green and white wash. Upper case with paneled door enclosing three interior shelves. Lower case with two doors enclosing two interior shelves. Signed on right “SW”. Height 76.5”. With 44”. Depth 13”. 300/500 WHIMSICAL CABINET BY STEVE WHITTLESEY Cape Cod, Contemporary Made from reclaimed wood. Single door reveals a blue-painted interior fitted with shelves. Stamped “SW” on right. Height 102”. Width 13”. Depth 14”. 500/700 WEST BARNSTABLE TABLES DINING TABLE BY DICK KIUSALAS Cape Cod, Contemporary Made from reclaimed pine boards with remnants of old paint. Height 30”. Length 90”. Width 42”. 800/1,200


WEST BARNSTABLE TABLES TRESTLE TABLE BY DICK KIUSALAS Cape Cod, 2007 In pine. Signed and dated under top “Kiusalas 07”. Height 29”. Length 84”. Width 35”. 800/1,200


UNUSUAL TABLE MADE FROM RECLAIMED WOODS American, Contemporary Inset top painted green. Height 29.5”. Length 62”. Width 21.5”. 200/300


ROSALIE AND TOM NADEAU Massachusetts, Contemporary Five assorted pottery fish platters: four flounder and one bluefish. Each signed on underside. Bluefish with chipped fin. Lengths from 12.5” to 22”. 200/400


HIGHLAND LIGHT CAST IRON DOORSTOP Traces of original white paint. Height 8”. Length 9”. 100/200


FOUR ELEPHANT-THEMED ITEMS 1) “Jumbo” glass bottle. Height 13.75”. 2) Painted cast iron elephant doorstop. Unmarked. Length 8”. 3) Cast iron elephant figure with traces of old metallic paint. Unmarked. Length 6”. 4) Vintage elephant-form Indian wood top on wheels with hidden compartment. Unmarked. Length 8”. 100/200


HAND-PAINTED SIGN “SUN DIAL HOUSE” 20th Century With black lettering above an image of a sundial in a flower garden. “Sun Dial House” is the name of one of the guest houses on Sipson Island. 37” x 24”. 200/300


PAINTED WOOD “SUMMER” SIGN AND BRASS “GREAT ISLAND” STENCIL Sign with serrated edges. Length 18”. Stencil in two parts, one with “Great” and the other with “Island”. Largest length 9”. 150/250


OIL ON CANVAS “HOUSE FOR RENT” SIGN Early 20th Century With black lettering on a white ground. Molded wooden frame painted white. Height 9”. Length 30”. 80/120


BOAT-FORM PINE FISH TRAP Early 20th Century 200/300


WOODEN FISH FLOAT 20th Century With traces of old paint. Mounted on a cast iron stand. Height on stand 21”. Length 38”. Depth 8”. 150/250


NINE CAST IRON EEL SPEARS Lengths from 7” to 59”.

See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com

20th Century 250/350



MOUNTED EEL SPEAR AND A LEAD FISH LURE 19th Century Spear height 16”. 100/200


COPPER SAILBOAT WEATHER VANE 20th Century With a gaff-rigged mainsail, a fore-and-aft rigged jib, and two deckhouses. Height 36”. Length 37”. 700/1,000


APPROX. THIRTY-TWO FISH DECOYS 20th Century Together with five primitive carved wooden toy boats. All contained within a handled splintwork gathering basket. Decoy lengths from 4” to 13”. Boat lengths from 4” to 11.5”. Basket diameter 24”. 400/600


PAINTED TIN BANNER WEATHER VANE Early 20th Century Pointer in a stylized goose head form. Tail with a white cross on a red ground. Height 31”. Length 37”. 700/1,000


TWO PAINTED WOOD SIGNS IN THE FORM OF MINNOWS 20th Century Both with “Minnows” painted on each side. Lengths 49” and 50”. 500/700


COPPER GRASSHOPPER WEATHER VANE Late 20th Century With inset glass eye. Length 26”. 200/300


IRON WEATHER VANE IN THE FORM OF CATTLE UNDER A TREE Early 20th Century Height 30”. Width 34.5” 300/500


PROVINCETOWN SCHOOL Contemporary Pilgrim Monument seen through dune grass. Monogrammed lower right “AGT”. Pastel on paper, 11” x 15”. Framed 16” x 20”. 200/300


LULA BELLE FINLAY Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 20th Century Still life of fruit and houseplants. Signed and dated lower right “Lula Belle 74”. Lula Belle and her husband, Arthur, a master builder, owned the adjacent Little Sipson Island. Oil on canvas, 22” x 32”. Framed 26” x 36”. 150/250


LULA BELLE FINLAY Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 20th Century Still life of eggs. Signed lower right “Lula Belle ‘74”. Lula Belle and her husband, Arthur, a master builder, owned the adjacent Little Sipson Island. Oil on board, 18” x 32”. Framed 20.5” x 35”. 150/250


BOSTON SCHOOL Late 19th Century “Charlestown Mass. From the Fitchburg Depot”. Unsigned. Titled upper center. Graphite and watercolor on three sheets of lined paper, 7.25” x 29.25” sight. Framed 14.5” x 24”. 200/300


SHERMAN DENTON Washington, D.C./New York/Massachusetts, 1856-1907 Two chromolithographs depicting American lobsters, circa 1895-1909, taken from the New York State Fisheries, Game and Forest Commission, 1899. Includes “Male upper side” and “Under side of Egg-bearing Female”. Both 7.5” x 12” sight. Framed 14” x 19”. 100/200


MEZZOTINT “PIRATES DECOYING A MERCHANT” 19th Century Depicts a violinist distracting a ship’s crew while pirates plunder. 25” x 32” sight. Framed 33.5” x 41.5”. 200/300



PAINTED WOOD PIKE American, Late 20th Century Signed and dated verso “Joe Lee Davidson 6-89”. Length 65”. 200/300


CAST CEMENT PLAQUE DEPICTING A CATCH OF FISH 20th Century Oval, height 21”. 100/200


JAPANESE BRONZE FIGURE OF A CRAYFISH Late Meiji Period Unmarked. Length 9”. 250/350


PAINTED WOOD RUDDER Under old green paint. Height 27.5”.


