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Dear reader, This catalog demonstrates the depth and breadth of the Eerdmans program: publishing books that range from Bible and theology to memoir and ministry, from introductions for students to high-end scholarship, from classic perspectives to cutting-edge explorations, from books for pastors to books for people who are not sure they want any connection with the church. The cover of this catalog is based on the Commentaries for Christian Formation series, which adds Old Testament and New Testament volumes from John Goldingay and Amy Peeler. The Pillar, The New International Commentary on the Old Testament, and the Eerdmans Critical Commentary series also have new volumes. Benjamin Kantor offers both a monumental tome for scholars and an essential primer for beginners who want to engage New Testament Greek as a real, spoken language. James McGrath shows that filling in the gaps in your New Testament knowledge can be good fun. Frances Young and Mike Horton kick off magisterial multivolume works on, respectively, Scripture and doctrine in early Christianity and “spiritual but not religious” sensibility in Western religion. Books by Pádraig Ó Tuama, Elizabeth Felicetti, Khaled Anatolios, and Mike Austin demonstrate the beauty and timeliness of Christian teaching and practice, while David Gushee, Cait West, Tiffany Brooks, and the Parsons-Chaves duo reckon with the damage that warped Christian values can wreak. I cannot mention every book, so I urge you to browse every page! It is our privilege and our joy to work with gifted authors to bring you books that will feed your mind, touch your heart, and stir you to action. Sincerely,

James Ernest Vice President, Editor-in-Chief

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Languages and Textbooks

The Pronunciation of New Testament Greek Judeo-Palestinian Greek Phonology and Orthography from Alexander to Islam

A pioneering, comprehensive study of the pronunciation of Judeo-Palestinian Koine Greek

Benjamin Kantor

How was New Testament Greek pronounced? Often students are taught Erasmian pronunciation, which does not even reproduce Erasmus’s own pronunciation faithfully, let alone that of the New Testament authors. In his new book, Benjamin Kantor breaks a path toward an authentic pronunciation of Koine Greek at the time of the New Testament. To determine historical pronunciation, The Pronunciation of New Testament Greek surveys thousands of inscriptions and papyri. Kantor’s work integrates traditional methodology and statistical analysis of digital databases to examine spelling variations in the chosen texts. Kantor covers this cutting-edge approach, the primary sources, and their contexts before explaining the pronunciation of each Greek phoneme individually. Written for interested students and specialists alike, this guide includes both explicatory footnotes for novices and technical analysis for veterans. As the first comprehensive phonological and orthographic study of Judeo-Palestinian Koine Greek, The Pronunciation of New Testament Greek will be an essential resource for years to come.


Benjamin Kantor is preceptor in Classical Hebrew at

978-0-8028-7831-1 • 895 pages • Hardcover

Harvard University. He was previously a research associate in Biblical Hebrew at the University of Cambridge. He earned his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin.

$99.99 US • £79.99 UK • $134.99 CAN


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A Short Guide to the Pronunciation of New Testament Greek How should New Testament Greek be pronounced in our classrooms? If we want to process the language of the new Testament the same way its original authors and readers did, we should use their pronunciation. A Short Guide to the Pronunciation of New Testament Greek teaches students how to pronounce Koine Greek authentically, seeking to improve their reading proficiency. This primer distills Benjamin Kantor’s new monograph, The Pronunciation of New Testament Greek, with an eye toward practical instruction. Kantor gives students an overview of the basics of phonology before explaining the pronunciation of each Greek letter and phoneme. Perfect for classroom use, this guide presents Kantor’s innovative research accessibly and includes sample texts for reading practice. “Kantor’s work gives us an excellent starting point in studying the emerging topic of Koine Greek pronunciation without overwhelming the novice (or even many Greek teachers). I may have to repent of my lifelong use of Erasmian pronunciation.”


—William D. Mounce author of Basics of Biblical Greek

978-0-8028-7832-8 • 148 Pages • Paperback $14.99 US • £12.99UK • $19.99 CAN

Page samples from The Pronunciation of New Testament Greek

Chapter 2

Phonology: Consonants

Table 2.2-2: ῐ → ει interchange in stressed and unstressed environment

Table 7.5-11: μψ → ψ (i.e., μ → ø)





Early Roman†


61 (39.6%)

93 (60.4%)


σελαψιους Byzantine†

Finally, because each letter and word is connected to a specific inscription with all of its features, each of these statistics can also be manipulated according to time (Table 2.2-3), region (Table 2.2-4), and type of inscription (Table 2.2-5): Table 2.2-3: Variant spellings of standard ει in Roman and Byzantine periods


Roman Period

Byzantine Period

ει ι

476 (70.8%) 174 (25.9%)

704 (34.3%) 1,293 (63.1%)


4 (0.6%)

21 (1%)











Iud. Desert

Conᴾ (J)






CIIP 1679


Magᴱ (P)










This interchange may attest to the weakening of nasals in Judeo-Palestinian Koine Greek, but the orthographic equivalence of ψ and μψ is also demonstrated elsewhere ( μ → ν In texts from all periods, standard μ is spelled instead with ν. Table 7.5-12: μ → ν

Table 2.2-4: Variant spellings of standard ει by region (during Byzantine period)




South Coast


Middle Coast



ει ι η ...

26 (41.9%) 32 (51.6%) 3 (4.8%) ...

16 (35.6%) 23 (51.1%) 5 (11.1%) ...

537 (32.1%) 1,102 (65.9%) 8 (0.5%) ...

46 (67.6%) 22 (32.4%)

Early Roman†


24 (63.2%) 13 (34.2%) 1 (2.6%) ...







Table 2.2-5: Variant spellings of standard ει by type of inscription (during Byzantine period)






ει ι η ...

259 (69.4%) 103 (27.6%) 7 (1.9%) ...

56 (59.6%) 33 (35.1%)

3 (17.6%) 13 (76.5%)


205 (16.7%) 1,008 (82.3%) 1 (0.1%) ...







The importance of producing statistics according to time period and region is obvious. Statistics regarding the type of inscription are significant when looking for distinctions in register or scribal practice. While contracts and letters often employ more professional scribes, funerary inscriptions are often hired out to



CIIP 3674


Domᴱ (U)




CIIP 308


Funᴱ (J)



ηκυνηθη νενι νετα ννημιον ηνερα ναγαδελη πρινικ(ηριου) μηνοριων ναρκελ[λα]

(ἐκοιμήθη) (μηνῐ)̀ (μετὰ) (μνημεῖον) (ἡμέρᾳ) (μαγαδέλη) ́ (πρῑμῐκ(ηρῐου)) (μημόρῐον) (μαρκέλ[λᾳ])

ZOOR0106 ZOOR0163 ZOOR0187 ZOOR0198 ZOOR0229 ZOOR0229 ZOOR0231 CIIP 1548 CIIP 2424

Negev Negev Negev Negev Negev Negev Negev Caesarea/MC South Coast

Funᴱ (C) Funᴱ (C) Funᴱ (C) Funᴱ (C) Funᴱ (C) Funᴱ (C) Funᴱ (C) Funᴱ (J) Pubᴱ (U)

414 440 449 454 475 475 476 201 324

414 440 449 454 475 475 476 600 638









σαλων Byzantine†


This phenomenon probably attests to the general weakening of nasal consonants. Once /m/ and /n/ had been weakened generally, they were more prone to assimilate to the nearby environment. In almost every example attested here,

Languages and Textbooks

Excavating the Land of Jesus How Archaeologists Study the People of the Gospels

James Riley Strange Foreword by Luke Timothy Johnson

How do archaeologists unearth the daily life of people from Jesus’s time? Contrary to popular belief, archaeology of first-century Roman Galilee is not about illustrating or proving the Gospels, drawing timelines, or hunting treasure. Rather, it is about understanding the lives of people, just like us, who lived in the time of Jesus. How do we understand Jesus and his mission as part of a larger world? How do we interpret material culture alongside textual evidence from the Gospels? How do we know where and how to dig? James Riley Strange teaches students how to address these problems in this essential textbook. Drawing on professional experience as a scientific archaeologist in Israel, Strange explains current methodology for ground surveying, excavating evidence, and interpreting data. Excavating the Land of Jesus is the ideal guide for students seeking answers in the dirt of the Holy Land.

James Riley Strange is the Charles Jackson Granade and Elizabeth Donald Granade Professor in New Testament at Samford University. He also directs the Shikhin Excavation Project in Israel and researches the archaeology of Palestine in the Hellenistic through Byzantine periods, early Christianity, and postbiblical Judaisms.

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-6950-0 • 208 Pages • Hardcover $29.99 US • £23.99 UK • $39.99 CAN

Introducing the Old Testament Robert L. Hubbard Jr. and J. Andrew Dearman In this up-to-date, student-friendly text, Robert Hubbard and J. Andrew Dearman introduce readers to the context, composition, and message of the Old Testament. Replete with maps, illustrations, sidebars, discussion questions, and suggestions for further reading, Introducing the Old Testament will equip students to read, wrestle with, and personally engage these ancient sacred texts.

Robert L. Hubbard Jr. is professor emeritus of biblical literature at North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago.

J. Andrew Dearman is professor of Old Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary’s regional campus in Houston, Texas.


AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8340-7 • 560 Pages • Paperback $59.99 US • £47.99 UK • $80.99 CAN

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Story, Ritual, Prophecy, Wisdom Reading and Teaching the Bible Today Mark W. Hamilton and Samjung Kang-Hamilton How do we teach the Bible in a way that makes a real difference in our students’ lives and our communities? With an eye toward spiritual formation, Mark W. Hamilton and Samjung Kang-Hamilton explore story, ritual, prophecy, and wisdom in the Bible, showing how these genres address real needs in the life of the church today. Combining multicultural sensitivity with ecumenical spirit, this guidebook is ideal for educators and pastors seeking to renew their own Christian communities through biblical education.

Mark W. Hamilton is professor of biblical studies at Abilene Christian University. Samjung Kang-Hamilton teaches religious education at Abilene Christian University. “Written in a clear and engaging style and drawing upon some of the best of classic and contemporary scholarship in religious education, Story, Ritual, Prophecy, Wisdom offers much practical wisdom for effective education in Christian faith for our time.” —Thomas Groome Boston College

AVAIL ABLE APRIL 2024 978-0-8028-8318-6 • 200 Pages • Paperback $24.99 US • £19.99 UK • $33.99 CAN

An Introduction to the Making and Meaning of the Bible Michael B. Shepherd How did we get the Bible? How do we interpret it? And what does it mean for our lives today? Michael B. Shepherd introduces undergraduates and seminarians to these crucial questions in this reliable and thorough new textbook. An Introduction to the Making and Meaning of the Bible is the serious, evangelical introduction your students need and will reference for years to come.

