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THE EFR-Business Week 2014



to renew this prestigious event. Each day you will encounter many different parts of organising such an impressive week, ranging from being the contact person for renowned speakers, to project planning and managing the whole budget.

Do you want to organise one of the biggest and most innovative student congresses in Europe? Do you want to be part of a team of six students working intensively together, making new friendships? Do you want to experience how life after your studies can be, putting your knowledge and wisdom into practice? If the answer is yes, you might consider applying for the EFR-Business Week committee. With five fellow students you commit yourself to organising the EFR-Business Week in April 2014 and spend your time finding creative ways

Though you will have a specific function within your team, you will be working very closely with your fellow committee members. This intense working experience is a valuable experience and helps you gain interpersonal skills, but more importantly, friends for life. Besides the organisation there is plenty of room for fun! As the EFR-Business Week committee you are a central point for the Active Members because you are often present at the EFR-office or “de Koepel”. Furthermore, you fulfil an important role in Rotterdam’s student life, go to drinks

and parties, meet new people and enjoy many unforgettable moments with your committee, the Active Members and the Board. An experience like this is a great opportunity to develop yourself; you get various professional trainings and coaching throughout your year. Moreover, working in a close community gives you a network of enthusiastic and motivated friends, Active Members and EFR-Alumni. Furthermore, participating in this committee provides you with a lot of skills needed for your future career; this is definitely an advantage later on when applying for a job. In short: a year full of great activities, working in a close team with over 130 enthusiastic Active Members and meeting so many new people. A year at the EFR is truly unforgettable!

INTRODUCTION TO THE EFR-BUSINESS WEEK The EFR-Business Week is one of the most professional and prestigious student organised conferences in Europe. Every year around April, the EFR-Business Week takes place at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and other locations in the Netherlands and Europe. Organised by a committee of six students, the EFRBusiness Week has proven to be the highlight of the year at Erasmus University Rotterdam and continues to bring in the most prominent global citizens. The event receives a lot of media attention each year. Every committee member is responsible for one part of the EFR-Business Week like the Opening Day, the Company Days,

the Business Week On Location and the Conference Day. The Commissioner of Marketing is in charge of all the communication towards the students and the Chairman oversees it all, is treasurer and has the final responsibility. Although everyone has their own tasks, it is very important that you work as a team to make the showpiece of the EFR happen. Do you want to have the incredible feeling of working towards a common goal, and succeed? Do you want to make friends for life while bringing world leaders to the Erasmus University? Are you up for the challenge? Then apply now for the EFR-Business Week committee 2014!

who are we looking for? We are looking for enthusiastic students, who are ready to dedicate one year to aim for one single goal: making the EFRBusiness Week 2014 a success while also developing yourself professionally, socially and personally. You should be willing to make a change and remain persistent.

• Students from BA2 to Master • The EFR-Business Week committee is open to students of all faculties • You do not need to be active at the EFR to apply

WHAT WILL YOU GAIN? Professional In some ways, a year in a committee of the EFR forces you to take a look into the mirror and confront yourself with the facts. Nobody is perfect and you might make mistakes, or lose your temper, but luckily you are not alone! Falling back on your team and receiving their feedback will provide you with something of immeasurable value.

Personal Learning to handle stress, working in a team, providing effective feedback, receiving criticism and making decisions around tight schedules are important skills that are not easily picked up in the classroom.You might have had a time management class, or read something about giving feedback but it is only after you have put it into practice that you begin to understand the fine nuances of these soft skills.

Social The EFR organises tons of social activities each year. As a committee member you can participate in almost all of them! From the introduction weekends, parties, Active Members weekend, our monthly social drink and other get-togethers, there is always something going on.You will form a very strong bond with your committee and other Active Members.

SUPPORT AND TRAINING Advisory Board As full-time committee you are not alone in doing your tasks. The EFR-Board and the EFR-Advisory Board or ‘RvA’ are there to help you when needed. The committee will be supervised by the Activities Officer from the Board, who will guide you through the year. The EFR-Advisory Board consists of former EFR-Business Week and Board members and meets every six weeks with the committee.

Trainings Besides all the practical experience, the EFR offers its Active Members trainings by professional companies. At the start of the year you receive a very effective training to improve the teambuilding process. During the year you have the opportunity to receive more trainings, specified on your function within the committee, for example a commercial training for the Commercial Officers.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT Being a member of the EFR-Business Week committee means that you do not study from August until April. The EFR will compensate you for your time by providing you with financial means.


chairman what ’ s

As the chairman of the EFR-Business Week you are the leader, inspirator and motivator of the team. You are the one that will keep the team together. As the face of the committee you will be responsible for press contact. Moreover, you will be the treasurer of the committee. You will stay in touch with the treasurer of the EFR-Board and make sure the budget is sound. This means you have to be a strong leader, be responsible, be a good communicator and you must have affinity with numbers. Are you up for the challenge?

you will • • • • •

Lead and motivate Contact the media Make the budget Help out where needed Be the face of the committee


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l i k e ?

‘Constructing the EFR-Business Week with such a great team has been a great way to express my creativity. Give your twist to next year’s edition!’