CARVED WOODEN WHALE PLAQUE Mid-20th Century Scattered with nail holes. Underside with vertical sheet metal band with drilled holes. Unmarked. Length 18.5”. 100/200


SAILOR’S WHIMSY 19th Century Carved wooden anchor and chain. Chain with medial puzzle ball and ends in a hand grasping a bucket. Length 166”. 500/800

Early 20th Century 100/200


FOLK ART MODEL OF A CARGO SHIP 20th Century Red hull with tan stripe and a black skeg. Length 47”. 300/500


WILNER ETHEART Haitian, 20th Century Pierced steel sculpture of a crab. Signed lower center “Wilner Etheart”. Height 19”. Width 18”. 200/300


FOLK ART METAL FISH SILHOUETTE Early 20th Century Mounted on a metal base stamped “Wm. R. Hogg Asbury Park N.J.”. The William R. Hogg Company was founded in 1900 and still operates out of Asbury Park as a plumbing contractor. The stand and fish may be a later pairing. Height 14”. Length 19.5”. 200/300

See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com


LITHOGRAPH “THE DESTRUCTION OF THE U.S. BATTLESHIP MAINE” Early 20th Century On paper, 10.25” x 13.25” sight. Framed 17.5” x 20.5”. 50/100


AMERICAN SCHOOL Early 20th Century A catboat off the coast. Unsigned. Oil on canvas, 13” x 15”. Unframed. 200/300








FOLK ART SHADOW BOX DIORAMA OF SHIPS IN TROPICAL WATERS Early 20th Century Depicts a large three-masted ship and a smaller tug and sailboat by an island with building, lighthouse and tropical trees. Height 17”. Width 24”. Depth 9”. 300/500 SHADOW BOX MODEL OF A FULL-RIGGED SHIP 20th Century Painted background. Height 12”. Width 21”. Depth 3”. 150/250 AMERICAN SCHOOL Early 20th Century Three-dimensional sailing ship and a distant lighthouse. Unsigned. Oil on board, 12” x 16”. Framed 18.5” x 22.5”. 200/300 AMERICAN SCHOOL Late 19th Century Wonderful folk art-style work depicting a ship in distress. The ship appears to be nearing a rock formation, and the crew has raised the American flag upside down, signaling distress, and is in the process of evacuating in lifeboats. Unsigned. Aaron D. Shattuck stretcher keys. Oil on canvas, 26” x 38”. Framed 43” x 30”. 200/300 AMERICAN SCHOOL Late 19th/Early 20th Century A lighthouse in rolling waves. Unsigned. Housed in a unique ropework frame with A.D.S. frame keys. Oil on canvas, 24.5” sight diameter. Framed diameter 29”. 100/200 WRIGHT AERONAUTICAL CORPORATION PHOTOLITHOGRAPH “The Conqueror Of One Pole Attempts The Other: Commander Byrd, The Antarctic, 1929”. Copyright 1928. 14” x 12” sight. Matted and shrink-wrapped 21” x 18”. 100/200 “SOUTHERN CIRCUMPOLAR MAP FOR EACH MONTH IN THE YEAR” Published by F.J. Huntington, 1835, Hartford, Connecticut. Engraved by W.G. Evans, New York, under the direction of Elijah H. Burritt. Taken from Atlas, Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens. Constellations hand-touched in yellow, green and pink. 14” x 13” sight. Framed 20.75” x 19.5”. 200/300 Provenance: Purchased from the Philadelphia Print Shop. The shop’s description is affixed to the reverse.


SIX-BOARD PINE CHEST 19th Century Under old blue paint. Rope beckets at sides. Height 16”. Width 44.5”. Depth 16.5”. 100/200


TWO WALL MIRRORS Late 19th/Early 20th Century One with parquetry frame, 19” x 14.75”, and one with mahogany veneer frame, 14.25” x 12.25”. 100/200


WINDSOR-STYLE RUSH-SEAT SETTEE BY THE J.B. VAN SCIVER FURNITURE CO. Camden, New Jersey, Early 20th Century Retains maker’s label. Back height 40”. Seat height 18”. Width across arms 48.5”. Depth 18”. 200/300


UNUSUAL SET OF FOUR CARVED PINE PANELS SIMULATING CURTAINS 20th Century With faint traces of old paint. Heights 36”. Widths 18.25”. 100/200


PRIMITIVE PINE TABLE 20th Century Top with natural finish. Base painted green. Height 30”. Length 52”. Width 28”. 150/250


CARPENTER’S TOOL CHEST Early 20th Century In pine, under green and black paint. Height 16”. Width 37”. Depth 15”. 100/200


UNUSUAL FOLK ART TWO-TIER STAND American, Early 20th Century Under black paint. Legs, feet and other components composed of sewing spools. Height 27”. Top 15” x 15”. 100/200


WALL MIRROR WITH TIGER MAPLE FRAME Late 19th/Early 20th Century With beveled mirror plate. 25.75” x 31.75”. 200/300


UNUSUAL PINE BENCH 20th Century With traces of dark gray paint. Bootjack ends. Height 22”. Length 76”. Width 18.5”. 150/250


GREEN PAINTED TABLE 20th Century With circular top and turned legs. Height 27.5”. Diameter of top 34.5”. 150/250


PAIR OF ARCHITECTURAL COLUMNS 19th Century In pine under distressed white paint. Heights 52.5”. 250/350


PINE MANTEL WITH TRACES OF OLD PAINT 19th Century Used as a headboard in the Sipson Island “Jumbo House”. Height 57”. Width 61.5”. Depth 5.5”. 150/250


PINE BLANKET BOX 19th Century With remnants of grain-painted decoration. Height 18”. Width 38”. Depth 19”. 150/250

See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com



CLOSED-FACE CUPBOARD Probably American, Last Half of the 19th Century Under 20th Century blue paint. Two paneled doors enclose three adjustable shelves. Paneled sides. Height 69.5”. Width 56.5”. Depth 20.5”. 800/1,200


EMPIRE SIX-DRAWER CHEST American, Mid-19th Century In maple, with bird’s-eye maple drawer fronts. Two protruding half drawers and a full-width drawer over three full-width drawers. Turned legs. Drawers fitted with wooden pulls. Height 48.5”. Width 45”. Depth 21”. 300/500



