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What is the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR)? The Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) was officially founded in 1964. Forty-seven years later, EFR has distinguished itself by establishing a reputation of being one of the largest, most active and professional student organizations in Europe. EFR has over 4000 members and is run by 100 student members that voluntarily commit themselves to organizing activities for fellow students next to their studies. EFR is the official study association of Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) and is not to be confused with a fraternity or a student association. EFR aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice. EFR’s strength lies in our rich history, loyal partners and broad social and professional networks. We give students the opportunity to gain an early insight behind the scenes of the corporate world and offer you a vibrant social scene ranging from parties to study trips. Through EFR, students get the chance to meet businessand political leaders as well as to mingle with a large number of enthusiastic fellow students. What is the EFR-IBEB Introduction Weekend? EFR organizes a wide range of activities and services for students of the ESE, including the EFR-IBEB Introduction Weekend. This weekend is especially organized for you and entails the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow classmates before starting the academic year. n addition, participation in the EFRIBEB Introduction Weekend is highly recommended by ESE.

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What can I expect from this weekend? All new IBEB students leave by bus to a unique location in the Netherlands. On Friday and Saturday various activities are organized, so you have the chance to get acquainted with the IBEB Class of 2011/2012! Practical Information • Date of Departure: 26th of August 2011, afternoon, Erasmus University Rotterdam. • Date of Return: 28th of August 2011, arriving in the afternoon at Erasmus University Rotterdam. • Costs for the whole weekend (incl. 3 meals a day & snacks, excl. drinks during the evening programme): E 67.50 • Transportation to and from the location of the weekend is taken care off. • You can subscribe at: • You receive more information on the specific activities and necessities once you subscribe. • Note: You don’t have to be a member/ become a member to join the EFR-IBEB Introduction Weekend. Becoming a member of EFR is completely voluntarily and up to you only!

What is the EFR-iBuddy Programme? Together with the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE), EFR offers you the chance to participate in the EFR-iBuddy Programme, which you are automatically enrolled for when coming from abroad. The programme is designed to welcome all new international IBEB-students to the ESE and introduce them to the student life in Rotterdam in a personal and interactive way. Upon and before arrival in the Netherlands, your iBuddy provides you with information about housing, social events, Erasmus University Rotterdam and much more. The EFR-iBuddy is also present during the EFR-IBEB Introduction Weekend. The advantages of joining the programme include enlarging your international network, enjoying fun parties and activities and making new international contacts and friends!

If you do not want to participate in the EFR- iBuddy Programme, please send an email to If you want to get a buddy assigned even though you are from the Netherlands, you can also send an email to For detailed information about the EFR-iBuddy Programme check out the following

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What else does EFR offer you? The EFR membership has many advantages, including: • EFR- Book sale As an EFR member you can buy all your required literature for the IBEB Programme at discounted prices. Each block the EFR has its book sale during the first two weeks of the block. • Social drinks The legendary social drinks are organized for all students of the Erasmus School of Economics, including the entire IBEB community. Make sure to attend the “What’s Your Name Drink” on the 7th of September! • Career events EFR organizes a wide range of career oriented events, such as company visits and workshops. • Academic events EFR offers you guest lectures, excursions, exam trainings and many more tools to improve your study results. For a complete overview of all EFR activities check out our website How do I become a member? Detailed information on becoming a member of EFR is provided during the EFR-IBEB Introduction Weekend. Costs of a membership include a one time payment of E 45. As a member you enjoy discounted rates for the book sale and other EFR events for the entire time that you are a student.

Do you have any questions about EFR? Please contact: Marije Koornstra 010-4081146

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IBEB Study Brochure  

This is the study brochure for all new international economics students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam for the year 2011-2012

IBEB Study Brochure  

This is the study brochure for all new international economics students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam for the year 2011-2012