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Apply now for the 57th EFR board! information booklet about a board year at EFR

foreword Prof. Dr. Frank van der Duijn Schouten Dean Erasmus School of Economics

The time that a student spends at a university is not only meant to acquire a certain amount of knowledge or to prepare for a job. The ultimate goal of academic education is to offer a student the opportunity to develop oneself to a personality, who has learnt critical thinking and who is ready to take responsibility. Unfortunately, many students are not aware of the fact that a substantial part of this personal development takes place in student life outside the classroom. Hence a university without student associations is a contradiction in terms. From my personal experience, I can testify that taking on responsibility in a student association provides a lifelong lasting benefit. Hence I wholeheartedly support the call of the EFR-board to seriously consider applying for one of the key positions in the EFR-association. I am convinced that it offers great opportunities and no regrets.

foreword Florian de Groot President EFR 2019-2020

Dear reader, With great joy I present to you the information booklet for the 57th board of EFR. Only a year ago, I was in a similar position you are now. I did not know what to do yet when the summer was over. There were plenty of options: travelling, doing an internship or simply starting on obtaining a master’s degree. The one thing I did know was that I wanted to be the next year a special one, a year where I could combine enjoying my final years as a student with developing myself in a personal and professional way. The ideal option proved to be applying for the 56th board of EFR. What I enjoyed most about doing a board year was the high level of responsibility you get whilst still being at a young age. It is an absolute thrilling experience to be able to decide about how to spend large amounts of money, to positively influence the lives of university students (even though they might not notice it) and simply to enjoy a fantastic year. It is a special feeling to be part of such a large and successful organization. One fact you should know is that EFR was honored the Civilitate Award in 2016, a very special award granted by the Executive Board of the EUR. I would like to conclude this foreword by stating that an EFR board year is open for every student of Erasmus University Rotterdam. This means that we are looking for talent from every background. It also does not matter whether you have been previously involved with EFR in a committee for example. I wish you a pleasant read and I hope to welcome you soon as the 57th board of EFR!

EFR With over 6500 members, EFR is one of the most active and most professional study associations of the Netherlands. The mission of EFR is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. EFR does this by offering a wide range of activities. EFR aims to guide students of the Erasmus School of Economics and the Erasmus University throughout their student life, from the first step they set on campus until they find their dream job. The portfolio of services of EFR is large and diverse. We organise our events in four so-called pillars: development, orientation, network and education. The activities of EFR prepare students for the job market, bring them into contact with their future employer and enhance their student experience. In short, EFR bridges the gap between theory and practice. EFR in numbers 6500+ members 150 committee members 26 part time committees 2 full time committees 8 board members

timeline 1925 predecessor of EFR founded

1973 Erasmus University founded

1990 New EFR logo 1997 The “Rotterdamse Bedrijvendagen” - now Erasmus Recruitment Days – founded

1913 Nederlandse Handels-Hogeschool was founded

1964 EFR founded 1980 EFR Business Week was founded 1995 First World Leader Cycle Award was awarded to F.W. de Klerk (State President of South-Africa 2000 New EFR logo

2015 Launch of Erasmus Recruiment Platform 2016 EFR launched new corporate identity 2019 EFR organises the first ever EFR Master Career Week

2016 EFR welcomes Ban Ki-Moon to award him the World Leader Cycle Award 2017 Launch of new EFR website

EFR board year in short Pausing your studies and dedicating a year to an assocation might seem a little odd. However, during such a year, you gain practical experience which you will not be able to get in class. Working fulltime on a project results in discovering all aspects of a project; from brainstorming to marketing and logistics. Furthermore, you will not be going fulltime alone, but with a team of equally motivated and ambitious students. You will share all the milestones and setbacks, therefore you will develop a very strong friendship!

What type of students are we looking for? enthusiastic, ready to take initiative teamplayer solution oriented, not afraid to take a risk disciplined proactive


As it is hard to explain the whole board year experience, you will find testimonials and pictures of current board members and the highlights of their year on the following pages. You will find that a board year is much more than only position related business. Together with seven other students, you are leading one of the Netherlands’ largest study associations, but there certainly is room for amusement as well. Enjoy reading through our personal stories!

