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Students in Rotterdam are known to be true overachievers and real CV-builders. Excellence is something that many of us try to achieve in not only our studies, but also through extra-curricular activities and by creating a resourceful network. Reaching a state of excellence sounds like a wonderful goal, but the key is to maintain this excellence in the long run. This is a challenging objective and there are many examples in academics and business life of people who have failed or succeeded at this goal. During the EFR Business Week they will share their inspiring stories with you. They will tell you about the best and worst practices of building a career in fields such as politics, management and the entertainment industry.



Board of Substance


Board of Recommendation




World Leader Cycle




This year the EFR Business Week celebrates 30 years of inspiring conferences, connecting students to future employers and bringing world leaders to the university. We have taken this opportunity to put together a renewed and surprising week that will hopefully inspire you to follow your own path of sustainable excellence. Whether you would like to actively train your skills, enter into a debate with CEO’s or solve an in-house case with a company, the EFR Business Week offers it all, so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity and subscribe at our stand.

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Letter from Chairman While I am writing this, it is rainy outside and the university library is packed with students, although exams are still far away. In my view this is typical for the current job market. The weather is bad, less and less people are being hired and a large amount of highly skilled students is looking for a job. Students aim to distinguish themselves with higher grades at the cost of social development. Current developments within both government and universities have put more pressure on students to perform. However, this may result in a type of student who only aims to overwork and achieve too quickly, which could easier result in a burnout and other undesirably side effects. This year, the EFR Business Week aims to inspire and motivate you to achieve excellence in both your career and social life. Moreover, it will give you the tools to sustain this excellence, in an effort to enable you to reach a high level of excellence that you can maintain throughout your whole life. This is necessary to fully take advantage of opportunities and perfectly develop your capabilities. I hereby challenge you to be inspired during the EFR Business Week 2014!


How do you inspire students to walk unknown paths, discover new ways of thinking and how do you make them take the steps to reach a sustainable level of excellence? In 1984 the EFR knew the answer to this intriguing question. For the first time in its history it organised the EFR Business Week, which is nowadays one of the largest and most inspiring student organised congresses of Europe. It has always been the centre of excellence, where world leaders and CEO’s sieged the stage with their unique stories to emphasizes the “why”. What is it that drives us as students? This is the question we would like to answer. Is it to get a good job? In that case, we will be the matchmaker between companies and students! Is it to develop your abilities? Then we will offer all necessary elements of personal and professional development. In April the EFR proudly presents you the 30th EFR Business Week. To Sustain your Excellence, six ambitious students worked nine months to organise a totally renewed event. With a new, innovative programme we aim to reestablish the strength of our week.

See you at the opening!







Programme overview

We offer you all aspects of business in one day, one world

Vincent van Wingerden

World of Business

Conference Platform

You will get personal with professionals of worldly expertise

Looking for a practical experience? The opportunity arises at Bootcamp, where you will learn it all




Start your career at the EFR Business Week! You choose, you deliver, we match




Your bachelor thesis is finished and you are on the brink of your professional life. What’s next? Deciding between entering the labor market, establishing your own business, taking a gap year, doing an internship or obtaining a Master’s degree is not an easy choice. At the moment, however, an increasing number of students decides to pursue a Master’s degree. This trend also is visible in the increasing number of the Master’s programs taught in continental Europe (increase of 42% since 2011). How to choose the right one? It’s a crucial decision which will determineyour future. There are two ways to choose your Master: you can either follow your heart, or concentrate on monetary expected returns. Of course, the best is to find something which would fall within both of these categories.

Where to start?

It’s always a good idea to start with the end in mind. Thus, the Masters has to be in accordance with your future academic, governmental or private sector career. Where you want to be is determined by your core beliefs. It is important to choose a field of interest that is of great value to you and to which you can contribute much. A vast percentage of the graduates decides to pursue a career in the private sector, where in general in Europe, the salary is higher than in other sectors. Regardless the kind of career path you aspire, there are several resources that could be enlightening for your choice: and These website compare the salaries in different countries (with a focus on the US) and offer a good overview of the companies and demand on the market. One of the most useful websites is which lists the possible career paths in the private sector of the UK (which should not differ significantly for the rest of Europe) including their precise descriptions.

What steps to udertake?

If you decide to transfer to an other university for your Master, as a first step, you can have a look and compare several rankings: the most cited ones can be found on, and QS University ranking emphasises

academic reputation (40% of the weight) and employer’s opinions (10%), while Times Education Ranking concentrates on the quality of education (30%). All in all, they present similar results. Good to know, is that according to those rankings, staying in the ESE or transferring to RSM is an excellent choice as both faculties have a high ranking in all subject specific rankings. The next step is to determine what universities provide the degree you aim for, for instance through In any case, if you plan to pursue a Master’s degree, it is necessary to find out what you want early in your undergraduate studies. If you aim the most highly ranked universities, bear in mind that the top schools usually require top GMAT scores, a letter of recommendation from several professors, excellent grades, extracurricular activities which would show your profound interest in the subject and sometimes some years of professional experience (it differs much from one university to another). It is also possible to transfer to a completely different field. However, this is difficult and involves significant transferring costs.

Should you choose a MBA if you study Economics and Business Economics? It is often said that an MBA is a guarantee for success. However, it primarly incorporates the programmes that focus on developing the fundamental tools of resource management (accounting, finance, operations, statistics, marketing, human resources, economics, and so forth). Only 19% of students at BusinessWeek’s Top 10 MBA programs have a bachelor’s degree in business. Of course, it is possible to choose the modules differently from what you have been studying, but the range is not that anymore. It is much more efficient to concentrate on one thing and study it on Master’s level. If you still think that MBA could be a good solution for you the MBA/MFM, master in financial management of the RSM might be a good choice.

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is normal

public administration 2010 - 1 year

2010 - 2 years

2011 - 1 year



sociology 2010 - 1 year

During its 100 years of existence, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (EUR) has shown brilliant features of its adaptive capability. Throughout those 100 years of history it has continuously maneuvered through the swarm of unabashed students that demand high quality education. Recently, however, the EUR has felt the urgent need to request something in return from students. They call it the ‘nominal is normal’ rule. It implies that freshmen are required to obtain 60 out of 60 credits in their first year. It also implies more compulsory attendance. Above all it implies that students are no longer free to choose their own paths of academic career. Rather, the university sets it out with little room for personal input. Admittedly, there is a lot to say for the new system. The pilot phase, which tested students of the social sciences faculty, has come with promising results (see table 1). The percentage of students that currently passes their first year within one year is higher than the percentage of students that passed their first year after two years in the old system.

A great improvement in terms of efficiency. Subsequently, the success at the social sciences faculty led to the introduction of similar standards for students of other faculties. But can we really speak of a success here? Is academic success only measured in terms of the number of graduates?

It is easy to see that with the new role of the university (quite like a school teacher), in which it attempts to produce as many graduates in the shortest possible time, students (or pupils) will notice a gradual shift from academic teaching to more of a high school teaching approach. Compulsory attendance is just one of the few symptoms of the 60 credits system. The university is one step away from becoming some form of an advanced high school. This approach makes the characteristics of a real academic student fade. No longer is he required to manage responsibility. No longer is he required to excite his own thoughts and ideas. It leaves to wonder when the university will introduce the first parents’ evening. For students it becomes increasingly hard to stand out, to distinguish from the herd of other students. After all, how hard can it be? Once you have your first 60 credits, you might as well finish that second year in one go, which allows you to go on an exchange (fully facilitated by the university), then come back to start your thesis and before you realise it you are done with your bachelors. Along the way you may do a committee or two but nothing more than that, just like all the hundreds of other students. No time to crack the mind over a complex problem and no time to express your opinion. Call it intellectual superficiality where application is key nowadays. Those who practice thrive, those who think drown. No more extracurricular engagement, only practice. We don’t want any delay after all.


psychology 2010 - 1 year



2010 - 2 years


2010 - 2 years



2011 - 1 year


2011 - 1 year


Because of the ‘success’ the university is now also considering a bachelor-wide implementation of the ‘nominal is normal’ standard. Not only for the first year but for all three years now. Imagine! You have easily passed the first two years of studies but are now really struggling with one of the courses in year 3. You fail the retake with a grade of 4. Too bad buddy! Time has come for you to leave school because you have not fully complied with the nominal requirements. Having said that, it is up to the individual student to decide whatever system fits them best. One thing remains certain, for a successful career personal commitment will still be crucial. And it is up to us to find just that little bit of commitment necessary for personal progress.




