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YE’KUANA SERIES Búscame Look for me: a book to search and find hidden animals taken from the Ye’kuana’s traditional basketmaking. Where’s the jaguar bitten by a mosquito? How about the upside down bat? At the end, there’s a small dictionary with Ye’kuana words for each animal. AGES 3 AND UP Ana Palmero Cáceres 18,4 x 18,4 cm · 28 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-980-257-383-7 Ana Palmero Cáceres Was born in 1966 in Caracas, Venezuela.She is a designer and illustrator. She was Art Director of Ediciones Ekaré for many years. She also worked in the Publishing Direction of the Bellas Artes Museum in Caracas. Currently she lives in Spain where she continues to illustrate, work as an Art Director and give workshops.

Kangwa, amatú or petaca: a traditional box-shaped basket.

Cuéntame del 1 al 10 18,4 x 18,4 cm · 28 pages · Hardcover ISBN 978-980-257-379-0 Shortlist · Los Mejores del Banco del Libro 2017 RIGHTS SOLD TO ENGLISH

A counting book with animals taken from the traditional patterns of Ye’kuana basketmaking. At the end of the book there’s a small dictionary with Ye’kuana and Spanish words for each animal and number: one jaguar, two snakes, three armadillos...


Opuestos 18,4 x 18,4 cm · 28 pages · Hardcover

Opposites: big and small, up and down, day and night, a travel through the opposites of the world using Ye’kuana’s basketmaking traditional figures of animals and nature for small children.

«In this book I take references from the Ye’kuana basketmaking in Venezuela’s South, by the Orinoco shores. Its designs change according to each knitter and stand out because of its complex geometrical patterns. Some of them represent sacred animals such as the snake, the monkey or the frog, portrayed in their mythology, and others represent more abstract elements in nature». Ana Palmero Cáceres


Duermevela Whenever Elisa can’t get asleep, she goes for a walk to Nightglow. There she finds Estebaldo, who is also unable to sleep, and together they listen closely to the earth, look at the sky and enjoy the soft breeze. Slowly, everything gets filled with yawns. AGES 3 AND UP Juan Muñóz-Tébar Ramón París 18,9 x 26,4 cm · 24 pages Hardcover Juan Muñoz-Tébar He studied Literature in Universidad Central de Venezuela and was part of the evaluation committee in Banco del Libro. Later on he became an editor of the Studies Center in the same institution. He gives workshops of video documentary for children in Barcelona, works as a screenwriter and writes children’s books. Ramón París Born in Venezuela, he studied Journalism but is devotedly dedicated to illustration and also to animation. He currently lives in Barcelona.

La apuesta Rabbit and Cheetah have been friends since they were little, back when they thought they were of the same species and made a friendship pact. But now, time has passed and they come to a disagreement: which is the worst animal in the world? Could it be the terrible elephant? Or the dangerous human? So they start a bet... AGES 6 AND UP Laia Jufresa Cristina Sitja Rubio 23 x 20,5 cm ¡ 32 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-945736-3-7 Laia Jufresa Was born in Mexico and grew up in France. She studied at La Sorbonne and has books published by Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro and Random House. Cristina Sitja Rubio Was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She currently lives between Berlin and Barcelona. She has books published by Les Fourmis Rouges, Notari, A Buen Paso among others.

Guachipira va de viaje One morning, Guachipira’s bird family acts as strange as it can get, and the cure is nowhere to be found. She has never left home before, but to get things back to normal she sets off on a brave journey to find healing flowers. Thing is, these flowers are often distant and hidden… AGES 6 AND UP Arianna Quintero Stefano Di Cristofaro 26,5 x 21,4 cm · 36 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-980-257-366-0 Arianna Arteaga She was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She’s a journalist, photographer and passionate traveler. She has traveled all over the world with a focus in exploring nature and ecological awareness. Stefano Di Cristofaro Was born in 1991 in Caracas, Venezuela. He’s a designer and illustrator. His works have been shown in collective national and international exhibitions. He combines different techniques such as chimó and wiki wiki.

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Conejo y Conejo Conejo and Conejo meet each other by chance. Conejo loves to dance cumbia. Conejo, on the other hand, is a bit shy. Conejo knows when Conejo is afraid. They’re best friends, Conejo and Conejo. But suddenly, a discussion comes up. A lovely tale about friendship and identity. AGES 3 AND UP Isabella Saturno Stefano Di Cristofaro 15 x 21 cm · 36 pages Hardcover Isabella Saturno Was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela in 1987. She studied Literature and won the 2012 IDENA Children’s story contest. She writes poetry and children’s books, has an independent publisher called Barco de piedra and works in political communications. Stefano Di Cristofaro Was born in 1991 in Caracas, Venezuela. He’s a designer and illustrator. His works have been shown in collective national and international exhibitions. He combines different techniques such as chimó and wiki wiki.