Florian de Groot President 2019-2020

On May 31st, 2019, I was honored the privilege to become the President of EFR for a whole year. In only a matter of weeks after that day, I found myself having a new group of friends, ready to start leading one of the most professional study associations of the Netherlands. The most special moments I experienced were visiting McKinsey & Company in the summer for a full day of training, the WU Ball in Vienna and the EFR skiing trip right after. For me as President, another highlight will come at April 1st, where EFR will grant another World Leader Cycle award. I can only look back at my time as President of EFR with a huge smile on my face. For anyone who reads this, I can only wish you a year like this one. I can truly say that one of the best opportunities to experience such a year, is a board year at EFR.

Victor Schipper IT Officer & Secretary 2019-2020

What a year it has been! I could have never imagined how fun and valuable this year would become. The year starts with a phone call, which brings the amazing news of being the new board member, after which you go to the announcement drink and ‘wisselingsweek’. This is definitely the kickstart of a great year! Over the summer you will learn a lot about EFR and eventually take over EFR. It is amazing to run a professional organisation in which you have a large responsibility and which you can optimise as much as possible. Also, you can make an impact on campus and help your fellow students by organising one of prestigious events like the Erasmus Recruitment Days and EFR Master Career Week. As the IT Officer and Secretary I had the opportunity to manage the IT projects within EFR but also transform our data into strategic value. Looking back, this year has brought me so much from valuable skills to having an amazing friendship with my fellow board members!

Maurice van Marrewijk Treasurer 2019-2020

It has been a great year so far! It all started with the “wisselingsweek” straight after the famous champagne drink. Since then, time went by extremely fast. In the beginning, everything is new, and this puts some pressure on your shoulders. Luckily the learning curve in the first few weeks is huge and after a couple of weeks, you understand how everything works. Then you can start working on ideas you think are important and make sure EFR stays innovative. The board year itself is filled with highlights and that is why time flies by so quickly. We enjoyed many activities and trips such as the Vienna ball, ski trip and the 11th Lustrum. Being the treasurer means I’m involved in every EFR event. For me, the best things about being the treasurer is always being involved in making the final call on important decisions. Working together with my fellow board members for a whole year really is a unique experience. Doing an EFR board year truly has been an addition to my student time!

Marjolein Keijzer Marketing Officer 2019-2020 Starting off my student years as a member of the EFR START committee was a great start. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be part of the EFR board once. May 31st of 2019, this wish became reality when I got the call telling me I was selected as the new Marketing Officer. After 3 years of being a committee member at EFR, there is still more than enough to discover and learn left at EFR. It has been, and still is, a real learning experience. As a board member, a student who organises such big things as EFR does for students, you will meet situations that you would not meet otherwise. From organising events hosted on national television to meeting all the big companies but also small examples like communication; I am very aware of every situation and everything I learn from it. And what is better than learning every minute and still have fun? That is, for me, a board year in one sentence. I am really looking forward to the little weekend trips me and my fellow board members are going to make in the future together with our spouses and children.

Diederik Mosch Project Manager General 2019-2020

This board year has been one of the best choices I have made since I started studying. By working in a team of eight highly motivated and entrepreneurial students and leading an association like EFR, I developed myself in ways I could have never expected beforehand. For instance, working with the MCW committee on EFR’s newest recruitment event, being responsible for EFR’s 11th lustrum, to organising and shaping the first edition of the EFR Inspiration Days, an inspirational congress. Besides working with committees and board, you will also get to meet many special and interesting people. Such as talking to the Rector Magnificus, lunching with the Iranian ambassador and having the pleasure to welcome Donald Tusk to campus to receive the EFR World Leader Cycle award. Last but not least, the best about this year were all the special moments with my fellow board members. From the “wisselingsweek” to the WU ball in Vienna, it has been a fantastic year!

Sanne Kranenbarg Project Manager Education 2019-2020 After doing three committees at EFR, a board year seemed like the perfect way to develop myself even further. I have never regretted the decision to apply, as it has been the best year of my student life by far. Though challenging at times, it has mostly been a lot of fun and I have grown very close to my fellow board members. Together, we have put in hard work during amazing events such as the Erasmus Recruitment Days and the Model United Nations, but we have also enjoyed our time to the fullest during the ball in Vienna and the ski trip. As Project Manager Education I am responsible for the educational pillar of EFR. This has given me the opportunity to supervise committees, have a lot of contact with staff and professors of the ESE, and also manage some of my own projects, such as the summaries. I love that my function is so diverse which is why a day at the office is never boring!