Michael B. Shepherd is professor of biblical studies at Cedarville University.

“This enlightening and inspiring book can help anyone who is exploring the Christian faith. It will also strengthen the faith of Christians and equip Christian leaders to disciple others on these matters.” —Tony Merida pastor of Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, North Carolina

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AVAIL ABLE APRIL 2024 978-0-8028-8393-3 • 216 Pages • Paperback $26.99 US • £20.99 UK • $35.99 CAN


Commentary Series C o m ment ari e s f or C hr is ti a n F o r ma tio n


John Goldingay

What Proverbs meant to its original audience—and what it means to Christians today

John Goldingay’s fresh commentary untangles Proverbs with an eye toward Christian formation. Examining the text in English, Goldingay explains each verse in its original context without getting bogged down in technical detail. The commentary centers theological insights beneficial to preaching and pastoral work. The wisdom of Proverbs can’t be reduced to platitudes. It requires something of the reader: thought, reflection, and openness to the Lord. The Commentaries for Christian Formation Proverbs guides us in the journey of faith seeking understanding.

John Goldingay is senior professor of Old Testament and David Allan Hubbard Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Fuller Seminary. “John Goldingay writes with characteristic verve, clarity, and readability. He not only makes accessible modern scholarly insights, but also utilizes the resources of classic Christian and Jewish interpretation. The wider implications of the biblical text for thought and life today are consistently developed. Here is wisdom, not only in Scripture but also in its interpretation.” —Walter Moberly Durham University “The commentary, written in accessible style, wrestles incisively with the text, delighting the reader with (among other things) many memorable and quotable turns of phrase. I warmly commend this commentary!” —Iain Provan Regent College SEE ALSO

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-7941-7 • 495 Pages • Hardcover $39.99 US • £31.99 UK • $53.99 CAN



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C o m m ent ari e s f o r C h r is ti a n F o r ma tio n


Amy Peeler

How the Letter to the Hebrews can help Christians understand God

The Letter to the Hebrews tells us that God is trustworthy—that we can trust in Jesus’s defeat of death to lead us to eternal life. Complicating this crucial message, the letter’s enigmatic origins, dense intertextuality, and complex theological import can present challenges to believers wrestling with the text today. Amy Peeler opens up Hebrews for Christians seeking to understand God in this learned and pastoral volume of Commentaries for Christian Formation. Her fresh translation and detailed commentary offer insights into Christology, the relationship between Judaism and Christianity, and the letter’s canonical resonances. She pays special attention to how the text approaches redemption, providing consolation for the anxious and correction for the presumptuous. Peeler explains the letter’s original context while remaining focused on its relevance to Christian communities today. Pastors and lay readers alike will learn how Hebrews helps them know, trust, and love God more deeply.

Amy Peeler is professor of New Testament and the Kenneth T. Wessner Chair of Biblical Studies at Wheaton College. She also serves as associate rector at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Geneva, Illinois. She is the author of Women and the Gender of God, You Are My Son: The Family of God in the Epistle to the Hebrews and the coauthor, with Patrick Gray, of Hebrews: An Introduction and Study Guide.


AVAIL ABLE MAY 2024 978-0-8028-7738-3 • 496 Pages • Hardcover $39.99 US • £30.99 UK • $53.99 CAN


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Commentary Series Th e P i ll ar N e w Te s t a ment C om ment a r y

The Letter to the Hebrews What does the Letter to the Hebrews have to say to Christians today?

Sigurd Grindheim

In this new Pillar commentary, Sigurd Grindheim illuminates the Letter to the Hebrews, paying careful attention to its original context, linguistic features, and history of interpretation—all while centering its relevance to modern readers. Grindheim clearly and comprehensively addresses major issues about the text, including authorship, date, canonicity, formal qualities, and major themes. Following his thorough introduction, he explains each line of the text and its significance for believers today. Grindheim’s commentary offers pastors, students, and scholars the clarity and fresh insights they want in their scriptural study.

Sigurd Grindheim is a professor in the Department of Pedagogy, Religion, and Social Studies at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. “Sigurd Grindheim’s commentary is an outstanding contribution to scholarship on Hebrews. At the same time, it is accessible to readers who desire help in interpreting the letter. Grindheim offers his interpretation in conversation both with interpreters throughout history and with modern scholarship. He also interacts often with primary sources, particularly Philo, as he guides readers through Hebrews. We have the benefit, therefore, of an interpreter who has considered the broad swath of the interpretation of Hebrews throughout the centuries. Still, Grindheim presents his own reading clearly and concisely. Here we find both careful exegesis and theological depth. I believe Grindheim’s work will be consulted for years to come.” —Tom Schreiner Southern Baptist Theological Seminary SEE ALSO

AVAIL ABLE NOVEMBER 2023 978-0-8028-7571-6 • 848 Pages • Hardcover $64.99 US • £51.99 UK • $87.99 CAN



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Th e N e w Intern a t io n a l C o m ment a r y o n the O l d Te s t ame nt

The Book of Micah James D. Nogalski As a volume of the New International Commentary on the Old Testament, James D. Nogalski’s fresh commentary on Micah is academically serious and pastorally relevant. Nogalski explicates Micah’s major themes, including fidelity to Yahweh, SEE ALSO abuses of power, and the intriguing juxtaposition of judgment and hope for God’s people. His commentary serves as the perfect companion for all those seeking to understand this essential prophet.

James D. Nogalski is the W. Marshall and Lulie Craig Professor of Old Testament at Baylor University.

AVAIL ABLE APRIL 2024 978-0-8028-8264-6 • 288 Pages • Hardcover $44.99 US • £34.99 UK • $60.99 CAN 978-0-8028-6427-7

E e r dmans Cri ti c a l C o m ment a r y

The Wisdom of Sirach Walter T. Wilson A deuterocanonical collection of proverbs from the intertestamental period, the Book of Sirach has been treated by many Protestants as a bit of Catholic trivia. Yet careful study of Sirach reveals fascinating insights into Jewish thought two centuries before Jesus. Walter T. Wilson invites scholars and nonspecialists alike to discover the wisdom of this important yet under-studied text. Based on the New Revised Standard Version, Wilson’s commentary explicates the translated English text with careful attention to its historical and religious contexts, formal qualities, prevailing themes, and canonicity. The volume includes a helpful bibliography and notes.

Walter T. Wilson is the Charles Howard Candler Professor of New Testament at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. “A valuable and perceptive vade mecum that will expertly guide readers, students, and lay readers alike chapter by chapter as they work through the complex, engaging, and at times controversial book of Ben Sira.” —Matthew Goff Florida State University

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AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8176-2 • 636 Pages • Hardcover $85.99 US • £69.99 UK • $115.99 CAN


Old Testament

That I May Dwell among Them Incarnation and Atonement in the Tabernacle Narrative

A theological exploration of incarnation and atonement in the Tabernacle Narrative of Exodus and Leviticus

Gary A. Anderson

The Tabernacle Narrative comprises passages in Exodus and Leviticus that detail the construction, furnishing, and liturgical use of the tabernacle. Gary Anderson shows how these passages shed light on divine indwelling and atonement both in ancient Israel’s theology and in Christian theology. God’s “indwelling” in the tabernacle offers a unique witness to the nature of incarnation, supplementing the story told in the gospels. Likewise, analysis of the purpose of sacrifice at the tabernacle deepens our understanding of Christ’s passion. Far from connoting penal substitution, sacrifice in the Old Testament demonstrates self-emptying as an antidote to sin. Theologians, pastors, and serious readers of the Bible will appreciate how Anderson’s canonical and literary analysis of the Tabernacle Narrative illuminates Christian theology.

Gary A. Anderson is Hesburgh Professor of Catholic Thought at the University of Notre Dame. His previous books include Charity: The Place of the Poor in the Biblical Tradition; Sin: A History; and Christian Doctrine and the Old Testament: Theology in the Service of Biblical Exegesis.

“Anyone interested in biblical theology would do well to ponder both the fascinating literary connections Anderson draws and the profound religious insights he develops.” —Jon D. Levenson Harvard University


AVAIL ABLE NOVEMBER 2023 978-0-8028-8306-3 • 270 Pages • Hardcover $35.99 US • £28.99 UK • $48.99 CAN




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Recruiting the Ancients for the Creation Debate A careful and unbiased analysis of how thinkers from church history interpreted the creation narrative in Genesis

Andrew J. Brown

Recruiting the Ancients for the Creation Debate examines how theologians and exegetes from history are invoked in the modern creation debate. Covering Philo, Basil, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, and more, Andrew J. Brown carefully interprets great thinkers’ readings of Genesis 1 in their intellectual contexts. He then assesses how these authors have been subject to cherry-picking and misappropriation in one of the most polarizing debates in the contemporary church. By studying the intellectual history of the church in this way—to revisit rather than recruit the ancients—we can enrich our own biblical interpretation. Irenic and magisterial, Brown’s guide will interest both scholars of historical theology and anyone invested in the creation debate.

Andrew J. Brown is Old Testament Lecturer at the Melbourne School of Theology. He is the author of The Days of Creation: A History of Christian Interpretation of Genesis 1:1–2:3.

“What a gift! Andrew Brown gives us a tour de force through what the ancients actually believed about creation. From now on, no one engaged in the modern creation debates will be able to recruit the ancients to bolster their view without consulting this book. Highly recommended.” —Andrew T. Abernethy Wheaton College


AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-7459-7 • 366 Pages • Hardcover $49.99 US • £39.99 UK • $66.99 CAN


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New Testament

e d i t o r s Edward Adams Dorothea H. Bertchmann Stephen J. Chester Jonathan A. Linebaugh Todd D. Still

The New Perspective on Grace Paul and the Gospel after Paul and the Gift

For those inspired by Barclay’s Paul and the Gift

Over the course of his academic career, John M. G. Barclay has transformed how we think about Paul. Barclay’s contributions to Pauline Studies reached a new height with the publication of his award-winning Paul and the Gift, in which he presents a sophisticated reading of Paul’s theology of grace within the context of gift-giving in the Greco-Roman world. But where does Pauline scholarship go from here? Featuring a diverse group of internationally renowned scholars, The New Perspective on Grace collects essays inspired by Barclay’s magnum opus. These essays probe the implications of grace and gift across a variety of fields: biblical studies, theology, reception history, and theology in practice. The New Perspective on Grace is essential reading for all students and scholars who want to understand the current state of Pauline scholarship.


