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After-summer committee recruitment, deadline 7th of September


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Learning to handle stress, providing effective feedback, receiving criticism and making decisions around tight schedules are important skills that are not easily picked up in the classroom. You might have had a time management class, or read something about giving feedback but it is only after you have put it into practice that you begin to understand the fine nuances of these soft skills.

In some ways, a year in a committee of the EFR forces you to take a look into the mirror and confront yourself with the facts. Nobody is perfect and you might make mistakes or lose your temper, but luckily you are not alone! Falling back on your team and receiving their feedback will provide you with something of immeasurable value.

Social The EFR organises tons of social activities each year. As a committee member you can participate in almost all of them! From our own introduction weekends, parties, Active Members weekend, our monthly social drink and other get-togethers, there is always something going on. You will form a very strong bond with your committee and other EFR Active Members.



Active Members Academy

As a committee member you are not alone in doing your tasks. The EFR-Board is there to help you when needed. Every committee has one supervisor from the board, who will guide you through your year. The EFRBoard consists of eight senior students with committee experience who are dedicating one fulltime year to the EFR. They have been in your position and are always there to help.

The Active Members Academy is there to help you to grow and develop yourself whilst keeping your future career in mind. You and your committee will receive training as Active Members and per committee position. For example, the Marketing Team will get an InDesign course for free, the commercials will all get a commercial training and all of the Active Members have the opportunity to develop themselves in unique ways. Think of trainings in cooperation with leading companies like J.P. Morgan, McKinsey or YER, but also trainings focused on your personal development. A year at the EFR will make you learn more things than you have ever imagined!


HAVING FUN! With your committee

With all the Active Members

As a committee member you are bound to have fun with your committee. You have meetings every week, but you can also have dinner, get some drinks in the city or have a committee weekend! The supervisor from the board is happy to come along with these fun activities.

The Active Members Weekend, the EFR-Prom and the other activities the High Five committee organises are there for you as an Active Member only! All the Active Members join, which means you are partying with more than 125 people! You can also join the different trips the EFR organises, like the Ski Trip or the City Trip.

One thing is for sure, you are g 05

going to have a lot of fun as an EFR-Active Member. 06

ROUND 2 COMMITTEE RECRUITMENT AFTER-SUMMER Reporters Marketing Team E.P.I.C. Almanac Committee IBEB Committee START Committee Party Crew


REPORTERS Are you interested in the changing study climate and the events of the EFR and the Erasmus School of Economics? Do you love to write about that? You will be responsible for the communication to all the EFR-Members via the prestigious magazine of the EFR and the blog on You will inform students about their studies, university, the ESE and conduct intaerviews. Besides that, you will be attending all kinds of EFR-Events so that you can write about that and take lots of pictures. The magazine reaches 6.000 students and online you can reach well over 100.000 visitors each year. Do you love to be on the forefront of all events? Become a Reporter!

TASKS • • • • • • 09

Report about all EFR, ESE and campus events Conduct interviews Attend events of the EFR Make a magazine Keep in contact with ESE about news Blog on

MARKETING TEAM The Marketing Team is responsible for the image of the EFR and the promotion of the EFR s activities. The variety of activities in a year makes the EFR-Marketing Team one of the most interesting and fun committees of the EFR. Under direct supervision of the Marketing & IT Officer, you will also play a major role in the digitalisation of the EFR. You will receive free trainings (for example in InDesign) in order to prepare you as much as possible to your year as a marketer!

• • • •

Create promotional materials using EFR-templates Organise major campus stunts Order gadgets Execute surveys


Think outside the box!

We are looking for people with skills in marketing management, creative minds, design heroes and people with affinity with IT. You can perform surveys amongst all EFR-Members, order gadgets, create stunning designs or conquer the campus with all our promotion.


ERASMUS POLITICAL AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS CLUB (E.P.I.C.) All events organised by E.P.I.C. have something to do with politics. In the beginning of the year you will organise a Student Debate on campus. This debate also serves as a preliminary round for your biggest event, namely the Model United Nations! This amazing conference usually takes place in February and last year we went to London. Besides that, you are able to

organise embassy visits and there is room for your own initiatives. We are looking for students who are interested in the field of politics and like to express their own ideas. Do you have a strong opinion and do you want to share it with others?