Dirk van den Beuken Project Manager Career 2019-2020

My EFR board year has exceeded all my expectations! Before applying, I tried to make a clear overview of how exactly I wanted to develop myself further. I concluded that a board year would probably be the most valuable experience for me. After starting off, you get a lot of responsibilities, and the possibilities that come with it. As the Project Manager Career, I worked with diverse stakeholders who required different approaches. Besides, EFR offers unique opportunities to those who dare to take the initiative. This really helped my professional development and increased my network.This year I have made a lot of great memories, ranging from visiting the American, Russian and Israelian embassy in one day, to partying at one the fanciest gala’s in Vienna, to closing perhaps the most successful edition of the Erasmus Recruitment Days so far! I would recommend anyone to challenge themselves as I did this year. In the end, you have learned a lot, have numerous amazing memories and end up with 7 new good friends.

Emiel van der Geest Commercial Officer 2019-2020

The past year I have enjoyed the most challenging and fun year of my student life by joining the EFR board. As the Commercial Officer I was thrown in the deep immediately since my year started with visiting all our important partners during the summer and, not to mention, finding a new main partner. Immediately you will sit at the conference tables of all the top-quality firms which is of course challenging but also highly informative. After getting to know all the important contacts during the summer you are able to help your fellow board members or committee members with finding suitable partners for all the EFR projects. Besides the professional development I have made during my board year it was also a year full of highlights in the social aspect. Working together so closely with your fellow board members creates a bond that is tremendously valuable. In a relatively short period you will get to know each other really well and experience a lot of fun things together ranging from the big trips to just a regular dinner. All this have made my board year at EFR a year like no other.

the best year of your life!

During all the serious business, you will also just do a lot of very cool stuff: from attending a ball in Vienna to visiting the animals in Beekse Bergen. The year is full of unique and fun events - it will be a year you will never forget!

friends for life with your team

You will experience all the ups and downs in a year with a small and close group of people. Together with your board, you will be working a lot on a professional level but perhaps even more on a social level. You will most likely see each other every day. This creates a bond that lasts a lifetime!

with the committee members

As an EFR board member, you belong to the inner circle of the EFR community. Together with the EFR’s tight committee member network, you will join the parties, weekends away, Committee Members Prom and drinks. This results in a broad network that can be very useful for the organisation of your event(s).

with former board members

Many former boards still see each other on a regular basis. The EFR Alumni association board hosts these reunions in the form of a former board dinner and the alumni day. As a board member you get to know a lot of old board members. Whenever an issue occurs, you will have access to a large network of professionals who are always willing to help you. However, it is also possible to have great parties with these people!

personal, social and professional development personal

Learning to handle stress, providing effective feedback and making decisions around tight schedules are important skills that are not easily picked up in the classroom. You might have already had a time management class or read something about giving proper feedback. However, it is only after you have put this into practice that you begin to understand the fine nuances of these soft skills.


As you will be working together closely with a lot of people, your social skills will develop as well. Managing expectations and communicating appropriately are skills you can only learn by doing. EFR organises many social activities each year. As a board member, you will attend many of these!

During your fulltime year, you will be able to discover and develop new capabilities.


In a board year, you will learn many things a textbook cannot teach you. You will learn how to use your time efficiently, negotiate contracts and how to expand your network. Usually, you will not have the authority to negotiate a contract when you are in an internship or even early in your job. Furthermore, you have the unique opportunity to receive multiple trainings in the soft skills, (time management, leadership, how to lead a meeting) and/or hard skills (InDesign, Salesforce, Google Adwords) you would like to develop.

network: students, alumni and professionals students


As a fulltimer, you will be the beating heart of EFR’s community. You will be at almost every event and thus know all the people in the association – and they will also get to know you!

As a board member, you will get in touch with professionals from a wide selection of national and international companies. Every board member interacts not only with people from the corporate world, but also with other prominent people ranging from princess Laurentien to the Ambassador of France in the Netherlands.


EFR maintains a tightly knit network of former committee and board members. This network dates back to 1925, EFR’s year of birth. As a fulltimer, you will soon notice that your predecessors are (still) very involved with EFR’s activities. They are always willing to advice on specific projects, or answer more personal questions about your development or future career choices.

support and personal development You will not do your fulltime year by yourself. Throughout the entire year, you will be surrounded by people that are always ready to help you.

supervisory board

All board members are supported by the supervisory board. The supervisory board helps when needed. They are all former board members and have a lot of experience both within the assocation as well as outside of it.

personal coaching programme

Being a board member can be quite demanding and it is hard to be consciously busy with your personal development plan. Therefore, the EFR board members get the opportunity to have a personal coach. This coach will assist and advise you on your personal development.