John K. Goodrich

Edward Adams

Judith M. Gundry

Dorothea H. Bertschmann

Jane Heath

Ben C. Blackwell

David G. Horrell

David E. Briones

Jonathan A. Linebaugh

Marion L. S. Carson

Joel Marcus

Stephen J. Chester

Orrey McFarland

Susan Grove Eastman

Dean Pinter

Troels Engberg-Pedersen

Todd D. Still

Simon Gathercole

Paul Trebilco

Beverly Roberts Gaventa

Michael Wolter


AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-7891-5 • 416 Pages • Hardcover $64.99 US • £51.99 UK • $87.99 CAN



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Women Who Do Female Disciples in the Gospels Holly J. Carey In Women Who Do, Holly J. Carey examines what it means to be a disciple—and contends that it’s the women who best embody discipleship in the gospels. Carey describes the expectations and social roles for women in first-century Greco-Roman and Jewish contexts. Then she offers a close reading of each of the four gospels, as well as Acts of the Apostles. What emerges is a cohesive narrative-critical case that the Twelve are not an equivalent group to the disciples. In fact, the Twelve are set as foils against the faithful, active, and often nameless disciples who populate the narratives—many of whom are women. Women Who Do is essential reading for students and scholars seeking a fuller understanding of women’s roles in Jesus’s ministry.

Holly J. Carey is professor of biblical studies and chair of the Biblical Studies Department at Point University. AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-7915-8 • 237 Pages • Paperback $29.99 US • £23.99 UK • $39.99 CAN

Jesus Tradition, Early Christian Memory, and Gospel Writing The Long Search for the Authentic Source Alan Kirk In Jesus Tradition, Early Christian Memory, and Gospel Writing, Alan Kirk guides us through the history of biblical scholars’ quest for the authentic source. Kirk reveals that outdated assumptions about ancient media realities have caused the past two centuries of deadlock on the Synoptic problem. Using cutting-edge scholarship on orality, memory, and tradition formation, he shows how the origins of the gospels may be found in the memory practices of the earliest Jesus communities. This fresh volume is an essential resource for scholars and students looking to better understand this complex and rapidly changing field..

Alan Kirk is professor of religion at James Madison University, Virginia. AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8295-0 • 380 Pages • Hardcover $59.99 US • £47.99 UK • $80.99 CAN

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New Testament

New Testament Books Coming Soon! Rediscovering the Wisdom of the Corinthians Paul, Stoicism, and Spiritual Hierarchy

Timothy A. Brookins Timothy A. Brookins unsettles scholarly assumptions about the Corinthian conflict in this innovative monograph. Brookins’s exegesis of 1 Corinthians 1–4 shows that the Corinthian problem had roots in Stoicism rather than sophistry, as scholars have often assumed. His masterful analysis provides much-needed clarity on the context of a major epistle and on Pauline theology more broadly.

Timothy A. Brookins is professor of early Christianity at Houston Christian University.

AVAIL ABLE MARCH 2024 978-0-8028-8323-0 • 368 Pages • Hardcover $64.99 US • £49.99 UK • $87.99 CAN

Paul & Imperial Divine Honors Christ, Ceasar, and the Gospel

D. Clint Burnett | Foreword by Pheme Perkins D. Clint Burnett examines copious evidence—literary, epigraphic, numismatic, and archaeological—to reconstruct Christian engagement with imperial cultic activity in the Roman Empire. Examining imperial divine honors in Philippi, Thessalonica, and Corinth, Burnett argues that early Christianity was not specifically antigovernment but more broadly countercultural, and that responses to this stance ranged from conflict to apathy. Burnett’s compelling argument adds much-needed nuance to common scholarly narratives about the first Christians’ relationship with the Roman Empire.


D. Clint Burnett is an independent scholar with research interests in early Christian-


ity and Greco-Roman material culture. He holds a PhD in Biblical Studies from Boston College.

978-0-8028-7985-1 • 384 Pages • Hardcover $49.99 US • £38.99 UK • $66.99 CAN

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Gospel Media

Vivid Rhetoric and Visual Persuasion

Reading, Writing, and Circulating Jesus Traditions

Method, Context, and Meaning in New Testament Studies

Nicolas A. Elder

C. Kavin Rowe

Meghan Henning and

What is the purpose of studying the New Testament, and how is it best approached? Esteemed professor C. Kavin Rowe explores these questions in sixteen incisive essays. With their interdisciplinary approach and relevance to human life, these essays show a holistic approach to New Testament studies. Scholars and students will be challenged by Rowe’s bold and insightful scholarship.

Nils Neumann, editors

Nicholas Elder updates our knowledge of the gospels’ media contexts in this myth-busting academic study. Carefully combing through Greco-Roman primary sources, he exposes what we take for granted about ancient reading cultures and offers new and better ways to understand the gospels.

Nicholas Elder is assistant professor of New Testament at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. He is also the author of The Media Matrix of Early Jewish and Christian Narrative.


C. Kavin Rowe is the George Washington Ivey Distinguished Professor of New Testament and vice dean for faculty at Duke Divinity School.


Ekphrasis in Early Christian Literature

In this landmark collection, leading New Testament scholars come together to probe the purpose and import of ekphrasis in early Christian literature. Their essays cover vivid visual description in the Gospels, Epistles, Revelation, early martyr literature, and more in their historical contexts.

Meghan Henning is associate professor of Christian origins at the University of Dayton. Nils Neumann is professor of biblical theology at Leibniz University Hannover. AVAIL ABLE FEBRUARY 2024




344 Pages • Hardcover

352 Pages • Hardcover

416 Pages • Hardcover

$49.99 US • £38.99 UK • $66.99 CAN

$69.99 US • £54.99 UK • $93.99 CAN

$56.99 US • £43.99 UK • $76.99 CAN

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Biblical Studies and History of Interpretation

“Son of Man” Volume One: Early Jewish Literature

What did “Son of Man” mean to early Jewish interpreters?

Richard Bauckham

Among those studying messianism in Second Temple Judaism, consensus about the valences of “Son of Man” in Scripture remains elusive. In the first volume of this landmark study, Richard Bauckham pushes the conversation forward by analyzing the phrase “Son of Man” in Jewish interpretations of the book of Daniel and in the apocryphal book of 1 Enoch. Thorough and comprehensive, “Son of Man,” vol. 1, offers scholars a solid basis with which to understand the context of the messiah in the centuries leading up to Jesus.

Richard Bauckham is professor emeritus at the University of St. Andrews and senior scholar at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. He is a fellow of the British Academy and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

“A masterpiece of exegetical inquiry.” —Philip Esler University of Gloucestershire “An illuminating and engaging study of the enigmatic phrase ‘the Son of Man’ and associated messianic expectations in early Jewish texts.” —Cecilia Wassén Uppsala University


AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8326-1 • 447 Pages • Hardcover $44.99 US • £35.99 UK • $60.99 CAN



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Israel’s Scriptures in Early Christian Writings The Use of the Old Testament in the New

How did New Testament authors use Israel’s Scriptures?

Editors Matthias Henze and David Lincicum

Use, misuse, appropriation, citation, allusion, inspiration—how do we characterize the manifold images, paraphrases, and quotations of the Jewish Scriptures that pervade the New Testament? In this landmark collection of essays, Matthias Henze and David Lincicum marshal an international group of renowned scholars to analyze the New Testament, text-by-text, aiming to better understand what roles Israel’s Scriptures play therein. Comprehensive and foundational, Israel’s Scriptures in Early Christian Writings will serve as an essential resource for biblical scholars for years to come.

Matthias Henze professor of religion at Rice University. David Lincicum is associate professor of New Testament and early Christian studies at the University of Notre Dame.

Contributors: Garrick V. Allen Michael Avioz Martin Bauspiess Richard J. Bautch Ian K. Boxall Marc Zvi Brettler Jaime Clark-Soles Michael B. Cover A. Andrew Das Susan Docherty Paul Foster Jörg Frey Alexandria Frisch Edmon L. Gallagher

Gabriella Gelardini Jennie Grillo Gerd Häfner Matthias Henze J. Thomas Hewitt Robin M. Jensen Martin Karrer Matthias Konradt Katja Kujanpää John R. Levison David Lincicum Grant Macaskill Tobias Nicklas Valérie Nicolet Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr

George Parsenios Benjamin E. Reynolds Dieter T. Roth Dietrich Rusam Jens Schröter Claudia Setzer Elizabeth Evans Shively Michael Karl-Heinz Sommer Angela Standhartinger Gert J. Steyn Todd D. Still Rodney A. Werline Benjamin Wold Archie T. Wright


AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-7444-3 • 1166 Pages • Hardcover $79.99 US • £63.99 UK • $107.99 CAN


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Shaman and Sage The Roots of “Spiritual but Not Religious” in Antiquity, Volume 1 of Divine Self

The first volume of Michael Horton’s magisterial intellectual history of “spiritual but not religious” as a phenomenon in Western culture

Michael Horton

Conversations around secularization and the rapid rise in “nones” identifying as “spiritual but not religious” tend to focus on the past century. But this phenomenon and the values that underlie it may be older than Christianity itself. Michael Horton reveals that the hallmarks of modern spirituality—autonomy, individualism, utopianism, and more—have their foundations in Greek philosophical religion. Horton makes the case that the development of the shaman figure in the Axial Age—particularly its iteration among Orphists—represented a “divine self.” One must realize the divinity within the self to break free from physicality and become one with a panentheistic unity. Time and time again, this tradition of divinity hiding in nature has arisen as an alternative to monotheistic submission to a god who intervenes in creation. This first volume explores the roots of the divine self in antiquity, while volumes two and three chart the concept through the Middle Ages and the Enlightenment. The Divine Self will be the authoritative work students and scholars consult to understand the “spiritual but not religious” tendency as a recurring theme in Western culture from antiquity to the present.

Michael Horton is J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California.


AVAIL ABLE MAY 2024 978-0-8028-7711-6 • 528 Pages • Hardcover $64.99 US • £49.99 UK • $87.99 CAN 978-0-8028-7712-3


Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. • • toll free 800 253 7521


Scripture, the Genesis of Doctrine Volume 1 of Doctrine and Scripture in Early Christianity

How did we get from Scripture to creed?

Frances M. Young Foreword by David F. Ford

The first of two volumes exploring the emergence of doctrine in the early church, Scripture, the Genesis of Doctrine reframes the relationship between Scripture and Christian doctrine according to the intellectual context of the first few centuries CE. Frances M. Young situates the early Christians’ biblical hermeneutic within the context of Greco-Roman learning without espousing historical relativism. Ultimately, Young argues that the scriptural canon and the rule of faith emerged concurrently in the early Church, and both were received as apostolic. The perceived gap between the two may in fact be the product of our modern assumptions rather than an ancient reality. Nuanced and ecumenical, Young’s magisterial study holds widespread implications for not only patristics but also exegesis and systematic theology.