TASKS • Chairman • Project Managers


• Organise a trip to an international Model United Nations

• Participate in Model United Nations • Organise the EFR-Student Debate • Embassy visits

ALMANAC COMMITTEE As the EFR s Almanac committee you are responsible for publishing the EFR-Almanac. It becomes your challenge to catch all the memorable stories, hilarious pictures and awkward quotes! By doing so you will create a booklet which all of our Active Members will grab to bring back all the fantastic memories about their EFR year. Everything is up to you and your team: the theme,

the content and the design. So whether you are creative, you like to write or you are skilled designer, apply for the Almanac Committee!

TASKS • • • •

Catch all the crazy quotes Pick an original theme Publish a book full of memories Sign your booklet at the Almanac drink

• Chairman • Project Managers


START COMMITTEE The Start Committee organises events that are for firstyear Economics students only! This is one of the oldest committees of the EFR, because we think it is important for first-year students to develop themselves. The activities focus on the social side of student life, for example the Casino Night or the Pub Crawl. At the end of the year you organise the Introduction Weekend, where you spend the weekend with 120 new economics students and a lot of Active Members. A big responsibility for someone who is just beginning in Rotterdam! Are you one of the students who want to step out during his student life? Then go for it!


for it!

• Chairman • Project Managers


TASKS • • • •

Get in touch with other first year students! Experience the student life! Organise the Casino Night & others Organise the Introduction weekend


IBEB COMMITTEE Ever since the Bachelor IBEB started, there has been a great community feeling among the IBEB students. As a member of the IBEB Committee you will be organising a wide range of activities for all IBEB students. These could range from a Casino Night to a BBQ at the Kralingse Plas: it is up to your own creativity! The iBuddy Programme and the unforgettable IBEB-Introduction Weekend will provide you with the opportunity to both improve your organisation skills and give prospective IBEB Students a warm welcome to Rotterdam. We are looking for IBEB students who are enthusiastic to organise activities for their fellow students and are able to think creatively. Besides that, an international orientation is a must.

Are you ready for a year of fun with your fellow IBEB students?

TASKS • Chairman • Project Managers


• Every block an interesting, • •

fun or challenging activity Ibuddy programme Introduction Weekend

PARTY CREW The Party Crew is responsible for organising the EFR parties. As a member of this committee you are challenged to successfully combine the right ingredients to create an unforgettable night. You will organise, market and manage all big parties of EFR, including the Welcome Party, the New Year s Party and the EFRBusiness Week Party. The committee will also be in charge of the monthly EFR drink and become the face of this social event.

• Organisation and management • •

of awesome parties Marketing and Promotion DJ/Location selection


Are you a first year student and a party animal?

Apply for the party crew!

You will be challenged to set up innovative marketing campaigns and to find the right location and the very best DJs. We are looking for students who are creative, like to organise and of course enjoy to party.


APPLICATION PROCEDURE INTERESTED OR JUST CURIOUS? Take a look at, send an email to or call 010-4081147!

GO FOR A COFFEE You can always go for a coffee with one of the board members to ask questions and get informed about the different positions and committees. Please send an email to to plan your meeting!

APPLY! Apply by sending an email to


The interviews will start the 7th of September and are meant to get to know you better. These will take half an hour and will be taken by two members of the EFRBoard. When applying, we ask for a short motivation and your C.V. This is nothing to worry about, your C.V. is not as important as it will be in a few years. Right now, the C.V. is a good way for us to keep track of the people applying for our committees and get to know what they are interested in. Don t worry if your C.V. doesn t look too great yet, in fact, the EFR is there to help you fix that!


SUMMARY ECONOMIC FACULTY ASSOCIATION ROTTERDAM Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam, The Netherlands T: +31 (0) 10 408 11 46 E: W:


EFR Discover the committees booklet  

EFR Discover the committees booklet

EFR Discover the committees booklet  

EFR Discover the committees booklet