The Board of Substance consists of high-placed citizens who have been affiliated with previous editions of the EFR Business Week. This board aims to guide the EFR Business Week Committee throughout the year. Offering a critical view towards the programme, speakers, fund-raising and other attributes of the organisation, the board also seeks to provide fresh ideas and solutions to vital issues. The EFR and the EFR Business Week Committee would like to sincerely thank the Board of Substance for their time and support to make the 30th EFR Business Week an excellent event.

STEVEN Van Eijck

JOHAN Van de Gronden



Chairman Landelijke Huisartsenvereniging

CEO WNF Netherlands

Advisor at Bank of International Settlements, Prof. at the University of Amsterdam

Former Manager Marketing & Business Development Consumentenbond

marco van kalleveen


BART schlatmann


Chief Operating Officer ING Netherlands

Partner Deloitte Accountants

Partner Bain & Company

Vice President Strategic Business Development IBM Netherlands


Chief Strategy, Innovation & Technology Officer KPN


Managing Director Corporate Clients & Products ING Netherlands

BOARD OF RECOMMENDATION The Board of Recommendation consists of notable world citizens from various industries who support and recommend the EFR Business Week to potential speakers and guests. Many of these members have appeared as speakers during the EFR Business Week in the past, while others have been actively involved due to their relationship with the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the EFR. The EFR and the EFR Business Week Committee would like to sincerely thank the Board of Recommendation for their support to the EFR Business Week 2014.

AHMED Aboutaleb

CEO APM Terminals Europe


Chairman at Foundation Sparta 1888



Rector Magnificus Erasmus University Rotterdam

President of the Executive Board Erasmus University Rotterdam

TEX Gunning


PIET Moerland

Mayor of Rotterdam

Former SecretaryGeneral NATO


Former Prime Minister Luxembourg

Former Chairman Rabobank




HENK Schmidt

PAULINE Van der Meer Mohr

Former Chairman of SER Council

Former Rector Magnificus Erasmus University Rotterdam

Nobel prize laureate


JAAP De Hoop Scheffer

Former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell

Secretary-General NATO

ANTON Van Rossum

Former Chairman of Supervisory Board Erasmus University Rotterdam

BEN Verwaayen

Former CEO Alcatel-Lucent

President of the Executive Board Erasmus University Rotterdam


EFR Business Week Committee




Are you wondering what to do after your graduation and which company to apply for? Follow our small guide where we present top 3 companies where you should definitely leave your CV.


1. Google What makes Google so different from other companies? Could it be the on-site perks that include medical and dental facilities, valet parking, oil change and bike repair, free washers and dryers, and free breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis at its numerous gourmet restaurants on its Mountain View campus? Or could it be the special and unique benefits that include opportunities to learn, grow, travel, and, hold your breath - have wild, zany fun during the workdays? Google has it all, therefore for already some time it has been the leader among the employers.


2. SAS SAS employees, and their families, have free access to a massive gymnasium featuring tennis and basketball courts, a weight room, and a heated pool. An onsite health care clinic, staffed by physicians, nutritionists, physical therapists, and psychologists also is entirely free. Deeply discounted child care is available, in addition to no-cost “work-life” counseling which helps employees more effectively manage the stresses of everyday life. And, of course, common work areas are routinely filled with snacks and treats.

3. Boston Consulting Group In addition to one of the highest average salaries in the consulting industry, BCG offers other attractions to employees. “The firm has awesome benefits and flexibility. If I get the work done, it doesn’t matter if I get home for dinner with my family then get back online, or work from home on a Friday afternoon” says one of the employees.



Information drinks: 17th and 29th of April Application deadline: 8th of June




World Leader Cycle The World Leader Cycle award is the most prestigious award of the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam. On behalf of the EFR, we award the World Leader Cycle to world leaders with extraordinary accomplishments in the fields of politics, economics and society. The award is an official ceremony where the world leader, in person, gives a speech about his or her achievements. Amongst past winners are many influential politicians and leaders. You could find more information about the award winners at our website

Information drinks: 17th and 29th of April Application deadline: 4th of May

Mr. Gorbachev

Mr. De Hoop Scheffer

Former president of the Soviet Union

Former NATO Secretary General

Mr. van Rompuy

President of the European Council

Mr. Rasmussen

NATO Secretary General

Mr. Kellenberger

Mr. De Klerk

Mr. Peres

Former President of the International Red Cross

Former President of South Africa

President of Israel

Mr. Netanyahu

Mr. Schrรถder

Mr. Kohl

Prime Minister of Israel

Former Chancellor of Germany

Former Chancellor of Germany



You ve got seven seconds exactly!

We all know the saying: “First impressions last a lifetime.” It might not be entirely true, but we can admit that first impressions do last a long time and changing them is not quite the easiest thing to do, especially when you are judged on the first impression: from conferences to meetings to training sessions to business lunches to application interviews.


A first impression is nothing more than a mental image of you containing your character, personality, work ethic and professionalism that the environment forms over a given amount of time: from a few seconds (first contact) to a few hours (interviews). The rest of your time in the unit is spent coloring in the remaining details of the mental image based on the first impression.

The bottom line here is that a good first impression can give you a solid foundation upon which to build. Studies have found that nonverbal cues have over four times the impact on the impression you make than anything you say, especially in the first few seconds of contact. So we can say that first impressions are more heavily influenced by nonverbal cues than verbal cues.



Dennis and Wendy Ask yourself before you turn to greet someone, or step onstage for a presentation, or enter the boardroom

Mary Anne Radmacher Too little and we come across as shy and awkward; too much and we seem rude.


Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?



Peace begins with a smile...

A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.

Power and status are nonverbally conveyed by space and height. When standing tall, holding your head straight and pulling your shoulders back you give a more confident and competent impression than when you do the opposite.

Morihei Ueshiba

Mother Teresa Basically a smile is an invitation of welcome. It shows you’re friendly and approachable.



Glen Wilson The eyes are the most powerful social signalers that we have and hence are sometimes called ‘the windows of the soul’ One of the key elments of what is called ‘social skills training’ is getting just the right amount of eye contact.

When your eyes are slightly more open than normal, it simulates the ‘eyebrow flash’ which indicated the universal signal of recognition and acknowledgement.

A computer cannot tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what s missing is the eyebrows.

Frank Zappa



Lean forward into your life. Begin each day as if it were on purpose.

This is basically the most effective and the quickest way to establish rapport. It takes an average of three hours of continuous interaction to develop the same level of rapport that you can get with a single handshake, research shows. So keep that in mind and practice a firm hearty handshake! To be exact you have seven seconds to leave a positive/ negative first impression, but if you handle it well seven seconds are all you need!

Literally leaning forward slightly when listening to someone shows your engagement and interest. Having said this do remember to be respectful of the other person’s space. A firm, hearty handshake gives a good first impression, and you ll never be forgiven if you don t live up to it.

P.J. O’Rourke


w w w. K P M G .c o M /N L /s ta r t e N

Je kunt als bedrijf nog zo veel willen, je krijgt pas wat voor elkaar met goede mensen Over KPMG

Aan de slag als accountant

KPMG biedt accountancy- en adviesdiensten aan

Bij KPMG Audit start je na afronding van je universi-

uiteenlopende organisaties. Van controle- en advies-

taire studie of hbo-opleiding als trainee. Je gaat

opdrachten aan (beursgenoteerde) multinationals tot

direct in de praktijk aan de slag bij alle soorten

de nationale of regionale ‘middenmarkt’ die onze

klanten. Tegelijk volg je een opleiding tot registerac-

totale dienstverlening inschakelt. Het spectrum is

countant aan een business school. Na het afronden

breed, de uitdagingen talrijk. In ruim een eeuw is

ben je gekwalificeerd registeraccountant en beëdigd

KPMG uitgegroeid van één Amsterdams kantoor tot

om de financiële rapportage (zoals jaarverslagen) van

een organisatie met ruim 152.000 medewerkers

grote (inter)nationale, veelal beursgenoteerde, onder-

wereldwijd. Alleen al in Nederland zijn er zo’n 3.200

nemingen te verzorgen. Naarmate je meer kennis en

actief, verdeeld over 13 kantoren. Omdat je advies op

ervaring hebt, krijg je een grotere rol binnen het team

maat geeft, merk je praktisch weinig van die grootte.

met meer verantwoordelijkheid.

