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EFR committees 2019-2020

apply now for our part time committees! deadline: June 16th

meet EFR With over 6500 members, EFR is one of the most active and most professional study associations of Europe. From academic events to recruitment occasions and social gatherings; we bridge the gap between theory and practice. Each year, we organise various activities and events for students of the Erasmus School of Economics, as well as other students of the Erasmus University. Among other things, we offer the cheapest books, provide study support, and organise social events to help students feel at home in Rotterdam. We also help prepare you for the labour market, bring you in touch with your future employer, and enhance your student experience. Each event is based on one of EFR’s four pillars: development, orientation, network and education. All events of EFR are organised by committee members. You can now apply for one of our committees so you can organise one of our events yourself! For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

application deadline: June 16th

having fun With your committee

As a committee member you are bound to have fun with your committee. You have meetings every week, but you can also go and have dinner, get some drinks in the city or have a committee weekend! Of course, your board supervisor would love to join you.

With the committee members

The committee member weekend, the EFR prom and the other activities the High Five committee organises are there for you as a committee member only! All the committee members join, which means you are partying with more than 150 students! You can also join the different trips EFR organises, like the ski trip or the city trip. One thing is for sure, you are going to have a lot of fun as an EFR committee member. One thing is for sure, you are going to have a lot of fun as an EFR committee member.

What will you gain? personal


Learning to handle stress, providing

EFR organises tons of social activities

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each year. As a committee member

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schedules are important skills that are


not easily picked up during lectures.

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our monthly social drink and other get-

feedback but it is only after you have

togethers, there is always something

put it into practice that you begin to

going on. You will form a very strong

understand the fine nuances of these

bond with your committee and other

soft skills.

committee members.

EFR board support


As a committee member you are not

The committee members academy is

alone in doing your tasks. The EFR

there to help you grow and develop

Board is there to support you when

yourself whilst keeping your future

needed. Every committee has one


supervisor from the EFR Board, who


will guide you through your year. The

specific trainings throughout the year.

EFR Board consists of eight senior

All committee member trainings are

students who are dedicating one full-

free of charge. A year at EFR will

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make you learn more things than you

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academic committee workload

4-6 hours per week



academic committee

The academic committee is responsible for EFR’s educational pillar. Next to running the EFR book sale in block 1, the committee is responsible for the ‘meet your professor’ series of short films in which ESE professors are interviewed about their life and research, and for the two annual editions of the EFR/ESE Job Market Skills during which students follow 8 soft-skills trainings to earn 1 ECTS credit. These projects are closely developed with Erasmus School of Economics. Do you want to be actively involved in the education pillar of EFR? Then apply for the academic committee!

Apply now for the academic committee! Go to:

activities committee workload

9-12 hours per week



activities committee

The activities committee is one of EFR’s oldest and most prominent committees. By doing this committee, your organisational skills will be challenged and developed. You will be in charge of EFR’s largest events. Past academic year, the AC was responsible for organising the EFR/EenVandaag Erasmusdebate. Over the years, the AC has been responsible for several other big events like the debate between Rutte and Wilders, Transform Your World congress, and the 10th anniversary of the Children’s Peace Prize Award. This year, the Activities Committee will take over EFR’s flagship congress: the World of Business. With your committee, you will organise the brand new Inspiration Days, where next to the congress with large speakers, you will also organise lunches, interactive workshops and interact with many different parties. We are looking for highly motivated students who are goal-oriented and have affiliation with organising events, who are ready to make this first Inspiration Days a great success! Apply now for the activities committee! Go to:

commercial team workload

4-6 hours per week

focus support

Apply now for the commercial team! Go to:

commercial team

Do you want to gain experience in approaching companies and closing deals? Are you a real salesperson and a go-getter? Then the commercial team is perfect for you! One of your responsibilities includes supporting other committees in their acquisition activities and working closely with the Commercial Officer to manage and expand the company portfolio of EFR. You explore opportunities and approach companies to make the best deals! Furthermore, it is your task to organize two career fairs, a recruitment event in which students are connected with their future employers from small and medium-sized enterprises. As a member of the commercial team, you will develop your communication skills and learn how to work in a professional environment. As you are responsible for company contact on behalf of EFR, you carry a large responsibility for the association. You are able to advise companies in their strategic decisions and you can expand your personal network. So do you want to explore the world of negotiations and play a vital role in EFR’s activities? Apply now for the Commercial Team!

content committee workload

4-6 hours per week


content committee

Will you uncover the next Watergate scandal?


Apply for the content committee! Go to:

The EFR content committee is the successor of the prestigious Eclair, a magazine EFR brought out 4 times a year. The EFR content committee is here to facilitate once again the link between students and current economic events. The committee will write articles on a weekly bases about economic news, interesting events on campus and in Rotterdam, prospective career opportunities and of course there is also room for your own initiatives. Your hard work will be published on the EFR website and will represent EFR as a whole! Are you curious, an excellent writer in either Dutch and/or English (or are eager to improve these skills) and have an eye for interesting topics, then apply now to join the EFR content committee!

Erasmus Recruitment Platform committee workload

6-8 hours per week



Please note, there is a separate information brochure for this committee! Find it online at!