Spain’s National Award of Illustration 2016.

El armario chino During a walk through San Francisco’s Chinatown, the antique collector Mons Snow finds the most unusual object of his career: a Chinese closet. Once he is standing in front of it, he feels he has never been there and yet, he has always been there. An unsettling masterpiece by Sáez Castán that tells the story of a child gone missing. AGES 9 AND UP Javier Sáez Castán 17,7 x 33 cm · 40 pages Paperback with case 978-84-944291-5-6 Javier Sáez Castán SPAIN’S NATIONAL AWARD OF ILLUSTRATION 2016. The jury of this prestigious lifetime award praised Sáez Castán’s «creativity and gift for storytelling, including his work with the material dimension of the book, his ability for creating worlds that are contagious, and his generosity as a trainer in the arts». They also underlined «the quality of his works, many of which are already considered contemporary classics of international trascendence». Born in Huesca, Spain in 1964, Javier Sáez Castán is considered one of the most prominent voices in today’s illustrated literature. On top of the Spain’s National Illustration Award of 2016, his works have gained recognitions such as FILIJ Mexico best Illustrated Book, The White Ravens selection and Los Mejores del Banco del Libro. He has also been nominated for the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Award.

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¿Qué está pasando allá arriba? A bold pig starts jumping just like three neighbour frogs. Enraged, they decide to teach the little pig a lesson. «Jump high!» the first frog says. «Jump higher!» goes the second one. «Now higher!» says the third one. But then, the pig disappears. Where could he be? AGES 3 AND UP Jazmín Villagrán 20 x 20 cm · 28 pages Casebound exposed board Jazmín Villagrán Was born in Guatemala in 1984. She studied Graphic Design in Cuba and currently works as an illustrator for publishers and non governmental organizations.

Árboles Trees have their heads up the sky and their feet down on the ground. Trees communicate with their roots and help each other. Trees cannot run away from an ugly place, so they are patient and learn to grow anywhere. This love-letter for trees brings awareness about the beauty of nature and connection. AGES 3 AND UP Lemniscates 22 x 22 cm · 32 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-944050-4-4 Premi Crítica Serra d’Or, 2016 RIGHTS SOLD TO ENGLISH AND KOREAN Lemniscates Lemniscates is a professional illustration/authors studio, born in 2010 in Barcelona and devoted to creating contents for children’s books and storybook apps, with the aim to stimulate children’s talents.

El jardín mágico Cloe lives in a magic garden, but she doesn’t know it. Incredible things happen there all the time: caterpillars becoming butterflies, insects changing their colors to hide, and birds knitting their nests without no training at all. Every corner of this garden reflects the always surprising marvels of nature. AGES 3 AND UP Lemniscates 22 x 22 cm · 32 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-944988-1-7

Filemón y Baucis An odd-looking traveler arrives into town searching for shelter, but no one welcomes him. Exhausted, he notices a small house between two mountains. When he arrives, a couple called Filemón and Baucis are happy to have him at their home and make sure he is comfortable. A beautiful adaptation from Ovid’s story about hospitality, love and transformation. AGES 6 AND UP Lemniscates 14 x 18 cm · 28 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-944050-3-7 Lemniscates Lemniscates is a professional illustration/authors studio, born in 2010 in Barcelona and devoted to creating contents for children’s books and storybook apps, with the aim to stimulate children’s talents.

“After thousands of years, myths are still moving. This small carefully-curated edition give this book the range and rank of a relic” —Donde viven los libros

Dédalo y Perdiz When the heartbroken Daedalus loses his son, Icarus, while escaping from their prison in Minos island, he finds himself a new apprentice: his nephew Perdix. Perdix doesn’t want to impress kings nor create astounding artifacts, but his inventions prove to be as much as important. A timeless story from Ovid’s Metamorphosis. AGES 6 AND UP Lemniscates 14 x 18 cm · 28 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-944988-2-4

¿Dónde está Tomás? Tomás loves to hide. His mother looks for him everywhere around the house, but Tomás is busy traveling far away with his toys: a tropical island, a jungle… and even space. But where is he? There’s a lot more in hiding than what the naked eye is able to see… AGES 3 AND UP Micaela Chirif Leire Salaberria 17 x 24 cm · 36 pages Hardcover ISBN 978-84-944291-1-8 Fundación Cuatrogatos Award 2017 Micaela Chirif She’s a renown Peruvian poet and children’s books author. She has a degree on Philosophy. Her works have been listed as White Ravens and she won FCE’s A la orilla del viento award. Leire Salaberria She was born in Andoain, Spain, in 1983 and studied Arts in Bilbao. In 2011 she won the Etxepare Prize and since then her works have been published and translated to many different languages. She was part of 2015’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition.

