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February 2009

Volume 2 - Issue 5

By Melanie Satchell As you sit in a class, a restaurant or wherever you may be today, question your stance on whether or not guns should be allowed on campus. Do you think sitting next to an 18 year old with a semiautomatic weapon would be an appropriate environment for learning? Would you feel safer if he was allowed to carry that concealed weapon, potentially protecting you from a shooter, even though he may have zero ‘gun fight’ situation experience or training? Or in such a situation would he just draw more attention your way? The South Dakota legislature is contemplating the exact same questions. Senate Bill 82 proposed allowing individuals who hold concealed weapon permits to carry on university campuses across the state. The bill was voted 5-4 in the Senate State Affairs committee on a Do Not Pass motion and then on the Senate floor with a Do Pass motion it failed 10-25. The chair noted that the majority opposed the bill, and he determined it lost. This is the second consecutive year this bill, in this identical language, has come before the legislature. Last year it started in the House and, after making it through committee, it breezed by the floor on a 63-3 vote only to be lost on the Senate side near the tail end of session. There are rumors even though this bill has failed to pass after its initial filing; it is not a lost cause. Rep. Brunner and others will likely bring a similar, if not identical, piece of legislation to the House this session. The bill, if filed in the House, may have chances of making it out; I doubt the Senate will be very amused with that a c -

Who should hold the smoking gun? tion. The legislature, along with proponents and opponents of SB 82, will debate till the cows come home over which method will prove to be most practical to protect the students of South Dakota universities from an armed gunman. During the past two legislative sessions both sides have given testimony regarding the mechanisms which could save lives. The proponents of SB 82 not only claim the right to concealed carry on campuses will deter gunman or stop them if an attack is made, but they also argue prohibiting the right to carry is a violation of their 2nd amendment right. The 2nd amendment states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The Supreme Court in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller upheld each individual’s 2nd amendment rights; this decision lifted a 32 year ban on handguns in Washington D.C. The Court, in the same decision, upheld the right for universities, among others, to prohibit the right to carry a concealed weapon. This Court in June 2008, even after the mass shootings at Columbine, Vi r g i n i a Te c h and

State senate votes no on “The Gun Law” SB 82 Northern Illinois University, upheld this decision, citing schools and government buildings as “sensitive places” that may self regulate policies in regard to concealed carry; that speaks volumes. As per the Court’s decision, universities will regulate the policy and in South Dakota that means firearms are prohibited. The state has no right to say whether or not citizens will be allowed to carry for the simple fact that the decision is not theirs to make. Sen. Berry Tourbak stated quite clearly “it is not the legislature’s job to micromanage the

universities”, and in a sense that’s an accurate description of what South Dakota Legislators are trying to do. The real question isn’t if the gun will be smoking; but rather who will hold

the smoking gun? We can talk forever about the probability and possibility of a shooter on campus but that still isn’t good enough. In the real world we look to the worst case scenario and “in the unlikely event”. But those are the things we say to help us sleep at night. The real argument in regards to guns on campus is whether the students in the classroom or the active police are better situated to handle the armed gunman.

T h a t question has been debated by Senator Schmidt, the South Dakota Gun Owners Association, the SDSU Rifle Association, along with Senator Abdallah, who is a former police chief, and current Police Chief Art Mabry of Vermillion. Senator Schmidt along with other proponents of SB 82 would argue seconds count, and if a student were carrying a firearm they could take out the shooter before massive casualties were inflicted. On the other hand, Police Chief Mabry suggests that a student put in that situation may or may not be successful at taking out a gunman due to various reasons including nerves, inexperience or (See Guns, Con’t on Page 5)

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February 2009

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Letter from the Student Association Senate Marcus Bartlett Student Association President Hello students and welcome back! I hope everyone had safe and enjoyable break. This semester is filled with many special events and the all important spring break. Student Association is spending a lot of time this semester with the current legislative session. Currently we are dealing with budget cuts and Senate Bill 82. First of the budget, as many of you know the economy is not great at all and the Governors budget cuts reflect this. Roughly 5.5 million dollars were cut from the South Dakota Board of Regents budget, which is the governing body of higher education. Among these cuts were 1.6 million dollars of matching funds from the state to the BOR (Board of Regents) maintenance and repair fund. The Student Association and Student Federation are working hard to make sure these monies are only cut for this year’s budget and not forgotten about permanently. If this were to happen the fund would come from student dollars and in turn raise tuition and fees to adjust for it. Senate Bill 82 is an act to provide for the right to possess a firearm on the campuses of public institutions of higher education. If this bill were to pass students would be allowed

to carry a firearm anywhere on campus providing they have the proper permits. On January 29th this bill was voted 5-4 do not pass in the Senate State Affairs Committee. The bill will go to the Senate floor and may be put back into action with approval of 18 members of the Senate. This is a very controversial bill, as you can imagine allowing students to carry a concealed or openly seen firearm raise a lot of concerns. My personal stance is a vote no on 82. I have spoken to several teachers and faculty members and they expressed the same views as me. Some of their concerns include the distraction of a student sitting in the middle of the room with a shotgun leaning against their desk. This of course is an extreme case. Students voiced similar concerns, I have heard comments such as “If I went to class and a student had a firearm I would not feel comfortable and would stop attending that class.” Students’ voices will be heard quite loudly on this issue and encourage you to email your local Senators and Representatives to express your concerns. I would like to leave you with one last thought. Currently firearms are not allowed in the capital building so why do legislators want to put them in our classrooms.

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Kellar is SD professor of the year University Public Relations Dr. Jon Kellar, chair and D. Fuerstenau professor of materials and metallurgical engineering, has been named the 2008 South Dakota Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). Kellar was selected from nearly 300 top professors in the United States. “We are extremely proud of the recognition that Dr. Kellar has received and delighted that he has joined such an elite group of professors,” School of Mines president Dr. Robert A. Wharton said. “This award is a well-deserved acknowledgement of Dr. Kellar’s dedication to teaching.” Kellar received his B.S. and M.S. in metallurgical engineering from the School of Mines, and his Ph.D. from the University of Utah. He joined the School of Mines as an assistant professor in 1990, and has served as the chair of materials and metallurgical engineering since 2000. He has received a number of awards and recognitions, including the South Dakota Board of Regents Award for Excellence in Research, the School of Mines President Award for Outstanding Professor and the National Science Foundation Presidential Faculty Fellow award. Several years ago, a group of faculty began exploring new ways to teach the basics of engineering education to first-year students. Those efforts continue to positively reverberate throughout the School of Mines today, specifically with an increased emphasis in direct application of engineering principles at the undergraduate level. The metallurgical engineering department has developed new emphases that integrate art and history within the context of the discipline. Kellar believes these efforts result in graduates who are better prepared to tackle the challenges of engineering, and life in general. Kellar’s personal philosophy

“Congratulations to Dr. Jon Keller on winning the South Dakota Professor of the Year.” Photo by Tyler Armbruster

of teaching is that while there is no substitute for the rigor in engineering education, by injecting humor and hands-on applications such as those above, a teacher can make the learning process enjoyable. “This award is very special as its focus is undergraduate education,” Kellar said. It is even more special given the number of great teachers I had while as a student at the School of Mines and that I am associated with today.” The U.S. Professors of the Year program salutes the most outstanding undergraduate instructors in the country-those who excel as teachers and influence the lives and careers of their students. It is recognized as one of the most prestigious awards honoring undergraduate teaching. Recipients are selected based on extraordinary dedication to undergraduate teaching, which is demonstrated by excellence in the following areas: impact on and involvement with undergraduate students; scholarly approach to teaching and learning; contribution to undergraduate education in the institution, community and profession; and support from colleagues and current and former undergraduate students. CASE and the Carnegie Foundation have been partners in offering Professors of the Year since 1981. This year, there are winners in 44 states, the District of Columbia and Guam.

OPINION February 2009

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New Raver office opens; mod decorum proves trendy

By Raver Staff Crimson coatings, crashed ceilings and computer cords were all parts the construction of the new Raver newspaper office. Formerly located in a space that barely deserved the label “glorified closet,” the Raver staff made a deal with KTEQ to switch spots with their record storage room. After a trading spaces switcheroo, the Raver staff has room to actually walk between desks in their edgy office. The room is now coated in cherry red paint with black outlines of buildings growing from the baseboards. “We wanted to make our office stand out from the rest of the campus by not painting it in the blasé colors that run rampant inside other buildings,” said Katie Aurand, Editor in Chief. “When Megan came up with the idea to paint it bright red, I was wor-

ried that it would be sickening and cause the staff to get ornery. The black skyline helped tone it down though, and so far there haven’t been any walls punched in anger.” To initiate their office, the staff is having an open house from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 9. Home-baked goodies and pizza will be aplenty. The purpose of the open house is two-fold according to Aurand: to familiarize the campus with the Raver staff members and the location of the office and to hopefully recruit more students. “The Raver newspaper has come a long way in the past year, and this will serve as a celebration of what was and what is to come,” said Aurand. “So put on your Monday best and stop by!”

