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ORGANISE THE ERASMUS RECRUITMENT DAYS 2020 Application deadline April 28th

ERASMUS RECRUITMENT DAYS The Erasmus Recruitment Days is the largest and most professional on-campus recruitment event in Europe, organised for students and by students. The event takes over the entire campus in the first two weeks of February. During the Erasmus Recruitment Days more than 2500 students will get in touch with over 130 different companies. By letting companies and students participate in various activities, the ERD offers students in all study phases an ideal opportunity to see what the job market has to offer and the opportunity to meet their future employer.

Every committee member has his/her own responsibilities. Among others, these entail selling the project to companies, designing the marketing materials, managing the website and leading the promotion activities in order to receive thousands of subscriptions. Nevertheless, the most important task is working together as a team in order to organize a succesful event. Would you like to get the incredible experience of organising the Erasmus Recruitment Days? Would you like to get the thrill of working towards the event with your team and develop yourself through the unique challenge of organising the biggest project on campus? Invest in your future and apply for the Erasmus Recruitment Days committee!

The ERD is a cooperation between EFR and STAR. As a committee member you will enjoy the culture, benefits and activities of both study associations.



As the Chairman you are the leader, the motivator and the inspirator of your team. You are constantly checking if the process runs smoothly and you are the one to jump in if something is about to go wrong. You are required to be a strong communicator, to be decisive and to have a great sense of responsibility. Your greatest challenge lies in leading the fulltime committee that organises the biggest on campus recruitment event in Europe in a successful way. Can you take that responsibility?

As the Treasurer, you are in charge of the financial side of the Erasmus Recruitment Days. You are required to be precise, see the bigger picture and have good numerical skills. You will support decision making with budgets and prevent bad investments from being made. It’s a challenge to be able to say ‘‘no’’ to your committee members if their ideas are over the top. It is required that you are able to speak Dutch for this position and a legal affinity would be beneficial. Can you handle the financial administration of the project with the largest budget at the Erasmus University?

You will: • Lead your team • Represent the Erasmus Recruitment Days • Take care of the two main partners • Set goals and monitor them • Help out where necessary • Be the main contact person for EFR and STAR board

“The Erasmus Recruitment Days offers an unique platform to develop, differentiate and prove yourself in the dynamic business world by becoming the center of the current most vital challenge of companies: Recruitment.” Jeannot Mets Chairman ERD 2019

You will: • Set up the budget • Track and control the budget • Keep your committee members informed about the financial situation • Set up invoices and contracts • Make sure all creditors are being paid • Be in close contact with treasurers of EFR and STAR board

“Challenge yourself to reach and target all the high potential students of the Erasmus University to participate in the event, where over hundred renowned companies will meet them.” Sabine Perquin Treasurer ERD 2019

COMMERCIAL RELATIONS X2 As the commissioner of commercial relations, you will be challenged to involve the most leading, innovative, international and awesome companies in the Erasmus Recruitment Days. You are required to have strong communication skills, to be persuasive, to be able to negotiate, to be enthusiastic and have the ability to sell the event. Your biggest challenge is to persuade companies to join the biggest recruitment event of Europe and to keep an eye on the long-term relationship. Will you be able to exceed the targets of last year? You will: • Develop an acquisition strategy • Persuade all kinds of different companies to join the ERD • Provide the program with the most wanted companies and activities • Make sure companies sign the contracts • Top last year’s revenue • Safeguard the long term relationships with companies • Develop a huge network

MARKETING As the Commisioner of Marketing, you will cover the whole campus within the Erasmus Recruitment Days 2020 campaign! You have to organise and lead the four week promotional period and spend the large budget you have wisely. You need to be very creative, but structured at the same time. Your greatest challenge is to think of ways that will trigger students and make them want to register for the Erasmus Recruitment Days right away! Can you exceed last year’s subscriptions? You will: • Develop a sucessful marketing strategy • Work closely with designing and printing companies • Negotiate marketing contracts • Lead the promotional period • Think of impressive marketing stunts • Manage the marketing budget