Apply for the Erasmus Recruitment Platform committee! Go to:

Erasmus Recruitment Platform committee The Erasmus Recruitment Platform is the online year-round extension of the Erasmus Recruitment Days, the biggest on-campus recruitment event of Europe. It forms an intermediary between talented students and their future employers. The platform is a cooperation between the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) and Study Association of Rotterdam School of Management (STAR). Besides large multinationals, consultants and banks, the platform will also allow you to meet SME’s from a broad range of industries. At the Erasmus Recruitment Platform, employers get the chance to create employer brand-awareness through their company profile, by communicating their latest internships and vacancies, or by inviting students to their recruitment events. On the other hand, it will be the the place for students to orientate themselves among potential employers. Besides company profiles and career opportunities, ERP offers students tips and tricks on successful preparation for the labor market. As the ERP committee, you are responsible for the whole platform. The marketing, the company contact, and the acquisition are all in your hands. Do you want to be part of the Erasmus’ most exciting start-up? Become part of the ERP committee!

external affairs committee workload

4-6 hours per week

focus support

Apply for the external affairs committee! Go to:

external affairs committee

EFR is the oldest study association on our campus, it has an enormous network, both within and outside of Rotterdam. As a member of the External Affairs committee, you will be responsible for maintaining the valuable relationships with our contacts. This also includes organising several events for the Erasmus School of Economics Alumni Association and be responsible for all alumni during the EFR World of Business. Besides organising events for the Alumni network you will also attend external drinks, conferences and dinners in order to network and you will connect EFR committees with potential partners. A member of the external affairs committee has to be representative and a true networker. Are you the one connecting EFR’s dots? Then apply for the external affairs committee!

high five committee workload

3-5 hours per week

focus network

high five committee

Do you want to be at the heart of the EFR family and organise activities for all committee members throughout the whole year? Then high five is the committee to apply for! The committee member weekend, the committee member prom and the end of the year activity are some of the events you will successfully organise. In addition, there is room for any activity that will strengthen the bond between EFR’s committee members! Together with your committee, you will arrange the entire event from location to programme, from transport to catering. We are looking for EFR-minded, motivated and enthusiastic students that are in for a party! Do you want to be that social animal who keeps EFR’s committee member base together? Can you make sure all committee members will attend your events?

Apply for the high five committee! Go to:

marketing committee workload

4-6 hours per week

focus support

marketing committee

The marketing committee is responsible for the image and promotion of EFR’s activities. You will design promotional materials and brainstorm with committees about creative ways to promote their event. You will be in charge of the entire promotion of EFR’s activities and you will know everything that’s happening within the association. In addition, you will be responsible for the creation and design of the EFR Almanac: a yearbook that will give your fellow committee members a great memory of their awesome year! Don’t worry if you are not a great designer yet: we will make you one by offering several design courses. Are you creative and do you like to think out of the box? Are you interested in learning how to work with programs like Indesign? Apply now for the marketing committee!

Apply for the marketing committee! Go to:

master orientation days committee workload

4-6 hours per week



master orientation days committee In collaboration with the Erasmus School of Economics EFR organizes the master orientation days. This event consists of five different master orientation days and provides students with the opportunity to explore the masters and career prospects of different fields of (business) expertise. As a member of the master orientation days committee, you will be responsible for the companies, speakers, and content of the master orientation days. You will be working together with master study associations and in close collaboration with the companies. We are looking for students with excellent communication skills, an interest in organizing and who have are enthusiastic about exploring different fields of business! Apply now for the master orientation days committee! Go to:

model united nations committee workload

8-10 hours per week



model united nations committee As a member of the model united nations committee, your main focus of the year will be to organise MUNROT 2020, our second Model United Nations (MUN) conference at the EUR campus. This ranges from organising the event, to selecting participants. We are looking for students who are deeply interested in the field of politics and like to share their own ideas with an open mind. Are you ready to organise a whole MUN with a group of dedicated and passionate students? Then apply for the model united nations committee!

Apply now for the model united nations committee! Go to:

ski trip committee workload

3-5 hours per week

focus network

ski trip committee The EFR ski trip committee organises our yearly ski trip, that will take place in January 2020. Together with your committee, you will be in charge of making this trip an unforgettable experience for over 60 enthusiastic students. This means that you will have to find a partner, come up with an awesome program for the whole week, with a lot of partying, ski/snowboard contest and other fun stuff. We are looking for people who like a party now and then, but are also serious enough to organise this amazing vacation for a big group of people.

Apply now for the ski trip committee! Go to:

study trip committee workload

4-6 hours per week



study trip committee The EFR study trip is the EFR committee that meets our international ambitions. Since the foundation of EFR, the international aspect has been of great importance to EFR. Last year’s edition brought us to Vietnam, which destination will you pick? Together with your fellow committee members, you will decide to where EFR will take a group of 30 students next year. The trip consists of social, academic and business aspects. Which translates into sightseeing, university and company visits. Do you like to travel, work together in a close team and are you willing to accept a challenge? Apply for the EFR Study Trip committee! Apply now for the study trip committee! Go to:

involve consultancy committee workload

9-12 hours per week



Apply for the involve consultancy committee! Go to:

involve consultancy committee

The EFR Involve Consultancy project gives the chance to a group of about twenty students, including the committee, to apply their academic knowledge in to practice and make a sustainable impact on communities that need it the most by performing research on campus and abroad. This is done in partnership with an NGO or social enterprise that will guide and assist you in setting up the research. The committee is responsible for searching for a partner, drafting the research, recruiting the student researchers, arranging the trip abroad andparticipating in the desk and field research itself. The research consists of four months of desk research (AprilJuly) and three to four weeks of field research abroad (August). The previous editions have been to Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, Nepal and Peru. Needless to say that the Involve Consultancy committee is one of EFR’s most challenging and rewarding committees, open for ambitious third-year and master students.

apply now at +31 (0) 10 408 11 46

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EFR committees 2019-2020  

Become a committee member at EFR! Recruitment deadline is set for June 16th.

EFR committees 2019-2020  

Become a committee member at EFR! Recruitment deadline is set for June 16th.

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