Mix, mix, mix it up! (from left to right) Katie Aurand, Megan Mallett and Erica Daniels mix some cherry hot sauce paint prior to coating the walls of the Raver office. Photo by Tyler Armbruster

Watch yo’ back! Megan Mallett washes the wall with red poppy paint while Erica Daniels and Katie Aurand sneak up from behind... Photo by Tyler Arbruster

Taping time: Chris Cody and Erica Daniels take tape off the walls after painting. Photo by Tyler Armbruster

From the Dean of Students

I hope your spring semester is off to a good start. The BIG NEWS is that the renovation of the Surbeck Center will finally begin in mid February. With this progress there will also be lots of noise, dust, and disruption in the building and in the “back” parking lot! Thank you in advance for your patience. Most importantly, thank you for your commitment to the improvements that will be funded through your General Activity Fees. These improvements will benefit students for several decades into the future. Student Association Senators worked diligently to gather and incorporate your suggestions in the plans. Renovations in dining services will include more flexible/useable space; new comfortable seating; more student study and lounge areas that provide computer/tablet support (accessible electrical outlets, enough wireless access points) space for groups and student organizations to gather; improved atmosphere, including higher ceilings, new floors and walls, and increased natural lighting from energy efficient windows; purchasing of dining coolers, ovens and other equipment upgrades to enhance food preparation; modernize restrooms on both levels; improved “back entrance” by dumpsters; and repair and upgrade of infrastructure on both levels. If all goes according to plan, the project will be com-

plete when you return to school next fall. Please refer to the note from Reeny Wilson that preliminarily outlines the Surbeck offices and space relocations during the project. If you have not signed up for the campus alert notification system, PLEASE REGISTER TODAY! Instructions are available at http://sdmines.sdsmt. edu/campusalert.This system will send you critical emergency and weather-related alerts via your cell phone or computer. As a reminder, through your student activity fees you pay for services at Student Health located in Surbeck (down the hall from the bookstore). Services range from free to very reasonable. Hours are: Monday and Friday 9:00-12:00 noon; Tuesday 12:00 noon-3:00 pm and Wednesday 11:00-2:00 pm. There is a student insurance plan that may be of interest to you. Information is available at: Please let me know when I can be of assistance and I look forward to seeing you on campus. Marie Romano, Senior Secretary, is also happy to assist; we are located in the Surbeck Center. Sincerely, Patricia G. Mahon, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students 605-394-2416

Letter from the SDSM&T President

Dr. Robert A. Wharton, Ph.D. Dear Students, Welcome back to campus! Spring semester begins in snow and ice and ends with green grass on the campus quadrangle. A few months from now, you may be less rested, but you will be proud of all you have accomplished this semester. I applaud your hard work and determination and look forward to visiting with you over the course of the semester. Spring semester is also the time to plan for next year. As early as mid-March, the processing of financial aid awards begins. So write yourself a

reminder to go to http://www. to fill out the student Federal aid form. For most types of financial support, filling out the FAFSA is the place to start. Call our Financial Aid office at 394-2274 or visit their web site at http://sdmines. for more information. Ensuring that you have the resources needed to reach your goals is more important than ever. We will celebrate our 32nd Engineer’s Week Feb. 15 through 21. All events are described at http://engineering., but I highly recommend two of them to you, the South Dakota Engineering Society Forum (Luncheon) and presentation on Tuesday and the Order of the Engineer Luncheon on Thursday. At the Tuesday Forum, you can enjoy a free lunch (if you are one of the first 40 students to register) and listen to scientists and engineers from the Sanford Underground Laboratory describe the engineering challenges they face and the experiments proposed for the lab. At Thursday’s Order of the Engineer event, you can enjoy

lunch and be inspired by the personal stories of this year’s Outstanding Recent Graduate awardees. If you are a senior or a graduate student in engineering, you can be inducted into the Order of the Engineer. This event reminds us all of the strong spirit and irrepressible ingenuity of our School of Mines alumni, students, faculty, and staff, and I hope to see you there. Also this semester, you will see the beginning of great things to come as work on the renovation of the Surbeck Student Center gets underway. In the short term, you may experience some dust and noise, but the results will be terrific thanks to the hard work of the Student Association and everyone serving on the Surbeck renovation committees. As you go through this semester, stay healthy and safe and think of the warm days to come. Your hard work will pay off, and the entire School of Mines community will applaud your success. Sincerely, Robert A. Wharton, Ph.D. President

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February 2009

The economy... or what’s left of it

By Melanie Satchell Guest Writer As a child you have fears and this sneaking suspicion of something under your bed, once you let your guard down… it will jump out and get you. Now you’re grown up and in the adult world where the monsters still exist and fear is still real. Apparently Wall Street, until recently, was afraid of nothing. Nassim Nicholas Taleb, is an author and mathematical finance guru who deals with Risk Management. He recently published a book called The Black Swan, and he essentially predicted the downturn of the economy. A dragon or black swan in the finance world is like a housing crisis or drop in the value of the dollar. Taleb claims that Wall Street disregarded the possibilities of Dragons or Black Swans and so when the Dragon jumped out, we knew it was over. We don’t see dragons coming most days and some of us are still trying to figure out if they exist; but Taleb will tell you they’re real. Financial institutions, such as Myrell Lynch and Lehman Brothers use (used) risk management models called Value at Risk or VaR. These models are extensive algorithms that calculate the risk of an investment, such as ability to repay or probability of loss. It appears the ‘extensive’ research that went into developing this model doesn’t include data from poor economic times such as the Great Depression or the housing crisis of the 1980s; apparently, the creators didn’t think it too important to include. So we have something to predict dragons, but it’s a fair weather utility. We are stupid. We saw hurricane Katrina coming from far out in the Atlantic Ocean, you know an earthquake will probably hit in your area if you live on a major fault, like the San Andreas. And you know, if you have too much risk and you’re caught with it when the dogs come calling, you’re done for. Wall Street ignored signs and indications because they didn’t believe in Dragons. I don’t care if you believe in a higher power; I don’t care if you believe in Santa Clause. But you sure as hell better believe in Dragons, because they’re real. Let’s set that aside for a second. So what monster was out there that no one saw coming? Banks were handing out

mortgages to people who really didn’t qualify. According to Elizabeth Warren, a professor at Harvard University School of Law, the average down payment on a house prior to 2007 was 18%, and the average now sits at 0%. Warren, not only a law professor, but also was a member of the FDIC Committee on Economic Inclusion, and was the chief adviser to the National Bankruptcy Review Commission. Warren also speaks of financial woes due to Credit Card companies which are under regulated and creating fees like late fees, merchant fees, and others that are unexpected pulls for not just the consumer but the producer as well. This causes, among other factors, for prices of retail goods to increase, and the amount of money or credit available to an individ-

ual to decrease. It also tears down trust the consumers have in the market and they become wearier of their spending. Warren claims these problems are in part due to under regulation of Credit Card companies. Jeffrey Frankel, a professor of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Business claims, among other things, that the recession was the fault of irresponsible spending by households and the government. Irresponsibility of those groups along with the failure of corporations to govern themselves and the business they conduct. Look at the ‘Big Three’, begging congress for money because of a bad business plan or poor management. Seems like the same song other businesses are singing. These businesses and institutions ignored the imminent possibility of less because they refuse to accept the models don’t know everything and the

1% possibility a Dragon will jump out. For some reason, no one thought a person who didn’t qualify for the loan for their home, the same person that put 0% down, would default? Crappy game boys, because lots of people defaulted, and now we have a sub-prime mortgage crisis. Hard to predict, I know. Ok. Now that that’s out of my system. What’s going to save us? Congress will pass a stimulus package backed by President Obama on the order of $800 billion that they hope will repair the economy. Here’s the good part, this is so good, I swear you can’t make this up. David Obey is the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, and he said in regards to the stimulus, “My main worry is whether or not we can find enough places to responsibly put money so that you have a big enough effect to correct the problem or at least mitigate the p r o b l e m .” This tells me that we really have no idea how to fix the problem, but yet we still think that gove r n ment should be the one to fix it. My bet is that the market itself needs some changes. First and foremost, the lesson Americans learned in 2008 about living within your means must stick and it must not revert backwards into the never ending pile of debt we live with today. On the other hand, prices for consumer goods need to be leveraged. The Federal Reserve needs to stop messing with interest rates that deplete the strength of the dollar which in turn affects our economy. Credit card companies need to be regulated, the Securitites Exchange Commission (SEC) needs to be more vigilant and prosecute people like Bernie Madoff, and the government needs to start balancing a budget and paying off debt before Russia and China come knocking on our door for their money. This is just a thought. Maybe a minimum wage job isn’t paying the bills because programs like Medicare and Social Security take half of your earnings, and then pay less than a quarter of the costs you face during retirement. Maybe, just maybe, if we keep our hands in our own pockets then things will start to improve. And it will all happen without bailing out the porn industry, you can bet on that.

Pres. Wharton to speak about research experiences in Antarctica

Katie Aurand Editor in Chief Few people can say that they have been to Antarctica, much less perform research there. However, the School of Mines’ new president, Dr. Robert Wharton, has not only participated in 10 expeditions to the Antarctic, but has also received the United States Antarctic Service Medal. Engineers and Scientists Abroad (ESA), a student organization at the BRRR! President Wharton poses at the School of Mines, is South Pole during a research expedition. hosting “Polar Re- (Photo courtesy of UPR) gion Research,” a presentation detailing research students can apply their enexperiences for those interested gineering and science knowlin engineering and science re- edge on an international scale lated international projects. On through humanitarian efforts. Thursday, Feb. 5, at 6 p.m. in This baby organization, foundCB204, people have a chance ed in the fall of 2006, has now to hear about Wharton’s expe- seen the birth of international ditions. Refreshments will be projects in three countries: provided. Chile, Suriname and Mongolia. Wharton has been the Pres- This past summer, four stuident of the School of Mines dents traveled to Chile and one since July 1, 2008, and he has trekked to Mongolia to do work served on the National Re- for ESA. search Council’s Polar Research “ESA’s purpose is to proBoard. mote the welfare of underdevel ESA hopes that this presen- oped organizations on a global tation will increase the level of scale,” said ESA President Eric student interest and community Hoffnagle. “We use engineerinvolvement in relation to their ing and science application to projects. benefit these organizations so ESA is a student organiza- they can get a better start in the tion at School of Mines where world that we live in today.”

UFOs: Hastings says there’s proof

discover to personal military By Megan Mallett interviews, reasonable informaRaver Staff Is it worth spending 27 tion deducted into the fact that years traveling around America something had to be out there. to talk about whether or not Hastings believes it is foreignUnidentified Flying Objects ers from other galaxies, but to encourage people to think for (UFOs) exist? On Thursday, Jan. 22, Rob- themselves, a slide show presenert Hastings visited the School tation was made with a variety of documents, of Mines to talk about “Discs, round, flat-shaped research findobjects or phenomena, ings, and the role of quotes from unidentified moving at fast velocity, people inflying objects emitting a brilliant white volved. Along in not just the light or reflected light.” with that, United States, Hastings addbut in their relationship with the military by ed many instances and power the military nuclear facilities. shortages around the time peoSince March of 1967, Hastings ple were reporting odd lights has been enthralled with UFO’s and discs in the skies. Much after witnessing a defective mis- more evidence was discussed, sile launch towards an unidenti- and more information can be fied flying object. The missile found at to sailed straight at the object, but learn more about these interestwas deflected before it caused ing discoveries. any harm. Hastings since then Overall, for doing so much has investigated strange inci- time traveling and spreading dents that the military and citi- his beliefs, maybe these ‘bright lights’ shine best when people zens keep on the down-low. With the discoveries he can relate to them. If UFO’s do made through formal docu- come back to earth, people can’t mented work he fought hard to say they haven’t been warned!