Diez pájaros en mi ventana This illustrated book gathers alexandrine verses, haikus, calligrams and other forms of poetry. Carefully selected, these poems celebrate nature and are wonderfully joined by Echenique’s powerful illustrations. AGES 6 AND UP Felipe Munita Raquel Echenique 14 x 22 cm · 58 pages Hardcover ISBN: 978-956-8868-16-1 Fundación Cuatrogatos Award 2017 Felipe Munita He studied Literature in the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and has a PhD in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He’s a teacher and investigator in children’s literature where one of his main focuses is poetry. Raquel Echenique She grew in a little town in France and traveled to Chile where she studied Design. Her work has been selected twice in IBBY lists and she’s part of the Siete Rayas illustration collective in Santiago de Chile.

Las Aventuras del Hombre Pájaro Papageno gets lost and needs to find his way back home. Thing is, he doesn’t remember where home is. So he starts wondering through different stages of important operas: Carmen, The Flying Dutchman, Madama Butterfly, getting to know different characters until he finds Mozart’s Magic Flute. An adventure to introduce readers in captivating operas through history. AGES 6 AND UP José Manuel Izquierdo Pablo Álvarez Germán Droghetti Gabriela Lyon 29 x 17 cm · 64 páginas Paperback with case ISBN: 978-956-8868-50-5 José Manuel Izquierdo Musicologist, he has written several books and currently is doing a Music PhD in Cambridge. His work is about opera history in Latin America, and he often writes programs for concerts, opera and ballet productions. Pablo Álvarez He studied Literature in the Catholic University of Chile. He’s a teacher of children’s literature and has worked in public libraries as well as publishers. Currently he works as an editor in Ekaré Sur. Germán Droghetti Costumer, graphic and stage designer for opera, theater and ballet productions. He began his formation in 1985 in Santiago de Chile’s Teatro Municipal. He has worked with great national and international theaters such as Buenos Aires’ Teatro Colón and Tokyo’s National Theatre, amongst others. Gabriela Lyon Is an artist and illustrator. She studied Visual Arts in Finis Terrae University with a mention in Painting. She currently teaches Drawing in the same institution.

Superhéroe Gabriel has just arrived to a new country and he already has tons of problems: words are very different, he has a couple of archenemies at school, and what’s worst, his math teacher is an alien who is planning an Earth invasion. Unfortunately, Gabriel’s parents don’t seem too convinced of this, even when he’s an expert on these matters. A hilarious book spiked with comic stripes, humor and some odd superpowers. AGES 9 AND UP Lucas García 15,5 x 23 cm · 88 pages Paperback ISBN 978-980-257-365-3 Shortlist · Los Mejores del Banco del Libro 2017 Lucas García Was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He studied Design in Prodiseño Institute. He makes comics, illustrates and teaches, and is also an accomplished writer of short stories and novels.


La bruja de abril · La sirena del faro · La mujer tatuada Ray Bradbury’s master tales leave no reader unconquered: Foghorn, The Illustrated Woman and April’s Witch tell stories of a seamonster enchanted by a lighthouse, a woman that goes to a shrink for weight issues and a spirit that, just once in a while, would rather be human. Ray Bradbury Eva Sánchez Gómez 12,8 x 17,6 cm · 80 pages Paperback ISBN 978-84-945736-0-6 Ray Bradbury One of the 20th century’s most reknown writers, Bradbury was born in 1920 in Illinois, USA. Among his most prominent works are Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles. He was awarded several recognitions, including a Pulitzer and the National Medal of Arts. He passed away in 2012. Eva Sánchez Gómez Born in Puigcerdà, Girona in 1986. She studied Fine Arts and Illustration in Barcelona. Her work has been released by different publishers including Planeta, Edelvives and Acapulco. In 2016 she received the CCEI Illustration Award.

AGES 9 AND UP 12,8 x 17,6 cm Paperback Love and terror classic tales seduce all generations. This selection of well known stories is illustrated by contemporary artists and presents a small critic note regarding each story, its origins and timeless topics.