financial support

Being a board member means you cannot study for a year and you do not have enough time for a sidejob. However, the university and EFR support initiatives like a fulltime year and therefore provide you with compensations. For more detailed information, you can always email challenge@efr.nl

testimonial Anna Haffmans IT Officer & Secretary 53rd EFR Board

Looking back at my board year at EFR I can safely say it was the best year of my student life. I remember the moment I met my fellow board members for the first time, we truly had no idea what we were in for. Since running one of the largest student associations of the Netherlands can be daunting at first, EFR has a great support system. This ranges from professional coaching sessions to trainings provided by partner companies and year-round advice from former board members through a Supervisory Board. Being a board member allowed me to develop, push and test myself. The most important thing, however, was that I got to do it all with a group of seven driven, enthusiastic and fun fellow board members! Our board year has since ended, but our friendship definitely hasn’t. We still see each other at least once a week and go on several weekends away each year. To be honest, while writing this I even feel slightly jealous of anyone who still gets to go on this incredible adventure. If you’re unsure about whether you should apply, regardless of whether you have previous EFR experience, don’t hesitate to contact any of the (former) board members for a coffee!

testimonial Joep Coopmans President 51st EFR Board

As a former board member of EFR, I look back at my EFR board year with a smile. Five years ago, I just finished my IBEB bachelor and was confronted with a choice most of you will recognise: start your masters, do an internship or become a board member at EFR. I am forever grateful that I chose the right option: a board year at EFR. Doing an internship is interesting if you want career specific knowledge, but the challenges and responsibilities are so limited! Becoming a board member grants you full responsibility of your own ‘company’. Until this day, I use the lessons I learned at EFR for my current job at KLM. My advice: develop your skills and boost your CV by doing a board year before following the rest of your fellow students who become an intern. Internships won’t go away and a board is year is (by far!) the best year of your student life.

some words from recruiters A full time board year is an extremely challenging, overwhelming, fun and educational experience, which I would definitely recommend to everyone! It’s one of the most valuable learning experiences you can get in your student life, whilst at the same time fully enjoying student life. During a full time board year you will learn to work closely with your fellow board members, improve your stakeholder management skills, become a leader for the committees, grow as an analytical and strategic thinker and improve your time management and prioritization skills. You will have full ownership and responsibility to deliver the best results, without relying on others who have more experience in performing certain tasks. This will definitely help you during your first full time job. You will grow confidence and be better equipped to step up your game. Next to all these personal development advantages, I can -also from my own experience- assure you that you will simply have an AMAZING time! Eline de Wit, Sr. Branding Strategy Consultant Deloitte

A full time board year is definitely a good addition to your resume. It is fun, challenging and an experience you will never forget. Besides, it also shows that you are willing to invest in your personal development and from a recruiter’s perspective that is a big plus! During a full time board year you will develop yourself both professionally and on a social level. For example, you learn how to multitask, set priorities, communicate and work together in a team. Last but not least: you broaden your network, which I think is really important in your career nowadays. I would therefore definitely recommend you to take this opportunity!

Milou de Witte, Talent Attraction & Employer Branding ING

President As President of EFR, the number one priority is the board itself. You are expected to manage and provide support to the board. A large part of this is guiding your fellow board members with their motivation, learning goals and workload. Ensuring every board member is in an ideal position to do his or her job is of high importance. It is up to you to make sure that the communication within the board runs smoothly. Furthermore, you are responsible for the cohesion of the group. Both in good and in bad times, you need to guarantee the quality of work remains high. In sum, managing a team of eight people requires a good understanding of people. Secondly, as the face of the association, you are expected to be present at most events to represent EFR. This obviously includes giving speeches at EFR events or welcoming world leaders that come to campus. Speaking of world leaders, it is your job to find proper candidates for the World Leader Cycle Award. Another part of this is representing EFR in meetings with other student associations, talking with the dean of the Erasmus School of Economics to provide updates on EFR’s operations, but also being present at social activities to talk with ordinary members. You are responsible to maintain this network. You will have an important role in the coordination of the short- and long-term strategy and policy making of EFR. Thirdly, you are responsible for the long-term policy of EFR. It is necessary to look forward and be aware of current developments. The ability to innovate based on the matters at hand and create a strategy for the future is an essential asset for an EFR President.

modular space: ***

Typical traits: emphatic good listener strategist reliable altruistic rational

You will:

manage and provide support to the board be the face of EFR create strategies and policies represent EFR throughout the year contact world leaders for the World Leader Cycle Award

You will learn to: lead meetings give speeches lead a team of highly motivated people read people keep calm when needed