NEWS February 2009

Raver - Page 5

Surbeck Renovation creates temporary inconvenience for long-term improvement

Maureen Wilson Director of Residence Life and Surbeck Center Due to the lack of meeting room space as the project progresses, we have already contacted people about relocating their events/meetings on an individual basis. As you plan events between February and August, please keep in mind, we will not have the flexibility for location options that we currently have. We do have contact information for offices/areas that have departmental meeting rooms that are available for campus use and will share that as requested (please contact Surbeck Scheduling for more information). The following is the plan as of today (subject to change): Areas impacted starting in February: • The Bookstore will still be open, but the entrance will shift as work is completed in one half of the store and then the other half (starting 2/16 until approx 3/16). • Seating & serving for the Hardrocker Dining Hall will be relocated to the Rec Center area within the lower level of Surbeck (starting 2/16 until August). • The Miner’s Shack will remain open – the entrance may shift; the location may change; serving hours may vary. More info as we know more from the General Contractor. • The Miner’s Shack seating area will be not be available (starting 2/16 until August). • Dining Services Main Office will be relocated to the Pluma Room in the lower level of Surbeck Center (starting 2/16 until August). • Meeting rooms that will go off-line – Hisega, Roubaix, Cove and Pluma (starting 2/16 Hisega, Roubaix and Cove will no longer exist; Pluma will be available again in August). Areas impacted starting in March: • Counseling Services will be relocated to the Eureka Con-

ference Room (Jolie McCoy will be in Eureka starting 3/9 until 5/20). • ADA Student Services Lab will be relocated to the Surbeck PC Lab. The computer lab will still be open to general student use. (starting 3/9 until August). • Student Health Services relocation is TBD (starting 3/9 until ???). • Meetings rooms that will go off-line – Bump East, Bump West, Dorr, Eureka (starting 3/9 until August). Areas impacted starting in April, May or June • Dining Services Kitchen . . . location TBD (starting ~April 1 until August). • Alumni Office, Career Center, Counseling Services, and the Dean of Students Office will relocate to three new conference rooms on the main level of Surbeck Center (starting 5/20 until August). • Hallways, exterior entrances (west and lower level), and storage rooms will be renovated starting in mid-May – alternate routes will be established as needed. • Hardrock Room and restrooms on the main level will go off-line sometime in April or May (as determined by the contractor’s schedule). • Restrooms on the lower level will go off-line as soon as the main level new restrooms are completed (or vice versa) sometime in April or May. We appreciate your patience as the


(con’t from front page)

what have you. In fact, that student might take innocent people project interrupts our lives and down if he or she doesn’t conlook forward to fantastic new sider their surroundings. spaces in August. Chief Mabry also claims stu Please let me know if you dents with concealed weapons have any questions or concerns drawn in this situation will be a distraction and a hazard to police. An officer who responds to a shooter on campus is looking for a gun. The description

of the ‘bad guy’ is an enraged student with a firearm; if placed in a school shooting situation, how many students carrying a concealed weapon would meet that description to a police officer or another student? Things aren’t going to be black and white, they never are. And so I ask you again, who should hold the smoking gun?

HEALTH Raver - Page 6

February 2009

Cut the fat, not your New Year’s resolutions By Megan Mallet Raver Staff New Year’s came and left, leaving behind a few weeks of excess weight around waists and thighs due to the holidays. Thanks to these chunky leftovers, resolutions promise a year of healthier eating, toned bodies, and growing minds. However, without knowing how to accomplish this, the resolution might as well not exist. Hopefully, as the year progresses, situations will help one on the way to a successful healthy diet, confidence with one’s body, and a rejuvenated mind. First and foremost, drink plenty of water. The recommended amount to drink is half your body weight in ounces. For example, soameone who weighs 160 pounds would drink 80 ounces in water. This will not only keep your body hydrated, but it will also keep one’s metabolism functioning to a very healthy level. Secondly, and imperatively, is the food diet. While it’s nice to see overnight weight loss, this enjoyment causes a yo-yoing with weight. Although it is normal to have a flux between five pounds, it isn’t stable to do more yo-yoing for a healthy body. In order to lose weight and keep it off, try some of these tricks that was outlined by 1. Protein. While it may be a bit fattier than carbs, this food fills one up faster than any other food. According to, one serving size of steak has 95% protein needed in a day, with lots of zinc, vitamin B12, and selenium present. However, because of its high fat levels, it is highly recommended to eat only one STEAK per week. Grilled chicken breasts, eggs, lamb products, and tofu are other, healthier options in the protein department. Make sure portions are correct, and make sure to try a variety! 2. Nuts. Especially al-

Cooking With Will

monds! While the serving size is pretty minimal, this food is actually great in weight loss. Munching on these at least twice a week, according to Dr. Leo Galland of “The Fat Resistance Diet” book, can help fill up the body while supplying unsaturated (healthy and needed) fats, which increases good cholesterol and helps the body burn excess fat. 3. Fruits and Vegetables. Although these foods are loved and hated, for complete body health, they remain absolutely imperative. The levels of antioxidants and amino acids are very high and very helpful in refueling the body and the mind. These foods are best eaten raw, although others may prefer them in alternate forms. To tell how rich in nutrients these are, the ricer the color, the healthier. Along with that, these foods not only work for losing weight, but they prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic disease, diabetes, and high book pressures. In order to find out how much your body needs of fruits and vegetables per day, visit and don’ worry, it’s free to use and can help keep track of your

eating habits. a. For optimal weight loss, berries are top picks due to their high levels of antioxidants, free radicals, and nutrients. 4. Milk products. As elementary schools preach, milk contains calcium that helps bones. What they forgot to mention is that calcium also helps balance diets and ‘restart’ the body. Some of the bacteria in milk products help the body metabolize, and even whole milk, with it’s high fat content, will help the body function better when consumed in portion. Low-fat mozzarella string cheese is a great mid morning snack for weight loss! Wrapping up the food portion, watch intake of sugar and carbs. While it’s necessary to have both, eating too much will offset one’s diet. As for exercise, it takes 4-6 weeks before a pattern can become a habit, which becomes a lifestyle. In order to get toned, start pumping weights before doing the cardio, and work out at least three times a week. If weights aren’t up your alley, try roller or ice skating, walking, hiking, snowboarding or skiing, biking, or even rock climbing do stellar wonders for bodies. Exercise not only helps the body function better, but it also brings more oxygen to the brain. This helps rid the brain of stress hormones and helps one focus better. And don’t forget to take a break periodically from studying! That will keep the mind functioning and rejuvenated for accomplishing a lot of studying. Have a great year, and remember, listening to what your body needs will help you succeed in creating a good balance. Good luck!

By Will Ealy Raver Staff Alright, so there you are in your dorm with a pot, and baking dish and no desire to feed at the crack shack. All you can find is a few slices of cheese, a box of mac and cheese and a can of cream of mushroom soup and for some odd reason a few cans of tuna (hey, no one’s here to judge). No need to worry, it’s time to make some tuna casserole. Here’s what you need: A box of Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese 1 small can Cream of Mushroom Soup A few cans of Tuna 1 onion (optional) Milk Cheese Now to get down to it, set the oven for 325 degrees (Fahrenheit, not Celsius) and make the macaroni and cheese like you normally would. Then add the can of soup. Take the cans of tuna and drain off the juice and

add them in too. How much you add depends on how tuna-ee you want your casserole. If you are going to add the onion, dice it up and throw it in. Now mix all of it together. If it looks a little dry add some milk (remember class, the higher the fat content the richer it’ll be so avoid skim). Now take your mixture and pour it into the baking dish and spread it out flat. Here’s the part where you can be creative. Take the cheese you have and put it on top. Any cheese you like. Velveeta is pretty standard but I made a pretty good dish using some pepper jack. Maybe you like sharp cheddar or colby. Go for it, it’s your dish. You can try adding other things in too like celery or using a different cream soup. You might also want to season it up a little bit with some pepper or cumin or maybe garlic. Be adventurous, you never know when you’ll come up with something good. Now that you have it all together throw it in the oven. It’s ready when the cheese melts.

Microwave Treats For Your Sweetie

By E.M. Daniels Raver Staff Don’t have the money to go all out for treats this Valentine’s Day? Try these microwavable recipes to impress your sweet heart. Try a making a fudgey MugO-Brownie. Take a microwavable mug and mix the following ingredients in it: - 4 tbsp flour - 4 tbsp sugar - 2 tbsp cocoa power - 2 tbsp vegetable oil - 2 tbsp water - Dash of salt (to bring out the chocolate flavor) Microwave for about a minute. Depending on the microwave used, it may need more time. If you add time, watch it carefully. Make two Mug-OBrownies or just one to share

with your beloved.

For a dash of pink for the day, try making Strawberry Krispies. First, get the following ingredients: - 3 tbsp margarine or butter - 1 (10 ounce) bag of strawberry flavored marshmallows - 5 cups rice krispies - 6 oz. white chocolate First, in a large microwavable bowl melt the butter. Then add the marshmallows and microwave in 30 second intervals. Stir each time, until melted and blended well with the butter. Add the cereal and mix well. Then press into a greased 13x9 pan. Now melt the white chocolate, be careful not to burn it! Pour it over top the cereal mixture in the pan, and refrigerate for a bit. Cut it up and serve the pink treats!

