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The French Expertise by PURPAN « Ecole d’Ingénieurs de PURPAN » Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Toulouse lies in the heart of the South-Western wine region, an hour drive from the Pyrenees Mountains. Surrounded by some wine appellations very close to cities such as Cahors, Gaillac and Fronton, Toulouse is strategically located to easily access world top-class wine regions: Bordeaux, Provence, Rhône valley, Languedoc-Roussillon etc. The 40ha PURPAN campus is located on an historical site near the heart of the city center. A castle from the late 18th century hosts part of the staff offices. With strong agricultural and historical roots going back to 1919, PURPAN, founded by farmers, has encouraged the development of active and adaptable men and women through personal commitment, solidarity and strong ethical standards. Our educational philosophy for individual success is based on personal mentoring. Through our constant attention, we help reveal the potential of each student to achieve his/her personal and professional goals. PURPAN’s laboratories and research teams develop scientific programs designed to meet the expectations of businesses. Our faculty are also involved in consulting activities. The innovative AgroFood shared research facility provides researchers and students the opportunity to use advanced equipment for making beer, wine, cheese etc.



Master of Science Viticulture, Enology & Wine Business Practical informations For students holding a BS or MS & professionals

Duration Students: 16 months (3 semesters) Professionals: choice of 1 to 5 courses (each single course can be taken)

Calendar Master Start: September 2017 End: December 2018

75, voie du Toec BP 57611 31076 Toulouse Cedex 3 FRANCE T. +33 (0) 561 15 30 30 F. +33 (0) 561 15 30 60

For enrollments please contact: Marco Li Calzi, PhD 33 (0)561 15 30 32 Email:


Master of science: 5 courses + internship = € 20.000 Courses: • Wine Production: € 4.500 • Viticulture: € 4.300 • Cellar Operations and Special Vinifications: € 4.500 • Terroir: € 4.200 • Wine Management: € 4.300 • Study Tour: please inquire

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Master of Science : Viticulture Enology & Wine Business  
Master of Science : Viticulture Enology & Wine Business  

For Students and Professionals.