“Understanding, networking and selling are the basics of your success”

“By being the creative mind of the whole ERD campaign, you will make people sign up for the best event on campus!“

Charlotte Janssen & Sam Teekens Commercial Relations ERD 2019

Nienke Peters Commisioner of Marketing ERD 2019



As the IT & Strategy Officer, you are the analytic engine of the Erasmus Recruitment Days. You are the person who will further improve the new online system which will bring the event to the next level. Analyzing data and creating strategic advantages is what your position is all about. You are required to be very analytic and proactive, have a critical mindset and a clear vision. Besides, you are responsible for the backoffice during the event.

As the Commissioner of Events, you are the one organizing the actual two-week event. You need to be able to plan and organise, to keep a helicopter view during the event, to deal with stressful situations and to think in a problem-solving manner. Besides this, it is important to be very precise, to maintain the communication to students, companies and other involved parties. There is no room for error with these numbers of students and recruiters during those two weeks. Can you make sure the ERD runs perfectly?

You will: • Analyze data & transform it into competitive advantage • Improve the new online system of the ERD • Handle the ERD website • Coordinate the backoffice • Write the ERD’s data report • Implement an information system

You will: • Lead the two weeks when everything comes together • Have the contact with the university and caterers • Make a minute to minute planning • Create a schedule for over 100 companies for 11 days • Manage all the Active Members involved with the operations • Make sure the ERD runs perfectly

‘‘Contribute to the long-term strategy and information systems of the ERD and free your mind. Creative and analytic thinkers don’t wait for opportunities, they create them!’’

“The best moment is seeing the event that you have all worked so hard for come to life!”

Tasia Bueno de Mesquita IT & Strategy Officer ERD 2019

Demi Baltussen Commisioner of Events ERD 2019




TESTIMONIAL Iris van der Heijden Treasurer ERD 2012 “Although my time as treasurer for the ERD seems an incredibly long time ago, I still perceive the impact of the experiences I gained back then. One not to underestimate aspect is – although cliché -, the close relationship I have built with my committee members (currently also friends, colleagues and roommates). Now in 2019, our ‘seven-year anniversary’ year, the chemistry in the group is still the same and the inside jokes stay hilarious. During my time as ERD committee member, I was not so much focused on job market orientation as I was on organizing the event itself. However, the second díd shape my career, through making me better positioned for the fun and challenging job I have right now, as Supply Chain Strategy Consultant at Deloitte Consulting. The two most important things I have learned are: taking responsibility and having a hands-on mentality.

Through organizing the ERD I experienced that details that would never be in a study book, such as the color of snack trays or the image on a painting in the recruiter room, can make the difference. To close off: while writing this, I actually feel eager to go back five years and apply again. Therefore I can without a doubt, recommend everybody to go for it!”

PRACTICAL INFORMATION Find out what position fits you!

Financial compensation

Would you like to know more about the project or the positions? Please contact Emile Evers ( or 010-4081146) or Daphne Slingerland (pm. or 010-4082035). They will be glad to answer all your questions. You can also always come by the EFR Office (GB-46) or the STAR Office (T4-53) where you will be welcomed with a hot cup of coffee (or tea).

The Erasmus Recruitment Days committee is fulltime from August 1st 2019 until mid-March 2020. Because organizing the event is fulltime, you will not be able to spend much time studying. Therefore, the EFR and STAR will provide financial compensation.

Application process Applying for the Erasmus Recruitment Days is really easy. EFR members apply through, STAR members apply through Non-members are free to choose. You can apply until April 28th 2019.

Selection process After application closes, you will be invited for your first interview. This first interview will serve to get to know each other, talk about the project in general, and to manage expectations. If you are invited for the second interview, we will ask you to prepare a specific case for your position which will be discussed during your second interview.


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Information Brochure Erasmus Recruitment Days committee 2019-2020  

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