HEALTH February 2009

Raver - Page 7

Time to Think Warm and Warm Up Jamaican inspired drinks reminiscent of warmer days

By Will Ealy Raver Staff Alright, I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m getting a little tired of this cold weather. It just doesn’t get to twenty below in Indiana. So when it does uget below zero u I’m going to escape to my ehappy place, my nice war=m thappy place where I won’t lhave to worry about freezing eto death if my car breaks down. rOf course it’s a little difficult to -share your warm happy place dwith everyone else so here are ea few drinks to make you think hof warmer places you can share ewith friends. And of course be . responsible; follow the letter of dthe law and the BOR. u First, what could be nicer dthan a sandy beach in Jamaica hwhen there is frost forming eon the inside of my windows? . And what says Jamaica better uthan rum (unless you’re a Red nStripe fan). So here is a simple -rum drink with a twist. All you oneed is some sweet and sour tmix (available at Wal-Mart or rany grocery store), ginger ale, ,and rum. It really doesn’t matlter if you use light or dark rum . although I use Bacardi Light -because of its relatively mild snature. A good spiced rum can be used although it might overpower the ginger ale. Now, all you have to do is mix 1 ounce

of rum with 2 or 3 ounces of ginger ale (depending on how strong you want it) and a splash of the sweet and sour mix. Stir it up and throw in some ice if you want it. If rum isn’t one of your favorites maybe a variation on a margarita will do the trick. First, pick up six limes, some sweet and sour mix, sugar, and tequila. Next, slice the limes in half and juice them. It’s the juice you’re after and this part is much easier if you pick up a juicer for a couple of bucks. Once you have the lime juice add a couple ounces of sweet and sour mix, a

Lessons From Childhood

, -


n . d . . 9 ! e e

Number 58: Don’t run with spears.

few tablespoons of sugar, and as much tequila as you’re comfortable with. A little trick to tame it down if you add too much is to add some more sugar although this only works to a point. Now if you have a blender and ice handy feel free to make it into a slushy. Of course if you’re going low budget just put it on the rocks and the salt rimmed glass is optional. If you do want to salt the glass make sure to use a finely ground salt and if you want to add a little extra you can get flavored and/or colored salts at for that extra touch.

Thumos, a pen name, a disguise, a mask, a word- passion, of Greek. This column is written for education and amusement of the reader, but what of the author? What is the avail? Is it that I myself have indeed found the fount of such a forgotten entity, or is it that I am still in search of it? Passion is something I consider to be present regardless of circumstance, but is experienced only based on exterior components. It’s not a matter of race, background, or even orientation for I believe passion underlies all encounters. One must merely unleash what potential is available in passion. I have found it to be true that passion is a puzzle of sorts. It is a cliché to say that each individual holds a lock and key, but perhaps the basic principles of human anatomy are symbolic enough. And yet it’s difficult to say a simple disposition of flesh could determine such an intricate and delicate occurrence. In numerous novels, films and real life instances, individuals are faced with a decision to align their prospects with a person of whom they are not built; anatomically, astronomically, or otherwise. We face this decision because as humans we require companionship, stability and

support. It is absurd to believe each individual was designed to travel a path marked for them when the path may only be wide enough for one. The path marked was made for one yet required a travel for two. How does one decide for whom the path will widen? Thumos is found by only few; the rest are damned to walk the path in a stale and stagnant world, accompanied or otherwise. I do not propose to say love in its own rite is far from passion, but I do propose true love cannot exist without passion and individuals such as myself; regardless of circumstance, should not be cast down due to our pursuit of passion. It is when passion, unaccompanied by love is reckless. And what of the casualties along the way? Those that are wounded or taken by a lack of passion, talk to your friends, your family and try to find out how to help yourself. God forbid, even go to the nearest bookstore and walk the “self help” isle to find a book that meets your needs. Big sisters are good help and some moms are, but be careful cause that’s a dangerous road, often traveled but most don’t return.

COMICS Raver - Page 8

End of the World Days

February 2009


NEWS February 2009

Raver - Page 9



How to maximize your time at tHe career fair By Darrell Sawyer SDSm&t career center

Knowing how to “work” a career fair and knowing what to during the Fair - COMMUNICATE expect can help you maximize your efforts. A career fair can be - Organize a plan on which employers you want to talk to. a useful tool for students from freshman to graduate levels. For - Dress appropriately and bring numerous copies of your some students, the career fair is the “foot in the door” that leads resume. to a job interview and eventually an actual job offer. For others, - Make a good first impression—smile, make eye contact, the career fair offers a chance to explore career options and visit use a firm handshake, and introduce yourself in a positive, one-on-one with people actually working in various career fields. friendly manner. Others take advantage of career fairs to network and get advice - Remember your body language! Don’t chew gum, fidget, on how to be a strong candidate when they are ready to apply for twist your hair, or look around while employer is talking to positions. you. Regardless of your purpose in attending a career fair, here are - Be respectful of the recruiter’s time. a few tips to help make it a productive experience: - Ask questions and take notes to keep track of pertinent information.

before the Fair - PREPARE

- Find out which employers will be attending. after the fair - FOLLOW UP - Check the employer list at - Send a follow-up letter or email the employers that careerfairdirectory especially interest you. - Research the employers that interest you. - Reinforce your enthusiasm in working for that employer - Update and PROOF your resume. and reiterate why you are a “good fit”. - Develop a 30-second introduction of yourself and practice - Submit any applications or other information that recruiters saying it! recommended. - Think of 1-2 questions to ask employers.


Career Fair Tips SPRING CAREER FAIR Searching for Internships Internet Job Search Evaluating Job Offers and Benefits Art of “Mixing and Mingling” Reception


Tues., Feb. 3 Tues, Feb. 10 Tues, Feb. 24 Thurs, Feb. 26 Tues, Mar. 3 Thurs, Mar. 19

You must register on-line to attend this event

Still Deciding on Switching Majors? Wed, Apr. 8 Advice from Intern/Co-op Students Thurs, Apr. 16 Job Search Tips for International Students Mon, Apr. 27

Call the Career Center at 394-2667 or visit their website at



3:30-4:30pm 11:00am-5:00pm 3:30-4:30pm 4:00-5:00pm 3:30-4:30pm 4:00-5:30pm

McKeel Ballroom McKeel McKeel McKeel Bump West

3:30-4:30pm 4:00-5:00pm 4:00-5:00pm

McKeel Bump West McKeel

Our Graduates = Great Jobs + Great Salaries 99% Placement Rate 06-07 Grads: Employers That Hired Our 06-07 Grads

95% Placement of 07-08 Grads

(as of January, 2009) Employers That Hired Our 07-08 Grads

$55,705 Average Salary Offer:

Average Salary Offers 07-08 Grads

75% of 07-08 Graduates had Intern/Co-op Experience: Employers That Hired Our 07-08 Intern/Co-op Students

SPORTS Raver - Page 10

February 2009

SD Mines track team set for strong run into 2009 season

By Brad Blume Sports Information Director With the recent wave of warm weather one would think that the South Dakota School of Mines men’s and women’s track teams were preparing to compete outside rather than gearing up for the indoor portion of the Hardrockers schedule. Too bad. Never-the-less, the SDM track schedule dictates that the Hardrocker thinclads will be indoors for a couple months starting Friday at the Dave Little Invitational in Spearfish. The Hardrocker men’s teams will roster 17 men for the indoor season. SD Mines has two significant losses in two-time AllAmerican pole vaulter Chandler Caldwell and three-time NAIA National qualifier (hurdles) Tyler Flattum. The Hardrockers do have a number of athletes returning this year that are poised to have a good season. Topping that list is senior throws specialist Matt Deardoff. Deardoff will compete in the shot put during the indoor season and shot put and discus once the outdoors season starts. “Matt is a real steady competitor. We are looking for him to have a banner year,” said Hardrocker head track coach Jerry Schafer. “He was on the verge of going to Nationals last season and is hoping he can reach that goal in his final year.” Junior Colton Reid is another that coach Schafer is expecting good things from. After spending a year as a red shirt after an injury during the 2007 cross country season, the middle distance runner should be that much stronger and faster in reaching the next level in his athletic career. Reid has been to the National Championships before as part of the 4x400 relay team and is hoping to punch a ticket back to the big dance by himself. “We want to get Colton back to Nationals as an individual.” Schafer said. “He’s as healthy as he’s been in a long time. The injury is healed, he’s taken care of some other (running) problems and I am expecting him to take off and do some good things this season.” Other upperclassmen returning to the men’s roster are Scott Anderson, a junior middle distance runner; Jason Simmons, a senior sprinter; Marcus Moor, a junior distance runner; and Aaron DeCurtins, a senior long sprinter. Schafer feels each one of his remaining upperclassmen have the skills needed to be competitive in the Dakota Athletic Conference. Anderson and Moor have been training hard and looking to take that next step, Simmons seems to be free of

nagging hamstring issues that have hampered him in the past; and DeCurtins (a long sprinter) is back to the team after serving his country in Iraq. “He was deployed for National Guard duty,” Schafer said of DeCurtins. “This is his last semester to compete and I hope we can give him a good sendoff.” The ‘Rocker men’s squad also contains some very talented underclassmen. Schafer had good things to say about sophomore Lucas Fried, a distance runner that is coming off a fairly successful cross country season. Add freshman Matt Pike to the mix and the Hardrockers have a pair that are running at that next level. “Lucas is a good team leader for those distance runners,” Schafer said. “I think they will both have pretty good indoor seasons and that should transition to great outdoor seasons.” The Hardrockers also have a pair of young sprinters in Jamie Dale and Rod McRae that should bode well for the track team. Both have exceptional speed and both will be featured as sprinters as well as long and triple jumpers. Some other notable underclassmen are freshmen Eb Nordahl and Thomas Everett. They are currently nursing some injuries, but after promising cross country seasons, once healthy, they should be competing at a high level. Also look for sophomores Nate Snyder and Everett Brill to have breakout seasons this year in the throwing events. Schafer is impressed with how Brill is progressing in the shot put and weight throw and feels he is on the rise. The coach added that Snyder has shown improvements in the weight throw event as well. Looking at the conference, Schafer feels there won’t be a whole lot of surprises this year and said a focus on individual improvement will be the main goal of the indoor season. “We will be fighting to be in the top half of the conference as a team,” Schafer said. “We struggled last year but I think we will rebound with the people we have this season.” On the women’s side, the Lady Hardrockers have nine on the roster with a number of turnover at different events. The top returners though do have all the proper skills to make a run at a national qualification. Junior Ashley Stewart has a decent shot to qualify for Nationals in the high jump event. She has spent the last two seasons honing her skills and has shown steady improvement. She will also compete in the javelin and discus once the out-