Do you have any questions about what it is like to be the President? Do not hesitate to send an email to challenge@efr.nl

IT Officer & Secretary As IT Officer & Secretary, you will make sure that the information structures of EFR are solid and up-to-date, not just for your year, but for many years to come. Information systems form the groundwork of a modern organisation of EFR’s size and much can be innovated. You will innovate by using and analyzing data to improve efficiency and EFR’s long term strategy. Besides, it is up to you that information systems are conforming the legislation and privacy of our members is guarded. Furthermore, you will manage the EFR websites. This means that you will supervise the IT Strategy of the Erasmus Recruitment Days and the Data Officer of the Master Career Week. Especially this year, you will work closely with the Information Process Manager of STAR on the long-term strategy and further development of Erasmus Recruitment. A new platform will be launched in September 2020 and you will manage this large project. Whilst you will focus on IT projects, the IT Officer & Secretary is also responsible for Secretary tasks. These include the organisation of the General Member Assemblies, writing minutes of Board Meetings and the external communication of the association via EFR newsletters. To be IT Officer & Secretary, you need to recognise the importance of information and be able to optimise its strategic value.

modular space: **

Typical traits:

affinity with IT and (big) data structured pro-active mindset analytical precise problem-solving way of thinking

You will:

manage large IT projects be responsible for EFR’s communication make a plan for EFR’s online strategy supervise the IT strategy officer of the ERD committee supervise the ER subgroup

You will learn to:

make optimal use of data negotiate communicate in an efficient and professional way take responsibility for strategic and functional decisions work with different systems and software

Do you have any questions about what it is like to be the IT Officer & Secretary? Do not hesitate to send an email to itsec@efr.nl

Treasurer As Treasurer, you are in charge of the financial part of EFR. You start your year with making the budget for the forthcoming 12 months. This budget has to be in line with the long-term strategic policy of the association. During the year, you adjust your budget to new expectations of costs and revenues in order to make the right decisions for all projects. In the end, it is your goal to make sure that every spent euro delivers the most benefit to the organisation as a whole. This requires you to have a lot of contact with all the different committees and of course your board, in order to get the most upto-date information and make well-informed decisions. Furthermore, you take care of the financial administration and make sure that it is done according to legislation. You also vouch for timely payment of invoices and debtors and you sign for every single outgoing penny. As the Treasurer you have the affinity with financial figures and you are able to keep a good overview of EFR as a whole. You can make strategic decisions and have to stand your ground when needed. This means you have to be able to say “no� to your fellow Board and Committee Members. You also identify and manage risks when they appear. The position of the Treasurer contains no space for modules. However, there is great diversity in this position as the treasurer works on both short- and longterm projects. You work intensively together with every board member and supervise the treasurers of the Erasmus Recruitment Days and the Master Career Week.

modular space: none

Typical traits:

trustworthy accurate responsible affinity with financial figures strong analytical skills consistent

You will:

supervise all committee treasurers keep an overview of the budget of EFR make long-term decisions be responsible for the entire financial administration be responsible for insurances and other long-term contracts

You will learn to:

communicate with stakeholders be precise in budgeting carry out financial administration work with Exact and Excel deal with having end responsibility for the financial part of EFR

Do you have any questions about what it is like to be the Treasurer? Do not hesitate to send an email to treasurer@efr.nl

Marketing Officer As the Marketing Officer, you will be responsible for maintaining the strong EFR brand, which is quite a challenge. You will take care of the entire promotional policy of EFR and thus almost every expression of external communication is your responsibility. Positioning EFR as one of the largest and most professional study associations of Europe - both on the shortand long-term - is your core task. You will supervise the marketing officer of the Master Career Week committee and guide the almanac committee through the whole promotional aspect of EFR’s activities and the designing of the Almanac. Besides, you will also supervise the content committee and supervise the Eurekaweek committee. Furthermore, you will be working on the long-term branding strategy of EFR. You will have meetings with the Erasmus School of Economics to evaluate the co-branding and think out new promotional opportunities. Also, you will cooperate with together with STAR in the branding of Erasmus Recruitment. As the Marketing Officer, you will not only improve your soft skills like planning and communicating but also gain hard skills like how to use Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Are you the one that will keep the EFR brand as strong as it has been in the past years?

modular space: **

Typical traits: good planner creative eye for detail good communicator multitasker see and explore opportunities

You will:

plan and promote events supervise the committee marketeers take care of EFR’s corporate identity develop a long-term branding strategy set benchmarks for EFR’s portolio further develop the strong Erasmus Recruitment brand