Frances M. Young is emeritus professor of theology at the University of Birmingham and a fellow of the British Academy. “A masterful treatment of the interdependent relationship between Scripture and doctrine by a virtuoso of theology. Drawing upon decades of research into the ways in which exegetical practices and theological reflection developed in the early centuries, and occasionally revising earlier positions, Frances Young shows how the modern chasm between the two may be bridged, so opening a way, by a ‘postmodern turn,’ to a reinvigorated doctrinal reading of Scripture as a whole centered upon Christ.” —John Behr University of Aberdeen COMING SOON

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8298-1 • 308 Pages • Hardcover $40.99 US • £32.99 UK • $54.99 CAN


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Gospel as Work of Art Imaginative Truth and the Open Text

A lushly illustrated, magisterial exploration of the imaginative truth of the gospel

David Brown

The legacy of the Enlightenment favors historical and empirical inquiry above all other methods for searching for truth. But this assumption stymies our theological explorations. Though the historicity of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection is important, it is not of sole importance. David Brown challenges us to expand our understanding of the gospel past source criticism and historical Jesus studies to include works of imagination. Reading Scripture in tandem with works of art throughout the centuries, Brown reenvisions the gospel as an open text. Scholars of theology and biblical studies, freed from literalism, will find new avenues of revelation in Gospel as Work of Art. This volume includes over one hundred color illustrations.

David William Brown, FRSE, FBA is an Anglican priest and British scholar of philosophy, theology, religion, and the arts. He has taught at the universities of Oxford, Durham, and St. Andrews. “This is a big book with big ideas. It is also at points profound. Anyone interested in Christian theology—in what it has been and what it might become—must ponder Brown’s wide-ranging, historically learned, beautifully illustrated, thought-provoking pages. Even the most learned will find an education here.” —Dale C. Allison, Jr. Princeton Theological Seminary SEE ALSO

AVAIL ABLE MARCH 2024 978-0-8028-8282-0 • 600 Pages • Hardcover $60.99 US • £46.99 UK • $81.99 CAN



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Breaking Bread The Emergence of Eucharist and Agape in Early Christian Communities

Alistair C. Stewart In Breaking Bread, Alistair C. Stewart cuts through scholarly confusion about early Christian eating. Stewart pinpoints the split in agape and eucharist to the shift in celebrating the eucharist on Sunday morning, leading to the inception of agape as an evening meal. The former sought divine union, the latter, communal harmony. In the final chapter he explores a breadth of Syriac, Greek, and Latin primary sources on a variety of local eucharistic traditions, tracing their development into the familiar prayers and distribution of token amounts of bread and wine, which emerged in the third century. Nuanced and well-researched, Breaking Bread clarifies the development of the blessed sacrament and its lesser-known counterpart. Theologians and historians of early Christianity will find Stewart’s work foundational in approaching a topic of enduring scholarly interest but elusive consensus.

Alistair C. Stewart is widely recognized as a leading expert on early Christian liturgy and polity. The author or editor of twenty books, including The Original Bishops: Office and Order in the First Christian Communities, he serves as team vicar of Upton-cum-Chalvey, Slough, England.

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8302-5 • 428 Pages • Hardcover $49.99 US • £39.99 UK • $66.99 CAN

Rethinking the Filioque with the Greek Fathers Giulio Maspero | Foreword by Sarah Coakley Historically one of the major obstacles to Christian unity across the East-West divide, the Filioque—the part of the Latin translation of the Nicene Creed claiming the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son—still bedevils Trinitarian theologians today. With careful historical research and rigorous theological argument, Giulio Maspero proposes a way forward for East and West—one based not on centuries of polemics, but on a common tradition established by the Greek Fathers.

Giulio Maspero is professor of theology of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome. “With objectivity, clarity, and great skill, the author guides the reader through the patristic corpus, East and West, demonstrating that there is something akin to a consensus partum on the active but not causal role played by the Son in the Spirit’s procession. In this way, Father Maspero . . . offers real hope that in looking back a new way forward may be found.” —A. Edward Siecienski author of The Filioque: History of a Doctrinal Controversy

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AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8305-6 • 326 Pages • Hardcover $49.99 US • £39.99 UK • $66.99 CAN



Divine Generosity The Scope of Salvation in Reformed Theology

A brief, accessible inquiry into the wideness of God’s mercy in Reformed theology

Richard J. Mouw

How broad is the scope of salvation? To explore this topic, Richard J. Mouw draws on Scripture and a rich heritage of Calvinist theology. Mouw explains how Christians can affirm God’s justice while holding hope for the wideness of his saving mercy. For Reformed pastors, Divine Generosity serves as a biblically based, doctrinally sound guide to pressing questions about salvation.

Richard J. Mouw is the former president of Fuller Theological Seminary and former director of the Institute of Faith and Public Life. He has authored over twenty books and served as an editor of Reformed Journal.

“Will there be few who are saved? Richard Mouw opens the reader’s eyes to a Calvinism guided by a spirit of generosity. Or more precisely, to a God whose sovereignty and electing grace consists in a breath taking salvific generosity.” —Cornelis van der Kooi, Erasmus University, Rotterdam. “Here, as always, Mouw is thoughtful, gracious, and genuinely illuminating. He writes with an appealing reverence for God and respect for humanity. Warmly recommended!” —Cornelius Plantinga Calvin Institute of Christian Worship


AVAIL ABLE FEBRUARY 2024 978-0-8028-8390-2 • 144 Pages • Paperback $19.99 US • £14.99 UK • $26.99 CAN



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The Disappearance of Ethics The Gifford Lectures Oliver O’Donovan Esteemed ethicist Oliver O’Donovan discusses the future of his field in The Disappearance of Ethics. Based on the 2021 Gifford Lectures, this book contends that contemporary ethics has lost its object (good), frontier (time), and agent (person). To recover the heart of ethics, O’Donovan integrates theological concepts such as creation, divine law, and justification to generate “existential wonder.” With characteristic warmth and scholarly precision, O’Donovan reinvigorates ethical argument with theological insight. Scholars and students of Christian ethics will find his capstone lectures equal parts provocative and inspiring.

Oliver O’Donovan is a fellow of the British Academy and professor emeritus of Christian ethics and practical theology at the University of Edinburgh. “This measured, magisterial and beautifully written book provides good news for those seeking a coherent understanding of the moral life which is suffused with Scriptural wisdom incisively engaged with philosophical traditions.” —Joshua Hordern University of Oxford

AVAIL ABLE JANUARY 2024 978-0-8028-8349-0 • 167 Pages • Hardcover $40.99 US • £30.99 UK • $54.99 CAN

Black Theology & Black Faith Noel Leo Erskine In this concise yet thorough volume, Noel Leo Erskine examines Black theology from every angle, seeking to answer the question, Why would Africa’s children turn to the God of their oppressors for liberation? Unpacking the background and distinctive ideas of Black theology, Erskine covers major thinkers and illumines various areas of inquiry: suffering and theodicy, sin and reconciliation, baptism and the sacraments, womanism and Christology, and others. What unites these strands is the goal of liberation—of a faith that delivers not theoretical orthodoxies but real change in the lives of those buckling under racist oppression. Black Theology and Black Faith is the perfect reading for students and scholars looking to recenter the voices of the marginalized in their theology.

Noel Leo Erskine is professor of theology and ethics at Candler School of Theology, Emory University.

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-7560-0 • 221 Pages • Hardcover $26.99 US • £21.99 UK • $35.99 CAN

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Church and Ministry

Gone for Good?

Mark Elsdon, editor Foreword by Willie James Jennings

Negotiating the Coming Wave of Church Property Transition

Is your church facing the difficult decision to sell property?

This collection of essays sheds light on how church communities can transform their property to serve their neighborhoods. Mark Elsdon marshals a diverse team of pastors, scholars, developers, urban planners, and more to explore the spiritual and practical aspects of church property transition. Congregations and cities can take steps now to ensure a legacy directed toward communal good rather than private interests. Gone for Good? will be an invaluable guide in navigating these radical shifts in church life and ministry.

Mark Elsdon lives and works at the intersection of money and meaning as an entrepreneur, nonprofit executive, and speaker. He is the author of We Aren’t Broke: Uncovering Hidden Resources for Mission and Ministry. Mark is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with his family.

Contributors: Jennie Birkholz

Tyler Krupp-Qureshi

David Bowers

Eileen Lindner

Philip Burns

Elizabeth Lynn

Mark D. Constantine

Nadia Mian

Joseph Daniels Jr.

Kurt Paulsen

Patrick Duggan

Jill Shook

Mark Elsdon

Coté Soerens

Ashley Goff

Rochelle A. Stackhouse

Jim Bear Jacobs

Keith Starkenburg

A. Robert Jaeger

Andre Johnny White


AVAIL ABLE JANUARY 2024 978-0-8028-8324-7 • 301 Pages • Paperback $21.99 US • £16.99 UK • $29.99 CAN



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The Kingdom of Children

R. L. Stollar Foreword by Cindy Wang Brandt

A Liberation Theology

Empower the children in your faith community.

R. L. Stollar has spent his career advocating for the rights of children, and he thinks it’s time to stop talking down to children and start listening to them. In The Kingdom of Children, Stollar proposes a liberation theology of the child. Stollar begins with a theoretical framework that centers children in our theology and ecclesial life. Using scriptural examples as well as real studies of children’s spiritual lives, Stollar asserts that children can be priests, prophets, and theologians in our communities. Each chapter concludes with activities and discussion points to include the children in your life in the conversation. The Kingdom of Children is a mustread for youth ministers, parents, and anyone who works with children. By embracing the liberation of children, we can avoid stunting their spiritual growth and passing on trauma. And when we lift up children—truly value and learn from them—we build up the kingdom of God here in our communities.

R. L. Stollar is a child liberation theologian and an advocate for children and abuse survivors. He holds an MHS in child protection from Nova Southeastern University and an MA in Eastern classics from St. John’s College. “Stollar provides a substantive, accessible, and compelling portrayal of the equality and full humanity of children, focusing not only on their vulnerabilities, development, and maltreatment but also on their strengths, wisdom, and contributions. He thereby inspires readers to respect and empower children as well as reexamine and rethink a wide range of central Christian beliefs and practices.” —Marcia J. Bunge, editor of The Child in Christian Thought and Child Theology: Diverse Methods and Global Perspectives SEE ALSO

AVAIL ABLE NOVEMBER 2023 978-0-8028-8283-7 • 339 Pages • Paperback $24.99 US • £19.99 UK • $33.99 CAN


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Church and Ministry

Feasts for the Kingdom

Khaled Anatolios Foreword by Cornelius Plantinga

Sermons for the Liturgical Year

41 homilies for holy days throughout the liturgical year

Khaled Anatolios invites readers to contemplate the rhythms of the church year with homilies for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and other important holy days along the way. This volume is the perfect companion for pastors seeking inspiration for their own preaching and for ordinary Christians aiming to enrich their prayerful preparation for each liturgical season.

