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Innovative exhibition grounds and congress centers

>> Do you know how to increase the credit of your exhibition ground and how to improve the services? >> Improve your know-how and the visitor orientation during exhibition. >> Offer to exhibitors what others don´t offer.

Modern interactive equipment for advertising of exhibition ground and exhibitors. consumption is 6 times lower than at standard computers. Display is resistant to mechanical damage. Nothing will happen with it neither with spilt liquids, bacause it is water resistant. Its sanitariness is possible to gain through antibacterial surface treatment. Uniq PC is maintained in cleanness easily. Suffice only wash it through usual liquid detergents. Your new „employee“ you can have in uniform, therefore in colour design and also with logo any you will choose. Uniq PC offers high-stable and flexible gripping in any space. It provides large possibilities of connecting without any visible cables through secure hidden multiconnector. The payback of Uniq PC investments is already after fifth exhibitions.

Congress centers Do you know how to increase the credit of your exhibition ground and how to improve the services? The credit of exhibition ground contributes the significant rate in participation of exhibitors at exhibition grounds. The lavish representation of exhibitors then allures many visitors. That all share to profits and success of exhibition or fair center. On exhibition there are presented technologic novelties and different innovation solutions. This is logical that in the similar style is presented also lone exhibition ground. Kiosk solutions of resistant touchscreen all-inone computers Uniq PC like a modern interactive communication equipment can use the exhibition ground for: •

self service registration of visitors

information source about exhibitions, services, congresses...

obtaining of feedback from visitors of fair or congress center – inquiries, questionnaires, opinion polls

rent of advertising places – exhibitors can present their products and services out of exhibition places – vestibule, hallways, resting-places, restaurants, caffè shops...

rent of kiosks to exhibitors during exhibition – the most modern presentation of peak products

Improve your know-how and the visitor orientation during exhibition. Uniq PC will replace several employees – informants. It stays where you field it. It will inform, present, explain,... tireless. Its feet don’t hurt and it disposes the unlimited number of information. Through arrangement of these kiosks on the exhibition ground you can avoid formation the crowds of people who are waiting with claims for information. In addition, the price of human labour is higher than price of computer. And also you invest to computer only one time.

Offer to exhibitors what others don´t offer. By renting of Uniq PC, exhibitors will get in hands the marketing tool through which they can interactive communicate with visitors. Suffice only to insert the software. At the each exhibit can be the salesman who are introducing the product, and then he shows this product in different forms, he models variable situations and so on.

Good congress centers have in their work calendar during the year tens events. Oriented-information assurance of all of events in form the different posters, banners, holders and bulletins cost not a few funds and they are assigned just for one concrete event. With Uniq PC you can cover all of events through information. And not just that. At disposal you have informator who provides to you audio information in different languages through multimedia design. Through kiosk you can to access to discussion contribution and marketing support. You can also offer the orientation plan with parallel activities, to gain the feedback from visitors by inquiry, to allow the menu card from which visitors can to order the launch online. Comfortable and extremely exact touchscreen control by all of fingers at the same time allows the enlargement of pictures, its rotation or listing. Excellent readability also in environment with artificial light of exhibition grounds or congress centers. Thanks WiFi connection is also possible to use online applications.

Uniq PC provides the largest information space – 100 times more information than in leaflet. In addition, it is mostly arrests the visitor attention, whom retracts in the active gaining of information. The great advantage of Uniq PC is resistance. You don’t need to afraid about its damage on manipulation. Uniq PC has got closed construction, passive cooling system and it is basically maintenance-free. Its

Uniq PC developed and manufactured by spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným, Prešov Jesenná 26, 080 01 Prešov, Slovensko Tel.: +421 51 74 64 111, Fax: +421 51 74 64 444,,, grand prix

Uniq PC - Exhibition Grounds  
Uniq PC - Exhibition Grounds  

Innovative exhibition grounds and congress centers