Maar intussen profiteren je klant en jij natuurlijk wel van die gigantische bron.

Of als adviseur Bij KPMG Advisory begin je als junior adviseur en

Fa s t F o r wa r d j e ca r r i è r e b i j K P M G

…over ons werk

start je direct met uitdagende adviesopdrachten

Er zijn klanten die alleen controlediensten (audit) bij

voor verschillende organisaties. Daarbij lever je op

ons afnemen. Vaak zijn dat de beursgenoteerde,

diverse gebieden een bijdrage aan rapportages,

internationaal actieve ondernemingen die een strikte

presentaties en adviezen. Je ontwikkeling wordt aan-

scheiding hebben tussen controle- en adviesop-

gevuld met doelgerichte opleidingen. Afhankelijk van je

drachten. Een andere groep - ook vaak grote -

universitaire studie en interesse kun je kiezen uit de

opdrachtgevers maakt om diezelfde reden juist alleen

verschillende onderdelen binnen Advisory. Van organi-

gebruik van onze adviesdiensten (advisory).

satieadvies tot fusies en overnames, van het kwantifi-

Een derde groep opdrachtgevers (met name nationaal

ceren van complexe financiële- en operationele risico’s

of regionaal georiënteerde organisaties) schakelt

tot tactisch en strategisch IT-advies. De keuze is aan

onze totale dienstverlening in: audit en advisory.

jou. Waar je ook voor gaat: kansen genoeg om samen met je collega’s aan iets moois te bouwen.

…en onze cultuur

KPMG Recruitment Centre Laan van Langerhuize 1 1186 DS Amstelveen (020) 656 7162

© 2013 KPMG N.V., alle rechten voorbehouden.

We hebben een uitgesproken cultuur. Bij KPMG vind

Meer informatie

je gedreven en ambitieuze collega’s die aandacht

Ga naar of maak een af-

voor elkaar hebben en gericht zijn op samenwerking

spraak met het KPMG Recruitment Centre (020) 656

in plaats van persoonlijk gewin. Integere professio-

7162 of mail naar Daarnaast

nals die elkaar in hun waarde laten en respect hebben

zijn er nog andere manieren om met ons in contact te

voor elkaars persoonlijkheid en vakmanschap.

komen. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan een (afstudeer)stage,

Die combinatie van passie en ambitie aan de ene kant

of onze internationale Business Course. We hebben

en teamgeest en collegialiteit aan de andere kant

ook regionale activiteiten, vaak in samenwerking met

maakt KPMG bijzonder. We bouwen samen aan het

studieverenigingen. Een overzicht van alle activiteiten

succes van ons bedrijf.

en contactmogelijkheden vind je op onze site.

© 2013 KPMG N.V., alle rechten voorbehouden.



Vincent My name is Vincent van Wingerden, I am 22 years old and I study economics and business economics. I am the Chairman of the 30th EFR Business Week committee. Average day: I normally start my day with a cup of coffee. I will log myself in at a computer and try to have a little talk with everybody of my committee. After my start-up period I will begin with my chairman functions such as answering emails, making phone calls etc. In the afternoon I will move upstairs to call companies with Edda. Best thing about being a BW member: We can go to all the drinks at the university! Most important thing learned so far: How extremely different everybody is and need to be treated. As I am aware of this now I have to learn how to treat everybody the best way possible. Favourite EFR moment: Committee weekend. Awesome weekend to get to know each other and making the final plans for the new EFR Business Week. Weirdest characteristic: I like to eat sprouts.






Hello! I am Pia Bezema, 22 years old and this year I will finish my IBA Bachelor. My function within the committee is Congress Manager. During my time off, I like to do sports, I love to travel (I lived in Australia for 7 months and did an exchange to Brazil), watch movies or series, read and spend time with friends (I’m a member of Laurentius and RSZV de Zeil) and family. Average day: In the beginning we did a lot of brainstorming and thinking about the mission/vison and theme of this year’s EFR Business Week. After that I thought about the day I organised. A large part of my job is communication of the event to the outside world and getting all the necessary parties together at the right place at the right time. Best thing about being a BW member: Working towards one event in a team with very different people and learning from each other. Most important thing learned so far: Not hesitating too much and thinking about all the possible pros and cons too much. Sometimes you have to just do it. Favourite EFR moment: Everyone being dressed up as cartoons (we as the Turtles) during the Active Members Weekend, this was a lot of fun! Weirdest characteristic: I can make comments that no one expected me to make, I have heard some people find it funny.


Hi guys, my name is Jeffrey Meerpoel and I am the Marketing Officer of the 30th EFR Business Week committee. Three years ago I came here to study Economics and Business Economics and I am currently finishing it. What a three years it has been with a lot of great experiences and the best soon to come! I have been active at the investment society B&R Beurs where I founded my own investment group. For me it was time for the next challenge: be responsible for the marketing of one of Europe’s largest student organised congresses. Average day: Designing, designing and designing! My day consists of designing flyers and brochures for all the activities during the week. Next to this I have different meetings with designers, stand builders and companies providing us goodies. Don’t forget the brainstorm sessions and the promotion stunts of course! Best thing about being a BW member: Crashing all drinks on campus! Most important thing learned so far: The most important thing that I have learned so far is that communication is key. Favourite EFR moment: My favourite EFR moment is the EFR-City Trip to Berlin where we visited club Matrix. Weirdest characteristic: Waking up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea.


My name is Daan Evans and I am the Congress Manager of the 30th EFR Business Week committee. I have almost finished my bachelor Business Administration. I have participated in several committees over campus and Laurentius, as doing voluntary work in Uganda last year. I love to play tennis, golf and booz of course. Average day: Consists of coordinating all the different parties for our new opening, having appointments with these parties, sending mails, making a lot of phone calls, being in contact with the speakers as finding new ones. Best thing about being a BW member: The power, the money, the fame and the women. Most important thing learned so far: The most important thing to have in life if you want to be successful is gaining and having contacts. Favourite EFR moment: Finding Jeffrey in the bushes at the Active Member’s Weekend. Weirdest characteristic: I really, really like the movie “Love Actually” and I absolutely hate Chihuahuas.

EDDA My name is Edda Beck and I am the Commercial Officer of the 30th EFR Business Week committee. I study Business Administration and will finish my last courses of my bachelor after the EFR Business Week this year. Average day: On an average day I call a lot of companies, send many emails and discuss a lot with my fellow committee members. I moreover visit companies with the Commercial Officer from the board. Best thing about being a BW member: The best thing of being a Business Week committee member is the great collaboration, fun and learning with each other. Most important thing learned so far: Picking up the phone and just call. No questions asked. Favourite EFR moment: The Business Week “Board is gone” parties! Weirdest characteristic: My weirdest characteristic is drinking a lot of tea. I like drinking it in large amounts, so I don’t have to walk every 30 minutes getting a new hot one. Oh and when I sport, I do it completely in pink.

Hi, I am Veerle Vermeulen, a fourth year Economics student and this year I’m the first Event Manager in the history of the EFR Business Week. Average day: My responsibilities lay in different fields of operation and I am the link between the days of the week to ensure this will be a successful week. I am busy launching two of the new activities of the EFR Business Week: Bootcamp and Holland Presents. I also help out the Commercial & Marketing Officer when needed and I am responsible for the overall planning. Best thing about being a BW member: I experience this year together with a fun, fully committed and enthusiastic group of people, working together to achieve a common goal. Most important thing learned so far: The most important things I’ve learned so far are cooperating with different people within a group, to communicate open to the other committee members and not to forget my skills on the phone definitely improved. Favourite EFR moment: Having lunch with my whole committee. Since everybody has their own tasks, during lunch there is time catch up with each other’s work and next to that I can chat with other active members. Weirdest characteristic: My chocolate addiction.




Programme EFR Business Week 2014


START YOUR CAREER RIGHT HERE If you are interested in achieving the best excellence, then this is your chance! We offer you the opportunity to invest in your future by taking part in our career activities. The career platform consists of In-house days, Company Dinner and one new, unique event: Holland Presents!





Who are you? Why are you here? Why are you studying what you are studying? Is it to chase the perfect career? Is it for your personal development? This is what student life is all about: seeking what you want and why you want it.