Khaled Anatolios is John A. O’Brien Professor of Theology and chair of the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. He is also a priest of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, an Eastern Catholic church that has its roots in the Arabic-speaking Middle East and is in communion with the Roman Catholic Church. “Theologically rich, spiritually perceptive, humanely contemporary, and informed by the great common heritage of Christian tradition, these homilies are a treasury of wisdom and clarity.” —Rowan Williams 104th Archbishop of Canterbury “Opening the riches of Eastern Christianity to Christians of all traditions, Khaled Anatolios’s Feasts for the Kingdom rehabilitates the sermon as a true theological genre, to the benefit of both preaching and theology. These sermons are saturated with sophisticated reflection on Scripture and tradition yet are crafted in a way that makes theology accessible and life-giving.” —Frederick Bauerschmidt Loyola University Maryland SEE ALSO

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8303-2 • 318 Pages • Paperback $19.99 US • £15.99 UK • $26.99 CAN



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Eight Million Exiles Missional Action Research and the Crisis of Forced Migration Christopher M. Hays | Foreword by Robert Chao Romero Christopher M. Hays explains how theologians, social scientists, pastors, and local partners combined efforts to support internally displaced persons in Colombia. The team’s Faith and Displacement project holistically addressed the mental health, economic empowerment, and spiritual care of survivors. Weaving survivors’ firsthand testimony with interdisciplinary theology, Eight Million Exiles offers a model for how to put academic research to use to serve those in need.

Christopher M. Hays is president of Scholar Leaders, a ministry dedicated to cultivating theological leaders from around the globe. He holds a DPhil in New Testament studies from the University of Oxford. “Christopher Hays’s book on displaced people is a valuable contribution to understanding the crisis of forced migration. Hays and his team’s interdisciplinary approach, using Missional Action Research, offers hope and renewal to exiles. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about how theology can contribute to critical issues such as this.”

AVAIL ABLE FEBRUARY 2024 978-0-8028-8239-4 • 272 Pages • Paperback $24.99 US • £19.99 UK • $33.99 CAN

— Milton Alfonso Acosta Fundación Universitaria Seminario Bíblico de Colombia

Leading Christian Communities C. Kavin Rowe What does it mean to be a Christian community? And what does it mean to lead one? How does a pastor address today’s challenges, from lack of faith in institutions, to conflict in the church, to the tension between tradition and innovation? C. Kavin Rowe addresses these topics and a multitude of others in this collection of keen essays. Bite-sized and conversational, yet deeply rooted in Scripture and recent pastoral theology, the essays in Leading Christian Communities reflect on the shaping of Christian leaders for the flourishing of their communities. Pastors and seminarians, as well as all those involved in church ministry will find inspiration and insight in these pages.

C. Kavin Rowe is the George Washington Ivey Distinguished Professor of New Testament and vice dean for faculty at Duke Divinity School. “These concise, highly readable essays stir our imagination and inspire us to more faithful and noble engagement.” —L. Gregory Jones president, Belmont University

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AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8272-1 • 144 Pages • Paperback $19.99 US • £15.99 UK • $26.99 CAN


Church and Ministry Th e o l ogi c al E duc a tion be t w een th e Time s

On Becoming Wise Together Learning and Leading in the City

Theological education is for whole communities, not just individuals.

Maria Liu Wong

On Becoming Wise Together reenvisions theological education for diverse urban communities. Maria Liu Wong approaches the topic through the lens of her experience as a British-Chinese immigrant to Long Island, a missionary kid, a wife and mother, and the provost of City Seminary of New York.. Liu Wong presents anecdotes from her life about how theological education functions in the city. What she finds is that theological education is less about individuals accruing knowledge and more about communities growing in wisdom together. Seminary and university professors will find ways to learn with and from not just individual students, but the communities they compose. Pastors and ministry leaders will find inspiration and encouragement in the ways our lives form our faith and future in the city.

Maria Liu Wong (EdD, Teachers College, Columbia University) is provost of City Seminary of New York and codirects a major national initiative there, Ministry in the City HUB. She is the coauthor of Stay in the City: How Christian Faith Is Flourishing in an Urban World. MORE FROM THIS SERIES







AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-7906-6 • 158 Pages • Paperback $19.99 US • £16.99 UK • $26.99 CAN


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S t u di e s i n the H i s t or y of C h r is ti a n Mis sion s

The Missionary Movement from the West A Biography from Birth to Old Age

The long-awaited culmination of scholarship by a pioneer of missiology and global Christianity

Andrew F. Walls Edited by Brian Stanley Foreword by Gillian Mary Bediako

In this highly anticipated capstone work, pioneering missiologist Andrew Walls explores every facet of the Protestant missionary movement in the West, including its history, theory, and future. Tracing the movement from the Puritans to the decline of colonialism in the twentieth century, Walls shows how colonialism and missionary work turned out to be essentially incompatible. Now that Christianity has become primarily an African, Latin American, and Asian religion rather than a European one, the dynamics of the church’s mission have transformed. Sensitive to this shift, Walls indicates new areas of listening to and learning from this new center of Christianity and speculates on the theological contributions from a truly global church. Throughout his long and fruitful career, Walls told the story of missions as a dedicated Christian scholar, teacher, and mentor. Prior to his passing in 2021, he entrusted the editing of his lectures to his friends and students. The result of this labor of love, The Missionary Movement from the West is a must-read for scholars of missiology, world Christianity, and church history.

Andrew F. Walls (1928–2021) was an influential and beloved historian of Christian missions ending with the new era of the globalized church. He was a devoted participant-observer and learner in the work of world evangelization, and he was teacher and mentor to many current missiologists. Before his death he invited trusted students and colleagues to edit his renowned lectures into this book.


AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-4897-0 • 295 Pages • Paperback $32.99 US • £26.99 UK • $44.99 CAN


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Church and Ministry

The Wise Leader Uli Chi | Foreword by Mark Labberton Those leading or mentoring others, either as businesspeople or pastors, must rely on wisdom’s guidance to lead with purpose and meaning. With insights gleaned from Scripture and decades of leadership experience, Uli Chi helps readers build this crucial foundation. Full of substantive and practical reflections, The Wise Leader both forms young leaders and teaches experienced leaders how to pass on the torch meaningfully.

Uli Chi has spent his life practicing leadership in the intersection of for-profit and nonprofit businesses, the theological academy, and the local church. Uli serves as board chair of the Virginia Mason Franciscan Health System. He is vice chair and senior fellow at the De Pree Center and a fellow at the Center for Faithful Business at Seattle Pacific University. Uli serves on the faculty for Regent College’s MA in leadership, theology, and society.

AVAIL ABLE MAY 2024 978-0-8028-8404-6 • 192 Pages • Paperback $21.99 US • £16.99 UK • $29.99 CAN

The Good News of Church Politics Ross Kane Ross Kane has good news: church politics doesn’t have to be frustrating. In fact, it can even become a spiritual practice. From community service to advocacy, congregations can practice politics in ways that embrace our loving interdependence as members of the body of Christ. Church leaders, whether lay or clerical, will find The Good News of Church Politics an uplifting guide to modeling God’s reign in our world by loving our neighbors.

Ross Kane teaches theology and ethics at Virginia Theological Seminary, where he also directs their doctoral programs.

AVAIL ABLE APRIL 2024 978-0-8028-8383-4 • 138 Pages • Paperback $19.99 US • £14.99 UK • $26.99 CAN


“Ross Kane’s highly engaging book strips away any naive assumption that politics is somehow separate from, and even antithetical to, being a follower of Jesus. Instead, drawing on the example of Jesus himself, Kane offers a new way of looking at politics, as another form of human interdependence through which we can prayerfully and intentionally live out the Way of Love and make a difference in our world. This is an important work of reimagining that is needed in this deeply divided age.” —Michael B. Curry presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church

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E e r dmans Mi c h ael G r een C o lle c tion

Evangelism Learning from the Past Michael Green Beyond his prolific academic career, Michael Green is fondly remembered for his commitment to sharing the gospel with everyone. His passion for evangelism, the heart of his life and work, shines through in Evangelism: Learning from the Past, his last manuscript before his passing in 2019. Green narrates how evangelists spread the good news, from the first evangelist, Jesus, up through the twentieth century. Throughout the narrative, he focuses on what we can learn from evangelists through history to inform our own practice today. To this end, each chapter concludes with questions to encourage reflection. Those who have been moved by Green’s work will treasure this deeply personal final entry into his extensive oeuvre.

Michael Green (1930–2019) was one of the best-known British evangelical theologians and preachers of his generation. A scholar with degrees from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Toronto, Green had a passion for evangelism and a rare talent for communicating complex ideas in easy-to-understand language. In 1996, Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey granted Green a Lambeth degree of Doctor of Divinity. He led university missions on six continents, pastored St. Aldate’s Church Oxford, and introduced innovative approaches in seminary education. He authored more than seventy books across a range of fields, including evangelism, apologetics, biblical commentary, and academic theology.

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8343-8 • 184 Pages • Paperback $22.99 US • £18.99 UK • $30.99 CAN


Adventure of Faith

Evangelism through the Local Church

The Empty Cross of Jesus





I Believe in Satan’s Downfall

The Meaning of Salvation




Evangelism in the Early Church

I Believe in the Holy Spirit

Thirty Years That Changed the World




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Faith and Life

Unexpected Abundance The Fruitful Lives of Women without Children

Meet 25 women who generated life without giving birth.

Elizabeth Felicetti

In many Christian communities today, women are expected to have children—to “be fruitful and multiply.” To be childless is to be less of a woman, less of a Christian, or so it can feel. Elizabeth Felicetti is deeply familiar with this pressure as an Episcopal priest who was unable to have the children she hoped would be part of her life. But if she’s “barren,” so is the desert—and if you look closely, the desert teems with unexpected life. Reflecting on her own experiences as well as those of remarkable women from history, Felicetti explores how childless women make vital contributions in their communities. Women without children, by choice or chance, who have felt frustrated or voiceless in the church will find solidarity and inspiration in the pages of Unexpected Abundance.