You will learn to: plan towards events communicate with different parties be a strategical thinker pay attention to detail use design software work with hard deadlines

Do you have any questions about what it is like to be the Marketing Officer? Do not hesitate to send an email to marketing@efr.nl

Project Manager General As Project Manager General, you will be supervising different parttime committees and the Master Career Week committee, a fulltime committee that organises an exclusive off-campus recruitment event for master students. Apart from guiding and advising these committees, you are also responsible for the content and long-term strategy of these committees and their events. The committees you will supervise will organise both inspirational and social events, ranging from a National Political Debate to the EFR Inspiration Days or the Committee Member Prom. During the year, you will stimulate your committees to innovate and optimise their events. Furthermore, you will also guide your committee members in their development. Apart from your committees, you are responsible for searching for new and exciting events for the EFR portfolio. At the same time, this means maintaining EFR’s most important relations such as EenVandaag, which is our partner for the National Political Debate. Another relatively new addition to the PMG portfolio is the EFR Inspiration Days. EFR’s prestigious inspirational congress for all students of the university. As PMG you will work closely with the committee and guide them with organising this huge event. And since it will be the second year you will be largely responsible for shaping the congress and its content! All exciting projects combined means that as PMG, you should be able to enjoy strategic thinking, be able to manage several projects at once and have a helicopter view. Furthermore, you should be able to handle stress, be a good communicator and be able to motivate people to work towards a common goal.

modular space: **

Typical traits:

helicopter view multitasker stress resistant open minded people person/social structured discrete

You will:

You will learn to:

manage several projects be stress resistant simultaneously interact with different kinds of supervise different people committees properly manage be responsible for the expectations long-term strategy of stay objective your events adapt to unexpected coach and support situations committee members maintain important relations of EFR Do you have any questions about what it is like to be the Project Manager General? Do not hesitate to send an email to pm.general@efr.nl

Project Manager Education The Project Manager Education focusses on EFR’s educational pillar. As Project Manager Education you will be responsible to ensure EFR fulfills the needs of its members in terms of education. This is important as it gives the association and her event portfolio more depth. As Project Manager Education, you will supervise some educational projects which have been part of EFR for a long time, like the EFR book sale and the EFR Involve Consultancy project. In the past years, other projects have originated (with great success) which are also under your supervision. These projects are the Meet your Professor Project, EFR/ESE Job Market Skills, EFR minor, EFR summaries and MUNROT, our very own Model United Nations. All these projects combine into an alternatingly package. There is still a lot of room to organise more projects in the educational pillar and to expand the existing ones. For that reason, this position requires an entrepreneurial mindset and an enthusiastic and energetic approach. You will not only manage educational projects, but you will also be the link to the faculty’s academic staff. It may happen that the study advisors contact you about EFR’s educational projects or that the school asks you where EFR can help out regarding students’ thesis. For these kinds of questions, the Project Manager Education is the main contact person. You will also use your connections to create support from the educational staff for your projects. You will have meetings about rewarding students with ECTS for participating in your projects and about the guidance for the Involve Consultancy project. You will also supervise three of our Master Study Boards. This means you will be responsible for organising several events for master students. The combination of these tasks makes PME a very interesting position.

modular space: ***

Typical traits:

affinity with education entrepreneurial mindset socially involved looking for new opportunities and using them ambitious

You will:

be in touch with both universities and corporates manage multiple projects at once be responsible for the educational pillar of EFR supervise several committees work together with the Erasmus School of Economics

You will learn to:

develop a strategy and realise it manage different stakeholder groups supervise ambitious committees prioritise organise logistic operations

Do you have any questions about what it is like to be the Project Manager Education? Do not hesitate to send an email to pm.education@efr.nl

Project Manager Career The Project Manager Career is responsible for the guidance of students in their career perspectives and professional development, as well as managing a commercial network. This ranges from broad orientation events to EFR’s recruitment activities where students will be able to find an internship, job or side-job. Committees you will supervise include the Master Orientation Days Committee, the Investment Conference Committee and two of our five Master Study Boards. You will work closely together with the Project Manager Career from STAR to supervise the Erasmus Recruitment Days committee, the largest on-campus recruitment event of Europe and and manage Erasmus Recruitment as a whole. The Project Manager Career will also be responsible for a part of the EFR’s commercial network, working side to side with the Commercial Officer. You will have to acquire new partners and manage relationships with current partners. Furthermore, in your position, you will set out long-term strategies for career services at EFR. As a Project Manager Career, you should be able to keep a helicopter view over all your projects and be able to align the interests and capabilities of different parties. You will always be looking for new opportunities for EFR to invest in and partners to collaborate with. Above all, you need to be a good communicator and use your enthusiasm, leadership and drive where needed!