One thing is for sure: everybody seeks their own personal excellence. The pace at which this phenomenon is achieved, though, is often a fast and swift one. When we choose to accelerate our path towards this excellence too much we can end up into a downfall. The key is to excel and sustain. Making the right choices right now will keep your expertise going in the long run. We are going to help you find what you want in life, by providing you with all aspects of business and personal development. We will bring all different dimensions and disciplines to the university, so you can base your future choices on the right possibilities and therefore making it easier for you to sustain this choice. This vision will be translated into a new congress on campus: “World of Business”. We shall provide you with all possible aspects to base your career decisions on, in one day and in one world.


Are you wondering how it is to work at the best companies in the world? We will be your matchmaker and match you with a company you are interested in! The In-house Days will give you the opportunity to “have a look in the kitchen” of various excellent companies.


This year’s Company Dinner will take place at “De Rotterdam”, the latest high-rise building in the Netherlands! This classy evening, you will dine with different companies and get acquainted with their recruiters. After each course, the composition of the tables will change, which means that you will sit at a different table with different companies. The dinner is held at the “nhow hotel”, where you will be inspired by the beautiful view over the Maas.







Can you name more than 25 companies? Probably not. Why? Because, in general, students are focusing on multinationals. Think outside the box. There are so many companies that are growing exponentially and will take over the future. Perhaps, for you, it is better to start your career at a smaller, faster growing company. For the first time in 30th years we will be the platform for you to get in close contact with these companies. During a wine tasting you will meet them all. We offer you “Holland Presents� at the most prestigious football stadium of the Netherlands!

Bootcamp is the new ground breaking experience of the EFR Business Week. It is an informal, active and challenging event where you can test and improve your qualities and skills. To achieve and maintain a high level of excellence, it is of critical importance that you master different skills and that you can use those skills when the situation requires them. We want to offer you a tool to achieve excellence and sustain it.

DATE: FridaY April 4th TIME: 16:00 20:00

LOCATION: Maasgebouw de Kuip


Ever wondered what your excellence is, how you reach it and especially in a way it is sustainable in the long run? Well, then you should come to the Conference Platform on the 7th of April, which will take place in the highest building of the Benelux! The place where you could find the answers you have always been looking for.

Bootcamp is more than just study skills! This extraordinary activity will highlight practical skills which are desired in the business world, such as negotiation-and sales techniques, presenting yourself and breaking patterns. You will get training from ambitious individuals who are excellent in their field of operations. With years of experience these specialised individuals know exactly which skills are essential in the business world and are willingly to share this knowledge with you so you can become an excellent businessman or woman. Bootcamp offers you the opportunity to excel and show what skills you already master and how quickly you pick up new skills. It is a chance for you to show that you have what it takes! Bootcamp will take place on Thursday April 10, 2014, here in the city of Rotterdam. Bootcamp is partnered with Unilever and ISM eCompany. Do you want to enrich your academic education?!

DATE: MONDAY April 7th TIME: 09:00 17:00 LOCATION: Deloitte Maastoren


This day will provide you with the great opportunity to get inspired by professionals who have excelled in their field of expertise. Fields such as business, politics, media, journalism will be represented. This is achieved through interactive discussions in an intimate and personal setting. The day consists of a morning program and an afternoon program. During the morning program there will be Round Table Conversations where topics related to personal excellence are introduced by means of speeches and afterwards are discussed face to face. In the afternoon, different statements will be discussed related to current topics and societal issues.

Programme EFR Business Week 2014



@ THE MAAS Always wondered what it will be like to live or work at the Maas? We give you the opportunity to experience the unique views and locations during the various activities of the EFR Business Week 2014. The Maas is the oldest river in the world. It rises in France and flows through Belgium and the Netherlands before draining into the North Sea. The river is an important waterway and has played a major role in the history of Europe, as it still does. Three activities of our week will take place at the (Nieuwe) Maas, next to the world famous Erasmus Bridge, which has the nickname “The Swan”.

CONFERENCE PLATFORM @ DELOITTE MAASTOREN The Conference Platform will take place on the 44th floor of the “Deloitte Maastoren”, the highest building of the Benelux. This room has an unique view over the Maas and the beautiful city of Rotterdam with its skyline of booming business hearts. Who knows, it might be your future office. Can you think of a better location to discuss personal excellence and intrinsic motivation than of the top of the Benelux?

COMPANY DINNER @ DE ROTTERDAM Do you want to dine with your future employer in the largest building of the Netherlands? “De Rotterdam” is the latest, new eye catcher of the skyline of Rotterdam. It has been designed by the famous architect Rem Koolhaas. The complex hosts the nhow hotel, where the Company Dinner will take place. Check our Facebook page regularly and you might win an overnight stay at the nhow hotel. Stay tuned!


“Holland Presents” will take place at the Maasgebouw de Kuip, which is the football stadium of football club Feyenoord. Instead of what you might think, the football stadium is located in the Feyenoord district of Southern Rotterdam and does not border the Maas directly, but when you walk 500 metres north, you will walk right into the river!

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In the following interview, Johan van de Gronden brilliantly discusses what makes WWF a successful organisation, the general environment for NGO’s in This aside, one of the well-known initiatives organized by WWF the Earth Hour, in which entire cities switch off their the Netherlands and how students can contribute to itsismission.



WWF is one of the oldest and most successful non-profit organisations, represented in more than 100 countries. The organisation’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet and to build a future where people can live in harmony with nature. WWF concentrates on maintaining the biodiversity and looking for new ways to achieve sustainability in using scarce basic resources. The importance of biodiversity cannot be overlooked. According to IUCN, the World Conservation Union, the monetary value of goods and services provided by ecosystems was estimated to be US$33 trillion per year in 2005, more than a yearly summed budget of US and Europe. This aside, one of the well-known initiatives organised by WWF is the Earth Hour, in which entire cities switch off their lights for one hour to support the action on climate change. The first Earth Hour in 2007 involved 2.2 million homes and businesses in Sydney, Australia. Three years later, one in six people joined the Earth Hour 2010. Indeed, WWF knows how to spread a message and increase awareness.

lights for one hour to support the action on climate change. The first Earth Hour in 2007 involved 2.2 million homes and businesses in Sydney, Australia. Three years later, one in six people joined the Earth Hour 2010. Indeed, WWF knows how What main reason for the long And then there is of course the other answer to your to spreadisa the message and increase awareness. lasting success of the organisation question: the fact that WWF thrives globally tells us that we and maintaining the excellence in are still far removed from a desired end state where man lives a life balanced with its surroundings, or, as we often protecting animals? phrase it, within his fair share of the earth’s resources. Our WWF is more than meets the eye. Established in 1961 ultimate success is when we shall have become obsolete. and now operating in more than 100 countries, underneath the strong brand one finds quite a diverse network of What does the Dutch society think organisations. Some of us have sunk our roots deep into about NGO s? civil society, others operate closer to government or act as environmental advisors. In the Netherlands, WWF has Civil society in the Netherlands thrives. Just like small and grown to become the leading green charity enjoying wide medium sized enterprises make up the backbone of our public support. economy. The Dutch are quite generous in their support for NGO’s and do believe in the fruits of voluntary civil It is hard to define success. Yet strong brand management, organisation and action. It is quite a competitive field excellent communications, consistent outreach to kids, though. NGO’s are under consistent pressure to act in an reluctance to accept government funding and strong open and transparent way, be absolutely clear about reliance on our own fundraising capabilities, proper their goals, brutally honest about their failures and results governance and an organisation-wide ethic to bring in hard and moderate in their remuneration of staff. The current results, are among its ingredients. WWF’s tone of voice has singsong of a ‘withdrawing central government’ loads always been constructive, inviting citizens, businesses and even more expectations on NGO’s and their contribution government to become part of the solution, often against to society. I think most of the current neo-liberal discourse the odds. We have in general managed to avoid alarmism that comes from government is quite shallow, partially illand base our conservation premises on science and conceived and mostly short-lived, but at least in theory the demonstrable evidence. Mass communication and public prospects for NGO’s to contribute even more to society outreach have always been matters of prime concern. have seldom been bigger. Although we face vexing, often highly complex problems, biology sometimes helps. It is virtually impossible to convey the complexities of an intricate food web or the manifold non-linear mutual relationships in an ecosystem to a global audience, let alone mobilise public support for simple solutions. Yet charismatic megafauna sparkle the imagination of millions. So when we campaign for a healthy future for polar bears or tigers, in a way we drastically simplify ecology, yet the critical importance of so called apex species in biology goes undisputed. Especially in the case of large predators. Often a healthy population of predators at the top of the food chain is a good proxy indicator for the health of the wider ecosystem. In a world hungry for solutions it helps when you have organisations around who do not limit themselves to the delivery of sermons from often a high moral standpoint, but who come down to help forge joint practical solutions. Hence, the many multiparty roundtables WWF has initiated from the responsible production of palm oil to soy, cotton or beef. Safeguarding the natural world and seeking a future in which man and nature may both flourish is way too big a goal to go after in isolation. I think intuitively hundreds of millions of people not only get that message, but are also eager to contribute their own fair share when given a chance or prompted in the right direction.