THREE PIECES OF BAMBOO FURNITURE 20th Century 1) Stand. Height 31”. Length 20.5”. Width 20.5”. 2) Hanging wall shelf. Height 30”. Width 19.5”. Depth 7”. 3) Stool. Height 25”. Length 21”. Width 17.5”. 150/250


PAIR OF EMPIRE-STYLE TWIN HEADBOARDS WITH CARVED SWAN’S HEADS 20th Century In tiger maple. No footboards or rails. Heights 40.5”. Widths between bolt holes 38.5”. 200/300


TWO AMERICAN INDIAN WOVEN BASKETS Probably Northwest Coast, Early 20th Century Both with bands of purple geometric decoration. Heights 7”. Diameters 7.5”. 500/700


TWO AMERICAN INDIAN WOVEN BASKETRY ITEMS Early 20th Century A circular tray with raised rim, diameter 12”, and an oval covered box, length 5”, both with triangle designs. 200/300




EASTLAKE VICTORIAN COMMODE Late 19th Century In bird’s-eye maple, with a small geometric brown painted design throughout. Single drawer, simulating two, above a stack of two drawers and a paneled cupboard door enclosing a single interior shelf. Height 32”. Width 32”. Depth 20”. 200/300

PIMA AMERICAN INDIAN WOVEN BASKET Early 20th Century With duck-wing decoration. Diameter 9.75”. 300/400 POMO AMERICAN INDIAN WOVEN BASKET California, Early 20th Century With design of clusters of diamonds. Diameter 10.75”. 200/300


WASHOE AMERICAN INDIAN WOVEN BASKET Early 20th Century Ovoid, with leaf-like design. Diameter 6.25”. 200/300


SALISH AMERICAN INDIAN WOVEN BASKET Montana, Early 20th Century Conical, with geometric designs. Diameter 8.75”. 300/400


APACHE AMERICAN INDIAN WOVEN BASKET Early 20th Century With flower, diamond and cross designs. Diameter 12”. 300/400


APACHE AMERICAN INDIAN WOVEN BASKET Early 20th Century With geometric designs. Diameter 15”. 500/700


HUPA AMERICAN INDIAN WOVEN HAT BASKET California, Early 20th Century Hemispherical, with a geometric band. Original paper label attached marked “Hupa, Near Trinity River, Cal.” Diameter 6.5”. 250/350


AMERICAN INDIAN WOVEN BASKET California, Early 20th Century Ovoid, with decorative band along shoulder. Diameter 6.75”. 200/300


HOOKED RUG BY MCADOO RUGS North Bennington, Vermont, Late 20th Century Depicts eiders. McAdoo label verso. 36.5” x 54.5”. 200/300


THREE ORIENTAL RUGS RECREATING THE PANTONE COLOR CHART 4’0” x 5’10”, 1’3” x 1’7” and 1’4” x 1’4” Multicolored numbered squares, some of which have been playfully annotated/edited in ink. Largest with label indicating it was handwoven in Turkey by Woven Legends. 400/600


FOUR ORIENTAL RUG THROW PILLOWS Early to Mid-20th Century Made from three Belouch rugs and one Hamadan, all in shades of rust red, dark blue, brown and ivory. All reverse to velvet. From 10” x 13” to 12” x 15”. 100/200


LARGE TEKKE BOKHARA RUG FRAGMENT THROW PILLOW 19th/20th Century In shades of faded madder root red, salmon pink, navy blue and ivory. Reverses to tan faux suede. 26” x 25”. 80/120


FOUR KILIM THROW PILLOW COVERS Contemporary Red and white fields with dark brown, faded gold, gray, subtle green and ivory stylized elements. All reverse to ivory twill. Includes pillow inserts. Retailed by Pottery Barn. All approx. 15” x 16”. 100/200


SEVEN FLATWOVEN RUG THROW PILLOWS Second Half of the 20th Century Four larger made from kilims in shades of red, brown, tan, gray, pink, aqua, bright orange and ivory. Two of the smaller pillows are probably made from an American Indian rug in a red, brown, orange, ivory and aqua striped and geometric design. All reverse to velvet. From 7” x 15” to 17” x 18”. 100/200

See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com


SIXTEEN ASSORTED DUCK DECOYS 20th Century 1) Rare pintail hen by the Dodge Decoy Factory. 2) Massachusetts canvas-covered scoter. 3-4) Two New Jersey black ducks. 5-6) Two cork-bodied bluebills. 7) Primitive Long Island goldeneye. 8-10) Three primitive mergansers. 11) Virginia merganser drake. 12) Freshwater coot. 13) Chesapeake Bay bluebill. 14) Primitive scoter. 15) Primitive freshwater coot. 16) Decoy stamped “J.H. Jones”. Lengths from 12” to 21”. All as-is. 500/800


THREE GRADUATED TERRA COTTA BOWLS Contemporary Conical, with verdigris-colored glaze and impressed basketweave design. Unmarked. Diameters from 15.5” to 21”. 100/150


CAST IRON GARDEN GATE Late 19th/Early 20th Century Depicts a standing female figure. 200/300


PINE BLANKET CHEST WITH REMNANTS OF OLD PAINT Late 19th/Early 20th Century Height 16”. Width 34”. Depth 14.5”. 200/300


SIX SHOREBIRD DECOYS Late 19th/Early 20th Century A Mark McNair robin snipe, a golden plover flattie, two tin yellowlegs and two plovers. All with gunning wear. Lengths from 9” to 12”. 700/1,000


HEPPLEWHITE WING CHAIR 19th Century With floral needlework upholstery. Square legs joined with stretcher. Back height 44”. Seat height including cushion 20”. 500/700





CARVED AND PAINTED SCULPTURE OF A DEER HEAD 20th Century Wood head with antlers. Height 25”. Length 36”. 150/250

PINE CHEST WITH BECKET CLEATS American, 19th Century With traces of white paint. Height 24”. Width 44.5”. Depth 23.5”. 100/200


EIGHT CANES 19th and 20th Century Two vertebrae canes, a whalebone cane, two wooden canes with serpent motifs, an octagonal cane with inlay and carved ball handle, and two banded canes. Lengths approx. 35”. 300/500