Elizabeth Felicetti is an Episcopal priest and the rector of St. David’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia. Felicetti’s writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Christian Century, and numerous other magazines. “Unexpected Abundance is an important counternarrative to the Christian privileging of mothers. Elizabeth Felicetti, an Episcopal priest, boldly names and negates the assumption that women need to bear children in order to live generative lives. Unexpected Abundance lays out example after example of women who were fruitful and faithful without becoming mothers. Felicetti’s biblical research and engaging storytelling inspire and inform.” —Teri Ott, editor and publisher of The Presbyterian Outlook SEE ALSO

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8234-9 • 176 Pages • Paperback $16.99 US • £12.99 UK • $22.99 CAN



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The A to Z of the New Testament Things Experts Know That Everyone Else Should Too

So you think you know the New Testament?

James F. McGrath

Did you know that Jesus made puns? Did you know that Paul never calls himself or the churches he writes to “Christian”? Did you know that we don’t know who wrote the Letter to the Hebrews, or if it’s even really a letter? James F. McGrath sheds light on these and many other surprising facts in The A to Z of the New Testament. Cutting through common myths and misunderstandings of problematic Bible passages, McGrath opens up expert knowledge to laypeople in his friendly introduction to New Testament studies. Each chapter in this fresh, accessible volume begins with a provocative anecdote or fact and then pulls back the curtain to inform curious readers about how scholars approach the issue. Along the way, McGrath explains unfamiliar terminology and methodology to nonspecialists with humor and clarity. Inquisitive believers will reinvigorate their Bible study with The A to Z of the New Testament as their guide.

James F. McGrath is Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University

“If you’re looking for an engaging yet deep introduction to New Testament studies for about the cost of a brat and beer at a ball game, look no further. Over twenty-six brisk chapters, James McGrath leads you through the ins and outs of New Testament criticism, covering topics like where Jesus was born (in a barn?), and whether Jesus had a Y chromosome or believed in hell. An enlightening, learned, and fun book.” —Pete Enns


AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8230-1 • 312 Pages • Paperback $21.99 US • £16.99 UK • $29.99 CAN


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Faith and Life

Being Here Prayers for Curiosity, Justice, and Love Pádraig Ó Tuama In Being Here, Pádraig Ó Tuama shares 31 collects crafted to invite readers into deeper engagement with their world. Presented alongside scripture and illuminating literary texts, this collection of prayers and essays provides spiritual wayfarers a place to both rest and grow their capacity for curiosity, justice, and love.

Pádraig Ó Tuama is an Irish poet and theologian best known for hosting the Poetry Unbound podcast from On Being. His recent books include Poetry Unbound: 50 Poems to Open Your World and Feed the Beast. “Pádraig’s prayers balance precision, spaciousness, heart, humor, doubt, and devotion in a way that feels at once impossible and also desperately needed. I am in love with his unsentimental orientation to the holy.” —Nadia Bolz-Weber author of Accidental Saints

AVAIL ABLE JANUARY 2024 978-0-8028-8347-6 • 175 Pages • Hardcover $22.99 US • £17.99 UK • $30.99 CAN

“Ó Tuama recalibrates the language of liturgy in a way that both contains and re-energizes ancient spiritual practices. Never have I been so grateful for—and enchanted with—the collect as a poetic form. I predict Being Here will become a classic of devotional literature.” —Jamie Quatro author of Fire Sermon

Holy Hell A Case against Eternal Damnation Derek Ryan Kubilus Derek Ryan Kubilus thinks most Christians have hell all wrong. Arguing that eternal torture is contrary to God’s nature, Kubilus offers an alternative understanding of hell—a temporary and holy rehabilitation, reconciling all creation in Christ. Instead of preaching fear, Kubilus shares a vision for a church that serves all people with compassion, wherever they are in their journey toward Christ.

Derek Ryan Kubilus is an ordained elder serving in the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. He is also a member of the Order of Saint Luke and an amateur podcaster. AVAIL ABLE FEBRUARY 2024 978-0-8028-8317-9 • 199 Pages • Paperback $24.99 US • £18.99 UK • $33.99 CAN


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Making Room

25th Anniversary Edition

Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition Christine D. Pohl Featuring a new preface and afterword by the author, this revitalized edition of Making Room introduces the theology of hospitality to a new generation. Christine Pohl combines rich biblical and historical research with experience in Christian communities, including the Catholic Worker, L’Abri, Good Works, Inc., and others. Readers will find a wealth of wisdom to revive authentic hospitality in their ministry.

Christine D. Pohl (1950–2023) was professor emerita of Christian ethics at Asbury Theological Seminary. She authored numerous articles and books, most notably Living into Community: Cultivating Practices That Sustain Us and (with Keith Wasserman) Good Works: Hospitality and Faithful Discipleship.


AVAIL ABLE JANUARY 2024 978-0-8028-8381-0 • 239 Pages • Paperback 978-0-8028-4989-2

$24.99 US • £19.99 UK • $33.99 CAN

Humility Rediscovering the Way of Love and Life in Christ Michael W. Austin | Foreword by David P. Gushee Amid culture wars and church division, Michael W. Austin calls us back to the authentic Way—following Christ in humility and love. Austin guides the reader through spiritual disciplines to aid in the formation of this virtue, from praying the psalms to building healthy communities. For Christians seeking transformative union with God, in their souls and society, Humility is the ideal companion.

Michael W. Austin is professor of philosophy at Eastern Kentucky University and senior fellow of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute. He has published twelve books, most recently QAnon, Chaos, and the Cross: Christianity and Conspiracy Theories and God and Guns in America. “As one of the leading voices about character and virtue today, Michael W. Austin has written a profound and deeply needed exploration of humility and love as central to the Way of Jesus. I hope this book is widely read and its message helps to shape the hearts of all Christians.” —Christian B. Miller, A. C. Reid Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University and author of The Character Gap: How Good Are We?

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AVAIL ABLE MARCH 2024 978-0-8028-8210-3 • 216 Pages • Hardcover $24.99 US • £18.99 UK • $33.99 CAN


Faith and Life

Holy Ghosted Spiritual Anxiety, Religious Trauma, and the Language of Abuse Tiffany Yecke Brooks Tiffany Yecke Brooks equips readers to understand and name tactics of spiritual abuse and manipulation. Each chapter covers a different method of control found in toxic religious communities—including legalism, indoctrination, praise, and fear—and how to identify and respond to it in a healthy way. Weaving together interviews with diverse Christians and her own experience, Brooks SEE ALSO empowers readers to trust their intuition, seek truth fearlessly, and love God and neighbor without restraint or fear.

Tiffany Yecke Brooks is the lead or contributing author on more than two dozen books, including Gaslighted by God: Reconstructing a Disillusioned Faith. A popular speaker for student groups, faith conferences, and academic lectureships, Brooks holds a PhD in American and Dramatic Literature from Florida State University.

AVAIL ABLE APRIL 2024 978-0-8028-8280-6 • 301 Pages • Paperback $22.99 US • £17.99 UK • $30.99 CAN 978-0-8028-7868-7

Deconstructing Your Faith without Losing Yourself Angela J. Herrington | Foreword by David Hayward Lively and empathetic, Angela J. Herrington shows you how to begin healing religious trauma through deconstructing your faith. This concise and actionable handbook will guide you in vulnerable exploration and help you release unhealthy beliefs that harm you and others. Begin your healing journey with Deconstructing Your Faith without Losing Yourself.

Angela J. Herrington helps those deconstructing their faith to heal from their religious trauma and cultivate healthy spirituality. She is a Lark’s Song Certified Life Coach and holds a BA in biblical studies from Indiana Wesleyan and a MA in leadership from Wesley Seminary. AVAIL ABLE FEBRUARY 2024 978-0-8028-8328-5 • 196 Pages • Paperback $19.99 US • £13.99 UK • $26.99 CAN


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Miracles for Skeptics Encountering the Paranormal Ministry of Jesus Frank G. Honeycutt Are the miracle stories in the Bible actually true? Frank G. Honeycutt avoids literalizing or rationalizing Jesus’s miracles in Miracles for Skeptics. Drawing out the deeper truths in weird biblical incidents—from the wedding at Cana to demonic exorcisms—Honeycutt shows how “unbelievable” stories can enrich the life of faith. Pastors seeking apologetic resources and any inquisiSEE ALSO tive reader will find a wealth of pastoral insight and scriptural wisdom in Miracles for Skeptics.

Frank Honeycutt is a Lutheran (ELCA) pastor who has authored numerous books and articles. His writing interests include short fiction, homiletics, and catechesis.

AVAIL ABLE MAY 2024 978-0-8028-8315-5 • 232 Pages • Paperback $21.99 US • £16.99 UK • $29.99 CAN 978-0-8028-8188-5

Wisdom from the Witch of Endor Four Rules for Living Tikva Frymer-Kensky Tikva Frymer-Kensky shows readers how a seemingly minor story in the first book of Samuel can teach them key lessons to dramatically improve their lives. A medium helps King Saul, even though he had outlawed her craft. In doing so, she shows determination, excellence, caution, and benevolence. These four qualities of the “witch” of Endor will bring you success, even when the whole world stands against you. Join Tikva as she guides you to embrace the wisdom of a little-known hero from the Bible—and see how it leads you to the life you were meant to live.

Tikva Simone Frymer-Kensky (1943–2006) was professor of Hebrew Bible and history of Judaism at the University of Chicago Divinity School. She was the author of several books, including the award-winning Reading the Women of the Bible. AVAIL ABLE JANUARY 2024 978-0-8028-8353-7 • 96 Pages • Paperback $12.99 US • £9.99 UK • $17.99 CAN

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Religion and Society

Defending Democracy from its Christian Enemies American democracy is in danger. How do we protect it from authoritarian reactionary Christianity?

David P. Gushee

American democracy is in danger from authoritarian reactionary Christianity. In this timely work of Christian political ethics, David P. Gushee calls us to preserve democratic norms of civil rights, rule of law, and shared governance. Any concerned Christian will leave its pages with eyes clear to the dangers of our current form of political engagement and with insight into what democracy is truly meant to be.