What is the focus for this year? This year we will focus on an international campaign for more marine protected areas. To preserve a living sea with enough fish and wildlife we must urgently protect it. Worldwide less than two per cent of the oceans are protected. Our goal is to have ten percent of the oceans as a marine protected area by 2020. Is it possible for students to participate in projects? WWF has a list of available international internships on its international website I would advise every student that is interested and eager to help safeguard our ecological treasures to keep a close eye on the site. It varies from gaining experience in communications to working with WWF in sustainable forestry.

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Accenture Je bent net klaar met je masteropleiding en de wereld ligt aan je voeten. Maar waar ga jij beginnen? Consultancy biedt je de mogelijkheid om projectmatig te werken binnen een breed scala aan bedrijven en een grote diversiteit aan projecten. Accenture is wereldwijd marktleider op het gebied van Consulting, Technology en Outsourcing. Werken bij Accenture betekent werken aan de top. Jij kunt hier het beste uit jezelf halen. Je werkt voor grote klanten uit allerlei sectoren, waaronder 89 Fortune Global 100 bedrijven en overheidsinstellingen over de hele wereld. We werken in uiteenlopende branches en er zijn tal van vakspecialisaties waar je uit kunt kiezen. Ontmoet Accenture en ontdek hoe groot jij kunt zijn.

Wat ga je doen als starter bij Accenture Consulting?

Meer weten? Maak kennis met Accenture via een van onze Meet Accenture Consulting evenementen bij ons op kantoor, meld je aan voor onze jaarlijkse Consulting Masterclass of ontmoet ons tijdens een van de recruitmentevenementen op universiteiten.


Als Junior Consultant bij Accenture ontwikkel je concepten en strategieën en werk je mee aan implementatieprocessen. Daardoor presteren onze klanten nog beter en blijven ze tegelijk flexibel genoeg om snel op nieuwe ontwikkelingen te kunnen reageren. Samen met collega’s vorm je een team gedurende het project. Vrijwel altijd werk je op locatie bij de klant. Zo krijg je veel bedrijven van binnen te zien. In elk nieuw project krijg je weer een nieuwe uitdaging. Ons wereldwijde netwerk en onze ongeëvenaarde kennis staan daarbij volledig tot je beschikking. Jezelf blijven ontwikkelen Bij Accenture staat jouw persoonlijke groei centraal. We bieden je veel mogelijkheden om te leren, te groeien en je expertise verder te ontwikkelen. Door dagelijkse on-thejob ervaring maar ook door ons zeer uitgebreide aanbod (internationale) trainingsmogelijkheden. Zo zorgen we ervoor dat je snel een succesvolle carrière opbouwt.

Wie zoeken wij? Binnen Accenture Consulting zijn we op zoek naar afgestudeerde academici in de richting bedrijfskunde, economie, ICT, techniek of aanverwante studies. We zoeken high performers die beschikken over een sterk analytisch vermogen, een proactieve instelling, goede communicatieve vaardigheden en graag een snelle start willen maken in hun carrière.

KEYFACTS Aantal landen actief 120 Hoofdkantoor Chicago Man/vrouw verhouding 70/30 Omzet $28,6 miljard Gewenste taal Nederlands

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AKZONOBEL AkzoNobel is a leading industrial company – the world’s largest supplier of paints and coatings and a key global producer of specialty chemicals. We think about the future but act in the present as we develop breakthrough, sustainable solutions for our customers and society as a whole. Just look around and you are sure to see our coatings, as well as countless products whose usability is enhanced by the unique qualities of our chemicals. Our coatings include well-known brands such as Flexa, Sikkens and Alabastine. Our chemicals are found in everything from food to beauty products, from paper to plastics.

Let’s meet Every year, AkzoNobel hires a number of business and managerial students in the Netherlands for positions such as Assistant Controller, Junior Auditor, Treasurer, Junior Product Manager, Area Management Assistant, Junior Account/ Sales Manager and (International) Business Analyst. If you think your skills and ambition match our vision, we’d like to get to know you at in-house events such as the AkzoNobel Masterclass. You will also find us at company and job fairs.

Show the world what you can do This proven track record in real world excellence and innovation makes AkzoNobel the place to apply the financial and business expertise you have gained during your education.

Meet Willeke She joined AkzoNobel in 2012 following a Masters in Financial Economics and is already a Plant Controller. “My studies weren’t a perfect fit to my position,” she says. “But my manager wanted someone who could provide a fresh approach and ask “Why do we do it like that, anyway?”.”

You will work in a fast-moving, sophisticated environment where entrepreneurialism and new thinking are encouraged. Thus you will have the opportunity to shine as you develop, present and defend your own initiatives. Above all, you will be focused on creating the conditions that enable us to anticipate the needs of our clients with superior products and solutions. And, with a presence in all significant mature and emerging markets worldwide, there is, depending on your position, plenty of scope for travel and international contacts as you shape your own career.

Willeke loves the responsibility. “It’s surprising to be operating at such a high level as a starter. And as a member of the Plant Management Team, I am even involved in strategic decisions. Of course, I can count on more experienced colleagues across AkzoNobel for support. And everybody, from operator to corporate controller, loves sharing knowledge with you. I like the international culture and working with people from different backgrounds.”

Sustainability - the only way forward At the core of everything we do is a commitment to sustainability. We aim to ensure that 30% of our products are categorized as ‘Eco-premium’, making them not only more sustainable, but also more profitable. We also pursue rigorous sustainability and energy-saving efforts across all aspects of our production and disposal processes. Consequently, AkzoNobel has been in the top three of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index since 2002.

Willeke Ensink Plant Controller

To find out about our career opportunities, please visit our website


Where your ideas go far


KEYFACTS Industry Chemicals Year/country of foundation 1969 Number of countries active 80 Headoffice Amsterdam Number of employees globally 51.000 Number of employees in the Netherlands 5.300 Ratio Man/Female 75/25 Language English

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For a world demanding more energy, we demand more of our technology.

BP BP is of one of the world’s largest energy companies with well-established operations in the UK and the rest of Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australasia, Africa and Russia. We operate or market our products in more than 80 countries, providing our customers with fuel for transportation energy for heating and light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday items. We employ around 80,000 staff worldwide. Our interests and activities cover two business segments: Upstream and Downstream (Refining & Marketing). BP’s activities in low carbon energy are managed through our alternative energy business. We create value for shareholders by providing the energy that a growing population needs to generate progress and prosperity.

Our values We are putting in place strong foundations to make BP a safer, more trusted and more valuable company. As part of this process, we have five values that express our shared understanding of what we believe, how we aim to behave and what we aspire to be as an organisation: safety, respect, courage, excellence and one team.

Oil droplet tethered to a clay surface being released by LoSal ® EOR.

It is estimated that by 2030 the world’s energy demands will increase by up to 40%. Much of this energy will come from oil and gas, both increasingly harder to find and develop. Developing new technologies to improve recovery from existing fields is therefore essential. Our LoSal ® Enhanced Oil Recovery uses low salinity water to displace additional oil from rock, a technique that could unlock billions of barrels of oil from sandstone reservoirs worldwide. Find out more at

We care deeply about how we deliver energy to the world and above everything, that starts with safety and excellence in our operations. This is fundamental to our success. Our approach is built on respect, being consistent and having the courage to do the right thing. We believe success comes from the energy of our people. We have a determination to learn and to do things better. We depend upon developing and deploying the best technology, and building long-lasting relationships. We are committed to making a real difference in providing the energy the world needs today, and in the changing world of tomorrow. We work as one team. We are BP.

Upstream and Downstream We have Upstream operations (finding and extracting oil and gas) in 29 countries. We use sophisticated technologies and tried-and-true techniques to find oil and gas under the earth’s surface. By the end of 2016, we plan to start up a total of 32 projects, which have the potential to contribute around 1 million barrels a day to total production by 2016. The Downstream business segment converts crude oil into useful products such as fuels, lubricants and petrochemicals. It also stores and distributes these products to where they are needed, and markets them to customers in more than 70 countries. We have over 22,100 retail sites in the world either owned by us or operated by others under the BP brand. In Europe we have 8,400 retail sites.