RECLAIMED PINE DROP-LEAF TABLE Contemporary With multi-board top and shaped legs. Height 39”. Length 46.25”. Width 29”. 150/250


PINE COLLECTOR’S CABINET 19th Century Central single door, simulating two, with a single drawer above and three below, flanked on each side by eight small drawers. Height 25”. Width 24”. Depth 3.5”. 200/300



PRIMITIVE PAINTED PINE MAIL HOLDER Early to Mid-20th Century Under old gray paint. Two compartments, upper with applied diamond-shaped mirror. Height 15”. Width 14”. Depth 4.5”. 200/300


SMALL PINE BENCH 20th Century With traces of old paint. Height 17.25”. Length 37.5”. Width 13”. 100/200


DEMILUNE TABLE WITH TURNED LEGS Contemporary Painted black. Height 32.5”. Width 53”. Depth 26.5”. 150/250


FIVE TRAMP ART MIRRORS Early 20th Century and Later 1) Painted black and silver. Dated 1935. Inscribed “F. Krebs Zum Andenken”. 13” x 11”. 2) With double-steeple pediment and grain-painted decoration. 14” x 7.5”. 3) With raised pyramids. 14.5” x 12.25”. 4) Painted green with red and yellow dots. 13.5” x 9”. 5) With crossed-corners. 14.5” x 12.5”. 100/200







20th Century 100/200


GREEK TRAVELING ICON DIPTYCH Early 20th Century Depicting a priest saint and Storm on the Sea of Galilee. Housed in a silver-tone case. Height 5”. 300/500 NORWEGIAN BURLWOOD ALE DIPPER 19th Century or Earlier Tapered bowl incised with overlapping circles. Large cut-out handle. Length 12.5”. 150/250 TWO VICTORIAN QUILLWORK BOXES Late 19th Century Both with ebony frames and bands and dot inlay. Largest with fitted interior including an upper tray and covered compartments. Height 4”. Width 10.5”. Depth 7.5”. Other height 1.75”. Width 7.5”. Depth 4”. 200/300 FIVE ANTIQUE LIGNUM VITAE LAWN BOWLS Late 19th/Early 20th Century Two marked for makers in London and Glasgow. 150/250

See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com



SET OF PORTABLE STAIRS Early 20th Century Under green paint, with bird and flower designs. Gently curving stringer, possibly in the form of a bird’s head and neck, support four graduated steps. Height 32”. Width 17”. Depth 21”. 200/400


TWO WINDSOR ARMCHAIRS American, 18th/19th Century 1) Combback. Converted from a potty chair. Back height 45.75”. Seat height 17”. 2) Bowback with faint traces of old red paint. Back height 37.5”. Seat height 19”. 200/300


PRIMITIVE CHAISE LONGUE/TRUNK 19th Century In pine with a stripped natural finish. Seat lifts open to reveal an open storage compartment. Height 29.5”. Length 42.5”. Depth 17.75”. 200/300


BRACE-BACK WINDSOR SIDE CHAIR 18th Century Under an older repaint. Carved scrolled ears. Seat height 17.5”. 200/300



TWO ARMCHAIRS American, 19th Century 1) Ladderback with woven seat. Under blue paint. Back height 44.5”. Seat height 16.5”. 2) Chippendale-style with rush seat. Back height 41”. Seat height 15”. 200/300


WEATHERED PINE SERVER 20th Century With three side-by-side drawers and two smaller ones. Height 30”. Width 60”. Depth 18”. 200/300


ASSEMBLED SET OF FOUR D.R. DIMES BOWBACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIRS New Hampshire, Late 20th Century Very similar chairs with just slight variations. All branded on undersides “DR Dimes”. Back heights 40.5”. Seat heights 18”. 400/600




WEATHERED PINE TWO-PART STEP-BACK CUPBOARD Contemporary Upper case with two shelves. Lower case with two drawers over two paneled doors that enclose a single interior shelf. Height 76”. Width 46”. Depth 16.5”. 200/400

PAIR OF WINDSOR-STYLE SETTEES BY HUNT COUNTRY FURNITURE Wingdale, New York, Late 20th Century In pine. Back heights 33.5”. Seat heights 16.5”. Widths 44.5”. Depths 19”. 200/300 HIGHLY UNUSUAL CORNER MIRROR 20th Century In a hardwood, likely cedar. Height 33.5”. Extends 17.5” from each corner. 150/250


HUGH HENRY BRECKENRIDGE Pennsylvania/Massachusetts, 1870-1937 “The Mountain and its Lake”. Signed lower right “Breckenridge”. Signed “Hugh H. Breckenridge Fort Washington, Pa.” and titled verso. Oil on board, 11” x 13.5”. Framed 14” x 17”. 2,500/3,500


ATTRIBUTED TO NATHAN B. ROBERTS New York/Pennsylvania, Late 19th/Early 20th Century “Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth”, 1910. Signed and dated lower left “N.B. Roberts”. Titled lower right. Oil on board, 12.5” x 11.5”. Framed and glazed 14.25” x 13”. 1,500/2,000


RICHARD G. FISH Pennsylvania, 1925-2008 “Lighthouse”. Signed lower right. Further identified and titled on label verso for Kenmore Galleries, Inc., Philadelphia. Acrylic tempera on board, 9.5” x 5.5”. Framed 14.5” x 10.75”. 150/250


ST. JULIAN FISHBURNE New York, 1927-2011 “Chair with Coat”. Signed lower right. Identified on paper label for Kenmore Galleries, Inc., Philadelphia affixed to the reverse of the original frame backing. Pencil on paper, sheet size 11.25” x 15.25”. Unframed. 250/350


MARTHA ZELT Pennsylvania, b. 1930 “Drawing Over Brown Litho”. Signed lower right “5 - Zelt”. Titled on label verso for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts “Two Interior Worlds” 1972 exhibit. Drawing over litho, 7” x 8” sight. Framed 13” x 14”. 400/600


RICHARD J. WATSON Pennsylvania, b. 1946 Moonlit landscape. Signed lower right “R.J. Watson”. Artist’s gallery label verso. Oil on beveled panel, 8” x 11”. Framed 9” x 12”. 300/500