door season begins. Sophomore distance runners Brittney Hovdenes and Kendra Crisman are coming off stellar cross country seasons. Even though both are underclassmen, they too are running like veterans thinclads. “We are very excited to see how much they’ve improved at track,” Schafer said. “We’ve got some lofty goals set for them. Hopefully they can reach them early in the season, then we can set new goals for the girls.” Junior Kendall Donegan is a bit new to the running scene. After spending two years playing collegian soccer, she transferred to SD Mines and wanted to give running a whirl. She ran cross country this past fall for the Hardrockers and will now transition to track running. Freshmen on the Hardrocker women’s team are Ashley Kemnitz, Madisen Lane, Kelsey Feist, Christy Quiett and Laurette Beal. Kemnitz and Lane cross over to track from the volleyball team, Feist and Quiett ran cross country and Beal seems to be a gem of an athlete that will be groomed to be a multi-event competitor. Lane’s main focus will be high jumping. Schafer also plans to put her in the triple jump, but her main focus will be what she’s more familiar with. “Madi is a talented high jumper coming out of high school,” Schafer said. “She has an outside shot of qualifying for Nationals.” Kemnitz will be featured in the hurdles and sprinting events for the indoor season. Schafer feels she has the ability to be a high caliber hurdler as well as a fierce competitor in the conference. Schafer said Feist is a hard worker and feels that Quiett is starting to show some solid improvement and thinks both cross country runners have a huge upside for the track season. Beal will spend the indoor season of track as a Hardrocker on the redshirt list. Schafer said she excels at pole vaulting, high jumping, hurdling and sprinting and after a season of learning the ropes, she’ll be a solid athlete in the multiple events such as the pentathlon and decathlon. Much like the men’s team, the Lady Hardrockers just don’t have the numbers to make a solid run as a team or be in the running for the Dakota Athletic Conference title. SD Mines will again focus all their efforts on individual improvement. Helping with the cause this season are two assistant coaches that are all too familiar with the Hardrocker track program. Mitch Rudebusch, a former distance running standout will assist the current distance runners and Kent Jacobs a sprinter and

former holder of the school record in the 400-meter dash will help coach the sprinters on the SD Mines team. The indoor season officially started Friday, Jan. 23, in Spearfish and will go full circle with the DAC Championships back in Spearfish on Feb. 20-21. The Indoor National Champion-

ships will be held March 5-7 in Johnson City Tennessee. The first outdoor meet is slated for March 21 in Colorado. The DAC Meet will be held in Madison this year May 810 and the National Outdoor Meet is set for May 22-24 in Edwardsville, Ill.

Indoor Track Feb. 7 USD Invite Vermillion, SD Feb. 14 Northern State Invite Aberdeen, SD Feb. 20-21 DAC Championship Spearfish

Women’s Basketball

Feb. 6 vs. Dickinson State* 5:30 p.m. Feb. 7 vs. Minot State* 4 p.m. Feb. 11 at Black Hills State* 5:30 p.m. Feb. 18 at Valley City* 5:30 p.m. Feb. 19 at Jamestown College* 5:30 p.m. Feb. 22 DAC Playoffs TBA Feb. 25 DAC Playoffs TBA

Men’s Basketball

Feb. 6 vs. Dickinson State* 7:30 p.m. Feb. 7 vs. Minot State* 6 p.m. Feb. 11 at Black Hills State* 7:30 p.m. Feb. 18 at Valley City* 7:30 p.m. Feb. 19 at Jamestown College* 7:30 p.m. Feb. 22 DAC Playoffs TBA Feb. 25 DAC Playoffs TBA

NEWS February 2009

Raver - Page 11

February Horoscope By Madame Snupperbuttom


Love is in the air (and the nose) By Megan Mallett Raver Staff Love. Everyone looks for it, wants it, even craves it. The media sells it, families work for it; people look for it in their friends. What’s all in this mystery of love that makes it one of life’s greatest obsessions? Interestingly enough, many reasons exist as to why our minds, let alone our bodies, act upon seeking love, and some of it has to do with the physical and spiritual chemistry going on. Even though both of those aspects create ‘touchy’ moments, there’s a reason both happen. Jumping into the moment, let’s see what’s happening when love captures more than just the heart. A huge aspect of ‘falling in love’ is undeniably the physical chemistry between two people. According to Susanna Schrobsdorff of Newsweek web exclusive, men and women are both more attracted to people who have opposite chemical make-up. One of the major ways of knowing whether or not physical chemistry works is by smell. This smell picks out the body’s chemical of pheromones, and pheromones help pique interest in others. When a man finds a girls hair smelling very pleasing, or a woman finds herself drawn to a sweaty man, that’s the physical chemistry of pheromones at work. When the chemistry’s don’t align, the opposite will be more subconsciously repulsed. This does not include

people who neglect to take care of their hygiene. Another way one’s body might find a good chemistry match is through a much more intimate manner; kissing. Old wives’ tales say kissing existed to help women tell whether or not the man had opposite chemicals, which in turn would produce stronger and better children. So girls, the next time a boy comes and kisses, just remember he may not be such a bad kisser; his chemicals could just be too close to your DNA makeup for him to be attractive! Another supposedly physical attraction tidbit talks about people in power. Those who have more positive pheromones on others are more likely to have powerful positions in their communities than those who don’t have that chemical as strong. More studies show that men are attracted to women with glass hour figures, and women like the broad shoulders and strong backs. It is said that men like those figures because it shows fertility, and women like stronger upper bodied men because it shows he can protect her. Overall, whether or not bodily chemicals interfere with the ‘love’ process, only one thing is true; love is a choice, not necessarily just a moment of appreciating the smell or the taste of another. It’s the choice to serve and the choice to allow someone to help you. No matter the current situation, just remember; true love will only exist if it is chosen to be worked for from all sides. No matter the body chemistry, happiness can only come from the heart. With that being said, have a wonderful and happy valentine’s day!

(Mar. 21 to April 19) Candy hearts will mug you.


(April 20 to May 20) Cupid will revolt and spread anarchy instead of love.


(May 21 to June 21) You’ll find a Valentine, but don’t forget the chloroform.


(June 22 to July 22) Grubby is stalking you.


(July 23 to Aug. 22) Use protection, wear a helmet!


(Aug. 23 to Sept. 22) Those aren’t chocolates!


(Sept. 23 to Oct. 23) Ooo! Cupcakes!

You will drown in a sea of Valentine’s Day cards.


(Dec. 22 to Jan. 19) You’re roommate will auction you off on a date to his 80 year old aunt.



(Jan. 20 to Feb. 18) You get an arrow shot through you.


(Feb. 19 to Mar. 20) You go mad from all the pink hearts and flowers.

(Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) I see a ring in your future. A ring of fire. (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21)


Greek reatreat held on January 24

Alcohol Awareness: Greek members pose for a photo during a retreat about drinking and driving. Photo coutesy of Rob Kellar Mary Jo Farrington Campuses Community Prevention Coalition Approximately 22 SDSM&T students affiliated with one of the Greek organizations on campus attended an all day retreat on January 24, hosted by the Inter-Fraternity Council, Dr. Pat Mahon, Dean of Students, and School of Mines staff. Students and staff planned the day’s program which included presentations on risk management, improving public relations, conflict reso-

lution, information on drinking and driving and related issues. Event facilitators Mike Keegan, Coordinator of Student Activities and Leadership Development, and Cathy Sass, Alpha Chi Sigma, put the group through various team building exercises. Presenters were: Logan Sanow, Alpha Chi Sigma: Ashley Johnson, Alpha Delta Pi; Chelsey Larmie-Rhoades, Alpha Omega Epsilon; Robert Keller, Delta Sigma Phi; Jason Miller, Triangle; Jerilyn Roberts, Environmental Health and

Safety Manager; Joel Wendell, Counseling Services; and Jared Ball, City of Rapid City Growth Management Department and alum/fraternity member from East Tennessee State University. “It was great to see so many students give up a Saturday to participate,” said Mary Jo Farrington, Director of the Campuses Community Prevention Coalition. “We had fun, made new acquaintances and came away with pride in our Greek students,” said Marie Romano of the Dean of Student’s office.