Alternative Energy We have a single aim: to identify and grow low-carbon businesses in which we have core skills and advantages and which can offer a material contribution to - and strategic fit with - the growth agenda of BP. We believe renewable and alternative energy will make up an increasing share of the mix. We are building a material business to produce biofuels in Brazil, the US and the UK and are one of the largest wind developers in the US.

KEYFACTS Industry oil and gas Year/country of foundation 1908 Number of countries active 85 Head office BP Group London Head office the Netherlands Rotterdam (Capelle aan den IJssel) Number of employees globally 80.000 Number of employees in the Netherlands 2.200 Language English

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FLOW TRADERS Flow Traders, named “ETF Market Marker Europe” by the Annual Global ETF Awards for the last six consecutive years is an international leading Proprietary trading house. Our office in Singapore was also recognized as ‘ETF Market Maker Asia Pacific 2012’ winning this award for the second consecutive year. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in New York and Singapore, Flow Traders trades equities as well as derivatives, currencies and bonds on exchanges around the world. Flow Traders is a privately held financial firm that keeps pace with global markets. Our business expands each day by adding new products across an ever-broadening range of markets around the globe.

Do you thrive on outsmarting your competition? Flow Traders is looking for Junior Traders with excellent mathematical and analytical skills combined with an interest in global financial markets. In this challenging position you manage and optimize our daily position in a wide range of financial products. If you want to be part of our winning team, don’t hesitate to apply for the Junior Trader position via our website:

Flow Traders stays ahead of the competition by focusing on technology and niche competencies in markets where every second counts. This requires access to the best information and the ability to respond instantly. To achieve this, Flow develops its own software in-house. Our team of software developers works in partnership with experienced traders to identify and execute tomorrow’s strategies, making Flow a daily pioneer in professional trading.

Team effort In order to maximize our performance and facilitate our international growth, Flow Traders heavily invest in our employees. The backbone of our success is the collection of creative doers, thinkers, and above all, believers who form our company.

For more information please email: or call Floor de Wit on +31 (0)20 7996799.

We at Flow believe in the team effort and value our people.

The Junior Trader Position

Flow Traders is an international leading trading house.


New York


As a trader with Flow you manage and optimize our daily position (pricing and trading) in a wide range of financial products, including equities, bonds, derivatives and complex structured products. You formulate innovative trading strategies and – in close collaboration with our software engineers – develop trading models and tools that you will implement on the trading desk.

Training & Development Because of the specific nature of the work-environment, we do not expect you to plunge headfirst into your new job. Instead, you will start by following in a three months intensive in-house training program that covers all the intricate details of the trading processes. As a member of an informal team, you will then gradually take on more responsibilities, start monitoring markets and only then start making split-second portfolio adjustments that are at the heart of our success. From trading to devising tactics, and from contributing to new tools to implementing actual programs: you help shape our trading strategy.

What we offer Flow Traders offers you an exciting job with an excellent compensation package. We encourage employees to take advantage of opportunities to work internationally within the firm to maintain and grow our success as a worldwide leading proprietary trading house. We provide our employees with the best working environment, continuous support, team outings, sport events, company parties and trips. It’s all part of the deal!

KEYFACTS Industry Trading Year/country of foundation 2004, Amsterdam Number of countries active 3 Headoffice Amsterdam Number of employees globally 200 Ratio Man/Female 90/10 Products Exchange Traded Funds Language Dutch

could you achieve? 41 7

If you joined IBM, what could you achieve? Join us on our 2-year graduate consulting programme. Right now, we are working to create a smarter planet. Integrating systems and technology to tackle the world’s biggest challenges head on. From climate change to water conservation to the need for better, more innovative infrastructure. There’s a lot to do, and we need people with ideas. People just like you. Join us as a Graduate Consultant and you’ll work on real projects alongside the brightest minds. You’ll learn how to use our industryleading research, advanced analytics and technology to solve our clients’ complex business issues. You’ll discover some of the most innovative approaches, global expertise and world-class training. You’ll gain the experience, skills and contacts you need to bring to life the smartest solutions to the toughest challenges. Join us. Let’s build a smarter planet.

Join us on our 2-year graduate consulting programme.


Right now, we are working to create a smarter planet. Integrating systems and technology to tackle the world’s biggest challenges head on. From climate change to water conservation to the need for better, more innovative infrastructure. There’s a lot to do, and we The way the world works is changing. Our need people with ideas. People just like you. planet is starting to get smarter, and now’s the time to drive the transformation. At IBM we’re Join us as a Graduate Consultant and you’ll doing exactly that. Which is why we’re looking work on real projects alongside the brightest for graduates who have the skills, creativity and minds. You’ll learn how to use our industrypassion to help us take on some of the world’s leading research, advanced analytics and toughest and most rewarding problems. The best technology to solve our clients’ complex and the brightest graduates from all backgrounds business issues. You’ll discover some of the most innovative approaches, global expertise and degree subjects. and world-class training. You’ll gain the As one of the world’s largest consulting services company, experience, skills and contacts you need consulting at IBM is ever-evolving, ever-growing, and every to bring to life the smartest solutions to the aspiring consultant’s dream come true. Far from one-size-fits- toughest challenges. all, consulting careers here come in all forms, wherever your skills and ambitions may lie. For us, consulting isn’t just about ‘great clients’ or ‘effective solutions’. It’s about something far bigger. It’s about pushing boundaries. Sparking ideas. And being surrounded by insightful and innovative people. Whether we’re helping to bring clean water to third world countries, championing efforts to combat climate change or helping consumers get more from mobile technology at IBM there are a huge variety of clients and projects to get stuck into. If you’re the kind of person who seeks out opportunities and takes charge of your own development, IBM is the place for you.

Join us. Let’s build a smarter planet.


KEYFACTS Industry the world’s largest IT and consulting services company Number of countries active 170 Number of employees globally 430.000 Language English

43 7

ING Where do you want to go?

Selection procedure

ING is looking for talented trainees for IT, Finance, Risk, Retail Banking and Commercial Banking. If you have the hands-on mentality and skills to back it up, you’ll find the bank to be a world of opportunity. Try, practice and discover what you’re good at. We’ll throw you in at the deep end, but not without a coach, a lifeline and ample rewards. Join the ING International Talent Programme at graduates

When applying for a traineeship, you need to indicate which track you want to follow. Choose the one best suited to you. Think carefully about your decision, since the programme’s content and the projects you’ll be working on during the IITP are specifically aligned with the relevant area, and some of the training courses you follow will vary depending on which track you’ve chosen.

ING Group is a global financial services company providing banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services. We serve more than 48 million customers in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Asia and Australia. We draw on our experience and expertise, our commitment to excellent service and our global scale to meet the needs of a broad customer base, compromising individuals, families, small business, large corporations, institutions and governments. As ING Group creates separate strong Banking and Insurance/Investment Management business, ING Group is doing all it can to secure the lasting success of both.

Bank strategy ING Bank’s vision is to become the preferred bank for its customers. It will focus on the shared priorities of customer centricity, operational excellence and being a top employer. Integrating all banking activities into ING Bank is key to the strategy, as it will enable it to really set the standard in Retail Banking and to further develop its winning Commercial Banking activities in its chosen markets.

The programme

Where do you want to go? ING is looking for talented trainees for IT, Finance, Risk, Retail Banking and Commercial Banking. of opportunity. Try, practice and discover what you’re good at. We’ll throw you in at the deep end, but not without a coach, a lifeline and ample rewards. Join the ING International Talent Programme at

Are you looking to fast-track your career in financial services? The ING International Talent Programme (IITP) allows you to take charge of your future, while working with us to improve our business at the same time. We’re committed to making finance easier for our clients. We believe that you have the talent and potential to help us turn the financial sector around, making it more sustainable and customer-centric. Expectations are high but, in return, you have the opportunity to shine. During this three-year traineeship, you’ll receive intensive training and ongoing support to ensure that you can fulfil your true potential and make a real difference at ING. Within our three-year international traineeship, you can choose from five different tracks: Retail Banking Commercial Banking Finance Risk Information Technology

General outline of the selection procedure: Step 1: Evaluation of your curriculum vitae, supporting letter and qualifications Step 2: Online assessment Step 3: Selection interview Step 4: Assessment Step 5: Board Panel

We are looking for Talented master graduates who are interested to kickstart their career in financial services. We are looking for customer-oriented and result-driven candidates with a desire to become leaders within ING.