MARK CATESBY South Carolina/England, 1683-1749 Two hand-colored engravings from The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands ... published in London. Includes “Lacertus [&] Viscum” (T68) and “The Maho Tree” (Vol. 2, Pate 90). Each monogrammed in image. 13.75” x 10” to the plate line. Framed 23” x 19”. 500/700


MARK CATESBY South Carolina/England, 1683-1749 Three hand-colored engravings from The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands ... published in London. Includes “Cuniculus [&] Pittonia” (T79), “Phylanthos &c Remora” (T79) and “Cancer Arenarius [&] Lithophyton” (T36). Each monogrammed in image. Each 13.75” x 10” to the plate line. Framed 23” x 19”. 500/700

See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com


MARK CATESBY South Carolina/England, 1683-1749 Four hand-colored engravings featuring snakes. From The Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands ... published in London. Includes “The Glass Snake” (59), “The Brown Viper” (45), “The Coach-whip Snake” (54) and “Black Muray” (21). Each 15” x 11” sight. Framed 23” x 19”. 500/1,000


FOUR BOTANICAL BOOK PLATES FROM CURTIS’S BOTANICAL MAGAZINE 19th Century Plates N1898, N1941, N2245 and N2259. Each with corresponding text pages verso. 10.25” x 8.5” sight. Framed 18” x 16”. 250/350


SET OF SIX HAND-COLORED BOOK PLATE ENGRAVINGS OF MARINE LIFE 19th Century Each 4.5” x 7.6” sight. Framed 10” x 13”. 200/300


EDWARD BAYNARD New York/Washington, D.C., b. 1940 Three seascapes. All signed lower right “Ed Baynard”. Two dated 1971 and one dated 1972. Housed in lucite frames. Watercolors on paper, 18” x 24”. Framed 18.5” x 24.5”. 500/700


EDWARD BAYNARD New York/Washington, D.C., b. 1940 Two landscapes. Both signed and dated lower right “Ed. Baynard 1972”. Watercolors on paper, 12” x 16”. Framed 15” x 19”. 300/400


RICHARD BAKER Massachusetts/Rhode Island, b. 1959 Study of a knot. Dated and signed upper left “1993 R. Baker”. Watercolor on paper, 22” x 18”. Framed 32” x 26.5”. 200/300


RICHARD BAKER Massachusetts/Rhode Island, b. 1959 Two works on paper: 1) “Plastic squid, bit of rope, landscape”. Titled upper left. Signed and dated lower right “Baker 1994”. Label verso for UFO Gallery, Provincetown, Massachusetts. 2) Squid, artichoke heart, rope, rolled paper. Signed and dated lower right “R Baker ‘94”. Watercolors and ink on deckled-edge paper, 9” x 12”. Framed 18” x 21”. 400/600


VINTAGE WOLF CREEK HAND-CARVED AND PAINTED WOOD JONAH AND THE WHALE TOY Branded stamp on underside. Whale length 10.5”. 20/60


THREE PAINTED BOXES Early 20th Century 1) Painted green, with a sand dollar design on top. Height 8.5”. Width 20”. Depth 11”. 2) Painted green, with applied geometric design on top. Height 8”. Width 13”. Depth 8.25”. 3) Painted black, with a red and white star design on lid. Height 3.75”. Width 11”. Depth 5.25”. 300/500


TWO WOOD PUZZLE BALL CURIOSITIES Early 20th Century Carved as openwork towers with articulated spheres. Unmarked. Heights 23.5” and 9.5”. 150/250


FINE MARQUETRY INLAID LIFT-TOP BOX Early 20th Century Top with star flanked by initials. Interior with ditty box. Height 7”. Width 12”. Depth 8”. 200/300


EDWARD BAYNARD New York/Washington, D.C., b. 1940 “The Mound in the Sacred Grove ...”. Titled and personalized lower right. Housed in a lucite frame. Watercolor on paper, 41” x 26” sight. Framed 41.5” x 25.5”. 200/300


EDWARD BAYNARD New York/Washington, D.C., b. 1940 Sketch of a rock. Signed and dated lower right “Ed. Baynard 1970”. Graphite on paper, 5.5” x 7” sight. Framed 11.5” x 13”. 100/200


TWO CONNECTICUT STONEWARE ITEMS 19th Century A two-handled crock with cobalt blue highlights and impressed “D. Goodale Hartford”, height 16”, and a jug impressed “W. States” (Stonington), height 11.5”. 200/400


RICHARD BAKER Massachusetts/Rhode Island, b. 1959 Still life of four fish. Signed and dated verso “R. Baker 1991”. Oil on canvas, 14” x 12”. Unframed. 250/350 Provenance: Washburn Gallery, New York (label verso).


GREEN PAINTED PINE BOX Early 20th Century With “1856 & 7” in yellow on front. Height 12”. Width 23.5”. Depth 13”. 150/250


WROUGHT IRON BOOT SCRAPER IN THE FORM OF AN ANTELOPE 20th Century Height 11.5”. Length 14”. 100/200


SEVEN CEMENT BUDDHA HEADS Unmarked. Heights 3.5”.


TWO GRADUATED GREEN PAINTED PANTRY BOXES American, Late 19th Century Diameters 9.5” and 14.5”. 150/250


RICHARD BAKER Massachusetts/Rhode Island, b. 1959 Still life of fish. Signed and dated lower left “92 93 R. Baker”. Watercolor and collage on paper, 30” x 22”. Framed 40” x 31”. 300/500

See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com




LARGE CIRCULAR BREADBOARD 20th Century Under worn blue-gray paint. Length including handle 34”. Width 27”. 100/200


HAND-PAINTED DOUBLE TOMBSTONE-SHAPED PANEL 20th Century Painted with black Roman numerals I through X, likely symbolizing the Ten Commandments. Height 24”. 200/300



PAINTED TIN SIGN IN THE FORM OF A POCKET WATCH American, Early 20th Century Both sides with Roman and Arabic numeral clock dials and central “F.J. Hausner”. A November 1912 edition of the Cornell Countryman has an advertisment for “F.J. Hausner, Jeweler” at 205 E. State Street. Height 20”. Width 14”. Depth 3”. 150/250


PINE “CABLE CROSSING” SIGN Early 20th Century White painted lettering on a gray ground. 60” x 11.5”. 150/250