Felix Haan, Chairman EFR-Business Week 2013

commissioner opening day

commercial commissionerS Commercial Commissioner On Location and Commercial Commissioner Company Days

You will be responsible for the content and the execution of the leading student conference of the Netherlands. During the year you will meet extraordinary people that will change your vision of the world completely. While doing this you start convincing speakers and organisations to join you in your noble quest to enlighten the lives of your fellow students in the same way they have enlightened yours. Therefore you need to have bold networking skills, pragmatic creativity and broad interests and capacities. Are you that person?

As Commercial Commissioner you are responsible for signing the companies for the event. One of you is responsible for the Business Week On Location, where companies are visited in a city in Europe. The other Commercial Commissioner is responsible for the Company Days: organising in-house days and a company dinner is part of this job. Both commissioners will visit all kinds of companies, taking a look behind the scenes and engage in negotiations to collect the money to run the event. Without money all the cool ideas will just be ideas. The better you perform, the more awesome and prestigious your event can be! Therefore you must have good social, negotiation and persuasion skills. Can you meet the target?

you will

you will

• • • • •

• • • •

Get the leaders of the world to the EUR Get inspiring and extraordinary people Fill the Aula with students Coordinate the Opening Day itself Create an awesome atmosphere

what ’ s


Develop an acquisition strategy Safeguard EFR’s company network Get new companies to join the Business Week Negotiate contracts

j ob

l i k e ?

‘Engineering the EFR-Business Week is an experience you will never forget’ - Marijn Compagner, Commissioner Business Week on Location 2013

‘Organising the EFR-Business Week will challenge you in several ways, but at the end you can look back on an inspiring and educational period that you would not like to miss’ - Daneel Tielen, Commissioner Company Days 2013

‘Organising the Opening Day of the EFR-Business Week means being responsible for putting together one of the most creative and leading student organised conferences of Europe’ - Arthur Dolk, Commissioner Opening Day 2013

Commissioner Conference Day

Commissioner of Marketing

As the Commissioner Conference Day you are responsible for the most interactive day within the EFR-Business Week. The strength of the Conference Day lays in its intimacy, characterised by its personal setting and contact. At the Conference Day students are given the opportunity to face some of the most powerful business-people, influential politicians and innovative entrepreneurs of today. In order to make this day happen you need to be up to date on the latest news and trends, enthusiastic, flexible and precise. Do you want to enrich student’s lives?

As the Commissioner of Marketing you develop the marketing strategy of the EFR-Business Week.This means you have a broad package of responsibilities where a structured way of working will help you keeping track of all of them. However, creativity is the asset you must have to think of cool marketing stunts and ways to baffle students in order to let them subscribe for the EFR-Business Week. Besides this, planning, clear deadlines and good communication will help you to make the event a success. Can you be creative but structured at the same time?

you will

you will

• • • •

• • • • •

Bring students in contact with inspiring people Get inspiring and extraordinary people for the day Find an exclusive location Create an interesting programme with lots of discussion subjectS Develop strong organisational skills

what ’ s


Create the marketing strategy  Control the website Design Organise the Closing Party Baffle students with your crazy ideas!

j ob

l i k e ?

‘Dream big, do it your way and create the foundation of the EFR-Business Week’ - Max van Oirschot, Commissioner of Marketing 2013

‘Bringing the Spark to the Business Week was a once in a lifetime opportunity’ - Jesse Vonk, Commissioner Conference Day 2013

practical information Interested or just curious?

Selection Process

Take a look at for more information about the committee. You can also find information about our other full-time recruitment opportunities there. If you have any further questions, you can walk by our office in the H-Building (HB-20) or contact Marlou Veloo by sending an email to or call 010-4081146.

After you have applied you will be invited for an interview. You will be interviewed by two EFR-Board members. We want to know about you, and why you want to apply for which position. There are two rounds of interviews. After the second round you will hear if you are selected for the EFR-Business Week 2014!

Informal Recruitment Drinks Do you want to know more about the committee and meet former committee members? Come to the informal recruitment drinks on the 16th of April and the 1st of May, 16:00, Siena (H-building).

Application and selection process You can apply for a position in the EFR-Business Week committee by sending an e-mail with your C.V. and motivation to When applying, we ask for a short motivation and your C.V. This is nothing to worry about, your C.V. is not as important as it will be in a few years. Right now, the C.V. is a good way for us to keep track of the people applying for our committees and get to know what they are interested in. Do not worry if your C.V. does not look too great yet, in fact, the EFR is there to help you fix that!

Application deadline 5th of May 2013 C.V. & Motivation to

summary The EFR-Business Week committee consists of six students who work from August to April on organising the EFR-Business Week. The committee works full-time and gets compensated for that by the EFR, but most importantly organises one of the most prestigious student organised events of The Netherlands. More information about the committee Take a look at, walk by our office in the H-Building (HB-20) or contact Marlou Veloo by sending an email to or call 010-4081146. Informal Recruitment DRINKS Informal Recruitment Drink, 16th of April, 16:00, Siena (H-building) Informal Recruitment Drink, 1st of May, 16:00, Siena (H-building)

Application deadline 5th of May 2013 Apply by sending your C.V. and motivation to

Economic Faculty Association ROTTERDAM Rotterdam | Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam | The Netherlands Visiting Address Room HB-20 T +31 (0) 10 408 11 46

for more information VISIT

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