KEYFACTS Industry Financial Services Year/country of foundation 1991, The Netherlands Number of countries active 40 Head office worldwide Amsterdam Number of employees globally 82.000 Number of employees in the Netherlands 18.000 Ratio Man/Female 60/40 Revenue & Income €42,6 miljard, €3,9 miljard Number of starting positions and internships 150, 500 per year Language Dutch


Rijkswaterstaat verbindt!

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Bij Rijkswaterstaat werken we aan verbindingen. Over weg en water. Met de politiek, met aannemers en (vaar) weggebruikers. Tussen maatschappelijke dilemma’s en effectieve oplossingen. En natuurlijk met onze medewerkers, want verbinden begint bij je eigen mensen. Kijk op naar de uitdagende projecten die we op dit moment uitvoeren op weg en water. Meer informatie of bel 0800 - 8002 (ma t/m zo 06.00 - 22.30 uur, gratis)

Bij Rijkswaterstaat werken we aan verbindingen. Over weg en water. Met de politiek, met aannemers en (vaar)weggebruikers. Tussen maatschappelijke dilemma’s en effectieve oplossingen. En natuurlijk met onze medewerkers, want verbinden begint bij je eigen mensen. Ruim 3.200 kilometer rijkswegen, 1.600 kilometer vaarwegen en meer dan 65.000 km2 oppervlaktewater. Dat is het werkterrein van Rijkswaterstaat, een uitvoeringsorganisatie van het ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu. Onze missie is het beheren en ontwikkelen van deze rijkswegen, -vaarwegen en -wateren en we zetten in op een duurzame leefomgeving. Samen met anderen werken we aan een land dat beschermd is tegen overstromingen, waar voldoende en schoon water is en verkeer vlot en veilig over weg en water kan. Taken die van levensbelang zijn voor een veilig, leefbaar en bereikbaar Nederland.

snelwegen of hoofdwaterwegen, maar ook breder. Tussen visie, beleid en uitvoering, bijvoorbeeld. Tussen kwaliteit en kosten. Tussen overheid, marktpartijen en de eindgebruiker. Kernbegrippen binnen onze organisatie zijn publieksgericht werken, netwerken verbinden en werken in teamverband. Wil je meer weten over de uitdagende projecten die we uitvoeren? Over de mensen van Rijkswaterstaat? Onze stageen afstudeermogelijkheden of ons traineeprogramma?Kijk dan op


Regisseur Rijkswaterstaat voert deze taken niet zelf uit, maar stuurt marktpartijen aan die namens ons wegen, vaarwegen, bruggen en dijken ontwerpen, aanleggen en onderhouden. Die rol van regisseur is een complexe, kent veel verantwoordelijkheden en zit vol uitdagingen. De komende jaren neemt het verkeer op weg en water sterk toe. Stijgt de zeespiegel, daalt de bodem. Om Nederland leefbaar, bereikbaar en veilig te houden zijn innovatieve oplossingen nodig. Rijkswaterstaat is daarom op zoek naar technisch specialisten die in een probleem een uitdaging zien.

Bijzonder en uitdagend Werken bij Rijkswaterstaat betekent werken aan bijzondere en uitdagende projecten in heel Nederland. Samen met collega’s in een innovatieve omgeving werken aan projecten die er echt toe doen, projecten die de veiligheid, leefbaarheid en bereikbaarheid van Nederland dienen. We bieden een inspirerende omgeving waar samenwerking hoog in het vaandel staat en iedereen trots is op wat we bereiken. We kijken hierbij niet naar organisatiegrenzen, maar naar onze bijdrage aan het resultaat en delen hierbij onze kennis. Als Rijkswaterstaat werken wij aan fysieke verbindingen in de vorm van

KEYFACTS Industrie technologie & financiën Jaar/land oprichting 24 mei 1798 Aantal standplaatsen Rijkswaterstaat binnen Nederland 240 Aantal medewerkers ruim 9.000 Budget circa € 4,8 miljard Aantal jaarlijkse trainees 50 Gewenste taal Nederlands


47 7

ROLAND BERGER Roland Berger Strategy Consultants is een internationaal strategisch adviesbureau met circa 2.700 medewerkers in 51 kantoren verspreid over 36 landen. In Europa behoort de firma tot de top-3 van strategieadviseurs en wereldwijd tot de top-5. Roland Berger werd in 1967 in München opgericht en heeft sinds 2002 een Nederlandse vestiging in Amsterdam met op dit moment 100 medewerkers. Het meest ondernemende strategiehuis

Junior Consultant At our Amsterdam office, we are looking for university graduates who combine top grades with an impressive track record in extracurricular activities. If you have an open-minded personality and impressive analytical skills, you will fit perfectly into our team. We offer you a team-based and intellectually stimulating experience in an entrepreneurial, fast-growing company. Considering our international project environment, fluency in Dutch and excellent English skills are required. As a Junior Consultant at Roland Berger, exciting challenges await you: • • • • •

Working on strategy projects in various industries Conducting interviews with clients Preparing and participating in workshops Performing market research and data analysis Contributing directly to client presentation Are you ready to experience the world of consulting in an inspiring atmosphere? We look forward to receiving your online application. Please note that your application should include a cover letter, resume and your official transcripts from high school and university. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Eva Jongbloed at +31 20 7960 615.

It's character that creates impact!

Roland Berger helpt ondernemers de economie van de 21e eeuw vorm te geven.Wij ondersteunen onze klanten bij het realiseren van snelle en stabiele groei, betere marges en een grotere ondernemingswaarde. Wij zijn zelf ondernemers en begrijpen onze klanten. Wij maken hun uitdagingen tot de onze en leveren altijd een implementeerbaar resultaat. Dat zie je terug in onze waarden: ondernemerschap, partnerschap en excellentie. Daarmee creëren we duurzaam en meetbaar waarde.

Onze mensen Ondernemerschap is een attitude. Goede management consultants zijn meer dan slimme analisten en strategen. Zij overtuigen op inhoud, creativiteit en persoonlijkheid. De ervaringsachtergronden bij Roland Berger zijn divers en de cultuur van het Nederlandse kantoor staat bekend als jong, energiek, collegiaal, ondernemend, professioneel en scherp.

De kandidaat Roland Berger zoekt academici met sterke analytische vaardigheden, affiniteit met strategy consulting, ondernemerszin en een klik met ons kantoor. Een specifieke studie is niet van belang, diversiteit binnen ons kantoor wel. Niet voor niets luidt het credo ‘It’s character that creates impact!’. Heb je een universitaire opleiding (bijna) afgerond met uitstekende resultaten en daarnaast noemenswaardige nevenactiviteiten vervuld? En bovenal, heb je zin om je handen uit de mouwen te steken om ons kantoor in Amsterdam verder te laten groeien? Dan zien wij je graag langskomen!


KEYFACTS Industrie Consulting Jaar/land oprichting 1967 Munchen, 2002 Amsterdam Aantal landen actief 51 Hoofdkantoor Munchen Aantal medewerkers wereldwijd 2700 Aantal medewerkers in Nederland 100 Man/vrouw verhouding 80/20 Gewenste taal Nederlands

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YOUNG EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT Het BoerCroon Young Executive Management programma (BCYEM) is één van de meest uitdagende ontwikkelprogramma’s voor starters en young professionals met maximaal 2 jaar werkervaring.

Wat verwachten we van jou?

Je wordt als Young Executive drie jaar lang inhoudelijk en persoonlijk uitgedaagd om steeds je grenzen te verleggen en jezelf te ontwikkelen. Als Young Executive help je organisaties om managementknelpunten op te lossen met een combinatie van denk- én implementatiekracht. Voor deze rol zoeken wij talenten die sociaal handig zijn, die lef en een scherp analytisch denkvermogen hebben en die in staat zijn om zich bij een divers scala aan opdrachtgevers staande te houden.

Herken jij jezelf?

BCYEM is onderdeel van BoerCroon, het managementbureau van Nederland, dat staat voor hoogwaardige dienstverlening op het gebied van consulting, corporate finance en management. BoerCroon combineert als geen ander durf, denk- en daadkracht. De Young Executives vertegenwoordigen de jongste generatie binnen het bedrijf. Zij zijn een enthousiaste en leergierige groep die informeel met elkaar omgaan en elkaar op professioneel vlak ondersteunen in opdrachten en de eigen ontwikkeling.