PAINTED WOOD CAMP SIGN IN THE FORM OF A FISH Circa 1966 “Indian-Village on Canandaigua Lake” in gold and red lettering. Fish painted green, with red lips. Canandaigua Lake is one of New York’s Finger Lakes. Dated near tail “July 66” and inscribed “Camp Site 84”. Length 29”. 150/250






DECORATIVE WOODEN WALL HANGING IN THE FORM OF A COG 20th Century Under black paint. Numbered “45-12-38” on wheel. Diameter 40”. 200/300

FOUR PAINTED WOODEN BOARDS 20th Century 1) Painted with a rotating South Pole and clock dial frame. Length 13.5”. 2) Stenciled “Woonsocket Rubber Co. Men’s Short Boots”. Height 16”. 3) Gray painted board labeled “Carl.” inside an arch numbered 1 through 26. Length 21.5”. 4) Double-sided game board with painted backgammon and checkers boards. Length 15”. 200/300 REPRODUCTION HAND-PAINTED DOUBLE-SIDED GAME BOARD 20th Century One side with polychrome stars. The other with a black and blue checkerboard bordered by stars. 17” x 16.5”. 200/300 TWO PAINTED GAME BOARDS Early 20th Century A framed checkerboard, 21” x 19”, and a folding backgammon/checkers board, folded height 3.5”. Width 15”. Depth 10”. 100/200 “ANABEL” PINBALL MACHINE BACKGLASS 20th Century Depicts colorful balls marked 1 through 6 and targets marked 1000 through 60,000. Framed 23” x 21.5”. 200/300


RUNNING ROOSTER CAROUSEL-STYLE FIGURE 20th Century Head is hinged, allowing it to fold back. Mounted on a rectangular wooden base. Height 51”. Length 44”. Width 14”. 300/500


FOUR METAL ITEMS Early 20th Century 1) Brass fish-form door knocker. Length 8”. 2) Early mouse house. Length 8”. 3) Carnival shooting target in the form of a ship. Length 9.5”. 4) Cast iron zeppelin toy. Length 5.75”. 200/300


TWO VINTAGE METAL STAMPS 1) Cast iron “Steam Boiler Wks” stamp. Length 31.5”. 2) Cold-painted “Genuine” stamp. Underside marked “Ajax.” Length 10”. 80/120


TRAMP ART NEWEL POST Early 20th Century In a tiered geometric form. Painted silver. Cigar box label on underside of base. Height 12.5”. Width 11.5”. Depth 11.5”. 150/250


KAREL DUJARDIN The Netherlands/Italy, 1622-1678 Study of two ram’s heads. Signed in the matrix lower right. Etching on paper, sheet size 3.5” x 6.25”. Framed 14.5” x 17.75”. 100/200


AMERICAN SCHOOL Late 19th Century “Steer’s Head”. Signed “F.S. Chipman” and titled verso. Housed in a bird’s-eye maple frame. Oil on canvas, 13” x 18.5”. Framed 17” x 23”. 200/300


AMERICAN SCHOOL Late 19th Century Three sporting dogs. Signed and dated lower right “M. Maydon. 1891” (signature untraced). Oil on canvas, 12” x 16”. Framed 16” x 20”. 150/250


AMERICAN SCHOOL Late 19th Century A puppy eyeing a beetle. Unsigned. Oil on canvas, 8” x 6”. Unframed. 150/250


AMERICAN SCHOOL Late 19th Century Still life of a candy dish, fan and glass of water. Signed and dated lower right “E. Watson 1899”. Oil on canvas, 11” x 18”. Framed 14” x 21”. 200/300


AMERICAN SCHOOL Late 19th Century Forest fire. Signed lower left “C. Reiss”. Oil on board, 12.25” x 16”. Framed 16” x 19.5”. 100/200

See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com


C.H. SHERMAN New York, Late 19th/Early 20th Century Rocky coastal scene with ships on the horizon. Signed and dated lower right “C.H. Sherman 1891”. Oil on canvas, 18” x 27”. Framed 22” x 31”. 500/700


ANN WILSON United States, b. 1931 “Seascape #3, 1971”. Titled and artist identified on label verso for Willard Gallery, New York City. Watercolor on paper, 9.5” diameter. Framed 17” x 17”. 100/200


VICTOR WILBOUR New York, 1862-1931 “The Tree of the Virgin” (Near Cairo). Signed lower right “V. Wilbour”. Titled verso. Oil on paper laid on board, 7” x 10”. Framed 7.25” x 10.25”. 100/200


BRUCE A. NORTH New York, b. 1940 “Small Footbridge, Prospect Park”. Signed lower left “B. North”. Titled on label verso for Far Gallery, New York. Watercolor on paper, 14.5” x 17.25”. Framed 12” x 20”. 200/300


AMERICAN SCHOOL Early 20th Century “Eggs for Sale”, a charming still life of an egg, feather and note inscribed “Eggs for Sale”. Unsigned. Oil on cardstock, 4.75” x 8”. Unframed. 200/300


AMERICAN SCHOOL Contemporary “The Blue of Distant Waters”. Signed illegibly lower right. Titled verso. Oil on canvas, 9” x 12”. Framed 15” x 18”. 100/200


AMERICAN SCHOOL 20th Century “Design for a Pedestal”. No signature found. Titled upper right. Watercolor and pen on paper, 12” x 17”. Framed 16” x 21”. 100/200


ATTRIBUTED TO ROBERT KIPNISS New York, b. 1931 Landscape. Inscribed on stretcher “ptg by Kipniss” and “#207”. Oil on canvas, 9” x 10”. Framed 10” x 11”. 400/600


CEES TROMP The Netherlands, 1899-1929 Still life of a coffeepot and cup. Signed upper left “Cees Tromp”. Dated 1925 upper right. Oil on canvas, 16” x 13”. Framed 18” x 15”. 300/500



