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Uniq PC 190 New multimedia all-in-one computer with 19-inch diagonal brings unique possibilities to area in demanding operating conditions. All-metal construction with IP 65 protection in elegant design provides trouble-free mechanical resistant and reliable operation also in the environment with splashy water or with enhanced dustiness. It is ideal for those who at work need large display, e.g. for production documentation or many adjusting elements or objects. It is possible to control computer by all fingers at the same time through capacitive touch screen display. Optional accessories

Basic accessories

Magnetic card reader


Dallas Key Microphone

RFID reader


Specifications Display Display

19“ TFT


yes, capacitive Touch window

Aspect Ratio

16:10 / 1440 x 900 pixels


Intel Atom N2600 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 1.66 GHz


1 - 2GB (N270), 2 - 4GB (N2600)

Data storage

HDD, SSD, Compact Flash/C Fast

I/O port USB

3 až 6 (optional)


1 až 4 (optional)

Audio in/out


Communications VGA, Wifi, Bluetooth




Mounting Attachment

VESA 100, Tube Holder 50cm, 130cm, Joint Hinge

Dimensions (W×H×D)

466 × 347,4 × 83,5 mm


7 kg

Power Parameters Consumption / Power supply

22 W (N2600), 23W (N270) / 12V



Operation Class of protection

IP 65

Temperature - operating/storage

0°C to 40°C / -10°C to 60°C

Control by all fingers at the same time Uniq PC is panel computer with LCD monitor and touch screen panel. In the original design is hidden one of the thinnest all-in-one solutions which offers different functions. Resistant compact touch screen panel has a multitouch technology that allows computer control by all fingers at the same time. The user can also rotate, enlarge images and list pages quickly. The communication with external environment enables built-in speakers, camera and microphone. Six-times lower consumption An unique feature of Uniq PC 190 is passive cooling system. Thanks a closed system which has no holes, no rotating and moving parts, the operation of panel is silent with minimal failure rate that extends its working life. It is practically maintenance-free and thus significantly increases security and stability of operation. Its consumption is 6-times lower in compare with standard computer systems. Waterproof speakers and microphone Uniq PC has high mechanical resistance of panel. Compact closed construction with protection class IP65 protects the computer from dust, splashy water and shocks. In addition, maintenance is very quick and simple. You just wash it with wet cloth and with liquid cleaners. Performance and compatibility Dual Core processor offers advantageous combination of minimum consumption and high performance. Intel processors are compatible with operating systems Windows XP, XP Embedded, 7 or Linux. Uniq PC offers configurable connection with magnetic card reader, Dallas key and RFID reader for identification of computer access or evidence of attendance. Variability of mounting Compact mounting and design of computer offers better ergonomy of workplace. Modern and regulable holder allows to adjust its position. There is possibility to choose from various types of holders for location on the table, on the wall but also standard VESA mounting or hinge. Positioning is variable – 15 degrees on each side. Uniq PC offers secure mounting and connection throught multiconnector.

Uniq PC 190 English  

Uniq PC 190 English

Uniq PC 190 English  

Uniq PC 190 English