A m o r y

S u s t o

Al sur de la Alameda A small school is occupied by a group of students and since then everything seems different: the classrooms, the playground and even the same students. Among them is Nicolás –the best goalkeeper of the soccer team– who writes about his experience in his journal. This attractive illustrated novel takes place in the quivering starts of «the penguin revolution», the Chilean students’ protests. AGES 14 AND UP Lola Larra Vicente Reinamontes 16 x 23 cm · 288 pages Paperback ISBN 978-84-94281-5-7


«SEVEN DAYS CAN CHANGE YOU» «There aren’t enough books for teenagers that present political compromise as something that can involve them». Club Kirico «We can’t help but surrender to this graphic novel that is read from the inside and the outside simultaneously; from the personal perspective of a journal and, at the same time, describing the fear, organization, resistance, cold and hunger, political and ideological debates, and the small triumphs in a students protest. It’s a risky, smart novel». Fundación La Fuente «The narrative construction is complex and filled with images, digressions and descriptions; the characters have a wide range of visions and behaviors, showing the school as a small social system». Canal Lector

Best Juvenile Novel by Babelia, El País, 2014 Publishing Award by the Cámara Chilena del Libro, 2014 Australis Award for Design, 2014 White Ravens List, 2014 Fundación Cuatrogatos Award, 2014 Marta Brunet Award 2015 Amster-Coré Award for Design 2015 Amster Coré Award for Illustration 2015 IBBY Chile Colibrí Medal 2015 Los Mejores del Banco del Libro 2015 Lola Larra Half Chilean, half Venezuelan, and a bit of Spanish. She was raised in Caracas and worked as a journalist and editor in Madrid. In 2006 she returned to Santiago de Chile. Vicente Reinamontes Chilean illustrator and designer with a calling for activism, cultural and editorial projects.

Aquí veo A boardbook to start discovering and naming the world that, piece by piece, reveals itself to small children. What’s in the garden, what’s in the sea, what flies. The readers will easily recognize the shapes and words for each object, plant or animal. FOR BABIES Scarlet Narciso 16 x 16 cm · 24 pages Board book ISBN 978-956-8868-47-5 Scarlet Narciso Born in Cumaná, Venezuela and raised in Miami, USA. She returned to her native country to study Design. Since then she has combined her work as a designer with her passion for photography, poetry, bookbinding, screen-printing and engraving. At present she lives in Lima, Perú.

Papá Oso «Dad, ¿what does a bear do?». A simple daily routine tells the bond between an unusual father and his child through small shared actions: take a bath, eat, play, walk and, when they’re tired, a nice sleep. FOR BABIES Rafael Yockteng 14 x 14 cm · 14 pages Board book ISBN 978-84-944988-3-1 Rafael Yockteng Born in 1976 in Perú and raised in Colombia. He studied Design and his illustrations have gained recognitions such as the White Ravens list and the FCE A la orilla del viento Award.


Las visitas de Nani She is my Nani and I am her Kari. Karishma Chugani explains through beautiful miniatures the story of her grandmother Nani: a great traveller, pastry chef, and above all, a magical woman. The saga of this Sindh originated family is the backdrop that brings us to the experiences of migration as a consequence of political conflicts. At the end of each chapter there’s a small recipe of Nani’s best culinary secrets. AGES 9 AND UP Karishma Chugani 15 x 23 cm · 108 pages Book without cover with sleeve Karishma Chugani Was born in Casablanca, Morocco to parents of Indian origin and with family roots entangled through Ghana, India and Pakistan. True to her migrant past, she has since lived in London, Paris and now Madrid.

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Diez pájaros en mi ventana

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Mention Bologna Ragazzi Award, 2016

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Shortlist · Los Mejores del Banco del Libro, 2017

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Premi Crítica Serra d’Or, 2016

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Nico y Pato

Anthology · Ana Palmero Cáceres

Bernat Muntés

IBBY Honour List, 2016 Los Mejores del Banco del Libro, 2015 Fundación Cuatrogatos Award, 2014

Shortlist · Fundación Cuatrogatos Award, 2016

Arepita de manteca Traditional song · Rosana Faría Fundación Cuatrogatos Award, 2016 Shortlist - Los Mejores del Banco del Libro, 2016

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Ediciones Ekaré publishes books for children and young people. The name ekaré was borrowed from the Pemón language, an ethnic group located in southeastern Venezuela. The word means “news” or “true narration”, and in a broader context, story or legend.

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