WORLD WAR ONE-ERA ILLUSTRATION FOR THE AMERICAN AMBULANCE SERVICE American, Early 20th Century Depicts a nurse comforting an ailing soldier. Marked “Sunday June 3, 5PM Austin B. Mason of the American Ambulance Service Will Give His Trench Experiences. The Apollo Quartet Will Sing”. Signed lower left “M. Higgins”. The American Ambulance Service was a volunteer aid organization consisting primarily of young American college students assisting the French Army prior to the U.S. involvement in the war. Austin B. Mason was a 1908 graduate of Harvard College and a 1910 Graduate of M.I.T. Mixed media, 24” x 18” sight. Unframed. 100/200

BECKY YOUNG American, Contemporary “Nigreda” and “Rerformata”, two tonalist landscapes. Both signed lower left “Becky Young”. Titled on labels verso for Virginia Lynch Gallery, Tiverton, Rhode Island. Oils on canvas, 14” x 14” and 14” x 18”. Framed 15” x 15” and 15” x 19”. 200/300


NAOMI LIMONT United States, 20th Century “Armadillo”. Signed and dated in pencil lower right “Naomi Limont 1964”. Artist’s proof. Linocut, 23” x 19” sight. Framed 30” x 25”. 150/250


See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com



ADVICE TO BIDDERS 1. Carefully read the Conditions of Sale.

We require prompt payment and removal of your purchases as stated in Paragraph 12 of the Conditions of Sale.

2. Pre-sale estimates are provided by the auctioneers for the convenience of our customers. They are not meant to be taken as a guide to the value of an item, but as a guide to its expected selling price. Estimates are prepared well in advance of a sale and are subject to revision.

If you plan to pick up your purchases, please call ahead and we’ll make every effort to have your items ready.

3. Carefully examine any item that you might consider bidding on for any variation from the catalog description. If you are unfamiliar with auction procedure or terminology, or if you would like clarification of a catalog description, please ask for assistance from our staff. 4. If you wish to leave an Absentee Bid or request a Telephone Bid, please review the Absentee/Telephone Bid Procedure and complete the Bid Form. 5. A buyer’s premium will be added to the hammer price of all property sold, to be paid as part of the purchase price. The buyer’s premium is 20% of the final bid price up to and including $500,000, and 10% of the final bid price over $500,000. 6. Online bidding is available through Eldred’s Live! at www.eldreds.com, powered by Invaluable.com, with a 25% buyer’s premium. Prospective bidders must register and be approved prior to placing bids or bidding live online. 7. Eldred’s reserves the right to refuse to issue, or to revoke, bidding credentials, or to reject any bid, if deemed necessary and proper in its sole discretion, for the conduct of the auction process, and to insure fairness to consignors and other bidders.




We provide shipping services directly from our gallery for select merchandise including small items, small paintings and rugs. We do not ship glass items or items framed under glass. Our staff can assist with determining if your items qualify for in-house shipping. Shipments from our gallery may take four to six weeks from receipt of payment. You will be charged for the shipping or carrier fees, packing and handling fees, and required insurance. There is a minimum handling charge of $15.00 for all shipments. Depending on the carrier, insurance limits may exist (i.e., Federal Express will only insure up to $500). If we are unable to ship your items we will provide you a list of alternative shipping agents. Upon your approval we will transfer your items to your chosen shipping agent. We require seven to ten business days for your payment to clear our banking system before releasing purchases to your chosen shipping agent. Shipping estimates can be provided only AFTER we receive payment for your invoice.

BIDDING INCREMENTS $0-$49: $5 $50-$199: $10 $200-$499: $25 $500-$999: $50 $1,000-$2,999: $100 $3,000-$4,999: $250 $5,000-$9,999: $500 $10,000-$29,999: $1,000 $30,000-$49,999: $2,500 $50,000-$99,999: $5,000 $100,000 and above: $10,000 Above $300,000 at the auctioneer’s discretion

Please adhere to the above bidding increments. Eldred’s reserves the right to adjust absentee bids to the nearest increment below the bid.

See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com

CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. CORRECTNESS OF DESCRIPTION: Robert C. Eldred Co., Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Eldred’s) has exercised reasonable care to catalog and describe correctly the property to be sold, but neither Eldred’s nor its consignors warrant the correctness of description, attribution, authenticity, or condition of said property. No statements shall be deemed such a warranty or representation or an assumption of liability with respect thereto, but are to be construed as opinions only. Bidders are encouraged to personally examine all property to be sold prior to the beginning of the auction. 2. Unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer at the time of sale, all bids are per lot as numbered. 3. Eldred’s reserves the right to withdraw any property before the sale. 4. DETERMINATION OF HIGHEST BIDDER: The highest bidder accepted by the auctioneer shall be the buyer. In the event of any dispute between bidders, the auctioneer may determine who is the successful bidder or the auctioneer may re-offer the article in dispute and his decision shall be final. 5. REJECTION OF BIDS: The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any nominal raise or any bid or raise which, in his opinion, is not commensurate with the value of the article being offered. At his discretion, he may also reject any nominal raise or any bid that he may determine as having a detrimental effect on the item in question or the sale as a whole. Eldred’s may refuse to issue bidding privileges to any person not in good credit standing with Eldred’s, or to any person who is deemed by Eldred’s in its sole discretion, to be disruptive of or harmful to established auction practices, either before or after the acceptance of bids or the fall of the hammer. 6. TITLE: Except as herein otherwise provided, title will pass to the highest bidder as determined by the auctioneer, and the property is thereafter at the purchaser’s sole risk and responsibility. 7. PAYMENT: On title passing to the highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer, and subject to all the conditions set forth herein, such bidder will thereupon pay the full purchase price. Payment in full is due at the time of sale. Any bills not paid in full within 25 days of the date of the sale will accrue interest at a rate of 1.5% per month. In addition, the purchaser may be subject to one or more of the following actions: a) Any and all legal remedies available to Eldred’s and its consignors by law including without limitation the right to hold the purchaser liable for the total purchase price; b) Immediate cancellation of the sale, with Eldred’s retaining as liquidated damages all payments made by the purchaser; c) Resale of the property at public auction, wherein the original purchaser shall be liable for any deficiency, costs, and Eldred’s commission on both sales. At Eldred’s option, payment will not be deemed to have been made in full until Eldred’s has collected funds represented by checks, or in the case of bank or cashier’s checks, their authenticity has been confirmed. A buyer’s premium will be added to the hammer price to be paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price. 8. ORDER BIDS: Subject to these Conditions of Sale and to such terms and conditions as it may prescribe, but at no charge to the customer, Eldred’s will undertake to execute all order bids submitted to it by a customer who has established credit with said company. Requests for such bidding must be given in writing with such clearness as to leave no room for misunderstanding as to the amount to be bid and must state the catalog number and the name or title of the article to be bid on. Telephone bids must be confirmed in writing or by cable. All bids are kept in strict confidence. In the event of identical bids, the earliest received by Eldred’s will take precedence. Eldred’s shall not be held responsible for errors or failure to execute bids. A deposit of 10% of the total amount bid is required. TELEPHONE BIDS: While the sale is in progress, bidding by telephone may be allowed by the auctioneer at his discretion. A deposit of 10% of the anticipated top bid is required. Eldred’s shall not be held responsible for any failure to properly execute such a bid whether it be due to equipment failure, loss of connection, or failure to hear or understand

