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Outreach Africa Baskets & Coffee

Outreach was created in 2004 when the founders returned from a trip to Tanzania on a construction mission. During that trip they experienced the death of many children from hunger and related diseases. They also found skilled crafts people living in the area. Purchasing truckloads of maize, they began bartering maize for baskets. At the end of three months they had over 12,000 baskets. This was the beginning of Outreach.

Outreach purchases baskets for cash at fair market prices. The goal is to give opportunity to develop existing industry and not to give handouts. Since its early beginnings, Outreach has purchased over 25,000 baskets. The combined investment by the families creating the baskets and donor contributions have allowed Outreach to focus on developing services in the area of water, food, medicine, and education. They recognize that educating a child or a village is impossible while the lack of water, food, and medical services exist.

Tanzanian Coffee

From Plant

to Product

Outreach purchases only the finest AA grade, Organic Shade Grown, Fair Trade coffee from the mountain slopes of Tanzania.

Outreach accepts contributions for its mission and provides a gift of baskets to its contributors. Contributions received are returned to Tanzania to support the mission of Outreach. Outreach recognizes that the people of Tanzania want to build a future of self-reliance. These are a proud people. They want to learn, earn, and provide a better life for their families. We believe this is one way to assist in helping them help themselves build that future.

The coffee pouches and hand carved animals are purchased from village crafts people at fair market prices. The coffee is purchased from Farmers Cooperatives at fair trade prices. Fair trade prices provide an opportunity for farm cooperative members to receive fair compensation for their work and improve the lives of their families and their communities.

The coffee is medium roasted to bring out a wonderful aroma. This creates a gourmet cup of coffee full of flavor with virtually no aftertaste. This coffee is truly a pleasure to drink.

The proceeds from your coffee purchase will be used to continue supporting key Outreach projects.

Light In Africa

Light in Africa operates in Tanzania, East Africa and is home to a percentage of the estimated 19,000 orphans in the region. Established by Mama Lynn Elliott from the U.K. in 2000 the orphanages meet the basic fundamental needs for each and every child in its care and much more, giving the children many opportunities of a quality education or vocational training and nurturing them in love and a sense of belonging in Light in Africa’s big family and an awareness of the bountiful love of God.

Tanzania Light in Africa has 4 children’s homes and cares for over 160 children. From its early beginnings on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro where the first children’s home was established and the food dispensary and disability programs initiated, it has been estimated that over 25,000 vulnerable children and supported families have been assisted.

Through the many economic problems within the region it very soon became apparent that there was much need for community support and this led to the start of out reach programs which are freely provided to the communities, amongst which are: · Medical Assistance, giving free consultations nd medication · Financial support for medical conditions · Disability Out Reach program · Schooling and supply of uniforms, pencils and food · Financial support for vocational training schemes · Food kitchen · Seminars/workshops on awareness of related issues to the communities, including on HIV/AIDS

Over the last 9 years, Light in Africa has expanded in all of its missions to the orphans and unsupported children and widows, in the Hai District of Kilimanjaro Region, and in a district of Manyara Region, Tanzania.

Outreach Africa

Together we make a difference

Kids Care meals are provided to Light in Africa through Outreach Africa. The packages contain balanced, high nutritional meals. Each child receives one meal a day. The meals help restore health and improve the children’s mental and physical alertness. All for the low cost of 25 cents per serving.

The team for Kids Care, in association with internationally recognized nutritionists developed a food formula comprised of rice, fortified soy protein, vegetables, and essential vitamins & minerals.

What’s in a Kids Care Package? • Rice, a globally recognized staple, is used as the base • 66 grams of protein • Dehydrated vegetables • 21 essential vitamins & minerals The packages are easy to prepare. Simply boil the contents in water for twenty minutes. The packages also have a long life. Each sealed package has a shelf life of three years.

"As simple as it sounds, food is essential in the global fight against HIV and AIDS. Nutritious food can prolong the lives of people suffering with HIV and AIDS. Food and good nutrition can also allow them to continue to earn income and feed their families." - United Nations World Food Program Website

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Tanzanian Coffee Outreach accepts contributions for its mission and provides a gift of baskets to its contributors. Contributions received a...