modular space: ***

Typical traits:

leadership capabilities good communicator multitasker excellent social skills analytical thinker negotiator stress resistant

You will:

be strategically involved with Erasmus Recruitment manage internal & external stakeholders be responsible for a part of EFR’s commercial network use an innovative mindset

You will learn to: spread your enthusiasm and drive keep a helicopter view on all your projects motivate, guide and lead people negotiate with partners

Do you have any questions about what it is like to be the Project Manager Career? Do not hesitate to send an email to pm.career@efr.nl

Commercial Officer As Commercial Officer, your goal is to maintain, improve and expand the vast company network of EFR. You are responsible for all forms of company contact on behalf of EFR and this means you are the commercial face of EFR. The position of Commercial Officer is a very challenging one, where you can extensively develop yourself both personally and professionally. During the summer, you visit the current relationships of EFR. In these meetings, you evaluate the collaboration of last year and discuss opportunities for the upcoming year. It is your task, together with the recruiter of the company, to link students and companies in the best way possible. As Commercial Officer, you will supervise all committee members involved in acquisition and sales, such as the commercial officers of the Erasmus Recruitment Days and Master Career Week committees. Additionally, you directly supervise the Commercial Team, who asists you with your tasks and organises two career fairs. Further, the position of Commercial Officer involves a very strong strategic character. During the year you create and execute a commercial strategy for all recruitment related activities of EFR and you are representing companies’ interest in EFR’s long-term decisions. Besides that, one of the most exciting challenges is to find innovative and creative ways to increase revenues and thereby securing the long-term continuation of EFR.

modular space: ****

Typical traits:

strong communicator go-getter good negotiator strategy focused structured

You will:

advise companies in recruitment strategy negotiate contracts maintain contact with over 75 different companies supervise the Commercial Team find partners for Erasmus Recruitment

You will learn to:

elaborate people skills balance interests be a sales person have a helicopter view

Do you have any questions about what it is like to be the Commerical Officer? Do not hesitate to send an email to commercial@efr.nl

positions and modules The 57th board will work with a so-called “modular structure”. This means that approximately 80% of your position is fixed and 20% consists of modules. A module is a task that is not yet appointed to a specific board position and to which you can apply regardless of the board positions you are applying for. Not every position has the same amount of modular space. It depends on the workload per position how much modular space is available. The amount of modular space is indicated below every position description with the amount of stars. These stars correspond with the workload of the modules. When applying, please indicate for which position(s) you are applying for and which modules you would prefer. The 56th board will carefully consider your preferences and desired positions to make a good decision. This may mean that you will not get your first choice. So keep that in mind! The modules are as follows: Alumni association board * EFR academy * guidance Board Assistant ** personal development fulltimers * recruitment *** strategic focus point *** Vice President ** Each “*” corresponds with a workload of two hours per week.

EFR Alumni association board*

The EFR Alumni association has its own board consisting of former board and committee members and one current board member. The EFR Alumni association board organises several events for the alumni network of EFR. The Alumni association board is an important responsibility. You will become a strong communicator and you will have the opportunity to grow your own network as well. Typical to do’s: organise events for former board members and former fulltimers keeping close contact with the Alumni office of the Erasmus School of Economics maintain and expand the strong alumni network of EFR

EFR academy*

EFR finds it important that parttime committee members are offered the opportunity to work on the best version of themselves. For this, EFR has its own academy. The EFR academy provides several (specialised) trainings to develop the skills of the EFR committee members. It is your responsibility to ensure that the more than 150 committee members of EFR are properly trained. Typical to do’s: perform research on what workshops would be feasible for every committee member talk with committee members and their supervisors to find out what their needs are organise the workshops

guidance Board Assistant**

The board assistant is a student in management support who will assist the board in daily tasks. The supervisor of the board assistant should ensure the board assistant can work optimally. With this module, you get the chance to develop your communication and guidance skills. Typical to do’s: recruit a new board assistant meet with the supervisor from the study of the board assistant meet with the board assistant to evaluate how everything is going

personal development fulltimers*

As a board member or fulltime committee member, you obviously need training to handle your responsibilities even better. One board member will be tasked with looking for highly valuable workshops, which can range from a strategy and policy training at McKinsey & Company to a teambuilding session with a team coach. In this position, you will actively contribute to te development of your fellow fulltimers. Typical to do’s: talk to the board, MCW comittee and ERD committee to identify learning goals contact training companies for the transition period schedule trainings for the transition period