the bidder’s directions. Any advice or opinions provided by Eldred’s or its employees are given strictly as a courtesy and are not a warrant of condition, attribution, authenticity, or description of said property. All bidding by telephone is solely at the risk of the bidder. 9. CONDITION: If for any cause whatsoever any article sold cannot be delivered, or cannot be delivered in as good condition as the same may have been at the time of sale, due to a failure or damage on the company’s part, the sale will be cancelled, and any amount that may have been paid on account of the sale will be returned to the purchaser. EXCEPTION: Eldred’s will not be held responsible for damage to picture frames or lampshades. 10. SALES TAX: All purchases are subject to the Massachusetts sales tax (currently 6.25%) unless the purchaser: A) possesses a Massachusetts sales tax exemption or resale number and registers that number with the company, B) is an out-of-state vendor who meets all the requirements of Massachusetts Department of Revenue GLC 64H 1(5) and Directive 89-10 and registers with the company prior to each purchase, or C) has purchases shipped out of state (with the exception of Connecticut and New York) directly from Eldred’s by a bona fide shipping agent. Connecticut residents picking items up in our Mystic branch or having purchases shipped to their Connecticut address are responsible for CT state sales tax (currently 6.35%). New York residents having purchases shipped to their New York address are responsible for NY state sales tax (currently 4.0%). Due to the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair, residents of other states may be required to pay their state sales tax on purchases as we meet each state’s nexus requirements. Dealers, museums, etc. can apply for a Massachusetts number prior to the auction by contacting the Massachusetts Department of Corporations and Taxation, 100 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02204. 11. RESERVES: Unless advertised as an “Unreserved Auction”, all sales may have items subject to reserve (an agreed upon price between the auctioneer and the consignor, below which the article will not be sold). 12. COLLECTION OF PURCHASES: Delivery or shipping arrangements must be made within seven (7) days from the close of the auction for all purchases. All items must be removed from Eldred’s facilities within fourteen (14) days of the end of the auction. All items remaining after fourteen days may be subject to a $5/per item/perday storage fee. No items will be released unless storage fees are paid in full. Items remaining over thirty (30) days from the close of the auction may be sold for the buyer’s account minus auction and storage fees. 13. PACKING: Purchasers are advised that packing and/or handling by Eldred’s employees is undertaken solely as a courtesy for the convenience of customers. In the case of fragile articles, it will be undertaken at the sole discretion of the company. Handling and packing by Eldred’s is at the risk of the purchaser. SHIPPING: When requested, Eldred’s may arrange shipment of paid purchases. Eldred’s will not be responsible for damage or loss once the item has been received by the shipper. In the case of fragile articles, shipping will be undertaken at the sole discretion of the shipper. Please refer to our Advice to Bidders for details. 14. These Conditions of Sale cannot be altered except in writing by Eldred’s or by public announcement by the auctioneer at the time of the sale. 15. Bidding on any article(s) indicates acceptance of the terms set forth above. 16. These Conditions of Sale and any suits arising thereunder shall be construed and governed by the laws of Massachusetts.

See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com

Revised 4/4/19



Please clearly print the lot number, the item description and the highest amount you are willing to pay. Please follow the bidding increments outlined in this catalog. Carefully check your bid form. Although we attempt to confirm the description against the lot number, bids are posted by lot number.


All bids should be received prior to the day of the sale. Submitting your bids in a timely manner avoids the chance of a posting error. In the event of identical bids, the earliest received by Eldred’s will take precedence. All bids are kept in strict confidence.


On the day of the auction, a member of our staff will act as your agent and bid for you, attempting to obtain the lot(s) for you for the lowest possible amount. If you have indicated the highest amount you are willing to pay, you should not be disappointed if you lose an item. Many times you will actually buy it for less than your bid.

Are you a new bidder with Eldred’s?



If so, please also complete our Buyer Pre-Registration form.


A 10% deposit is required. If you are successful, the amount of your deposit will be applied toward your invoice. If you are not successful, the full amount of your deposit will be returned promptly to you.


A buyer’s premium will be added to the hammer price of each lot, to be paid as part of the purchase price. The buyer’s premium is 20% of the final bid price up to and including $500,000, and 10% of the final bid price over $500,000. All invoices must be paid in full within seven (7) business days of the close of the auction. All sales subject to sales tax unless certain exemptions are met. All sales subject to the Conditions of Sale printed in this catalog.


The Robert C. Eldred Co., Inc. offers this service as a convenience to its clients and will not be held responsible for errors or failure to execute bids.


NAME: Lot #

Item Description

Maximum Bid

or “phone” for Telephone Bid

ADDRESS: check if change in address

PHONE: ALTERNATE PHONE: EMAIL: Signature (required): By signing you agree to place the above bids in the auction listed, subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale put forth by The Robert C. Eldred Co., Inc.


Do you have a tax resale #? Yes: Will pick up:


Ship to address above:

20% buyer’s premium will be added to the hammer price. See Item 5 above.

or Ship to:

All property must be removed from our facility within 28 days of the close of the auction or be subject to a $5 per item/per day storage fee. 16

Total 10% Deposit

Have you examined the items listed above? Yes


PLEASE SEND FORM AND DEPOSIT TO THE ROBERT C. ELDRED CO., INC. P.O. BOX 796, EAST DENNIS MA 02641 See images and review condition reports at www.eldreds.com



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