FEATURE Raver - Page 12

February 2009

Up a creek with a broken paddle Lessons learned during a summer internship

figured that we would get our forty bucks Then we got closer and saw that the huddled for warmth in the fetal position By Will Ealy out of that little thing in fun running entire channel was blocked up by a log crap for me!). Of course on the bright Raver Staff Summer internships, those brief those mountain rapids. At this point jam. “No big deal,” I thought. I told side I wouldn’t be alone. Then my forays into the real world where we learn you would have thought that the picture Phil to paddle for a sandbar where we will to survive kicked in and I took my what it’s like to be out in industry and of a happy family of four sitting in this could pull out and portage around the little plastic paddle and tried to brace against the logs with it hoping to avoid dam. develop some real world experience. Oh thing in a nice calm This is the point spearing the raft on one of the many yeah, and the whole thing about getting swimming pool and The stream on the far side was paid is nice. I’ve had a few internships not shooting a class a good ten to fifteen feet lower in our little journey pongee sticks radiating out. I figured if where the bad idea Phil did the same when his side swung in my day. Some have been good, four rapid would than where we were and there became a bad reality. around we might be able to hold out for others not so much. And I’ve learned have caused our a few things in my experiences. Being bad idea alarms to was a very audible and somewhat We were making a while and prolong our existence that the generous fellow that I am, I’ll take go off. They did ominous sound coming from the for the sandbar and much more. Maybe even long enough we reached a point to broker a deal with God or anyone else the time to share a few of the things I’ve not. We bought the dam itself. thing and the cheap where we could see listening… learned with you. Let’s go back to Wal-Mart for a past the log jam. The stream on the I spent my last summer working plastic paddles to go with it. We approached this little expedition far side was a good ten to fifteen feet second and think about the piece of for an underground lead mine out in northeastern Washington in a little town with a fair amount of confidence. My lower than where we were and there was high performance hardware that I’m where the mine, school and Border roommate, after all, kept talking about a very audible and somewhat ominous equipped with here. We bought two of Patrol (in that order I think) supplied all of his white water experience and sound coming from the dam itself. This these paddles for 5 bucks. That should the vast majority of jobs in the area. how he had rafted the Colorado River is when I had one of those moments tell you something. I could have made There really was nothing around there. and some other places I hadn’t heard of clarity where your brain suddenly something more durable out of PVC Of course Canada was just a skip away of and so I figured we’d be able to puts everything together and you have and construction paper but I didn’t (literally 10 minutes) but there wasn’t handle whatever the mountains threw that ah-hah. I suddenly realized why because Wal-Mart was just so darned much up there either until you drove a at us. Our confidence was shaken a the stream was so deep here. It was convenient. So it was me against the log good 40 miles past the border, and when little when a fishing boat in the river dammed up. And underneath of that with my $2.50 of plastic. I may have gas was pushing six bucks a gallon we had inadvertently entered a stretch of dam was a waterfall. And if we hit that uttered something along the lines of didn’t take many road trips. I went a rapids and disappeared with all onboard. thing with our little raft it’ll probably “Bring it b*&$#,” but I probable didn’t. The locals were get pulled under. And if we wound up I remember the f-word flying around my month and a half without being more The locals were unnervingly unnervingly pragmatic in the water we wouldn’t make it out head quite a bit. So here it comes. The moment of than 10 miles from pragmatic when they called when they called off from under there and if by some stroke the search after a of chance we made it through that we truth. Will my paddle be enough to my house and when off the search after a few few hours saying the would have to worry about hypothermia buy me a few more precious moments? I finally had to get my Wal-Mart fix, hours saying the bodies bodies would show up which the locals had already told us was Nope. It folded faster than one of those maids at the Hotel Olympics (look it which was a bit of an would show up in the screens in the screens at the a real bitch. I’m pretty sure one part of my brain up). Literally, it had a crease. And then endeavor since it was at the hydroelectric dam a hydroelectric dam a forty miles to get there few miles down river in a day few miles down river called the other part a dumbass at this impact. I saw the spike punch into the in a day or two. They point. I now paddled for the sandbar hull of our raft and felt the air rush out over mountain roads, or two. They never did. never did. with a renewed vigor. I did want to live but it didn’t collapse like I thought it it was like stepping Well, finally the day came when we after all and I think my partner had the would. I wasn’t even getting wet. Our into a mystical, magical wonderland where everything I could ever want was worked up the nerve to go try this thing same epiphany I did. He looked back at cheap Wal-Mart raft had a secondary air at my fingertips. Hey, all we had where out. We drove out into the mountains me with a panic stricken face and began bladder in it for just such an occasion. I was for shopping was a gas station and into a pretty desolate area and parked to paddle like mad. Then he tried to seal Not that I stopped to analyze why I wasn’t wet. As soon as we contacted I small grocery store. I’ll admit I stood my car next to a bridge. We then drove our fates. We were just about out of the main yelled “Bail,” and we both climbed onto there in the doorway just marveling at a few miles up the road and found a good place to put in. Now I’ll let you channel when he reached up and grabbed the logjam. how big the place was for a minute. So there we were standing on a So, my roommate Phil and I began know this was a pretty tame part of the a limb hanging overhead. When I say to stock up on everything imaginable. stream. While the current was swift limb I am being very generous. This logjam in the middle of a mountain OH toilet paper is CHEAP when you there was no white water and from the was more like a little twig that a finch stream with our tattered raft harpooned get the giant pack. Never mind that road earlier downstream we could tell wouldn’t think about perching on. Now to the thing almost like a macabre there’s no way we’ll use all of it that it was only a foot or two deep in most when he grabbed that branch something trophy. We pulled our raft off of the dam and walked the 200 summer, we just couldn’t resist the parts. We figured if things went badly interesting happened. bargains. Now I’ll skip how we blew a we would just jump out and walk back Our little raft did a I could have made something yards back to where few hundred bucks at Wal-Mart (it may to the nearest vehicle. So we put in on 180 and went right more durable out of PVC and we put in. The total time of our aquatic have had something to do with our not a little sandbar. There were a couple of back into the main construction paper but I adventure was about having found the local liquor store yet) locals fishing upstream from us and they stream quicker than and cut to the part where things began to let us know that they thought we were you could blink. So didn’t because Wal-Mart was two minutes. Here’s the crazy. And so began the maiden voyage we were now going just so darned convenient. go wrong. backwards down this So it was me against the log lesson I took away When Phil and I arrived the streams of the Pond Orielle Princess. from that. If you’re After we got off the bar things were creek heading right for with my $2.50 of plastic. and river in the area were all at flood going to dive into a stage thanks to a large snowmelt and a going smoothly although I did notice this friendly log jam lot of rain. There was a stream in every that the water here was considerably with all of these happy little branches situation that may be life threatening hollow and these little mountain streams deeper than it was downstream, well sticking out like harpoons. I’m pretty make sure you trust the person you’re were moving a lot of water. We thought in excess of 6 feet. I couldn’t see the sure one part of my brain called the with not to do something stupid. Oh, and good times can go bad very quickly. it would be fun to raft down these things. bottom. There would be no walking to other a dumbass again. So there I was watching over my The locals told us we were nuts for even Now we tried to find a local place where shore if we bailed. A few hundred feet we could get a raft or canoe to take these into our expedition we noticed a bend in shoulder as we inevitably sailed into trying that although I disagree. We things in but we had no luck and this the creek and a couple of logs that had what I thought was going to be a very should have done more research though brings us back to Wal-Mart. You see, gotten jammed on the shallow side. We bad time. Really, drowning in the and scouted out the route we were going Wal-Mart has a sporting goods section were clipping along in the main channel middle of nowhere was not high on my to raft before going all Lewis and Clark and in that section they have inflatable and figured we’d just ride the current list of ways to go although I suppose on it. So there you go: a lesson from my rafts. We put one and one together and right through the thalweg and be fine. it beats freezing to death (none of that internships.

FEATURE February 2009

Raver - Page 13

Sleeping in an airport bathroom Aerial adventures with lengthy layovers and cankerous children Also, the airport couldn’t get I was so exhausted and frustratBy E.M. Daniels more fluid because the delivery ed with the day I didn’t care. I Raver Staff My bad luck and I have trucks couldn’t get up the roads. got about an hour of sleep. Analways been at odds. But now The airport workers kept tell- nouncements about safety over the battle has reached an epic ing us to wait longer and longer the intercom pounded through times. Until, the captain rushed every corner of the airport. The height. My bad luck started on the out and said excitedly “We’re recorded voice seemed intent way to the airport, I was travel- going! We’re going!” After a on driving us all insane. ing to see my dad in Alaska for total of nine hours in the Min- Later I had to join another Christmas. At 4:30 a.m., a friend neapolis airport, I was able to line, this one was to check baggage though. I waited in this was driving me to the airport in fly out. my car, because the battery had When the plane touched one for about an hour and half, died in his. We were just get- down in Seattle, I looked out the and right before it was my turn ting close to the airport when window. The runway and tar- to check my baggage, I was inmy car started wobbling on and mac resembled a place affected formed that those with standby by nuclear winter. status were supposed to wait in a off. We thought it was different line. Now wide awake was the road, un- The runway and Everything til the car jolted tarmac resembled covered in at least a with anger and a migraine I roughly making us a place affected by foot of snow, if not charged over to the correct line, more. It was pretty and waited for an hour glaring both swear. Then nuclear winter. to look at but bore at whoever dare look at me. The rolling out into the a forewarning, that baggage check lines now grew headlights across the road and into the ditch was a was confirmed by a flight atten- at an exponential rate; they tire—it had popped off the back dant: all outgoing flights were wrapped around the airport, just as long as the customer service wheel. We pulled the car over canceled. and got out into the freezing Inside the airport was a line that seemed to have not morning to inspect the damage. complete 180º flip. Outside was shrunk at all. The car wasn’t going anywhere. deathly still and quiet, whereas Now I got to check my bagMy friend started to change inside was complete chaos. gage. The lady said I was no lonthe tire, and gave me more bad People ran, yelled at each other, ger on standby and had an actual news. The spare didn’t fit. I had pushed, and shoved. They all seat on the plane. I thought I’d to call another friend to come acted like the world was end- die of relief; I really didn’t want by and take me to the airport ing. I traveled down to bag- to be stuck in Seattle for three and to borrow the spare from gage claim, which was even more days. But things seemed his car to get my car off the worse. Imagine a small dorm to be going my way now. I was side of the road. But time was room, with 30 people and 50 going to get to see my dad, I’d running short; I had a plane to large suitcases all packed, that be able to have a hot shower and catch. That’s when a van pulled is what it was like. I ended up sleep in a real bed! The plane up, a lady inside asked if I need- going to the wrong conveyor landed on time at 7:30 am, ed a ride. Of course I said, “Yes, before finding the right one. Af- the passengers boarded, and I please!” She drove me to the ter an hour and a half my bag promptly fell asleep when I sat airport and I was able to catch finally came tumbling down the down. I woke up an hour later chute. I grabbed it and quickly to find the plane hadn’t moved the plane. Now the plane from Rapid shoved my way upstairs to cus- yet. But that changed shortly, City would take me to Minne- tomer service. I was met by a and thirteen hours after arriving apolis, and then from there to long line. I jumped in at the end, in Seattle I was finally able to Seattle, then Juneau, and finally and heard from the group in leave. Sitka. I thought my car becom- front of me that they had been I missed my connection ing handicapped was the worst waiting for six hours already. It flight by half an hour. The next took another two hours before I flight to Sitka would not leave thing that would happen. I arrived in Minneapolis on was able to have a turn with a until 10pm. I had ten hours to time, and then waited patiently customer service agent. At this wait to take a 25 minute flight to for my next flight. I had my com- time, the line to change tickets Sitka from Juneau. With nothputer and a few movies with me had stretched the entire length ing to do, I went through security and waited for my plane. so I was set for the three hour of the airport. wait. But when it came time I was given a chance to re- When my plane landed, it for the plane to leave, it still schedule my flight. To my hor- couldn’t dock at the gate behadn’t arrived at the airport. ror, the flight the next morning cause of the plane before it. ApOther travelers and myself were was full, and another won’t be parently there’d been an extra confused. The TV walls that available until three days later. passenger, so the stewardesses displayed arrival and departure The customer service agent had everyone get off the plane times said nothing about the then said she put me on standby and then recheck their tickets. plane being late. I found out the for the flight in the morning al- This process was lengthy and plane was supposed to be two ready. I thanked her about 20 my plane had to wait a half hour before they thought to reroute it hours late, but it was pushing times before scurrying away. three. Resigned, I sat and talked Now I had all night to wait, to a different gate. But I was finally on a plane to with other travelers. I chatted and nothing to The airport was freez- Sitka! I had a miwith a girl from Minnesota on do. Literally, all her way to Anchorage. I never the hotels in Se- ing, and I found the graine and smelt asked her name and she never attle were booked bathroom was the like dirty laundry, full I wandered warmest spot in the but I was happy asked mine. I’d finally get Finally the plane arrived, around the air- entire airport. there. and we found out we would port trying to have to wait another hour. The find a spot to sleep. Along the I stepped off the plane in flight crew was deciding on walls were people wrapped up Sitka’s tiny airport and saw my whether or not to fly out to Se- in bundles using baggage as pil- family. I got squished with hugs attle. Apparently, Seattle was lows. The airport was freezing, and finally was able to get to my getting pounded by snow, and and I found the bathroom was dad’s house and sleep. I would in order for a plane to get off the the warmest spot in the entire have a very pleasant vacation. ground there can’t be anything airport. So I curled up next the Sitka is a beautiful place; it on the wings. Seattle had run out entrance and tried to get some sits on Baranof Island and is of de-icing fluid for the planes. sleep. It was embarrassing, but surrounded by mountains. It