Without capable people, EFR will not be able to remain one of the most professional study associations in the Netherlands. With this module, you will be responsible for filling the 26 committees with ambitious, dedicated and enthusiastic committee members and recruiting the next board. Both parttime and fulltime recruitment are projects that lean on a well-developed strategy. You will have to think about the marketing of the positions, the application procedure and the type(s) of people we are looking for. Typical to do’s: work on the interview questions and plan interview moments with your fellow board members develop a professional marketing plan with the Marketing Officer plan the transition period for the new board

strategic focus point***

EFR is continuously trying to keep the long term strategy compatible with the developing environment. Starting new long term projects is preceded by a consultancy-like process of evaluating opportunities, risks and impact of the operations of EFR. An example of a project that resulted from this process is transforming the EFR Business Week in the EFR Master Career Week and the EFR Inspiration Days. Together with the Supervisory Board these projects are developed working in smaller groups, called focus point groups. In this module, you will be the contact person for the Supervisory Board and carry the responsibility that the feedback is used and deadlines are met. Typical to do’s: work out strategic plans thought of by the EFR- and Supervisory board lead your focus group, brainstorm and plan meetings receive and use feedback from the Supervisory Board to ultimately come up with new strategies or events for EFR


The President and the Vice-President work together closely and support each other when needed. If the President is absent, the Vice-President will take over the tasks of the president. Together, you will work on the development and implementation of this year’s EFR policy. Furthermore, as a VicePresident, you will maintain the non-commercial contacts with for example embassies and the government. These contacts are of great value for EFR, both in the short and long term. Typical to do’s: stand in for the President schedule meetings with embassies work on policy document with the President

As mentioned on the previous pages, not every position has the same amount of modular space. Furthermore, some modules cannot be combined with the workload of a specific position. In the following table, we provide an overview which modues you can choose in combination with a position. If you have any questions as to why the distribution is as portrayed, please send an email to challenge@efr.nl.








EFR Alumni association board

EFR Academy

guidance Board Assistant

personal opment fulltimers


strategic focus point


interested or just curious?

Send an email or call Florian de Groot. He is always there to answer your questions related to your application. Florian de Groot President challenge@efr.nl 06 22 96 08 61

go for a coffee

The decision to apply for a fulltime year is complicated. Therefore, we recommend you to get as much information as possible. Current and former fulltime committee/board members are always open to go for a coffee with you. You are always welcome to do this, it is not a weird thing to do – and... we all love coffee!

recruitment drink

On April 6th, we would like to invite you to our Board information drink! It will take place in Locus Publicus from 17:00 onwards. This is a great moment to get to know former and current board members and to ask them all your questions.

application process

You can apply for a position in the EFR Board by applying on our website with your CV and motivation letter. After you have applied, you will be invited for an interview. interview round 1 During round 1 we would like to get to know you, why you want to apply for the EFR Board and which positions you prefer.

interview round 2 If you continue to round 2 you will be invited for an interview on your preferred positions. You will solve a positionspecific case and we will ask more in depth questions about why you are applying for these positions specifically.

what happens if I’m selected?

champagne drink On the 29th of May, you will hear from us whether you will be in the 57th board of EFR. If so, you will be invited to present yourself with your new board to all the committee members of EFR in café De Stoep during our traditional Champagne Drink. transition week The morning after the champagne drink, you will for the Transition week or the “Wisselingsweek”. this week, you will get to know your fellow Members and learn more about EFR from the 56th

depart During Board board.

transition period The transition period or “overdracht” will take place from June 29th until the 12th of July. During these weeks, you will be prepared by the previous board to take over the association! After three weeks of information overload, the keys to the office will be handed over during the traditional “overdrachtslunch” or transition lunch taking place in the Bierhandel de Pijp. After this, you and your board will take over and start the biggest challenge of your student career!

made your decision? Apply now at efr.nl/board Deadline: May 3rd 2020

www.efr.nl/board +31 10 408 11 46

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57th EFR board recruitment brochure  

With over 6500 members, EFR is one of the most active and most professional study associations of the Netherlands. The mission of EFR is to...

57th EFR board recruitment brochure  

With over 6500 members, EFR is one of the most active and most professional study associations of the Netherlands. The mission of EFR is to...

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