Als Young Executive moet je je binnen diverse opdrachten snel inwerken in nieuwe materie om managementknelpunten op te lossen en/of de organisatie tijdelijk te versterken. Draagvlak creëren en gevoel voor verhoudingen en de omgeving zijn hierbij cruciaal.

Denk je als consultant en werk je als manager? Heb je een sterk probleemoplossend vermogen, empathie, flair, durf, energie, gezond zelfvertrouwen en sta je met beide benen op de grond? Ben je in staat mensen mee te krijgen in je acties en ideeën? Heb je een gezonde dosis humor? Ben jij breed geïnteresseerd? En wil je je verder ontwikkelen? Dan biedt BoerCroon jou graag die kans!

Kijk op onze website voor meer informatie en events Kijk voor meer informatie over opdrachten van Young Executives en voor meer informatie over ons uitgebreide management development programma op www.boercroon. nl. Hier staan ook onze andere events, waar je natuurlijk van harte bent uitgenodigd.

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with far-reaching and wide business interests - from oil exploration to power generation to consumer services. With 87,000 employees in more than 70 countries, we play a key role in helping to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways. A career with Shell is more than just a day job. It’s an opportunity to join a company who tackle real world problems. Also, joining Shell means getting more out of your working life than you thought possible. Working together At Shell, we believe in offering you a wide range of career routes. The scale and global reach of our business means we have a huge range of both technical and commercial opportunities for graduates and early career professionals.

Where will you fit in?

Onboarding and Early Career Development Our Global Onboarding programme ensures that you’ll enjoy a positive experience throughout your first year in the job. Early Career Development will continue to further support your progress for up to five years. Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with far-reaching and wide business interests - from oil exploration to power generation to consumer services. With 87,000 employees in more than 70 countries, we play a key role in helping to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways. A career with Shell is more than just a day job. It’s an opportunity to join a company who tackle real world problems. Also, joining Shell means getting more out of your working life than you thought possible

Further details More information about these exciting opportunities at Shell can be found on our careers website:


We have openings in a wide variety of business areas. Our Technical and Commercial roles (Finance, HR, IT) are open to candidates from a number of disciplines.

Wat doe je als Young Executive? Het werken als Young Executive is divers, uitdagend en draagt bij aan een snelle ontwikkeling. - Je wordt drie jaar lang intensief ingezet in het brede hectische werkveld van projectmanagement, procesmanagement of consultancy. - Je werk wordt gekenmerkt door een combinatie van onderzoek, analyse, draagvlak verwerven, oplossingen aandragen en/of doorvoeren en bovenal resultaat realiseren. - Je zit steeds voor een periode van 3 tot 9 maanden (vaak) fulltime op een opdracht bij onze opdrachtgevers. - Vaak doe je zelfstandig een opdracht, soms in een team met een andere Young Executive of in samenwerking met een consultant of interim-manager van BoerCroon. - Je BoerCroon collega’s en je opdrachtgevers houden je scherp en zorgen ervoor dat je jezelf écht goed leert kennen. - Je wordt ondersteund door ervaren topmanagers uit het bedrijfsleven die als coach fungeren en je hebt regelmatig intervisie en uitgebreide interne en externe trainingen om je op inhoudelijk én persoonlijk vlak te blijven ontwikkelen. - Na het 3-jarige ontwikkelprogramma helpt BoerCroon je bij het bepalen van je volgende stap.


Two routes into Shell

KEYFACTS Industrie Handel & Industrie, Energie & Utilities, Zakelijke dienstverlening, Publiek, Zorg, Finance Jaar/land oprichting 1973/ Nederland Aantal landen actief 1, Nederland Hoofdkantoor Amsterdam Aantal medewerkers 155, waarvan 38 Young Executives Man/vrouw verhouding 50/50 Producten Management, Consulting, Corporate Finance Gewenste taal Nederlands

There are two alternative routes into Shell, each a different experience. Explore the specific entry areas, so you can make an informed decision on the right application journey for you. Option A: Shell Recruitment Day Find out how well you cope with various business scenarios. Option B: Internship First-hand exposure to a range of reallife business projects.

Why join Shell? A win-win partnership You fulfill your potential; we benefit from your skills. A supportive culture Help when you need it and responsibility from day one. A career platform Flexible career paths and a continuous learning culture. A global business International teamwork and overseas career possibilities. A great package Competitive performance-related salary and generous benefits.

KEYFACTS Industry Energy Year of foundation 1907 Number of countries active 70 Headoffice Den Haag Number of employees globally 87.000 Ratio Man/Female 70 / 30 Key people CEO Ben van Beurden Products V-Power, Eurosave, Helix Revenue & Income $467.2 billion, $26.8 billion Language English

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short summary of EFR-Events so far Get in The Ring 22 Nov. The Investment Battle

Masterclass 2014 Business course

Friday the 22nd of November The Investment Battle was organised. Eight promising start ups pitched in front of four international top investors to secure an investment of up to €1,000,000. We’re very proud of our EEN committee and all other EFR-Active Members who made this prestigious event possible!

EFR Welcome Back Party 8 Jan.

On 23th November the High Five committee organized the Active Members Prom. All the active members and their dates came to Vranco to have a great three-course menu. After that, everyone was brought by bus to Laurentius. At Laurentius the party went on until the very late hours with unlimited drinks! It was a very successful night!

On 9th December, the EFR-Student Debate took place. Marit Maij, a member of the Dutch house of representatives, talked about Europe and the European elections. The audience asked a lot of critical questions to challenge this experienced debater.

EFR City Trip Berlin 28 Nov 1 Dec. From 28th November till 1st December the EFR went to Berlin with a group of 49 enthusiastic students. They experienced the German culture, history and of course the night life! It was a very successful weekend thanks to the Activities Committee!

inspiring days,


was made EFR Ski Trip Val Thorens 10 19 Jan.

EFR Student Debate 9 Dec.


From 10-19 januari the legendary EFR Ski trip took place! This year the trip went to Val Thorens, the number one place to be for great partying and skiing. The group stayed in residence l’Altineige which was very close to the piste. Almost every day after skiing most people went to ‘La Folie Douce’ or to the ‘360 bar’ which are two great open air clubs in the middle of the pistes! At Sunday evening there was a pub crawl along the most popular places in Val Thorens, to get to know the place a little bit. Monday evening the whole group ate at the same restaurant followed by a great party which had as theme: Unleash the beast! This theme was for the whole day, so a lot of people even went skiing in their animal suits! Thursday evening there was a theme party as well named: Seventies Sports. The group went to ‘Le Monde’ this time, and ended the night singing ‘het Rotterdamlied’ through the club with the whole EFR group. Friday was the last day skiing and partying so a lot of people decided to go out till late, though everybody had to wake up very early the next morning to leave the rooms. At Saturday, some people went skiing and others went to the swimming pool. In the evening the bus arrived and it turned out to be the fastest bus trip back ever!

Meet Marcia and Ramon Marcia works for AkzoNobel as a Sales Support Specialist, while Ramon is a Process Engineer. Ramon joined us after his Post Master Product and Process Design in Eindhoven in 2012. Marcia joined us after attending the 2013 AkzoNobel Masterclass. During the Masterclass she encountered a spirit of ‘winning together as a team’ at AkzoNobel that she hadn’t experienced on visits to other companies. And she was impressed that HR put her in touch with people from all layers of AkzoNobel. You will find out more about the roles that Marcia and Ramon play within AkzoNobel on our website. AkzoNobel’s annual Masterclass is your chance to find out if you’d like to be part of this environment. Join us for two intensive and exciting days of introductions and interdisciplinary teamwork. You’ll see our organization from different angles and have plenty of opportunities to meet senior management and young employees. When: May 12 & 13, 2014 For: Masters students approaching graduation Deadline for registration: April 11, 2014 Where your ideas go far

Please visit for more information and to apply online.


EFR Active Members Prom 23 Nov.

On 8th Januari the Party Crew organized the EFR welcome back party at Saint Tropez. The theme of the party was ‘back to the zoo’ and there were even real snakes to take a picture with! It turned out to be a very popular party since it was totally sold out!


EFR-Eclaire Februari 2014  
EFR-Eclaire Februari 2014