snowed frequently, but it was a pretty snow, with fat flakes falling languidly. The end of my vacation drew near and I dreaded getting on any plane again. But my family assured me that there’s no reason why I should have any trouble on my way back to Rapid City. I believed them and braced myself for my red-eye flights. My plane would leave Sitka just after 6p.m. It was late, but that’s normal for Sitka. I got on, and before the plane started moving, a little kid a few rows away started screaming. “Okay,” I thought, “The mom will shut the kid up, and it will be quiet again.” The kid kept going. During the flight turbulence also shook us around like beans in a tin can. We landed in Juneau to pick up more passengers bound for Anchorage. The screaming kid got off with his parents, only to be replaced by

you guessed it, there was yet another screaming kid. The plane started to move, and then lost power. After all that, I got stuck on a broken plane. Why did the omnipotent Lord of Luck hate me that day? The plane started working again a bit later and took off to Seattle. There, I had five minutes to run from one end of the airport to the other to get to my connecting flight to Minneapolis. I nearly lost my shoe to the closing door of the tram car, and arrived breathless at the gate just as they were boarding the last passengers. Screaming kid #4 kept me from sleeping on this flight also and seemed determined to slowly chip away at my sanity. I wanted to tell the parents off and yell at the kid myself, but I was trapped in the widow seat by a large couple. Otherwise, this was the nicest flight on the trip back to Rapid City. I got to

Graphic by E. M. Daniels/Raver Staff another one. Minneapolis fine and my last Juneau wasn’t so calm and flight home was on time. serene this time around. The However, Rapid City tried snow fell heavy and fast. The its hand at foiling my flight. The plane’s wings were covered. wind speeds in Rapid City were We had to wait for the plane to over 50 mph. The pilot said we be de-iced. This whole process, needed the extra fuel because if including the first de-icing, we couldn’t land in Rapid City, seemed to take an hour. Finally we would have to turn around the plane took off; kid #2 kept and go back to Minneapolis. I screaming. voiced my opposition to that In Anchorage, I missed my plan loudly. I wanted to get connection flight to Seattle, and back to Rapid City, and away would not get to leave until one from screaming kid #5. in the morning. That time rolled But for once I worried for around and the boarding process nothing. The plane landed in began. I was about to hand over Rapid City on time. I had to my boarding pass when all the wait for a friend to pick me up, alarms in the airport went off. but I was finally done with trav“An emergency has occurred, eling. My bad luck extended to please evacuate the building,” my checked luggage. My bag proclaimed the computer gen- had been inspected by TSA, and erated voice. The airport em- a few items were stolen. ployees had everyone go out To this day I still don’t into the -10º weather including know why I had such horrible a woman with a newborn! We luck. Because of it, I’ve become waited outside for half an hour a bitter person, and hate chilbefore they let us back into the dren even more. A friend even airport’s warmth. The boarding forbade me from riding on any agent told us that an alarm had plane trip with him after I told gone off in the airport’s “fan him this story. I can only hope room.” that I never have this much The boarding finished, and trouble flying again.

“Because not every style can be defined‌â€? New Year New You Canary Yellow Scarf + Flannel + Chuck Taylors = Ideal Raver - Page 14 Studious Outfit The Color of 2009: Yellow





find yourself WA Do you falling victim to this RN ma pilled, saggy I NG jo f butt sweatram aux p r fash ! a i pen

o s pants, dark t on runs n cam sweatshirts, pus and a heavy

generic backpack that makes you look like Quasimodo? Spice up your life with a sleek pair of jeans and a bright winter accessory (i.e. wool hat or scarf), find a bold jacket, and trade out your books between classes so you don’t break your back before you turn 25.

self. Fashion is not about being superficial or “plastic�; it is about defining who you are and letting others know about it.

10 0%


to make an impact on your potential employer, try to present yourself in a positive light by showing (or faking) your interest

if you’re the studious type, present yourself as such by throwing on that pair of lenses


we’re not in Hawai’i. don’t hang loose




keep it in your pants, boys

In the professional world, a first impression is the most important, as most would tell you. For students entering this realm, the assumption holds true. “An interviewer makes a decision within the first five minutes,� professors have told us. Half of the decision made by an employer, whether we would like to buy into the assumption or not, is based upon the amount of professionalism presented within the candidate. Professionalism is

Fashion quiz x + x = ladies Are you on the positive or negative pole of fashion?

True or False

You wear sweatpants more days than you wear jeans.

True -- False

Your hoodies = everyday attire. True -- False You stick your hair in a pony before rushing to class at least 3 days a week. True -- False You don’t own heels, don’t know where or when you would ever wear them. True -- False You only wear tights as a joke for a dress up party or 80s-a-thon. True -- False You never wear makeup on a daily basis. True --


You can’t remember the last time you wore a skirt/ dress other than your high school prom dress for your sorority formal. True -- False Last time you wore a necklace was to match your dress for the same sorority formal. True -- False You can’t remember the last time you painted your nails, got a pedicure, shaved your legs. True --

False SPECS:

m ph ode ot l: og er ra ic ph zi er mm :a e ry r n ro w

dress for SUCCESS

that “just-rolled-outof-bed� look is not going to land you that co-op. shower + brush = forward thinking follicles




0% HAIR:



Many disciplines at the School of Mines are known for being at the cutting edge of their field. Regretfully fashion is not one of them. From the everyday clothing you wear to class to how you dress for an interview, it is known that you, as a “techie�, have a high frequency of having no “fashion sense.� Unf o r t u n a t e l y, books are sometimes judged by their cover; hence, we shall present the class that each techie should be enrolled in immediately: Fashion Equations 101. Each month we will bring you fashion tips, quizzes and equations to help you help your-


February 2009

hey karate kid- make sure you wear your black shoes with that black belt (or brown shoes with that brown belt, ect.)

directly correlated with how you present yourself; hence, your appearance is important. The purpose of this explanation is not to assist you in changing who you are, but rather to enhance and define your personal style through expressing yourself. Check out the “do�s and “don’t�s above for some tips on landing that oh-so-glam internship on the coast or the money-maker six fig. salary.

You are more familiar with the pages of your Organic chemistry book than even the cover of a Vogue or Marie Claire. True -- False


If you answered mostly You have definitely fallen into the “techie� trap. Just because you see guys in sweatpants everyday does not mean you do not have style. Remember in high school when you knew you looked good going in there everyday, all done up and a hot outfit? Just because you are learning does not mean other areas of your life should fall on the back-burner. Make sure you keep your sense of hot trendiness, and make sure to keep yourself in check. Ever watch project makeover? Yeah, most of the 38-year-old women on there are targeted for wearing hoodies everyday. Spice it up. You might just like the benefits of looking and feeling sassy. You’ll feel better about yourself, you will be more alert, and more attractive all around.


If you answered mostly Congratulations, you have maintained a sense of fashion despite dire circumstances. You must be the example to the rest of our chicas who have lost sight of “primpingâ€? motivational goals. If you start raising the bar subtly, pretty soon there will be more women on campus than these techies know what to do about (which, given our odds, wouldn’t take more much)! Knowing your own fashionista stylish ways and combinations of owning it, we say props. Step it up, and be the girl that catches the eyes of those who wore their pajamas to class and thinks, “I remember when I used to dress cute‌â€?. It’s an investment not only in yourself, your future, but also your professionalism.

FASHION February 2009


Raver - Page 15

What is your signature style?

It’s a gorgeous blue bird day and you have no school, no homework and you’re out and about. You find yourself: A) teeing off at the course with a close friend, or hitting the courts for a little tennis volley action, not to forget your POWERTHIRST and cellular device. B) riding your bike to the coffee shop before heading to the park to enjoy the beautiful day and a nice read in the sun, not to forget those cookies you made. C) already up at Rushmore, hitting some classic climbs or finding new biking trails, not to forget your granola bars, oranges, and nalgene bottle. D) hanging out in your dorm room, syncing your laptops with your roomie while playing WoW or experimenting with your new robot, not to forget your dew and external.


You’re heading out for a fun night on the town. Your first drink is: A) a mojito, gin and tonic, or brandy, B) a glass of wine, probably a cab or merlot of some kind, C) something at the local brewery D) redbull/vodka or a beer, doesn’t matter what kind.

x + y = men


Your Spring break plans include: A) Cancun! Where else would you go on spring break!? B) backpacking through Europe, finding hostels and cute little mod cafes, C) hitting some heli-skiing in the backcountry of AK or Whistler, finding a hole-in-the-wall bar in the evenings to listen to old ski bum guys talk about adventures of back in the day, or, D) running to the fridge a few times in between being the victorious patron of halo for a week straight. When you jam out to your favorite tunes you A) rock the guitar hero, X-Rock, hot 93.1, or Kanye, Rhianna, whoever is on the top of the charts and gets their beat boppin, B) pluck some classic 90s jam out on your own acoustic or throw on some Shiny Toy Guns, Two Gallants, or Cloud Cult, C) Dispatch, 70s classic rock, or your “pumped up” ipod mix that gets you ready to huck that 20 foot cliff on your recreational device of choice, or, D) nothing, you like just listening to your modem purrrr…



mostly C’s: Style? You are just in the threads that keep you comfortable. Whether it’s keeping you warm while hitting the slopes or keeping you cool while tearing through the trails during the summer, your fashion sense is defined by the activities you love. It doesn’t really matter what brand or color it is, as long as it serves the purpose it was designed for. Authors suggest: Try just a bit to make your outfit look like you tried, so pair a great scarf with your Patagucci coat. Add a little bit of flair to your already defined style; the outdoorsy is a great look to use as a starting off point for achieving hot & rugged combinations. Ladies love a guy that shows he can take care of himself and build a shopping mall out of a toothpick and a twig. Make sure that rugged look doesn’t go too far and look like a statement of indifference, but rather oozes with refined, sporty, and adventurous fashion.