David P. Gushee is Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University, Atlanta, Georgia. He also serves as chair in Christian social ethics at Vrije Universiteit and senior research fellow at International Baptist Theological Study Centre, both in Amsterdam. His many other books include Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust: Genocide and Moral Obligation. “Against a bewildering explosion of recent books struggling to make sense of the role of religion in the resurgence of rightwing authoritarian global politics, David Gushee enters the current fray with a signal contribution in Defending Democracy from Its Christian Enemies. . . . This is a must read for anyone concerned about the current Christian threats to democracy dominating our headlines.” —Shaun Casey, author of Chasing the Devil at Foggy Bottom “Unflinching in his analysis, David Gushee traces the sobering history of Christianity’s all too frequent complicity in authoritarian rule. Yet Gushee also shows how Christians have within their faith the tools to restore democracy at this critical juncture. Reminding readers that democracy must be fought for, Gushee equips the American church for this battle. Defending Democracy from Its Christian Enemies is an immensely important book for our present moment.” —Kristin Kobes Du Mez, author of Jesus and John Wayne

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8293-6 • 235 Pages • Hardcover $21.99 US • £16.99 UK • $29.99 CAN


“A timely, eloquent, and compelling apologetic for democracy. Defending Democracy deserves the close attention of ethically minded Christians during this time of political turbulence and moral confusion!” —Hak Joon Le Fuller Theological Seminary

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. • • toll free 800 253 7521

Emory University Studies in Law and Religion

Religious Liberty in a Polarized Age How to heal America’s deep divisions by preserving religious liberty for all

Thomas C. Berg

As our political and social landscapes polarize along party lines, freedom of religion faces threats from both sides. From antidiscrimination commissions targeting conservative Christians to travel bans punishing Muslims, recent litigation has revealed the selective approach both left and right take when it comes to freedom of religion. But what if religious liberty can help cure our political division? Drawing on constitutional law, history, and sociology, Thomas C. Berg shows us how reaffirming religious freedom cultivates the good of individuals and society. Protecting Americans’ ability to live according to their beliefs undergirds a healthy, pluralistic society—and this protection must extend to everyone, not just political allies. Lay readers and legal scholars who are weary of partisan quarreling will find Berg’s case timely and compelling.

Thomas C. Berg is the James L. Oberstar Professor of Law and Public Policy at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, Minnesota, where he teaches religious liberty, constitutional law, and intellectual property. He also supervises students in the religious liberty appellate clinic, which files briefs in cases in the US Supreme Court and appellate courts. In his advocacy, he has represented Christians, Muslims, Jews, Native Americans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hare Krishnas, atheists, and other groups. His scholarship and advocacy have been cited in the Supreme Court and several federal courts of appeals. “Like other things we thought we understood, religious liberty has changed meaning in this era of culture wars and political polarization. An idea that entered our laws to protect individual freedom and put an end to old conflicts has itself become a center of controversy and, to some, a threat to their religious, social, or gender identities. Religious Liberty in a Polarized Age is a valuable resource for students of law and religion and for leaders in religious, educational, and governmental institutions who must be prepared to deal with these problems when and where they arise.” —Robin Lovin Southern Methodist University

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8169-4 • 373 Pages • Hardcover $29.99 US • £23.99 UK • $39.99 CAN

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Religion and Society

Beyond Homelessness Christian Faith in a Culture of Displacement

15th Anniversary Edition

Steven Bouma-Prediger and Brian J. Walsh Foreword by Ruth Padilla DeBorst The rise in homeless encampments. The destruction of our planet. The disconnection from place caused by capitalism and technology. Beyond the unavailability of housing, our culture is experiencing a devastating loss of home. In Beyond Homelessness, Steven Bouma-Prediger and Brian Walsh explore the relationship between socioeconomic, ecological, and cultural homelessness. With groundbreaking scholarship informed by literature, music, and art, Bouma-Prediger and Walsh show how we can heal the deep dislocations in our society. In this fifteenth-anniversary edition, the authors return to their work with a new postscript, in which they discuss the evolution of their ideas and share true stories of home and community built anew. This revitalized classic is a must-read for any Christian committed to social justice—and anyone longing for home.

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8336-0 • 433 Pages • Paperback $39.99 US • £31.99 UK • $53.99 CAN

Steven Bouma-Prediger is the Leonard and Marjorie Maas Professor of Reformed Theology at Hope College. He speaks regularly on environmental issues. Brian J. Walsh served as a campus minister and adjunct professor of theology at the University of Toronto. He farms at Russet House Farm in Ontario and serves on the board of his local homeless shelter.

Restorative Hope Creating Pathways of Connection in Women’s Prisons Sarah F. Farmer Sarah F. Farmer amplifies the voices of incarcerated women as they strive for hope and agency. When it incorporates artistic expression and promotes social justice, theological education can help cultivate the resilience and connection that women describe as life-giving in and after prison. Educators and theologians seeking to serve those in prison will find a wealth of firsthand perspective and practical resources in these pages. .

Sarah F. Farmer is associate director at the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Prior to that, she served as associate professor of community development and practical theology at Indiana Wesleyan University. AVAIL ABLE MARCH 2024 978-0-8028-8268-4 • 224 Pages • Paperback $29.99 US • £22.99 UK • $39.99 CAN


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The God of Monkey Science People of Faith in a Modern Scientific World

Janet Kellogg Ray In this lively follow-up to Baby Dinosaurs on the Ark?, Janet Kellogg Ray covers evolution as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines, climate change, and the frontiers of genetic research. Herself an evangelical Christian and a science educator, Ray explains the facts accessibly and with verve. Along the way, she vividly narrates SEE ALSO the scientific achievements—and political and religious drama—that got us to where we are today. Ultimately, Ray calls for evangelicals to speak to science, rather than deny it. We need Christian ethics now more than ever to determine how best to act in light of current scientific data and for love of neighbor.

Janet Kellogg Ray is an enthusiastic science educator, explainer, and communicator. She holds a PhD in curriculum and instruction, with eighteen years of teaching biology at the university level.

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8319-3 • 248 Pages • Paperback $19.99 US • £14.99 UK • $26.99 CAN


Cultural Sanctification Engaging the World like the Early Church Stephen O. Presley Stephen O. Presley shows us how to keep faith in a secular culture, using the early church as a model. Amid a pagan culture that regarded their faith with suspicion, early Christians founded a religious movement that transformed the ancient world. By following in their footsteps, we can sanctify our world through social witness.

Stephen O. Presley is senior fellow for religion and public life at the Center for Religion, Culture, and Democracy and associate professor of church history at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also the author of The Intertextual Reception of Genesis 1–3 in Irenaeus of Lyons as well as numerous articles and essays that look to retrieve ancient wisdom for modern Christians.

AVAIL ABLE MARCH 2024 978-0-8028-7854-0 • 232 Pages • Paperback $24.99 US • £18.99 UK • $33.99 CAN

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Rift A Memoir of Breaking Away from Christian Patriachy

A gripping memoir about coming of age in the stay-at-home daughter movement and the quest to piece together a future on your own terms.

Cait West

In Rift, Cait West tells a harrowing story of chaos and control hidden beneath the facade of a happy family. Weaving together lyrical meditations on the geology of the places her family lived with her story of spiritual and emotional manipulation as a stay-at-home daughter, Cait creates a stirring portrait of one young woman’s growing awareness that she is experiencing abuse. With the ground shifting beneath her feet, Cait mustered the courage to break free from all she’d ever known and choose a future of her own making. A remarkable literary debut, Rift offers a personal perspective on the fraught legacy of purity culture and recent reckonings with abuse in Christian communities.

Cait West is a writer and editor based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her work has been published in The Revealer, Religion Dispatches, Fourth Genre, and Hawaiì Pacific Review, among others. She serves on the editorial board for Tears of Eden, a nonprofit providing resources for survivors of spiritual abuse. “In this beautifully crafted memoir, Cait West offers readers an intimate glimpse into growing up and coming of age in a world defined by Christian patriarchy. Written with unusual sensitivity and unflinching honesty, hers is a story of aching loss and gritty resilience, of brokenness, beauty, and hope.” —Kristin Kobes Du Mez, New York Times bestselling author of Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation

AVAIL ABLE APRIL 2024 978-0-8028-8358-2 • 248 Pages • Hardcover $26.99 US • £20.99 UK • $35.99 CAN


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In Thought, Word, and Seed Reckonings from a Midwest Farm

Tiffany Kriner Foreword by Thomas Gardner

In this brilliantly crafted essay collection, Tiffany Eberle Kriner weaves together literary criticism, nature writing, and memoir to explore what grows when we plant texts in the landscapes of our lives.

Tiffany Eberle Kriner is associate professor of English at Wheaton College and the author of The Future of the Word: An Eschatology of Reading. AVAIL ABLE NOW

978-0-8028-8290-5 • 215 Pages • Paperback • $19.99 US • £15.99 UK • $26.99 CAN

Scenes with My Son Love and Grief in the Wake of Suicide

Robert Hubbard Foreword by Nicholas Wolterstorff

A father’s stirring and tender tribute to the son he lost to suicide.

Robert Hubbard is professor of theatre at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. In addition to his scholarly work, he directs plays and has written and performed one-person shows across the Midwest.


978-0-8028-8344-5 • 208 Pages • Paperback • $21.99 US • £16.99 UK • $29.99 CAN

Academically Speaking Lessons from a Life in Christian Higher Education

Rick Ostrander Foreword by George M. Marsden

A personal odyssey through the world of Christian higher education, narrated by a professional who has worked on both sides of the faculty-administrative divide.

Rick Ostrander serves as Executive Director of the Michigan Christian Study Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He previously served as vice president at the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.


978-0-8028-8339-1 • 213 Pages • Paperback • $25.99 US • £19.99 UK • $34.99 CAN

Behind the Smile Fourteen Surprising Lessons from My Life

Doug Meijer

In this candid memoir, former Meijer superstore cochairman Doug Meijer reveals the real challenges he’s faced and the life lessons he learned along the way.

Douglas Meijer is a philanthropist and former cochairman of the US supermarket chain Meijer. AVAILABLE APRIL 2024

978-0-8028-8386-5 • 200 Pages • Hardcover • $26.99 US • £20.99 UK • $35.99 CAN

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History & Biography L i b r a r y of R el i gio u s B io gr a p h y

Dancing in My Dreams

Ralph H. Craig III Foreword by Jan Willis

A Spiritual Biography of Tina Turner

If you don’t know Tina Turner’s spirituality, you don’t know Tina When Tina Turner reclaimed her throne as the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the 1980s, she attributed her comeback to one thing: the wisdom and power she found in Buddhism. In this groundbreaking biography, Ralph H. Craig III narrates Tina’s religious journey against the backdrop of large-scale movements in American religion and pop culture. Craig untangles Tina’s Soka Gakkai Buddhist foundation; her incorporation of New Age ideas popularized in ’60s counterculture; and her upbringing in a Black Baptist congregation, alongside the influences of her grandmothers’ disciplinary and metaphysical sensibilities. Through critical engagement with Tina’s personal life and public brand, Craig sheds light on how popular culture has been used as a vehicle for authentic religious teaching. Scholars and fans alike will find Dancing in My Dreams as enlightening as the iconic singer herself.