Your favorite website is: A),, or, B) , Americanapparel. net, or myspace, C),, or, D) you don’t really visit other websites, you’re too busy programming your own. why waste time critiquing other site’s mistakes?


B B B B B B B B b b b b b b b b B

mostly B’s: You have a pretty firm grasp of what’s the hot newness and what you like to wear. You are comfortable in looking a bit edgy, knowing that flannel does not sccream “Paul Bunyan,” but rather a big city trendy statement. You are experienced with dressing in the newest and latest. You visit garage sales, second-hand stores, and friend’s dad’s closets often, knowing what to look for and at the right price. Authors suggest: Make sure to keep a healthy assortment of yellows and grays, not to forget that the scarf never looks bad. Try kicking it up a notch with a nice sport blazer or cardigan paired with your favorite flannel. The combo states that you are a healthy balance of studious and stunna.

indie URBAN

business PREP

mostly A’s: You enjoy looking presentable and somewhat take pride in your preppiness. Generally, you’ve got the whole match and go technique in the bag. To fire up your already sensible style, try adding a bit of pizzaz perhaps with a brilliant dress shirt and a cardi gan or an old school British-blazer. Add some vintage to the trendy prep. The business casual look is really workin’ for ya- but make sure you’re not coming across as a stick-in-the-mud who is all work and no play. Authors recommend: Bust out of the classic new clothes look and go for something a bit more unique. Try a vintage-looking polo that has bright colors, or great big stripes, similar to Harry Potter’s scarf. Your jeans could be a little bit less baggy; trends are getting more Euro, and therefore a bit tighter. You have a great start, so go with it, and look good walking to class—who knows, maybe one of the 3 girls you see on your typical walk across campus will notice the change!


A A A A A A a a a a a a a a a


Right now, you are wearing: A) polo, zip-up hoodie, your favorite 3-yearold jeans that you should have thrown away 2 years ago but still have a nice relaxed fit, and your brown leather kicks, B) skinny jeans, grandpa cardigan, flannel shirt or cool graphic tee, and either converse all stars or something you picked up at a garage sale for $.25 this summer, C) your new Marmot jacket with Patagonia base layer, Carharts or Prana pants just in case you decide to go bouldering after school, and either Keens or Chacos, D) black tee shirt, hoodie, sweatpants or Levis your mom bought you, and white sneakers, but not the good sneaks, the white Adidas ones that were out of style 5 years ago.


mostly D’s: As for your so called “personal style” or rather, no offense, but lack therof-STOP conforming to the masses and stear yourself out of that fashion rut! You can do your own calculus equations; it’s time to start doing your fashion ones too!

techie DEFINED

model: Michael phillips photographer: aryn rowe

C C C C C C C C c c c c c c c C D D d d d d d d d d d d d d d D

February 2009

Raver - Page 16

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love humanity and dogs. -Robin C. (paper guy)

To the girl who wears 22: The pain I endured form the tat on my back is nothing compared to the love that I lack I wish you felt the same way Ariel Granillo I want you to spend as much time with me as you do on your “Three-O.” –From the boy who wears 55

Katrina K., I’m so glad we’ve gotten to know each other better through the bible study. Happy V-day and good luck with the rest of the semester! –Abby I remember that exciting day when I paid for tuition and met my girlfriend. Treat yourself or a loved one to a Valentine’s Day treat, courtesy of Alpha Omega Epsilon sorority. Come visit our table in the Classroom Building on Friday, Feb. 13, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. to choose from our selection of Valentine’s chocolates and lollipops. Proceeds raised will be donated to the American Heart Association. Hey Sexy! (aka Ashley O.) I totally want to cut off your skin and wear it to my birthday... It’s coming up... <3 your secret admirer Hey Cheeks! After all this time we are still going strong. <3 Love ya! –Weirdo Teneil R., I’m glad you’re back and I hope you have a great semester! With Love, Abby Maria Luze, Even though we argue about everything- You know what they say, “Opposites

you. You’re always mine. I want Darren will always love Surirat! to wrap you in butter and smother Good luck Baja at competition! Attract.” Will you be my Valen- you. With love always your boy, We love you guys! tine? Because you’re the Perfect Josh Sherman Dear Jose, You’re so much fun Catch! –Secret Admirer My dearest Boo, Your long flow- and I love spending time with Looking for the One that’s Been ing blonde golden locks remind you. Thanks for being there for Missing -- I am a down to Earth, me of my teenage love Nick me when nobody else is. Meet passionate, outgoing, caring, Carter (from the Backstreet me at Murphy’s tonight for beer thoughtful, and goofy person. Boys). This Valentine’s Day I pong. Love, Margarita A hopeful romantic, one who hope you emotions show, espeenjoys the simple things in life cially towards Whitney, my dear- Dear Freddy @ the Lapin Agile, while enjoying the unique things est friend. I will wear your love I would like to apologize for my that life has to offer with a flair necklace with a smile. <3 the one latest antics with the bricklayer, the lamplighter, the various artists for the dramatic. I’m looking for with your leash and poets who pass through… oh an adventurous, smart girl with a cheesy sense of humor who Bekah -> “Steven” You light up and my latest romp with Pablo Picasso. Please don’t be angry, they respects herself and is clean. my world! I love you! <3 Meg really didn’t mean anything to The classic girl next door, who’s non-high maintenance, a non- Dear Kelsey, My love for you me… After all, who can compare smoker, and who is willing to try burns with the fire of one thou- with my slow, naïve, French bar keeper? Rest assured, as long as new things. I think of myself as sand suns. –Anonymous the money and drinks continue to a geeky Mr. Niceguy with a funbox who’s ready everything from My dearest Leah, You blow me flow at the Lapin Agile, I promise Playboy to the complete Karma away, and then some. Always to remain sort of faithful. Love, Germaine... P.S. I think Picasso Sutra. Send responses to ker- yours, Batch might have had syphilis with Missing in My Valentine, I’d like to thank the subject line you for sharing a few things with Adam Galden, You’ll always be me: Poking; Chicago; spoons; my teddy bear. Be my valentine. –BWS faith; tacos; pizza; subway; the Dearest Jenika B., Roses are stars; stories; laughter; ice skat- To: Laertes From: The Duke of Red/ Violets are Blue/ Carnations ing; tea; snowball fights; firefly; Chablis... Oh Laertes, I miss you are sweet/ And so are you! Glad kisses; trick-or-treating; much so much. When will you come more poking; hot chocolate; the back to me? No one could keep a you’re back, Abby Game; … and I ran out of room. “secret” like you. Phoebe!!!! “On Valentine’s Day Before I go, I’d like to warn you: we think of those who make our Every tile you step on today = 1 Colton Reid, Please don’t kill yourself this semester doing lives worthwhile, those gracious, poke. Yours Truly homework. I would miss you too friendly people who we think of To: Lucas Fried “Happy Valenmuch. Happy Valentine’s Day! with a smile. I am fortunate to know you, that’s why I want to tine’s Day!” From: ??? Dark Phoenix, You are my flame say, to a rare and special person: Happy Valentine’s Day!” –Abby Kyle Victor Lichty, you know in the cold, dark world. My evthat I can use somebody, some- erything. Know this if nothing Dear James, I’ve loved you since body like you! Happy Valentine’s else. - Tower the first time I heard your sexy Day! –Loryn Schuetzle My Dearest Thomas Boyle, This Southern accent. The way you walk in those boots and the way Dear Whitney, I love the way you Valentine’s Day I’ll forgive you your butt looks in those tight dribble the basketball and bury 3- for letting Steph put her head on wranglers makes me want to con- pointers from 5 ft. behind the arc. your shoulder. I love your thug fess my undying love for you. <3 You are the cheese to my maca- style and I love it when you call roni and I will always love you. me big Momma. Throw your Your Longtime Admirer hands in the air if you’re NOT a Kelsey Koch, I’m wild about <3 your secret admirer

true player… ‘Cuz you better not be!.. on Valentine’s Day. Love you! Whitney

Dear Steph and Megan, You are the two halves of my heart, making me whole. Without you I wouldn’t have purified water or be able to play the wii and relax. Thanks for being the BEST Roomies Ever!! Love always, Abby Cody F., I know how much you love the Office so here’s a quote for you. Happy a Valentine’s Day! “Would I rather be feared or loved? Um... Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” –Michael Scott

Looking for Someone to “Dig” Me -- I’m a classical hearted person who believes that chivalry is not dead. Looking for a girl who likes pina coladas and dancing in the rain and who wouldn’t mind a bit of travel. I’m adventurous, into the outdoors, and willing to try anything new. My most recent guilty pleasure is Twilight. I’m looking for a girl who doesn’t mind being cooked; someone with a free spirit and who’s adventurous- ready to dance under the stars, walk in the park, likes coffee, into the fine arts and enjoys a night on the town. Send responses to with Dig in the subject line

Ryan Z., I remember when I first met you. You didn’t know what you got yourself into. I would follow you around every day. Looked in your 2nd story window at night. When you filed that restraining order aginst me I thought it was going to be all over. But now that you say I to me I know how you feel. Will you marry me? Background graphic by Katie Aurand

Engineers and Scientists Abroad invites you to:

Polar Region Research

A presentation detailing research experiences for those interested in Engineering and Science related international projects. Presented by:

Dr. Wharton Thursday, Feb. 5 6:00 PM SDSM&T CAMPUS CB 204 Refreshments provided.

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February 2009

Raver February 2009  

February 2009