Ralph H. Craig III is a scholar of religion, holding a PhD in religious studies from Stanford University. He specializes in Buddhism, with a focus on South Asian Buddhism and American Buddhism.

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-7863-2 • 291 Pages • Hardcover • $26.99 US • £21.99 UK • $35.99 CAN

A Prairie Faith The Religious Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder John J. Fry | Foreword by Mark A. Noll John J. Fry shines a light on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s quiet faith in this unique biography. Fry surveys the Little House books, Pioneer Girl, and Wilder’s lesser-known writings, including her letters, poems, and newspaper columns. Analyzing this wealth of sources, he reveals how Wilder’s down-to-earth faith and Christian morality influenced her life and work.

John J. Fry is professor of history, dean of faculty, and director of Foundations at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois. He is the author of The Farm Press, Reform, and Rural Change, 1895–1920 and the editor of Almost Pioneers: One Couple’s Homesteading Adventure in the West.


AVAIL ABLE FEBRUARY 2024 978-0-8028-7628-7 • 238 Pages • Paperback $24.99 US • £19.99 UK • $33.99 CAN

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Dear Reader,

Strength for the Fight

An Odd Cross to Bear

The Life and Faith of Jackie Robinson

A Biography of Ruth Bell Graham

Gary Scott Smith

Anne Blue Wills

978-0-8028-7942-4 • 315 Pages • Hardcover

978-0-8028-7581-5 • 288 Pages • Hardcover

$24.99 US • £19.99 UK • $33.99 CAN

$24.99 US • £19.99 UK • $33.99 CAN

“What’s religion got to do with it?” That’s the question at the heart of Ralph H. Craig III’s Dancing in My Dreams, a brilliant study of Tina Turner’s life and legacy. The answer, it turns out: a lot. Craig takes the reader on a riveting journey into the religious worlds of Turner, who rose from humble beginnings in rural western Tennessee to become an international rock icon. As Craig underscores, Turner’s story sheds important light on larger trends in African American life. Invocations of “the Black church” often fail to capture not only the dazzling diversity of Black Christianities but also the ways that Black people have found meaning and wholeness in other religious traditions, including but hardly limited to Buddhism. Feel free to go ahead and judge Craig’s book by it’s beautiful cover, but only when you crack open the pages will you begin to see just how much you can learn from one well-told life.

Oral Roberts and the Rise of the Prosperity Gospel

We Will Be Free The Life and Faith of Sojourner Truth

Jonathan Root

Nancy Koester

978-0-8028-7727-7 • 271 Pages • Paperback

978-0-8028-7247-0 • 293 Pages • Hardcover

$26.00 US • £18.99 UK • $34.99 CAN

$29.99 US • £19.99UK • $39.99 CAN

The Library of Religious Biography series has been producing terrific books like Craig’s— books that open a window into the momentous role of religion in everything from high politics to pop culture to everyday life—for more than thirty years now. Our list includes religious biographies of figures as diverse as Jonathan Edwards, Jackie Robinson, Sojourner Truth, and Ruth Bell Graham. Coming in 2024 is a new volume entitled One Lost Soul on the life of President Richard Nixon. I promise you’re going to love that one too. In the meantime, happy reading. Heath W. Carter, series editor of Library of Religious Biography alongside Kathryn Gin Lum and Mark A. Noll

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History & Biography

Remembering Antônia Teixeira A Story of Missions, Violence, and Institutional Hypocrisy

Mikeal C. Parsons and João B. Chaves Foreword by Bill J. Leonard

The truth about the scandal that shook the Texas Baptist community, buried for over a century In 1894 Steen Morris raped Antônia Teixeira. Antônia was a student at Baylor University and the daughter of Antônio Teixeira, a priest who had renounced Catholicism and become a pillar of the Baptist community in Brazil. The assault took place in Baylor president Rufus Burleson’s backyard and was the first of a series of assaults that eventually left the young student pregnant. Rather than hold the guilty party accountable, Burleson and other prominent members of the Baptist community in Waco, Texas, launched a campaign of victim-blaming and cover-up to preserve their institution’s image. In this new history, Mikeal C. Parsons and João B. Chaves painstakingly peel back the layers of concealment that have accumulated over a century of enforced silence about the scandal. Meticulously researched and iconoclastic, Remembering Antônia Teixeira calls attention to how religious institutions have used selective memory to maintain power. In doing so, this book takes first steps toward dismantling those structures of oppression.

Mikeal C. Parsons is professor and Macon Chair in Religion at Baylor University. He is the author or editor of more than thirty books and numerous essays and articles. João B. Chaves is assistant professor of the history of religion in the Américas at Baylor University. João is the author of several books, including Migrational Religion and The Global Mission of the Jim Crow South.

AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-8309-4 • 240 Pages • Hardcover $26.99 US • £21.99 UK • $35.99 CAN

Songs I Love to Sing The Billy Graham Crusades and the Shaping of Modern Worship Edith L. Blumhofer | Foreword by Fernando Ortega In Songs I Love to Sing, Edith L. Blumhofer chronicles the Billy Graham crusades and how they changed the face of American music and modern worship. These evangelistic extravaganzas were carefully orchestrated by the “chord of three”: celebrated preacher Billy Graham, Gospel Music Hall of Fame baritone George Beverly Shea, and choral conductor and emcee Clifford Barrows. Lively and detailed, Songs I Love to Sing will delight readers with the fascinating stories behind the soundtrack of American Christianity.

Edith L. Blumhofer (1950–2020) was professor of history and former director of the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals at Wheaton College.


AVAIL ABLE NOW 978-0-8028-7529-7 • 187 Pages • Paperback $22.99 US • £18.99 UK • $30.99 CAN

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Reviving the Ancient Faith The Story of Churches of Christ in America, Third Edition Richard T. Hughes and James L. Gorman James L. Gorman’s fresh edition of Richard T. Hughes’s classic work, Reviving the Ancient Faith, illuminates the Church of Christ movement started by Barton Stone and Alexander Campbell in the nineteenth century. The Churches of Christ are best known for their attempt to restore a primitive and nondenominational Christianity. The authors trace the movement’s sociological transformation into a denomination from the 1830s into the twentieth century. Balanced and well-documented, Reviving the Ancient Faith is the perfect textbook for classes on the history of the Churches of Christ.

Richard T. Hughes is scholar in residence at Lipscomb University.


Machen’s Hope

The Earliest Christian Church in China

The Transformation of a Modernist in the New Princeton

Glen L. Thompson Foreword by Samuel N. C. Lieu

Richard E. Burnett Foreword by Mark A. Noll

Glen L. Thompson introduces readers to the fascinating history of Jingjiao, the first Christian church in China, planted by Persian missionaries traveling the Silk Road. Thompson covers the church’s flourishing during the Tang dynasty, its twelfth- to fourteenth-century revival, and its controversial modern rediscovery. As the most up-to-date and balanced survey on the topic available in English, Jingjiao will be an indispensable resource to students of global Christianity and missiology.

J. Gresham Machen is known as a conservative hero of the fundamentalist-modernist controversy. But was he always so staunchly antimodernist? Richard E. Burnett examines Machen’s life and career, including seldom studied topics like his crisis of faith and support for historical criticism of Scripture. Burnett’s nuanced narrative of Machen’s intellectual arc will challenge scholars’ assumptions about Machen and his era.

Glen L. Thompson is professor emeritus of New Testament and historical theology at Asia Lutheran Seminary in Hong Kong. He has retired to Milwaukee, where he researches, works with students, and expands his Fourth-Century Christianity website.

and managing editor of Theology Matters. He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) and was formerly professor of systematic theology at Erskine Theological Seminary. His previous books include Karl Barth’s Theological Exegesis: The Hermeneutical Principles of the Römerbrief Period.



James L. Gorman is associate professor

Richard E. Burnett is executive director

of history at Johnson University in Knoxville, Tennessee.

AVAIL ABLE JANUARY 2024 978-0-8028-7729-1



480 Pages • Paperback

280 Pages • Paperback

656 Pages • Hardcover

$44.99 US • £34.99 UK • $60.99 CAN

$29.99 US • £22.99 UK • $39.99 CAN

$45.99 US • £35.99 UK • $61.99 CAN

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History & Biography

Eerdmans History Bestsellers

Turning Points in the History of American Evangelicalism

A Documentary History of Religion in America Fourth Edition

Heath W. Carter and Laura Porter, editors An engaging, balanced, coherent history of American evangelicalism from its origins as a small movement to its status as a central player in the American religious story.

Heath W. Carter is associate professor of American Christianity at Princeton Theological Seminary and series editor of Library of Religious Biography.

Laura Porter directs the Iowa Architectural Foundation. She holds a PhD in history from the University of Notre Dame.

Edwin S. Gaustad, Mark A. Noll and Heath W. Carter, editors With more than a hundred illustrations and a rich array of primary documents ranging from the letters and accounts of early colonists to tweets and transcripts from the 2016 presidential election, A Documentary History of Religion in America is an essential text for readers who want to encounter firsthand the astonishing scope of religious belief and practice in American history.

Edwin S. Gaustad (1923–2011) was professor emeritus of history and religious studies at the University of California, Riverside.

Mark A. Noll is the Francis A.

The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism

How the Battle over the End Times Shaped a Nation Daniel G. Hummel Foreword by Mark A. Noll Daniel G. Hummel illuminates how dispensationalism, despite often being dismissed as a fringe end-times theory, shaped Anglo-American evangelicalism and the larger American cultural imagination. As the first comprehensive intellectual-cultural history of its kind, The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism is a must-read for students and scholars of American religion.

Daniel G. Hummel is a historian of US religion and the author of Covenant Brothers: Evangelicals, Jews, and U.S.-Israeli Relations.

Library of Religious Biography

Abraham Lincoln Redeemer President Second Edition

Allen C. Guelzo The story of Abraham Lincoln’s faith and intellectual life—updated and revised with a new preface—from the three-time winner of the Lincoln Prize and best-selling Civil War–era historian Allen Guelzo.

Allen C. Guelzo is senior research scholar in the Council of the Humanities at Princeton University and the director of the Initiative on Politics and Statesmanship for Princeton’s James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions.

McAnaney Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Notre Dame. 978-0-8028-7358-3


800 Pages • Hardcover

315 Pages • Paperback $31.99 US • £21.99 UK • $42.99 CAN


$67.99 US • £48.99 UK • $91.99 CAN



400 Pages • Hardcover

539 Pages • Hardcover

$29.99 US • £24.99 UK • $39.99 CAN

$29.99 US • £23.99 UK • $39.99 CAN

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